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HIGHLIGHTS FROM REUNION 2018 Sidney Alumni donate generously to Sidney Center Improvement Group

2018 Wall of Fame Honorees -- Inducted into the SCSAA Wall of Fame on July 15, 2018, are (L-R) William Mirabito, Robert Daugherty, LTC (Retired) Dane Woytek, seated is William Davidson, and children of Blake Hayes accepting his award, Rebecca and Ashley Hayes.

Following the SCSAA board approval April 1, 2018, of a $2,500 matching grant to SCIG and a subsequent letter campaign to Sidney High alumni, SCSAA has received nearly $10,000 in gifts designated for the Sidney Center children’s park improvements. In matching the first $2,500 donated, SCSAA will present a $5,000 check to United Way which will match the $5,000 and forward $10,000 to SCIG. The Alumni Association will then forward the additional $7,500 in alumni donations to United Way which will match $2,500 resulting in a second $10,000 donation to SCIG. This fund-raising campaign, ending September 29, marks one of the Association’s most successful community involvement projects along with its impetus n creating the Sidney Veterans Memorial Park and its support of Library’s digitization of the historical copies of the Sidney Record-Enterprise, the precursor to the current Tri-Town News.

What’s Inside this Issue.... Class of ‘62-- (From L-R) Dave Doi, Marty Burdick Benson, Dave O’Neil, Gail Ward Morey, Rena Cole Doing, Arlene Hubbell McCoon, Carolyn Yenson Doi, Bill Sands, and Dolores Hayes Breunig.

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Board of Directors SCSAA

January ‘18 – January ‘19 The SCSAA Board of Directors and their appointments are the result of the alumni member vote in the Fall of 2017. R. Douglas Sheldon ‘59 President Bryan Innes ‘01 Vice President of Operations Teresa D’Imperio Schunk ‘84 Vice President of Strategic Planning Michael Sellitti ‘02 Vice President of Communications Jon Jay DeTemple ‘61 Vice President of Finance Sean Fogarty ‘93 Treasurer Anne Mott ‘83 Assistant Treasurer Amber Wilson Fogarty ‘93 Recording Secretary Deborah Woytek Puffer ‘68 Corresponding Secretary Anne Barrows ‘73 Paul Beames ‘63 Greg Davie ‘76 Lori DePauw Terry Dermody ‘65 Dick Germond ‘63 Kerri Insinga Green ‘97* Wayne King ‘52 Dennis Porter ‘66 Marty Reed ‘65 Ray Taylor ‘55 Sarah Bessett ‘21 Fellow Glenn Rogers ‘20 Fellow School Board Designate*

Welcoming Our Newest Board Member R. Douglas Sheldon, President, of the SCSAA Board of Directors, announces the appointment of Mrs. Lori DePauw, right, as the newest director to the board. He believes Lori will be a great asset to the association, bringing her experience and ability to connect New Life and Vitality Comes to the with young people. SCSAA Board of Directors -Lori was a member of the Inter- Douglas Sheldon, President, shown with view Committee to select two Sarah Bessett, Student Fellow, and Lori DePauw, voted in as Director, at the June Sidney High School Fellows— 16 board meeting. (Fellow, Glenn Rogers a newly designed program to give high school students experi- absent from the photo.) ence in taking part in board meetings and activities of the Alumni Association. Having served as SCS Student Council Advisor, Lori knows each student personally and helped to prepare them for the interview process. As a graduate of SUNY Oneonta with a Master of Science degree in Education, Social Studies 7-12, Lori teaches high school Global Studies II, and Law and Government.

To Make Submissions to Reflections! To submit a 2-3 sentence paragraph for the “Alumni News” column, or change or add an address: Fill out a form on: update@sidneyalumni. org or go directly to the alumni website:, click on “Updates” in the left-hand column, fill out the form, and submit. To submit an article or photo with a caption: Email a photo in .jpg or .tiff format to: To send a photo by postal mail, send to: Anne Barrows, 111 Barnerville Rd. PMB #125, Cobleskill, NY 12043; or call (607) 267-3437.

Contributing Writers and Photographers Reflections is made possible due to the collective effort and collaboration of Alumni! Thank you... • to all who have written articles: Michael Sellitti, Teri Schunk, Greg Davie, Debby Puffer, Bryan Innes; • to our photographers: Ray Taylor, Dolores Breunig, Michael Sellitti; • to Class Reps for their submission of reunion party notices; and, • to all who submitted personal news and photos for the “Alumni News” column.

Reflections Staff VP of Communications Michael Sellitti ‘02 Editor Anne ‘Plummer’ Barrows ‘73 (607) 267-3437 Assistant Editor Debby “Woytek’ Puffer ‘68 (607) 967-8480 Webmaster Ray Taylor ‘55


The SCSAA 12th Annual Wall of Fame Keynote Address

16th Annual Sports Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

by Chuck D’Imperio

Friday Sept. 28 - Alumni Hall of Fame Football Game

Today I have been asked to say a few words as we celebrate this year’s newest inductees into our Sidney High School Wall of Fame.

Long-time rivals Walton versus Sidney Warriors At halftime, the Inductees and Legacy team, (the 1997-98 NYS Class C Boys Basketball Champions) will be officially presented to the school and community. Post Game Social held at the VFW for alumni and guests.

Wall of Fame. Sounds pretty important, doesn’t it?

Saturday Sept. 29 - Dinner and Awards Presentation

Well, it is. For all of us who came through the ranks of dear old Sidney High, we were told (by our parents, teachers, and mentors) that we were special, that we were unique, that we were a one-of a-kind. I know that I was always told that by my teachers in school. I didn’t really know what that meant. I just felt like an ordinary kid who couldn’t wait to get out of school and go home and play with my little green army men in the dirt pile that was in our back yard. But as I got older, and graduation loomed ever closer, I think I really did start to feel special, and unique. Eventually, this message that was hammered into my brain from 4th grade, and 6th grade and 8th grade and 12th grade really did start to sink in. And that feeling wellarmed me for life beyond Sidney’s horizons, that feeling and the foundation I received at Sidney school prepared me for just about anything that lie ahead, just over the Sidney Bridge. And for that, I am thankful. Now as I near 70 years old, I can look back at great satisfaction of a life well-lived and a purpose wellserved. I can realize that it really all did stem from my early beginnings at Sidney Central School. Con’t on page 4

SUPPORT SCSAA Sidney Central School Alumni Association (Membership Form Page 11)

Social: 5-6 pm; Dinner: 6:15 pm, at the Elks Lodge, River St. Tickets: $25 for persons age 12 and over; $10 for age 6-11; and free for children age 5 and under. Tickets Sold at J&M Trophies, and VEP: Video Entertainment Plus, or contact: Tim Doyle at, (607) 373-0318; or Greg Davie at, (607) 643-5728

Career Day to be Held Week of Nov. 12-16

Our 4th annual Career Day will be held during National Education Week, Nov. 12-16. We are always looking to alumni to help by presenting your career path to students in grades 7-12. This is held at the high school in the gymnasium from 8 am to 12 pm. A specific day hasn’t been chosen yet. However, if you are interested in being a presenter or would like more information, please contact Teri Schunk at (Presenter above, Tanner Wescott, Class of 2011.)

Sidney Alumni App Is Available for Download! The new Sidney Alumni App is available for your smartphone or tablet. The App is to download from the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store - so you can have it on your Iphone/Ipad, Samsung, LG and more. The new App will serve as an easy and quick way for Alumni to connect, update their info, pay membership dues, and stay informed about events like Alumni Weekend and Career Day. Please take a moment to download the App and stay connected!


Keynote Address by Chuck D’Imperio... continued And that is what our Wall of Fame is all about. To illuminate the fact that this school, this proving ground served us all well in our early years. It was decided that a Wall of Fame would be created not only to celebrate the many great lives, fascinating successes and great American stories that sprang from the halls of Sidney’s school district. The wall is also intended to show clearly to today’s students and in fact students in the future, that great things can happen once you leave Sidney schools, exciting things, promising careers, and paths will open up all over the world for you to do great things, important things. Things that will be your legacy. And that is why the more than 60 inductees to date are represented on the walls of Sidney High School to teach by example, inspire by the narrative and to urge each student to live a full and fulfilling life. There is no better way to explain this than to simply review some of the truly remarkable American stories that have come from Sidney Schools over the decades. So let’s take a look back at some of the people who have been honored with this stemmed selection. As I read some of their stories remember one thing, no matter what the accolades, no matter what the achievement that deemed these people worthy of the Wall of Fame, they all started out the same. The girls couldn’t wait to get out of school and go home and play with their friends; and many of the boys, I suspect, couldn’t wait to get home and play with their little green soldiers in their own backyard dirt pile. Myron J. Kipp comes up first. He was from the class of 1901. I knew MJ Kipp. He was a very old man when I met him in the early 1950s. When my Dad bought Kipp’s store and changed it into Don’s Super Market in 1954, the oldest business man in Sidney was turning over his store to the then-youngest business man in Sidney. But MMJ was not just an old man selling soap and coffee. He was a towering figure in the birth of the new Sidney, having served on virtually

March of Classes...

every civic committee there was, including Postmaster and President of the Board of Education. Many old-timers will tell you that without MJ Kipp, there would be no Sidney today. His story is amazing. Read it on his Wall of Fame plaque. Walt Johnson was a farmer. He graduated from Sidney in 1935 and never left. How many of us bought his corn, rode his scary Halloween hay wagon and enjoyed his stories? I know I did. But he was a farmer of a different type. Involved, important, innovative and committed to the future of his beloved Sidney. Sidney’s Citizen of the Year in 1984, Walt lived by this simple credo: You don’t live your life for yourself; you live it for others. His story is remarkable, and it is all on his Wall of Fame plaque. There can be few doubters that Jack Deuel (Class of 1943) was the man who brought the arts and culture to Sidney. A clever and creative genius, Jack was the founding director of the Tri-Town Theatre and he personally guided the proverbial cast of thousands on stage and under the lights in well over 150 musicals and plays over nearly a half century. Oh, how we enjoyed our nights in the theatre when the lights went down. The orchestra began playing and fruits of Jack Deuel’s genius played out on our local stages. A wonderful life. Read it. It is all on his plaque. John Uhorchak (Class of 1971) is a real American hero. There are many on our Wall. We don’t remember the names of many of our military encounters over the last several years, but one we do know, Black Hawk Down. We may know it from the movie or the book, and the thought of it still sends shivers down our spine. When U.S. Army helicopters were shot down and crashed in Mogadishu, Somalia on October 3, 1993, it is fair to say that all hell broke loose. The resulting casualties from injuries sustained in the crash and from hand to hand combat made this event one of the most tragic and saddest days in the history of the US Army. But one man among many rose to the


Keynote Address by Chuck D’Imperio... occasion to perform heroically for his fallen comrades. That man was John Uhorchak, a kid from Sidney High School, Class of 1971. In a short period of 34 hours, Col. Uhorchak performed more than 30 emergency surgeries on the ground as the only orthopedic surgeon in Mogadishu. He saved lives. He is a hero. And his story is on his plaque. Read about it. Nancy Sue ‘Haynes’ Burns (Class of 1956) faced many obstacles in her life. This cheery and positive woman stared down polio at age seven, at a time when polio was the great scourge of young people across the land. Although she emerged from this battle with a small degree of paralysis, little Nancy went on to lead a big, big life. For 30 years she was the editor of our local newspaper bringing us up to speed on fun things and important issues down through the decades. Every town needs a newspaper. And ours came from the talent of Nancy Sue Burns, a woman who continues to give back to her community to this day. Wherever I went in this country after leaving Sidney in 1967 I always got a subscription to the Sidney paper as a Christmas gift. I still get it today. Nancy lived a life of rich fullness. And it is all on her Wall of Fame plaque. Read it. Charlie Downin (Class of 1941) was the epitome of a superb volunteerism. His petri dish was Sidney Center. He lived there, was involved there and was always looking to enhance the citizens of Sidney’s sister village. Charlie was a veteran’s best friend. He served in World War II and received a chest-full of medals for his bravery in battle, including the Bronze Star for his meritorious action at the D-Day invasion. Charlie never gave up on our area veterans. He was tireless. As commander of Sidney American Legion, he raised thousands of dollars to go to local veteran’s causes. And in his final years Charlie became a resident of the Oxford Vets Home. But still, he never gave up. In the last months of his life this old hero could be seen rolling his wheelchair up and down the hallways of the Vets home delivering candy and a cheerful smile to

the veterans who could no longer get around. His story will give you goosebumps. Read it. It is on his plaque. Dear Cherie Stevens (Class of 1970), was one of the brightest shining stars in Schoharie County where she made a life and career until her passing just a month ago (June 16, 2018). Cherie, this little girl from Bridge Street in Sidney, made an incredible, indelible impression on the lives of thousands in her adopted county. For 35 years she was a role model to students who crossed her path at SUNY Cobleskill where she was an administrator. When floods ravaged her county in 2011, it was Cherie who was tapped to chair the Schoharie County Flood Relief Committee, raising $500,000 to help lift the souls and the spirits of those in great need. She founded a completely volunteer organization called Marathon for a Better Life to raise money for area cancer patients strapped for funds. Through her grit and determination and armed with a winning personality and impossible-to-ignore smile, our dear Cheri raised over $1,000,000 for nearly 1,000 cancer patients. She left us far too soon, but this shining star will never go out. And her story, a great American story, is all on her Wall of Fame plaque. Read it. That is just a few of the honorees who have been celebrated since 2005. And there are many others, of course. Paul Beames (Class of 1963) who has dedicated virtually his entire life to the Boy Scouts of America. Bruce Wilhelm (Class of 1977) the young man who almost single-handedly brought our hospital back to Sidney, Bob Rowlands, who was the first educator ever put on the Wall of Fame. How many lives did he touch over a quarter of a century? Too many to count. Including mine. Pat Greene (Class of 1953) which was never heard to say no to a request to join a civic or community organization. Dr. Elliott Danforth fixed our breaks and scrapes, we bought our clothes from Wayne King (Class of 1952) and we watched with tears in our eyes as our littles ones danced on stage under the guidance of Andrea ‘Kozak’ Wakeman (Class of 1970). Con’t on page 7


SCSAA Wall of Fame Inductees July 15, 2018

SCS student receives scholarship award--The Class of 1963 John L. Balling Memorial Legacy Award was presented to Todd Zbydniewski ‘18, (left) by SCSAA Fellow Glenn Rogers. Todd will be attending SUNY Broome in the Fall.

William O. Davidson, (1964-1998)

Excellence in Teaching, Mentoring & Volunteering

We Remember ... James Warren, Faculty Marian Laraway Hinkley ‘40 Geneva ‘Jean’ Morenus Gosso Sanford ‘45 Milt Curtis ‘49 Clarence Wood ‘51 William Ostrander ‘52 Dorothy Morenus Hathaway ‘55 Richard Campbell ’62 Linda Alger Noah ‘64 Doug Lent ‘66 Lanny Jones ‘68 Cynthia Gloeckler ‘69 Cherie Stevens ‘70 Jeffery Puffer ‘71 Brian Mathewson ‘78 Rebecca Fazio Davy ’89 Shawn Earl ‘92 Renee Lambrecht ‘92 Michael Constable ‘97

Robert J. Daugherty ‘73

LTC Ret. Dane L. Woytek ‘68

Exemplary Leadership in Business, Human Relations, and Higher Education

Excellence in Service to Country and Education

William C. Mirabito ‘78

Blake D. Hayes ‘68

Excellence in Business and Community Service

Excellence in Historic Preservation and Public Service

Keynote Address by Chuck D’Imperio... And Doug Sheldon (Class of 1959), well, nobody really ever knows what he does. But we follow his travels online and see him waving his arms in front of a serious looking orchestra in such faraway storybook places like China and Russia. Although we don’t quite know what Doug does, he is internationally respected and admired and has carried forth the tenets of a Sidney upbringing around the world. It is true. Read his plaque. And last, but not least, Carlos Washington (Class of 1976) Sidney’s singing cowboy. His path out of high school took him to thousands of miles away from the old Sidney Bridge. Today Carlos continues to mentor young people, attend national rodeo events and continues to sing his song of America to adoring crowds throughout the West. These and many more names are perfect examples of who is on our Sidney Wall of Fame. Exemplary lives born from the exemplary upbringing they found right here in our beautiful little town and our great Sidney Central School. Today we add five more distinguished names to our Wall. And I am sure, when you hear their backgrounds; you will agree that these also all represent great American stories. And if you don’t believe me, stick around after the luncheon and read it on their plaques. Thank you.

Charles D’Imperio, Class of ‘67

Class of 1958 Celebrates 60th Reunion

The Class of ‘58 met for dinner at the Sidney Golf and Country Club


on Saturday, July 14. Seated (L-R), Annamaria Boiocchi, Mary Jane Gelder Plummer, Marilinn Laidlaw Hughes, Donalie Rosa Kelly, Joan Walker Clapperton, Sonya Tacea Collins, Beverly Root Proulx; 2nd Row: Russ Olsen, Paul Scofield, Mike Tiska, John MacDonald, Warren Vollert, Merlin Wheeler, John Davis, Fred Storm, Paul McIntyre, Bernie DeShaw; 3rd Row: Allen George, Edward Lewis, Ivan Bennett, Darryl Loker, Ralph Place, Bill MacLachlan, Steve Roff, Don Odell, and Lamont Martin.

Be Part of SCSAA’s Efforts To Enhance School, Community and Alumni... Become a Member The SCSAA board of directors greatly appreciate our members’ support, which enables us to continue our program of seven annual scholarships and donations to help various school and community causes.

Dues are: $15 per year for a Regular-Annual; $70 for a Regular-5 year; $10 for a Seniors-Annual (age 65 and older); $45 for a Senior-5 year.

An invoice postcard is mailed each If you are interested in learning year in June. To become a memabout the value of your Memberber, please fill out the Membership ship, please see the Reflections Form on page 11 and follow the Winter 2018 issue, on our Webmailing instuctions. site. For questions, contact Debby Puffer, (607) 967-8480, or email:


All-Alumni Reunion Weekend Highlights Golf Tournament Winners

Lowest Score(-16): Keith Theobald, Craig Dawson, Earl Halaquist, Bryan Birdsall Highest Score (+10): Kerri Green, Tracy Simmons, Sheri Youngs, Stephanie Taylor Closest To The Pin (AM): Craig Dawson Closest To The Pin (PM): Jim Provenzon Longest Drive (Mens): Keith Theobald Longest Drive (Womens): Mindy Doyle The Ladies--(Above L-R) Mindy Doyle, Lifelong Friends--(Above L-R) Doug Cornforth ‘75, Sue Whitham, Teri Schunk, and Dawn Rowe and from the class of ‘76: Bob D’Imperio, Joe Mirabito, and Rick Mirabito; with Coach Doug Fessenden (seated).

The Class of ‘73 arrived ready to celebrate their

45th Reunion on Friday night at the Elks where the band SPLASH rocked the dance floor ‘til midnight.

The All-Alumni Breakfast (above) was

All-Class Soccer & Field Hockey Games were held Saturday mid day

on Alumni Field. Photos at right: (top) Coach Steve Hornung with Offensive MVP Nathan Gorshack ‘18; (bottom) Defensive MVP Dennis Clapperton ‘08; and Photo inset below: Lisa French Clossey ‘96, (center) Alumni Game Organizer, flanked by MVP Defense Becky Stevens Ives ‘90 (left); and MVP Offense Tiffany Mott Thomas ‘03.

held at the High School Cafeteria Sat. from 8 to 11 am. For many, it was a great time to reminisce and share interesting stories. In conjunction with breakfast, The Tour of the High School, was a big hit--showcasing several major renovations over the years. Immediately following breakfast, alumni gathered for the increasingly popular March of Classes, at Alumni Field (below), giving alumni another opportunity to connect with The All-Alumni Memorial Service, held at 10 am classmates as well as friends from other classes. on Sunday morning, is a time to honor our classmates who have gone before us; and what better place than the Veterans Memorial Park. Just two of the alumni taking part in the Reading of the Names of deceased for their classes are (at right) Julie Zieno ‘78 and Daryl Loker ‘58.

Class of 1976 holds 60 Birthday Bash th

Class of 1948 ~ 70 Reunion th


A Reunion Luncheon was held Saturday, July 14, at the Sidney Golf and Country Club. 17 classmates and 1 guest were in attendance.

Class of ‘76--(Front row:) Carole Redmond Stanbro and Greg Davie; Second row: Mark Crandall, Steve Fessenden, Craig Niles, Lisa Allan-Ziemann, Joanne Hunt, Mary Dingman House, Lori Bargher Crandall, Kathy Dombrowski Donadio, and Jean McLaughlin Hanson. Absent: Pat McElligott.

The Class of 1968 Celebrated 50th Reunion

The Class of 1968 celebrated their 50th Reunion at the Elks Lodge with cocktails and dinner on Sat., July 14. Sixty-two classmates were in attendance; 90 people total.

The Class of 1956 meets every year during Alumni Weekend. This is their 62nd Reunion dinner, held at the Old Mill in Rockwells Mills.


Class Representatives

Complete contact information for each Class Rep, including their mailing address, is on the website. In order to keep this list current—please contact us with changes by filling out a form at: Due to a lack of space, only one contact person per class is listed below: 1943 Chris Bickos, 607-563-3181, 1944 CLASS REP NEEDED 1945 Lea Kenyon Gregory, 607-563-1827 1946 CLASS REP NEEDED 1947 CLASS REP NEEDED 1948 Norma Hyatt Palmer, 607-563-3430, 1949 Charlie Davis, 607-563-2223, 1950 Bev Pierce, 607-563-2030 1951 Evelyn Brush Thayer, 605-338-0726, 1952 Wayne King, 607-643-5653, 1953 Pat Greene, 607-369-7242, 1954 Peggy Burlison Stilson, 607-563-1055, 1955 Jim Clum, 608-833-0108, 1956 Janice Risley Knight, 617-484-4537, 1957 Sylvia Bramley Mugglin, 607-967-8581, 1958 Russ Olsen, 607-563-7775, 1959 Bonnie Provenzon Curtis, 607-563-1547, 1960 James McIntyre, 321-704-1873, 1961 Jon Jay DeTemple, 203-232-7522, 1962 Dolores Hayes Breunig, 607-563-2311, 1963 Becky Smith Holley, 607-369-5348, 1964 Pat Dilley DuMond, 607-435-6003, 1965 Barbara Buckley Durden, 936-662-9225, 1966 Patti Jo Provenzon Doi,, 541-358-2271, Cell: 607-624-8848 1967 Gail Horth Secunda, 518-877-5742, 1968 Barbara Eckerson Felter, 607-563-1121, 1969 Dave Gill, 732-309-1319, 1970 Vicki Miller Kulze, 607-563-3384, 1971 Cookie Dimorier Polster, 607-563-8160, 1972 Dave and Becky Leidy, 607-563-2905,

1973 Jackie Hunt Vandervort, 607-643-3365, 1974 Mary Shupperd Savage, 607-770-9585, 1975 Larry Halbert, 607-237-4762, 1976 Lori Bargher Crandalll, 1977 Lorna Wilhelm, 607-435-9803, 1978 Jackie Allen Lingner, 1979 Lori Booth Shaw, 1980 Barbara Wakeman, 607-563-8029, 1981 Keith Theobald, 607-563-9169, 1982 Michelle Pressler, 815-624-4050, 1983 Carol Palmer Petersen, 518-279-3805, 1984 Michelle Dann Stewart, 1985 Marie Harris Gray, 607-563-1933, 1986 Patti Weed Bennet, 479-644-1272, 1987 Rob Walsh, 914-301-5036, 1988 Juli Curtis Howland, 607-563-9208, 1989 Jeff Bagley, 607-563-9715, 1990 Jeff Sweet, 704-622-0165, 1991 Jessica Woodyshek Wheeler, 1992 CLASS REP NEEDED 1993 CLASS REP NEEDED 1994 Tracy Wilson Simmons,607-369-5514, 1995 Kimberly Becker Lencki, 603-219-6419, 1996 Scott Wickham, 1997 Josh Taylor, 607-604-4149, 1998 Mary Richards-Santana, 607-232-7864 1999 Beth Backus Dix, 607-643-1224, 2000 Erica Brazee Granger, 607-267-5054 2001 Bryan Innes, 646-369-2061, 2002 Ashley Brazee, 607-563-1604, 2003 Karli (Peck) Alward, 2004 CLASS REP NEEDED 2005 Renee Hunt, 2010 Brianne Simonds, 607-437-8133, 2006 - 2009 and 2011 - 2018 CLASS REPS ARE NEEDED

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALUMNI AND CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: The Class Roster and Class Rep list are essential to ensure communications about the Alumni Association reach you. The SCSAA has a class roster on the website, www., that contains the names of all Sidney alumni. Your contact information is only as current as your membership.

When you join or renew and send your contact information, it is entered in the roster unless you indicate you do not want it posted. Is your class in need of a Class Rep? Would you like to volunteer? Submit your name and contact information to: update@ Be sure to write “New Class Rep” on the form. To mail a form, see Membership Form, pg. 11.


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Community Relations Reunion Weekend Sports Hall of Fame Wall of Fame

_____ School Relations _____ Membership _____ Reflections

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