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March 2011

Accelerated Learning Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB01 By adopting accelerated learning principles you can teach in a way that maximises your students' chances of reaching their potential. This pocketbook offers practical strategies and techniques that get results. After outlining the background to accelerated learning, Brin Best explains how to prepare your students for learning and how to create the right learning environment. A chapter on teaching strategies covers questioning techniques and styles of teaching and learning, with suggested activities helpfully linked to each of the multiple intelligences first identified by Howard Gardner. Later, a detailed self-evaluation framework, which you can use to review and develop practice, allows you to assess the extent to which you have already adopted accelerated learning principles. To quote one head of science, "some books have a good idea every few pages; this one has a few good ideas on every page." Item Code Author Format

N-TPB01 Brin Best Soft Cover

Anger & Conflict Management Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB02 Explosive, uncontrolled anger is both frightening and damaging. Whether it's verbal abuse, physical intimidation, violence, aggression, or a combination of these, trying to manage very angry pupils is tough. It’s energy-sapping and can leave us feeling frustrated, powerless and, sometimes, inept and weak. This Pocketbook is highly practical in demonstrating how to cope when tempers fly in the classroom, the corridor, the playground or, indeed, the staffroom. Find out about the anger cycle; how to recognise early warning signs and intervene to prevent an eruption; how to handle angry explosions/conflict situations; how to repair relationships following an outburst; how to teach children to manage difficult emotions and how to maintain your sanity. Paul Blum pulls no punches, taking us into fighting, steaming and ‘happy slap’ territory. However, you’re in the hands of an expert who really does give you a survival toolkit. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

N-TPB02 Paul Blum Soft Cover 125

Asperger Syndrome Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB26 For some youngsters the world is a strange and unfathomable place where people don't say what they mean or mean what they say; where the rules change depending on who you are with; and where you are never allowed just to be yourself. Welcome to Planet Asperger, located in a parallel universe where everything seems the same as earth, but nothing actually is. Author and international trainer Ronnie Young explains what Asperger's syndrome is and offers a range of helpful strategies for overcoming the challenges it poses in the classroom. The book covers social impairment, obsessive interests; repetition and change; verbal and non-verbal communication; anger; sensory problems; study skills and exams; and considers whole school implications. Once you understand how the Asperger mind works, it's not so difficult to adapt to accommodate it. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

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N-TPB26 Ronnie Young Soft Cover 128

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March 2011

105 x 148 mm

Behaviour Management Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB04 It's every new teacher's first concern and it's the issue about which even the most experienced teachers are never complacent - how to control their classes. What makes some teachers so much more effective than others? How do they manage their classes? Indeed, how do they manage themselves? From getting the basics right, through the four Rs - rights, responsibilities, rules and routines - and on to core principles and key strategies, Peter Hook and Andy Vass, two of the country's leading experts in behaviour management, unravel the complexities of teacher-students relationships. They offer a wide repertoire of techniques with practical illustrative examples. Instead of asking, "Yes, but how?" you'll find yourself nodding wisely, "So that's how." Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

N-TPB04 Peter Hook & Andy Vass Soft Cover 124

Challenging Behaviours Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB05 All children are challenging to some extent, but some are more challenging than others. Students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) can be tough to support and teach. This pocketbook helps you to do just that. It focuses on three particular behaviour disorders: ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), CD (Conduct Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Fintan O'Regan, an internationally renowned expert on ADHD, explains why some children are prone to developing a can't learn, won't learn or don't care attitude. He devotes individual chapters to each behaviour pattern and uses Vicki, Liam and Darren to illustrate typical characteristics. Practical classroom strategies include lesson scenarios, with example dialogues showing how different teacher responses can lead to different outcomes. Whether you're looking for explanations, tips, ideas, or strategies (or maybe just reassurance and support) this book fits the bill. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

N-TPB05 Fintan O'Regan Soft Cover 125

Coaching & Reflecting Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB06 Any tool which helps people to become 'even better' and 'more consciously competent' in their roles is to be welcomed. So it's not surprising that coaching is now firmly established in schools. And because coaching centres around asking challenging and thought-provoking questions, coaching and reflecting are inextricably linked. Find out how tools such as the 'miracle question' and 'scaling' enable high quality, thoughtful dialogues and how learning to build rapport, to question, listen and give feedback can develop both coach and coachee. Hook, McPhail and Vass also talk you through goal-setting and explain how to develop solution-focused coaching in your own school. There are plenty of real teachers' experiences to inspire you. All this and a ground-breaking chapter on Reflective Practitioner Groups - groups of colleagues using structured formats or 'protocols' to facilitate discussion about teaching and learning. Exciting and innovative! Item Code

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March 2011

Peter Hook, Ian McPhail, Andy Vass Soft Cover 125

CPD Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB07 Gone are the days when professional development for teachers didn't extend much beyond attending the occasional course. Meeting the challenges of the profession in the 21st century requires teachers to focus ever more sharply on continually expanding their understanding and honing their skills. Susan Elkin's pocketbook is full of ideas, advice and inspiration. It's a thorough guide to the wealth of learning opportunities available - from lesson observation, school-based research, distance learning and links with other schools to international opportunities, sabbaticals (yes they do still exist!), exhibitions, courses and INSET days. Teachers' real experiences are related in mini case studies, and practical examples offered. Once you're inspired you'll find websites, contacts and follow-up reading suggestions to help you on your CPD journey. And with further sections on maintaining a CPD portfolio and the role of the CPD coordinator, you get a lot for your money. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB07 Susan Elkin Soft Cover 112 105 x 148 mm

Creative Teaching Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB08 All teachers look to deliver inspiring, innovative and imaginative lessons. What better way to engage students and help them learn more effectively? Roy Watson-Davis draws on a deep well of creativity and on his experience as an AST and mentor to share numerous suggestions for original, inventive approaches to lessons. Use his ideas as starting points for your own brain waves, or import and adapt them for your own classroom. As well as creative starters, 'kernels' and closers, sections of the book are devoted to questioning technique, active learning, technology, revision and teamwork. Roy aims to stimulate and support creative practice by challenging you to move out of your comfort zones: try pegging maths equations across your room washing-line-style, or adopting 'the fruit bowl approach', or how about delivering a lesson in costume? Take the plunge, recharge your batteries and watch your students' enthusiasm increase. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

N-TPB08 Roy Watson-Davis Soft Cover 128

Drama for Learning Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB09 Drama-based activities encourage high levels of cognitive activity; they're fun, they get everyone involved, and they foster creativity across the curriculum. Maybe you recognise drama as a powerful tool for learning but don't see how it applies to your subject/classroom? Possibly you've experimented with drama and would like to build on this, or perhaps you're waiting in the wings unsure how to make your debut? Enter the Drama for Learning Pocketbook with its wardrobe of techniques: drama games; exploring narrative, character and dilemmas; 'stylisation'; analogies; props and 'teacher in role'. Each chapter describes several different drama

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Teacher’s Resources

March 2011

activities with a worked example of each followed by ideas banks suggesting applications right across the curriculum. Whether you're a primary or secondary specialist why not give Drama for Learning an audition? It could become the star of your show! Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB09 Brian Radcliffe Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Dyslexia Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB10 Julie Bennett sees dyslexia as a learning difference rather than a learning disability. If you... Would like a better grasp of what dyslexia is... Are seeking a helpful guide to the multiplicity of approaches to dyslexia... Need tools and techniques for teaching dyslexic learners... Wonder how multi-sensory learning can help dyslexics... Aren't sure how best to present material for students with dyslexia... Could do with some strategies for raising the self-esteem of your dyslexic pupils... Want to track down resources and organisations to support what you're already doing... it's all here in one handy guide. Look no further! Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB10 Julie Bennett Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Effective Classroom Communication Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB11 Research consistently shows that teacher effectiveness is about engagement, interaction, questioning, positive atmosphere, high expectations and suitable challenge. At the heart of all these areas is the ability to communicate effectively. How you do that minute by minute and second by second is fundamental to what children learn and remember and to how they behave. Richard Churches draws from a range of disciplines, such as psychology, NLP and neuroscience, to provide a practical compendium of communication expertise based on what highly effective teachers do. You'll find out how to use influential language patterns to support learning and positive behaviour; the secrets of body language and non-verbal communication; how to communicate to create the right emotional climate; effective questioning techniques; etc. Small changes to your current practice could lead to huge benefits in the classroom. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

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N-TPB11 Richard Churches Soft Cover 128

Ph: 07 5515 0155

Teacher’s Resources

March 2011

Emotional Literacy Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB12 By helping students to recognise, understand and handle emotions - their own and others' - we can build their self-esteem, improve their confidence and pave the way for them to become educationally and socially successful. The authors use case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of helping children to feel CLASI - Capable, Listened to, Accepted, Safe, Included. There are chapters on building relationships that support learning, on nurturing 'open' conversations, on working effectively in groups and on classroom organisation. Sections on using stories to build emotional literacy and on emotional literacy in the staffroom emphasise the need to keep the bridge open between the thinking and feeling parts of the brain. A reliable and authoritative Pocketbook that, as one literacy coordinator told us, guides newcomers while stimulating and reinvigorating those already familiar with the field. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

N-TPB12 James Park, Marilyn Tew Soft Cover 125

Gifted & Talented Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB13 Gifted and talented education is at a crossroads. Turn right and speed off down the motorway, only to be frustrated by the rush-hour traffic of identification, strategies, tests, labels, targets and anxious children. Turn left on to the road less travelled, and there’s no crazed rush to a destination; rather a journey during which you can stop off frequently, take in the views, and enjoy the sensations and experiences that come with a focus on the processes, not just the products of learning. The Gifted & Talented Pocketbook turns left at the crossroads. Using cartoons, diagrams, and visual prompts to support the text, it offers teachers a coherent framework for G&T education, including five learning tools for running classrooms where all pupils are stretched, challenged and motivated and where gifts are created and grown, not identified and measured. The book considers definitions of giftedness, whether gifts are ‘caught’ or taught and whether giftedness is fixed or malleable. It highlights the role of intrinsic learning motivation when it comes to achieving high levels of success. The GRACE framework –Grow! Relate! Act! Challenge! Exert! – offers ideas for lessons, implications for policy and explains how to use five learning tools to stimulate considered, reflective learning: Logo Visual Thinking, Philosophy for Children, Thinking Actively in a Social Context, Dilemma-Based Learning, and Living Theory Action Research. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB13 Barry Hymer Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Inclusion Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB16 Inclusion confusion? Here are the answers. Moving from clear definitions of inclusion to ways of supporting, developing and monitoring policies and practices in schools and classrooms, this pocketbook is a must for headteachers, senior managers and teachers looking to implement inclusive practice in school. All three authors have or have had advisory roles in the field of inclusion, and their practical approach is the result of wide experience. Inclusion is a vast and hotly debated topic. Praise for this pocketbook in the TES suggests the authors have got it right: 'Squeezes a huge subject into a small package, and does it very well'.

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Teacher’s Resources Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

March 2011

N-TPB16 Niki Elliot, Elaine Doxey, Val Stephenson Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Learning to Learn Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB18 It was in response to requests from teachers that Learning to Learn came to be written. Hard-pressed to cover what to learn, finding time to research or devise materials on how to learn was, we were told, a problem. Tom Barwood's highlyregarded workshops for teachers and students in schools address just this issue - and now so does his pocketbook. Working on the premise that successful learning depends partly on knowing why you want to learn, the first part of the book looks at motivation. How to learn - registering, retaining, recalling, revising - is the focus of the remainder. From slicing, mind-mappng and learning styles, through mnemonics, mind pegs and the seven keys of memory, to reviewing, snowballing and recording, the art of learning is explored and demonstrated. Full of practical, fun techniques for successful learning, this is a book for teachers and their students. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB18 Tom Barwood Soft Cover 125 105 x 148 mm

Lesson Observation Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB19 We are all familiar with the summative, Ofsted model of lesson observation where performance is judged according to external criteria. However, used formatively and creatively, lesson observation is a process that can support and professionally develop the observer as much as the observed. Observing colleagues teach and allowing them to observe us teach are among the most valuable and effective ways of improving our own practice. This is a practical book for all teachers. It covers being observed; learning to be a good observer - whether that's to coach the colleague you are observing, to learn from what you see or to assess performance; participant observation; pair and trio observation; feedback; pupil observation and personalising observation for your own school/department/subject. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

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N-TPB19 Roy Watson-Davis Soft Cover 125 105 x 148 mm

Ph: 07 5515 0155

Teacher’s Resources

March 2011

Managing Workload Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB20 Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession. If there's a downside, it's the workload: not properly managed it can lead to stress and related problems. If you feel you could be using time better - working less and enjoying life more - then this book offers some useful tips, tools and strategies for work-life balancing. Sections on stress, attitudes and habits, time management and looking after yourself lead to a helpful workload evaluation tool at the end of the book. Drawing on the experiences of real teachers in real schools, you sense that Will Thomas understands the pressures and challenges peculiar to the job and his common sense approach is welcome. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB20 Will Thomas Soft Cover 125 105 x 148 mm

Primary Head Teacher Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB21 New and recently appointed headteachers in particular will appreciate the wealth of practical advice in the Primary Headteacher's Pocketbook. From establishing and maintaining credibility with children, parents, staff and governors to ways of motivating and energising staff, the book is full of refreshing ideas and suggestions. It tackles how to demonstrate good leadership and management, suggests approaches to creating efficient and effective management systems, and focuses on improving the quality of teaching and learning. And of course, the good headteacher neither loses sight of staff welfare nor misses an opportunity to increase the school's visibility in the community. Author Bruce Potts, a former primary head with an impressive track record in turning round failing schools, is known for his inspirational and motivational work in the field of leadership and management; there is plenty to inspire and motivate in the Primary Headteacher's Pocketbook. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB21 Bruce Potts Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Pupil Mentoring Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB22 Increasingly, schools are tapping into the benefits of mentoring pupils, whether it's to improve behaviour, attainment or attendance; to tackle bullying or enhance self-esteem; to support study initiatives; to unlock hidden talent or to assist in the transfer from primary to secondary school. Previously known as Mentoring in Schools, the Pupil Mentoring Pocketbook explains how to set up, manage and evaluate a pupil mentoring scheme. Bob Garvey and Kim Langridge use a helpful 3-stage model to explain the mentoring process. They also cover training, recruiting and supporting mentors; codes of practice and good practice guidelines. Separate chapters are given to peer mentors, learning mentors, volunteer mentors and e-mentoring. This is a clear and authoritative guide to mentoring pupils - one you really shouldn't be without! Item Code Author Format Number of Pages

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N-TPB22 Bob Garvey, Kim Langridge Soft Cover 112

Ph: 07 5515 0155

Teacher’s Resources

March 2011

Restorative Justice Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB23 Schools that have adopted the ancient principles of restorative justice in their approach to behaviour management report better relationships with young people, greater engagement in learning and a greater development of social and emotional competence among learners. No surprise, then, that interest in restorative practices is growing. It’s all about relationships. Wrongdoing is viewed through a ‘relational lens’. All those responsible for and affected by the behaviour are involved in solving the problem. Working in conference with a teacher/facilitator, participants come to understand the harm done to people and relationships. Accepting that such harm creates obligations and liabilities, they then focus on repairing the damage and putting things right. Expert practitioners Margaret and David provide a thorough grounding in restorative practice, with worked examples and easy-to-follow teacher scripts to get you started. If Restoartive Justice is new to you, you’ll be a convert in no time! Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB23 Margaret Thorsborne, David Vinegrad Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Secondary Teacher's Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB30 If you are interested in 'developing your teaching skills and becoming a more effective and reflective practitioner', Brin Best's book is for you. Opening with a brief digest of how theories of teaching and learning have developed, you're quickly down to the nitty gritty: classroom rules, structuring lessons, teaching styles, questioning skills, differentiation, discipline, inclusion. As for target-setting, marking, assessing and homework, all feature under 'The Craft of the Classroom'. How to manage time, stress, relationships and meetings also receive Brin's attention and a chapter is devoted to progressing your career. Reference and information sections complete the picture. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

N-TPB30 Brin Best Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Stop Bullying Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB24 This pocketbook is jam-packed with practical ideas for tackling bullying in schools. All tried and tested, these aren't just strategies for teachers and parents when dealing with bullies and their victims, there are also defending, deflecting and defusing strategies for those who suffer at the hands of bullies; awareness-raising ideas for all pupils and inset activities for teachers looking to create a bully-free school. It's an uplifting, energising book that leaves you utterly convinced that the bullies can indeed be 'zapped'. Highly supportive of the 'brilliant anti-bullying work' already going on in many schools, Michele is adamant that where bullying is concerned, teachers can make all the difference. Item Code

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March 2011

Michele Elliott Soft Cover 125

Teaching Thinking Pocketbook $ 17.95

Item Code: N-TPB25 Never before have we had access to such a flood of information – internet, tv, radio, mobile phones, etc. But what strategies are children developing to screen it all? They can access information and absorb it as entertainment, but they often lack the skills to approach it critically. For our students to flourish in the information age, it’s crucial that we teach them to think. Using the PRICE taxonomy – Processing information, Reasoning, Inquiry, Creative thinking and Evaluation, Anne de A’Echevarria and Ian Patience identify a range of ‘thinking problems’. Their five related sections of practical ‘thinking tools’ will inspire teachers and students alike: there’s a wealth of dynamic material for individual lessons and for infusing thinking across the curriculum. The final chapter moves from the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ – the craft of teaching thinking. Travel with your students out of the comfort zone into the exciting landscape of the learning zone. Item Code Author Format Number of Pages Size

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N-TPB25 Anne de A'Echevarria, Ian Patience Soft Cover 128 105 x 148 mm

Ph: 07 5515 0155

Teacher’s Resources

March 2011

Fifteen Favourites DVD $ 149.95

Item Code: N-TPB27 Professional development at your fingertips! A few clicks of the mouse and you can access around 2,000 pages of tips, tools and techniques for the classroom. You can enlarge or reduce pages to suit, use the search and locate facility to home in on particular words, phrases or topics and also print out - for your own use - any pages you'd like to keep handy. The 'Fifteen Favourites' DVD is self-loading and is suitable for both PCs and Macs. From the index of titles you can quickly get to the information you are seeking but please remember, you must have the disk inserted in your CD/DVD drive in order to open the files. Should you require more than one member of staff to have simultaneous access to the e-content, please ask us about our tailored multi-user licences. The e-Pocketbooks on the DVD comprise: 1. Accelerated Learning 2. Anger Management 3. Asperger Syndrome 4. Assessment & Learning 5. Behaviour Management 6. Challenging Behaviours 7. Coaching & Reflecting 8. Creative Teaching 9. Dyslexia 10. Gifted & Talented 11. Learning to Learn 12. Lesson Observation 13. Restorative Justice 14. Teaching Assistant's 15.Teaching Thinking Item Code Author Format

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N-TPB27 Various Printable PDF

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