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Advent & Christmas Catalogue 2017

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Dear Friends, Welcome to our catalogue for Advent and Christmas 2017. I hope you’ll find it full of inspiring gifts and resources to guide you throughout the season of Advent and with your preparations for Christmas. This year’s selection of Christmas cards can be found on page 6 and we have some wonderful calendars and diaries for adults and children on pages 9 and 18. If you’re looking for inspiration for a special present, on page 32 we have the gold special edition of your Sunday Missal, a beautiful gift to treasure. In my family, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a new board game, so we’re thrilled to be presenting our brand new board game on page 33, The Gospel Journey. We’ve had great fun testing it in the office. The Gospel Journey is an inspiring journey through the scriptures. The game is designed to be fun, educational and stimulating – a great way to learn about the scriptures, for parish groups, families and schools. Many of you will be familiar with Advent Extra, our seasonal magazine to guide you through Advent and your journey to Christmas. This year it features contributions from wildlife photographer Ian McCarthy, Fr Denis Blackledge writes about his experience teaching Sean Bean to play the role of the parish priest in the recent TV series Broken and Dame Mary Richardson tells us about her experience visiting SOS children’s villages after the 2004 tsunami. If you’re looking for inspirational reading forr group work in your parish, see page 3 for Fr Denis McBride’s Journeying towards Jesus in Advent. We hope there’s something for everyone in our catalogue. talogue. Thank you for your continued support for our mission. On behalf of all the staff at Redemptorist ptorist Publications, may I wish you a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas. Yours sincerely

Helen Moore Head of Marketing

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Advent Extra 2017 your journey to Christmas Edited by Sr Janet Fearns FMDM What two connections link a renowned wildlife photographer, the actor Sean Bean, the 2004 Asian tsunami, children with life-limiting illnesses learning taekwondo and a donkey called Simcha? The first connection is joy. (Even Simcha’s name is Hebrew for “joy�.) The second is that they all appear together in the latest edition of Advent Extra.

tto o the the World orld

... And that’s not all. Advent Extra, with its theme of “Joy to the worldâ€?, also includes a pullout children’s Advent calendar and activity pages, daily prayerful reflections and lots, lots more. The season of Advent prepares us to joyfully celebrate Christmas. Why not make Advent Extra a special part of your preparations? Code: 1033 Price: ÂŁ2.25 + bulk discounts


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Advent Highlights

Gospel Journey Board Game Devised by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and George Allen The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players’ knowledge of the New and Old Testaments. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise, a journey through the scriptures, an exciting way to learn, for parish groups, families and schools.

Adoremus Journal

See page 33 for more information.

See page 36 for more information.

This notebook offers the opportunity to record and reflect on your personal journey to the National Eucharistic Congress, and keep a diary of your preparation and reflections.

Your Sunday Missal Special Edition With a gold cover and gilt edges to the pages, the Special Edition of Your Sunday Missal will make a beautiful gift to treasure.

See page 32 for more information.

The Hope that is Within You The Hope that is Within You is a series of unique interviews with leading Christian thinkers and activists. The series is designed to pose critical questions to key individuals in the contemporary Christian community, asking them to give an account of their faith and its relevance in today’s world.

See page 35 for more information. onds a SimRamymond Friel Gemm with ersation in conv


The Hop

e that

2 01420 88222

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Advent with Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


Journeying towards Jesus in Advent

Six Women ffrom th the Bibl Bible - DVD

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In this insightful and inspiring book, lavishly illustrated with images chosen by the author, Denis McBride guides us through the Advent season as we journey towards the celebration of the birth of Christ. Suitable for private reading or for use in groups, this book invites us to journey together towards a deeper appreciation of the true meaning of what we celebrate at Christmas.

Why does Matthew’s Gospel list Jesus’ ancestors and, amongst the men, include five women? Why did Luke name and shame Simon the Pharisee but allow a repentant woman to remain anonymous? In Six Women from the Bible, his new DVD, Fr Denis McBride tells the stories of six biblical women who have a message for us today. Recorded with a live audience of Catholic head teachers at Ettington Chase in Stratford-upon-Avon and hosted by EducareM. Estimated runtime: 96 min.

Code: 1481 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9780852313824

Code: 1771 Price: £10.96 EAN: 0705632049082

The Gospel of Mark

Waiting on God

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Advent begins a new liturgical year; this year we have Mark as our teacher. Mark’s Gospel recounts what Jesus did in a vivid style, where one incident follows quickly upon another. Denis McBride follows this breathless narrative, advancing the evangelist’s stress on Jesus’ message about the kingdom of God as it breaks into our lives as good news.

The beginning of the Gospel story is peopled with waiting figures: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, Simeon and Anna. They are focused on what is still to happen – so they wait. In the first part of this book, Denis McBride explores these Biblical characters and the spirituality of waiting on God which dominates the season of Advent. Waiting is not squandering time but hallowing time; sometimes waiting is our formation.

Code: 132233 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9781871552553

Code: 1397 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9780852312841

Waiting on God eBook Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


Code: 1571 Price: £8.95 ISBN: 9780852314302

01420 88222

3 01420 88805

Advent Reading


Advent and Christmas

Advent and Christmas

Unearthly Beauty

Wisdom from Pope Francis John Cleary

Wisdom from St Thomas Aquinas Andrew Carl Wisdom

Through Advent with the Saints Magdalen Smith

This Advent, prepare to celebrate Jesus’ arrival as an infant in the small town of Bethlehem. Born into poverty, he brings us the good news that God loves us – and calls us to give of ourselves to others. Let the example of Pope Francis, as he models the humility and generosity of our Saviour, inspire you. Code: 14905 Price: £8.50 ISBN: 9780764826467

Offering daily selections from St Thomas’ writings for meditation and prayer, this book brings readers face-to-face with the practical and accessible spiritual direction of this saint. Code: 5039 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780852313664

Magdalen Smith believes we can be inspired by people from the past – those whose names are familiar or less so – whom the Church calls “saints” In these wide-ranging devotions, full of contemporary stories and enjoyable cultural allusions, she introduces 24 characters who manifest a mysterious dynamic... and enable us to glimpse holiness in a new way. Code:111468 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780281077182

Waiting in Joyful Hope Daily Reflections for Advent & Christmas Mary DeTurris Poust Prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ with this popular, easy-to-use annual guide. During the especially busy Advent and Christmas seasons, this book offers brief, down-to-earth reflections that bring prayer and scripture into everyday life in a thought-provoking and lasting way. Code: 199056 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780814647097

Also available in large print Daybreaks

Code: 199057 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9780814646892

The Living Gospel Daily Devotions for Advent 2017 Charles Poalino Daily Devotions for Advent 2017 offers guidance from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas Day through a daily reflection on the Gospel reading, a focused spiritual exercise, and a brief prayer that sums up the day’s theme and asks for God’s blessing. Paolino will challenge you to celebrate Advent with patience and help you to be ready for a happy and holy Christmas.


Code: 1040108 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594717659

01420 88222

Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas Daniel P. Horan OFM Advent Daybreaks provides an opportunity for prayer and reflection on the coming of our Saviour, whose love, mercy, forgiveness and redemption has already been given, but has not yet been fully realised in our lives. Code: 14921 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9780764827303

01420 88805

Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta Daily Meditations Heidi Hess Saxton

The Soul of Christmas


Thomas Moore With his trademark blend of storytelling, faith and psychological insight, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Moore turns his poetic attention to the most enduring story of them all: the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. Carefully and lovingly, he looks at passages from the Gospels, both canonical and noncanonical, comparing them to archetypal stories and ancient myths in order to understand his own beliefs and to gaze in wonder at the Holy Child. Code: 13861 Price: £14.95 ISBN: 9781632531209


A small book of meditations for the seasons of Advent and Christmas, including special feast days associated with those seasons.

Gold Collection Brian D’Arcy Something old, something new, this is a compilation of Fr Brian D’Arcy’s reflections on life, love, ministry and anything else that touches the heart and soul. A prolific author and broadcaster, this could be described as the best of the best in one small book aimed at readers looking for something to lift the mind and spirit from the everyday slog.

Code: 13860 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781632531346

Code: 133134 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781782183341

Advent for Everyone A Journey with the Apostles Tom Wright

Mindful Meditations for Every Day Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

Join Tom Wright on a journey into the heart of Matthew, as he explores the Gospel themes of watching, repenting, healing and loving. Within each of these themes, Wright offers daily readings and meditations for a week, beginning with the Sunday reading in the Revised Common Lectionary, and ending with stimulating questions for personal reflection or group discussion. These sparkling reflections take you on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, guiding you towards the wonder and joy of Christmas.

Mindful Meditations for Every Day carries the reader through the calendar year, with daily meditations, mindfulness exercises and scripture for each month. The book can act both as a guide to the practice of mindfulness and as a source of daily NEW inspiration. Sometimes the stress of daily life can become overwhelming and it can be difficult to step back and take a breath. This book teaches the art of being aware, present and grounded. By learning how to focus and be mindful of simple things, such as the breath or the senses, the reader will learn how to relax and simply be in the present moment.

Code: 111467 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780281076215

Code: 133133 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9781782183099

The Art of Christmas A Journey in Paintings through Advent and Christmas Sr Wendy Beckett In her reflections on this beautiful selection of masterpieces from a range of artists, Sr Wendy Beckett guides us through the feasts and themes of Advent and Christmas. Ccode: 1461 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852313541

01420 88222

Also available: The Art of Faith Code: 1432 Price: £9.95

The Art of Mary Code: 1496 Price: £9.95

The Art of Saints Code: 1514 Price: £9.95

Set of Four Code: 1521 Price: £30.00

5 01420 88805

Charity Christmas Cards Six Beautiful Charity Christmas Cards Special Purchase, reduced to £1 a pack Each pack contains six individual charity cards, depicting a beautiful scene for Christmas. Fr Denis McBride has written a short comment on each picture and composed an individual prayer for each card. The greeting message reads, “Wishing you and all those you love every blessing for Christmas and the New Year”. Each card measures 178mm x 120mm and six envelopes are included in each pack. Special Code: 1559 Offer Price: £3.95 Prices Now £1.00

Madonna Charity Christmas Cardss Special Purchase, reduced to £1 a pack Each of these six Christmas cards features a different picture of the Madonna and is accompanied by a prayer written by Fr Denis McBride. The greeting message inside reads, “Wishing you and all those you love every blessing for Christmas and the New Year”. Each card measures 178mm x 120mm and is printed on quality card. The cards and envelopes are in cellophane packs – perfect for resale in parishes, schools, charity shops or at Christmas fayres.

Code: 1593 Price: £3.95 Now £1.00

Mother of God Christmas Card - Set of 5

Joy to the World Christmas Card - Set of 5

This pack of five beautifully designed A5 Christmas cards contain a Christmas prayer written by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and a seasonal message reading “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very happyy Christmas”.

This pack of five stunning cards contain a Christmas prayer written by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and a seasonal message reading “Wishing you all the peace and love of a very happy Christmas”. Each card measures 160mm x 160mm and five envelopes are included in each pack. Code:17800 Price: Pric rice: e: £2.50 £2..50 £2

1 pack £3.95 Code: 1548 2 packs £6.95 Code: 1549

Christmas Cards - Pack of 12


Special Offer Prices

Each pack contains twelve assorted Christmas cards, with six beautiful ful ge illustrations. The greeting message reads, “Wishing you the blessings gs and joys of Christmas and a New w Year filled with happiness”. Thesee cards were designed and printed d in Ireland and are sold in aid off the mission and ministry of the Redemptorists.

01420 88222

Code: 145009 Price: £4.96


T prayer inside reads: The Beloved Lord, B let le e the angel’s promise of your good news, o offering peace and joy to all peoples, o bbe heard in our hearts this Christmas aand throughout our broken world. May no ill will, resentment, M rreligious difference or jealousy re sspoil the joy of your birth. May your love shine M iinto the darkest corners of our world aand give gladness to all peoples. Amen.

01420 88805

Advent Reading and nd Pray Prayer yer


You Are The Beloved 365 Daily Devotions Henri J. M. Nouwen You are the Beloved includes daily devotions created from the very best of Henri Nouwen’s writings, paired with daily scripture readings. They reveal our identity as children of God and encourage us to live out that truth in our daily lives. Nouwen is at once refreshingly accessible, unafraid to wrestle with challenging questions and above all an encouraging and sympathetic voice along the way.


Advent with St Francis

Let Advent be Advent

Daily Reflections Diane M. Houdek

Vincent Sherlock

One of the most beloved saints in history, Francis had a special insight into the importance of the Incarnation. These short, daily reflections present Advent through “Franciscan” eyes. Code: 13785 Price: £2.95 ISBN: 9781616367053

In this collection of daily reflections, some coincide with the liturgy of the day and borrow from the scripture passages used on those days at Mass. Other days are not linked with scripture. Some of the thoughts are random reflections that might help you think around the script of your own life and place on the Christian journey. Code: 133132 Price: £3.50 ISBN: 9781910248805

Code: 103578 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9781473632530

SSacredd Reading R di For Advent and Christmas 2017-2018 Apostleship of Prayer and Douglas Leonard

In Due Season

A practical resource, beginning with Advent and encompassing the Christmas season, for those interested in deeper prayer life or those seeking a new approach to praying.

Prayer for Autumn, Advent, Christmas and Winter Feastdays Ken Phillips

Day Breaks

The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer

These beautiful prayers for Autumn, Advent, Christmas and winter feast days employ both ritual and poetic language. Designed for lay leadership, this wide variety of meditations, blessings and litanies invite group participation.

Code: 1040107 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9781594717734

Code: 43113 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9781627850261

Code: 1040109 Price: £2.99 ISBN: 9781594717772

Also available: Sacred Reading

01420 88222

Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas Ron Rolheiser This is for all those who seek to escape from the commercial distractions of the holiday season, offering spiritual retreat and opening the door to the wonder and beauty of Advent and Christmas. Code: 1426 Price: £1.25 ISBN: 9780764813375


01420 88805

Advent & Christmas Gifts f for Children

Also see our

Mix & Match section for more Advent & Christmas items for children. Pages 25-29

The Christmas Promise

Stations of the Nativity

Alison Mitchell & Catalina Echeverri

Lawrence Boadt

A long time ago, God promised a new kking. He wasn’t an ordinary king. He would be different. He would be a w new king, a rescuing king, a forever n kking. Join Mary and Joseph, a bunch of shepherds, some wise men, and lots o aand lots of angels as they discover how an God kept his Christmas promise. G

Fourteen scriptural events from the Advent and Christmas story are depicted in lush paintings and accompanied by uplifting text that is fresh and contemporary but with the timeless feel of a classic. Ideal for private, family or group use with children ages 7-12, this new Christmas custom includes a scripture passage, a brief meditation, a lesson and a prayer for each station.

C Code: 185506 Price: £8.99 IS ISBN: 9781910307113

Code: 1040105 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780809167784

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

Juliet David

Bible Mini-Pops Karen Williamson

A beautiful retelling of the first Christmas taken from 99 Stories from the Bible. Ideal for sharing with young readers at home, school or Sunday school, as you remember the events of Jesus’ birth right up to his family’s escape to Egypt. Code: 1040072 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9781781282823

An early learning pop-up book about the Christmas story from the shepherds point of view. The book has six scenes with little pop-ups in them. The small format makes them great for little ch children to play with on their ow own and easy to take with you. Code: 1040069 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 978178 9781781282830

The Fox’s Tale The First Christmas Nick Butterworth On a cold starry night above the hills of Bethlehem, a hungry fox is looking for some supper. Suddenly, the sky is full of light and there is the sound of angels singing. What on earth is happening and what unforgettable sight is the fox about to see? Code: 1040031 Price: £5.99 ISBN: 9781859858288

8 01420 88222

01420 88805

Advent vent & Christmas Christma Gifts f for Children

Making Christmas Count! A Kid’s Guide to Keeping the Season Sacred Ted O’Neal This little illustrated book communicates a message about making Christmas count, in all its facets and flavours; it is a book about recognising the deepest “reasons for the season”. This softcover book is printed on recycled paper and features beautiful illustrations. Code: 19191 Price: £5.95 78087 ISBN: 9780870294013

The Story of Christmas

Tales from Christmas Wood

Sticker Book Juliet David

Activity Book with Puzzles, Crafts and Stickers Suzy Senior

Complete the story of the first Christmas using the sticker sheets provided! Appealing pictures from Helen Prole make it easy for children to engage with this important retelling in the Candle Bible for Toddlers range. Code: 1040071 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9781781283097

Tales from Christmas Wood follows the animals as they get ready to celebrate with their friends – now with this companion activity book so that little ones can join in with the adventure! Includes simple puzzles and games, colouring and sticker fun. Code: 1040070 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9780745976945

Advent Calendars for Christian Families Open a different window each day of December to reveal a Christian image (no Santa Claus, elf or snowman). These calendars have a picture and a Bible passage behind each window. They make great gifts from the parish catechists and teachers. The back of each calendar leads your young people on an Advent treasure hunt each day with a question, a riddle or a fillin-the-blank which is answered or filled in when you open the window on the other side.

From Heaven Above

Calendar Card

Code: 39420 Price: £1.95

Code: 39374 Price: £1.95

What a Wonderful Gift


Let’s Go

Code: 39421 Price: £1.95

Code: 39373 Price: £1.95

Code: 39372 Price: £1.95

01420 88222

9 01420 88805

Advent & Christmas Chris istmas Gifts is Giffts for fo or Ch Children hildren

Let’s go to Christmas

My Advent Activity Pack

Bambinelli Sunday

Let’s Go to Christmas is a “colour in and wipe-off ” A4 book which, in a simple, clear and colourful style, introduces children to the main Advent themes in preparation for celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas Day.

Juliet David

A Christmas Blessing Amy Welborn

Code: 1330 Price: £4.75 ISBN: 9780852312186

This fun activity pack includes a gorgeous pop-up stable scene. The scene has 24 windows set into the base to open throughout Advent. There is also a 16- page Christmas colouring book, and two sheets of fun and festive stickers to hold children’s attention during the run up to Christmas. Code: 1040041 Price: £6.99 ISBN: 9781781282342

This book tells a wonderful story about sharing, comfort, generosity and forgiveness through the lens of a long-standing Italian tradition. The beautiful illustrations and timeless story make this a treasure for many generations to come. Code: 13786 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781616366490

Little Lamb Finds Christmas Cathy Gilmore This story leads children to Jesus’ Nativity and helps them m relate to events that can change everyone’s life. This lavishlyy illustrated and touching tale shows the wonder of God’s love ass it gently connects young readers to powerful scriptural truths.. Code: 14882 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780764824890


Mary and Joseph

Nicholas of Myra

Francis of Assisi

Giver of Many Gifts Barbara Yoffie

Keeper of Creation Barbara Yoffie

The story of St Ni Nicholas h l comes tto lif life in colourful, full-page illustrations and lively text for children ages 4-9 years. St Nicholas was well-known for his joyful spirit of giving. He had a kind heart, just like Jesus. Many Christmas traditions were inspired by this holy and loving saint.

People liked d to t hear h St Francis F i preach. h He was kind, cheerful and always smiled. He preached about peace and forgiveness and people liked his simple life. Saint Francis calls us to look at ourselves: do we respect the earth and all creation? How can we make our world a better place?

Code: 14845 Price: £3.25 ISBN: 9780764823312

Code: 14844 Price: £3.25 ISBN: 9780764823275

01420 88222

Models of Faith and Love Barbara Yoffie Mary, Joseph, and d Jesus J were a h holy l family. They respected each other and loved each other. Most of all, they loved God and put their trust in him. The Holy Family is a model of love and faith for all families. Code: 14846 Price: £3.25 ISBN: 9780764823350

01420 88805

5HàHFWLRQ A donkey called Simcha The donkey whom Joseph named “Joy” tells her story through Katie Knight I was very young when Joseph bought me and named me “Simcha”. You might well ask why a carpenter would call his donkey “Joy”, but the rabbis say that a happy person finds it much easier to serve God and to work hard. A donkey or, in your own time, a bicycle, makes the difference between poverty and self-sustainability, starvation and a healthy diet, illiteracy and education for millions of people in developing countries. So now you know another reason why Joseph gave me the Hebrew name “Simcha” – although he did also think of “Tiqwa”, which means “Hope”. Now why should anybody call a donkey “Joy”? Well, you live in a mechanised society and Joseph and I don’t. He is a carpenter and must carry his tools on his daily commute. So Joseph and I are commuters? Of course! Every day we travel the hour’s journey between Nazareth and Sepphoris where Herod Antipas is building a huge city, so beautiful that it is known as “the ornament of all Galilee”. As a carpenter, Joseph also works in stone. To have such a major project so close to Nazareth means that to focus only on Nazareth would be a no-brainer. It’s worth the daily walk to Sepphoris where a skilled carpenter has enough work and a steady income to guarantee security and relative comfort for himself and his family. I am Joseph’s constant companion. When Jesus is old enough, he will accompany Joseph to Sepphoris. I hope I will still be around to enjoy their conversation and to have a small part in his growing up and training as a carpenter. Joseph was a bachelor when he and I came to live and work together – but he was often distracted from his work when he gave his heart to a girl in the village. I don’t mind telling you that when I saw Joseph talking to Mary, I thought that theirs would be a heavenly match in every sense of the word. I couldn’t bear it when he realised that she was pregnant and he was not the father of her child. I’ll never forget hearing him pacing his workshop and, when he thought nobody would see him, sobbing brokenheartedly. He loved Mary so much,, you understand, and didnt didn’t know what to do. ed me m for work. Sometimes he wept into my neck as he harnessed is grief, neither did he think that But just as Joseph did not realise that I shared hi his I also saw the angel. So you think that angels only on nly appear to people? Hah! If Joseph was to marry Mary and become Jesus’ s’ foster fo oster father, I also received a new mission: I would escort cortt them to Bethlehem, to Egypt and back home to o Nazareth. I would be part of their family. Now you know why I am called Simcha. With h Joseph, Mary and Jesus, my joy is complete! Extract from Advent Extra 2017 7

Advent Extra 2017 your journey to Christmas Edited by Sr Janet Fearns FMDM Code: 1033 Price: £2.25 + bulk discounts

01420 88222


01420 88805

Advent & Christmas istmas Gifts for Children hilldren The Catholic Children’s Bible Good News Translation With vibrant illustrations thiss Bible teaches children to read,, live and love the full word of God.. This beautiful edition has featured d stories, and has been written n specifically to help young readers. Hardback:

We P W Pray iin M Many W Ways

Code: 25167 Price: £24.95 ISBN: 9781599821788

Christine Way Skinner Help children deepen their relationship with God by discovering the many ways we pray. Whether children pray alone or with others, in silence or in song, at Mass or in the beauty of nature, this lovely book can help them see how much God longs to hear what they have to say, and how much God wants to speak to them.

Paperback: Code: 25153 Price: £18.95 ISBN: 9781599821771

Also available: The Catholic Children’s Prayer Book Code: 25170 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9781599827889

In loving, clear language and with beautiful illustrations, We Pray in Many Ways also helps children understand the many symbols, reminders, rituals, gestures and even the people who can help them pray.

The Catholic Children’s Colouring Book Code: 25177 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9781599828695

Code: 43231 Price: £6.25 ISBN: 9781627851978

Brother Francis DVDs Great Faith-Filled Presents for Children this Christmas In these fun DVDs, the ever-joyful Brother Francis will help children establish a personal relationship with God! Employing a variety of animation styles, catchy songs and engaging stories, this is a programme your children will enjoy and learn from as they watch it over and over again. Explains many of the practices and beliefs of the Catholic Church in a fun and age-appropriate way – with songs too.

We are C W Catholic th li Christine Way Skinner Code: 89204

Code: 89208

Code: 89205

Code: 89190

Code: 89174

Vibrant and colourful, We are Catholic introduces children ages 3-5 to the Catholic faith and its traditions. Simple words and original illustrations introduce sacraments, the Mass, and other beloved rites, prayers, traditions and symbols to very young Catholics.

Code: 89140

Code: 89141

Code: 89142

Code: 89139

Code: 89161

Code: 43232 Price: £6.25 ISBN: 9781627850964

Price: £8.95 each

12 01420 88222

01420 88805

Advent & Christmas Gifts for Children A Heart Which Sees Activity Cards for all the Family Staff, governors and parents came together one afternoon in the coastal town of Teignmouth, at Our Lady and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary school. Inspired by a saying of Pope Benedict and by the Year of Mercy they considered what mercy might look like in their own community. What they did next could be repeated anywhere and what emerges could be life-changing. Turning words into actions is a challenge to our faith and forms the impetus behind A Heart Which Sees. These cards encourage adults and children to look with their hearts and respond to what they see. They are designed to be given out, challenging people to come back with a story about what happens next. Better still, your community or class can look at the cards, write their own and get going. These simple gestures turn our thoughts about mercy into actions and encourage us all to look at the world differently. These cards will prompt those who use them to turn their good thoughts into behaviours and in doing so, develop a habit of being merciful. Code: 1736 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314814

Hand-Painted Plaques Each one of these beautiful wooden plaques was hand-painted in Latin America and each one is unique with slight variations. In a fun and inviting way they display the Gospel values and story of Jesus. Perfect for schools, churches or a wonderful gift for the home. For full stocklist visit our website.

Baptism Plaque

Holy Family Plaque

Code: 200033 Price: £13.39

Code: 200034 Price: £3.14

Love One Another Plaque Code: 200024 Price: £15.95

Let’s go to Mass Aileen Urquhart An unusual and innovative, colourful book introducing young children to the Eucharist. This new edition contains the revised texts of the liturgy and is an ideal companion for children. The wipe-clean surface means that they can “use” the book each week afresh. Code: 1007 Price: £3.95 ISBN: 9780852313961

01420 88222


01420 88805

Advent & Christmas Gifts for Children Jesse Box Jigsaws These laser-cut wooden jigsaws are a little different from others and are a bit more challenging. Each contains silhouette pieces, which are recognisable shapes, that are integral elements of the story. The jigsaws will challenge children and help them to understand some of the Bible’s bestknown stories. Each jigsaw features scenes connected to The Jesse Box. Size 28 x 22cm.

Special Offer Prices Pentecost (100 pieces) Code: 185496 Price: £9.60 NOW £4.96

David & Goliath (100 pieces) Code: 185487 Price: £9.60 NOW £4.96

Creation (48 pieces) Code: 185494 Price: £6.43 NOW £4.96

Holy Week (48 pieces) Code:185488 Price: £9.60 NOW £4.96

Exodus (100 pieces) Code:185495 Price: £9.60 NOW £4.96

Nativity (48 pieces) Code: 185493 Price: £9.60 NOW £4.96

Teddy Horsley Feasts with Jesus


Leslie J. Francis Teddy Horsley and his family go to church one Sunday and take part in a play. It starts with the story from the Gospel of Mark about the feeding of the five thousand but it goes on to link the idea of food to the Last Supper and the breaking of bread with the two disciples at Emmaus. Written for children aged 3-7 years. Code: 185521 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9781853453977

Teddy Horsley meets Jesus’ Disciples Leslie J. Francis “Teddy Horsley meets Jesus’ Disciples” combines clear storytelling and fun illustrations, plus a short Bible passage at the end of the book. The “Talk About” section encourages children to discuss the links between their experience, the story and the Bible passage. Code: 185522 Price: £4.99 ISBN 9781853453960

Ideal for schools, families and parish groups of all ages.. The game is fun, NBRAND EW FOR educational and 2017! stimulating – a great way to learn!! The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players’ knowledge of the New and Old Testaments. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed enjoye ed by b 2-4 players. playyers. rs.

Code:1761 Price: £29.95 EAN: 0705632049051

See page 33 for more information

14 01420 88222

01420 88805

Advent & Christmas Decorations 3D Christmas Angels - Set of 8 These easy-to-assemble angels are a delight for children to make. They can be used as a joyful table decoration or with the addition of a piece of thread, put on the Christmas tree. Perfect as name place settings for a special meal over the Christmas season or, if you buy several packets, why not make your own Advent countdown calendar? Write a prayer on the inside and hang them as a beautiful and festive display. The pieces on the sheet are pre-cut and easy to put together. Each angel stands at 7.5cm and come in packs of eight. Code: 1702 Price: £3.95 NOW £2.50

Special Offer Prices

Apple and Mulberry Wooden Tealight Holders

Hand-turned Shepherds and Tealight Holder

Lovingly hand-made in Albania to help raise funds for the charity that improves the living conditions of people in need, these beautiful artisan tealight holders can be used to enhance a variety of settings. Individually crafted from apple and mulberry wood, the largest tea light holder measures approximately 8cm across, the medium approximately 7cm across and the smallest 6.5cm across. Due to the hand-made nature of this product, colour and finish will vary. Candles not included.

These beautiful hand-turned (from apple and mulberry wood) set of three shepherds and tealight holder are produced in Albania by Nehemia Gateway, a charity that improves the living conditions of people in need. Not only are they a beautiful seasonal decoration but they are offered as a focus for prayer and reflection during Advent. Each shepherd in the set is hand-crafted and unique. The largest shepherd measures approximately 14cm in height and the two smaller shepherds measure approximately 12.5cm. The tea-light holder measures 7.5cm across. Due to the handmade nature of this product, colour and finish will vary. Candle not included.

Code: 1599 Price: £12.95 reduced to £4.95

Code: 1700 Price: £19.95 reduced to £7.95

15 01420 88222

01420 88805

3RVWHUV Banners Advent Post Sets

This beautifully illustrated set of six banners present the Christmas story to children in a modern and effective manner. The sets are available as banners (1100 x 297mm), or in A3 and A4 sizes. They can be used for school assemblies, in the classroom and in church settings. The Advent Story: Banners: Code: 1543 Price: £42 A3: Code: 1542 Price: £30 A4: Code: 1544 Price: £18

Also available from CHRISTIAN VALUES

Set of 5 Advent Cloth Banners

Banners: Code: 1553 Price: £42

These striking Advent and Christmas cloth banners, printed on polyester fabric, create a beautiful, prominent presence in your sanctuary. Each banner measures 22 x 50” with 2” hems at the top and bottom. Dowels for hanging are not included.

A3: Code: 1554 Price: £30 A4: Code: 1555 Price: £18 THE EASTER STORY Banners: Code: 1534 Price: £42 A3: Code: 1533 Price: £30

Set of 5 banners Code: 39414 Price: £350

A4: Code: 1532 Price: £18

Joy to the World Advent Wall Hanging Banner NEW

O Come, Let Us Adore Him Advent Banner This striking cloth bannerr for Christmas, printed on polyester fabric, creates a beautiful, prominentt presence in your sanctuary. The banner measures 36” x 56” with 2” hems at the top and bottom. Dowels forr hanging are not included. Code: 39448 Price: £90

16 01420 88222

This striking banner for Christmas features a premium photo-quality, fade-resistant design printed onto polyester fabric, creating a beautiful, prominent presence in your sanctuary. The banner measures 150 x 50 cm. Includes wooden rods and end caps at top and bottom, and hanging cord. Code: 1778 Price: £80

Also Available This design is also available as a roller banner, 80 x 200 cm. It is supplied in a banner case with two twist-out feet and a free padded carry bag for storage. Code: 1779 Price: £89

01420 88805

5HàHFWLRQ Carolling for Christmas &DUROVDUHDMR\ÀOOHGSDUWRIRXU&KULVWPDVFHOHEUDWLRQV'DQLHO.HDUQH\ reminds us that carols also play a vital role in telling the world of the good news of Jesus’ birth. They are, at this time of year, as iconic and as ever-present as mincepies and mistletoe. We have seen or heard them, out in all weathers on our high streets, at shopping centres and supermarkets, spreading joy into the world with their hearty and enthusiastic singing of our favourite Christmas carols and hymns. Instantly their festive cheer and merriment lifts our spirits and puts us all in the mood for celebration as we hum and sing along with them. At a time when people say our society is becoming increasingly secularised, materialistic and self-centred, these stalwarts of generosity, of selfless service and infectious joy help to bring us back to the very essence of Christmas and the wonders of God’s love for us. “He, who sings, prays twice,” said St Augustine. Imagine how dull and empty might our worship be, particularly at this time of year, without voices raised in joyful adoration. There are many things we might dispense with at Christmas but carolling and hymn-singing is surely not one of them. For me, personally, the sight of a choir serenely – sometimes boisterously singing, while people rush to and fro in their desperate and manic search for last-minute gifts, other fripperies and stocking-fillers, is a gentle and timely reminder that Christmas is about something else, something beyond the tinsel and twinkling lights. But it is often so easy to miss this reality, to be distracted by the frenzy of commercialism and the media hype of the marketing machines bombarding us with alternative messages which encourage us to over-consume, to “max-out” on credit cards and interest-free credit. This is why the sight and sound of Christmas choirs in our towns and cities are, in many ways, an important counter-cultural witness for us. A reminder of what we are, in fact, preparing to celebrate and to give thanks for – the coming of God among us. But amid the festive fun of singing carols and hymns, and the laudable tradition of charitable work and good causes choirs provide for and support, there is also an important and vital, but often overlooked, pastoral importance in their work. They are, in an obtrusive and friendly way, offering a spiritual outreach, or mission, to the many among us who seldom, if ever, go to church. We have to encounter people where they are, not where we might expect them to be, and stopping – no matter how briefly – on the high street or in the market place to listen to the joyous news of Christmas wrapped up in a cheerful and spirit-rousing carol is as good a starting point as any. So, this Advent, as we deck our halls with boughs of holly or however far we might traverse following yonder star, let every heart prepare him room – and sing loudly “Joy to the World! The Lord is come”. Daniel Kearney is a former headmaster and teacher of Religious Studies.

17 01420 88222

01420 88805

Calendars & Diaries es Icon & Word 2018

Taizé Calendar 2018

This year Icon & Word returns to its original format and design with space for notes and beautiful postcard size icons. On the reverse side of each icon is a brief selection from scripture, making this truly an Icon and Word calendar. An inspirational and useful gift for anyone with a love for icons and scripture.

The pages of this small calendar for 2018 are designed to be reused as bookmarks. Each month’s calendar is accompanied by a colour illustration of Taizé together with a prayer from Brother Roger, the founder of Taizé. Code: 129024 Price: £1.99 £1.99

Code: 129026 Price: £2.99

The Rhythm hm m of the 018 Seasons 2018 Vinyl-covered litu liturgical urgical diary that starts ts with w the First Sunday off Advent. Includes introductory sections to each h of the liturgicall season plus the Rite of the Communion for the Sick. Code: 129025 Price: £2.99

Children’s Advent Activities Sheet A beautifully illustrated double-sided A3 sheet to help children prepare for Christmas. On one side of the sheet is an Advent calendar, on the other a selection of puzzles, games and other activities for the whole family. Code: 1402 Price: £0.50

St Paul Sunday Missal 2018 This Missal contains the order of Mass, all the scripture readings and prayers for each Sunday of 2018 in calendar sequence, the complete Easter liturgy and a treasury of prayers.


St Paul Liturgical Calendar 2018 Pocket diary-format calendar containing details of liturgical celebrations for the next liturgical year. Code: 185242 Price: £2.50

Code: 185243 Price: £6.50

01420 88222

01420 88805

Calendars & Diaries NEW

Q&A Bible Verse 5 Year Journal Carol Petley Approachable and encouraging, this journal offers a brief scripture reading and a question for each day. There are verses from every book of the Bible, and questions on topics such as praise, faith, prayer, worry, creation and forgiveness. As you record your responses over the years, you’ll discover how circumstances change, how difficult things can be used by God in ways we cannot foresee and how hints of future decisions may be perceived in earlier entries. Most valuable of all, the journal helps you find time to be with God for a few minutes each evening, as you contemplate the events of the day. Code: 111463 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9780281078936

Bible Diary 2018 Bible Diary 2018 can be your most treasured companion as you go through next year. Each day features the scripture readings and an inspirational reflection that can set the tone for your own personal conversations with God. With ample space to record appointments and notes with simple illustrations and clear texts.

Features: • The feast day of the saints with quotes • Daily prayers • Guide to the sacrament of reconciliation • A guide for the new English translation of the Roman Missal • Message from His Exellency, Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines Code: 184026 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9781840260000

19 01420 88222

01420 88805

Calendars & D Diaries C Catholic Advent C Calendar 2017 Th simple Advent calendar provides This a spiritual pathway through the season. SShort messages based on the daily Advent readings fill each day leading to A Christmas. Why not print the times of C Advent and Christmas services on the A rreverse, which has been left blank for tthis purpose? Code: 39083 Price: £0.50 C

This Is My Father’s World Calendar 2018 Combining beautiful images with meaningful Bible verses about blessings from God related to each month, this 2018 calendar makes a perfect gift for everyone on your list—volunteers, teachers, church workers, friends, family and even yourself. Stand the calendar in its easel for easy viewing on your desk Code: 39442 Price: £4.50

Living with Christ Wall Calendar 2018 Get this beautiful Living with Christt wall calendar to keep track of yourr daily activities and appointments. The calendar features:

• • • •

Beautiful photos Daily saints A monthly meditation Space for you to keep track of your commitments, prayerr intentions and general notes

Code: 42068 Price: £9.95

The Catholic Diary, Mass & Prayer Book ook 2018 A pocket diary for 2018 incorporating the Order of Mass ass and Prayer Book. Unfortunately specific colours cannot be selected. Code: 116027 Price: ice: £2.20 £22.20

20 01420 88222

D by Day with Day P Pope Francis

Living with Christ Prayer Journal 2017-2018

L Pope Francis touch Let yyour heart every day with an inspiring word. w Designed to be used year D aafter year, this compact st stand-up calendar fits cconveniently on your desk, bedside table or d kkitchen counter.

Filled with powerful reflections for your Sunday readings, the Living with Christ Prayer Journal 20172018 offers ideas for you to reflect upon each week and remember those you are to pray for. Deepen your Eucharistic spirituality with this journal and discover how God is working in your life.

C Code: 22194 Price: £10.51 IS ISBN: 9781593252748

Code: 42067 Price: £8.50 ISBN: 9782896884902

01420 88805

Greeting Cards Susanna Goho-Quek Left blank for your own message these lovely greeting cards have beautiful illustrations of nature and animal scenes. Available in packs of six these cards are perfect for any occasion. Susanna is an established artist working out of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. She drew these paintings to help her grandchildren celebrate the wonder of God’s creation. Available in packs of 6 with envelopes. Each card measures 160mm x160mm.

Nature Cards

Code: 1711 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314692

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cards - Set of 6 To help everyone celebrate the jubilee of the 150th anniversary of the Icon of our Lady of Perpetual Succour, we produced a beautiful card containing the Novena Prayer. The card is blank inside. Sold in sets of six, these cards are 178 x 120mm and come with envelopes.

Animals Cards

Code: 1710 Price: £6.95 ISBN: 9780852314685

Saints Are…? Greetings Cards - Set of 10 Set of 10 blank greeting cards measuring 150mm x 150mm featuring cartoon drawings taken from the popular book Saints Are...?. Funny, poignant, uplifting messages that cover a variety of situations that might require a card! Code: 1594 Price: £4.95 reduced to £1.00

Code: 1592 Price: £4.75 … know when to celebrate

The prayer inside reads: Dear Mother of Perpetual Succour, Throughout your life you were open to God’s Holy Spirit: faithful in prayer, willing in obedience and generous in love. Pray for us, that we may be open to God’s word and ÀOOHGZLWKWKH+RO\6SLULW<RXZHUH faithful in prayer; pray that we too may follow Christ your Son with the same spirit of prayer, with a willing heart, and in love for him, who ÀUVWORYHGXV Amen.

01420 88222

an ther’s e ano … bear one

… need oother

d s den b rd bur

… keep on growing

… know they

ed ned rne urn les are retu

…know smi

Also available

… don’t take themselves too seriously

a e loved ar are l ed

…often look rema rkably like moth rka

peop ple


… never stop learning

Special Offer Prices

…know that everybody is somebody

Saints Are...? A cartoon guide to holiness Michael Henesy, C.Ss.R. Code: 1021 Price: £3.50 ISBN: 9780852310717

21 01420 88805

Mix & Match What is Mix & Match? A diverse range of booklets priced for wide distribution. They are easy to read, a handy size produced for different age ranges and best of all, fantastic value! There are great things for children to do during Advent. Help everyone in your parish spend five minutes with the Lord each day of Advent by taking advantage of the discounts offered in the purchase discount schedule. Call 01420 88222 or email for more details. Th Very First The C Christmas

Unto Us a Child is Born

C Children add bright sstickers to each colourful page to reveal the story of p Mary and Joseph’s journey M tto Bethlehem. A great sseasonal handout that helps tthe story of Christmas rreally stick with the young cchildren as they prepare for tthe birth of Jesus.

Daily Advent Meditations and Prayers Henri J.M. Nouwen

Code: 39375 Price: £0.95 C

Code: 39363 Price: £0.95

Mercy from the Manger Encouragement & Daily Prayers for Advent Pope Francis Each daily page begins with a quote from Pope Francis, expounding on God’s infinite mercy, followed by a prayer by well-known Living Faith author Melanie Rigney. Gain a greater understanding of God’s mercy for all of us with this powerfully engaging spiritual tool that will guide you to a joyful celebration of Advent and the birth of our Lord.


Living Advent d with Joy & Peace Encouragement & Daily Prayers Pope Francis Pope Francis’ words in this booklet are a starting point for prayer. Each day includes a suggested scripture reading. Code: 39361 Price: £0.95

Code: 39404 Price: £1.50

01420 88222

For Nouwen, a life of faith is a life of prayer, and using these daily devotions during the weeks of Advent can help to form a lasting spiritual practice.

In the Light h off Hope Encouragement & Daily Prayers for Advent Pope Francis Pope Francis has hope. And he shares it as he lovingly urges us to “be open to the surprise of a God-child.” He lights the way for the faithful who are working to transform their lives in this Advent season. Popular Creative Communications author Steve Givens offers readers his prayerful perspective on the pontiff ’s words, expressing his belief that we all have saving grace available to us. Code: 39435 Price: £1.25

01420 88805

Mix & Match Let Us Rejoice L

A Season of Wonder and Praise

A Advent Devotions for Catholic Seniors C

David M. Knight

W Written especially for seniors Let U Us Rejoice will bring inspiration d during the beautiful season of A Advent. The Gospel message ccomes alive through thoughtp provoking messages accompanied b by scripture, prayers and suggested aactions for each day. Treat yourself tto a daily dose of the infinite ways tthat God shows his love for us!

Where is God leading you right now? Explore insights and discoveries that the living God has in store for you this Advent season. Code: 43228 Price: £0.95

Code: 39436 Price: £1.25

P Pocket Prayers from L Living Faith Advent

A Glorious Light is Coming

Connie Clark C K Keep the hope and joy of Advent with you all season long with this w sspecial Advent edition of Pocket P Prayers From Living Faith. Chock ffull of scripture, original prayers aand reflections, this little booklet ccan serve as a giant help for those w who want a more meaningful and prayerful Advent experience. p

Janet Schaeffler OP When things seem darkest, Sr Janet reminds us to look for the sparks of God’s protective light all around us — in the people and happenings of our everyday lives. Code: 43227 Price: £0.95

Code: 39437 Price: £1.25

'LVFRXQW6FKHGXOH the following discounts apply to the total number of items ordered from pages 22 to 29. Mix and match for huge discounts. Oh Holy Night! Family Devotions and Activities for Advent Sarah A. Reinhard

50-99 items


100-199 items


200+ items


01420 88222

Invite the whole family to embrace Advent as a purposeful and prayerful journey, preparing for the arrival of the newborn Saviour. O Holy Night offers a prayer, reflection and suggested activity for each day of the season, helping the entire family to prepare together. “Let Advent be your gift to the baby Jesus,” says author Sarah A. Reinhard, “a way to get your heart and soul ready to receive him on Christmas Day.” Code: 39434 Price: £1.25


01420 88805

Mix & Match Our Lord Emmanuel Daily Prayers for Advent Sharon Hinck These reflective and insightful prayers for each day of Advent focus on the amazing blessing of God himself being present with us, and how we can be present for him too. Code: 39377 Price: £0.95

Jesus: God’s Promise Jesus Advent Devotions Inspiration from Henri J. M. Nouwen Participate in Henri Nouwen’s legacy of inspiring millions to grow closer to Jesus and be inspired all Advent long with Jesus: God’s Promise. The prayerful wisdom of one of the most prolific and beloved spiritual writers in modern times is accompanied by original reflections based on Henri Nouwen’s words. There are scripture readings and prayers for each day of Advent. Code: 39432 Price: £1.25


From Hea Heaven en to Manger Family Prayers and Activities for Advent Danielle Bean With language clear enough for the whole family to enjoy, Bean reminds us that our Advent preparation should centre on the arrival of our Saviour, rather then parties and gifts. Code: 39403 Price: £1.50

Descend to Us Us, We Pray

Light Li h for f the h World W ld

Daily Prayers for Advent Ben Haupt

Daily Advent Reflection and Prayer from Ronald Rolheiser

These insightful and heartfelt prayers by theology professor Ben Haupt focus on how the Christ child comes down to us in Advent with his presence, his power, his promises and his peace. Each prayer serves as a glimpse of the divine significance of our Saviour’s earthly birth.

Best-selling author of The Shattered Lantern, Fr Ron Rolheiser OMI understands how our changing cultural landscape can challenge our faith in profound and sometimes disturbing ways. Convinced that the coming of the Lord brings an abiding message of hope for our times, Fr Rolheiser’s reflections on the world in the light of Christ are well-suited to Advent meditation and prayer.

Code: 39433 Price: £1.25

Code: 39334 Price: £1.25

01420 88222

01420 88805

Mix & Match

Let’s Go See the Savior! Advent Devotions for Children and Families Lois Scheer

Let’s Go See the Savior! An Advent Chain

The twenty-eight devotions in this Advent booklet encourage children to accept the invitation of angels, shepherds, prophets and kings to look for the promised Saviour throughout the season.

Each h day d off Advent, d this h traditional d chain grows longer, providing families with a wonderful seasonal decoration. Each link includes a prayerful poem about the Biblical characters who journeyed to the Bethlehem manger to see Jesus.

Code: 39407 Price: £1.50

Code: 39408 Price: £0.95

A Star is Born! A Stick-With-Me Bible Story David Mead God announced his son’s birth in the starry sky for all the world to see! Wise star-watchers were the first to read God’s heavenly message. They set out to seek the newborn Star of Bethlehem, and people still seek him out today! This Stick-With-Me Bible Story celebrates those first attentive travellers, the Wise Men from the east. It’s a great way to help their story, found in Matthew 2:1-11, and really sticks with young children! Code: 39446 Price: £1.25

Countdown to t Christmas Ch i t Advent Devotions for Children These Advent devotions encourage children ages 6-12 to count up their blessings as they count down the days until Jesus’ birth. Using numbers as a guide – such as three gifts, four candle candles, a multitude of heavenly hosts – children will mark the da days of Advent as they await our promised Saviour. Code: 39444 Price: P £1.25

Lift Up Your Heads H A Pop-Up Pop Up Window Win Calendar for Advent David Mead You’ve never seen an Advent calendar like this before! When Advent beg begins, lay the calendar on a table or mantelpiece. Each da day of December, lift up a numbered window. What will pop up? A shepherd or sheep? An angel or a Wise Man? Perhaps the Bethlehem stable! When Christmas arrives, an entire Nativity W scene will appear where there was once an empty field, a wonderful reminder that Jesus J was born to fill our emptiness with love and hope eternal. Lift up your heads! Lift up an the flaps fl and welcome our Lord Jesus! Code: 39406 3 Price: £1.50

01420 88222

25 01420 88805

Mix & Match 12 Days of Christmas A Pop-Up Window Calendar for the Christmas Season David Mead When Christmas Day arrives, the celebration is just beginning! Start a new calendar tradition this year, one that keeps the Christmas joy going and glowing all the way to Epiphany. Lift up a numbered flap each day from 25 December until 5 January, the twelve days of Christmas, and watch what appears as shepherds, angels and wise men come with good gifts to share. As the Christmas season ends the star appears, completing the scene that can be displayed through the Epiphany season. Code: 39405 Price: £2.10

Living Faith Advent Daily Catholic Devotions Thought-provoking and enriching reflections written by some of the most well-known Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions authors await readers of this special Advent booklet. You need only carve out a little time each day to enjoy these daily devotionals that are perfect companions on your Advent journey. Living Faith Advent gently guides readers to a stronger faith and is the ideal size for carrying with you as you engage in your busy days, preparing for the celebration of the birth of our Lord. Code: 39439 Price: £1.25


The Shepherds of Bethlehem

Busy, Busy Bethlehem

A Stick-WithMe Bible Story

Stories & Games for Children

This “Stick “Stick-With-Me” With Me” Bible story shares s the shepherds exciting tale. Children add bright stickers to each page to reveal a happy story of the shepherds’ surprising visitors and their journey to the manger that first Christmas night.

H ’ a Christmas Here’s Ch i t surprise p i th the youngest children in church will truly enjoy. This colourful booklet is filled with rhyming stories, pictures to colour and games to play, all centred around the activity in the bustling city of Bethlehem.

Code: 39399 Price: £1.80

Code: 39398 Price: £1.50

01420 88222

01420 88805

Mix & Match Look Around Aroun the Manger: nge ger: God’s Gift fo for All to Seee Sticker and D Devotions for Children David Mead Let’s take a closer clo look into the th he manger scene this th Advent to seee how h God’s greatest gift g is on display. ay.. On the first day of December, assemble mb ble the Bethlehem stable from the cut-out utt poster. add a sticker Each day until Christmas, Ch ickker figure to the manger sce erse for the scene. Read a Bible ve verse day as you learn about the biblical al figures who gathered to worship wors n Saviour. S the newborn Each part in figure plays an important i n the story and prepare for God’s great helps us to prepa att Christmas gift. As Christmas Day Da nears, learn how w we are welcomed to join the growing growin manger scene. Code: 39402 Price: £1.50 £

Advent d Ad Adventure Bible Stories and Activities for Children David Mead Set out on an Advent adventure that children will truly enjoy.. This colourful booklet is filled with rhyming stories, picturess to colour and games to play, all focused on the excitementt surrounding Zechariah, Mary and Joseph as they prepared forr the Lord’s arrival. An ideal Advent handout for all primary-aged children, it’s great for gift bags at church or school! Code: 39447 Price: £1.25

Sing a Song of Christmas! A Children’s Christmas Service Stephanie Hovland

Sing a Song of Christmas! An Advent Chain

Advent helps us get ready for Christmas. One of the best ways we can prepare is by b filling fill the h world l with songs about our Saviour’s birth. During each day of the season, Stephanie Hovland directs children to look up a Bible passage, read a short devotion and learn the prayerful words of an Advent or Christmas song.

A great way to count the days until Jesus arrives at Christmas! Each day of Advent, this traditional chain grows longer – providing families with a wonderful seasonal decoration. Matches the children’s devotional booklet of the same name.

Code: 39370 Price: £0.95

Code: 39401 Price: £0.95

01420 88222

27 01420 88805

5HàHFWLRQ Christmas symbols Some of our best-loved Christmas symbols have ancient origins and are deeply embedded in the cultural and religious history of Britain. Many centuries ago, people noticed that regardless of the cold, snow and ice, the holly bush remained dark green and produced bright red berries. Our ancient ancestors came to believe that the holly must have some special power to drive away evil. It was, therefore, an easy step, with the coming of Christianity, to link this to Jesus. In times when most people were illiterate, the thorns, white flowers and red berries of the holly became an easy way of celebrating Jesus’ birth whilst also recalling his passion, death and resurrection. Another popular Christmas tradition with its roots in pagan times concerns a parasitic, rootless plant, which remained green throughout the winter that and provided food for animals and birds. They thought that the mistletoe must have some special power of healing divisions and bringing peace. In ancient times the Druids believed that mistletoe would bring good luck and health. The Romans believed that, under the influence of mistletoe’s peace-generating power, even deadly enemies would lay down their weapons en n and embrace. It is easy, therefore, to see the link between the mistletoe and Jesus, the Prince of Peace. ated with Even the traditional red and green colours associated Christmas are deeply Christian and are important symbols. Red reminds us of Calvary. Green reminds us that life continues even in the midst of winter. It also represents the resurrection and eternal life. Once again, Jesus’ birth and his death are entwined in our Christmas celebrations. Are you planning to put mince pies on your Christmas menu? These used to be known as “Crib pies” and that they used to be square or oblong in order to remind the eater of the manger in the stable in Bethlehem. Before Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas in 1647, the Crib pies were even decorated with a tiny baby Jesus. It was only when Charles II came to the throne in 1660 that the pies reappeared, re-named as mince pies, round in shape and minus the infant. Even the poinsettia has its own traditional story. The tale is told that in the seventeenth century, a little Mexican boy was making his way to the crib, set up in his home town by the Franciscans. Upset because he had nothing to offer the baby Jesus, he picked a bunch of weeds on the way. When the other children saw his meagre offering, they laughed at him and teased the poor child as he placed the somewhat bedraggled leaves beside the manger. Suddenly the weeds miraculously developed beautiful red leaves with small yellow buds at the end of each branch – and so we have the beauty of the poinsettia! But, whatever the tradition and however old or new, Christmas is about one thing: the Word became flesh and lived amongst us. Sr Janet Fearns FMDM

28 01420 88222

01420 88805

Mix & Match Christ is the Heart of Christmas

Christmas is Coming!

Devotions for Advent Arden W. Mead

Daily Thoughts, Activities & Prayers Kathy Hendricks

This booklet takes a look at the many activities we engage in this hectic season, and puts Christ where he belongs: at the heart of each of them. This topical devotional booklet encourages the reading of the devotions during the activities they represent — truly drawing awareness. Code: 39440 Price: £1.25

Fun activities to help kids pray, share and care for others as they count the days. Code: 43230 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853231

Be Born in Us Today Praying the Stations of Advent and Christmas David Haas Listen to the word of God. Pray. Meditate. Sing. This beautiful pattern, familiar to those who follow the Lenten Stations of the Cross, is well suited to the season of Incarnation. Written by acclaimed composer David Haas, these fourteen reflections on the infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke can be prayed individually or in a group setting. Code: 43238 Price: £1.50 ISBN: 9781627853286

Moving Toward the Manger Reflections on the Writings of Frederick Buechner Martin E. Marty Move toward the manger of Christ this Advent with Frederick Buechner, one of the best-known Christian theologians of our time. Each day of Advent, thoughtprovoking quotes from Buechner’s beloved works are paired with insightful reflections by pre-eminent religious commentator and biblical scholar Martin E. Marty, accompanied by Bible readings and prayers. Let this depth of wisdom prepare your hearts to cradle Christ. Code: 39441 Price: £1.25

Tidings of Comfort and Joy The Advent Wreath The Advent wreath helps elps us count the weeks until ntil Christmas. As each candle andle is “lit,” we feel the growing wing excitement of this happy ppy season. Each day of Advent, read a devotion and add a sticker to your Advent wreath.

Daily Reflections, Family Prayers & Actions Connie Clark Help and support for parents as they shepherd their children to the manger in Bethlehem — and the perfect joy of life in Christ. Code: 43229 Price: £0.95 ISBN: 9781627853224

Code: 39329 Price: £1.25

01420 88222

Preparing for f Perfect Joy

29 01420 88805

3RSHFrancis SHFrancis

Caring for Creation

With th th the SSmellll of the Sheep The Pope Speaks to Priests, Bishops and Other Shepherds Pope Francis In this moving and often intimate volume, consisting of all Pope Francis’ addresses to priests and bishops, he shares his vision of the priesthood, ministry and service to the people of God. Confiding personal stories from his own ministry, he stresses the importance of mercy, of drawing strength from prayer and intimacy with the heart of the Good Shepherd. Code: 1040098 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9781626982246

Since his inaugural Mass in March 2013, Pope Francis has frequently reminded a global audience that care for creation is among his highest priorities. In this book the writings, homilies, prayers, talks and even tweets of Pope Francis gather his most important and inspiring words about our shared responsibility to protect, nurture and care for “our common home”. Code: 13863 Price: £17.50 ISBN: 9781632530608

Through the Year with Pope Francis

The Name of God is Mercy

Daily Reflections Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Now you can start – or finish – every day encouraged by the same engaging spirit alive in these 365 short meditations written by Pope Francis. Code: 89184 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9781612787664

The Name of God is Mercy, Pope Francis’ exploration on the universal theme of mercy, is a spiritual inspiration to Christians and non-Christians around the world. Code: 106064 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9781509824939

30 01420 88222

P Francis Pope F i takes the Bus

Inspiring Words from Pope Francis Pope Francis

and other unexpected stories Rosario Carello Following a quirky A-to-Z format, these eighty light-hearted anecdotes are full of warmth and humour, revealing the simple humility of the man whose spirituality and concern for others has transformed the Church, and captured the imagination of Catholics and nonCatholics alike. Code: 15394 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781632531308

Dear Pope Francis The Pope Answers Letters from Children around the World Pope Francis Gathered from more than 250 submissions, thirty letters from children to Pope Francis are answered in a picture book that feels akin to sitting in on a series of intimate conversations. A beautiful hardback book full of life and joy and colour – the perfect gift for christenings and confirmations, and for children or adults of all ages! Code: 105744 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780232532647

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3RSHFrancis 3RS SHFrancis

A Year with h Pope Francis on the Family Daily Reflections Alberto Rossa

Th Bl The Blessing i of Family

Lessons ffrom P Pope p F Francis i for Children

Inspiring Words from Pope Francis

Angela M. Burrin

Pope Francis cares deeply about today’s families. He continues to keep the theme of family in the forefront through his speeches, homilies, addresses and his writings.

This pocket-sized volume contains a treasure of reflections and quotations primarily on the family and family life for each day of the year, taken from the writings and talks of Pope Francis.

Code: 13838 Price: £14.95 ISBN: 9781616369101

Code: 1040021 Price: £3.99 ISBN: 9780809149483

Pope Francis has lessons for all of us – young and old alike. In this beautifully illustrated book, the Holy Father talks about God’s love, friendship with Jesus, the gift of the Holy Spirit, prayer, taking care of the poor, getting along in our families and more. Each lesson is paired with a story from the Bible – from the parable of the Good Samaritan to the Wedding Feast at Cana. This is a wonderful way for children to understand the Holy Father’s teaching as they grow in their Catholic faith. Illustrated by Maria Cristina Lo Cascio. Code: 1558 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9780852314166

Morning M i H Homilies ili IV

Pope Francis – Untying the Knots

Pope Francis’ Little Book of Wisdom

Each morning Pope Francis says Mass and offers a short homily for fellow residents and guests in the chapel of St Martha’s Guesthouse, where he has chosen to live. Through these accounts of his morning homilies, drawn from July to November 2014, it is now possible for those who were not present to experience and enjoy his unforgettable reflections on the Gospel.

The Struggle for the Soul of Catholicism Paul Vallely

The Essential Teachings Andrea Kirk Assaf

Code: 1040095 Price: £14.99 ISBN: 9781626982284

Code: 112684 Price: £16.99 ISBN: 9781472915962

Pope Francis

01420 88222

This book offers a wealth of insight to Pope Francis’ early life with an objective but vivid commentary on his first few years as pope. It includes new chapters detailing the difficulties, scandals and in-fighting he has encountered within the Vatican, Vatican Bank, Roman Curia and much more.

This book offers 250 bite-size nuggets of inspiration and wisdom. Pope Francis’ commitment to compassion and humility will hearten all of us. Code: 102594 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780007947447


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Gift Ideas Your Sunday Missal Designed to help anyone prepare for Sunday Mass and take an active part in its celebration, this Missal contains a short introduction to the special character of each Sunday, with the Mass text laid out in a straightforward way. This Missal has a leatherette cover, gold-embossed lettering, colourful ribbons and high-quality Bible paper which means that it should become a treasured companion for a lifetime. The texts for all Sunday services in the Roman Catholic Church for the three-year cycle are included in this Missal. Alongside these are a number of additional resources, including the two Eucharistic prayers for reconciliation, and four for Masses for various occasions. The main ordinary texts of the Mass are also given in Latin. Additionally, we have provided an original prayer for each day of the week, a selection of litanies, and prayers by St Alphonsus Liguori, including his Stations of the Cross. Having a personal Sunday Missal is an aid to prayerful devotion to God and helps you know, understand and love the Mass. Your Sunday Missal will deepen and nurture the celebration of faith. Code: 1522 Price: ÂŁ19.95 ISBN: 9780852313978

Your Sunday Missal Special Edition With a gold cover and gilt edges to the pages, this Special Edition of Your Sunday Missal will make a beautiful gift to treasure.


Code: 1773 Price: ÂŁ25.00 ISBN: 9780852315088

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01420 88805

Gift Ideas NEW

The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging g g board game that challenges the players’ ayers’ knowledge of the New and Old Testaments. nts. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed oyed by 2-4 players. The Gospel Journey is biblically orientated orientatted with a series of questionss on: • The Birth of Jesus • Mary • Joseph • King Herod • The Wise Men • The Old Testament • John the Baptist • The Parables • The Miracles • Women in the Gospel • Paul • The Disciples • Peter • Judas • The Last Supperr esuss • The Passion and Death of Jesus • The Resurrection The game is fun, educational and stimulating – a great way to learn about the Gospels as well as something of the Old Testament and Saint Paul. It is ideal for schools, families and parish groups.. Among the question boxes that go around the edge of the board are random m Rewards and Penalty boxes and Pot Luck questions. These add to the fun and variety of the game. Rewards are given to acknowledge the kind things we do on earth, thus offering an opportunity to move closer to Paradise. Penalties are given for doing what is unpleasant or mean in our world: this is punished by delay on the journey to Paradise. The first player to enter Paradise is the winner.

Devised by Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. and George Allen

Code:1761 Price: £29.95 AN: 0705632049051 070563 EAN:

33 01420 88222 l b

01420 88805

Gift Ideas Colouring Books

A reflective journey James Newman Gray

Pope Francis Notebook Inspiration from Pope Francis as you pray, colour and reflect Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has not shied away from expressing his views on a great variety of issues. He has delighted, challenged, comforted and inspired many of us with his wise words. This notebook offers the opportunity to reflect on one hundred of His Holiness’ most widely shared quotes in a creative way. On every other page is a thought-provoking passage with an intricate frame for you to colour in whilst you meditate. Relax, unleash your inner creativity, clear your mind and let the words of Pope Francis touch your heart. A wonderful gift for adults and teens. Code: 1598 Price: £5.00 ISBN: 9780852314623

Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Light A Colouring Book for Prayer and Meditation With words from the Bible and saints to inspire you, here is an invitation to pause, to colour, to meditate and to pray. As you bring colour to the windows in this book, may the designs you create enlighten and enliven your soul as well. Code: 43183 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9781627851657

Praising God with Saint Francis A Colouring Book for Prayer and Meditation Tradition holds that St Francis of Assissi and his brothers sang the full “Canticle of Creatures” together for the first time as Francis lay dying. With the canticle to inspire you, here is an invitation to pause, to colour, to meditate and to pray. Code: 43184 Price: £4.25 ISBN: 9781627851664

Showcasing James Newman Gray’s beautiful detailed artwork in this high quality colouring book, Colour in Hope will lead you to a place of rest. This reflective journey through colouring explores the meaning of hope through a series of patterns and designed illustrations, plus seven different quotes form writers, thinkers, saints and the Bible. Code: 1040092 Price: £8.99 ISBN: 9780745980058

Colour in Peace Postcards A Reflective Journey James Newman Gray Colouring in has been shown to be beneficial for all – namely for its de-stressing power. It slows down breathing, promotes a relaxed state and also counters feelings of anxiety. Colour in Peace Postcards is a collection of popular images from the colouring book Colour in Peace for readers to colour in and send to their friends and family. Code: 1040091 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780745980133

The Lion Nativity Colouring Book Join the colouring craze and add a splash of colour to the story of Christmas with these beautiful and intricate black and white line drawings, just waiting for your creative input! Create a stunning masterpiece – your own personalised picture book. Also suitable for children. Code: 1040073 Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9780745956174

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Colour in Hope

01420 88805

Gift Ideas The Hope that is Within You The Hope that is Within You is a series of unique interviews with leading Christian thinkers and activists. The series is designed to pose critical questions to key individuals in the contemporary Christian community, asking them to give an account of their faith and its relevance in today’s world.

Padraig O’Tuama in conversation with Raymond Friel Padraig O’Tuama is the leader of the Corrymeela community in Northern Ireland which has been working for peace and reconciliation since 1965. Padraig is a poet and theologian whose publications include In the Shelter and Sorry for Your Troubles. In conversation with Raymond Friel, he offers elegant and often moving insights into the subject of leadership Code: 1772 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049099 and conflict, the charismatic figure of Jesus in the Gospels and the challenges of being a Christian and gay. Padraig reads a number of his own beautiful and searching poems.

Sr Judith Russi in conversation with Raymond Friell Judith Russi, a sister of Saint Mary of Namur, is the director of the Catholic educational charity EducareM. She is an inspirational speaker on Catholic education and has published a number of books. She offers a passionate witness to Catholic education and the critical importance of the formation of Catholic leaders.

Code: 1775 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049105

Gemma Simmonds in conversation with Raymond Friel Theologian, broadcaster,, member of the Congregation n of Jesus, Sr Gemmaa Simmonds knew from herr earliest childhood that Jesuss held a special place in herr heart. In the second of the CD D series The Hope that is Within n You, she speaks to Raymond d Friel of her profound belieff that “We find our heart’ss desire by giving it away, byy letting go.”

01420 88222



Raymond Friel

Jean Vanier in conversation with Raymond Friel Jean Vanier is the founder of the international network of L’Arche communities for adults with intellectual disabilities and the founder of the sister organisation Faith and Light. He is a renowned spiritual guide of the age and best-selling author, whose books include Community and Growth and Signs of the Times. In this revealing conversation with Raymond Friel, he talks about his early life and influences, the inspiration of L’Arche, the need to understand and critique power in all its manifestations and the importance of vulnerability. He talks movingly about the need for healing in our world today and how Jesus in the Gospels, the loving revelation of God, brought healing to many. '31-2+ 

Eamon Duffy in conversation with Raymond Friel

Code: 1770 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049037

in conversation with Raymond Friel

WITNESSES TO FAITH TODAY The Hope that is Within You

R Renowned historian Professor Eamon Duffy and former E member of the Pontifical m Historical Commission has H llovingly told the story of English Catholic history. In E tthe third of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he H ttells Raymond Friel “that C Christianity is life-giving and tthat it is the best candle in tthe dark.”

Timothy Radcliffe in conversation with Raymond Rayymond Friel Frie

Gemma Simmonds

Code: 1746 Price: £7.96 EAN: 0705632049020


Code: 1764 Price: £7.96 EAN:0705632049068

Code: 1712 Price: £7.96 ISBN: 9780852314630

Dominican priest Fr Timothy Radcliffe is renowned across the world for his work for social justice and human rights. In the first of the CD series The Hope that is Within You, he speaks to Raymond Friel of his deep conviction that, “with the grace of God, people discover a hope which is deeper than any I’d ever known before.”


01420 88805


Adoremus Journal This notebook offers the opportunity to record and reflect on your personal journey to the National Eucharistic Congress, and keep a diary of your preparation and reflections. On every other page is a thought-provoking passage with an intricate frame for you to colour in whilst you meditate, relax and unleash your creativity. As you work through the journal and record your personal journey youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll create a wonderful memento of your experience of pilgrimage to the National Eucharistic Congress.



I go, look at Jesus, walk ahead, ďŹ x my gaze on Jesus and what do I ďŹ nd? That he has ďŹ xed his gaze on me. 3RSH)UDQFLV

Code: 1776 Price: ÂŁ5.00 ISBN: 9780852315095


36 01420 88222

01420 88805

Gift Ideas eaas

The Reluctant Disciple

A Also available as an eBook

Daring to Believe David Wells

C Code: 1590 Price: £8.95 IISBN: 9780852314333

David Wells will tell you he is an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Yet all those who have heard him speak will know him also to be an extraordinarily gifted communicator with an amazing ability to draw deep spiritual lessons from everyday experiences. In this book of his personal reflections, David helps us to see God in a range of situations that are often funny, sometimes painful, occasionally toecurlingly embarrassing. David uses a Bible text as his starting point, and interweaves it with his own story to bring the reader a fresh new angle on scripture. This book will help all reluctant disciples to understand that they don’t have to have a Road to Damascus transformation to experience God working in their lives.

The Grateful Disciple Daring to be Loved David Wells Following on from his highly popular first book, The Reluctant Disciple, David Wells offers more insights into scripture, based on his own experience. In this volume, David draws on his experience as a teacher, speaker and family man. Among the characters he encounters are Derek the Atheist, a scantily clad work colleague on a Turkish beach, and Jack, a disruptive student at the school where he teaches. The results are often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes moving – and always inspirational. Code: 1584 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314272

Code: 1565 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314210

The Revolution of Tenderness Being a Catholic in today’s Church Raymond Friel

Code: 1707 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9780852314364

In this book Raymond Friel explores issues facing the Catholic Church today, with both humour and passion, while drawing on the remarkable and often moving testimonies of twelve ordinary Catholics – five men and seven women – from the UK and the Philippines. Beginning with a survey of the Church’s journey over the last hundred years or so, from the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX to the unexpected announcement from St John XXIII of a Vatican Council, Raymond Friel draws on his own cradle Catholic upbringing to reflect the huge changes taking place in and around the Church, with a particular focus on the inspiration of Pope Francis, and ways to develop a personal faith. The age of mass membership, or cultural Catholicism, is gone, and the age of the “intentional” disciple has arrived. An inspirational read for anyone searching for perspective on the Catholic faith in a modern world.

Camino to Santiago a spiritual companion John Rafferty

Code: 1709 Price: £5.95 ISBN: 9780852314586

01420 88222

Parish groups and pilgrims embark on the Camino to Santiago for any number of reasons – a diversity that is reflected in this selection of stories written by pilgrims from across the English-speaking world. For some it is a walk of faith. For some it is a test of their perseverance and stamina. Some go with friends or family, some find new friends along the way, and some go in memory of those whose pilgrimage is over. For all of them, though, however personally testing they may have found walking the Camino to Santiago, it remains with them as a source of inspiration to draw on for the rest of their lives. That inspiration shines through in this beautifully illustrated collection of pilgrims’ stories which also includes information about the Pilgrim Associations in English-speaking countries for readers interested in embarking upon their own pilgrimage.


01420 88805

Gift Ideas Our Spiritual Lifeline the oxygen of Christian prayer Jim McManus C.Ss.R. The latest book from popular Redemptorist author Fr Jim McManus seeks to assure readers that, no matter what their situation in life may be, they have a gift of prayer which is expressed not only in formal prayers that they may have learned as children, but also in the prayer of their hearts: that inner personal dialogue with God that they often quite unexpectedly (or unexpectedly?) y find themselves engaging in duringg the day. Code: 1739 Price: £10.95 ISBN: 9780852314845


Who do you say you are? finding your true self in chronic illness Lucy Russell A new book by Lucy Russell, encouraging readers to reflect on their own identity and where this is rooted. What makes us who we are? Chronic illness disrupts lives and can lead to identity loss. This book is a companion for readers who are living with chronic illness and struggling with their identity as a result. Code: 1760 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314838


Hidden Wings

Keeping the Faith in the Workplace 30 Days of Catholic Devotions This collection of original, inspiring and insightful reflections, written by some of our best-known Living Faith authors, will serve to remind readers that they can live their faith every day, even while at work. Keeping the Faith in the Workplace reinforces the Catholic calling to treat all people with justice and kindness and will help you to be a model of God’s love wherever you may go!


Code: 39438 Price: £1.25

01420 88222

Emerging from troubled times with new hope and deeper wisdom Margaret Silf Written as a direct response to fears raised by division in postBrexit Britain and the election of Donald Trump in the US, Hidden Wings is a superb book of spiritual transformation and hope for the future. Tumultuous changes are occurring in the world around us, and the structures and values by which we have charted our lives seem to be collapsing. Many of us are struggling to plot a spiritual path through this unfamiliar landscape, and to believe in a positive future. Margaret Silf helps us to see that these times of chaos could in fact be an opportunity for profound spiritual transformation. Code: 105720 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9780232533330

01420 88805

Giftt Ideas

Mass Appeal

30 Days on the Mass

26 OrdinaryWays to Live the Liturgy Glenn Byer

David M. Knight

26 Ordinary Ways to Live the Liturgy is the first book in the Mass Appeal series. Glenn Byer invites us to consider how we participate in the celebration of the Eucharist and how our weekly celebration shapes our life. The central premise to the book is that our experience of liturgy is greatly shaped by what we give to it. We are called to active participation, which can be expressed in a variety of ways. Code: 42066 Price: £7.95 ISBN: 9782896883691

No matter how long we’ve been participating in the Mass, there is always the possibility of seeing it in a new way, with fresh eyes. And these new insights can change everything. This booklet brings you the best of these insights from Fr David Knight’s classic book A Fresh Look at the Mass and invites you to see the new world – the real world – of relationship with God and one another that Eucharist offers us every time we participate. Code: 43236 Price: £2.25 ISBN: 9781627853101


Keeping Advent and Christmas

The Bumper Book of Resources Advent, Christmas Epiphany This book draws together material from a wide range of sources and includes a CD-ROM providing activity sheets and illustrations to enliven learning and interactive worship. It is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking help with prayers, services, sermon ideas and illustrative material both for general and all-age worship. Code: 107951 Price: £32.99 ISBN: 9781848677883

Discovering the Rhythms and Riches of the Christian Seasons Leigh Hatts Keeping Advent and Christmas is a day-by-day guide to keeping and understanding the Christian seasons of Advent and Christmas, from “Stir Up” Sunday, through the traditions of Christmas and on to the festival of Candlemas on 2 February. Each section has a short explanation about the days, their history, Biblical references, what happens in church, home traditions where they exist and local/regional customs at home and abroad. Code: 105724 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9780232533354

39 01420 88222

01420 88805

Gift Ideas Hope in Action Reaching out to a world in need Vincent Nichols What are the most important social, political and religious challenges facing our o world d today? How might a better understanding of those challenges help us to tackle them moree effectively? And what are the basic moral principles that will inspire more good people to o come together and work together for the common good? This stirring new book by Cardinal Vincent Nichols sets out a clear vision of what needs ds to be done in response to these challenges – enabling us to face them squarely, while also o giving grounds for hope. Code: 111465 Price: £7.99 ISBN: 9780281078363

Forgiveness Breaking Free and Moving on Peter Doherty and Patti-Anne Kay An 365-day anthology of readings from one of the most influential writers of all time, George MacDonald, compiled by C.S. Lewis himself. MacDonald was a major Christian writer of the late nineteenth – early twentieth centuries. He influenced many major twentieth century writers including Lewis Carroll, W.H. Auden, J.R.R. Tolkien, Walter de la Mare and C.S. Lewis. Not only was he a pioneer in the fantasy fiction genre, laying the path for people like Tolkien to write Lord of the Rings, but also a major Christian thinker. Lewis said, “I know hardly any other writer who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the Spirit of Christ Himself.” These words will challenge and uplift you, and illuminate the faith which underpins all of C.S. Lewis’s popular and enduring writing.

Inspiring, thoughtful and prayerful devotions for every day of the year await readers of this unique Catholic treasury. An ideal gift, for yourself or others, 365 Devotions for Catholics will enrich your prayer life and assist you in keeping the Word of the Lord foremost in your mind and actions every day of the year. Authored by the most popular writers from Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions such as Sister Joyce Rupp and founding editor James Adams, this book is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to foster a closer relationship with God. The habit of daily prayer, prompted by Scripture and devotion, has been a long and rich tradition in the Church. This prayerful resource allows you to participate in that tradition all year long and for years to come, since the devotions are not date-specific.

Code: 42065 Price: £14.95 ISBN: 9782896884346

Code: 39418 Price: £11.50

A Recipe for Faith

Heaven Starts Now

Choosing and Using the Best Ingredients Anne Jamieson

Becoming a Saint Day by Day Fr John C. Riccardo

If what we eat and how we prepare it affects our bodily health, then should not the recipes we use for our faith life matter? Using the image of the recipe, Jamieson looks at how our faith practice requires both planning and creativity, intentionality and going with the flow.


365 Devotions for Catholics

Do you already have a recipe for faith? Is it a good one? Where did it come from? Join the author as she guides us in examining these questions with the assurance that there is no one recipe for nurturing our faith. Witty and very warmly written, readers will gain insights into the methods and ingredients we can use to nurture spiritual health.

Fr John Riccardo helps us dive into the scriptures so that we can apply them to our daily lives. In his inspiring and incisive way, Fr Riccardo addresses the obstacles we all face in becoming mature disciples. How do we lear disciples learn to forgive? How do we combat fear and understand suffering? How do we worship the Lord, love others as Christ loves us, and fully surrender our lives to God? If you’ve enjoyed Fr Riccardo’s gifts of teaching and preaching through his broadcasts and podcasts, this book is for you! Code: 22204 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781593253011

Code: 42064 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9782896884353

01420 88222

01420 88805

5HàHFWLRQ Brother Royston Price C.Ss.R Story of vocation I grew up on a farm in South Wales, near the border with England, and although I didn’t come from a Catholic family, I eventually found my way into the Church through the influence of some good Catholic friends at university. The parish that became my home was run by the Benedictines of Belmont Abbey, and there I made friends with a little group of other guys my age, who were discerning their vocations. Although I held great fondness for the Archdiocese of Cardiff, I felt more drawn to the religious life, and began to explore the different options available. After researching and looking into different orders and congregations, I decided to attend a vocations festival, Invocation, where a number of groups would be present for a weekend of prayer, talks and workshops. There I met the Redemptorists for the first time. After a good chat with the vocation director, Fr Richard Reid, I was invited to visit one of the monasteries of the Congregation in Liverpool. The more I found out about this group of men, the more I liked them, and the more it seemed as if they were the right “fit”. The spirituality, based on the Eucharist, the Incarnation and the Passion of Our Lord, and on the role of Our Lady, was appealing. The various apostolates, particularly preaching parish missions, were things that I could imagine doing for the rest of my life; and the combination of a solid life of community and prayer in the monastery with the zeal for missionary work was just what I was looking for. After a few more visits to Redemptorist communities around the country, I was asked if I’d like to apply to join. I took plenty of time to make sure that this was the right decision, but in the end I felt that I should at least give it a go, and if I wasn’t right for the Redemptorists, then I was sure it would become apparent – ultimately, only by trying to live the life could I see if it really was the right path or not. I started with the Redemptorists in 2012, aged 25, and I’ve been with the Congregation ever since, through studying Philosophy, a spiritual year as a novice in Canada, and now in London, studying Theology. I’m passionate about finding other young men who might have a vocation to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, and would encourage anyone reading this to (a) pray for vocations to the Redemptorists; (b) If you can think of someone who might make a good priest or brother, encourage and support them; (c) if you are a young (18-35) single Catholic man, who’s interested in exploring your vocation, get in touch with us at Br Royston Price

01420 88222


01420 88805

Gift Ideas James Martin

Padre Pio

Essential Writings James Martin with an introduction by James T. Keane

A Personal Portrait Fr Francesco Napolitano

Gathered here together for the first timee are selections from the writings of James Martin SJ. This famous Jesuit offers reflections and insights on everythingg from prayer to depression to sexualityy to finding one’s individual path to holiness. Along the way he introducess the reader to saints and sages rangingg from Thomas Merton to Mother Teresa to his wise nephew Charles.

Now in print in English for the first time in more than forty years, this book will bring Padre Pio’s words and works to a new audience eager to learn of his mysticism and miracles. Code: 15393 Price: £12.95 ISBN: 9781632531360

Code: 1040097 Price: £17.99 ISBN: 9781626982130

Joyce Rupp Essential Writings by Joyce Rupp with an introduction by Michael Leach Drawn from more than thirty of her books and dozens of essays, here are moving reflections on life by Joyce Rupp, one of the most beloved spiritual writers of our day. Code: 1040096 Price: £17.99 ISBN: 9781626982338

World Without End Thomas Keating In these conversations with film maker and writer Lucette Verboven, Thomas Keating OCSO, CSO Trappist T i t monkk and d founder of the Centering Prayer movement looks back on his long life and spiritual development. Following on from his previous books Invitation to Love, Open Mind, Open Heart and The Mystery of Christ, Father Keating now turns his attention to the themes of awakening, the nature of true happiness and the character and purpose of death. World Without End also contains an interview with Abbot Joseph Boyle OCSO, who presides over the monastery where Father Keating is resident, high in the Rocky Mountains in Snowmass, Colorado. Verboven’s insightful questions probe at the depths of Father Keating’s spirituality, discussing identity, transformation, silence, nature and the cosmos: themes universal and applicable to all those searching for a deeper and more meaningful life.


Fr Basil W. Maturin Here is a brief, lucid, readable work k that h will ill help h l you finally not merely draw closer to Christ but abide in his presence today, tomorrow, and ever after. In it, Fr Basil Maturin explains what you must do and what you must allow Christ to do in order to come to know Him as you should. In chapters written for souls hungry to improve their spiritual lives, Fr Maturin shows you how to move beyond the conquest of particular vices and develop true friendship with Christ. You’ll learn not merely how to pray but also how to combine prayer with the other spiritual virtues that are essential to sure progress in the spiritual life. With Fr Maturin’s help, you’ll soon develop a strong and vigorous character that shines with the bright virtues and that lead you finally to an encounter face-to-face with Christ Himself. Code: 30149 Price: £10.50 ISBN: 9781622823581

Code: 112708 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9781472942487

01420 88222

Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God

01420 88805

Gift Ideas

The Survival Guide for Young Catholics John Chater

Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church Published in many languages, YouCat, short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, has been developed with the help of young Catholics and written for secondary school-age students and young adults. YouCat is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic faith. Code: 135185 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781860827280

Do you wonder why, as a Catholic, you do some of the things that you do? Have you ever found yourself unable to answer basic questions about what you believe and why you believe it? The Survival Guide for Young Catholics will tell you a bunch of stuff that you might already know and a lot more that you probably don’t. You won’t get long, boring answers. Instead you will get quickfire, straight-up answers that any parent or pope would be proud to hear. So prepare for an overview of the Catholic faith that is sure to leave you a little smarter, a lot more confident and the envy of your fellow Catholics.

My First Missal A boxed gift edition with white padded cover, this Mass book is the new English translation of the Order of Mass. Colourfully illustrated for children, it includes a short examination of conscience and prayers for the sacrament of reconciliation. Code: 129132 Price: £5.50 ISBN: 9781904785590

Code: 1575 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9780852314241

Brooches Using simple contemporary designs, these lapel pin brooches, presented on a “Blessings” card, make an ideal gift or keepsake. They make perfect gifts to confirmation candidates or rewards to senior pupils. Size: 15 x 20 mm DOVE Lapel brooch Code: 200039 Price: £2.34

CROSS lapel brooch Code: 200037 Price £2.34

FISH lapel brooch Code: 200038 Price: £2.34

Eager to Love Richard Rohr Richard Rohr, himself a Franciscan friar, draws on scripture, insights from psychology, and literary and artistic references, to weave together an understanding of the tradition as first practised by St Francis. Rohr shows how his own innovative theology is firmly grounded in the life and teaching of this great saint and provides a perspective on how his alternative path to the divine can deepen and enrich our spiritual lives.

Enjoy your favourite hot drink with this statement ceramic mug, featuring the fun and sleek iPray design with smiley face. Perfect as a gift for friends and family or even as a present for those who have recently celebrated their First Holy Communion or RCIA.

Keep Calm and Pray Mug

Code: 103572 Price: £7.50 ISBN: 9781473604018

Code: 107886 Price: £7.00 ISBN: 656172287741

Code: 107851 Price: £6.98 ISBN: 656172285747

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iPray Mug


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Gift Ideas


The Lifee of StThérèse of Lisieux

Tidings of Comfort & Joy

August Pierre Laveille

A Christmas Feast of Faith & Fun Pam Rhodes

This remarkable biography of Thérèse of Lisieux, one of the most popular Catholic saints of all time, was first published in English in 1928. This record of the life of one of the most beloved of all Catholic saints includes biographical information about her parents and grandparents, her early years at home, her years in the cloister, her illness and death, and information about the miracles attributed to her after her death, when she made good the promise on her deathbed that she would “spend her heaven doing good on earth.” Code: 1040110 Price: £15.99 ISBN: 9780870613029

Pam Rhodes is best known as the familiar face of the BBC’s Songs of Praise, and here she brings together her personal selection of carols, poems, Bible readings and other inspirational passages from a wide range of sources. There is something here for everyone, from those wanting to enjoy dipping in for a taste of Christmas to those needing a sourcebook to inspire selections for Christmas services. Enjoy! Code: 103575 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781473630048

The Heavenly Habit Daniel O’Leary The final instalment of the best-selling series from author Daniel O’Leary. Following in the footsteps of The Happiness Habit, and The Healing Habit, this book continues in a similar vein, raising awareness of the reader to the spiritual in their lives. This book can be read in one sitting or dipped into. It will make an excellent gift, especially if it is bundled together with its two predecessors.


An Astonishing Secret Daniel O’Leary


Also available by the same author The Healing Habit

Daniel O’Leary tries to grasp what it means to be a human being in such a vast cosmos and what our role is and the role of a God in this. In an age that is seeking meaning outside of the usual formal religious standards, this is likely to catch the modern imagination and search for meaning.

Daniel O’Leary

Code: 133136 Price: £12.99 ISBN: 9781782183242

Code: 133122 Price: £9.99 ISBN: 9781782182559

01420 88222

Code: 133135 Price: £10.99 ISBN: 9781782183327

Code: 133131 Price: £9.95 ISBN: 9781782183082

The Happiness Habit Daniel O’Leary

01420 88805




Celebration Carols â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CD

Over 50 Favourite F it Christmas Carols â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 CD Set

M Margaret t Ri Rizza: Her H Music M i for Advent & Christmas â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CD

Twenty of your favourite Christmas carols played on an organ from the Celebration Carols book.

Beautiful Carols performed by prestigious cathedral choirs and soloists.

A collection of Advent and Christmas pieces including Silent, Surrendered, Come Lord, Jesus is our Joy, Magnificat and many more.

Code: 107961 Price: ÂŁ19.99 ISBN: 656172270255

Code: 113481 Price: ÂŁ5.94

Code: 107624 Price: ÂŁ9.54

Keep Calm Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christmas â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CD Keep Calm itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the most wonderful time of the year! The perfect CD to keep calm and celebrate the festive season. Track List: 1. In the Bleak Mid-Winter 2. Away in a Manger 3. O Little Town of Bethlehem 4. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear ar 5. Hark the Herald Angels Sing 6.While Shepherds Watched 7. Silent Surrendered *RG5HVW<RX0HUU\*HQWOHIRON IRON 9. Ding Dong! Merrily on High 2&RPH$OO<H)DLWKIXO 11. In the Lord is My Joy 12. Silent Night 13.The First Nowell 14. Once in Royal Davidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s City 15.The Holly and The Ivy 16. See Amid the Winterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Snow w

Greatt Christmas G Ch i t C Classics - CD

The Colours of Christmas - CD

Joy JJoyous and uplifting Christmas music by the four great baroque m ccomposers. A musical telling of tthe Christmas story from Handelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Messiah, M Bachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christmas Oratorio, O SchĂźtzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Magnificat and Scarlattiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s S Christmas Pastoral.

A collection of the greatest Christmas carols by the composer/conductor whose music has, for many, been so associated with Christmas. Featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bach Choir, with guest artists Over the Bridge and conducted by Rutter himself.

Code: 107889 Price: ÂŁ7.99 ISBN: 656172277295

Code: 184570 Price: ÂŁ10.46 ISBN: 658592125825

John Rutter

Code: 184572 Price: ÂŁ9.60 ISBN: 602527821290

How Can I Keep from Singing â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DVD Marilla Ness Join Marilla in her native Ireland as she visits many of the much-loved places of her childhood and sings some of your favourite songs. Filmed entirely on location in Donegal, Ireland and at her home in Cheshire, re, England.

Sweet Sounds of Christmas â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CD

L M Love Mustt B Be th the Reason â&#x20AC;&#x201C; CD

Marilla Ness

Marilla Ness

Christmas is a time of peace and love. What better way to celebrate Our Saviourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birth than to enjoy the sound of Marilla singing everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favourite Christmas carols and songs.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to see why this album is one of Marillaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best-sellers. Timeless classics sung in Marillaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own definitive style, make this recording a joy to experience.

Track List: 1. How Can I Keep From Singing ng 2. Make Me A Channel 3. Be Still &ORVH7R<RX 5. Do Not Be Afraid 6.What Colour Is The Wind -HVXV<RX$UH/RUG ,$P7KH:D\



Code: 50007 Price: ÂŁ9.97 ISBN: 651887011421

Code: 50006 Price: ÂŁ9.97 ISBN: 651887011223

Code: 50027 Price: ÂŁ9.97 ISBN: 651887030323

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CDs Ds & D DVDs VDs

The P Th Passion i N Narratives ti - DVD

Evangelii Gaudium... di and d the th vision i i off Pope Francis for the Church - DVD

Denis McBride C.Ss.R. The different versions of the passion narrative are explored in this DVD by Fr Denis. Offering great insight alongside humour, this DVD is a wonderful teaching resource for individuals and small groups.

David Wells

Code: 185486 Price: £10.99

Code: 185492 Price: £10.99

David Wells gives three insightful talks exploring the vision of Pope Francis for the Church. He is eager to help adults grow in faith and confidence and become witnesses of God’s love.


Discip plesh iip p Journle ey

Fr Den www.

iss MccB Brid ride C .S Ss.R. id We elllllss

& Dav




p orist

p u b l i c a t i o n s

rney DVD dd 1

The Discipleship Journey CD Denis McBride C.Ss.R. & David Wells Join two best-selling authors, Denis McBride and David Wells speaking at the inspirational The Discipleship Journey, recorded live at Salford Diocese. This DVD contains the full event with Fr Denis talking on Jonah the awkward disciple; and David Wells on modernday discipleship.

The Transfiguration in the Gospels and in Life - DVD Denis McBride C.Ss.R.


The transfiguration in the Gospels, and its application to each of our lives is the focus of this inspiring lecture by Fr Denis McBride. It was recorded at the National Headteachers Retreat 2015. Code: 1591 Price: £10.99

01420 88222

Jonah, the awkward disciple, is a story for our time – the only prophet who needed to be called twice. You watch him struggling with his identity, his direction and his outlook. He is stunningly modern, a challenge for our time. David Wells speaks about modern-day discipleship and through storytelling he invites us to open our eyes and hearts to God and enjoy our own moments of grace amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Code: 1738 Price: £12.95 EAN: 0705632049013

01420 88805


Stations of the Cross - then and now


Denis McBride C.Ss.R. The way of the cross is not confined to a lonely road in n Jerusalem two thousand d years ago: it is a busy highwayy winding through everyy village, town and city in ourr modern world. Fr Deniss McBride C.Ss.R. reflectivelyy guides us along the way off the cross. He contrasts the beauty and solemn simplicity off the h more traditional d l Stations S by artist Curd Lessig with modern images that challenge us to link Jesusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; story to the struggle of our everyday life. Through its rich array of scripture passages, paintings, poetry, prayers, photographs and reflections, The Stations of the Cross â&#x20AC;&#x201C; then and now becomes a companion not only on our Lenten journey but throughout the year: suffering is not limited to one liturgical season. Whether we walk in solitude or with others, this book translates the passion of Jesus into our own life and times. Code: 1735 Price: ÂŁ12.95 ISBN: 9780852314722


Stations of the Cross - then and now - 3 CD Audio Book Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Th audio The di b bookk read db by Denis McBride and broadcaster Julie Etchingham contains the full text of the book and is accompanied by an illustrated booklet, containing all the pictures. Running time: approx 180 minutes. Code: 1741 Price: ÂŁ16.94 ISBN: 705632049006

A supplementary booklet of all the images used in Stations of the Cross - then and now to accompany the audio book when used for study groups is available. Bulk quantity discounts available. Please contact for more information. Code: 1742 Price: ÂŁ1.95 ISBN: 9780852314869

Stations of the Cross - then and now - DVD

'31-2+  7332

the one hour DVD presentation Denis McBride C.Ss.R. Due to unprecedented demand the fourteen Stations of the Cross have now been adapted for public use. In this DVD of the book, presented by Denis McBride, the voice and visuals open up new ways of thinking about Jesusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; journey. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never experienced the Stations of the Cross like this before; some of the images chosen may shock you but they will demonstrate how the passion story in all its savagery continues in our own time. The Gospel best comes alive when the story of Jesus resonates deeply within our heart and our personal experience. Let The Stations of the Cross â&#x20AC;&#x201C; then and now shine new light on your own journey and share the experience with your parish. Lasting about an hour, the DVD is ideal for use in DVD parishes, schools and groups. Code:1758 Price: ÂŁ9.95 EAN: 0705632049075

01420 88222

Stations of the Cross journeying with refugees Foreword by Raymond Friel In this powerful book the young people of St Gregoryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Catholic College reflect on the parallels between Jesusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; final journey and the harsh reality faced by refugees. Bringing deep humanity to the refugee crisis, this modern interpretation of the Stations of the Cross is ideal for use in schools, parishes and for personal reflection. Code: 1737 Price: ÂŁ1.95 ISBN: 9780852314739

47 01420 88805

Plan ahead Preparation for Lent Lent Extra 2018


This hugely popular A4 seasonal magazine and offers a mix of reflections and articles to help all ages prepare for Lent and Easter.

GSTMIWÂ&#x2020; GSTMIWÂ&#x2020; GSTMIWÂ&#x2020; GSTMIWÂ&#x2020;

With articles specifically commissioned by Redemptorist Publications on topical subject matters from highly regarded authors, Lent Extra is packed with information and ideas to help you deepen your Christian life.


Each edition includes a beautifully illustrated double-sided A3 pull-out sheet to engage and excite children during these important milestone events in the Christian calendar. A great addition to the preparations and celebrations within parishes and schools or a useful resource for personal reflection and preparation. Code: 1026 Price: ÂŁ2.25

Journeying with Jonah

Journeying with Jonah-2 CDs

the struggle to find yourself Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

In this book Fr Denis has chosen to explore the character of Jonah â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a somewhat unlikely hero. The prophet Jonah is a sympathetic partner, albeit a curious one, to help us review our lives. Although a believer in God, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the awful strangeness of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cchoices, hoice ces, particularly Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mercy; he grapples to find his true self purpose in life; he tries to flee from the presence of God; he aand an d pu pur i ang is gry when he finds that God is not angry but all-merciful. angry Jonah Jona Jo ah is offered to us as an unusual teacher â&#x20AC;&#x201C; awkward, reluctant, d di isobe bedi disobedient, opinionated, fearful, flighty: the prophet who remains sstubborn st ubbo ub orn to the end. But his story celebrates the beauty of the iindiscriminate in disc di scrrim mercy of God, a message for our time. The sto Th tor of Jonah is for anyone who is reflecting on their own life. story

In 2016 Fr Denis addressed the annual meeting of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) held in Dublin. His two lectures, about an hour each reflect on Journeying with Jonah: the struggle to find yourself. Jonah appears as someone who has emerged from among us: someone who has to struggle to find his true identity, someone who has to discover his direction in life, someone who has to allow his own outlook on life to be shaped by Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mercy. This is an ancient narrative that speaks '( gently to our own stories today.

Cod C Code: o e: 1581 158 Price: ÂŁ9.95 ISBN: ISB N: 978 9780852314388

Code:1747 Price: ÂŁ7.96 EAN: 0705632049044

Journeying with Jesus a companionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guide Denis McBride C.Ss.R.

48 01420 88222

Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side w w with our Lord during Lent, either iindividually or in small groups. We begin our journey in the W wilderness and finally sit with him w aat the table before accompanying him to the cross.The main purpose h of the book is to encourage the o rreader to think about Jesusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; jjourney and their own. How can tthe story of Jesus throw light on yyour own?

Journeying with Jesus a companionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s guide for groups Denis McBride C.Ss.R. A specially edited companion for group study. Ideal for those who meet regularly as well as Lenten study groups. ps. Code:1469 Price: ÂŁ4.95 ISBN: 9780852313596

C Code: 1467 Price: ÂŁ14.95 IISBN: 978082313589

01420 88805

Preparation for Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress We are delighted to publish Adoremus Extra, deepening our faith in the Eucharist, which will be available from Pentecost Sunday, 20 May 2018. This special publication is designed to offer dioceses, deaneries, parishes, schools and families an insight into the Eucharist.

Adoremus Extra deepening our faith in the Eucharist

Adoremus Extra will serve as a lasting resource for the study of the Eucharist at the heart of our Catholic faith. Contributions from well-known writers, thoughtful reflections and a dedicated children’s section will guide our Catholic communities’ journey from the Feast of Pentecost to the National Eucharistic Congress in September 2018 and beyond.

Adoremus Extra deepening our faith in the Eucharist Edited by Fr Denis McBride CSsR and Sr Janet Fearns FMDM

'31-2+  7332

Code: 1777 Price: £4.95 ISBN 9780852315118

Contributions from… Fr Raniero Cantalamessa OFM Cap Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB Fr Paul Mooney MHM Fr Denis McBride CSsR Fr Nicolas King SJ Dr Helen Costigane Sr Therese Garman SMP Cristina Gangemi Bishop Tom Williams Fr John Mulligan Ellen Teague Martin O’Brien Cecilia Skudder Fr Jim McManus CSsR Fr Ronnie McAinsh CSsR Dr Liam Waldron Fr Timothy Buckley CSsR Raymond Friel Rachel Thomson Sr Hyacinthe Defos du Rau OP Denise Cottrell Boyce Prof David Crysta Greg Watts Simon Hart Anne Dharmpaul Fr Denis Blackledge SJ Dame Mary Richardson Sr Janet Fearns FMDM Catherine Pepinister Melanie McDonagh Dr Adrian Treloar Catherine Pepinister Fr Norman Tanner SJ Jo Siedlecka Dr Lucy Russell David Wells Julian Filochowski John Toryusen Mary Bell

“Wow! That’s amazing! How did you get all those people to write for you?” The answer is relatively simple: A Eucharistic Congress celebrates Jesus, the most important person in their life! Adoremus Extra is aimed at those of us wishing to make a daily pilgrimage of prayer and understanding, whether or not we are able to take part in the national celebrations.

01420 88222

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Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Redemptorist Blog: Redemptorist Publications is a registered charity limited by guarantee. Charity no. 1058879. Company registered in England 3261721.

Advent and Christmas Catalogue 2017  

Welcome to our catalogue for Advent and Christmas 2017. We hope you’ll find it full of inspiring gifts and resources to guide you throughout...

Advent and Christmas Catalogue 2017  

Welcome to our catalogue for Advent and Christmas 2017. We hope you’ll find it full of inspiring gifts and resources to guide you throughout...