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Breast Cancer What every woman and MAN should know






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October, 2014

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CALL ME CRAZY - Columnist Phil Bunton watches his wife’s clothes go on the move.

YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHERE... you’ll find Rivertown. From Hamlet’s Castle to Afghanistan.

PARTY FEAST - Del’Arte Restaurant is celebrating 20 years in business with a year-long party.



MINIMALIST HOME - This gorgeous riverside home reflects the beauty of the Hudson River, thanks to architect Jo Machinist.


BULLET-PROOF - Get the high-tech power of Bullet Security behind you and you’ll always feel safe.


MEMORIES OF ROBIN - Carlo Pellegrino of the Amazing Grace Circus once hung out with Robin Williams.



MUSIC ON THE RUN - The amazing music you hear at this month’s NYC Marathon and other sporting events is cre-

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Our cover photo was taken at the Harbors of Haverstraw by Murray Phillips


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ated by local DJ Luis Williams.

GOOD HANDS - Awards keep pouring in for Don Dietrich’s Allstate office.

WINDOW MAGIC - Westrock Windows and Blinds has an exciting brand new look.

HITTING THE BOOKS - The JCC Arts, Books and Culture Festival is a star-studded event.



ART EXPLOSION - Artoberfest at the Garnerville Arts Center will feature some exciting exhibits.


PHOTOS IN FOCUS - Dr. Arnold Roufa’s photos from around the world are on show at the Valley Cottage Library.


SHOW TIME - Artsrock will feature some of the world’s greatest musi-

63 80 84 cians.

SALUTE TO HEALTH AND MEDICINE - Special bonus section.

PAINT SAINT - Let Marilyn Benkler help your child grow with art.


BRICK DELIGHT - It’s the oldest brick building in Nyack. And it would make a marvelous office for someone.



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31 New Main Street, Haverstraw 845-429-8400

Quality Service Since 1934 Open seven days

96 Main St., Nyack 358-0688

We’re more than just a pharmacy



Call me crazy... Beauty and the Beast: It’s that time of year and my wife’s clothes are on the march. Candice’s summer collection has beaten a retreat and vanished until next year. The fall collection has dusted itself off and moved into prime position in the closet. The winter clothes are waiting at the on-deck circle. Meanwhile I look with bemusement at my clothes. There’s no rotation plan for my wardrobe. When Candice and I moved in together she graciously allowed me to share one of her closets - and there’s more than enough room for my black, blue and khaki pants. My five or six pairs of shoes are also quite happy where they are thank you. Let’s face it, I’m a guy. Most of the time I don’t care what I wear. Brown shoes in summer, black in winter. Tommy Bahama in summer, polo necks in winter. The underwear, if you care, is the same year round. And the socks are always black. Meanwhile my wife has discovered that some items in her fall/winter collection are out of date. “I bought that ten years ago,” she swears. So off she goes. And three hours later she comes back, festooned in plastic shopping bags. It’s time for the fashion show, which actually I quite enjoy. She shows off everything she bought and occasionally listens to my comments. The next day half the stuff goes back to the store. And she collects more stuff. Why can’t a woman be more like a man, as Professor Higgins once asked? Well, it wouldn’t be so much fun, would it? I used to have an open mind, but m

brains kept falling out. - Steven Wright.

A Man and his Murse: Ever since I confessed that I’d bought a man bag - or a murse - I’ve been getting a rough time from my buddies. Many pointed out that a man bag is really a satchel. Except with a big price tag. Louis Vuitton makes some for upwards of $1,000. I don’t mind the jokes. But I must say I now sympathize with women who carry those big bags around. My wife’s bag is a good example - it’s bigger than Santa’s sack, and is able to hold much more. For a start, she carries everything that she might possibly need for her grandchildren. So there are wipes of every description. At least two bottles of water, chewing gum, BandAids, iPhone, iPad, coupons for Kohls, various makeup and lip products, a mirror, a couple of pens, a collapsible umbrella, plastic bags of food, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and, of course, keys. So when I got my murse I decided to keep it to a minimum - iPhone, iPad, a wallet and my keys. But after a few days I realized I needed more STUFF. So I threw in some tissues, a Hershey bar, a Kindle (because there are times when you can’t read on your iPad), mints, hair spray - and a Swiss Army knife. Then I went off to work. Two hours later, I was home complaining that I’d thrown my back out. All that STUFF had twisted my whole body into a pretzel. How do you women stand it!

Phil Bunton

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Help for victims of domestic violence



Dr. Brett Caminez of Caminez Chiropractic in Orangeburg, and his team created awareness among his patients about the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault, which affects one in three women. Through their campaign, Dr. Caminez and his team raised approximately $1,300, which covers nearly one week of safe nights at the Center’s residential emergency shelter. A safe night includes safety planning, counseling, accompaniment, legal services and other supportive services to help women fleeing an abusive partner build the foundation for a life free from violence.patients in supporting the programs and services of the Center for Safety & Change that work to end violence against women and children. Dr. Caminez said: “It is our honor and pleasure to help such an incredible organization that provides much needed support to our community.” “We are extremely grateful to Dr. Caminez, his team and patients at Caminez Chiropractic in Orangeburg for their generosity and support of women who are in crisis and utilize our services” said Venesia Defrank, Director of Residential Services at the Center for Safety & Change.

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North Rockland Rotary celebrates with the Boulders

North Rockland Rotarians celebrated with Boulder Bird as Rockland Boulders advanced to Can-Am League Championship playoff, and later clinched the title. Front row, L-R: Sonia Crannage, Mary Halstead, Patricia Zippilli, Rotary PDG Carole Tjoa, Nicholas Wassmer (holding baseball), Boulder Bird,Emily Martin, Alan McGeorge. Back row, L-R: Boulders Broadcaster and Asst. General Manager Seth Cantor, Boulders Chief Scout and Player Development Director Kevin Tuve, Iris Santiago, Francis "Bud" Wassmer, Gary Mower, Paul Piperato. Photo by Judy Ritacco


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Rivertown Vol. 15, Issue 9

Rivertown magazine is published monthly by Nyack Rivertown LLC. It is distributed free throughout the Nyacks, Grand View, Piermont, throughout Rockland County, the Hudson Valley and New Jersey. Subscriptions are available for $29.50 a year. Send check or money order to: Rivertown, 5 Edge Water Lane, Haverstraw, NY 10927.

Hospice holds Dancing with our Stars Gala October 19

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United Hospice of Rockland's (UHR) DANCING with our STARS 2014 Gala will be held Sunday, October 19, 2014, at the Colonial Inn in Norwood, New Jersey. The event honorees this year are Thomas Zugibe and Family in memory of Dr. Frederick Zugibe and Vincent Abbatecola Jr. and Family in memory of Vincent Abbatecola Sr. For information about attending the gala, becoming a sponsor and advance voting for your favorite dancers, please visit hospiceofrockland.org/newsevents/events/dancing-ourstars-0 or contact Mary Jane (MJ) Bray at 845.634.4974 or mbray@hospiceofrockland.org. Please join us for an exciting evening of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 5:00 PM, followed by dinner and dancing to the Tony T Orchestra at 6:00 PM. Special entertainment will feature “Dancing with Our Stars,” Director Angelique Ilo

and MC John Patrick Schultz. Professional dancers from Rockland Dance Studios will partner with the stars. This year's dancers include: Leonard Birbrower (dancing with Iulia Ceccolini), Robert Fellow (dancing with Anna Moraru), Sharon Kantrowitz (dancing with Nolan Josephs), Rita Lombard (dancing with Igor Sharapanyuk), and Sue Rutledge (dancing with Mihail Moraru). Votes for dancers will also be on sale in advance of the Gala. Purchase one vote for $10 and 3 votes for $25. Professional judges and attendees will cast their votes to determine the winning couple. Raffle tickets for a Luxury Ritz Carlton Vacation for Two in Continental US (includes round trip airfare) and a 47” LG SMART TV, Cinema 3D will not be sold at the event and must be purchased in advance. In addition, bids on silent auction prizes in advance of the Gala may be emailed with minimum/maximum bids to Lisa Denburg at ldenburg@hospiceofrockland.org.

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643 MAIN STREET • SPARKILL, NY 10976 TEL. (845) 359-4114 • FAX (845) (845) 359-4684 359-4664 www.bauercrowley.com


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Rent out your home and save taxes

Summer may be over, but ski season is just around the corner. If you’re thinking of buying a vacation home in the mountains and renting it out, or perhaps using it yourself as well, there may be tax consequences you haven’t considered. Here’s what you need to know. Tax rules on rental income from second homes can be complicated, particularly if you rent the home out for several months of the year, but also use the home yourself. There is however, one provision that is not complicated. Homeowners who rent out their property for 14 or fewer days a year can pocket the rental income, tax-free. Known as the "Master's exemption," it is used by homeowners near the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA who rent out their homes during the Master's Tournament (for as much as $20,000!). It is also used by homeowners who rent out their homes for movie productions or those whose residences are located near Super Bowl sites or national political conventions. Tip: If you live close to a vacation destination such as the beach or mountains, you may be able to make some extra cash by renting out your home (principal residence) when you go on vacation--as long as it's two weeks or less. And, although you can't take depreciation or deduct for maintenance, you can deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and casualty losses on Schedule A.

You and Your Taxes

By Joseph A. Lux, CPA, PLLC

In general, income from rental of a vacation home for 15 days or longer must be reported on your tax return on Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss. Your rental income may also be subject to the net investment income tax. You should also keep in mind that the definition of a "vacation home" is not limited to a house. Apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, and boats are also considered vacation homes in the eyes of the IRS. Further, the IRS states that a vacation home is considered a residence if personal use exceeds 14 days or more than 10 percent of the total days it is rented to others (if that figure is greater). When you use a vacation home as your residence and also rent it to others, you must divide the expenses between rental use and personal use, and

you may not deduct the rental portion of the expenses in excess of the rental income. Example: Let's say you own a house in the mountains and rent it out during ski season, typically between mid-December and mid-April. You and your family also vacation at the house for one week in October and two weeks in August. The rest of the time the house is unused. The family uses the house for 21 days and it is rented out to others for 121 days for a total of 142 days of use during the year. In this scenario, 85 percent of expenses such as mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance, utilities, and depreciation can be written off against the rental income on Schedule E. As for the remaining 15 percent of expenses, only the owner's mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible on Schedule A. Joseph A. Lux, CPA has been providing tax and accounting services to individuals and small businesses in our community for over twenty years. Joe can be reached at 845-358-1929 or by e-mail at joe@joelux.com. Visit his website, www.joelux.com , for more tax saving ideas and tools, or to subscribe to his free monthly newsletter. Free initial consultations are available to new clients.

Nyack Center hosts Monster Mash

Monster Mash October 25 at Nyack Center directly after the Nyack Halloween Parade. (October 26th rain date) Parade begins at 5:30pm-parade approx. 1 hour long The Nyack Center will be hosting our eighth annual Monster Mash to directly fol-


low the Nyack Halloween Parade to give families a great and ghoulish place to eat up, boogie and take part in spooktacular activities! Live Music with Danna Bananafor more on Danna Banana go to http://www.dannabanana.com.

Throw a pie at your favorite politician Nyack Mayor Jen Laird-White will be there to be pied among others. Entrance is free. Additional costs for food and activities. Celebrate Nyack’s Famous Halloween Parade and local fun at Nyack Center with live music, have dinner and meet friends and neighbors. This year’s Corporate Sponsor-Newman and Simpson LLP Witch Way 5K October 25 Registration is now underway for the Witch Way 5K to benefit Nyack Center. The race will start in Nyack Memorial Park and finish in the heart of the Village of Nyack. There will also be a kids 1k fun run in costume! Register online at www.raceawesome.com Nyack Center is on the corner of Broadway/Depew in Nyack. All proceeds benefit Nyack Center’s programs. Call 358-2600 for more info or go to www.nyackcenter.org ###

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A shining message of Freedom The Freedom Tower in downtown Manhattan stands for so much. This photograph of the tower shining in the sunlight sends a powerful message. It was taken by local photographer Arnold Roufa, MD.


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JCC launches Early Childhood Program with ribbon-cutting ceremony

JCC Rockland officially opened itsfull-day Deborah Koenig Early Childhood Program with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The program is the first full‐day Jewish program in Rockland County and can accommodate infants as young as six weeks old up to pre‐kindergarteners. The program is designed to meet the needs of working parents and those seeking a full‐day option for childcare, and runs daily from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. “It’s really exciting to be starting this program, that provides the best in child developmental practices infused with Jewish values,” said Eliza Millman, COO of JCC Rockland. “We’re offering a fantastic learning experience in our unique facility. We can support the needs of the entire family and we have the collective wisdom, research and practices of the national JCC organization – the largest provider of early childhood education in the country – behind us.” The educational approach will focus on “the whole child” one, strengthening children socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically, while providing warm, nurturing care, according to Millman. The program — part of the Deborah Koenig Early Childhood Center at the JCC that includes camp, early childhood parenting seminars, mini‐sports, holidays and more — will run year‐round, with children participating in Camp J‐Land for the summer and included in the 12‐month tuition. While Jewish in flavor, it will not be a religious program, but rather one that is welcoming, inclusive and open to all. Early Childhood programs are a mainstay of JCCs around the country. According to the JCC Association, an umbrella organization serving the interests of JCCs - 160 JCCs in North America offer childcare programs. .


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Mohawk Valley

You never know where

The Historical Society of Rockland County toured about a dozen Revolutionary War-era sites and scenes in New York State's historic Mohawk Valley, culminating in a live outdoor performance of the drama "Drums along the Mohawk."


Dorothy Urquhart of Pearl River and some of her grandchildren in Cancun, Mexico, attending a family vacation with twenty three friends and family.


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you’ll see Rivertown

Monmouth Park

Happy readers attended the Haskell Invitational which is a horserace at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, NJ. From left to right bottom row is Matt Malagiere, Heather Petrone, Rob Petrone, Jean Schule, Lois Supan, Katie Malagiere, Ken Malagiere, and Jon Petro holding baby Maya Resciniti. In the second row from left to right is Gene McMann, Jeanne McMann, Monika Reisenauer, Don Schule holding granddaughter Madison Malagiere, Henry Supan, and Jeff Reisenauer.

Rocking Horse Ranch


Larry and Ronnee Lipman in front of Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark, the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Devlynn King-McDonough and Addison McDonough, of West Nyack, had great fun at the Rocking Horse Ranch.

Send your pix to nyrivertown@aol.com or by snail mail to 5 Edge Water Lane, Haverstraw, NY 10927


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Antigua Kristie Joosten and Kristin Randhare from Pearl River, NY celebrating their honeymoon in Antigua with 14 of their closest friends.

Cape Cod

Nova Scotia

Douglas and Barbara Cypes, of Congers, were in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. Looks beautiful.


The Rovito and Chalsen clans took their family vacations at Cape Cod, Mass.


The Kiwanis of Spring Valley were in Chiba, Japan for the 99th annual international convention. From left, Richard Matrese, Roberta Perell, Lenora McCabe, Patricia Caldwell, Steve Perell (front) and Tajay Harrison.

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West Haverstraw

Members of the class of '63 HSP enjoying lunch "...by the Hudson's rippling waters.." at the Hudson Water Club and celebrating friendships that have spanned over 50 years !!!!


Michael Rubino is stationed in Afghanistan, but he still has time for his favorite magazine. Thanks for your service, Michael.

Bonny and Dan Radwin had a great time visiting the Fall Festival and Craft Show at the Haglemy Museum, the site of the Gunpower Mill, in Wilmington, Del.


Cathy and Sal Stillo from La Fontanella Restaurant went to Aruba, where their daughter Gina got engaged to Chris Fyfe.


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Del’Arte Italian Restaurant celebrates 20 years with 12 months of special events


By John and Rosemarie Carollo Owners of Del Arte Italian Restaurant Del Arte Italian Restaurant located at 20 Mountainview Avenue in Orangeburg is going into its 20th year!!! To celebrate we will be holding an "Event" each month starting this October and ending next October to mark our 20 years in business, and we look forward to another 20, at least!!! We want to thank all our loyal customers throughout the years. A lot of our customers today have been with us since 1995!!! We have been a part of many people's history and memories. We strive to always improve our beloved restaurant and keep on top of food trends. For us, it's not just a life we live....it's a way of life. Food and dining are two of John's passions that must go together. You never eat just to eat. John and I love what we do because it's an immediate satisfaction to please the wonderful people we have come to know over all these years, and all three of our daughters have also benefited from the experience. So, we begin our 20th year by introducing Cinema & Cibo. We will be showing an Italian movie with subtitles, and of course combining it with our delicious food. An event that we believe will be warmly received and something to do "in the neighborhood." The first Cinema & Cibo event will be

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Owners John and Rosemarie Carollo in their newly renovated bar. Come celebrate with them. on October 26th at 5pm, reservations necessary. A new feature at Del Arte is our "bar menu" being offered in our newly renovated bar between 4pm and 7pm...with items such as lamb chops, spicy garlic jumbo shrimp, polpettine al sugo, calamari arrabiata, clams madison, marinated grilled quail, raw bar, and specialty drinks. In the restaurant business it's important to be fresh, be now, and

be good. We have been around for quite some time but we have always been changing, I think that is a good thing. I know there are probably a few more changes yet to come and we look forward to the future. Grazie and thank you to all our family, friends and customers.

John and Rosemarie

• To make a reservation please call 845-365-2727 or visit their web site at www.delarterestaurant.com or email them at delarterestaurant@gmail.com. Del’Arte Italian Restaurant 20 Mountainview Avenue, Orangeburg. 35

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School daze No one expected the heat and humidity that accompanied the kids on the first day of school. But the youngsters put a brave face on it and clearly enjoyed themselves. Buses came and went, cars dropped off kids, there was some trepidation among a few little ones, but for most, smiles and hugs took over the morning commute. Principals, teachers, and staff were in the front of the schools to greet the kids and the 2014-15 school year was off to a happy start.


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Want to make sure you get your


Get a 12-month subscription only $29.50 a year Send a check to: Rivertown 5 Edge Water Lane Haverstraw NY 10927


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The Hudson River as a palette - that’s what makes this Piermont home so special


Architect Jo Machinist has worked on everything from SoHo lofts to private residences in the Hamptons yet nothing inspires her more than the Hudson River. “I’ve lived on and raised a family on the river for 30 years,” she says “and nothing is more captivating than its color, its moods, its sounds, even the texture of its air. “The assignment for this project,” Jo says, “was to frame the river views, literally and spiritually from within the newly expanded and redesigned spaces; I continuously find myself ever so fortunate to have the palette of the river as the backdrop of my work.” This renovated Hudson shore townhouse is located 40 minutes outside New York City in the village of Piermont. The kitchen, which is visually in constant contact with the river, was downscaled to accommodate a diminutive reach, generating 35 inch high counters and low, easily accessible upper cabinets despite a generous 175 SF footprint and 9 foot ceilings. Warm woods and beige tones have been combined with a clean geometry to convey harmony and quiet minimalism, although the quality and impact of the black and nickel CLUNY Classique range by Art Culinaire Lacanche became the centerpiece and one digression in response to a passion and pure enjoyment of cooking.

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 39

Architect Jo Machinist says the Hudson River has been her inspiration. The kitchen (above left and right) is visually in constant contact with the river. Given the client’s propensity for an even and non-glare environment the lighting design was a priority; inspired by Zack Zanolli, principal at Fisher, Marantz, Stone the cove lighting, under cabinet, over cabinet and recessed lighting fixtures are all LED and a warm 3000 K. The Master Bath, although predominantly an interior space, proffers a morning glow throughout the day. The Okite stone counter in the bathroom and the Okite stone work surfaces and splash in the kitchen were specifically honed to reduce bounce light while the rectified porcelain kitchen floor tile and the matte mosaic tile in the bathroom were vetted for light absorption. Above the Master Bedroom headboard Machinist introduced a wall-length clerestory allowing daylight to enter the MBath on the one side and vice versa

allowing a soft LED night light glow from the bath to the bedroom on the other. Throughout the space the integration of the various woods - cumuru flooring in 2� textural widths by I.J. Peiser, Iroko bar

counter by Chelsea Arts, Tile & Stone as counterpoint to the Okite counters; bamboo cabinets, afromasia desk and shelving, mahogany rails and the wonderfully executed mahogany louvered doors by Mack 39

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 40

Hudson River as a palette in this Piermont home Custom Woodworking, against the crema mafil stone slabs . . . all blend and bend to a tone of moderation without sacrificing the beauty of each specie. As the overall design evolved into an open plan painstakingly executed by Alternate Designs Inc. of South Salem, the continuity of the tone, architectural lines and palette along with the minimal and architectural line of the furnishings by Ned Kelly and Company have created a tranquil and peaceful place called home. Ms. Machinist is a member of the American Institute of Architects, a past trustee of the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center Theater Restoration and has served five terms as Zoning Administrator of the historic Village of Grand View on Hudson, New York. Completed works range from upper Manhattan and Soho to private residences in New York, Connecticut, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, New England and Santa Fe, New Mexico. • Jo Machinist Architect, Piermont Avenue, Piermont. www.jomachinistarchitect.com 212-355-7171, 917-763-7200 c.


Credits: Kenneth Bingham, Project Architect Mick Hales Photography Ned Kelly Decorator, Stylist Appliances, Karl’s Sales & Service Tony Bueno Painting, Stamford, CT


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Bullet Security offers state-ofthe-art systems to keep you safe 24/7

Story and photos: Tom Riley Over 4,000 customers of Bullet Security get a good night's sleep because they know Bullet is on the job 24/7. Their motto, "Call Us-We'll Shoot Right Over" has given customers peace of mind throughout the Tri-State area for more than 30 years. Gary Wollman, the owner of Bullet Security Inc., 400 East Route 59 in Nanuet is proud of the growth his company has experienced. Gary and his employees are continually educating themselves with the latest technology. "We have flown our crews all over the United States,” Gary told us, “installing diverse security systems for our customers. “We work closely with law enforcement and provide video surveillance when needed. We do closed circuit camera installations which can allow for off-site viewing. You can view your home and business from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. “By using an App that cost $5.00 you could view your vacation home in Vermont anytime you want on your I-Phone. We also install infrared cameras for night vision and motion activated cameras. “My children, Natasha and Chad who are part of the third generation in my family work for Bullet Security. We are the foremost video installation and surveillance company in the Tri-State area.” Bullet provides security for a major chain of movie theaters, motels, hotels, school districts, Government facilities, business and residential. They also install and service home theater systems. Gary added: "People love our Home Automation System. It controls the thermostat, lights, lamps, home theater and energy use in your home from your smart phone. “ You'll enjoy the savings it provides in climate control, lighting, security and entertainment. It is eco-friendly and you can operate your lights at 85% efficiency. “We do Card Access systems increasing 42

Gary Wollman, owner of Bullet Security, in the “jungle” outside their headquarters in Nanuet.

security of authorized personnel only areas. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and affordable, whether it be smoke detectors, motion detectors or keypads. Wireless Alarm Systems are also available. “Both residential and commercial monitoring is available for your alarm through our advanced state-of-the-art Control Monitoring Facility," said Gary. He then showed us his I-Phone which displayed an apartment building and street scene in New York City. "Here's a client in Greenwich Village who monitors his property via a smart phone.” If you’ve ever driven past Bullet Security, you may have noticed the zoo outside. Gary explained: “ One of the reasons we built the Zoo is to demonstrate camera surveillance and outdoor protection. When someone approaches the Zoo all the ani-

mals make a ruckus." "We also offer personal emergency response systems that allow seniors to live in their own home in spite of medical conditions. “Should an emergency occur Bullet will talk to them through Central Station which operates 24/7 and is U.L. Listed," said Gary. "People are fortunate to have trained personnel that Bullet Security has provided for more than 30 years throughout the TriState area. “We offer you the best systems and services available at an affordable price and will continue to do so," said Gary.

• Bullet Security - 845-627-0300 or 877-ALARM-60. www.bulletsecurityinc.com. Gary@bulletsecurityinc.com. You can also fax him at 845-627-0603.

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 43

From left: Chad Wollman, Christina, Denise, Arthur, Natasha Wollman and Gary Wollman, owner. Gary and his staff have served Rockland County and the Tri-State area for more than 30 years 43

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 44

Daughter of October

Aware of kinship with this night. Dense fog renders life blind; compromises my every external sense.

Blind poet’s touching journey with her guide dog

Ria Meade, 57, a Long Island poet, has been blind more than half her lifetime. Ria graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine arts with the concentration in painting. Twenty-five years after losing her sight, she began to paint with words. Her poetry chronicles these life experiences, especially those with six guide dogs. Spencer, mentioned in the poem at right, is a special favorite. That’s him pictured below. Ria’s poetry has been published and is available for purchase for $10 - contact Olympia5@verizon.net. Ria is photographed above with two of her other guide dogs.

Labrador guide and I push through lazy moisture to the driveway. Framed by my home, neighbor's, ancient maples that peak both structures, we blend among their intense, black spaces. Spencer's inky fur sparkles with dew drops. Surveys asphalt's perimeters for scents.

Attendant this late hour as witness for midnight exchange of Wednesday to Thursday, silent companions with October's release.

I am a baby of her golden calendar, celebrate debut on the odd number nineteen. Balance October influences; juggle internal noise, external distractions in one breath. When exhaling, practice learning the harmonies my animals hear,

Proof of this spirit, Spencer lays at my feet during celestial switch. His guidework depends on the fine balance between us. Mother mist wipes dry the world's window, panes of clarity emerge. November's electric robe of galaxy lights switches on.


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 45


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 46

Memories of Robin Williams Carlo Pellegrini, of Amazing Grace Circus, performed in a movie with the star - and even onstage as a clown

Rockland resident Carlo Pellegrini first met Robin Williams when they both filmed Popeye back in 1980. Carlo, who today is president and founder of Amazing Grace Circus, recalls: “The cast was filled with circus foks I had known about for years - Larry Pisoni, (Nyack resident) Bill Irwin, Geoff Hoyle, Karen McCarthy and Hovey Burgess, amongst others.” After Popeye finished, Carlo joined the Big Apple Circus in Manhattan. He told us: “After being ringmaster at the Big Apple Circus my first year (1980), Paul Binder, who founded BAC, decided he wanted to be ringmaster and he asked me what I wanted to be. “I said The White Clown. And thus was born what I believe to be one of the only quartets in Clown Alley at that time in America. “It was a wonderful ensemble and a great experience - a privilege really. I thnk the only other ensemble clowns at the time were the Pickle Family Circus in San Francisco, from where Bill Irwin cut his clowning teeth.” Paul Binder picks up the story in his book Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion: “Robin Williams came to see the Big Apple Circus. He was in town researching his upcoming role in Moscow on the Hudson, in which he played a saxophonist from a Russican circus who defects in the


That’s Carlo Pellegrini down front right in the White Clown outfit. From left: Barry Lubin (aka Grandma..but he hadn’t created that character quite yet), Robin Williams, Michael Christensen and Jeffrey Gordon (later to become famous as Mr Gordoon).

Carlo Pellegrini today, president and founder of the Amazing Grace Circus. middle of Bloomingdale’s.”But that wasn’t his only connection to the circus. When shooting Popeye, director Robert Altman had surrounded Robin with physically gifted actors and performers who could appear completely natural while performing cartoonish actions. “Robin stopped backstage to vist and, clearly buoyed by its energy, said he’d love to be in the show. “I pounced. ‘Okay, come by at ten o’clock this morning.’ I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get Robin in the

Big Apple Circus ring. To my delight, he agreed. “After a brief rehearsal that Saturday morning, Robin appeared in our matinee Clown School, as a visiting professore of clowning, his identity masked by Groucho Marx-style glasses, moustache and nose. “He didn’t so much make a cameo appearance as become one of our clown troupe, ratcheting up the lunacy in the process. The audience was in hysterics. “With every punctuated gag, Robin cried out in a comic Italian accent, “Ah, America!’ and ran behind my, flipping my coat tails in the air. “The audience roared in surprise when Robin removed his Groucho glasses and I announced: ‘And our visiting professor of clowning? You know him better as Mork from Mork and Mindy - Robin Williams!” “It was hard to say who was more thrileld - the audience, Robin or the Big Apple circus company. After the show...I heard Robin quietly ask his wife: ‘Was I any good?’” Carlo fondly recalls his moments with Robin but adds modestly: “Bill irwin had a much deeper longer relationship with Robin than I did.” “They were more equals in the clowing world than I was. They did Waiting for Godot together at Lincoln Center with Steve Martin.” Carlo added sadly: “I’m so sorry he was so sad in his heart and brain to spontaneously combust that way.”

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:24 AM Page 47

Madeline Wiebicke Licensed Associate Broker

From the River Towns to the Ramapo Mountains, my focus is to sell your home for more 18 Laurel Road, New City 845-521-3168 cell phone: 845-641-4333 e-mail address: wiebicke@optonline.net



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Nyack DJ Luis Williams is secret inspiration behind the scenes at the NYC Marathon

Story: Tom Riley Luis Williams is one of New York's prominent DJs. His company New York Event Sound is a premier provider of professional DJ/sound and lighting services. And he’s the DJ you’ll hear at this month’s New York City Marathon. He told us: "We have been in the entertainment industry for over 19 years specializing in all areas of sound. “We bring the pro mobile DJ concept from special/private events to charity, sports and running events." Mary Wittenberg, the president and CEO of the New York Road Runners Club and one of the most powerful sports figures in New York City, once asked: "Who is this DJ I keep hearing so much about?" It was Luis Williams and in 2012 the NYRR awarded him a long-term agreement to be the exclusive provider for the DJ/sound services for all their weekly races. Luis provides DJs at the start line, finish line and on the course. His presence is felt at the famous Pasta Party at the Tavern On The Green prior to the New York City Marathon and on Marathon Sunday, the VIP Tent at the Start in Staten Island, Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, Columbus Circle and at the finish line in


Luis Williams - His energizing music inspires athletes and corporate clients at events throughout the tri-state area. Central Park. Some of the top DJs working for him Luis attributes his discipline, confidence include Angel Colon, Anthony Morrone, and will to get the task done to his years Gerry Capahi, Luis Tallandier and serving in the U.S. Navy on the USS Sebastian Zuniga. Saratoga CV-60 as a plane handler. When you watch the New York City "The planning and logistics aren’t easy - Marathon opening ceremony on TV and the setting up at various locations with street Parade of Nations rocking out a dance set closures. along with Cheer New York it electrifies “But our mission is to continue a repu- New Yorkers. tation as a dependable and reliable service Luis said: "I'm overjoyed to be part of provider. We are committed to 100% cus- this great event, it is not only a NY State tomer satisfaction and our goal is to provide event, but rather a worldwide event. I feel you with the top of the line quality and serv- blessed they chose my company and it's the ice for your special events needs." culmination of a lot of work. The services he provides are DJ music “My college buddy, Drew Grieco said productions, PA sound systems, lighting take a step back and appreciate the magnisystems/concepts, staging, tenting and gen- tude of the event and I do," said Luis. erators. It’s not the only big event he’s invovled

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:25 AM Page 49

in. For the past five years Applebees in Times Square has featured his DJs on three floors during the New Years Eve celebration. Luis continued: "We work along with

different levels of organizations from charity to corporate. We provide anything from a simple PA system rental, live DJs or full production sound systems. Some of our past premier events include ING NYC

Marathon, NYC Half Marathon Series, Empire State Building RUN UP, Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, More/Fitness Magazine Half, NY Giants 5K Run of Champions, 5th Avenue Mile, NYC Triathlon, TD 5 Boro Bike Tour, Asics America Expo's, Parkinson's Unity Walk, God's Love We Deliver & the Footsprints Family. He says the live DJ motivates, inspires and energizes the runners throughout the event. “The music playlist is important in designing the right atmosphere for each specific event," said Luis. As his popularity grew, so did his client list. Lou has provided entertainment to corporate powerhouses like State Farm, Coca Cola, Macy's, Nike and others. He enjoys enhancing health and fitness for all and responding to community needs. "Everyone needs some sort of PA sound equipment, whether it is for a meeting, an outdoor event or a sporting event," said Lou. This is the attitude that drives his success. New York Event Soundt is headquartered in Nyack. You can reach them by calling 914-419-3292 or 914-353-3046. You can access their web site at www.nyeventsound.com. 49

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:25 AM Page 50

Awards keep pouring in for Don Dietrich’s Allstate office in Nyack

Story and Photos: Tom Riley Donald P. Dietrich celebrates 30 years with Allstate and accolades and awards are coming in from many areas. His office at 240 Main Street in Nyack was voted the Best Auto/Home Insurance Professionals in Rockland County for 2014 by Hudson Valley Magazine. He has received this award several times in the past. Allstate has also awarded him the Top Agent "Inner Circle Award" the last two years. Don, who has been at the same location since 1989, told us: "In our never ending effort to improve service we've expanded our ability to serve our customers with the addition of Gregg Golden, a Personal Financial Representative and we've partnered with IVANTAGE which give us a lot of brokering opportunities to meet our customer's needs. "My office never looked like an insurance office with signs saying buy this or purchase this. It is filled with art that I created and people respond to it. “The greatest number of new business 50

Don Dietrich, the agency owner of Allstate in Nyack, hs won many awards. Below: Gregg Golden, a personal finance representative, with sales associate Penny Fink - and one of Don’s unique artworks.

opportunities comes from referrals, from satisfied customers who tell others." Don lives in West Nyack and sure has a lot of friends. People stop by his Nyack office to drop off their payments or just

chat. This stability and genuine interest in his neighbors and clients has benefited all his customers. Gregg Golden, the personal financial representative, said: "I specialize in retire-

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:25 AM Page 51

From left: Wendy L. Hockett, agency manager, Gregg Golden, personal financial representative, Donald P. Dietrich, agency owner, and Penny Fink, sales associate ment planning. With companies not providing pensions there is a great need for guaranteed sources of income. “With my 12 years experience in the field I can broker with a variety of companies and both residential and commercial clients and provide them with the best product to suit their needs. “I have established relationships with Prudential, AXA, John Hancock, Guardian and others. I also specialize in life insurance, long term care and tax reduction. We can offer Work Site Benefits like Accident policies, Cancer insurance and Group Life Insurance." Penny Fink, a sales associate, said: "Expanded markets give us the ability to sell and service people who may need other types of insurance than Allstate currently sells.

“Now we have the ability to sell commercial general liability and an umbrella policy for people who own property outside New York State. Through this expanded markets program whatever kind of insurance the customer needs we can help them." Penny added: "This translates to added value to our clients. We can now meet all their insurance needs." Don continued: "Beware of internet insurance. Sometimes you buy the cheapest insurance it is often like shooting yourself in the foot. When the chips are down you want to know that you have the right insurance and that someone is in your corner. “Here at Allstate we all have to go to continuing education to be at the top of our game. Buying online and choosing coverage that you don't know how it works isn't

wise. Choose the agent who is there for you and who has lots of experience. ‘Here at Allstate we sell car insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, condo, rental, long term care, accident insurance, cancer insurance and flood insurance. With our products the more you "bundle" the various insurances the more discounts you receive." • Don Dietrich - Allstate Insurance, 240 Main Street, Nyack. 845-353-2244 www.allstateagencies.com/NyackInsu rance.com. Email Don at ddietrich@allstate.com. Gregg Golden cell phone, 914-5751616. Email him at ggolden@allstate.com. 51

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Westrock Window Fashions celebrates with a brand new look

Story and Photos: Tom Riley Westrock Window Fashions in Congers has always been a leader in window treatments. Now they’ve added an exciting new element. Co-owner Sally Hannon told us: “We've just become a Hunter Douglas Gallery with all new booths and product samples for our customers to visually see and interact with the products in beautifully lighted booths. “The new displays will allow our customers to see the functionality and beauty of Hunter Douglas shades and blinds on a large scale. Our atmosphere is designed to give the consumer an exceptional shopping experience. “At our Grand Opening on Saturday October 18th from 10am to 2pm you'll be able to see all Hunter Douglas products and enjoy refreshments, prizes and gifts. “We will will also be giving out special discount cards to everybody who comes that day. One hundred percent of our products here are from Hunter Douglas and they all are American made. We offer fine service and limited lifetime guarantee.” Sally and her husband, Mike Hannon are proud of their Westrock Window Fashions Hunter Douglas Gallery. They have been in business over 27 years offering fresh takes, creative ideas and smart solutions for dressing windows. Mike told Rivertown: "At Westrock Window Fashions you will find more than great window coverings. Whether you are shopping for a single window treatment, 52

Mike Hannon offers a limited lifetime warranty on products that are measured and installed by Westrock Window Fashions. Below: They have a fabulous selectionof window treatments.

redecorating your entire house or just seeking a solution to a complex design challenge, you'll find great people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you put it all together. "We are licensed and insured and we also do custom draperies and valances. We have a large selection of fabrics-all different price ranges. All of our Hunter Douglas products have different price ranges to fit your budget. "We offer a lifetime warranty on our products that are measured and installed by us. Sally runs the showroom and we encourage people to stop by and see everything that is new from Hunter Douglas." Mike continued: "Most of my work

comes from repeats and referrals. With our iMagine Design Center you can take a picture of your window, upload it and put a new Hunter Douglas Window Treatment in any color or fabric. Print out your results and bring it to the store. “Sally and I will make your dream come true. Go to our web site at www.westrockwindows.com and visualize how beautiful you can make every room. Hunter Douglas window fashions are available in a wide array of materials and colors, in a range of opacities from sheer to opaque that offer varying degrees of privacy and light control." Sally added: "We are family owned and operated and now our son, Chris works with

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:25 AM Page 53

us full time in our Design Center. Servicing our customers is very important to us and we have great relationships with them. We are now selling products to our customer's children who are all grown up and have houses of their own. “We have completely made over our

gallery and Showroom and hope you will join us on Saturday, October 18th from 10am-2pm. You be amazed at the great innovations Hunter Douglas has brought to window fashion. “We'll have plenty of refreshments, gifts, prizes and discount cards for all who

Mike and Sally Hannon have been in business with Westrock Window Fashions for 27 years. show up."

• Westrock Window Fashions, 30 Lake Road, Congers. 845-268-0463. www.westrockwindows.com.


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:25 AM Page 54

The mailboxes of Rockland County

Alan Zoldan collects mailboxes - photographically that is. He’s been rounding up photos of the mailboxes of Rockland County. And come up with a fascinating collection, some of which are photographed above. Alan says: “Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them. In that sense, my fascination with mailboxes may simply be that, for me, they have served as a reminder to disconnect from whatever jumble of thoughts might be careening through my mind and look. “To be sure, there are the countless plain white or black mailboxes that settle for no-nonsense functionality . .. “The mailboxes weathered by a distinctive patina of rust, like some five o’clock shadow of the years . . . “The walking wounded mailboxes . . . dented here,


duct-taped there, and still showing up for duty day after day . . . a tireless receptacle for the day’s bills, catalogs, and parcels.” Alan adds: “Black and white are the primary mailbox colors, but exceptions abound - brick red and beige, tiedyed and robin’s egg blue, dark green and lemon yellow. “I have not yet spied any pink or purple mailboxes, but polka-dotted and cow-spotted mailboxes are in the mix. “To turn one’s atttention to the mailboxes of Rockland County is to enter the realm of the wonderful. Not all of the best art in this world is to be found in galleries, museums, corporate corridors or living room walls.”

• If you come across any great mailboxes, email photos to us at rivertown2000@gmail. com.

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JCC Arts, Books and Culture Festival is an all-star event The JCC Rockland will host appearances by authors, fashion designers, headlining stars of stage and screen comediennes, a family concert and an internationally famous jazz band when it presents its signature 10th Annual Festival of Arts, Books and Culture, November 2December 14, at the JCC in West Nyack, The RCC Performing Arts Theater, and IBM Palisades. This year’s events feature fascinating authors with titles on everything from our Nov. 2, Opening Night of Local Litterati, featuring a para-normal thriller, "The Silence," by Dr. Monte Helfgott, set in the 1970’s with a hero who discovers his ancestor’s 400 year old mysteries; and a" Bail Bondsman to the Stars”, with scintillating stories of famous people he has bailed out, by Ira Judelson; followed by Allen Salkin, on Nov. 8, with “ From Scratch, The Uncensored History of the Food Network “ with guest chef as they regale foodies in the audience with inside tales about the famous chefs on Food TV and delicious cocktails and treats from our food demo; on Nov. 12, NYT bestselling feminist and human rights advocate , Phyllis Chesler, describes the unthinkable in "An American Bride in Kabul”, unveiling the life-threatening horrors she suffered as a young bride in her husband’s family's harem in the 1970’s and woman and children continue today to suffer in Afghanistan and worldwide.

Some fascinating books will be featured at the 10th Annual Festival of Arts, Books and Culture. Her long view on the history of the middle East and the continuing wars is sure to captivate a braod audience of men and women; on Nov. 16, NBC world -famous Middle East Correspondent, Martin Fletcher returns to Rockland with his new Holocaust mystery novel; and Glamour Beauty Editor, Andrea Lustig enhances the Fashion Show with tips on dressing like the stars. The Festival has five stellar, continuing programs: Dec. 6, The Annual Chazen Jazz Concert with Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks; Nov. 6, the fall Festival Film and Holocaust Remembrance, "50 Children” with guest author and documentarian,Steve Pressman; The Nov. 20, Second Annual Jewish Israeli Fashion Show; Nov. 22, the Annual Comedy Night with headliners and TV comediennes, Annabelle Gurwitch and Marion Grodin; and Dec. 14, the Annual Koenig Family Concert, The Macaroons. New this year Opening Night, Nov. 2, " Local

Litterati," moderated by Barry Kantrowitz, Past President of JCC and practicing attorney. A VIP Sponsor reception will preceed the talk. There is still time to become a sponsor, contact the JCC. Please note: Book sales and signing takes place both before the author’s presentations and at the dessert reception after the talks. All books are available at early ticket sales and registration at large discounts. Check JCCRockland.org and look for the festival brochure at over 100 sites in Rockland. The Jewish Israeli Fashion Show on November 20 will feature the first ever student designer fashion runway experience. Teens will participate in a fashion design 10- week course at the JCC with world renowned NY fashion designer Wendy Chaiten and will showcase and model their creations at the event. There is still time to register. Contact the JCC. For a complete schedule and more, please visit wwwjccrockland.org. 55

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Garner Arts Center’s Artoberfest a wonderful exhibit of unique art

Story: Murray Phillips The Garner Arts Center is one of Rockland County’s gems. This 19th century textile mill has been transformed into a haven for artists of all backgrounds. Hurricane Irene caused major damage to the complex. But now they’re battling back and trying to raise money to preserve and improve this Rockland treasure. As Robin Rosenberg, owner of the complex, told us: “The center provides unique and vibrant performance, gallery and creative space and presents artistic programs of exceptional merit for the benefit of a multi-cultural population. “Its mission is to preserve the sanctity of the original textile mill buildings and creekside landscape, while offering an inspired setting, which honors individual expression.” This month they’re holding a special event – four days of open studios and demonstrations, featuring: • Artwork of 200 Artists in the Dye Works • Special Exhibition Honoring Rockland Photographer, Ned Harris • Student/Faculty Exhibition and reception • Student Music • Youth Art Workshops Saturday & Sunday 12-5 PM • Self-guided Studio Tours and Installations, including the studio of GARNER’s artist-in-residence, artist-photographer Spencer Tunick The event, called Artoberfest, has its big kick-off on Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12. Rosenberg says: “This is the third annual October arts festival. We are expanding it from last year to feature a 200 artist salon show.” She added: “With your participation and help in making Artoberfest a success, we will move a step closer to re-building and 56

Rockland photographer Ned Harris is the subject of a special exhibit at the Garner Arts Center’s Artoberfest.

re-opening the new GARNER Arts Center in Building 35, the former mill cafeteria.” Executive director James Tyler said: “We keep adding bits and pieces every year. This time, we are inviting a variety of mostly New York City-based installation artists

who are doing some pretty interesting works. “They’re of a cutting-edge professional caliber. Last year we had a fabulous installation over the creek made of silk gauze. It was all lighted and was very impressive.”

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:26 AM Page 57

Photographer Spencer Tunick (above) and one of his large-scale nude projects below.

The Garner Arts Center - with a sculpture by Eric Laxman.

Rosenberg added: “This year we’ll have a few surprises.” The exciting thing about the art exhibits at Garner is you never know what you’re going to discover. Artists from all over the tri-state area – and a lot of local youngsters – are keen to exhibit their talents. And they need your support. Famous local photographer Ned Harris is one of the major names who’ll be there. Tyler explained: “He’s a big talent. In addition to his many solo exhibitions from 1968 to the present, Mr. Harris has lectured on photography at the Visual Arts Center in New York, the Slivka Center At Yale, the Soho Photo Gallery in New York, the Brown/RISD Gallery in Providence, the Parson School Of Design in New York, and the Jewish Community Center in West

Nyack. He says: “My fifty-year journey behind the lens has been a balancing act from 1960s New York street theater in black and white to the colors and digital explorations of the present, reveling in people, places and things in a constant state of social and technological transformation. By substituting a scanner for a camera I have discovered the beauty in found man-made and natural objects.” Another famous photographer, Spencer Tunick is artist in residence at Garner and you can see some of his unique creations. He’s legendary for his large-scale nude shoots. On Saturday night, they will hold a great party with gourmet food and a silent auction.

Admission during the day is free. But for the gala party at night, there’s a suggested admission charge. And beer, wine and food will be for sale. Although the Artoberfest is centered on October 11 and 12, you can still see the exhibits on the following weekend, October 18 and 19. Garner Arts Center is located at 55 West Railroad Avenue, Garnervill. 845947-1155. Garnerartscenter.org. Artoberfest Sponsors: This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of the County of Rockland, the Town of Haverstraw, the Village of West Haverstraw, Garnerville Arts & Industrial Center, Tashi’s Catering, Lagunitas Brewing Co. and McCadam Cheese.


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:26 AM Page 58

From the Hudson to the Seine - Dr. Arnold Roufa’s wonderful photos at Valley Cottage Library


Arnold Roufa is one of our area’s finest photographers. Over the years he’s chronicled some of Rockland County’s most amazing landscapes. Many of them have appeared in Rivertown. In fact, his photos have appeared on our cover 24 times! Now you can see these photos in all their splendor at Valley Cottage Library. From October 2 - 29, he has an inspiring exhibit, From the Hudson to the Seine. As the title suggests, Arnold’s photos aren’t limited to Rockland County. He’s also taken some wonderful photos of New York City and Europe. The Rockland photos are on this spread. Turn the page and you’ll see his photos from France. He will also be hosting a reception and talk on cancer awareness on Sunday October 5 from 1 - 4 pm. See story elsewhere in this magazine.

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:26 AM Page 59


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:26 AM Page 60


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:26 AM Page 61

Roufa’s photos of Paris are almost like paintings. Left: The lilies which Monet painted at Giverny.


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:27 AM Page 62

ArtsRock launches an amazing season of music, dance and art

Amazing performances. Purposeful Projects. Brazen Brass. Enlightening Interviews. Celebrities. Magic. Puppets and Frogs. Artsrock, now in its sixth season brings Rockland County access to professional arts and multi-cultural programs all at a very reasonable ticket price. The 2014-2015 season is packed with birthday celebrations, world-renowned music, an artist challenging social norms, a musical instrument petting zoo, ArtsRock annual ‘Milk & Cookies’ puppet festival, an authentic swing band, musical/dance energy and improvisation and the spirit of performance of the heart. Put the dates on your calendar. You will not be disappointed. Friday, October 24, part of their ‘Guitar Magic’ series begins by celebrating Paul Simon at 8:00pm at the Nyack Library, Carnegie-Farian Room. Well-known, contemporary guitarists pay tribute to Paul Simon. The series is hosted and curated by Jeff Doctorow an ArtsRock board member, accomplished musician and avid guitar collector. If you participated in “Walk to The Beat” this summer in Nyack, you know not to miss ArtsRock’s Walk to the Beat, Jr. Some acts are still being confirmed but you can expect steel drums, a Brazilian sound and a very celtic/Spanish influence among other percussive music and dance performances. Heather Cornell and Anna de la Paz of Nyack, and both international performing touring artists, will bring the spirit of the original festival inside the Nyack Center. After the show, the room will turn into an interactive space with demonstrations, lessons and opportunities for young and old to try out the energy they just experienced. This event is appropriate for all ages 1100. Saturday, November 29, at 2:00pm. On Saturday, December 13, get ready for the Big Band era at 8:00pm at Temple Beth Torah in Nyack. Swingtime Big Band, Long Island’s premier swing band makes its return to Rockland for a Holiday celebration. Led by Artistic Director Steve Shaiman, this 20-piece Swing Era Jazz ensemble presents a program of seasonal big band favorites. Chanukah and 62

Christmas melodies accompanied by vocalists Bobbie Ruth and Jerry Costanzo. On December 29th a hula-hopping fiddler, dancing monkey and the Bossy Frog will entertain and enlighten with a musical extravaganza. Immediately following the show, the concert hall will turn into a musical instrument petting zoo where children can try out all kinds of instruments. The Bossy Frog Band’s happy new year concert is at 11:00am at The Nyack Center. And don’t forget that milk and cookies will be served. For the young and young at heart, awardwinning puppeteer Bonnie Duncan along with three local puppeteers will perform a one hour puppet show followed by a “Pop Up Puppet Making Workshop”. Sunday, January 18th, 2015 at 2:00pm. Saturday, January 24th, 2015 at The Nyack Center at 6:00pm. Bodypainting from 6pm-7:45pm. Conversation starts at 8pm. World-renowned artist and Nyack resident Andy Golub asks us to rethink what is art and what is a canvas. His NYC Bodypainting Day in July of 2014 received worldwide attention, and challenged social norms by selecting models, both male and female of all shapes and sizes. Mr. Golub joins award-winning broadcaster Elliott Forrest in conversation about his life, career and inspirations. The evening will feature images of Mr. Golub’s work and live, full nude bodypainted models. Saturday, March 14th 2015 at First Reformed Church of Nyack at 2:00pm, children’s favorite performer Tom Chapin will be celebrating his birthday in his home county of Rockland with songs that will touch and entertain kids of all ages. Thursday, March 26th 2015 there will be a special ArtsRock benefit. The week after St. Patrick’s Day and with amazing Irish spirit Sir James Galway (who at 74 still wishes to be known as ‘a bit of a lad’) and Lady Jeanne Galway, world-renowned classical flautists, will be performing a benefit concert. For more information, ticket pricing and to purchase tickets go to ArtsRock website at:http://www.artsrock.org.

Local musicians salute Paul Simon

Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne Galway

Artist Andy Golub will make you think.

Jeffrey Friedberg and the Bossy Frog

Tom Chapin celebrates his birthday

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Dr. Richard Handelsman takes the time to listen - and to care for his patients Story/Photo: Murray Phillips Dr. Richard Handelsman, of Pomona, has been ranked as one of this area’s top doctors for the last nine years by the prestigious Castle Connolly organization. And if you talk to some of his patients you quickly find out why. Barbarba recalls: “After being told by my previous doctor that he was too busy to deal with a medication reaction I was experiencing I left the office and called Dr. Handelsman. “He saw me immediately and I joined his practice. It is so reassuring to know that there is someone there for me at all times with a genuine interest and dedication to keep me well. “Dr. Handelsman coordinates all the specialists to which he refers me when necessary. He is available for me by phone whenever I have questions or issues. I am so grateful to Dr. Handelslman.” Sam, who was a manager with a Fortune 20 company, says: “Before I retired I had access to the company's executive medical department, where the doctor was familiar with my detailed medical history, took a proactive part in my medical care and treated me like a king! “When I retired, my wife said that my biggest problem would be with the medical establishment - treated like a number, no one familiar with your medical history, no one cares, long wait times, etc., etc. I joined Dr. Handelsman and got the executive, caring, respectful, knowledgeable care to which I had become accustomed. “Dr. Handelsman has gone out of his way not only to provide me with outstanding and prompt service, but to be sensitive to my individual needs and concerns - even intervening to rapidly get me test concerns on one occasion when I was especially worried. He has become a critical part of my life.” Dr. Handelsman is a member of MDVIP, the premier personalized health care company in the country. For an affordable annual fee, you get the type of handson care you probably never dreamed was 64

possible any more. He told us: “A woman came in yesterday. She thought she had pneumonia, because she had a pain on the right side of her chest. “I listened to her story – and that’s the point I listened. And I thought something doesn’t sound right. “I examined her. Her heart was going really quick – inappropriately so. I said: ‘Have you done any recent travel?’ She said ‘Wow! How did you know?’ “It turned out she’d just returned from a long car ride. When you’re immobile for a long time, the first thing you think is a blood clot. “I sent her for a scan – and she DID have a blood clot in her lung. It was because I took the time to talk to her – and listen. Many other doctors would just treat her with antibiotics over the phone. And that’s it.” Dr. Handelsman’s concern and care is rare these days when patients often feel their part of an assembly line. Because of MDVIP’s unique approach, he always has time for his patients. You never have to wait for an appointment. You always feel that you have his total attention to your problems. He told us: “To help people is my goal, and putting my patients first as well as providing physical and emotional comfort while continuing to strive for the best care possible is the end result. “We live in a fast-pace world surrounded by technology and information with little time for ourselves or reflection. As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I don't just believe in wellness, I live it personally and professionally. I want you to become an informed partner in your own health care, which involves more than improving your diet or beginning an exercise program. It involves working closely with me to understand how you can sustain a full and rewarding life. “As an extremely active person, I recognize the importance of leading a healthy,

active life, and keeping you well is paramount in my mission to serve you and advocate for your wellness.” Another of Dr. Handelsman’s patients, Jeff, told his remarkable story. He had been Dr. Handelsman’s patient for many years and was receiving excellent care. Then he had a series of catastrophic events after a routine procedure by another doctor had devastating results. Jeff recalls: “Thankfully Dr. Handelsman rushed to the hospital to be by my side.” Jeff’s wife Elizabeth picks up the story:

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Dr. Richard Handelsman with daughter Kate, one of his key team, along with Gail and Barbara.

“Emergency surgery was performed. But Jeff was still seriously ill. Dr. Handelsman recommeneded that he be transferred to a top New York City hospital. He contacted the surgeons and Jeff was transferred.” It was an inspired decision. Over the next few months, Dr. Handelsman was consulted every step of the way. “He was there for us 24/7,” Elizabeth recalled. “He gave us his cell number so he would always be available.” As Jeff fought for his life another sur-

gery was inevitable. The surgeons warned that it could be a life-or-death situation. Elizabeth asked Dr. Handelsman what he thought. He immediately picked up his phone and called the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to get the very best second opinion. A few hours later, he called Elizabeth back. “We think your husband should wait another week to give his body a chance to get just a little bit stronger before surgery.” Jeff and Elizabeth decided to wait that

extra week. The operation was performed by a wonderful team of surgeons. And everything went just fine. “I can’t thank Dr. Handelsman enough,” Elizabeth told us. “Every time we hit a possible crisis I’d call Dr. Handelsman for his advice.” • Dr. Richard Handelsman, MDVIP 7 Medical Park Drive, #C, Pomona. 845-362-1169.


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Men and breast cancer By Arnold Roufa, MD, breast cancer survivor

I am a physician who practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for 30 years. During that time I counseled thousands of women on self-breast examinations and breast disease. I am a husband whose wife had breast cancer for twenty-two years of our twentyfour year marriage. She died of lung cancer approximately seventeen years ago. I am a man who had breast cancer in 1991 and underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. I am now 23 years post diagnosis and treatment and I work and I live life to the fullest extent. The American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 2,260 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in men and about 430 men will die from breast cancer this year. Less than 1% of all breast cancers occur in men. In 2005 when 211,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, 1,690 men were diagnosed with the disease. In 1991 I was one of the 900 reported cases in men. You may be thinking: Men don't have breasts so how can they get breast cancer? The truth is that boys and girls, men and women all have breast tissue. The various hormones in girls' and women's bodies stimulate the breast tissue to grow into full breasts. Boys' and men's bodies normally don't make much of the breast-stimulation hormones. As a result their breast tissue usually stays flat and small. Still you may have seen boys and men with medium -sized or big breasts. Usually these breasts are just mounds of fat. Sometimes men can develop real breast gland tissue because they take certain medicines or have abnormal hormone levels. What are the risk factors for male breast cancer? It's important to understand the risk factors for male breast cancer - particularly because men are not routinely screened for the disease and don't think about the possibility that they'll get it. Breast cancer tends to be more advanced in men than in women when it is first detected. A small study about male breast cancer found that the average time between first symptom and diagnosis was 19 months, or over a year and a half. That's a very long time! This is probably because people don't 66

expect breast cancer to happen to men, so there is little to no early detection. The factors that can increase a man's risk of getting breast cancer are: * Growing older: risk increases as age increases. The median age of men diagnosed with breast cancer is about 67. * High estrogen levels * Taking hormone medicines. * Being overweight, which increases the production of estrogen * Having been exposed to estrogens in the environment (such as estrogen and other hormones fed to fatten up beef cattle. * Heavy users of alcohol * Having liver disease. This increases the risk of developing gynecomastia ( breast tissue growth that is non-cancerous) as well as breast cancer. * Klinefelter syndrome: Men with Klinefelter syndrome have lower levels of androgens (male hormones) and higher levels of estrogen (female hormones). * A strong family history of breast cancer or genetic alterations. Family history can increase the risk of breast cancer in men--particularly if other men in the family have had breast cancer. The risk is also higher if there is a proven breast cancer

gene abnormality in the family. Men who inherit abnormal BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes (BR stands for BReast, and CA stands for CAncer) have an increased risk for male breast cancer. This risk of developing breast cancer by age 70 is approximately 1% with the BRCA1 gene and 6% with the BRCA2 gene. Overall, that's about 80 times greater than the lifetime risk of men without BRCA1 or BRCA2 abnormalities. Still, the majority of male breast cancers happen in men who have no family history of breast cancer and no inherited gene abnormality. Now, however, scientists have identified four more genes that increase breast cancer risk. The bad news is, one or more of these genes is found in a significantly higher percentage of the population than the BRCA genes. * Radiation exposure. If you notice any persistent changes to your breasts, you should contact your doctor. Here are some signs to watch for: • a lump felt in the breast • nipple pain • an inverted nipple • nipple discharge (clear or bloody) • sores on the nipple and areola (the small ring of color around the center of the nipple) • enlarged lymph nodes under the arm It's important to note that enlargement of both breasts (not just on one side) is usually NOT cancer. The medical term for this is gynecomastia. Sometimes the breasts can become quite large. Non-cancer-related enlargement of the breasts can be caused by medications, heavy alcohol use, weight gain, or marijuana use. • Earlier diagnosis could make a lifesaving difference. With more research and more public awareness, men will learn that—just like women—they need to go to their doctor right away if they detect any persistent changes to their breasts • IT'S CALLED BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH FOR A REASON. I have now made you somewhat aware of the disease. The diagnosis and treatment should be discussed with your physician. • IF YOU FIND ANY OF THE SYMPTOMS...........RUSH TO YOUR PHYSICIAN.

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Ten years ago, several women victims of breast cancer and their personal supporters decided to fight back. So 12 of what has become a Rockland "SEALS TEAM”, organized themselves to raise money for breast cancer research by participating in the AVON WALK for breast cancer research. It involves a 2-day/25-mile walk

around Manhattan island. They have raised over $220,000 so far and will add to that sum by participating in the 2014 walk on October 18th and 19th. In between walks, they rush to assist new victims in any way they can.

• One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. • Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and

more than 40,000 will die. • Although breast cancer in men is rare, an estimated 2,150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 410 will die each year. • Only 51.2 percent of women 40 and older in the U.S. reported having a mammogram in the last year

Breast cancer - the facts


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Nanuet Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center guarantees you’ll lose 20 to 45 lbs in 40 days At Nanuet Non-surgical Weight Loss Center, Dr. William Johnson has a weight loss program that finally gets to the root cause of people’s weight issues so you can now lose the stubborn weight once and for all. What makes our program different from all the other program is the Nutrimost Resonance frequency computerized technology. Dr. Johnson’s Nutrimost weight loss program will assess each patient for fat burning, fat storage and fat metabolism. We will test Bio-energetically for over 2800 factors involved in your weight issues from hormonal imbalance, neurotransmitter disruption, imbalances in vitamins, minerals, exposure to toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. In other words, what factors are related to you being stuck in a fat storage-slow metabolism and the computerized testing figures out how to get you into that perfect and exact fat burning zone. Based upon the testing, we then make you customized, natural weight loss formulas that have vitamins, minerals, amino acids and homeopathic resonance frequencies to help balance hormones and neurotransmitters naturally. It works to perfection, getting the average women to lose between 27 to 35 pounds in 40 days and the average man can lose between 30 to 45 pounds in 40 days. The best part…No exercise is required, absolutely No hunger, no cravings, No drugs, no hormones, no shots, no appetite suppressant, No pre-packaged foods, no shakes. The foods you eat are meat, fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits. The program is doctor supervised and it’s guaranteed.


If you don’t lose at least 20 pounds, Dr. Johnson will put you back on a second program at his expense. We have a 96% success rate. It’s all because of the technology that we can find your perfect and exact fat burning zone where you will burn between 2000 to 7000 calories of fat per day for energy. That equates to losing ½ pound to 2 pounds per day. And the best part…you keep the weight off. Arthur, a 67 year old lost 34 pounds in 40 days. Besides losing the weight his health improved so much that he was able to get off his diabetic medication in 40 days. His blood sugar and A1C levels dropped to normal levels. Arthur states, “The program was easy, simple and I was never hungry and I kept the weight off.” Francine G went from 246 to 213 pounds in 40 days and she also got off her diabetic medications. She states, “It’s the best weight loss program out there and it was easy and I was never hungry.” Go to our website nanuetfatloss.com, click nutrimost and see the before and after picture and videos of our patients. It’s guaranteed because it works! Call our office for a free consultation.

• Dr. William Johnson Nanuet Non Surgical Weight Loss Center 221 S. Middletown Rd, fNanuet, NY 10954 845-623-0026 Testimonials at www.Nanuetfatloss.com Dr. William Johnson in his office at Nanuet Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center.

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Nyack Hospital Infusion Center offers expert care with a focus on patients

The Infusion Center at Nyack Hospital offers high quality infusion services for a wide variety of treatments in a peaceful, bright and friendly environment. Patient focused care is provided by knowledgeable and compassionate nursing staff in a new, state-of-the-art, facility. Matthew Lonberg, M.D., of Hematology Oncology Associates of Rockland, a division of Highland Medical, P.C. says “The new infusion center will help us to serve more individuals, while providing a relaxing environment that promotes privacy for our patients. As treatments can often take several hours, comfort is vital to the 70

patient’s well being.” The Center’s many services include: • Chemotherapy • Antibiotic Treatment Infusions • Blood Transfusions • Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy • Multiple Sclerosis Infusions • Iron Therapy • Hydration Therapy

Offering 24 semi-private treatment areas, each with its own television, the center also offers a separate entrance with dedicated valet parking. Patients are seated in recliners for comfort and adjacent seating is provided for family members or friends. Beverages, meals and light

snacks are provided as is free Wi-Fi. The Center’s staff works as a team with patients and their physicians to meet the individual’s unique needs while keeping them well informed about their care. Treatments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours and medications are prepared specifically for patients at the time they arrive. The Infusion Center is located on the 1st floor at Nyack Hospital, 160 North Midland Avenue, Nyack, New York, 10960. Appointments can be made Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm and on Saturday from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm by calling 845.348.8484 or 8487.

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Dr Lynn C. Friedman’s approach to healthcare is in demand

Dr. Lynn C. Friedman and her team of leading health professionals at Performance Health and Wellness located at 6 Medical Park Drive in Pomona are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. Dr. Friedman's multi disciplinary approach to healthcare encompasses all aspects of health care. She offers a full gym in her facility, medical massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional guidance, medically supervised HCG Weight Loss and a Personal Trainer who has worked on the set of "The Biggest Loser". The weight loss program can help you lose 1-2 pounds a day. You'll burn stomach fat, curb your food cravings and enjoy renewed energy. The equipment is state-ofthe-art. At the facility is a supervising physician, nurse practitioner, and a compounding pharmacist is available for hormonal evaluation and all anti-aging needs . You will receive the finest quality of care for sports related injuries, women's issues and chiropractic wellness for children. With modern chiropractic (remove )equipment and technology and the knowledge and experience that Dr. Friedman possesses patients praise their rehabilitation back to performance, health and wellness. Dr. Friedman's bustling 20 year practice was previously located in the old Malloy building, a treasured landmark and pharmacy since the 1800's in Stony Point. Unfortunately due to road changes and eminent domain the Malloy building was torn down. Since then Dr. Friedman relocated and expanded her practice to 6 Medical Park Drive, Pomona, where she has established a new and exciting facility, called Performance Health and Wellness. Dr. Friedman feels "Health is not just the absence of disease, it's a balance of mind, body and soul. It is enormously heartwarming and rewarding when one of my patients tells me 'you have changed my life'....It is one of the many reasons I'm so passionate about being a chiropractor and about health." Breda Purdy can attest to the skill and

care Dr. Friedman gave her son, Liam after he had a running injury. "Dr. Friedman's warmth and genuine smile showed me he was in great hands. After a thorough assessment of Liam, she was able to find the original cause of his injury. She spoke directly to Liam, allowing him to understand what occurred and how she was going to help him. I have since referred countless friends, and family and team members to Dr. Friedman. “With massage therapy, personal trainer and chiropractic care, my son, Liam broke numerous school records, was part of winning a triple crown cross country/track

championship, is the state champion and second in the nation in the 1,000 meters in 2014 while under Dr. Friedman's care. “In addition, Liam has chosen a career in chiropractic and sports through his experience with Dr. Friedman." Dr. Lynn Friedman shared that her 18 year-old son, Luke just began his undergraduate studies for a rewarding career as a chiropractic physician. "I'm so proud of them." You can reach Dr. Lynn Friedman and Performance Health and Wellness at 845786-2022 or visit her web site at www.DrLFriedman.com 71

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Dr Oz brings healthy back to Nyack

The redoubtable Dr. Oz or Dr. Mehmet Oz, as he’s known to his family came to Nyack to film an episode of his TV series. He visited Nyack’s Farmers’ Market and then Flour Buds bakery, which specializes in natural and gluten free products. PHOTOS: DR. ARNOLD ROUFA, MD


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Rivertown Guide to the best doctors and health professionals in Rockland County

Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine - 408 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet. 425-0555. www.sportsdocmd.com. Dr. Joshua Chesir - 337 North Main Street, New City. 845-634-7900. Clarkstown Pediatrics - 35 Smith St., Nanuet. 845-623-1000. New City 845-352-5511. Stony Point 845-786-5776. Clarkstown Urology - 301 N. Main Street, Suite 2, New City. 638-0400. Dr. Charles Glassman - 7C Medical Park Drive, Pomona. (845) 362-1110. Gramercy Pain Management - 350 Haverstraw Rd, Suffern - 845-368-0800. Dr. Richard Handelsman - MDVIP Personalized Healthcare - 1-866-696-3847. Hudson Vein and Vascular Center, 124 Rte 59, Suffern. 357 8118. Dr. Michael Innerfield - 2 Executive Blvd., Suffern. 845-368-0048. Dr. William Johnson - 221 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 845-623-0026. Dr. Michael Kalvert - Cosmetic Surgery - 365 S. Main Street, New City. 845-6f38-2101. Dr. Scott Sanders, Dermatology, 301 N. Main St., Suite 3, new City - 845-499-2017. Nyack Pediatric Assocs - 311 N. Midland Avenue, Nyack. 358-5437. Palisades Laser Eye Center, 3 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 364 9767. Palisades Pulmonary & Medical - 2 Medical Park Drive, Suite 3, West Nyack. (845) 727-7733. Pediatric Physical Therapy - 217 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-6010. Piermont Gynecology - Janis L. Enzenbacher, MD, 105 Shad Row, Suite 1B, Piermont. 845680-6600. Dr. Mike Pilar, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Cell: (914) 414-8355. Ramapo Medical Services - 222 Rte 59, Suite 106, Suffern. 357-9400. Rockland Ear, Nose & Throat Assoc. - 2 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. (845) 727-1340. Rockland Pulmonary - 2 Crosfield Ave., Suite 318, West Nyack. 689-9141. Skin Center Dermatology Group - 200 East Eckerson Road, New City. (845) 352-0500. Dr. Renee Sliva, podiatrist, 267 Main St (Gateway to Nyack)., Nyack. (845) 353-8262.

Dentists/Orthodontics 21st Century Pediatric Dentistry - 265 N. Highland Avenue, Nyack. 845-512-8434. A Centre for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry - Alan I. Rosenfeld, DDS, 93 Rte 303, 74

Tappan. 359-1770. Advanced Dentistry of Rockland - 5 N. William St., Pearl River. 845-735-7770. Cosmetic Dentistry Associates - 1540 Rte 202, Pomona. 364-0400. Kastin & Newman Orthodontics - 6 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 845 354-7233. Nyack Pediatric Dentistry - 265 N. Highland Avenue, Rte. 9W, Suite 101, Nyack. 845-5128434. Rockland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics 238 North Main St., New City. 845 634 8900. Smile For Life Family & Cosmetic Dental 27 Townline Road, Pearl River. (845) 623-4848. Stony Point Dental, PC - 32 S. Liberty Dr., Stony Point. (845) 942-1600. www.stonypointdental.com TLC Dental of Rockland, 2 Crosfield Avenue, Suite 418, West Nyack. 845-358-3305. TLCSmile.com.

Eyecare Family Vision & Learning Center - 1 Executive Blvd., Suite 105A, Suffern. 369-3235. Total Focus Eyewear - 22 South Main Street, New City. 638-3806. Dr. Kimball P. Woodward - Orangetown Ophthalmology, 2 Crosfield Ave, Suite 315, West Nyack. 845 348 3400.

Health Care A&T HEALTHCARE - 845-638-4342. Always Best Care - www.alwaysbestcarelowerhudsonvalley.com or (845) 918-1991. Brentwood Sub-Acute Center - 201-7686222. Home Aides of Rockland - providing care for the frail, elderly, chronically ill and disabled in Rockland County. 845-634-2024 www.homeaides.org. Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Mobile Family Health - Nurse Practitioner Care - 845-608-7559. AnnRhodes@hotmail.com Venolase Vascular Medicine - Palisades Professional Center, 2 Medical Park, Suite 4, West Nyack. (845) 358-8878. VNS Westchester - 1 914 682 1480, 1-888FOR-VSNW.

Health and Fitness Advanced Body Personal and Athletic Training Center - 174 Main Street, Nyack. 845300-2776. Body Bank Fitness - 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. 845-499-2366.

Body Quest - 582 Route 303, Blauvelt. 845-6800254. Burn Cycle Studio - 845-499-2366. Cellulite & Body Sculpting Treatment Center - 3 Main Street, Nyack. 845-353-3088. Curves of Blauvelt - 135 E. Erie Street, Blauvelt. 845-359-6565. Curves of New City - 170 S. Main St., New City. 845-708-0700. Diplomat Health & Swim Club - 1101 Overlook Circle, Piermont. 359-2401. Elevation Fitness - 69 South Main Street, New City. 639-7772. Elite Chinese Martial Arts - 1633 Rte 202, Pomona. 845 364 9200. Fitchick Fitness - Randi@FitchickFitness.com. 914 584 1253. Havenview Pilates and Movement - 38 High Ave., Nyack. 845-535-3129. HGH Centers of America - 20 Squadron Blvd, New City. 536-7758. Innovative Esthetics - 274 N. Middletown Road, Pearl River. 735-2610. JCC Rockland - 450 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-362-4400. Malandra Martial Arts - 14a Lafayette, Suffern. 845-368-0995. Massage Envy Spa - Rockland Plaza Shopping Center, Rte. 59, Middletown Road, Nanuet. (845) 623 3111. Nyack Fitness - 82 South Franklin, Nyack. 3580414. www.nyackfitness.com. Nyack Integrated Health Services - 42 Main St., Suite 203, Nyack. 845-353-3267. Nyack YMCA - 35 South Broadway. 358-0245. Pilates Central - 120 Fifth Avenue, Nyack. 845358-1166. www.pilatescentralnyack.com. Power Plus Training - 41 Rte. 59, Nyack. 4805434. Premier Fitness - 430 Nanuet Mall South, Nanuet. 920-0501. ReNew Day Retreat - Daryl Slattery. Movementwithbreath@gmail.com. 845-3045684. Skincerely Med Spa - 510 Route 304, New City. 845-639-7546. Stay Fit Seniors - 285 North Route 303, Congers. 1507 Route 202, Pomona. Congers 845-268-5122. Pomona - 845 354-7921. Title Boxing Club - 253 Rt. 59, Nanuet. 845671-3100. Your Journey Yoga Studio - 9 Ingalls St., Nyack. 845-893-9341.

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Joyce Walker of Crystal Clear Coach helps people with ADD/ADHD Joyce Walker, of Crystal Clear Coach.com, specializes in helping people with attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms may begin in childhood and continue into adulthood. Symptoms of these disorders such as hyperactivity, excessive talking, short attention span, constant fidgeting, impulsivity & difficulty with organization, can cause problems at home, school, work and in relationships. In children it can affect their ability to learn and get along with others. The first step to addressing the problem is to recognize the signs and symptoms. It’s normal for children to occasionally forget their homework, daydream during class, act without thinking, or get fidgety at the dinner table. But for children, teenagers & adults, symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity, distractibility and hyperactivity could also be signs of attention deficit disorder. What many people don’t realize is that there are several forms of attention deficit disorder: predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive-impulsive and most commonly found, a combination of hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive. Sometimes the signs are obvious; excessive squirminess and fidgeting, not capable of starting or completing tasks such as homework, inability to pay attention, follow and understand instructions in school and/or at home, constantly interrupting others and talking out of turn. Other times, particulary in those without behavior problems, attention deficit disor76

der may be more difficult to recognize and diagnose. Regardless which subtype of ADD, research has proven, if left untreated, children will continue with related difficulties as adults. It was once thought ADD was not present in adulthood; however this is no longer the case. Many adults are first being diagnosed and treated for ADD in adulthood. Due to the research & awareness of dedicated physicians & therapists, along with knowlegable specially trained ADD Coaches, ADD is a treatable condition with a high success rate. Joyce Walker, MCC, SCAC, is a master certified coach (ICF) & Senior Certified ADHD Coach (IAAC). She continues to expand her knowledge and effective coaching methodology through workshops, conferences & coach training programs. Joyce successfully completed a specialized training course Coaching Teens and College Students with ADD/ADHD. Her first book, AD/HD Distracted or Defiant? Coaching Helps, It is a practical guide about the characteristics, diagnosis, and treatment of ADD. It explains the multiple ways this condition affects teenagers

and demonstrates how it can be more easily managed with coaching. Through coaching, Joyce is able to assist her clients in obtaining the skills necessary to accomplish both personal andschool related goals. Joyce believes with the right support and proper techniques, anyone can get on track for success in all areas of their life. She coaches her clients, children, teens and adults, by providing effective tools, structure and support. By using proven coaching techniques, she is able to assist her clients in the development & implementation of individual systems of accomplishment related to goal development, time management and organization. Through skilled coaching, Joyce’s clients have discovered their abilities, maximized their strengths and are leading happier and more productive lives. • Joyce offers coaching sessions in her home office in Rockland County, NY and/or via phone and Skype. (845) 268-6473. Email: JWCoach@aol.com. www.CrystalClearCoach.com

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Hudson Valley Audiology teams up with Harvard Medical School on new hearing in noise study

Imagine that you are in a restaurant with friends. You are trying to listen to a story about your close friend’s recent trip to Maine, but the other voices and kitchen noise are intruding on the conversation. These types of noisy situations pose a difficult challenge for the brain, but why? All of the sounds in the room are added together before they enter your ear, and it is up to your brain to use subtle cues in the signals to sort out the different sound sources in the restaurant (your friend, other patrons, kitchen staff, clanging pans, etc). For individuals living with hearing impairments, the difficulty of these types of situations is multiplied by the fact that the cues used to sort out the scene are altered by the cause of their hearing loss (cochlear and nerve damage). But can the brain’s ability to sort out these noisy scenes be improved? This is a question that Dr. Jeffrey Shannon, Director of Hudson Valley Audiology Center is asking in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Whitton, audiologist and neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School. They are recruiting adults (50-85 years of age) to participate in a study that will investigate different cognitive training approaches to the treatment of hearing in noise problems. Participating in the study would involve four total visits over the course of three months to Hudson Valley Audiology Center for cognitive and hearing tests. Between those visits, participants will also be asked to play cognitive training games that are designed for people with hearing loss. Previous research has already shown significant improvements when principles of auditory neuro-

Dr. Jeffrey Shannon is teaming up with Dr Jonathan Whitton on this new noise study.

science are used in designing these types of brain training exercises. Dr. Whitton explained: "When combined with conventional assistive devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, 'audiogames' of the type we are testing may be able to provide the hearing impaired with an improved ability to reconnect to the auditory world. Of particular interest are some of our finding that brain training can improve speech processing in noisy backgrounds -- a listening environment where conventional hearing aids offer somewhat limited benefit." To learn more about how our ears and brain hear in noise, an educational seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22, from 2-4 pm at the New City Library. Dr. Whitton is the featured speaker. Attendees will: • Learn why individuals with hearing problems have more trouble than others in social situations. • Hear about the latest research that suggests boosts in cognitive performance through neuroplasticity-inspired training. • Learn about a new research study that is aimed at improving hearing in social sit-

Dr. Jonathon Whitton, is an audiologist and a neuroscientist. He received his Au.D. from the University of Louisville and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Whitton is interested in how the burgeoning field of neuroplasticity can be translated to behavioral, technological, and pharmacological treatments for impaired hearing. His clinical research has been sponsored by the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, the National Institute of Health, and various private funding agencies.

uations If you are interested in attending the seminar please call Hudson Valley Audiology at 845.406.9993 to reserve your space. If you cannot attend the seminar but would like to learn more about the hearing in noise research study, please call 845.406.9993 or email info@hudsonaudiology.com. 77

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Rockland YMCA promoting healthy lifestyles for all

At the Rockland YMCA, the programs focus on the entire family’s health, while providing a variety of fitness, sports, and wellness programs to serve each person’s unique interests and needs. Chuck Maze, YMCA CEO commented that, “The YMCA develops programs to promote healthy lifestyles and teaches people the best ways to stay physically fit.” The YMCA offers a newly-updated fitness center, personalized training programs, sports for all ages, and the latest group exercise classes and much more. Exercise classes include Boot Camp, Cardio-Sculpt Fusion, Movement & Muscle, Pilates, Silver Sneakers Classic, Sports Conditioning, Yoga, Zumba, Zumba Step, Adult Elementary Ballet, Co-Ed Competitive Volleyball and Dodgeball, Basketball and Rowing. In addition, there is personal training and dietary coaching for healthy and long-lasting weight loss through good diet and regular exercise. The YMCA is known as “America’s Favorite Swimming Instructor” because of its successful progressive swim lesson program. Children 6 months to 4 years old start with parent and child swim lessons and take part in pre-school group lessons for 3 to 5 year olds. The youth swim lessons offered for ages 6-12 emphasize components including: personal growth, personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, and rescue. Teen lessons and adult lessons are offered for beginners through adults to develop new skills, selfconfidence, and physical fitness. In addition, the YMCA offers more advanced programs including Pre-Competitive swim classes and Lifeguard Training programs throughout the year. The YMCA’s experienced swimming instructors are ready to teach children and adults and have openings for the next session which runs from October 27 to December 21. Please contact Josh Friedrich, Aquatics Director for an evalua78

tion or information to get started in the YMCA’s progressive swim lessons and water exercise programs. Recently, the YMCA kicked off a number of youth and teen sports and physical education programs this fall, including indoor soccer, basketball, tennis, fencing, karate, and floor hockey. There are also creative movement programs including Play, Move and Sing and Gym for preschool children, KinderClimbers and Zumba dance classes for kids (4-12 years). Teens may learn about the principles of exercise and weight training through a twoday orientation to give them access to use the YMCA Fitness Center during after-

school hours. The YMCA also offers Teen Recreation Nights on Saturday evenings which include sports, games, swimming and other recreational activities starting October 4 for middle school and October 18 for high school students. Please contact Joeffrey Gardner, Youth & Teen Director for more information or Hector Ocasio, Fitness Director. For information on how to become a member or register for a program, please contact Tom Mahoney, Vice President of Member Services at 845-358-0245 or stop by our Member Services Department to see our newly-updated YMCA facilities at 35 South Broadway in downtown Nyack.

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Cardinal Dolan is main speaker at Salesians’ dinner at Slattery’s in Piermont Story: Fr. Dennis Donovan, SDB. Photos: Terence Lynch. Cardinal Timoth Dolan, Archbishop of New York, was the main speaker when the St. Philip the Apostle Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary with a dinner at Slattery’s Pub and Restaurant in Piermont. The Very Rev. Thomas A. Dunne, SDB, provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco, gave the invocation. The Foundation supports programs offered by the Salesians of Don Bosco, an international Catholic religious order of priests and brothers. Locally, the Salesians have been serving at the Marian Shrine in Stony Point for over 67 years. Thomas and Helen Donovan of West Nyack received an award for a major gift they made to establish a new fund in the foundation. Sean Slattery and his wife Helen were honored for donating the venue, food and beverages at their restaurant. Fr. Mark Hyde, director of Salesian Missions, and his staff were honored for their outstanding work for the poor, particularly during the crisis in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. The Foundation also acknowledged their efforts to help those affected in Africa by the Ebola virus and terrorism. Among the guests were two-time Tony Award-winning actress Frances Sternhagen; Patrick J. Moroney of the Rockland County Legislature; Fr. Dennis Donovan, a native of Nyack who is treasurer of the Salesians in the Eastern USA and Canada; and Fr. James McKenna, director of the Marian Shrine in Stony Point. Joanne Favata, director of alumni affairs at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, helped with the planning of the event, as did Lynn Donovan-Krakaur of Pomona, senior accountant at Nyack Hospital. A beautiful program was prepared by Annie Lombardi of Universal Marketing in Nyack. The Foundation manages 48 donor-designated funds and makes disbursements to the beneficiaries of these funds once each year. In 2014, nearly $1.2 million in grants was awarded in the form of scholarships to students in Salesian schools, financial aid to struggling families, camper scholarships, support of Salesian youth ministry, scholarships to seminarians, and the support of elderly Salesian priests and brothers. The Don Bosco Youth Center in Stony Point is among the beneficiaries. More information about the Foundation can be found at www.stpaf.org.

Cardinal Dolan addresses the guests at Slattery’s.

Cardinal Dolan with Fr. Dennis Dolan and his parents, Tom and Helen, who were honorees.

Sean and Helen Slattery with Cardinal Dolan. County legislator Patrick J. Moroney with Cardinal Dolan.


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Some paintings and drawings by the talented youngsters at Art for All.


Sarah Parkes has studied with Marilyn Benkler and is off to college this year

Marilyn Benkler will help your child grow with art

Art teacher Marilyn Benkler is passionate about her role in life. "Art can help you grow,” she says. “There is no right or wrong way in art, no mistakes, only a way to achieve a particular goal or explore possibilities. “I love developing the seed of creativity in everybody and seeing it blossom, especially in young children. I love teaching art, I've been teaching it for over 30 years. I have seen thousands of students grow with art and proudly present their work into society. “My art students have been accepted into the finest art colleges in the world with portfolios they created from this studio. Being an artist is having a gift of expression and a heightened way of experiencing our world. I offer you a simple approach to being an artist." Marilyn, BA Psych, AADP, CHC adds:d "I have refined a sequence of art from early childhood (4 years old) through seniors

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:29 AM Page 81

Sarah Parkes and teacher, Marilyn Benkler in her studio in New City

Marilyn displays a book she wrote with Ellen Ziegler.

(High School Advanced Placement Studio Art) as well as adult development. It is essential to begin at a comfortable level for a progression of growth eliminating frustration. “One of my objectives is to give you a vocabulary of art that will enable you to communicate as an artist and apply it into your artwork. If you excel in any school of art (realism) I encouraged you to explore others (abstract and cubism). “This increases confidence in an area that may be new and scary, but I work with you individually, step by step, to lessen frustration or obstacles. You will learn how to evaluate your artwork. “Seeing and the production of art is primary but the development of a critical and analytical thought process is essential. This is the foundation for future art classes and a lifetime of the joy of art. We create and discuss ‘masters’ and contemporary artists'

styles such as realism, surrealism, impressionism, and abstract. You may see a style that feels natural for you to create and be inspired by another." Marilyn offers individual lessons, group classes, advanced placement, college portfolios and Photoshop: Photography. She explained: “It is the development of your growth that interests me, your willingness to make adjustments, take chances, and explore new territory to build a foundation for your safety and security. “In my art studio here in New City cooperation, respect of peers and good work habits is an outgrowth of the process of creating. As significant as the completion of the artwork is the process of exploration and commitment, where growth occurs. “What is art, where is art, and how to create original art is revealed as you define your world, movement in space, shape and

form, shading techniques (value), negative and positive space, perspective, foreshortening, and more that is taught within the lessons with appropriate styles and various materials and their use. As you grow conceptually and creatively, you will apply these techniques with increasing challenges." Drew, age 11, had this to say: "I have known Marilyn for about six years. In those six years I have learned lots, including pointillism shading and so much. “But, I learned from her also about eating right, caring for my sister, being more understanding. Marilyn has been more than a teacher to me. She has been a counselor, a guide and also my friend.” A proud mom, Mrs. Peretz had this to say: "My son studied with Marilyn for almost a year and blossomed under her tutelage. He learned more with Marilyn in the first three months than he had with another teacher for two years. “He was able to produce an art portfolio conforming to all the requirements of the most select art universities. In fact, he was accepted to the Pratt Institute Fine Arts Program. His self confidence and belief in his abilities has grown dramatically. This is due to the caring, almost therapeutic method of teaching that Marilyn Benkler employs." Marilyn believes in Art For All. You can call her for Individual Lessons, Group Classes, Advanced Placement, College Portfolios and Photoshop: Photography. Call her at 845-634-2261 or visit her web site at www.marilynbenkler.com. Her studio is in New City. 81

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:29 AM Page 82

Armchair Walking Tours will take us on a trip through Rockland County history The Historical Society of the Nyacks and the Friends of the Nyacks announce the schedule for the 2014 fall season of the John Scott Armchair Walking Tours. This popular program, now in its nineteenth year, features slide presentations on local history, architecture and related cultural subjects. The Armchair Walking Tours are dedicated to the memory of John Scott, Rockland County’s great historian. The programs are produced by Bob Goldberg. The opening program in September, "Politics, Peace and Treason: Nyack in the Civil War", will be presented by Brian Jennings, local history librarian of the New City Library. Nyack in the 1860s was not an antislavery community. It was however, very concerned about preserving the Union. Nyack voted both in 1860 and 1864 to oppose Lincoln’s bids for the presidency. This program will discuss Lincoln’s presidential campaign of 1860, raising volunteer regiments for the Union Army, the local home front during wartime and the controversial peace convention which Nyack hosted in 1861. Join us to learn more of this important, but little known period of our local history. The program will be presented first in the Nyack Library, 59 S. Broadway, at 7:00 PM Wednesday, October 15 and will be repeated the following afternoon, Thursday, October 16 at 2:00 PM in the Valley Cottage Library on Route 303. The Return of the Eagles to Rockland 82

How the arrival of the Erie Railroad transformed downtown Nyack will be featured in When Nyack Meant Business.

Nyack’s little-known involvement in the Civil War will be documented in Politics, Peace and Treason: Nyack in the Civil War.

County – A Photographic Journey The November and second program in

the series will be presented by Ray Wright, a noted wildlife photographer and former

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:29 AM Page 83

Noted wildlife photographer Ray Wright will show many of his amazing photographs in The Return of the Eagles to Rockland County.

Some political images that reflect the passions of the Civil War.

Nyack realtor. From his extensive collection of wildlife photographs, Ray Wright will show many of his photographs, especially those of eagles which, in recent years, have returned to Rockland County. He will discuss the many photographic techniques he employs to create the great images you will see. The program will be presented first at

the Nyack Library, 59 S. Broadway, at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, November 19 and will be repeated the following afternoon, Thursday, November 20 at 2:00 PM at the Valley Cottage Library on Route 303. When Nyack Meant Business Bob Goldberg, trustee of the Historical Society of the Nyacks and producer of the Armchair Walking Tours will present the third program in the series.

In 1870 the Erie Railroad reached Nyack thus connecting it to New York City. The arrival of the railroad transformed Nyack from a small riverfront village to the commercial capital of Rockland County and a new commuter suburb of New York City. The growth of Downtown Nyack and its business center will be described with many old photographs of that era. You will meet many of Nyack’s early business entrepreneurs, the businesses they founded, and the buildings and stores that they built, many of which still line Broadway and Main Street. Return to the times before the malls when Nyack was the retail center of Rockland County. The program will be presented first in the Nyack Library, 59 S. Broadway, at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, December 10 and will be repeated the following afternoon, Thursday, December 11 at 2:00 PM at the Valley Cottage Library on Route 303. Seating is limited and attendees should pre-register by calling or going online. (Nyack Library. 845.358.3370, nyacklibrary.org or Valley Cottage Library. 845.268.7700, vclib.org).For more information, contact Bob Goldberg at 845.268.3838 or bobgoldberg@nyackhistory.org 83

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Oldest brick building in Nyack is the perfect place for your business

1 Piermont Avenue in Nyack has gone through many incarnations as the oldest brick building in Nyack. It was built in 1836. It was once a general store, used for furniture storage and housed an auto parts business. In 1926 it was owned by Seeley & Company and manufactured fruit juices, syrups and extracts. It was called the old vanilla factory. The 3rd floor still has a hoist mechanism to haul things up. The factory existed up until 1966 and then the building went derelict for a while. In 1989 two teachers purchased the building and converted it into an alternative high school. It was known as The Elizabeth Seeger School and its many graduates and teachers have fond memories of their years there. It has been a professional office since 2008 occupied by a law firm. This landmark commercial building is located in the heart of downtown Nyack with stunning Hudson River views and on-site parking. Any professional firm such as a law office, financial planning, consulting, real estate, web site start-up, insurance, counseling or wellness center can find a home here. With its high ceilings, cherry wood trim, exposed brick walls, Greek Revival woodworking and vintage lighting, 1 Piermont Avenue stands out because of its landmark status. This charming office suite has three executive offices and a conference room or 84

Left: Floor plan shows the spacious property at 1 Piermont Avenue in Nyack.

four offices as you wish. It features a formal reception and waiting area ample staff work area, filing space, fully equipped

kitchenette, central air and a private bathroom with downtown Nyack at your fingertips.

10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:29 AM Page 85

The lobby (top) and some of the other fabulous spaces you’ll find at 1 Piermont Avenue.

John Lynch of Keller Williams will welcome your clients into the oldest commercial building in the village. It has been beautifully renovated and utilities are included in the rent. With its location on the corner of Piermont Avenue and Main Street and the incredible views of the Hudson River your employees will feel welcome. With a Y nearby there is opportunity to work out or take a refreshing swim. Nyack offers businesses an attractive, well diversified, congenial environment that has a culturally rich history. The village is a destination for not only residents of the Village of Nyack, but also for Upper Nyack, West Nyack and Central Nyack. Imagine the cachet of running your business in the oldest commercial building in the village. The building has been beautifully renovated and awaits your business. Call John Lynch of Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty at 845-639-0300 or on his cell at 845-274-1735 and put your business in a landmark commercial building with on-site parking. With the new Tappan Zee Bridge being built Nyack offers an ideal location for business.


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Bonnie and Dan Radwin hold up their favorite magazine

Jim Bernard of Bauer Crowley insurance chats with Rivertown editor Phil Bunton.

Maggie Wiener and Eileen Murphy.

Everyone loved the food and the ambience at Nyack Pour House. Monica Covey, of Helen Hayes Hospital, with Rivertown columnist and interior designer Candice Boyle, and Maggie Wiener.


10rtown34-87.qxp_10rtown2-17 9/19/14 11:30 AM Page 87

Rivertown Exchange comes to Nyack Pour House

Everyone had a great time when Rivertown Exchange came to the Nyack Pour House for its monthly networking party. he great food. Next month’s Rivertown Exchange will be at the unique Paramount Country Club, 60 Zukor Road, New City. This is a great place for all those special occasions. So come along and see what the Paramount has to offer. The date: Wednesday, November 8, from 5.30 to 7.30. Hope to see you there. PHOTOS: ARNOLD ROUFA MD

Above: Calherbe Monel, Director of Rockland County Economic Development, with editor Bunton. Left: Arlene Levine-Roufa with realtor Julian Mostel. Below left: Trish Greene with Rivertown party organizer Abbie Huff. Below right: Rivertown editor Phil Bunton with his better half, wife Candice Boyle


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Inside a British Mum’s Kitchen With Mary Callan

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these ghoulish recipes Halloween is the perfect excuse to indulge in a little crafting to truly get into the “spirit” of things. Combine the craft with food and you have double the fun. Root vegetable soup is fantastic on its own but at what other time of the year could you add a spider web fashioned from crème fraiche? Accompany the soup with some “cheesy bones” made from pizza dough to add some ghoulish delight. Chocolate cupcakes are welcome any day but there’s something rather enchanting about turning them into little owls. In my opinion that’s what Halloween is all about, great fun and great food. Root Vegetable Soup 1medium onion, peeled and finely chopped 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped 4 medium carrots, peeled and chopped 2-3 medium leeks, thoroughly washed, chopped with green tops discarded 2 tablespoons olive oil 4 tablespoon unsalted butter Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon cumin 32 oz vegetable or chicken stock ¼ cup heavy cream (optional) Crème fraiche Heat the olive oil and 2 tablespoons of the butter in a heavy saucepan until melted. Add the onions, sprinkle with a little salt and sauté on a low heat for about 10-12 minutes until caramelized. Add the sweet potatoes, carrots and leeks, stir and continue to sauté for 2-3 min-


Above: Spider Soup. Below: Cheesy Bones. Opposite: Owl Chocolate Cupcakes

utes. Add the cumin and the rest of the butter, continue cooking until all the vegetables are beginning to caramelize. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn. Add the stock, bring to the boil, turn down to a simmer, partially cover the pot and allow to bubble away gently until the

vegetables are cooked through. Cool for 10 minutes or so then blend. Add the cream if using and stir through. Check the seasonings. To add the spiders web place some crème fraiche into a squeeze bottle. Squeeze 3 rings on the top of the soup, use

10rtown90-98.qxp_10rtown18-35 9/19/14 12:28 PM Page 89

a toothpick to draw through the crème fraiche from the center out to the edges. Serve with Cheesy Bones. Cheesy Bones. This is not really a recipe at all, just a bit of cheesy fun. 1 package of Pillsbury Pizza Dough ¼ cup Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper Dried oregano (optional)

Heat the oven to 400F. Take the dough out of the package and roll it into a rectangle. Cut into strips, then cut a 1 inch slit in the center of each end. Roll or shape the ends into knobs that look like the ends of a bone. Place the dough bones on an ungreased baking sheet and sprinkle with Parmesan, salt, pepper and oregano if using. Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes until golden. Owl Chocolate Cupcakes 1 1/2 sticks of room temperature unsalted butter 1 1/2 cups of sugar 3 large eggs 1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

1/2 cup of cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s) 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda Pinch of salt 3/4 cup of buttermilk 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Heat the oven to 350 F. Line a cupcake tray with paper liners. Cream the butter and the sugar until really light and fluffy. No sense in rushing this, the lighter the consistency the lighter the sponge when baked. Add the eggs, one at a time scraping down the bowl after each addition. Mix the flour, cocoa, baking powder, soda and salt in a bowl and set aside. Place the buttermilk and vanilla extract in a measuring jug. Add half the flour mixture to the butter, sugar and eggs and gently combine, add the buttermilk and vanilla, gently combine. Add the rest of the flour mixture. Be careful you don’t over mix. Fill the cupcake liners three quarters full. Place in the oven and bake for approximately 18 minutes or until the sponge bounces back when lightly pressed.

Remove from the oven and cool in the trays for 10 minutes, then remove the cupcakes from the tray to a baking rack and cool thoroughly. Chocolate Icing 4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, chopped 1/4 c heavy whipping cream 1 Tbsp granulated sugar 1 Tbsp corn syrup Oreo cookies Orange jelly beans Junior Mints

Place chocolate in a small mixing bowl. In a saucepan, heat up cream, sugar and corn syrup just until boiling. Pour over chocolate and do not stir. Let sit for at least 5 minutes. Whisk until smooth. Let cool 10 minutes. Place in a bowl of a stand mixer and whip until lighter in color and texture, about 8 to 10 minutes. Decorate the cupcakes. Split the oreos in half, place one junior mint on each half of the oreo, frosting side up. Place the oreos on the cupcake. Place the jelly bean under the Oreo eyes for a beak. Enjoy! 89

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Ten “awesome women” went on a Caribbean cruise together - Diane Klipp, Kathleen Haubner, Karen Meunier, Katelynn Hackett, Lynda O’Brien, Debbie Michel, Meaghan Michel, Angie Rospek, Rose Hackett and Kim Buchanan.

Members of the Phillip Mathangani Foundation at the second annual scholarship fundraiser at the Charles S. Eccher Park in Stony Point.

Haverstraw Seniors on their trip to New England. It was taken at the Nubble lighthouse. Holding the magazine is President Judy O'Sullivan

Jamie Winter, of Nanuet, cruised to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit. 90

Terri Kaye Needle and Martin Lecker of West Nyack climbed Machu Picchu, Peru

10rtown90-98.qxp_10rtown18-35 9/19/14 12:29 PM Page 91

Kassie Bajada was at the tip of Key West.

Danielle Reiss and Katie Meyer, of Stony Point, in front of the SkyWheel, located at the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in South Carolina.

Joanne and Pat Molnar of Valley Cottage at the site of the Potsdam World War II conference in Germany.

Sophie Vulaj took her favorite magazine to Santorini, Greece.


10rtown90-98.qxp_10rtown18-35 9/19/14 12:29 PM Page 92

Jen Koby and daughter Annette, of Monroe, NY, were visiting Legoland in Carlsbad, California.

Stony Point friends braved the rain but enjoyed the Beach Boys and Herman’s Hermits at Provident Park in Pomona.

Robert Jacaruso and Heyin Kim, of Nyack, enjoying Carnival Week in Provincetown, Mass

Mary Anne Nugent and Bob Henebry of Suffern sightsee- Rockland Rodders, a respected classic car club in Pearl River, donated food and pet supplies to Hi Tor Animal ing at San Rafael Mission, California. Care Center. Pictured are (L to R): Bob Dagistino, Ed Rabinowitz, Bob Knopf, RoseAnn Frey, and Tony Bax. 92

10rtown90-98.qxp_10rtown18-35 9/19/14 12:29 PM Page 93

The Priors of New City, West Nyack and Sheridan, Wyoming, had a family reunion at the Devil’s Tower National Park in Wyoming. The scene: Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska. Mike and Anne Marie James, of Pomona, Maureen and Tim O’Connor, of Thiells, and Mary Ann and John Carroll, of Monroe landed on the glacier (with Rivertown).

Kurt and Toni Ann Mulligan took Rivertown on honeymoon with them to Hawaii.

John and Carole Hoban, of Garnerville, visited Camden, Me, and sailed on the Appledore schooner.

Mike & Carmen Carnevale , Josephine Mahoney and Bill & Donna Parco all of Stony Point at the Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel in Costa Rica

Jill Ofer and Ed Zybert soak up the sun in Tel Aviv.


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How do I retire with the resources I have

Retirement holds no guarantees these days with regard to consistent income. In our parents and grandparents generations, there were more givens to count on: most corporate pension plans were Defined Benefit Plans, providing a guaranteed monthly income for life. Social Security had a relatively constant cost of living raise, and the overall cost of living in general was much lower. Life was simpler, with less distractions and goodies pushed in our faces to tempt us. But alas, those days are gone, but the concept of retirement is still here- with a few more consequences. Mortality, the average lifespan, has doubled in the past 100 years. Add in how many more things we have in our life to spend on nowadays, and the dilemma of having enough principal and income to support us for as many as 30 years or more presents quite a complex puzzle to solve for lifetime support. For those of the younger persuasion, the biggest hit to retirement savings is raising children. A middle-income family with a child born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 for food, shelter and other expenses up to age 18, an increase of 1.8% from 2012 according to a statistic by the Agriculture Department. The same report cited housing at an average of $73,000 or 30% the cost of raising a child. Add to that an unknown but esti-


Tales from the Chestnut Tree

By Neal A. Deutsch, CFP

mated cost of $150,000-$250,000 for an education, and it makes you wonder if the younger generation really has it easier or much harder than us 60 or so age old folks. For us, oftentimes the dilemma unfolds when we are struggling with the choice of helping our children at the risk of damaging our retirement savings and financial wellbeing. I’ve written before about how we teach our children to “just say no” but it seems we don’t practice what we preach. I’ve seen many times parents who are consistently helping their kids by giving them monthly stipends, while they can’t make their own bills. It is a dilemma to ponder: there is no right or wrong in concept unless it impacts you so that you can’t afford to pay your own bills, buy food and medication. Can you say no? Another issue is the decision of when to retire: and if you are part of a couple, who will retire when? The timing of retirement impacts the timing of an impact of cash flow, and retirement may be right for one of the couple but not for the other. Compromises many be at hand as well as number crunching. Can you live with one income supplemented by retirement income and Social Security, or do you need both full time incomes? What will the retired spouse do when home alone while the other spouse is still working, and

how will you reshuffle your together time to account for differences in time allotments. Increased vacation time, hobbies and new interests may be at hand but remember, hobbies cost money…did you figure them into the new reduced budget? Would you consider relocating to a lesser expensive area? It’s considerably lesser expensive to live once you move away from the tri-state area: life is slower and much more pleasant for most. For those who have children and especially grandchildren, this option seems to bring an automatic “NO.” I have many friends who have sold their NY house, bought down South or West where the climate is much more ache and pain friendly and rented an apartment near the kids, with a combined cost of less than the NY residence. Let’s face it - the cost of living in our area is outrageous…my opinion is we’ve got to be out of our minds to live here. It’s not going to get any better soon- most predict worse or just more expensive. Two residences for the price of one give will give you much more latitude to get away from bad weather, the kids (OK, admit itsometimes you DO need a break). Golf 12 months a year. No more shoveling or slipping on your keister- I’m not telling you anything you haven’t thought of already, but either don’t want to consider or admit. Cleaning out the house of 40 years is a bear, but getting rid of all that old stuff is a blessing, and will save your kids the task of doing it for you. Starting off fresh at this age with new furniture and everything new and clean is a wonderful thing…sometimes we just get caught up in the same rut for decades- maybe it’s time to break the old mold and start a new adventure…with a lot less expenses and a lot more adventures. So, when working with your Certified Financial Planner® on your retirement planning, just trying to figure out how much you need in money is not the only issue consider: quality of life should be as if not more important. It could shed a whole new light on your retirement planning- not to mention making what you thought was impossible to be very possible indeed! Neal A. Deutsch is a Certified Financial Planner TM & Registered Securities Principal, offering securities through First Allied Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Neal is President of Chestnut Investment Group in Suffern, NY, helping people with financial planning since 1984. Please feel free to call Neal at 845.369.0016 or email him with your questions at neald@chestnutinvestment.com. Visit his website at www.chestnutinvestment.com

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Wine Talk

By Sandi and Bonnie

Owners of Nyack Wine Cellar

What makes kosher wine kosher? During Passover Jewish people may have to give up bread, they do not have to give up wine for 8 days. For a wine to be kosher strict rules do apply. It begins in the fields. Baron Edmund de Rothschild, a co-owner of Ch. Lafite sent varietals to Eretz Israel at the end of the 19th century. This was to help the Jewish pioneers of wine. In making kosher wine, grapes may not be used for wine until the fourth year. Then on the seventh year they may not be used at all. No other fruits or vegetables are allowed to be grown with the vines. A common practice that started in France is to plant a rose bush at the end of each row. This rose bush will be hit by insects and disease first, so you have an idea what to watch for in the grape vines. Sort of the vineyard equivalent of the canary in the coal mine! One percent of the wine must be discarded as a symbolic remnant of the 10% tithe paid to the Temple in Jerusalem. Barrels must be cleansed 3 times. All equipment must be kosher. Only observant male Jews are allowed to harvest and work on the wines. Usually the winemaker is not in this category so they may not touch the wine or equipment. In order for kosher wine to be handled by a non-Jew and still be kosher it must be flash pasteurized to a high heat (only for fractions of secBonnie and Sandi onds). This renders the wine Mevushal and it can now be handled by anyone and still remain kosher. Wines are usually fined with animal by- products or gelatin. Kosher wines are usually fined with bentonite, a clay material that pulls the particles down. If special yeast is used it must not be stored with grains. Kosher wines are made all over the world. They are made in all wine styles from Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chenin Blanc to dessert wines. If you want a kosher wine you can find your varietal. The association with Kosher and sweetness was primarily due to Jewish immigrants in New York having access only to the local Concord grape for their wine making. Unfortunately, Concord grapes make for a bitter brew so the addition of sugar was necessary to obtain a palatable wine. The Royal Wine Corporation is run by the Herzog family. They are dedicated to kosher wines and have properties throughout the world from California to Italy. Ceremonial sweet wine is made at their Kedem winery in Milton, NY. Their Bartenura wine is from Piedmont Italy, Chateau Giscours is from the Margaux region of France and one of their latest ventures is the Alfasi label from Chile. As you can see, it is no longer necessary to view kosher wine as anything other than what it has become. It is well-crafted, delicious wine from all over the world for everyone to enjoy. The many choices are there for you to explore.

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Latest studies to yak about

“Physical activity keeps hippocampus healthy in people at risk for Alzheimer's disease” according to a recent study, and if your hippocampus is voluminous, Val, you may be protected longer, espcially if you carry the genetic marker for this disease. “Of all four groups studied, only those at high genetic risk for Alzheimer's who did not exercise experienced a decrease in hippocampal volume (3%) over the 18-month period. The hippocampus shrinks with cognitive decline. I underline these points in case you need a little help getting the point Petunia. “All other groups, including those at high risk for Alzheimer's but who were physically active, maintained the volume of their hippocampus.” But if you happen to like to exercise, make it fun. Another study shows that working too hard physically at work can “in midlife increase(s) the risk of mobility limitation in old age, whereas leisure-time physical activity decreases the risk.” So golf, play tennis, bike, have lots of sex, whatever is fun for you guys and gals. And on the horizon, much research revolves around gene therapy, as per a “ study (that) opens up new perspectives on therapeutic prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, given that we have demonstrated that a gene therapy is effective in preventing the loss of memory in lab mice", who are benefiting from all this and will be entering graduate school this spring. They should have given them a little pot, as that helps, in a recent study, to prevent alzheimerish amyloid plaque formation, but further studies are needed and the mice are all for that, keep it comin’, dooby dooby doo. And speaking of memory, if you recall we just did, MORE information is on the horizon regarding memory as per…“A protein complex that plays a critical but previously unknown role in learning and memory formation has been identified by researchers. "This is a critical building block that regulates a fundamental process -- memory," said the lead author, I forget her name, of the study. "Now that we know about this important new player, it offers a unique therapeutic window if we can find a way to enhance its function." The team looked at RGS7 in the hippocampus, a small part of the brain that helps turn short-term memory in long-term memory. Mice lacking RGS7 (you won’t remember this, why do I do this to you) exhibited 96

The ABC’s of Health and Nutrition By Dr. Joanne T. Gjelsten

deficits in learning and memory.” They kept leaving the keys in the fridge, but oddly remembered where they stashed the hash. At least they didn’t get launched into space, like the immune cells in the next study. “Certain cells of the immune system tend to misbehave with age, (naughty cells) leaving the elderly more vulnerable to illness. Because these cells are known to misbehave similarly during spaceflight, (they probably hate the pasty food) researchers are studying the effects of microgravity on immune cells to better understand how our immune systems change as we age,” (especially, during all those times we plan to enter space as octogenarians). “It is difficult to study the genetic and molecular changes associated with aging-related immune suppression because the condition develops over decades, and the elderly often have illnesses that can complicate research studies.” (But that is what you’re paid for, eggheads.) “However, changes in the immune system -- including T-cell behavior -- quickly occur in space. After a relatively brief trip to the space station in the Leukin2 study, unmodified T-cells from healthy donors mimicked T-cells from elderly immune-suppressed individuals”. In other words, (they) found that exposure to microgravity can simulate aging. And they were especially alarmed and aged twice the normal rate after they saw George Clooney float by. "Ultimately, this could lead us to new treatment strategies for immune system dysfunction", said the study leader, a former astronaut, I forget her name, who also tells us that “Diminished immune system function is a common problem for the elderly and for astronauts. Remarkably, several key changes in the immune systems of the elderly are the same as those found in astronauts returning from spaceflight. Impaired T-cell activation and rapid cell production are among those changes. Because spaceflight-induced and agingrelated immune suppression share these key

characteristics, researchers expect results from this study will be relevant for the general population”. With age comes sleep problems, largely from a drop in hormones, but here is something to keep you up at night. “A sleep disorder that causes people to act out their dreams is the best current predictor of brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, research suggests. (Oh great!) In this disorder, the disturbance occurs during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep and causes people to act out their dreams, often resulting in injury to themselves and/or bed partner. In healthy brains, muscles are temporarily paralyzed during sleep to prevent this from happening."Rapid-eye-movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is not just a precursor but also a critical warning sign of neurodegeneration that can lead to brain disease," "In fact, as many as 80 to 90 per cent of people with RBD will develop a brain disease.”AND "It's important for clinicians to recognize RBD as a potential indication of brain disease in order to diagnose patients at an earlier stage". "This is important because drugs that reduce neurodegeneration could be used in RBD patients to prevent (or protect) them from developing more severe degenerative disorders." And after that fun news, if your happen to feel lousy, sleep on it! Researchers found that this response, (sleeping that is) has a definite purpose, in fruitflies: enhancing immune system response and recovery to infection”, and what the world needs now is more flies. “Sleep deprivation increases activity of an NFkB transcription (huh?) factor, Relish, (Relish? Ok not the hot dog kind) which is also needed for fighting infection "but wait, "We deprived flies of sleep” (I wonder how does one know a fly is sleeping? “George, they’re snoring again; wake them up!”) “after infection with the idea that if we blocked this sleep, things would get worse in terms of survival," Williams explains. "Instead they got better, but not until after they had experienced more sleep." I am going to take a nap now. “Taken together, all of these data support the idea that postinfection sleep helps to improve survival", which is, after all, the whole point isn’t it? Sleep well, especially when you’re laying down, or ill, stay away from space, exercise for fun, and stay positive cause they’re working on it! More on www.GoDrJo.com.

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Blauvelt Free Library ADULT PROGRAMS Yoga for Seniors | Tuesday, October 7, from 8 – 9 am. Felicia Somma leads an hour of gentle stretches, breathing, relaxation and energy meditation with music. Sitting or standing (your choice). Limited to 8 attendees, so check with us for availability. Free. Call 845 359-2811. Defensive Driving | Monday + Tuesday, October 6 +7, 5:30 – 8:30 pm. A certified safe driving course in two consecutive evening sessions. Attendees can qualify for up to 10% discount on their auto insurance. Cost is $23, by check made out to presenter, Ian Prastien . Call the library at 845 359-2811 to register. All ages of drivers welcome. Note: if this class is full by publication date of this issue of Rivertown, call us for a listing of other scheduled Defensive Driving Courses in Rockland County. Art Talk: Introduction to Matisse | Sunday, October 12, 2 pm. Artist/educator, Suzanne Altman offers a primer on the career of the extraordinarily productive artist, Henri Matisse, whose life crossed two centuries. This talk for will introduce you to the master whose paper Cut Outs are spotlighted in a show opening at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) on this same Sunday, October 12 and running through February 8, 2015. Please call the library at 845 3592811 to register for this event. Free. Book Chat | Wednesday, October 15, 7:30 pm. Evelyn Murphy leads a lively group discussion of Diane Setterfield’s Bellman & Black. Books are available at our front desk for check out at the beginning of the month. Evelyn often brings a snack and a “party favor” to the meeting that relates to the storyline of the book. Call her at 845 480-4165 to get in on the fun. Puccini’s La Bohème | Sunday, October 19, 2:15 pm departure, 3 pm curtain. The Friends of the Blauvelt Free Library invite you on a trip to Bergen Performing Arts Center (BergenPAC) in Englewood, NJ to enjoy a live production of La Bohème by Verismo Opera. Many opera buffs say La Bohème is the opera you should see if you are only seeing one. Cost is $50, including a short 20 minute ride by school bus. Payment is due in person at the library at registration, by cash or check. Bus loads at 2 pm; curtain time is 3 pm. Return to library around 7 pm. Limit 50 people. Please call Barry at the library (845 359-2811) for availability, as seats could be filled before this issue of Rivertown is distributed. Phone Alice Ryan for show info at 845 398-3590. Classic Movie | Tuesday, October 21, 12 pm. Paul Kaufman introduces Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (NR), 102 min., at noon. This Oscar winning 1954 musical starring Jane Powell, Howard Keel and Jeff Richards follows the boiterous Pontipee brothers and their quest for marital bliss. Coffee and tea are provided, and Linda Kaufman brings tasty baked sweets. Free. YOUTH PROGRAMS StoryCraft | Every Wednesday + Thursday from 2 - 3 pm. Join us for stories, puppets, songs, and a craft. Ages 2 ½ - 5, in the Children’s Room. CheckMates Chess Club | Wednesday, October 1, 4:30 pm. Bring your brainpower! We’ll provide the chessboard and pieces. Ages 7 and up. Meets in the Children’s Room. Pumpkin Painting with Marybeth | Wednesday,

October 8, 4 pm. Ages 8 - 13. Create your own ghoulish gourd. Limit 12. Call 845 359-2811 to register. Pajama Time with Marybeth | Thursday, October 9, 6 pm. Ages 3 - 6. Wear your PJ’s and bring a favorite stuffed toy for stories and a craft. Please register at 845 359-2811. Yoga for Tweens with Wendy | Fridays, October 10 + 24, 4:15 - 5 pm. ages 8 - 13. Learn yoga in a fun and creative way. Register with Marybeth at 845 3592811. Legomania Lego Club | Friday, October 10, 3:30 4:30 pm. Bring your own Legos, or use ours. Any Lego donations are welcome. Ages 6 + up. Meets in the Children’s Room. Mommy + Me Yoga with Wendy | Monday, October 13, 9:45 - 10:15 am. Have fun learning yoga together. Register with Marybeth at 845 359-2811. TAWK: Teens at Work Klub | Tuesday, October 14, 4 pm. Gather in the library to advise Marybeth on programs, books and media you think we should have. Snacks, too! 845 359-2811 to register. Grades 6 - 12. Read2Rover | Monday, October 20, 3:30 - 4:30 pm . Grades K - 5. Read a favorite book to Lola the Rottweiler, a sweet tempered, Certified Therapy Pet. Call for one of six ten-minute sessions at 845 3592811. Pottery Paint with Kim | Tuesday, October 21, 4:30 pm. Ages 6 - 9. Paint a Jack-O’-Lantern. Limit 12. Register at 845 359-2811. Halloween Scavenger Hunt with Janet | Wednesday, October 22, 4 pm. Ages 7 - 11. See how many scary surprises you can find. Limit 12. Call 845 359-2811 to register. Magic Tree House Book Club | Thursday October 23 at 4:30 pm. A chat and game about Book # 42: A Good Night for Ghosts. Ages 7 + 8. Please register. Halloween Storytime with Marybeth | Tuesday, October 28 at 4 pm. Grades K - 1. Hear Halloween stories and make a craft. Sign up at 845 359-2811. Halloween Party + Costume Parade | Wednesday + Thursday, October 29 + 30, 2 - 3 pm. Ages 2 ½ - 5. Stories, treats +face painting. Walk the Grand Circuit inside the library. Play Wii U Games | Wednesday, October 29, 4 - 5 pm. Play your friends and show off your mad Wii skillz. Ages 7- 11. Just drop in.

Edward Hopper House 82 North Broadway, Nyack. 845 358 0774. www.edwardhopperhouse.org. Viviane Silvera: On My Way (selections from an ongoing series). Through November 2, in the Hopper Hallway Gallery.The paintings in this exhibition, from Viviane Silvera's ongoing series, “Film Project: Therapy,” pay homage to Edward Hopper’s work through the literal and unspoken relationships between light, the psychological, the solitary, and the cinematic--dominant themes in Hopper’s work. Small Matters of Great Importance: En Route October 25 – January 4, 2015. Reception: Saturday, October 25, 2-4 pm. Edward Hopper House presents

its 21st annual small works exhibition. This year’s theme, En Route, celebrates the new bridge being built across Edward Hopper’s beloved Hudson River and recognizes Hopper’s frequent use of travel themes in his paintings. Edward Hopper in Nyack: Memorabilia and Early Work. Ongoing in the Sanborn Gallery. Early drawings and paintings, created while Hopper was living in the Nyack home, together with memorabilia, including model boats made by Hopper, paint boxes, and an easel, are presented on an ongoing basis.

Haverstraw King’s Daughters Library Monday, October 6. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886, after more than 20 years of planning, fund raising and construction, author Kevin Woyce, will explain how she was built and what she symbolizes, and introduce some of the people involved in her creation, including sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, engineer Gustave Eiffel, architect Richard Morris Hunt, and newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The program concludes with brief histories of Ellis Island and Liberty State Park . 7:00PM Tuesday, October 7. MADAVA FARMS MAPLE SYRUP EXPERIENCE BUS TRIP. Tour the country’s most advanced maple syrup facility, and taste why Crown Maple’s certified organic syrup has been called quite possibly the purest on earth and featured on both the Martha Stewart Show and NBC’s morning show Today. Madava Farms is an absolutely beautiful backdrop for a memorable experience. Have a delicious farm fresh meal prepared especially for you by Crown Maple’s Culinary Institute of America Chef. Savor a guided three-stage tasting in a newly designed tasting room which offers a full view into Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operation. Shop for some freshly bottled syrup and other delicious treats to take home. Price $80 for HKDPL cardholders and $85 for the general public. Wednesday, October 8. WINTER CONTAINER GARDENING. This lively and informative presentation highlights valuable tips and easy growing techniques for growing ornamentals and miniature evergreens throughout the fall and winter in containers. It will also demonstrate different methods of decorating the containers with branches, berries and twigs for the holiday season. Through the use of live, winter-hardy plants and shrubs that have interesting texture and form, the winter container will provide long-lasting color through the cold, snowy moths. 1:00pm Saturday, October 11. ZUMBA GOLD. Have the time of your life in this exiting hour of calorie-burning, body energizing, easy-to-follow dance moves, set to a fusion of Latin and international music. Tone and sculpt your body while burning fat and having fun, under the guidance of certified Zumba instructions Myrza Mendez-Torres and Orlando Santiago-Perez. You need not register in order to attend. FOR ACTIVE OLDER ADULTS & PEOPLE WHO ARE NEW TO AN


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EXERCISE PROGRAM. 12:00noon Tuesday, October 14. SHIRA: MEDIUMSHIP. Come and meet Shira (the popular Pet Psychic), a gifted psychic/medium who talks to the loved ones on the other side. In addition to learning how Shira developed her psychic and mediumship abilities, this can be a great opportunity for healing and closure with those who have passed in your life. In person registration for HKDPL card holders begins on September 8 and for the general public on October6 for the general public. You must bring your HKDPL library card with you at the time of registration. **For entertainment purposes only 6:30pm Wednesdays, October 15 & 29. ZUMBA. Join the Party! Have the time of your life in this exiting hour of calorie-burning, body energizing, easy-to-follow dance moves, set to a fusion of Latin and international music. Tone and sculpt your body while burning fat and having fun, under the guidance of certified Zumba instructions Myrza Mendez-Torres and Orlando Santiago-Perez. You need not register in order to attend. 7:30pm SUNDAY, October 19. WAGNER’S JEWS. The German opera composer Richard Wagner was notoriously anti-Semitic, and his writings on the Jews were later embraced by Hitler and the Nazis. But there is another, lesser-known side to this story. For years, many of Wagner’s closest associates were Jews— young musicians who became personally devoted to him, and provided crucial help to his work and career. They included the teenaged piano prodigy Carl Tausig; Hermann Levi, a rabbi’s son who conducted the premiere of Wagner’s Parsifal; Angelo Neumann, who produced Wagner's works throughout Europe; and Joseph Rubinstein, a pianist who lived with the Wagner family for years and committed suicide when Wagner died. Even as Wagner called for the elimination of the Jews from German life, many of his most active supporters were Jewish— as Wagner himself noted with surprise. Who were they? What brought them to Wagner, and what brought him to them? These questions are at the heart of Hilan Warshaw’s documentary WAGNER'S JEWS, the first film to focus on Wagner's complex personal relationships with Jews. Filmed on location in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, WAGNER'S JEWS tells these remarkable stories through archival sources, visual re-enactments, interviews, and performances of original musical works by Wagner’s Jewish colleagues— the first such performances on film. Parallel to the historical narrative, the film explores the ongoing controversy over performing Wagner’s music in Israel. In a different form, the questions dividing Wagner's Jewish acquaintances still resonate today: is it possible to separate artworks from the hatreds of their creator? Can art transcend prejudice and bigotry, and the weight of history? WAGNER'S JEWS will be screened followed by a Q+A with the filmmaker. 1:00pm

Practitioner – Breast and Women’s Health Prevention Services and Breast Health Navigator at Nyack Hospital. 6:30pm WINE LOVERS JOURNEY CONTINUED. Our wine lovers’ journey continues with the following classes: Wednesday, October 22th. SONOMA THE BIRTHPLACE OF CALIFORNIA WINEMAKING. No longer in Napa’s shadow the 16 AVAs of Sonoma have established worldwide recognition. Come along as we explore and taste wines from one of the most diverse and special wine regions. Registration begins on September 3rd for HKDPL cardholders and on October 6th for the general public. 7:00pm Wednesday, November 19t/ WINES FROM DOWN UNDER. Influenced by European and Asian immigrants, Australia’s wine culture encourages innovation and excellence. A New World style producer, it is the home to some 64 wine regions across six states, encompassing about 2500 wineries. Bring your glass as we explore the Southern Hemisphere. Registration begins on October 1st for HKDPL cardholders and on November 1st for the general public. 7:00pm. Friday, October 24 – November 14. GENTLE YOGA. Yoga is the bringing together of mind, body and spirit. Join yoga instructor Marla Caplan for this gentle yoga class. All levels welcome. If needed chairs will be provided. 11:15am Sunday, October 26. AVRAM PENGAS &THE NOGA GROUP. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Join us for an afternoon of music rooted in the rich musical palate of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Fresh, innovated, modern and infectious, Noga Group’s music is sure to delight all age groups! 2:00pm Monday, October 27 GHOST: A SHOW OF UNBELIEVABLE EVENTS. Mentalist Amore brings you unexplained events and demonstrations from the Victorian era, Witness a re-creation of a 19th Century séance, experience a first-hand account of the spirit cabinet, your questions will be answered by the “Mystic Oracle” and a special guest from the other side will help assist during the performance. Come prepared to be part of a show that will amaze, mystify and leave you a bit unnerved. 7:00PM Tuesday, October 28. MEDICARE AND MEDICARE PART D. The Rockland County Office for the Aging will be holding an educational seminar on Medicare and Medicare Part D. The goal of the seminar is to inform Medicare recipients about the changes to Medicare in 2015, as well as create an understanding of the federal and state prescription drug programs. The seminar will also provide information about extra help that is available to certain individuals to reduce or eliminate the Part D premium and lower cost-sharing requirements. The Medicare Annual Election Period begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th. 11:00am

Monday, October 20th. BREAST HEALTH AWARENESS: NOT THE SAME OLD STUFF! October is National Breast Care Awareness Month, the perfect time to become more informed about breast health. The program will cover some specifics and some generalities. A question and answer period will follow the presentation. Dawn E. Hendriks, is an Adult Nurse

Orangeburg Library


patients live through and how to give support. Meet Jane Schwartzberg, who at 31, is diagnosed with cancer. She is "cured" for 10 years -- during which time she miraculously bears two healthy children -- until the doctors and prognoses all prove wrong. Through slice-of-life vignettes, Janes tells her story, revealing the extraordinary individual she is and her message about how to embrace life when you're down for the count. In her book, Naked Jane Bares All: A Tale of Triumph, Travails & Ta-Tas, Jane's portrayal of her fight with cancer is beautiful, raw, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud-funny. Sue Reif, a writer, speaker and award-winning trainer, went on the journey of a lifetime through breast cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. With the help of thousands, including family, friends, and the doctors and nurses from New York University, Sue is still here to share the amazing things her support network provided along the way. In 39 Things To Make A Cancer Patient Smile, Sue compiled the many things people did for her during that long journey that brough a smile to her face. Both books will be available for purchase and Jane and Sue will be happy to sign a copy after the program. To Register, stop by the library located at 20 South Greenbush Rd., Orangeburg, NY 10962 or call Ph: 845-359-2244 ext. 18

New City Library MANHATTAN LYRIC OPERA - Sunday, October 12 at 2:00 PM. Anne Tormela presents highlights of the most beloved operas, operettas and Broadway classics. Special requests will be welcomed. BOOK TALK: THE TENOR - Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 PM. This novel moves from the hero’s youth in pre-war Italy to his coming of age in war-torn Greece before ending on the stage of New York’s Metropolitan Opera House in 1965. Author and playwright Peter Danish will discuss his novel and its historical background. He will also share a slide show of relevant images from the various time periods covered in the book and musical selections that feature prominently in the story. JEWS IN CHINA - Sunday, October 19 at 2:00 PM Writer Irene Shaland leads a unique journey through six cities in China and 2,000 years of Jewish and Chinese history. INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOSHOP - Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 PM. Discover some of the many uses of this creative program for photo editing, altering and manipulation. PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS - Wednesday, October 22 at 7:00 PM. Meet Barbara Oehl, lead investigator of Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County (PIRC) Find out how she and her team use modern technology to obtain tangible evidence of life after death.

Nyack Library In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Orangeburg Library will offer an inspirational "meet-the-author" program with two cancer survivors -- Jane and Sue -- on Thursday, October 9 at 7:00 pm. Their remarkable stories will give you a glimpse into the emotional roller coaster ride cancer

Shakespeare Discussion Group - Every Monday from 4:00-5:30 pm. FREE Assistance with NYS Health Insurance Programs. Every Monday from 5:00-7:00 by Appointment (845)364-2773 Fiction Book Discussion Group - The first Thursday of each month, at 2:00 pm.

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Nonfiction Book Club - The first Thursday of each month, at 2:00 pm October, 2. Book: The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt. Fiction Writers Workshop - The second and fourth Tuesday of every month, at 11:00 am. Newcomers welcome. Book and Pub Club - A book club geared toward 20 & 30-somethings, Location in a different local bar every month (21 and over only). October, 14 at 7:00 pm meeting at Olives. Book: This is How you Lose Her by Junot Diaz (The Book and Pub Club 1st Birthday Bash!) Poets Circle - October, 20. This group meets once a month for the purpose of sharing poems and receiving constructive feedback. This is not a class but a place to receive encouragement and support for ongoing work as part of a community. Facilitated by Jim Glazer Nyack Toastmasters - Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:45 pm. Knitting & Crochet Group - October, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 at 2:00-3:30. Open to all, this group offers an opportunity to know and crochet with others. Computer Basics 6 Weeks Workshop Using Universal Class Computor Basics 101. Wednesdays October, 8, 15, 22, 29 November, 5, 12 (10:00-11:30 Political Humor: A look Back-Anger Mixed with Mirth. October, 8 at 7:00 pm. Whether a quip from Will Rogers or a false confession by Richard Nixon, these statements spurred political humor, which retains its bite and relevance in contemporary America. Joe Dorinson, Professor of History at Long Island University, will examine how political leaders have employed wit to advantage and demonstrate why they also became targets of verbal missiles. The Making of an Audiobook with Kevin Pariseau. October, 9 at 7:00 pm. With his signature humor, Broadway actor, audiobook narrator, teacher and director, Kevin Pariseau, will discuss the nuts and bolts of making an audiobook, using examples from his own experience with the recording of "The Winds of War" and "War and Remembrance" by Herman Wouk, Historical Society Arm Chair Walking Tour Wednesday, October 15 7:00 pm. Politics, Peace, & Treason: Nyack in the Civil War. This illustrated lecture tells the story of Nyack's role in the Civil War. It will discuss the Presidential campaign of 1860, raising volunteer regiments, the homefront during wartime, and the controversial peace convention Nyack hosted in July 1861. Join us to learn more about his important period in our local history. Presented by Brian Jennings, Local History Librarian, New City Library. Shamanic Journey to the UpConscious with Ivan Szendro. Thursday, October 16 at 7:00 pm. Ivan Szendro, is a healer shaman who uses the power of myths and legends. His years'-long search for the purpose of mythology led him to a recognition that our personal legend gives us universal meaning, selfhealing power, and, "a shamanic bird's-eye view" over all kinds of challenges of our lives. In his one-man theatrical shamanic ritual piece Ivan brings the audience through the adventures of his soaring legend, into the place of recognition, in his terms; our UpConscious, where we can find our own personal mythology. Ivan' creden-

tials with his shamanic ritual presentations include; Touch Time Fesival-Amsterdam, Pompidou CenterParis and NYU Tisch School-NYC, NY. He is a frequent lecturer and presenter at the Conferences of the International Society fro Shamanic Researches (ISSR) The Healing Power of Pets with Veterinarian Dr. Daphne Mobley. Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 pm In the last few decades, pets have become a more integral part of our lives and families. They not only provide us with unconditional love but they assist us with healing. During this presentation by Dr.Daphne Mobley (a veterinarian) you will: •learn about the many ways that pets heal people •hear some amazing stories about how pets have healed and improved the lives of people •have an opportunity to share your story of healing by a pet 100th Anniversary of WW1 Lecture: Its Impact and Legacy in the Middle East. Wednesday, October 22 at 7:00 pm. Professor Kale Yu, Assistant Professor of History at Nyack College, will discuss the current situation in the Middle East and trace its roots to World War 1. Pacman to Minecraft - Videogames Then & Now. Thursday, October 23 at 7:00 pm. Video-games have been around for 35 years-people who played Pacman in their teens are about 50 now. This history of the industry will take you from Pong to Nintendo to the Xbox. The stories behind the development of this industry are enlightening and highly entertaining, including colorful characters, industrial intrigue and bitter rivalries. Learn how the game industry was founded, how Japan made it big and how we got to where we are today! PAINTING CHURCHES - A Play by Tina Howe/Presented by M&M Productions. Sunday, October 26 at 2:00 pm A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama. Gardner and Fanny Church are preparing to move out of their Beacon Hill house to their summer cottage on Cape Cod. Gardner, once a famous poet, now is retired. He slips in and out of senility as his wife Fanny valiantly tries to keep them both afloat. They have asked their daughter, Mags, to come home and help them move. Mags agrees, for she hopes as well to finally paint their portrait. She is now on the verge of artistic celebrity herself and hopes, by painting her parents, to come to terms with them and they with her. Mags triumphs in the end as Fanny and Gardner actually step through the frame and become a work of art ineffable and timeless. Resume Building Workshop w/ Eileen Grimm, Thursday, October 2 at 7:00 pm. FREE-Invest 90 minutes in building a dynamic resume that will give you results. You're a smart job seeker! You know your resume is a key part of getting a new job. This workshop will focus on a resume that describes your achievements and skills. What's relevant and marketable about you? Please bring your resume. Individual Career Counseling Sessions w/ Eileen Grimm. Thursday, October 16, 10:30 am-12:30 pm & Wednesday, October 22 at 6:30-8:30 pm. (4 Individual sessions available on the 1/2 hour). You will be helped assessing your needs, skills and interests, plus, answering any career questions you may have. You will be guided through a step-by-step approach to your job search, re-entry into the workforce or rebuilding your resume. You MUST register with the

Reference Staff at extension 214. VCS-Co-sponsored film 'Kinky Boots' Sunday, October 5 at 2:30. For generations, the Price family has made very sensible, very conservative shoes for men. But to save the business from imminent bankruptcy, young Charlie Price turns to an unlikely new creative consultant: a sassy cross-dressing cabaret singer whose outrageous style and wild designs are a breath of fresh air in the stuffy old factory! Fun and original, it's a must-have movie that proves the best way to fit in is to stand out! FREE OPEN TO ALL Children's Programs FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS! Homework Help 101. Thursday, October 23 at 7:00 pm. Avoid drama and trauma! Homework shouldn't be stressful for kids or caregivers. Come hear elementary school teacher, Erika Olsen, talk about the purpose of homework, expectations for completion, and how you can best support your child in doing their assignments. Information on Library resources and our newly expanded Homework Help Center will also be shared. Space is limited, please register through our website, in person or by calling the Children's Room. Little Shanti Yoga-6 weeks - Thursday, October 16 at 1:30 pm. For children ages 2-5 with caregiver. Join Miss Wendy for this fun series of yoga classes. Mats and props will be provided, but please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. Space is limited, please register for each date separately. Halloween Concert with "Spooky Molloy" and Friends (No Toddler Time Today!) Friday, October 31 at 11:00 am. For children ages 18 months to five years with caregiver. Join Sukey Molloy in this fun-filled, kid-friendly Halloween concert! Come in costume! Space is limited, please register today! Teen Program PSAT Prep Team with Trevor Hochman - Monday, October 6 at 6:30 pm 4 weeks PSAT preparation class- learn with proven methods. Register for each week separately. Friends of The Nyack Library Book Sale Saturday, October 18 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Sunday, October 19 from 12:00 noon- 4:00 pm. Carnegie Concert Series - Friday, October 10 at 7:30- Carnegie Concert Jazz Series: Alto Sax Legend Lee Konitz. Saturday, October 11 at 7:30- Carnegie Concert Classical Series: Pianist Andy Feldbau. Saturday, October 25 at 7:30-Carnegie Concert Classical Series: Pianist Jung Lin

Palisades Library Birding by Ear - Tuesday, October 14, 2:00 pm. Rockland Audubon Society’s Lorie Pallant will teach us the wonders of birdsong and how to identify familiar Rockland birds by sound. A good class for birding beginners. Please register by phone or e-mail.

Piermont Library Gallery Show for October: John VandenOever: Observed and Reported. Paintings, Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. Artist's Reception, Sunday, October 5th, 2:00 - 4:00 PM. John VandenOever, pastor of the Piermont Reformed Church, is also a musician, songwriter, and visual artist. “I studied music before theology, and while at my first parish in Flushing, I studied drawing and painting at Queens College. The


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common thread running through all this is, I think, attentive observation of the world, and reporting on that observation in creative ways. There are mysterious and surprising things to be seen all around us, sometimes beneath the surface, sometimes obvious and yet unnoticed.

Rivertown Film Wednesday, October 8 – 8:00 PM at Nyack Center. OBVIOUS CHILD. Directed by Gillian Robespierre. With Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy, Gaby Hoffmann. USA, 2014, 84 minutes, rated R for language and sexual content. Meet the Filmmakers: Join writer/director Gillian Robespierre and writer/producer Elisabeth Holm in a discussion moderated by Susanna Styron. Donna is a 28-year-old struggling stand-up comic from Brooklyn, complete with the requisite potty mouth. After what she assumes is a one-night stand, with a guy who is far from a hipster, she finds herself facing an unwanted pregnancy. The decision she makes, along with its attendant complications, is presented in a manner that’s non-judgmental, funny, serious and, above all, honest. “It’s a warm, sympathetic, very sloppy and often very funny little movie about a young woman who, among several other things, is not remotely ready to be a parent, and knows it.” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe Wednesday, October 22 – 8:00 PM at Nyack Center. LIFE ITSELF. Directed by Steve James. USA, 2014, 120 minutes, documentary. The inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert— a story that is by turns personal, funny, painful, and transcendent— from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to his becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America. “A thrilling tale with unforgettable characters. Ebert’s life contained as much melodrama, tragedy and uplift as any weepie movie he reviewed. Any biographical documentary demands on-screen star quality, and this one has a hero and a heroine worth rooting for.” – Richard Corliss, Time

Rose Memorial Library Zumba! NEW DAY OF THE WEEK, Monday, October 6th at 7:30. Shake off those calories! Get your heart pumping! Have some fun! Join certified Zumba teacher, Lindsay Gregorio in this FREE, exciting class! Let us know that you’ll attend. 845-786-2100 ext. 13 Cards By Accident, Tuesday, October 7th at 5:00. Join local artist, Ronnie Howard in playing with paint to make cards. We will be making prints with mushing paint with plastic sheets. Sounds fun? You bet. For ages 8 – 15. Please let us know that you’ll attend. 845-786-2100 ext. 13 Teen Action Group Meeting, Wednesday, October 8th at 5:00. Come to this meeting to find out how you can volunteer for the library. We will be getting serious about planning our Harry Potter Party in November! Friends of the Library Meeting, Wednesday, October 8th at 6:00. We sure could use your help! We are planning fantastic fundraisers for the fall. Wouldn’t you like to help support your library? Estate Planning, Wednesday, October 15th at 2:00. What is an Estate Plan? Simply put, it’s a map of how


you want your personal and financial affairs to be handled In case of incapacity or death, and the subsequent implementation of the strategies that will fulfill those objectives. Teen Writer’s Group, Wednesday, October 15th at 5:00. Let’s have fun using our imaginations! Create a new world, new types of people, new stories. Using writing prompts, we will spend this hour making things up. If you finish a book, and have a librarian edit it, the library will publish it and put into circulation! Slowing the Aging Process with Nutrition and Life Style Changes, Thursday, October 16th at 6:30. Join Gail Liberti, from SUNY Rockland, in learning what you can do to improve your life and keep you feeling youthful. Please register at: 845-786-2100 ext 13. Tween Book Club, Tuesday, October 21st at 5:00. We will be making very simple, musical pan pipes out of straws and reading from famous books about music. Internet Safety and Your Children, Tuesday, October 21st at 7:00. Join local Stony Point Police officer, Detective Kryger, in learning techniques into keep your children, and yourself, safe while browsing on the internet. Fan of Fiction, Wednesday, October 22nd at 5:00. This group gets together to talk about our favorite books, movies or TV shows. If it’s fiction, we’ll talk about it. This month we are going to focus on the themes associated with Halloween. What story pops into your head around this time of year? For ages 1218. Choosing the Right College, Wednesday, October 22nd at 7:00. When should I start searching for colleges and visiting them? How do I fill out the application and write a good essay? Should I take the ACT or SAT? How do I get financial aid and scholarships? These questions will be answered by Joshua Marber, MS. Ed. , who has been presenting workshops at libraries in the tri-state area for 10 years. Please register at: 845-786-2100 ext 13 World of Fandom, Thursday October 23rd at 5:00. Okay, so you’re a fan. Are you making a Halloween costume associated with your favorite character? Have you ever done cosplay? At this meeting we will talk about costuming, and even make some costume stuff. Pumpkin Carving!, Monday October 27th at 5:00. Ages 10 -18. Sign up to participate in this event! The library will provide pumpkins and tools to carve with. Teens: need to volunteer? This is a great opportunity to get some community hours in. Registration required, limited space: 845-786-2100 ext. 13

Tappan Library Raw Chocolate Truffles: On Thursday, October 2 at 6 p.m., join Diane Hoch, founder of The Food Evolution as well as chef and wellness expert as she prepares delicious, unprocessed truffles. This raw dessert is simple to make yet packed with superfoods to include cacao powder, dates and honey. Experience this alternative to the sugar-laden candy and roll yours in toppings such as coconut and dark chocolate.. This program is free and open to the public but pre-registration at http://www.taplib.org is required. Please call

845-359-3877 for more information. Meditation – A Tool to Balance Your Life: Dr. Frank Pawlowski connects meditation and spiritual development to important aspects of our lives. On Thursday, October 16 at 6:30 p.m. you will discover the key to deeper concentration, relaxation and profound personal growth through first hand demonstrations of this simple yet highly effective method. Preregistration is required at http://www.taplib.org or call 845-359-3877 for more information. The Traitor’s Wife: Using a blend of historical fiction and non-fiction, we will look at the Revolution through the lens of the officers, officers’ wives, and enlisted men. The series is supported by NY Council for the Humanities. It begins on Saturday, October 18 at 3 p.m. with Alison Pataki's work of historical fiction which portrays Benedict Arnold’s wife as a controversial figure. Books will be available at the Front Desk approximately one month prior.

Valley Cottage Library In Our Gallery - October 2-29. From the Hudson to the Seine. Photography by Dr. Arnold Roufa. Reception and Talk on Cancer Awareness: Sunday, Oct. 5 from 1-3pm. Meditation Series: Finding Peace - Thursdays at 10:30am. With Carole Brill. Cost: $5 – Nyack School District. $10 – Out-of-District Daytime Book Discussions - Tuesday, October 7 at 2 pm. Mary Coin by Marisa Silver Book & Pub Club – RCLS Award Winner! For 21 – 30-somethings only! Tuesday, October 14 at 7 pm. Olive’s, 118 Main St., Nyack. Book and Pub Club’s First Birthday Bash! This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz Big Apple Baseball - Thursday, Oct. 2 at 7pm. Do you know Babe Ruth had 25 nicknames? Did you also know Brooklyn had 25 semi-pro teams before they morphed into the Dodgers? And can you believe outfielders once caught fly balls with their helmets? Herbert Fischer, NYC tour guide and associate professor of history at City College, will deliver a dynamic, nostalgic, off-beat and entertaining look at the rich history of NYC baseball from the beginnings to the present. He will even delve into the origins of NYC street games, borough-by-borough, and sewer-bysewer. Please register. Scholar-led Discussion - Thursday, Oct. 9 at 7pm. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson. Discussion led by Dr. Vara Neverow Inner Spirit Art - Fridays, Oct. 3, 10 17 & 24 at 10:30am. Express yourself creatively and spontaneously - without expectations - using a variety of materials in a calm relaxing atmosphere. Christine Penksa will give 4 workshops in art experimentation. Cost: $5 per session for basic supplies. Please register. Resume Help - Oct. 15 at 10:30am. This workshop will focus on a resume that describes your achievements and skills. What's relevant and marketable about you? Please bring your resume. Ms. Eileen Grimm, a career counselor for almost 30 years, has helped many people rethink their current careers by providing them with individualized professional advice.Please register. Oct. 22 from 10:30am – 12pm - Half hour sessions with Eileen for individual help with your resume. A

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half hour session with Eileen Grimm for individual help with your resume. It's helpful to also take the class on Oct. 15. Narrative Memoir Writing for Adults and Seniors. Oct. 15 at 11am. Your life is important and far different from that of your children and grandchildren This workshop will help you write a memoir of an account of your childhood years. Louis Alexander, author of "Echoes From a Small Country Town", will show you how to write your own memoir in this workshop session. You will learn step by step procedures in how to get started and become self-published. Please register. John Scott Armchair Walking Tours - Politics, Peace & Treason: Nyack in the Civil War - Thursday, Oct. 16 at 2pm. Leading up to the Civil War, Nyack had little interest in freeing the slaves and Lincoln failed to gain Nyack’s support in the presidential elections. This is the story of Nyack's involvement in the war, Lincoln’s campaigns, home front support and the controversial Nyack peace convention. Speaker: Brian Jennings, Reference Librarian and Local History Specialist at the New City Library. Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 7pm (Nyack Library) Intro to Computers for Absolute Beginners Friday, October 17 at 11am. Learn to love a computer from the ground up. This hands-on course will teach you how to use a mouse, identify computer components and open and close files. Please register. Genealogy with Anthony Lauriano - Oct. 18 at 10:30am - Introduction to Genealogy. Learn how to research and procure family records when you have limited family information and limited time for research. Please register. Oct. 25 at 10:30am Navigating Key Genealogy Websites. A "page by page” discussion of finding records. Utilizing key websites permits your research in the comfort of your home. Please register. Sunday Concert - Oct. 19 at 2pm. 3D Ritmo de Vida = Salsa Fusion. They will take you from Havana to New Orleans, infusing a savory taste of melody and rhythm. Be assured, these musicians come to play. They’ve been nominated for 2 Grammy awards and perform throughout the U.S and abroad. Please register. Winter Container Gardening – Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7pm. This lively and informative presentation highlights valuable tips and easy growing techniques for growing ornamentals and miniature evergreens throughout the fall and winter in containers. It will also Through the use of live, winter-hardy plants and shrubs that have interesting texture and form, the winter container will provide long-lasting color through the cold, snowy months. Please register. Wines of Southern Italy and Sicily - Thursday, Oct. 23 at 7pm. Every province of Italy is a wine region that offers unique and different grape varieties. Some are very familiar while others are not. This class will focus on the wines of some of Italy's southern provinces and hopefully open up a whole new world of wine for those who attend the class. Come and try something different! Cost: $5. Please register. Intro to Goodreads - Fri., October 24 at 11am. Learn how to track the books you’ve read and want to read, share titles with friends, write reviews and participate in a vast online community of readers. Please register.

Sunday Concert - Oct. 26 at 1:30pm. Young Masters Series: - Classical pianist Arianna Kortling performs. Please register. Introduction to the Internet - Tuesday, October 28 at 11am. In this one hour, hands-on course, you will learn how to use email and to find an astonishing world of information on any subject. Please register. Wednesday Movie Matinees at 2pm - Oct. 8 – Philomena. Oct. 22 – The Big Sleep

Other events Community Guest and Pastor’s Appreciation Day - Sponsored by Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nyack. The church family respectfully requests your participation in support of the event. A portion of the proceeds will be given to our beloved Nyack Center and the Youth Enhancement Program of the church.Theme: “As the Heart is Critical to the Lungs, so is the Church to the Community.” Thursday, October 16, at 6:00 PM. The Nyack Seaport, 21 Burd Street Nyack. For reservations contact: Frances Pratt, Communication Chair: 845-358-1497 Eunice Turnbull, Church Clerk: 845425-4452. RESERVATION DEADLINE is Monday, October 13. Adults: $65.00 Children: $50 (1-7 yrs old). Please make checks payable to: Berea Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Mail checks to: Frances Pratt: 99 Cooper Drive S. Nyack, NY 10960 “George Washington Slept Here” - The Tappan Players proudly present “George Washington Slept Here” at the historic Manse Barn. The barn is the perfect setting for this hilarious 1940 Kaufman & Hart comedy about the trials and tribulations faced by central character, Newton Fuller, when he purchases a “little place in the country to call his own.” The Tappan Players production, directed by Patrick Vitale, will take place on October 18th, 25th, and November 1, 2013 at 8:00pm; October 19th ,26th, and November 2nd at 2:30pm. Ticket prices are $15 for general admission; $10 for seniors. A pre-show brunch at the ’76 house will be offered for the Sunday matinee performances. The cost for the brunch and a ticket for the show is $38.00/ea. For advance ticket sales, reservations and general information, call Joan Pandolfi @ 845-6234521. Showstopper Cabaret - A fabulous evening of comedy and music. Sunday, October 26 at New City Jewish Centere, 47 Old Schoolhouse Road, New City. Starring Jon Fisch (Late Show with David Letterman), Hal Jeffrin, nationally renowned vocal artist, and Robin Fox, of Sirius XM comedy radio. General Admission is $30 ion advance, $36 at the door. Call 845 638 9600 for ticket information. The Suffern Woman's Club will host a Holiday Craft Fair at the Ramapo Community Center, Route 202 & Mayer Drive in Suffern on November 8th, from 10AM to 4PM. There will be an assortment of vendors, a bake sale, raffles, etc. Vendors interested? Please email Chairperson Barbara Murdock at bdaye64@aol.com or call 845-357-6070. The Center for Safety & Change will hold a 10 week support group for survivors of sexual assault and rape beginning Monday, October 6th at the Center for Safety & Change’s office in New City, N.Y. The group will meet each Monday evening from 6:30-8:00pm through December 15th. Joyful Noise Praise and Worship Concert. October 25, 7:00 pm. St. Charles A.M.E. Zion Church, 432 Valentine Ave. Sparkill. Rev. Dr. Louis E. Sanders,

PastorFor more information, please email st.charlesgems@gmail.com or call 845.641.9392 BaCoCa Autumn Bazaar - Local vendors, pump,in and face painting, pony rides, farm animals, country games, creative art projects. Enjoy a family picnic under the beautiful Clausland Mountains. Saturday October 18. 11 am - 4 pm. At the Old Udelco Building, 2 Bell Lane, Orangeburg. HEAD START OF ROCKLAND - “Evening of Excellence”. Kicking off 50 Years of Service in the Rockland County Community! Thursday, October 23. Torne Valley Vineyards. 6:30 PM. Honoring Supervisor Howard T. Phillips, Jr. Town of Haverstraw, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, U.S. Representative.For Information Contact: Head Start of Rockland, Inc., 117 Route 9W Haverstraw. 845-429-4122 Fri., Oct. 3, 5 - 8 p.m. THE NYACK ART COLLECTIVE, FIRST FRIDAY. Local artists will exhibit their artwork in various venues in Nyack. Theme for October: MYSTICISM. Don't miss the special group show at Maria Liusa's boutique on South Broadway, also 5-8 pm. For more information, contact: Lynne Lancaster, at casslynne26@gmail.com Fri., Oct. 3, 5 - 8 p.m. THE NYACK ART COLLECTIVE, FIRST FRIDAY. Local artists will exhibit their artwork in various venues in Nyack. Theme for October: MYSTICISM. Don't miss the special group show at Maria Liusa's boutique on South Broadway, also 5-8 pm. For more information, contact: Lynne Lancaster, at casslynne26@gmail.com Annual Used Book Sale October 25 and 26, 9:303:00pm. The Palisades Community Center will have hundreds of books, CD’s and DVD’s of all kinds at for all ages at great prices. To donate books, drop them off Oct 20-24 10:00am-4:00pm at the center located at 675 Oak Tree Road in Palisades. On Sunday, October 26 from 11:00am-1:00pm, NYS Senator David Carlucci will set up his Mobile Office to give up-dates on local issues and hear concerns. 7th Annual Scarecrows & Pumpkins Sunday, October 26, 12:00-2:00pm. Families are invited to create a scarecrow on our lawn and do the messy pumpkin carving with us. Palisades Community Center located at 675 Oak Tree Road in Palisades. Bring old clothing for the scarecrows. Pumpkins will be available for purchase. For more information, e-mail PCC@Palisadesny.com. During October, The Shops at Nanuet will bask in shades of pink décor clearly branded with the Nyack Hospital name and logo. Banners, window clings, escalator wraps and posters with a message that early detection saves lives will serve to educate visitors to the mall while promoting mammography and The Breast Center at Nyack Hospital. The month long celebration culminates with an event on Saturday, October 18th, rain date Sunday October 19th. There will be goody bags, prizes and lots of giveaways. The event is open to the public, free of charge, please join us. WOMEN’S HEALTH FAIR, hosted by Nyack Hospital, 12 pm – 3 pm. YOGA ON THE DRIVE, with lululemon | 12 pm. PINK WALK OF HOPE, Fashion Show | 1 pm. ZUMBA, with 24 Hour Fitness | 2 pm. For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and valuable information, please visit: www.nyackhospital.org/yourbreasthealth/


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Wining & Dining

8 North Broadway - 8 N. Broadway, Nyack. 845 353 1200. Alain’s Bistro - 9 Ingalls Street, Central Nyack. 845-5353315. www.alainsbistro.com. Agnello’s Coal Burning Brick Oven Pizzeria 170 Main St., New City. 845 639 5373. Alfredo’s Restaurant - 189 S. Main Street, New City. 634-3300. AquaTerra Grille - 420 N. Middletown Road, Pearl River. 845-920-1340. Babe’s - 73 E. Railroad Avenue, West Haverstraw. 429-8647. Banchetto Feast - 75 W. Route 59, Nanuet. 845624-3070. Big Red Tomato - 9 Main Street, Haverstraw. 845-269-3746. Bin 41 - 41 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. (845)735-4111. Bon Giovanni - 61 E. Main Street, Ramsey, NJ. 201-825-1111. Bourbon Street of Nyack – 132 Main Street, Nyack.. 727-4954. Caesar’s Grill - 120 West Ramapo Road (Rte 202), Garnerville. 845-262-1022.. Clarksville Inn Restaurant & Pub - 1 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. (845) 358-2801 Del’Arte Restaurant - 20 Mountainview Avenue, Orangeburg - 365-2727. Ella New York Pizza & Pasta - 137 South Main St., New City. 638-6184. Emmett’s Castle at Blue Hill - 285 Blue Hill Road, Pearl River. 845-735-3504. Freelance Cafe & Wine Bar - 506 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. 365-3250. Grille Room at Patriot Hills - 19 Club House Lane, Stony Point. 429-6050. Harbor Hill Bar & Grill - 91 Main Street, Nyack. 845-358-3202. Hudson House - 134 Main Street, Nyack. 3531355. American & Continental cuisine. Hudson Water Club, West Haverstraw Marina, 606 Beach Road, West Haverstraw. 271 4046. Il Fresco - 15 Kings Highway, Orangeburg. 3980200. Jimmy’s on Main - 149 Main Street, Nanuet. (845) 623-6246. Joe & Joe Restaurant - 65 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. (845) 620-1800. Jolie’s - 4 New Valley Road, New City. 845-7096733. Kennelly’s Family Restaurant - 926 S. Rte 9W, Congers. 845-268-2587. Kobe Sushi Lounge - 195 S. Main St., New City. 845-638-2202. La Fontana Family Italian Restaurant – 93-95 S. Broadway, Nyack. 358-3770.


LaFontanella Restaurant - 50-54 Route 303, Tappan. 845 398 3400. La Triestina - 75 North Route 9W, Congers. 2689671. Lizzie’s - 486 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. 845680-8840. Louie’s on the Avenue - 160 E. Central Ave., Pearl River. 735-4344. Lynch’s Restaurant - 79A Route 9W, Stony Point. 845-553-9300. The Manna Cafe - 106 Main Street, Nyack. 3533758. Marcello’s Ristorante - 21 Lafayette Ave., Suffern. 357-9108. Mariella’s Pizzeria - 41 New Main St., Haverstraw. 845 429 5220. Matsuhana Japanese Restaurant - 328 Route 59, Central Nyack. 845 727 3939. Nyack Sushi - 18 S. Franklin Street, Nyack. 3481689. Olde Village Inn - 97 Main Street, Nyack. 3581160. Ole Ole Restaurant Bar & Grille - 100 Orange ave., Suffern. 368-3058. Olive’s Bar & Restaurant - 118 Main Street, Nyack. O’Malleys Bar and Restaurant - 108 Main St., Nyack. 727-0514. Pasta Cucina of Stony Point - Rte 9W at Patriot Square, Stony Point. 786-6060. Pasta Cucina - 8 Airmont Road, Suffern. 3691313. Russo’s House of Pizza - 2 Veterans Parkway, Pearl River. 845-735-0867. Pizza Express - 19 S. Route 9W, Haverstraw. 4295400. Pomona Chophouse - 1581 Pacesetter Park, Pomona. 845-362-1670. Pour House Bar & Grill - 102 Main Street, Nyack. (845) 727-7687. Portuguese Churrasqueira Restaurant - 230 W. Rt. 59, Spring Valley - 845-352-7808. Posa Posa - Route 59, Rockland Plaza, Nanuet. 623-7050. Quinta Steakhouse - 24 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. 735.5565. Steakhouse in the classic tradition. Ravi Restaurant, 150 Lafayette Avenue, Suffern. 369-7284. Restaurant X & Bully Boy Bar - 117 South Route 303, Congers. 268-6555. The River Club - Burd Street on the Hudson River, Nyack. 358-0220. Sazone - 191 S. Main St. (Town Plaza), New City. 845 499 2660. Sonoma Grille - 100 Mt. Ivy Road, Thiells. 845354-8900. Sparkill Steakhouse - 500 Route 340, Sparkill.

845-398-3300. Sugi 303 Japanese Steakhouse - 97 S. Route 303, Congers. 845-267-2168. Tarantella – 128 Main Street, Nyack. 358-3583. Italian. The Whiskey Kitchen - 60 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 845 535 3666. Turiello’s Pizzeria – 76 Main Street., Nyack. 3585440. Two Spear Street - 2 Spear Street, Nyack. 3533200. Union Restaurant & Bar Latino - 24 New Main Street, Haverstraw. 429-4354. UNoodles Snack Bar - 14 Main Street, Haverstraw. 845-947-7625. West Gate Restaurant - 26 Route 59, Nyack, 845-358-8100. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, award winning cheesecakes. Open daily 7am-11pm Xaviar’s Restaurant of Piermont - 506 Piermont Avenue, Piermont. 359-7007.

Caterers At Your Service NY Catering - (914) 310-1736. Del’Arte Restaurant - 20 Mountainview Avenue, Orangeburg - 365-2727. Entree Vous - 14 Thiells Mount Ivy Road, Pomona. 517-0750. La Fontanella Ristorante Italiano & Catering 845-398-3400. Regency Banquet and Conference Center 425 E. Route 59, Nanuet. (845) 623-6000 Terrace on the Hudson - 21 S. Route 9W, Haverstraw. 429-1900. Northern Comfort Catering - 845-445-7332. www.nococatering.com Town & Country Caterers - 845-268-9291.

Cafes/Delis/Bakeries Corner bakery Cafe - 75 Rte 59 W, Nanuet. 845627-0200. Dish Deli - Also catering. 366 Rte 9W, Upper Nyack. 358-0821. DD Patisserie, 163 Main Street, Nyack. 353-2031. Hartell’s Deli & Grocery – 326 North Broadway, Upper Nyack. 358-1250. Cold cuts, salads. Just Buns - 33 Lake Road, Congers. 845-589-0357. Luigi O’Grady’s Deli - 102 N. Middletown Rd., Pearl River. 845-735-9110. Mountainview Deli - Mt. Ivy Shopping Plaza, Pomona. . 354-4253. Torino’s Salumeria & Catering - 135 E. Erie Street, Blauvelt. 365-1340.

Music West Gate Lounge at the Best Western, 26 Route 59, Nyack. 358-8100. Every Saturday - Sizzling Latin Night. Salsa Dance Lessons - 8 pm - 10;m. Cover charge.

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Shopping & Business Guide



GHV Appraisals, Inc. Office: (845) 267 - 0834 / (646) 235 - 0600.

Colin Holmes - Home, Garden & Gifts - 13 South Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-2565

Assisted/Senior Living


The Clubhouse - 2000 Fountainview Drive, Monsey. 1-800-488-6500. Esplanade at Chestnut Ridge - 168 Red Schoolhouse Road, Chestnut Ridge. 620-0606. Esplanade at Palisades - 640 Oak Tree Road, Palisades. 359-7870. FountainView - 2000 Fountainview Drive, Monsey. 845-253-1800, 1-800-488-6500. The Promenade at Blue Hill - 735-6846. Promenade Senior Living at Blue Hill - 582 Veterans Memorial Dr., Pearl River. 735-6846.

Greg Della Penna - Citizen’s Bank. 914-262-8821. gregory.s.dellapenna@citizensbank.com. Hudson Valley Bank - 254 S. Main Street, New City/ 4 Executive Blvd, Suffern. M&T Bank - mtb.com/medical.

Attorneys Composto & Composto - 15 N. Mill Street, Suite 218, Nyack 845-639-7586 DeMoya & Associates - 163 South Main Street, New City.845-639-4600. wwwdemoyalaw.com. Terry Faherty - 20 S. Main St., New City. 845 638 6495. Kevin F. Hobbs - 301 N. Main St., Suite 6, New City. 845-634-2752. The Law Offices of James J. Sexton - 301 n. Main St., Suite 1, New City. 845-708-9100. Gary Lipton, Esq - 55 Old Turnpike Road, Suite 304, Nanuet. 624-0100. Mediation Associates of NY and NJ, 15 N. Mill Street, Nyack. (877) 666-9601. Mark S. Paige - 146 Maple Ave., New City. 845 639 0981. Larry Weissmann - 2 Crosfield Avenue, Suite 210, West Nyack. 845-535-3700.

Automobiles & Motorbikes Castrol Premium Lube - 31 Rte 59, Nyack. 845-3487095. Cefola’s Clarkstown Auto Lube - 143 Rte 303, Valley Cottage. 845 268 3138. Clarkstown International Collision - 95 Route 304, Nanuet. 845 627 3100. EZ Perfection Auto Body & Collision - 191 N. Route 9W, Congers. 845-268-1790. Hond-A-Medic - 187 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 845-268-6002. JR Motorsport - 39 Rte 9W, Haverstraw. 845-4290141. Kevin’s Ace Repairs - 52 Main Street, Nyack. 3584975. Letizia Brothers of Rockland - 150 Rte 304, Nanuet. 845 623 0019. Luke’s Auto Body - 22 Maple Ave., Haverstraw. 845429-2002.

Cards & Gifts Hallmark Gift & Card Gallery - 234 South Main Street, New City. 845-634-3447.

Carpet/Flooring County Carpet and Flooring, 115 North Route 9W, Congers. 267-0800.

Chiropractors Beauty 122 Park Salon - 122 Park Av, New City. 499-2080 Bella Tu Med Spa - 172 Main Street, Nyack. 7277000. Escape Skin Care Salon - 7 West Central Avenue, Pearl River. 845-920-1520. European Wax Center - 5105 Fashion Drive, Nanuet. 845-623-6000. Facewear Makeup Studio - 624-6565. Innovative Esthetics - 274 N. Middletown Rd, Pearl River. 845-735-2610. Lief Beauty Boutique - 85 S. Broadway, Suite #7, Nyack. 845-641-9540. Juliet Stewart - 845-358-8419. Salon Allure - 368 New Hempstead rd, New City. 845-708-5878 Yuva Laser and Skin Care - 135A South Main Street, New City. 845-709-6300.

Bed & Breakfast Bricktown Inn - 112 Hudson Av., Haverstraw. 4298447.

Brides A Personal Touch - 40 Franklin Avenue, Pearl River. 845.735.4200. Bridal Accents - 87 Maple Avenue, New City. 6383956. Lavinia’s Bridal & Formals, 130 Rte. 202, Garnerville. 354-5444.

Bicycles Piermont Bicycle Connection - 215 Ash St., Piermont. 845 365 0900.

Camps /Day Camps Circus Arts Summer Camp - Grace Church, 130 First Av, Nyack. 845-348-8740. HFK Family Park - HKCFamilypark.org. Cheryl@camphkc.org. 845 735 2718. Robin Hill School and Camp - 70 Wesley Chapel Road, Suffern. 845-354-3366. Rockland Summer Rock Band Camp - 30-34 New Street, Nyack. 845-709-5930.

Castro Chiropractic - 300 N. Middletown Road, Suite 2, Pearl River. 845-620-0939. Complete Chiropractic Care & Massage Therapy - Dr. David Klayman. 9 Ingalls Street, Central Nyack. 353-2001. Dr. Joanne Gjelsten - 150 S Broadway, Nyack. 3582687. Gregory Chiropractic - 845-623-3939. Thruway Exit 14. Across Route 59 from the Hilton Garden and Hampton Inns. New City Chiropractic Center - 490 Route 304, New City, 634-8877 New Life Chiropractic - 132 Park Ave., New City 517-0520.

Churches/Synagogues First Reformed Church - 18 South Broadway, Nyack. 358-5518. Temple Beth Torah - 330 Highland Avenue, Upper Nyack. 358-2248. Temple Beth Sholom, 228 New Hempstead Rd., New City, NY 10956, 845-638-0770. www.templebethsholom.info Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockland County - 130 Concklin Road, Pomona. www.uurocklandny.com

Cleaning Green Life Maids - 267-8960. Merry Maids - 634-9000.

Clothing Dusty Rose - 170 South Main Street, Suite 2, New City. 845-638-1133. Lavinia’s Bridal & Formals, 130 Rte. 202, Garnerville. 354-5444. Gena Lisa Lingerie, 17 North Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-4400. Maria Luisa - 77 South Broadway, Nyack. 353-4122. Women’s clothing and accessories. Mimi’s Treasures - 38 East Central Ave., Pearl Riover. 845-920-1480. ML Gifts Accessories - 75 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-1293.


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AAccess Net - 98 Maple Avenue, New City. 845 634 6299. Eagle Tech - 62 S. Main Street, Pearl River. Geezer Geeks - 727-1176. New Vision Technologies - (845) 353-HELP. www.newVtech.com Nyack Computer - 348-9898. Rockland County Computers - 845-3646773.www.RocklandCountyComputers.com Tek Defender-914-319-8155.

21st Century Pediatric Dentistry - 265 N. Highland Avenue, Nyack. 845-512-8434. A Centre for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Alan I. Rosenfeld, DDS, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 3591770. Advanced Dentistry of Rockland - 5 N. William St., Pearl River. 845-735-7770. Cosmetic Dentistry Associates - 1540 Rte 202, Pomona. 364-0400. Kastin & Newman Orthodontics - 6 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 845 354-7233. Nyack Pediatric Dentistry - 265 N. Highland Avenue, Rte. 9W, Suite 101, Nyack. 845-512-8434. Rockland Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics - 238 North Main St., New City. 845 634 8900. Smile For Life Family & Cosmetic Dental 27 Townline Road, Pearl River. (845) 623-4848. Stony Point Dental, PC - 32 S. Liberty Dr., Stony Point. (845) 942-1600. www.stonypointdental.com TLC Dental of Rockland, 2 Crosfield Avenue, Suite 418, West Nyack. 845-358-3305. TLCSmile.com.

Consignment Stores Designer Consigner - 302 Route 304, Nanuet. (845) 507-0245. www.designerconsignerny.com

Construction Alternative Building Concepts - 845-365-5242. Aspect Contracting - 845-480-5703. aspectcontracting.com. Comito Construction - 845-268-0847. Empire State Builders & Contractors, New City 845-425-0003. Executive Homes - 32 South Main Street, New City. (845) 634-3416. Frank Fuchs Construction - 845-893-5448. Glen Eagle Homes - 914 262 1402. Hendo Contracting - 19 Third St, New City. 845-6380555 Interior Concepts - Sean Relihan, 845-735-2245. Cell - 845-629-9729. Johnny FixIt - www.johnnyfixit.com. 845-244-1776. Just Exteriors Plus - (845) 227-7488. www.justexteriors.com. Peluso Construction - 845-638-6210. www.pelusoinc.com. Plumb Level Square - 845 641 6031. Ravenwood Custom Carpentry - 845 371 8000. www.ravenwood.biz. RWS Building & Remodeling - 845-213-2131, 201749-1001

CPA James DeMinno, CPA - 337 N. Main St., Suite 13, New City. 845-638-4527. Joseph A. Lux, CPA - 358-1929. www.joelux.com.

Education Rockland Teacher Center Institute - 845-9427600.

Dance Studio Coupe Theatre Studio - 845-623-2808. www.coupedance.com Vicki Dance Studio - 61 Maple Avenue, New City. 845 634 2202.

Day Spa Lazur La Vie Laser Centre and Day Spa - 267 Main Street, Nyack. 845 623 6140, or www.lazurlavie.com.


Doctors Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine 408 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet. 425-0555. www.sportsdocmd.com. Dr. Joshua Chesir - 337 North Main Street, New City. 845-634-7900. Clarkstown Pediatrics - 35 Smith St., Nanuet. 845623-1000. New City 845-352-5511. Stony Point 845786-5776. Clarkstown Urology - 301 N. Main Street, Suite 2, New City. 638-0400. Dr. Charles Glassman - 7C Medical Park Drive, Pomona. (845) 362-1110. Gramercy Pain Management - 350 Haverstraw Rd, Suffern - 845-368-0800. Dr. Richard Handelsman - MDVIP Personalized Healthcare - 1-866-696-3847. Hudson Vein and Vascular Center, 124 Rte 59, Suffern. 357 8118. Dr. Michael Innerfield - 2 Executive Blvd., Suffern. 845-368-0048. Dr. William Johnson - 221 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 845-623-0026. Dr. Michael Kalvert - Cosmetic Surgery - 365 S. Main Street, New City. 845-6f38-2101. Dr. Scott Sanders, Dermatology, 301 N. Main St., Suite 3, new City - 845-499-2017. Nyack Pediatric Assocs - 311 N. Midland Avenue, Nyack. 358-5437. Palisades Laser Eye Center, 3 Medical Park Drive, Pomona. 364 9767. Palisades Pulmonary & Medical - 2 Medical Park Drive, Suite 3, West Nyack. (845) 727-7733. Pediatric Physical Therapy - 217 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-6010. Piermont Gynecology - Janis L. Enzenbacher, MD, 105 Shad Row, Suite 1B, Piermont. 845-680-6600. Dr. Mike Pilar, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Cell: (914) 414-8355. Ramapo Medical Services - 222 Rte 59, Suite 106, Suffern. 357-9400. Rockland Ear, Nose & Throat Assoc. - 2 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. (845) 727-1340.

Rockland Pulmonary - 2 Crosfield Ave., Suite 318, West Nyack. 689-9141. Skin Center Dermatology Group - 200 East Eckerson Road, New City. (845) 352-0500. Dr. Renee Sliva, podiatrist, 267 Main St (Gateway to Nyack)., Nyack. (845) 353-8262.

Electrical Contracting De Leonardis Electrical - 947-1572. Hush Electrical Contracting - 845-942-4874; cell: 845-721-3476. Romeo Electric - 78 Sickles Avenue, Nyack. 845825-1053.

Entertainment Penguin Repertory - 7 Crickettown Road, Stony Point. 786-2873.

Eyecare Family Vision & Learning Center - 1 Executive Blvd., Suite 105A, Suffern. 369-3235. Total Focus Eyewear - 22 South Main Street, New City. 638-3806. Dr. Kimball P. Woodward - Orangetown Ophthalmology, 2 Crosfield Ave, Suite 315, West Nyack. 845 348 3400.

Fencing Yaboo Fence - Route 95 West Nyack Road, West Nyack, NY 10994. 358-0118. Your one-stop shopping for all your fencing needs.

Financial Advice Anthony Annunziata - New England Financial, 120 White Plains Road, Suite 135, Tarrytown. (914) 5702528. Debany Financial Group - 303 South Broadway, Sutie 103, Tarrytown, NY. 914-366-4900, Ext. 101 Chestnut Investment Group - 4 Executive Blvd., Suite 204, Suffern. 369-0016. O’Brien Capital Management - 48 Burd St., Suite 209, Nyack. 358-4930. Wells Fargo Advisors - Chris Haera, 490 Route 304, New City. 638-6400.

Fire Alarm Systems/Equipment A & R Alarm Corp - 60 South Main St., New City. 634-9669/425-1100. Bullet Security - 400 East Route 59, Nanuet. 6270300. Inter County Alarm Systems - 200 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-8900. DTM Installations - 354-0301. Burglar and fire alarms.

Flowers and Plants Bassett Flowers - 305 S. Main St., New City, NY 845-634-3638. Brownsell Florist - 147 Rte. 9W, Haverstraw. 4292266.

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Dykstra Florist and Greenhouse - 520 Chestnut Ridge Road, Spring valley. (845) 356-0112. Tappan Zee Florist – 176 Main Street, Nyack. 3582544. Lee Vasquez Floral Design - 365-0315. www.ladybuglee.com.

Food Mrs. Green’s Natural Market - 26 Indian Rock Shopping Center, Suffern. Old World Food Market - 40 Route 59, Nyack. 845512-8882. Rockland Seafood - 110 Route 304, Bardonia. 845624-3660.

Funeral Homes George M. Holt Funeral Home - 50 New Main Street, Haverstraw. (845) 429-2159. Sorce Funeral Home - 782 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-358-4433.

Galleries Amis Gallery - 79 1/2 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845358-3706.

Graphic Design Arlene Levine Design www.arlenelevine.com.



Gutters Gary’s Gutter Service - 1-800-GARY-222 or (845) 268-3700.

Hair and Nails 122 Park Salon - 122 Park Avenue, New City. 845499-2080 Changing Heads - 101 Main Street, Tappan. 845680-6468. Christine Cordey Salon - 66 S. Broadway, Nyack. 845 675 7950. Euphoria Hair Gallery - 740B West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-353 5556. Fantastic Waves - 6 Old Lake Road, Valley Cottage. (845) 268-6524. Halo Hair & Color Group - 4 North Broadway, Nyack. 845-358-4802. Professional Royal Barber Shop - 2 Depot Square, Sparkill. 845-359-4555. Salon Allure - 368 New Hempstead Rd, New City, NY. 845-708-5878. Smith Grieve Hair - 101 Main Street, Tappan. 6806468. Shear Magique Hair Studio - 14 Thiells Mt. Ivy Road, Pomona. 845-429-1798.

Hearing Hearing Solutions - 219 S. Middletown Road, Nanuet. 6235020. Hudson Valley Audiology Center - 500 New Hempstead Road, New City. (845) 406-9993. Pearl River Hearing Center - 17 East Central Avenue,

Pearl River. 845-735-3277.

Health Care A&T HEALTHCARE - 845-638-4342. Always Best Care - www.alwaysbestcarelowerhudsonvalley.com or (845) 918-1991. Brentwood Sub-Acute Center - 201-768-6222. Home Aides of Rockland - providing care for the frail, elderly, chronically ill and disabled in Rockland County. 845-634-2024 www.homeaides.org. Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Mobile Family Health - Nurse Practitioner Care 845-608-7559. AnnRhodes@hotmail.com Venolase Vascular Medicine - Palisades Professional Center, 2 Medical Park, Suite 4, West Nyack. (845) 358-8878. VNS Westchester - 1 914 682 1480, 1-888-FORVSNW.

Health and Fitness Advanced Body Personal and Athletic Training Center - 174 Main Street, Nyack. 845-300-2776. Blissful Spa Massage Therapy - 198 Main Street. 353 6439. Body Bank Fitness - 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. 845-499-2366. Body Quest - 582 Route 303, Blauvelt. 845-680-0254. Burn Cycle Studio - 845-499-2366. Cellulite & Body Sculpting Treatment Center - 3 Main Street, Nyack. 845-353-3088. Curves of Blauvelt - 135 E. Erie Street, Blauvelt. 845-359-6565. Curves of New City - 170 S. Main St., New City. 845-708-0700. Diplomat Health & Swim Club - 1101 Overlook Circle, Piermont. 359-2401. Elevation Fitness - 69 South Main Street, New City. 639-7772. Elite Chinese Martial Arts - 1633 Rte 202, Pomona. 845 364 9200. Fitchick Fitness - Randi@FitchickFitness.com. 914 584 1253. Havenview Pilates and Movement - 38 High Ave., Nyack. 845-535-3129. HGH Centers of America - 20 Squadron Blvd, New City. 536-7758. Innovative Esthetics - 274 N. Middletown Road, Pearl River. 735-2610. JCC Rockland - 450 West Nyack Road, West Nyack. 845-362-4400. Laser Hair Associates of Rockland - 34-36 East Central Ave., Pearl River. 920-8490. Malandra Martial Arts - 14a Lafayette, Suffern. 845-368-0995. Massage Envy Spa - Rockland Plaza Shopping Center, Rte. 59, Middletown Road, Nanuet. (845) 623 3111. Nyack Fitness - 82 South Franklin, Nyack. 358-0414. www.nyackfitness.com. Nyack Integrated Health Services - 42 Main St., Suite 203, Nyack. 845-353-3267. Nyack YMCA - 35 South Broadway. 358-0245. Pilates Central - 120 Fifth Avenue, Nyack. 845-3581166. www.pilatescentralnyack.com. Power Plus Training - 41 Rte. 59, Nyack. 480-5434. Premier Fitness - 430 Nanuet Mall South, Nanuet.

920-0501. ReNew Day Retreat - Daryl Slattery. Movementwithbreath@gmail.com. 845-304-5684. Skincerely Med Spa - 510 Route 304, New City. 845-639-7546. Stay Fit Seniors - 285 North Route 303, Congers. 1507 Route 202, Pomona. Congers - 845-268-5122. Pomona - 845 354-7921. Title Boxing Club - 253 Rt. 59, Nanuet. 845-6713100. Your Journey Yoga Studio - 9 Ingalls St., Nyack. 845-893-9341.

Home Improvement Architectural Metal & Glass Inc, 5 Bridge Street, Garnerville - 845 942 8848. Closet Concepts - 845-639-3003, 201-575-3371 Fireplaces by Design, 120 Rte 59, Hillburn - 3576062. HNST Mold Inspections - New York - 845 215 9258. New Jersey - 201 733 0091.

Home and Furniture Custom Shelving Solutions - 174 Quaspeck Blvd., Valley Cottage. (845)267-8961. Fireplaces By Design - 120 Route 59, Hillburn. 845357-6062. L. Decor - 143 North Route 9W, Congers. 845-5890909. Lites Plus - 210 Rte. 59, Nanuet. (845) 215 9903. Merry Go Round Home Furnishing - 34 Wayne Avenue, Suffern. (845) 369-3100. Mahwah, NJ., (201) 790-6006.

Home Inspections Home Inspection Services - (845) 821-4063. www.abetheinspector.com.

Horseback Riding Nickel-O Farms, 369 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. 353-8006.

Hotels Best Western Nyack On Hudson -2 6 Route 59, Nyack. 845-358-8100 www.bestwestern.com/nyackonhudson. Candlewood Suites - 20 Overlook Blvd., Nanuet. (845)371-4445. Comfort Inn & Suites - 425 East Route 59, Nanuet, 845-623-6000. www.comfortinn.com/hotel/NY188. Holiday Inn Orangeburg - 329 Rte 303, Orangeburg. (845) 359-7000. New Crowne Plaza Hotel - 3 Executive Blvd., Suffern. 845-357-4800.

Insurance Allstate Don Dietrich Inc - 240 Main Street, Nyack. 845 353 2244. Allstate Insurance - Maureen Harrison - 164 Rte 304, Bardonia. 623-6560.. Bauer-Crowley - 643 Main Street, Sparkill. 3594114.


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Franchino Agency - 383 South Main St., New City. 845 634 2499. Debbie McGuinness, State Farm, 75 Lake Road, Congers. 267-2900. Jeff Napel - GE Financial, LTC. 638-3741. www.ltcpro1.com. Raymond Sheridan Insurance & Financial Services - 19 E. Washington Ave., Pearl River. 845735-8080.

Interior Decorating Decorator for a Day (or by the hour) Recommended by WOR and WABC radio. Phone: (845) 358-6577, (800) 443-1499 or www.decoratorforadayny.com KAC Studios Inc - 48 Burd Street, Suite 104, Nyack. (845) 535-3390.

Investment Broker J. Christopher Haera - Wells Fargo, 17 Squadron Boulevard, New City. 639-7238. Joseph Daniel Sassano - 6 North Lawn Avenue, Elmsford. (914) 202 3317.

Invitations Expressions Unlimited 845-398-1605. www.expressionsunlimited.invitations.com. Paperkat Design - Graphic design, custom invitations and stationery. www.paperkatdesign.com

Jewelry & Accessories Barry’s Estate Jewelry - 295 Rte304, Bardonia. 624-7100. Original Designs - 187 S. Main Street, New City. 634-1335. Somos Creations - 78 South Broadway, Nyack. 3483636. Strawtown Jewelry - 40 South Main Street, New City. 358-4911. The Jewelry Gallery - 32 South Liberty Drive (Rte 9W), Stony Point. 429-2613.

Pest Control Limousine Service

Pharmacy Liquor/Wine/Beer Stores Hilltop Wines & Liquors - 368 New Hempstead Rd., New City. 845 638 2257. Nyack Wine Cellar – 43 South Broadway, Nyack.. 353-3146. Nyack’s wine-only store, specializing in affordable wines, all personally selected. Come taste some of our wines on Fridays and Saturdays. Discounts on six or more bottles.

Medical Services Center for Diagnostic Imaging, MRI at Nyack Hospital - 845 348 3007. Hudson Valley Radiology Assoc. - 16 Squadron Blvd., New City. 845-634-9729. Nyack Integrated Medical Services - 42 Main Street, Nyack, Suite 203. 353-3267. Rockland Diagnostic Imaging - Route 303, West Nyack. 845-353-0400. Rockland Vein Center - 5A Medical Park Drive, Pomona. (845) 362-5200. 70 Hatfield Lane, Suite 202, Goshen. 845 291 3656.

Mortgages First Meridian Mortgage - Ann Zeilingold - 1609 Rt. 202, 2nd Floor, Pomona. (845) 354-9700. United Fidelity Mortgage - 53 Burd St., Nyack 6381404 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - 490 Rt. 304, New City. 639-2731.

Moving Companies Santi Express - 616 Corporate Way, Suite 7, Valley Cottage. 268-1600. Slattery Moving & Storage - 845-727-1800.

Music Lessons Vocal Focus - Voice lessons. 845-548-9308. www.vocalfocus.com.

Kitchen/Bathroom Design Greene & Roth - 298 Route 304, Bardonia. 845-6233863. R&S Cabinets - 66 Water Street, Pearl River. 6209012.

Landscapers/Trees Cusack Landscaping - (845) 634-1227 or e-mail cusacklandscaping@msn.com Custom Garden Landscaping - 845-735-6165 or 201-391-3806. D&D Tree & Landscaping - www.ddtreelandscape.com. 845-627-2555. DeStaso Landscaping - 845-639-0301. Edge Landscaping - 845-398-3032. Majestic Lawn Care - 845-708-2988. Michael Naclerio, Inc. - (845) 627-3880. ProCut Landscaping - 845-727-8815. Second Nature Lawn Care - 845-735-2331.


R. Dana Pest Control - 845-786-5224.

Marathon Limousine - 845-359-2800, 800-949-9444 Koblin’s Pharmacy – 96 Main Street, Nyack. 3580688.

Photography Beth Capuano Photography - 845-348-0820 www.bethcapuano.com. Sal Cordaro Photography - 94 Depot Place, Nyack. 845 358 9278. or scphoto@optonline.net. Dan Lungen Photography - 845-667-9084. www.DanLungen.com. A. Roufa MD Photography - 845-727-1175; cell: 845-729-4004. www.roufamd.com Alexandra T. Wren Photography - www.atwrenphotogoraphy.com.

Physical Therapy Access Physical Therapy & Wellness - 200 E. Eckerson, Suite 290, New City. 845-578-9898. Advanced Physical Therapy - 36 College Avenue, Nanuet. (845) 627-8220. Pediatric Physical Therapy - 217 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-6010.

Picture Frame Shop Corner Frame Shop - 40 S. Franklin Street, Nyack. 845 727 1240.

Plastic Surgery Advanced Plastic Surgery Center & Escape Medi Spa - 150 S. Pearl Street, Pearl River. 623 6141. Dr. Michael Kalvert - Plastic Surgery, 365 S. Main St., New City. 638-2101. Dr. Hakan Usal - Bella Tu Med Spa, 172 Main Street, Nyack. 727-7000. Plastic Surgery Center of New City - 125 South Main St., New City. 845-634-4554.

Plumbing & Heating Networking The Business Circle - the businesscircleny.com. Rockland Business Women’s Network(RBWN) www.rbwn.org

Ken Malone Plumbing & Heating - 845 353 1748.. CV Plumbing, Heating & Air - 845-942-4700, 845553-9051.

Psychotherapist Parties & Special Events Platzl Brauhaus, 127 Call Hollow Rd., Pomona. www.platzlbrauhaus.com.

Pet Care Camp BowWow - 101 Rte. 304, Nanuet. 845 5070068. Fancy Tales Pet Grooming - 124 Rte 304, Bardonia. 845-353-6301 Musbro Kennels - 183 Route 303, Orangeburg. (845) 359-4550.

Steven Lee, PhD / Licensed Psychologist/ Adults, Adolescents & Children/ Psychodynamic Mediation: Couples, Families /Nyack/ 914-582-6725 Carol McGann, M.S. Ed., Cht. 359-8509. Gayle Skovron, LCSW-R - 914-450-2413. Andrea Waronker - Psychotherapist. (914) 5726201.

Real Estate Debbie Blankfort, William Raveis Baer & McIntosh, 97 S. Broadway, S. Nyack, 914.522.5426 Margo Bohlin - Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty. (845) 304 4140. margo@margobohlin.com.

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Gail Bohlke - Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty. 770-1240. Donna Budoff - Coldwell Banker - 170 N. Main St., New City. office: 845-638-8950; cell: 914-393-5361 Donna Cox - Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty,, 20 South Main Street, New City. 770-1204 Carmen DiBiase - Weichert Realtors, 174 S. Main St., New City. 845-634-1688. Melvin Goldstein - Coldwell Banker, cell 845-6420903. MelGoldstein.com. Stephanie Ferrante Hirsch - Keller Williams, 845639-4947. Joanne Finocchio - Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty, 268 S. Main Street, Nanuet. (845) 634-4202, Ext. 123. Milton Katcher - Round House Properties. cell: 845641-9979, office: 845-848-2300. John Kovencz, Better Homes & Gardens/Rand Realty. 914-523-2953. movetonyack.com. Lydecker Realty - The Corner of Main and Franklin, Nyack. 358-3700. Frank Mancione - Lydecker Realty, (914) 953-0494. Lauren Muller - Better Homes & Gardens Realty 845-216-3712. Better Homes & Gardens/ Rand Realty – 46 South Broadway, Nyack. 358-7171. Better Homes & Gardens Rand Realty - 19 East Central Avenue, Pearl River. 735-3020. Karen Steffanato - Keller Williams. Cell: 914-2631258. Madeline Wiebicke - Cell: 641-4333. Walnut Hill Apartments - 845-429-3033. Wright Bros. - 53 South Broadway, Nyack. 3583050. Oldest realtor in Nyack.

Roofing & Siding Edward Corey Roofing - 845-358-5848. www.edcorey.com. Empire State Builders & Contractors, New City 845-425-0003.

Schools, Camps & Day Care Blue Rock School - 110 Demarest Mill Road, WEst Nyack. 845-627-0234. Campus Fun & Learn Center (RCC)- 145 College Road, RCC. 845-574-4561. LIU University - 70 Rte 340, Orangeburg. 845 450 5402. Nursery School of the Nyacks - 300 N. Broadway, Nyack. 348-3268. Palisades School House - 620 Western Highway, Blauvelt. 845-365-6705. Rockland Country Day School - 34 Kings Highway, Congers. 268-6802. Rockland County YMCA Nursery School - 35 South Broadway, Nyack, 358-0245. Stage Left Children’s Theatrer - 111 Route 303, Ste 113, Tappan, NY

Shower Doors & Mirrors Cooks Glass Work - 15 Van Wyck Road, Blauvelt. 845-359-9339. www.cooksglass.com.

Skiing Mount Peter Ski & Ride - 51 Old Mt. Peter Road, Warwick, NY. 845-986-4940. Tuxedo Ridge Ski Center - 581 Route 17A, Tuxedo, NY. 845-351-1122.

Solar Energy ISI Solar - Solar system designers and installation. 845-708-0800. Revolusun - 38 S. Franklin St., Nyack. 845-358-0800. Sun Blue Energy - 917-386-5050

Specialty Shops Bob’s Art & Framing - 191 S. Main St., New City. 845-634-6933. Danu Gallery - 39 E. Central Avenue, Pearl River. 845-735-4477. Design Air - 120 Rte 59, Hillburn. 357-3580. Hallmark Gift & Card Gallery - 234 South Main Street, New City. 845-634-3447. Sanctuary, 60 South Broadway, Nyack. 353-2126. Squash Blossom - 49 Burd Street, Nyack. 353-0550. Authentic American Indian jewelry.

Special Services A. & N. Rappaport Lock & Alarm Inc. - 31 New Main Street, Haverstraw. 429-8400. Crafts & Drafts - 373 S. Main St., New City. 845-2708998. Double Take Promotions & Printing - 845 598 3175. www.doubletakepp.com Global Private Investigations - Rockland - (845) 634-1683. Grandview Physicians Billing Service - 845-358 1946. Home Aides of Rockland - 845-634-2024. info@homeaides.org. Jawonio Health Center - 260 North Little Tor Road, New City. (845) 639-7070. Eric David Laxman, Sculpture. 304-7615. Marilyn Benkler - 845-634-2261. MedWise Insurance Advocacy - 845-238-2532. Mosquito Squad - 845 215 9248. Cell # 845 405 3344. Rockland Mediation Center - 15 N. Mill Street, Suite 217, Nyack. 512-8730. Practice Perfect - 845 547 0457. practicepefectprep.com. Rockland Band Camp - 845-709-5930. guitarhelper@guitarhelpernet. Video Magic Productions - 12 Strawtown Road, West Nyack. 845 623 2124.

Special Organizations Security Systems Bullet Security - 400 E. Rte 59, Nanuet. 627-0300. Inter County Alarm Systems - 200 Route 303, Valley Cottage. 845-268-8900.

Highway,Blauvelt. 359-3400. Together Our Unity Can Heal - 209 Rte 9W North, Congers. 845 268 8023. VCS Inc. - 77 S. Main Street, New City. 634-5729.

Rockland Business Women’s Network - (845) 729 9497. the Center for Sefety and Change (formerly Rockland Family Shelter )- 9 Johnsons Lane, New City. 845-634-3344. Saint Dominic’s Home - 500 Western

Tax & Accounting Joseph A. Lux, CPA - 358-1929. www.joelux.com.

Thrift Shops Grace’s Thrift Shop - 10 S. Broadway,Nyack. 3587488. Nyack Hospital Thrift Shop - also known as New To You - 142 Main Street, Nyack. 358.7933 Tappan Zee Thrift Shop - 454 Piermont Avenue Piermont, 359-5753.

TMJ/TMD Doctor Dr. Mike Pilar, 93 Rte 303, Tappan. 359-1770. Cell: (914) 414-8355.

Toys Funny Business - 130 Main Street, Nyack. 845-348 4747.

Travel Anywhere Travel - 151 South Main St., Suite 106, New City. 845-634-8770. Carber Travel - 4 Round House Road, Piermont. 3595499. Go Away Travel - 353-3447. West Point Tours Trailways - 845-561-2671.

Upholstery Pirate Boat Covers - 845-369-3606 or 631-7668851.

Veterinarians Palisades Mobile Vet, 183 Rte 303, Orangeburg. 845 398 PETS. Valley Cottage Animal Hospital - 202 N. Route 303, Valley Cottage. 268-9263.

Water Systems Abbey Ecowater Systems - 356-1700 or 800-3561770. Culligan Water - 634-5030.

Wedding Locations Falkirk Estate and Country Club - 206 Smith Clove Road, Central Valley, NY. 845-928-8060 Paramount Country Club, New City. 845-634-4626. Patriot Hills - 19 Clubhouse Lane, Stony Point. (8450 429-0555. Regency Banquet and Conference Center - 425 E. Route 59, Nanuet. (845) 623-6000

Window Treatments Westrock Windows - 30 Lake Road, Congers. 2680463.


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