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Getting the most from

your Distribution Relationship Glen Balzer

Whether You are... a Manufacturer with an Exclusive Distributor a Manufacturer with an Nonexclusive Distributor an Exclusive Distributor with a Manufacturer

a Nonexclusive Distributor with a Manufacturer You must Focus on becoming the ...

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5 Point

Management Meeting

5 Point Management Meeting 1.Let me explain what we’ve done for you since our last meeting. 2.What priorities would you like us to engage in during the months ahead? 3.Your sales of our products are very important to us and here’s why. 4.Here is what we would like to see from you in the months ahead. 5.Let me explain what we plan to do for you in the months ahead.

4 Eyes vs 2 Eyes

2 Legal Eyes

Agreement is legally acceptable, but commercially ineffective.

2 Sales Eyes

Agreement is commercially effective, but legally unacceptable.

4 Eyes

Agreement is legally acceptable and commercially effective . . . . and the probability of a legal skirmish upon termination diminishes greatly.

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Getting The Most From Your Ditribution Relationship  

Learn about the importance of a distribution agreement to tighten up sales channel relationships! Glen Balzer will cover the following in hi...