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Catalogue 2018

Dear Friends, For most of my life I was content to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days’ of Obligation. I was a busy mother, working full-time and running a home. I helped out in the parish whenever I could, but really this was minimal for, as I say, life was demanding. For my part, I thought I was doing pretty well in terms of my relationship with God, all things considered. God understood, didn’t he? Then, without warning, it happened! Following a Redemptorist mission in my parish I came to realise that I wanted to be in a relationship with God rather than simply obeying the rules to attend Mass! I should add here that I only attended the parish mission because my teenage children were convinced that I wouldn’t have the stamina to get up for five consecutive days for Mass at 6am, yes 6am, and to attend a 1½ hour evening service Monday to Friday. I had to prove them wrong, didn’t I?! Anyway, after the mission a member of the mission team suggested I read Impressions of Jesus (page 6) by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. This was the first time in my life, and I was 42 years of age, that I had spent money on a spiritual book. Money was tight, so how could I justify prioritising spending money on religious books and anyway, was it really necessary? I soon, very soon, came to realise that I was hungry and thirsty for knowledge and understanding about my faith. I had a burning desire, an insatiable desire to read more so that I could deepen my relationship with God and be closer to him. I never looked back. I am delighted to have been asked to present this Lent and Easter catalogue to you, as it is filled with opportunities for spiritual reading to help you deepen your relationship with the Lord, especially at this time of year. In addition to Fr Denis’ latest book Stations of the Cross – then and now (page 3), I wish to highlight The Gospel Journey Board Game (page 7) which is a fun, educational and stimulating way to learn about the Gospels. Both of these resources and others in this catalogue will provide you with an insight to your own growth in the faith. Also, look out for Adoremus Extra. It too will be filled with pages and pages of beautiful spiritual writings enabling you to prepare more fully for Adoremus: the National Eucharistic Congress and Pilgrimage (see the inside back cover for more details). I pray that you will be inspired by my few words to read, read and read more spiritual books so that you don’t find yourself, as I did, simply attending Mass on Sunday, rather than being in a glorious and fulfilling relationship with the three persons of the Holy Trinity. May your Lenten journey be a truly magnificent pilgrimage towards Easter Sunday! An employee of Redemptorist Publications

Contents  1  Lent Extra   2   Recommended Reading for Lent by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R.  3  Denis McBride C.Ss.R.  7  Learning through Lent   8   Recommended Reading for Lent by Fr Jim McManus C.Ss.R.  9  Jim McManus C.Ss.R. 10   Recommended Reading for Lent by Raymond Friel 10  Raymond Friel 12   Recommended Reading for Lent by Diana Klein 12  Diana Klein 13  Lent Reading 20   Lent with St Teresa of Calcutta 21  Theology

22   Lent with Pope Francis 24   Stations of the Cross 26  Reconciliation 27   Pastoral Outreach for Parishes 28   Holy Week & The Passion 29   Henri J M Nouwen 30   Lent & Easter with Children 38   Mix & Match for Adults 40   Mix & Match for Children 42  Resources 44   General Spiritual Reading 49  Looking Ahead

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Lent Extra 2018

your journey towards Easter and the Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress

This edition of Lent Extra recalls Jesus’ plea to his close friends. “Be with me.” We all need someone to accompany us in good times and in bad. “A trouble shared is a trouble halved. A joy shared is a joy doubled.” “Be with me”… and so Lent Extra reflects on our daily personal and shared journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, where we too, like writer Luke de Pulford, may often find ourselves helping others to carry their cross. Like renowned sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green and serving prisoner Mary J, we also discover that our days, often filled with difficulty, also lead to finding hope and new vision. The Lent Extra theme, “Be with me” represents Jesus’ invitation and our prayer. Holy Week itself is an invitation and a response. Jesus’ words, “I am the bread of life”, are also both a promise and an answer to prayer. Without Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, there could be no Eucharist. This edition of Lent Extra, as always, focuses on Lent and Easter. It also reflects on the forthcoming Adoremus, the first National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress to be held in England and Wales since 1908. The Eucharistic Congress, with its theme, “I am the bread of life”, can potentially become a landmark on our pilgrimage towards Jesus. It will help us to respond spiritually and physically to his invitation to “Be with me”.



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Recommended Reading for Lent

by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

One of the leading voices in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, has given a series of interviews about his life and his hopes in I Have Learned from the Least. This memoir traces his upbringing, his early vocation to the priesthood, and his unsurprising rise in the Philippine church and on the world stage. He is currently the archbishop of Manila, who in the words of Pope Francis is “a shepherd who smells of his sheep.” He acknowledges that his deep faith was first nourished in his family. I particularly enjoyed reading about his journey to the priesthood. At the age of fourteen he decided he would be a medical doctor. His parish priest entered him for a scholarship at the Jesuit Athenaum University: during the exam he did not understand the section “Type of Vocation” so he asked the supervising priest who told him that since this was an exam to enter the seminary, it was an important question. He was furious at this clerical trick. Afterwards the fury moved to confusion. He didn’t pass the entrance exam but stayed open to the idea. He was turned down by the seminary three times but was eventually accepted “under supervision” for six months. That was the unusual beginning of a long road. He shares his thoughts on social justice, ecology and the challenges facing the Church in the twenty-first century. Whatever the topic, what shines through is his profound commitment to the Gospel and all those who inhabit the margins of life. It is a wonderful read for Lent. Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Over the Lent and Easter period, Fr Denis McBride is looking forward to reading these two titles: Four Ministries, One Jesus

Exploring your vocation with the four Gospels Richard A Burridge

This book is for all who feel called to a life of Christian ministry, and want to make sure their calling is firmly based on the teaching and model of Jesus, as provided in the four Gospels. Widely respected as an international expert in Gospel studies, Richard Burridge is also a brilliant communicator with many years of pastoral experience in selecting and training people for the priesthood.


Code: 111489 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9780281075973

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I Have Learned from the Least

My Life, My Hopes Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila, has emerged in recent years as an important voice of the Church. In this autobiographical work, Cardinal Tagle, with openness and frankness, freely shares his journey of vocation. Readers will enjoy his refreshing insights on social justice, caring for the poor and gain comfort from his reassurance for the future of the Church. His deep commitment to the poor and his ardent faith in the Gospel message shine throughout these memories and reflections. Code: 104111 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9781626982413


A Biography Tom Wright

In this superbly detailed biography, Tom Wright traces Paul’s career from zealous persecutor of the fledgling Church, through his journey as the world’s greatest missionary theologian, to his likely death as a Christian martyr at the hands of Nero in the mid 60s CE. Drawing judiciously on the latest research into Jewish, Greek and Roman worlds, and enriched by a wealth of critical insight into Paul’s own writings, this is the most rounded portrait of the apostle ever painted – his development, motivations, spiritual struggles and intellectual achievements, as well as his lasting impact over two millennia. Code: 111488 Price: £19.99 ISBN: 9780281078752

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Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Stations of the Cross then and now Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In Catholic churches across the world, a series of simple crosses or fourteen images - the Stations of the Cross describe the passion and death of Jesus. They begin with Pontius Pilate condemning Jesus to death and steadily move towards the moment when his mother and a few faithful followers place Jesus’ body in a borrowed tomb. Sometimes there is a fifteenth station: the resurrection shows us that Jesus’ suffering fulfilled a purpose. Even on the cross, Jesus was not alone. Yet the way of the cross is not confined to a lonely road in Jerusalem two thousand years ago: it is a busy highway winding through every village, town and city in our modern world; the experience of millions of people who face personal agony and loss at some moment or other. Jesus’ suffering and death are, for each one of us, our reality today. Fr Denis McBride contrasts the beauty and solemn simplicity of the more traditional Stations by artist Curd Lessig with modern images that challenge us to link Jesus’ story to the struggle of our everyday lives. Whether we walk in solitude or with others, this book translates the passion of Jesus into our own life and times; Let Stations of the Cross then and now shine new light on your own journey.


As soon as it was morning, the chief priests he with the elders and scribes and the whole cou Jesus, led him away, and handed him over asked him, “Are you the King of the Jews?” H “You say so.” Then the chief priests accuse things. Pilate asked him again, “Have you how many charges they bring against you.” no further reply, so that Pilate was amazed.

Now at the festival he used to release a pr anyone for whom they asked. Now a man was in prison with the rebels who had com during the insurrection. So the crowd cam ask Pilate to do for them according to his c answered them, “Do you want me to release of the Jews?” For he realised that it was out the chief priests had handed him over. But stirred up the crowd to have him release Ba instead. Pilate spoke to them again, “Then w me to do with the man you call the King of shouted back, “Crucify him!” Pilate asked th evil has he done?” But they shouted all the him!” So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the c Barabbas for them; and after flogging Jesus over to be crucified.


Code: 1735 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314722

Stations of the Cross – then and now offers a unique opportunity to accompany Jesus – then and now – as you travel through Lent towards Easter. “Stay here and keep watch with me. Watch and pray”… and let this beautiful audio book help to shed light on your own journey to God. Denis McBride is a Redemptorist priest from Scotland who is now Director of Redemptorist Publications. In his post-graduate education he first studied psychology at Fordham University and then the New Testament under the great scripture scholar Raymond Brown at Union Theological Seminary, New York. After winning a scholarship to Harvard University, he returned to England to work at Hawkstone Hall, the international pastoral centre in Shropshire, England. Since then, his principal areas of interest and writing have been the human story and the Gospels: his work has always struggled to keep open a conversation between the drama of people’s lives and the four great narratives of Christian beginning. If that conversation ends, he argues, Christianity will be consigned to a museum.

STATIONS of the Cross then and now

Julie Etchingham presents and reports for ITV News at Ten. Julie also presents the Tonight programme for ITV and was the first woman to be named Royal Television Society Presenter of the Year in 2010. She won the award for a second time in 2016.



Stations of the Cross then and now Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


FOR 2018

Due to unprecedented demand the fourteen Stations of the Cross have now been adapted for public use. In this DVD of the book, presented by Fr Denis McBride, the voice and visuals open up new ways of thinking about Jesus’ journey. You’ve never experienced the Stations of the Cross like this before: some of the images chosen may shock you but they will demonstrate how the passion story in all its savagery continues in our own time. Code:1758 Price: £9.95 EAN: 0705632049075

Ideal for use in parishes, schools and groups 01420 88222

Denis McBride

Alphonsus House, Chawton, Hampshire, GU34 3HQ Tel: +44 (0)1420 88222 Web:

Stations of the Cross Audio CD booklet cover.indd 1

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Stations of the Cross


then and now 3 CDs Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


The audio book read by Fr Denis McBride and broadcaster Julie Etchingham contains the full text of the book and is accompanied by an illustrated booklet, containing all the pictures. Code: 1741 Price: £16.94 ISBN: 705632049006 A supplementary booklet of all the images used in Stations of the Cross then and now, to accompany the audio book when used for study groups, is available. Code: 1742 Price: £1.95 ISBN: 9780852314869


Buy 20 copies for £35.00 Buy 50 copies for £75.00


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Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Praying the Rosary

a journey through scripture and art Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Fr Denis McBride takes a fresh look at the Rosary in this beautifully illustrated book. Through the four sets of mysteries he takes us on a leisurely journey through twenty episodes in the lives of Jesus and Mary, offering us prayerful insights on the way. The format for each decade is simple: first there is a reading from scripture, which is followed by a reflection on the passage; a painting is also included which offers its own take on the subject, accompanied by a brief reflection; finally there is a prayer on some aspect of the mystery. Focusing on a scriptural understanding of the mysteries, this prayerful book will prove a sure companion for everyone who loves the Rosary. Code: 1556 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314159 Also available as an eBook


Code: 1572 Price: £10.96 ISBN: 9780852314296

Seasons of the Word (New Edition) Reflections on the Sunday Readings Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

“We all know that the word of God does not work automatically: it has to be worked on, opened up, wrestled with, prayed about.” In this book, now in a new edition to celebrate twenty years since its first publication, Fr Denis McBride takes his readers through the full liturgical cycle of readings for Sundays and feast days. His insightful reflections throw new light on familiar and unfamiliar passages of scripture. Wearing his scholarship lightly, Fr Denis uses his background in biblical studies and psychology to open up the readings in a way that is accessible for all readers. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always thought-provoking and informative, this book is a vital tool for preachers and for all those who want to deepen their understanding of the word of God as it is found in our liturgy. A CD-ROM is included, containing all the texts, along with additional prayers and introductions to the readings.

th 20


dition • 20 ry E th rsa


20th An niv e

Code: 1074 Price: £17.95 ISBN: 9780852313862

ersary Edition n iv • An

The Discipleship Journey

Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and David Wells

Join two best-selling authors, Fr Denis McBride and David Wells, speaking at the inspirational The Discipleship Journey, recorded live in Salford Diocese. Fr Denis talks on Jonah, the Awkward Disciple, a story for our time – the only prophet who needed to be called twice; and David Wells on modern-day discipleship. Through story-telling he invites us to open our eyes and hearts to God and enjoy our own moments of grace amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Disc i Jourpleship ney

Code: 1738 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 0705632049013

Fr D e

nis M

www .rpb



4 01420 88222











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Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Journeying with Jesus a companion’s guide Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side with our Lord during Lent, either individually or in small groups. We begin our journey in the wilderness and finally sit with him at the table before accompanying him to the cross. The main purpose of the book is to encourage the reader to think about Jesus’ journey and their own. How can the story of Jesus throw light on your own? Code: 1467 Price: £14.95 ISBN: 978082313589

Journeying with Jesus

A companion’s guide for groups Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Code: 1469 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852313596

Journeying with Jonah

the struggle to find yourself Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

The prophet Jonah is a sympathetic partner, albeit a curious one, to help us review our lives. Although a believer in God, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the awful strangeness of God’s choices, particularly God’s mercy; he grapples to find his true self and purpose in life; he tries to flee from the presence of God; he is angry when he finds that God is not angry but all-merciful. Jonah is offered to us as an unusual teacher – awkward, reluctant, disobedient, opinionated, fearful, flighty: the prophet who remains stubborn to the end. But his story celebrates the beauty of the indiscriminate mercy of God, a message for our time. The story of Jonah is for anyone who is reflecting on their own life. Code: 1581 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314388

Journeying with Jonah: 2CDs Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In 2016, Fr Denis addressed the annual meeting of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) held in Dublin. His two lectures, about an hour each, reflect on Journeying with Jonah: the struggle to find yourself. Jonah appears as someone who has emerged from among us: someone who has to struggle to find his true identity, someone who has to discover his direction in life, someone who has to allow his own outlook on life to be shaped by God’s mercy. This is an ancient narrative that speaks gently to our own stories today.


Code: 1747 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049044

Journeying Towards Pentecost: 2CDs Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Fr Denis talks on preparing for Pentecost. Live recording at Hope University, Liverpool.



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Denis McBride C.Ss.R. LAST CHANCE


Waiting on God

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

The heart of Waiting on God is devoted to reflecting on the passion of Jesus and the passion of discipleship as the followers of Jesus wait in no man's land for the coming of the Spirit. We watch Jesus move from the active voice to the passive voice; from making things happen, to enduring the decisions of others. This same movement is at the heart of all our lives. Code: 1397 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9780852312841 Also available as an eBook Code: 1571 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852314302


Emmaus: The Gracious Visit of God According to Luke Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Following the death of Jesus in Jerusalem, two disappointed disciples leave the city of lost hopes and head away. They meet a mysterious stranger who helps them reinterpret the past in a new light, giving them fresh hope. For many people, the story of Emmaus is the most moving of the resurrection narratives, and Fr Denis McBride’s reflections uncover the depth and beauty of Luke’s unique scene. Code: 132118 Reduced Price (ex-display): £7.50 ISBN: 9781871552904

Impressions of Jesus Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In this book we meet a wide range of characters from the Gospel and share their reflections and reactions to Jesus. In a brilliantly imaginative way, we experience Jesus meeting real people in the real world in real human situations. “Impressions of Jesus is a fascinating little book, scholarly and simple at the same time, and it will enlighten all who read it.” – Fr Raymond E Brown SS Code: 1071 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852311370



Six Women from the Bible Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In Six Women from the Bible, Fr Denis McBride tells the stories of six biblical women who have a message for us today. Recorded with a live audience of Catholic head teachers at Ettington Chase in Stratford-upon-Avon and hosted by EducareM.


Code: 1771 Price: £10.96 ISBN: 0705632049082

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The Transfiguration in the Gospels and in Life

The Passion Narratives in the Gospels

The Transfiguration in the Gospels and in Life, and its application to each of our lives is the focus of these inspiring lectures by Fr Denis McBride. It was recorded at a National Head Teachers Retreat.

The different versions of the passion narrative are explored in this DVD by Fr Denis McBride. Offering great insight alongside humour, this is a wonderful teaching resource for individuals and small groups.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Code: 1591 Price: £10.99

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Code: 185486 Price: £10.99

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Learning through Lent NEW

The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players’ knowledge of the New and Old Testaments. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 players or teams. The Gospel Journey is biblically orientated with a series of questions on: • Women in the Gospel • Paul • The Disciples • Peter • Judas • The Last Supper • The Resurrection • The Passion and Death of Jesus The game is fun, educational and stimulating – a great way to learn about the Gospels as well as something of the Old Testament and Saint Paul. It is ideal for schools, families and parish groups. • The Birth of Jesus • Mary and Joseph • King Herod • The Wise Men • The Old Testament • John the Baptist • The Parables • The Miracles

Devised by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and George Allen


you kn do

th ow e B

Code:1761 Price: £29.95 EAN: 0705632049051

wel ow l

Among the question boxes that go around the edge of the board are random Rewards and Penalty boxes and Pot Luck questions. These add to the fun and variety of the game. Rewards are given to acknowledge the kind things we do on earth, thus offering an opportunity to move closer to Paradise. Penalties are given for doing what is unpleasant or mean in our world: this is punished by delay on the journey to Paradise. The first player to enter Paradise is the winner.

? ible H

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Recommended Reading for Lent

by Fr Jim McManus C.Ss.R. Building a Bridge

Divine Renovation

From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish James Mallon

The theme From a Maintenance to a missional Parish has been around for many years but in this book Fr James Mallon plumbs fresh theological and pastoral depths, focusing on where Catholics come to know Christ, namely, in their own parish. Every parishioner, especially those who are actively involved in renewing parish life in any way, will find great insight and encouragement in this book. Code: 22111 Price: £14.50 ISBN: 9781627850384

Guidebook Code: 42060 Price: £26.50

how the Catholic Church and the LGBT community can enter into a relationship of respect, compassion and sensitivity James Martin SJ

In this inspirational book Jesuit James Martin shows us all how to engage in a respectful dialogue with those Catholic brothers and sisters who, sadly, are often made to feel unwelcome in the Church today, namely the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender). The dialogue must be conducted with respect, compassion and sensitivity, reminding the LGBT Catholics, in the words of Cardinal Joseph Tobin, the former Superior General of the Redemptorists, “that they are as much a part of our Church as any other Catholic”. Although written for the Church in the USA this book is full of pastoral wisdom for all Catholics in Britain and Ireland. Code: 185553 Price: £15.99 ISBN: 9780062694317

Fr Jim McManus is looking forward to reading To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming the Gospel in the Secular Age over the Lent period

To Light a Fire on the Earth Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Robert Barron’s book will put new heart into all Christians who find themselves in a secularised society that has little, even no time, for the Christian faith, or any faith. It will be a stimulating and enlightening read, especially for those who want to be engaged in any way in the new evangelisation to which Pope Francis is so urgently calling. Bishop Barron makes the scriptures come alive. He is regarded as one of the most accomplished evangelists in the USA today. Code: 109112 Price: £23.95 ISBN: 9781524759506

8 01420 88222

01420 88805

Jim McManus C.Ss.R. Our Spiritual Lifeline

the oxygen of Christian prayer Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

The latest book from popular RP author Fr Jim McManus seeks to assure readers that, no matter what their situation in life may be, they have a gift of prayer which is expressed not only in formal prayers that they may have learned as children, but also in the prayer of their hearts: that inner personal dialogue with God that they often quite unexpectedly find themselves engaging in during the day. Free prayer card included to celebrate Jim McManus' Diamond Jubilee. Code: 1739 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9780852314845

At Home in the Mysteries of Christ the grace of the Rosary Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

If you have been a life-long devotee of the Rosary, or you are coming back to the Rosary after a long break, or you are feeling attracted to the Rosary for the very first time, you will find in this book, At Home in the Mysteries of Christ, great encouragement, enlightenment and a new desire for a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In the Rosary, we contemplate the love and mercy of God the Father, now made manifest to us in the person of Jesus his son; we ponder too the presence of the Holy Spirit through whose power Jesus was conceived in his mother’s womb, performed all his great works of mercy, offered himself for our sake on the cross and rose triumphantly from the dead; we become more aware that the risen Jesus has given us that same Holy Spirit when he established his Church on earth. We contemplate all these mysteries of Jesus through the eyes of his Mother Mary as we pray the Rosary. Code: 1731 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780852314654

Embraced by Mercy

Going to Mass

Finding Forgiveness

Fr McManus enables us to absorb more gratefully the amazing good news that “God’s mercy is from age to age” (Luke 1:50). Step by step, we will be guided along the road of divine mercy, receiving afresh Jesus’ revelation of the Father’s mercy, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, and hearing again St Paul’s personal testimony of how he received God’s mercy.

Going to Mass can be seen as one of the defining marks of being Catholic, but what do Catholics do when we go to Mass? In this insightful book, Fr Jim McManus considers how our participation at Mass influences and confirms our membership of the people of God. He looks in detail at the various actions and prayers which are part of the celebration of the Mass.

Fr Jim McManus and Stephanie Thornton look at every facet of unforgiveness – its causes, symptoms and consequences. They demonstrate the truly healing power of forgiveness and guide the reader in search of this elusive quality.

God’s Ultimate Gift Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

Code: 1597 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852314470

01420 88222

Becoming the Eucharist We Celebrate Jim McManus C.Ss.R.

Code: 1570 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314289

Personal and Spiritual Perspectives Jim McManus C.Ss.R. and Stephanie Thornton

Code: 1416 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780852313152

9 01420 88805

Recommended Reading for Lent

by Raymond Friel

The Passion and the Cross Ronald Rolheiser

Ronald Rolheiser brings his characteristic blend of learning and lived experience to the subject of the passion and death of Jesus Christ. He throws light on some of the most fundamental questions for Christians of all ages, such as “how did Jesus take away my sins?” His answer is that, “He takes it away by transforming it, by taking it inside of him and not giving it back.” This is a book for those whose deep questions about the central events of the Christian faith have not been answered in adulthood. Code: 13849 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781473626683

Knowing Jesus James Alison

More than any another book, Knowing Jesus by James Alison has deepened my understanding of the mystery of the resurrection and its significance for the human race. Alison develops a rich reading of the life and death of Jesus in terms of the “intelligence of the victim” and argues persuasively that from the beginning of salvation history God was prompting us to build a society (what Jesus would call a “reign of God”) in which the victim and outcast were cared for and honoured. In the revelation of God in the life and death of Jesus, God is revealed for what he really is: the forgiving victim. Code: 111497 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281065035

The Revolution of Tenderness

Being a Catholic in today’s Church Raymond Friel

Gospel Values for Catholic Schools a practical guide for today Raymond Friel

Raymond Friel explores issues facing the Catholic Church today, with both humour and passion, while drawing on the remarkable and often moving testimonies of twelve ordinary Catholics. Beginning with a survey of the Church’s journey over the last hundred years or so, Raymond Friel draws on his own cradle Catholic upbringing to reflect the huge changes taking place in and around the Church, with a particular focus on the inspiration of Pope Francis and ways to develop a personal faith.

Raymond Friel brings his vast experience of Catholic educational leadership to bear in addressing the centrality of Gospel values in the current climate in which the very existence of schools with a religious character, which pre-date state schools, is increasingly being challenged. As the title suggests, Friel’s account is rooted firmly in the Gospels and encompasses a coherent narrative of the significance of Gospel values for the Catholic school.

Code: 1707 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314364

Code: 1740 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852314821

How to Survive in Leadership in a Catholic School

How to Survive Working in a Catholic School

Raymond Friel

Written specifically for head teachers and those in senior leadership, this book is a personal and practical guide to leadership in Catholic schools, based on reallife experiences of the author as well as a variety of other head teachers. Raymond Friel explores how young people connect with the Gospel, the structure of the Church, what the role of a Catholic school is and should be, and how to inspire children whilst trying to balance the demands and expectations of the government, Church and parents.


Code: 1568 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314227

01420 88222

Sr Judith Russi SSMN & Raymond Friel

This is a guide for teachers and support staff. Whether you are a practising or lapsed Catholic, practise a different faith, or are not religious at all, the Catholic school system can sometimes be a bit confusing. Issues covered include getting to grips with the Catholic ethos, preparing services and knowing the correct way to address a member of clergy. This book is not just for teachers: it is a fantastic aid for support staff, caretakers, lunchtime supervisors and governors, providing a clear exposition on Catholic education. Code: 1545 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314043

01420 88805

Raymond Friel

Witnesses to Faith Today: The Hope that is Within You


In frank, honest conversations, Raymond Friel interviews well-known voices in the Catholic Church today. In each interview Raymond discusses important themes in faith today and uncovers early influences, inspirations and insights into the hope that lies within each of his interviewees.

Jean Vanier in conversation with Raymond Friel


In this revealing conversation with Raymond Friel, Jean Vanier talks about his early life and influences, the inspiration between L’Arche, the need to understand and critique power in all its manifestations and the importance of vulnerability.

Code 1764 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049068

Timothy Radcliffe in conversation with Raymond Friel

Dominican priest Fr Timothy Radcliffe is renowned across the world for his work for social justice and human rights. In the first of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he speaks to Raymond Friel of his deep conviction that, “With the grace of God, people discover a hope which is deeper than any I’d ever known before.” Code: 1712 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 9780852314630

Gemma Simmonds in conversation with Raymond Friel

Eamon Duffy in conversation with Raymond Friel

Theologian, broadcaster, member of the Congregation of Jesus, Sr Gemma Simmonds knew from her earliest childhood that Jesus held a special place in her heart. In the second of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, she speaks to Raymond Friel of her profound belief that “We find our heart’s desire by giving it away, by letting go.”

Renowned historian Professor Eamon Duffy and former member of the Pontifical Historical Commission has lovingly told the story of English Catholic history. In the third of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he tells Raymond Friel “That Christianity is life-giving and that it is the best candle in the dark.”

Code: 1746 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049020

Code: 1770 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049037

Pádraig Ó Tuama in conversation with Raymond Friel

Judith Russi in conversation with Raymond Friel

Poet and theologian, Pádraig reads a number of his own beautiful and searching poems. In conversation with Raymond Friel, he offers elegant and often moving insights into the subject of leadership and conflict, the charismatic figure of Jesus in the Gospels and the challenges of being a Christian and gay.

Sr Judith Russi offers a passionate witness to Catholic education and the critical importance of the formation of Catholic leaders. In the fifth of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, she speaks with great insight on the role of pupil chaplains in schools and the importance of prayer.

Code: 1772 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049099

Code: 1775 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 0705632049105

01420 88222

11 01420 88805

Recommended Reading for Lent

by Diana Klein

Journeying with Jesus a companion’s guide Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

This is a book that can be used at any time of the year but I think it’s intended to be used during Lent. I love the way the reader is invited to join Jesus on his journey. You’re given a description of the setting you find yourself in. You observe Jesus at close quarters in his challenges and you’re challenged to consider how you would react/do react in similar circumstances. You’re invited to encounter Jesus in your ordinary experiences. This is a book you can read systematically during Lent – or pick up whenever you’re stuck in your prayer and need a kick start. Highly recommended. Code: 1467 Price: £14.95 ISBN: 9780852313589

how o survive working in a

Catholic Parish A guide for priests, volunteers and paid parish workers Diana Klein and Bernard Cotter Foreword by Archbishop Bernard Longley

Encounters of Evangelisation

How to Survive Working in a Catholic Parish

Although fewer people are coming to Mass today, people still turn to the Church to celebrate at key moments in their lives: they are saying that they are aware of the significance of these key experiences in their lives. This book leads parishes to make the most of these brief encounters as there may be few other opportunities to engage with them.

If you do voluntary work in a parish, if you are a priest, a seminarian or a parish employee - or if you are thinking about working in a parish - this book will help you understand how Catholic parishes work, how parish life is organised and what it's like to work in them. How to Survive Working in a Catholic Parish is a practical and user-friendly guide to surviving (and thriving) in a Catholic parish.

making the most of opportunities through the parish Diana Klein

Code: 1759 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314883

A guide for priests, volunteers and paid parish workers Diana Klein & Bernard Cotter

Code: 1715 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314609

Symbols of Faith

faith formation and sacramental preparation for people with learning disabilities Diana Klein

Symbols of Faith offers parents, priests and catechists creative insights and ideas on the faith formation and sacramental preparation of people with learning disabilities, which is in keeping with Church teaching. It recognises the gifts and talents of people with learning disabilities. The materials are adaptable, flexible and appropriate to their ability, to help them come to know the person of Christ, who leads us to the Father through the Holy Spirit. A CD is included with this book, providing additional resources and unlimited use of activity sheets to complement the sessions. Code: 1573 Price: £15.95 ISBN: 9780852314258

12 01420 88222

01420 88805

Lent Reading

Lent Talks

The Day the Revolution Began

With a dynamic introduction from BBC Head of Radio for Religion and Ethics, Christine Morgan, six well-known personalities invite readers to reflect on a range of thoughts and themes from a number of different perspectives. Talks include: James Runcie on Mystery (2015); Bonnie Greer on Names (2014); Alexander McCall Smith on Abandonment (2013); Nick Baines on Vision (2012); Giles Fraser on Sacrifice (2010); and Ann Widdecombe on Goodness (2008).

The Day the Revolution Began will take you to a new level in your appreciation of the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice: opening up its powerful and amazing implications, inspiring you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and reminding you of the crucial role you can play in the world-transforming movements that Jesus started.

Preparing for Easter with Radio 4 BBC Radio 4

Code: 111486 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780281078639

Rethinking the meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion Tom Wright

Code: 111484 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780281078608

Say it to God

Things My Dog has Taught Me

In Search of Prayer: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2018 Luigi Gioia

about being a better human Jonathan Wittenberg

In this wonderful, warm account of one man and his dog, Jonathan Wittenberg says his dogs have taught him - more than anything else - how to appreciate the wonderful world in which we live and how to develop better relationships with his friends and families. Jonathan brings all the big themes of friendship, faithfulness, kindness, cruelty, grief, prayer and spiritual companionship to the fore, and shows us how we can learn so much from a dog’s approach to life.

In Say it to God, Luigi Gioia provides a welcome encouragement to all those who feel the need to freshen their practice of prayer. For Gioia, prayer is not about methods or techniques, but trusting that God is truly interested in everything that happens to us and wants to hear about it. The book leads the reader into the theological aspects of prayer and how it relates to Christ, to the Holy Spirit and to the Church. This is done without using complex theological concepts but simply through scriptural quotations. Chapters are kept brief intentionally to make the book suitable for daily reading over the Lenten period. With a foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Say it to God demonstrates that the everyday, even the most mundane of tasks and situations, can be applied in deepening our practice of prayer.

Code: 103579 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9781473664371

Code: 112710 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781472941756

01420 88222

13 01420 88805

Lent Reading

Mother Angelica on God, His Home, and His Angels

How can I experience God? What are His angels like? What will I know, feel and sense in Heaven? In these insightful pages, Mother Angelica answers these and countless more otherworldly questions – not Mother Angelica the teacher, but Mother Angelica the mystic. Code: 30167 Price: £11.25 ISBN: 9781682780480

Sacred Space

for Lent 2018 Irish Jesuits

Sacred Space invites readers to develop a closer relationship with God during this season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Throughout the Lenten season, each day includes a scripture reading and points of reflection, as well as a weekly topic enhanced by six steps of prayer and meditation. Code: 133130 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9780829445855

Lenten Reflections From a Father Who Keeps His Promises Scott Hahn

From Genesis to Jesus, these Lenten reflections based on A Father Who Keeps His Promises highlight biblical characters such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David, that lead us to Christ and his sacrifice for us.

Not by Bread Alone 2018 Daily Reflections for Lent Michelle Francl-Donnay

Prayerfully journey through Lent with Michelle Francl-Donnay’s fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass readings. In just minutes per day, the insightful meditations of Not by Bread Alone can deepen your experience of this solemn season of prayer and penance and prepare you to participate more fully in the joy of the great Easter mystery.


Daily Reflections for Lent and Easter Amy Welborn

Not By Bread Alone (Large Print)

This season, Amy Welborn shares her own struggles and triumphs of trying to live Lent and Easter spirituality year round. We start Advent with eager anticipation for Christmas, but we enter Lent with, perhaps, a bit more reluctance. Giving things up is inconvenient. Putting Jesus first means other things must be let go.

Code: 199064 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9780814646045

Code: 14908 Price: £1.25 ISBN: 9780764826870

Code: 199062 Price: £1.99 ISBN: 9780814646038


Code: 13826 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781616364977

01420 88222

01420 88805

Lent Reading

Lent and Easter Wisdom

This popular series of seasonal meditation books provides not only scripture readings for the seasons of Lent and Easter, but pairs them with a daily selection from the cherished writings of a popular saint. The books encourage the reader to set aside time each day to reflect upon a specific scripture passage while providing a suggested activity for Christians living the Lenten season.

St Thérèse of Lisieux

St Augustine

Code: 14888 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780764821738

Code: 14854 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780764820311

St Vincent de Paul

St Alphonsus Liguori

St Benedict

Code: 14757 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780764819889

Code: 5041 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780764819681

Code: 14815 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780764820113

Lent and Easter Wisdom from Pope Francis John Cleary

While Lent may feel like it’s only about our regrets, suffering and disappointments, Pope Francis shows us there is so much more. With great compassion and mercy, he helps us break free of despair and choose trust. As you read these meditations for each day of the Lent and Easter season, reflect on the powerful words of Pope Francis and the accompanying scripture, prayer and action. Code: 14907 Price: £8.50 ISBN: 9780764826474

15 01420 88222

01420 88805

Lent Reading

40 Days, 40 Ways

Lent with St Francis

Move beyond the typical “giving something up” and take a fresh look at Lent. D’Ambrosio offers forty ideas, activities and devotions designed to strengthen your spiritual life and help Catholics get the most out of Lent.

By pairing the words and deeds of Francis with the scripture readings for Lent, Lent with St Francis: Daily Reflections helps readers reflect on how they too can live the Gospel in the circumstances of their daily lives.

A New Look at Lent Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Code: 15371 Price: £9.50 ISBN: 9781616368944

A Journey to the Cross Prayerful Meditations

Daily Reflections Diane M Houdek

This series of images with words and music reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross. Each station has an image with reflective words, scripture references, a short prayer and concludes with one verse of a hymn. Code: 113458 Price: £11.94

Code: 13666 Price: £2.50 ISBN: 9781616365240


Season of Transformation Amy Ekeh

During Lent, we strive to free ourselves from clutter – material and spiritual – in order to focus on God and turn back to him with our whole hearts. To help us enter into this season, Amy Ekeh guides readers in exploring three key moments in life and ministry of Jesus. The result will be a better understanding of the authentic transformation that God calls each of us to embrace. Code: 199060 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9780814645093

What Are We Hoping For?

Reflections on Lent & Easter Richard Leonard SJ

This book offers a series of refreshing stories that will help the reader understand the seasons of Lent and Easter. The stories are both thoughtful and challenging, making them an ideal resource for prayer. Code: 1040057 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780809149667

16 01420 88222


Season of Life and Fire Barry Hudock

In Easter: Season of Life and Fire, Barry Hudock looks at the resurrection of Jesus and the wonderful season that celebrates it through the lens of three key Scripture passages. Each one sheds new light on both who Jesus is and what it means to be Christian today. Code: 199061 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9780814644515

01420 88805

Lent Reading

Keeping Lent & Easter

Discovering the Rhythms and Riches of the Christian Seasons Leigh Hatts

Keeping Lent & Easter is an almost day-by-day guide to keeping and understanding Lent, through each of its key days, Holy Week and through Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. Each section has a short explanation about the day (Palm Sunday for example), its history, Biblical references, what happens in Church, home traditions where they exist and local/regional customs at home and abroad.

The Way of the Carmelities

A Prayer Journey Through Lent James McCaffrey

This beautifully written book, rich in reflection on the Bible, is a spiritual companion and guide for Lent, and indeed the rest of the year, that will open up the Carmelite tradition and help Christians of every denomination to read scripture in a spirit of prayer. Prayer, in the Carmelite tradition, is friendship with God. It is being alone with God in a silent communion of love open to the Spirit. Code: 111487 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780281075294

Code: 105750 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780232533378

Songs of the Spirit

The Art of Lent

This collection of beautiful translations and inspiring commentary provides daily nourishment for your Lenten journey from Ash Wednesday through to Easter. Megan Daffern has carefully chosen a selection of psalms to explore and illustrate a different theme each week, and each day provides her own translation of a psalm and reflections on the meaning of the original Hebrew, to help in your own devotions and meditations.

This delightful and beautifully presented book describes and interprets a series of paintings for each day of Lent. Artists often address subjects that our culture seeks to avoid, and Sister Wendy’s brilliant and perceptive reflections will help you to read these paintings with a more discerning eye, encountering deeper levels of spiritual meaning than may at first appear.

A Psalm a Day for Lent and Easter Megan Daffern

Code: 111485 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281077960

01420 88222

A painting a day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sister Wendy Beckett

Code: 111483 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281078554

17 01420 88805

Lent Reading

The Living Gospel

Daily Devotions for Lent 2018 Ann M. Garrido

Award-winning author and preaching expert Ann M. Garrido will be your guide through Lent to help you reflect on and explore the themes of the most solemn season of the Church year. At the end of the forty days, you’ll come away with a deeper conversion of heart than you ever thought possible. Daily Devotions for Lent 2018 includes two-page devotions for every day of Lent – from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Each entry offers brief Bible verses, prayers, an insightful reflection on the Gospel and specific, easy-to-do exercises. Code: 1040119 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594717796

The Seven Last Words of Christ

Sacred Reading

In this beautifully written book, respected biblical scholar, lecturer and author, Fr Thomas Rosica, reflects on the last words of Christ and their significance to our modern world. Interspersed with his commentary are the words and wisdom from Popes Francis, Benedict and John Paul I, Mother Teresa and Jewish writer on the Holocaust Yafta Eliach. The Seven Last Words of Christ is an essential read for all Christians, as it invites us to ponder deeply our own frailties, fear of death and thirst for justice.

Let the Apostleship of Prayer (the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network) be your guide during Lent by helping you deepen your prayer life in the most solemn season of the year. This powerful prayer book – based on the traditional spiritual practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) – will engage and inspire you with the Church’s daily scripture readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Reflections by Thomas Rosica

Code: 42061 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9782896883868

for Lent 2018 Apostleship of Prayer and Douglas Leonard

Code: 1040118 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594717758

Change our Hearts

Daily Meditations for Lent Rory Cooney

Change our Hearts celebrates the richness of our Catholic liturgy and tradition, encouraging readers to use the Lenten season as an opportunity to immerse themselves in thoughtful prayer, reflection and practice. Each day features the lectionary citations for that day, a reflection on an aspect of the readings and a closing prayer or practice.

Sacred Silence

Code: 13795 Price: £2.50 ISBN: 9781616367251

Daily Meditations for Lent Phyllis Zagano

God with Us

The meaning of Christ’s cross and resurrection – then and now Rowan Williams

God with Us is packed with striking theological insight and spiritual encouragement. With questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter, it is an ideal gift for anyone near the start of their spiritual journey or wanting to deepen their appreciation of the heart of the Gospel. Code: 111464 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780281076642

18 01420 88222

Sacred Silence explores the way both silence and stillness can help you turn your heart and mind to God in a more intentional way during Lent. Phyllis Zagano shows how important it is to detach ourselves from the busyness of everyday life to find stillness and silence. Code: 13824 Price: £5.95 ISBN: 9781616367183

01420 88805

Lent Reading

Finding Hope when Life Hurts Daily Reflections, Actions and Prayers Joseph F Sica

The Path to Peace Daily Reflections, Prayers and Actions Alice Camille

No matter what life hands you, these hopeful reflections are reminders that Jesus walks the path beside you. Code: 43243 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853354

Travel the Lenten terrain: the desert, a mountaintop, the Temple, the Upper Room and a fateful borrowed tomb. Code: 43244 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853361

A Devotional Journey into the Mass

Here are insights and suggestions for families to find daily opportunities for love, justice and prayer. Code: 43245 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853347

Essays by over 50 Noted Bishops, Theologians & Journalists

Christopher Carstens explains the spiritual meanings behind the signs and symbols, words and actions of the Mass. If you’re unhappy because the Mass has become a routine for you, or even boring and tedious, these pages are for you. They teach you eight simple ways to make your every Mass a joyful time of piety and intense devotion.

01420 88222

Daily Reflections, Prayers and Actions Claire Noonan

A Pope Francis Lexicon

How Mass Can Become A Time of Grace, Nourishment, and Devotion Christopher Carstens

Code: 30166 Price: £11.25 ISBN: 9781622824809

Lent for Families 2018: Sharing the Bread of God’s Love

A Pope Francis Lexicon is a reflective, inspiring and heartfelt book that offers engaging answers to the question “What is this surprising Pope up to?” Writers such as Sr Simone Campbell, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle and Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby explore the Pope’s use of words like joy, clericalism, money, family and tears. Together, they reveal what Francis’ use of these words says about him, his ministry and priorities, and their significance to the Church, the world and the lives of individual Christians. Code: 199065 Price: £17.95 ISBN: 9780814645215

19 01420 88805

Lent with St Teresa of Calcutta Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta Daily Meditations Heidi Hess Saxton

Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta offers a short scripture passage for each day, a brief meditation with a quote or story from the life of this remarkable woman, plus reflection questions and a short prayer to begin or end the day. Read alone or with a small group, this helpful resource for reflecting upon the mercy of God – and modelling the generous heart of this saint from Calcutta in our own lives. Code: 13865 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781632531636

Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa Prayers, Reflections and Activities for Families Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

While many Lenten reflection booklets are for individuals or small groups, this one is formatted specifically for families and draws on the wisdom of Mother Teresa. This daily guide shows parents and children alike how to put her words into practice with practical suggestions on how to live the threefold call of Lent: to fast, pray and care for the poor. Each Sunday’s focus is drawn from the themes assigned to that Sunday of Lent and a project for the week ahead is suggested. The booklet is usable in all three Catholic lectionary cycles. Code: 1040082 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594712869

20 01420 88222

01420 88805


Approaching the Study of Theology

Pope Francis and the Theology of the People

An introduction to key thinkers, concepts, methods and debates Anthony C Thiselton

Rafael Luciani

Translated by Philip Berryman Pope Francis has offered a bold challenge to an “economy that kills”, identifying in particular a form of globalisation that turns people into disposable consumers and increases the widening gap between the rich and poor. In doing so, he has drawn not only from the social teaching of Latin American Church, but also in a particular way from a school of theology that arose in Argentina called “Theology of the People”. A type of liberation theology, it emphasises respect for the culture and popular religious expressions of the poor. Code: 1040113 Price: £23.99 ISBN: 9781626982529

Opening with an engaging history of the subject, this book maps the major landmarks and outlines the main issues of current debate in three parts: Part 1: Approaches Descriptions of the main approaches developed by scholars to study the subject, with lively case histories and working examples showing the approaches in action, and assessing their lasting value.

Part 2: Concepts and Issues Brief introductions to their origins and evolution, highlighting their significance in the work of major thinkers.

Part 3: Key Terms Concise explanations of all the words and phrases that readers need to know in order to fully grasp the subject.

Code: 111493 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9780281077595

The Creed

Professing the Faith Through the Ages Scott Hahn

The World According to Theologygrams Rich Wyld

In The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages, bestselling author Dr Scott Hahn recovers and conveys the creed’s revolutionary character. Tracing the development of the first formulations of faith in the early Church through later ecumenical councils, The Creed tells the story of how the very profession of our belief in Christ fashions us for heavenly life as we live out our earthly days.

The World According to Theologygrams offers a unique way of looking at the world around us and the meaning of the Christian faith as presented in the Bible. Rich Wyld's diagrams present the story of Jesus and its meaning for our lives today as you may never have seen them before. This book collects 79 full colour diagrams and enlightening commentary by Rich. Clever, cheeky and genuinely instructive, it will be appreciated by theologians, non-academics, churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike.

Code: 105753 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780232533439

Code: 105752 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780232532913

01420 88222

21 01420 88805

Lent with Pope Francis

Pope Francis: Devoted to Mary Peggy Webber

Celebrate with Pope Francis the rich Catholic tradition of devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. In Pope Francis: Devoted to Mary, you will learn why Pope Francis has visited so many Marian shrines, why he calls Mary his “Mamma” and why such devotion is important for all Catholics. Code: 39422 Price: £1.50

Pope Francis: Living Lent with Love Encouragement and Daily Prayers Sr Chris Koellhoffer IHM

Pope Francis asks us to “recover the original freshness of the Gospel”. What better way to celebrate Lent? Grow closer to the Lord throughout your Lenten journey as you reflect and pray with Living Lent with Love. Readers can gain a greater appreciation of God’s love for all of us each day as the wisdom and insight of Pope Francis is presented along with prayers. Code: 39430 Price: £1.50

The Hope of Lent Bringing Lent Home with Pope Francis

Lent & Easter with Pope Francis

This booklet offers Pope Francis as a guide through Lent and includes inspiring stories, practical ideas for family prayer, easy to do activities and suggestions for conversations.

Journey with Pope Francis through the liturgical feasts and seasons in Lent and Easter, moving from repentance to forgiveness and new life which allow us to proclaim the Gospel with joy.

With prayer reflections drawn from the words of Pope Francis, this Lenten companion helps you to prepare for the Easter season. It includes scripture citations for each day of the season, selections from the Pope’s writings, and ways to bring the Pope’s message on judgement, justice, forgiveness and mercy into your life. The Hope of Lent will lend a moment’s meditation to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, to be surprised by God’s mercy when we least expect it.

Code:135271 Price: £2.50 ISBN: 9781784690281

Code: 13867 Price: £11.95 ISBN: 9781632531605

Prayers, Reflections and Activities for Families Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle


Daily Reflections from Pope Francis Diane M Houdek

Code: 1040051 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594716171

01420 88222

Prayers for Spring, Lent, Easter and Summer Feast Days Ken Phillips

01420 88805

Lent Reflection

Lent is the rainbow Sr Janet Fearns FMDM


want to take you to a place where you might never have been. I want to take you to Auschwitz. You will have seen photographs in the newspapers and on television, so you can probably imagine the emaciated faces and bodies of men, women and children held captive in a concentration camp, the name of which will forever remain a symbol of horror and cruelty. I want you to imagine the huts and the crematoria surrounded by barbed wire. Even today, the soil is barren and a witness to scenes which we hope and pray will never happen again. Yet, in spite of Auschwitz, BergenBelsen, Theresienstadt – and Guantánamo Bay – there is no peace in our world. Violence and cruelty have not ended. Human rights are still disregarded and human beings discarded in the clamour to satisfy human greed and the search for power at any cost. The date is 28 May 2006. I am doing the live radio and television English broadcast for Vatican Radio for Pope Benedict’s visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. He has already refused the well-meaning offer for the Polish President to accompany him as he walks alone towards the wall of death where so many prisoners died. He has visited the cell of Maximilian Kolbe, the Franciscan who asked if he could take the place of the family man and was murdered in his place. Pope Benedict then stands in the open as a Jewish choir sang Kaddish, mourning the cruel deaths of millions. It has been raining heavily. As the choir sings, the television cameras travel over the site of the concentration camp. It is unbelievably moving to see the huts, the crematoria and the barbed wire. Yet, suddenly, God speaks. As the cameras pass by the crematoria, the black clouds break and a magnificent rainbow crosses the sky. God has repeated his promise of “never again!” God speaks in that rainbow and I am perhaps not the only member of Vatican Radio staff to cry. God chooses a rainbow to remind the world of a different reality than “man’s inhumanity to man”.

After his baptism in the Jordan, Jesus went into the wilderness, where he stayed for forty days. The Gospel tells us that, at his baptism, the heavens were torn apart and God spoke to him – but then he went into the wilderness, a lonely place where solitude could easily become loneliness and despair. And yet it is also a place of hope. Jesus emerged from that wilderness convinced of his mission, “proclaiming the good news of God”. Even the wilderness has the qualities of a rainbow. I spent six years living on the banks of one of Zambia’s largest lakes. During the rainy season, the sky would go black with heavy clouds. The waters of the lake turned from blue to black. Yet, on the horizon, a thin line of gold proved that the heaviest storm could not entirely send away the sunlight. In the midst of deafening rolls of thunder, lightning pierced the darkness with its exquisitely beautiful blue light. The thunderstorm was itself a promise of a rainbow. During Lent, we walk into the wilderness with Jesus. Did he have a clear idea of the path ahead of him? I suspect not. If he had known every step of his way, he would have missed out on an essential part of our daily human life: the journey through the dark, through the floods, the uncertainty, the storms and the vast wilderness in search of the rainbow. Jesus is God and also a human being with a deep need to discover the rainbow. God gave Noah and his family the rainbow of hope. The despair of Auschwitz gave way to another rainbow. After his time in the wilderness, Jesus became our rainbow, bringing us the good news of God’s faithful love. Lent is so often seen as a time of self-denial and of penance, but, in fact, it is a time for walking with Jesus in search of the rainbow of his life, love and hope. Perhaps Lent is the rainbow because it is a promise of the resurrection.

23 01420 88222

01420 88805

Stations of the Cross Stations of the Cross: journeying with refugees Reflections by young people for young people

In this powerful book the young people of St Gregory’s Catholic College reflect on the parallels between Jesus’ final journey and the harsh reality faced by refugees. Bringing deep humanity to the refugee crisis, this modern interpretation of the Stations of the Cross is ideal for use in schools, parishes and for personal reflection. Code: 1737 Price: £1.95 ISBN: 9780852314739

Stations of the Cross

then and now Denis McBride

Denis McBride contrasts the beauty and solemn simplicity of the more traditional Stations by artist Curd Lessig with modern images that challenge us to link Jesus’ story to the struggle of our everyday life. Through its rich array of scripture passages, paintings, poetry, prayers, photographs and reflections, Stations of the Cross then and now becomes a companion not only on our Lenten journey but throughout the year: suffering is not limited to one liturgical season. Whether we walk in solitude or with others, this book translates the passion of Jesus into our own life and times.

STATIONS o f t h e Cross

then and now Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


FOR 2018

STATIONS of the Cross then and now 1 HOUR


Denis McBride

Code: 1758 Price: £9.95 EAN: 0705632049075

For full information, see page 3.

Code: 1735 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 978052314722

The Mystery of the Cross

Praying the stations with Pope Francis David M Knight

Enter more deeply into the passion of our Lord and the mysteries of salvation with this simple, beautiful and powerful Way of the Cross. Starting with an inspiring quote from Pope Francis, each station leads us into one of the multiple Mysteries of the Cross: the mystery of suffering, of failure, of faith, of mission, of divine weakness, of freedom from fear, of hope in hopelessness, of vulnerable love and more. As we walk with Jesus, each station invites us “to die a little more to what holds us back” and to live a little more in the way that leads to the fullness of life. Code: 43191 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9781627852456

24 01420 88222

01420 88805

Stations of the Cross

Praying the Stations with Pope Francis

Everyone’s Way of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross

Let his wisdom and insight draw you into greater repentance, more generous forgiveness and, importantly, a closer relationship with Jesus and an understanding of what he did for you on the cross.

This best-selling booklet has sold more than three million copies and is now updated with fresh, bold woodcuts to help readers grow even closer to Christ.

Follow the fourteen Stations with St Alphonsus Liguori. This popular book with larger type and line illustrations make this a joy to use whilst the words of St Alphonsus resonate with every one of us.

Code: 43128 Price: £1.25 ISBN: 9781627850360

Everyone’s Way of the Cross (large print)

Clarence Enzler

Bill Huebsch

Code: 11014 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594714306

St Alphonsus Liguori

Code: 1001 Price: £3.75 ISBN: 9780852310809

Code: 11232 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594714542

Praying the Stations with Saint John XXIII

A Woman’s Way of the Cross

Huebsch has faithfully adapted the fourteen Stations of the Cross to the message and teaching of St John XXIII. Each combines the traditional Station prayer with a psalm response and reflection about St John’s life that resonates in our modern world.

This small booklet is a favourite for all who will delight at the simple yet thought-provoking meditations for today’s woman. Take time out from your busy life and reflect on Jesus.

Bill Huebsch

Code: 43094 Price: £1.25 ISBN: 9781627850049

01420 88222

Sylvia Hunter

Code: 1009 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852313718

Mary’s Way of the Cross Praying the Stations Richard Furey

Prayers for fifteen Stations and pictures for meditation on each. This insightful book attempts to kindle within the reader a sense of both prayerful repentance and grateful redemption. Code: 43103 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9780896221987


01420 88805


A Simple Penance Book


The practice of confession, penance and reconciliation bears rich fruit not only in the Christian’s own life but impacts directly on the lives of those around us. This booklet explains how to prepare and celebrate the sacrament both for newcomers and those already familiar.

The sacrament of reconciliation is where every Christian can experience the joy of repentance and forgiveness. This booklet explains this joy at the heart of Christian life. Fr Boland explains and invites all to an encounter with Christ’s mercy.

Mgr Paul Grogan

Code: 135290 Price: £2.50 ISBN: 9781860829260

The Mercy of Christ Fr Vivian Boland OP

Code: 135289 Price: £2.50 ISBN: 9781860822360

Making a Better Confession Con O’Connell

In this beautiful redesign Fr O’Connell helps readers unmask deep attitudes which lie at the root of sin. Through soul-searching, you will begin the process of self-discovery and reconciliation – the process of making a more satisfying, meaningful confession. Code: 1004 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852311141

26 01420 88222

01420 88805

Pastoral Outreach for Parishes What happens when a parishioner needs your encouragement in coping with a difficult personal situation? Do you want to help but sometimes feel worried in case you might “put your foot in it”? The new Pastoral Outreach series is a practical, user-friendly, nonacademic pastoral resource which helps clergy and other pastoral care providers to give even more effective and appropriate support. Written by experts in their field, each book offers background insight and sensitive coping strategies. With new titles appearing quarterly, the Pastoral Outreach series quickly grows into a valuable library for “first responders” with a role in pastoral care.



Adrian Treloar

Christine Olsen St Teresa of Calcutta remarked, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Christine Olsen is a Community Builder for her local authority and specialises in bringing people together and helping them to find friendship. With her abundant practical experience, she offers insight and strategies which clergy and pastoral workers will find a godsend in their work.

Depression is often trivialised and sufferers told to “snap out of it” or “pull yourself together”. Yet one woman described her experience of depression, saying, “I can’t get away from ‘myself ’ and ‘myself ’ is hurting so much.” Consultant psychiatrist Dr Adrian Treloar addresses the concerns surrounding depression. He suggests practical strategies, helping clergy and other pastoral carers to sensitively support people who are experiencing the pain of depression.

Code: 1767 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315057

Code: 1765 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315033

Childhood Bullying

Adult Bullying

Daniel Kearney

Daniel Kearney

Bullying doesn’t end just because you are a grownup. How many adults face the workplace bully? How many ARE the bully? After many years of practical experience retired headteacher Daniel Kearney provides insight and strategies for helping pastoral care workers offer support in painful situations which can shatter the victim’s self-confidence. Code: 1769 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315071

01420 88222

How do you help the bullied and the bullying child to see things differently and to grow towards self-confident adulthood? Retired headteacher Daniel Kearney draws on his many years of practical experience in a book which will help parents and pastoral care workers deal with some very difficult situations in the classroom and online. Code: 1768 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315064

27 01420 88805

Holy Week & The Passion

Being the Body of Christ

What the People of the Passion Teach Us about Jesus Today Marci Alborghetti

Here we feel Mary’s anguish, John’s determination, the centurion’s bewilderment, Nicodemus’ regret and more. Each chapter offers questions and topics for personal reflection and group discussion. Code: 43123 Price: £8.25 ISBN: 9781585958924

Discount Schedule

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100-149 copies


The Passion and the Cross Ronald Rolheiser

Ronald Rolheiser, one of the most influential spiritual writers of our day, offers profound reflections on the central mystery of our Christian faith. His beautifully written meditations on the passion and the cross invites you to a new understanding of redemption and offers insight into the meaning of your own loss and suffering. Take a journey into the deeper meaning of pain with guidance from a trusted spiritual advisor.


150-200 copies

 30% 201+ copies


Code: 13849 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781473626683

01420 88222

01420 88805

Henri J M Nouwen

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Home Tonight

This book is an inspirational reflection on homecoming, affirmation and reconciliation. Nouwen pens his personal reflection on Rembrandt’s painting of the same name and how it affected his spiritual journey. He looks into each of the three main characters, drawing parallels with his own life. It truly is an inspirational book, challenging the reader to pause and reflect at one’s own spiritual journey.

Nouwen’s lectures on the Prodigal Son are a powerful guide for spiritual reflection. This book provides exercises, suggestions for times of solitude, questions for pondering, simple prayers and aids for personal journalling.

A Story of Homecoming Henri J M Nouwen

Code: 105201 Price £10.99 ISBN: 9780232520781

Further Reflections on the Parable of the Prodigal Son Henri J M Nouwen

Code: 105671 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780232527735

The New Easter Triduum

Here are the complete texts for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, plus a selection of hymns in a fully revised and redesigned edition. Please contact us for more information about our generous discounts for bulk orders of this product. Code: 1080 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9780852313916

The New Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Containing all that is needed for people’s full participation in the liturgy, all three forms of the entrance rite are included: the Procession, the Solemn Entrance and the Simple Entrance. The book includes the full text of all the readings for the three years of the liturgical cycle, including the Gospel readings for the Procession. The Passion readings are clearly laid out so that they may be read by different voices. With all the prayers and antiphons, and the full text of the people’s responses in the Mass, this book will enable the whole congregation to participate fully in the celebration of Palm Sunday. Code: 1569 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9780852314135

01420 88222


01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children

Easter Activity Fun Tim Dowley

A Heart Which Sees

Here is a fun Easter-themed activity book, packed with puzzles and four favourite Bible stories that will keep even the most inquisitive young minds busy! Fun for all the family as they learn and play!

Sees where the love is needed and acts accordingly

These cards encourage adults and children to look with their hearts and respond to what they see. They are designed to be given out, challenging people to come back with a story about what happens next. Better still, your community or class can look at the cards, write their own and get going. These simple gestures turn our thoughts about mercy into actions and encourage us all to look at the world differently.

Code: 1040061 Price: £1.99 ISBN: 9781859859728

Code: 1736 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314814

The Adventures of Freddie Freckles Tim Buckley C.Ss.R.

We all know how much children love a good story. Fr Tim's tales for Christian children, featuring the loveable Freddie Freckles, will hold children's attention and capture their imagination whilst sharing the Gospel with them. The fifteen separate adventures with Freddie Freckles are suitable for children to read themselves; or a priest, teacher, parent or catechist can tell the tales. Good times and bad are explained with the help of Jesus' teaching. The book includes introductory notes for teachers and parents. Code: 1486 Price: £5.95 ISBN: 9780852313701

Freddie Freckles and the Sacraments Tim Buckley C.Ss.R.

Join Freddie as he goes on a journey where he learns more about the sacraments. This collection of short stories is written for children aged seven to nine and explores many rites from the Catholic Church – looking back to the significance of their baptism and forward to their confirmation. Along the way Freddie also learns the true meaning of Easter and Christmas and begins to have a better understanding of prayer and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. For each chapter Fr Tim has written helpful guides for when to tell each story along with scripture references. Ideal for small groups of children but also great for children to read on their own. Freddie Freckles is a gentle way to teach them about the sacraments.


Code: 1562 Price: £5.95 ISBN: 9780852314180

01420 88222

01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children

These Stones Will Shout! Daily Lenten Devotions

The daily Lenten devotions in this booklet really rock! Step by step, day by day, children and their families will walk a Lenten pathway as they learn about Christ, our cornerstone. The journey culminates with the rolling stone on Easter morning. Each devotion focuses on a rocky theme from scripture. Daily prayers for families are included. Written for children aged 6-12. Code: 39319 Price: £0.80

These Stones Will Shout! Praying the Stations of the Cross

This interactive sticker booklet will help children aged 4-12 learn about traditional devotion. Helped by a parent or teacher, children learn to pray with Jesus as he makes his saving journey to the cross.

This mobile is perfect as a centrepiece above the table, in the classroom, family room or bedroom. It grows throughout Lent as we count down the days until Jesus’ glorious resurrection. Each day a new piece is added to the mobile, creating a beautiful decoration for Easter. A daily activity suggestion and scripture passages are included. Matches the children’s Lent devotional booklet of the same name. Code: 39309 Price: £0.75


Code: 39355 Price: £0.95

01420 88222

01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children


Relive Easter DVD

Primary Schools Pack

Let’s Go the Way of the Cross Ellen Teague

The traditional devotion of the stations of the cross made accessible for children with bright illustrations. The pages can be personalised by the child and are “wipe-clean”. Code: 1312 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852312087

Code: 184549 Price: £19.99

Let’s Go to Mass

Praying the Mass

An unusual and innovative colouring book introducing young children to the Eucharist, this is an ideal companion for children. The wipe-clean surface means that they can “use” the book each week afresh.

Young children will have fun as they learn the basic parts of the Mass and the people’s responses with this interactive sticker booklet. Following along with a parent or teacher, children apply colourful stickers as they learn about the Mass.

Aileen Urquhart


A DVD box set that includes six short Bible-based films set in a contemporary content. These quality films provide children with content that will help them learn in media they understand. The films explore the key events surrounding the Easter story.

Code: 1007 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852313961

01420 88222

A Sticker Guide for Children

Code: 39323 Price: £1.50

01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children Forgiven!

The Blessings of Confession Brother Francis


The Stations of the Cross Accompanying Jesus on His Way to Calvary Brother Francis

This joyful presentation reminds old and young alike about the great gift of God's forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation! Includes: how to make a good confession; two visualised songs, “God is a Loving Father” and “Praise God, I'm Forgiven”; with featured story “The Parable of the Tax Collector”.


Code: 89142 Price: £8.95

You Are Special

Join Brother Francis as he follows our Lord on His way to the cross. This episode includes: a short introduction to the traditional Stations of the Cross, and how meditating upon them brings us closer to our Saviour; the traditional fourteen stations beautifully illustrated; fourteen thought-provoking meditations composed especially for children; “What More Can He Give” a moving song that reminds us of Jesus' love for us all throughout His time on Earth.

The Blessings of God’s Unique Love Brother Francis

In this episode of Brother Francis’ You are Special, children will learn how special and unique they each are to God and the blessing they can be to others.

Code: 89221 Price: £8.95


Code: 89222 Price: £8.95

Children’s Activity Sheet

A beautifully illustrated double-sided activity sheet to help children prepare for Easter. On one side of the sheet is a Lent calendar, on the other a selection of puzzles, games and other activities for the whole family to enjoy. Code: 1405 Price: £0.50

01420 88222


01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children

Joseph and the Fearful Family

Joseph and the Hidden Cup

Having helped Pharaoh make sense of his strange dreams, Joseph is now the second most important person in Egypt. Pharaoh puts him in charge of making sure everyone has enough food. When famine strikes, Joseph’s long-lost brothers come to ask Joseph for food – but they don’t recognise the brother they thought was dead. Will Joseph choose to help them or take his revenge?

Joseph waits for his brothers to return to Egypt with his younger brother, Benjamin. Will they finally recognise the brother they had left for dead? And will Joseph ever be reconciled with his long-lost family?

Fiona Veitch-Smith

Fiona Veitch-Smith

Code: 111473 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281074747

Code: 111472 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281074730

Joseph and the Forgetful Servant

Joseph and the Dreaming Pharaoh

After Mrs Potiphar lied about him, Joseph has been thrown into prison, with only his imaginary cows to keep him company. Soon he is joined by a butler and a baker, who used to work for Pharaoh. The butler and the baker have strange dreams. Can Joseph work out what they mean?

Poor Joseph is still in prison. Meanwhile, Pharaoh is having strange dreams featuring scrawny cows gobbling up sleek, handsome cows. Pharaoh’s butler, recently released from prison, remembers that Joseph helped him understand his dreams. Can Joseph help Pharaoh and finally get out of prison?

Fiona Veitch-Smith


Code: 111474 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281074716

01420 88222

Fiona Veitch-Smith

Code: 111475 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281074723

01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children Jonah and the Whale Alexa Tewkesbury

“Jonah? Jonah, are you listening?” “Yes, God” “Go to Nineveh… The people there do bad things. They make me sad. Go to Nineveh, Jonah – tell them I’m their friend and I want them to stop.” But Jonah doesn’t want to go to Nineveh, so he runs away and gets thrown overboard a ship. What will happen to him next? Code: 111476 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281075003

Noah and his Ark Alexa Tewkesbury

“Squark!” screech the birds. “Oink!” grunt the pigs. The animals are making their way, two-by-two, onto Noah’s ark to escape the great flood. A delightful re-telling of this popular Bible story by Alexa Tewkesbury. Code: 111477 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9780281074969

Daniel and the Lion’s Den Alexa Tewkesbury

“People to meet, places to go. Rush, rush! Lists to write and jobs to be done. Busy busy!” Daniel works for the king and is given the best job – being in charge of the whole kingdom! But that makes some people jealous and Daniel ends up in a den of lions. How will he escape? Code: 111478 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 97802281074983


Karen Williamson

Explore the concept of faith in an approachable way with this fantastic board book, retelling favourite Bible stories. The colourful tabs give children a clue to the rest of the scene and prompt them to pick a favourite. Code:1040060 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9781781281567

01420 88222


Karen Williamson

This wonderful board book retells the story of the first Easter. The colourful tabs, which feature a character or object poking out from between the pages, give children a clue to the rest of the scene. Code:104052 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9781781281574

35 01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children Easter!

Fun Things to Make and Do Christina Goodings

This colourful book is crammed with fifty crafts and creative ideas perfect for Lent and Easter. Each craft is accompanied by simple step-by-step illustrated instructions. Make divine decorations, Easter baskets, chirpy chicks, creative cards and more! Code: 1040093 Price: £6.99 ISBN: 9780745977157

Diddy Disciples 2: January to August Worship and Bible storytelling resources for babies, toddlers and young children Sharon Moughtin-Mumby

Following on from the first book, Diddy Disciples 2 covers the Church year from January to August. It includes seven units of fully worked out sessions that cover Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and Ordinary Time. Each unit includes several weeks’ worth of material, including all leaders need to know to run a session. Songs (including sheet music) and photocopiable craft templates are also included and there is help and advice on using Diddy Disciples in all-age worship. Code: 111479 Price: £29.99 ISBN: 9780281077885

Easter Bunny’s AMAZING Day Carol Benoist and Cathy Gilmore

Meet the risen Jesus with an amazing bunny – and his amazing tale – in this beautifully illustrated hardcover book. Children will learn about Jesus’ friendship and comfort through the eyes of a timid bunny rabbit who experiences first-hand the love and joy Jesus brings. The charming story and beautiful illustrations mean Easter Bunny’s AMAZING Day is sure to be a family favourite every Easter!


Code: 14856 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780764823534

01420 88222

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

The True Story of why Jesus Died and Rose Again Carl Laferton

This beautifully illustrated hardback book takes children on a journey from the Garden of Eden to God’s prefect new creation. Retelling the Easter story through a Bible overview, children will discover that “because of our sin, we can’t go in” but because of Jesus’ victory on the cross, an even better garden awaits us... Code: 112706 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9781784980122

01420 88805

Lent & Easter with Children

Jesus, Teach Us About Lent

Daily Thoughts, Activities and Prayers Anne E Neuberger

These prayerful activities can help young minds and hearts understand Lent and prepare for the glory of Easter. Code: 43246 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853330

Every Day of Lent and Easter A Book of Activities for Children

This is the perfect tool for teaching youngsters to learn what Lent is about and how they can practice penance, prayer and almsgiving. Colourful illustrations and thoughtful activities teach children the value of celebrating Lent in a way they will enjoy and remember. Code: 14486 Price: £2.95 ISBN: 9780764807466

The Easter Story

The Promised One

Juliet David

Here is an easy-to-read retelling of the story of the first Easter, in a bright little book with thick board pages to make it durable while little ones start to learn the story. Code: 1040063 Price: £1.99 ISBN: 9781859859926

The Wonderful Story of Easter Antonia Woodward

Jesus made sick people well, he made food for thousands, cared for the lonely and the needy. He was like no one else, and the people believed the Promised One – God-on-earth – had arrived. Others were not so sure. But God always has a plan, and this is the story of God’s plan and how Jesus came for everyone, everywhere, for all time. Let Antonia Woodward’s beautiful retelling take you back to the heart of the very first Easter. Code: 1040094 Price: £6.99 ISBN: 9780745976792

01420 88222

37 01420 88805

Mix & Match for Adults

Living Faith: Lent

Each Lent, we start out enthusiastically vowing to improve ourselves and to enrich our spiritual life. But at some point, we tend to fall short of our lofty goals. Living Faith Lent provides daily reinforcement via Lenten-themed devotions written by the authors of the popular Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions magazine. Daily scripture and reflections for the entire season will guide parishioners to a greater appreciation of the joy of new life in our risen Saviour. Code: 39449 Price: £1.25

Draw Me Unto Thee

Practicing Love

“Draw nearer to God, and he will draw near to you,” wrote James, the brother of our Lord. During this Lenten season, allow these scripture selections and prayers by Revd Brian Thomas draw you near to God’s presence as you meditate on the themes of forgiveness, prayer, scripture, praise and the sacraments, sharing Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection for you.

As Christians, we strive to live and love as Jesus did. In order to love well, we need to practice. And practicing as a family helps everyone to grow in their faith together each day. During Lent, we more sharply reflect upon the Word of God and upon modelling our behaviours after those of our Saviour. This booklet is filled with reflections and activities that gently invite the whole family to practice love for Lent, even though love never goes out of season.

Daily Prayers for Lent Brian Thomas

Code: 39450 Price: £1.25

Family Devotions for Lent Leah and Robyn Perrault

Code: 39451 Price: £1.25

Joyful Steps

Pope Francis

Fr Thomas Connery provides the perfect blend of humour and reflection in this thought-provoking treasure designed especially for Lent. Always poignant and prayerful, funny and serious, his writings accompany readers through the season. Fr Connery’s wit and wisdom will help parishioners gain a greater appreciation of Jesus’ sacrifice for all, his passion and death, and the great joy of his resurrection at Easter.

While Lent is a time for sacrifice, reflection and prayer, Pope Francis has also called us to a greater appreciation of the joy of the gospel. In Pope Francis: the joy of Lent, excerpts from the pontiff ’s public remarks are presented each day. The Pope’s inspirations are accompanied by prayers written by Christopher Klofft and by suggestions for further scripture reading, helping parishioners to be transformed by joy.

Daily Lenten Devotions Thomas Connery


Code: 39453 Price: £1.25

Code: 39452 Price: £1.25

01420 88222

the joy of Lent Christopher Klofft

01420 88805

Mix & Match for Adults

Finding Peace in Lent


Finding Peace in Lent gives readers the opportunity to enliven their prayer life by reflecting upon and praying the St Francis Peace Prayer. Readers will also be prepared to put their prayer into action each day of Lent, bringing themselves and others closer to the peace of Christ.

Praying the Stations of the Cross is a Lenten tradition that asks us to recall Jesus’ suffering and to reflect upon our own lives. Crossroads: Stations of the Cross for times of change is tailored to those who are facing major transitions in their lives. Whether approaching retirement, an "empty nest" or any dramatic change, you can welcome your new life with greater joy, having grown closer to our risen Saviour.

Reflections on the Saint Francis Peace Prayer James E Adams

Code: 39454 Price: £1.25

Stations of the Cross for times of change Steve Givens

Code: 39469 Price: £1.25

Discount Schedule

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Lent Calendar 2018

Daily Mass Readings and Reflections for the Sacred Season

Encourage and develop the traditional Lenten practices of worship and meditation with these short, daily reflections on Lenten themes. Scripture citations lead readers deeper into the Word and provide a spiritual pathway to the dawn of Easter. Guidance on traditional Lenten disciplines is also provided. Ideal for use in home or office, on bulletin boards or refrigerator doors. There is space on the back to print Lent and Holy Week schedules, contact information or notes. Dated material not returnable.

50-99 items  10% 100-199 items  15% 200+ items  25%


Code: 39073 Price: £0.50

01420 88222

01420 88805

Mix & Match for Children Jesus Loves Me!

Jesus Loves Me!

Lenten Devotions for Children Arden Mead

Lenten Mobile

These 47 devotions for children ages 6-12 and their families each highlight the saving love and daily guidance we receive from our Good Shepherd, Jesus, who lovingly leads us throughout our lives past the cross and toward the promise of life everlasting.

Perfect as a centrepiece above the table, in the classroom, family room or bedroom, this mobile grows throughout Lent as we count down the days until Jesus’ glorious resurrection. Each day a new piece is added to the mobile, creating a beautiful decoration for Easter.

Code: 39455 Price: £1.25

Code: 39456 Price: £1.25

What Do I See in Lent?

A Sticker-Sheet Treasure Map of Lenten Images

What Do I See at Easter?

A Sticker-Sheet Treasure Map of Easter Images

Introduce young children in church to the sights, sounds and symbols of the Lenten season with this engaging treasure map of Lenten images. As parents or teachers share the Lenten message, children collect stickers to complete the colourful sheet.

Invite young children in church to discover the joyful news of Jesus’ resurrection with this engaging treasure map of Easter images. As they see the Easter symbols in church, children collect stickers to complete the colourful sheet. Code: 39468 Price: £11.95

Code: 39466 Price: £11.95

Stations of the Cross Sticker Sheets A Lenten Road Map for Children

Invite the youngest children in your parish to follow Jesus on his journey with this Stations of the Cross resource. As they move from station to station, children add a sticker to complete this beautifully illustrated sheet.

Come, Follow Me

A Colouring Book of Lenten Devotions

The devotions in this Lenten colouring book help children to discover that they are disciples, called to follow Jesus each day of Lent and throughout their whole lives. Code: 39458 Price: £1.50

Code: 39467 Price: £11.95

Hosanna to the King!

Lenten Devotions, Centrepiece and Stickers David Mead

Encourage children to cover the road with palm branches and coats this Lent as we welcome our Saviour and King on his journey to the cross. Each day a colourful sticker is added to the centrepiece. As the road fills, move Jesus and his donkey around the circle to mark each of the forty days of Lent.


Code: 39457 Price: £1.75

01420 88222

01420 88805

Mix & Match for Children

Lost and Found

Footsteps to the Cross

One Happy Easter Morning

Jesus used stories to explain God’s kingdom to us. His tales of the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep and Lost Son share the good news that God seeks us out when we are lost in sin and welcomes us back with open arms. This stickerfilled storybook is a wonderful way to share that message at Lent.

Let’s follow in Jesus’ footsteps as he journeys through Jerusalem to the cross and the open tomb of Easter. This sticker-filled storybook is a wonderful handout for the season of Lent, Holy Week or Easter Sunday.

Each Easter we celebrate the happy news that our friend and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is truly risen. This Stick-With-Me Bible story booklet reveals the wonder of the One Happy Easter Morning. Children add bright stickers to each colourful page to reveal the happy story.

A Stick-With-Me Bible Story David Mead

A Stick-With-Me Bible Story David Mead

Code: 39460 Price: £1.50

Code: 39459 Price: £1.50

A Stick-With-Me Bible Story Anne Neuberger

Code: 39461 Price: £1.50

How I Spent My Lent!

Easter Ever After!

The season of Lent may be a little confusing to the youngest child in the pew. This colourful booklet helps explain the sights, symbols and scripture stories of Lent.

This colourful booklet is filled with rhyming stories, pictures to colour and games to play, all focusing on Jesus’ resurrection.

Lenten Lessons and Activities David Mead

Code: 39462 Price: £1.50

Stories and Activities for the Easter Season David Mead

Code: 39463 Price: £1.50

Lift High the Cross

A Pop-Up Window calendar for Holy Week and Easter

Follow Jesus on his journey to the cross this Holy Week with this unique pop-up window calendar. On Palm Sunday, lay this calendar on a table or counter-top. Each day of the week lift up a pair of numbered windows to reveal what lies beneath. When Easter arrives, an entire resurrection scene will appear where there once was an empty road.

Rise Up and Shine

A Pop-Up Calendar from Ascension to Pentecost

Code: 39464 Price: £1.75

A unique way to celebrate discipleship and continue the Easter celebration all the way until Pentecost Sunday. The countdown begins on Ascension Day as a large window is opened to reveal our ascending Lord, culminating on Pentecost with the Spirit’s flame being revealed. Code: 39465 Price: £1.75

01420 88222


01420 88805

Resources Revised New Jerusalem Bible

New Testament and Psalms (with study notes)

Last Supper Banner

A stunning new design from Rachel Mabey which uses vibrant colours and highlights to celebrate Jesus’ Last Supper. This banner will enhance any Mass and is particularly suitable for First Communion celebrations and Holy Thursday when the institution of the Eucharist is recalled and celebrated.

The Revised New Jerusalem Bible is a substantial revision of the Jerusalem Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible texts, and one which applies formal equivalence translation for more accurate rendering of the original scriptures, sensitivity to readable speech patterns and more inclusive language. The Revised New Jerusalem Bible is accompanied by a new, comprehensive set of study notes and book introductions enabling the Bible to be read with the insight, wisdom and understanding of the most up-to-date biblical scholarship.

Size: 37” /939mm X 52” /1320mm Code: 113429 Price: £198

Code: 105749 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780232533613

Easter Story Banners

Redemptorist Publications’ colourful poster and banner sets effectively depict the Easter story in a modern and striking way. These banner-format posters can be used for school assemblies, in the classroom and in church settings. Set of six posters. Also available in A3 and A4 sizes.

Size: A4 – Code: 1532 Price: £18 Size: A3 – Code: 1533 Price: £30 Size: Banner 1200mm × 297mm Code: 1534 Price: £42

A Way of the Cross for Children A3 Poster Rachel Mabey

Ten modern and colourful posters specially created for young people by Rachel Mabey. For many hundreds of years, the friends of Jesus have held a service called the Way of the Cross to commemorate his passion and death. Some have been able to do this in Jerusalem itself where Jesus suffered and died. Others, who were not able to get to Jerusalem, have done it in their church.

42 01420 88222

Code: 113460 Price: £23.94

01420 88805


Pope Francis Notebook Pope Francis

This notebook offers the opportunity to reflect on 100 of His Holiness’ most widely shared quotes in a creative way. On every other page is a thoughtprovoking passage with an intricate frame for you to colour in whilst you meditate. Relax, unleash your inner creativity, clear your mind and let the words of Pope Francis touch your heart. Code: 1598 Price: £5.00 ISBN: 9780852314623

The Bible for Everyone A New Translation John Goldingay and Tom Wright

Why another translation of the Bible? As Tom Wright observes: 'Translating the Bible is something that each generation ought to be doing. Just as Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread, we can never simply live on yesterday's bread, on the interpretations and translations of previous generations. The Bible for Everyone is the result of a passionate conviction that scripture should be something that everyone can read, understand and enjoy. Two world-renowned Bible scholars and communicators have therefore undertaken a tremendous task: to draw together, revise and supplement the translations that appear in their popular "For Everyone" commentaries, making a rounded, readable and reliable version of the Bible that will prove helpful to people of all religious backgrounds at every stage of their lives. Code: 111495 Price: £25.00 ISBN: 9780281074013

Easter Blessings Pack of 5 cards

This pack of five stunning cards contain an Easter prayer written by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Each card measures 160mm × 160mm and five envelopes are included in each pack.

Easter Blessings Hanging Banner

This striking banner for Easter features a premium photoquality, fade-resistant design printed onto polyester fabric, creating a beautiful, prominent presence in your sanctuary. The banner measures 150 × 50 cm. Includes wooden rods and end caps at top and bottom, and hanging cord. Code: 1788 Price: £80.00

The prayer inside reads: We give thanks to the Father that he did not allow violence to have the last word about Jesus. In raising Jesus from the dead the Father raised every story Jesus ever told, every value Jesus ever cherished and every preference Jesus ever made. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Code: 1787 Price: £2.50

43 01420 88222

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General Spiritual Reading A Heart Like Mary’s

Nothing More and Nothing Less

A Lent Course based on the film I, Daniel Blake Virginia Moffatt

The film I, Daniel Blake, directed by Ken Loach and winner of Best British Film at the BAFTAs and Palme D'Or at Cannes, tells the story of two people's struggles with an oppressive and dehumanising benefits system, and represents themes of oppression, compassion and radical response that are at the heart of the Christian gospel. This five-week Lent study, suitable for groups or individuals, encourages readers to consider the stories of the film and how Christians may be called to respond. The chapters cover: Systems of oppression; Staying human; Compassion in the darkness; Fighting back or giving in?; and the suffering servant. Nothing More and Nothing Less should be studied alongside the film of I, Daniel Blake the book includes scene timings for key scenes, discussion points, meditations and suggested prayers.

A Heart Like Mary's is the perfect book for all Catholics wishing to begin or deepen their devotion to Mary. Author and Marian theologian Revd Edward Looney guides us through thirtyone daily meditations on the unique characteristics of Mary's heart. This easy-to-read and engaging monthly devotional is full of practical lessons that address the personal challenges we all face as Mary's fellow pilgrims walking the path of faith. In the midst of feeling lost in his prayer life and relationship with God, Fr Looney found himself reflecting on who Mary is and how he could be more like her. He learned that by daily meditating on Mary's attributes and praying for the grace to have a heart like hers he could turn his pessimistic and critical thoughts into optimistic and charitable ones.

Code: 105751 Price: £6.99 ISBN: 9780232533446

Code: 1040120 Price: £11.99 ISBN: 9781594717833

Born to Fly

The Landscape of Faith

God is Not Nice

Based on the caterpillarchrysalis-butterfly metaphor of Hidden Wings, this book offers spiritual insights and wisdom from the likes of Teilhard de Chardin to help us explore what it means to be an agent of spiritual change in our own life and that of the world around us. Written as more of a workbook of spiritual exercises than Hidden Wings, Born to Fly also includes a five-week study guide which readers may choose to study over the Lent period.

Alister McGrath is one of the world's leading Christian theologians. In this new book, he tells of his discovery of Christianity while a student at Oxford University, and takes readers on a panoramic tour of the landscape of the Christian faith. Using the great themes of the Creeds as a map, McGrath shares his delight in exploring their meaning, significance and continuing importance. This engrossing book will prove invaluable to clergy, church leaders and theological students.

Ulrich Lehner reintroduces Christians to the true God—not the polite, easy-going, divine therapist who doesn’t ask much of us, but the Almighty God who is unpredictable, awe-inspiring and demands our entire lives. Stripping away the niceties with a sling blade, Lehner shows that God is more strange and beautiful than we imagine, and wants to know and transform us in the most intimate way. God Is Not Nice challenges the God of popular culture and many of our churches and reintroduces the God of the Bible and traditional Christianity.

A Handbook for Butterflies-in-Waiting Margaret Silf


31 Daily Meditations to Help You Live and Love as She Does Edward Looney

Code: 105748 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780232533316

01420 88222

An Explorer’s Guide to the Christian Creeds Alister McGrath

Code: 111469 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9780281076253

Rejecting Pop Culture Theology and Discovering the God Worth Living For Ulrich L Lehner

Code: 1040121 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9781594717482

01420 88805

General Spiritual Reading

Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book

The Canticle of the Creatures

Edited by Robyn Wrigley-Carr

Such is the far-reaching influence of the modern mystic Evelyn Underhill that she is commemorated liturgically by the Church of England on 15 June. Her best-known book, Mysticism, was widely read in the first half of the twentieth century and her work continues to have great impact on the theology of contemporary spiritual writers, such as Richard Rohr. Between 1924 and 1938, Evelyn Underhill compiled two personal prayer books for use when conducting spiritual retreats at Pleshey (the retreat house for the diocese of Chelmsford). The prayers were carefully selected and include quotes from a variety of theologians and writers in Christian spirituality, as well as her own very rich, metaphorical and theologically deep prayers. This volume makes these collections available for the first time.

for Saint Francis of Assisi Luigi Santucci, translated by Demetrio Yocum

A masterful narration of the stories of the animals who appear in St Francis of Assisi’s life, by Luigi Santucci. In a beautiful gift book format, this title has four-colour illustrations throughout that capture the simple, yet joyful spirit of St Francis that has inspired generations. St Francis’ most famous and evocative sermons to the birds and the wolf of Gubbio are included and remind us of the traits of this beloved saint that led the current Pope to choose him as a namesake; a deep concern for nature, justice for the poor and interior peace. Code: 199063 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9781612617756

Code: 111491 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281078738

In All Seasons, For All Reasons Praying Throughout the Year James Martin

Inspired by Jesus' prayer, his disciples asked him, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1). This book gives many time-honoured answers to that request. There is a wealth here of fresh ways to pray, such as using nature and dreams as inspiration and getting in touch with one's emotions. Key topics such as distractions, dryness and doubt, as well as joy and finding God in all things, are covered. The Church's tradition, from the Our Father to the Eucharist, the saints and pilgrimages, is offered as a resource for the individual. God meets you where you are. And the fact that you are holding this book in your hand means you are already open to that encounter. Code: 111494 Price: £6.99 ISBN: 9780281079452

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General Spiritual Reading Easter People

Living Community Cardinal Chito Tagle

“A Christian community does not exist for its members only. It exists for the whole world, for the whole of humanity.” In these simple, heartfelt reflections, Cardinal Tagle shares how Christian community offers rich possibilities for love, faith, hope, and unity in diversity. Through personal stories and pastoral example, Easter People opens up the path of true Christian community in a world in desperate need: physically and spiritually. Code: 1040112 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9781570755965

The Spirit of Simplicity

Jean-Baptiste Chautard O.C.S.O.

Few people have ever seen or heard of The Spirit of Simplicity: it has been hidden for almost seventy years after quietly being published by the Abbey of Gethsemani in 1948. Anonymously translated and annotated by a young monk named Thomas Merton, the book's author, who also is not mentioned by name in the original edition, is Jean-Baptiste Chautard, the famous French Cistercian whose only other book, The Soul of the Apostolate, has been a favourite of modern saints and popes, including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Every generation struggles with the question of simplicity. In the history of our faith, there have been no more eloquent voices calling us back to simplicity than the monks of the Cistercian Order, from Bernard of Clairvaux, to Chautard, to Merton, all of whom contribute to this powerful book. Code: 1040116 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9781594717819

Walking in Love with Pope Francis 30 days with the joy of love Deborah McCann

These thirty reflections are drawn from the sections of The Joy of Love in which Pope Francis speaks directly to families how they live and grow, how they meet daily challenges and how they pass on the faith. Code: 43192 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9781627852340

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General Spiritual Reading

Why I Am Catholic

Spiritual Direction

Why I Am Catholic serves as a compelling reproposal of the Church for former Catholics, a persuasive argument for truth and beauty to those who have become jaded and disenchanted with religion, and at the same time offers practising Catholics a much-needed dose of confidence and clarity to affirm their faith against an increasingly sceptical culture.

An essential, lively and comprehensive guide to spiritual direction: how it works; how to get it; how it is life-changing – for those who are interested in growing spiritually and for their spiritual directors. Responding to the tone and texture of millennials’ questions and concerns, Malloy’s book emphasises spiritual direction as a relationship with God that leads to both personal and social transformation.

Code: 1040115 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9781594717673

Code: 1040114 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9781626982536

(and You Should be Too) Brandon Vogt

A Beginner’s Guide Richard G Malloy


Memories, People, Places Terry Waite

Some people long to find it, others long to escape it. But, whether we welcome or dread it, solitude is something we all experience in different forms at different points in our lives. After enduring nearly five years of solitary confinement, in cruel and terrifying conditions, Terry Waite discovered that he was drawn to find out more about the power of solitude in the lives of other people. The result is this haunting book, in which he recalls his encounters with people who have experienced some very different ways of being solitary: among them the peaceful solitude of remote and beautiful places; the unsought and often unnoticed solitude of lonely people living in the midst of busy cities; the deceptive solitude of those living in the twilight world of espionage; the enforced solitude of the convict and the prisoner of war; and finally the inescapable solitude of those who are drawing near to death. Code: 111471 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9780281078813

01420 88222

The Intercessions Resource Book Breathes New Life into Prayer John Pritchard

Compelled by the belief that a large number of Christians want to come to God with others' needs, John Pritchard has created this follow-up to his hugely successful volumes, The Intercessions Handbook and The Second Intercessions Handbook. In a gentle, accessible, style he offers “starter” ideas and introductory material to help those who lead intercessions in public worship and small groups, and aims to open the reader's imagination to enrich their own style of praying. Everyday language, images and experiences are used in each of the three main sections. Code: 111496 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 978028107821

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General Spiritual Reading

If Entrepreneurs Ran the Church

New Visions for an Old Church Peter Kerridge

Have you ever wanted to change the Church? Regardless of demographic or denomination, your answer to that question is probably “YES”! Whether locally, nationally or globally, many of us can point to things we would like to improve, tweak or change altogether to make the Church more effective in its mission. But what would we do differently? Code: 111470 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281078004

Katharine Welby-Roberts

I Thought There Would be Cake reminds us that we are each made fearfully and wonderfully in the image of God – our true source of confidence, comfort and joy. Katharine Welby-Roberts draws on her own personal experience as she covers topics such as: taking responsibility; your crap/my crap; what sort of special?; numbers; and major crisis in a minor moment. Code: 111480 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780281075768

Impossible is a Dare

One for Sorrow

Love is His Meaning

Featuring real-life rescues and the voices of Rend Collective’s Patrick Thompson, actor Tom Lister, Athena and James Pond, Natalie Grant and many others, this book is about more than fighting slavery. It will inspire its readers to find and fight for their own vision and see the impossible for what it really is… nothing but a dare.

One for Sorrow relates to the story of the loss of 21-year-old Tom from cancer, and how his family struggled to live through the aftermath. When Alan started to write the book, he thought it was about his son’s illness and death. He soon realised, however, that it dealt largely with his own journey through that painful “valley of the shadow of death”. His core beliefs were challenged and his perspective on life changed.

Keith Ward explores the various figures of speech and images that Jesus used, and finds there are different ways of expressing and evoking the self-giving love of God, manifested supremely in Jesus’ life. They communicate spiritual truths, often in a poetic way. They encourage us to take our own moral decisions with sensitivity and care for others and show us God’s love will never abandon anyone.

Fighting for a World Free from Slavery Ben Cooley


I Thought There Would be Cake

Code: 111481 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780281078844

01420 88222

A memoir of death and life Alan Hargrave

Code: 111482 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281078196

Understanding the Teaching of Jesus Keith Ward

Code: 111492 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281077632

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Looking Ahead NEW

FOR 2018

Over 40 different CONTRIBRUTORS

Available Now

Adoremus Notebook

This notebook offers the opportunity to record and reflect on your personal journey to the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress, and keep a diary of your preparation and reflections. On every other page is a thought-provoking passage with an intricate frame for you to colour in whilst you meditate, relax and unleash your creativity. As you work through the journal and record your personal journey you’ll create a wonderful memento of your experience of pilgrimage to the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress. Code: 1776 Price: £5.00 ISBN: 9780852315095

Welcome to the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Adoremus Extra

a lasting resource for cherishing the Eucharist

We are delighted to publish Adoremus Extra: a lasting resource for cherishing the Eucharist, which will be available from 30 April 2018. This special publication is designed to offer dioceses, deaneries, parishes, schools and families an insight into the Eucharist. Adoremus Extra will serve as a lasting resource for the study of the Eucharist at the heart of our Catholic faith. Contributions from well-known writers, thoughtful reflections and a dedicated children’s section will guide our Catholic communities’ journey towards the National Eucharistic Congress in September 2018 and beyond. Code: 1777 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315118

Discounts available for purchases in bulk quantities Adoremus Extra Bulk Price Schedule

128 Pages

1-20 copies : £4.95 EXTENDED 21-49 copies : £4.45 50-99 copies : £4.20 100+ copies : £3.95 Postage & packing from £1.00 up to a maximum of £5.00 for 100 copies

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For your FREE pastoral outreach resource for secondary schools, please contact our customer care team and request your copies now. Postage from £1.00 to a maximum of £5.00. Code: 1791

Available from 21st May ten complete services The Holy Hour

Compiled by Fr Denis C.Ss.R. and Br Royston Price C.Ss.R., The Holy Hour: ten complete services will rejuvenate the Eucharistic Adoration in parishes and encourage a greater love for the mystery of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. It will engender a deeper understanding of the place of the Eucharist in the life of the Church. This is an invaluable resource to help support Holy Hours for different themes, including healing and children. Includes hymns. Code: 1789 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9780852315149

Also available in large print Code: 1790 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315187

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Lent and Easter Catalogue 2018  
Lent and Easter Catalogue 2018  

I am delighted to have been asked to present this Lent and Easter catalogue to you, as it is filled with opportunities for spiritual reading...