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The Cover: On our cover this issue is Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic, which upholds its steadfast goal to help their clients look and feel their best; their natural approach to treatment is admirable “Everyone will notice, but no-one will know.” See our story on page 30.

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Photography: Stephen Wild Model: Aleris Styled By: Deb Hamilton Contributing Writers: Katrina Geenevasen, Allison Grange, Faith Woodland, Ian Nicholls, Anna Ruck, Sarah Wilde, Becca Hetz, Esme Sinclair, Virginia See, Deanna Davies, Tisha Riman, Elise Degan, Charlie Calarco Contributing Photography: Stephen Wild, Allison Grange, Robert Harris Photography, McNeill Photography, Emilio Ciccarelli (Property Perspectives), Kingston Drone Pros __________________ Contact Us: Cathie Watson Publisher/Owner Katrina Geenevasen Editor Allison Grange Graphic Design Crystal Wyatt Advertising Consultant

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Cathie Watson Welcome to our Spring issue! Like me, I am sure you are ready for the warmer weather, longer days and colourful cheer the blossoming flowers bring. Spring tends to evoke feelings of renewal and leaves us charged with new energy, a desire to take inventory of current things, abandon the old and embrace the new while we chart a fresh course into the season. Whether it be a fresh fashion fix you want, or a desire to simplify your life by turning your home into a haven of order, we hope to inspire you throughout the following pages. Our cover feature this issue is in collaboration with Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic; we are excited to feature this impressive group of women celebrating 20 years of helping Kingstonions look and feel their best. Rounding out the issue is our feature around outdoor and healthy living in Kingston and so much more. It is with the same spirit of renewal that we encourage you to peek at the digital edition found on our website. You can access the magazine anywhere you are. Whether you are sitting poolside on vacation or cozied up on the deck on a cool spring evening, we will be there to offer you stories from our community. We are growing our site, and soon will be offering web-exclusive content, and are committed to highlighting and celebrating the people and businesses that make Kingston such a wonderful and vibrant city. Additionally, to stay connected to our community, we have an extensive and active social media platform, so look us up and follow us on your favourite one. Enjoy the issue. Cathie

Katrina Geenevasen There are two kinds of people in this world: those that enjoy the crisp feeling of fall, and those who revel in the warmth of the spring. If you’re the latter then it’s time to celebrate the season in which the Limestone City once again comes to life. Here at ReFINEd, we’re marking the beginning of spring with a brandnew issue filled with articles on everything under the sun, including some out-of-the-box ideas on how to break free from the gym to get your body ready to bare more skin, building your very own backyard greenhouse, and tips on how to organize your home. Spring cleaning session, anyone?

Stephen Wild The transition from winter to spring this time around seemed the longest ever! However, I know that spring is here; I see it in faces as I walk along the sidewalks and side streets of our fair city. There are plenty of big smiles, and lots of friendly greetings as I hit the downtown core. And the light…oh, how I cherish the longer days. Yes, more wonderful light to stretch time into the evening hours. The ingredients for our spring cover: 1) A client willing to let the creative process happen organically;

This issue also features fashion blogger Anna Ruck’s tips on how the modern fashionista can stay on top of her style game, even when rainy weather tries its best to thwart her look. Be sure to see her advice on how to add some personality to your rainy-weather staples.

2) A publisher that gets it! Who understands the need to push the envelope, and open doors to the artistic;

Planning on building a new home? Check out our article for tips on how to get started; it can be an overwhelming task taking your ideas and making them a reality, but hopefully, we’ll simplify the process (even just a little!) for you.

4) An accommodating model (Aleris) who was willing to sit for a very long time to get it just right.

If you’re curious about a vegan lifestyle, Becca Hetz -- the incredible talent behind Warrior Cakes -- breaks it down for you in a way that’s easy to understand. Even if veganism isn’t for you, it’s an educational read that may shed some light on why some chose to adopt this lifestyle.

3) A good crew of resources like Debbie Hamilton, a long-time collaborator on many a project;

In the end, I think it was an amazing journey, both for us at ReFINEd Kingston and our client, Kingston Laser and Cosmetic Clinic. Stephen

On our cover this issue is Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic, which upholds its steadfast goal to help their clients look and feel their best. From injectables and laser and light therapy to skin rejuvenation and body contouring, all clients are able to achieve their personal best. And through it all, the staff upholds their steadfast commitment to natural results. If you’re looking for one way to freshen up this spring, perhaps this is it! We hope you enjoy our spring issue, Kingston. Let’s make the most of this beautiful season!






Derek Taylor

Brendan Fielding

Travis Stevenson

Carlos Lopes

Greg Kendrick

Sean Burke

Al Warren

Jan Parker-Warmington









“Always remember, whether you live in Kingston or 15, 30, or 45 minutes away, at Taylor AutoMall we will not be undersold by anybody, on any make or model. I guarantee it.”

“Great dealership and an amazing sales person — answered all my questions and more. Truck was delivered with the exact features and extras as promised; negotiation was straight forward and they met me at a price point we were pleased with. Overall experience and friendliness was five-star.”

Jason Taylor Owner and President

Taylor AutoMall 2440 Princess Street Kingston, ON K7M 3G4 (613) 549-1311

Steve M. Customer

Jesse MacLean

Donna Tregunna

Harry Lakins

Re Haslett

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Jeff Wilson










Stay Sharp this Summer For students of all ages, summer can’t get here fast enough! While kids may be ready for a vacation—a change of pace—the opposite is true for their brain. The brain never gets tired of doing the one thing that it was designed to do: learn. So, what happens in the summer when kids are not in school, and not providing their brains with the active intake of information that it needs to stay sharp? Well, like any muscle, it weakens, and it begins to forget.

Brooke Lewis B.A. (Hons), B.Ed. (OCT) Education Director 793 Blackburn Mews Kingston, ON K7P 2N6

Oxford Learning Kingston 613.384.7323

About Oxford Learning Established in 1984, Oxford Learning has grown to include more than 100 locations across Canada and the United States. Oxford Learning goes beyond tutoring to help students reach their learning potential, not just for one grade or one year but for a lifetime. The unique programs teach children to learn how to learn. Visit Oxford Learning online at for complete program information.

When students are not actively engaging their brains, neurological connections can begin to deteriorate, making it increasingly difficult to recall the information that was learned throughout the school year. Ask your kid today how to convert a fraction into a percent and he’ll tell you to divide the top number by the bottom and multiply by 100. But ask him again in July or at the end of August and you’ll likely get a blank stare. Research shows that students can lose up to 30 per cent of their academic skills over the summer break. This means that in the fall, students are actually further behind than when they left school at the beginning of summer. Maintaining academic momentum over the summer prevents this backward learning slide, helps students remember the material they spent the school year learning, and keeps their brains in active learning mode so that they are ready to learn from the first day of school. A few hours a week of academic work maintains important school



skills. Here are a few tips to keep kids of all ages mentally engaged over the summer: READ! Encourage kids to keep reading every day this summer. Frequent reading improves comprehension skills and develops vocabulary. Give that library card a workout! WRITE! Give children a journal or scrapbook and encourage them to write every day. Stumped about what to write? Keep lists of new words, start a short story, or just summarize the day. TALK! Make discussing your day part of your family’s regular routine. Chat about what you did, saw, or wondered about. This builds memory skills, and keeps the mind active and engaged. PLAY! Games such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, board games, or any game with strategy and planning keep the cognitive wheels working. Discuss strategy, alternative moves, and different outcomes. THINK! Keep the mind active by asking questions about anything and everything! Parents can model questions for kids. Don’t worry if there aren’t answers. An alert mind is always questioning and thinking. JOIN! Enroll your child in a class at Oxford Learning. Flexible schedules and plenty of options for students PreK12 mean that there’s a great way to keep learning this summer for everyone!


A SMARTER SUMMER All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects. Enrol Today! Kingston 613.384.7323 ReFINEdKINGSTON



Pantone’s colour for 2018, Ultra Violet, is a vibrant, otherworldly shade of purple.

Purple Pant Suits & Suede Booties: How to Wear Ultra Violet

This outer space-like hue gives off tons of galactic and psychedelic vibes.

Earrings, pants, sweaters, suits, and booties, you name it, you can rock any piece in an Ultra Violet hue.

Pantone suggests the colour is, “symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance.”

Whether you want to go all out and have your whole outfit dedicated to the colour of the year, or just bring in the bold colour subtly, there are tons of ways to wear it.

Artists such as Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix inspired the colour, pushing the boundaries in not only their music, but their fashion, as well. This season’s spring fashion is sure to bring up these stars’ essence in the purple hues and bold statement pieces.

Purple Kisses and Violet Blushes: Ultra Violet in the Makeup World

Who wouldn’t love a thigh-high boot that can serve as dressy footwear for date night, or as a way to spice up your favourite sweater and jean look? Try wearing them with a purple floral dress for a daytime look, then throw on a stylish violet-hued jacket to take your outfit into the night.

If the thigh-high isn’t your cup of tea, try pairing booties with light-wash, ankle-length denim; they will be sure to tie your casual pieces together. Designers seem to be stacking purple hues on top of each other, creating pant suits top to bottom in Ultra Violet, as well as pairing dresses with a jacket in the same tone over top. However you choose to style it, one thing is certain: Ultra Violet encourages you to to step outside of your comfort zone and channel your inner artist. To learn more about this year’s colour, visit

Classic red will always be a goto for any makeup wearer, but it seems berries and purples are being seen more and more in makeup; both premier and drugstore makeup brands are carrying shades of Ultra Violet.

ULTRA VIOLET 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year By Virginia See | Photos Laurèl



Whether you are looking for a statement lip for a night on the town, or for a dinner with friends, an Ultra Violet shade is sure to tie any look together. Pair a darker hue of the colour with a little black dress for your Friday night out, or a lighter shade with a chunky, creamcoloured knit sweater and dark denim for a more casual dinner look. Purple is becoming just as easily worn on the lips as red.




Man Up I always observe people’s style when I travel. So what’s happening in fashion everywhere I go, from Canada to Europe to Asia? The season’s dominant influence is menswear detailing in women’s clothing. The idea is not new. Pants were a rare womenswear item until the 1940s. Recent North American generations were introduced to man style in the late ‘70s thanks to Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. But European women, especially Parisiennes, naturally incorporated man-tailored style into their attire for years — think jeans with a crisp shirt, a well-tailored blazer, leather jacket and the tuxedo trouser.

Christine Bratt Chris James

253 Ontario Street Kingston, ON K7L 2Z4 613-541-0707

What’s new in 2018? The details are less overtly masculine as the style and colours are softer and the cuts more relaxed. Although the menswear inspiration echoes in the clothing, each piece retains a feminine confidence, which is key to mastering the look. Look for a bit of structure in blazers and soft jackets with a clearly defined shoulder and classic single- or double-breasted closures. Buttonfront collared dress shirts are in, as are classic, trim-fit tops that add variety to your wardrobe. Classic pencil skirts, boyfriend jeans and tailored trousers are in style. Overall, the cut is clean and hugs the body as this accentuates feminine lines and won’t overwhelm you in voluminous fabric that comes with oversized cuts. And, yes, pastel colours — pink, lilac and ice blue — are front and centre in softening the attitude of traditional pieces. You’ll still see bold colours in a range of sportswear and separates, but many of the core timeless looks will be easier to wear (and be more enduring) in softer shades. There are lots of checks, plaids and pinstripes in



Patterns of Style For decades, stripes, plaids and checks have been the classic patterns used to enliven men’s clothing. In the past few seasons, however, designers have unleashed a new wave of creativity in men’s style.

trousers, jackets, skirts, dresses and casual pants. Since menswear-inspired pieces tend to be pricier garments with a long style life, make sure the colour you choose will naturally work for you three seasons down the road. It’s important to not take the look too literally. Master it by starting simply with one piece at a time until you’re comfortable and go from there. Begin with the blazer and pair a ruffled-front blouse with your double-breasted jacket to soften the look. Add a twist to your suit by cropping and cuffing your dress pants. Always throw in a feminine touch, such as a silky scarf, great jewelry, ruffles, colour or a great pair of heels.

Initially, the new look in men’s shirts was the “dot” and it included everything from the polka dot to pin dot, plus geometric, gingham and amoeba patterns. Whatever the form, the small neat print became a design highlight in every menswear collection. While these patterns have remained strong, they’ve evolved beyond geometrics to include nature’s own colourful flora and fauna. The season ahead is filled with shirts showcasing flowers, leaves, birds and butterflies. Some are subtle. Some are bold. You can add these flourishes to

your wardrobe in an understated way with a pair of flowered socks or a floral tie, or you can show your cool confidence this summer by donning boldly patterned separates. In sportswear, the message seems to be, “Go big and bold, or go home.” You can capture a California-cool vibe by dressing head-to-toe in printed shirts and shorts. Make a simple statement by wearing a big, dramatic tropical floral print simply— untucked with a pair of dark skinny jeans or khaki chinos. Relax the look by wearing the shirt open at the neck with a T-shirt underneath. Throw on a solid linen or cotton blazer to any of these combinations to amp up your style. Sportswear offers endless opportunities for wild, eye-

catching combinations, but the newness comes when patterned shirts are dressed up with beautifully tailored suits and sport jackets and paired with a tie. Rich in colour and texture, the finished look lightens the mood for business and even dressy occasions. But pay close attention to the pattern size to appropriately create a look that matches the mood of the occasion. You don’t want your choice to look cartoonish, so lean towards small prints as these will always be easier to pair successfully with a tailored suit and silk tie. You’ll set yourself apart from the crowd by how you carry the flower-power trend. Adapt the style to a look that’s true to you, and have fun with it. ReFINEdKINGSTON


STYLISH, NOT SOGGY Rainy Day Outerwear for the Practical Fashionista By Anna Ruck of

When grey skies and storm clouds are on the horizon this time of year, chances are you can expect some rainy weather. As much as many of us would prefer to stay home and leave the showers for the flowers, it’s not a realistic option for most. When Mother Nature is calling the shots, the best we can do is be prepared. Shopping for proper rain gear that will ensure you stay warm and dry while also looking stylish isn’t as complicated as it may seem; you just need to know what to look for! Since the weather can be wildly different from one spring day to the next, it’s important to have a proper raincoat on hand that not only looks stylish but is also functional. Ditch those natural fibres on days when heavier precipitation is expected. Fabrics akin to canvas such as cotton or wool will absorb every drop, as opposed to repelling them. Instead, arm yourself with a jacket that is made of a waterproof material such as polyurethane, which is commonly known for its impermeable qualities. Although a coat constructed almost entirely out of polyurethane is a practical option, it isn’t for everyone. If the idea of a plasticlike raincoat conjures up imagery of an overdressed rubber ducky, or has you feeling as though you’re back in elementary school, try a blended combination. Coats that contain a waxed or rubberized cotton have additional waterproofing power and allow you to stay dry while still looking



chic. If you are concerned about sweating or overheating under all that protection, look for pieces that feature built-in ventilation such as eyelets or mesh to ensure you stay dry inside and out.

together, allowing water to seep in through the tiny holes.

When Mother Nature is calling the shots, the best we can do is be prepared.

High-quality waterproof brands will go so far as to heat materials to weld them together, adding durability to a garment while keeping you dry in a rain storm.

But it’s not all about the material. The way in which a coat is sewn and put together is of the upmost importance when the name of the game is staying dry. Although the perfect raincoat may look waterproof, even polyurethane only goes so far if the seams are simply stitched

The interior seams of a suitable raincoat should be lined or taped to prevent rain from creeping inside.

Shopping for the perfect rain coat certainly doesn’t mean you have to compromise your personal style if you know what to look for. Designers have been very clever in creating a multitude of practical and stylish choices that are ideal for wet and rainy days. For those who are drawn to the classics, a trench coat is an outerwear must-have. ReFINEdKINGSTON


Summon those spring blooms by opting for a fun shade such as ultra-violet, which happens to be Pantone’s colour of the year. But if galoshes aren’t for you, a wedge boot may just be your secret weapon. When constructed from the right material, a boot with a wedge heel is easy to style while distancing you from those puddles. Pair them with culottes and a patterned sock to look on trend while keeping the hem of your trousers from getting damp. Rain in the springtime is one thing we can count on. But, with the right pieces at your disposal, you may just find yourself looking forward to the occasional downpour.

Belted jackets such as this provide the added option of layering warmer pieces underneath without looking too bulky.

Accessories provide the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour, especially if you’ve opted for neutral toned staples.

Stripes, polka dots, and even bright yellow varieties reminiscent of Paddington Bear are perfect for those who look to their raincoat to brighten their day.

Jazz up your outfit with a funky umbrella, or throw on a patterned scarf for those cooler mornings.

Fashion-forward rain warriors can have fun with masculine shapes, oversized varieties, and even transparent styles, so no one will be left wondering just how fabulous your outfit is today. All those finishing touches can’t be forgotten either. 18


A colourful hooded sweatshirt, bucket or baseball hat will also provide needed coverage when the wind is blustery while adding interest to your overall look. Of course, you’ll be soaked in no time without a proper rain boot. Look for natural rubber products that are less likely to crack in chillier temperatures.

Anna Ruck Anna is a Canadian Lifestyle Blogger living in Kingston, and is the creator and writer behind STRUCKBLOG explores a variety of topics, including style, beauty, food and travel. She hopes to infuse the lives of her readers with an abundance of creativity, connectivity, knowledge and laughter!

House of Angelis Fashion Emporium 63 & 65 Brock Street, Kingston 613.544.9721



Detoxing does not have to mean deprivation!


When it comes to making healthy meals, ensure you’re opting for foods that are high in fibre and protein — this will fill you up and prevent you from overeating. And don’t be afraid of fats! Healthy fats, such as omega-3s and monounsaturated fats are needed for healthy brain function, hormone health, and yes, even weight loss. Choose foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as these will all help to reduce inflammation in the body, and aid in the body’s natural detoxification processes. Finally, go for variety. Switch up your greens, your veggies and your protein so you eat a nutrient-rich diet that will support your wellness goals. Here are some detox superfoods that you’ll love including in your everyday cooking!


Trout are fatty fish that are high in the heart-healthy fat omega-3s. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, mood boosting, important for brain function (including the prevention of Alzheimer’s), and can promote healthier, hydrated skin.


This well-known superfood is high in antioxidants, including vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin K — all of which give it anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Because it’s low in calories and has a high water content, it can also help with weight loss.


These delicious berries are considered to have one of the highest antioxidant levels, including flavonoids like anthocyanins, which have been shown to reduce free radical damage (increasing longevity and giving it anti-aging properties), improve brain function, reduce the risk of heart disease and improve insulin sensitivity.


Studies have shown that walnuts have anti-cancer properties, particularly prostate and breast cancer. This may be due to their high antioxidant, omega-3 and vitamin E content, all of which prevent oxidative stress, improve brain health and improve metabolic function.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Sprouts contain a more concentrated nutrient profile compared to their grown-up counterparts. Alfalfa sprouts are a good source of vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin K. The fibre and protein content also help to keep you fuller, longer.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a complete protein, meaning they contain all the essential amino acids. Their high fibre content helps to improve digestion, while its rich composition of omega-3s and gamma-linolenic acid may help lower the risk of heart disease.

The Ultimate Detox Salad


Kale, Blueberry, Walnuts + Trout By Tisha Riman



High in healthy omega-3 fats, protein, fibre and antioxidants, this salad will keep you full without weighing you down. Salad Ingredients 1 trout fillet, 4 oz 1 tbsp olive oil 2 cups kale, chopped 1/4 cup blueberries 1/4 cup cucumber, chopped 2 tbsp alfalfa sprouts 2 tbsp walnuts 1 tbsp hemp seeds salt + pepper, to season

Lemon Garlic Dressing 1/3 cup olive oil 1 lemon, juiced 2 cloves garlic pinch of salt 1. Preheat oven to 375F. Pat trout fillet dry with paper towel. Liberally season salt and pepper on both sides of trout. 2. In an oven-safe saucepan, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add trout fillet, and cook both sides until golden brown

and crisp, about two to three minutes per side. Transfer pan to oven and cook for seven to eight minutes, until trout is cooked through and flakes with a fork. 3. For the dressing: blend all ingredients into a blender until smooth and creamy. 4. For the salad: place kale in a bowl as the base of the salad. Top with the blueberries, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, walnuts, and hemp seeds. Drizzle with lemon garlic dressing, and top with trout. ReFINEdKINGSTON



What does it mean to be vegan? Generally, being began means one doesn’t consume any animal products or animal product derivatives. This includes meats (including fish), eggs, dairy, honey, milk products and animal by-products. Basically, anything that came from or was made from an animal is not ingested. Many of those dedicated to being a vegan choose to make veganism a lifestyle, and also avoid wearing any clothing or apparel made from an animal, such as leather, wool and fur.

What is the difference between being vegan and being a vegetarian? While veganism and vegetarianism share some similarities, these two lifestyle choices are quite different. A vegetarian diet has more “wiggle room” because many vegetarians consume cheeses, milk, and eggs. Some vegetarians include fish and seafood in their diets, as well. Unlike vegetarian diets, vegan diets eliminate all animal products.

Why would I want to go vegan? While vegan diets are not a good option for everyone, as some people maintain optimal 22


levels of health and wellbeing by incorporating animal products and meat into their diets, veganism can be a positive lifestyle change for many.

of a plant-based diet and the documented adverse effects of the standard North American diet.

Many people choose to become vegan because they dislike the idea of eating animals. Others do so for the myriad of potential health benefits and beneficial environmental factors. Did you know, for example, it takes more than 2,000 pounds of water to produce one pound of beef?

You may be thinking, “So if I can’t eat any meat or animal products, does that mean I can only eat vegetables?”

What are the health benefits of being a vegan? There have been many studies showing both the positive and negative effects of veganism on one’s health. Many individuals who have committed to a vegan diet report increased mental and physical energy, improved sleep, weight loss, more balanced moods, and clearer skin, just to name a few. Clinical studies have also found a link between the reduction in the rates of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s amongst individuals who have adopted a vegan diet. Netflix recently created a powerful documentary called What the Health? which profoundly displays the positive effects

What do vegans eat?

Where do vegans get their protein? The most common mistake individuals make when first adhering to a vegan diet is not consuming adequate protein. This can leave a person feeling tired, drained, and moody.

Individuals with Anemia or a Vitamin B12 deficiency should be very cautious in starting a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 supplementation is often crucial when eating vegan, as B12 is not abundant in plant based foods.

If following a vegan diet, these iron-containing foods should consumed daily to avoid a potential deficiency. It is important to monitor how you feel while eating vegan. Many individuals feel wonderful adopting a vegan diet, while others do not.

Vitamin B12 comes from the relationship between the soil and animals that graze on the soil.

Deciding to become a vegan can be an exciting and health-enhancing change. Are you up for it?

Protein is an essential macronutrient needed by the human body for optimal health and function. It is vital that you consume enough protein for your body’s growth and maintenance needs.

Vegans follow what is referred to as a plant-based diet. While a plant-based diet definitely includes vegetables, there’s so much more food that can be enjoyed! Many people think veganism is an extremely restrictive diet, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Vegans can enjoy nuts and butters; seeds; beans; legumes (lentils, peas, etc.); breads; soy products (tempeh, tofu); grains; pastas; vegan desserts; soups; stews; vegan meat substitutes; cereals; vegan cheeses; vegan pizza; sushi; vegan ice-cream; and, of course, lots of vegetables. Due to the fact that veganism has been on the rise over the last decade, the majority of grocery stores and restaurants now carry plentiful vegan options and alternatives. While it may take some effort and experimentation to explore the options that work best for your body initially, veganism can be a wonderful new adventure and make for a positive lifestyle change.

Protein-rich plant based foods that vegans can enjoy come in the form of beans; nuts; soy products such as tofu and tempeh; quinoa and vegan/ plant-based protein powders.

Who shouldn’t follow a vegan diet? If you are planning to make a change in your diet or lifestyle, it is highly recommended that you consult a health care practitioner beforehand to ensure a vegan diet is safe for you, especially if you are pregnant or under the age of 18.

Since a vegan diet eliminates all meats and animal products, Vitamin B12 supplementation is often required. The most absorbable form of iron (heme-iron) comes from animal meats. Non-heme iron (the iron found in plant based foods) comes from iron-rich plant foods such as spinach; beans; lentils; tofu; and pumpkin seeds, amongst many other sources.

Becca Hetz C.H.C (Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Owner of Warrior Cakes (Gourmet Gluten Free) @warriorcakes ReFINEdKINGSTON


Knifey Spooney

also adapt menus to meet glutenfree or other dietary needs.

Cooking Classes

In an effort to educate and empower, Cait and Christina will come to your home or facility and teach a cooking class. The participants will learn how to prepare a number of dishes, try new ingredients, and enjoy a meal together. Groups from four to 16 can be accommodated, depending on the host’s home.

Innovative, Sustainable Vegan Cuisine By Faith Woodland Photos (right) Stephen Wild

Christina & Cait Family time, fun, and nourishing plant-based foods are the elements that sum up the motivation and inspiration behind Kingston-based company, Knifey Spooney. Created by Christina Avery and Caitlin “Cait” Cowan, Knifey Spooney is a service that provides both fresh and frozen plantbased meals for events, or weekly pick-up. Cait and Christina also cater weddings, dinner parties, teach vegan cooking and offer fully-prepared meal plans. Cait and Christina met behind the counter of The Sleepless Goat.

Meal Plans

Knifey Spooney offers weekly meal plans with an everchanging assortment of dishes. With years of culinary experience at some of the city’s top restaurants between them, they teamed up in both life and business.

Comfort foods like mac and “cheese” or “pulled pork” made with jackfruit are customer favourites.

Seeing a void in the market, they realized they could provide the community with gourmet, plantbased options, while teaching people how to prepare delicious, beautiful food without meat or dairy at the same time.

They also prepare vegetable pies, Indian “butter chicken” made with chickpeas, pizza and perogies. Their charcuterie boards feature meatless options Cheeses are nut-based, using almonds and cashews. Meals are enhanced with homemade mustards, sauces and bread. The weekly meal plan of soups, salads, pies and casseroles supply enough lunches and dinners for one to two people for an entire week.

Watch for their storefront location coming soon to downtown Kingston!



If you want more options, à la carte selections are available, as well. Meal plans are preordered and either picked up or delivered. Knifey Spooney can

Knifey Spooney brings all the ingredients, and the host provides beverages and utensils.

Events Knifey Spooney has taken part in numerous Kingston events, providing foods for VegFest and International Women’s Day. Knifey Spooney offers vegan options for wedding guests, and will work alongside other caterers. If the couple wishes, they are able to cater the entire wedding or dinner party. Watch for, or request, Knifey Spooney at arts, beer and cultural events in your area.

Special Dinners Thanksgiving and Christmas can pose challenges for those hosting vegan guests, while cooking a traditional meal. Knifey Spooney can save hosts time and trouble by providing full, plant-based meal options to accommodate any dietary needs.

minds about the benefits of plant-based eating. They are enjoying a business centered on innovative food, sustainable cuisine, community connection and enriching lives through something as simple as plants.

Knifey Spooney 613-929-2764

Cait and Christina have delighted in the growth of Knifey Spooney, helping change hearts and




KITCHEN Think you need to spend hours inside the gym doing cardio, lifting weights, and hitting up Zumba classes in order to get fit, be healthy and reach your body goals? Think again!

By Sarah Wilde


ere’s the great thing about figuring out food first when it comes to your fitness and health journey. For one thing, when you focus on the food alone, you can focus on the food alone. Completely revamping your lifestyle all at once is really, really hard. In fact, it can be downright impossible. Yet that’s what most of us attempt. From one day to the next, we expect to overhaul our diet, eat less, tolerate more hunger, drink a gallon of water, take all of our vitamins, start working out an hour each day, drink alcohol in moderation and be in bed by 9 p.m. No wonder so many of us fail to “stay on track”. This is why my suggestion is to focus on one thing first. Your lifestyle diet. You won’t end up so overwhelmed and you’ll be able to build a true lifestyle balance that will work for your body for years to come. Trust me, it’s enough work to plan your meals and resist your biggest temptations. That’s a full-time job in and of itself. Giving yourself time to do that allows you to get comfortable with the single most important part of your new lifestyle. Once you’re in a groove, you can add more.



So where to start? As a fitness and nutrition coach, the No. 1 thing I first suggest is to create a food journal. The trick? It has to be an honest one. For one week, write down everything you’ve eaten at the end of day, including meals, snacks and nibbles. This will give you a good idea of where your calories are coming

from, and a weekly average of your eating patterns. Once you are aware of your eating habits, and where your calories are coming from, you can make the appropriate changes to reach your goals. Eating a variety of healthy protein, fats, and carbs will help your body turn into a metabolic machine.



Listed at right are the 13 best foods for burning fat. These food options are among the best sources of protein, fibre, and nutrients that help your body fight fat. You can base entire meals and snacks around them, but you don’t have to. Just be sure to follow these two rules: 1. Incorporate two or three of these foods into each of your meals and at least one of them into each snack. 2. Sneak a little protein into each snack. A few more tips? Don’t overeat, and pack meals for workdays. A little prep goes a long way! Beat temptations by having your own healthy options on hand and skip the lunchroom pizza!

1. Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds 2. Green/black beans and legumes

10. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries 11. Chia seeds

3. Spinach/Kale and other green vegetables! Pick your most-loved options. Cucumbers, broccoli, asparagus, sprouts, snap-peas and peppers are all nutrient-dense options

12. Dark chocolate (Yes, you read that correctly! It’s great for women’s hormone balance, and keeps cortisol levels low. Happy hormones = better weight loss)

4. Unsweetened oatmeal. Add stevia, berries or/or chia seeds for amazing for a quick and delicious grab-and-go breakfast option for busy mornings

13. Organic apple cider vinegar. This is great for diabetics because it keeps blood sugar levels balanced and helps boosts metabolism

5. Eggs/egg whites

Now that you know which foods are the best to burn body fat and sculpt your body, you can create a daily routine that works for you.

6. Quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes 7. Turkey or chicken breast

This list is vegan and vegetarianfriendly, so if you don’t eat meat, you still have plenty of lean protein source options to burn fat.

9. Grapefruit and pineapple

8. All-natural peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter

Keeps meals portioned, and don’t overeat! Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Stuffing yourself does nothing for your body, mind, or digestion.

Strawberry PB Overnight Oats Breakfast is hands-down one of the most skipped meals in our society. I often hear, “I just don’t have the time in the morning!” but it’s no excuse. Overnight oats are an easy solution – even for the busiest of us! It takes three minutes to prep before bed, and it’s ready to go in the morning. An added bonus? It’s delicious, and it will prevent any cravings throughout the day for other temptations that may come up. 28


This recipe can be changed up as you please. Use any berry you prefer. Just experiment to discover your perfect combo! Craving chocolate? Add unsweetened cocoa to get your chocolate fix without the guilt, sugar or fat. Simply add all ingredients into a mason jar and leave overnight in the fridge. These oats can be eaten chilled or warmed up.

• 1/3 cup quick oats • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond/cashew milk (or soy if you have a nut allergy) • 1/2 small banana, sliced • 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter or sunflower seed butter • 1/4-1/3 cup chopped strawberries • 1 tablespoon organic chia seed • 1 teaspoon hemp hearts • 1 serving vanilla protein powder. (Opt for planetbased or an isolate whey for best digestion) • pinch of cinnamon ReFINEdKINGSTON


Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic

Love Yourself

INSIDE & OUT By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Stephen Wild

If, however, you need a little help discovering that sometimes elusive self-love, Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic is here to help.

It’s been 20 years since Terrie Polywkan and Dr. Diane MacGillis first opened the doors to Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic, each with little more than a dream to help clients experience what true self-confidence felt like. It was the first clinic in Kingston to offer cosmetic laser treatments. “We had a phone, bed, laser, point-of-sale system, and two cardboard boxes turned upside down serving as my desk,” Terrie reminisces with a proud smile. 30


Dr. MacGillis, who’d started her career in general practice and emergency medicine, had decided to take her passion for research and emerging technologies to specialize in treatments that would help patients both feel and look better. Even though the clinic was young in those days, it was highly sought after by companies who wanted it to use their new technologies and critique them for improvement. In one case, a new laser was completely reconfigured based on Dr. MacGillis’ findings.

At this, Dr. MacGillis nods in agreement. “That led to us being luminaires. We did talks, we trained a lot of physicians and estheticians and other people in the field to do this.” And that focus on training continues to this day; every staff member goes through rigorous instruction in order to ensure clients receive the best care available, no exceptions.

An Unwavering Commitment to Excellence Since those early days, the clinic has only continued to grow and evolve. But while the size of the close-knit team has increased, the location has changed, and the services offered have advanced and increased in number, a couple of elements have remained ever constant: the clinic’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and to unbeatable customer service.

When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful. Your confidence soars, your eyes sparkle, and you carry yourself with unmitigated grace and poise that others can see almost instantly.

The History

“Nobody had the background and experience that we did back then,” says Terrie.

In fact, the clinic has become so well-respected and widely known that many patients visit from Toronto, Ottawa and the United States.

Join Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic on Thursday, May 31 from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. for an open house as they celebrate 20 years of excellence. During the open house, you’ll have the opportunity to watch treatment demonstrations, meet the team, and take advantage of exciting giveaways and exclusive offers.

In large part, it comes down to the clinic staff’s honesty, integrity and very high educational standards, says Dr. MacGillis. “We are honest with our patients, and we will only do what we think is best for the patient. That really sets us apart from other clinics.” “We’ll say no to clients,” adds Terrie. “If they ask for something to be done, and we don’t think they need it, we will turn them away.” It’s not only about upholding a reputation, but about ensuring

everyone who walks through the doors leaves looking — and feeling — their absolute best. This commitment to honesty and integrity, however, is only a part of what sets this Limestone City-based clinic apart; it’s also the staff here — each one of them emanating a sincere warmth you feel instantly — that keeps patients coming back, over and over again.

Dr. MacGillis and Dr. Hoffman are both licensed medical doctors with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and have undergone years of advanced training in Laser and Cosmetic Medicine including Botox and Belkyra injections and treatments with Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane. To learn more about the wide range of services offered at Kingston Laser Clinic, visit

“We see people through their whole journey,” says Dr. Kerri Hoffman, who joined the practice eight years after it opened. “We set a full treatment plan when they first arrive and work with them to achieve and maintain their goals. For most, it is a long-term relationship.” “Our patients call it a club!” laughs Dr. MacGillis, affectionately known to many patients simply as “Dr.D.” Clinic manager, Sandra Consack, agrees with both doctors. “We really connect with our patients on a level that a lot of other places don’t. It might sound cliché, but we’re almost like a family.”

A Wide Range of Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

“’Everyone will notice, but no one will know.’ That has been our longtime motto. Others may notice you’ve done something, but they won’t be able to define what,” adds Terrie. And that’s when you know you’ve done something right.

The Consultation Every client’s journey at Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic begins with an in-depth consultation with Terrie, the clinic’s nurse. “Many people don’t know what they want when they come in here,” she explains, “they come in with a bit of trepidation. But I see people first, as a rule, and put a tentative plan in place for what I think will be helpful to them. And I base that plan on a lot of things, such as how they sit, how they present themselves, how they look at me, or don’t look at me. We take the time to really find out about the person we’re treating. It’s about so much more than just treating a wrinkle.”

Dr. MacGillis wholeheartedly agrees, saying there’s something almost magical about seeing clients leaving standing a little taller, and with more confidence. “It’s beyond imaginable,” she says. “It’s giving people that confidence to go forward and get their selfesteem back. And you don’t have to change a lot. It is rewarding.”

When You Love What You Do, It Shows

An Eye Towards the Future

From injectables and laser and light therapy, to skin rejuvenation and body contouring, all clients are able to achieve their personal best. And through it all, the staff upholds their steadfast commitment to natural results.

From the front-line staff that greet every patient warmly when they walk in, to the highly trained laser technicians that complete treatments, to the doctors that will help you look your best, every team member at Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic loves what they do, and it shows.

Since the clinic opened 20 years ago, the industry’s technologies have not only changed, but so has the public’s perception of cosmetic treatments.

“We have an eye for beauty, and for keeping things natural and also for refining, and making sure things are done well, and done safely,” explains Dr. MacGillis. “It’s not about changing yourself, it’s about improving yourself.”

“It’s such a rewarding area of medicine. We are able to truly make a difference in someone’s spirit, and help them be their best self,” says Dr. Hoffman.

Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic prides itself on offering a plethora of high-end services that help clients look and feel their best.



“It’s gone from being treatment that was seen as something for the rich and famous, to becoming part of preventative care,” says Dr. MacGillis. “Clients come here for a wide range of treatments to help avoid those telltale signs of stress or aging. That’s been a shift in the past 10 years.”

It’s also about the everyday woman – and man, for that matter – matching how they feel on the inside to the outside. “Sometimes people look mad, angry, upset, but that’s not what they’re trying to express,” explains Dr. Hoffman. Perhaps Dr. MacGillis, who has lived on a farm for more than 30 years, put it best as we were wrapping up our interview. “My family and I have planted thousands of trees, and every year, we have to trim the trees and care for them, so they can grow tall and straight and strong. I liken that to what we offer at Kingston Laser; a little natural enhancement to look our best, grow and flourish.”

Kingston Laser Cosmetic Clinic 863 Norwest Road, Clock Tower Plaza 613-384-4200



Beyond the

GYM Stuck in a Workout Rut? Six Ways to Shake Up Your Get-Fit Routine By Katrina Geenevasen

Great things never come from comfort zones. Why not think beyond the gym? Here are a few alternatives so you can get fit for life – not just for spring and summer — in ways you may not have considered before.

to get fit — and have lots of sexy fun — at the same time.

Take a Spin Pole Fitness

Here in #YGK, Pole Fitness Kingston offers a “series of classes to allow students learn the necessary foundation skills develop the fitness level required to progress throughout the classes safely.”

The pole fitness fad has hit with a vengeance, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. An exciting workout for people of all ages, fitness levels and sizes, pole fitness is a great way

Starting with a series of beginner classes, and bit by bit progressing to intermediate and advanced classes allows students to build endurance, build strength and master moves.



With hard work and dedication, you’ll go from learning about techniques to maintain balance on the pole, basic spins and floor work, to pulling off acrobatic moves that’ll set your confidence soaring.

Dare to Be Barre Barre-Based Fitness If you want to build strength and muscle definition, increase your endurance and flexibility, and improve your posture, coil your hair into a bun and make like a prima ballerina.

Similar to pole fitness, barre fitness is great for anyone of any age, fitness ability, and size.

plie and pirouette in no time at all. Think you need dance experience? Think again.

When you hit the barre, expect to gain some seriously defined muscles in your core, arms and legs. The best part? It doesn’t require any equipment; throw on a pair of tights and you’ll be ready to

The targeted, repetitive, lowimpact moves are great for anyone; the barre is mainly used to support you as you master new moves that’ll have you rocking total body confidence.

Off the Beaten Path Hiking Get back to basics! Touted by many experts as an ideal mind-body workout, hiking is a great cardiovascular workout – especially if you decide to tackle some hills. Walking on an uneven surface also engages core muscles and improve your overall stability. It’s also an amazing way to say “sayonara!” to stress. A number of studies have shown being outdoors imparts a sense of peace, and you’ll also get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. (Just don’t skimp on sunscreen, pack lots of water, a map and some snacks, and invest in a good pair of hiking boots.) Luckily, we have lots of trails and parks around Kingston, so you’ll never run out of places to explore.

Take a Stand Stand-Up Paddleboarding With Lake Ontario in our backyard, we had to mention a killer water-based workout that engages your core, improves your balance, chops calories and slays stress…all while you enjoy the hot sunshine and fresh air. According to GoActiveOntario, stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports today. It’s easy for all ages, affordable, and gives you an amazing core workout; you have to maintain your balance on a board floating on the water, after all. Some love it because it’s a lowimpact exercise, others love it the sport can be tailored to all kinds of fitness levels. ReFINEdKINGSTON


Whether you’re a water warrior or not, you’re guaranteed an awesome (and affordable!) workout.

Make a Run for It Running One of the best ways to lose weight, ease stress and improve self-esteem, running is one of the most cost-effective methods to get fit. All you need is a pair of running shoes and the willpower to pound the pavement. Need motivation? Lucky for you, Kingston is home to the Kingston Road Runners’ Association. Active since 1981, the Association’s main objective is to encourage, foster, assist and promote middle and long-distance running as a competitive and recreational sport, and as an activity which 36


facilitates fun, fitness, and health. Sign up for any (or all!) of the Association’s runs, which take place throughout the spring and summer and watch those extra pounds melt away.

Just for Kicks Kickboxing If you want to blast fat, speed up your metabolism, tone your bod and increase your energy, kickboxing— an effective cardiovascular workout that blends martial arts with cardio — is an excellent way to achieve your health and fitness goals. It engages all the muscles in your body, and can help you burn around 700 calories per hour… all while mastering some butt-kicking self-defence moves at the same time.

If you’re seeking an empowering workout that will leave you with those sought-after, feel-good endorphins, look no further. There are plenty of martial arts schools in Kingston, so take your pick and kick your workout up a notch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative This is just a shortlist of the wideranging activities there are for those who want to beat boredom. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and try something new every couple of months. It’s a way to explore new opportunities, meet new people, focus on the many different muscle groups in your body, and most of all, discover what you enjoy so you can get the most out your workout – whatever it may be.

Only One in Kingston. Only Five in Canada! Fit3D Pro Scanner is a three-dimensional body imaging technology that utilizes a highly sensitive camera tower with a safe infrared light to scan and measure various points on your body in less than 40 seconds. The data is quickly compiled to create a detailed 3D image of your body, providing you with precise body composition and posture analysis. Following the scan, users will be given their own login to view their personal results and detailed health reports.

Energetics Kingston Available Exclusively at:

631 Fortune Crescent Amber: 613-484-7235 Mark: 613-453-0093 ReFINEdKINGSTON


Dr. Nesbitt is knowledgeable on the medical issues that seniors face and how they relate to oral care. She is helpful as they make decisions regarding implants and dentures, and cope with missing teeth or decay. She carefully assesses every client’s specific situation, and works with other healthcare providers if necessary to find the best solutions for her patients. Every sort of dental treatment is available at the Cataraqui Dental Centre. The clinic, which has been serving the Kingston area for more than 30 years, offers partial to full sedation to enhance the comfort of those who require it.

Dental Care for Life

The facility is fully accessible, comfortable and welcoming. With regular daytime hours available during the week, beginning at 7:30 a.m. Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. on Friday, as well as evening appointments on Monday and Tuesday until 8:00 p.m., clients have many options for visits.

Dr. Nesbitt, who has been with Cataraqui Dental for 15 years, is joined by five other dentists. As a team, they provide every option in dental care and allow for flexibility and consistency with patients.

By Faith Woodland Photos Cataraqui Dental Centre

While there are many aspects to aging we cannot avoid, others can be addressed with proper maintenance and care.

Each dentist is teamed up with an assistant to provide complete care for their clients, along with office coordinators and support staff. Three treatment coordinators at the clinic are available to explain details and procedures and work with clients and those acting as Power of Attorney if necessary.

Dr. Karen Nesbitt, a dentist practicing at Cataraqui Dental Centre, has developed an affinity for treating her senior patients. While she is pleased to treat anyone, she really enjoys the interactions and challenges that come with treating Kingston’s senior population.

“The group practice is a wonderful way to find your niche and work within it,” says Dr. Nesbitt.

People sometimes take dental care for granted and do not always follow up on treatments with careful maintenance.

She looks forward to meeting new clients, particularly seniors, and encourages new patients to make an appointment for a consultation soon.

“Seniors however, tend to appreciate the importance of good practice and are very grateful for the many treatment options available. Their expectations are realistic,” says Dr. Nesbitt. Most want to prioritize their dental health, knowing that with good care, they can enjoy their independence longer, and better overall health. 38


Cataraqui Dental Centre 476 Cataraqui Woods Drive 613-384-4224

Dr. Karen Nesbitt ReFINEdKINGSTON



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Armstrong’s War March 24, 25

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Local Happenings

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Sultans of Strings POPS3 Fiddle Fire April 29

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Jimmy Carr

Monster Spectacular

June 14

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Starts at Confederation Park


April 28

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Sinatra, The Man, His Fans,… May 10, 11, 12

Guests get to choose from an assortment of jewelry from local artisans and global brand names and every attendee goes home with a piece of their own! The evening includes appetizers, cash bar, silent and live auction and a host of interactive vendor tables!

The Mollycoddlers

June 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23

Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic June 11



Savour Your Summer in the Township of

Leeds and the Thousand Islands By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Courtesy of the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands

There’s good reason the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands touts itself as an international playground of unrivaled beauty; all it takes is one visit to fall in love. With its lush green woodlands, countless lakes, winding rivers and absolutely incredible vistas, the area has a magical way of capturing hearts and never letting go. Will your heart be next? If its historic character and natural beauty you’re after, look no further. The Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands has both in spades, and then some.

The Frontenac Arch Biosphere, which connects the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains, is known as the great crossroads of Eastern Canada.

The vibrant area just east of Kingston is home to not just one, but two world-famous UNESCO-designated sites that beckon to thousands of visitors — both local and international — each and every year.

The Rideau Heritage Route, meanwhile, offers an abundance of natural and cultural attractions and is just as spectacular.



There’s a reason, after all, the corridor is known as

Seeley’s Bay Choose Your Adventure Any great expedition begins with great ice cream, and you’ll find it here in Seeley’s Bay at The Nest Egg. Serving up generous scoops of mouthwatering Kawartha Diary Ice Cream (Death by Chocolate, anyone?) The Nest Egg promotes itself as a familyowned business that “scoops a little attitude with every scoop.” Once you have your cone in hand, be sure to browse through the gift shop that has a range of antiques to choose from, as well as one-ofa-kind goods from local artisans. “Seeley’s Bay is the perfect launching spot for a great adventure,” says Amy Webb, Economic Development and Marketing Officer. Webb may be slightly biased (she grew up in Seeley’s Bay, and now lives there with her own family) but we’ll let it slide; it is a completely charming village just 40 kilometres northeast of Kingston that deserves bragging rights. Once you’ve come down from your ice cream sugar high, be

sure to fuel up with a cup o’ joe from ShaBean Coffee Roastery. Owned and operated by Mary Whitney, ShaBean Coffee Roastery is a small, artisanal coffee roastery that specializes in roasting single-source, highquality Arabica coffee beans. One sip, and you’ll be hooked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. No trip to Seeley’s Bay, of course, would be complete without seeing the 202-kilometre long Rideau Canal. And if you love life on the water, canal boat vacation company Le Boat has you covered. “Residents and visitors can expect to see some international travelers coming in this year,” says Webb. “It’s going to be a great opportunity to connect international visitors with the residents of Seeley’s Bay.” Planning a cottage vacation this summer? Be sure to check out Sunny Acres Resort and Marina, which has a selection of one, two and three-bedroom cottages, and a 3.2-kilometre trail, or the Rideau Breeze Marina. Both offer a great ‘home-base’ for your adventures. Visit the municipal harbour to launch your

boat, kayak or canoe and access the lakes between Jones Falls and Uppers Brewer’s Locks.

Lyndhurst Embrace Your Talent Just 11 minutes northeast of Seeley’s Bay is Lyndhurst, a quaint village home to the oldest bridge in Ontario. Constructed in 1856, it’s still in use today. While there’s something to be said for this feat of engineering, Lyndhurst is perhaps most wellknown for its Plaid House, a 540-square-foot home built in the 1900s along Main Street. In 2016, it was given a makeover following a partnership between Sherwin Williams Ltd. and the Lyndhurst Rejuvenation Committee, and now boasts what’s affectionately been coined as “Lyndhurst Tartan.” It is community projects like this that lend to the artistic flair of Lyndhurst, says Kim Goodman, Manager of Recreation and Community Partnerships with TLTI. “Last year, Lyndhurst was host to an art and culture tour. It opened

one of the premier tourism experiences in North America. And nestled among both heritage sites are a handful of villages that not only offer a perfect mix of heritage and culture, but a plethora of activities that cater to a healthy, active and exciting lifestyle. Have a case of wanderlust? It’s time to go exploring.



Rockport The Heart of the Thousand Islands A beautiful hamlet along the St. Lawrence River, Rockport has something for everyone, whether you enjoy boating, river cruising, fishing, swimming… or even just a good hamburger with a tall, cold beer. “We see this is as being the heart of the 1000 Islands,” says Goodman. “We have visitors coming from up the road and from across the world. They come to take in our unique river heritage and natural beauty.”

our eyes to the many artists that are tucked away in Lyndhurst; welders, photographers, quilters… and more! It’s really something we see blossoming here in Lyndhurst.” Planning your own visit? Be sure to take in the Barn Quilt Tour, also a project undertaken by the Lyndhurst Rejuvenation Committee. As part of this project, a series of sites, including businesses and private properties, now sport four to eight-foot square quilt blocks in traditional quilt patterns. If you need some retail therapy while you’re there, The Green Gecko coins itself as a “bold shop with unique items.” It’s worth planning a visit to if you’re looking for items such as sterling silver jewelry, pottery, scarves, purses, and garden art. 44


If sport fishing is more your thing, pull up to the docks at Furnace Falls Park in your boat and head down the street to Wing’s Live Bait and Tackle. They provide expert fishing/sporting gear and advice, says Webb. With a suite of well-known brands in stock, including Remington, Williams Lures, Harington & Richardson and Marlin, getting outdoors has never been easier. And if you are just here to slow it down and enjoy the tranquility, Red Fish Cottages offers comfortable cottage rentals. Our advice? Pull up an Adirondack chair on the dock and watch the sun rise over Lyndhurst Lake with a steaming cup coffee in hand to get your day started the right way. Then take the kids over to Kendrick’s Park to relax on the beach for the remainder of it!

Hop aboard a cruise boat and take in everything from the hauntingly beautiful Boldt Castle, to luxuriously stunning estates and cottages along Millionaire’s Row set amongst lush landscapes. Want a bird’s eye view? Take a 40-second elevator ride to the observation deck of the 1000 Islands Tower on Hill Island for a spectacular, unforgettable view of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawrence River stretched out 130 metres below. If a glimpse into the depths of the water below doesn’t quite satisfy, maybe a glimpse into your future will. The Purple Door Books & Gifts has the largest selection of New Age/Metaphysical books on the St. Lawrence Corridor and surrounding area. There’s also a wide selection of rock salt lamps, candles, pendulums and Tarot and Oracle cards. If you want to explore what’s called the “Caribbean of the North,”

Thousand Islands Pleasure Diving caters to both recreational and technical divers. There are more than 200 shipwrecks — including War of 1812 battleships — below the churning surface of the St. Lawrence River. Nautical history at its finest awaits; are you ready to dive in?

Lansdowne Country Charm Our final stop is Lansdowne, an area known for its rustic, country charm. Take in the Farmers’ Market, which opens in June and hosts guests from all over the region, says Webb, and then head over the Rapid Valley Restaurant, where you’ll find home cooked food at its finest. Word from the wise: even if you’re full following your meal, make room for the restaurant’s famous desserts. The whole community here supports each other.

When Castle Building Supply recently expanded with a second location, they worked in conjunction with the established J.W. Lackie & Sons Agri-business to ensure the local community is fully-serviced, says Webb. Lansdowne is the only village of the four that has fully-serviced sewer and water systems and has the most growth potential for new industrial and residential opportunities. It is where innovation and history converge; this is no more apparent than with the current plans to revitalize and expand the Community Centre to a modernized ‘community hub’ with everything from a library and township archives, multiple meeting spaces, to indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. And you can count on the historic Lansdowne Fair every July. Here, locals and visitors alike can enjoy three days filled with horse shows, demolition derbies, tractor pulls, a midway and an agricultural education barn.

Come, Join us… However you want to spend your spring and summer, the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands offers endless opportunities to make the most of the warm months. Come, join us.

TLTI Events at a Glance Rockport May 19-21 Spring Art Show Seeley’s Bay June 9 Red Canoe Fest Lansdowne July 20-22 Landowne Fair Lyndhurst August 8 Ice Cream Social For a full list of events, be sure to visit

Township of Leeds & The Thousand Islands 1233 Prince St. P.O. Box 280, Lansdowne 1-866-220-2327



A Drone’s Eye View Here’s what you need to know before buying and flying a drone By Allison Grange | Photos courtesy of Kingston Drone Pros

If you’ve walked through the camera section of a major electronics department store recently, you’ve probably noticed that drones are available for purchase at a relatively low price. With a cost of anywhere from $80 and up, you could purchase a drone, take it for a spin wherever you’d like, and capture some incredibly beautiful photos and videos from the air. Or could you? According to Transport Canada, the governing body that regulates the use of drones across the country, there are a number of requirements and rules that recreational drone owners must 46


follow to not only avoid potential fines and jail time, but to keep people on the ground safe. The Transport Canada website says drones are considered “model aircrafts.” If your drone weighs 35 kilograms or less, you do not require special permission, but there are a number of safety rules you should follow. It is advised that you fly your drone: • below 90 metres above the ground • at least 30 metres away from vehicles, vessels and the public (if your drone weighs over 250 g and up to 1 kilograms)

• at least 75 meters away from vehicles, vessels and the public (if your drone weighs more than 1 kilogram and up to 35 kilograms) • at least 5.5 kilometres away from aerodromes (any airport, seaplane base or area where aircraft take off and land) • at least 1.8 kilometres away from heliports or aerodromes used by helicopters only • outside of controlled or restricted airspace • at least 9 kilometres away from a natural hazard or disaster area • away from areas where its use could interfere with police or first responders

• during the day and not in clouds • within your sight at all times • within 500 meters of yourself • only if clearly marked with your name, address and telephone number Transport Canada also says that it’s important to: • Fly your drone during daylight and in good weather • Keep your drone where you can see it with your own eyes – not through an on-board camera, monitor or smartphone • Make sure your drone is safe for flight before takeoff Ask yourself, for example: Are the batteries fully charged? Is it too cold to fly? • Respect the privacy of others - do not fly over private property or take photos or videos without permission

If your drone weighs more than 35 kilograms, or you use it for work purposes, you require a Special Flight Operations Certificate. Kelvin Clark, owner of Kingston Drone Pros, realtor with Century 21 Limestone Realty, and cofounder of Property Perspectives, has had plenty of experience learning the ins and outs of using a drone for business purposes. “In 2014, I bought my first drone to help market my own listings,” he says. “The day after I shared some of my own footage online, other realtors were asking me if I could take photos of their listings. That’s when I decided to start Kingston Drone Pros. “I started doing my own research,” he adds. “I dug deep into legislation. I called the local airport. I called all of the

authorities that an amateur drone user could Google. They pointed me in the right direction.” That’s when Clark realized that the process of operating a drone for commercial purposes was much more extensive than he had initially anticipated. “My first application to Transport Canada was 80 pages long,” he says. “Transport Canada requires that you demonstrate your knowledge and will only issue sitespecific permits at first. I needed to complete several site-specific applications in order for them to consider issuing a standing certificate for a broad region. “Transport Canada needs to know that you have wellrounded knowledge of everything related to airspace,” he adds. “It’s quite a complex process,

It’s important to note that these photos, shot by Kingston Drone Pros, were taken in controlled air space. No unlicensed consumer drone should be flown around downtown Kingston.



The Magic of

Corteo By Katrina Geenevasen Photos courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

When he was just 10 years old, John Juslin saw a Cirque du Soleil show for the first time. Mesmerized by the aweinspiring acrobatics, the Finlandborn youngster was instantly captivated, and headed outside to see what he could do with a trio of bright yellow tennis balls. Sixteen years later, Juslin is proof that passion, persistence and talent can take anyone from humble beginnings to the world stage. Playing several principal characters in Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo, Juslin is bewitching audiences from across Canada, and this July, Kingstonians will get their chance to be bewitched, as well.

A Theatrical World of Fun, Comedy and Spontaneity Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, Corteo touts itself as a “joyous procession,” bringing together the passion of the actor with the grace and power of the acrobat. During the show, which makes it debut in Kingston from July 4-8, audiences are witness to a theatrical world of fun, comedy and spontaneity situated in a mysterious space between heaven and earth. The show itself is centered around a clown named Mauro, who pictures his own funeral taking place in a carnival atmosphere, watched over by angels. The incredible show, which has visited 64 cities in 19 countries since debuting in Montreal in 2005, highlights the strength and fragility of the clown, as well as his wisdom and kindness, to illustrate the portion of humanity that is within each of us. 50


All the World’s a Stage Juslin is in good company, sharing the stage with a plethora of talent from all over the world, including Belarus; Belgium; Brazil; Finland; France; Hungary; Italy; Japan; Kazakhstan; Romania; Russia; the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the U.S., and, even from right here in Canada. Whether they’re on the rotating stage or soaring through the air, the cast’s almost superhuman athletic talent makes for a truly remarkable show that audiences won’t soon forget. In one mesmerizing act, a duet uses aerial straps to create a magical and tender connection that enchants the audience with beautiful displays of agility, balance and strength.

Corteo Fast Facts • Costume Designer Dominique lemieux created more than 260 costumes for Corteo’s cast • More than 8 million people have been enthralled by the world of Corteo • Corteo celebrated its 3,500th performance in 2015 in Bogotá, Colomba

In another, six artists jump on two 600-pound beds that move on rotating platforms. In a playful atmosphere, they perform acrobatic feats, each more daring than the last. And in yet another, four women perform aerial acrobatics on three giant chandeliers that spin above Mauro’s bed. With 16 acts altogether, each as breathtaking, spellbinding, and hypnotizing as the last, audiences don’t get the opportunity to catch their breath, mesmerized time and again by the versatile,

incredible talent the artists bring to the performance. “We have a lot of fun on stage,” says Juslin, taking a break from performing in New Orleans to speak to ReFINed Kingston. “I think people will enjoy the show,” he says of Limestone City audiences. “There are so many different things for people to enjoy; there’s really something for everyone.” Corteo will be at the Rogers K-Rock Centre from July 4-8. For tickets, visit ReFINEdKINGSTON


warm atmosphere and expansive space offered by Rhythm Dance Center can accommodate all. The unique experience RDC provides is best conveyed via their annual dance presentation which occurs at the end of May, held at Duncan McArthur Auditorium, where students of all levels and styles of dance present an incredible and innovative production.

All The World’s A Stage Rhythm Dance Center

Staff and students alike share likeminded mentalities, values, and goals. This incredibly innovative space allows students and staff to grow together, providing assistance and friendship to one another along the way.

By Elise Degen Photos Allison Grange

Nestled into the waterfront hillside of Loyalist Township, Rhythm Dance Center is a unique experience local to the area. To those who know Rhythm Dance Center well, it comes as little surprise it is quickly approaching a noteworthy anniversary. It’s proven the power of sustainability with more than three decades of contribution to the local community, but fast approaches five years of mentorship and innovation under the guidance of current owner, Melissa Ward.

Years of Dedication and Passion Vibrant with youth and ambition, Melissa’s more than 30 years of dancing and over twenty years of 52


in their family-inspired facility, so is the concept of mentorship and integrity. The professional teaching staff is comprised of those with years of dance and teaching experience, many of whom trained at the dance studio and truly believe in providing an exceptional experience to dancers of all ages and categories.

Get Up and Dance Whether you’re an adult wishing to benefit from Hip Hop as a form of alternative fitness or a grade-schooler immersed in the competitive world of dance, the teaching conveys her dedication and passion to the sport. Rhythm Dance Center is an excellent replica of Melissa’s commendable qualities, which instill a strong sense of leadership, independence, and responsibility in their dance family.

atmosphere, where participants can develop self-esteem, coordination, self-discipline, creativity, and poise,” says Ward. “We’re always working to challenge, motivate and encourage students to reach new goals in their dance training.”

“At RDC, instructors strive to provide a safe, fun and welcoming

As much as both competitive and recreational dance is learned

Summer Classes Need a way to fill your summer days? Check out Rhythm Dance Center’s classes, which offer a number of opportunities, whether you want to improve your ballet technique, learn a new style of dance or stay active over the summer. Check Out Rhythm Dance Center’s Wide Range of Summer Classes: • Pre-Dance (ages three-four) • Hip-Hop (ages five-13) beginners and experienced • Acro (ages eight+) beginner and experienced • Musical Theatre (ages eight-13) • Beginner Jazz (ages eight-13) • Beginner Tap (ages eight-13) • Technique/Jumps & Turns classes for levels Mini to Senior • Foot Technique class • Ballet Technique class (level Intermediate and Senior)

A Bright Future Looking forward, Melissa foresees “Rhythm Dance Center growing and expanding in an effort to provide new generations of structure, discipline, respect, and team mentality to the community.”

Rhythm Dance Center 45 County Road 6, Amherstview 613-766-1515



Maker’s Haven A local artisan shop within Haven Home ClimateCare

Today, Maker’s Haven features products and displays from a number of local artisans including Dragonfly Handmade; Shiva’s Delight; Aria Leigh Boutique; Anatolian Legacy; Arrow it Forward; Willow Acres; Litsie Creations; Mimi’s Handmade Creations; and Lyndsay Lawson. “It’s been amazing,” Marci says. “We did some calculations and found that 33 per cent of our foot traffic on one particular Saturday was from those buying products from our featured artisans. “Plus, this has given local makers the opportunity to display their wares in the west end,” she adds.

Story and photos by Allison Grange

What began as a quick conversation with a friend has now become an exciting artisan movement within the Kingston community.

bracelets made by Jorja Majury of Saucy Girl Accessories, the 13-year-old daughter of one of Haven’s lead installers, Matt.

Marci McMullen, owner of Haven Home ClimateCare, launched Maker’s Haven last October, after talking to her friend Lisa Morrissey of Dragonfly Handmade about displaying some of her wood slice art in the fireplace showroom.

“Every time Matt would bring me a bracelet, he would bring four or five more for other people to pick up,” says Marci. “I thought, ‘Why don’t we showcase Jorja’s bracelets here in the showroom? People could come in to pick them up, and it would be a nice way to support her.’”

“Previously, I had only displayed artwork from box stores,” Marci says. “I realized it would be nice to put Lisa’s art on the walls because not only is her work is beautiful and warm, but she’s an incredible local artisan.”

Soon, Matt, who also runs a hobby business called Pipes and Planks, had built two product displays for Maker’s Haven out of gas piping and reclaimed wood.

At the same time, Marci enjoyed purchasing handmade 54


“We started talking about the art in our showroom on social media, and the idea grew.”

“There are a lot of other fireplace and HVAC companies in Kingston, but there’s such a different feel here. People will look at fireplaces and then suddenly notice the towels, skincare and candles.” Marci says Maker’s Haven has received some great feedback so far. “A client of ours creates pottery,” she says. “She came in to meet me, and to talk about this new concept. She said, ‘This place has a heartbeat. It feels alive.’” To top it off, Marci doesn’t charge rent or take commissions from sales. She finds the concept to be mutually beneficial to both her store and the local artisans. “I’m not asking for anything,” she says. “One hundred per cent of the proceeds go back to the artisans. It’s just nice for us to have these products here to enjoy, dress up the showroom, and make it a little different.”

YGK Team Charity Artisan Market When: Saturday, June 16, 2018 Where: Former Sears location, Cataraqui Mall Who: Hosted by YGK Team Charity (led by Lisa Morrissey and Marci McMullen) Cost: Free You’re invited to shop unique, handmade items from 75 local artisans, enjoy local food and beer samples, participate in a fun Father’s Day area, photo booth and Kids’ Zone, and vote for the local charity you believe should receive all proceeds from the event! In November 2017, YGK Team Charity hosted an artisan market and donated $8,400 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

This year, the team is opening up nominations on the YGK Team Charity Facebook page for a local charity to support. Two charities will be chosen at random to present at this year’s artisan market. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the winner. Additional local charities will also be in attendance.

Haven Home ClimateCare 2495 Princess Street at Gardiners Road 613-634-7722



It is used in the production of more full-bodied wines, such as Malbec and Petit Verdot.

Is Rosé Wine a Blend? Rosé comes from the the juices of red grapes sitting on the skins for a desired amount of time, from six to eight hours for lighter pink hues, to a couple of days for a darker and more flavourful wine. This style has become very popular.

The World of Wine During my years as a sommelier, I’ve found I’m commonly asked many of the same questions during tastings, ranging from the more technical aspects of winemaking to the finer points of etiquette. Here are just a few:

Why Are There Sulphites in Wine? The term sulphite refers to sulfur dioxide (SO2), a preservative used in wine production for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its most important role is that it prevents oxidization and maintains the wine’s freshness. Sulphites are always present in wine as a by-product of 56


France leads the way with the classic Provence style, which is light in colour, full of flavour and bone dry. Many popular rosés are made from Syrah, Granaché, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, and Pinot Noir grapes.

Ian Nicholls

Sommelier, County Sips Wine Tours

the fermentation process. They are also more prevalent in white wine than red.

as well as its required affect. There are three main types of oak used:

Wines that are produced in boutique wineries will have less sulfites present than those from mass-manufactured wines.

French French oak is very popular because of its fine grain and ability to soak up the wine’s subtle flavours. It’s used in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay production.

What Does Oak Add to a Wine? Oak aging is a very important component in the production of many of the world’s best and most expensive wines. Winemakers take many factors into consideration when choosing their barrels, including the type of oak, its size, age and grain,

American American Oak is a lesser grain and imparts a lot more flavour. It is used very successfully in Cabernet Sauvignon production. Hungarian Hungarian oak has become more popular over the years because it is the same as French oak, but much less expensive.

Ian’s love for “The County” began many years ago, as the vines were being planted in the early 2000s. He has had the pleasure of tasting and watching as The County matures.



Second Time Around Giving Back Time

By Deanna Davies Photos Stephen Wild

For many, retirement means sitting back, relaxing and travel. “Living the dream”, so they say. For entrepreneur Don Davies, retirement meant it was a chance for a second career. A time to make his dream of owning his own business a reality. Launching in July 2017, At Your Service Kingston booked their first customer, an airport shuttle from Kingston to Toronto, and has been going strong ever since. As a retired police detective with more than 30 years of experience, Don is continuing to fulfill his desire to help others in need. Throughout his career Don has always advocated for others in need; his compassion, dedication and overall desire to stand up for others is a true reflection of his character and the overarching tone of the services provided by At Your Service Kingston.

A dedicated and trustworthy professional with aging family and friends, Don knows the importance of honesty and reliability. “Just as anyone in the sandwich generation, my wife and I have spent much time in the medical system with ill family members,” he says. “It has been difficult to keep up with appointments, balance careers and family.”

A dedicated and trustworthy professional with aging family and friends, Don knows the importance of honesty and reliability. “It puts tremendous strain on the patient and family. That is when we started to think about this service. We kept asking ourselves,

“What if you had a reliable service that could relieve you? What if you were out of town and you needed someone you could rely on to take your family member to the appointment?’” Airport shuttles transportation services for appointments and engagements and house sitting; At Your Service Kingston does it all. At Your Service Kingston has been able to ensure that the professional services remain competitive in pricing; yet affordable. It is the attention to detail that ensures that the services are impeccable. Today, eight months into the business, At Your Service Kingston has quickly built a reputation as a professional, personal and reliable service. With clients ranging from seniors visiting relatives afar, housesitting, medical appointments or a simple grocery run, to airport runs in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, Don has kept busy. “It is truly fulfilling and heartwarming to take a senior to church for the first time since being housebound,” he says. “Nothing can replace that feeling.” Supporting the expression that Second Time Around truly is a Charm.

At Your Service Kingston 613-305-3512





copywriter, public relations writer, blogger, communications officer, communications manager and board member, Allison understands the importance of life-long professional development. “It’s essential for me to be knowledgeable and skilled in many areas of communications so that I can ensure my clients can market their businesses in the most effective ways,” she says.

A Better Way to Communicate Marketing + Public Relations + Communications By Samantha Walker Photos Allison Grange

It’s been said that some of the biggest ideas come to us when we least expect it.

and getting to know her new community, the idea of FVM was always lingering in Allison’s mind.

That’s certainly true for Allison Grange, founder and consultant at Fresh Voice Media (FVM), a new marketing, public relations and communications company in Kingston.

After lots of dreaming, researching, reading and planning, FVM opened its doors in October 2017.

The idea to start FVM came to her in the midst of some major life changes: A new baby, a new city and a new haircut (okay, that last one was arguably the most unnerving). But, in all seriousness, in between changing diapers, unpacking boxes 60


fields of communication, Allison has taken the skills she has acquired from previous roles to create a well-rounded service for her clients.

A Commitment to Ongoing Learning

Since 2005, she has graduated from Humber College with an honours diploma in print and broadcast journalism, received a certificate in social media from Algonquin College, completed the Design@Work program with the Graphic Design School, and participated in a number of photography and videography courses.

With more than 12 years’ experience working in various

As a former magazine writer and editor, search engine optimization

Since then, Allison has been using unique and effective communications techniques to help business owners market their products and services with impressive results.

Her experience and openmindedness allow her to see marketing opportunities from many lenses and angles.

Allison has begun offering marketing, public relations and communications workshops and seminars. Visit for more information.

A Better Way to Communicate With FVM, business owners experience the unique service of building a customized communications strategy that Allison follows and measures throughout a specific timeframe. Each strategy focuses on the client’s goals, key messages and audience. Once those factors have been confirmed, Allison can advise and implement the optimal way to market and communicate a product or service.

Customized service packages can include content creation, social media set-up, management and/ or training, graphic design, website development, e-commerce setup, search engine optimization, e-newsletter creation and distribution, media relations, photography, videography, advertising and more.

“I review custom plans on a regular schedule to ensure that my clients are seeing tangible results of our efforts,” Allison says. “Plus, regular review of the strategy allows me to make additional, timely suggestions to ramp up our marketing efforts. “I know that business owners are busy and focused on making their businesses successful,” she adds. “Fresh Voice Media wants to make product and service promotion easier for you by ensuring that your messages are seen – and acted upon – by the right people at the right time.”

Fresh Voice Media 613-213-2761

Fresh Voice Media recently completed a responsive website for Parks Creek Retreat.



Black Sheep Thinking Pierce does things a little bit differently than your average financial planner. As the founder of Black Sheep Thinking, a passion project that offers guidance on topics that relate to fear (including everything from career, to finance, to relationships), people always take something new away when they share space with him. “The term ‘Black Sheep,’” says Pierce, was once used only to describe people that didn’t want to conform to societal norms. He, however, views it as something else entirely: instead, a black sheep is someone that, “stands out for all the right reasons.”

Growing Client Wealth &

Community By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Stephen Wild For some of us, wealth management — financial planning in general, for that matter — doesn’t come all that easily. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or the absence of understanding, we sweep the topic of finances under the rug, and simply hope for the best.

Pierce came from humble beginnings and never forgot how a lack of financial awareness caused family conflict. “When I was younger, I saw how a lack of financial understanding could lead to negative outcomes, including emotional stress and embarrassment,” he explains to me over coffee on

a warm spring morning. “I don’t want the topic of money to be something that creates negative feelings”. He decided to take his experience as a youngster, and turn it into something positive. Now, he’s helping others become educated about their money, and get started on the path to financial freedom.

“I love getting people to the point where they see clarity” he says, “I love helping them think past fear and be trusted resource in their lives.”

RBC Dominion Securities RBC Dominion Securities, which stresses the importance of a personalized approach to wealth management, has proven to be a perfect fit for Pierce, who genuinely wants to take the time to understand all of his clients.

Morgan Pierce, investment advisor with RBC Dominion Securities, is aiming to change all that. And his reason is admirable.

He wants to know each client’s unique situation; their personality, their fears, their joys, inside and out, and tailor their investment and wealth strategies accordingly.

You may have heard about him from his local initiative to raise toilet paper donations, called TP the Town, where the movement has garnered national attention and is responsible for supplying more than one million rolls to support agencies across Canada.

“I understand finances can get very complicated,” says Pierce, “but there shouldn’t be fear attached to money. If you’re losing sleep over money, you don’t have the right person in your life helping you.” He takes the complex topic of wealth management, and breaks



it down into something that’s easy to understand and digest; something that everyone — even those of us who don’t feel as confident with financial matters — can understand and relate to. “Money shouldn’t be a scary, stressful thing,” he says. It’s his mission to educate his clients, to help them build capacity on the subject of their finances, so they can make decisions for themselves confidently. The time you spend with Pierce — likely over a cup of coffee — won’t just be fun, it’ll also be stress-free, and educational.

It’s Never Too Late to Develop Financial Understanding Think it’s too late to get started on the path to financial understanding? Think again.

all, what’s more important than having choice in your life?” Countless clients have told Pierce they felt more confident managing their money after just one meeting – and that’s when you know you’re doing something right. In the end, says Pierce, his ultimate goal is witnessing the happiness of his clients. “I have a weird addiction to helping people,” he says with a laugh. If you’re ready to take control of your financial future — to achieve your life’s goals, and gain the confidence to make sound financial decisions — Pierce will be there beside you every step of the way, ready to lend his expertise, to replace fear with clarity, and make it all possible.

Morgan Pierce 366 King Street, Suite 210 613-540-0933

“It’s not about what you haven’t done, it’s about what you’re going to do,” says Pierce. “After



Try a solid colour for your couch and chair cushions. You can throw in some accent pillows with a stripe, or geometric pattern, then top the piece off with a cosy throw blanket.

ABODE Extending Your Outdoor Living Space:

Bringing the Comfort of Your Living Room to Your Backyard

By Virginia See

The backyard has turned into much more than a place to let the dogs out, or a safe space for the kids to run around in and get some fresh air. We are starting to see more and more people turning their backyards into cosy, indoor-like spaces, full of furniture fit for a formal living room, outdoor fireplaces rather than pits, and even television sets. It only makes sense that after all the cold and ice winter brought us, come spring we turn to the outdoors. As the flowers begin to bloom and trees begin to blossom, the



backyard can easily become a place for you to enjoy the outdoors and all spring has to offer, while getting your space ready for late summer nights by your new outdoor fireplace.

Some are even sectioning off decking and installing sleek and stylish weather-resistant flooring.

Striped Pillows Under the Trees

Spruce up your outdoor living space with a large square tile, in a light grey or cream. The larger tile gives a clean look to the space and gives the feeling of an indoor space.

Out with the wicker and in with the cosy outdoor sectionals and cashmere throws. Your back deck does not need to be limited anymore to plastic chairs and tables. It is becoming more and more popular to bring all that the indoors has to offer outside.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to colours for cushions and pillows in your outdoor living space. The perk of decorating an area like this is that your colours can be switched up as you please; there are no painted walls for you to match the fabrics with!

S’more Campfires are Right Around the Corner The traditional fire pit out on the lawn is still a classic, however some are going to the lengths of installing a fireplace right in their homey outdoor living spaces. The bonus? You can have a fire roaring for hours on end to keep your guests cosy, but tend to it less than you would a fire pit. You can even mount a television (ensure it is protected from the elements) above your outdoor fireplace, kicking family movie night up a notch.

It is becoming more and more popular to bring all that the indoors has to offer outside.

taking it one step further and creating a lower platform area from your main deck. A raised fire pit creates the perfect centrepiece to surround with plush chairs and good company.

If you would prefer to stick to the classic fire pit, try

You can even invest in some new marshmallow roasting sticks and a grate to place over your pit for some tasty outdoor cooking.

Above all else, remember there is no such thing as too many s’mores.

The Greener the Better: New Gardening Trends and Plant Décor Plants and greenery are being incorporated more and more into the home. The succulent trend is ongoing and gardens are being integrated into outdoor living spaces. It seems today that our plants are stepping out of their pots and are moving into our bedrooms and living rooms. Why not incorporate some greenery into your revamped outdoor living space? You can stick to traditional planters, or even work your gardens into a less symmetrical shape, blending right into your outdoor living room.



for the kids on a lower level, which wouldn’t interfere with a lounge space a few steps up. It’s important that balls from the pool won’t end up in grandma’s martini, after all.

Transforming Your

Outdoor Space

From the outset, a budget is discussed and Wentworth finds ways to maximize the client’s funds without compromising quality. For some clients, projects may be completed in stages over a number of seasons, giving them the chance to enjoy the development of one area at a time. Scott Wentworth says, “The process should be as enjoyable as the finished product.”

Wentworth Landscapes

Robert Harris Photography

Garden Studio

By Faith Woodland Photos Courtesy of Wentworth Landscapes

For nearly 30 years, Wentworth Landscapes has been devoted to getting people outdoors. With the motto: “It’s awesome outside. That’s Why” they have made it their mission to create spaces that encourage people to take advantage of the fresh air, sunshine and the inspiring qualities of nature. The Wentworth team understands many people today suffer from a lack of outdoor activity. Children are becoming more sedentary and less imaginative. Meanwhile, our own health is deteriorating, as well. We aren’t exercising nearly enough, and we are often suppressed creatively by small cubicles, while we face screens and breathe stale air. There’s not a lot of opportunity to stimulate the senses. 66


While some of us dream of portaging through Algonquin park or spending summers at a cottage, in reality, most of us are bound by our schedules and work commitments in the city.

Tailor-Made Outdoor Spaces for You In response to this dilemma, Wentworth Landscapes helps clients find solutions with the very materials and space they have at hand. Whether homeowners have a small backyard or a vast estate, Wentworth can create tailor-made spaces so inviting that clients begin to enhance their lifestyle and get back to their roots. To begin discovering what a client wishes for, Wentworth consultants ask the big question, “Why?” Why does a client want a

A new specialized product offered by Wentworth Landscapes is the Garden Studio, which is a prefabricated building purposefully designed to bring you closer to nature. McNeill Photography

landscaped area? Is it for the kids to play or for adults to entertain neighbours? Is it simply a place to relax after a day of work? Does the client want to host family get-togethers, or create a serene space to practice yoga? Once the “experience” is defined, Wentworth can offer ideas, and their team designs preliminary concepts to show the client how the dream can be achieved. This may include outdoor “living rooms”, swimming pools, naturalized play areas, patios and decks.

Designers at Wentworth Landscapes are masters at creating garden rooms and multi-use areas within a single property. For example, there may be a play area

Simple and modern in form, combining wood and glass components, and fully-insulated with heating and cooling systems, these buildings can be adapted to many uses. For those who work at home, the studio makes a perfect office, separated from the house by a walkway. Others have wanted these buildings for yoga, music, or art studios. They also make the perfect poolside living room or guest house.

McNeill Photography

The History

Scott and Yolande Wentworth originally moved to Prince Edward County seeing it as a great place to raise their family and start the business. Since those early days, Wentworth Landscapes has grown to 80 employees, including landscape architects and designers; licensed carpenters; skilled hardscapers; McNeill Photography ReFINEdKINGSTON


licensed horticulturists; and marketing and administration staff. Wentworth Landscapes insists on the development of careers by hiring educated, professionally trained and licensed staff and encourages continuing education.

A Passion for the Outdoors

Robert Harris Photography

A spirit of ingenuity and creativity inspires every individual project, and even overflows into the community as Wentworth Landscapes spearheads initiatives that align the community with their core value of getting outside.

Robert Harris Photography

The Come Alive Outside Design Challenge, which is an event created by not-forprofit organization Come Alive Outside, is just one example. Promoting outdoor activity among students in elementary school, high school, and post-secondary school, this design challenge sees students collaborate with landscape professionals to design and build engaging outdoor learning environments at schools and childcare facilities. McNeill Photography

As the first landscape company to adapt Come Alive Outside’s mandate in Canada, Wentworth has hosted Prince Edward County’s Green Street Challenge annually, since 2011. For the event, Wentworth Landscapes lays 8,000 square feet of sod down Main Street for the event. Children and adults are invited to take part in outdoor activities as simple as hopscotch painted on crosswalks and skipping rope to reintroduce the lost art of unstructured play. The sod is later recycled for Habitat for Humanity and other uses.

Projects, Both Large and Small Wentworth Landscapes designs can be seen throughout the region on a commercial level, as well. They have received numerous design awards for their projects at Lake Ontario Park, Battery Park and Napanee’s Rotary Park.

Naturalized Play Areas Unique to Wentworth Landscapes, in this region, is their creation of naturalized play areas. By incorporating tree stumps, logs and other natural elements, children are allowed imaginative play spaces and structures. All structures meet CSA standards, but complement the environment in their appearance and components.

Extensive Maintenance Packages Wentworth Landscapes also provides extensive maintenance packages. Besides lawn cutting and trimming, they offer complete turf care, garden renovations, annual planting, and pest control.

They also install Christmas lighting and seasonal displays. Prices for packages vary according to property size and detailing involved. Their website lists full services available and offers opportunity for clients to receive a quote and more information.

A Variety of Locations to Serve You

Wentworth Landscapes is based in Picton, with offices in Kingston and Cobourg. They develop properties from Port Hope to Gananoque and go north beyond Highway 7. With extensive experience throughout the region, their knowledge regarding shoreline conservation and environmental protection is vast. They practice careful property management and meet all government standards in respect to environmental concerns. With Wentworth Landscapes, you can be confident to gain the best in quality and creativity in any project and get started on living your best life outdoors!

McNeill Photography

Wentworth Landscapes 13392 Loyalist Parkway, Picton 613-547-3772

McNeill Photography 68




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Growing Trend Discover the Benefits of Your Very Own Backyard Greenhouse

Although this may seem easier said than done, there is one very simple solution that can diminish your carbon footprint significantly: building your own greenhouse. Building a greenhouse is a simple procedure that requires only a few materials. It’s also inexpensive and garners multiple gardening benefits. If you’re already a gardener, this may be the perfect spring project to spruce up your backyard oasis.



If you want to enjoy your plants throughout the year, cold and cool houses will do the job. Hot houses on the other hand, are designed specifically for seasons when temperatures are ideal for plant growth. They make it possible to grow tropical plants, even in Kingston’s geographical location. Think both options sound exciting? You don’t have to choose just one! Greenhouses are easy to make, and you don’t require a lot to get started.

Build Your Own

By Esme Sinclair Climate change has become a prevalent issue within Western Society, and everyone has been encouraged to decrease the size of their carbon footprint.

most gardens wither in early fall and come to life once again in late spring.

The Four Types of Greenhouses The first thing you need to know about greenhouses is that there are four types: cold houses, cool houses, warm houses, and hot houses. Each type is specially designed to allow plants to thrive during all seasons, or to allow specific types of plants to prosper when temperatures are ideal for plant growth.

If, on the other hand, you’re not already a gardener, this is the perfect place to start. Plant maintenance is significantly simpler with a greenhouse.

For example, the cold house is designed to keep plants alive even when atmospheric temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius. Kingston’s climate classification is humid continental, which means our geographical distance from oceans prevents mild annual temperature changes between seasons.

Think you don’t have what it takes to be a plant parent? Think again.

Due to the large temperature discrepancy between seasons,

There are many different structural options, ranging from simple to complex. Material requirements, however, vary depending on what type of structure you choose to build. The design of a given greenhouse can be split into two major components: the frame and the cover. Depending on the structure of choice, materials required for the frame can be wood, metal (usually aluminum), or plastic. The cover will usually require either plastic sheeting, or glass. If glass is too expensive, rigid translucent polycarbonate glazing panels are a less expensive alternative. If you want to build a greenhouse, but are on a budget, there are plenty of less expensive structural designs. For example, the “hoop house,” which is estimated at a cost of less than $1 per square foot. The frame calls for either aluminum pipes or plastic PVC

pipes, and the cover requires a single layer of plastic polymer covering, although more layers can be added for better insulation. If you want to build a more traditional greenhouse, you can model it after the “A-frame” structure, which uses wooden posts and rafters, and glass panels as the cover.

Reap the Benefits There are many benefits to building a greenhouse, other than maintaining gardening as a year-round hobby. Greenhouses are also an energyefficient way to produce food. They promote self-sustainability, which is a hugely important factor in diminishing your carbon footprint. Greenhouses are also considered an economical use of energy because they have natural heating and ventilation systems. They’re simple to build, easy to maintain, good for the environment, and great for the economy. If you’re interested in building a greenhouse, Kingston has multiple greenhouses that may be able to give you some advice, as well as offer great plant recommendations.

Citations: 1. Omar, Abdeen. “Greenhouses for Food Production and the Environment.” Global Journal of Technology & Optimization, vol. 7, no. 1, 5 Jan. 2016, https:// greenhouses-for-food-production-andthe-environment-2229-8711-1000190. pdf. Accessed 20 Feb. 2018. 2. Types of Greenhouse Structures, edited by Green Gnome Home, Greenhouses, types-greenhouse-structures/

Waaijenberg, Dries. “Design, Construction and Maintenance of Greenhouse Structures.” Agrotechnology & Food Innovations, ReFINEdKINGSTON


growing dreams

In the meantime, Melody plans to continue using her love for design to create event centrepieces and plant arrangements for photoshoots, as well as help clients decide on the perfect plants to accent the inside of their homes.

Bringing the West Coast to the Limestone City Melody’s experiences living in Vancouver, and Kingston’s similarities to the ocean-side city have motivated Melody to create a west coast-inspired store. Melody refers to Kingston as her “mini Vancouver” and says walking around the city reminds her of her previous home. Her central downtown location has also worked to her advantage, as it is almost impossible to miss her inviting storefront. Step inside of The Jungle and find an open-concept, cosy space, with plants galore. Hanging from the ceiling, covering the walls, laid out on the floor, you are sure to find the perfect piece of green to take home. By Virgina See Photos Stephen Wild & The Jungle Born an entrepreneur, influenced by her dad’s woodworking and mother’s green thumb, Melody Morrison always knew she would have her own business. She created The Jungle as more than just a shop; it’s also a studio for her to explore her love of design and plants. 74


Melody moved out west shortly after college with her husband and stayed for six years, working for an event décor company that catered to corporate events and weddings.

However, with the birth of her son, Melody soon realized that she could no longer be tearing down events at 2:00 a.m. She wanted to bring her family closer to friends.

Through this fast-paced business, she was able to express her love for design in creating floral arrangements and making everything look pretty on a daily basis.

They moved back to Ontario where she and her husband opened a paddle board company. This was when The Jungle was created.

More than Just a Plant Store Melody offers more than just plants at The Jungle. She provides a variety of unique pots and home décor; fairy lights; candles from Whistler, which she says add to her west coast-inspired atmosphere; as well as a large variety of tropical plants, succulents, seasonal flowers, and so much more.

Have a plant you would like to see in store? Melody has a running list of requests and caters to what her customers are looking for; she is always up to date on new trends in the plant world and ensures she can provide what people are looking for.

Here at ReFINEd, we think the possibilities are endless with Melody. Her positive personality and fast-paced work ethic ensure The Jungle will only continue to grow. If you are looking for a new green friend, or just need an escape from your busy schedule, pop by The Jungle – you won’t be disappointed.

Melody also features local artisans and her woodworking pieces, such as her extremely photogenic pegboard ­– built by her husband – that is displayed in store. With all the products she has to offer, Melody caters to more than just tourists; she has created a fresh, calming space for locals to come and experience the relaxation plants can bring.

What’s Next for The Jungle The possibilities seem endless with this up-and-coming shop, however, Melody does have some ideas she would like to implement this year. First order of business? Décor and plant rentals for events, such as weddings. Looking for unique and modern centrepieces for tables or wall hangings for your event space? The Jungle will be able to provide something special for your special day.

The Jungle 171 Wellington St. Unit 107 613-985-8920




SUMMER Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs By Faith Woodland | Photos Stephen Wild


plashing, screaming, giggling and laughter... the typical sounds around a backyard pool in Ontario. Little ones leap off edges, adults lounge lazily and teenagers soak in the rays during long summer days. Barbecues beside the pool nourish the body, and crystalclear water refreshes the soul. A lifestyle once only for the rich and famous is now accessible to those of us in the Kingston region through Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. For the past six years, owners John and Lori Knapp have been helping landowners create backyard retreats, allowing them to squeeze every bit of goodness 76


out of our summer season. As exclusive dealers in the Kingston area of Dolphin Fiberglass Pools, Knapp’s provide clients with the very best available in pools today. Whether customers want an in-ground or an on-ground pool, Knapp’s has the right

product for every homeowner. Dolphin Fiberglass Pools are Canadian-made, manufactured close by in Trenton. Having researched products extensively, Lori and John are convinced they are providing the very best that’s out there. “We did the homework for you,” says Lori.

Dolphin Fiberglass Pools come with a 35-year structural warranty. Once installed, there is no further maintenance cost other than water care, so customers experience long-term savings. The company also carries Maax Hot Tubs in a variety of sizes, shapes and budgets.

Splashing, screaming, giggling and laughter... the typical sounds around a backyard pool in Ontario. For water care, they suggest using Dazzle Water Care products. They are also the only local dealer supplying Pristiva Salt, a specialized salt water care product mined in Nova Scotia. This product creates silky soft, worry-free water. When properly using the Pristiva system, you will not experience a “green pool,” which makes your pool care less stressful and also extends the life of your equipment. Besides providing great products, John and Lori insist on offering quality service. They deal with each client directly, spending considerable time designing a plan and determining the best pool or hot tub for the specific terrain and the client’s visual for their living space. Upon installation, professionals look after all the details. There are many shapes of fiberglass pools available for every sort of backyard and customer objective. John and Lori will take clients on a tour to see various landscapes and provide a visual

of the pool models and colours available, giving a firsthand view of what is possible. John and Lori, who are professional water care specialists, teach clients about proper water maintenance, pool care and product use, and provide further maintenance packages if desired, such as pool or hot tub opening, closing and winterizing, as well as weekly and bi-weekly maintenance programs. They also offer a hot tub relocation service for people who want to move their hot tub or simply sell it to up-grade to a new model. Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. prides itself on being a family-run business with good, old-fashioned values. They never use high-pressure tactics, instead choosing to educate and assist customers as they create their own special space. Knapp’s believes in the value of quality and teamwork. They surround themselves with an incredibly talented group of professionals who always strive to go above and beyond to make your outdoor living project the best experience possible. They appreciate that while their clients are investing in their properties, they are at the same time investing in the intangible by creating spaces for leisure, celebration, and well-being. Canadians are known for their love of the outdoors and appreciation of seasonal changes. This spring, consider visiting Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs Inc. to explore how their products can enhance your family time and enjoyment of your personal outdoor living space.

Knapp’s Pools and Hot Tubs 3394 Moreland Dixon Road, Inverary 613-653-2255 or 613-985-4343



wall construction and the maintenance projects are supervised by horticulturists. Before he begins a project, Terry consults with each customer to determine specific needs, the type of style and atmosphere they are envisioning, and their budget. At this time, clients can share pictures that inspire them, and with his vast knowledge and experience, Terry can steer them in the right direction. He then creates a plan showing how these dreams can be achieved using a variety of natural and man-made products.

Landscapes for Living Nature’s Way Landscaping By Faith Woodland

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” - Frank Lloyd Wright For more than 25 years, Terry Childs, president of Nature’s Way Landscaping, has made it his mission to help homeowners create their very own outdoor oasis. Whether one wishes for a three-acre spread complete with ponds, bridges, and waterfalls, or a secluded courtyard with romantic lighting, a dining area and a hot tub, Nature’s Way takes care of all the details to make those dreams come true. And this is done in synchronicity with the environment. As a certified horticulturist, Terry’s prime focus is to, “Work with nature, not against it.” Furthermore, Terry and his construction team leader are certified in interlock and retaining 78


He can provide mature plantings, which instantly finish a space, or allow the gradual development of the planting area. Terry’s team also builds retaining walls; patios; walkways and driveways; decks; ponds; water features; and outdoor entertainment areas, including pizza ovens, built-in barbecues and kitchens. Ambient lighting meanwhile, says Terry, is often overlooked. Therefore, he takes the time to show clients how the right lighting can enhance outdoor living areas by creating a welcoming atmosphere his clients can enjoy late into the spring, summer and fall evenings. If you want to take a dip, Nature’s Way also works in conjunction with pool and hot tub installers, completing the landscaping around the site.

Add Value to Your Home On the fence, so to speak, about developing your own backyard space? Maybe this will cinch the deal: When you choose to invest in your outdoor area, you’re essentially adding living space and value to your property, while at the same time improving your quality of life. Terry says his favourite part of the project is, “The homeowner’s reaction when we are finished.” They’re seeing their dream come true, after all.

A Range of Services to Meet All Needs Beyond the creation of recreational spaces, Nature’s Way Landscaping, which works throughout the Thousand Islands and Kingston area, offers tailored maintenance packages throughout the season that are designed to meet the needs of each client. Services include grass cutting, trimming, soil care and corrective work.

A Love for the Environment Beyond making your home look great, Nature’s Way also cares about the environment. They use organic lawn care products, as well as natural fertilizers. They also offer an organic bee-friendly fertilizer, which is tested for pesticides and neonicotinoids. In addition, the majority of Nature’s Way maintenance equipment is battery powered as part of their carbon reduction philosophy.

Attention to Detail Nature’s Way Landscaping pays attention to detail, working with the environment, not against it, and taking the time necessary to build relationships with clients. Each customer is listened to and treated individually to make their experience unique and to ensure they receive the finest quality service available. Terry is actively involved with Landscape Ontario and is an instructor with ICPI, teaching other contractors to install interlock using the most up-to- date standards.

Nature’s Way Landscaping 613-382-1207 or 1-866-382-1207




Selecting A Landscape Contractor A Guide for Homeowners

Landscape Design Investment in landscaping is a smart move. But many property owners go to effort and expense, then find themselves wishing they had started with a plan.

Terry Childs President

Eliminate the risk. Hire a landscape designer and enjoy the results. We can combine creativity with horticultural expertise and an extensive knowledge of site engineering Interlock – Permeable and Traditional Choosing a qualified landscape contractor is as important as selecting the right concrete pavers.

613-382-1207 or 1-866-382-1207

Experts agree: landscaping is a top investment to enhance your home’s value. Beyond that, green spaces also enhance your family’s lifestyle. A new landscape can give your family new opportunities to spend outdoor time together, while it improves your home at the same time. Here are some tips in selecting the right contractor. Suitability of a Contractor You need to ensure you are comfortable with your contractor; landscaping can be one of the largest investments in your property and you need to ensure you are both on the same plan. Remember you also need to guarantee your contractor is covered by WSIB, all landscape contractors must be registered with WSIB. Make sure your contractor also has at least $1 million commercial general liability, including coverage for bodily injury and property damage. 80


Not all concrete paver contractors are the same. Interlocking concrete pavement systems are best built by professional contractors specializing in segmental pavement construction. They can complete a high-quality job quickly and safely because they have the right training, experience, equipment and materials. Choosing an ICPI member contractor who employs ICPI certified concrete paver installers can help you create an elegant, enduring and practical living environment for your home. ICPI Members support installation best practices. ICPI certified concrete paver installers have passed a training course and gained extensive professional experience. Retaining Walls Choose a landscape contractor who is certified by the NCMA. The NCMA segmental retaining wall (SRW) program educates installers on the industry standards for installing SRW systems. Certified

installers will have expertise in the following areas: engineering issues; soil type; water issues; geosynthetic use; construction practices; and installation preparation. You can be assured they will choose a product that is suitable for your project and is installed correctly. Accreditation The company should be accredited. An accreditation procedure is part of Landscape Ontario’s membership application process. Members of Landscape Ontario are required to follow a code of ethics and a code of conduct. Association membership indicates a company’s commitment to professionalism. Scope of Expertise The company should be skilled in all aspects of your project or have qualified sub-contractors. These include disciplines such as: interlocking paving stone; retaining walls; natural stone work; water features; lighting; earth-work (grading, etc.); soft landscaping (tree and shrub installation); and site clean-up. Warranty The terms and conditions of the contractor’s warranty should be clearly spelled out in writing and should specify what is warranted and for how long and the length of the guarantee on materials. Resources • • • NCMA/Directories/SRW_ Installers.aspx • • installers/ca


New Home New Adventure New Memories By Katrina Geenevasen

Home wasn’t built in a day. How ready are you to get started? Here’s our advice as you get set to build your dream home.

Choosing Your Home Builder Choosing a reputable builder is the first step in the process. Ask around for some names— be sure to check in with family, friends, and coworkers for a variety of opinions – and put together a shortlist of possible homebuilders in your area. Now it’s time to do your research. We can’t stress this enough! A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but we recommend getting in your car and taking a drive to see some homes by the builders you’re thinking about. If you see someone outside, don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience. Was it a good one? Would they recommend the builder? Follow the builders you’re thinking about hiring on social media, ask for testimonials, and if you decide to schedule an in-person meeting (always meet with more than one 82


builder), go prepared with a list of questions. Not sure what to ask? There are lots of lists online that’ll help you get started. A house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make – be thorough, be choosy, and don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions.

Planning it Out Once you’ve chosen your builder, the fun begins. Now, you can begin choosing a home design that meets your needs, reflects your lifestyle, and is within your budget. Your builder/designer will take many things into consideration, including the land your home is being built on, your needs and your preferences. Be sure to work together to come up with a design you’re excited about. This is your dream home, after all! Don’t be afraid to ask for several design options; it’s a big decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make – be thorough, be choosy, and don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions.

host overnight guests? Do you have children, or elderly parents to care for?) but also how you plan to actually live in your new home. Is it easier to have the laundry room upstairs with the bedrooms, for example? Do you need a home office tucked away in a quiet corner of the house? Discuss everything with your builder before hammer meets nail to ensure you’re happy with the final result.

Get a Contract We hope this goes without saying, but getting a contact in place before anything happens is crucial; it’s a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of your purchase. According to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, “A written contract helps protect you from potential problems such as loss of deposit or overcharging. Without a contract and a written warranty, there is little you can do about poor quality or incomplete work.” See? Crucial.

The contract doesn’t have to be overly complicated, says the Association, but make sure it includes things such as a full description of the work and the materials and products to be used; when the work will start and be completed; how much you will be charged for the work and when you will have to pay; the contractor’s warranty detailing what is covered and for how long.

When All is Said and Done… This is a very simplified list of how and where to get started with a builder (we only have a certain number of pages to work with!) so bear in mind that designing and building a home is a complicated — and yet very exciting! — process. Our advice is to simply take your time, do your research, and make sure you’re clear about everything before signing anything. And above all else? Have fun! After all, there’s no place like home.

You may like something about one plan, and love something about another. With that in mind, you can reconfigure the drawings over and over again until you’re completely satisfied. Consider not only your lifestyle (do you entertain a lot, and regularly ReFINEdKINGSTON


Property Perspectives A premium real estate and commercial media production company

Perhaps the images encourage potential buyers to visit the property, but perhaps they don’t. Now, what if you could take an immersive, virtual tour of a home without stepping foot inside? What if you could view a listing from your computer or smart phone and quickly know whether the property is right for you? What if you could put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and experience walking through a home that’s physically half-way across the world? That’s where Property Perspectives comes in. Property Perspectives is a premium real estate and commercial media production company that 84


Ciccarelli has been shooting photography for more than 15 years and has over 700 listings photographed under his belt. His extensive knowledge of exposure, composition, and post-production leaves clients amazed with incredible, undistorted images. In conjunction with Clark’s business, Kingston Drone Pros, Property Perspectives is able to offer the absolute best in aerial photography, video and 3D models.

By Allison Grange Photos courtesy of Property Perspectives

When you think of traditional real estate photography, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of simple interior and exterior photos – ones that subtly strengthen the written description of the property’s features.

The Matterport technology produces the best, most immersive, easy-to-use and realistic virtual tours on the market.

strives to provide Kingston’s best real estate and commercial photography, virtual tours, property videos and much more.

Property Perspectives understands better than anyone else what it takes to effectively and efficiently market a property.

According to co-founders Emilio Ciccarelli (right) and Kelvin Clark, gone are the days of dark, cramped and crooked images that everyone has seen time and time again on real estate listings.

The competitive advantage Property Perspectives offers in virtual tours is the amazing Matterport Camera Technology.

Kingston Drone Pros has a spotless record with regard to UAV safety and differentiates itself by using only professional-level equipment. “In a time when consumer drones are becoming more popular, it is important to use a trusted, reliable and professional company,” says Clark. Ciccarelli entered the world of photography through his love of cars and photographing them for publications in Canada and the United States. After attending business school at Carleton University, he returned to Kingston to complete the graphic design program at St. Lawrence College. “It was interesting because I was going in as a student with experience in the industry,” says Ciccarelli. “I was able to start doing work for some of my teachers. I received a lot of exposure from that.” Clark’s introduction to photography is slightly less conventional. Raised in a construction family, Clark ReFINEdKINGSTON


was introduced to real estate at a young age. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he pursued a career in real estate and bought his first drone.

Real estate agents used to have to outsource things like floor plans to other companies adding stress and complexity to their already busy schedules.”

“A number of realtors contacted me to inquire about who had taken the aerial photos for my listings,” Clark said.

Today, Property Perspectives offers a full range of services that can meet the needs of any client.

Since then, Clark has taken hundreds of aerial photos and videos for residential listings. He’s also worked on projects in other fields including construction, engineering, film and television and utility inspection. The co-founders met while completing independent jobs at the same location. They realized that each of their services and skills could complement each other’s work, and by working together they could become a media and marketing powerhouse for their clients. “Property Perspectives started with just photography services,” Ciccarelli says. “The market five years ago was entirely different than it is now.

Specializing in still photography, 3D tours and floor plans, drone photography along with video tours, agents and businesses can come to Property Perspectives to receive the best visual tools currently available on the market. “We want to be on the cutting edge of everything,” Clark says. “It’s important for us to be multifaceted, top-level and high-end. It’s a level that we expect, and it’s what our clients expect.” When Property Perspectives receives an inquiry from a client, Ciccarelli and Clark know the turnaround time is crucial. If the job requires only photography, they can usually visit the location, photograph all of the RAW images for the project, edit and deliver the final photos to the

client within the same day. If a client also requires a virtual tour, it is created with a specialized camera, iPad and proprietary app. Usually, they can provide the completed product within six to eight hours. Floor plans can take up to 48 hours, depending on processing times.

luxury Is The Standard

“Our tours are now Google Maps integratable,” Clark says. “This means we can add any business or location to Google Street View. When you view your business through Google Maps, you’ll be able to walk right inside into the virtual tour. This has virtually endless applications for bringing your business online traffic and driving online sales.” The two are excited about expanding services to various industries including event spaces, car dealerships, custom builders and contractors, renters and Airbnb hosts. “It’s all about quality over quantity and building great relationships,” Ciccarelli says. “The ‘verticals’ for our product are endless.”

Tamarack Townhomes

With Unprecedented Standard Finishes

Property Perspectives 613-888-5953



■ Granite countertops throughout kitchen with stainless steel undermount sink, and pull-down kitchen faucet ■ Hardwood and ceramic flooring ■ Flat finish ceilings throughout home ■ 9' ceilings on main level ■ Best interior designs including open concept kitchens with large islands ■ Fully-finished family room in basement ■ Natural gas fireplace in great room, and much, much more!

The Eton and the Cambridge Townhomes starting in the $300’s. The Cambridge model is pictured above.

Sales Centre Hours:

Monday to Thursday, 12–7, Saturday and Sunday 11–4, Friday closed. Woodhaven Sales Center and Model Homes located at 1060 Woodhaven Drive. Take Princess Street west of Gardiners. Riverview Sales Center and Model Homes located at 1169 Waterside Way. Take HWY 15 to Waterside Way.

For more information contact

Jacqui Collier ■ Woodhaven 613-766-8140 ■ Riverview 613-545-2500

done over the past few years demonstrating that the racking strength after adding polyurethane foam to a wood frame assembly adds up to 300 per cent greater wall strength than conventional methods of insulating.” Kingston Spray Foam also utilizes ecofriendly Therm-O-Light blownin loose fill cellulose insulation, which is made from recycled paper. Both products are Canadianmanufactured and Jeff assists homeowners in choosing the product that best suits their needs for their project. Located in the Kingston area with three trucks and a professional team of installers, Kingston Spray Foam insulates brand new builds; older homes; cottages; sheds; Quonset huts; garages; farms; and commercial buildings.

TIME TO FEATHER YOUR NEST By Faith Woodland | Photo (left) Stephen WIld Spring is the perfect time of year to take a cue from our industrious feathered friends who are busy building and insulating their nests to protect themselves from our unpredictable Canadian elements this season. Currently in Ontario, qualified homeowners may obtain rebates offered to those who want to increase insulation R Values to improve energy efficiency. Jeff Kleinlagel, president of Kingston Spray Foam Insulation, 88


He has the knowledge and expertise to help you take advantage of the available rebates, and at the same time invest in your property, improve on energy costs, and create a more comfortable living environment for years to come.

Spray Foam Insulation installers have been providing the best GREENGUARD certified polyurethane foam insulation made from recycled plastics. It has extremely high R Value per inch, which makes it ideal to use where high R Values are required. It can be installed anywhere in or outside of the home, reducing dampness, sealing crevices, rodent proofing and adding rigidity to a structure.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, Kingston

“As a matter of fact,” Jeff says, “numerous tests have been

is a participating contractor in the Green ON Rebates Program offered by the Green Ontario Fund, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

While the team has taken on bigger jobs, insulating Jack Astor’s in Kingston, and the Lennox & Addington County General Hospital, Jeff says no job is too small.

or even “backyard projects” like a Sea Can container, or the interior of buses and vans.

His team can help a homeowner with a complete build from the ground up, a partial renovation

Jeff says he likes being involved with the homeowner directly because he is all about attention

“I very rarely write reviews, but felt I had to write this one. After almost a year of [renovations] and almost every trade working on my project, the [team at Kingston Spray Foam was the only one who did what they said they would do] at the price they said they would do it for, and at the time they said they would do it. Thanks for being the one contractor who delivered on what we had agreed to. If you’re reading this and need insulation, I would strongly suggest these guys.” Adam Milligan

to detail. If he can be involved from the beginning of a project, he can provide guidance and help the homeowner and contractors involved get the best possible end result. Whether you are considering building a brand-new custom home, working with a contractor, or want to improve your home’s efficiency, consider calling Kingston Spray Foam Insulation. You will appreciate Jeff’s attention to detail, his professional manner and exemplary service.

Kingston Spray Foam Insulation 4372 Holmes Road, Inverary 613-532-5050



Home Reorganization

The best solution for this is purchasing furniture that has multiple purposes, and acts as more than what meets the eye. A bench or ottoman is the perfect solution for tucking away these odds and ends, while giving the room a less cluttered look.

By Virgina See

If you are organizing a bedroom, consider utilizing the space under your bed. Consider a bed with drawers built in, or a set of natural wood crates for storage for a chic, yet functional use of space.

An Instant Springtime Refresher

Not only will these two options help you remove clutter around your room, but they will also come in to play when you decide to clean out that bedroom closet you’ve been dreading.

With winter blues turning to fresh spring pastels, spring cleaning seems to be on everybody’s minds. Whether it’s sorting through your wardrobe, or cleaning out the garage, the idea of reorganization can admittedly be overwhelming.

Use the drawers or crates to store seasonal clothing, that dress you’re saving for a special date, and those jeans you don’t want to let go of.

However, there are plenty of organization systems to ensure your home organization endeavor will be one to celebrate.

DIY Organization Ideas Springtime calls for some innovative, do-ityourself projects. Whether it’s on your own, or with your family, a DIY is always a good idea to produce not only a new piece for your home, but also to let your creative side show. Blanket Ladders: A blanket ladder is a new trending idea for any cosy room in the home. Whether it’s your bedroom, family room, or chilly basement, a blanket ladder is sure to serve as a great statement piece. The ladder can be either wooden or metal. Hang your favourite blankets or blanket scarves over the rungs of the ladder and voila, you have tidied up your space. Mason Jars: Mason Jars are not only popular for tasty drinks, but also for organizing small odds and ends around your home. You can spray paint them a rich metallic gold, or a chic matte black. Place them on a desk for your favourite pens and stationary, or on a makeup vanity for brushes and mascara. To take this DIY a step further, you can even attach them to a plank of wood. This piece can be hung onto any wall.

Best Use of Space An important idea to consider when it comes to reorganizing the home is how to best use the space you have.


Utilizing a room to its fullest potential is a major key in ensuring you are able to control as much of the organization as possible, and more importantly, making sure you can fit everything you want into each room.

Multifunctional Furniture

Start with analyzing how much wall space you have. Wall space is perfect for bookshelves, wall units, and hooks. All three of these suggestions can be used traditionally or spruced up with artwork you have and may not know where to place, family photos, or even some new plants.

Do you ever start cleaning or organizing, and then turn around to realize you’ve placed all of your odds and ends on the living room table? You face stacks of photo albums, blankets, and memorabilia that you just can’t figure out where to store so that it’s still accessible.


Benefits of an Organized Home Organizing your home can save you time when it comes to leaving in a hurry or getting ready for bed at night. It can reduce your stress level and allow you to focus on more daily tasks. Having an organized home can also boost confidence levels; after all, who wouldn’t want to show off a clean house and new DIYs? ReFINEdKINGSTON


Clients may wish for a onetime session, seasonal visits, or regular maintenance. Sorting is done with client interaction.

Simplifying Spaces By Faith Woodland | Photos Stephen Wild

Next, Hilaina shops for organizational items if necessary. She rearranges spaces and donates or disposes of recyclables and unwanted items. Hilaina will also assist clients in posting items for sale.

A RANGE OF SERVICES Besides home organization, Simplifying Spaces offers moving management, including home staging, packing items and unpacking. She also provides office organization, resulting in more efficient work spaces.


We all know the phrase, “Less is more” and yet so often, we find ourselves overwhelmed by too much stuff. In a culture of abundance, we often have more than we need, more than we can use and more than we can manage. And we come by it honestly. We find bargains too good to pass up, we need numerous clothing items for extreme variations in temperature, and we express love for one another by bestowing gifts.

SORT, SIFT, STORE AND DISPOSE Simplifying Spaces is the solution for those feeling suffocated by their stuff. As a married mother 92


of two toddlers, owner Hilaina Fawcett appreciates the value of simplicity. Her company provides a service to help clients sort, sift, store and dispose of unwanted household items. She leaves clients with room to breathe. Hilaina meets with clients for a free consultation, assessing what areas the client struggles with and identifies solutions. She can address an entire household or focus on a particular room. She’ll also organize cupboards and closets, or even a garage. Hilaina offers package pricing, beginning with a minimum three-hour visit, then subsequent appointments, depending on the plan of action.

The benefit of having an objective person come to your home is immeasurable; it helps you see your space with new eyes. Hilaina shows clients how their spaces can be improved by reducing and rearranging items.

Her company provides a service to help clients sort, sift, store and dispose of unwanted household items. She leaves clients with room to breathe. Often, people feel burdened by family heirlooms or gifts. She invites clients to imagine how appreciative someone else may be with the item. She also reminds clients that by removing

unwanted items, there’s more space for truly valued pieces. Hilaina is gentle in her approach, offering support in a longerterm manner if necessary. She says she is like “a personal trainer for your home.” Much like a life coach, Hilaina helps people work through the psychological aspects of purging, creates a game plan and helps clients reach a goal.

She wants her clients to feel less overwhelmed, so they can focus on the more important aspects of life.

Simplifying Spaces 613-453-2627



Inspiration Find Your

Amanda’s House of Elegance Offers a Unique, Canadian Spin on Interior Design

“Home buying, staging, decorating…all that has been interesting to me since I was just a child,” explains Stewart. With a wide range of well-known and respected quality lines, such as S&C (Steven and Chris); Cobi Ladner; Mercana; Ninety Five & Co; and Maxwell Williams, Amanda’s House of Elegance stresses the importance of Canadian-made and Canadian-designed lines. “I don’t want to offer home décor and furniture that’s so precious that you can’t use them,” says Stewart. “I try to find pieces that are higher-quality materials. Here in Canada, we have different systems in place to ensure the quality of the material, so customers can be assured their purchases will last for years to come.” Even better? All the items in store are either Canadian-made and/or Canadian designed by some of our country’s very own top designers.

By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Stephen Wild In the wise words of interior designer Bunny Williams, “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only rule.” Luckily, there’s lots to love at Amanda’s House of Elegance. From sumptuous bedding and luxurious linens, to unique lighting, gorgeous décor, gifts, and small furniture, Amanda’s House of Elegance serves as a premier source for homeowners hoping to inject a little personality into their space. After all, home is where the heart is. It should, therefore, mirror who you are in every way possible. 94


“Décor is a way to inspire yourself and your space,” says Amanda Stewart, owner of Amanda’s House of Elegance, a fresh and timeless home fashions boutique. “When people come in, they should know who you are without you having to say anything at all.” With a background in different aspects of design, a love for flipping properties and buying rentals, opening a home décor store was a natural progression for Stewart, who is also a Kingston Realtor with Royal LePage. In fact, it seems there’s nothing Stewart can’t do when it comes to house and home.

VIP Shopping and Gift Registry Programs Planning a get-together with friends? Amanda’s House of Elegance offers private, after-hours shopping. Elevate an already-special experience with charcuterie plates, wine and spirits, and exclusive discounts for all guests. If you’re tying the knot, Amanda’s House of Elegance also offers a gift registry for the modern couple hoping to make their home more upscale. This makes it simple for friends and family from near and far to make gift-giving easy, says Stewart, adding that the to-be-newlyweds can also host a private party for two to do some shopping, or even invite their friends and family to take advantage of special wedding discounts.

Client Incentives As a sales representative with Royal LePage Pro Alliance, Stewart offers additional incentives to her clients with her home staging program. “There is an art to preparing a home for placement on the market,” says Stewart. Working with each client’s budget, Stewart curates items through her store – all with discounted pricing – stages for free, and allows clients to keep the items after the home sells. If you’re purchasing a home through Stewart, similar incentives apply. As a way to say “thank you,” Stewart offers clients items taxes off for an entire year through Amanda’s House of Elegance.

Find Your Inspiration At Amanda’s House of Elegance, your inspiration awaits instore. It’s time to go find it.

“Amanda has the motivation, intelligence and perseverance to meet any challenge. It was great working with a Realtor who is so committed and passionate about what she does for her clients. She definitely sets an excellent example in her field.” - Steve and Tanya Hamilton “Amanda is the greatest real estate agent we’ve worked with. She works with passion and loves her job. We are extremely grateful to Amanda for helping us buy our home. And we highly recommend her!” - Mohammed Siddique

Amanda’s House of Elegance 70 Princess Street 613-328-7218





Even better? No two creations — whether it’s a dining room table made with walnut, a headboard made with ash, or a bathroom vanity with maple – are the same.

Future Antiques Stone City Woodworks

By Katrina Geenevasen Photos Stephen Wild

Some artists are destined to create with paintbrushes. Others, with a charcoal pencil, or with a film and a camera. Others yet are born to utilize the magnificent resources from Mother Nature herself, transforming tree trunks into unique works of art that are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. Rob Purvis is one such artist. The talent behind Stone City Woodworks, Kingston’s newest woodworking shop, Purvis is quickly becoming known among locals as the one to talk to when they’re seeking gorgeously unique, hand-crafted furniture that’s built to last and can be passed down to future generations. After viewing a handful of his pieces in progress at his Amherstview-based workshop, I’m astonished to learn Purvis stumbled upon his craft, and is remarkably self-taught. While shopping for gifts for Christmas one year, Rob realized that he was wasting his money on gifts that were remarkably low-quality at 98


extraordinarily high prices. He resolved to take matters into his own hands – literally.

“It’s quality furniture that’s going to last forever,” says Purvis, “and nobody else is going to have it. We don’t make things that are exactly the same. In fact, we can’t make things that are exactly the same.” With a newly purchased CNC machine, there’s no telling where Purvis’ talent will take him next. All that’s certain is that Purvis loves what he’s doing, and that there’s no stopping him and his wife Tanis anytime soon. “I love just being able to take something in a rough form, and put it through the process and end up with a piece of furniture at the end,” he says. “It’s hard to believe this used to be a tree!” he says, pointing to a gorgeously finished dining room table. “I love knowing that my clients will enjoy our furniture for years to come and make memories.”

Need a unique gift idea? Stone City Woodworks creates personalized wood signs and cutting boards that you can customize for birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

Ready to commission your own design? Gather some photos of pieces you like and contact Purvis for an appointment. After he shows you a 3D rendering of his design (it can be completely customized to your liking) he’ll get to work on creating a totally customized piece that’s built to stand the test of time – just for you.

“I decided to make my own gifts and shortly after posting them on my Facebook page, friends and family were making requests for their own pieces.” This was when his first company, Rustic Design, was born. He was still working full-time as a graphic designer for a local newspaper, but when he decided it was time to open a full-time business, he realized rustic was a trend and wanted to develop a business name that would last. Inspired by his love for Kingston (known to us locals as the Limestone City) Stone City Woodworks came to life. Built with care, the best tools available, and perhaps most importantly, with passion, Purvis’ handcrafted pieces truly are second to none. He uses local materials from fallen trees, ensuring he not only helps the environment, but also gives old wood new life.

Stone City Woodworks Keep an eye out for soon-to-be announced workshops that Stone City Woodworks will be hosting in the evenings. Just get social and follow them on Instagram at @stonecitywoodworks for updates.

95 Jack Davey Drive, Amherstview 613-583-5515



Special Feature

that insulation could be anything from sawdust to non-existent.

The Century Home

While many of these century homes have been upgraded over the years, it’s likely they were upgraded to the standards in use at the time of the upgrade.

What to consider when giving the past new life

Think knob-and-tube wiring; asbestos; urea-formaldehyde foams; non-grounded electric receptacles; lead-bearing paint; banned wood preservatives; etc.

By Charlie Calarco Photos Emilio Ciccarelli of Property Perspectives

Renovating a home containing these materials may require special and costly abatement procedures. It is not impossible there may be other issues that have to be dealt with as well, such as old oil tanks; water cisterns; wells; septic tanks and fields; old gas piping, etc. Don’t let this scare you away. All this says is that you have to be aware of just what you are getting into before you let your love for a century home cloud your decision-making…and put dents in your bank account. As my dear old aunt always said, “Act in haste, repent at leisure.” As you consider that the house is more than 100 years old, it is a good idea to delve into its history.

The City of Kingston is vibrant; a place where modern splendor meets historical charm.

Have you decided to investigate purchasing one of these magnificent old houses?

part (budget considerations aside) but you must always keep in mind that beauty is only skin deep.

Its treasure trove of 19th century buildings harkens back to a gentler, more gracious time that has long gone.

The first order of business is to find one for sale. In the Kingston area, there are usually many offered. Finding one you like is the easy

The exterior appearance and grandeur has to give way to practical considerations of interior issues. Think water, electric,



structure and waste disposal. You want to buy your dream, not live a nightmare of renovation and repair costs. Doing your homework is a definite requirement. As these houses were constructed, they were built to the practices

of the time. There was no piped water for many years, and no electric service was generally available until at least the 1880s. It’s also important to note that lead was used in many pipes, especially the waste lines, and

Find out whether it has always been a family dwelling. Was it re-purposed throughout the years? Perhaps at once time, it served as a shop or small factory. Is anything you find going to cause problems? Since your house is probably the largest investment you will make in a lifetime, here is where a good home inspector can be invaluable and save you.



You may think you can save a lot of money on repairs and renovations by doing things yourself, but you can overlook many issues of permitting and insurance if you are not alert. Careful thought and consultation with the appropriate authorities is required before you start. Here is where you may consider working with a licensed and experienced contractor who has experience in dealing with century home issues.

Your home inspector will be alert to the condition of the electric systems; water issues; grading; drainage; mould; insulation; structural integrity and many other issues that can become very costly — very quickly. Your home inspector may not be able to spot every problem, but should be able to alert you to the most problematic ones.

It can be money well spent. You should never be reluctant to seek the advice of competent professionals. Don’t try to save money by skipping permits…especially if you are going to do work yourself.

You don’t want to discover unexpectedly that the basement floods every spring, the roof timbers were damaged years ago by fire, that water has allowed serious mould or rot issues to exist, or that your iron water pipes are disintegrating. You are dealing with a structure that may have had many issues and many alterations over a hundred or more years. You don’t want any surprises. Perhaps you are thinking of changes to the building itself to better align with your situation. Maybe you want to add more bedrooms, for example. You should be aware some of your ideas might run into problems with the municipality, or even the provincial government, if the property is designated or listed, and so forth. 102




Many tasks, even apparently simple ones, require the homeowner to take out the appropriate permits for self-work. Remember that ultimately, permits and inspections can be lifesavers — literally. Especially in some cases, such as electric issues. Not taking out a necessary permit and having your work inspected may even be viewed less than favourably by your insurance carrier if your work is a cause of a problem. Similarly, if you are looking into buying a renovated structure, checking out the status of permits with the appropriate authority for previous work done is appropriate, and can save you a lot of grief if you find that old permits have not been properly closed or possibly have not been taken out. Still want to buy a century home? I hope you are not totally dissuaded from pursuing your dream, but rather that my few comments will allow you to proceed a bit more cautiously as you view that gem of a building with a more critical eye towards the various pitfalls that potentially can be out there.

Charlie Calarco has been teaching 19th century hand tool woodworking for many years, and has had his own business in Edmonton for more than 30 years where he restores antique furniture, clocks and scientific instruments. He lived in century houses himself when he was in Ontario, and has extensive experience in period renovations.






Brand Building 101 If you’re like many, you believe “branding” is simply designing a logo, coming up with a catchy slogan, and smacking them on a business card. While these elements are most certainly key parts of an effective branding strategy, they’re only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. So why is branding so important? Check out our top five reasons and get building a better brand:

Michael Haaima Creative Director Steve Janssens Brand Specialist

Aviio Digital 303 Bagot Street, Suite 304 1-866-767-9290

*all styles available in sofa, loveseat and chair

5. Proper Branding Sets Your Business Apart from the Competition Let’s face the facts: it’s a competitive world out there. Whether you’re a hair stylist, mechanic, florist, or dentist, there are tons of businesses out there offering the same service and/or products you are. It’s important, therefore, to set yourself apart in order to make your company unique. And branding is a huge part of that.

Canadian made hardwood frames, any style any fabric.



Regular Price $1,249



6. Branding Makes Your Small Business Look BIG No matter how small your business is, proper branding puts you right up there with the big players. Even if you’re running your business out of your basement, branding will ensure you look more professional.



*all body fabrics are also available in toss cushions

One last thing before you go…









These days, with the prevalence of social media, it’s more important than ever to develop a strong brand in order to ensure you stand out. Take the time to carefully think about what you want your company to stand for, and build a brand you can be excited about.


3. A Brand Builds Credibility You want people to trust you, and what you’re offering to them, right? Well, a deep-rooted brand will help establish that sense of trust you need for your business to experience success. You need to consider what you and your company stand for, and communicate that message to current and potential clients in every way you can think of, from the


Countrytime is a family owned and operated furniture business. We specialize in handcrafted, Canadian made, solid wood and Mennonite furniture as well as Canadian made leather and fabric upholstered furniture. We carry every style from rustic, classic, industrial to contemporary.

1245 Midland Avenue, Kingston, Ontario | 613.634.1000 | MOVE A












2. You’ll Encourage More Word-ofMouth Business When you have a strong brand, customers are more likely to emotionally connect with your company. And when this happens, they’re more likely to tell others about what you have to offer. And you know what that means? More customers!

4. Proper Branding Supports Your Advertising Efforts Speaking of advertising… You pay big money to advertise your business, whether it’s a magazine, newspaper, television or radio ad. When you have consistent branding, it’s easier not only to target your advertising, but to design an effective campaign that’ll help you get the best results.



1. Branding Gives Your Company a Personality It helps to think of your company like a person. If your business had a voice, what would it sound like? Would it be funny? Serious? Quirky? Personable? Weird? Wholesome? Smart? A mixture of a few of these? This personality will help you connect with current and potential clients, and build relationships that’ll ultimately stand the test of time.

packaging you use for your products, to the colours you choose for your logo, to the language you use in your advertising.


Who Loves YA, Baby?

Chevrolet Corvette

2440 Princess Street Kingston 613-549-1311

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