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Rec Spring 2011


HOWDY! Due to the generosity of our former student staff, former sport club members, and current friends of the Department of Recreational Sports, amazing opportunities are available to current and future Aggies. Living up to our mission, new intramural/sport club synthetic fields are currently being built at the newly renamed Penberthy Rec Sports Complex. Along with the field renovations, we are also adding a support building with an attached pavilion. The new additions should be operational in the fall of 2011. The number of current Student Staff Scholarships has increased this year to four $1,000 awards for the 2011-2012 academic year. Sport Club Scholarship numbers have also increased due to the hard work of current club officers and donations of former club members. With the continued support of former club members, our goal is to establish endowments for each Sport Club over the next five years. The mission of the Department of Recreational Sports, along with our core values, has guided our students in their pursuits of personal development. If you are interested in supporting any aspect of the Department, your donation will be used to continue the development of students at Texas A&M University. I would like to encourage all former student staff and sport club members to reflect back on their time at Texas A&M. Now, you have the opportunity to provide support to the next generation of Aggies in their educational and recreational endeavors. No donation is too small and all are gratefully appreciated. Fall 2011 is just around the corner. Remember to join us for home football game tailgates. We are set up in front of the Student Rec Center. Also, don’t forget to save the date of October 15, 2011 for the Rec Sports Reunion. Thanks and Gig’ Em,

James Welford Associate Director, Development Department of Recreational Sports Texas A&M University

contents SERVICE












Communications Intern and Project Manager - Jessica Menton Graphic Artist - Anna Eubank Communications Coordinator - Kelly VonDrehle Marketing Director - Michelle Briggs Director of Development - James Welford



former student spotlight David Chovanec DAVID CHOVANEC is the President and owner of Diamondback and in addition took hourly counts of personnel in facilities. Probably Works, LP, a construction company that specializes in heavy industrial the most important duty at the end of the day was making sure all construction located in La Porte, Texas. Diamondback Works has been facilities were secured for the night. “I own a Construction Company in business since 2000, with a concentration on structural concrete, that averages Sales of $8 to $10 million per year. I have upwards of sixty process piping, steel erection, to seventy employees. We do work building design and construction in Petroleum Chemical Facilities in addition to performing its work where guidelines for performing inside of Petroleum Chemical work are very stringent, both in Plants in Texas and Louisiana. quality and safety. Being continually organized and maintaining stringent In 1982, Chovanec started schedules are part of our daily working for the Department of operations” said Chovanec. Recreational Sports as a facility receptionist during the spring The Department of Recreational semester of his freshman year. At Sports continues to build leaders that time, everything was done through its core values and manually. If anything was checked recognizes that the service students out, forms had to be filled out and contribute now will help them in the filed until items were returned. future. “My role as a Supervisor at “The working atmosphere was very A&M when working for Rec Sports energetic and everyone got along was my first opportunity to be given with each other. Now that I look a ‘true’ responsibility in the work back, I realize that working for Rec place. I have carried a very strong Sports was the best job a student work ethic most all of my life and could have along with flexible hours having that is very important in LEFT TO RIGHT: DAVID CHOVANEC ‘85, CARA CHOVANEC, AVA and great bosses” said Chovanec. order to own your own business. CHOVANEC, AND MARY CHOVANEC The work day does not end at During Chovanec’s junior year, 5:00pm each day. The responsibility he was promoted to supervisor where he was responsible for overseeing shift schedules and facilities of owning one’s own business never stops. Having been given the trust such as East Kyle, DeWare Fieldhouse, G. Rollie and the tennis courts. during my college years to carry responsibility through my employment Chovanec also had the duty of handling un-cooperative students, staff with Rec Sports had aided me 26 years later” said Chovanec. and visitors who did not have the proper identification to use facilities

men’s soccer club fundraiser Danny C. Kenney Memorial Golf Tournament The Danny C. Kenney Memorial Golf Tournament is an annual fundraiser held each fall that supplements the Daniel C. Kenney endowment fund for the Texas A&M Men’s Soccer Club. Daniel Charles Kenney enrolled at Texas A&M University in 1988. Throughout his enrollment, Kenney earned a position as a defender on the Texas A&M Men’s Soccer Club which he held until graduation in 1993. After a tough fight with brain cancer, his passing in September of 1999 was felt by all of those who knew him. Kenny will forever be remembered for his unwavering support and love for Texas A&M University and the friendships he cultivated throughout his time on the Texas A&M Men’s Soccer Club Team. In 2000, Danny’s Danny s friends and family created the first Danny C. Kenney Memorial Golf Tournament and endowment fund in his memory. Today, the fund is used to provide scholarships to current players on the Men’s Soccer Club. Since 2003, $42,500 has been awarded to scholarship recipients.


As the endowment grows, not only will it will continue to provide scholarships, but will fund additional Sport Clubs needs. The Department of Recreational Sports would like to congratulate the following recipients of the Danny Kenney Memorial Scholarship for the 2011-2012 year: • • • • •

Lucas Dyer Kyle Friedman Michael McCarroll Alfredo Ramos Daniel Wetesnik

Next Fall, the tournament will be held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2011, the same weekend Texas A&M’s football team will face Baylor. The tournament will also be the same weekend as the Rec Sports Reunion and the department encourages more alumni to get involved. For more information contact JAMES WELFORD at JWELFORD@REC.TAMU.EDU.


Thanks for Everything GINA STEVENER The Department of Recreational Sports would like to thank Gina Stevener for her long standing commitment and service to Texas A&M University. Before joining Rec Sports as business coordinator II in 1998, Stevener previously worked for the Department of Animal Science for over twenty years. Stevener was an impact daily, not only for her impeccable work ethic, but also for her special ability to connect and bond with co-workers and student employees. Administrative Coordinator, Christina Richards, described Stevener as “the mother of Rec Sports” because staff could always count on her for guidance and support. “I have to give her the success for my children turning out like they did because I used her advice,” said Richards. Before retiring in January, Stevener went out of her way to create a manual detailing her position to help future personnel. Gina Stevener has not only left a lasting impression on her co-workers, but also to those that follow.

JOHN HINTON Since his initial employment with The Department of Recreational Sports in October of 1994, Mr. John Hinton has seen the Department of Recreational Sport’s technology expand significantly through his strategic planning and problem solving. Hinton originally started working for the University as a student teaching assistant for the Range Science Department in 1975 and later worked as an academic advisor for the Mays College of Business and the College of Science. “Not only is John a strategic planner and knowledgeable of the budget, but a good custodian of student’s money” said Bill Garrett, the department’s lead IT technology consultant. As a President’s Meritorious Service Award recipient in 1994, it is no surprise that Hinton would also dedicate his time to volunteer efforts in Antarctica in 2000 and again in 2005. Rec Sports would like to thank Mr. John Hinton for his dedication and excellent attitude over the years.

awards Congratulations


During his undergraduate years as an aspiring Aerospace Engineer, Drew McMillen began working for the Department Recreational Sports in the Fall of 1985 as an intramural flag football official. After graduating with his undergraduate of Recreat degree in 1989, McMillen decided to continue his education and pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and continue to work for Rec Sports. In August of 1992, McMillen graduated with his MBA degree and began working full time for Rec Sports with a focus in intramurals. For his first six years McMillen worked for intramurals, but in 1998 he decided tto transition into Rec Sports facility operations and membership services where he dedicated another eight years. Currently, Curren McMillen is on his fifth year serving as the Associate Director for Intramurals & Sport Clubs. What attracted McMillen most to Rec Sports? “The family atmosphere drew me in. It really has mattered all the way through in this McMille department that it is a value that people are going to enjoy what they do, and that makes everyone more productive.” dep During the fall 2010 semester, McMillen was presented with The President’s Meritorious Service Award rrecognizing his honesty, leadership and service. Executive Director of Rec Sports, Dennis Corrington, describes tthat the department has “watched Drew grow from a student to a professional and carry the desire to impact sstudents.” In order to create and maintain success for himself, as well as Rec Sports, McMillen said you must “Put tthat effort in to let the students know they are appreciated. We wouldn’t have any of the buildings or programs if iit wasn’t for the students that want to be a part of it.”

MARLENE WONG Texas A&M Department of Recreational Sports is proud to announce our current Sport Club Graduate Assistant, Marlene Wong, has been elected as this year’s National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association sociation (NIRSA) National Student Leader (NSL). Marlene describes the experience as “One of the amazing aspects spects of collegiate recreation, which inspired my desire to step into this role, is the ability for students to learn how to create healthy lifestyles, refine their social and networking skills, strengthen their professionalism, and have fun while doing all of it!” As National Student Leader (NSL), Wong will be expected to be knowledgeable le about current issues in campus recreation and all matters of NIRSA, as well as be a forward thinking team member. Rec Sports would like to congratulate Marlene Wong for her new National Student Leader position and wish her the best!




brick campaign


Walk of Champions The WALK OF CHAMPIONS, dedicated on November 13, 1998, features bricks engraved with the names of students, employees and friends of Texas A&M University to help raise funds for the Department of Recreational Sports, also known as Rec Sports. The Rec Sports Brick Campaign creates an endowment to ensure that Texas A&M continues to have the best recreational sports facilities and programs in the country. Generosity and donations have helped us establish and maintain the Department of Recreational Sports Scholarship Endowment Fund. As of today, sixteen $1,000 scholarships have been presented. One of the duties of the maintenance staff at Rec Sports is to install the bricks for Walk of Champions. Doug Karr, class of 2006, was a former student employee that worked as part of the maintenance staff for two years. At the end of Karr’s senior year, he was fortunate enough to install his own brick that was engraved with both his name and his fathers, Spencer Karr, class of 1972. “On the day of my graduation, my dad and I had a nice moment seeing our names etched in stone on campus to serve as our lasting mark together. This is a great thing to do as Aggies because it will always be there” said Karr. The Walk of Champions was named “to honor everyone’s dedication to leadership, fair play, honesty and integrity, which are all part of the Aggie Spirit.” Bricks will be placed in the front walkway of the Student Recreation Center and in the landscaped grass area of the circle drive in front of the facility. To learn more about getting your own brick in the Walk of Champions, contact JAMES WELFORD at 979.862.1856 or email CHAMPIONS@REC.TAMU.EDU. .


honor Circle of Excellence The CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE IS AN HONOR dedicated to the department’s hard-working student staff. A recipient from each subdepartment is recognized for his or her outstanding service to Rec Sports. Award winners receive an engraved brick that is placed in the Circle of Excellence, along with a lapel pin or charm. Prominent department donors are also eligible to receive this award based on outstanding levels of support. One outstanding recipient is Haley Wilcox, who was selected to be in the Circle of Excellence not only once, but amazingly two times. Wilcox worked for three and a half years in the Development Office of the Rec Sports with James Welford. Her main responsibility was managing the Walk of Champions Brick Campaign. Wilcox graduated from Texas A&M in December 2010 and is currentlyy p preparing p g for her p position at Ernst & Young, LLP, P, one of today’s top four global accounting firms. Wilcox went through h a highly competitive interview process for the internship, by competing eting against hundreds of accounting students from Texas A&M and around the country. After securing the internship ternship and eventually a full-time position, Wilcox said that the “leadership skillss developed at Rec Sports allowed d me to

stand out in an interview and portray that I am a self-confident and capable individual and that I am not afraid to take on projects as a leader and make them as successful as possible.” Wilcox poignantly said that “The Circle of Excellence to me means recognition of each individual student’s unique contribution to making Rec Sports the best it can be. Some people contribute through alumni activities, others through fitness classes, and others through the daily operations and maintenance of the Rec Center, but the common goal is the success and betterment of Rec Sports. The Department of Rec Sports always felt and was described to me like a family, with each department working individually and together towards a common goal. The Circle of Excellence to me is the recognition of each of those separate groups of people what p p who work hard each and everyy dayy to make Rec Sports p it is today.”


support Endowments When James Welford returned as a staff member in 2000, his mission as the Associate Director of Development was to work with the Texas A&M Foundation and the Division of Student Affairs to get permission for all of the Sport Clubs to raise funds for endowments. Rec Sports and the Texas A&M Foundation began working together during the 1970’s to create the department’s wrestling endowment fund used for scholarships. Now, over a decade after Welford returned, there are twelve endowments. Eight are complete, and the other four are still working to reach a balance of $25,000. “We are trying to get all of our clubs to set up endowments for the future because this is fundraising from former club members who know what it is like to have to raise money during the season while going to school. Hopefully those students had a great leadership experience here and are now willing to support their club” said Welford. An endowment is a gift that is placed in a permanent fund. The Texas A&M Foundation oversees these accounts and disburses part of the income from the fund for the purpose the donor designates. These accounts are established for a particular purpose such as scholarships, large equipment needs or coaches stipend. Once the account reaches a balance of $25,000 the interest earned will be available for the club’s use. Below are the Sport Club endowments currently used: • TEXAS A&M MEN’S SOCCER TEAM MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT











If you would like to donate to an endowment or to the Department of Recreational Sports visit our website at http://recsports.tamu. edu/development/giving_back.stm. For more information, please contact JAMES WELFORD, Associate Director of Development at 979-862-1856 or JWELFORD@REC.TAMU.EDU.





Oscee Wheatfall

Becky Wise Davis Congratulations to Becky on completing the 2011 Boston Marathon!


The Department of Recreational ecreational Sports would like to congratulate Osceee Wheatfall for winning the National Service Award d at this year’s National Intramural-Recreationall Sports Association (NIRSA) Conference. Wheatfall eatfall was one of three individuals chosen for outstanding standing contributions and exceptional performance ance to NIRSA while serving as Student Coordinator inator for Region III. “I am paid to come to work k and have fun every day. This award recognizes cognizes that all the efforts I putt forth are really being noticed” said Wheatfall. Rec Sports would uld like to congratulate and d thank Oscee Wheatfall for his DEDICATION and HARD WORK!









After graduating from Ohio State, WALTER PENBERTHY, “Father the physical education curriculum was revised and expanded. The of Intramurals,” began his distinguished career in 1926 as an Assistant Penberthy-Tischler Intramural Award was established in the 1970’s Professor in the Physical Education Department at Texas A&M to recognize the outstanding intramural achievement of a company, University. Penberthy was given the position of Director of Intramural squadron or battery. Sports when the previous director resigned. Dana X. Bible, who hired Penberthy was sent by a member of the Board of Regents to study the Penberthy, was his boss, mentor and the first person to give him the training facilities at Strategic Air Command in San Antonio. “The idea nickname “Penny.” Bible went on went on to coach at Nebraska and was for me to gain a little knowledge as to how we might get our kids then Texas for many years. in shape before we sent them off to war” said Penberthy. He developed Penberthy married Lollie Beth Garvin in 1933. They lived on campus a plan comprised of four hours a week of extensive conditioning. From until 1940 when A&M asked the faculty to move. “Our old house on 1947 to 1954 Penberthy served as the Dean of Men which allowed him to campus used to be right on the spot where the be a member of the Athletic Council from 1952 walkway between the MSC and Rudder Tower 1954. During this time, Penberthy was the “It made me realize how much I to is today” said Penberthy in The Battalion in Founder and Director of the Intramural Sports missed being with the students. Program. After Penberthy resigned as Dean of 1985. Mrs. Penberthy served as the historian of the Texas A&M Garden club in 1958 and They are what always mattered Men, he was an advisor to students. “It made later as the vice president in 1960 and 1965. me realize how much I missed being with most to me, the kids.” “Beautiful Texas. God gave it, let’s save it” said the students. They are what always mattered Mrs. Penberthy in 1966. most to me, the kids” said Penberthy. In 1959, In 1937, the Board of Directors separated physical education program Penberthy went back to teaching, this time volleyball and handball. from athletics and placed it in the School of Arts and Sciences, where Mr. After serving Texas A&M University for forty years as a devoted Penberthy became the first Department Head. He held that position for instructor and administrator, the Board of Regents honored Mr. the next ten years while later serving as an official at for the 1944 Cotton Penberthy by dedicating The Walter Penberthy Intramural Complex Bowl. Post World War II brought significant changes in the department. on October 24, 1978, only twelve years after he retired. The complex Four hours of physical training were required of all students and the originally was located where the current Rec Center exists, across from department also had the responsibility of providing physical training Kyle Field. Penberthy recalled what brought Texas A&M to world class to a unit of Army Air Force pre-flight cadets attending classes at Texas status. “G-I-R-L-S, that’s what changed the University. I think it is A&M. Enrollment at Texas A&M jumped from 2,718 in 1945-1946 to wonderful. But the guys did not like it too much. But I bet you couldn’t 8,418 for 1946-1947. To meet the needs of this increased enrollment, find one now who would go back the old way” said Penberthy in 1985. Texas A&M took over the Bryan Air Force Base, now known as Riverside The class of 1934 chose Mr. Penberthy as a Class Character, a Campus, to house and educate incoming freshmen. distinction given to individuals that have made a lasting impression Texas A&M did not have the staff at the time to handle the vast on the students. His philosophy was to teach the student, not just the increase in enrollment, and Penberthy hired Carl Tishler, a previous subject. “Facts, without values, are meaningless,” said Penberthy. His classmate during his time at Ohio State. Mr. Penberthy was named devotion to Texas A&M students has helped maintain the values the Dean of Men and Carl E. Tishler succeeded him as Department Head University is noted for today. The first four words of the tribute said it of School of Arts and Sciences from 1947-1967. During Tishler’s tenure, all for the class of 1934. “WHO CAN FORGET PENNY?”



Who can forget penny





challenge The BEST indoor and outdoor facilities






an example through the development of PENBERTHY ENTRY the Vision 20/20 plan. One of the plan’s main goals is to enhance the undergraduate academic experience though co-curricular PENBERTHY REAR activities and providing quality learning experiences. By strengthening co-curricular programs and facilities, it will manifest in a greater percentage of student body participation. “When you have quality facilities, more students are going to come out and play” said Corrington. The university also stated that the prevalence of on-campus activities is essential to the retention rate. “We strive to provide quality programs and facilities to help enhance student’s overall experience at Texas A&M” said Senior Associate Director Rick Hall. Rec Sports is on a fast track to complete this project by September 1, 2011. Construction on the project began on March 1, 2011. The new fields will be artificial turf, allowing for a faster turnaround time to resume play after rain. The current natural turf can take up to two days to be playable. “The primary challenge is completing this project by the beginning of the upcoming fall semester. It is such a short window and we are moving at an extremely fast pace” said Hall. Rec Sports wants to complete the Penberthy Rec Sports Complex renovation before the beginning of the fall semester so programs utilizing the facility are not adversely impacted. When the project is completed, students will have access to the best indoor and outdoor facilities! When the original Penberthy Complex (now the location of the Rec Center) was dedicated in 1978, it did not have lights until around 1980. Hall and Corrington recalled what a huge event it was once the previous complex installed lights, which eventually coined the popular phrase “WHERE WERE YOU WHENT HE LIGHTS TURNED ON?” Rec Sports plans to complete the Penberthy Rec Sports Complex renovation this September.






The GROUNDBREAKING RENOVATION of the Penberthy Rec Sports Complex demonstrates how committed the Department of Recreational Sports is to providing exceptional facilities and resources to students. Not only does Rec Sports provide new resources, but it also strives to improve existing ones. The Penberthy Rec Sports Complex will improve the quality of the intramural and sport club fields by replacing four unlighted natural turf fields with ten acres of lighted artificial turf fields. This vast improvement will provide more availability for drop-in recreation, providing four intramural size flag football fields plus two soccer/rugby/lacrosse size sport club fields. There will also be less cancellation of events because of rain. In addition to the upgraded fields, there will be a pavilion with amenities located closer to the playing fields. One of the biggest problems that triggered this renovation was rainfall affecting field play time. From September 2008 to January 2009, there were twenty rain days with 7.24 inches of rain. From September 2009 to January 2010, there were forty-four rain days and 19.96 inches of rain. Rec Sports wanted to fix these playing conditions and assembled a proposal to renovate the Penberthy fields. This renovation would improve the current playing conditions and allow for more playing time. Facilities such as Penberthy should be renewed on a regular cycle. The Penberthy facility is twenty-five years old and this is the first major renovation. The renovation was accomplished as a result of budgeting annually to build a fund to remodel or replace facilities. Facilities such as Penberthy and the Rec Center require budgeting principles that project costs over 25 to 50 years. Adhering to these financial principles, particularly over the past fifteen years, has allowed Rec Sports to prepare for the current renovation of the Penberthy Rec Sports Complex. “Sticking to our plan for facility replacement plus budgeting conservatively on an annual basis has allowed us to pay for this project without raising the student fee” explained Executive Director Dennis Corrington. “The growth of the student body also has helped us reach this goal without raising the fee.” Texas A&M has used Rec Sports financial planning principles as


scholarships Outstanding student employees Every year the Department of Recreational Sports offers its student staff members the opportunity to receive a $1000 SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship was created to assist students with their educational expenses as well as thank them for their dedication to the department. This year, four students were identified for their outstanding work and distinguished role with Rec Sports.

“This has given me a huge opportunity to have real world experience in such an amazing setting!”

champions Congratulations Sport Clubs National Champions


Men’s Gymnastics Overall Team National Champions


Women’s Volleyball Club B Team Women’s Division II National Champions


INDIVIDUALS: “Lifeguarding for Rec Sports has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much and I love my job!” WHITNEY COFFEY-


Eli Richardson Overall Men’s All-Around National Champion Individual Event National Champion : Floor, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars

Constance Cuadra Individual Event National Champion: Balance Beam

Amanda Grimm “It is encouraging to know Rec Sports recognizes all of our hard work!” -HALEY HELWEG

Individual event National Champion – Floor


Chris Clark International Trap Men’s Division National Champion (trap & skeet)

USA POWERLIFTING COLLEGIATE NATIONALS: “It is exciting to have the department support me throughout my college experience!” MODELING A BALANCED AND HEALTHY LIFESYTLE


Tiffany McKinney Individual National Championship To see additional top finishes, please visit: HTTP://RECSPORTS.TAMU.EDU/PROGRAMS/SPORT_CLUBS/

social Friends, Food and Aggie Football Gather and revisit current student staff, former staff and Sport Club members at Rec Sport’s Fightin’ Texas Aggie Tailgates! Rec Sports sets up a tailgate for each home game on the front lawn of the Student Recreation Center and provides food, water, shade, relaxation, friendship and fun. James mes Welford, Rec Sports’ Associate Director of Development, urges everyone to get involved olved because this “Helps Aggies stay connected with the department.” For next xt year, Rec Sports would like to encourage sport clubs or other groups associated ed with the department to host a joint tailgate with Rec Sports. If you are interested erested in attending a specific home game tailgate for the Fall 2011 season, please lease contact JAMES WELFORD at JWELFORD@REC.TAMU.EDU. Rec Sports orts hopes to see you at a tailgate next fall!



reunite Reliving memories STAY CONNECTED! Attend this fall’s Rec Sports 2011 Reunion on was able to gain this beneficial experience all while working alongside Saturday, October 15th when the Fightin’ Texas Aggies play the Baylor dear friends. The friendships were what I enjoyed most and continue Bears! The first reunion was held in 2001 and continues to be great for to enjoy today” said Greene. catching up with old friends and reliving memories with current and Jennifer Didier, class of 1996, was a Kinesiology major and returned previous Rec Sports staff. Two previous members that are always looking after student teaching to complete her Masters in Kinesiology and forward to the reunions each year are Kim Greene and Jennifer Didier. Psychology and then graduated in 1998. Didier first became involved When Kim Greene first arrived at Texas with Rec Sports as an intramural official. “I remember A&M as a freshman, she was overwhelmed thinking at some point early in my officiating ‘We are and felt like a needle in a haystack. She felt getting paid to do this? This is just fun!’ I was very shy like this because she graduated from Lake when I started, so I was not the best official, but with Dallas High School with only one-hundred this job and my involvement in Rec Sports, I learned to and thirteen people. A friend across the hall be more assertive and come out of my shell. I eventually in her dorm mentioned playing intramural started working in Facilities, old school over in the volleyball and she jumped on the opportunity. Health and Kinesiology Reed building. I supervised individual and dual sports, and became a team sports “I missed sports terribly as they had always been a huge part of my life. I decided to sign supervisor. I owe so much to Rec Sports over the years up and went to a team meeting with her. That for everything I learned about leadership, discipline, and being strong and assertive” said Didier. meeting was conducted by Drew McMillen and James Welford. I liked them both immediately LEFT TO RIGHT: Greene and Didier were roommates and both KIM GREENE, JENNIFER DIDIER because they were funny, personable and very supervised the Rec Center. Together they worked night approachable. Before the meeting was over, and day until the weeks leading up to the opening of Welford announced that they were seeking softball officials. It sounded the new Rec Center in 1995. Although it was such a busy time, they were like a great way to make money while not even leaving campus. I was proud of the facility and excited to be a part of its historical opening. “I an employee by the end of the week!” said Greene. enjoyed the friendships and fun atmosphere of working for Rec Sports Greene majored in sport management while attending Texas A&M and the fact that you knew if you were doing your job correctly, the staff and was class of 1997. During her time at Rec Sports, she worked for would support you and back you through any situation” said Didier. the Intramurals and Facilities departments as well as in the office as a Be sure to save the date, October 15, 2011, for the upcoming reunion! student assistant to James Welford. “I gained experience in managing To RSVP please visit HTTP://RECSPORTS.TAMU.EDU/DEVELOPMENT/ difficult situations, personnel issues, scheduling employees, budgeting, REUNION.STM and let us know we can count on seeing you there! and most importantly, handling myself under pressure. You try being a female official for the fraternity men’s basketball championship! I

REConnect Stay involved with Rec Sports WANT THE LATEST UPDATES on

what’s happening with Rec Sports? Stay connected! Visit our website at recsports. and select ‘Reconnect with Rec Sports’ under the Development and Sponsors tab to start receiving information on events, clubs and more. You can also e-mail JWELFORD@REC. TAMU.EDU to connect directly with our Associate Director of Development JAMES WELFORD.

volunteer Women’s Rugby


The Women’s Rugby Team has used community service projects within the last year as a way to build unity for FUTURE SUCCESS. Because it is difficult for them to participate in rugby and volunteer in other organizations, they decided to get more involved with the community as a whole. “As team camaraderie goes, this is the most unified team that I have ever been a part of” said Sarah Blanchard, Treasurer of Women’s Rugby. The women started by helping the Men’s Rugby Team with the Gareth Jones Rugby Challenger Cup. The Challenger event is designed to provide children with mental and physical challenges the opportunity to play a team sport. They also helped contribute to the canned food drive held by Sport Clubs Association and participated in Get Fit College Station sponsored by Project Sunshine. The team also sponsored a child for Christmas and also took the time to write letters for troops to express their gratitude. As the team continues to build the organization, they encourage more students to join because no experience is necessary. “This is a good platform to build from for the future” said Catherine Harper, Travel Secretary of Women’s Rugby. The team knows their unity will one day win them a national championship and hopes to start an endowment fund in the near future.

Department of Recreational Sports Texas A&M University 4250 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-4250




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RecLIFE Spring 2011  

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