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6. REC 100 Retreat

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10. General Council 2020

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By: Fr. Jason Grote

REC Canon Missioners

National Church

Canon Jason Grote

Diocese of Mid-America

Canon Rusty Ellisor

Diocese of the Central States

Canon Ian MacGregor

Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Canon Jack Clark

Diocese of the Southeast

Bishop William White

For More Information and Resources About REC 100 Please visit us at www.REC100.org 2

The Adventure Begins On June 23, Fr. Tony Melton and his family embarked on their new ministry of planting a Reformed Episcopal Church in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. After saying their good-byes to their home parish, The Chapel of the Cross, and to the Saint Timothy School in Dallas, TX, the Meltons packed up the moving truck and made the 800-mile journey to their new home five states away. When they arrived, they were welcomed by new friends eager to lend their helping hands. The Kellams along with Josh Grote, Jr. (already known affectionally to Fr. Tony’s children as “Uncle Josh”) carried boxes, setup beds, and helped settle the Meltons into their new home. Both the Kellam and Grote families are a part of the initial core/support group of Fr. Tony and Christ the King.

ta here we are ! Fr. Tony Melton and his family embark on their ministry of planting Christ the King in the suburbs of Atlanta

Building Relationships Normally we would say that Fr. Tony hit the ground running. In this particular case, it would be better to say Fr. Tony started off with a bang - literally! Only days after arriving, Fr. Tony used the nation’s 4th of July celebration as an opportunity for greeting and meeting his new neighbors. He purchased some fireworks, a few beverages, and desserts and invited all his neighbors to join them for their own private display. Instantly, Fr. Tony had 15 new contacts gathered around his new cul-desac within a week of arriving. The Lord has since opened other doors of opportunity to establish and build new relationships. Being only few miles down the road from Kennesaw State University, Fr. Tony has eagerly pursued the start of an official campus ministry. Mykaela Grote has volunteered to be the president of the Anglican Student Fellowship and twelve students have already committed to the campus ministry. A kick-off event is being planned as we speak. The campus ministry also opened a door to the possibility of a Theology on Tap ministry in the nearby town square . Theology on Tap is much like a Coffee-House type of ministry albeit in a different setting. It provides an opportunity for individuals to gather and discuss Scripture, Theology, and books whilst enjoying a beverage with each other. The faculty sponsor for the campus ministry introduced Fr. Tony to the owner of one of the up-and-coming local craft breweries on the main square of downtown Marietta. A second Theology on Tap location is also being researched for the Kennesaw area. These types of discussion, learning, and fellowship times will provide a great deal of interaction with the public for Fr. Tony. In addition to these, Fr. Tony has embraced Bishop Sutton’s ‘doctrine of wandering around’. He offers the following “Ways we’ve met people”. These are not only great ideas for new planters but also for current rectors and church members. Some of these are great and effective ways to overlap family involvement or enjoying a hobby while also creating exposure to the ministry of the Church. Continued on next page...


Christ the King Atlanta

Welcoming Crew!Pictured (L TO R):

Josh Grote, Jr. Fr. Tony, Lucy Kellam, Josh Kellam, Sam Kellam, Steffi Kellam.

Office-ing at coffeeshops or KSU campus. I wear my black cassock and it works. It is a constant conversation starter, and I’ve gathered a few contacts that way. Local Events: We’ve linked our Google Calendar to all the local municipal calendars, and go to local events like farmer’s markets, family hike days, fairs, etc. Coffee with Contacts: Asking people for contacts in the area and then meeting people for coffee has been huge. The majority of my contacts have been made through this. I always follow up with a request for more contacts. This is great for networking. Baseball Coach: I registered both my boys for the local baseball league and I’m coaching two teams for the Kennesaw baseball league. I’ll aim to create a tight knit group around the teams. KSU choir: I’ve joined the local civic choir at the university. Hopefully, I’ll meet some members of the community through that. 40 Days for Life: I’ll participate heavily in the 40 Days for Life, primarily to offer my prayers for the unborn, but also to form a relationship with other believers in the area. I’m also working with the director of PARM to be trained for sidewalk counseling. A local chapter with Anglicans For Life is also being established.

Lifelong Reformed Episcopalians and nearby supporters Fr. Josh & Suzanne Grote

Go to pool: We’ve gathered several contacts by going to the pool in the evening, simply letting people know that “We’re new here and are trying to make friends for us and our kids”. Door-to-door: Taking the kids with me and introducing myself to neighbors has been very effective. People are hungry for neighborhood friendships! “ESL friendship ministry” with our Muslim neighbors: Vandi has made an agreement that if our Muslim neighbor teaches her how to cook Iraqi food, then she will teach her English! This will present an opportunity to present the Gospel message. Tracking Opportunities for Connections through NextDoor: We look for people who have posted that they need help with something (example: moving a washing machine), accepting their invite for a game night, etc. We have found this to be a way for us to connect. Overall, during the first month (while still getting his family settled in), Fr. Tony has been able to engage at least 75 people in direct conversation about Christ & the Gospel, and about this new Reformed Episcopal parish.

Police chaplaincy: I’ve requested to be involved in police chaplaincy in Acworth, Kennesaw, and Marietta.


Tennis Night: I put out a notice for a tennis partner on the community bulletin board and scheduled a “Tennis Night” for the neighborhood on NextDoor.com website.

Saying Good-bye

Fr. John Boonzaaijer (Rector: The Chapel of the Cross Dallas) and Fr. Tony.

Continued The Plan

Connecting and Communicating are essential to the future of any church plant or parish that seeks to emphasize mission. If you do not have exposure to the public and you do not have relationship opportunities whereby you can begin to discuss Christ and the Church, your effectiveness will be limited. That end, the initial months for Fr. Tony are primarily focused on exposure, relationship building, and sharing. In the church planting world, this is known as the gathering phase. Lord willing, as Fr. Tony continues through this gathering phase, he will offer various community worship services and discipleship classes. During the late Fall months of this year, Fr. Tony will host a one or two night wine and cheese evening where he can invite potential members to discuss the formal plans and vision for Christ the King. It is the goal that, in the Spring of 2020, Christ the King will officially begin regular weekly services with a committed congregation of at least 50 members. Currently, Fr. Tony is attending St. Barnabas (Anglican Province of America) parish with Fr. Josh’s family and the Kellam family until Christ the King begins regularly weekly worship. Bishop Chad Jones, of St. Barnabas, is eager to both encourage and see the REC plant this new parish. Christ the King and St. Barnabas will be about 30-40 miles apart and they hope to have a wonderful ministry relationship together moving forward. We are very grateful for the fellowship we have with the APA and for all of Bishop Chad’s support during this time.


It was announced, just prior to their move, that Vandi Melton is pregnant with their fourth child. Fr. Tony jokes that Christ the King has already increased by one member and that the first baptism is already being scheduled. We express our congratulations to Fr. Tony & Vandi, and to all of baby Melton’s siblings. May the Lord bless you as your family increases and as you continue the work of growing the Kingdom of God.

Stay Connected

A website for Christ the King has been created. Take a moment to visit www.ChristTheKingATL.com to learn more. You can also sign up for the CTK Newsletter to receive regular updates from Fr. Tony.


REC 100 Retreat On May 1st, approximately 25 people gathered at the first REC100 church planters retreat. The retreat was held at the Headquarters of the Diocese of the Southeast in Summerville, SC. All of the REC Bishops, Canon Missioners, and REC100 members were present. Present also were REC church planters and other potential planters and REC ministers. We opened our time together with worship and the Eucharist in the headquarters chapel. Canon Rusty Ellisor, of the Diocese of Mid-America and Rector of Church of the Resurrection in Crosby, TX, preached the homily. We then gathered for a day filled with teaching & discussion. Canon Dan Alger, Canon for Church Planting in the Anglican Church in North America, was our featured speaker whose teachings centered on the development and strengthening of core groups within the context of church planting. Mrs. Connie O’Hara offered a presentation on the importance of and ways to use media. Canon Jack Clark, of the Diocese of the Northeast, taught our missioners how to obtain and interpret demographic reports from the Percept Group. Finally, Bishop Sutton offered a presentation on ‘the presence of the priest’ and, what he calls, the ‘doctrine of wandering around’. We pray that this is the first of what will become an annual time of refreshment, fellowship, and learning for our Church planters and Canon Missioners.

Note: Videos of Canon Dan’s and Bishop Sutton’s presentations will be made available on the REC100 website and YouTube channel.


Casting nets

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Tinley Park works to establish three new Front Porch Ministries Our Parish is in the process of starting a “St. Andrew’s Moon Party Astronomy Night” designed for those in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago interested in astronomy. The evening features food and fellowship on the church grounds and peering through telescopes into the night sky.

These ministries aim to help members of our parish build real and lasting relationships with those outside the parish so that we might “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you” (I Peter 3.15).

We are also setting up a community allotment garden called “St. Andrew’s Greens.” We have thousands of condo and apartment dwellers around us who could benefit from having a garden on our beautiful three acre campus.

In late August, many women of our parish donated and filled 50 back packs with school supplies to benefit school children from families with limited finances. This is done in the spirit of the Good Samaritan.

We are also preparing for “St. Andrew’s Fitness.” This will be a Saturday morning event at the church featuring the wife of Fr. Phil Tjoelker who is a certified Fitness and Personal Training instructor.

St. Andrew’s Anglican is grateful to the Lord for enabling us to labor for his kingdom by his grace and new life he has placed in us.

Learn more about the community around your parish! What Front Porch Ministries might work within your ‘God’s Mile’? What do your neighbors believe and think about? REC100 can help your parish obtain a Percept Demographics report for your parish neighborhood. Speak to your local Diocesan Canon Missioner for more information. 7

New Beginnings Grand Junction, CO

We are excited to announce the official start of Grand Junction Anglican Fellowship! St. Stephen’s (Montrose, CO) is stepping out in faith and service to help plant a new Reformed Episcopal Parish in Grand Junction, CO. Philip and Diane Prier, members of the parish that reside in this home of the Book Cliffs, have officially started Wednesday Evening Prayer and Bible study with Fr. Jerry Kistler at the Four Winds Coffee Shop. They are currently in the gathering phase and establishing additional contacts. We pray that the Lord will bless their labors and that this fellowship will grow into a parish. To learn more about the fellowship in Grand Junction, please visit their Facebook page (search “Grand Junction Anglican Fellowship” on Facebook). You can also learn more about Fr. Kistler and St. Stephen’s by visiting the parish website


Klamath Falls, Oregon

Father Alan Mezger has recently taken a call to work in church planting in Southern Oregon. He and his wife Dianne moved in the spring from Dallas (Chapel of the Cross) to Klamath Falls, Oregon when they will base their ministry for the coming years. Initially living in their RV, they then moved into a fully furnished rental while looking for an ideal spot to live. They found the spot about 10 miles west of Klamath Falls. They have been making many contacts around the county, the largest in Oregon. Several meetings/studies have been started or planned, including morning prayer times, book studies, Bible Studies and evangelism / information sessions. Keep praying for the developments. More details will come later.

Rev. Alan Mezger 214-577-5897 mobile Email armezger@gmail.com

Almighty Lord, Triune God of the harvest, we thank you for the Great Commission of your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

By His command to spread the Good News, we are led at this time to a particular vision of planting 100 new missions and parishes in the Reformed Episcopal Church. We ask for your favor, grace, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Gospel call that many might come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We humbly petition you for the workers of the harvest as well as the funding required to support them. Mindful that without your help we can do nothing, we pray for your hand of blessing to be upon us for your glory; in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


First visits San Matias (Katy, TX) On June 30th, Bishop Sutton visited Katy, TX and had the first confirmation in the Latino congregation of St. Matias. Fr. Sigfrido Morales’ very own son, Emanuel, was presented for confirmation. Following the service, the congregation held a cookout and enjoyed meeting Bishop Sutton (many for the first time). Even with some language barriers, the unity we have in Christ is still evident! REC100 has committed support to St. Matthias to help support Fr. Sigfrido as he seeks to grow St. Matias.

St. Benedict’s (Rockwall, TX) St Benedict’s celebrated its first Episcopal Visit as a canonically approved Mission Parish in the Diocese of Mid-America. Bishop Sutton joined the growing congregation in June for worship and celebration of this great occasion. These confirmations and receptions mark the first in a parish that has been planted with the support of REC100! Mrs. Alma Howard and Ms. Bianca Rivera were confirmed and Bishop Sutton received twelve people into the membership of St. Benedict’s Anglican Church on that glorious day. God be praised! REC100 has committed three years of support to St. Benedict’s. You can learn more about St. Benedict’s by visiting



Mrs. Alma Howard and Ms. Bianca Rivera Robert & Della Vickers & Kimberly Hiles


Ms. Becky Elliston, Ms. Kimberly Hiles, Dave & Gin Shepson (children: Noah Shepson, Joel Shepson, Abigail Shepson, Jeffrey Shepson), Jason & Lisa VanBorssum (child: Kate VanBorssum), Tim Kucera, Robert & Della Vickers, Addison Vinson.


General Council 2020

Come Meet Our Planters June 10 - 12, 2020 • Embassy Suites & Conference Center • Charleston, SC

General Council 2020

Sigfrido Morales

Alan Mezger

Additional details and information will be available on our denominational website www.rechurch.org in October.

Andrew Voelkel

Michael Vinson

Jerry Kistler

Philip & Diane Prier

Tony Melton

Ricky McCarl

Lenten Offering

Approaching $200k In the first two annual Lenten Offerings, nearly $200,000 has been devoted to the support and work of Church planting in the REC! We cannot thank everyone enough for their participation and we encourage everyone to commit to this annual offering.

To date in 2018 & 2019 – each Diocese has received the following offerings from parishes and individuals.

Northeast: $16,197.22 • Southeast: $16,266.00 Central States: $37,617.01 • Mid-America: $122,123.06

The Mid-America donations have helped support St. Benedict’s Rockwall with a three-year grant, St. Matias (the Latino Mission in Katy, TX) with a year-to-year grant, and initial plans to help support the advertising work of Grand Junction, CO. A portion of the Diocese of the Southeast offerings are being used for the planning and support of Christ the King Atlanta. Additionally, a tithe (10%) of these offerings help support the administrative work of REC100 and a portion of the Diocesan Funds help provide the REC100 Retreat ministry to our Canon Missioners and church planters.

Open Hearts! At the outset of REC100, a gracious $50,000 donation was made which helped promote all of our initial efforts and needs. The Lord has now opened the heart of others beyond the Lenten Offerings to help grow His kingdom. A special $50,000 donation was donated towards Christ the King Atlanta with a commitment for $50,000 more!! This has enabled REC100 to support Fr. Tony and the great ministry he is undertaking. Praise God for opening the hearts of these wonderful donors. If you would like to make additional financial donations beyond the Lenten Offering or for a specific church plant, you can contact the REC100 treasurer for more information.

Bud Longueville: treasurer@rechurch.org


Reformed Episcopal Values Traditional Anglicanism

• Ancient & Historic Model of the Church as expressed through the Formularies of the English Reformation regarding Faith & Order • Doctrinal Standards of the Reformed Episcopal Church: - The Holy Scripture as God’s inerrant, infallible & unchangeable Word - Book of Common Prayer (REC2003) - 39 Articles of Religion - Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral - Declaration of Principles - Jerusalem Declaration

A Biblical world & life view

• Testing all things by Scripture • Biblical & Traditional views on: - Marriage & Family - Gender & Sexuality - Sanctity of Human Life - Morality based on the 10 Commandments and teachings of Jesus

Reverent & liturgical worship with comprehensive churchmanship • Historic Book of Common Prayer in Elizabethan or Contemporary Language as approved by the Reformed Episcopal Church • Sacramental Worship with Biblical Preaching • Customs reflective of varying cultures (African American, Anglo, Latin, etc) • Comprehensive Churchmanship (low, high, etc) • Music expressing the beauty and character of God, and the hymnody of the historic church – most especially as contained in the 1940 Hymnal and REC Book of Common Praise 2017

Being an always missional community • • • •

Seeking to provide ways for unbelievers to ‘belong’ before they ‘believe’ Willing to care for the least, the last, the lost, and the lonely Committed to the support of both domestic and foreign mission Raising up and equipping Missionaries and Church planters

Discipleship & personal commitments of all members • • • • •

Ministry that equips laity to be active in all aspects of the work of the Church Ministry that develops future leadership both lay & clergy Establishing Christian schools and Christian education at all levels Providing Biblical and faithful seminaries Encourages the Tithe (10%) as the normative model of giving

www.REC100.org rec100@rechurch.org 17405 Muirfield Dr. Dallas, TX 75287 800-732-3433

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The Front Porch - Fall 2019  

Atlanta Here we are!

The Front Porch - Fall 2019  

Atlanta Here we are!

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