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The RCSLT Impact Report 2010/2011

The Trustees’ Report and abbreviated accounts will be included with your September Bulletin

September 2010 |

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RCSLT Impact Report 2009-2010


18/8/11 12:44:50

Dr Hazel

Roddam Message from the RCSLT Chair


s we anticipated, this past year has been one of serious and significant challenges to our profession. Across the public sector the austerity measures have begun to bite deeply and we have all felt these effects keenly. The RCSLT has committed enormous resources, energy, creativity and determination to address these challenges. Our strategic planning is undertaken through the strong partnership working between the elected representative members, our highlyexperienced chief executive officer and the directors. There has been an enormous volume of work undertaken and delivered by all the staff, with an unprecedented number of RCSLT-led events taking place for members around all the four UK countries. We know these opportunities for members to

meet RCSLT staff are very highly valued. It has been good to see the exceptionally high level of responsiveness and engagement by members. Our study day in October 2010 focused on supporting members to present the added value of our services within the framework of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention agenda. The RCSLT’s Matrix Report, published in December, and the additional sections in the Resource Manual for Commissioning and Planning Services have also provided high-quality materials

to support us all to engage with our stakeholders and commissioners. In the context of these ongoing challenges it is also appropriate for us to celebrate some considerable achievements. The launch of our Giving Voice campaign has afforded us an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness with the public about our work, as well as adding a dynamic focus to our political messaging. The campaign has already achieved a significant impact and has empowered and equipped many members to become champions for the profession in their own local settings. Our leadership training initiative is now well underway and will help to better equip us as a profession to engage with the

“In the context of these ongoing challenges it is also appropriate for us to celebrate some considerable achievements”

commissioners of our services. I wish to pay tribute to the dedicated and consistent commitment and contributions from all the members who have worked over the past year in a wide range of roles on council, boards, working groups and as specialist advisers. In particular, I have been deeply impressed and appreciative to see how many members have responded to work more directly with College for the first time, in spite of increasing pressures on everyone’s workloads. I would also most particularly like to thank all those who have assisted us with their unique and invaluable knowledge, skills and expertise when the RCSLT has responded to increasingly frequent calls for responses to policy consultations at government level. Our thanks are also due to the active ongoing support of our royal patron, our president and vicepresidents, which is very much appreciated. ■

RCSLT membership (year-end March) 2011












UK non-practising members







Retired members







Overseas members







Student members







Associate members







Total membership







UK practising members


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

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September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:45:47


Gadhok Message from the RCSLT CEO


his past year has seen significant changes as a result of elections across the UK along with pressures on public sector services with the impact of austerity measures. In response to these challenges, the RCSLT Council agreed to fund the Giving Voice Campaign. Giving Voice aims to help speech and language therapy services demonstrate their unique value to national and local decision makers, while showing evidence of efficiency and value for money. To this end, the RCSLT has been working hard to position the speech and language therapy profession and people with speech, language, communication and swallowing needs within political debates, policy discussions and consultations. I would like to thank RCSLT members, staff and our partner organisations who have worked tirelessly to support this work. This impact report highlights some key events and achievements as a

result. This includes the study published by Matrix Evidence, on behalf of the RCSLT, evaluating the economic value of speech and language therapy to the NHS, our wider public finances, and the economy. The film, The King’s Speech, provided us with an invaluable opportunity to get speech and language therapists into mainstream media. Key achievements include blanket national media coverage in national newspapers, online, on the radio and in key trade titles. The campaign has also been a landmark for the RCSLT’s launch into social media, with the creation of a Facebook page, Twitter profiles and a dedicated YouTube channel. These social media outlets have proved to be a vital resource in communicating with the membership and interacting with partner organisations. As platforms for discussion and information, they are growing formidably and will continue to be the first point of reference for many members.

“Giving Voice aims to help speech and language therapy services demonstrate their unique value to national and local decision makers”

September 2011 |

02-03_Chair_message.indd 3

The Giving Voice campaign has provided us with a springboard for closer member engagement, with the RCSLT on track to having 350 local Giving Voice champions by the end of March 2011. We have already started to build on this with other activity, including the initiation of leadership training and local meetings on the resources available to support members across all their activities. Making links between our policy activity and our professional development work is also beginning to emerge as an essential focus for the future. Work has begun on our criminal justice campaign, to produce products to support our members (and others in the justice sector) to run in parallel with and maximise the impact of our policy activity. Supporting our members with continuing professional development activity continues to be a central part of our work. We launched our first interactive e-learning course in October 2010. ‘Working with Bilingual Children’ is an exclusive membership benefit that has received excellent feedback and had been accessed approximately 2,500 times to end of March. This has been a year of many landmarks and a year when the RCSLT set in motion a new approach to supporting our members. I would ask you to continue to work with us so that together we can keep riding the tide of change. ■



RCSLT Facebook members – (increase from 127 on 1/4/10)


YouTube upload views on com/givingvoiceuk


RCSLT Twitter followers (increase from 89 on 1/4/10)

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:45:53

2010 -2011

1 APRIL 2010 RCSLT begins two-year campaign to support services in the face of increasing financial pressures. Launch of survey to gather information and examples from services around the UK.

The year at a glance In this report, we look back at the RCSLT’s main activity and the impact it has had over the year running from April 2010 to the end of March 2011


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

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1 APRIL 2010 Redesigned Bulletin magazine launches plus revamped jobs section on RCSLT website. Visit:

APRIL 2010

“Interesting, informative with innovative presentations. If you’re an SLT student you should go!” - student delegate


RCSLT National Student Study Day Presentations include children’s services and parental involvement, multi-sensory prompts for communication for people who have a learning disability with dementia, and robots as social aides for children with autism spectrum disorders.

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:51:16


MAY 2010 RCSLT produces new publications for members and for commissioners of services:

‘How to improve engagement with young people who offend, by addressing their communication difficulties’

‘Adult Learning Disabilities Position Paper’

RCSLT delivers joint seminar with Bradford Youth Offending Team manager at NACRO conference.

RCSLT position paper identifies the role of SLTs in adult learning disability across the UK and defines best practice within the context of national policy frameworks. Visit:


‘Sink or Swim: Dealing effectively with powerful but challenging people – and keeping your sanity’ RCSLT Scottish SLT Managers’ Network hosts study day on leadership to support managers in dealing with the challenges in the NHS.

‘RCSLT Manual for Commissioning and Planning Services for Speech, Language and Communication Needs’ RCSLT releases four new sections: brain injury; deafness; head and neck cancer; and mental health. Visit:

MAY 2010 APRIL 2010 RCSLT launches Continuing Professional Development Framework for SLTs and SLTAs. Aims to inform members about CPD choices and help professionals to plan career development. Visit:

JUNE 2010

‘Guidelines for preregistration speech and language therapy courses in the UK’ Visit:

‘Quality standards for local authorities and schools as commissioners of speech and language therapy services’ r Visit: t: http://tinyu

2 JUNE 2010

RCSL reveals RCSLT results of A April survey MAY 2010 RCSLT PR Manager Robin Matheou joins the Communications Team to bolster the RCSLT’s campaign coverage in the media.

September 2011 |

04-12_Events.indd 5

140 services rrespond. Key findings include: 1105 services facing budget cuts cut from 2009 levels; a third will have to reduce services because of financial pressures; 80 services say changes to skill mix will damage the services they offer.

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:51:25

2 JUNE 2010 RCSLT Bulletin launches new evidence-based practice series, authored by Helen Stringer.

JUNE 2010 Neil Ingham joins the RCSLT in Wales as policy officer, boosting the RCSLT team to three staff members.

RC CE SLT cam ce ca paig guag mpaig n n ai ec e th m


Provides training to RCSLT advisers, who represent SLTs’ issues and influence the development of Government and local policies affecting the profession and people who need support with their communication or swallowing.

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s to h, la erap ies, ngua y mak demon ge es an st spee d the and co a diff rate ho er pact ch an wider mmun ence w so d to ic it s vi has. langua ciety. ation tal W G serv iving ge ther e We Vo ice apy ne is co ice w is un ed yo st-e ill al so ffec tran dersta u to tive bene sform nding join us u fitte ing liv of th in ou able d fr e ro r ca prog to orga om es. Hav mpa le a mes therap e yo of spee ign to peop rammes nise se sage yy? C u or ch am le im of with who care less to m an yo a fam therap prove W ily y u and their co need su for ore valu rite a peophelp sp mem in e of letter soci swallo mmun ppor t your read ber le? to yo You co icat al ca wing. Uplo trus u uld: loca this re tr ur Hea ion ts ad l sp loca shar a vid choo , local usts, ac lth and eech l pol au ing eo ls ut and iitician your mes rvic and pr thoriti e s, ex lan es m sa ng obat es, st uage pla ther ory of ge of ust e cl (tten wor ion ap os th ining ho su de ely toge k wor d a loca y transf w sp pport to erapy the acce se k of th orm eecch ngua ss to er to yourl event ed yo and our web rvice OF ROYAL COLLEGE ge th spee loca to Än ur lif lang site ess LANGUAGE SPEECH erap ch l sp d ou uage , e of The THERAPISTS eech t m re pe when y, RC ore ther o ople abou S ap p L rov T’s seek y se t th


RCSLT Advisers’ Day

Speech and y language therap


AUGUST 2010 RCSLT National Coordinator for Local Campaigns Ele Ramsey starts in post Ele begins development of Giving Voice ‘champions’ and coordinates production of campaign toolkit.

c rvic es langhamp ides anGiving uag ion th ide Voic ec e ro al pla [OL e thera atf le tf am ILZ Anne [^P[ pists a of speorm to paign Milt ech O[O nd on MP, I PZ a Pa nd JHT wis i Stat rliam e fo en WHPN h you r Pu tary all blic Unde U He r


to fin



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Secr etar

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e ca nal Cont mpa Co ac Em ordina t: El ign e Ra ail: or Te ele.rator for mse l: 02 mse Loca y 07 y@rc l Cam 378 slt.o pa 3003 rg igns .



JULY 2010






of 2 Tel: White Sp ee 02 Ha ch

07 Cha 378 rd Yard, an d rity Com No. 1200 Lo La ng pan 273 nd ua y Reg 724 Visit: on SE ge istr | Sco atio ttis ww 1 1N Th er ap n: 518 h Reg w.rcs X ists 34 4 istered lt.o | VAT rg Cha : 821 rity rit 82 160 No. SC0 2 77 411 91 |

AUGUST 2010 Giving Voice

Speech and Language Therapy transforms lives

1 AUGUST 2010

RCSLT introduces Giving Voice campaign

1 JULY 2010

‘Engaging for their futures and our society’ Children’s Communication Coalition launches first report at Houses of Parliament. Details the need for early intervention for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. RCSLT England Policy Officer Jane Mackenzie chairs coalition, which comprises the RCSLT, the Prison Reform Trust, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and the Association of Youth Offending Team Managers.


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

04-12_Events.indd 6

Campaign will run until the end of 2011 and is based around four key messages: ■ SLTs are specialists who enable people to develop or regain vital communication and swallowing skills. ■ Problems with speech and language imprison the individual, and severely limit their participation in family life, the community, education and the world of work. ■ Tackling communication and swallowing problems reduces avoidable costs and waste in the NHS, local authorities, schools, the criminal justice system and the wider economy. ■ Urgent changes are needed to support timely access to speech and language therapy for those who need it.

Actor, writer and director Gerda Stevenson delivers the keynote address in Perth

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:51:37


‘Mobilising for collaborative working in the health service’ RCSLT hosts pioneering local influencing event. Combines day of training for SLTs and allied health professional colleagues with a networking dinner with local decision-makers.


RCSLT Honours Ceremony Celebrates outstanding achievements by RCSLT members and others in the field of speech and language therapy.

OCTOBER 2010 RCSLT Wales Policy Team begins meeting with representatives of all four political parties to influence election manifestos.


‘Pathways to the future; Working smarter along the clients’ journey’ RCSLT Scotland members’ day includes presentations on new ways of working.

1 OCTOBER 2010 RCSLT launches its first e-learning tool – for members working with bilingual populations. Visit:

“I find the RCSLT’s approach to these difficult times supportive, thoughtful t and wide ranging” - delegate


‘I can, you can, we can’ Northern Ireland roadshow engages members across the country.

“Very impressed with the RCSLT and will read my Bulletin/view the RCSLT website with renewed vigour” - RCSLT member

or rs Perth

September 2011 |

04-12_Events.indd 7

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:51:51

Kamini Gadhok addresses the Edinburgh delegates

20 OCTOBER 2010 RCSLT launches the Giving Voice campaign to Northern Ireland politicians.

“Good to hold a event in an actu prison – made it seem more real a relevant” - participant


‘Effectiveness and efficiency – Innovation in speech and language therapy’ RCSLT AGM and annual study day includes session exploring more effective ways of working for the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention framework. Speakers include Mike Inglis, governor of Polmont Young Offenders Insitute, and Paul Carding, Professor of Voice Pathology, University Medical School, Newcastle and Freeman Hospital.

“Very enjoyable and informative event. RCSLT proves that it is in touch with members’ needs and concerns and can respond with support”


‘Locked up and locked out: Communication is the key’ RCSLT looks at the link between young offenders and communication in Scotland.

- delegate



Dr Alison Stroud and Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister for Wales

28 OCTOBER 2010 Scottish Parliament debates the communication needs of young offenders. Willie Coffey, SNP MSP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, repeats RCSLT call for a whole-system response to the communication support needs of young offenders.

“Speech, language and communication skills are the bedrock of learning” - Minister for Children and Families Sarah Teather

14 OCTOBER 2010 RCSLT launches Wales justice coalition report, ‘Speaking out for young people with speech, language and communication needs within the justice pathway’ at the Welsh Assembly.


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

04-12_Events.indd 8

3 NOVEMBER 2010 RCSLT influences Westminster Hall debate on speech and language therapy services for children. Conservative MP Paul Maynard secures the debate, with support from RCSLT England Policy Officer Jane Mackenzie. MPs acknowledge work of SLTs, raise issue of the shortage of SLTs in schools and highlight the work of the RCSLT.

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:52:00

Far left: NI Assembly Speaker William Hay meets SLT Jacqueline Poque (right) while Cara Mc Gerrigan demonstrates her communication aid Left: Gareth Gates enjoys the Giving Voice launch with Joe Ward and his mum

d an ctual e it all al and ” 30 NOVEMBER 2010, LONDON, BELFAST, CARDIFF

Giving Voice campaign launch 1 Campaign kicks off with special preview screenings of ‘The King’s Speech’. In London, the Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, celebrities Eddie Kidd, Gareth Gates and Mark Logue (grandson of Lionel Logue) attend. In Cardiff, a third of the Welsh Assembly members fill in speech bubbles in support of the campaign. In Belfast, dozens of MLAs, including NI Assembly speaker William Hay, Health Committee Chair Jim Wells and Finance Minister Sammy Wilson, fill in speech bubbles in support of Giving Voice.




DECEMBER 2010 RCSLT launches policy statements ‘SLTs working in consultant roles’ and ‘Clinical responsibility around delegation and the provision of training to the wider workforce’. Visit:



‘Working with bilingual children and their families’ Bilingual study day led by Dr Carol Stow, with Professor Virginia Gathercole and Dr Rob Mayr.

Giving Voice

Giving Voice campaign launch 2 Culminates with a showing of ‘The King’s Speech’. MSPs, SLTs and service users brave worst weather conditions in 40 years to attend launch.

“The practical scenarios encouraged reflective thinking and reinforced best practice” - Catrin Edge, Advanced Specialist SLT

September 2011 |

04-12_Events.indd 9

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:52:13

10 FEBRUARY 2011

RCSLT minor grants

DECEMBER 2010, UK-WIDE Ele Ramsey begins Giving Voice training. Scheduled to take place from December 2010 into summer 2011, sessions aim to train SLTs and SLTAs to become ‘Giving Voice Champions’ and take the campaign forward at a local level.

19 JANUARY 2011 Health and Social Care Bill introduced to Parliament. RCSLT analyses proposed legislation. Produces briefing for MPs for the second reading of the Bill to highlight our key concerns and amendments.

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011, THROUGHOUT WALES RCSLT Wales Policy team hosts breakfast meetings at all four party political conferences.

1 FEBRUARY 2011 RCSLT Professional Development Liaison Manager Creek Wier joins Professional Development Team. Creek begins delivery of leadership and business skills training across the UK.



RCSLT Matrix report ‘An economic evaluation of speech and language therapy’ Looks at four of the most common conditions treated by SLTs: stroke survivors having difficulty with communication and difficulty with swallowing; children with speech and language impairment; and children with autism. Demonstrates economic benefits that speech and language therapy provision can deliver. Visit:


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

04-12_Events.indd 10

Final round of applications for RCSLT minor grant applications closes for 2010-2011. The RCSLT makes £9,000 available each year to members, in the form of minor grants up to £500, to assist SLTs in their CPD. For example, SLT Clare Mander received funding to attend a conference in Rome.

“Presenting at this conference gave me a new vigour to complete my PhD study, and to continue to share the findings of my research and clinical practice in the future” - Clare Mander


8 FEBRUARY 2011, CARDIFF RCSLT Wales Policy Office hosts special screening of ‘The King’s Speech’ for members and politicians at the Chapter Arts Centre as part of Giving Voice campaign.

21 FEBRUARY 2011, CARDIFF Carwyn Jones, Wales’ First Minister, opens new RCSLT Cardiff office. Addressing guests, he says, “I welcome the commitment the RCSLT has shown to Wales through the opening of this office. I look forward to continued collaboration with the RCSLT in the areas of health, education and social justice.”

24 FEBRUARY 2011 RCSLT Scotland Councillor Moira Little and Policy Officer Kim Hartley represent RCSLT at Holyrood reception for MSPs, as part of Allied Health Professions’ Week in Scotland.

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:52:31

MARCH 2011 AND ONGOING, UK-WIDE Giving Voice Champion training continues across the country. Three hundred and fifty champions trained by end of March.

MARCH 2011 Health and Social Care Bill enters the Committee Stage for detailed examination and amendment. RCSLT produces briefing for committee members to highlight our key amendments. RCSLT submits formal written evidence to the Bill Committee.

1 MARCH 2011 RCSLT holds membership fees at 2010 rates. tes.


‘Communication across the boundaries’ First joint RCSLT/Department of Education Northern Ireland conference examines ways of improving collaborative practice in Northern Ireland’s schools.

21 MARCH 2011, WESTMINSTER All Party Parliamentary Groups on Speech and Language Difficulties and Learning Disability hold joint meeting regarding SEN Green Paper, with Children’s Minister Sarah Teather MP as the keynote speaker. APPGs are supported by RCSLT and Mencap respectively.


‘Improving Services for Children and Young People’

8 MARCH 2011 RCSLT provides briefing for MPs prior to Westminster Hall debate on the treatment of young offenders in the justice system. Debate highlights the need for increased involvement of SLTs to meet the high level of speech, language and communication needs of young offenders in the justice pathway.

9 MARCH 2011 RCSLT coordinates member feedback to form response to Green Paper consultation document ‘Support and Aspiration: A new approach to special educational need and disability’ (SEN Green Paper).

September 2011 |

04-12_Events.indd 11

Launch of Speech, Language and Communication Therapy Action Plan in Northern Ireland. Produced through collaboration between RCSLT, the health and social care sector, the Department of Education and the NI Prison Service and Youth Justice Agency.

9 MARCH 2011, SWANSEA As part of the Giving Voice Campaign, RCSLT patron HRH The Countess of Wessex visits Pentrehafod School, a specialist unit for children with speech, language and communication needs, with RCSLT CEO Kamini Gadhok.

“We are absolutely thrilled Her Royal Highness is supporting our campaign” - Kamini Gadhok

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:52:54


RCSLT Leadership and Business Management Training Two-day programme to help SLTs market their services to commissioners and give them the confidence to take on leadership and business planning roles. Training programme will continue around the UK, with sessions scheduled for Newcastle, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.



290 41 249 14%


campaign voice communication

support therapy



“We just don’t really get training like this when we are doing our clinical training”







article children morning chief

rcslt facebook join

help king’s language read awareness

Kamini bulletin

slts therapists

royal college

- Specialist SLT Tamsin Rycroft

MARCH 2011 30 MARCH 2011 RCSLT briefs MPs prior to Westminster Hall debate on provision for children with special educational needs. Debate participants discuss importance of SLTs as part of the SEN system.





(increase from 89 on 1/4/10)

(increase from 64 on 1/4/10)


RCSLT members can win £50 worth of Marks and Spencer tokens by correctly answering the following questions: i 1. What is the name of the campaign launched by the RCSLT at the end of November/beginning of December 2010? 2. The campaign kicked off with special preview screenings of which Oscar-winning film? 31 MARCH 2011, LONDON

‘Fit for retirement’ RCSLT jointly hosts event (with Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and College of Occupational Therapists) for retired members and those approaching retirement: looking at ideas on creating a new lifestyle, money management, learning new skills and making use of current ones.


RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

04-12_Events.indd 12

3. Who started in post at the RCSLT in August 2010 and what is her job title? 4. In which month did the RCSLT publish the Matrix report ‘An economic evaluation of speech and language therapy’? 5. Who visited Pentrehafod School speech and language specialist teaching facility, in Swansea in March 2011? *Two correct entries will be drawn at random on 1 November 2011. Winners will be notified by post. Send your entries (including your RCSLT membership number) to: RCSLT Annual Report Competition, 2 White Hart Yard, London SE1 1NX. Entries close 31 October 2011. Only one entry per member.

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:53:20

RCSLT media coverage 2010-2011


he RCSLT used its Giving Voice campaign during 2010-2011 to generate a wealth of media coverage to support its key message that, ‘speech and language therapy transforms lives’. Taking the number of column inches we gained into consideration, and the amount it would cost to advertise in this space, the print media coverage alone was worth more than £600,000. Add the extensive coverage we gained online and the audience for our message reached into millions. The Oscar winning film, The King’s Speech – about the relationship between King George VI and his speech therapist Lionel Logue (one of the founders of the College) – proved to be an effective and welcome catalyst for a flurry of media activity. Initially this concentrated on issues around stammering, but as the Giving Voice campaign progressed and RCSLT PR Manager Robin Matheou got into her stride, the coverage opened out to discuss wider aspects of speech and language therapy and the effects of threatened cuts to speech and language therapy services. For example, The Times published a full-page article on 26 October about one of Lionel Logue’s surviving

patients. The piece featured advice on stammering from RCSLT member Dr Rosemary Hayhow. The Sun, not usually a successful forum for speech and language therapy news, featured a double-page spread on 2 December on the work of SLT Clare McLaughlin. The piece described how Clare helped 21-year-old James Gallagher to regain his speech after a serious head injury. The Independent also ran a two-page article on 18 December highlighting the Giving Voice campaign and outling the threats to speech and language therapy services from proposed budget cuts. York newspaper, The Press, quoted the RCSLT’s Giving Voice campaign, and particularly our Matrix Report on the economic benefits of speech and language therapy, when it focused on the work of local therapist Lucy Lowson. On 17 January, The Guardian used The King’s Speech to highlight the effectiveness of speech and language therapy, while at the same

time warning of the effects of cuts on children who stammer. In early February, The Guardian and Observer newspapers featured the stark warning from Lionel Logue’s grandson, Mark Logue, that spending cuts would threaten the £765 million legacy of speech and language therapy – a figure derived from the RCSLT’s Matrix report. On 17 February, The Evening Standard threw its weight behind our cause when it reported on threats to speech and language therapy services in Southwark and across London. Even satirical magazine Private Eye reported on the cruel irony that The King’s Speech was picking up a fistful of film awards at a time when, ‘speech therapy for everyone, from stammerers to stroke

victims, is being cut back across the UK’. Another double-page spread on 11 March, this time in the Daily Mirror as part of its ‘Cutswatch’ campaign. The topic was the plight of six-year-old Nottingham boy, Dylan, who has autism. The article discussed the devastating effect that the closure of local speech and language therapy services would have on Dylan and his family, and highlighted the RCSLT’s Giving Voice campaign calls. The Giving Voice campaign has also been successful in empowering local champions to engage with the media. The web pages and RCSLT are packed with excellent examples of the coverage members obtained in local and regional press and radio outlets for their campaigning activities. ■

“The print media coverage alone was worth more than £600,000 in advertising” September 2011 |

13_Media_stats.indd 13

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:53:59

RCSLT governance and management structures RCSLT HQ To implement the strategy of the council and boards, ensure corporate management of HQ and provide secretariat support to boards, committees and council

Country Councillors Chair Dr Hazel Roddam

Deputy chair Bryony Simpson

(from October 2010)

To develop and maintain communication networks, to reflect members’ interests

(from October 2010)

Mary Turnbull

Dr Hazel Roddam

(until October 2010)

(until October 2010)

England: vacant

Council To define the strategic direction for the profession and provide professional leadership to implement this strategy. All boards and committees report to council

Professional Development and Standards Board To ensure professional development at the level of the individual, service and profession, including research and development

Chair Ruth Nieuwenhuis

Councillor for Research and Development Dr Jan Broomfield

Membership and Communication Board

Financial and Organisational Resources Board To oversee all financial aspects of RCSLT activity to ensure shortand long-term financial viability

Chair Ann Whitehorn (from October 2010)

Margaret Singer (until October 2010)

Ireland Heather Crawford

Management Board

Policy and Public Affairs Board

To provide leadership for managers and professional advice

To provide membership governance on policy and partnership issues

Chair Bryony Simpson

Chair Marie Gascoigne

(until October 2010) vacant (from October 2010)

2010) vacant (from October 2010)

To provide guidance in relation to membership matters and communication with members

Chair (until October Ashleigh Denman

Scotland Moira Little

Wales Janice Lavelle

ASLTIP representative Mary Hampton

(from October 2010)

(from October 2010)

Debby Rossiter

Lay member Nikki Richardson

(until October 2010)

(from March 2011)

Lisa Collins (until 15 Dec 2010) 14

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011

14-15_Structure.indd 14

September 2011 |

18/8/11 12:54:32

RCSLT staff structure chart PA to CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Jo Offen

Kamini Gadhok

Director of Membership and Communication

Director of Policy and Partnership

Director of Professional Development

Director of Performance and Contracts

Richard Guy

Nick Smith (until May 2010) Alison McCullough (from May

Sharon Woolf

Brian Gopsill

Professional Development Standards Manager

Financial Controller

Post renamed autumn 2010

Director of Policy and Public affairs

Rubana Mir

2010 until November 2010)

Membership Manager Sharon Tucker Customer Service Officers Manjula Rathod, Jo Blundell, Tashika Hinds

Derek Munn (from November 2010)

Events and Marketing Manager Country Policy Officers

Marketing and Communications Officer


Communications Manager Steven Harulow Public Relations Manager

Finance Officer Professional Development Services Manager

Vasa Ravendradas

Dominique Lowenthal

Finance Assistant

Professional Development Liaison Manager

(until March 2010)

Creek Wier (from February 2011)

Office Manager

Balbir Mann

Sarah Smithers

Digna Bankovska

Alfred Hanson

Bridget Ramsay

Jane Mackenzie Scotland

Administrative Officer

Kim Hartley

Karen Buckley


Facilities Management Support Assistant

Alison Stroud (seconded)

Hollie Donovan

Robin Matheou (from May 2010) Northern Ireland Deputy Editor Grace McCann (until November 2010), Susan Fairbrother (from March 2011)

Alison McCullough National Coordinator for Local Campaigns Ele Ramsey (from August 2010)

Communications Officer Sharon Christopher

Policy Officers

PA to Scotland CPO

Claire Moser, Neil Ingham

Mary McFarlane

Interim Communications Officer

(from June 2010), Sarah Keegan (until August 2010), Nick Jeffs (interim from September 2010)


Garth Turner (until June 2010), Giles Davy (from July until October 2010 and from February 2011), Nick Brooks (from November 2010 to January 2011)

September 2011 |

14-15_Structure.indd 15

Janet Webber Policy Team Administrative Assistant

PA to Wales CPO

Vicky Rosser

Linda Nash

RCSLT Impact Report 2010-2011


18/8/11 12:54:41


Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists 2 White Hart Yard, London SE1 1NX Telephone: 020 7378 1200

Download further copies of this impact report at: Registered Company No. 518344, Registered Charity No. 273724, Scottish Charity No. SC041191 Designed by: Carrie Bremner. Cover illustration by: Steven Bonner. Photography by: Geoff Wilson, Rex Features, Momentum Pictures and iStock. Printed by Pensord Press Ltd. Š RCSLT, September 2011 September 2010 |

16_OBC.indd 1

RCSLT Impact Report 2009-2010


18/8/11 12:55:12

RCSLT Impact Report 2011  

Annual report for RCSLT members

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