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Breaking the rules


all fashion is getting ready for a wild ride. Now is the time for breaking rules and challenging traditions. Fall runways got warm and toasty with lots of amped up outerwear, thick furs and nubby knits. Yet… dare we say … a springlike levity was also breezing through collections through bevies of brightly colored dresses, delicate evening gowns and flirty Pop art era silhouettes. Of course, all this seasonal schizophrenia has advantages. Transitional dressing adds flexibility and wearability to your wardrobe, and the mix-up of garb means you’ll be ready for passions of any climate. No matter if you’re in the mood for roasting marshmallows or sipping tropical moBY jitos, you’ll be well dressed for the occasion.

Skin leather bags for day or travel by Numero 10. From Italy, but available at Churchills of Mount Kisco.


Fashion fun is all in the details


ccessories are the life of the party when it comes to fashion. They allow you to show your personality, individualize your style and have a little fun. This season’s choices celebrate chic practicality and exuberant panache. They show the fun is truly in the details. Eye candy

Ornamentation and decoration are in abundance this fall, spilling joyfully across every accessory category. Look for jewelencrusted bags, sparkly shoes, beaded belts, embroidered gloves and feathers in unusual places. The trend ranges from feminine and fairy tale fanciful to exuberant and pirate chest-like. Highlights from the fall runways include Givenchy’s substantial crystal necklaces and Yves Saint Laurent’s glittered shoes. A little bit disco and a little bit Dorothy in Oz, with heels from YSL, there’s no place like a night on the town.


Forget everything you imagined knowing about the traditional fall palette of autumnal hues. Energy vibrated across this season’s runways as models sported high-intensity pinks, greens, yellows and oranges across a spectrum of silhouettes. Versace kicked it up with a fitted red and turquoise dress with a flouncy handkerchief hem. Altuzarra glowed with fuchsia and gray wrap coats. Thakoon had an absolute Gauguin moment with vivid floral dresses in amplified dimensions and hot hues. Look for variety within this trend — some pieces are fashioned in transitional fabrics; some use unexpected textiles like velvet; sometimes they are single-hued or in bold color combinations and prints. The common denominator behind all this color is its electricity and unexpectedness for fall. These pieces are playful and evoke a fluidity of moods. Are they lingering summer daydreams or anticipations of spring flings? The good news is that, in blurring seasonal demarcations, your entire wardrobe will become more transitional. Fall’s passionate affair with color may prolong the wearing of some favorite pieces from warmer weather and give them an encore for fall. Don’t be afraid to combine tropical-inspired separates with more traditional fall pieces. Play with the rainbow… a little color goes a long way, and you just might find yourself with a pot of gold at the end.

Statement jewelry

Less is more. Perfection is singular. This fall, jewelry designers have taken the one-statement-piece-look to the extreme. Celine and Louis Vuitton challenged convention as their models paraded the runways adorned with only one spectacular earring — not two. Nina Ricci and Proenza Schouler demonstrated another theme — oversized, multiple finger rings. Also popular this season are flat chokers that lie against the skin at the collarbone. Fashioned with various metallic finishes, these chokers exert a fierce boldness. Yet, rendered in more delicate materials, they resemble painted-on designs. Scarves

Scarves were so prominent on fall runways; they can be viewed as the new neckline. Long and sweeping, thick and chunky, silky and sinuous or richly embellished, scarves communicated statements of every mood. The way a scarf is tied or worn reflects more than fashion. It expresses a woman’s personality and individual style. This season’s preference for scarves adds vast flexibility to outfits and eliminates the need for neck jewelry. However, jeweled brooches and pins are an elegant way to bind a scarf and add glamour at the same time. With a wealth of choices, let love be your guide. If you like softness and sensuality, go with cashmere or another supple blend. If warmth and texture is your goal, try a thick weave — almost like a sweater for your neck. If you have a flavor for richness, a patterned or printed silk square, à la Hermès, is a perfect match… Of course, if the goal is simply to mask the evidence of amorous love bites in high style, any style will do.

Comfy cozy

Light the fireplace and cozy up with the one you love. Headto-toe knits are the comfort food of your closet. Fall has always continued on page

Fall flower power

Spring has sprung in the climate of fall accessories. Look for floral necklines, blossom brooches, modern garden-inspired wraps, posy headpieces and a bouquet of corsages, necklaces and floral sprays. Several designers interpreted the trend literally, continued on page

INSIDE BEAUTY: Keeping that glow from summer to fall

TRENDS: Reboot your fall wardrobe Crafty ideas for dressing up your handheld devices Fun fall fashions trends for the entire family

STYLE: Mix prints, patterns for wardrobe pizzazz



Dress for success: building a professional wardrobe



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Animal magnetism

Jack Frost must be poised for a frosty winDUTTON ter because this year’s cold-weather coats are all LUDWIG about thick hides, luxurious texture and plush abundance. This season’s masterpieces in fur and shearling are decidedly modern and fun. Look for patchwork designs and flashes of pigment-dyed fur inspired by Prada’s colorblocked fur coats and Sacai’s oversized Mongolian lamb biker jackets. Jackets or mid-length coats have a casual vibe and are easy to wear. A statement piece will steal the show; try something bright red or something with an oversized collar. Think bigger, bolder and better than ever before — with contrasting textures and hides, vibrant dyed colors and sleek metallic finishes. The key to this look lies in the opposing energies of the piece — contrasts such as smooth dark nubile leather and an abundance of thick curly wool are delicious like coffee and cream. For more formal or mod looks, go for the marshmallow fluff elegance of white on white, such as in Akris’s flowing white fur coats or Oscar de la Renta’s belted ecru jackets with feathery fur trim. Shearling was ubiquitous in almost all designers’ collections, making it the season’s favorite love child. However, other unique and exotic furs also appeared in a vibrant display. In particular, astrakhan, a cuddly sheep fur characterized by its tight swirling pattern, was especially prominent in the collections of Celine, Tom Ford and Thom Brown.

Fur adorns almost everything this season – think bigger, bolder and better than ever before. At Gabriella’s in Scarsdale. Inset right, warm and stylish, fur is making a statement. At Churchills of Mount Kisco.





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Fresh fall hairstyles that take minutes Whether you’re a student or a busy mom, the morning routine goes into high gear once school starts again. Fitting in all the to-do’s without compromising style before rushing out the door can be a challenge, which is why a few tips and tricks from the experts can help ensure you look fabulous within minutes. One of the best ways to shave minutes off your morning and define your look? Your hairstyle. “Let’s be honest, none of us want to spend longer than we need to on our hair in the morning, especially when that means we can sneak in a few more snooze sessions,” says celebrity hairstylist and member of the EcoTools Beauty Team, Christine Symonds. “Little embellishments can turn the easiest style into something really special.” Symonds shares her best tips and tricks for quickly turning an average hairstyle into an A+ look.

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Creative accessories: Metal-head look


Keeping that glow from summer to fall


efore your summer tan has totally faded away, you’re probably wondering how to keep your glow on a little longer before real winter sets in. Fall hair and makeup can be tricky because it’s a season of transition. You want to retain that sunkissed glow and easy breezy summer hair, but come autumn when the beach holiday is over and it’s BY back to business again, what’s EVE called for is more polish and MARX more sophisticated hair. Jessica Kachmar, proprietor of The Beauty Parlor in Dobbs Ferry, said her Bumble & Bumble exclusive salon handles all aspects of hair and makeup. “We have all the top lines,” Kachmar said. “We do everything, including air brush makeup, color, cuts, hair extensions and hair wigs.” The big trend for fall is a return to darker shades, according to Kachmar: “The big trend is balliage, which is handpainted highlights and lowlights.” The hair painting is all done free hand. “What we’re doing now is deepening the shade of the regrowth area and applying balliage lowlights into the hair,” Kachmar said. “I’m doing a lot of copper browns and rich reds. All the warmer tones.” This fall, Kachmar’s clients are talking a lot about what they can do themselves. “In terms of style, the curly heads are staying curly,” she said. “They’re looking to control volume, and the right products make all the difference.” Kachmar said that the messy hair of summer is being put away in favor of sleeker hair, which is also an evening look. “Loose waves, clip-in hair pieces, temporary changes,” she said. A full head of extensions is out of fashion, not to mention how damaging it is to the hair. Kachmar has noticed a trend in the past two years of clients asking for styles and color that require less maintenance. “My clients don’t want to come in every four weeks anymore for a touch-up,” she said. “That’s another reason why the ombre and

balliage tints are popular because you have a darker root which means you don’t have to come in for touch-ups so much.” While all the fall ads feature models with long tresses, the hairstyle writers are all talking about shorter hair. “I’m seeing more people going mid-length with their hair — long enough to put back but short enough that it’s easy to blow it out,” Kachmar said. Mid-length she described as “at your collarbone.” To make it look fun and edgy Kachmar uses the razor to give some fringe on the bottom so the hair is not bulky and has an asymmetrical line “to give the hair more personality.” Once again, the big fall trend for makeup is the “I’m not wearing makeup” look, which actually requires a bit of makeup to look right. “Having your face look flawless and natural is what every woman wants,” Kachmar said. “The nude lip is classy and timeless. The smoky eye is a look for evening. For daytime, people want a clean look.” Kari Puckhaber, proprietor of kd studio in Katonah, said, “The look everyone wants for fall is a metallic eye, the nude lip, and a very defined eyeliner.” Among the brands she carries in her store, the choices are well curated. This fall, kd studio is featuring the lines of Rouge Bunny Rouge and Hour Glass. Metallic shadows, eye gloss and loose glitter pigment are hot for the eyes, as well as gel eyeliners that come in a mechanical stick that promises to be the easiest to use, softest, thinnest, most waterproof eyeliner of all. And the shades are dark, including ones called Raven Glaze and Devotion Ink. Hourglass has six shades of nude lip color. It’s a trend. But, as Puckhaber said, “Your makeup is only as good as your skin care,” which is why her beauty studio is northern Westchester’s source not just for makeup and makeup services, but state-of-the-art skin care. Cat Ianelli, the resident aesthetician and founder of her own line of skin cream called “Face Whip,” offers exclusive, customized facial treatments at kd studio,

formulated to repair sun damage and environmental pollutants. Ianelli also does all-natural peels to restore and hydrate the skin. Her peels are made from ingredients including aloe vera, green tea, papaya and Vitamin C. Certain peels are designed to target hyperpigmentation; others combat acne, and still others balance the skin. The peels have powerful antioxidants and corrective peptides to exfoliate, regenerate and restore the skin. “A glowing complexion is still your strongest beauty statement,” Puckhaber said. At Balance Day Spa in White Plains, Allison Adamiak goes in for a holistic, medical approach to skin care. “We offer a variety of facials designed to address the needs of each individual client,” she said. Adamiak said the signature “Balance Facial” is by far her most popular facial service. “This classic European, deeppore cleansing facial is fully customized to each client’s individual needs,” she said. “It features a unique double-exfoliation treatment, extractions, manual-lymphatic drainage, a European facial massage and mask. This facial also includes both an arm and hand massage and a decollate massage. It leaves the skin positively radiant.” The spa also is offering its annual “Peel Series,” which consists of six peels in six weeks, each peel specifically formulated and created for each client. “Via gentle resurfacing, this series touts a multitude of benefits for the skin, including softening of fine lines, fading of acne scarring and potential breaking up of hyperpigmentation due to sun damage,” Adamiak said. Clients are loving Balance Day Spa’s “Glow Body Bronzing” treatment. “This hand-applied bronzer is truly unique as it adjusts to the natural pigment of the skin and darkens it just a shade or two leaving you with a very natural-looking, sunkissed glow,” Adamiak said. “It’s a perfect way to safely prolong your summer glow.”

“Bobby pins are one of my favorite tools,” says Symonds. “They can hide flaws or create flawless and effortless style.” Get creative with these little life savers and turn them into a work of art. Paint bobby pins with nail polish and let them dry. Match to your outfit or lipstick and pick a bold color that will stand out against your hair to make this style look intentional and add dimension. Brush hair out for a perfectly smooth finish and then pin away. Try creating a geometric shape to fasten pieces of hair together for a unique up-do, or pin your hair to the side with a colorful cluster. “Whether it’s a braid or a bun, add some color and texture by using a ribbon, some lace, a silk scarf, or colorful string,” says Symonds. To achieve this look, prep hair with a texturizing salt spray and rough dry with a blow dryer. Try using the EcoTools Full Volume Styler hair brush with a unique EcoVent System(R) that dries hair 20 percent faster, not only cutting down on prep time, but heat damage as well. Use the brush to create volume around the face and smooth any unruly cowlicks. Next, attach your ribbon or other material, to a clear rubber band and wrap it around a small piece of hair at the base of your neck that will be under the braid. Braid hair in the desired direction, grabbing the fabric along with the sections and then securing at the end.

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“If braiding isn’t a skill on your resume, a twisting technique is super simple and can create a polished look in seconds,” says Symonds. Try a new twist on an old classic with a rolled ponytail that can be worn several ways. This is a great option for second or third-day hair. Start by wetting hair with a salt spray and rough dry for texture. Use the EcoTools Quick Volume Styler hair brush, which is made from cruelty-free synthetic boar’s hair bristles that evenly distribute hairs’ natural moisturizers. Blow out just the top section for volume and smoothness. Fasten a ponytail two inches below the neck then roll it up towards the back of the head and pass through the middle of the hair. Repeat two to three times and loosen the twist with your fingers to create an undone look. — Brandpoint




Twist and go: Rolled pony look

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Add flare: Braided ribbon look

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The Very Best in Women’s Luxury Consignment Penny Pincher is a women’s luxury designer boutique offering hi-end brands of shoes, handbags, furs, clothing, jewelry (fine& costume)

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Contact us by phone, e-mail or website for more information about consigning your designer items. We also provide a “Concierge” private service to your home within NY, NJ, and CT areas. Socialize with us! 184 Harris Road, (Rte. 117 By-Pass) Bedford Hills, NY | 914-241-2134 Open 7 Days | Daily 10 -6, Sunday 12 -5 |



Reboot your fall wardrobe


s we transition from summer to fall, women are trading in their sandals, slides and espadrilles for boots as the footwear du jour — et noir! Not just warmer for those cooler days and nights, boots make a fashion statement all their own that can jazz up any outfit. From jeans to leggings, skirts, dresses or cropped or rolled up jeans, boots add a finishing touch to any BY look. Short skirts or LAURIE long call for boots — SULLIVAN either booties or boots to the knee and above. Even cut out boots can be worn in the office or out to dinner with tights. An edgy look for fall! Laced or zipped booties can be worn with tights and a dress. Lace up with stacked heels or flat, take your pick. Either style is perfect worn with leg coverings — tights or even leggings under a short dress. Lucky Magazine online said to look for leather hiking boots for fall and combat boots with a ’70s shape (rounded in the front) creating a “punky vibe” with short heels and fun colors. Over the knee boots are trending back again according to the online site, Huffington Post Canada — great over leggings and minis. Traditional equestrian riding boots in either solid color or two-tone (black trimmed with brown) or glammed up with studs are always a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Short boots are perfect under the new narrower silhouette pants being shown for fall, too. Something for everyone is the byword for boots this season. The selection is so vast you’re sure to want more than one pair, so you can always put your best foot forward. And did we mention comfort? That’s the best news of all for fashion footwear this fall — comfort. Boot story: booties rule!

Jill Oralevich, divisional merchandise manager at Lester’s, does the buying for its four stores, including the recently opened Rye Brook store in the Rye Ridge shopping center, as well as Manhattan, Long Island and Brooklyn. Oralevich said booties are the big fashion trend this fall, a continuing trend that makes it big this year with her customers. Especially hot are lower, shorter booties that lace up, the stacked heel bootie and some flat. Even a little bit of open-toed booties and some with a wedge. Laced Doc Martin’s combat boots and true traditional lace-up Timberland’s and “anything with a quilted detail” are hot, hot, hot with her customers. According to Oralevich, a staple for any woman’s wardrobe should include higher, traditional boots or over the knee or a stretch boot with a wedge heel. She said that booties are being shown with denim, denim boyfriend jeans with a more relaxed fit that are cuffed and shown with trendy chunky cardigans. Booties are also shown with pull-on joggers shown in silk or wax-coated vegan leather styles that can be dressy or casual — some can have tight bottoms. They look great with different heel heights and a lot of different styles. With so many styles to pick from you’re sure to find something that looks great and your feet will be happy and comfortable. Lester’s carry brands that include Ash, Vince Camuto, Joie, Schutz, Timberland, Doc Martin, Sam Edelman, DV, Freye and Sorrel. In terms of color, Oralevich said it’s “very much a black season” with touches

Steve Madden lace-up short booties delight at Lester’s.

of aubergine, burgundy and grey. And toes? Pointy is out this fall and you’ll find “more rounded than not, but not as rounded as in the past.” Look for suedes, pebbled leathers and touches of pony hair. The Lester’s shoe maven said women are wearing zipper and buckle boots, lug sole booties, knee highs, over the knee, and again, anything with quilted details. And what does Oralevich say is a “must have” this season? A pair of Timberland boots or a pair of traditional waterproof Sorrels that lace and have thick insulated linings, some with sheepskin linings. “All my college girls are loving them this fall,” she said. Perfect and practical for keeping anyone warm and dry. These boots are made for walking

Tiffany Heisler, manager and assistant buyer at Churchill’s in Mount Kisco, said that in addition to the standard neutral colors — grays, black and chocolate brown — taupe is the new hot color for boots they’re featuring for fall. Also big this year are low-covered wedges and “anything with a stacked heel.” Booties are in again and a flatheeled motorcycle boot that comes halfway up the calf trimmed with buckles and without zippers is back. Heisler said Rag & Bone “does a good one.” Look for skin combat boots that lace with flat heels that Heisler said were beautiful. Over-the-knee boots are also making a strong comeback. Heisler’s “must have” for fall that Churchill’s carries includes a black leather ankle boot with a stacked heel and any boots that are either flat heeled or with a wedge that can be dressed up or worn casually. Look for boots by Vic Matie, Humanoid, Pedro Garcia, Rag & Bone and Alexandre Birman, who is known for doing boots in skins. “We have a really nice lace-up combat boot with skin — not clunky, but a feminine clean combat boot that comes to mid calf, a little higher than an ankle boot,” Heisler said. Heisler especially likes Rag & Bone’s Newbury style and said it’s their most popular boot ever. “It’s so comfortable, dress up or down and they’re good for work,” she said. “I have them and I wear them all the time.” She added, “We have really cool snow boots coming, like a modified Sorrel, but nicer,” perfect when fall transitions to the colder weather. And what else? Shoppers will find a few lace-up boots, another big look for fall. There is something for everyone this fall, for customers who want good staples to add to their wardrobes and some “cool pieces that are more unique,” for a fashion forward look.


Crafty ideas for dressing up your handheld devices At first, mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices were just that — machines that could be conveniently carried and used at all times, no matter the circumstances. But over time, they’ve taken on new personas as fashion items as well. BY Just walk into any Best Buy, Apple or Verizon store MARY and you’ll be confronted LEGRAND by a multitude of options for covering those cell phones and iPads. But it’s really when you wander online to shop that the overwhelming number of choices is readily apparent. As an example, lists some 1.5 million options when you throw out a search for “iPad covers.” Yes, that’s 1,454,693 choices, to be exact. How to pick? First off, start with price, because there couldn’t be a wider range in terms of how much money to spend, from a few bucks at to luxurious — and super-expensive — covers available from high-end designers such as Tory Burch and Michael Kors. As puts it, “these luxurious smartphone gifts will certainly satisfy any tech-savvy individual looking to infuse some expensively lavish touches to their tech collection.” Retailers are “constantly coming out with new accessories and gadgets to enhance the ordinary mobile experience … these luxurious smartphone gifts offer individuals the chance to combine extravagant materials and lavish designs with modern and up-to-date technology. From solid gold phone covers to diamond-encrusted cases and sparkly smartphone stoppers, these luxurious gifts will certainly add a sophisticated touch to any mobile device.” Michael Kors’s “wallet clutch” for the iPhone was designed and marketed in partnership with the Apple Store. “Besides boast-

ing the label of an iconic American designer, this clutch combines features of an iPhone case with the appeal of a designer wallet,” says. “On the right side of the clutch your iPhone sits perfectly secured and easily accessible, while on the left side your cards and cash remain insanely organized. Individuals no longer need to sacrifice style in order to protect their smartphones.” From comes “The 50 Best iPad case covers in 2014,” compiled by Piotr Kowalczyk. The writer advises that purchasers “can find a lot of good stuff on Amazon, but it’s good to know the origins, and visit the website of the producer — not only to double-check the quality of a cover, but also to find out that you can buy this cover at a bargain price.” Top destinations for the best iPad case covers are Proporta, which works with Ted Baker and Barbour; LightWedge or TuffLuv, according to, which counsels that if price is not a concern, “check out exclusive covers from Hard Graft … For an outstanding variety of trendy graphic


all fashions for the entire family are top of mind as the cooler weather has you thinking about school bus schedules and steaming cups of hot chocolate. This year’s fall styles feature denim for every member of the family, and they all come in some fun colors as well. Check out the latest and get every member of your family decked out for school, work and all the fun activities in between. Dads – Denim jackets will never go out of style for men, and the Trucker Jacket by Denizen from the Levi’s brand gives the dad in your family the option to dress it up for the office with a shirt and tie, or keep it casual with a T-shirt for a fall hike with the family. Men will also love the Straight Fit jean from Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. These laid-back jeans sit slightly below the waist and are relaxed through the seat and thigh making them great for the cooler weather of fall. Moms – When mom doesn’t want to look like a mom, the Super Soft Essential Stretch Modern Skinny jeans by Denizen are the way to go. Pair them with heels and a dress shirt in fun patterns, or relax a bit with ankle boots and a soft sweater - they’re the perfect jean for dressing up from day to night. Boys – When it comes to clothes, boys want to be comfortable so they can keep up with the rest of the gang, while moms want their sons to look good. The new Denizen Ollie Cuff jean makes it easy for both to

Made-to-Order Special Occasion Dresses As seen on Bravo’s

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designs, visit Caseable, where you can also put your own design on a cover. Sites where designers share their artwork and where you can buy them as iPad cases are Society6 and Redbubble.” is another excellent source, but similar to the shopping experience, be prepared to sift through a ton of options. Many of these cases are handmade to order, so, as advises, “make sure to give a shop owner the name of your device, preferably with exact dimensions.” A cursory look through shows too many options to mention individually, but here are a few: From Jessica Arts and Crafts and another seller, Lovely Knots Boutique, find crocheted tablet and cell phone cozies in a variety of colors and sizes. Or maybe learn how to crochet or knit and you’ll be all set to make your own. Etsy seller Rune Leather offers a “rich brown leather tablet case with antique skeleton key” for $115, while orange African print fabric smartphone “wallets” are avail-

able for Merineiti Design for $14.84. Other Etsy sellers working in leather include one who specifies a genuine brown waxed leather sleeve, handmade and hand stitched pouch for the Samsung Galaxy. Feeling edgy, or maybe just getting ready for Halloween a little early? Then pick up a skull-patterned knit tablet or ebook cover from Jack of All Crafts on Etsy. For those preferring popular culture connections, there’s even a handmade Minion mobile phone, Kindle, iPad, “cover sock” from Crafty Sue 77. Or maybe you’d prefer Batman’s wings covering your iPhone. If so, go to Greenstocking UK on Etsy. Want to sew something yourself? Head to Simplicity for its numerous DIY patterns, many of which are available already sewn on If you have a favorite cause, like preventing and combating breast cancer, there are laptop, tablet and cell phone covers with corresponding icons, like the pink ribbon in the case of breast cancer. Whatever your smartphone, tablet or e-reader cover choice, there are additional ways to dress up an electronic device, including any number of headphone jack “charms,” an adornment that’s become popular relatively recently. By searching online or in stores, find innumerable options, including small animal and bird figures; flowers; food choices such as hamburgers and cupcakes; superhero themes; and rhinestones and birthstones galore depicted as crowns, rings and other pieces of jewelry. So the question is — why walk around with a plain electronic device covered in black or gray when you can put your personality out there for everyone to see? If in doubt, bling it up!

Fun fall fashions trends for the entire family

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be happy. Available in dark denim colors to hide stains, these pants are the go-to jeans boys can run, jump and play in all day long. Pair them with fun T-shirts and sweatshirts to ward off the cooler temps, as well as fun tennis shoes for comfort while running around. Girls – Orchid or purple are the colors standing out this season. The Purple Denim Skinnies from Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. will give the girl in your family style she craves. They pair well with flats and long-sleeved shirts, as well as layers to keep her warm and stylish all season - perfect for school and hanging out with friends. With these fashions for everyone in the family, everyone will be decked out for fall! — Brandpoint




Mix prints, patterns textures for wardrobe pizzazz


Trending: Broad-brimmed black CoolSculpting_RR_R1.pdf hats, chunky knit scarf, animal 1print9/12/13 9.20.13 Bellava sweater, pleated skirt and suede booties. At Gabriella’s in Scarsdale.

abor Day has come and gone, and just like that, women seem to have switched their collective fashion sense from late summer to early fall. And with that change in season there comes a new outlook on dressing. This fall it’s a renewed focus on using patterns and prints — sometimes together — to add pizzazz to newly purchased clothing or pieces that that have been in the closet for a while. Robin Mizrahi, co-owner with Pam Hockstin of Pamela Robbins, with two locations in Scarsdale, said that patterns and prints are indeed being shown together this fall. In addition, she said, textures can be used for even more interest. “Even if an article of clothing is matte and something else you’re wearing is shiny or fuzzy, like cashmere with leather, cotton or silk, the contrast is very interesting,” Mizrahi said. “And sometimes there are fabrics with hidden patterns, so when you open them up they look like beautiful works of art but when they’re wrapped up closer to the body you only see bits and pieces of the total.” Mizrahi used as an example a dress that while still on the hanger typically looks different from when it’s worn on the body. “You don’t even realize there’s a pattern there; it looks much more abstract,” she said. When asked about mixing patterns, prints and varying fabrics in the same layered outfit, Mizrahi said the total look depends on the woman, her personality and body type. “Anything in good taste is appropriate for any age,” she said. “You have to take into consideration a lot of things. An elegant woman — pick any age, let’s say 74 — can wear a leather legging that doesn’t make her look like Catwoman if she pairs it with a beautiful white shirt and cashmere cardigan. She’ll look stunning and be in very good taste.” Mizrahi has dedicated customers who rely on her and her staff to outfit them: “We have people who’ve been working here for years, and many of them work so closely with our clientele that our customers keep feeling confident and comfortable, reassuring that everyone leaves here feeling great.” She noted that no matter what a woman’s wearing, whether it’s monochromatic or a mixture of bolder textures, prints and patterns, “You shouldn’t see somebody coming from miles away. A whisper’s louder than shouting, and I feel that subtle things speak pretty loudly and are also more interesting. You want to be remembered for yourself, not what you are wearing, and you also want to be able to wear an outfit more than one time rather than only once because it was so intense and memorable.” If mixing patterns and prints, fashion gurus at offer three suggestions: make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit (“for example, navy paisley with navy, red and white plaid”); combine loose and structured prints (“like swirls with stripes”); and blend small and larger-scale designs (“such as gingham with bold flowers”). It’s easy to pull off the look for work and after-hours events if you follow the basic principles no matter the time of day, the Real Simple experts conclude. Kim Linn, owner of Toney, Tony & the Gang in Katonah and Bronxville, is seeing a trend toward very vibrant 11:49 AM colors this fall, “almost like you would see in spring. There

are florals and fuchsias, and also a lot of lace detailing.” Layering is very important this season, Linn added, and outfits can include lace blouses over silk camisoles or lace dresses under other layers. “We carry casual T-shirts, jeans and sweaters for going out with the girls on Friday or Saturday night, some great conservative pieces for work, and also long and short dresses for wearing to an important event,” Linn said. No matter the occasion, accessories in patterns and prints can add extra excitement. “We carry the classic Anabel Ingall tote, which comes in 20 different colors, and we also carry Lauren Merkin clutch bags this season in great faux crocodile and snakeskin.” Linn said. “One of our most popular scarves is from We Are Owls — they’re cashmere and in amazing bright, vibrant colors. There are different patterns where a scarf might look floral when you have it wrapped around your neck, but when taken off you see it has something edgy on it, like birds, skulls or snakes.” Claudia Suica of Trish Fashion Stylist in Katonah is an image and fashion consultant for professional people. She goes to clients’ homes and offices for custom image styling or in anticipation of a special event. Regarding using prints as part of professional outfits, Suica used one client, an attorney, as a good example of how a little goes a long way: “She likes to do prints, but only ones that are graphic, meaning itsy bitsy, tiny dots or squares, maybe little lines, but that’s the most graphic she will go. That’s because of her kind of work,” which, Suica said, doesn’t call for clothing that particularly stands out and takes attention away from its wearer. “If you’re choosing a print for work, it’s not a fashion show,” Suica said. “In this case you’re not dressing for a photographer or your friends; this is you choosing to wear a print to accessorize your suit. So it’s not about you; a print truly has to be an accessory to the clothes you’re wearing.” Leann Cerrito, owner of Love, Leann, located in Irvington, is a former stylist whose friends used to come to her home and borrow clothing and accessories from her closet. The shop, said Cerrito, who’s the mother of four, is a natural extension of that circumstance. Customers are treated like family and friends when they come in. This year she’s seeing a lot of graphic designs and animal prints, “not in jewel tones, but deep orange, deep green and deep blue,” Cerrito said. “You can put together a green and black camo pant with a striped sweater, or print gray-and-black leggings with a deep orange top. Throw a leather jacket over it and you’re all set.” Cerrito said mixing patterns and prints can be appropriate for all women, no matter the age. “I don’t try to dress like my 18-year-old, but dressing in layers with prints and patterns can work in a way to make you feel good about yourself, but still being aware of who you are,” she said. “It’s about making people feel comfortable in their own skin — that’s how I got into the business.” Cerrito characterized her shop as “having everything from pajamas to backpacks, tees and tank tops, cardigans, leggings, scarves, you name it. We have women here from all walks of life, every age, every size, every price point. You need to be comfortable and look great to feel good about yourself, no matter what you’re wearing.”

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flirted with thick sweaters and their accompaniments — jeans, tartan skirts and tall boots. However, this year, knitwear goes all out and steals the show. Sweaters are paired with crocheted skirts, slouchy cable knit pants, nubby scarves, legwarmers, muffs and cuffs. Long sweaters, such as Michael Kors’s fisherman’s fantasy, can be worn as a buttoned-up tunic or can replace coats as a layering piece for chilly days. Diagonal knits and asymmetrical constructions create interesting drape and movement in dresses and skirts. Thick wools and cottons are perfect for daytime and weekend looks, while finer structures and cashmere carry seamlessly into night. To minimize the pajamalike feel of head-to-toe knits, look for silhouettes conveying architectural structure through details like oversized turtlenecks, wide cuffs, pronounced ruffles and handkerchief hemlines. Calvin Klein’s cowl neck dresses wear like art pieces, with their patchwork bands of color and handmade feel. For variety, long sweaters may also be paired with diaphanous sheer skirts. Since this look is all about texture and soft sensuality, it’s best to keep the palette monochromatic, calm and Zen-like. Breathe in; breathe out. Center yourself. Become one with the knit…

The new normal

Maybe it’s nostalgia for an earlier era? Maybe it’s a counter to all the wild colors 8A


with stylized orchids and other botanical refinements pinned to bosoms and draped over shoulders. Such floral fantasies add a touch of playful imagination to outfits and soften the angularity of more severe silhouettes. Using flowers as a motif also liberates their color and allows it to function as an expressive agent. Western hats

Yee-haw! Fashion’s gone rodeo this fall. Look for western accessories such as cowboy boots, lariats, broad-brimmed black hats and anything adorned with leather fringe to let your (lone) star shine. To prevent a costumed look, keep other elements of your outfit chic and polished. This means no rumpled farm denim, plaid shirts or rawhide vests. Hats, in particular, should be structured and bold. Blouses (white is best) should be crisp, and lines should be clean. Jeans should be tailored and well fitting. Ranching has never been so sexy. Oversized clutch

The bag of the moment is the oversized clutch. In its confident lack of a shoulder strap, the clutch can look surprising, nonchalant or coolly elegant. Dries van Noten’s fall collection defines the moment through a series of envelope bags and fold-over clutches in graphic prints, bold florals, shiny finishes and bright colors. Lipstick reds and fiery oranges are favored shades this season — able to both function as fall neutrals and add a punch of color to any outfit.

Op-art prints

This fall, prints pulse with a fearless vitality like never before. Gone are the subdued and subtle prints of the demure past. Today’s examples reverberate like an energetic dance rave. Not for the meek or mild, current collections present a cacophony of bold hues, contrasting shapes, graphic patterns and Op-art motifs. Look for digitally inspired fancies that mere mortals may identify as swirls, loops, chevrons, zigzags and mandalas — either in sharp black and white contrast or electrified complementary colors. While most of the season’s bold prints are playfully abstract, some designs have been culled from graffiti-based images and animation motifs, usually superimposed on printed backgrounds. Pop culture imagery is curiously overt in unexpected places. For example, Preen’s fall collection highlighted a flowing orange and white printed dress that prominently features the dark silhouette of a Darth Vader mask splayed across the bust line. Who knew there were so many Star Wars fans on Bryant Avenue? May the force be with you… and all the fashionistas.

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Sneakers & Boots

Energy vibrated across this season¹s runways as models sported high-intensity colors. At Toney Toni & the Gang in Bronxville.

Tired feet and perpetual latecomers rejoice! Your soles are officially getting a break from the teetering height of heels. Designers are enthusiastically welcoming sneakers, a former staple of athletic fields, into the world of seriously fashionable footwear. Colorful, breathable and customizable, sneakers are becoming more personalized than ever before. Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Chanel and Edun nailed the look, as their models sashayed down the runway wearing a host of eye-catching sneakers — color blocked, stitched and accented with metallic details and other ornamentation. Such sneakers work well with athletic wear, of course, but designers are pairing them with pantsuits, long skirts and dresses — all the way to the finish line. Boots with flat heels or wedges are practical, yet their look is far from prosaic this season. Instead, fall’s favorite footwear gets chic with dyed leathers, patent leather shine or exotic skins such as python. When paired with dresses and skirts, mod boots are decidedly cool. With jeans and trousers, they polish the look. Even the most casual examples of the trend have been

Clockwise from top: Slip-ons are available at Lester¹s of Rye Brook, from designers like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Ash and Schutz. Inverni’s pieces are to treasure and savor with the luxury of time. At Churchills of Mount Kisco. Bold Shosh scarf and furry bag make a statement, at Churchills. Brightly colored Shosh knit hat, handmade in New York at Churchills.

refreshed by a touch of glamour, such as Calvin Klein’s rubber soled work boots enhanced by metallic cord laces. Fur boots are also a popular (and warm) feature of this season’s collections. Leading the trend are Isabel Marant’s shaggy ankle boots. With multicolored fur exteriors and bound by thin leather straps, they evoke the historical craftsmanship of Nordic Vikings or Eskimo tribes. Booties, of course, remain a perennial favorite. What’s new this year is a preference for cutouts and laser cut designs. Just bundle up with tights underneath. Gloves

Arms are enjoying a moment in the spotlight, dressed to the nines in gloves. Extending to the elbow, mid-forearm or wrist, today’s gloves are styled like detachable sleeves or creative body art. Colored, embossed and laser cut leathers form the basis of this trend. Bows, zippers and jew-

eled ornamentation are popular options. Coordinated with an outfit, gloves extend the look to the fingertips; so make sure your nails are well groomed and expertly manicured. Sweater dresses look even cozier with matching knit gloves. Brightly colored separates, paired with zippy gloves in complementary hues, vibrate with a spectrum of energy. At night, arms bedecked with feathers and jewels are better than candy. — By TRACI DUTTON LUDWIG

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Dress for success: building a professional wardrobe


hether you are a recent grad or someone re-entering a professional work environment, building a work wardrobe that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal style is key. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you’re being hired for,” says Stephanie Thomas, fashion instructor at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, a campus of Argosy University. “Your job description, and that of the next step up your career ladder, should be the driving force behind your apparel purchases,” adds Stephanie Pierotti, fashion instructor at The Arts Institute of Las Vegas. To get you started, fashion experts from The Art Institutes system of schools offer tips to have you dressing for the corner office. Suit up

A good fit will make you look polished, professional and more confident. At Gabriela’s in Scarsdale.

“I know it sounds boring, but a suit is an absolute must,” says Thomas. “Look upon your suit purchase as a long term investment,” adds Pierotti. “This is not an area where you’ll want to skimp. Seasonless fabrics, like lightweight wool, worsted wool and wool crepe are your best bets.” She recom-

mends purchasing a suit in a classic color such as black, gray, tan or navy blue and saving the more trendy colors and patterns for your accessories. Thomas says to also think about the colors in your current wardrobe and look for a suit that can be interchangeable with pieces you already own. For women, a suit with both pants and a skirt will offer more variety. You should also feel comfortable in your suit. A good fit will make you look polished, professional and more confident. “The chances of you finding a suit that fits you perfectly off the rack is slim to none, so be sure to budget some funds for tailoring,” says Thomas. Wardrobe building blocks

You will also need some staples that will serve as wardrobe building blocks that enable you to walk right into a new job. “Women should purchase two or three bautton-down shirts of a good fit and quality. Men may want to purchase five, if button-downs are a staple in their field,” says Pierotti. For women, a wrap dress is a great alternative to pants and a button down. Women can also incorporate knit shirts that will mix and match

with their suit separates. For men, a sports jacket in an all-weather fabric is a good investment. “Think less trend, more modern classic that will cut across many seasons,” says Thomas. “Men and women need a great blazer and some type of sweater they can dress up or down.” Both men and women can mix in sweaters and cardigans to go with their separates. Pierotti advises, “Look for versatile items that can take you from desk to dinner and from workdays to weekends. Also consider a dark or black jean for casual days at the office. Shoes

To put your best foot forward at a new job, make sure you also have professional footwear to go with your new wardrobe. Pierotti recommends two pairs of practical shoes for day-to-day work life and one or two for more formal events, in neutral colors such as brown, gray and black. And for women, 4 inches should be the maximum height for a professional setting. Accessories

Don’t forget about accessories, which can add personality to your outfits. “Men

should have a couple of ties with a little bit of personality, meaning different patterns or maybe a bold color,” says Thomas. For women, necklaces and bracelets can add a pop to an outfit, but less is more when considering jewelry. Make sure you don’t forget to use an appropriate purse or messenger bag and no matter where you live, you should have a professional trench in your wardrobe. Tailoring and maintenance

Once you’ve built your wardrobe, you’ll want to keep it neat and polished. To make you clothing look custom made, find a good tailor who can make small tweaks to your garments. A garment steamer, a clothes shaver, stain remover sticks and fabric freshener sprays will help save on dry cleaning costs, by helping your garments looking and smelling fresh. “Investing in core pieces lays a solid foundation for your new professional wardrobe,” says Pierotti. “You’ll create a classic yet stylish work collection that makes you feel confident and professional.” — Brandpoint

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45,000 people who are already following the blog on social media. While the blog does focus largely on educating women about beauty and wellness, it also touches upon a variety of other issues which may help to empower them. To date, blog topics are as varied as beauty tips, business advice, diet and nutrition, exercise and wellness, and how to live fabulously on almost any budget. Having spent the past 11 years working as a professional aesthetician, Adamiak has had the opportunity to work with amazing clients from all walks of life, ranging from homemakers to international celebrities. “I feel so blessed for knowing each and every one of my clients,” Adamiak said. “Each of them has taught me a great deal. Through sharing my own knowledge and experiences, I want to be an advocate for women.” In addition to being a graduate of the Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences, Adamiak holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Theater from the University of Albany. She is also a registered yoga teacher. Balance Day Spa is located at 280 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 310, White Plains. Call 358-9898 or visit

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321 Greenwich Ave. Greenwich, CT 203.861.6872




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and flashy details of the season? Whatever the reason, the free play of the season was tempered in many designers’ showrooms by collections of understated, traditional looks. Brown wool skirts, gray gabardine suits, crisp white blouses and long black coats exert a serious, mature attitude. These pieces are absolute classics — so invest in the best quality you can afford. Borrowing from the boys, this season’s finely tailored pantsuits look sharp with wide-legged trousers, boxy jackets and elongated silhouettes. Ralph Lauren and Hermes nailed the power suit look to the cutting edge, while Celine softened the edges with pale buttons and other feminine accents. On the more casual side of this trend, designers are exploring military-inspired fashions dominated by shades of khaki and army green. Structured silhouettes, brass buttons, flat pockets and belted waists put these looks at high attention — soldier style. Achtung! Who said only men in uniform get all the attention? Throwback

Retro rocks the season. Everything old is new again, and inspiration equally channels energies from the swinging sixties and sensual seventies. Mini skirts, knee-high boots, A-line jumpers, trapeze dresses and sugary pastels capture the mood of the pillbox hat era. Time warped back 50 years at the Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent shows, where models in cute dresses and mod Go-Go boots referenced Twiggy and Jane Birkin. Expanding on trends from this past spring and summer, sixties prints remain popular designs for fall wardrobes. Some fashion houses, such as Prada and Chloe, are even reviving authentic vintage prints from their archives. Others, such as Valentino, are presenting vibrant designs inspired by the psychedelic flavor of 1960s. Enjoying a strong revival is the wrap dress, made famous by Diane von Furstenberg. In vintage or reinterpreted prints, this fashion icon embodies timeless style and is universally flattering. Borrowing from the 1970s, wide-legged pants, pantsuits, broad-brimmed hats and flowing scarves relive disco-era glamour. Play up these looks with sexy cat-eye makeup or sultry bedroom eyes for ultimate femininity. Also hearkening back to the ‘70s is this season’s obsession with the classic argyle sweater. In its revamped version, this piece is both nostalgic and modern — and surprisingly versatile. Paired with a short skirt in leather or wool, the look is cheeky and collegiate. Cinched with a banded waistline or leather belt, the argyle sweater can be worn in place of an elegant jacket. Fringed, as in a version by Tommy Hilfiger, the argyle sweater is casual, outdoorsy and fun… as in “perfect” for next month’s apple picking. Swing out

Worn as outerwear and outer layers, ponchos and capes are a hot topic this fall. Ponchos are versatile pieces that dress up jeans and other casual fall staples. Roberto Cavalli and Etro perfected the look Boho style. Ponchos are perfect for adding playful volume over linear silhouettes or for evoking a Western attitude, cowgirl style. Some of the most beautiful examples this season use textiles inspired by the look of Navajo blankets, which are woven works of art in their own right. Burberry expanded the trend by draping ponchos over models’ shoulders like blankets. Capes are taking a more fanciful and imaginative turn in fall collections, with excellent examples by Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. Like something out of a fairytale, today’s capes look absolutely enchanting in velvet, embroidered fabrics, enhanced by pearls or fur-trimmed. Hoods – often fashioned out of soft fur — complete the look for the modern-day romantic heroine. Night music

Designers got playful after dark, and graceful never looked so sexy. Evening gowns were some of the most creative pieces to grace fall runways. This is the year for sheer fabrics, cutouts and semi-transparent structures mimicking the ink of tattoos. In their uninhibited feminine whispers, these gowns are absolutely fanciful and breathtakingly beautiful. However, in addition to all this delicacy, eveningwear is also displaying a preference for velvet, feathers and fur. The textures of these materials are elegant and refined, with an alluring animal sensuality.



From top left: Your parka just got fashionable – fitted with fur by Marlino. At Churchills of Mount Kisco. Dear Cashmere is a declaration of love to the world’s finest natural yarn and the women who share this passion. At Churchills. A springlike levity was breezing through collections at Gabriela’s in Scarsdale. At Lester’s in Rye Brook, Head-to-toe knits are the comfort food of your closet. Toney Toni & the Gang in Bronxville present zip with a sleek, bold vest.

Record-Review Fall Fashion 2014  

Explore trends in fall fashion, accessories, beauty and health in our annual special section.

Record-Review Fall Fashion 2014  

Explore trends in fall fashion, accessories, beauty and health in our annual special section.