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Remanufac turing the HP LaserJet CP1025 Series Color Toner Cartridges By Mike Josiah and the Technical Staff at Uninet Imaging

Mike Josiah Mike Josiah is the Technical Director at UniNet East Coast office, a global distributor of toner, Smartchips, OPC drums, and other toner remanufacturing components. Mr. Josiah is an industry veteran since 1987, and a member of ASTM committee F.05, the STMC Technician Certification committee, as well as an STMC trainer. He and his support team at UniNet contribute with technical articles to industry trade magazines, and conduct seminars at association meetings and tradeshows worldwide.

In January 2011, Hewlett Packard released the LaserJet CP1025 series of color laser printers. The HP CP1025 series of laser printers are based on a 17 ppm black and 4ppm color, 600 x 600dpi engines. These cartridges and the printers take a page from the old HP color LaserJet 4500 machines. The printer is a carousel type with a central drum unit. The toner cartridges just have the toner and developer rollers. No drum or waste sections. The cartridges for this printer are rated for 1000 pages color and 1200 pages black. These cartridges also have a series part number and a specific cartridge part number it ’s a bit confusing. The part numbers and info on them is: HP 126A Black CE314A 1200 pages $49.99ea* HP 126A Cyan CE311A 1000 pages $55.99ea* HP 126A Magenta CE313A 1000 pages $55.99ea* HP 126A Yellow CE312A 1000 pages $55.99ea* HP 126A Drum Unit CE314A 14k pages black, 7k color $79.99* *Pricing as of March 2011 The cartridges seen so far also do not use an Air Bag type of insert in the box; they use a cardboard fold around type.




See Figure A They do however have a developer roller cover. See figure B

running test pages, cleaning pages and some simple printer troubleshooting will be covered at the end of this article. As stated above this series of printers uses a carousel type system. Figure C shows the basic parts layout and lists what each of the parts are. Supplies required

Figure A

HP CP1025 dedicated toner Replacement chip (Dedicated) Developer roller (Optional) Doctor Blade(optional) Sealing Strip (Optional) Cotton Swabs Isopropyl Alcohol Drum Padding Powder Conductive Grease Tools Required

Figure B The only machine released so far in this series is the CP1025W These are very simple, easy cartridges to remanufacture. While the OEM costs are low, they will be simple enough and fast enough to make doing them worthwhile. Cartridge troubleshooting as well as

Phillips head screw driver. Small Common screw driver Needle nose pliers Jewelers Screwdriver set 1) With the white plastic handle on top and the label facing you, remove the left side 2 screws and white plastic end cap from the cartridge. See Figures 1 & 2 2) On the gear side of the cartridge, remove the 2 screws from the black plastic end cap. Note the spring loaded drive gear. The spring and drive gear will stay with the

ASK THE EXPERTS RECHARGEasia Remanufacturing the HP LaserJet CP1025 Series Color Toner Cartridges


recommend any chemicals be used to clean this roller. See Figure 9

Figure 1

Figure 5 Figure 9 8) Remove the two screws and doctor blade. See Figure 10

Figure 2 end cap when removed, there is no need to remove them separately. See Figures 3, 4 & 5.

Figure 6 end cap. See Figure 7

Figure 10 9) Clean out all the remaining toner from the hopper and feed roller. See Figure 11

Figure 7 Figure 3

6) Remove the White plastic inner end cap. See Figure 8

Figure 11

Figure 4 3) Remove the black plastic end cap. 4) Remove the 2 small gears. See Figure 6 5) Remove the screw from the inner white




Figure 8 7) Remove the developer roller. Clean with a lint free cloth and place aside. We do not

10) Remove the white seal plug from the chip side of the cartridge. See Figure 12 11) Fill the hopper with the appropriate color CP1025 dedicated toner. See Figure 13 12) If you are using a seal, install it now. Make sure the tail of the seal comes out through the seal plug hole. See Figure 14 13) Install the seal plug. Make sure the fins


Figure 12

Figure 16

Figure 19

shims, or set the gap manually to 1.8mm. See Figures 17 & 18. NOTE: The Db gap is set from the back 90 degree edge of the blade not the top or screw side. In other words, the gap is to set the distance of the edge of the Db to the developer roller. NOT the height of the blade. Figure 13

Figure 20 cartridge. See Figure 21

Figure 17 Figure 14 are on the bottom side and that the plug fits over the seal. See Figures 15 & 16

Figure 21 18) Install the opposite side white end cap and 2 screws. See Figure 22

Figure 18

Figure 15 14) Install the doctor blade and two screws. NOTE the Db must be gapped for the cartridge to work properly. Use either DB

15) Install the foam washer onto the feed roller shaft. See Figure 19 16) Install the white end cap onto the gear side of the cartridge. Install the screw as shown. See Figure 20 17) Install the developer roller long shaft side to the gear or non chip side of the

Figure 22 19) Install the two gears on the developer roller shaft and feed roller shaft. See




ASK THE EXPERTS RECHARGEasia Remanufacturing the HP LaserJet CP1025 Series Color Toner Cartridges


Figure 23

Repetitive Defect chart OPC Drum: 95mm ITB drive roller

Figure 25


Lower Pressure roller:


Upper Fuser Film:


Transfer roller:




Developer roller:


Running Test Pages Press and hold the RESUME button for 2-3 seconds. The configuration page and the supplies status page will print.

Figure 23 20) Install the black end cap and two screws. Make sure the drive gears are meshed properly and the spring on the

Running the Cleaning Page

black drive gear is in place. See Figures 24

The cleaning page for these machines can only be run from the Printer menu. HP recommends that for best results, a transparency be used. If a transparency is not available, user copier grade paper with a smooth surface. To run this page, in the windows system tray. Right click on Device Settings and then click on the printer name. Click the Device Settings tab; click the Print Cleaning Page tab. The page will start and stop. Do not turn the printer off until the cleaning page has finished printing.

& 25

Figure 26

Figure 24 21) Slice the top of the chip holder off and replace the chip. See Figure 26. 22) Install the developer roller cover. See Figure 27




Figure 27

Remanufacturing the HP LaserJet CP1025 Series Color Toner Cartridges  

Remanufacturing the HP LaserJet CP1025 Series Color Toner Cartridges