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Small is beautiful. And it works 精致之美


作者:毕明珠 办公耗材行业现状与产品质量 Current Situation and Product Quality of the Office Consumables Industry


By Steve Weedon

建设网上耗材商城,打造电子商务品牌——灰太狼耗材公司电 子商务经营模式 An Introduction of the E-commerce Business Pattern of Zhuhai Wolfgray Printer Consumables Co., Ltd.

Show Time! / 展会热点


Welcome to RechargExpo Thailand! 欢迎参加 2013 泰国国际办公耗材展


Bridging the Gap in Emerging Global Printing Markets 搭建全球新兴打印耗材市场的桥梁


再次强势出击,重燃印尼办公耗材市场 --2013 年印度尼西亚办 公耗材展于 11 月将雅加达举办 RechargExpo Indonesia 2013 will be Held in November in Jakarta, Indonesia



September 2013

2013 年 09 月

总第 113


Q2 Results Show 6% Increase in Global Mobile Phone Shipments 第二季度全球手机出货量提高 6%


“棱镜门”加速国产耗材自主创新和应用 Prism Event Accelerates Independent Innovation and Application of Home-Made Consumables


OKI 联手方正电子进军政府文印市场 OKI Joins Hands with Founder Electronics to Explore Government Printing Markets


办公成本降低 3 成 本土企业有望“长大”` Office Costs Decline by 30% and Local Companies Expected to Grow


世界首个 3D 打印墨盒问世 The First 3D Printing Cartridge Introduced


2013 年打印机政采格局陡变 Situation of Government Purchase of Printers Changes Abruptly


3D 打印对科技和商业的 9 个影响 9 Influences of 3D Printing on Technology and Business



RechargeAsia Catches Up with Sinotron's Chris Lee 《亚洲再生业》专访 Sinotron 总裁 Chris Lee


36 83

Static Control Releases Statement Regarding Recent General Exclusion Order SCC 史丹迪就普遍排除令发布声明


Jet Technologies Expands into Indonesia Jet Technologies 公司拓展印尼市场


UTec's SmarTact™ Cartridges Receive Increasing Customer Recognition as a Solution for USITC GEO UTec 公司 SmarTactTM 硒鼓受到客户的高度认可


湖北鼎龙:渠道建设初显成效 , 彩色碳粉持续加速 Hubei Dinglong: Color Toners Continue to Speed up as Channel Construction has Primary Effect

办公解决方案市场预计到 2017 年将达到 28 亿美元


Impression Products Moves to Dismiss Lexmark's Case Based on First-Sale Doctrine 再生耗材商 Impression Products 公司抗诉利盟

天威硒鼓获评 2013 中国计算机用户首选产品 Print-Rite Cartridge Rated as First Choice of Computer Users of China in 2013


缩减 5%,格之格助力政府节约 G&G Responses to the Energy Saving Initiative


A World-class 3D Printing Center to be Established in Zhuhai 世界级 3D 打印中心落户珠海



IDC Statistics Reveal Society Is Still Far from Being Paperless IDC 统计显示无纸化社会远未到来

定位明确,管理严格,创新产品紧跟市场需求——2013 年北京 中恒复印材料有限公司 2013 Beijing Eternal Copiers Ltd


快速成长的广州众诺电子科技有限公司 Guangzhou Zhono Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Is Growing Fast


The Top Asian Social Network For Marketing Leads By Curt Keller



Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace 发展全球销售网络

By Glen Balzer


What Worked for One Chinese Company! 中国公司的成功之道


Byby Shelly Office Solutions Market Projected to Reach $2.8B 2017Ortelt


US Office China Office Tel 1-626-569-8238 Fex 1-860-606-9068 Tel 86-10-5126-5580 Fex 86-10-5885-8747



佳能发布超值入门型学生一体机腾彩 PIXMA MG2580 和 MG2400 Canon Releases Two Printers Exclusively for Students, PIXMA MG2580 and MG2400


佳能 Q2 财报解读:打印产品引导业绩增长 Interpretation of Canon Q2 Financial Report: Printing Products Lead Performance Growth


富士施乐推出全新彩色数码印刷系统 Color C75 Press Fuji Xerox Releases New Color Digital Printing System Color C75 Press

40 86

The First and Only Complete Color Replacement System Now Available from Static Control SCC 史丹迪新品发布市面首个且唯一的完整彩色替换系统

40 86

Static Control Releases Replacement Color Imaging System for use in Lenovo® C8300N Toner Cartridges SCC 史丹迪发布彩色可更换影像再生系统 适用于 Lenovo® C8300N 硒鼓

42 88

Print-Rite first launches Brother One Generation Series Compatible Inkjet Chip of Adjustable Capacity 天威技术首推可调控容量的 Brother 第一代喷墨全系列芯片


Ninestar Introduces Patented Compatibles Exclusively for Brother Inkjet 纳思达推出专门适用于兄弟墨盒的专利配件


Ricoh a 'LEADER' for Third Time in Worldwide Managed Print Services MarketScape Analysis 理光三度蝉联“全球打印管理服务领导者”称号


CET Releases Patented Toner Cartridges for Canon iR ADVANCE C2020/2025 /2030/2220/2225/2230 CET 发布适用于佳能 iR ADVANCE C2020/2025 /2030/2220/2225/2230 的专利墨盒


Managed Print Services Reaches a Crucial Turning Point 文印管理服务面临关键转折点


“移动”成趋势 斑马技术新推 3 款移动打印机 Zebra Technologies Launches 3 Mobile Printers


UTec Launches Compatible Laser Cartridge for OKI C610 UTec 推出 OKI C610 兼容激光墨盒


Nubeprint Launches A New Offering for SMB Market Nubeprint 针对 SMB 市场推出新产品


宝特龙新推出柯美 BizHub 750/751 碳粉 POINTROLE Releases Kemei Toner BizHub 750/751


艾斯克推出多款新产品 ASC Releases Toners for Samsung D101S Cartridges


MPS AND MOBILE PRINT / 文印管理服务和移动打印前瞻



ICanon's imagePROGRAF iPFX400 Large Format Printer Series Awarded IDEAlliance SWOP® and GRACoL® Hard Copy Proofing Certification 佳能 imagePROGRAF iPFX400 大幅面打印机系列获得 IDEAlliance SWOP® 和 GRACoL® Hard Copy Proofing 认证



Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge By Mike Josiah

施乐 Phaser 3500 墨盒再生技术


Ricoh Grows Services Business Expertise 理光加强服务业务专长


Xerox Q2 Profit Falls, Sales Increase 施乐第二季度利润下降,销售收入增长


The Ricoh Pro™ 8100S Expands Ricoh’s Monochrome Digital Production Portfolio 理光 Pro™ 8100S 扩大其单色数码产品组合


Epson Launches Its First Dye-Sublimation Printers 爱普生推出首台热升华打印机


New Contracts Buffer Lexmark's Falling Revenues Due to Inkjet Closure 新合同缓解利盟因喷墨业务关闭造成的收入下降


Canon U.S.A. to Launch Océ ColorWave 900 at PRINT 13 佳能美国在 PRINT 13 展会推出 Océ ColorWave 900


柯尼卡美能达与国税局签订供货协议 Konica Minolta Signs Supply Agreement with IRS


作者:宋静等 碳粉中 CCA 电性能评价方法论 Methodology of CCA Electrical Property Evaluation in Toners



出“色”兼顾 高效,利盟 C746dn 成新宠 Lexmark C746dn Becoming Popular 全球首款以金属为“墨水”3D 打印机问世 First 3D Printer with Metal "Ink" Comes Introduced 中国首台自主产权细胞组织 3D 打印机研发成功 China Successfully Releases First 3D Cell Tissue Printer with Independent Property Right 佳能 2013 年上半年营业额增长 3.2% Canon Turnover Increases by 3.2% in First Half of 2013


惠普保护措施严密 确保打印安全 HP Implements Strict Protection Measures to Ensure Printing Security 2014 年数码印刷市场占有率将提高至 27.4% Share of Digital Printing Markets To Increase To 27.4% in 2014


Editor’s Note: We, at Recharge Asia, welcome comments to any of our editorials or content. Send comments, including sender’s name, address & phone number to: Sunny Sun, Publisher, via email to

Curt Keller CEO and founder of Benchmark Email

Steve Weedon CEO, Discover Imaging Products Ltd. Steve has had a varied career in the imaging industry since 1973. He has held senior management positions with such companies as, Nashua, Kalle Infotec, Katun Corp, and Gestetner, before starting The Recycler Trade Magazine in 1992 and the first European cartridge remanufacturing trade show that same year. In 1994, Steve joined Static Control to head the European operations. After 18 years with Static Control, Steve has now moved on to become CEO of his own global imaging supplies company, Discover Imaging Products Limited. Read his article “Small is beautiful. And it works.” p12

Curt Keller is CEO and founder of one of the world’s leading, Web-based email marketing services, Benchmark Email. While Benchmark’s client base ranges from work-at-home travel agents to large, multinational companies, Mr. Keller remains fiercely dedicated to addressing the email and online marketing challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses. A pioneer in the realm of permission-based marketing, Mr. Keller started Benchmark Email in early 2004 and quickly grew the Southern California-based company from a three-person operation to a major International player with services for people in India, China, South America, Germany and Japan. Benchmark currently remains a member of two of the industry’s most exclusive consortium, the Email Sender & Provider Coalition and A vocal advocate for good, industry-wide email marketing practices and standards, Mr. Keller is a regular blogger for and, as well as a regular contributor to Recharge Asia Magazine. Read his article “The Top Asian Social Network For Marketing Leads” p20

宋静 工程技术(高分子)工程师 宋静,2006 年于天津大学获得化学工艺硕士学位,2006 年加入天 津市合成材料工业研究所墨粉化学品事业部,2008 年评为工程技术 (高分子)工程师,主要从事打印机、复印机用碳粉树脂及相关化 学品的研发工作。 请阅读她的文章 “碳粉中 CCA 电性能评价方法论” p98

Glen Balzer Mr. Glen Balzer is a management and forensic consultant involved with marketing and sales. He advises parties involved with relationships and contracts between manufacturers' representatives, suppliers, customers and industrial distributors. He promotes conflict resolution between parties involved in representative and distribution agreements. He has integrated divisions of companies upon merger and acquisition. He has been involved in establishing and managing marketing and sales organizations throughout America, Europe and Asia. Contact him through his website: Read his article “Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace” p24

Mike Josiah Technical Director of UniNet Imaging Mike Josiah is the Technical Director at UniNet’s East Coast office, a global distributor of toner, Smartchips, OPC drums, and other toner remanufacturing components. Mr. Josiah is an industry veteran since 1987, and a member of ASTM committee F.05, the STMC Technician Certification committee, as well as an STMC trainer. He and his support team at UniNet contribute with technical articles to industry trade magazines, and conduct seminars at association meetings and tradeshows worldwide. Read his article “Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge” p56


Message from the Publisher

My Dear Readers: For the past thirty years, we have seen the remanufacturing industry go through countless changes, transforming from businesses in small garage workshops in the '80s to large-scale, global enterprises with more than 1000+ employees navigating within today's mobile- and social-media-driven society. We value the growth and development of remanufacturing as it has kept pace over the years with printing technology's advancement. However, looking at today's marketplace, along with the recent Canon GEO, we wonder what would be the formula for a continued growth and “power-earning” for remanufacturers? Is there a good recipe for this? The attitude toward recycled cartridges and their inherent benefit for the environment has been steadily growing. Many environment-conscious consumers see them as the responsible alternative to OEM cartridges. However, the aftermarket arena has transformed into one of fierce competition atop the ever-growing challenge of scarce empty core collection. Therefore, we ponder: Will bigger necessarily be better? Could small, or less, be more beautiful? Could buy-local and sell-local be a better choice? Our feature article this month has industry insider, Steve Weedon, exploring these questions and sharing his insight on industry whereabouts and his view for a company’s quest for continued profitability. Discover more in his article “Small is beautiful. And it works” on p.12. Also, as we believe our readers are the ones who live the day-to-day moments of dealing with the supply market’s ups-and-downs, we would love to hear what you have to say. We have our ears and all media channels open, so please share your views with us via RechargeAsia Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or WeChat. Finally, please be sure to read the other wonderful articles we have compiled this month: The Top Asian Social Network For Marketing Leads by Keller Curt on p.20, Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace by Glen Balzer on p.24, and What Worked for One Chinese Company! on p.28. We hope you enjoy this issue and the final days of summer. Happy Reading!

Ms. Sunny Sun Publisher




113 Issue September 2013

113 Issue September 2013



FEATURE ARTICLES Small is beautiful. And it works


113 Issue September 2013 Continued

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

Welcome to RechargExpo Thailand!

After one year preparation and our teams' joint effort, today we bring together regional aftermarket professionals in the bustling cit y of Bangkok. Pe o p l e a s k w h y i n Thailand? Located in the heart of the Southeast Asian mainland, Thailand is not only regarded as the "Land of Smiles" having the most friendly people to work with, but also the most convenient gateway to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We trust that your business excels among these regions that boost a rapid growth. Our goal is to develop RechargExpo platform to promote the industr y growth as a whole, and to facilitate the bonding among dealers, distributors, resellers, and manufacturers. RechargExpo is a stage to be performed by various players in the industry among these regions. During our preparation period, some voiced concerns of local Thai businesses to be compromised because of the Chinese manufacturing companies entering into this market. We valid this concern but worry is unnecessary. There will be impact on local businesses,


howe ver, in a positive way. The RechargExpo will bring you the backbone support to help your business excel. We are confident that more business opportunities will open up attributed to increased information flow and faceto-face interaction and communication. The result will be increased opportunities to win and profit to gain with more manufacturing support in the growing marketplace. We strongl y encour age you to take this opportunity to engage with participants, to build new relationships, and renew and strengthen your existing bonds. We, as the event organizer, will ensure your exhibition experience is more fulfilling as you encounter many more new business contacts. Lastly, I want to thank you our local partners - AIXS and IMPACT for their unlimited strong support to have made RechargExpo Thailand a true reality. Enjoy RechargExpo and the "Land of Smiles" for good fortune.

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

Bridging the Gap in Emerging Global Printing Markets FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- RechargeAsia magazine is a bi-lingual (English and Chinese) monthly publication focusing on printer and copier and its consumables (ink and toner) industry. RechargeAsia will launch its signature Southeast Asia regional event - RechargExpo Thailand, on August 28-30, 2013, at the Grand Diamond Hall at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre. RechargeAsia has placed its emphasis on Asia, especially Southeast Asia, simply because this region boasts of a well-established printer market and is home to some of the most promising companies in the region. Current market trends indicate that Southeast Asia is a solid region for companies seeking to make their mark in global markets, despite the fact that it is not quite up to speed with the latest technology in the printing industry. However, that is part of the attraction because it represents ample room for growth. Asia has consolidated its position as the world’s second largest economy, after the United States, in the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), according to the latest World Development Indicators and is one of the largest emerging markets. Over the years, the global printing industry has experienced tremendous growth on a whole. To solidify their presence in the industry, major printer and office consumables suppliers in North America have established production facilities in emerging markets, in an effort to gain more market share. This expansion trend is expected to continue and is aided by friendly investment policies towards foreign companies put forth by the government in these emerging nations. RechargeAsia, through the successful development of printing and imaging exhibitions(RechargExpo Southeast Asia again in 2013 Thailand, August 28-30 and Indonesia, November 7-10) over the last eight years has extended numerous business opportunities and growth potential to many participating companies. During this period, Recharge Asia's mission and goal has always been to bridge and narrow the gap between buyers and sellers and to merge cultural differences between businesses from the East and West. The exhibitions are aimed at producers and makers of printing and imaging consumables, including parts and supplies, and provide opportunities for these companies to meet potential buyers that include wholesalers, distributors and retailers. While the use of printer, copier, ink, toner, laser cartridges, photo paper, consumables and office supplies has decreased in saturated, developed markets, emerging markets within Southeast Asia have not been as affected by this slowdown. As such, Recharge Asia continues to place emphasis on this part of the world and sees it as a new horizon for companies that are looking to expand to this region. Recharge Asia works diligently with companies who are attending their expos so that they may achieve sustained economic business growth, develop new business relationships and revitalize existing ones. Their commitment to helping the print industry grow via new channels of communication between the various sectors in the industry is why their exhibitions will continue to flourish for many more years to come. “We exhibited at RechargExpo Southeast Asia 2012 for the first time and found that there is a big market for printer and copier consumables in Indonesia and surrounding region. The visitors were all industry professionals. We found RechargExpo Southeast Asia to be a very useful expo to us in our expansion into the region.”

RechargeAsia Corp With its focus on the North American and fastgrowing Asian market, Recharge Asia has utilized their knowledge and past experience to provide valuable assistance to producers and manufacturers in the printing and imaging industry for mutual benefits. The objective is that such assistance not only benefits the producers and manufactures but also the regions and the economy as a whole. For more information about RechargeAsia events, please contact:Sunny Sun -

Jessica Lin, General Manager, Cangzhou ASC Toner Production Ltd.

"RechargExpo understands the trends of the business opportunities in fast growing regions, and its Expo in Jakarta rightly offered me the opportunity to engage in new contacts and new potentials for growth of our business. I am quite pleased with the new acquaintances I acquired at RechargExpo. Job well done, RechargeAsia!” Kam Woon, Business Development Manager UniNet Imaging S.E. ASIA


113 Issue September 2013





113 Issue September 2013

113 Issue September 2013





113 Issue September 2013

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace By Glen Balzer

Companies operating only in their home market or in a limited number of global markets understandably worry about entering a new foreign market. Risks are many and opportunities for problems are enormous. There is an additional risk of taking the corporate eye off the core business and revenue stream. What should a company planning to enter a foreign market do in order to protect itself from failure and improve its chances for success? A company can create an eight-step plan that includes:

1. Properly setting expectations 2. Developing a bank of resources

5. Selecting a manufacturers’ representative 6. Negotiating a representative agreement


3. Studying local market norms 4. Hiring a country manager

7. Preparing for fraud and scandal 8. Incorporating lessons from competitors


113 Issue September 2013

Expectations When a company begins discussion about creating a sales presence in a foreign market, each member of the executive team probably has a different reason for expanding internationally. Sales may seek greater total available market. Manufacturing may prize greater volume across which to spread its fixed cost. Marketing might wish greater market share. Research and Development might crave better visibility into the foreign market. Finance may welcome the opportunity to reduce financial risk by spreading revenue across uncorrelated markets. Engineering may seek the opportunity to create an alliance with a foreign customer or competitor. If the project is to succeed, the executive team must develop and agree to a shared purpose. Various groups must buy into the foreign market expansion, since those groups will be required to provide resources for the project. Ensure that all groups are prepared to offer resources. More important, confirm that all groups actually buy into the project. For best results, ensure that each group responsible for applying resources in the foreign market actually feels as though it owns its respective piece of the project. Identify the resources each group will provide to the foreign market effort. Ensure that all groups providing resources include costs associated with the resources in their budgets. Top management must not only proclaim support for foreign expansion, but

it must demonstrate that support frequently. Have the head of the foreign team present to various forums when he or she comes to headquarters. Ensure that members of the executive team visit the operation when traveling in the new market area. Resources When a company begins to plan its move into a foreign market, it can draw resources from several quarters. Divide resources into two broad groups: data and network. First, use data to build the expansion plan. How large is the market and how fast is it growing? Does the marketplace use manufacturers’ representatives, a direct sales force, or a hybrid blend of reps and direct sales? How eagerly do customers accept new entrants, particularly foreign entrants? How does a company contact and interview potential reps? Second, develop a network. When a company enters a new foreign market, it begins with no established network. D e ve l op and const ant l y nu r t u re t he network. The objective of the network is to have someone to call when faced with a dilemma, unforeseen challenge, or scandal. Industry trade associations are a good source of resources. Association staff and member companies both domestically and in the foreign market can provide insight into the foreign sales operation in its start-up phase. Embassies around the world often have staff that is devoted to helping companies expand sales. Embassy staff can provide data

on the size and composition of the foreign market. They gather data on the manufacturing capabilities of indigenous competitors, and the presence and plans of foreign companies. They organize trade missions and trade fairs. Commercial staff in embassies can help arrange introductions to customers, potential sales partners and staff. Early steps when establishing a presence abroad include initiating relationships with a bank, accountant, and attorney. Be sure to develop the human side as well as the functional side of those relationships. Meet the executives of the bank. Include them in your network. In some markets, bankers can arrange introductions to customers that otherwise would be difficult or take an unbearably long time to set up. Attorneys will certainly assist your company by filing all the necessary documents with which your company can legally operate in the foreign market. However, they can also answer a myriad of questions you may have during the start-up phase. Those answers and guidance can only come about if you take the time to develop personal relationships. While you interview manufacturers’ representatives, consider including both the partners you select and those you reject in your long-term network. If you interview ten reps and select one, your network will be more valuable in the future, if you create a relationship with several, as opposed to only the rep with which you establish



113 Issue September 2013

Creating a Sales Presence in the Global Marketplace

a formal relationship. A manufacturers’ representative with whom you have no formal partnership is likely to provide you with more and different feedback about your company, sales activities, and new market than a representative that feels obliged to protect its franchise. Manufacturers’ representatives in foreign markets often form associations. Developing and nurturing relationships here can afford your company access to information unavailable elsewhere. Through such an association, you will have easy access to most other reps. That access becomes very important when you must make a change in your representative network. American chambers of commerce operate in most foreign markets. Two examples are the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. In smaller markets, the chamber may operate primarily as a social organization. In larger markets, you will discover a sophisticated network of committees that address many industry sectors. Since the chambers are composed of all industries in which American companies operate, it represents a particularly good window through which to spot changes occurring in the market. Irrespective of whether your company plans to relocate a manager from headquar ters or hire a loc al countr y manager, establishing a relationship with one or two executive recruiters is very wise. A recruiter, particularly one of international scope, is very familiar with problems that arise in foreign companies. Such a resource can help should you choose to recruit a foreign national as country manager. That resource can also provide counsel when difficult issues arise. Market Norms All markets have unique c h a r ac t e r i s t i c s a n d f e w a re identical to a company’s home market. Prior to entering a foreign market, a supplier must study and develop an understanding of the norms there. Understand how the new foreign market differs from the home market. Do direct sales teams sell goods or services? Do sales flow through manufacturers’ representatives? If reps are used, is it customary to use a sole



rep, or multiple reps? Companies may enjoy payment on invoices within 30-to-45 days of shipment of goods in some markets. Achieving 45 days sales outstanding may be manageable in some markets, but not in others. It is important to understand the DSO standard in the foreign market, and to measure the sales operation against local norms. Management in the Foreign Market An early decision in the foreign sales effort is selection of the country or office manager. Within the industry, do companies usually fill the top post with an expatriate from headquarters, or hire a foreign national in the local market? Both solutions work and both have problems. An expatriate from headquarters can quickly instill confidence in the operation among staff at headquarters. However, an expatriate will need time to learn customs unique to the local market. During the learning curve, an expatriate will make errors. Some may be costly. An expatriate experienced with the company culture can quickly train foreign staff and the manufacturers’ representative about how the company operates. Hiring a foreign national for the top job is the alternative to an expatriate. A wellqualified local manager brings knowledge of customers and market customs to the operation. Since a local GM has neither relationships with the company’s executive team nor knowledge of the product line, it is important to have a newly hired manager spend time at headquarters soon after joining the company. Representative Selection After deciding to enter a foreign market, determine the shape of the sales

organiz ation. Opening with a direct sales organization is probably the most difficult, most expensive and riskiest alternative. Opening with a manufacturers’ representative is generally less difficult, less costly, and poses less risk. Prior to interviewing manufacturers’ representatives, develop criteria for selection. The most frequent cause for changing representatives is inadequate due diligence when evaluating candidates. Since the company entering a foreign market is only beginning to learn about that market, it is important to keep options open. Avoid exclusive arrangements. Ensure that you have the opportunity to modify the geography, customer list, and terms of the representative agreements in which you engage. Always be sure that you have the opportunity to terminate those agreements for cause and for convenience. Ensure that someone with commercial experience reviews the representative agreement. Ensure that a local attorney reviews the same agreement. D ual review improves chances for a long-term relationship between rep and supplier. The first year in any new market is a huge learning experience. At the end of the first year, the executive team and the local GM are likely to look back and determine that they could have made some better decisions. If it is determined that the chosen manufacturers’ representative was a poor decision, you will need the flexibility to make a change in representation. By demanding flexibility in representative agreements, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the rep network. Representative Agreements Great representative agreements do not forge great relationships. Nor do they guarantee success. Poorly written agreements, however, often hasten termination of relationships between supplier and r e p. T h e f i r s t r u l e t o follow when constructing and negotiating representative agreements is to ensure balance. Al l relationships and agreements between suppliers and reps ultimately expire. Expiration sometimes is amicable, as when both parties move ahead in different directions. Upon such disengagement, the rep aligns with a new, established and enthusiastic supplier; and the manufacturer


113 Issue September 2013 creates a relationship with a new promising rep. Parting company with a partner in a representative relationship sometimes becomes acrimonious. Agreements created in a fashion that favors one party over the other often result in costly litigation upon termination. How does imbalance enter an agreement? An inexperienced author may purposely draft an agreement that contains unbalanced clauses. Sometimes a party to the agreement attempts to stack advantages toward one side of the partnership in an attempt to make a better deal for itself. One partner becomes too clever by attempting to make life better by exploiting the inexperience of the other partner. Seasoned players understand that biased wording does not serve the purpose of long-lasting partnerships. Bias leads to legal skirmishes and not to an improved relationship. Partners must remember that the real objectives of an agreement and partnership between a supplier and manufacturers’ representative are greater sales, improved market share, better profit margins, and other metrics. The objective of a supplier or rep should never be a list of advantages in an agreement of one partner over another. Resolution of imbalanced agreements regrettably often involves costly litigation. Prudence during negotiation of rep agreements dictates that the rep be awarded a territory with which it has experience. If a manufacturers’ representative has experience in only a small territory, it is not wise to assign a large territory and hope for the best. A better policy is to open the relationship in the proven territory and expand later, after results in the original territory suggest that an expanded geography is reasonable. Ensure that the representative agreement clearly states the obligations and responsibilities of both parties while the partnership is effective, upon notice of termination, during the period between notice and effective date of termination, and after the effective date of termination. Concise wording helps to reduce the likelihood of litigation. Fraud and Scandal Fraud and scandal are real possibilities in foreign markets. It is important to develop a perspective about fraud and scandal before opening the foreign operation. It is almost impossible to prevent something going wrong in a foreign operation. Although discovery of fraud or scandal does not

permanently destroy a supplier’s reputation, a slow or poor response to a problem once discovered is unforgivable and unnecessary. A company must have an outline of a procedure to follow once a problem surfaces. W hen a supplier uncovers a problem, customers and competitors pay attention to how the supplier handles the problem. The marketplace admires and respects speedy and professional handling of a problem. A slow or sloppy approach to fixing the problem becomes part of the company’s legacy, can dampen its reputation, and can impede its ability to grow. Less seasoned management sometimes takes too long to prepare a solution when fraud or scandal surfaces. There may be an attempt to hide the problem from the outside world. Such an exercise is foolish. It is almost impossible to keep the news of the problem from leaking into the market once discovered. Experience mandates that the best action is to implement corrective action as quickly as possible. Lessons from Competitors Lessons about the foreign market come from many sources. If the executive team gathers lessons of competitors, the company can avoid many of the most common and frequently repeated mistakes made by other foreign companies. Suppliers already operating in the market have a number of errors made and solutions taken. Gather as many of those stories as possible. Compile those tales before marching into the new market in order to avoid the simplest of errors. Not making blunders can save precious management time and scarce corporate resources. Suppliers rarely offer to help direct competitors in the home market. However, when selling in foreign markets, GMs of competing suppliers often recognize each other more collegially. Although there is little communication between competitors in the home market, GMs managing foreign sales operations in Timbuktu likely have a cordial relationship. Those GMs are probably members of the local club and chamber of commerce. Both attend monthly meetings of one or more trade associations and are members of a local network. When problems or questions about running the operation arise, there is little stigma attached to asking for help from competitors. Fellow GMs of foreign operations can operate as part of a general manager’s extended network. However, in order to take advantage of that

resource, remember to constantly nurture, develop, and expand the network. Conclusion The decision to enter a foreign market is significant for any company. Entry is expensive and mistakes made during the entry process are even more costly. Proper planning is vital. Ensure that the entire executive team buys into foreign expansion. Continuously build and develop a foreign network. Learn and understand the customs of the foreign market. Correct all problems quickly. Support the GM at both the foreign site and at headquarters. Spend adequate time to select manufacturers’ representatives that will accommodate the company ’s planned growth. Do not set foot in the new market without a plan to handle fraud and scandal once it appears. Competitors have made many mistakes in the foreign market. Learn and study those mistakes in order to circumvent making the same mistakes again. Perform adequate due diligence in the early stages of entering the foreign market. Be sure that all company divisions offering resources to the new market plan and budget for expansion. Create and nurture a corporate memory. The lessons learned during the early years of a foreign presence are extremely valuable and ultimately become part of the legacy and company culture.

Glen Balzer Mr. Glen Balzer is a management and forensic consultant involved with marketing and sales. He advises parties involved with relationships and contracts between manufacturers' representatives, suppliers, customers and industrial dist r ibutors. He pr omotes conflict resolution between parties involved in representative and dist ribution agreements. He has integrated divisions of companies upon merger and acquisition. He has been involved in establishing and managing marketing and sales organizations throughout America, Europe and Asia. Contact him through his website:


What Worked for One Chinese Company! A profile of Beijing Eternal Copier Ltd.

Beijing Eternal Copiers, Ltd. (also called CET) was established in 1996. During the past 17 years of development and having gone through countless challenges, CET has eventually evolved from a small-start up company of just 32 employees into a large-scale enterprise of more than 400 employees with an annual sales volume of nearly a billion RMB. Their parts and components products are shipped to customers around the globe.

What makes the company stand out in the current competitive supplies market, especially when the industry as a whole has been in a downturn? With this and other queries in mind, our editor, Aiden Xie, had an opportunity to chat with CET staff based in Beijing and shares with you some of his findings.


113 Issue September 2013

A Paternalistic Management Style

Position their clientele in high-end markets and provide value-added products Fo u n d e r, C h a i r m a n a n d C E O, Mr. Ma Xuewen, vowed in the early formation of his company that he would establish a product-centric and customer-essential enterprise that would service a high-end clientele. His model is to never compete on price, but to always maintain the highest standards in product quality, never compromising quality for quantity even during the toughest times. Because of this consistent commitment to quality, his company outperformed the others and eventually the market rewarded CET with good returns. CET price remains high among the same or comparable products in the marketplace, however, it still enjoys a high market share. The reason they have been able to do so is largely due to Mr. Xuewen’s consistent brand-building effort, high product quality, and longterm persistent customer acquisition. Again, product quality plays a vital role in obtaining and retaining customers. CET's product development and production processes follow the criteria of OEM product performance. Equal or greater OEM performance offered at lower than OEM pricing allows CET to enjoy a strong competitive edge in the market.

Focus on R&D and Innovation

Second, CET products’ consistent performance is attributed to its devoted Research and Development team and its continuous strive for innovation. They are capable of capturing the latest market trends and, therefore, of a timely development of new products. For example, copier fuser is one of the key parts in imaging formation whereby toner fuses itself on a roll to form a text image. However, there is a drawback of a long warm-up time and a consequent high energy consumption. Noting this, CET’s R&D team developed a highquality fuser film to avoid this long warm-up issue. Constant technological updates and R & D investment have greatly enhanced all of their product lines. With quality assured and new products’ timely roll out to the market, the company enjoys its products' premier pricing position. Another example is the Canon iR Advance C2020's compact. With only a few compatible products existing, CET has recently launched a new Canon iR Advance C2020 toner to respond to market new demand. Again, providing customers with high quality OEM equivalents at a low cost.

During the CET’s growth process, Mr. Ma Xuewen leads the way with a strict discipline so as to produce high production efficiency. He often tells his staff, “Be an honest and trustworthy person; do the right thing. Don't be short-sighted and look for long term growth. Be a good person first, then you will be on the right track to do things right.” At work, Mr. Xuewen does not allow employees to use "probably", "maybe", or "possibly". These are all ambiguous wo rd s . H e h o l d s a s t ron g b e l i e f that ambitiousness demonstrates an irresponsible attitude toward customers. In his words, "If you are not sure, then how can you do your job right?" Under his strict, paternalistic management, employees develop a meticulous work habit and a modest attitude for nonstop learning. In the end, this formula produces an efficiency in the employee’s work that they can be proud of. In 2013, the supplies market has not been optimistic. The overall decline of the market has added pressure to CET’s continued growth. However, Mr. Xuewen has his vision and goal: to continue to develop new products, to open up more distribution channels, and utilize all the possible media channels to promote CET products. His determination is to face the challenges and step up to another level of brilliant performance for his company. His passion and hard work will surely deliver results.



Office Solutions Market Projected to Reach $2.8B by 2017 Shelly Ortelt

InfoTrends recently published its annual North America Network Document Solutions Forecast: 2012-2017 for the Office Solutions market, which demonstrates solid growth at a CAGR of 8.5% with total revenues reaching above $2.8 billion by 2017. Broken out by revenue category, distribution channels, and company size, InfoTrends provides YOY revenue adjustments within the Device Management, Output Management, Capture Workflow, and Document Management areas, including mobile and SaaS solutions. Overall, capture/ workflow, document management and output management show the strongest growth rates, while device management is predicted to generate smaller revenue numbers. Because MPS offerings are shifting from traditional hardware to advanced solutions engagements, and the surge of mobile and cloud solutions continue to transform the office environment, InfoTrends expects medium-sized organizations and business process automation solutions to drive long-term growth opportunity. Each segment offers additional bright spots and areas for investment for vendors. For example, workflow solutions, cloud-based document management, and mobile printing demonstrate some of the highest growth rates, and workflow solutions will be a strategic area in the Network Document Solutions (NDS) space for solutions selling among vertical markets. We also discuss the top trends influencing this dynamic market while providing key areas of opportunity for vendors, as many of these anticipated growth rates stem from market trends impacting the solutions business. A few of these trends include vertical markets, apps and workflows, and mobile solutions. In InfoTrends’ analysis, Trends Impacting the North America Solutions and Services Forecast: 2012-2017, we outline and discuss how the office document technology market is rapidly changing to accommodate these trends and suggest how vendors can offer value with their offerings by incorporating new capabilities into their current portfolio of products. For more information about InfoTrends’ 2012-2017 Network Document Solutions and Services Forecast, please contact Scott Phinney at


113 Issue September 2013

Impression Products moves to dismiss Lexmark's case based on first-sale doctrine A memorandum was filed by Edward O'Connor at the Eclipse Group, LLP, the attorney for defendant Impression Products Inc. vs. Lexmark International regarding the first sale exhaustion of patent rights. In the motion, it states that " the case is one issue, and the issue is whether or not the first sales extinguishment of patent rights applies if that first sale occurs in a country other than the United States" and it says "under current Law, a party which sells a patented product, regardless of its country in which it first sells that product, has all of its patent rights extinguished upon that first sale". "the first sale extinguishment of copyright rights, and based on foreign sales, is also applicable to the extinguishment of patent rights, because of first sales in other countries" "There is nothing in the patent statutes which states that first sales outside the U.S. are to be treated differently than any other sales. Jazz Photo does not rely on, nor is it in any way based on, anything in the patent statutes on overseas first sales."Essentially, the Court said that first sale extinguishment applies, regardless of whether or not the first sale occurs outside the United States, unless there is a specific provision in the statutory scheme which would limit the sales to U.S. sales. The motion asks for the court's decision to eliminate the foreign sale exception to the doctrine of patent extinguishment. The motion was filed on July 30, at US, Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division. If the motion is successful, that patent rights applies equally to copyright rights, and it will move the case with an order dismissing the claims by Lexmark within 30 days. It could "change the whole landscape" based on Mr. O'Connor for the remanufacturing industry. More information can be read at ITC's w e bsite he r e: impressions-dismiss-lex-130731.html

113 Issue September 2013

A World-class 3D Printing Center to be established in Zhuhai

July 20th – 21st, “China 3D Printing Industry Forum” was held in Zhuhai. E x p e r t s f r o m C h i n a 3 D Pr i n t i n g Technology Union gathered together and discussed the application and development of China’s 3D printing industr y. By cooperating with Zhuhai Xiangzhou district government, a world-class 3D printing center will be established in Zhuhai. As a technolog y leader in industry, Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd. is also invited to be the first premium member enterprise of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Union and Asia Manufacturing Industry Association. In the morning of July 21st, over 40 visitors from China 3D Printing Union visited the New High-tech Industry Park and 3D printing research center of Seine. Recently, Seine’s R&D of 3D printing technology is in progress; the basic model of 3D printing spout has been verified. Seine is currently in the R&D of 3D printing engineering and is expected to be a leader in Micro-inkjet 3D printing technology in China and the world. Recently, Zhuhai City is having a largest, most complete and advanced 2D printing consumables industry, and is called “ World’s Capital of Printer Consumables”. The newly established China 3D Printing Technology (Zhuhai) Center is within one of the ten innovation centers in China. As Seine is the first domestic enterprise to develop China’s first laser printer and realize the industry upgrade of pr inter industr y, which provides a stable foundation and plenty of resources for the R&D of 3D printing, and to make Zhuhai City a world-class center of innovation, R&D, manufacturing and exhibition of 3D printing. Source: G&G


IDC Statistics Reveal Society Is Still Far from Being Paperless You’ve been hearing about paperless offices and other work arrangements. You’ve also heard of the possibility that printers will go out of mode due to digitalization. While there indeed is less printing done in the world today, the widely touted “paperless society” still remains an ideal. This is despite solid data proving that global print page volumes shrank 1.5%. According to the IDC, from the 3.03 trillion pages recorded in 2011, figures show only 2.98 trillion pages were printed last year in 2012. Although last year’s figure were thousands shy of the 2011 volume, the fact remains that printing is still an essential need in various sectors in society. However, with the recorded decline in print page volumes, the printing market cannot afford to be lax. IDC’s findings should serve as a timely reality check, given that there are printer vendors who believe that the widespread use and consumption of digital content will induce more printing activity. The reality is that digital work arrangements are indeed making an impact on annual printing figures. The IDC, for one, is predicting flat global print page volumes from 2013 up to 2017. Currently, page volumes in developed markets have steadily declined. The arrested growth is also one of the consequences of considerable progress made in emerging markets. On a more promising note, there has been some increase in print volumes coming from mobile devices. The IDC also projects that Asia Pacific, with the exception of Japan, will be posting the highest print page volumes by the time 2015 rolls in. China and India, in particular, were predicted to be the leaders in the said region. At present, the U.S. has the top position in terms of the most pages printed. The IDC also revealed other information with regards to printing. The organization has predicted that around half of tablet and smartphone owners will be using office printers in 2015. This is because mobile printing is gaining more ground in developed markets, despite the fact that about a third of tablet users and approximately half of smartphone users do not know how to print from their respective gadgets. Aside from this, there is a 2% increase in global page volumes for multi-function printers. Emerging markets gained a 13.2% growth, while developed regions posted a decrease of 4.2%. Although monochrome laser printers will still get the most percentage, volumes will be sluggish. On the other hand, color laser prints will get a boost. Except Japan, Asia Pacific gained 10% page growth. Latin America comes in second with a 6.7% increase, while print pages in Europe, Middle East, and Africa went down 0.72%. Among printer manufacturers, HP takes top position, with Canon and Xerox coming in second and third respectively.



113 Issue September 2013

Q2 Results Show 6% Increase in Global Mobile Phone Shipments The second quarter of this year was a period of continued growth in the mobile phone market, with shipments recorded at 432.1 million units. This is a 6% increase from last year within the same period, where worldwide shipments reached only 407.7 million units, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). The IT market research organization released a report that showed smartphone shipments in Q2 of 2013 got a 52.3% boost from last year’s Q2 figures. This year, 237.9 million units were shipped while only 156.2 million units were shipped in 2012. Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst for IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, said that the market for smartphone is one that also lifts other products and services along as it continually rises. Ramon Llamas, IDC Mobile Phone team research manager, shared that market opportunities are present at all levels, even the high end ones.


“While Samsung and Apple accounted for a significant share of the overall market, they were not the only vendors active in the high end of the market, and recent device introductions and upcoming launches signal more vendors targeting this space," he explained. "Comparisons will certainly be made to the flagship Galaxy and iPhone models, but clearly the competition refuses to be shut out altogether. Lower-priced smartphones continue to gain traction, but the key for vendors will be to keep prices low while still offering premium devices and services." " We f u l l y e x p e c t t o s e e l a r g e - s c r e e n smartphones and other flagship devices establish a presence within the lower-priced smartphone segment as well," he concluded. Samsung took the top spot in the second quarter, having captured 26.2% of the market. Nokia is a distant second with 14.2% market share. Apple settled for third place with 7.2%, while LG occupied the fourth spot at 3.7%. Alcatel and Huawei are those not among the top 5 vender which have posted double digit increases. Their Android-powered products were shipped to India and China – countries which have showed the highest growth so far.

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

RECHARGEASIA CATCHES UP WITH SINOTRON When you open up the SINOTRON website, you will notice the company's tagline: “GROWING TOGETHER WITH YOU!” This is in tune with its vision for the company's future growth, its focus on win-win solutions for customers, and its long-term commitment to providing a one-stop shop for printer and copier consumables. This month, RechargeAsia had an opportunity to interview SINOTRON’s owner, Mr. Chris Lee.


Sinotron, as one of the major suppliers for aftermarket's copier parts and consumables, must have gone through many changes in its growth. Would you like to share with us, how did SINOTRON start and what has SINOTRON done to become today's industry leading force?

The funny stor y is, SINOTRON ended up in copier and printer parts and components and their consumables business actually by chance. My close friend registered SINOTRON in 1999, then changed his game plan and moved on to another business, let the SINOTRON exist only in name. After two years inactive, in 2001 I decided to take over the company and establish it into a copier business. Before I knew it, it's been 13 years since we entered into this playing field for the copier and printer industry and we have grown to be one of the leading forces in the market. Since we started the copier business, we set ourselves up with an ambitious goal of becoming a top player in the industry, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished over the past 13 years.


However, like any industry going through typical economic cycles, the aftermarket industry had its downtimes since 2007, with a marketplace crowded with lower-priced and lower-standard products. Now, I am glad to see the industry is moving upward in its slowly recovery period, and I am positively looking forward to its peak again.

This upward outlook excites me and I envision SINOTRON to be a world-class distributor, as a direction for my company's continued growth. My vision of "worldclass" is not only to grow in geographic coverage, but also in the quality of service and in the platforms we are to provide to our business partners and customers. We need to focus on our customers’ buying experience, on making the experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible. When compared with many senior players in the industry, my company is considered a young one. I would say it is still in its growing spurt. I am optimistic for the growing opportunities offered in our Southeast Asia region, and set our eyes to the global worldwide arena. Our core competency has always been that we are able to filter the risks of poor quality for our customers, so that they buy our products with peace of mind.

113 Issue September 2013



Would you like to tell us about your most recently released products? What are the unique features of these new products? What kind of QA process has SINOTRON implemented to maintain and improve quality?

We have taken our first step to strengthen our foothold in worldwide distribution. In fact, we made a soft launch for our brand addition, MeCop. This new MeCop brand will represent SINOTRON's flagship products. Products under this brand will not only offer an OEM equivalent but also with consistent production quality. All is with strong end-users’ interest in mind. We have been working with our top-end manufacturers for the best "MeCop" brand strategy, and in close collaboration for more product lines under the MeCop brand. We have started MeCop product line ranging from Ricoh toner, developer and drums to many other consumable parts. Soon, we will launch other major copiers’ brands.

Editor's note: We are sincerely pleased with SINOTRON's accomplishments and promising future. Of particular note is the company's grand vision to brand its product with passion. That is the level of thinking and temperament you see in CEOs from large and successful enterprises. From this conversation with Sinotron’s CEO, Mr. Chris Lee, we see a shining star rising in the aftermarket.



113 Issue September 2013

Static Control Releases Statement Regarding Recent General Exclusion Order SANFORD, N.C. – ( July 25, 2013) – On June 28, 2013, the United States International Trade Commission issued a General Exclusion Order (GEO) prohibiting the importation of products that infringe two U.S. patents belonging to Canon®, numbers ‘803 and ‘454, which cover the design of the gears used on the OPC drums in hundreds of Canon and HP® cartridge SKUs. The GEO concludes various legal actions which began in January 2012 against more than 30 manufacturers, importers and distributors of toner cartridges and OPC drums and ushers in a new phase of enforcement. Static Control recognized the potential threat of patent infringement and successfully developed a unique, fully functional gear designed to eliminate any


risk of infringing Canon’s gear patents. We filed for patents in 2007 and two U.S. patents for non-twisted gears were issued to Static Control in October 2010 and December 2011. Our ZeroTwist™ Gears were the first-to-market solution for remanufacturers and are still the only solution protected by multiple U.S. patents. As we have stated for more than 18 months, our gears are safe and will not be impacted by the GEO. We take all patents extremely serious and respect the intellectual property of the OEMs through the development, engineering and manufacturing process.

For more information regarding this and other Static Control products, contact a Static Control sales representative: US Headquarters: Toll-Free: +1-800-4882426 US Headquarters: Tel: +1-919-774-3808 Europe Headquarters: Tel: +44-118-9238800 Asia Headquarters: Tel: +852-2427-6011 Visit: Visit: Visit:

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

Jet Technologies expands to Indonesia Sydney-based Jet Technologies has announced it will expand its global reach with the establishment of a full-service branch in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company made a similar move to New Zealand in 2010. Announcing the move, Jet Technologies’ Director, Jack Malki, indicated that examination of the potentials of the Indonesian market has been in the pipeline for some time and was only finalised after considerable research into a range of potential Asian markets. “The sophistication of the Indonesian printing, labelling and packaging segments, given the country’s wide ranging FCMG manufacturing industry and the vast size of its market potential swayed us heavily in our decision”, he indicated. “Moreover, we were influenced by the presence of many of our competitors, both in the labelling and packaging areas”, Malki said. The move into Indonesia has coincided with the appointment of the first two local executive positions. Sales Manager, Arman Mampuk has held sales positions with Cyber, the Indonesian agents for Ryobi for the past five years. In addition, Jet Technologies has appointed Yanuar Emilius as Office Manager for the new subsidiary. Emilius’ logistics career for the past 11 years in Europe and Indonesia has included a series of administrative responsibilities with Ferrostaal Indonesia. “These two newly created positions further strengthen the support that Jet Technologies is able to offer our clients throughout the region”, Malki pointed out. The company’s past S.E. Asian activities involved an association with Denmark’s Gerhardt International, the subsequent takeover of which by Rotometrics in the US influenced Jet Technologies’ decision to establish a full service stand-alone branch. FURTHER INFORMATION: Steve Crowe T: 02 9979 6717 M: 0417 699 305 E: Henry Mendelson T: 02 9327 3337 M: 0412 564 956 E:



113 Issue September 2013

UTec’s SmarTactTM Cartridges Receive Increasing Customer Recognition as a Solution for USITC GEO August 08, 2013 - Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd. (“UTec”), global master distributor of Print-Rite imaging products, is delighted to announce that SamrTactTM Cartridges, fitted with patented NoTwistTM drum gear (patent number: US 8,275,291), will not be affected by the USITC GEO (337-TA-829). SmarTactTM Cartridges have gained increasing customer recognition since the announcement of the GEO on 28 June, 2013 with orders exceeding 100,000 units in the last one month. “SmarTactTM Cartridge shows UTec’s commitment to R&D which keeps us ahead of competition through technological innovations,” said Iris Ngo, General Manager of UTec. “The GEO will stop infringing products from entering the US market. Aftermarket cartridge dealers and distributors eagerly look for a product that can continue to enter the USA freely. SmarTact TM Cartridge provides the solution.” The core technology of SmarTactTM Cartridge is a patented switching system enabling a contact development cartridge to work in a jump development printer. Numerous other patented design

and technologies, like the toner recycling system and the chip holder, are embedded in SamrTactTM Cartridge contributing to its superior quality, performance and page yield. The core switching technology was awarded the 2012 Hong Kong Award for Industries: Technological Achievement Award of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation, the highest technology award for industries in Hong Kong. The product was also awarded the 2013 Guangdong Outstanding Patent Award as a recognition of the R&D capability.

SmarTact Cartridges are available for a large number of popular HP laser printers.

For further information, please contact UTec at UTec can be found on: Alibaba: Global Sources: LinkedIn: About UTec UTec is a global supplier of remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges and imaging products with product presence in over 120 countries worldwide. We have a fully vertically integrated set-up, the only one in the industry with capabilities and facilities in R&D, component and material manufacturing and large scale product production. Our 6,000+ SKUs cover cartridges for inkjet, laser, dot matrix and POS printers, copiers and multifunction machines used at home and in offices as well as supplies for special printers used in commercial and industrial production. For more information, please visit



113 Issue September 2013

The First and Only Complete Color Replacement System for Cartridges Used in the Brother® HL-3040 Printer Family SANFORD, N.C. – ( July 25, 2013) – Remanufacturers can now expand on their Brother® H L-3040 offer ing with S tatic Control’s complete replacement color system, completed by the recent release of the Odyssey® OPC drum and drum unit shipping protector. This system is the first and only complete color replacement system available to the aftermarket and has everything needed to remanufacture drum units and toner cartridges used in the Brother® HL-3040 family of printers, which includes ten printer and MFP models available in various markets worldwide. The complete color replacement system has been designed and engineered to work together for optimum performance and includes the drum, toner, flag gear, doctor blade cover, hopper cap, shipping protector and the new drum unit shipping protector. See chart below for a complete list of qualified Static Control products and item codes.

Static Control Releases Replacement Color Imaging System for use in Lenovo® C8300N Toner Cartridges SANFORD, N.C. – ( July 22, 2013) – Static Control has released a complete replacement color imaging system for toner cartridges used in Lenovo® C8300N printers. This printer is equivalent to the Lexmark® C540 printer. The imaging system includes a chip and toner. Remanufacturers only need a fully functional chip and high quality toner to successfully remanufacture these cartridges. These easy-to-remanufacture cartridges offer a high profit opportunity to remanufacturers. Static Control has released a video to showcase the ease of remanufacturing, located at See chart below for a complete list of Static Control products and associated item codes.

For more information regarding this and other Static Control products, contact a Static Control sales representative: US Headquarters: Toll-Free: +1-800-488-2426 US Headquarters: Tel: +1-919-774-3808 Europe Headquarters: Tel: +44-118-923-8800 Asia Headquarters: Tel: +852-2427-6011 Visit: Visit: Visit:


113 Issue September 2013




Print-Rite Launches Brother One Generation Series Compatible Inkjet Chip of Adjustable Capacity Print-Rite officially announces the development of the Brother first generation compatible inkjet chip has been completed in May of 2013. This kind of chip can match with functions of OEM Products covering seven districts of the world, involving more than forty models inkjet cartridges. In June of 2013, according to market demand, Print-Rite first launched the compatible chip that can adjust capacity. The chip may be used one-off, which can solve the problem of limited volume in compatible cartridges. The chip’s capacity can be adjusted, based on different requests of the customer. Print-Rite has completely mastered the algorithm of the chip. Quality and performance of the chip are perfect as the OEM’s. Print-Rite welcomes requests and orders. For more details, please kindly contact with our sales team as listed below.


113 Issue September 2013

Ninestar Introduces Patented Compatibles Exclusively for Brother Inkjet The leading af termarket player Ninestar announces to release new patents for Brother 61-G series inkjet. Ninestar claims it is the only solution for OEM’s patent in the global aftermarket. The company said that the products would stand out from competitors in patents design and printing performance. The compatibles with patent solution will be released to the market soon. It eliminates the risk of patent infringement comprehensively. While for the product ’s performance, the compatibles apply all-in-one design and simple structure. It can replace OEM cartridge perfectly and identified by printer easily. The reliability is based on its prism test device, which can make sure cartridge recognition and residual ink testing. Ninestar has a strong R&D team with over 500 engineers dedicated to technical development. It owns over 800 independent patent and ten thousand of authorized patents in the worldwide. Ninstar stays on the edge of technology and provides best solution for its customers. Source: NineStar

113 Issue September 2013

CET Releases Patented Toner Cartridges for Canon iR ADVANCE C2020/2025/2030/ 2220/2225/2230 CET announces the release of fully patented compatible toner cartridge for the Canon iR Advance C2020/2025/2030/2220/2225/2230. CET has de veloped its patent-protected compatibles to meet the great market demand and highlights its advantages with advanced resetting technology. The toner cartridge is patent-designed to avoid patent infringement. The inner structure of the toner has been specially designed to ensure a stability of toner consumption. The performance of CET’s compatible is comparable with the OEM’s. The company stated that the new series toner cartridges have gone through series tests, including environmental test, sealing inspection and package inspection. This series toner cartridge’s cost per page is only 50% of OEM’s, but offers matched quality to the OEM’s. CET has a professional R&D team dedicated to developing various compatible new products. The new cartridges, which can be used in the Canon iR Advance C5030/5035/5235/5240 and the Canon iR Advance C5045/5051/5250/5255, will be introduced to the market soon. CET is an innovated leading copier and printer-compatible parts manufacturer. CET products are not only OEM-equivalent but often exceed the OEM’s by improving the imperfection of the originals. CET has recently filed many patent applications for its brand products and is expanding its compatible units rather than individual parts. CET brand fuser assemblies, toner cartridges and drum units have been leading the global compatible market in the recent years due to the consistent high performance For more information, please contact CET on sales@, CET USA on, or visit


UTec Launches Compatible Laser Cartridge for OKI C610 • Innovative Design • Universal for European & US markets July 31, 2013-Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd., the master global distributor of Print-Rite Imaging products, announces the launch of the Compatible Laser Cartridge for OKI C610. The Compatible OKI C610 laser cartridge generates excellent print quality at a competitive price. Utec has used innovation in research and development to overcome restrictions for different sales regions in Europe and the US for the Compatible OKI C610 laser cartridge. With a committed to the quality, all products from UTec, including the compatible OKI C610, undergo the strictest manufacturing process under ISO9001 & ISO14001 control and meet REACH and RoHS standards. Additionally, each product is also subjected to a 100% post-production test to achieve the highest quality standard. Features and Specifications for Compatible

For more information, please visit Or contact UTec at UTec can be found on: Alibaba: Global Sources: LinkedIn: About UTec UTec offers an extensive range of compatible laser cartridges and toner kits for use in popular laser printers, multifunction machines and copiers. In addition to innovative designs and wide compatibility, our compatible laser cartridges and toner kits deliver excellent printing quality and reliable performance. For more information, please visit



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Nubeprint launches a new offering for SMB Market. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN.- Nubeprint’s new “ZERO click” offering. Today Nubeprint has launched “ZERO Click”. With this unique offering to the MPS Market place Nubeprint is confirming the confidence it has with their technology’s accuracy. This new version of Nubeprint’s Cloudprinting Suite ZERO will allow the SMB Office Dealer to manage unlimited devices and pay only when they receive a “correct alert”. As a result a dealer will now automatically execute supply fulfillment to their customers, and will only pay when a sale of a consumable or part takes place: “You make a sale; you pay for the automatic shipment alert”. ZERO is the most powerful and reliable tool for the “proactive management” of printing devices, agnostic to brand, type of device and age. ZERO features include: Business Dashboard with score boards, device status views, alerts thresholds based on days or percentage, how much consumable is thrown away when a cartridge is replaced, date of replacement, automatically calculated reports providing the meters and pages to bill for per page contracts, and much more. “SMB Office Dealers and consumable suppliers must have the same opportunity as the largest dealers to serve their customers requirements without having the burdensome investments. “ZERO Click” is a significant step forward to add more value for their customers, and to differentiate themselves from their competitors without eroding their margins. The dealer will gain control and automate its operating processes, therefore, reducing its costs and those of its customers. MPS is not a sales process, it is an added value service to customers. If the Dealer has not optimized his internal processes from the beginning, his next step to expand further into MPS will be a costly failure”. Antonio Sanchez Navarro, Nubeprint´s President. About Nubeprint Nubeprint is the leader in incorporating Artificial Intelligence to the management of output devices. Nubeprint´s adoption of Yield and Lean management methodologies allows MPS players to provide service in a remote, proactive and automatic way, with the highest accuracy level in this Market. This accuracy leads to having a very tight control of the supplies process of when and what supplies and parts will be needed and for what device. This “control” results in an immediate positive impact on the profitability of the MPS provider. The ROI of moving to Nubeprint is achieved as quickly as the deployment is made, boosting the profit of existing MPS businesses. (


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UNINET RELEASES ABSOLUTE BLACK® TONER AND COMPONENTS FOR RICOH AFICIO SP 5210/5200 Los Angeles, CA - UniNet proudly releases Absolute Black® toner and components qualified for use in the Ricoh Aficio SP 5210, 5200 MFP monochrome printer series. The Ricoh Aficio 5210 is a 52-ppm monochrome laser multifunction printer targeted at midsized workgroups. This MFP features printing, copying, scanning, faxing capabilities, plus duplexing and auto reversing document feeder. The machine is a bit pricey at USD$3,500 for the base model, however, the supplies cost is very reasonable. The all-in-one toner cartridge is rated at 25,000 pages which rate per page cost is less than $0.01/page.

UNINET RELEASES ABSOLUTE BLACK® MICR TONER AND CONVERSION KIT FOR HP LASERJET ENTERPRISE M712/M725 MFP Los Angeles, CA - UniNet proudly releases Absolute Black® MICR toner and conversion kit for use in the HP LaserJet Enterprise M712 and M725 MFP. UniNet premium quality MICR toner is exclusively formulated to print checks. This toner formula is guaranteed for trouble-free performance, and meets banking industry check clearing systems and standards. In addition, UniNet is proud to unveil a conversion kit for use in the HP LaserJet Enterprise M712 and M725MFP. Empty cores for this newly released printer are not readily available yet, so the UniNet conversion kit comes as an ideal solution. You are able to convert an older and lower cost empty HP 5200 cartridge (Q7516A) into a cartridge for use in the HP M712, with a small amount of machining and the addition of a new drum bearing plate and trigger arm.

UNINET LAUNCHES NEW MULTIPURPOSE X GENERATION® COLOR TONER FORMULA FOR HP LASERJET PRO 200 M251/276 MFP Los Angeles, CA - UniNet R&D has qualified the current X Generation® Color toner formula for use in HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251 MFP, to work on the HP CP1215/1518/2025 using all OEM and UniNet components. This latest toner release is a new multipurpose formula offering higher gloss levels, improved fusing, and color matching characteristics to mimic the performance of newly released printer and MFP models from HP and others. This new multipurpose toner formula is by far the lowest cost solution when used on all OEM components; just like most UniNet toners, this formula does not the cause excessive wear on critical components such as the doctor blade or rollers as seen on other aftermarket toners. This is a trend for most new color laser machines being released as they compete with inkjets and try to deliver near photographic quality printing.

UNINET UNVEILS ABSOLUTE BLACK® TONER AND COMPONENTS FOR SAMSUNG SCX-4650 Los Angeles, CA - UniNet proudly releases Absolute Black® toner and components qualified for use in the Samsung SCX-4650 MFP monochrome printer series. The Samsung SCX-4650 is a new 24-ppm, and 3-in-1 multifunction monochrome laser printer. This small format MFP is ideal for home or small workgroups. This practical engine includes a sophisticated single button "Eco Mode" feature, which allows the user to reduce the toner utilized by the push of a button on the control panel. UniNet offers a complete remanufacturing solution for these cartridges. For further information, please contact UniNet at + 1 (424) 675-3300 or visit



Ricoh grows Services Business Expertise London July 26, 2013 – Ricoh, a global technology company specialising in office i m a g i n g e q u i pm e n t , p ro d u c t i on p r i n t solutions, document management systems and IT services, has announced that its subsidiary in Spain has acquired the productive unit of Aventia, technological consulting services in Spain. The investment will see Aventia’s 275 employees become a part of Ricoh’s global network, providing new opportunities to develop and share their expertise. Like Ricoh, Aventia operates across a range of industries; therefore it provides an ideal opportunity to further enhance the value delivered to businesses seeking IT Services and Document Management services, in addition to Ricoh’s core printing technologies and unified communications. Ramon Martin, COO of Ricoh Spain said, "The acquisition of the productive unit of Aventia in Spain enhances the value the Ricoh Group brings to businesses. We will share the same commitment to be an excellent technology partner for our clients offering services and technologies that help them to be more productive, efficient and ready to meet the challenges of technology-led change in the future." Ave n t i a p ro v i d e s v a l u e - ad d e d I C T consulting, technology and services. It was founded in 1996 and is a leader in consulting, technology and ICT services offering. It has specialised teams in Madrid and Barcelona supporting a wide range of industries in Spain that include banking, utilities and telecommunications. Aventia customers will gain access to Ricoh’s broad product portfolio that includes Ricoh core printing technologies and unified communications. Ricoh’s clients can benefit from best-in-class IT Services previously offered to Aventia’s clients. This acquisition is a part of Ricoh’s global strengthening of its business service infrastructure, providing businesses around the world with the tools and expertise to optimise business critical document processes and IT Services. In addition to the global expansion of its services business, it supports Ricoh’s focus to expand its customer base and deliver products and services with high added value. Source:


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Xerox Q2 Profit Falls, Sales Increase NORWALK, Conn. – Xerox announced today second-quarter 2013 adjusted EPS of 27 cents, which excludes 4 cents related to the amortization of intangibles. GAAP EPS from continuing operations was 23 cents. Revenue was $5.4 billion, up 1 percent. Revenue from the company’s services business was up 5 percent, which includes 4 percent growth from business process outsourcing, 6 percent growth in document outsourcing and 13 percent growth from IT outsourcing. Services revenue represents 55 percent of Xerox’s total revenue. “Through the breadth of our outsourcing services and innovative technology, today’s Xerox simplifies the way work gets done for organizations around the world,” said Ursula Burns, Xerox chairman and chief executive officer. “Our clients are increasingly expanding their partnerships with us to improve the effectiveness of their operations. As a result, the total contract value of services signings was up 40 percent in the second quarter, our pipeline grew 10 percent and our BPO and ITO contract renewal rate was 95 percent – strong indicators of a sound strategy that fuels the success of our business for the long term.” Revenue from the company’s document technology business was down 5 percent year over year and improved sequentially from the first quarter of this year. The company benefitted from the full rollout of its ConnectKeyTM platform of printers and multifunction devices, expanded distribution through channel partners and increased demand for its digital production presses. During the quarter, Xerox signed and began installing its largest order ever for high-speed color presses, strengthening the company’s market leadership. Document technology revenue represents 42 percent of total revenue. Second-quarter operating margin of 9.4 percent was up 2.0 points sequentially, down 0.5 points year over year. Gross margin was 31.4 percent. Selling, administrative and general expenses were 19.3 percent of revenue. The company generated $533 million in operating cash flow, and remains on track to generate $2.1 billion to $2.4 billion in full-year operating cash flow. Added Burns, “Steady progress in growing revenue combined with a disciplined focus on operational improvements resulted in strong earnings and cash generation, positioning us well to deliver on our expectations for the full year.” For third-quarter 2013, Xerox expects GAAP earnings from continuing operations of 20 to 22 cents per share and adjusted EPS of 24 to 26 cents per share. The company continues to expect full-year 2013 GAAP earnings per share from continuing operations in the range of 94 cents to $1.00, and adjusted EPS of $1.09 to $1.15. * Xerox recently completed the sale of its North American paper business to Domtar Corporation and entered into an agreement to sell its European paper business to Antalis. Beginning with the second quarter 2013, the company is reporting results from these businesses as discontinued operations. Prior period results have been restated to reflect this change.

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The Ricoh Pro™ 8100S Expands Ricoh’s Monochrome Digital Production Portfolio London, 01 August 2013 - Ricoh is launching a range of monochrome digital presses to enhance its production printing portfolio. The Ricoh Pro™ 8100S, Pro™ 8110S and Pro™ 8120S monochrome systems take advantage of Ricoh’s award winning printing technologies and are ideal for inplants, print for pay operations, digital printers and data centres. The new presses focus on improving productivity and performance for the mono printing market. Peter Williams, Ricoh Europe’s Executive Vice President, Head of Production Printing Business Group, says, “While the demand for colour printing services continues to grow, a productive and versatile monochrome printing press remains an essential asset for a wide range of business critical applications such as the transactional printing of bills, invoices, statements, transpromotional materials and other variable data printing applications. “For CRDs, they are seeking to improve efficiencies and redirect more in-house print volumes through the print room. As a result speed, quality and affordability are essential to meet the needs of their in-house clients. For the print service provider managing outsourced accounts, quality and reliability is essential, alongside the ability to complete important jobs quickly.” I m a g e q u a l i t y, i m p o r t a n t f o r monochrome applications such as books, training material, technical manuals and invoices is supported through Ricoh’s improved pulverised toner. The toner is developed with smaller, rounder particles for smoother output quality. The inclusion of Ricoh’s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology provides a high

resolution of 1200 x 4800 dpi from a 40beam laser for better registration and more accurate fill for sharper text and smoother graphics. Output speeds are up to 95ppm, 110ppm and 135ppm for the Pro 8100S, 8110S and 8120S models respectively and they have duty cycles of up to three million. For organisations seeking to digitise important business documents, the Pro 8100S, Pro 8110S and Pro 8120S also feature a One Pass Duplex Automated Document Feeder to scan colour and mono at market-leading speeds of up to 220 duplex images per minute. The new range has also been developed using some of the advanced features from the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts + to provide flexibility and superior quality for a monochrome production press. These include Ricoh’s Media Library functionality. Users can choose from a wide choice of paper grades and envelopes, consistent with the Pro C901 Graphic Arts + and theRicoh Pro C751 series, ensuring a more seamless workflow and standardised paper stocks for both monochrome and colour platforms. In addition Ricoh’s Indirect Image Transfer Unit, delivers enhanced image quality and gradation when printing in greyscale. Mechanical Registration has been further developed exclusively for the Pro 8100S, 8110S and 8120S to provide precise front to back registration alignment, compensating for any media expansion and contraction during the duplexing process. This is important for business cards, post cards, glossy brochures or any other two sided document where registration is critical. Also to complete the production of items

such as books or manuals, the user does not need to transfer to offline finishing. The Pro 8100S series supports a wide range of inline finishing options, with booklet making, ring binder and perfect binder solutions. These include the GBC StreamPunch and Plockmatic Bookletmaker which ensure efficient, effective and customisable inline finishing capabilities. The Pro 8100S series has been designed t o t a k e f u l l ad v a n t a ge o f t h e R i c oh TotalFlow software solutions suite that includes notably makeready, print and workflow management. It can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of Ricoh production printing partner software, i n c l u d i n g N S I O u t p u t M a n a ge r f o r many enterprise requirements and PTI MarcomCent r al f o r market in g a s s e t management. Williams says, “Despite the growing demand and wide range of products in the digital colour print production environment, there is still demand from print buyers for black and white printing. Ricoh is committed to continuing to support the market with innovative product developments that bring improved quality and productivity, enabling printing operations to continue to provide a wide range of cost-effective services to their clients that in turn help to increase their own profitability.” For more information on the new Pro 8100S black and white production systems and the rest of Ricoh’s full line of products and solutions for production print environments, please visit Source:

Williams says, “Despite the growing demand and wide range of products in the digital colour print production environment, there is still demand from print buyers for black and white printing. Ricoh is committed to continuing to support the market with innovative product developments that bring improved quality and productivity, enabling printing operations to continue to provide a wide range of cost-effective services to their clients that in turn help to increase their own profitability.”


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Epson Launches its First Dye-Sublimation Printers SureColor SC-F6000. Images are printed in reverse on paper so that they will be in the correct orientation after transfer. Transferring color to textiles The textile printing industry is migrating from traditional analog printing systems to newer digital printing systems, and demand for dye-sublimation inkjet printers in particular is expected to soar. In sublimation transfer printing, an image is printed on a sheet of transfer paper using sublimation ink. That image is then transferred to a polyester fabric by using heat to vaporize the ink. Since it is a digital process, no printing plates are needed. The printing process is simple and well-suited to high-mix, low volume print jobs. Inkjet sublimation printers can render high-quality output with beautiful gradations, making them a great choice for a wide range of applications, from sportswear and apparel to banners, flags, and promotional items. At the heart of the 64-inch-wide SureColor SC-F7000 and 44-inch-wide SureColor SC-F6000 is a Micro Piezo print head, the core component in Epson's unique Micro Piezo inkjet technology. This print head is ideal for sublimation transfer printing because it does not use heat during printing and the ink is not vaporized within the head. Taking advantage of this feature of its inkjet technology, Epson launched sales of the SureColor SC-F7000 and SC-F6000 sublimation transfer printers at the end of the 2012 fiscal year. The company's aim was to address the needs of the textile printing industry as it migrates to digital printing systems and to meet expanding demand for sublimation transfer printers.

We have succeeded in porting this same high-quality to our sublimation transfer printers, which are even being used in the sportswear and apparel industries, where faithful color reproduction and image quality are absolutely critical. High-capacity ink tank system It is not unusual for a textile printing firm to print in high volume, with its printers operating around the clock. That is why we equipped these SureColor printers with a convenient high-capacity ink tank system. The ink tank system not only keeps the cost of ownership down, but it also significantly improves user convenience by allowing the ink tanks to be refilled from ink packs while the printer is operating. Unlike an ordinary printer, you do not have to interrupt printing or replace ink cartridges.

The mechanism of sublimation transfer. The sublimation transfer process is performed using a separate transfer system from the printer. SureColor SC-F7000 and SC-F6000 Epson developed every component used in the SureColor SCF7000 and SC-F6000. This enabled Epson to optimize the ink, print head, and ink supply system and ensure high reliability and maximum uptime Epson printers are trusted by countless home users who rely on their Epson product to print photographs, but they have also garnered immense trust in the world of professional photography.


Ink packs for refilling the high-capacity ink tank system Epson is confident that the SureColor SC-F7000 and SC-F6000 are the best solution for sublimation transfer printer users. Please refer to your local Epson site for details of these and other products.

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New Contracts Buffer Lexmark’s Falling Revenues Due to Inkjet Closure Major printer manufacturer Lexmark International Inc. recently announced that the company has earned more than expected in the last quarter and that sales will not fall below expected margins in 2013. This is largely due to newly acquired contracts, which are anticipated to contribute to an 11.5% boost in shares. The U.S. based printer maker closed its inkjet business in August last year in order to direct their resources to the more profitable aspects of their operations, namely software and services. Currently, the company reported that it expects the year’s earnings to go down 6-7%, which is 2-3% below their initial projection. In their managed print services (MPS) arm, the newly acquired contracts, one of which involves Anheuser Busch, are said to be valued at about $50 million. This will help keep falling revenues at minimum figures. This was revealed by Paul Rooke, Chief Executive, to Reuters. Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer John Gamble stated that the inkjet business’ revenue share is anticipated to go below 10% by the time the year ends. In 2011, 21% of Lexmark’s revenue was attributed to inkjet. Although the American corporation has discontinued manufacturing its inkjet printers and has already sold its inkjet technology to Funai Electric Company in April, it is still supplying ink and is providing customer support to existing printers. Lexmark also announced that it is anticipating a combined 15% growth rate this year from its Perceptive software business, which is comprised of medical imaging and business process management software. Second quarter results have shown that earnings for this business increased by 34%, gaining $59 million. This is about 6.6% of Lexmark’s total Q2 earnings, which was 3.4% lower at $887 million. The rest of the company’s revenues came from its laser printers, managed print services, and software business. But the company is still not confident about the market as spending remains slow. As such, it expects its revenue to go down 4-6%. "We're still seeing hardware deferrals, in some cases rollout deferrals just as companies are pruning their budgets and prioritizing their budgets," explained Rooke. Using cost-cutting measures appeared to have helped the company push its revenues above expected ranges. Rooke said that cost-reduction activities done included personnel and nonpersonnel actions.



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Canon U.S.A. to Launch Océ ColorWave 900 at PRINT 13 MELVILLE, N.Y., August 8, 2013 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is taking high-speed production to a new level in the wide format arena with the North American launch of the Océ ColorWave® 900 printer. Visitors to the Canon booth 502 at the PRINT® 13 show in Chicago (Sept 8-12, 2013) will see the Océ ColorWave 900 printer as it makes its debut appearance in North America. Canon will be taking orders for the Océ ColorWave 900 printer at PRINT 13.

Beginning life as the concept Project Velocity, presented for the first time at DRUPA® 2012, the Océ ColorWave 900 printer closes the gap between digital inkjet and traditional offset technology. Designed for the GA (Graphic Arts), AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) markets, this printer offers a digital workflow that can help


increase productivity, lower running costs and increase flexibility for variable data and shortto medium-run length print jobs. " We s e e t h e O c é C o l o r Wa ve 9 0 0 printer as a disruptive technology because of its ability to provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative for producing short-run jobs," said Junichi Yoshitake, senior vice president, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. "Using this technology, shorter print runs can now be more economical by eliminating plate making and make-ready, while still maintaining the high image quality that our customers expect." The Océ ColorWave 900 printer has a raw print speed of more than 12,000-squarefeet per hour and is able to print a run length equivalent to the height of New York City's Freedom Tower in just 30 minutes. Delivering 3.4 billion, 1.2 picoliter drops of aqueous ink per second, the machine is able to produce resolutions of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi. "Canon is squarely focused on helping our customers optimize their print production," added Mr. Yoshitake. "The Océ ColorWave 900 offers high throughput capability on a variety of media, making it a go-to printer to help our customers serve a range of their clients' needs." With a maximum media width of 42 inches, the Océ ColorWave 900 printer

incorporates the proven six media roll capacity of the Océ ColorWave 650 devices, possessing an impressive total input capacity of 13,650 square feet (up to 650 feet per roll). The output is cut and delivered - dry and ready to use - into a high-capacity stacker, which features dual delivery trays for concurrent printing and unloading to further maximize uptime and increase productivity. F lexible color management and professional workflow software are available through either the Océ PowerM® controller or ONY X® Thr ive™ pr int workflow software. Additionally, an intuitive touchscreen interface enhances usability and simplifies routine tasks - helping to save time and reduce mistakes. The Océ ColorWave 900 printer is ideal for a wide range of applications including point-of-sale (POS) posters; exhibition and trade show materials; counter and floor displays; and technical drawings and maps. It is an attractive proposition for wide format print service providers looking to increase print production capacity, and for commercial printers looking for a powerful – yet economical – way to explore new revenue channels. Source:


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Ricoh a ‘LEADER’ for Third Time in Worldwide Managed Print Services MarketScape Analysis TOKYO, July 23, 2013 — Ricoh continues to be positioned as a Leader in Worldwide Managed Print Ser vices (MPS), according to the new "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Print and Document Services 2013 Hardcopy Vendor Analysis."1 Ricoh has been named a Leader in all three of the reports published to date. Published on July 22 and authored by IDC analysts Holly Muscolino and Terry Frazier, the IDC MarketScape features a comprehensive assessment of Ricoh and documents positive f e e d b a c k f ro m c u s t o m e r s : " I n customer inter views Ricoh was noted for the quality of its people and strong service. Ricoh's customer references came from Europe, the US and Latin America, demonstrating the company's global footprint and market presence." While many MPS offerings focus tightly on devices and print management, Ricoh's MPS are delivered as part of its Ricoh Managed Document Services™ (Ricoh MDS). Ricoh MDS employs a holistic, five-phased Adaptive Model. This approach provides a unique and more complete MDS solution for each customer, a solution that addresses the entire landscape of business critical information, including its input (capture), processing (workflow) and output (distribution), whether paper-based or electronic. Ricoh MDS help improve performance for a growing number of organizations as they digitize information, streamline workflows and more quickly deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

In addition to the IDC report, Gartner positioned Ricoh in the 'Leaders Quadrant' in their annual "Magic Q u ad r a n t : M a n a ge d Pr i n t Services Worldwide"2 report; and ranked Ricoh in the top three globally in the 2012 "Competitive L andsc ape: Managed Pr int S er vices, Wor ldwide."3 Ricoh was also named a Leader in the " T he Forrest er Wa ve ™: Managed Print Services, Q2 2012"4report. Forrester gave Ricoh and its Managed Document Services (MDS) program the highest possible marks in "technology and solution ownership," "enterprise print support," and "MPS market experience." And most recently, Ricoh was named a market leader in a report from Quocirca5 entitled "Managed Print Services (MPS) Landscape, 2013."

"At Ricoh, our approach to Managed Document Services is to enhance the value of our technology and print optimization expertise to really understand the way people work, and apply our expertise to help improve our customer's employees efficiency and effectiveness," said Sergio (Shigeo) Kato, Associate Director, Deputy G e n e r a l M a n a g e r, G l o b a l Marketing Group, Ricoh Company, Ltd. "We understand g e n e r a t i o n a l d i f f e re n c e s i n the way people access and use business information and help ever yone work smarter, better and faster. Acknowledgement from influential industry analysts like IDC regarding our leadership position confirms we are doing the right things for our customers, and together helping them build and deliver greater value."

For more information on Ricoh's MDS strategy, delivery framework or services portfolio, visit



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Managed Print Services Reaches a Crucial Turning Point The IDC said that managed print services have reached a critical juncture as these segments now face the increased shift to remote monitoring of printers and document management systems by various enterprises and small-scale businesses. This calls for a re-evaluation of current strategies employed by vendors and their partners as they need to differentiate their offerings in order to get more customers. Among the managed print ser vice providers in the world today, the IDC named Hewlett-Packard Co., Ricoh Corp., Xerox Corp., and Lexmark as the top MPS providers as they have been able to offer mature arrangements and deals that continue to draw interest from SMBs and enterprises. The IDC also said it sees much promise in a number of other companies developing MPS offerings, such as Epson, Samsung Electronics Co., Brother, Okidata Corp., Brother, and Sharp Corp. For almost a decade, a good number of corporations have been dabbling in and offering managed print services. At the same time, printer vendors knew that printing volumes would ultimately decrease with the rise of mobile devices.


The widespread use of these gadgets was anticipated to keep consumers from creating hard copies of data. Despite this, MPS still retained their earning capacity, providing recurring revenues for vendors, among other benefits. Despite the win-win proposition that MPS offer for both vendors and customers, things have not worked as smoothly and positively as expected. Solution providers and consumers still continued to use the conventional model, which consists of purchasing printers and replenishing consumables via third party suppliers. After this initial reluctance, MPS have since gained acceptance among vendors and customers. The IDC said that while the MPS model is still continuing to gain momentum, it has inevitably reached a critical point. IDC’s research director of document solutions, Holly Muscolino, elaborated on this. “ The MPDS market is at an inflection point, par ticular l y in the developed, enterprise markets. In those markets, penetration is relatively high, and it’s increasingly difficult for vendors to differentiate their services and supporting

technologies. Hardcopy vendors must strive to develop unique services portfolios that entice enterprise customers, drive adoption, and will ultimately result in increased revenues.” With this, the problem is not about making partners or customers understand the model. Instead, leading MPS vendors need to show their partners or clients why a certain service of theirs is different or even better than that of another type of offering. From 2010 to 2015, the IDC predicted a nearly 50% growth in global basic print services revenues, from $23.3 billion to $40.5 billion by the 5th year. To dip into that market, providers will need to have offerings that not just consist of managing and monitoring printers. They should integrate mobile devices, big data, and social networking into their arsenal. At present, MPS remain a viable offering for VARs and MSPs. However, this segment will be more appealing and profitable when vendors are finally able to expand and enhance their current managed print offerings.


113 Issue September 2013


Canon's imagePROGRAF iPFX400 Large Format Printer Series Awarded IDEAlliance SWOP® and GRACoL® Hard Copy Proofing Certification MELVILLE, N.Y., August 1, 2013 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, today announced that I DEAlliance has awarded Hard Copy Proofing Certification for SWOP® (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) grades 3 & 5 and GRACoL® (General R e q u i re m e n t s a n d A p p l i c a t i o n s f o r Commercial Offset Lithography) grade 1, to Canon's imagePROGRAF iPFX400 series. IDEAlliance SWOP and GRACoL Hard Copy Proofing Certification of the Canon iPFX400 printer series indicates end-users that the appearance of the hard copy proof used in the application will be consistent and accurate with the final print production product based on industry standards. These IDEAlliance certifications are based on the testing of three components including: the imagePROGRAF iPF6450 large format printer* with LUCIA EX ink, GMG Proof Paper Semi-matte 250 and GMG ColorProof RIP software. Canon's imageP RO GRAF large-format pr int devices include an enhanced Multi-Sensor for color consistency and advanced printing technology specifically developed to produce prints with an enhanced color range and

improved durability, making them an ideal fit for high-end proofing environments. GMG Vice President of Sales Joseph Varone commenting on the certifications stated, "We are pleased with the performance of the ne w Canon imageP RO GRAF iPFX400 series printers. This is a very capable printing platform offering high image resolution, fast production speed, excellent color gamut and outstanding repeatability. The new LUCIA EX inks deliver a much larger gamut than GRACoL, making this certification process easy." "Providing high quality contract proofing solutions as well as the ability to deliver solutions that meet the industry's highest standards - SWOP and GRACoL - for inkjet proofing systems is a top priority at Canon," said Sam Yoshida, Vice President and General Manager, Canon U.S.A. "We are honored and delighted that we have received this prestigious industry certification." The imagePROGRAF iPFX400 large format printer series which inc ludes the iP F9400, iP F8400, iP F6450 and the iPF6400 printers are designed for professionals seeking the highest possible

standards for quality-control and image reproduction in the graphic, fine art, photography and proofing markets. For mor e inf or mation about Canon products, please go to Source:



113 Issue September 2013

Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge By Mike Josiah, Technical Director of UniNet Imaging

Mike Josiah Mike Josiah is the Technical Director at UniNet’s East Coast office, a global distributor of toner, Smartchips, OPC drums, and other toner remanufacturing components. Mr. Josiah is an industry veteran since 1987, and a member of ASTM committee F.05, the STMC Technician Certif ication committee, as well as an STMC trainer. He and his support team at UniNet contribute with technical articles to industry trade magazines, and conduct seminars at association meetings and tradeshows worldwide. The Xerox Phaser 3500 printers are based on a 35 ppm, 1200 dpi engine running a 400 MHz processor. The time for first page out is 10 seconds or less. The engine has a monthly duty cycle of 100,000 pages per month and the fuser assembly and various rollers are rated for 150,000 pages. The machines based on the Phaser 3500 engine are the: Phaser 3500 Phaser 3500B Phaser 3500N Phaser 3500 ND These cartridges are at the same time deceptively easy and deceptively difficult to remanufacture. They have to be taken apart and put back together in a certain way. If you do not, the cartridge will at some point fall apart with parts coming out all over and you will be left wondering where they go. Trust me‌ There are two cartridges available for this series, the 106R01148 cartridges are rated for 6,000 pages at 5% coverage, and the 106R01149 cartridges are rated for 12,000 pages. In addition to an adhesive sealing strip, these cartridges also use a shipping lock. This lock keeps the developer roller away from the drum, and helps prevent the developer roller from getting a flat spot during storage. It is very important that the shipping lock be installed. Lastly, these cartridges also use a chip that must be replaced in order for the printer to accept the cartridge. Required Tools Toner approved vacuum. A small Common screw driver #1 Phillips head screwdriver Needle nose pliers


Spring Hook Required Supplies Toner for use in the Phaser 3500, 175g for the LY and 350g for the HY New Wiper Blade New OPC Drum LY or HY Replacement chip (Make sure you match the chip to the correct toner load!) New Developer Roller (Optional) New PCR (Optional) New Dr. Blade (Optional) Sealing Strip Shipping lock Drum lubricant PCR Cleaner Conductive grease 1) Clean the exterior of the cartridge. 2) Place the cartridge with the handle facing up and close to you. (The waste is away from you). See Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 1

Figure 4

3) On the right side remove the drum cover arm. See Figure 2 4) Remove the same from the left side, remove the drum cover. See Figures 3 & 4 5) Remove the two screws on the left end cap. See Figure 5

6) Remove the two black screws from the right side end cap. Do not remove the gold colored screw. See Figures 6 & 7 7) Remove the 2 screws on the metal plate. Remove the plate and gear. See Figures 8 &9

113 Issue September 2013




113 Issue September 2013

Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge

Figure 5


Figure 9

Figure 13 frame. Figure 14

Figure 6

Figure 10 small gear will fall from the cartridge. The installation of both parts will be shown later. See Figures 11 & 12

Figure 14 12) On the waste hopper remove the gold colored screw from the drum axle; work the waste section away from the frame. See Figure 15.

Figure 7

Figure 11

Figure 15 13) Remove the waste section from the frame. See Figure 16

Figure 8 8) With a spring hook, remove the 2 springs from the back of the toner hopper. One on the left and one on the right side, about 1 inch from the back edge. See Figure 10 9) Carefully rock the left side end cap until it comes free from the cartridge frame. Turn the back edge up so it comes free from the hopper. The spring and possibly a


Figure 12 10) Slide the metal rod located above the developer roller away from the remaining end cap to free it from the end caps. See Figure 13 11) Remove the toner hopper from the

Figure 16


113 Issue September 2013 14) On the waste section, remove the drum axle by pulling it out from the small straight gear side. Note the conductive grease on the large helical gear side of the axle. See Figure 17

remove the PCR assembly. See Figure 20 18) Remove the two screws on the wiper blade. Remove the blade. See Figure 21.

Figure 24

Figure 21 Figure 17 15) Remove the drum See Figure 18

19) Clean out all the waste toner. 20) Install the new wiper blade and 2 screws. See Figure 22

Figure 25

Figure 18 16) Remove the 2 screws on the PCR assembly. See Figure 19

Figure 22 21) S lide the holders off the PCR assembly, and clean the PCR with your preferred PCR cleaner. Blow off the PCR cleaning roller too. See Figure 23.

Figure 26 25) On the toner hopper, remove the large black gear and small white gear from the developer roller shaft. See Figure 27

Figure 19 17) Pry up the white plastic holders and

Figure 20

Figure 23 22) Re-assemble the PCR assembly and install it in the waste hopper. Install the 2 screws. Make sure it’s not upside down! See Figure 24 23) Install the drum and drum axle. Large gear to the non gear side of the PCR. Slide the drum axle through the large gear side. Keep the conductive grease to the large gear side. See Figures 25 & 26 24) Place the waste hopper aside.

Figure 27 26) Slide out the metal bar. See Figure 28 27) Remove the fill plug, and dump out all remaining toner from the hopper. Vacuum clean. See Figure 29 28) Remove the screw from the middle white gear. See Figure 30 29) Remove the remaining 3 gears and



113 Issue September 2013

Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge


Figure 28

Figure 32

Figure 36

Figure 29

Figure 33

Figure 37

Figure 30

Figure 34

Figure 38

Figure 35

Figure 39

release and remove the small spring. See Figure 36. 33) Remove the bearing. Note: this bearing can be hard to remove! Carefully pry it off. See Figure 37 34) Remove the screw and the white plastic alignment plate. Figure 38 35) Remove the developer roller. See Figure 39 36) Remove the 2 screws and the doctor

blade. See Figure 40 37) Remove the center screw from the toner hopper. The top half of the developer roller assy. will now come free. See Figures 41 & 42 38) Clean out any remaining toner from both halves of the assembly. Make sure the foam seals are clean. If the supply roller is worn, it can easily be replaced now also. See Figure 43

the bearing. See Figure 31

Figure 31 30) Remove the bottom metal plate. Carefully pry it off the locking tabs located one on each side, and one in the middle of the hopper. See Figures 32, 33 & 34 31) Remove the white plastic end cap. See Figure 35 32) On the opposite side of the hopper,



113 Issue September 2013

Figure 40

Figure 44

Figure 48

Figure 41

Figure 45

Figure 49 plate on the gear side See Figure 50

Figure 42

Figure 46 Install with the two screws into the hopper. See Figure 47

Figure 50 45) Install the bearing onto the developer roller shaft of the fill plug side. See Figure 51

Figure 43 39) Install the seal fold over the pull tab so it sits over the foam edge seal. Slide the tab through the slot. See Figure 44 40) Slide the seal tab out the slot of the top cover. Set the three plastic tabs into their slots, and rotate the top cover down into place. Install the screw. Make sure the cover locks into place! Check the seam on the end of the hopper to be sure. See Figures 45 & 46 41) Clean or replace the doctor blade.

Figure 47 42) Install the developer roller long shaft side to the gear side of the hopper. (NON fill plug side) See Figure 48 43) Install the white plastic alignment plate and the screw on the fill plug side See Figure 49 44) Install the white plastic alignment

Figure 51 46) Install the small spring as shown onto the developer roller shaft. See Figure 52 47) Install the bearing onto the developer roller shaft, gear side of the hopper. See



113 Issue September 2013

Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge


50) Install the large black gear, and the small white drive gear. See Figure 56

Figure 52 Figure 53

Figure 59 Figure 56 51) Install the bottom metal plate. Insert the three tabs first and rotate into place. Make sure all three locks snap into place! (2 sides and middle). See Figure 57

Figure 60 Figure 53 48) Install the three white gears as shown. See Figure 54 Figure 57 52) Fill the hopper with toner for use in the Phaser 3500, 350g for the 12k, 175g for the 6k. Replace the fill plug, check for leaks. See Figure 58

Figure 61 56) Install the hopper spring onto the end cap. See Figure 62

Figure 54 49) Install the center white gear and screw. See Figure 55

Figure 58

Figure 55


53) Install the waste chamber into the frame. See Figure 59 54) Install the gold screw into the drum axle. See Figure 60 55) Make sure the small round black plastic rod is in place, install the small drive gear. (This is the gear that came loose when the end cap was removed). See Figure 61

Figure 62 57) Place the hopper partially into the frame; hook up the spring onto the hopper. See Figure 63 58) Partially install the metal rod on the toner hopper. Seat the hopper into the end cap, and seal the metal rod. Make sure the


113 Issue September 2013 61) Pull the seal tab through the end cap seal slot. See Figure 67

end cap. See Figure 71

Figure 63 rod is seated into its hole, and the white drive gear is centered into the 1 inch hole. See Figure 64

Figure 67 62) Align and snap the end cap into place. See Figure 68

Figure 64 59) Rotate the remaining end cap and partially install on the frame so that the rear tab locks into place. See Figure 65

Figure 68 63) Install the drive gear, metal plate, and two screws. Make sure the tabs on the back of the black drive gear fit into the slots in the white drive gear. See Figures 69 & 70

Figure 71 65) Install the two screws into the right side end cap. See Figure 72

Figure 72 66) Install the drum cover arms. Place the arm into place, and rotate the tail of the springs so the fit into their respective slots. See Figure 73

Figure 65 60) Install the spring from the end cap to the hopper. See Figure 66

Figure 66

Figure 69

Figure 70 64) Install the two screws into the left side

Figure 73

Figure 74 67) Install the shipping lock. See Figure 74 68) Remove the screw and cover for



113 Issue September 2013

Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 3500 Toner Cartridge

the chip. Replace the chip. Make sure you match the chip to the toner load! (HY or LY). See Figure 75

Figure 75



Repetitive Defect Chart: PCR 38mm Developer roller 43mm Supply Roller 45mm Transfer Roller 55mm OPC Drum 95mm Upper Fuser Roller 126mm (Mark on the front of the page) Lower Fuser Roller 126mm (Mark on the back of the page)

Select Info Pages. Press OK Select Config page and press OK (The Config page is actually a Supplies status page) Sample pages Press the MENU button until “Information” appears on the display. Press OK Select Sample Pages. Press OK Select the desired page and press OK

Printing Test Pages Configuration page Press the MENU button until “Information” appears on the display. Press OK

Common Error Codes The error codes are all followed by text explanations so there is no need to go into them here.

113 Issue September 2013




Message from the Publisher 亲爱的读者朋友们, 你们好! 目前,中国打印耗材行业在严峻的“ 内忧外患”的环境中生存发展,面 临着专利、技术壁垒、标准、空盒回收、假冒伪劣、价格战等诸多问题。 国际上,美国国际贸易委员会对中国产品发起“ 337 调查”,欧盟连续发 起反倾销、反补贴调查,使出口产品受阻 ;跨国原装厂商采用“ 技术壁垒” 的加密芯片或更改产品名称来阻止兼容耗材的制造、再生及销售。在国内, 中国打印耗材行业因为用工费用增加、物流成本上升、原材料涨价、汇兑成 本上升、人民币升值等因素导致出口成本上升,加上耗材市场无序、激烈的价 格竞争,造成打印耗材的国际市场萎缩,海外订单减少、利润越来越薄。 中国打印耗材企业虽已拥有几千项专利,但是大部分为实用新型或外形专利,跟原装厂家已在全球申请的 几十万专利相比,无论是在数量上还是质量上都还存在很大差距。OEM 厂家通过领先申请并拥有大量的专利权 来控制市场,以法律手段对兼容耗材实行市场封锁和打压,在市场上构筑了强大的技术壁垒,通过采用加密芯片 或更改产品名称来阻止兼容耗材的制造、再生及销售。如何突破 OEM 不断设置的技术难题,将是中国打印耗 材行业面临的最大挑战。再有,OEM 厂商今年来加强了在全球范围内的空盒回收动作,空盒变得非常稀少和昂 贵,中国打印耗材企业面临空盒来源及成本上涨的威胁。 尽管墨盒标准制订已十多年,鼓粉盒组件标准制订已九年,但均未颁布。作为公共支撑的标准理应先行, 但迄今无法用于指导生产和规范市场。 还有一个问题不容忽视,就是假冒耗材。假冒耗材的泛滥,不仅加剧了市场的不正当竞争、严重影响了通 用耗材的整体形象,而且侵犯了消费者的利益。 假冒伪劣耗材虽然价格便宜,但由于材质低劣、质量低下,在打印输出作业时极易造成打印机内部构件的 损坏,降低了打印机的使用寿命 ;假冒伪劣耗材挥发的有毒物质也会严重损害消费者的身体健康,增加患皮肤 病、呼吸道疾病以及白血病的几率。因此,抵制市场的假冒耗材,首先是使消费者转变观念、自觉抵制假冒耗材, 这是促进国内耗材产业健康持续发展的关键 ;其次是健全和完善耗材标准体系,监督检查耗材产品,规范耗材 市场 ;再次是原装和兼容耗材厂商应协同政府开展打击假冒伪劣耗材,加大惩罚力度,媒体给予曝光。 第二波经济危机深化和全球打印耗材市场风云变幻,确实使中国打印耗材产业的发展面临重重挑战。由于 经济危机的冲击、外贸市场的紧缩、人民币升值压力、劳动力成本提升等叠加效应,整个行业经济利润下滑, 小规模企业由于无法得到订单而纷纷倒闭。有些小企业为了生存,采取不断地使用低价策略,扰乱了整个耗材 市场,使整个耗材行业进入了恶性竞争的阶段,影响了打印耗材产业的发展。如何使我们的打印耗材行业合理 健康发展,我们认为应该整合行业资源、消除恶性竞争,具体举措有待行业组织以及同仁拿出切实可行的办法, 规范行业健康有序发展。

解伟先 亚洲再生业(RechargeAsia)中国编辑部



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Current Situation and Product Quality of the Office Consumables Industry

办公耗材行业 现状与产品质量 国家耗材质检中心副主任毕明珠

约 5 亿套左右,占全球需求量约 拥有上千家耗材厂商和珠三角、 长三角、环渤海三大产业集群,其办公 一、2012 年中国办公机行业现状




厂商共计 26 家,其中本土打印机厂商有


15 家。本土的 12 家厂商主要生产针式






光打印机,2 家是贴牌销售各类打印机。








公耗材产业的飞速发展。随着 2012 年中

“十二 . 五”及“863”重点项目的企业,





中国打印机市场 2012 年下降 6.5%,


未来 5 年国产办公设备年创产值或达百




二、中国办公耗材产业现状 改革开放以来,中国办公耗材产业 经历了一个从无到有、从小到大、从弱 到强的发展过程。中国是全球最大的通 用耗材生产基地,中国办公耗材制造业 已成为全球的制造中心和加工基地,并 成为全球办公耗材的销售中心和集散地,


耗材产业快速成长。 1. 2012 年中国办公耗材产业状况 通用(包括兼容和再生)鼓粉盒组 件生产厂商近 200 家,其生产能力达到 约近 7000 万个;OEM 厂商约 12 家,其 年生产能力达到 7000 万个以上。 兼容喷墨盒及组件制造企业约 200 余家,OEM 厂商 1 家,其生产能力达到

30%。 兼 容 墨 粉 生 产 厂 商 30 多 家,OEM 厂商有 2 家,安装的墨粉生产线达到近 70 条,年生产能力达到 3.2 万吨。 兼容墨水生产厂商 40 余家,年生产 能力达到近 5 万吨。 光导鼓生产厂商 8 家,境内的国外 兼容及 OEM 厂商有 4 家,年生产能力达 到约 7260 万只。 色带生产厂商近 30 家,年生产能力 达到近 50 万吨,全球 80% 以上的色带 在中国制造。 中国办公耗材经过三十几年的发展, 产业配套已经成熟,原材料和配件的供 应质量都日趋稳定,企业通过 ISO9001 质量管理认证和 ISO14001 环境管理认 证来保证产品质量,珠海天威飞马办公 耗材有限公司还在产品安全体系方面进 一步获得了 QC080000 的认证,从而保 证了耗材成品质量的稳定,使质优价廉 的中国办公耗材受到了国内外消费者的 喜爱。 2. 2012 年耗材产品质量情况 2012 年全年国家耗材质检中心承担 了广东省质量技术监督局省定期监督检 验任务、珠海市质量技术监督局市定期


2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

监督检验任务以及来自国内其他 省市的委托检验任务。办公耗材产品(包 括鼓粉盒、墨盒、色带、墨水、碳粉等) 定期监督检验产品合格率 96.8%,委托 检验产品合格率 96.2%。不合格项目是: 鼓粉盒图像密度、底灰、定影牢固度; 墨盒装机性能及初始状态的可靠性、办 公稳定性;色带接缝断裂强度。 2013 年上半年办公耗材产品定期监 督检验产品合格率 98.2%,委托检验产 品合格率 89.8%。不合格项目是:鼓粉 盒图像密度、底灰、定影牢固度、外观、 标识;显影辊外观质量。 三、耗材行业面临的挑战

中国办公耗材行业在严峻的 “内忧外患”的环境中生存发展,主要 面临专利、技术壁垒、标准、空盒回收、












都还存在很大差距。OEM 厂家通过领先













国产品发起“337 调查”,欧盟连续发

突破 OEM 不断设置的技术难题,将是耗



材行业面临的最大挑战。再有,OEM 厂



























假冒伪劣耗材虽然价格便宜,但由于材 质低劣、质量低下,在办公输出作业时

整合行业资源、消除恶性竞争,使耗 材行业合理健康发展是我们共同的期望。



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

An Introduction of the E-commerce Business Pattern of Zhuhai Wolfgray Printer Consumables Co., Ltd.

建设网上耗材商城,打造电子商务品牌 ——灰太狼耗材公司电子商务经营模式 珠海灰太狼打印耗材有限公司 2009 年在香港注册。从做耗材模具 OEM 起家 的小微企业。5 年中这个年轻的公司利用

2010 年灰太狼耗材公司在阿里巴巴上开 通面向国内的销售平台。 公司认为:网络销售减少了中间渠



了耀人的业绩。在 2012 年耗材业低迷行


情下,这个小企业仍维持了 10%—15%




灰太狼耗材公司在 2011 年销售额 还只有 600 万元时,网上交易额就达到 了 335 万元。2012 年,网上交易额突破 500 万元,2013 年这一数字预计可突破 1000 万元。 采用多语言版本设计网上商城

只有持续投入才有回报 国内兼容耗材行业真正的大品牌并 不多,而终端客户对耗材的品牌概念也 相对淡薄,这为新进入的中小耗材企业 提供了机会。“只要你的产品质量可靠、 价格实在,坚持下去就会得到市场认可。”








的固定投入至少在 30 万元以上,对于他









区建立货物转发仓库,加快了网络购物 配送时间。

目前灰太狼耗材公司正在建立自己 的网上商城,打造电子商务品牌。随着








“只要你的产品 质量可靠、价格 实在,坚持下去 就会得到市场认 可。”

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期



展会热点 / SHOW TIME

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

RechargExpo Indonesia 2013 will be Held in November in Jakarta, Indonesia



--2013 年印度尼西亚

办公耗材展于 11 月将雅

为促进东南亚为中心的亚洲打印、 复印耗材市场的进一步发展,促进欧美、

达举办,势必将在以往成功举办的基础 上,取得更多的关注和支持。


与当地全印展合作,观众共享 All Print 是印尼当地全系列印刷、广


印度尼西亚,拥有 2.37 亿人居住,






生产总值超 700 亿美元,并随着其经济








要的展览之一的中东 - 东南亚办公耗材



展 将 于 2013 年 11 月 07 日 -11 日 在 印


广告标识及 LED 照明与显示技术。该展


础。相对于中东 - 东南亚的其他地区的


中东 - 东南亚办公耗材展已经在


的超过 800 余家企业和 10000 多名观众

东南亚地区巡回连续召开 6 届,每年一








此次双方的合作,不但可以弥补 All



Pint 在桌面打印以及耗材领域的不足,



大大的丰富其展会范围,也将为 2013 东




2012 年展会在往年的基础上,吸引了海


专业观众及专业买家,大大提高了 2013





850 万,位于爪哇岛西部北岸是印度尼









市场发展迅速。而展会的举办地 JITEC

今年的中东 - 东南亚办公耗材展将会再







经提前开始预订 2013 年展会的展位。此



次 2013 年展会将是中东 - 东南亚办公耗





展会热点 / SHOW TIME

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

展品范围 ◆复印机和打印机设备 ◆复印机和打印机耗材 ◆墨盒、硒鼓、色带、碳粉、墨水及连续供墨系统等耗材用品 ◆芯片、感光鼓、各类辊、膜、空盒等配件和原材料 ◆办公设备与耗材的制造、翻新、灌装、测试等设备和工具 ◆相纸、票据纸、彩喷纸、热敏纸等办公打印用纸 ◆大幅面与喷绘印刷产品与技术 ◆数码影像设备及耗材 展会特色及优势 ◆东南亚地区唯一的涵盖复印领域的专业展览会 ◆与当地企业合作密切,全新 B2B 平台,可直接接触印尼及东南亚当地经销商和代理商 ◆独享快速增长的印尼经济所带来的巨大市场购买力 ◆雅加达的国际地位,每年邀请到东南亚周边国家市场的参展商和观众,影响力遍及马来西亚、泰国、新加坡、越南、印 度、菲律宾、缅甸、澳大利亚等所有东南亚周边国家 ◆中国企业参加印度尼西亚展览可以享受高达 50% 的政府参展补贴 宣传策略 1. 广告直邮:组委会将印制门票、请柬、宣传彩页直接邮 寄给终端销售商,所有这些资料都将以中文,英文和印尼语呈现, 确保传递的有效性。 2. 手机短信:多年的东南亚市场开发,使得我们拥有最为 详尽的东南亚区域数据信息库,2013 年我们展会宣传的短信群 发包括了中国、新加坡、泰国、马来西亚和越南等,明年我们 将进一步扩大短信群发规模; 3. 电话、传真、电邮营销:通过电话沟通、传真邀请、电 邮等方式直接邀请海内外业内人士参会;

展位价格 ◆展位收费:标准展位优惠价 1600 元 / 平米,光地 1520 元 / 平米(2013 年 3 月 30 日之前付款)。 ◆参展企业于 2013 年 3 月 30 日前定展并付款,按优惠价 计算,该日期之后标展按 1700 元 / 平米,光地按 1620 元 / 平 米收取。 ◆标准展位配置:一张办公桌、两把折叠椅、一个垃圾桶 及整体照明灯。 会刊广告

4. 刊登行业杂志广告,我们同全球多家影像耗材行业媒体 拥有密切的合作,通过他们将展会的信息发布到全球各地; 5. 参加行业展览及会议推广本展览。 6. 加大在印度尼西亚当地的宣传和推广。我们不但在印尼 当地建立了展会的工作室,还先后在印尼当地最为知名的几家

【会务组联系方式】 北京招展中心:

设计办公耗材的行业媒体:Info Linux, PC Media, PC Mild 等,




SPE, ALl Print 等相关行业展会。在印尼首都雅加达影像耗材行




参展补贴政策 参展 RechargExpo Southeast Asia 2013,最高可获得 3.5 万元的政府补贴。 即将于 2013 年 11 月 07-10 日举办的中东 - 东南亚办公

美国招展中心: 电话:1-626-569-8238   传真:1-860-606-9068 邮箱:info@  




联系人:Sunny Sun



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Prism Event Accelerates Independent Innovation and Application of Home-Made Consumables

“棱镜门”加速国产耗材自主创新和应用 7 月 19 日下午,由珠海市财政局、珠海市科技工贸和信息 化局、珠海市保密局共同主办的“珠海市办公信息安全和国产 办公自动化设备科技创新研讨会”在珠海庆华国际大酒店召开。 共同就如何通过政府对办公设备和耗材产品的新需求,推动国 内企业科技创新的动力,保证国家政府和企事业单位的信息安 全进行了充分的探讨。



“核高基”重大专项支持且已列入 2012






产权高性能嵌入式 CPU”——CK800 系



列,应用于国产激光打印机 SOC 加密芯



片上,并于 2012 年 6 月研发成功。此款



SOC 芯片,未来将应用在多个型号的格



















若干省市的国家保密机关已多次发布成 像卡盒存在泄密隐患的警示。一系列的 成像卡盒泄密事件,给政府机关、军队 及其他涉密单位敲响了警钟,同时也对 国产打印耗材企业提出了更高的要求。 为了避免信息泄露,最大限度保证 信息安全,格之格母公司赛纳科技,同 珠海市政府副秘书长钟国胜





2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期








五大体系层层把关,通��� RoHS、CE、















说每使用 1000 万的国产耗材,能为国家


节约 1000 万的财政支出,就以目前全国









转印率高达 95% 的自主专利打印成像技


术,达到全球行业技术的尖端,这一技 术的应用,大幅度提高了成像卡盒打印 页数,同时也最大限度的减少了打印废

格之格数码科技有限公司 总经理助理任菁倩 据格之格数码公司总经理助理任菁

坚持品质承诺,持续为用户提供更安全、 更健康的高品质打印耗材。 格之格提供



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

OKI Joins Hands with Founder Electronics to Explore Government Printing Markets

OKI 联手方正电子进军政府文印市场

7 月 29 日,日冲商业(北京)有限公司(简称 OKI)与北京北大方 正电子有限公司(简称“方正电子”)签署战略合作协议,双方联合在软 硬件技术方面的优势,共同推出专为政府机关文印行业定制的红头文件解 决方案 -- 方正印捷 D5036 双色数码印刷系统。据悉,双方还将借助各自 的产品、品牌优势以及渠道、服务基础,共同深入开拓国内政府机关文印 市场。




整套 " 方正印捷机关文印整体解决



方案 "。目前,在国家机关文印领域,




同时也为 OKI 进一步拓展中国市场打开





高的标准和更苛刻的要求。尤其在移动 网络新时代和新的政策要求下,红头文 件印制的专业解决方案更需完善。 但由于种种原因,这一需求并未得 到技术厂商的重视,某机关文印领导人 曾对媒体表示:“希望设备厂商从技术 角度给我们(机关文印)支持,因为社 会上的商业印刷跟我们不太一样,我们 现在急需的数字印刷机是双色的,就是 黑和红两种。同时,我们在采购时也会 考虑产品的打印速度。当然,价格因素 也是很重要的,太贵的我们不会买。现 在符合条件的相关设备比较少。” 强强联手 优势互补 在这一背景下,长期以来一直致力

方案填补空白 企业市场获双赢 此次合作,方正电子和 OKI 双方凭 借各自对机关文印领域的了解和多年的 技术积淀,以期为机关文印提供适应性 更强的红头文件解决方案。此次双方共 同推出的方正印捷 D5036 双色数码印刷 解决方案,结合了方正电子在机关文印 领域长期以来的软件优势以及 OKI 优质

的强强联合,将进一步促进数码印刷技 术在机关文印领域的广泛应用,促使文 印行业运用信息化、网络化的数字印刷 新技术推动业务创新和转型,使政府文 印工作更加契合时代的发展需求,实现 经济效益与社会效益的双重提升。 来源

的硬件性能。其中,专为政府红头文件 印刷开发的方正艺捷打印服务器支持多 种文件格式,包括 Word、ceb 等政府常 用文件格式,同时支持打号功能,减少 了传统打号机的复杂工序,通过软硬件 配合快速实现打号,大大提高了政府文 印办公的效率。





用户当前的应用需求之后,正式与 OKI
















2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Office Costs Decline by 30% and Local Companies Expected to Grow

办公成本降低 3 成 本土企业有望“长大” 受美国“棱镜门”事件的影响,办公设备和耗材的 安全性能受到前所未有关注,珠海本土打印耗材企业将有 望在市场上开辟出更大的市场空间。记者 19 日从珠海市 办公信息安全和国产办公自动化设备科技创新研讨会上获 悉,珠海本土企业赛纳科技通过创新成功研发了国内首台 拥有自主知识产权的奔图激光打印机,自主核心技术将一 定程度上保障了涉密单位打印信息安全。

The First 3D Printing Cartridge Introduced

世界首个 3D 打印墨盒问世 作为打印耗材零售商,英国林肯郡的公司 InkFactory 认为新 兴技术,3D 打印技术可以为家庭用户提供帮助,打印自己的墨盒, 这样可以节省成本。于是,他们决定测试这种想法。今年 6 月, 公司购买了 MakerBot Replicator 的桌面 3D 打印机。然后,他们 选择参照柯达 30C 和 30B 的柯达墨盒来进行这个 3D 打印项目。 在电脑中创建一个 3D 模型,然后发送到 Makerbot3D 打印。一 旦墨盒打印出来,下一个步骤就是把它们放在一台喷墨打印机柯 达 ESP C110 彩色喷墨进行第一次测试,原柯达墨盒被换成了他 们的 3D 打印版本,墨盒里已放置合适的油墨。

相关部门负责人表示,希望通过研讨会,推动政府部 门对国产自主知识产权、自主核心技术办公设备和耗材的 采购和应用。 珠海本土企业研发产品填补技术空白 据了解,珠海作为“打印耗材之都”,已经成为了全 球最大的通用耗材及零配件生产基地,拥有了配套完整、 上下游产业齐全的耗材产业链,供应了全球 70% 的色带、

原件及 3D 打印刷的柯达 30 黑色和彩色墨墨盒

60% 的通用墨盒和 30% 的通用硒鼓,珠海制造的耗材在

“ 传 统 打 印 机 的 墨 盒 可 以 自 己 在 家 中 3D 打 印 出 来。”


Inkfactory 介绍和展示了这种想法。他们的 3D 打印的黑色和彩

“目前,珠海赛纳科技通过持续创新、不断地技术积 累,成功研发了国内首台拥有自主知识产权的奔图激光打

色墨盒,被认为是世界上第一个在速度和质量都令人满意的墨盒, 这种墨盒是仿照柯达的墨盒,可以用在一般的家用打印机上。

印机,打破了美、日等国家的行业垄断,填补了我国在这 一技术领域的空白。”相关负责任人介绍。 为政府部门提供最低价格 办公成本降低 3 成以上 据透露,目前政府部门对此类国产产品的采购力度还 不大,采购意愿还不强,“许多政府部门主要担心质量问 题。”国家耗材质检中心副主任毕明珠告诉记者,“因为 打印耗材行业的门槛较低,因此珠海市场的打印耗材产品 质量良莠不齐,一些作坊式的企业由于无工商注册、无固 定生产基地,造成监管不到,这类企业生产的产品质量自 然不过关。但是,如天威飞马、赛纳科技等中等规模以上

3D 打印的墨盒的总的塑料材料成本约 1.60 英镑,比柯达墨 盒节约 20 英镑。董事总经理蒂姆·约翰逊说: “我们很高兴在未来, 客户可以下载一个打印机墨盒的 3D 模型,然后自己在家里打印, 从而节约客户成本。

企业,在近年来的检测过程中并未发现一例不合格,产品 质量与国际知名品牌并无太大差异。” 记者采访中了解到,目前家庭使用打印机少之又少, 因此企业和政府部门成为了打印耗材企业重点的客户群。 赛纳科技相关负责人表示,“在国内,奔图打印机已经入 了各地政府采购的目录。针对政府部门,我们将以最低的 价格进行销售。在使用过程中,将为各级政府部门削减打 印开支,使政府综合办公打印成本降低 30% 以上。” 来源:珠江晚报




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Situation of Government Purchase of Printers Changes Abruptly

2013 年打印机政采格局陡变 近日,中央国家机关 2013 年第六期




多期批量集中采购的 A4 喷墨打印机竞争





(以下简称 " 国采中心 ")共组织了 6 期

都在 1000 元左右。


批量集中采购项目,批量集中采购打印 机 9400 多台,采购总金额近 1400 万元。 从这 6 期的批量集中采购情况来看,打 印机产品的整体采购数量呈逐月增长的 态势。惠普佳能淡出竞争 富士施乐三星 领跑。

高效、实用需求凸显 价格更趋合理 在 2013 年上半年中央单位打印机批 量集中采购项目中,不仅中标品牌和产 品实现了扩容,竞争也日趋白热化,无 论采购数量多少,打印机的价格之争仅 在二三百元之间,供应商的报价都不约 而同地精确到了个位数字。对于打印机 企业来说,批量集中采购带来了新的竞 争模式,对于一些产品技术过硬但是品 牌知名度还不是特别高的企业来说,机

从采购单位的角度来说,价格也不 再是采购时考量产品的惟一标准。从国 采中心近几期的批量集中采购可以看出, 采购过程更加注重产品的高效、经济、 实用,产品的中标价格更趋于合理。政 府采购主管部门指出,批量集中采购既 要避免采购高价高性能产品造成的浪费, 又要避免片面强调低价中标而忽视综合 效益的情况,提倡厉行节约、最大程度 地体现 " 物有所值 " 的原则。

打印机政采格局陡变 和以往的竞争格局不一样,随着打 印机产品批量集中采购的持续推进,以 往传统的强势打印机品牌表现得黯然失 色,而主打性价比的新品牌则乘势崛起, 并领跑打印机产品的批量集中采购。 中标价格来看,A4 激光黑白双面打 印机的中标均价在 1050 元左右,A4 激 光黑白单面打印机的中标均价在 700 元 左右,A3 激光黑白单面打印机的中标均 价在 6000 元左右,A3 激光彩色单面打 印机的中标均价在 9800 元左右。 京 瓷 中 标 的 580 台 A4 激 光 黑 白 双 面打印机集中在第六期批量集采项目中, 这一品牌还创造了 "580 元 " 的 " 骇人 " 中 标价,远低于该类产品的平均中标价格, 这让同行咂舌不已。京瓷品牌该机型的 出售价格基本在 1400 元左右,因此,该 品牌今后的投标策略颇值得关注。



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

9 Influences of 3D Printing on Technology and Business

3D 打印对科技和商业的 9 个影响 3D 打印技术正在冲击人们的一些传统的观念,作为一个创业者,3D 会给我们带来何种改变 ? 他的答复: 1. 对制造业依赖程度的降低 人们不再需要购买实体产品,只需购买产品的设计图,然后自己在家将产品用 3D 打印机制造出来。由于这种 购买方式省去了物流的环节,产品的售价将会降低。 随着这种购物模式的发展,未来也许还将出现“3D 打印设计图纸商店”,类似现在的 App Store,从而成为一 条完整的产业链。我相信,3D 打印革命将会成为自互联网革命以来最大的一场科技变革。 ----Liam Martin, 2. 自己打印生活用品 用 3D 打印机自己制造生活用品的想法,例如家具的螺丝、睡眠耳塞等。有了 3D 打印,我们能够把 Lowes and Home Depot 等家具配件商店真的搬到自己家中。 ----John Meyer, 3. 降低时尚产品样品的成本 在时尚界,最费钱的工作就是在大规模生产前进行样品的制作。现在制作一个样品需要花费 200-400 美元的资金。 3D 打印将会帮助年轻的时尚用品设计师们进行打样,而无需再花费大量金钱购买打样所需的原料。 ----Benish Shah, Vicaire NY 4. 降低生产成本 3D 打印最吸引人的地方在于它能够帮助创业者降低生产成本。你会发现,越来越多的初创企业开始使用 3D 打 印技术来进行产品生产工作。 ----Andrew Schrage, Money Cashers Personal Finance 5. 测试创意 对于小型企业来说,制造能力一直都是他们难以突破的瓶颈。而依托第三方工厂进行产品制造时,由于制造量 比较小,使得单位产品的生产成本一直较高。有了 3D 打印,小型企业可以使用 3D 打印技术对产品的创意和改进 进行测试。让他们在进入量产之前,能够以较低的成本对产品进行不断的测试和完善。 ----Aaron Schwartz、 Modify Watches 6. 越来越多的人将会开始使用 3D 打印 3D 打印的潜能十分巨大。用 3D 打印来建造房屋和家具,甚至有人会用这种技术来制造药物和食物。3D 打印 还加快了这些物品的制造速度。 ----Shahzil (Shaz) Amin, Blue Track Media,LLC 7. 利用 3D 打印在家创业 作为一名创业者,3D 打印机能够完成产品的扫描和复制工作。它能够在家创业。在家对 3D 物品进行扫描和制作。 3D 打印机让小型商品制作企业找到了另一个产品生产的方式。   ----Jay Wu, Best Drug Rehabilitation 8. 加快工作效率 对 3D 打印给设计和生产带来的便捷性,设计人员搭建商品和读取商品原型数据的速度是从前的 10 倍。 ----Arjun Arora, ReTargeter 9. 制做老旧型号机器设备的零件 作为一名制造业的从业者,面临的就是一些老旧型号���备出现故障,或是零件的缺失。因为这些设备的生产者 早已经停止了对这些设备的维护和支持,他们已经不再生产这些设备所使用的零件了。从前,一旦某个老旧型号的 设备的零件出现问题,就意味着我们必须购买新的设备,从而造成了浪费。现在有了 3D 打印技术,我们能够自己 制作这些设备的零件,当设备零件出现损坏的时候,我们能够马上用打印出来的零件进行替换。 ----Sam Saxton, Salter Spiral Stair and Mylen Stairs 信息来源:中关村


2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期



企业近况 / COMPANY CLOSE-UP Hubei Dinglong: Color Toners Continue to Speed up as Channel Construction has Primary Effect

湖北鼎龙:渠道建设初显成效 彩色碳粉持续加速

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Print-Rite Cartridge Rated as First Choice of Computer Users of China in 2013

天威硒鼓获评 2013 中国计算机用户 首选产品

2013 年 7 月 11 日 , 鼎龙股份发布 2013 年半年度业绩预告 , 归属于上 市公司的净利润为 3,092 万元 -3,463 万元 , 同比增长 25-40%。 彩色碳粉的渠道建设初显成效 , 预计上半年贡献销量 100 吨以上 , 下半 年将继续加速增长。 市场可能认为彩色碳粉进展略低于预期 , 但分析师认为这是市场没有 认识到碳粉替代的难度 , 错误的高估了新产品的推进速度。硒鼓厂商对彩色 碳粉的品质和稳定性要求较高 , 需要较长时间的检验和调试 , 加上国内硒鼓 厂商出口海外 , 下游反馈周期进一步拉长 , 因此替代原有碳粉需要较长的时

近日,天威荣获由中国计算机用户协会颁 发的荣誉证书,凭借专业的研发队伍和不懈的 创新精神,天威自主研发了生物硒鼓和捷跃硒 鼓,其环保节约性能大受广大计算机用户欢迎 和肯定,被评选为首选产品,并入选《2013 中国计算机用户首选信息技术、产品、解决方 案汇编》。

间 , 但反过来说下游客户对碳粉供应商的粘性也较高 , 因此前期渗透和渠道 搭建需要较长时间 , 一旦完成 , 未来碳粉放量将显著加速。 客户端通过大客户直销 + 中小客户代销的模式 , 实现了对下游大多数 硒鼓厂商的覆盖 , 产品端目前已基本完成了对 HP 打印机型的全覆盖、三星 的部分覆盖。草根调研显示下游对公司的碳粉满意度较高。随着渠道搭建 的完成以及收购下游再生硒鼓企业珠海名图 ( 国内最大的一线彩色硒鼓生产


商和最大彩色碳粉消耗厂商 ), 彩色碳粉业务有望随着打印机型覆盖度提高 而加速发展 , 分析师判断今年业绩将持续上升。2012Q4、2013Q1 的碳粉 净利润贡献为 196 万、314 万 , 环比增速 60% 以上 , 分析师预计 2013Q2 的环比增速将大幅超过这个数字。 自 分 析 师 2012 年 12 月 12 日发布公司的投价报 告《开启彩色兼容碳粉的 美 好 时 代》 以 来 , 公 司 股 价 累 计 已 上 涨 41%, 分 析 师维持前期的投资逻辑 ,1) 公司的战略目标清晰 ( 短 期瞄准兼容彩粉市场 , 长 期目标是为原装厂商供应 彩色碳粉 ), 彩色兼容碳粉 行 业 发 展 迅 速 ,CAGR 维 持在 20% 以上 , 借鉴黑色 碳粉的发展历史 , 预计兼容彩粉在彩粉市场的渗透率将从 10% 增长至 3040%, 行业空间大 ;2) 营销模式清晰有效 : 收购下游标杆企业珠海名图帮助 公司迅速建立行业知名度和信誉 ; 大客户直销 + 中小客户代销的渠道模式 最大化的增强了公司对下游的控制力 , 随着后续打印机型覆盖度提高 , 彩色 碳粉将加速发展 ;3) 股权激励到位 , 保证了研发、技术、销售和管理骨干与 公司利益的一致性 ;4) 储备项目载体中试进展顺利 , 量产化后将显著增强公 司的规模效应 , 护城河进一步加宽 , 长期看好。

单页打印成本相比原装节约 60% 的捷跃硒鼓 天威的生物硒鼓采用生物碳粉作为原料, 减少了对传统石油原料的使用,并且在有水的 环境下即可实现高温降解,简化和加速了办公 废纸的脱墨过程,从源头上减少有害物质的产 生并有效节约了成本。捷跃硒鼓则更是成本节 约的好助手,捷跃谐音“节约”,意在诠释“打 得多,投入少,更环保”的产品性能,定影牢固, 无底灰,单页打印成本相比原装节约 60% 等 卓越的性能让捷跃硒鼓甫一问世,便大受追捧, 上市首月即售罄。 高品质的环保产品一直深受各行业用户的 喜爱,能赢得广大计算机用户信任的口碑,入 选为首选产品是对天威产品在环保创新方面的 极大肯定。日后,天威将承载着这份信任不断 突破自身,研发更具环保和高性价比的产品, 引领民族通用耗材迈向更为广阔的天地。 来源: 东方网



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

G&G Responses to the Energy Saving Initiative

缩减 5%,格之格助力政府节约 近日,财政部发出通知:“要求中 央国家机关各部门对 2013 年一般性支出





统一按 5% 比例压减。其中,重点压减

“压缩财政支持,并制订了 5% 的具

“在 1 月份中央国家机关强制采购







压减 5%,即是落实中央“八项规定”,













要让人民过好日子,政府就得过“紧 日子”,这是李总理对本届政府的要求。 “今年 1 月份,中央国家机关对打印耗

“ 以 常 用 的 2612 型 号 硒 鼓 为 例,


国外原装耗材一支要将近 400 元左右,


集中采购,从 1 月份到现在,格之格又




280 元左右,同时,格之格页产量比原



装还多出 500 页,仅此一项就可为政府



节约 30% 以上的打印成本。”格之格数










成本达到 25% 以上。”央采中心二处,

缩减 5%,政府要过“紧日子”




据悉:2012 年中央国家机关各部门

4 月份,在北京召开的“节约型政府

的行政经费共计 1028.52 亿元,如果今


年按 5% 的比例压减,压减的规模大约


为 51.4 亿元,而缩减的重点在办公楼、






缩减财政支出,并作为一项硬任务 落到实处,将节省下来的资金投入到民 生领域,这是践行“中国梦”的重要举措, 而企业在助力政府节约方面,应该有所 为,切实的帮助政府降低开支,节省资金。 来源:G&G

Static Control Releases Statement Regarding Recent General Exclusion Order

SCC 史丹迪就普遍排除令发布声明 美国北卡罗莱纳州桑福德市—(2013 年 7 月 25 日)— 2013 年 6 月 28 日,美国国际贸易委员会颁布了一项普遍排除令,

的零扭曲齿轮成为再生厂商的首项解决方案,并且至今仍是受 美国众多专利保护的唯一解决方案。

禁止进口侵犯佳能在美国的两项专利(专利号为 803 和 454))

因 SCC 的专利已颁布超过 1 年半,我们的齿轮非常安全,



计。该普遍排除令结束了自 2012 年 1 月开始针对 30 多个硒鼓

我们一直秉承严肃的态度来对待专利问题,尊重 OEM 厂商的



进入新的执行阶段。 SCC 史丹迪早已意识到专利侵权的潜在威胁,成功地开发 了一款独特而功能完备的齿轮来规避任何侵犯佳能齿轮专利的 风险。我们于 2007 年申请了专利,其中 2 项关于非扭曲齿轮 的美国专利分别于 2010 年 10 月和 2011 年 11 月获颁。我们

如需了解详细信息或了解 SCC 的其他产品, 请联系 SCC 史丹迪销售代表。 亚洲总部: +852-2427-6011 珠海销售中心:+86(0)756 3320300 400 883 8233



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

2013 Beijing Eternal Copiers Ltd

定位明确,管理严格,创新产品紧跟市场需求 ——2013 年北京中恒复印材料有限公司 北京中恒复印材料有限公司成立于 1996 年,在 17 年的奋



点,除了 CET 长期以来打造的优质品牌形象以及积累的客户资

从创业初期一个仅有 32 名员工的小公司逐渐发展成为一家拥

源外,CET 产品的质量起到了至关重要的作用。CET 产品在研

有 400 余名员工的颇具规模的企业,从利润零做起到年销售额

发和生产的过程中,都以超过 OEM 产品性能作为基本标准。


与 OEM 同等甚至超出 OEM 性能的优质产品加上低于 OEM 产

是什么使该公司在不景气的耗材产业中鹤立鸡群? 一、定位中高端客户 公司创始人,董事长兼 CEO 马学文先生在组建公司初期,

品的价格,其超高的综合性价比让 CET 在行业中享有很强的竞 争力。 二、创新产品紧跟市场需求







到很好的市场回报。同样的产品 CET 要比其它同类产品价格

键配件,墨粉需要它定影在辊上,形成为图像文字,但缺点是 预热时间长,耗能高。CET 根据市场需求研发 生产出适应发展趋势的高品质定影膜。不断的 技术更新,研发力量的投入,大大提高了中恒 产品的性价比。 适用于佳能 iR Advance C2020 的粉盒在 市场上除原装产品外,仅有少数兼容产品存在。 中恒近期已推出全新适用于佳能 iR Advance C2020 粉盒,以适应市场需求。为客户提供 OEM 同等品质高性价比新产品。 三、严格管理产生高效益 中恒在成长的过程中,领路人马学文为人 师表,身体立行,他经常对员工讲:做老实人, 做有诚信的人,这样才能把事业做好,不图一 时的利益,求得长远的生存发展,在做事情中 做人是第一位。在工作中,他从不允许员工使 用大概、也许、可能、差不多等模棱两可的话语, 他认为这样的态度是对客户极不负责任的。如 果自己都不确定,那又如何做好本职工作呢? 在马总的严格管理下,员工们养成了认真,一 丝不苟的工作态度以及高效的工作方式。 2013 年耗材形势不容乐观,在行业整体 下滑的形势下,作为一直发展不错的中恒,仍 感到前进中的压力。但中恒依然有自己的奋斗 目标,不断开拓新品,在渠道上做功夫,利用 媒体扩大推广宣传力度,争取在 2013 年创造 更辉煌的业绩。



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Guangzhou Zhono Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Is Growing Fast

快速成长的广州众诺电子科技有限公司 广州众诺电子科技有限公司前身经营部成立于 2003 年,

扩大营销网络 建立合作关系

服务于终端客户,从事耗材销售及设备维护。2005 年众诺品牌

2009 年公司成立外贸部,在各省市都建立了营销网络,开



2007 年注册广州众诺电子科技有限公司,从事研发及生产





国内外 ; 东欧 ; 西欧 ; 非洲 ; 大洋洲 ; 南美 ; 北美 ; 香港 ; 澳门 ; 台湾。

司员工 150 余人。 高品质的耗材,众诺的使命 众诺在广州市成立了下属工厂,独立研究开发制造各种新 型激光数码产品, 以市场为导向,开发各品牌成像卡盒芯片,以其质量稳定, 色彩还原性强等特点,深受用户的好评 , 品牌形象深入人心。 良好的生产环境,先进的生产设备和生产工艺,完善的检 测手段和质量管理体系是众诺深植市场沃土 走近顾客,信誉创造市场 2008 年公司根据市场的需求,成立了众诺广州配送服务中 心,使公司产品快捷服务本地区客户。

与国内外近 500 家企业厂商建立了长期业务合作关系。 2013 年的远景目标 忠诚、正直、专业、执着,是众诺人的真实写的照。众诺 在自己的岗位上牢记着客户第一,诚信为本。在竞争异常激烈 的市场环境里,众诺造着一个又一个关于打印耗材的佳话。 在目前科技高度发达,信息高速传播的今天,唯有确立品 牌的发展战略,才能打造企业的核心竞争力。通过提升品牌的 核心竞争力,才能使企业在国内外的竞争中立于不败之地。众 诺以优质的产品,合理的价格,完善的技术,可靠的信誉竭诚 为全球客户服务,共同为我国打印机耗材事业发展做出贡献。 让人人都用得起优质的耗材,是众诺人始终不变的追求!




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期


Static Control Releases Replacement Color Imaging System for use in Lenovo® C8300N Toner Cartridges

SCC 史丹迪发布彩色可更换影像再生系统 适用于 Lenovo® C8300N 硒鼓 美国北卡罗莱纳州桑福德市—(2013 年 7 月 22 日)—SCC 史丹迪日前发布了一套适用于 Lenovo® C8300N 系列打 印机硒鼓的彩色可更换影像再生系统。该系列打印机与 Lexmark® C540 系列打印机相当。 该套影像系统包含芯片和碳粉。再生厂商仅需一片功能完好的芯片和高品质的碳粉,即可成功再生这款硒鼓。这些易 于再生的硒鼓可为再生厂商创造巨大的利润空间。 SCC 史丹迪同时还发布了轻松再生全过程的视频,可登录 观看。SCC 史丹迪所有相关 产品及代码请见下表。

The First and Only Complete Color Replacement System Now Available from Static Control

SCC 史丹迪新品发布 市面首个且唯一的完整彩色替换系统 适用于 Brother® HL-3040 系列打印机硒鼓 美国北卡罗莱纳州桑福德市—(2013 年 7 月 25 日)—再生厂商现可使用 SCC 史丹迪的完整彩色替换系统,拓展 Brother®HL-3040 相关产品。该系统由最近发布的奥德赛感光鼓及感光鼓组件运输保护盖而得以最终完善。 该系统是目前零部件市场上首个且唯一的完整彩色替换系统。Brother® HL-3040 系列打印机在全球不同市场有 10 种 不同的打印机和多功能打印机型号,再生该系列打印机的感光鼓单元及硒鼓所需要的一切零部件,均包含在该系统中。 该完整彩色替换系统包括感光鼓、碳粉、复位齿轮、出粉刀挡粉片、碳粉盖、运输保护罩及最新发布的感光鼓组件运 输保护盖,以组件一起工作呈现最佳性能为出发点而设计和制造。SCC 史丹迪所有相关产品及代码请见下表。

如需了解详细信息或了解 SCC 的其他产品,请联系 SCC 史丹迪销 售代表。 亚洲总部: +852-2427-6011 珠海销售中心: +86(0)756 3320300 400 883 8233



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Print-Rite first launches Brother One Generation Series Compatible Inkjet Chip of Adjustable Capacity

天威技术首推可调控容量的 Brother 第一代喷墨 全系列芯片 2013 年 05 月,天威技术开发有限公司正式推出与原装 功能相同的 Brother 第一代喷墨兼容芯片,此系列产品覆盖全 球七大区域,涉及墨盒型号 40 多款。 2013 年 06 月,又应客户需求,续而推出全系列可任意 调控容量的 Brother 第一代喷墨兼容芯片,此系列芯片具有一 次性使用的特点,能解除兼容厂商现有墨盒容量受限的困扰, 可满足不同客户对墨盒容量的需求。 天威技术公司已掌握该系列芯片的算法规律,芯片品质 及性能可媲美 OEM,欢迎来电咨询和订货!



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

POINTROLE Releases Kemei Toner BizHub 750/751

宝特龙新推出柯美 BizHub 750/751 碳粉

ASC Releases Toners for Samsung D101S Cartridges

艾斯克推出多款新产品 三季度主推产品:三星 D101S 硒鼓专用粉 为适应市场需求,沧州艾斯克粉业制造有限公司技术开发部研发出三星 D101S 硒鼓专用碳粉,此款碳粉在适用 MLT-1043S、 MLT-1053 硒鼓的同时兼 容三星 1710 碳粉所适用所有机型。 此产品经过多次测试调试,其各项指标均能满足客户需求,黑度在 1.4 以上, 在证打印效果的同时能够确保页产量,打印定影牢固,文字不易擦落。打印清晰 度高,并具有良好的兼容性。 附:适用型号表:

近日,宝特龙新推出一款适用于柯 美 BizHub750/751 系列黑白数码复合机 的碳粉。 柯美 BizHub750/751 系列复合机是 针对政府部门、银行、设计院及企业打 印中心办公需求的高速度 A3 幅面的黑 白数码网络复合机,打印 / 复印速度为 75PPM。 宝特龙推出的该款碳粉的各项指标

两款明星产品:兄弟 2040 和施乐 105b 2013 年沧州艾斯克粉业制造公司投入大量的人力,财力,物力在新品研发工 作上,于第二季度成功投产的兄弟 2040 和施乐 105b 两款碳粉在经历了为期一年 的多次测试调整后,在市场上一举获得良好口碑,其优良的性价比成为各商家热

均接近 OEM 标准,并有完美的兼容性能。


其粒度更细腻均匀,粒径为 8-10μm,


转印率达 92% 以上,每 1000 页的碳粉

附 : 适用型号表:

消耗量小于 30 克,图像密度在 1.35~1.45 之间,定着性能大于 95%。 该款碳粉在定向客户的试用中获得 了一致好评。 更多详细信息请致电: 027-84452910 / 84452912



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Konica Minolta Signs Supply Agreement with IRS


(7 月 29 日,上海)近几年,随着电子政务的深化发展,政府部门对 文档管理工作的需求也随之提高, 在保有对 " 安全性 " 一贯的高关注度外, " 高效率化 "、" 低碳环保 " 的创新技术应用产品也越来越受到青睐。近日, 在国家税务总局的新一轮办公类设备招标综合评选中,柯尼卡美能达办公 系统(中国)有限公司成功入选 " 国家税务局办公类设备年度协议供货商 " 资格,将会以高效率、低成本、绿色环保的产品技术优势和全方位增值服 务助力税务系统实现高效安全的办公需求。

柯尼卡美能达有着丰富完整的产品线, 其数码复合机和

遵循 " 创意改变世界 " 的经营理念,柯尼卡美能达不断创新



加之所提供的全球统一的办公输出环境最优化服务项目 -OPS





场一直保持着业内领先的销售业绩,其 A3 彩色数码复合机产


品已连续 7 年占据中国市场份额 No.1,bizhub 系列数码复合


机产品更是已连续 3 年蝉联 BLI"A3 多功能复合机年度杰出全系


列产品 " 奖。

尼卡美能达 bizhub 系列数码复合机产品纸张容量大、兼容性强, 而且每分钟内的输出生产力更强,可以极大的满足税务系统日 常工作的需求;再次,柯尼卡美能达深度挖掘办公设备在优化、 流程、成本、安全和环保五个领域的改善潜能,凭借精确分析 为用户办公环境把脉,按需提供最适合的办公输出文档解决方 案,能够为税务系统打造最完美的高效安全环保的办公环境。

柯尼卡美能达激光打印机产品 magicolor 1700W 柯尼卡美能达客户涵盖政府机构、金融保险、制造、物流、 教育等各企事业单位,今年以来已成功签订年度供货协议的有 泰康人寿、平安人寿等, 此次成功入选国税局办公类设备年度 协议供货商,柯尼卡美能达再次完美展现了其专业的全球商务 增值服务商的地位和实力。 来源 柯尼卡美能达新一代 bizhub 系列数码复合机


2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Canon Releases Two Printers Exclusively for Students, PIXMA MG2580 and MG2400

佳能发布超值入门型学生一体机 腾彩 PIXMA MG2580 和 MG2400 2013 年 8 月 1 日,佳能(中国)有






腾 彩 PIXMA MG2580 以 及 腾 彩 PIXMA









加, 尤 其 是 数 字 化 学 习 时 代, 家 庭 用






MG2580 和 MG2400 这两款以超值价格、 信赖品质为主诉点的学生一体机,为广 大家庭用户,尤其是学生一族的学习打 印提供了全新的选择。 品质方面,佳能始终坚持高品质的

MG2580、MG2400 秉 承 了 佳 能 数

照 片 和 文 档 输 出。MG2580 和 MG2400


均采用佳能优秀的 FINE 打印头技术,4





和 MG2400 将冲击现有学生喷墨一体机



文档打印速度均达到约 8.0ipm,彩色文


档打印速度约 4.0ipm,输出迅速,帮助




另一方面,这两款高品质的学生一 高品质学习打印 超值信赖之选


学生一体机 入门型 MG2580


款机型给用户带来不同的外观选择,预 计将于 9 月在不同的渠道进行发售。 来源:

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Interpretation of Canon Q2 Financial Report: Printing Products Lead Performance Growth

佳能 Q2 财报解读:打印产品引导业绩增长 近 日, 佳 能 集 团 发 布 了 2013 年


Q2( 第二季度 ) 财报,得益于具有核心


面 提 升。

2013 年,




率、 净 利 润

及 喷 墨 打 印 机 的 强 劲 增 长,4-6 月 佳

入的半壁江山,2013 年 Q2,佳能复印


49.4% 和 6.9%, 无

能营业额达到 9669 亿日元,同比增长

机销售数量同比下降了 3%,打印机的销

论同比 2012 年 Q2 的 48.9%、5.8%,还

7.5%,净利润达到 665 亿日元,同比增

售量增长了 9%,销售已大幅改观,要知

是 环 比 2013 年 Q1 的 47.3%、5%, 都

长 28.6%。2013 年上半年,佳能全球营

道,2013 年 Q1,复印机同比下降 6%,


业额为 17835 亿日元,同比增长 3.2%;




净利润为 1074 亿日元,同比下滑 5.2%。



佳能 Q2 财报所展现的数字增长,虽




2013 年 Q2,佳能彩色复印机和彩色打



印机的销量,同比增长了 12% 和 17%,

全年营业额同比增长 10.6% 达到 38500



亿 日 元、 净 利 润 增 长 15.8% 达 到 2600


经分别达到 56% 和 47%。


的 Q2 财报中捕捉到不少真实的亮色。



Fuji Xerox Releases New Color Digital Printing System Color C75 Press

富士施乐推出全新彩色数码印刷系统 Color C75 Press (2013 年 7 月 29 日,北京)今天,





式文本信息的 PDF 文件或直接转换成可

宣布推出全新彩色数码印刷系统 Color


编 辑 的 Microsoft Office 格 式 ——Word

C75 Press。新品拥有卓越的输出品质、

Color C75 Press 采用了富士施乐独



值得一提的是,Color C75 Press 还





的 定 位 和 套 准。 用 户 只 需 扫 描 图 表,



SIQA 即可自动优化设备的正背套准。此



外,SIQA 的图像匀度纠正流程还可对色




新品集打印、复印、扫描功能于一身, 可 实 现 业 界 最 高 的 2,400×2,400dpi 彩




有的低熔 EA 环保墨粉,在进一步确保高 品质彩色图像输出的同时更加节能环保。

作为数码印刷领域的领导者,富士 施乐始终坚持为中国用户提供业界领先


的 产 品、 技 术 和 解 决 方 案。 此 次 Color

其扫描速度高达 200ipm,可扫描幅面最

C75 Press 彩色数码印刷系统的问世,再

大为 A3,可令单张大幅面文件的多次扫






出选项及位置,如扫描至 PC、电子邮箱、


文件夹或 USB 闪存介质,所有位置既安




或 Excel 文件。


2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

文印管理服务和移动打印前瞻 /MPS AND MOBILE PRINT Ricoh a 'LEADER' for Third Time in Worldwide Managed Print Services MarketScape Analysis


近日,根据最新发布的《IDC 市场

无二的、更加全面的 MDS 解决方案,可

能性、质量和效率。而诸如 IDC 等有影

格 局:2013 年 全 球 打 印 管 理 和 文 档 服










行经验,改进 MDS(Managed Document


务(MPS) 领 导 者 殊 荣。 在 迄 今 为 止

Services 文档管理服务 ) 市场策略,满足


IDC 所发布的三次报告中,理光凭借其








并在其 2012 年《全球打印管理服务竞

《IDC 市 场 格 局 报 告 》 发 布 于 7



月 22 日, 由 IDC 两 位 分 析 师 Holly

理光 MDS 还可帮助日益增多的企业通过


Muscolino 和 Terry Frazier 负 责 编 写。


《Forrester Wave™:2012 年 第 二 季 度








“当竞争者的 MPS 服务仅着眼于设

“企业打印支持”和“MPS 市场经验”


备 和 打 印 管 理 时, 理 光 的 MDS 服 务 已




给出了最高的分数。最近,Quocirca 公



司《2013 年打印管理服务 (MPS) 市场竞

目 前, 很 多 企 业 提 供 的 MPS 服

Sergio Kato 表示:“理光所采取的‘文


务 主 要 聚 焦 在 设 备 和 打 印 管 理, 而 理


理光 MDS 服务是一种全球性、综合性的

光 的 MPS 服 务 则 作 为“ 理 光 文 档 管



理 服 务(Ricoh Managed Document



Services™ ,简称理光 MDS)整体解决





有 关 理 光 MDS 战 略、 交 付 框 架 或

理光 MDS 采用一个综合全面的五阶段自


服务组合的更多信息,敬请浏览 www.





2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Zebra Technologies Launches 3 Mobile Printers

“移动”成趋势 斑马技术新 推 3 款移动打印机 日前,全球领先的专业打印解决方案供应商斑马技术 公司(纳斯达克股票代码:ZBRA)宣布将推出 3 款新型 移动打印机:QLn420™、 iMZ220™ 以及 iMZ320™,以 进一步拓展其移动打印解决方案,满足消费者对于打印移 动性和集成性日益增长的需求。

QLn420™ 是一款抗跌耐用的移动打印机,可以打印 宽度为 4 英寸的标签,其应用领域包括制造业、物流运输 以及零售业等。斑马全新 iMZ 系列打印机,包括 iMZ220 及 iMZ320, 均 支 持 通 过 蓝 牙 连 接 到 Apple iOS 以 及 Android、Window Phone 和 Blackberry 平台,从而使用 者可以通过各类型移动设备打印票据。 斑马技术亚太地区销售副总裁 Ryan Goh 表示:“现 在很多企业都已把移动化作为优先发展的战略。他们希望 通过提高打印票据、标牌、条码和标签的性能,来改进客 服水准并提高工作效率。QLn420 是一款坚固耐用、易于 使用且打印快速的设备,广受用户青睐。” QLn420 是一款值得信赖且持久耐用的打印机,可以 帮助各行业的用户快速准确地打印标签。该款打印机能够 打印不同尺寸的标签,最长可达 4 英寸,应用领域包括制 造业、交通运输与物流业以及零售业的货运 / 收货标签、 存货管理、交叉配送以及仓库管理标签打印等。 随着移动设备的普及,越来越多的零售企业和酒店开 始关注移动设备,以提高客户服务水平,改进生产力。全 新的 iMZ220 以及 iMZ320 打印机为用户提供了全面的票 据打印解决方案,且与最新的智能手机及平板设备充分兼 容,无论其使用何种操作系统。新款 iMZ 产品的应用领域 包括:缩短在零售商店排队结账时间,在餐桌旁进行移动 支付并提供票据以加快处理速度并提高销售额,在运输途 中打印标签等。 来源:生意社



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

Methodology of CCA Electrical Property Evaluation in Toners

碳粉中 CCA 电性能评价方法论 王雪辉 宋静 姚雪丽 谯晓花(天津市合成材料工业研究所) CCA(荷电控制剂)起电性的评价






键技术,测量电量是评价碳粉中 CCA 性

电序与介电常数 (它反应了介质贮存电



能的关系)有一定关系, 大的带正电,




择适当的 CCA 使碳粉与显影系统匹配。 首先介绍一些相关的原理知识 理论知识

静电现象有时也能加以利用。如静 电复印、静电记录、静电印刷、静电涂敷、 静电分离与混合、静电医疗等。 2)热-电性

(一)吹气静电摩擦 任何两个固体,不论其化学组成是 否相同,只要它们的物理状态不同,其 内部结构中电荷载体能量的分布也就不 同。这样两个固体接触时,在固 - 固表 面就会发生电荷的再分配。在它们重新 分离之后,每一固体将带有比接触或摩 擦前更多的正(或负)电荷。这种现象 称为静电现象。高聚物在生产、加工和 使用过程中会与其他材料、器件发生接 触或摩擦,会有静电发生。由于高聚物 的高绝缘性而使静电难以漏导,吸水性 低的聚丙烯腈纤维加工时的静电可达 15 千伏以上。 电子从材料的表面逸出,需要克服 原子核的吸引作用,它所需的最小能量 可用功函数(即逸出功)来表征。摩擦 时电子从功函数小的一方转移到功函数 大的一方,使两种材料分别带上不同的 静电荷。 一些主要高分子的功函数及起电次 序(tribo-electric series)见表 1。

在热的作用下,高聚物材料具有热 释电性,这是非常重要的电学性质。 驻极体:将电介质置于高压电场中 极化,随即冻结极化电荷,可获得静电 持久极化,这种长寿命的非平衡电矩的 电介质称驻极体。 高聚物驻极体研究从上世纪四十年 代开始,现已投入使用优点聚偏氟乙烯、 PET、PP、PC 等高聚物超薄薄膜驻极体, 广泛用作电容器传声隔膜,计算机储存 器、爆炸起爆器、血液凝固加速作用等 方面。 高聚物驻极体的制备方法是:将高 聚物薄膜夹在两个电极中,加热到聚合 物的主转变温度以上,然后施加电场, 使薄膜极化一段时间。在电场作用下以 一定速度缓慢冷却至室温(或低温), 最后撤去外电场。 热释电流:将上述高聚物驻极体夹 在两电极之间,接上微电流计再程序升 温,在热的作用下,激发了分子链偶极 的运动而发生解取向极化,释放出退极

表 1 高聚物的摩擦起电序

测定方法 1、“Blow-off”吹气法是最经典的 一种方法,常见的是以法拉第电筒、注 入空气的喷嘴作为一个完整的体系,测 量碳粉粒子的 q/m。通常都是将 CCA 加 入碳粉中测量碳粉的带电量。显影剂的 样品被放置在一个末端装有筛子的金属 圆筒中。筛孔的大小选择标准:碳粉颗 粒能自由的通过,载体珠子仍留在筒中。 将已知重量的显影剂放到笼里,笼子与 静电计相连,碳粉被气流吹出,然后测 量吹出后的重量。电荷流经电流计显示 碳粉的电量值,吹出前后样品的质量差 是出碳粉的质量。两者的比率是吹气摩 擦值。详细的图见文献 1。“blow-off” 法以基准粉末直接测量 CCA 自身电量的 方法。这种方法便于研究 CCA 的充电趋 势。然而,从 CCA 自身带电量难以估测 碳粉 -CCA 系统的带电量。笔者认为单 独测量 CCA 自身的电量意义不是很大, CCA 和不同的碳粉体系体现出来的性能 可能会有很大差异,所起的作用也不一 样。 Toshihiko Oguchi 提 出 一 种 新 研 发 的设备,通过瀑布法测定 CCA/ 粘接料 混合层和球形铁氧体磁珠的接触带电量。 瀑布测量法有很高的复现性,并且发现 在涂层表面只有很小的化学位置的变化 (chemical position.)电量随着涂层中 由 CCA 引入的官能团数目的增加而增 大。不同 CCA/ 粘接料涂层上 CCA 电量 的可控性很容易通过这种测量方法评价。 CCA 和粘接料分子间的酸 / 碱相互作用 对碳粉电量的影响也可以被评价。通过 用 P 型和 N 型 CCA 混合物,CCA/ 粘结



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期



图片资料参见文献 3






据 . 例如很多文献报道的电荷光谱仪。电



其 它 研 究 者

了单个碳粉颗粒的电荷分布。在 Xerox

研 发 出 一 些 设 备:


E-SPART 法, 通 过





Stokes 曳力间的平衡导致垂直于空气速




分别是 10 和 30kgf/cm2。将样品片加载






温度在 60℃维持 15 分钟,然后在液氮


详细测量方法见 4、6。

中急速冷却到 -70℃,然后撤去电场。

的尺寸和电荷。Yoichi Yamamoto* 报道

3、 热 释 电 流 法(TSC) 得 到 的 结

在短暂电极中维持 15min,在 6℃ /min

了一种测量碳粉粒子荷质比 q/m 的新方

果是电流 - 温度曲线图。有文献 6、报

的 升 温 速 率 下 加 热 到 80 ℃, 用 静 电 计


道 采 用 TSC 法 检 测 充 电 机 理: 单 独 的

(Keithley617)测量电流。Makoto 采用


CCA 或碳粉只会呈现一个单独的峰,然

TSC 考察了含 1- 萘酚 -4 磺酸三丁基苄

这些力使碳粉粒子运动,q/m 可以通过

而 CCA- 碳粉体系(包括混合在一起或

基胺作为 CCA 的碳粉的电荷保留能力,

下 式 计 算:2gd/(V1-V2),V、d 和 g

者 CCA/ 树脂重叠层)就会出现双峰,说

通过 TSC 图像得出高温峰主要是粘结树


明在 CCA 和树脂界面形成截获摩擦静电

脂引起,低温峰由 CCA 引起,认为碳粉




用激光二级管照明,通过 CCD 摄像观察。

末崖城 1mm 的片。碳粉和 CCA 的压力


结论 各种测试方法各有不同的特点,结合研究的特点选用不同的方法。 参考文献 1 星野坦之,林纯炜 . 电摄影用墨粉技术的最近动向 . 办公设备技术与信息 .2006 (1):25-32 2 Norihiro Hayashi & Jun Shimizu. Charge Stabilization of Toner Using Polyester Resin. Recent Progress in Toner Technology.1997,93-99 3 Toshihiko Oguchi, Toshiba Chemical Corporation,Kawaguchi. Evaluation of Charging Characteristics of CCA by the Cascade Method. Recent Progress in Toner Technology.1997,218-221 4 Paul C.Julien . The Relationship between Blowoff Tribo and Charge Spectrograph Measurements. Recent Progress in Toner Technology.1997,259-262 5 Yoichi Yamamoto*,Keiji Taniguchi**, Hiroaki Yamamoto**And Kiyotaka Matsubara**. A New Technique for Measuring the Charge-to-Mass Ratio q/m of a Toner Particle. Recent Progress in Toner Technology.1997,186-188 6 R.H.Epping & K.H.Schuhbeck. Small Charge-to Diameter Measurement Device for Powder Charge. Recent Progress in Toner Technology.1997,211-213. 7 Shinji Otani, Yuto Matsumoto and Manabu Takeuchi .TSC Measurements on Electrophotographic Toner Layers with Charge Control Agent.International Symposium on Electrets,1999,7803-5025 8 Makoto Ikegami,Kazuo Ikezaki. Effect of heat Treatment on the charging characteristics of a quanterary ammonium charge control additive. Journal of Electrostatics 51-52(2001)117-123


If you hav e any que sti on abo ut the rem anu fac tur ing tec hno log y or if you have other puzzles you need to solve, you may contact Rechar ge Asia Magazine for more help. We als o welcome you to share your experience and remanufactur ing tips.

如果您有任何关于 再生方面的技 术问题 , 您可以联 系我们获得帮 助。我们也将非常 高兴的与您一 起分享您关于打印 耗材再生方面 的经验和心得。 Email: news@rechar



2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

出“色”兼顾 高效 利盟 C746dn 成新宠 Lexmark C746dn Becoming Popular

中国首台自主产权细胞组织 3D 打印机研发成功 China Successfully Releases First 3D Cell Tissue Printer with Independent Property Right

利盟近期推出了利盟 C746dn 系列彩色激光打印机,该

8 月 7 日,负责人徐铭恩在展示用打印机打印出来的活



明特征。据悉,利盟 C746dn 系列彩色激光打印机是专门针

研发出一台生物材料 3D 打印机,该 3D 打印机使 用生物医





盟 C746dn 系列彩色激光打印机的上市全面升级了利盟的中 型工作组打印机产品线,更进一步提高了利盟在这一重要市 场领域的竞争力。 来源:

全球首款以金属为“墨水”3D 打印机问世 First 3D Printer with Metal “Ink” Comes Introduced 当前,3D 打印热潮开始逐渐降温,对于 3D 打印利弊的 各种争端也甚嚣尘上,那么对于 3D 打印的环保及其对人类的 危害是否真如网传的那样严重,先暂且不说,因为最近 3D 打 印相关消息层出不穷,这不,3D 打印家族又有了新成员。

佳能 2013 年上半年营业额 增长 3.2%

如今,由于各类 3D 打印机不断在推出陈新,而一般情 况下都采用的是 ABS 塑料为耗材,而来自南非的比勒陀利亚

Canon Turnover Increases by 3.2% in First Half of 2013

设计团队,为我们带来了首款使用金属为“墨水”的 3D 打印 机——“I AM 3D”。据了解,这款 3D 打印机是一款桌面型

2013 年 7 月 24 日,佳能集团发布了 2013 年第二季度

打印机,外形尺寸为 600×400×480 毫米,用打印头把金属“墨


水”定向的堆积支护,再通过 galvometer 扫描器引导激光将


其进行烧结最后实现固化,整个打印过程只需要 2-3% 的额

额,4-6 月佳能集团营业额同比增长 7.5% 达到 97.66 亿美元。


因此上半年佳能集团总销售额达到 180.15 亿美元,同比增长



据了解,在这个来自南非的产品开发团队中, “能人辈出”,

2013 年 上 半 年, 佳 能 集 团 办 公 产 品 领 域 销 售 额 增


长 10.4%, 达 到 99.42 亿 美 元。 其 中,imageRUNNER


ADVANCE C5200/C2200 系列充实的产品线的带动了彩色




统以及宽幅面打印机方面,奥西生产的 Océ Color Stream


3000 系列的销售量稳步增长。激光打印机的整体市场规模虽

目 前, 这 款 使 用 金 属 为“ 墨 水” 的 3D 打 印 机 ——“I


AM 3D”,正在 indiegogo 上展示,并且正在筹资以完成样机。 量不断上升。 我们也期待这款以金属为材料的 3D 打印机,在未来 3D 打印


技术难题的攻克上,会带来更多灵感,早日实现技术突破! 来源:DPES


2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

惠普保护措施严密 确保打印安全 HP Implements Strict Protection Measures to Ensure Printing Security 近日,惠普举办了以 " 智冠文印,赢响


2014 年数码印刷市场占有率 将提高至 27.4% Share of Digital Printing Markets To Increase To 27.4% in 2014 据美国印刷市场与资讯研究机构 PRIMIR 发布的数据显示,至 2014 年,全球

金融 " 为主题的金融行业媒体沙龙。中国惠

印刷业总产值将达 7250 亿美元,比之前预期、在 2011 年突破 7,200 亿美元的大关,


整整延迟 3 年。十几年来,数码印刷技术及其相关产业,乘着科技创新之风,在




灵活性的需求。至 2014 年,全球数码印刷方式的市场占有率将提高一倍,占总市


场的 27.4%。2008 年全球喷墨印刷机市场总额仅为 19 亿美元,预计 2014 年将跃


升至近 48 亿美元,以 160% 的速度快速增长,几乎与单张纸印刷机市场看齐。


对于数码印刷的发展趋势,美国著名的印刷专家 FrankJ.Romano 认为,数码

甚至可以用 " 苛刻 " 二字来形容,任何一点

印刷将作为胶印、网印和柔印的补充,并且与之竞争 ; 网络化的激光打印机将会挑


战复印机,复印机挑战数码印刷,数码印刷挑战胶印,而喷墨将会挑战全部 ; 数码




进一步解决 ; 胶印正在改进,提供更加经济和竞争力的产品,但是它的市场将会继

据杨子江介绍,惠普 Flow MFP 数码多 功能一体机在身份管理、数据传输和使用控 制等多个环节都配备了细致严密的安全保护 措施,也提供了一系列的安全打印解决方案,

续被数码印刷蚕食 ; 数码印刷将会影响到印刷行业的方方面面,将会在艺术品、包 装、标签印刷、纺织品、书、广告等印刷品上得到广泛应用。 在我国,目前,在数码印刷的应用域中,除了图文快印之外,按需出版印刷、 影像印刷、个性化直邮印刷、大企业进驻服务等,成为四大发展的新热点与新机会。








就有了不少的节约。一部分传统印刷业务正向数码印刷转移。网络个性印刷经过 来源: 政府采购信息报

几年的发展,已经比较成熟,也推动了数码印刷的发展。 来源:DPES




2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期





2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期





2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期

2013 年 09 月 总第 113 期



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