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asus Afari is one of Jamaica’s leading Dub Poets, as well as an Author and “Edutainer” who has travelled the world extensively to successfully carry his unique Edutainment Lecture Performance Concert Series to Universities, Colleges, Schools and Communities. Yasus Afari’s workshops include Jamaica, Caribbean, African, World History

and Culture with Poetry, Story Telling, Rastafari and Human Spirituality, as well as his Reggae Music. The Edutainment approach is flexible and can be tailor-made and designed to meet specific objectives, needs and groups. By travelling extensively through countries, including The Caribbean, Africa, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand among others, has enabled Yasus Afari to hone his presentation skills as an applied art, which balances, harmonizes and integrates entertainment with education, thereby utilizing the entire range of the creative, cultural, literary and performing arts as an effective medium in nation building, responsible socialization, social renewal and transformation. He has often been asked to use this approach in successful tailor made programmes for youth and adults, who are deemed “hard to reach”. Yasus Afari’s Edutainment Workshops can be designed to meet specific needs. Contact Edutainment Promotion at: Also check out

His Second Advent” written by G. Michael Cordeiro is now available for sale.



ew book Titled “The Fulfillment of the Scriptures Pertaining to the Christ in

This is a must read book explaining the revelation of The Christ in His Prophetic return. Some may already be aware of the millions of Rastafarians around the world holding the faith and bearing witness to this revelation, yet many still are unaware of Ras Tafari and who he really is and what he came to reveal. This book is the authors attempt to connect the dots for anyone who seeks to know how and why Ras Tafari is the ONLY ONE to have fulfilled the Biblical prophesies pertaining to the revelation of The Christ in His second Advent; in which He had foretold that He would return to live amongst man, as a man, for a 120 years (1892-2012) and be acknowledge and crowned the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Elect of GOD. For further information, contact author @ Cell: 647-830-8779 or visit:

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