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Common sense is to view the world from different perspectives

Street artists decode and comment on society around them. Sometimes this manifests itself as timely opposition and criticism of society. A closer look at street art also reveals the high technical quality of these pieces and the message behind the abstract or figurative art. It is a different way of looking at society. – Similarly, it is important for SKAGEN Funds to analyse the world we operate in. We need to constantly be reminded that it is common sense to view the world around us from different perspectives. Street art provides us with such a reminder, says Åge Westbø, founder of SKAGEN Funds. He continues: – We cannot judge a book solely by its cover, but have to dig more closely to find out what a company does, and how it does it, before we invest. In the same way, to really understand SKAGEN, you have to look beyond the packaging often associated with the finance industry. A good investment is often characterised as being Under-researched, Unpopular and Undervalued. But there also needs to be a trigger that will unlock the values we believe are there. And this has been key to us providing clients with the best possible risk adjusted return. Street art is one of the many expressions of today’s youth. For SKAGEN it is common sense to communicate to this generation, since we have products that could put them in a position of economic freedom in the future. And not least, as an important target group, we need to be able to learn from, understand and relate to the next generation.

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The art of common sense


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