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RedSeven Marketing Magazine Issue #008

The art of being in the 'now' 08




New Leaders Meeting

Planning Ahead: The Trajectory Of Self

Celebrating 4-Years Ownership

A Family Affair: Work and Home Life

New Leaders Meeting at

We discuss staying in

We catch up with Rob

We met up with Appie

Cowley Manor

control of your path and

Cotterell to celebrate

Rakesh to discuss re-

being objective about

a great milestone for

aligning work and home


RedSeven Marketing


We attend the latest



Our contributors Francis Colam Chief Editor

Fran is Chief Operations Officer for Mantra Marketing working with people and companies to help the business become more efficient and profitable.

Alex Rae

Art Director / Designer Alex is the Managing Director of Bristol based film production company Falcon Productions.

Rose Lucas Editor / Author

Rose studied at the University of Bristol where she obtained a BA in English Literature, before moving to London to study at Identity School of Acting and continue her work as a writer/ editor.

Nic Kane Photographer

Nic is a Bristol-based photographer specialising in the commercial, events and fitness sectors.




In this issue Introduction 003

Photo Pool

New Leaders Meeting

Congratulations James and Sarah




Breaking Boundaries with Black Stag


Boondocks Summer Festival


Planning Ahead: The Trajectory of Self


India Competition


Cam hits Assistant Ownership


Ski Trip Competition


Inspiration through Internships


Q4 Funds Raised for Charities

The Lasting Impact of Social Media


Office List 2018

Transcience and Permanence


Making Tracks at Monument w/ Matt Nicholson



Celebrating 4-Years of Ownership w/ Rob Cotterell


A Family Affair: Re-Aligning Work and Home Life


Nelson takes on Spain


The Future Looks Bright with Fuse


Christmas in the Cotswolds


Russia in the UK


Books & Podcasts






Introduction “And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.”

The art of being in the ‘now’ generates the self-

ample of the way in which we regularly check-in with

understanding necessary to plan ahead and to

our guys; we help them plan their own trajectory,

construct a life-trajectory which accords with the

ensure that they are on the right track and in doing

individual’s inner wishes’ Modernity and Self Iden-

so re-establish the movement of the company as

tity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age by

a whole.

Anthony Giddens So far, we seem to have been getting it right, with 3 As we move forward into the New Year, our hearts

of our guys going on to open their own businesses;

full of well-wishes, our minds focussed on resolu-

Mantra is branching out and the network that is be-

tions, our bellies filled with laughter and our heads

ing created is stronger than ever. Earlier this year,

in gear with new ideas (if a little giddy from all the

Matt successfully opened Monument Promotions

bubbles), let’s take a moment to pause. To reflect.

and we will be catching up with him later on in this

To remember all that we have achieved over the

edition to mark the success of winning New Mar-

last 12 months, the growth we have experienced

keting Company of the year! Alongside this, a huge

and the journeys we have been on. Let’s be proud!

congratulations to Ike and Steph, who each earned their official promotion to run their own business, so

2017 was a fantastic year for Mantra. We opened

we are very much looking forward to seeing where

a number of new offices, recruited a fantastic

that takes them over the next year - Exciting times

plethora of new additions to the team, travelled to

ahead. Cameron Ashwin has been promoted to AO,

Australia, opened 5 offices in Russia, danced the

so well done to him, Laura in BlackStag has been

night away at Cowley Manor, hit the slopes in Italy...

promoted to Crew Leader and Simon won £500 for

and even hosted our own Festival! It has been an

the recruitment competition - a big congratulations

incredible 12 months, and we have been absolutely

to all!

jam-packed to ensure that the business has continued to gain momentum, whilst making certain that

And whilst we are continuing to smash goals here

every single one of our individuals has been given

in the UK, our expansion doesn't stop there; with

the springboard and support necessary to hit their

offices opening over in Russia and Spain, and mem-

own targets. It’s been a real team effort every step

bers of our team travelling the world for meetings,

of the way.

development and inspiration, Mantra as a business, and as its own culture, is as expansive as ever. Ap-


The support network at Mantra is second to none.

pie from Leela has recently travelled to India to cel-

Mantra spear-heads this movement, steering the

ebrate her sister’s wedding, after raising the funds

ship in the right direction, but under this, the vari-

to covers the costs herself - a real family affair. As

ous companies that we work with - RedSeven, Fair-

the Mantra family continues to expand and we wel-

view, 1-to-1, Leela, Black Stag, Monument - each

come Laura, Precious and Serena to our lovely col-

have their own respective approach to learning

lective of Interns, huge congratulations are due as

and developing. Their teams, in turn, benefit from

James and his family welcome another baby into

the Senior members of staff, knowledge is passed

the world, and the network just keeps growing!

down and passed on, and as such there is an incredible systematic approach to learning in place.

With thoughts of family, cohesion, prospects and

Five countries - fifty cities -

We develop to as a whole. A unit. An ensemble. We

positivity at the forefront of our minds as we glide

five years

really do work from the ground-up, establishing a

through into the New Year, the trajectory of the En-

strong sense of support and offering advice from

trepreneur has never been more prevalent. Take

the word go. This enables our team to achieve their

this time to consider your path through the coming

maximum potential, to take risks and to explore the

months, exercise foresight both for the business

furthest possibilities of their work, but in a safe and

and for yourself, and get inspired for 2018. It’s going

supportive environment. The New Leader’s Meet-

to be a good one.

ings that we hold every month are a fantastic ex-







New Leader's Meeting Cowley Manor, The Cotswolds

The New Leader's Meeting for February 2018 was held at Cowley Manor in The Cotswolds




here at Mantra,

towards taking the next steps as an Entrepreneur and Leader.

we host a New Leader’s


It is wonderful to see members of the Mantra

ing in order to

family progress each quarter. The support



network within the company is stronger than


ever, and events such as the New Leader’s

have a get to-

and Owner’s Meetings provide the perfect

gether and en-

opportunity for the passing on of skills, dis-

sure that everyone is up to speed on where

cussions regarding individual progress and

the company is at, and the direction in which

to check in with everyone, whilst enjoying the

we want to be going. This year we decided

surroundings and engaging in some team-

to host at Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds.

building activities.


The manor is home to a spa, 55 acres of park and woodland, natural lakes and waterfalls,

Whilst these weekends are primarily business

and provides a perfect backdrop of tranquil-

orientated, we appreciate that it would be a

ity upon which to host our meeting. Getting

waste of an opportunity if we didn’t chuck in

away from the hustle and bustle of the city

a few adventures! Whilst at the New Leader’s

is important to us; a welcome opportunity to

Meeting, we took time to relax in the spa and

clear the mind, to reflect and consequently

stroll around the beautiful surroundings.

focus on what is next for Mantra. These meetings also provide an opportunity to welcome our new team members and educate them on their new role, tracking their transition into recruitment and guiding them
















“ Ensure that your personality

and individuality shines through, connect with others and establish a relationship "


Breaking Boundaries with Black Stag Leading the way over in Bristol, Steph hit's Ownership!

How have you been since we last spoke? What's been going on?

Great! Busy, very busy...but in a good way. Since we've been trading as Black Stag Marketing I genuinely haven't stopped! We've just had meeting after meeting! This quarter we've really embraced the theme of self development. If it's not been myself travelling around and learning from other managing directors, it's been someone in my office. It's

Next year is going to be an eventful one. We've got our ski-trip, Mantra Weekender, R&R in Ibiza.. not to mention future prospects for Black Stag Marketing. It's going to be a big year for expansion and development.

How are you finding managing your team? How do you think you are developing as an Entrepreneur?

really been an educational quarter setting us up for a huge 2018.

Since I've been running Black Stag I've really had a shift in mentality. I

Congratulations on your promotion to Ownership! How are

a quote the other day, "The ones who are crazy enough to think they

you finding your new role?

Thank you so much, Rose! Incredible. If I'm honest my role hasn't actually changed too much. I moved to Bristol and immediately started to do all of the things that I'm doing now, so the only difference now is the title.

have started to look more long term with every decision I make. I heard can change the world are the ones who do", and it's true; the bigger you think and believe, the more you achieve.

In terms of the trajectory of self, where do you see yourself going with the business? What are your greater ambitions for you and the business and you as an individual?

Is this where you’d hoped to be by the end of 2017?

Black Stag has a lot to look forward to. I want to use the business to

I think it's difficult to answer that one. I set my goal to be running a

enough times I'll have the financial freedom to invest into property

company by the end of the year but it's so easy to want more... which a good thing I suppose? Discovering where your ability lies and knowing upon retrospect that if I’d just made a few alternative decisions I could achieve so much more. So in answer to your question, yes I'm where I expected/hoped I'd be... but I'm not content!

Looking back, are you proud of what you have achieved? Has anything been unexpected or particularly challenging during the course of your promotion to Ownership?

Yeah, I'm proud of what I’ve achieved! Sometimes I need to remember that. I find it all too easy to self criticise but sometimes I need to pinch myself and remember I own my own company at the age of 22 - things could be worse! There have been a lot of challenges, absolutely! I think the main challenges I have experienced usually concern time management and prioritising tasks so it has really just been a case of trial and

provide others with the opportunity I've had; If I can replace myself quite regularly which is the ultimate goal! I'd love to expand not just to other cities but to other countries as well; travel really motivates me, so to be able to do it not only as a ‘holiday’ but a regular aspect of my work and day-to-day life would be a dream!

How have the Owner's meetings been? Do you find these check-ins useful in terms of tracking development / reflecting / and planning ahead?

Absolutely. It's great to be able to go along to these meetings not just for fun and a catch up but to really take a step back and reflect. It's all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day runnings of a business.

Last of all...any resolutions? I always say what's the point in New Years Resolutions? If you want


to do something then just do it, don't wait until the year is up to give

What are you looking forward to next year? What does the

I haven't been for a run since I did the half marathon. I'm not entirely

new year hold for you and the company?


it a go! However I have set myself a resolution to start running again. sure it’s even a resolution... I think this is me telling myself I just need to get on with it!!




'Where do we fit into this constantly ‘updating’ context? How can we stay in control of our path, and be objective about our progress, our trajectory?'

The Trajectory of Self

T 015





our progress, our trajectory?

ments that Mantra has under its belt is some-

In order to be objective about something, one must

thing that we are ex-

exercise some form of impartiality towards the sub-

tremely proud of; how-

ject or action. Now, this seems rather difficult to do

ever, it is easy to reflect

when one’s business is directly involved with one’s

upon achievements with

self - as exemplified in the role of the Entrepreneur.

a condensed sense of

It seems to be the case that in order to achieve



maximum potential in the workplace, one must try

back it seems, is a lot easier than looking forwards...

to combine passion and emotion with objectivity

And how about living in the present! In an age driv-

and craft. This is the true nature of the Entrepre-

en by technology, social media and programming,

neur. One who possesses the ability to balance am-

keeping up to date with developments has never

bition with knowledge, their sense of humour with

been easier; updates are available by the minute

their skills, and is able to direct their energy towards

and numbers, contacts and information are literally

specific targets, developments, goals and the work

at the tips of our fingers as we tap away and ex-

itself. In this manner, one begins to establish a

plore the virtual world of the internet. However, it

sense of momentum - the self drives the business,

is important to reassess where we stand amongst

which develops the self, which drives the business,

this abundance of technology. Where do we fit into

and so on and so forth. A creative combination of

this constantly ‘updating’ context? How can we

the abstract and the specific.

stay in control of our path, and be objective about



In line with these thoughts and this sense of duality that exists within the world of Entrepreneurship - that of individual and that of businessman or woman - Anthony Giddens in his book titled, Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age, suggests to us that, ‘Present awareness, or what Rainwater calls the ‘routine art of self-observation’, does not lead to a chronic immersion in current experience. On the con-

In order to be objective about some-

trary, it is the very condition of effectively

thing, one must exercise some form

planning ahead. The art of being in the ‘now’

of impartiality towards the subject or action

generates the self-understanding necessary to plan ahead and to construct a life-trajectory which accords with the individual’s inner wishes.’ Once again, a duality arises, this time with regards to existing in the present, whilst exercising the task of zooming in to zoom out of oneself; in doing so, the individual is able to better understand where they are going without trying to second guess the ‘end’ in a linear fashion. Rather, the process becomes more cyclical with the day-to-day feeding the month-to-month and the yearto-year, a systematic approach to each ‘level’ of progression as it were. (Following a structure and implementing a solid working formula at each stage of development in order to guarantee (as far as is possible) a continual success. There is no ‘end’ goal.)

In order to keep tabs on one’s own progress, feelings and trajectory, it is useful to keep a day-to-day journal where possible, one that is written entirely and absolutely for the self, tracking change, aspirations and goals, as well as challenges faced or things to be proud of. This notation of self is effectively a way of both being in the moment and planning ahead. Giddens goes on to describe how, ‘Keeping a journal and developing a notional or actual autobiography, are recommended as a means of thinking ahead. It is a place where, by learning from previously noted experiences and

mistakes, one can

chart a continuing process of growth’. It is also a useful means by which to observe the self, to record in the moment and then, upon reflection and reading again, objectively analyse what it is you are doing that works, and what can be improved. Perhaps an idea to implement at the turn of the New Year…




"In order to keep tabs on one’s own progress, feelings and trajectory, it is useful to keep a day-to-day journal where possible, one that is written entirely and absolutely for the self, tracking change, aspirations and goals, as well as challenges faced or things to be proud of."



“ Keeping a journal and developing a

notional or actual autobiography, are recommended as a means of thinking ahead. It is a place where, by learning from previously noted experiences and mistakes, one can chart a continuing process of growth " - ANTHONY GIDDENS -


Cam hits Assistant Ownership Congratulations!

How have you been since we last spoke? What's been

You gave a talk at one of the New Leader’s Meetings

I’ve been very well, thank you! I’ve just been promoted to Assistant

Yeah I gave a talk on how to manage your money and your finances

Ownership which is great.

and improve your skills in sales which was great. I was out of my comfort

going on?

recently, right? How was that?

zone, so it felt good to push myself and also to be in the position

How are you finding your new role? To be honest I’ve been working towards this for quite a long time, so I’m exactly where I need to be and where I’d hope to be. It feels great! I’m really pleased, but also not entirely content - i’m always looking forward and pushing for the next thing.

Looking back, are you proud of what you have achieved? Has anything been unexpected or particularly challenging during the course of your promotion to Ownership?

Lots of challenges, yes! Having goals which I set myself regularly helped me to keep going, and also just some sheer determination! I missed my promotion a few times, so every time I was going back, starting again but with more resolve and dedication so ensure that I reached my target. It’s all about the little extra things, attention to detail.


where I was teaching others. You can learn a lot from that. It was also a good opportunity to improve my public speaking and communication skills. These meetings are a fantastic way to track our development and mark out areas to improve upon, they’re really useful.

What are you looking forward to next year? What does the new year hold for you and the company?

My main ambition is to reach my next promotion and hit Ownership by the end of the next quarter. I plan my year by setting quarterly goals which is really useful and a good way of understanding the trajectory of the company in a more structured way. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved over the last few years but looking forward to the next stage. I also want to travel more. Last year I visited about 10 countries which was amazing, so my ambition is to be able to incorporate travel into my everyday life a bit more!



Inspiration through Internships We caught up with Laura, the new intern at Mantra, to discuss her time with the company so far.

Laura joined the company in November, and is with us until February,

improved to quickly. You really have to throw yourself in the deep end.

so plenty of time to get settled into the business and get to grips with the industry. We love having interns with us, and Laura has been a fantastic addition, working with 1to1 and BlackStag in the Bristol offices. Here’s what she had to say...

Hey Laura! Tell us a bit about the internship, where you are working and what you get up to day-to-day.

I am working for 1-to-1 and Black Stag. At the moment, I’m mainly recruiting, so i’m working on the phones and try to book in people for interviews. It sounds bizarre, as the intern, and someone that is new to the company being in the position of inviting people in to interview for the company, but I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s a fantastic thing that as an intern I am fully immersed in the company and joining in as if I was a fully fledged member of the team as opposed to just making tea and coffee! It’s a cliche, but it can be like that for other interns I think...whereas here at Mantra I’ve been fully welcomed and given responsibility in my role which I’m really enjoying. They’re very motivating here which is wonderful.

How do you feel you have developed during your time here so far? What have you learned?

I think the main thing that I’ve developed is my grasp of the language. I came to the UK and wanted to do the internship in order to improve my English, so that’s what I’ve been focusing on and to learn the language by ‘do-ing’ and actually working in the office has been so useful. You know, having to answer the phones and conduct interviews etc.

Before you can develop other business skills and work on yourself as an Entrepreneur, you have to start with the language, so an internship seems like a fantastic place to start. Do you think internships are a useful springboard into the industry? Would you recommend this internship to other people?

Definitely! I actually did two months of languages at school before, at a fantastic school called ELC And whilst there I improved my grasp of English and learned some useful expressions and colloquialisms, but you don’t really ‘talk’ at school. If you do, you talk to other foreign people and that’s not the same as immersing yourself and properly learning how to conduct yourself in another language, so doing an Internship is really worth it. Also, I think it’s very important to have some experience in the workplace before you go into it….if you were to go straight from University into a job I think it would be quite challenging, so doing an internship allows you the time and space to learn within a safe and supportive environment. And Mantra, especially, offer you a fantastic wealth of knowledge and support

Yeah - it’s a fantastic stepping stone and insight into the world of that industry, isn’t it? On top of that, I guess it must be inspiring as well, to be surrounded by people that are succeeding and making a living out of doing what they love?


in English has been a big challenge, but also the reason why I have



Laura Baldini

Mantra Marketing

What are you hoping to do eventually, career-wise? I will probably go onto study a BA in Economic Psychology which is basically marketing, so I’m really looking forward to going on to that after completing my internship here.

Mantra seem like a fantastic company in terms of incorporating lots of time for socializing and bonding in amongst the business, have you had much time to hang out with the guys outside of work?

To be honest, I’ve had lots of opportunities to but I’ve also had lots of friends coming to visit me here in Bristol, so I’ve been

hanging out with them mainly. But there’ll be lots of opportunities to socialize in the new year so I’m looking forward to that.

What are you looking forward to in 2018? What are your hopes for the coming year?

For the new year, I just want to make the most of my time studying abroad; it’s such a fantastic thing to be able to live and work in another country, so I am just looking forward to making the most of being in England, working at Mantra and immersing myself fully in this experience!


The Lasting Impact of Social Media We spoke to Ellie about Social Media and the Benefits of Online Branding. Tell us a little bit about your role within the company at Mantra…


worked as an office manager within the Mantra team for twoand-a-half years before starting to work in the social media sector.



now freelance, so I work with RedSeven,

Leela, Black Stag and Monument, providing each with different social media packages, structuring their online content and also doing a bit of brand management.

Translating an ethos into something visual must be quite a challenge in terms of getting to know the identity of each company and representing that in an online format - where do you begin?

Luckily I know them all already - I’ve known them for quite a few years - so I know each of their different personalities, individually as company managers, and then in terms of the business as a whole. There’s a big crossover there and I call this the ‘personality’ of the company. Some want a fun voice, some more professional, some want innovation ….I begin with my idea and interpretation of their ‘voice’ based on my relationship with each Owner, I’ll then meet with them to discuss the alignment of our ideas and suggest a content strategy. They’ll either love it immediately and we’ll go with it, or it will take a bit longer and we’ll tweak it….it’s all trial and error really. The first few weeks, I’ll usually ask for a lot of feedback, and over time get to know the personality of the company inside out.

In terms of the trajectory of social media and branding, how do you plan the development of the brand? Do you track it quarterly / annually / daily?




For a couple of the offices - RedSeven and

The combination of a photo with a caption

Leela - I work a day a week, and for the other

creates a new form of cross-media commu-

two I do half a day a week. I post on facebook

nication, and this is where the impact, the

x 3 / instagram x 3 / LinkedIn x 1 a week and

humour, the personality lies. I do take quite

if they’ve asked for twitter it’s x 5. With these

a lot of time with the wording and condens-

posts, they’re all structured, but with twitter

ing of ideas into short captions. Obviously

I also do a lot of interactions, communicat-

each platform is different; I’ll write differently

ing and going in and commenting as them.

on facebook than I will on twitter than I will

It’s quite a lot to juggle, so having a clear tra-

on Instagram than I will on LinkedIn. Writing

jectory is important. I plan well ahead. At the

one post is actually like writing four posts;

beginning of every quarter, I go through each

if you want to do it well, you have to adapt

company’s calendar and mark out specific

your authorial voice to suit each social media

dates, important events, I look at any team

platform, bearing in mind your audience, the

days or meetings that are scheduled, put

style, the regularity of the communication

that into a plan, then finally the themes in

etc. The essence of what you’re communicat-

the blogs. That month will be based on that

ing is the same, but the manner in which you

theme, so there’ll be a cohesion between the

do it can vary quite a lot. For example, using

blogs/images/updates. I plan about a month

hashtags and slogans on twitter can lend

ahead, but things happen ad-hoc, so you’re

itself to a more cheeky, colloquial means of

constantly checking in with different people,

communication, whereas on something like

in different places, trying to capture the

LinkedIn it’s perhaps more of a professional,

sense of immediacy that is at the heart of

formal voice. Who are you writing for? Think-

this line of work. Keeping it fresh, keeping it

ing about which sector of the public are go-

present is what it’s all about. I can’t be too far

ing to be on each platform, how many people

ahead because plans change and you can’t

you’re reaching, why that demographic etc.,

always second guess yourself. Part of the

and gearing your work accordingly. Twitter

charm is the spontaneity, or at least making

have just doubled their character limit which

it appear spontaneous and ‘present’/current

is interesting.

to the audience. I try and have a good structure in place to try and be as prepared as possible, but when you’re juggling various company’s social media it can sometimes be a bit stressful! Essentially you are in charge of the arc of the business, how it is received and interpreted on digital platform by people across the world!

When I spoke to Nina for the last edition of Mantra, we were chatting about advertising, the transient nature of it - something will flash up, and we might engage with it instantaneously, but then it’s gone and forgotten… do you know that an idea is going to stick? That it will have a lasting impact that people will remember?

“I can’t be too far ahead because plans change and you can’t always second guess yourself. Part of the charm is the spontaneity, or at least making it appear spontaneous and ‘present’ / current to the audience.”

Every post I do, I make sure that there is a visual element involved, be that a video or a photo. It really does make a difference. It takes quite a while to work out the right wording or caption to go alongside the image, but that’s what people remember. The photo entices them, the caption makes the lasting impact and stops it from being so transient. Photos come and go, but if you’ve written something that strikes a chord, or hits someone in the right place, then it lasts.




How has the blogging been going? I guess it’s a way of adding some depth and humanity to the digitalisation of the industry? It’s a far more personal insight into the workings of the company? How do you go about planning your blog posts?

Every blog is different and has a different theme, but I do try to write as the company, obviously. Some of the clients don’t have their websites fully up and running yet, so I use LinkedIn to post those blogs, and therefore I write in the first person, in their voice. I begin by letting them know what I’d like to write on and why I think it would work, they then give me their insight and further knowledge on the topic, quotes, tips etc., so it’s more of a collaboration in that sense. The majority of the guys are really up for getting involved and helping me out by providing information, their knowledge and experience, so it’s a lovely working dynamic that we’ve managed to establish.

Do you think the transition to online / the movement in technology and the upsurgence of social media is a useful thing, if harnessed correctly?

I think social media has become something that companies are no longer excited to do for themselves, it’s more a necessity. They recognise


that they have to get online to keep up with the rest of the Marketing Industry and are aware of the impact that keeping online social media platforms alive and updated has on their success. It’s becoming more and more necessary for companies to outsource their social media content….

In line with these technological advances, how do you see your role developing?

Where I see my role be honest I much prefer being in the company of people, working collaboratively rather than on my own behind a computer screen! That’s the key thing really, capturing the essence of human interaction, human communication and channelling that into the social media. I could work from home but I choose to go into the Bristol Office so that I’m in the thick of it. I think I’m going to start being more of a consultant so I’ll go into offices, train members of the team to take charge of their own social media and encourage them to get excited about what it can offer the company. Running workshops over half a day or so, I’ll go into the office and help them create a plan, structure their website, begin a blog etc. So many people want to do it but don’t know how, so it’s combining their passion with the knowledge and technical skills to be able to execute a strong social media presence.


“I think social media has become

something that companies are no longer excited to do for themselves, it’s more a necessity. They recognise that they have to get online to keep up with the rest of the Marketing Industry and are aware of the impact that keeping online social media platforms alive and updated has on their success."

The Lasting Impact of Social Media: Transcience and Permanence in an age of Online Communication








with social media is that once it’s ‘out there’, once it’s online, it’s there for good. It’s permanent. Ellie described how a lot of

people she’s met are ‘scared of getting it wrong’.

Because it’s such a condensed way of understanding a company, there is a lot of room for misinterpretation. When something is only described in a few words, an image, or 140 characters, there is a lot of scope for statements to be misunderstood. The wording of things can have such an impact on our engagement with the subject matter, or the Author, or the Company. There is such a lot of depth to language, to methods of communication and to the words with which we choose to interact

with and to communicate with our public. It’s useful to have someone in charge of social media that isn’t directly involved with the company. Someone who is therefore able to exercise some sense of objectivity and place themselves in position of the target audience to achieve maximum results. Sometimes you’ll see things that are posted, and it makes complete sense to everyone that’s in the business but to someone outside of it, it doesn’t quite carry through or translate. It helps to have someone with an outside eye, someone who can alter the phrasing accordingly and pick the appropriate images. It is important to take a step back and place yourself in the shoes of your various audiences - whether you’re writing for potential candidates, for fellow clients, or for someone completely new - and adapt your authorial voice accordingly.





Making Tracks at Monument: Catching up with Matt ‘We caught up with Matt Nicholson from Monument Promotions to see how things have been going since he established the company last quarter. ’

Hey Matt, how have you been since we last spoke? Things are really good, thank you...really good! We’ve been extremely busy with lots of meetings all over the place, but it’s all exciting stuff.

And where are you at with Monument? What’s been going on for the company?

focus over the last quarter. There are a few guys who are looking to earn their promotion, so as each individual moves forward and up the ranks, the company as a whole gains momentum. We’re really working together well and I’m extremely happy with how the company is establishing itself.

replace ourselves in terms of finding people not just to work in sales, but to go on to run businesses of their own underneath the umbrella of Monument. It’s an exciting place to be, looking forward over the next couple of years and seeing the potential in the company as a whole,

What are the challenges and responsibilities that come with the title of Owner?

You know what, obviously day to day we experience small challenges, but the more experienced the team gets, the more equipped we are to deal with these little hurdles as swiftly as possible, and find

The core team has been expanding, with Kim developing her role and we’ve welcomed Mark as our new events co-ordinator which is exciting and he now takes care of the events side of the business; it’s been fantastic to have them both on board. We’ve also welcomed Daniel and Vanessa...The last 3 months has really been about the development and nurturing of the people that make up the Monument team. We’ve worked to establish a company culture and now it’s more about nurturing the more Senior roles, ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing as they move into more prominent roles within the company.

company yourself?

groundwork to enable this expansion to take place. So we’re looking to

and the individuals within it.

Expanding and developing the Monument Team has been my primary

How are you finding this role

all about laying the foundations for this development, putting in the

solutions to things. It’s all about finding solutions to small things every single day! We’ve had a real jump this quarter in terms of the growth of the company and the development of the team, I’ve had to really concentrate on nurturing the business and those within it. We found our feet last quarter, and leading up to Christmas, we’ve been focussing on the self-development of our team, growing upon what we already had in place which is a nice place to be. It’s been a very productive 3 months. I think there was a lot of delayed gratification initially…but in the last month or so, the hard work has started to pay off. In terms of challenges, at the start of last quarter, all of the guys were

in terms of running the

For me, it’s now more about looking for people to replace myself. We’ve

relatively new and we had a brand new events bookers and I was still in the field full-time, so it was quite full-on! But now the guys are starting to come through and I am able to delegate, everything’s a bit smoother. We’re sharing the load.

got big plans to open up offices in some exciting new locations, so it’s





How has the business grown? I think at every level and at each progressive stage of the business, there comes a time where you find yourself out of your comfort zone. You're dealing with new people and new things, so inevitably you’re occupying a space that’s outside of your comfort zone; it’s in this space that you find yourself developing your skillset. It’s a process of replication really. You learn from others, from your mentors who were in the same position are you say this time last year, or this time last decade; You are learning by example, which within Mantra is something that is particularly prominent. There’s always someone to learn from or look to for advice and the network within the company is very well established.

How do you think you’ve grown as an Entrepreneur? In terms of my own development, I’ve developed from bringing new people up through the company as I learn to deal with a bigger scale business. It’s been a process of looking ahead and seeing someone in the position that I want to be in, someone who’s ahead of where I am, and then figuring out my route to get there. Obviously we meet up a lot with businesses all over the country, so you naturally find people that are the right mentor for you at the time, but that changes! It’s interesting how the subjects of inspiration change over time. I’ve travelled a lot and I think an important part of being a successful Entrepreneur is picking and choosing what works for you. There’s no set formula as such, but you can soak up as much advice as you can from your successors and in that sense it’s quite plain and simple really. You see where you want to be and that’s inspiration enough - in the lifestyle, the finances, the work ethic - to visualise your own position a few months or years down the line.

How do you examine your ambitions and what sort of trajectory do you see for yourself? Looking out at the year ahead, perhaps in a more linear fashion, how do you understand your goals and what do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year?

I always try and think long term - 5 years / 2 years / 1 year / 6 months


down the line. But a short term goal is making sure that we establish ourselves as the No. 1 office in the Events Division. Moving forward into 2018, we want to open up three Marketing and Communication Offices. We have an idea of where we want to be after that, but there’s not a set trajectory. Things can change and as much as it’s useful to visualise linear progression, it’s important to be open to change and to be flexible within that. In 5 years time, we want to have six Offices in the UK, then I want to move over to Australia! That’s my aim. You never know what’s going to happen…but it’s good to aim high.

Coming to the end of 2017 and looking back, you have achieved so much. You must be very proud - how do you feel looking back on this year? Did you expect to be in this position this time last year?

Yeah, I am proud! But as I’ve said before, each level of success and achievement is really just a stepping stone to the next thing. Looking back, the reasons why I joined the business and came into this industry still stand and are the reasons why I continue to develop. I think we are where we need to be and where I expected to be, and we should be - we prepared for this and had planned for this for a long time. Visualisation is a big part of it for me. Seeing where I want to be and then making it happen.

As we look forwards to the New Year, how do you see your company progressing?

I think the New Year is a really useful time to reflect. It’s obviously important to have resolutions and look forwards, but it’s as important to look back over the last 12 months, and see how far you’ve come. Look at the things that you can let go of and leave behind. I never like to set resolutions for specific things - I set goal plans anyway so I don’t need to wait for the New Year to do that, it’s just a regular aspect of my lifestyle! My Mum’s very spiritual, so we have a ritual where we’ll throw things into the fire each year! My Mum’s a holistic therapist, so I get a lot of the visualisation and perspective from her - New Years is a time to reflect, to be grateful, be creative and discover where new passions lie. Positive mental attitude is as important as anything, really!



Celebrating 4-Years of RedSeven with Rob Cotterell ‘To be a true entrepreneur you have to have incredible standards. I’ve always been taken with the Spirit of the Entrepreneur, so to build a business that meets my standards and expectations, with core company values at the heart of it is something that is really important to me, and something I am thrilled to have been able to realise.’

You founded Red Seven back in 2013? This year marks your 4 year anniversary - congrats! How are you feeling? What does that mean for you?

I’m immensely proud of how far we’ve come in the last four years; just to think that I initially started the business out of my house and now we have an incredibly successful team that have worked with multiple clients in multiple sectors - it’s pretty incredible.

Tell us a bit about where you’re at with Red Seven at the moment?

This year we’ve been running multiple campaigns, from business to business campaigns with Google, Events And residential campaigns with charity partners and we’re currently testing some new campaigns with some commercial clients which will be revealed in early 2018.

How has the journey been so far? The journey is been eventful, full of highs and lows... but mainly highs!As a team we have learned a lot over the last four years and we continue to grow stronger every month. I wouldn’t change anything that we’ve done so far, as I believe that every challenge faced has grown the company as a whole and encouraged us to improve, to keep learning and gain momentum.

What has surprised you most over this last year? Chal-

I’ve been amazed at the determination and work ethic from the whole team; it’s so inspiring seeing how our team has progressed in such a short space of time. I suppose the biggest challenge is managing my time and ensuring that I give everybody as much support as I possibly can.

Looking back over the last 4 years, what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my team and myself for not giving up during the really challenging times. You hear a lot about companies going through hard times and it really throwing them. I truly believe that the determination, vision and entrepreneurial characteristics that make up the crux of this company are the reason we have come through; the team has been incredible in dealing with anything and everything I’ve put in front of us.

In terms of yourself, how do you think you’ve grown as an individual and as an Entrepreneur?

Although I’m a completely different business person to the person I was at the very beginning, my goals and my vision have always stayed the same. My skill set and experience have obviously developed over the last four years which gives me confidence when running the business, but I have always had a consistent sense of drive and purpose, and have known where I want to be.

lenged you most?




How has your team grown and established a core work ethic / company culture?

We have an incredible company culture here; our work ethic is incredibly strong and is something we have worked hard to establish over the last four years. I wouldn’t say that the core values have been there from day one - it’s definitely been something that has grown as the company has developed - but I always had a vision of my business having a set of core values which the whole team would follow and instillt in all future team members. It establishes a strong sense of co-

‘The reason we do so well here at Red Seven is that we are meticulous with our values, our ethics and our morals; we do things professionally. We attract great people because we get great results. Anyone can be successful in a short space of time, but to actually last in an industry you have to uphold your reputation, so I think having these core values are a huge part of what makes up the spirit of the entrepreneur, and a successful one at that.’

How do you see yourselves expanding?

hesion within the company and is reflective of the personality of the

We intend to open up new offices in major cities around the UK to rep-


licates the work we have done in the Swindon area

Do you think you’ve created a strong company culture and withstanding reputation?

How do you plan your trajectory at the beginning of the year? Or do you find it easier to work quarterly and manage

We’ve built a fantastic reputation with our suppliers, clients and team members. Our culture is infectious enjoyable and motivating

Looking forward, where do you see the company going over 2018? What are your company resolutions?

We’ve come along way in the last four years and I believe this will continue into 2018 as we take on new challenges, new clients and start working in new sectors for the first time. We have some huge goals next year so we’re working on developing our current team whilst looking for new talent to join our business To help us grow and achieve

/ track your goals and progress respectively?

We had a vision for 2018 although we set goals quarterly to break up the year and plan out what it is we need to do in bite-size chunks

Do you set yourself daily goals ? What is it that helps you to maintain momentum and move forwards?

I don’t personally set daily goals. I prefer to look at weekly goals or quarterly goals as business changes a lot on a daily basis. I religiously write a ‘To Do’ list on a daily basis which helps me complete tasks quickly and effectively, which in turn helps our business to move forward.

these goals



“ To be a true

entrepreneur you have to have incredible standards"

A Family Affair: Re-Aligning Work and Home Life ‘I want to move back to India, definitely. It would be a bit unfair on my husband as he doesn’t speak my language…but it’s so cold here in the UK and I’m still not used to it! My goal is to save 5 million pounds and I can live on that for the rest of my life very luxuriously in India.’ ‘In terms of resolutions, I want to try and be more organised. Organisation in terms of business is definitely my aim for the next few months.’






ppie has been run-

working for Mantra was rooted in a desire to

ning Leela Promo-

establish gender equality. ‘When I first came

tions for 2 years

across Mantra, they told me it was commis-

this year, and has

sion only and self-employed, and I was like

been in the busi-

‘I’m in loads of debt…are you kidding me?’,

ness for 5 and a

but then I just decided to go for it. Not really



for financial reasons, but more for reasons of

She has had an ex-

my own to do with ‘beating the boys’!’, ‘India’s

traordinary journey to get to this point in her

quite a patriarchal society, so I was pretty

career, delving into various career pools and

fired up to assert my sense of place and own-

marking out a colourful trajectory for herself

ership as a woman within what can be quite

along the way. She made the move from In-

a male dominated world. And I did!’ That was

dia to England 9 years ago to study music

the reason she did well in the business - ‘I

at Dartington University, but it wasn’t all plain

was extremely competitive’ - and driven by

sailing: ‘I didn’t make many friends in that

something bigger than financial gain.


first week because I was extremely aware of my Indian accent, so I didn’t say much. In my

Working on commission is something that

first week I lost out on a lot of friends. You

can initially put people off in this line of work

know, we were living in halls, so everyone was

and spark anxieties concerning regularity, in-

busy meeting new people, but I found it really

come and stability, but is something that re-

hard’. Eventually, she started to find her feet,

ally excited Appie: ‘you’re telling me I can earn

and it was through cooking that friendships

as much as I want’? That’s great! It motivated

started to form: ‘I started cooking big authen-

the hell out of me.’ In terms of incentive, and

tic Indian meals and that’s when I started to

setting yourself goals, working on commis-

make friends!’.

sion is a way of directly correlating your efforts with your success; a way of measuring

Appie studied there for 3 years, and ‘it was

how well you are doing whilst achieving im-

a massive culture shock for me. It was a very

mediate gratification for your work. In terms

hippy environment and coming from India, it

of marking out a clear a trajectory, simply be-

was a lot to take in and to deal with at the

ing part of the demographic of self-employed

time. It was pretty scary’. The transition from

Entrepreneurs is a start; it is a a guaranteed

school to University is rather tricky for many

way of measuring your own success, keeping

of us, let alone having to completely relocate

motivated and gaining momentum.

and re-establish yourself abroad; however, it evidently stood her in good stead for the

Motivation can stem from various sources.

precarious nature of the job market, and her

For some people it is money, for some - such

ability to expect the unexpected, to 'roll with

as Appie - it roots itself in reputation. She de-

it', came into play. ‘After University I spent a

scribes how she doesn’t really work for her-

lot of time working odd jobs, waitressing, I

self - ‘If I was working to earn money to buy

played in a lot of bands, but it's hard - you

for myself, I wouldn’t be motivated at all, but

don’t get recognised in music, it’s an ex-

if my parents needed money or I was work-

tremely difficult industry to break. I sing, I play

ing to send money home, as was the case

guitar, drums and piano, so I had a lot of fun

with my sister’s wedding, I would absolutely

but I didn’t really settle into a regular job for a

hit that as a goal.’ Appie won an award for

while’. It is during these formative years after

the most amount of money raised when she

university that the ability to project an idea

sent home £20000 to pay for the wedding,

of yourself into the future starts to become

so it’s about finding what works for you and

rather difficult...the number of options open

running with that. There is no set formula

to us upon graduation can be overwhelming,

for achieving success in this industry, it’s ex-

and leave us stumbling through the dark on

tremely subjective, so find what drives you,

our way up the career ladder; however, it is

what it is that fuels the fire in your belly, and

important to take opportunities that come

work towards that.

your way, be open to new challenges, and honest with yourself as to why you are venturing into particular lines of work. Make sure that you are being driven by your own values and passions...not simply adhering to pattern, expectation or generalisations. For Appie, her journey into marketing and





“ In terms of incentive, and setting yourself goals, working on commission is a way of directly correlating your efforts with your success"



wedding, so with another daughter getting married and another large

Appie describes how ‘My individual goals just don't motivate me, it’s

sum of money to get together, I wanted to help out and ease it off my

all for Mum and Dad. Business wise, the only reason I joined the busi-

paying £20000 towards her celebration’. Most of it was Owner’s profit

ness was for recognition, not for money or for progression. That was

from Leela Promotions - Appie’s own company.

my thing. There are quarterly meetings here at Mantra, chaired by James Buckley, and if I don't get personally recognised, I’m really em-

The wedding took place on the 12th November 2017 in Jaipur,

barrassed. It’s all about reputation and making my mark. How is it that

Rajasthan. It was a love marriage - the Bride and the Groom had been

my name is going to get read out in that meeting’. However, she is also

together for 7 years, so their families knew each other well. In India it’s

acutely aware of the importance of being cohesive as a company - ‘I

tradition that the parents of the couple meet and decide a date for

can only do well if my guys do well, so it’s a real team effort’. There’s

the wedding together. This is dependent on ‘Kundali’, a book which

an incredible sense of nurturing the individual at Mantra, really tak-

presents findings on the positioning of the stars, particular alignments,

ing care of those that work within the business, whichever sector they

birth charts and birth signs, checking each of their ‘kundalis’ to eventu-

may exist in. In ensuring that there is a strong sense of cohesion and

ally decide on the best date for them both to get married. There are 36

support, Mantra grows from something that could be purely business

characters altogether in your kundali and this makes up your personal-

orientated, to a way of life; one that incorporates the development of

ity, so if 36 out of 36 match, this is not a good thing as it predicts that

the Entrepreneur with the external lives of each employee, thereby es-

you will clash as a partnership! A good number is between 20-30, so

tablishing a strong sense of family. As Appie has demonstrated, family

they were luckily a great match! Although Appie explained that ‘they

is at the heart of what she does. It is the reason why she works so

love each other so much, that even if there were just a couple that

hard, so to use her business to raise the money for her sister’s wed-

matched, they would have still got married!’.

ding is wonderfully exemplary of the work-hard-play-hard ethic at Mantra; her story truly encapsulates the strong correlation between work

‘Indian weddings are huge! So….we have 4 days of fun at an Indian

and home life that exists at the heart of what it means to be a truly

wedding! The first is the henna, so we all go together and get our hen-

successful Entrepreneur.

na done. The second is ‘sangeet’ which is dancing, so all the cousins and the parents and the aunts and uncles come together and prepare

So….the wedding itself! After successfully raising £20,000 to fund

a dance for the Bride and Groom! We had a choreographer and every-

the wedding, Appie sent it straight over to her parents in India, who

thing, so we were very well prepared…we had been dancing for a long

were doing the majority of the planning and preparation. She de-

time! Basically the Bride and Groom sit on a sofa, and watch us dance

scribed how, ‘I still don’t really know how it all works and how it all comes

this dance - they love it. The 3rd day is the Wedding, where they go

together - I sort of leave it to my Mum and Dad! I sent my financial con-

around the fire 7 times as is tradition. And the 4th day, the Bride leaves

tribution over and they put it to good use, paying for the henna, the

to go to the Groom’s house, but then she comes back to visit her family

flower decorations….everything was organised by them!’. Indian wed-

one last time before moving in with her husband.’

dings are notoriously extravagant celebrations, spanning a few days,

Appie’s story is truly inspirational, and the funding of the wedding tes-

so there was a huge amount to get organised in advance. She raised

tament to her unwavering ability to push herself, achieve her goals and

some of it from the field earnings, and so ‘went into the field with the

gain the recognition that she deserves within this company. Find what

goal in my head that I needed to pay for my sister’s wedding. Mum and

makes you tick and run with it! The world is your oyster.

Dad spent £65000 in total paying for our University fees and for my




Nelson takes on Spain Nelson Miguel

Appco Group

Congratulations on the work you've been doing out in Spain - tell us a bit about your journey so far?

The last 6 months have been great! I've developed a strong sense of purpose and momentum, and am really enjoying what I do. It's not all been plain sailing, but I've worked hard and learned from my mistakes to get to where I am now; the atmosphere across the business is fantastic and I'm really proud of what we've created.

Do you feel that you’ve developed a lot as an Entrepreneur?

I've definitely developed in terms of my organisational skills, for sure! I'm more focussed and understand the importance of having a plan, having a clear trajectory in terms of myself and the business. That really helps me to look ahead and to achieve my targets.

What is it about this industry that you enjoy?

I can be independent whilst having lots of options in terms of where I go with it. It's nice to be able to take charge of your career, to work for yourself and to actively build yourself a future. I've also met some fantastic people and made some great friends along the way. I think I'm lucky in that I get to work in an area that I'm passionate about - I love what I do - and that's not the case for a lot of people. This industry allows me to be myself and have so much freedom within that - it's an inspiring place to be.

Looking forward to 2018, what do you hope to achieve? My biggest goal is to enjoy what I'm doing, and so far that's been the case! Looking forward, in terms of expanding the business, I want to save 80k!

Any New Years Resolutions? To go to New York!

This industry is fun, that's what I love about it! That and the fact that



The Future Looks Bright with Fuse

Fuse is a new project for energy client, First Utility, who pride

administrator and head of recruitment, Alex - we are really

themselves on being the UK’s leading independent energy

looking forward to working with you. Since December, the

supplier, and so this is a really exciting new venture for the

team have been really pushing to get the company off the

guys over in Swindon. Rob Cotterell, Mike Blane and Phil

ground, and thanks to their hard work and incredible drive,

Reed are heading the team over there and we are really

it has truly flown; the structures have been put in place and

excited to see the development of this new undertaking.

in the first month alone, the business has grown by x300% which is an extraordinary achievement... and things are only

Fuse came to fruition just before christmas, and has since

just beginning! The team have a solid growth plan in place,

been making waves thanks to the incredible team we have

aiming to have a 30-strong team in Swindon by March, and

in place. A big congratulations to Phil, Dan, James, Jonah

beyond that looking towards the summer, they hope to have

and Matt, our core team who have been working tirelessly

a team of 200 people. The future's looking bright....

to get Fuse up and running, and also to our incredible new





Christmas in the Cotswolds

Cowley Manor / Cheltenham





e like any excuse to don our fes-

joy the sauna or indulge in some treatments to ensure that everyone

tive garments and get dancing,

was glowing and revitalised in time for the celebrations that evening….

and what better excuse to do so

and celebrate we did!

than the Mantra Christmas Party, this year held at the breath-taking

Upon arrival into the main space, we were offered champagne and deli-

Cowley Manor: Christmas in the

cious canapes before a special festive feast, followed by an appropri-

Cotswolds. the Manor looked ab-

ate amount of cocktails...the cocktail bar was a real treat, and the team

solutely stunning, with christmas

made sure that the bar staff got to show off their skills to the max (only



polite, hey!?). After dinner, we had dancing - Ike taking to the DJ decks

throughout the entire grounds to ensure that everyone was fully im-

- and partied into the night, celebrating the success of the company

mersed in the festivities. It really was an extraordinary weekend, filled

and the wonderful team that we have here.



with fine dining, dancing and laughter, celebrating the company and those that make up the future of Mantra.

… With slightly sore heads and aching feet in the morning, it was straight back to the Spa to replenish and revive body and soul before

We have a fantastic team working with us at the moment and we are

breakfast... Ike in particular, who - after winning ‘best performer’, and

really excited to see what the next year brings, so this weekend was

therefore the key to the best room in the Manor - had treated himself

a wonderful way to toast the achievements of our guys, whilst looking

to the contents of his very own mini bar! The room itself was stunning,

forward to the New Year. We began the weekend by hosting a daytime

with a balcony overlooking the grounds and a bath big enough for the

Premier Club Meeting for the bright new things of the company. We

entire team! A real luxury.

held talks to discuss the expansion of business, offering advice on recruitment and how to develop business partners, and made sure that

We are so proud of what each and every one of our team has achieved,

everyone was on the right track, moving in the right direction towards

and we like to celebrate in style to honour the success of Mantra and

a bright future in the industry.

those that make us what we are. Thank you to all and a very Merry Christmas!

After the meeting, we spent the afternoon pampering ourselves in the luxury spa, swimming in the outdoor pool, taking some time out to en-





















Nice France



Russia in the UK

Our Russian Partners headed over to the UK on a fact finding mission . Upon returning to Moscow with their discoveries, they have seen immediate growth as a result.














Books & Podcasts With travel becoming a grander part of the business and offices con-

one step ahead of the game. Give yourself the maximum opportunity

tinuing to open in Russia, Spain, and all over the UK, business trips

for success by ‘zooming out’ of your immediate context. Assert a sense

becoming more and more of a central part of the company, why not

of objectivity in terms of the way in which you view yourself and your

maximise your travel time, sit back, relax and engage with your work in

work. Or simply listen to someone else’s opinion, advice and broaden

a different medium. Communication is at the heart of this industry, so

your perspective on Marketing. Take some time out and tune in…Here’s

ensure that you are working towards being the best version of yourself

what we suggest…

within this context; listen. Listening to your clients, listening to your colleagues, listening to the climate of the industry and actively engaging with what's going on within the wider sphere of the line of work is paramount if you are to continue developing.

Reading! A fantastic way by which to learn, to expand your mind and to absorb new methods of communication. Reading someone else’s words, analysing the means by which they translate an idea in a written context is extremely important. The words that they use to per-

In line with the focus of this quarter’s edition of Mantra - the trajectory

suade or to intrigue you or make you question…. the changing manner

of the Entrepreneur - think about ways in which you are able to stay

in which they write in order to provoke a specific response, this is all

A New Era of Content

Marketing A Love Story


A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

By: Bright Edge / iProspect


By: Jonah Berger

By: Eckhart Tolle



at the heart of what we aim to do as Entrepreneurs. Communication. Read someone else’s words and see what sticks. What strikes a chord with you, and why. It’s not just about the content, but the way in which this content is presented. The vocabulary of the Entrepreneur. Pick up one of the following suggestions and have a think about why it does or doesn't land with you….keep questioning, analysing and engaging. Keep moving forwards.

Hit Makers

The Science of Popularity in an age


Sales & Marketing

of Digital Distraction





Louder Than Words By: John Bonini

Marketing Over Coffee By: John Wall & Christoper Penn

The Mad Marketing Podcast By: Marcus Sheridan

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour By: Dawn Marrs Ortiz & Traci Reuter

Keep learning, keep improving and keep moving forward.

By: Angela Duckworth



Photo Pool

A selection of some of our favourite photos from Q2




























Congratulations to James and Sarah on the birth of their baby Delilah. - She's absolutely gorgeous! xx






The Mantra Weekender 2018 is at…

3 Stages Glamping

30 Live Bands “Camp Mantra” In The Tribal Lands Great Bars Global Street Food 2 Days and Nights

Info and tickets:






a trip to

7-12 April...

(Including flights & accommodation & attendance at the Owners meeting, 9th/10th)

for the top two leaders

with the highest increase in production from 1st week Feb to 1st week March (4-week comp) 1 winner will be the leader that grows by the most amount of owner’s profit in £ and 1 winner will be the leader that grows by the biggest percentage increase in owner’s profit in % min £1k in owner’s profit in the final week of the competition Base week: w.e. 4th February Final week: w.e. 4th March






Office List Mantra Marketing Group 2018


Our UK, Spanish and Russian office list. Please be sure to check out the websites accessible through the links provided. Also please be sure to visit our social media channels for future developments

Mantra Marketing Group James Buckley / Francis Colam

Force Marketing Rebeca Perez

Taer Group Viktor Taursky



Leela Promotions Aparna Rakesh Plymouth

EMDI Marketing Nelson Pereira Reus

Antares Rustem Gumerov Naberezhnie Chelny website coming soon

RedSeven Marketing Robert Cotterell Swindon

Z Marketing Aidar Zamaletdinov Moscow website coming soon

1 to 1 Advertising Mark Twitchin Bristol

Vio Organisation Veronica Ovechkina Moscow website coming soon

1 to 1 Advertising #2 Mark Widnel Barnstaple website coming soon

Asana Marketing Group Aidar Zamaletdinov Moscow

Monument Promotions Matt Nicholson Swindon

First Group Albina Fazlieva Moscow

Fairview Advertising David Hebblethwaite Ipswich

Yuppie Timur Konovalov Moscow

B23 Marketing Rod Barker Ayr

World Marketing Radik Kamalov St Petersburg

website coming soon



“I think it's possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary” - ELON MUSK / ENTREPRENEUR -

RedSeven Marketing Magazine Issue #008 Q1 2018  
RedSeven Marketing Magazine Issue #008 Q1 2018