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RECREARMAGNIFY2012 Sponsorship Opportunities


At Recrear we want young people to take engagement with our communities to the next level, yet we recognize that a lack of skills, support and inspiration are obstacles to reaching our true potential. We act as a platform to transform the ideas of talented, creative youth into innovative community development projects. To do so, we capitalize on a global network of young professionals, students and entrepreneurs united by a passion for applying their skills and inventiveness to community development.

A large part of being able to maintain the organization’s creativity and capacity depends on the innovative and dynamic staff working behind Recrear. Key to sustaining the energy and synergy of our dynamic staff is RecrearMagnify, our threeweek annual conference that brings in a committed international team to live, share and work together. The conference is our opportunity to train ourselves, plan for the coming year and cherish our culture of diversity and reflexivity. We need CAD 13,700 to cover the costs of this conference for 20 participants and sponsor a three day leadership workshop for 10 young, local leaders in the Esmeraldas province of Ecuador (see budget on page 5). Each international participant is asked to contribute CAD 700, and for local participants CAD 500. Individual fundraising is burdensome and we hate for money to be an obstacle for our members to train and contribute to the organization’s growth. In particular, we want to support our members coming from developing countries whose cost of flight is already demanding let alone the inclusion of the conference costs. We strongly encourage you to read more about our event and consider supporting our efforts to train and develop our innovative platform.


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About Recrear: A disconnect divides those who are faced with development challenges and those who respond to them. Recrear works to bridge this gap. At Recrear we believe that, as young people, we are not the future of international development we are its present. Young people have shown a tremendous capacity to energize the world of development transforming it into a more inclusive one. We magnify youth’s ability to make an impact on this field through collaboration and diversity and we strive to build an intercultural environment, which we believe pushes creative boundaries and generates more inclusive and powerful reflection. We are young people who work with young people, and we see ourselves as being on equal footing with our stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being approachable, resourceful, and fun. Vision: Recrear envisions an intercultural world where young people are connected and mobilized, recreating their communities and world at large through innovative community development projects, inspired dialogue, and bold initiatives. Mission: Recrear’s mission is to create and support an intercultural network of innovative professionals, consultants, students, and entrepreneurs all prepared to transform project ideas into bold initiatives, contributing to the well-being and development of their local and global communities. Past Projects: Read about our projects at RecrearApply - An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine (January, 2011) and Kazan National Technological University, Kazan, Russia (December, 2011). RecrearParticipate - Dominican Republic (July 2011) and Bangladesh (December 2011). 100 Voices - Esmeraldas, Ecuador (January - April 2012.)


Conference Overview

RecrearMagnify is a three-week full immersion into Recrear’s culture. The conference held in Quito, Ecuador this year will bring together 20 staff members from every corner of the world. We will present training on organizational development and explore through our speaker series the role of the nonprofit sector in the development process. The conference will also include a personal and team development course and training for selected youth leaders in the Esmeraldas province as a follow up to 100 Voices. The conference is a key element of Recrear’s organizational development, and will allow us to train new staff, refresh the team dynamic, plan for the programs of the following year, and elect our board for 2012/13.

RecrearMagnify offers participants the opportunity to: •Network with passionate and motivated international youth leaders •Train in intercultural communication, leadership, and NGO development •Contribute to the development of Recrear in the coming year •Apply their skills to engage directly in their local and global communities

RecrearMagnify 2012 Goals: •Train our staff: Participants will receive specialized training in areas such as nonprofit management, objectivity in the field of international development, and social entrepreneurship from professionals working in the civil society, and public and private sectors. Moreover, the conference will be an opportunity to debate key issues in the development field. •Consolidate our network: RecrearMagnify will expand Recrear’s international team and work to consolidate our local chapters in New Orleans, USA and Ottawa, Canada. We will also work to build and strengthen our networks with organizations in Ecuador and support the efforts of various local youth groups by providing a weekend training course as a follow up to 100 Voices. •Create a year plan for Recrear: At RecrearMagnify we envision a year of growth by refining and expanding upon our current strategies in order to achieve actionable goals. We will be working to expand our current departments’ impact on the development of Recrear. •Develop our CSR and Fundraising Department: One of Recrear’s biggest challenges has been monetary support. Through our newest department, we will develop strategies to find sustainable sources of funding, and explore opportunities to capitalize on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds of larger businesses and corporations.

Overview (Continued)

2012 Conference Theme: This year’s conference theme will be “Youth Ideas on Collaboration and Development” centered on the role of NGOs in the development process. In Ecuador (and Latin America as a whole) there is a strong debate about the role of civil society and its relation to the government. RecrearMagnify 2012 will feature speakers from both sides to discuss topics of cooperation and collaboration between NGOs as well as with other development actors. Some of the questions explored by our speaker’s series will be: • The evolution of Civil Society’s role in Ecuador and Latin America • The role of the NGO sector in the development process Another major theme of the conference will be the processes and systems that Recrear should develop to ensure transparency and sustainability. In order to facilitate a deeper discussion on the impact of Recrear’s projects, participants will visit Esmeraldas, the region in the North of the country where 100 Voices was delivered spring of 2012, to conduct a three-day workshop for selected young leaders. The workshop will take a focus on mobilizing and strengthening youth networks at a provincial level. Meanwhile, we hope that through this interaction participants will be better able to understand the dynamics and challenges of working in the field. Group Work: In the spirit of being as effective as possible in the span of three weeks, the conference is designed to give each participant responsibilities the moment they join Recrear. Participants will be immediately integrated into a department based on skills and interests. Our ultimate objective is that RecrearMagnify serves as a launchpad to becoming a Recrear staff member. Read more about each department’s objectives on our website.

RecrearMagnify2012 Detailed Budget (CAD) Individual Participant Fees

Total Conference Costs

Accommodation Quito: June 17 - 19 & June 25 - July 7 Hostal Ecuador @ $10 x 15 nights Tonsupa: June 19 - 25 Via Via Hotel @ $10 x 6 nights

$150 $60

Personal and Team Development Course

Course with Fundaci贸n Hol铆stica

Participant Fees 16 International Delegates x $700 4 Local Delegates x $500

Total Participant Cost

$11200 $2000




Weekend training for 100 Voices young leaders

Breakfast x 21 days $70 Lunch x 21 days $60 Dinner x 21 days $210

Accommodation and food x 2 days $40 Bus transportation $10

Other Conference Costs

Individual Cost

Total Workshop Cost (x10)

Bus to Esmeraldas $30 Printing and other material $30 Membership 2012/13 $20 Contingency fund $10

International Participant $700 Local Participant* $500

*Not including housing or breakfast in Quito

Conference Total $13,700



Sponsoring Recrear At Recrear we partner with businesses and organizations to ensure the financial sustainability of our projects. We encourage you to read more about our sponsorship opportunities and contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss our work in more detail.

Recrear Sponsorship Levels: What We Will Do For You Level 1: CAD 5000.00 and above • Video bio of your organization and your contribution published on our website, blogs, and YouTube channel • Your organization will be our title example in all sponsorship and marketing packages • Exposure on all conference delegate packages internationally • All benefits listed in Level 2 & 3 also included

Level 2: CAD 1000.00 to CAD 5000.00 • Write-up on Recrear’s website • Link your web page to our conference blog for real-time updates • Recrear testimonial for your organization (video) • All benefits listed in Level 3 also included

Level 3: CAD 1000.00 and below • Logo/link on Recrear’s website • Logo on conference website and blog • Logo on all conference materials • Follow-up correspondence from a RecrearMagnify participant describing the impacts of your donation post conference • Breakdown of funds allocation

Sponsoring RecrearMagnify Help us by donating the cost of:

• Fees for an international participant - CAD 700 • Fees for an Ecuadorian participant - CAD 495 • Weekend training in Esmeraldas - CAD 420 • Equipment, gadgets, working material, free advertising, training, conference speakers, consulting, conference venues, or in-kind donations Flights can be expensive, and we often see participants struggle with this cost. Donating flights or miles is also a great way to help make Recrear a truly intercultural experience. Organizations sponsoring the conference will have their logo on all conference materials including our website and blog.

Funding Allocation We are committed to supporting our most deserving and in need applicants. Every participant will be able to apply for funding through a competitive application process which will allow us to get a better idea of their financial situation and how much should be allocated to them. The applications will be evaluated by our conference organizing committee. The funding that we will be able to collect for RecrearMagnify will be allocated to participants’ conference fees. Any unallocated amount will be utilized to cover administrative fees or to support RecrearProjects.

Follow Up We are committed to keeping all our individual and corporate sponsors informed on our work throughout the conference through our blog as well as via our FaceBook and twitter accounts. Upon conclusion of RecrearMagnify 2012 donors receive: • Final budget • Final summary report • Participants’ evaluations • Dissemination of our sponsors’ logos in the conference material and through our networks

Contact Info Thank you

in advance for any help you are able to give, and please share Recrear and this document with anyone who may be interested.

• Contact us at with any questions • Make a donation • Write a cheque or mail equipment: Recrear Canada, 149 Fifth Ave., Unit 1, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 2M8 • Contact our e-mail if you wish to send anything directly to Ecuador

Sponsorship Opportunities 2012  

Read more about RecrearMagnify 2012, how to support us and what we will do for you in exchange.

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