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Red Tape Busters Create Strategic Planning for Business Director Shane Bowering, Red Tape Busters provides council lobbying, grant writing, job application writing, create strategic planning, tender writing services in Australia.

Red Tape Busters began in May 2000 when our Director Shane Bowering had the opportunity to leave the Queensland Public Service. Shane identified a number of areas where he felt there were specific markets, which could be better serviced if he applied his extensive knowledge and abilities. The company now has five main focus services:• Government and Council Lobbying; • Government and Philanthropic Grant Writing; • Job Application Writing Services; • Business and Strategic Planning; • Tender Writing All services are proving extremely popular with our clients. Our major services however are assisting a wide variety of clients - non profit organisations and businesses in identifying possible Government and Philanthropic Funding opportunities and tender prospects, matching these to our client projects/business/organisation, preparing submissions and responses and helping clients manage the grant and in acquitting grants. We now work with clients all over Australia. Shane brings a wealth of experience and skills to our company. Shane is a former senior Queensland public servant with the Queensland Government and brings over twenty (20) years of experience in liaising, consulting, negotiating with and advising members of the public, businesses, industry bodies and public sector employees on Government strategies and objectives, policies, legislation and processes. Shane has significant experience in working in the public sector and as such has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of Government and specifically in preparing Government based documents including funding submissions. Shane's specialist expertise is evident when lobbying for his clients. Given his experience in the public sector Shane can dual with public servants and senior bureaucrats and talk their language. Shane also can interpret legislation, Government policies, procedures and protocols. As a lobbyist he has no peer with various stories on Channel Nine's A Current Affair being testimony to his significant lobbying skills. Some of Shane's lobbying successes include:• • • • •

Won combined $4,55,000 in compensation for resumption of land; Won $2,60,000 in costs relating to a property dispute with a Council; Won $26,000 in compensation from a bank; Won $13,000 in costs from a Financial Advisor; Won $75,000 in "lost" superannuation;

• • • •

Won removal of easements from properties; Won ability to build on what Council had termed a "flood prone" property; Won thousands of battles for Mums and Dads across Australia; Won hundreds of battles for businesses and Industry Sectors across Australia.

Red tape busters create strategic planning for business  
Red tape busters create strategic planning for business