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Recruitment Marketing Awards

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eople are the most important part of every organisation. That is why it is vital to attract the best talent. Even in these times of high unemployment, employers are still recruiting, but while the volume of applications may have increased, many recruiters report that they sometimes struggle to find the right quality of applicants... and then to win their attention and commitment. This is where recruitment marketing comes in. Stunning and innovative recruitment promotions not only give an organisation a competitive edge by targeting the right candidates, they also deliver real business benefits — boosting the brand, improving staff retention and also loyalty. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) 2012 Recruitment Marketing Awards (RMAs), which include two new categories — best use of video and best in-house recruitment team — are now open for entries, and will recognise the exceptional creativity, originality and innovation of the best recruitment campaigns, advertisements and initiatives. A lot has changed since the RMAs were first launched in 1980, with this dynamic sector continually innovating and using an increasing variety of media. The awards have adapted to reflect the new and highly effective ways that both employers and recruitment marketing agencies now use to attract staff. Anthony Moran, head of marketing & client services development, Redactive Media Group, says: “Economic uncertainty, increasing unemployment levels and what seems like a new media platform launch every few months have all combined to make an interesting year. If you look at an agency’s current business model or financial make-up in comparison to 10 years ago, they are worlds apart. “It is truly survival of the fittest out there and the most adaptable seem to come out on top; the two things that remain a constant in their success are creativity and effectiveness.” The awards are divided into 11 creative categories and five effectiveness or business impact categories. All recognise original concepts and flair in their execution as well as the broader business benefits from effective recruitment practices. “Attracting the best people with the right skills is a constant challenge for organisations today, big and small. At the CIPD we greatly value the vital role played by recruitment marketers in building and sustaining employer brands, adding value to the business. And we strongly recognise the importance of the recruitment marketing industry to the success of HR,” says Vanessa Robinson, head of HR practice development at the CIPD. Natalie White, head of corporate marketing, CIPD, adds: “We are looking for the most effective and impactful examples of where agencies and organisations have pushed the boundaries to engage with their target audiences — which are increasingly on a global stage — and deliver results. “We are looking for recruitment campaigns that effectively connect with today’s business needs, delivering something that stands out and promotes the employer’s brand.”

Recognising the best: (left) last year’s RMA Grand Prix Award being given to Asda and its agency Work and peoplepeople Communications; (above) guests dining at the RMA event

■ To enter, visit Entry deadline is March 30. The awards will be held on July 11. Entries will be accepted from employers and agencies.

The most coveted awards in the recruitment marketing industry are now open for entry. The Recruitment Marketing Awards from the CIPD recognise outstanding creativity in job advertising. Niki Chesworth looks at why effective campaigns are so important The awards, which are given by the industry for the industry, are for: 1. Best art direction Rewarding originality, craftsmanship and aesthetic values. In this category judges will be looking for great concepts and intelligent use of photography or illustration and layout. 2. Best use of copywriting Any marketing that demonstrates engaging and original copy. The best entries in this category will have captured the imagination of candidates with intelligent and targeted writing. 3. Campaign of the year A series of work aimed at the same target audience over at least three different pieces of work. 4. Best press advertisement This category is for any single print advertisement, with the judges looking for cleverly-executed one-off ads. 5. Best graduate initiative Recognising recruitment activity aimed

at the graduate audience, this category attracts large campaigns that include brochures, on-campus activities, DVDs or a range of marketing materials. 6. Best outdoor campaign Recognising all work that has appeared out-of-home, such as ambient media, posters, campus events and outdoor installations. 7. Best digital solution Open to all recruitment work that makes use of digital media; so banners, email, interactive games and virtual environments are all included. 8. Best recruitment website Recognising the work that goes into producing creative but usable websites that engage employees. This category includes recruitment microsites, career portals and extranets. 9. Best internal recruitment communication The way any company speaks to its employees is key and this category

aims to find the best examples of that whether they be internal recruitment ads, induction programmes, referral schemes or intranets. 10. Best use of social media Open to all recruitment work that makes use of social/professional networking media, this category considers the interaction with potential candidates, raising an employer’s brand and the impact made through a creative use of social media. 11. Best use of video This new category recognises the best examples of video production and direction. Whether it is for internal purposes, to drive recruitment, to promote an employer’s brand or to communicate with existing staff, the judges are looking for the industry’s finest video execution. 12. Best employer brand initiative A well-executed employer brand can make a profound difference to an

GRAND PRIX AWARD for ‘the best of the best’ At the awards ceremony on July 11, an overall winner — the best of the best — will win the Grand Prix Award. This will be presented to the category winner that the judges feel has produced the most outstanding recruitment marketing activity of the past year. Last year’s winner of this award was Asda with its agency Work and peoplepeople Communications, which drew on the retailer’s “pocket

tapping” brand image for its recruitment marketing and employee brand management. The judges were impressed that Asda’s labour turnover was the lowest across the grocery sector, that direct sourcing fills 85 per cent of its vacancies, that 40 per cent of all roles are filled internally and the cost per hire had fallen by more than 50 per cent on two years previously.

“The results are compelling,” said judge Emma Hardaker-Jones. Natalie White, of CIPD, adds: “The 2012 RMA awards is another chance for those working in recruitment marketing to be recognised for creating and delivering results such as these and for excellence and professionalism in recruitment marketing. We are expecting another year of outstanding entries.”

employer’s recruitment and retention. The creation of an effective employer brand poses many challenges. Therefore, in addition to creativity, the judges will be looking for work that impacts the whole employee lifecycle, from profile raising and attraction to onboarding and engagement. Evidence of this thinking, strategy and execution behind the brand will be required. 13. Recruitment effectiveness This award recognises well-planned, well-designed and well-executed work that has helped companies to achieve their talent acquisition goals. Measurable evidence of how the strategy and execution met the brief and its objectives will be required. 14. Best diversity initiative This award recognises advertisements, campaigns or initiatives that have successfully attracted or retained talent from diverse or under-represented backgrounds. Submissions should show clear evidence of the promotion’s performance against objectives. Such evidence could consist of raised awareness of diversity policies, internal opinion surveys, candidate response rates and ongoing initiatives that drive awareness of diversity and meet your objectives. 15. Best in-house recruitment team This new award is open to all recruitment marketing initiatives created, managed and delivered by an in-house team. Judges will be looking for an effective recruitment campaign, in print or digital. 16. Agency of the year This award will be presented to the recruitment marketing agency that can best illustrate: an understanding of its clients’ needs; evidence of successful client relationships; creativity and innovation; measurable successes; its ability to operate in line with best practice and equal opportunities.

RMAs in the news!  

RMAs in the news!