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October 31, 2012

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Fredricks lose home, gain support by

Lauren Schmidt

Home is where the heart is -a saying that many have heard and understand. Home is where a person can feel safe and loved, but what happens when that home is suddenly and unexpectedly, taken away? On Sept. 3, the day before school started, the Fredrick family was at a Labor Day picnic, about five miles from their house, when a neighbor arrived and told them that there was a fire at their house. “When I first heard, I had a hard time believing our house was on fire,” Julie Fredrick said. “I just prayed that it was something small.” When the Fredricks arrived at their house, they quickly saw that was not the case. There were about seven fire trucks, rescue squads and an ambulance. “We were mostly worried about our dog and cat,” junior Emily Fredrick said. “Our dog was in the garage, so she was fine because the fire started on the other side of the house.” However, the Fredricks’ cat, Luna, was inside the house when the fire started and they were not able to get to her in time. “Losing Luna was the hardest part about the fire,” Jim Fredrick said. “Everything else we lost was replaceable, but losing Luna hurt.” No one is sure how the fire

Photo Submitted After the fire that took their home, the Fredrick’s stayed with Julie’s parents for about a week and then rented a house near Berlin.“We would like to thank all of the different sports and clubs that gave us donations and helped us out so much,” Julie Fredrick said. started, except that it started at cause the night of the fire she took few days earlier, so fortunately he thought she would make a great the back of the house. me shopping, since school started had many of his things out of the pet.” “I wish we could know what the next day and all of my clothes house already,” Julie said. The Fredricks hope to start rehappened,” Emily said. “It would were destroyed,” Emily said. Since the fire, the Fredricks building in the near future. bring us closure.” Almost everything in their have gotten a new cat, Penny, and “It’s hard having to start over,” The Fredricks are very grateful home was destroyed. However, a are still trying to get back into Julie said. “But it’s something we to all of their good friends that few things have been taken out by their normal routine. have to do.” have been generous with their a restoration company and were “Having Penny is great,” Emily The Fredricks would like to gifts and donations to help get able to be cleaned. said. “She was a stray cat that was thank everyone that was so genthem back on their feet. “My son, Paul, had just moved always at my uncle’s house and erous and supportive through this “I am thankful for my aunt be- to Platteville to start college a she was very tame, so my parents tough time.

Newsbriefs Food Service class sponsors academic breakfast

Whitney Fude’s Food Service class, along with some assistance from her other classes, served the meal that they had prepared for the academic breakfast on Oct. 17. “The students arrived by 6:30 a.m.,” Fude said. “It was a lot of work, but it truly showed them all the effort that goes into being part of Food Service.” Not only do the students prepare and serve the food, but they also prepare the menu and clean up everything afterwards. Fude and her class received many compliments on the breakfast. “There are always many people who come up to us during and after, complimenting us on the breakfast,” Fude said. “It means a lot to my class and to me to get that positive feedback from the attendees.”

Red Ribbon Week comes to BHS

During the last week of October, the STAND facilitators sponspored Red Ribbon Week at BHS. “Red Ribbon Week is a week to celebrate people being drug and alcohol free,” Guidance Counselor Ann Ragus said. Throughout the week, the STAND facilitators hosted numerous different activities in their classrooms to promote the importance of drug and alcohol awareness. “The ultimate goal is for students to be more aware of their own drug and alcohol use and to find out what they can do to promote their drug and alcohol free life,” Ragus said.

Federal lunch program: more nutriton, more complaints by

Becca Wenig

This year, the hot lunch program underwent several changes, icluding an increase on servings of fruits, vegetables andiwhole grains. This is all part of the federally mandated Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. The act allows the opportunity to improve the nutrition and food safety for millions of students. This means students are required to take one half cup of fruits and/or vegetables. Even though this has helped students receive more nutrition, it has caused some controversy across the nation. Some school districts say it is a beneficial program because it helps cut down the obesity rate. Also, with the increased nutrition they are receiving, students perform better academically. However, Food Service Director Peggy Seaman has major

Photo: B. Wenig As part of the “Healthy HungerFree Act,” students are required to take more fruits and vegetables, and less meat and bread. concerns about the program. “I am concerned about the calories the students are receiving. I disagree with the fact that an eighth grader only gets 50 more calories than a kindergartner because teens are growing during that time,” Seaman said. “Also, I feel the bread and meat portions are too low because students need more protein.” Since the lunch program has cut back, students have noticed that the

lunch has been less filling. “I do not think we get enough food,” freshman Taylor Wallace said. “When I would go to football practice, I would be starving.” Even though the portions have become smaller and less filling, it does not mean the prices have decreased. “From the federal program, we were forced to raise the hot lunch prices,” Seaman said. “This is another concern because it will be harder for the lower income families to afford it.” A freshman girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, is part of the free hot lunch program. Although the financial aspect does not phase her family, she thinks the hot lunch is satisfying. “I get full easily from lunch. It satisfies me,” she said. Though the national program has received negative complaints, they will continue with the changes.

Opinion Editorial High school pranks: How far is too far? Students want to make their years in high school memorable. Playing pranks is one of many ways that can make any moment unforgettable. The problem is, how far is too far? Pranks, for the most part, do not cross the line if they are harmless and intended to result in a good laugh. Though pranks are fun, one must think of the possible consequences of pranking. Egging, spray painting, vandalizing or anything that causes permenant damage is a sign that the prank has gone too far. Not only is that doing physical damage to someone’s property, but a prank taken too far can cause emotional damage. Harmless pranks are not directed toward someone specifically, but are just a spur of the moment thing. Singling out a certain person to play pranks on is potentially taking part in a form of harassment.

Playing a prank on the same person all the time is just plain bullying. Berlin High School has a zero tolerance policy towards bullying. The policy states that the adminstration does not need to give a student a warning for bullying someone, and bullies can be given a consequence for their actions right away. If students are willing to face the potential consequences of a prank, they should try to stick to basic pranks that will not cause any big problems. Toilet papering someone’s house or the school is a harmless prank overall. It will not leave severe damage to the property. It will, however, be time consuming to clean up and the pranksters will have spent a good amount of money on it. Pranksters just need to remember to think through their plan to insure no one will be bullied or any property damaged.

Sporting events...with the parents by

Becca Wenig

When athletes are playing sports, they usually look up in the stands to see their supportive parents yelling and cheering for them. At home matches for volleyball, I look up in the stands and do not see my parents. Then I remember my mom is at the score table and my dad is coaching the freshmen football team. During home volleyball matches, it can be strange hearing my mom announce the team, especially when she announces my


October 31, 2012

Don’t stress so much about... Testing

Photo: B. Wenig


Jenna Horn

School is a time for tests, college applications, homework, homework and more homework. But, do not stress about it so much, students. We will get through it. Freshmen year, luckily, has no big, important, standardized tests. On the down side, the piles of homework may be quite overwhelming. But hey, it is only homework. Sophomores, this is the year of the wonderful WKCE testing. Yay! Everyone loves sitting in a classroom for three days straight, taking timed tests for three hours each day. Not. These multiple tests may seem like the most pointless tests one could take, but it is still important to take them to the best of one’s ability. Sometimes it is interesting to see how one student may compare to other students around the state. At least sophomores get free breakfast, although I am not promising it is good. Junior year holds one of the

name, she is so cheerful when she says “Number 12, Becca Wenig!!” At home, that is a different story. I get the serious toned voice saying, “Rebecca Jean, clean your room.” Then there is my dad. When I see him coaching, I sometimes cannot take him seriously because the man who is being serious and calling out plays for the boys is not the same man at home. The man at home is someone who is not afraid to randomly bust a move or call me “Becca Jean Bean.” When it comes to sports, there are several times where my parents think they know everything. At tournaments, I will hear my mom yelling from the stands about things she has no idea what she is talking about. She also likes to do embarrassing cheers, such as “B-H-S, who you rootin’ for? B-H-S!” After the match, Dad will tell me I did a nice job, but also say I should have hit the ball harder or I should have changed the direction of my hit. These are the moments I would love to say,

most important tests a highschooler may take, one that helps decide their futures: the ACT. The four-hour test consists of English, math, reading, science and the optional writing portion. This can potentially make or break a student’s college opportunity. But just think, if a student takes the test and does completely horrible the first time, it can be retaken as many times as needed. Applications, scholarships, more applications, and more scholarships...oh wait, did I mention that this is senior year? Senior year may be so overwhelming that it may seem like there is not enough time to finish everything. So, use time wisely to fill out applications correctly and apply for as many scholarships as possible to help guide the college process along smoothly. But, also remember not to stress too much about it. Just remember, from freshman year on, each assignment, each test is one small step toward college or a career. A career means money, and we all know everyone loves money.

The Red ‘n’ Green Berlin High School 222 Memorial Drive Berlin, WI 54923 920.361.2000 redandgreen@berlin.k12. The Red ‘n’ Green is printed monthly by Berlin High School and circulated free to students. The purpose of the Red ‘n’ Green is to be an open public forum for our staff, students and readers. We want to create close ties between the administration, faculty, students and the Berlin community. We will give readers the opportunity to voice opinions. The Red ‘n’ Green will accept only signed letters to the editor, although names will be withheld upon request. We reserve the right to return letters for corrections before publishing. The staff will not print any material that is libelous, obscene or malicious. Editorials are unsigned as they reflect the majority opinion of the staff. Editorial topics will be covered in a fair manner. However, controversial topics will be covered. Subscriptions are available. Please contact the business manager at the above email address or phone number.



October 31, 2012

‘Sound of Music’ fills Berlin by

Hailey Prachel

Although many may not realize it, the classic musical “The Sound of Music” is about much more than the story of a woman who sings all the time; it also reflects history, and much more than one would think. “I think staying true to the time period is important,” Musical Director Lisa Utecht said. “Knowing much of the true story gives more depth to the acting and heart to the story.” While the “The Sound of Music” was based on the first section of Maria von Trapp’s book “The Story of the von Trapp Singers” there were many changes and omissions. According to, in 1927 Captain and Maria married, and in 1938 the Nazis began to invade Salzburg. The von Trapp family had to leave their home and all of their belongings, but in the musical, they married right before the Nazi takeover. Even though there is a differ-

Captian von Trapp

ence between the musical and the real story, Utecht is trying to keep it as close to the movie as possible. “The only differences between the movie and our musical would be the order of the scenes and the songs,” Utecht said. “That’s only because we have to change the stage.” Utecht looks at the group’s talent

as a big factor in how she chooses a musical. “I choose the musical depending on the group that is going to perform it,” Utecht said. “It sounds crazy, but I sometimes get ‘signs’. While I was debating what show to do, there were many references about ‘The Sound of Music’ on

Maria November 9

Business Manager:

(7 p.m.)

Peter Schrader

& November 10


Payton DeMaster Shayla Ferrel Danielle Fralish Annissa Haedt Hailey Prachel Lauren Schmidt Caitlyn Schubert Becca Wenig


Shannon Kuehmichel

Letter to the


of the best. Recently, I have seen people spitting from the top of the stairwell onto the steps below. Not only is this disgusting, but it is also disrespectful. If you have to spit, use a sink, trash can, or even go outside, but please do not use the school stairwell as your spit can. Sincerely, Annoyed Student

Christopher Patrick Plummer Malchetske


Charmian Emma Carr Hargrave


Angela Emily Cartwright Fredrick

TV.” As the show dates for the, “The Sound of Music” get closer, Utecht said she expects a great show. “We have a really talented group this year,” Utecht said. “I’ve got great leadership and it’s a show the kids know, so it helps in the preparation.” Junior Gretel Laverenz, who plays one of the lead roles as Maria, is eagerto perform for an audience. “I’m excited for everyone to see all of our hard work,” Laverenz said. “It takes a lot of practice, memorization, focus and attendance for the show to be successful.” The musical will open on Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. and also show on Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. Tickets are available in the high school office or at Berlin Printing. Prices for the tickets are $7 in advance and $8 at the door (reserved seating). “I hope to have the audience join us in a song or two at each performance!” Utecht said.

Photo Submitted The cast for “The Sound of Music,” the fall musical, rehearses “The Hills are Alive,” one of the many songs in the show. Show dates are Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. and also Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Jenna Horn

“Dad, I didn’t know you played volleyball?” Instead, I just smile and say “Okay, Dad.” Dear Editor, Even though my parents can get rowdy at sporting events, through all the bumps, bruises and I would say we have a relatears, they were always are supportive and there tively new school. Compared for me. They have been at all of my tournaments, and I greatly appreciate it. I love being in Berlin to other schools in our conference, I would consider ours one sports...with my parents.

Photo Submitted


Julie Andrews

( 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.)

Gretel Laverenz

Duane Chase

Robert Reeves

What have you enjoyed most about high school? “Having challenging classes and learning about new things. Also, making memories and being involved.” What subjects are you most interested in? “Math and science.” What college do you want to attend, and what will be your major? “I’m undecided.” Tip for high school students: “Just enjoy everything! Get involved and keep in mind that what you do know will help your future!”

* Christopher Plummer (Captain) called the movie “Sound of Mucus”.

Tickets available in the office or at Berlin Printing!

Marta and Gretl

Marta and Gretl

Anna Falk

Kym Karath

Debbie Turner

Elyse Osterberg Josie Bartol Nya Osterberg Emma Boegh Day 1 Day 2

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Totes, a

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Photo Submitted Photo Submitted

Michael Falk

What have you enjoyed most about high school? “Being able to represent my school during sporting events and being conference champs in golf.” What subjects are you most interested in? “Human Spirit and computer classes.” What college do you want to attend, and what will be your major? “UW-Madison or UW-Oshkosh for a business degree.” Tip for high school students: “Always get involved and don’t hold back!” Created by Hailey Prachel

Personalize your product!

298 Broadway St. Berlin 920-361-3456

Emily Cox

*There were really 10 children instead of 7.

Austin Krentz

Created by Hailey Prachel

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Photo Submitted



Heather Menzies




Nicholas Hammond

Did you know?

Student of the

Independent consultant: Patti Horn 920-299-6631

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In-depth series


October 31, 2012

Past Pranks...from the teachers “A couple buddies and I picked someone to dress up as a blind person with a cane, get into the driver’s side of a car and drive away. The expressions on peoples’ faces were priceless,” science teacher Frank Lichtfuss said.

“On a Spanish trip, my friends and I decided to see how much mild salsa we could eat at once, so I replaced the mild salsa with hot salsa. My friend took a huge scoop and shoved it all in her mouth,” Spanish teacher Missy Daubner said.

Text and photos by Lauren Schmidt

Q & A:

What made you want to pull this prank?

We were really just trying to think of people who lived in Berlin to mess with and when we were driving around the block, we decided to egg Adrianna Harding’s house.

Exactly how did you pull this prank?

We first bought eggs. I was sitting in the front seat, basically outside the window wearing a horse mask. We continued driving around the block and every time we came to the house I would throw eggs. I did not hit the house every time. Many times we failed.

What went wrong?

“When I was in college we would put packing peanuts on a poster over the door so whenever anyone opened it, the peanuts would fall on them,” social studies teacher Jennifer Leahy said.

“My friends and I bought about 90 rolls of toilet paper and wrapped it around Mr. Zarnott’s (former elementary principal) car and it rained, so he couldn’t even open his car,” at-risk teacher Karen Winkel said.

Senior Brooke Nighbor shares her experience of getting caught in the act of a high school prank

Payton DeMaster: What was your original prank? Senior Brooke Nighbor: Emily Jones and I were going to toilet paper peoples’ houses, but then we wanted to get someone in town, so we decided to go egging.

A lot went wrong. First of all, Adrianna’s dad came running out of the house yelling at us. When we started driving away, he got in his car, sped up and continued yelling at us to stop and come over to talk

to him. When we got back to our friends house, Adrianna’s dad had already called the cops and they showed up at our friend’s house.

How did you feel when you knew you were caught?

It was at the point where I just really did not care anymore. The cops were not making that big of a deal about it so I was not scared.

What were the consequences?

After we admitted to throwing eggs, we just got in trouble for being out past curfew, so it was nothing too serious. We had to clean up the eggs. We did not hit the house too many times, so there was not a big mess.

What would you have done differently if you could go back? If we would not have gone around the block too many times and were more speedy about it, we might not have gotten caught.

Would you attempt this prank again?

In-depth series

October 31, 2012

Senior prank pushes boundaries by

“The star player on my basketball team got called ‘Mr. All-World’ by a radio broadcaster, so I taped a piece of paper that said ‘Mr. All-World’ over his license plate and he didn’t notice it for a week,” English teacher Andrew Reise said.


Not the same house, but probably. We would just be smarter about it.

Danielle Fralish

Every year the seniors pull a prank during Homecoming week, which is usually toilet papering the school. This year, they decided to do something different, and had it to be the best, better than previous pranks. In past years, seniors have greased a pig, written things on the cement and plastic wrapped toilets. This time, seniors wanted to do something that has never been done. They were determined that they were going to pull a prank in the school itself “It was actually very easy to get into the school. All we had to do was ask a janitor on duty and they let us in,” senior Bryce Pomplun said. The master mind of this whole prank was a group of senior girls. Their idea was to fill as many cups as they could with water and put them all on the commons stairs. At the landing of the stairs they put a chicken, which senior Brinley Stelmach provided from her family farm. Streamers and balloons filled the commons also. “We believe that our prank was legendary and nobody will ever do it again. We had a lot of fun doing it, too,” Pomplun said. One big problem with this prank was it had to be cleaned up right away and the only students that saw it were ones that got to school early. Principal Lynn Mork also arrived early enough to see the prank. He had a mixed reaction to what he saw. “I thought that this prank was totally fine when it came to the cups, balloons and streamers. That was not a problem,” Mork said. “It was putting water into the cups and having water balloons. That is where the danger and safety steps in. The only consequence they had was to clean it up.” But then the real question is, how many seniors were really there to clean the mess up? “Most of the seniors that had a part in the prank helped clean up, but as soon as the bell rang they all took off and Bryce and I were the only ones to clean it all up,” senior Alex Belmontes said. Traditionally the seniors toilet paper the school, but this year was a little different. The underclassmen took it over. “We heard that this year the seniors were not going to toilet paper. They were going to do something else. So, that is where the boys and I stepped in and said, ‘lets do it,”’ junior Tyson Featherston said. When the seniors found out, they threatened to call the cops if they saw the juniors toilet papering. After the juniors heard that, there was no way they were backing down. They were determined to do it, and do it well. However, some seniors made good on their threat.

Nov. 9 at 7 p.m Nov. 10 at 2 p.m & 7 p.m

Out of 408 students surveyed...


students have gone toilet-papering Out of these 232 students,


students have been caught Photo Submitted Seniors Mariah Moe and Emily Jones set up their unique senior prank, placing cups on the commons stairs and filling them with water, along with putting a chicken on the landing. The prank resulted in very little punishment and the seniors believed it was a success. “We could not get the job done well enough. We got parts of the school but not a lot. When the seniors saw us, they came running out and threw eggs at us. I got hit in the head,” Featherson said. The police did show up and got the boys’ names down, but only two of them. The officer turned their names in to the school and let the school handle it from there. The only punishment the school had for them was to clean up the toilet paper. Although it was after curfew, the officer was nice enough not to give tickets. With classes trying to outdo each other’s pranks, Mork plans to keep his eyes and ears open, especially during events like Homecoming. “I did not mind this prank too much. The majority of it was harmless. It’s just not every year they do a prank inside, which I do not think is

acceptable. This prank was definitely a one time thing and will not be acceptable from now on,” Mork said. Not every student thought it was the best prank, either. “I thought that the prank was creative and it was funny, but I felt really bad for the chicken... it had a crippled leg,” junior Brooke Hess said. However most of the juniors liked the water in cups prank. After they saw the prank, the junior class is already trying to think of new ideas that no other class has done before. “It was actually pretty funny and I really like the chicken idea, but it was pretty low that the janitors let the senior class inside to do their prank,” junior Trevor Dawson said. “We are going to have the best prank next year. It will be unforgettable.”

On average, about 200 rolls of toilet-paper are used when toilet-papering the school If 1 person cleaned up the toilet-paper at school, it would take approximately 8 hours Created by Jenna Horn

Apparel Art Elizabeth Meyer: Owner


$7 in advance $8 at the door

By the Numbers: Toilet-papering pranks

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October 31, 2012


Cognitive Corner Had no fear at ‘Green Bay Fear’ 1.

Figure out the phrase. 2.



ONCE 4:56pm

EZ iii

3. 5.

Math The

Either weigh or whey source: Bills Games

1.) Once upon a time 2.) Foreign language 3.) The aftermath 4.) Easy on the eyes 5.) One way or another

Of Mice & Men: Boring book, phenomenal band by

Caitlyn Schubert

American metalcore band Of Mice & Men are becoming more and more popular in the world of metal music. In the middle of touring with the Vans Warped Tour this past summer, they re-released their second full-length studio album, “The Flood,” on July 24. The re-released version of the album includes four brand new songs. It starts off with “The Calm,” which is slow, solemn and has no vocals, then eventually progresses into “The Storm.” It eases its way up to “The Flood,” which gets pretty mean, and finishes everything off with the vicious track “The Depths.” These songs are an adrenaline-filled addition to the album and build up the intensity right from the get-go. My all-time favorite track on the album, and by far the most brutal, is no other than “O.G. Loko.” I got

the chance to watch them perform this song at Warped Tour, and the Warped Tour version is even more exhilarating. At a certain line in the song, Of Mice & Men asks the crowd to form a huge circle pit. After that line, the crowd goes absolutely wild in a merciless “wall of death,” which my fellow concert-goer and I were lucky enough to be right in the middle of. With that particular wall of death being one of my two reasons for attending the Vans Warped Tour this year, it was one of the most fun and memorable concert experiences I have had yet. Of Mice & Men is a great metal band, and I would highly recommend them to any metal heads looking for a new favorite.

Must Downloads:

“O.G. Loko,” “Still YDG’N,” “Ohioisonfire,” “The Depths,” “When You Can’t Sleep At Night”


Shayla Ferrel

Halloween is one of my two favorite holidays. I love to dress up, watch horror films and I especially love to go to haunted houses. Last year, I went to the Burial Chambers in Neenah and thought it was decent. This year, I wanted to expand my travels to find an even better haunted house. I decided Green Bay sounded exciting. I went online and found that the Shawano Manor, right outside Green Bay, was hosting a haunted house. The story behind the Manor is that a man was murdered there because of his wealth. It is said to be truly haunted, so having a fake haunted house would make the spirits upset. This would definitely be the kind of spookiness to make my jaw clench and hair stand up. So, I called up a few friends and we ventured to the Shawano Manor.

As we were getting close to our destination, we noticed the GPS was taking us into Green Bay. We were a little confused as to where we were headed, but left it alone since the website gave us a specific address. Sure enough our instincts were right; we were not headed to the Shawano Manor. We ended up at a different haunted house, Green Bay Fear. Since we were an hour and a half away from home and really wanted to go to a haunted house, we decided to check out this one. We walked up to the ticket booth and were offered two admissions, general and RIP. There was a $20 difference, so we stuck to the general. We were led to the beginning of a dark, sloppy trail in the woods. A clown greeted us and told us to “watch out for the monsters.” The trail was about a five minute walk. There were chainsaws, graves stones and people dressed in fullbody black capes, but not many were

October 31, 2012



Senior captains Levon McQuown, Favio Adame, Ben Kivi and Brady Hargrave represent Berlin during the coin toss before the game. The captains lead the team as role models while staying focused and dedicated during each game and practice.

Payton DeMaster

Junior Krista Nelson’s white 1990 Pontiac Prizm stands out from other cars in the parking lot and helped her win Queen of the Lot for October! “My dad bought this car about six years ago from a friend, and we will always have it,” Nelson said. After receiving her license four months ago, Nelson began driving the Pontiac. She has had some good times driving it, but has gotten some funny looks as well. “My friends and I call it the ‘bean popper.’ I don’t know why, but the name just always stuck,” Nelson said. “My parents think it looks like a tuna can.” After driving the “bean popper” for several months, and having over 195,000 miles on it, Nelson looks forward to driving her new car, a 2002 Ford Escort, but will always have the Pontiac Prizm for backup. “Since my car has basically no shocks, all I can say is thanks for the roller coaster rides!” Nelson said.

Peter Schrader

The sport of soccer is, to me, a rather lackluster game where players run around aimlessly kicking a ball to each other until one falls over “injured” and the game stops for a short period of time. During the game, the players pass the ball to each other and rarely send it into the back of the net, which is not fun to watch. Nonetheless, I will admit that soccer is a very physically demanding and fast-paced sport. The players run the field for 80 Photo: EDGE Photography

Photo: P. DeMaster



Rating out of 5:


Pros vs. Cons

Captains provide positive influences


Queen of the

Sports & Entertainment

trying to scare us. We were then standing on the front porch of a old, rugged house that was at the end of the trail. A witch opened the broad, joyless door and led us in where we were immediately handed 3-D glasses. We could not walk through unless they were on. Throughout the rooms in the house, neon paint was splattered everywhere. As if that weren’t trippy enough, there were strobe lights flashing and too many people standing in the rooms to scare us. It felt more like a fun house rather than a haunted house. Not only was Green Bay Fear anything but frightening, my shoes were also ruined. I suggest no one take the trip to this “haunted” house.

Krista Nelson spends quality time with her Pontiac Prizm, before she moves on to a newer car.



Jenna Horn

The varsity football season came to a close on Friday, Oct. 12 with a loss to FVL. The team had a rough 2012 season, winning only one game against Eastern Valley Conference team, Clintonville. “In terms of wins and losses it was not where we wanted it to be,” Head Coach Joe Stellmacher said. “But, it was a very enjoyable group to coach, and I think the boys had some positive experiences and good memories, so hopefully they took a lot from

that.” Along with the coaches helping lead the team, it is also the job of the team captains to keep the team focused and dedicated. “The captains need to provide leadership, set the tempo during practice and be the voice of the team,” Stellmacher said. “And the seniors this year did that on and off the field.” The 2012 team captains, seniors Brady Hargrave, Ben Kivi and Levon McQuown took the leadership roles after being voted into the captain positions. “As captains it is our job to help lead the team, always have a

positive attitude and set good examples for the rest of the team,” Hargrave said. It is not only the role of the captains to lead the team, but also to help everyone develop a bond. “As a team we need to hang out with each other to develop a team bond,” Kivi said. “We become more of a team that way. We are not out on the football field with other guys we barely know, we are with friends.” Although the captains wish they could have finished the season with more wins, they are proud of the hard work everyone put in throughout the season.

Roving Reporter:

“Can I borrow your goat? I want to walk it around town,” junior Hannah Hayes said. “My goats are huge right now,” junior Cody Fischer said.

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What celebrity annoys you the most?

“Arnold Schwarzenegger. His accent just annoys me so much,” freshman Dylan Bortz said.

You said it, we write it “Heather, what are you doing?” band teacher Ben Ruetten asked junior Heather Brey during band class. “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just rapping,” Brey said.

minutes straight with only a short break in the middle. Athletes need to be at the peak of physical condition to do that. To be fair, soccer is also one of the most widely recognized sports in the world. Most countries have national soccer teams that participate in worldwide tournaments year round. Although some people may find soccer fun to play, I believe that it is extremely boring for people to watch. Just the thought of watching two teams play patty-cake with each other and exchange a few tears is too much for me to bear.

“Lady Gaga because she dresses really weird and she acts like she is five years old,” junior Jacob Smith said.

“Justin Bieber. I hate how like every girl is obsessed with him. It is just all too much,” sophomore Haylie Mirr said.

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“Lindsey Lohan because of all the lies and stupid stuff. I am sick of hearing about her all the time,” senior Colton Larschied said. Text and photos by Danielle Fralish



October 31, 2012

‘Freshman Four’ looks to sectionals, state by

Sportsbriefs Soccer hopes for improvement

The boys soccer season ended on a rough note with a record of 5-17. The team plans to rebuild to improve their record next year. “We had a young team this year,” sophomore Bryce Dretske said. “Next year we hope to come back with improved skills and team chemistry.”

Payton DeMaster

In a season where multiple swimmers have broken records, the “freshman four” strive toward sectionals and state. “Our team is so strong. We have a lot of fresh talent this year,” Captain Celia Mueller said. “Most of them are yearround swimmers, and many are very dedicated to the sport.” Many freshmen participating in swimming have not just joined this sport for fun, but are very competitive and experienced. The “freshman four,” otherwise known as Emily Vlachina, Mattea Arndt, and Payton and Rylie Parman hope to keep excelling and improving for their 200 medley and 200 free relay. “When we are all swimming together, I feel like all our weaknesses are overshadowed by the good things,” Payton Parman said. Each girl swims a different stroke in the relays and medleys. Vlachina swims backstroke, Arndt swims freestyle, Payton Parman swims butterfly and Rylie Parman swims the breast stroke. “We all have different strokes that

Schubert enjoys first football game

Photo Submitted (From left to right) Emily Vlachina, Mattea Arndt, Payton Parman, and Rylie Parman, the “freshman four,” receive their fifth place award for the 200 medley relay in Fond du Lac. work well together,” Vlachina said. With many nearby schools not involved in girls swimming, the girls conference is different than other sports. Being a Division II school and swimming against all Division I schools can be tough. “Swimming in individual meets and the conference meet is hard, but we hold our own,” Mueller said. Mueller is especially hoping to send the “freshman four” to state.

“Sectionals is a very important meet,” Mueller said. “It is the deciding factor of who goes to state and whose season is done. I can definitely see the four freshman representing Berlin-Green Lake.” Vlachina hopes to achieve her goal of heading to state this year, but knows it will be challenging. “Getting to state is not going to be easy,” Vlachina said. “We are really going to have to push ourselves.”

Berlin middle schooler, Tyler Schubert, has always had one dream: to play football. He was never able to because he has a heart condition, aortic stenosis, and his doctors say it would put too much stress on his heart. But, the school allowed Schubert to be the kicker for their last game. “The first night when I found out I was able to play tackle football, I couldn’t sleep,” Schubert said. “I was just thinking about how I would do in my very first game.” His coach, Jared Marshall, was happy that Tyler got the opportunity to play football and wished Tyler had been around all year. “I was very excited for Tyler to be able to suit up for a game,” Marshall said. “Watching his excitement going onto the field for the first time was priceless.”

Harmon sisters place at state

Volleyball claims back to back titles

Photo: EDGE Photography The girls team moved on to state after taking first at sectionals. At the state race, junior Kinsey Harmon placed 18 and her sister freshman Malerie Harmon placed 74 out of 150 runners. Photo Submitted The varsity volleyball team earned their second and third plaque titling them not only conference champions, but regional and sectional champions as well. “It was almost a relief being handed our plaque,” senior Maddie Koster said. “All of our hard work is starting to pay off.” They play at state Friday at 4 p.m. at the Resch Center in Green Bay.

Photo Submitted

Photo: EDGE Photography

October 2012  

news, sports

October 2012  

news, sports