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REGGAEXCLUSIVE CHAT the wider audiences. Heart of Empress is also a promotion company and we intend to promote positive reggae music and artists from Canada to Jamaica and around the world.

UP CLOSE WITH JAN G RX: Why did you start up your company Heart of Empress Promotion & Production? JG: First off, I love Reggae Music, also I see a lot of artists out there who have the talent and capability but don’t have the opportunity to get their name and music out to

RX: Who are the artists you work with and why? What are some of the releases coming out of the label? JG: We work with Norval Edgehill, Mikey Melody, Shadrock, Ras Campbell, Tonya P, Fire Star, Bettadayze and I Brilliance. Norval Edgehill is our main artist on the label, Heart of Empress started out with him, he has great talent, a clean heart and he’s full of good vibes. I Brilliance produce a lot of the riddims for Heart of Empress and he is also very talented as an artist. Mikey Melody recorded “On a Journey” on the Mama’s Cry riddim, other artists on that riddim includes Tonya P with “Ease your Pain”, Fire Star with “Gun Town”, I Brilliance with “Covenant Zone” and Norval Edgehill with “Mama’s Cry”. New releases coming from Shadrock entitled “Rocky Road” and “There’s a Party Going on”, from Ras Campbell entitled “Tek it to Dem” and “Food and Medicine”, from Bettadayze entitled “Your Search is Over” and “Friends”. Just

released is the single with Norval Edgehill and I Brilliance entitled “Play that Reggae Music”. Look out for more new releases from Heart of Empress Production with other artists including Donna Makeda. RX: Tell us what your plans are for the promotions side of the company. JG: We are in the process of presenting an out of town Boat Cruise during the summer featuring artists from Jamaica and Canada. Stay tuned for more promotions coming from Heart of Empress. RX: What is your opinion of the reggae music industry in Canada versus Jamaica? JG: A lot of badmind is going on in the reggae music fraternity in Canada, the artists need to come together and help each other to rise, not try to pull each other down. Music is not a competition; it’s a blessing and its teachings. I cannot speak for Jamaica because I do not live there. RX: What can be done to make the reggae music industry better in Canada? JG: Unity between artists, they need to come together and stop

fighting each other. Also, the promoters need to respect the artists and remember that their talent is what they earn from. RX: What are some of the things you like doing in your spare time? What are your favorite food, color, number and reggae artist? JG: First of all, I don’t have a lot of spare time, but when I do, I love to go on long drives and listen to my reggae music. I also love to spend time with my children and do activities with them. My favorite food is callaloo and roasted breadfruit, color is blue, number is 29, reggae artists are Beres Hammond and Taurus Riley. RX: Anyone big ups or shoutouts? JG: I would like to big up Milton, and also thank the ReggaeXclusive team, Prince Everald and Donna Makeda for all their support. I also want to big up Norval Edgehill for always believing in me, Mikey Melody and Fire Star for being a part of Heart of Empress Production, Tonya P for being the person she is, she has a good heart, Osujah Records, Shadrock, Bettadayze and Prince Campbell, thank you for being a part of Hear of Empress. Looking forward to the future, Bettadayze, my search is over.

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