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Five decades of experience designing and manufacturing paint sleeves, brushes and tools.

Five decades of experience designing and years manufacturing paint sleeves, brushes and tools.


TWICE AS FAST AS A PAINT BRUSH The PAL Speedbrush is the simplest, yet most efficient paint applicator devised. The PAL Speedbrush gives a great finish in half the time of a paintbrush. The PAL Speedbrush is designed for water based paints, oil based paints, sealers, undercoats, varnishes and stains.

USING THE SPEEDBRUSH SYSTEM The PAL Speedbrush system provides a quick reference guide for selecting the right Speedbrush for the substrate you are painting.




Handle + Pad

Smooth to semi rough surfaces

125mm 175mm

Deck + Fence Handle + Pad

Smooth to semi rough surfaces

125mm 175mm

Mini Pack

Small trim painting jobs

One Size

Easytrim Edger

Angled to get right into corners

Standard Wheeled

Corner Painter

Easy painting in corners

One Size


FEATURES AND BENEFITS Adjustable trim guide provides clear smooth edges at corners, skirtings and architraves. Adjust left or right as required so plastic base forms guiding edge. Superior paint coverage The PAL Speedbrush spreads paint with thousands of small fine bristles. Laboratory test prove a smooth and even paint film. No roller spray The PAL Speedbrush applies paint by spreading. With the adjustable trim guide it is often faster than a roller since no separate trim or cutting-in is required with a paint brush.


Loosen switch plates and fittings so that you can clean, sand and paint underneath the outline of the fitting.

Cover and mask all edges with masking tape where possible, especially where fittings cannot be removed.

Have a damp cloth with you so that you can quickly clean up any spills or splatters.

When painting a room, start from the top and work down. Therefore, paint ceilings first, then scotias, then walls, followed by doors and finally skirting boards and floors.

Five decades of experience designing and years manufacturing paint sleeves, brushes and tools.

New walls & ceilings: The stopping of plaster board must be extremely smooth and even. Don’t sand the paper area of gib-board as it raises the grain of paper, just sand the plaster. A final light sanding with 150-200 grit sandpaper is recommended. Previously painted walls & ceilings: The surface must be well prepared by sanding smooth and filling any imperfections. If the surface is properly prepared, a light sanding is all that is needed.

PAINTING ROUGH OR TEXTURED SURFACES Use the PAL Speedbrush on rough sawn timber or heavily embossed surfaces and you will be amazed at the ease of coverage without having to poke and dab which is often the case when using a paint brush. Ensure that there is always ample paint between the pad and the surface to save tearing of the pad.

EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING The PAL Speedbrush is excellent for exterior house painting and can be used for weatherboards, shingles, gables, soffits, smooth stucco, cement, concrete, concrete blocks and many other surfaces.


INTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING The PAL Speedbrush can be used to paint interior walls, floors, ceilings and trim. Use it for latex or oil paints. Use it for painting, staining, varnishing, sealing and even for waxing.

Walls & Ceilings

WALLPAPERING The PAL Speedbrush is an ideal tool for wetting down old paper prior to stripping. It is also ideal for wetting pre-pasted paper or as a pasting “BRUSH” for regular type wallpapers. If you are painting over anaglypta or other types of wallpaper, or lining paper, there is no faster better or cleaner way to paint than with a PAL Speedbrush.


Concrete Blocks

EASY TO USE Pour paint into a PAL roller tray. Dip the fibred surface of the pad (white bristles only). Apply paint to the surface by spreading. It takes only a few minutes experience to get a smooth and even coverage. Think of spreading the paint - not rolling, brushing or scrubbing.



Turps based paints: Thin paint by 10% to ensure the pad flows when painting and to reduce pulling. Adjusting Trim Guide


Speed Brush - How To Guide  
Speed Brush - How To Guide  

Speed Brush - How To Guide