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In my opinion a 3MP image is plenty to get an excellent A4 photograph but Samsung recommend 5MP with the price of SD being so cheap nowadays why not and you should still be able to get an A4 image from part of the image. I was happy with the images I took both with and without flash; there is one event I attend quite regularly that I use to compare flash usability however this did not happen during my test period with the Samsung PL80. However I did my best to simulate the conditions and the flash seemed to work perfectly well with no terrible fallout. I certainly printed A4 images from 3MP images and they looked fine to me even under a glass, there was plenty of depth and no apparent fuzziness. There is little wrong with this easy to use digital camera and it does allow the novice to learn by using the 13 different Scene Modes, Smart Auto also works well for the real novice. Doing my Internet searches found the Samsung PL80 at a best price of ÂŁ110.70 including free delivery from the first link below. The image shows what to me anyway a far more acceptable black camera, but I am a man. It seems they do red, purple, black and silver.

Samsung PL80 Digital Camera  

Having recently looked at a dual TFT screen from Samsung this modern looking (mine was bright red) digital camera looks near normal. But not...

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