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Dear Friends, A warm welcome to the first RP Anglican catalogue. We hope you will feel inspired and excited by what you find in these pages. If you are familiar with our existing Anglican material and established reputation for excellence in Anglican publishing, you might be puzzled by that word – “first”. For nearly thirty years our Anglican material has been published under the main Redemptorist Publications imprint and we have decided to build on our established reputation for excellence by giving our Anglican material its own imprint – RP Anglican – and extending our Anglican range of publications and resources. Our flagship publication for the launch of RP Anglican is The Joy of Being Anglican (page 1), a multi-author work in which fifteen authors reflect on Anglicanism, what it means to them personally and on the joy of being Anglican. High-profile contributors include the comedian Paul Kerensa writing about laughter, Rachel Mann on poetry, Ruth Gledhill on the family and Trevor Dennis on scripture, making The Joy of Being Anglican a must-read for all Anglicans who want to explore their faith in more depth. In addition, we are currently marking twenty-five years of Sunday Link (page 3) with a special Silver Jubilee edition – The Best of Sunday Link. Sunday Link was founded by the then Director of Publishing at Redemptorist Publications, Fr Michael McGreevy. This popular weekly parish resource has supported generations of readers in their faith lives, with its unique mix of Bible reflections, articles, prayers and quotes. As part of the launch of RP Anglican we have redesigned and updated new editions of some of our popular titles, including resources to support Christians through key life events: Your Confirmation, Getting Married, Your Baby’s Baptism and A Christian Funeral. On pages 6-7 of this catalogue you will also find our new education range, providing diaries and planners for pupils and students, as well as resources to support governors and staff working in church schools. Other new titles include a resource for prisoners and chaplains, Knowing Jesus Inside, and Lucy Russell’s new book exploring identity in chronic illness – Who Do You Say You Are? In addition, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a huge range of Christian books, not only our own titles but books published by other UK and US religious publishers. With over three thousand titles in stock at any one time, we have a considerable range of resources and books to meet the needs of our Anglican customers. You can see a selection of these on pages 12 to 16. Above all, we hope the contents of this catalogue will support and enrich you, and those in your parish and church, in your faith journey.

Caroline Hodgson Editor and Anglican Adviser

Heather Smith Anglican Specialist Adviser

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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New Title

The Joy of Being Anglican

A collection of essays edited by Caroline Hodgson and Heather Smith

What makes Anglicanism distinctive and what draws Christians to it, even in turbulent times? This collection of essays from authors ranging from “grass-roots” Christians to church leaders brings a unique perspective to the subject. Through their insights and personal reflection, the reader gains an opportunity to reflect on the Anglican Communion and what it means to them – and perhaps to rediscover for themselves the joy of being an Anglican. Code: 1762 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314777

“I commend this imaginative book with joy. The diverse chapters from England and around the Anglican Communion, on various themes, are a delight to read. Buildings, service, scripture, liturgy, family, poetry, laughter, music, vocation, seasons, prayer and reconciliation all come alive through multiple voices. The editors and authors are to be congratulated on bringing to fruition an endeavour full of vitality.”

From the Foreword by The Right Revd Dr Graham Kings, Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion

Contents & Contributors

“A deeply refreshing kaleidoscope of the joys of being Anglican. Diversity, generosity, beauty and intelligence – it’s all here, as a taster or reminder of what this great tradition has to offer the believer, the seeker and the curious.” The Right Reverend John Pritchard, Former Bishop of Oxford

“Joy comes when faith is alive, curiosity is inflamed and the mind is stretched. This book illustrates the particular joy that the richness of the ever-evolving Anglican imagination and tradition.”

The Right Reverend Nicholas Baines, Bishop of Leeds

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The Joy of the Seasons for an Anglican by Dr Jeni Parsons The Joy of English Church Buildings for an Anglican by Gillian Cooper The Joy of the Liturgy for an Anglican by Simon Cowling The Joy of Laughter for an Anglican by Paul Kerensa The Joy of Poetry for an Anglican by Rachel Mann The Joy of the Family for an Anglican by Ruth Gledhill The Joy of Scripture for an Anglican by Trevor Dennis The Joy of Vocation for an Anglican by John Witcombe The Joy of the Prayer Book for an Anglican by Daniel Newman The Joy of Service for an Anglican by Victor & Nolavy Osoro The Joy of Prayer for an Anglican by Heather Smith The Joy of Relationships for an Anglican by Muthuraj Swamy The Joy of Education for an Anglican Woman by the Lydia Mwaniki The Joy of Church Music for an Anglican by Leigh Nixon

“Having visited virtually every part of the worldwide Anglican Communion I have seen the many faces of Anglicanism. This book captures something of the distinctive spirit of a joyful global family. Not angels but Anglicans, whatever their nationality.” Terry Waite CBE


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Supporting the Parish

For over fifty years Redemptorist Publications has been an essential source of weekly information and inspiration for the parish. Our range of bulletins informs and inspires, helping parishioners make a meaningful connection with the Lord. With bulletins that range widely in content, approach and audience they offer a flexible and adaptable resource and include options for children as well as adults. With an opportunity to print your own local news on the reverse, these bulletins are now an essential source of support and information in the parish.


We are happy to offer you a free no-obligation, month-long trial on any combination of bulletins. Simply call us, let us know how many copies you require each week, your parish name and delivery address and we will send you enough to cover a full month in your parish absolutely free.

Simply call us on 01420 88222 and speak to our friendly customer care team to discuss your requirements.

Sunday Link

Edited by Caroline Hodgson

Sunday Link is specially produced for Anglican Christians, and particularly designed to emphasise the “link” between our Christian faith and everyday life. There is an original reflection each week on one of the Sunday readings, which always aims to reveal something to us about our lives as Christians. This is coupled with an original prayer for you to pray on your own or with others. We also provide articles on various aspects of Christian life. Code: 1095 Format: A4, full-colour portrait – one side blank for your parish notices Price: £1.33 per 25 copies, sold in multiples of 25. Despatch: quarterly


Edited by Rachel Thompson and illustrated by Anna Davie

Look is a Sunday sheet for children between four and nine years old providing Gospel-focused activites and games. It is useful for children’s liturgy, school religious education and for family use. Each week the Gospel story is explained in age-appropriate language. A prayer and a variety of activities that will engage the children are included to help each child get to know Jesus. As with everything Redemptorist Publications provides Look links faith to the everyday lives of the reader. Code: 1118 Format: A4 full-colour portrait – one side blank Price: £1.40 per 25 copies.

Sunday Blue

Available in A4 (single-sided) and A5 (double-sided), Sunday Blue provides the readings necessary for full participation in the Sunday service. It contains the collect, the text of the first and second readings, as well as the Gospel and the post-Communion prayer. The readings are from the NRSV translation. Sunday Blue follows the Common Worship lectionary (related readings) and the psalm translation is also Common Worship, with a specially composed musical setting included (choir and keyboard parts are available). Large Print Sheet: This sheet is available in large print format, as a free download to our Sunday Blue customers. Code: A4-1122, A5-1123 Format: Available in two sizes: A4 with one side blank for your parish notices and double-sided A5. Price: £1.33 per 25 copies, sold in multiples of 25. Despatch: quarterly

Music for the Responsorial Psalms

These psalm translations are taken from the Common Worship psalter. This music corresponds with the Sunday Blue sheets. The psalms are written to be easily accessible by churches of all sizes and resources. The responses and psalms are written in a straightforward key and comfortable register to enable a congregation to pick up the response quickly. Available as a PDF download only in quarterly batches.


Sunday Red

Available in A4 (single-sided) and A5 (double-sided), Sunday Red provides all the readings necessary for full participation in the Sunday service. Contains the collect, the text of the first and second readings, as well as the Gospel and the post communion prayer. Sunday Red follows the Revised Common Lectionary (related readings) and the psalm translation is also from RCL. The readings are from the NRSV translation. Large Print Sheet: This sheet is available in large print format, as a free download to our Sunday Red customers. Code: A4-1093 A5-1094 Format: Available in two sizes: A4 with one side blank for your parish notices and double-sided A5. Price: £1.33 per 25 copies, sold in multiples of 25. Despatch: quarterly

Code: 1125 Format: PDF Price: £3.85 per issue Despatch: Quarterly download

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New Title

1992–2017 CE






The Best of Sunday Link

twenty-five years of connecting faith and daily life Edited by Caroline Hodgson

Over a quarter of a century and more than thirteen hundred issues, thousands of readers have been inspired and uplifted by Sunday Link. As it reaches its Silver Jubilee, we look back over twenty-five years of biblical reflections, prayers, cartoons, puzzles and inspirational quotes and, of course, the articles. These have covered a huge and diverse range of subjects – from Christmas decorations to Corinthians, faith to festivals, Lent lunches to letting go of anger, prayer to Poppy the Dog.

In this special issue we meet the Sunday Link family – editors past and present, along with contributors and readers who tell us how, when and where they read Sunday Link and how it strengthens and supports them in their faith, both on Sunday and during the week. We also meet some of the enduring favourites – Gillian Cooper and Poppy the Dog, of course, as well as Jeni Parsons on her smallholding, Helen van Koevering in Mozambique and Patsy McGregor in Madagascar. There are new faces, too – among them Marcus Bull and his “Chaplain’s Blog”, and Georgina Byrne writing about being a Queen’s Chaplain. Code: 1774 Price: £2.95 ISBN: 9780852315101

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Supporting the Parish Live the Word

Edited by Caroline Hodgson

Live the Word is an accessible, informative weekly publication. It is designed to keep Christians praying, reading the Bible and connecting with their faith all through the week. It provides light but useful teaching in a series of weekly articles, as well as the daily scripture references for the week ahead.

Code: 1115 Format: A4 full-colour landscape, one side blank for parish notices. Price: £1.33 per 25 copies, sold in multiples of 25. Despatch: Quarterly

Common Worship Living Word Edited by Caroline Hodgson

Common Worship Living Word is a valuable resource for those who care about preaching the word and the deepening of spiritual life. Week by week reflections on the Sunday Gospel offer today's busy clergy a complete sermon or inspiration as they prepare their own.

Caroline Hodgson

For over 30 years, Common Worship Living Word has been the most successful publication of its kind in the English-speaking world, helping thousands of clergy worldwide in the preparation of their sermons and services. The complete material for each Sunday and principal feast is edited and written to accompany the Common Worship Lectionary. The price shown is for one quarterly edition. Also available on CD-ROM. Common Worship Living Word includes: • Introduction and Call to Worship • Invitation to Confession • Intercessions • Introduction to the Peace • A final Blessing BOOK Code:1128, Price: £10.95 CD ROM Code: 1218 Price: £11.10

This is Our Faith

A Popular Presentation of Anglican Belief R Gallagher, J Trenchard & J John

This beautiful new redesign of this popular title is a wonderful yet straightforward explanation of what the Church teaches and the way we worship. Ideal for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of church teaching and an indispensable resource for confirmation candidates. Code: 1085 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780852314081

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Supporting the Parish

Your Baby's Baptism

Your Confirmation

Getting Married

Your Baby's Baptism offers a complete guide for families preparing for their baby's baptism. It answers the common questions asked by all wishing to have their child baptised in an Anglican church and gives an overview of the baptism service, helping the family to understand and fully participate on the special day.

Revised and refreshed in 2016, Your Confirmation invites young people to look at where they are in their life, and to consider this important step towards growing in faith. Written with adult confirmands in mind, as well as children and young people, Steve Givens provides a lucid, entertaining and accessible guide that clearly deals with the questions that confirmation candidates want answered.

An Anglican pastoral publication to help the engaged couple plan a wedding day that is both full of meaning and a most memorable event. This book faces the questions and problems that can arise in planning to get married. Important questions are taken up clearly and frankly.

Rosemary Gallagher

Code: 1083 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9780852314128

Steve Givens

Code: 1087 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852314456

R Gallagher and Fr J Trenchard

Code: 1088 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852313206

A Christian Funeral

Saying Goodbye

A booklet designed to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support for anyone who has been bereaved. It follows a clear, step-by-step approach, providing those responsible for planning the funeral with most of the information they will need in an accessible way. A booklet insert contains a helpful choice of Lectionary-based readings.

Saying Goodbye is a resource book for anyone who is planning a funeral. You may be a family member or a friend of someone who has died. You may be planning your own funeral. You may arrange and conduct funerals professionally. Here you will find an abundance of words and ideas for celebrating a life in ways that are personal and honest. There are resources that do not assume a faith commitment, as well as resources that reflect Christian belief.

Ruth Burgess

A Guide for the Family Jane Williams

Code: 1422 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852313169

Code: 112709 Price £16.99 ISBN: 9781849522748 Publisher: Wild Goose

Death is Only an Horizon Michael McGreevy C.Ss.R.

This is a small compassionate booklet for which there is need, time and again, in parish life. It is a booklet of comfort and also of hope. A practical resource, that deals with anger, guilt, grief and healing. Code: 1084 Price: £3.50 ISBN: 9780852311479

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Supporting the School CHRISTIAN

Customise for


A5, Spiral-bound Code: 1714 Price: £4.95+VAT

Due to the ever-increasing need to teach Christian values in secondary schools, Redemptorist Publications is proud to announce the Christian Personal Planner! Each weekly diary entry features space to record homework tasks and a Christian theme with accompanying reflection and challenge, designed to help students put the theme into practice. Example themes include equality, inclusiveness, peace and trust. Used daily, the planner promotes the significance of all aspects of Christian spirituality for use in Anglican and other faith schools.

Customisation options for your school are available and discounts for bulk orders. Contact us at 01420 88222 or email for more information.

Regular Spiral-bound


Code: 1578 Price: £2.40+VAT Customised Spiral-bound Code: 1577 Price: £2.75+VAT




This new diary for primary schools is designed to help children develop strong Christian values. For each week of the school year there is a doublepage spread. On one side there is a weekly diary with space for homework tasks and on the other a Christian theme is explained in age-appropriate language with fun, engaging activities. Themes such as respect, humility, reverence and thankfulness are explained by using either a value or a modern tale. Faith-building facts, puzzles, quizzes and colouring-in motivate the children to think about how the value can impact on their lives and helps them to make good choices. The major festivals in non-Christian religions are highlighted and when possible, there is an explanation or story to describe what a non-Christian child (possibly a classmate) might be celebrating. If this diary is used daily as a channel of communication between parents, carers and the school it will help those families that are not Christian come to understand the special mission of a church school – to grow and educate each child emotionally, physically, academically and spiritually.

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Supporting the School

How to Survive Working in a Church School Caroline Hodgson

Whether you are a practising or lapsed Christian, practise a different faith or do not consider yourself at all religious, working in a church school can raise questions and doubts about where you fit into the picture. This book aims to deal with all your possible concerns and, above all, to reassure you that whatever your background, outlook and faith, you have a meaningful role to play within a church school, and a real contribution to make to the faith life of the school. It also looks at how working in a church school should and can be fulfilling and enriching – professionally and spiritually – for everyone who engages with the school’s ethos. It is a practical resource which contains useful information to help you navigate your way around the Bible and understand the church year, with a glossary of terms. This book is for everyone who works in a Church of England or Church in Wales school – support staff, site managers, teachers, lunchtime supervisors and administrators alike. Code: 1744 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314784

“It’s very good to have a book dedicated to helping those who teach in Church of England and Church in Wales schools to reflect on the unique gift that church schools offer.This book gives a very helpful glimpse into the ethos and practices of church schools.”

Rt Revd John Pritchard, former Bishop of Oxford and former Chair, Church of England Board of Education

“I would highly recommend that all Church schools have several copies of How to Survive Working in a Church School. It is a very accessible and attractively presented introduction to Church school ethos, which all new members of staff would benefit from reading.”

Richard Wharton, Portsmouth Diocesan Schools Adviser

“Green is to be congratulated on a superbly produced volume that covers the latter kind of inspection in every detail, and has full ongoing self evaluation kit. Every church school governing body should have several copies of this book. It will remain the last word on the subject until the specification changes.”

Church Times

“There is a good balance between addressing Christian vision and mission, and governance responsibilities and skills; and the book makes good connections between context and practice. Lots of case studies, action points, tips, ideas for personal reflection and so forth, in a very accessible format. I think any governor in a church school would find this a useful specialist resource to use alongside more generic publications.”

SeeRound Online, St Albans Diocese newsletter

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How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School Alexandra Green

How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School aims to help all governors in church schools, whether new or experienced, coming from a church-based background or none. The aim is to provide them with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to enable them to serve the school of which they are a governor, or considering becoming a governor. This in turn should enable the school, its staff and students to achieve their full potential. Code: 1728 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314647


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RP Anglican

Faith Map Set - 3 volumes

This is a set of three Faith Map books with one for each liturgical year A,B,C. A bright, inspiring and totally original scheme for celebrating the liturgy of the word with young and junior school-aged children. Covering every possible Sunday in their respective years, they are designed to be used, as a whole or in sections, by anyone involved in children’s liturgies, Sunday school, primary school assemblies and by parents at home. Contains stories, prayers and activities in a “ready-to-use format” and includes photocopiable worksheets and family sheets. Faith Map Set - 3 volumes Code: 1452 Price: £75.00 Year A Code: 1441 Price: 29.95 ISBN: 9780852313374 Year B Code: 1415 Price: £29.95 ISBN: 9780852313046 Year C Code: 1423 Price: £29.95ISBN: 9780852313183

Christian Values Poster sets

Christian Values sets Banners: code: 1553 Price: £42.00 A3: Code: 1554 Price: £30.00 A4: Code: 1555 Price: £18.00 The Advent Story Sets Banners: Code: 1543 Price: £42.00 A3: Code: 1542 Price: £30.00 A4: Code: 1544 Price: £18.00 The Easter Story sets Banners: Code: 1534 Price: £42.00 A3: Code:1533 Price: £30.00 A4: Code:1532 Price: £18.00

Keep Calm and Pray Mug

Enjoy your tea with this bold and bright mug, designed with a fun spin on the iconic motto “Keep Calm”.

Keep Calm and Pray CD

Track List: 1. Gymnopédie No. 1 2. New day 3. Lord of all hopefulness 4.Tender thoughts 5. Magnificat 6. First Movement from ‘Moonlight’ Sonata 7. Prayer of St Teresa 8. Meditation from Thaïs 9. Air from Suite No.3 10. Amazing grace 11.You are the centre 12.When I survey the wondrous cross 13. Idyll 14. Lovely in your littleness 15.To a wild rose 16. Panis angelicus 17. In Nomine 1 8. Ave Maria

Code: 107851 Price: £6.98 ISBN: 656172285747

Take time out to enjoy this soothing selection of peaceful and calming classical pieces and favourite hymns. The perfect collection to help you keep calm and pray.


See our website for more products in the Keep Calm & Pray collection of gifts for all ages.

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Hand-Painted Crosses

Dove lapel brooch Code: 200039 Price: £2.34

Traditional Good Shepherd 15" Cross (also available in 10”, 6” and 4”)

Using simple contemporary designs, these lapel pin brooches, presented on a “Blessings” card, make an ideal gift or keepsake. They make perfect gifts to confirmation candidates or rewards to senior pupils. Size: 15 x 20 mm

Each set of six posters stunningly depicts either the Easter story, the Advent story or Christian values. They can be used for school assemblies, in the classroom and in church settings.

Code: 107850 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 656172277858


Each one of these beautiful wooden crosses was hand-painted in Latin America. Part of the charm of them is that each one is unique with slight variations, depending on the artist. In a fun and inviting way they display the Gospel values and story of Jesus. Perfect for schools, churches or homes. These would make a wonderful gift for teachers, catechists, a first Holy Communion or confirmation candidate.

Code: 200013 Price: £32.95

Cross lapel brooch Code: 200037 Price £2.34

Other designs include the Risen Christ, Rainbow Cross, Noah’s Ark, New Creation, Last Supper, Holy Family, Chrsit of all Nations. Children of the World Unite.

Fish lapel brooch Code: 200038 Price: £2.34

For full stocklist and sizes available, visit our website.

A Heart Which Sees

Activity Cards for all the Family Turning words into actions is a challenge to our faith. These cards encourage adults and children to look with their hearts and respond to what they see. These cards will prompt those who use them to turn their good thoughts into behaviours and in doing so, encourage us all to look at the world differently. Code: 1736 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314814

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New Game NEW

The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players’ knowledge of the New and Old Testaments. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 players. The Gospel Journey is biblically orientated with a series of questions on: • The Birth of Jesus • Mary • Joseph • King Herod • The Wise Men • The Old Testament • John the Baptist • The Parables • The Miracles • Women in the Gospel • Paul • The Disciples • Peter • Judas • The Last Supper • The Passion and Death of Jesus • The Resurrection The game is fun, educational and stimulating – a great way to learn about the Gospels as well as something of the Old Testament and Saint Paul. It is ideal for schools, families and parish groups. Among the question boxes that go around the edge of the board are random Rewards and Penalty boxes and Pot Luck questions. These add to the fun and variety of the game. Rewards are given to acknowledge the kind things we do on earth, thus offering an opportunity to move closer to Paradise. Penalties are given for doing what is unpleasant or mean in our world: this is punished by delay on the journey to Paradise. The first player to enter Paradise is the winner.

Devised by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and George Allen

Code:1761 Price: £29.95 EAN: 0705632049051

9 01420 88222

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Faith in Challenging Times Wh


m oa



hope on a difficult journey

I id Wh

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at o


h is t eB


I? w Ho












d li

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e is th









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en rgiv

yer Pra





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C ga


ac Pe

f eo

Dr Adrian Treloar



ard rw g fo



vin Mo

Knowing Jesus Inside

e ibl




Heather Smith & Caroline Hodgson

can lat

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yer Pra


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? son pri in ? up ike us? dl Go Jes


d en


in son


ard orw


vin Mo







aC eo

ac Pe

If you're a busy prison chaplain searching for ideas for a group you're facilitating or to work with an individual, this is the book for you. Knowing Jesus Inside is a resource book for chaplains, with 120 ideas for activities and discussions. It covers twelve topics ranging from Who is God? to Being a Parent, and the activities provide a way into thinking about Christian viewpoints on important questions that prisoners often ask. It also has additional quotes, Bible passages and ideas to think about, grouped in the twelve topics, which you are welcome to photocopy and hand out to prisoners to take back to their cells.

Practical and spiritual care of dementia


wd Ho



hope on a difficult journey Adrian Treloar

Many people with dementia, whom we care for, carry with them a strong Christian foundation. This book will provide some clues as to how their spiritual needs can and should be met. Legal frameworks require that we act in the best interest of those who lack mental capacity, and therefore there is at least some duty upon all professionals (of all faiths and none) to support appropriate spiritual care. Code: 1734 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314715

“In his book Dr Treloar does what he says. He offers hope on a difficult journey. He does not offer a false hope, but one rooted in practical engagement and understanding of the cost of dementia and caring. He also offers us an insight into what good spiritual care could be and how that can enhance the lives of both the person with dementia and their carer.”

Plus - quarterly magazine of Christians on Ageing

Code: 1763 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314753

Who do you say you are?

Finding your true self in chronic illness Lucy Russell

A new book by Lucy Russell, encouraging readers to reflect on their own identity and where this is rooted. What makes us who we are? Chronic illness disrupts lives and can lead to identity loss. This book is a companion for readers who are living with chronic illness and struggling with their identity as a result. Code: 1760 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314838

10 01420 88222

01420 88805

New Series

Pastoral Outreach for Parishes What happens when a parishioner needs your encouragement in coping with a difficult personal situation? Do you want to help but sometimes feel worried in case you might “put your foot in it”? The new Pastoral Outreach series is a practical, user-friendly, nonacademic pastoral resource which helps clergy and other pastoral care providers to give even more effective and appropriate support. Written by experts in their field, each book offers background insight and sensitive coping strategies. With new titles appearing quarterly, the Pastoral Outreach series quickly grows into a valuable library for “first responders” with a role in pastoral care.



Adrian Treloar

Christine Olsen St Teresa of Calcutta remarked, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Christine Olsen is a Community Builder for her local authority and specialises in bringing people together and helping them to find friendship. With her abundant practical experience, she offers insight and strategies which clergy and pastoral workers will find a godsend in their work. Code: 1767 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315057

Depression is often trivialised and sufferers told to “snap out of it” or “pull yourself together”. Yet one woman described her experience of depression, saying, “I can’t get away from ‘myself ’ and ‘myself ’ is hurting so much.” Consultant psychiatrist Dr Adrian Treloar addresses the concerns surrounding depression. He suggests practical strategies, helping clergy and other pastoral carers to sensitively support people who are experiencing the pain of depression. Code: 1765 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315033

Childhood Bullying

Adult Bullying

Daniel Kearney

Daniel Kearney

Bullying doesn’t end just because you are a grownup. How many adults face the workplace bully? How many ARE the bully? After many years of practical experience retired headteacher Daniel Kearney provides insight and strategies for helping pastoral care workers offer support in painful situations which can shatter the victim’s self-confidence.

How do you help the bullied and the bullying child to see things differently and to grow towards selfconfident adulthood? Retired headteacher Daniel Kearney draws on his many years of practical experience in a book which will help parents and pastoral care workers deal with some very difficult situations in the classroom and online.

Code: 1769 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315071

Code: 1768 Price: £4.95 ISBN: 9780852315064

01420 88222


01420 88805

New Series

The Hope that is Within You

The Hope that is Within You is a series of unique interviews with leading Christian thinkers and activists. The series is designed to pose critical questions to key individuals in the contemporary Christian community, asking them to give an account of their faith and its relevance in today’s world.

Code: 1764 Price: £7.96 EAN:0705632049068


Padraig O’Tuama in



conversation with Raymond Friel

Eamon Duffy

Timothy Radcliffe

Renowned historian Professor Eamon Duffy and former member of the Pontifical Historical Commission has lovingly told the story of English Catholic history. In the third of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he tells Raymond Friel “that Christianity is life-giving and that it is the best candle in the dark.”

Dominican priest Fr Timothy Radcliffe is renowned across the world for his work for social justice and human rights. In the first of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he speaks to Raymond Friel of his deep conviction that, “with the grace of God, people discover a hope which is deeper than any I’d ever known before.”

Padraig O’Tuama is the leader of the Corrymeela community in Northern Ireland which has been working for peace and reconciliation since 1965. Padraig is a poet and theologian whose publications include In the Shelter and Sorry for Your Troubles. In conversation with Raymond Friel, he offers elegant and often moving insights into the subject of leadership and conflict, the charismatic figure of Jesus in the Gospels and the challenges of being a Christian and gay. Padraig reads a number of his own beautiful and searching poems.

Code: 1712 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 9780852314630

Code: 1772 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049099

in conversation with Raymond Friel

Code: 1770 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049037

in conversation with Raymond Friel

The Reluctant Disciple

The Grateful Disciple Daring to be Loved David Wells

Daring to Believe David Wells David Wells will tell you he is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Yet all those who have heard him speak will know him also to be an extraordinarily gifted communicator with an amazing ability to draw deep spiritual lessons from everyday experiences. In this book of his personal reflections, David helps us to see God in a range of situations that are often funny, sometimes painful, occasionally toecurlingly embarrassing. David uses a Bible text as his starting point, and interweaves it with his own story to bring the reader a fresh new angle on scripture. This book will help all reluctant disciples to understand that they don’t have to have a “Road to Damascus” transformation to experience God working in their lives. Code: 1565 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314210


Jean Vanier in conversation with Raymond Friel

Also available as an eBook

Following on from his highly popular first book, The Reluctant Disciple, David Wells offers more insights into scripture, based on his own experience. In this volume, David draws on his experience as a teacher, speaker and family man. Among the characters he encounters are Derek the Atheist, a scantily clad work colleague on a Turkish beach, and Jack, a disruptive student at the school where he teaches. The results are often laughout-loud funny, sometimes moving – and always inspirational. Code: 1584 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314272

Also available as an eBook Code: 1782 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852315125


Code: 1590 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852314333

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Bestsellers from Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R Journeying with Jonah


the struggle to find yourself Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Six Women from the Bible – DVD Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Why does Matthew’s Gospel list Jesus’ ancestors and, amongst the men, include five women? Why did Luke name and shame Simon the Pharisee but allow a repentant woman to remain anonymous? In Six Women from the Bible, his new DVD, Fr Denis McBride tells the stories of six biblical women who have a message for us today. Recorded with a live audience of Catholic head teachers at Ettington Chase in Stratford-upon-Avon and hosted by EducareM. Estimated running time: 96 min (48 min per DVD). Code: 1771 Price: £10.96 EAN: 0705632049082

Although a believer in God, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the awful strangeness of God’s choices, particularly God’s mercy; he grapples to find his true self and purpose in life; he tries to flee from the presence of God; he is angry when he finds that God is not angry but all-merciful. Jonah is offered to us as an unusual teacher – awkward, reluctant, disobedient, opinionated, fearful, flighty: the prophet who remains stubborn to the end. But his story celebrates the beauty of the indiscriminate mercy of God, a message for our time. The story of Jonah is for anyone who is reflecting on their own life. Code: 1581 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314388

Journeying with Jonah – 2 CDs Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Journeying with Jonah



Denis McBride CSsR In 2016 Fr Denis addressed the annual meeting of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) held in Dublin. His two lectures, reflect on Journeying with Jonah: the struggle to find yourself. Jonah appears as someone who has emerged from among us: someone who has to struggle to find his true identity, someone who has to discover his direction in life, someone who has to allow his own outlook on life to be shaped by God’s mercy. This is an ancient narrative that speaks gently to our own stories today.

Code:1747 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049044

Stations of the Cross - then and now

Stations of the Cross – then and now offers a unique opportunity to accompany Jesus – then and now – as you travel through Lent towards Easter. “Stay here and keep watch with me. Watch and pray”… and let this beautiful audio book help to shed light on your own journey to God.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Denis McBride is a Redemptorist priest from Scotland who is now Director of Redemptorist Publications. In his post-graduate education he first studied psychology at Fordham University and then the New Testament under the great scripture scholar Raymond Brown at Union Theological Seminary, New York. After winning a scholarship to Harvard University, he returned to England to work at Hawkstone Hall, the international pastoral centre in Shropshire, England.

Denis McBride contrasts the beauty and solemn simplicity of STATIONS the more traditional Stations by artist Curd Lessig with modern of the Cross images that challenge us to link Jesus’ story to the struggle of then and now our everyday life. Through its rich array of scripture passages, paintings, poetry, prayers, photographs and reflections, Stations of the Cross – then and now becomes a companion not Denis McBride only on our Lenten journey but throughout the year: suffering is not limited to one liturgical season. Whether we walk in solitude or with others, this book translates the passion of Jesus into our own life and times. Stations of the AUDIO Since then, his principal areas of interest and writing have been the human story and the Gospels: his work has always struggled to keep open a conversation between the drama of people’s lives and the four great narratives of Christian beginning. If that conversation ends, he argues, Christianity will be consigned to a museum.

Julie Etchingham presents and reports for ITV News at Ten. Julie also presents the Tonight programme for ITV and was the first woman to be named Royal Television Society Presenter of the Year in 2010. She won the award for a second time in 2016.

Alphonsus House, Chawton, Hampshire, GU34 3HQ Tel: +44 (0)1420 88222 Web:

Stations of the Cross Audio CD booklet cover.indd 1

Code: 1735 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314722

and coming soon on DVD


Stations of the Cross - then and now the one hour DVD presentation

Presented by Denis McBride, the voice and visuals open up new ways of thinking about Jesus’ journey. You’ve never experienced the Stations of the Cross like this before; some of the images chosen may shock you but they will demonstrate how the passion story in all its savagery continues in our own time. The DVD is ideal for use in parishes, schools and groups.

Cross - then and now – 3 CDs


Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

The audio book read by Denis McBride and broadcaster Julie Etchingham contains the full text of the book and is accompanied by an illustrated booklet, containing all the pictures. Running time: approx 180 minutes. Code: 1741 Price: £16.94 ISBN: 705632049006

Code:1758 Price: £9.95 EAN: 0705632049075

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The Discipleship Journey – CD

David Wells & Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Join two best-selling authors, Denis McBride and David Wells speaking on the inspirational The Discipleship Journey, recorded live at Salford Diocese. This DVD contains the full event with Fr Denis talking on Jonah the Awkward Disciple; and David Wells on modern-day discipleship. Code: 1738 Price: £12.95 EAN: 0705632049013


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Anglican Publishing Partners Wrestling with the Word

Waiting on the Word

Preaching on Tricky Texts Jamie Harrison

Many biblical texts seem almost impossible to preach. They may be violent or terrifying or strange or abrasive. They may deal with matters simply beyond human experience. The preacher could well be tempted to choose an easier text on offer! But leaving taxing passages untouched means the Bible is effectively silenced. In Wrestling with the Word, well-known and accomplished preachers grapple with a range of notoriously difficult biblical Old and New Testament texts. As well as providing sample sermons – in an exhilarating variety of structural styles and voices – they offer ideas to help in the planning process of interpreting and applying such passages.

Preaching Sermons that Connect People with God Lorraine Cavanagh

Waiting on the Word is an exploration of the gift of preaching and of becoming an effective communicator – someone who is able to connect with people’s innate desire for God. In an age of soundbites and information overload, Lorraine Cavanagh believes that we can lose sight of God's real work in the world. Through waiting on the word that abides in the preacher's own heart, and in the hearts of the people, the preacher can learn to speak the deep truth which comes with knowing God and which will teach and inspire. This unique book also gives practical advice for dealing with conflicting emotions, resistance and passive aggression, as well as for improving voice projection and the confident use of space. Code: 105746 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780232532623 Publisher: Dartman Longman Trodd

Code: 111466 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780281076482 Publisher: SPCK

Pattern of Our Calling

Ministry Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow David Hoyle

David Hoyle explores the changing theologies of ministry during the Church's history with the aim of challenging the lack of theological reflection in some of today's results-driven understanding of ministry that seems more influenced by the business world than by Christian theology and tradition.


Setting out to explain why theologians said what they said about ministry, why it might matter, and why it might be exciting, David Hoyle covers nearly two thousand years of theological reflection from the Didache to Michael Ramsey and current writers, and provides a synthesis not found anywhere else.

Parish examines the distinctive form of social and communal life created by the Anglican parish: applying and advancing, the emerging discipline of place theology by filling a conspicuous gap in contemporary scholarship.

This book offers realistic sustenance to practitioners struggling with the new demands on clergy.

This book will help in forming a vision for the future of the English parish system, contribute towards the Church's strategy for parochial ministry and also inform the broader national conversation about “localism” and cultural identity.

The bestselling Quotes and Anecdotes was first published over thirty years ago. Now it has been revised and enlarged with more thoughtprovoking, entertaining and eminently usable anecdotes, stories, proverbs and quotations that can be slotted into a sermon with ease.

An Anglican theology of place Andrew Rumsey


Code: 186498 Price: £25.00 ISBN: 9780334054726 Publisher: SCM Press

Code: 186497 Price: £19.99 ISBN: 9780334054849 Publisher: SCM Press

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Complete Quotes and Anecdotes Tony Castle

Code: 107801 Price: £19.99 ISBN: 9781844177240 Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

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Anglican Publishing Partners Simply Good News

Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good Tom Wright

Tom Wright believes many Christians have lost sight of what the good news of the Gospel really is. In Simply Good News, he shows how a first-century audience would have received the Gospel message, and what good news means for us today and how it can transform our lives. Code: 111439 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281073030 Publisher: SPCK

Out of the Silence

Memories, Poems, Reflections Terry Waite

In this moving sequence of poems and reflections Terry Waite recalls the highs and lows of his life, both during his imprisonment as a hostage in Beirut and throughout the happier years of humanitarian work that have followed. They give us a glimpse into the depths of faith, hope and love that sustained him through that intense time of suffering. They also take us into memories of his later life, reminding us of the joy to be found in meaningful work, and in the humanity we share with those around us. Code: 111462 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780281077618 Publisher: SPCK

George MacDonald CS Lewis

An 365-day anthology of readings from one of the most influential writers of all time, George MacDonald, compiled by CS Lewis himself. MacDonald was a major Christian writer of the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries. He influenced many major twentieth century writers including Lewis Carroll, WH Auden, JRR Tolkien, Walter de la Mare and CS Lewis. Not only was he a pioneer in the fantasy fiction genre, laying the path for people like Tolkien to write Lord of the Rings, but also a major Christian thinker. Code: 102600 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780008181246 Publisher: Harper Collins

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Why Read the Bible? A Little Book of Guidance Tom Wright

Wright unpacks the contents of the Bible and explains the meaning of its inspiration, impact and authority. A book for all who are curious and how God’s voice is heard today. Intended for people looking for answers to life’s biggest questions, this little book of guidance will appeal to anyone whether believer or non-believer, looking for a quick, easy way into the topic. Code: 111445 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9780281073269 Publisher: SPCK

Love Henri

Letters on the Spiritual Life Henri J M Nouwen

This collection of previously unpublished letters stretches from the earliest years of Henri's career through to his last ten years at L'Arche Daybreak. Rich in spiritual insights as well as touching details of Henri's daily life, the letters are organised around themes that emerge not just in his correspondence but in his writing, too. Code: 103574 Price: £18.99 ISBN: 9781473632103 Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Martin Luther

Catholic Dissident Peter Stanford

A new popular biography from journalist Peter Stanford, looking at Martin Luther from within his Catholic context, examining his actual aims for Catholicism as well as his enduring legacy – and where he might fit within the church today. Code: 103576 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9781473621671 Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

“A compelling biography of one of the greatest men of the modern age. Stanford is particularly brilliant on the tensions inside Luther's private and spiritual life. This is a very fine book, written with a flourish.” Melvyn Bragg


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Anglican Publishing Partners

God With Us

The Meaning of the Cross and Resurrection Rowan Williams

This book is packed with striking theological insight and spiritual encouragement. Designed for use by individuals or groups, with questions for reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter, it is an ideal gift for anyone near the start of their spiritual journey or wanting to deepen their appreciation of the heart of the Gospel. Code: 111464 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780281076642 Publisher: SPCK

The Passion and the Cross Breathing Under Water Ronald Rolheiser

Ronald Rolheiser, one of the most influential spiritual writers of our day, offers profound reflections on the central mystery of our Christian faith. His beautifully written meditations on the passion and the cross invites you to a new understanding of redemption and offers insight into the meaning of your own loss and suffering. Take a journey into the deeper meaning of pain with guidance from a trusted spiritual adviser.

Richard Rohr

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is America's most significant and authentic contribution to the history of spirituality, says Richard Rohr. He makes a case that the Twelve Steps relate well to Christian teaching and can rescue people who are drowning in addiction and may not even realise it. Code: 13618 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9781616361570 Publisher: St Anthony Messenger Press

Code: 13849 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781473626683 Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Things Hidden Richard Rohr

In this exploration of central themes of scripture, Rohr transforms the written word, discovering in these ancient texts a new and vital meaning, relevant and essential for modern Christians. Code: 13520 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780867166590 Publisher: Servant Books

Take the Plunge

The Divine Dance Richard Rohr


In the pages of this book, internationally recognised teacher Richard Rohr circles around this most paradoxical idea as he explores the nature of God – circling around being an apt metaphor for this mystery we're trying to apprehend. Early Christians who came to be known as the “Desert Mothers and Fathers” applied the Greek verb perichoresis to the mystery of the Trinity. The best translation of this odd-sounding word is dancing. Our word choreography comes from the same root. Although these early Christians gave us some highly conceptualised thinking on the life of the Trinity, the best they could say, again and again, was “Whatever is going on in God is a flow, it's like a dance”. Code: 111458 Price:£9.99 ISBN: 9780281078158 Publisher: SPCK

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Living Baptism and Confirmation Timothy Radcliffe

Radcliffe perceives clericalism to be the besetting sin of the modern age and in order to try and cast this off, he goes back to a revived understanding of Christian baptism. His interpretation is profoundly challenging but orthodox, contemporary in its frame of reference and points to Christian renewal in the years to come. Code: 112674 £12.99 ISBN: 9781441118486 Publisher: Bloomsbury

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extra & lent

extra LENT 2016



Lent extra cover 2016.indd 3

Advent Extra 2017

your journey to Christmas Edited by Sr Janet Fearns FMDM

What two connections link a renowned wildlife photographer, the actor Sean Bean, the 2004 Asian tsunami, children with life-limiting illnesses learning taekwondo and a donkey called Simcha? The first connection is joy (even Simcha’s name is Hebrew for “joy”). The second is that they all appear together in the latest edition of Advent Extra. ... And that’s not all. Advent Extra, with its theme of “Joy to the world”, also includes a pull-out children’s Advent calendar and activity pages, daily prayerful reflections and lots, lots more. The season of Advent prepares us to joyfully celebrate Christmas. Why not make Advent Extra a special part of your preparations? Code: 1033 Price: £2.25

03/12/2015 11:17

Lent Extra 2018

Lent is our annual pilgrimage towards Easter. It helps if there is someone walking alongside us, offering support and companionship, especially when the going is tough. That’s why Lent Extra 2018 has the theme, “Be with me”. Lent Extra is a companion on our Lenten journey. Its writers reflect on turning points in their lives. Screenwriter Jimmy McGovern’s writing career began with a packet of Weetabix. Journalist Luke de Pulford met victims of human trafficking. Mark and Mary J found Jesus in prison… Lent Extra also looks towards September’s National Pilgrimage and Eucharistic Congress, an event proclaiming the essential role of the Eucharist as our “food for the journey”. Code: 1026 Price: £2.25

Over 25,000 copies sold every year 01420 88222

HOLY YEAR of MERCY 8 December 2015 – 20 November 2016


Advent Extra & Lent Extra Bulk Price Schedule 1-20 copies : £2.25 21-49 copies : £1.95 50-99 copies : £1.75 100+ copies : £1.50 Postage & packing from £1.95 up to a maximum of £5 for 100 copies

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RP Anglican Catalogue  

A warm welcome to the first RP Anglican catalogue. We hope you will feel inspired and excited by what you find in these pages.

RP Anglican Catalogue  

A warm welcome to the first RP Anglican catalogue. We hope you will feel inspired and excited by what you find in these pages.