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J O I N T H E WA I T I N G L I S T – H I G H V I B R AT I O N C I T Y. C O M Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020 2

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This painting is of the Goddess Kamakshi ‘the Goddess of 108 faces,’ the expression of the divine feminine within all beings.


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Here she is depicted with a myriad of parrots. A parrot is perched upon her shoulder, symbolizing her sweet whisperings of love and compassion to all living things. It is she who represents fertility and the continuation of life upon this planet.

Victoria Cochrane 14

She is a most loving guardian of the environment.

The Road to True Wealth

Kim McKosker 10 Yummy Winter Warmer - Thai Pumpkin Soup

The Spiritual Adventurer

Saving the World with Love - not Rocket Science

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Peter Williams Interview with Sarah Watkins

Internationally renowned psychic medium Peter Williams is able to bridge the gap between the world of Spirit and the world of the living. With these abilities, and with the help of Spirit, he can directly access the information that is important to you here and now regardless of the topic. Q How did you first discover you had a gift? A When I was an adolescent, 14 to be exact, I literally went searching for anything spiritual or new age. To this day I still do not know what made me do so, but I was lucky enough that the internet was around and I found a site that changed my life forever. It was at this age I had my first experience with Spirit through physical mediumship known as automatic writing (a process where a spirit uses your hand to write a message). From that one night, my spiritual journey began. It was a little difficult for the first few years as I did not really have anyone who I could confide in with what I could do. It was not until I was 17 that I could really start exploring this side of myself more. I decided to buy my first deck of tarot cards


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

and eventually taught myself how to read them. It was from this point that I started to do readings for friends and soon enough friends of friends. I was more than happy to oblige as now I had more opportunity to practice.

Q You practice something called ‘automatic writing’ – Can you explain what that is? A It is a process where you place yourself into a deep state of meditation and then you allow Spirit to actively take control of your hand to write a message.

Q Do you still use ‘automatic writing’ to guide you? Can anyone do this? A It is a practice that I seldom use for myself these days unless I am ‘called’ to do so. There are times where Spirit do wish to have a little more formal communication with me and when I hear this call, I do take the time out and use the process. There is something immensely powerful in the written word. It gives a greater sense of reality and grounding to the thoughts, words and voices that are within. The other benefit of this process is that you then have a record of the conversation to reflect on whenever you need to. I know that I have pieces if writing from years again that I do go back and read from time to time and still find hidden messages in them. Just like another other ability in the metaphysical area, this is a process that anyone can practice and use. It is not necessarily the easiest, but like anything the effort you put in is well worth it. I owe a big part of my life and career as medium to this craft. Like many other skills, automatic writing can be hard to develop if you see a lack All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

of process. When I teach and show students how to connect with themselves, their intuition, or their guides it can be hard to know whether you are hearing your voice or that of Spirit. With automatic writing it can help eliminate this issue as you are working physically. When starting out though, one will most likely end up with a whole bunch of chicken scratch. Now this is can be very disheartening when starting, but over time and with practice that scribble will form into words, sentences and eventually pages of channelled messages. The best part about this process is, if you can get past the initial scribbling you will see ‘physical’ evidence of yourself fine tuning ‘your radio’ to get the correct station. When that happens it is simply amazing! Hopefully now you can understand that while everyone has the ability to learn and use this specific skill, it is hard for the majority of people to get it to a point where it might prove useful.

Q You recently published your first book Searching Spirit – can you tell us a little more about that? A Yes, it was nice to finally get the book out there. It is the story of me and how I found myself to be in the position I am today – a fulltime psychic-medium. It is my journey. The main reason for writing the book is to show people about the main spiritual lessons in life. I help to show people how to see, identify, understand and decipher these lessons and how they might apply them in their own life. Ultimately it can help them to have a breakthrough in their life too, to make it more positive and uplifting.

Q Does Spirit have a positive message to share with us today? A The biggest message that Spirit has for us currently is ‘to stay positive and focus forward.’ It is not the time to be focusing on things ‘right now’, but rather to focus on how we want things to be in six to twelve months from now. During these very unprecedented times, it is easy for a

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

lot us of to go back to what we know. To what we know, trust and works, to help us get through this short period. However, Spirit has shown me that going into this form of thinking and action is coming from a place of fear. We must do our best not to fall back into this mode, but rather embrace the change and focus on growth. We have ultimately been given an exceedingly rare and valuable opportunity to focus forward and forge a life and path that we want for ourselves. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be work to be done. Quite the contrary! If we are willing to look at ourselves seriously, focus on what we want and put in the work, we can see the Spirit and Universe are supporting us in our endeavours.

Q You’ve just started your own podcast. Would you like to share what’s coming up? A Yes, I have and it is really exciting! The podcast was one of those things that I needed to step up and work at as part of my growth. It is the Pearls of Wisdow (POW) podcast and is an extension of the Pearls of Wisdom online membership community that I started this year. We have some exciting guests, both Australia and overseas based, lined up and we cover a whole range of spiritual and holistic health topics. All guests have their own inspirational story and share with us their expertise and insights on how to make our lives better. Some of the topics coming up include Past Life Regression, the use of hypnosis for spiritual discovery, the journey of making your card deck, learning to trust the process of starting your spiritual business, the evolving consciousness of human kind and many more. Each episode is released monthly and is held live over zoom where people can interact and ask questions after the main discussion. In addition to that, POW members can get access to an exclusive bonus session with our guests the following week after the main podcast is finished.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Numerology of Rebirth by Sarah Yip







































































Numerology is mathe-magics and a core language of the Universe. Understanding the nature of numbers gives you the keys to finding your lifepath (spiritual job description), predicting events you pre-programmed before birth and a loving way to meet your tribe. You can use numerology (via your DOB and name) to access the Akashic Records and dial in Universal assistance e.g. through repeated numbers like 11:11, 12:21, 111, 222, 333 etc. I specialise in helping people who see these codes, which are a sign you are a Starseed who is flipping from head-to-heart-based living. As a scientist, I love numerology because it’s direct – adults, children and teenagers can understand the basics in minutes. The simplicity of the system reduces the need for middlemen/ translators, and gives you confidence that you are not crazy, just on track. Here’s an insight into this magazine’s name. In Pythagorean numerology, each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number 1-9. A reference table is above. We add the letters to find the Destiny of a name (whether its for a business or a person), which tells us the strengths and opportunities we are working with in a career or mindset sense. Rebirth – Vade Mecum has a 44 + 14 + 19 = 77/14/5 Destiny in numerology, the same vibration as the phrases Spiritual Teacher and Happiness Wake Up Call. A powerful choice. FYI if we added Magazine, the Destiny is 77 + 40 = 127/10/1 – a one of a kind product!


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

19 In the system I teach, numbers correlate to chakras. A double 7 Destiny means the magazine will open people’s 7th or Crown Chakras. 7 looks like a cliff you leap off. It’s about connecting to higher wisdom to create miracles in life. A healthy Crown Chakra suggests someone who thinks for themselves, is not afraid to call in help from other realms (through prayer, meditation etc.), and who focuses on learning over external results (7 looks like a book). 14/5 is a Karmic Number. There is a lot of superstition in numerology, which I am keen to overturn. Some say 14/5 shows a past life abuse of responsibility that needs to be paid back. Although this can be part of the story, I also read the numbers objectively. 1 is about free will and the Root Chakra. 4 is about compassion and the Heart Chakra. 5 is about balanced truth and the Throat Chakra. To me, a 14/5 Destiny suggests Rebirth – Vade Mecum will attract freedom-seekers who want to break their addiction to either speeding through life or spending too much time in their comfort zone. The magazine will be a magnet for alternative thinkers and those who are sensitive or identify with having special powers and needs. It needs to be careful not to overly promote one point of view – diversity and conciseness will be essential for the magazine to stay fresh and exciting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into numerology. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41


Magic in a Crisis!

by David Laws - The Famous Flower Man and Psychic, Mentor, Speaker

A couple of weeks ago I was travelling back from Sydney in my glorious old classic Riley Sports Saloon, a stunning old lady I’ve affectionately named Audrey, (after the late, great British actress Audrey Hepburn). Audrey is a completely coach built (hand made) British classic car that was built in 1949 and she performs beautifully for a 71 year old vehicle! As I drove up the busy Sydney Newcastle Pacific Expressway she suddenly displayed a red light on her dash and started shuddering before she completely stalled at 100 kph! Coasting to a halt at the side of this busy expressway I stopped and as crazy as this sounds, I just relaxed coz I JUST KNEW there’d be a perfect solution to the situation. I called road side assistance and they immediately dispatched a rescue tow truck to come to my aid. Now, most people would be stressed to the max if they broke down on a highway, especially 800kms from home, but not me! I just smiled and thought, ok, obviously it’s time for another adventure! Well little did I know what was in store . . . Incredibly, within just 10 mins of breaking down I received a message on FB Messenger from a lady whom I’d never physically met, asking me if I was ok as she had just passed me and recognised Audrey from pictures she’d seen of her on my FB pages! Incredibly, Jullie was travelling just ten minutes behind me and she actually wondered if she’d pass me as she had seen my story on FB that morning that mentioned I was driving back to Queensalnd! She was travelling back to Newcastle after spending the weekend in Sydney and she stopped up the road to ask if I needed assistance. After my car was assessed by a local mechanic I decided to put her on a truck and send her

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

back to Queensland for repairs with my personal mechanic and my car care insurance package organised a hire car for me to get me home. So Jullie came and picked me up and I stayed with her for two extraordinary nights in the quaintest little waterfront suburb. I had never physically met this lady before, but ironically she’d had an online reading with me just a couple of weeks prior to my breakdown! She lives on Lake Macquarie near Newcastle and her glorious home has the most stunning views over the lake! I was treated like Royalty whilst I was there and she actually told me that after meeting me online for the reading, she wanted to hang out and spend some time with me to chat about the power of manifesting and to learn more about the spiritual path! Well talk about ask and you shall receive! Her wish came true! So, a simple loose wire behind the ignition caused a complete change of travel plan that day and connected two like minded souls who have now become the firmest of friends! And look where I ended up staying for two fabulous nights with my new found friend! This happens to me ALL the time! If something goes wrong I NEVER get stressed because I know The Universe has my back. It’s called unwavering faith in manifesting a perfect outcome in any situation you find yourself in. Too many people think that manifesting is only about the power to manifest material things but my experience on a busy freeway a couple of weeks ago, demonstrated that even on a long trip The Universe made sure an earth Angel was travelling a few minutes behind me, ready to stop and offer some warm, home grown hospitality when things didn’t go according to plan!! Happy Manifesting my lovely friends!


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


The Road to True Wealth... by Emilia (Mills) Tomeo from MJB Seminars

Emilia has a BA in Education and over 10 years experience in education. Her background includes working with and inspiring children, as well as the inner child inside us all. Emilia has over 16 years experience in the Personal Development industry and is a key driving force in shaping the creative content and presentation of material in MJB Seminars. She is most inspired by making the complicated simple. If you believe money shouldn’t matter or that it’s just materialistic, you might not like what I’m about to say, but hear me out.

own money, I made sure I always picked up the tab. I wouldn’t even let a friend buy me a threedollar cup of coffee, let alone a whole meal.

You see, spiritual growth and financial growth are two sides of the same coin. And, like all things in nature, both work together in an interdependent, cause and effect relationship.

Putting everyone before me didn’t stop at dinner either. I rarely spent money on myself because, well, that would be selfish, but when I did, I felt guilty about it. I was taught to never ask for anything. My family were always there to help me when I needed it, but if I wanted something extra, a small indulgence just for me, would I dare ask for it? Mama mia. Never, under any circumstances, ask for anything. That was the other thing I picked up from childhood. So, of course, I never did.

Spiritual growth means going beyond the limits of our ego and constructed beliefs to realise who we really are, to own our worth, and to live in pursuit of our highest values, whatever they may be. If you understand the rules of natural law, you’ll know that financial growth is the natural response to spiritual growth. I didn’t always get the link between money and worth. All my beliefs around money and how it should be handled were shaped by my upbringing. You see, I come from a long line of loud Italians, and, if you know anything about Italians, you’d know they’re big on family, friends, food, and picking up the dinner tab. They’d practically burst an appendage in a headlong dash to settle the bill before anyone else. At a dinner where everyone’s Italian? Put it this way, if you’re that waiter, run, like your dear life hangs in the balance. It was ingrained in me to always pay. It’d be rude not to. So, when I started working and earning my


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

These might seem small things. Some might even say traits like these are noble ones to have. But, here’s how it translated for me: every time I declined a friend’s generosity, every time I had buyer’s remorse, and every time I wanted something but chose not to ask for it, somewhere deep down, I told myself I didn’t deserve it. Little did I know it then, but my lack of self-worth was the very thing that kept deconstructing my wealth. I wasn’t living by the rules of natural law, so the money simply flowed out just as fast as it flowed in. I didn’t really understand or give due props to the true value of money or what it physically represented - the measure of my worth.

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Are you beginning to see the connection? True wealth is wealth at every level: financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, social, relational and vocational. The way to achieving it hinges on three things: what we think, what we do, and how we play.

What we think There’s a difference between thinking you deserve to be wealthy and knowing you’re worthy. When it comes to money, self-worth is everything. You have to know your worth, and I don’t mean in a superficial way like when I thought paying for dinner made me a good person. Your true self-worth isn’t limited to or defined by whatever your constructed beliefs may be. In fact, you have to bust through those limited beliefs in order to see it and claim it.

What we do All wealthy people share one thing in common: they put all their focus on what they’re here to do, not on the money itself. Financial wealth is a byproduct, not the end goal. When you focus on your values and your life’s calling, rather than worrying about how and when the money will come, the money will come. It has to. It’s the law. True wealth happens when you take your focus off the money and immerse yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically, into the reason why you want it in the first place.

How we play And now to the money bit. How much money we have depends on whether or not we’re playing by all the rules of natural law. The number one rule when it comes to organising your money is this: always, at all times, no matter what, PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Not your rent, not your mortgage, not your bills, and, most definitely, not your friend’s dinner. When I learnt about universal laws and how they applied to true wealth, three things went through my mind: 1. This is so bloody simple and it totally makes sense; 2. Why isn’t this system taught in every school in every country around the world?; and 3. I’m going to share this with as many people as possible. I’ve been teaching the wealth principles for nearly 20 years and I’ve seen many thousands of lives transformed as a direct result. The road to true wealth starts and ends in only one place. You. So, when you’re ready to declare your worth, the Universe is standing by with everything you need to guide you there. If you’d like to know more about how to follow the wealth principles of natural law to transform your wealth, join our online program today. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Let Your Spirit

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1300 37 63 83

Credit Card Phone Readings

EMPOWER YOUR LIFE 18+ only · Guidance Only · Incl. GST · All calls recorded

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Yummy Winter 4 Ingredients Thai Pumpkin Soup Serves 4


Pumpkin Soup is one of the most searched soups, and for good reason, it’s quick, easy and flavoursome. Here’s an interesting twist on the classic pumpkin soup that could possibly become the world’s simplest and most delicious Thai Pumpkin Soup. 2 tbsp. (56g) red curry paste 500g pumpkin, peeled and chopped 400g can coconut milk 4 tbsp. (20g) coriander In a large non-stick frying pan, sauté the red curry for 30-seconds over a medium heat. Add the pumpkin and toss to coat. Add the coconut milk and 1/3 cup water. Bring to a gentle boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes, or until pumpkin is tender. Cool for 10 minutes. Using a stick blender, blend until smooth. Divide evenly across 4 bowls and serve scattered with coriander.


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

RECIPE FROM: 4 Ingredients Veggie & Vegan which is ON SALE NOW for just $24.00 delivered FREE anywhere across Australia

www.4ingredients.com.au All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Dealing with Loss Karen Chaston is the co-founder of Live Love By Design, beyond loss mentor and international keynote speaker. She is the author of eight books and numerous e-books as well as an online TV show host and podcaster. Have you ever noticed that many people are uncomfortable around loss? They do not want to talk about it or think about. In fact, only a few even know what to say when a loss occurs, let alone how to move on. It is probably due to the fact that we have been taught to accumulate things, we have never been taught what to do when we lose them. Which is quite fascinating, especially when you learn that the Grief Recovery Institute states that there are over 40 loss events that can affect our lives. Which means that each and every one of us will have multiple loss events throughout our lives. It could be one of the six, more common ones; a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, your health, your wealth and even your pets. Though more than likely it will be a mixture of the lesser known ones that have come to the forefront during the 2020 pandemic; loss of freedom, status and choice or change in work conditions, social activities and recreational activities. Maybe, now is the time for everyone to get comfortable around loss? To learn how to move beyond it, with ease and grace. We all know that when we do not understand something and how to move beyond it, we go into FEAR. We get stuck. We seek advice from our friends and loved ones. But when they are also in the same boat, the advice is not ideal. That is how all the “Loss” myths, beliefs and clichés have grown over the years. Though on the other hand, when you understand something and know what to do and say, you breeze through it. In 2011, Karen Chaston, also stumbled through when tragedy struck in a big way. Firstly, she found Dan, her 27-year-old son, dead at her back door. Then 15 months later choosing redundancy from her much-loved CFO role. She was driven to find a better way to do loss. To assist others. This is why she become a Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker and Author. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

by Karen Chaston

She discovered that It really does not matter what loss event happens in your life, what matters is for you to know, that you can easily move beyond any of kind of loss and create your better everyday life.

Loss is nothing to fear, it’s no different to any other everyday life occurrence. Karen brings a different perspective to loss she says “With over 40 different loss events, don’t you feel that maybe it is all purposefully designed to assist you to get back on track, to take you to a better place where you are living and loving your life?” This is why she created her Beyond Loss 5-step process; called “The Gift of Loss.” When you are ready to move beyond your loss events, Unwrap the Gift and create your better everyday life, reach out to Karen. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones!

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


The Spiritual Adventurer

Linda Willow Roberts Interview by Michelle R Price

Linda Willow Roberts is a master manifestor. She has published her first book (and has two more in the pipeline) and has also just released her first deck of oracle cards. Linda makes things happen and her gifts have carried her around the world to many magical sites.

beyond imagination for her. She said Egypt really opened her eyes after she captured an image of what she describes as an ‘alien’ there. Linda said she has a knack for capturing images of supernatural activity like orbs during her travels. Importantly, Linda lives in synchronicity with spirit, ‘Whatever shows up I follow’, she said. Linda has also created her, ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’, which she said came about because she found she could never really get an answer from the various card decks she has used over the years. She explained she is a, ‘Leo, I’m logical, so I actually wanted help people manifest in a I’m logical, to different way’.

She admits she dragged her heels a bit when it came to commencing work on her first book, ‘Seven Eighths of Me – Tales Of A Spiritual Adventurer’. But once she got started it only took her Linda is a, ‘Leo, four weeks to complete, ‘It just poured out of me’, she so I actually wanted to said. She believes it was help people manifest in all divine timing.

different way’. The book addresses the ‘doubt’ that Linda felt early on in her spiritual journey and looks at the ‘purging’ and ‘letting go’ that she had to do before she eventually began to trust spirit. Seven Eighths of Me acts as kind of a guide. Linda included her five steps to manifestation including, ‘The words I’ve used, how to write things down, how to release them and purge them’. ‘Basically, it’s all about trusting spirit’ she said. Linda also writes about her many travels and in particular is interested in ley-lines. These can be defined as straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. Incredibly, she has visited Archangel Michael’s ley-line and Mary’s crossover point. She’s also been to Stonehenge and other historic sites in Brazil and Egypt, which she said was


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

‘If I can’t be there, it’s one thing to have all of these modalities, it’s another thing to be where people can access you, if they can’t access you, I wanted to… put all of my modalities, all my information about Feng Shui, colours, numbers, symbols…everything that I’ve ever learnt I’ve put into these cards so I wanted to make them logical and basic.


Linda even threw in a ‘wild card’ literally. The card is labelled, ‘What’s My Next Step’, and encourages the drawer to reshuffle and pull another card while thinking about the issue or concern. She is yet to begin work on books two and three and yes that will take her to more magical locations overseas. But those specific destinations are yet to be determined, as Linda will trust in spirit to let her know where she is going. Linda is Psychic and Clairvoyant, she is also a certified Angel Intuitive, a Reiki Master and a Theta Healer and a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker Author and has created her own Oracle Cards. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Saving the World with Love: It’s not Rocket Science! by Victoria Cochrane In 2015 I published my third book, channelled from the Masters of the Cosmic Council entitled, “The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds.” It came after I did see the alignment of other planets to Earth on the 21st December, 2012. I also have had the good fortune to visit all of the planets described in the book and still meet with the Inter-Planetary Galactic Federation from time to time. The messages from the masters is not rocket science: the universe is created by the Supreme Source, with which we are all one and infinitely connected to, and the energy in which everything in the Universe is created is unconditional love. As the masters say, “Love just

(M.Ed. Hons.)

is, as oneness just is. You cannot put any other label on them. They are not conditions, they just are, because the Universe has been created on the basis that all is one and oneness cannot be achieved without the presence of unconditional love. This is the key to oneness, and the only way to save the world at this time.” (p.86). In the illusion of separation on Earth, humans lose sight of this reality and get overwhelmed by the extremely dense vibrations of the Third Dimension, which can keep us all in fear and drama for our entire lives if we are not careful. Even though the words in the book came through in 2014/15, not much has changed 5 years later. Ascension, or the raising of the consciousness of humanity to the Fifth Dimension, has happened in patches but been resisted my many and disrupted by the actions of those who profit from other peoples’ misery. In 2020, with the Coronavirus pandemic and mass uprising against racism and police brutality, a major shift finally seems to be occurring and people are now awakening on a global scale. It is reflected in the beautiful galactic colours emanating more from Mother Earth in the skies, being captured by people all across the globe. Let’s harness this energy and make it happen! I leave you with the beautiful words from the Creator and the Masters of Light: “The saviour of the world is love. There is no need for Jesus to walk the Earth for a second time, because humanity will save itself when it breathes in love and becomes its own light. When you breathe in light and become the light for others, God’s love will shine from within and thus upon the world like a beacon. No darkness can survive such brightness, and no vibration of hatred can sustain its rule. It just is, and that is all there is. The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds (Cochrane, 2015. Victoria Cochrane Publications) $14.00 is available to purchase on Amazon or Victoria’s website.


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Our Wellness Community Michele Scott Interview by Michelle R Price

In the presence of Michele Scott it is difficult not to allow her enthusiasm for life to rub off on you. She is bright and engaging but also has an intense fire and passion for bringing spiritual workers together. Michele is a Numerologist and creator of Our Wellness Community (OWC), which has a page on Facebook. Michele is a ‘connector’ of sorts. She describes OWC as being an online centre for wellness in body, mind, heart and soul. “What I wanted to create was a community for people to belong to. So, Our Wellness Community is a healing hub...for those who are unwell and for those that have lost their way” Michele said. “It is also a learning space for the seeker, the seeker who wants to grow, wants to flourish, wants to have more meaning or deeper meaning in their lives” she added.

herself better and figure out why she is here [on earth] and what she is meant to be doing. She added that by the time she started OWC, the calling had become bigger than her. OWC enables contributors to do readings, present content or run a coaching session amongst other things. Michele has added ‘The Woo Woo Show’, which features on Spiritual Events Directory’s Facebook page. ‘Wellness Conversations-Casey Radio’ is also a popular addition. Michele also has a Podcast on Spotify. She admits she was inspired by Oprah and said it is important for us to, “Stay in our own lane”, that is, recognise what we’re good at and do that well, as opposed to trying to copy others. OWC will also soon offer a ‘school’ where spiritual workers can learn new skills. So stay tuned.

Michele also said that OWC is unique in that it is a collaborative platform for spiritual workers who may be too shy to promote themselves. She said OWC is a space where everyone can be seen and heard via Shout Out, which encourages them to post about their business. Michele said it wasn’t until she studied Numerology in her mid 30’s that she learnt that she is a Life Path 9. “Life Path 9 is the way of the humanitarian”, she explained. Michele said, knowing that helped her to understand why she had always been driven to help others. The eldest member of the children in her family, Michele said that from the moment her younger brother was born, she was looking after others. She admits during her school years she would even stick up for kids who were being bullied. She said she also found herself helping others in various businesses as a Personal Assistant and Office Manager for example. Before launching OWC, Michele found herself running wellbeing workshops and retreats, which gave her a good grounding for what was to come. She said it is important to remember our life’s journey, saying hers has helped her get to know All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Our Wellness Community

Michele Scott


Michele Scott is the creator of Our Wellness Community (OWC), which is successfully uniting seekers, students, and spiritual practitioners everywhere. Michele is passionate about community, connecting people, and wellness tools and is giving holistic practitioners a voice on Casey Radio 97.7FM via Wellness Conversations Talk Show, also a Podcast on Spotify & a webcast show on Spiritual Events Directory. Michele is an Alchemist Healer herself, and with decades of experience as a Numerologist under her belt, Michele helps clients figure out the answers to the same questions she asked herself as a teenager. “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?” Michele also has years of experience in the self-help, spiritual-development and life coaching fields; helping her develop an understanding of what builds inner peace and lasting happiness. In addition to her Masters in Numerology Michele is a qualified Meditation Teacher, Holistic Counsellor & Mindset Coach and a member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). Michele is also currently studying towards a Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing. Michele has been on the Psychic Show with Tracey Vance and has had guest speaking spots on ABC Radio & Triple M where she opened up about her heart-felt passion for Numerology and her other talents. She has also spoken at several events including Goddess on Purpose in 2012 and was Keynote Speaker at Wellbeing Workshops Events in 2012 & 2013 and has been featured in The Berwick Leader newspaper. OWC FB MICHELE FB OWC YT INSTA 16

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Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

Ema Muir

COACH | SPEAKER | HEALER | WRITER I am a Transformation coach, helping women clear out the mental BS to live a Soul Full-Filled life with deep clarity. Being authentically me, a fierce Mother of 3, loyal, loving friend, daughter, sister, busines woman I understand that coming home to yourself and living from within is the only way to find true balance. Transformation is a lived experience and I know the depth of continually rising through challenges, trauma and joy. I love helping women create strong, loving and high trust relationships with themselves and other’s where they can be authentic. With this amazing foundation they will know deeply that their choices are a true reflection of the loving voice that only comes from within. They embrace their uniqueness and thrive through it, recognising that they only need permission from themselves for every part of their life. Using tools such as meditation, coaching, healing so my clients give themselves permission to embrace their uniqueness.


OptiMystic Xzavia

PSYCHIC MEDIUM OptiMystic Xzavia’s passion is to work with your Higher Self and You to create harmony, joy and abundance in your life. Xzavia is an Energetic freedom specialist, Psychic medium, Intuitive healer, Channeller, Massage therapist and Twin Flame here to be of service and assist you on your journey. Specialising in: Past life healing and release | Chakra balance | Inner God/ess work for singles and couples, working on self love and sexual confidence | Children/Teens, helping them grow into well adjusted adults | Business mentoring | One-on-one mentoring | Manifesting the life you want | Healing from addictions | Work-Life balance Based in Epping, Victoria, OptiMystic Xzavia is also a Twin Flame and is fortunate enough to be reunited with her divine counterpart, Daniel, in this life. Working together, they help you balance your divine masculine/feminine and release everything holding you back from self love or your own soulmate. WEB optimysticxzavia.com.au MOB 0425 131 076 FB OptiMystic Xzavia INSTA optimystic_xzavia E hello@optimysticxzavia.com.au All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Sondré Callec

You have an amazing sales background. How does this help you in your business? I love to help women stand unapologetically in the value of their work, where they get to price, package and can make offers and invitations to people with ease and flow, that builds their confidence so they can have fun taking their gifts out into the world whilst increasing their cashflow.

What are you passionate about Sondré? I am passionate about empowering women who have life changing gifts to bring to the world. To help them stand in their power and deal with the fear and doubt that stops them from having the impact and making the money they desire. I strongly believe a business needs to financially support your purpose so that you can answer your calling and make the difference you are here to make. Not knowing how to generate income through your business limits your ability to make the change in the world you desire. Most importantly I believe that the women I work with, like me, are here to make a difference. My goal is for them to serve and help as many people as they can through the unique transformations that they offer, whilst enjoying a lifestyle they love.

How would you describe your business? The Wealthy Goddess Program is for female entrepreneurs. The program teaches the skills needed to create a sustainable heart centred business. Specifically; how to have enrolment conversations, pricing and packaging, how to be more visible and how to market their business. The most important aspect I teach though is the inner game. The one that aligns thoughts, heart and energy so they can step up and express the value of their transformation with the confidence to be seen, heard and have clients saying YES to working with them. We work on rising above the noisy voices of self doubt in our heads, connecting to our hearts and serving from intuition. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

The sales process I teach is about holding space for people and enabling them to be able to take empowered action. I believe you become the Goddess by inviting pursuit rather than pursuing or “chasing” a sale. The enrolment conversation I teach is a structured journey to a great decision that does not pressure or “sell”.

How has the covid-19 situation impacted your business? One thing I did need to change was to pivot my marketing from speaking engagements to focus on more online community based messaging. Fortunately I had established my business to support being able to work anywhere and with women from anywhere in the world. I have been coaching and running circles online via zoom for several years and the feedback from clients is that they actually prefer it to face to face meetings as it saves them time and they get to be in community with women from other countries. Tell us about some of the success you have had. I love working with women who are passionate about what they do and want to help others. Every woman I have worked with has needed to move at their own pace and have responded to being able to ask questions as they come up and have one on one conversations to help clear the things that are stopping them moving forward. Some of my clients have gone on to do amazing things. One of my clients, who is now a dear friend, has transformed her business from once off sessions with clients to offering programs. Together we uncovered the true value of what she was offering and gave her the confidence to talk about it. She is now working less hours while consistently earning more. WEB SondreCallec.com FB Wealthy Goddess Community Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Our Wellness Community

The Wealthy Goddess Code

Our Wellness Community

Luanne Mareen


If we were aliens from another planet, how would you describe your business? I would describe it to them as a way of helping humans remember who they are and what they came to this planet for. I serve to help them gain clarity of Purpose – helping find meaning for joy and how to Step out and Shine without fear.

What lights you up and elevates you in your business? When I can help somebody own who they really are, realise their full potential and their purpose, plus the breakthroughs they have from blocks that hold them back. It lights me up when they may shed a tear or their eyes light up brighter because of the clarity of who they are and what they can create here.

Do you have a testimonial for our readers that paints a picture of how you can help them? “Before working with Luanne, I really struggled to stand in the spotlight. I found it hard to speak to a group about myself and my beautiful business. I allowed my light to stay dim in the presence of others whom I thought were so much better, smarter, exciting than me. I have grown as a business woman in so many ways thanks to Luanne. Within the first 3 months I had created, sold and presented 2 workshops, where previously I would be shaking if I had to stand up and speak about what I do. I have stepped out of the shadows of others and am proud to show the world who I am, speak clearly and confidently about my business and have created a beautiful new range of vibrational remedy mists to share with the world. Luanne mentors with such grace, wisdom and authenticity. I am really excited for the future, my confidence is amazing and now with Luanne’s guidance, knowing my purpose and working with her this last 12 months, living my passion is my greatest reward. Kimmy Mac. The Essence Alchemist.”

If your business was an animal, what would it be and why? So the first thing that came to mind is a horse. They are both wild and tame in nature – which is how I feel we come into expressing our purpose through a business.


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

There is no constraining the Horse when it runs with the wind, and they also enjoy the company of others be they mastermind associates, family and friends. It’s always more fun to gallop together and still keep your individuality. They symbolize service and trust in relationships and also the polarity is they love their freedom and vitality in their physical, mental and spiritual outlooks. The also teach us personal power – things that we master in our lives, and our natural gifts. Horse is a creature of success and self-actualization. When you know what your Purpose is, this puts you in flow with the awareness to do your work, and you can go further and faster than you ever thought.

What product or programme is your best seller? Well, it’s actually my Step out and Shine business mastermind programme where I help spiritual entrepreneurs get aligned with their purpose and help them become Visible in the world with ease and grace. We of course start off that with a Hand Analysis Reading.

What else would you like to share with our readers? I would love to share with you my hand analysis training and where people can actually come to get true clarity about their Life Purpose. Whether you do this for your own exploration or use it as a tool in your business toolkit. Do the Path to Purpose Quiz.


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With a broad range of modalities, and a dedicated team of professional practitioners, Spirited New Beginnings (SNB) have many ways to support your growth. Whether it be to assist your physical body, providing guidance with life’s ongoing challenges, navigating parenting in a modern world, or to foster your innate creativity through drawing classes, let us help you to discover a path to a more fulfilled way of being. We spoke to the Founders Elke & Julia to find out more about this spiritual healing hub in Frankston, Victoria.

How would you describe your healing hub, Spirited New Beginnings? SNB is the fulfilment of a long held dream. Julia & I wanted to create a collaborative ‘hub’ where healing occurs on many levels – be it spiritually, emotionally or physically. A space that feels welcoming, calming and uplifting. Somewhere you can come to leave the outside world behind. We provide guidance and support with life’s ongoing challenges and support you to discover a path to a more fulfilled way of being.

Can you share what lights you up & energises your business? What inspires us is seeing great changes in our clients.Over the course of 2-3 sessions, we observe a lightness, softening and clarity develop as they gain a better understanding of themselves and things happening in their lives. They are more content and happier! We believe the most important gift we can give our clients is the ability to FEEL more.

What product, program or service is your best seller? With a desire to change and grow, sometimes we need assistance. Two of our modalities that have a profound effect on bringing about change are Hahnemann Healing and Spiritual Counselling. Hahnemann Healing works energetically to shift emotional blocks within us to help heal emotionally and physically. It is deep, gentle and uplifting. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Spiritual Counselling gives you an in-depth understanding of yourself and will clearly show you what action is required to improve your life. It is designed to act quickly and stop you reverting to past patterns of behaviour so you can experience the joy of a different way of living.

Can you share a story or testimonial from a client that shows our readers how you can help them? Sarah’s story - Although Sarah was very driven she had little satisfaction in her life. Her skin was bad even though adolescence was long past. A strong cultural imprint that ‘life is hard and you just have to survive’ had her feeling guilty for wanting to thrive. She had a deep yearning for her father’s love. Achievements were never acknowledged. She had NO balance in her life. Following a series of Hahnemann Healing sessions, we were able to cut the emotional cords of negative parental expectations. This freed her up to separate herself and express openly and more lovingly. This led to her parents, especially her father, sharing words of tenderness she’d never heard before. Sarah’s skin cleared and she blossomed with clearer direction, enjoying her successes and she went on to find a loving relationship.

What are your tips for other women who want to manifest their own healing hub? - Find the ‘deep why’ of your mission. This is the basis that will carry you through. We never questioned whether our dream would happen. We had faith in spirit that it would. - Have a creative perspective in the face of difficulties, it’s about finding another way and always an opportunity to learn. -Take care of yourself every day and do what works for you. Your own wellbeing is paramount to the success of your business, Be guided by your true inner voice and not influenced by others opinions.

www.spirtednewbeginnings.com Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Our Wellness Community

Spirited New Beginnings

Claim your Dream! by Leonie Featherstone

Do you have a dream? How alive is it? Is it a vibrant living being burning running around inside you like a finely tuned athlete or is it limp, grey and in desperate need of an oxygen machine and an energy transfusion? If your dream is on ‘life support’, here is my advice. 1. Know that you are meant for greatness! We are all blessed with gifts and talents, some of which are lying dormant waiting for dreams to stir them into action. 2. Dream BIG! There are NO limits! For dreams to come true, you must first dare to dream. But, to dream fully and freely you need to believe you are worthy of receiving all the benefits the realization of that dream will yield. Work on your ‘belief-ometer’! Your attitude determines the ‘altitude’ of your success! 3. Create your dream ritual Find your Dream sanctuary! Even if it is only in your mind, go there every day to imagine your dreams! Make it your ‘happy place’ and fill it with an aroma that inspires you by blending your favourite doTERRA essential oils. 4. Breathe life into your dream! Dig deep into your emotions to clarify WHY this dream is important. Imagine what will be happening around you when you achieve this dream and journal your observations using ALL your senses! Then, constantly express gratitude for your dream. 5. Dreams require focus Have you ever set your heart on purchasing something and then spent every spare minute sourcing it and saving the required money? And when you finally found it and bought it, how good did you feel?


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

You brought a dream to life! You knew what you wanted; you persisted and you did everything necessary to achieve it! Now, simply apply this process to your other business and life dreams and watch magic unfold! 6. Dream catching can be fun! The road to success does NOT have to be dreary! Find ways to inject fun into your journey. Listen closely to your inner voice and I am sure it will be saying, ‘everything flows to me with ease and grace’! 7. Pack your toolkit Make sure you have an assortment of support tools to accompany you and fortify you on the journey to your dreams. Explore coaching, meditation, prayer, journaling, nature walks, crystals, music, essential oils etc and find the healing and support modalities that resonate with you. 8. Close the door on regrets! In her classic French ballad of the early 60’s, Edith Piaf sings, ‘Non, je ne regrette rien.’ In other words - ‘No, I regret nothing!’ You are the ‘pilot of your pursuits’. Decide NOW that ‘regret’ will never be one of your passengers and do everything you can to live the life of your dreams!

Scents of Imagination Bergamot Cedarwood Spearmint Wild Orange

Personal Diffuser

Rollerball (10ml)

1 drop of each

2 drops of each Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Room Diffuser 2 drops of each

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Awaken your Awareness & Release your Stress A Mindfulness Kinesiology Meditation by Carolyn King Carolyn King is a Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Consultant, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teaching, mBIT Coach, Life Coach, International Author and on a mission to empower individuals to reconnect with their inner joy and happiness.

breaths indicating you have released some stress.

How are you travelling with the current level of global stress? Are you managing to maintain you sense of balance? Or are you struggling to find your inner peace?

Then slowly return to a more comfortable breathing practice for you.

Constant stress creeps into our lives affecting our minds and bodies and what’s worrying is that even when the external stress dissipates, our physical body can remain in that state of stress, until we do something about it. I have found that by combining the powerful tools from Mindfulness, Kinesiology and Meditation, we can calm our physical nervous system, which in turn helps to relax our bodies, mind, and soul. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what is happening right now, essentially engaging all our senses.

Next rest your hands on your stomach. With your chin tucked and ribs relaxed, blow out all the air in your lungs in short, little puffs (as though keeping a feather airborne). On each short exhalation, press your navel inward toward your spine. Now take a slow, deep inhalation, gentle refilling your lungs. Repeat this a few more times.

As your breath returns to normal, begin to engage all your senses: ›› How does it feel to have the breath go into your body and out of your body? ›› How do your muscles feel? ›› How does it sound as you breathe? ›› What other sounds can you hear? ›› Notice if there are any fragrances in the air. What can you smell? ›› Move one hand on top of the other, and feel your hand and fingers. How do they feel?

Kinesiology is a healing modality that looks at how we can release the stress from any and all aspects of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

›› Is there anything else in close proximately that you can feel? Perhaps the chair you’re are sitting on or the bed you are lying on. Really engage the sense of touch.

Meditation is the practice of relaxing the body, quietening the mind, and awakening the spirit.

›› Then, when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and look around the room. Notice if there is anything you haven’t observed before.

When we combine these three powerful tools together, we create an experience that allows us to awaken our awareness and release stress from our entire being. Here is a powerful Mindfulness Kinesiology Meditation I created to relax your mind, body, and soul. Start by gently placing your hand over your forehead. Close your eyes and take in ten deep breaths. Often, you’ll feel a shift such as a big sigh or dropping your shoulders after a few

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›› Finally, drink a glass of water. Feel the water in your mouth and notice the taste. ›› Feel how the water travels down your throat. Spend a few moments just being before returning to your everyday life. Please reach out if there is anything I can help with and as always, I like to sign off with -

Happiness Starts with a Smile and Empowered Starts with a Choice! Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Understanding the Energetic Signature of your Shadow Everything is energy, and how something is energetically vibrating is how things will be manifesting on the surface. This means for EVERYTHING in your life – your relationships, your body, your work, your living arrangements, absolutely everything has an “energy signature”. Your energy signature means you are vibrating in a certain way. Problematic Energy Signatures As people progress through life, familiar negative experiences often happen. These unwanted situations are unintentionally created, however we seem to keep coming up against the same issues over and over again. Perhaps you attract the same type of lover or situation in relationships; come up against the same problems or type of people in your working environment; or keep running over the same old argument with your lover or family members. The Impact of the Energy Signatures Whatever it is, it is blocking you from being the highest version of yourself and living your highest potential. The impact of these blocked energy patterns can keep you isolated and alone, and feeling like you are unworthy of or don’t have the confidence to live the life you know or wish you could be living. You are unable to attract the right person for you in relationship or work in that job where you can shine and do what you love to do, or have the friendships that are supportive and fun; and for some of you it is not being able to have the healthy body in where you can do all the things you want to do in your life.

The Awakening Code Detailed guidance and information on your Lover Archetype; the health of your chakra’s and your current level of consciousness



Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

By Rebecca-Lee

Unlocking Your Love Blocks is about venturing into your Shadow The answer to unlock or shift these energy signatures is in delving within your own energy field and soul; deep into the shadows of your own being to shine the light on what program is running deep within. When you are stuck within your shadow you are unable to see the light of day. You keep repeating the energetic signature of your blocked shadow and you feel useless and powerless. You often feel confused and you forget the power of gratitude and compassion for others through your own selfishness. Your ego takes over and the world moves around in it’s 3-d consciousness with every man for themselves. It is about surviving rather than thriving. Understanding your Shadow We all have a shadow. It is the part of us that is afraid, limited, doubting who we are; egotistical, defensive or attacking; and perhaps struggles to embrace his / her true power and insists on blaming situations and others for where they are at. Taking the journey into your shadow is like taking a red pill; once it is done you can not go back. Your perspective begins to change, and you can no longer fall back on the perceptions, beliefs and excuses you once had to mask and appease your fears. What can you do to shift your energy signature to one that is more productive and empowering? These energetic signatures that create these patterns in your life are your “karmic patterns” or your “karmic shadow”. That does not mean that you are being punished or that you are destined to have bad luck in love or money etc. These are patterns that your Soul is trying to break through so that you may grow and evolve. Once you unlock the door to these patterns and understand what they are and how they are affecting your life, where they came from, you will have a dramatic shift in consciousness. As that process begins to happen you are filled with understanding, compassion, often forgiveness for yourself or others, and you begin to shift the energy signature. Your vibration begins to change, the patterns or blocks become unlocked and your outside world begins to shift. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

The Witch of Moons Lane

Manifesting Spell

Michelle Milne Interview by Michelle R Price Michelle Milne is a professional Gold Member with the Australian Academy of Spirit. She is a practicing Green witch of 22yrs, International Psychic, Medium of 35yrs, has been in Magazines & Television shows and The Darkside Downunder Documentary is coming soon. Michelle Milne is known as The Witch Of Moons Lane. She is also a Green Witch, which is defined as someone who practices ‘nature magic’. To say that Michelle is a busy lady would be an understatement. The mother of four is co-founder of The Lightworkers Festival, has an online coven called Coven of The Southern Star and is currently working on her Tarot Deck and Book Of Shadows. She is also the Creator of WitchyPoo Brew, an organic Tea. She said, “It took years of trial and error to get a magical tea that had the right herbs to manifest and taste great”. “My teas have been mixed by an international tea judge and Australian tea master as well as being put out into the full moon and enchanted. “The herbs and flowers used in the tea brew and in my oil range for candles and potions have been used throughout history in magical rituals and divination purposes to manifest what’s good for your mind, body and spiritual path. Michelle recalls a time back in the 1980’s when she was desperate to change her life. “I wanted adventure I wanted to be confident and use my creativity. I went into a crystal shop in Paddington, Sydney”. Even now she can recall the feeling of ‘high energy’ on her skin and remembers being mesmerized by a jagged shiny quartz crystal. “I was holding numerous ones in my hand but this one kept me coming back to me. I grabbed her and a coffee and walked to the most beautiful park in the heart of Sydney. I found an old root entangled tree and sat on her [tree roots] to ground myself with the land”. She put her new crystal on her third eye and said the words of her Manifesting Spell. After all is said and done, Michelle said the owner of the All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

I manifest to thee A time to be free Travel and advent ure I will seek Amazing people I have yet to meet crystal now chang e My fate Change my life bef ore it’s too late Happiness in all fo rms now see me protect me from karma!! Send back times th ree it is to be done Manifest the best life to come It is done it is don e it is done

crystal can either wear it or put it in their pocket until the spell starts. After saying these words, Michelle said her life changed in a matter of hours. She went overseas for two years and kept meeting people who could help guide and protect her. “I got the job I desperately needed. I had adventures and never looked back. She programs crystals the same way now calling it The Witch of Moons Lane crystal programming. She said we just need to ask ourselves what we need, rather than what we want. When finished, Michelle recommends burying your crystal in the earth. And don’t forget to charge it under the full moon. Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Know your Energy by Gwenda Smith

Gwenda is an authentic naturally gifted Spirit Medicine Woman, leader in Holistic Natural Healing, Spiritual Mentor, Natural Healing Practitioner and recognised International Speaker and Author.

But, how often do you check on your inner energy and energy bodies? I mean a real check, a full scan and sweep of the energy fields and the inner energy. Most of us do not do this as a regular, daily practice.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel drained and washed out? You think, I woke up tired I must not have slept well or perhaps it is not enough good food for a couple of days. In your mind you go over all that has been going on and the more you think about it more answers the mind brings forward.

To bring this closer to the physical, how often have you heard a child say they have a sore tummy, this may go on for a few days yet there are no other symptoms, sometimes the child is taken to the Doctor but they say there is nothing wrong.

Your energy fields are limitless, after all you are infinite right!

Wrong! There is a whole lot “wrong� there is something in the child’s environment that is Feeling content with all the answers you start causing an imbalance in their energy field and to make changes, more water, more exercise, it is showing up in the solar better food choices even some plexus chakra. We have all had breathing practices. that sinking feeling or the tight Whenever you are in a sensation in the stomach and And then some days later a heightened range of an we cannot eat anything. This is friend comes over to visit. You an energy imbalance. emotion, you burn up laugh and chat share stories, perhaps even delve into some energy like old problems or future hopes and dreams. Both offering some helpful ideas and thoughts to support each other. The time comes when your friend leaves, you wave them off and as you turn to go inside you suddenly feel flat, void of all energy. You go inside and you think, wow what happened there. I am so exhausted. Now you likely go on with chores or tasks for the day, or return to your home office, and all the while thinking I must go to bed early tonight, maybe take a herbal tea to help me sleep better. The thing is it is very possible that it is none of those external factors, sure you need to eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water and be aware of our breath. These habits are vital to the wellness of your physical and mental wellbeing.


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

a wildfire.

Your physical body responds to stimuli every second, but most often you do not realise that something is going on and this is because the body is so very amazing that it is able to restore and regulate imbalances. That is until it becomes too overloaded and the cells succumb to illness or disease. That is a story for another time. Initially the response is in your energy fields and the vibration of the disturbance will be felt somewhere in the body. Can you think of a time when you were angry, what did you feel like after the burst of anger? Usually you feel tense and then tired. Even the heightened emotion of joy can be tiring, in fact too much joy affects the heart, did you know that?

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Emotions are energy drainers, seems strange to think that being happy can cause you to crash and feel flat. Whenever you are in a heightened range of an emotion, you burn up energy like a wildfire. There is another way that you can be drained of energy, and that is other people’s energy fields. Who would think that your bestie could drain you of energy? Remember that visit and the chats, laughs and sharing, then when they have left you felt exhausted? Not only your bestie but a spouse, child, family member and total strangers at the shops or movie theatre can all drain your energy fields. You are vulnerable to energy drain anywhere any time, unless you know to do your energy field checks, clear your energy, restore it and most importantly…well all of these practices are important but to know how to keep other people’s energy away and out of your field is the key to maintaining a good strong energy field and avoid being drained. Not only will you have more clarity, better focus, and energy levels but you will also have a stronger immune system and if you were to become unwell you would recover with ease and quickly.

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Practices to look after your energy fields ›› Shower (not bath) morning and night- a shower is a great way to cleanse the energy ›› Morning and evening energy field scans – Take 10 minutes to feel into your energy fields notice any disruption, tension, change of colours ›› Always hold a strong upright posture – You have 3 energy points along the spine as well as the charka’s and to function fully they require the spine to be held properly ›› Aura sweeps after being with people – extend your arms use one to rake through the air around your body as if coming your hair. ›› Visualise a protective coloured shape that covers your entire body and at arm’s length, ensure it goes under your feet and above your head.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Relationships within the Walls How to deal with your Anxiety

Sharon Chapman Interview by Michelle R Price Sharon is a Relationship Coach, Speaker and Author based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia? On average, one in four people – one in three women and one in five men – will experience anxiety at some stage in their life. In a 12-month period, over two million Australians experience anxiety.

›› Headaches ›› Inability to concentrate or focus ›› Insomnia ›› Irritability ›› Muscle tension or twitches ›› Racing/pounding heart or chest pain ›› Rapid or restricted breathing ›› Shaking or trembling ›› Sweating ›› Wanting to run from a person or situation

My top techniques to feel calm in minutes.

With the onset of Covid-19; anxiety, stress and depression have been on the increase for 3 reasons: 1. Start the day with Relaxation: Music, meditation, deep breathing exercises, a walk, 1. Unexpected Change bath or shower with essential oils, physical movement that is fun and eating a nourishing 2. Being told what to do breakfast. 3. Isolation 2. Slow breathing: When anxious, your Combine that with loss of jobs, security, income, breathing becomes faster and shallower. relationships strained due to spending time indoors Count to three as you breathe in and out with people, pessimistic media coverage, lack of slowly. Imagine your favourite relaxing colour resources, missing friends and hobbies and feeling flowing through your body. like you are not accomplishing much. Is it any 3. Progressive muscle relaxation: Find a quiet wonder you may be feeling a bit blue? location. Close your eyes and slowly tense and relax each of your muscle groups from 7 questions to find out if you have anxiety: your toes to your head. 1. Are you constantly tense, worried, or on edge? 4. Change your environment: Walk barefoot 2. Do you feel like bad news, danger or catastrophe outdoors, pick a flower, listen to the sounds, are around every corner? smell something nice or spend time with an animal. 3. Does your anxiety interfere with your work, 5. Stay in the present moment: Anxiety can school, a partner or family responsibilities? make your thoughts live in a terrible future 4. Are you plagued by fears that you know are that hasn’t happened yet. Try to bring yourself irrational, but can’t shake? back. Plan 15 minute increments of time to 5. Do you believe that something bad will happen do tasks one after the other. if certain things aren’t done a certain way? 6. Put music on: A tune that brings back good 6. Are you experiencing sudden, unexpected memories – and dance. attacks of heart-pounding panic or 7. Laughter: Watch a funny video or comedian uncomfortable physical sensations in your that makes you laugh. body? 8. Plan worry time: It’s hard to stop worrying 7. Do you avoid everyday situations or activities entirely so set aside some time to indulge because they cause you anxiety and stress? your worries. Even 10 minutes each day writing them out can help. How does anxiety affect us physically? 9. Replace negative thoughts with positive Anxiety is more than just a feeling. Because of ones: Make a list of the negative thoughts physical symptoms, anxiety sufferers often mistake that might be cycling as a result of anxiety their disorder for a medical illness. Physical and write down another list next to it symptoms include: containing positive, believable thoughts to ›› A feeling of dread or panic in the pit of your replace them. stomach 10. Support network: Talk with familiar people ›› Digestive issues, abdominal pain and IBS who are supportive, such as a family member ›› Dizziness or like you are about to pass out or friend. Be kind to yourself. Also consider a ›› Frequent urination or diarrhea support group service.


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

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Light Codes

Jax Robinson Interview by Michelle R Price

What are Light Codes and why would they matter to you? Light Worker Activator, Jax Robinson, did her best to explain that and more. She admitted that question not too long ago would have baffled her. Phrases like: ›› ‘Light Language’ ›› ‘Light Codes’ ›› ‘Crystalline Grids’ ›› ‘Crystalline DNA’ Jax said those terms were all jargon to her, “Even the term Light Worker was so far-fetched in my understanding a little over 10 months ago”. “This time last year, I was working two cafe jobs. My weekends were inundated with desperately needed coffee shifts. I would start at 6:00am in one job, finish at 12:00pm and then drive to my second job, squeezing in a 20 minute car park nap, before donning the next uniform until 10:00pm” she explained. “This was my life and although I considered myself quite blessed to even have one job let alone two, I wasn’t content. “So, for side hustle options, I dipped my toes into anything ‘online’. “This dipping of toes gave me a taste of what was possible. “So, my introduction to Light Work, Light Codes and all celestial communication was literally a light bulb moment. It happened in October 2019 while I was driving my car. Jax said that before that journey, she would never have imagined that she could channel spirit or that she would ever speak Light Language. “This defining moment of my life played out as me seeing celestial beings and earth Ancestors while drooling, because my mouth was uncontrollably channeling the dialogue that they were conveying through me.

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Jax also admitted she was surprised to learn that she was still able to drive during her awakening. “When I returned home to my partner, he said, ‘You look like you have seen a ghost’ she explained. Jax thought she might be losing her mind. Moving on to Light Codes, Jax said that ever since her spiritual activation last October, she has received information through beings that commune with her. She asked them, “Why is this weird gift happening now”? Their answer to her was, “You have always had this gift, it was just conditioned out of you”. Jax also asked, “What is this gift exactly”. The answer that came back was she is a transmitter of Light Codes through Light Language. She described this as, “Streams of information accessed from the quantum field and translated in a way that can be received by our human vessel. Through me, it is translated through sound and language. Through others, it is translated through images. Each code has the ability to cause upgrades, healing or activations for those on the receiving end of the magic”. “This is basically God, source, the universe communicating to us to help us evolve. “Visual Light Codes can be seen and focused on to cause activations. Auditory Light Codes can be heard and felt. It is communication for soul and body rather than for the mind. “So next time you hear or see Light Language or visual Light Codes. Do not ignore the pull. You will know whether they are for you or not. Jax said the full circle of experience for her has resulted in her no longer working jobs and sharing her healing services online. “I get to stay at home, serving how I love to. I also have launched national ceremonies and retreats after receiving the inundation of Light Coding” she finished.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


I have come out of the

the World I Knew

In this diverse world of humankind, we have been experiencing and discovering a new world one way or another in 2020.

In the past, humankind has run organisations that benefit only a few at the expense of the majority. These organisations work for these few people’s interests and not for the cause of its foundation, to give service. The cause, the original intention has become a cover-up for the abuse behind the curtains.

by Yuki

Meanwhile, many of us were running blindly by fear with a positive face, unaware what was going on… We have let an abusive culture grow in our society where people in authority like to flex their muscles and assert their ‘power’ on those who can’t fight back. But that’s old school stuff now. Every person that awakens adds to the power of the collective consciousness. We are day by day, coming out of the world we knew. The Universe has got our back when we focus on creating. Its name is creation after all. Somehow, in the world of Creation, the energy is synchronising and encouraging us to keep creating. I have come out of the world I knew, and I am here. As we, one by one, acknowledge and process what’s happened and what’s going on, we recognise what we didn’t understand before. Breathe in and out. As we shed in the process of recognition, we now have room to create the new. What does your heart want? The Universe has been asking us this question, and it’s time to answer whole-heartedly. What is our new strategy to create organisations that act to meet the needs and best interests of this diverse human race? How do we run organisations that can function for the cause of its foundation and service? How can we make a better world? People power, here we come!!! We have come out of the world we knew, and we are ready to create the world we want, together.

Yuki’s Art & Language Healing, Empowering, Universal Messages

www.yukisartandlanguage.com Follow me on Instagram yukisartlanguage Beautiful coffee table books and E books available


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

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Ignite your Courage for Bringing in the New by Kay Hamilton

Kay Hamilton is the Courage Activator who specialises in supporting women to remove whatever is holding them back from being seen and heard. Life as we knew it came to a grinding holt, pushing every one of us to take a step back from what we knew. We did not see it coming. Our “normal way” of life quickly changed. At first, my feelings of deep shock, anger, grief began to immobilise me. My old feelings of helplessness escalated. I knew the power they could have on me unless I took some action. I knew that I had to dig into my Transformational Toolkit to transform and transmute my uncomfortable feelings. I did not want fear to dim my light and throw me back into the cave of darkness, despair and helplessness. Thankfully, I have changed over the years and have discovered the delights of embracing courage and change. I knew that in order to function in the best way possible, I had to release my “all-encompassing” fear. I had to realign myself and take action to turn things around to reinvigorate my personal power. So I chose to reflect on what I could do and stop worrying about what I couldn’t do. I am now spending more time in my garden. I’m enjoying my walks on the beach. I have more time for self-nurture, I am delving into my creative pursuits, I am intentionally anointing myself with my essential oils, and I have turned

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my thoughts into appreciation and gratitude of what is giving me value and joy in each moment. I am choosing to spend my time doing things that nurture and energise me, the ones that fill my cup, which bring me more balance and peace of mind. When we dedicate our time to those things that bring us comfort and nurture, we become stronger, gain insights and become clearer. Time for self- nourishment expands our ability to cope with outer disruptions. Taking action is the remedy for procrastination, it opens the door for us to move from being stuck to becoming unstuck. This offers us an opportunity to become more productive, which helps us to release our fears paving the way to step into our courage. Change can be confronting, unnerving and destabilising. However, it can also open doors to new solutions and new possibilities. The patterns and practices we adopt each day shape our futures. Sometimes to invoke change, we need a little more courage to ensure it sticks. Now is the perfect time to review what is not giving you joy or value in your life. It is the perfect time to release those old patterns, practises, people or possessions that do not serve your best interests. You are being offered a chance to release what no longer aligns with your highest good. You have an opportunity to realign with your inner desires and awaken the possibility to create the quality of life you want to be experiencing. It is a time to take action toward creating the changes you desire and the only one who can make that decision, is you?

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


by Kathy Shanks

Journaling my way Each issue Kathy will share the many ways we can use journaling for our daily self care practice. Kathy Shanks is the author and creator of the Uplevel your Life Journal.

Change your habits. Change your life. The life you currently live, is the accumulation of the decisions you make everyday – “today I’ll take the car because I can’t be bothered walking,” “yes I’d rather go to a party than finish this report,” “no way am I making an effort to do that job any better – what’s the point?” Your success (and let’s face it, failure) depends on so many decisions – and these small decisions become our habits – and these habits become our way of life. If you want to create success in your life, no matter what success means to you (bigger house, better business, no sugar today) then you need to make small decisions every day that are congruent with the success of your goals. You can meditate and manifest all you want – but if your actions don’t align with your dreams… that dream is unlikely to manifest. I like to journal in a way that allows me to create better habits every week and also create a BALANCED life – sure we need a work-related goal,


but not at the expense of our relationships. Actions can’t be all focused on one part of your life, because inevitably the other parts will suffer. Each week I use my journal to create a list of activities or habits that I want to improve upon. I only choose 1 thing in each area of my life for the week. Trying to do too much becomes overwhelming and we’re likely to give up. Focus on small steps that will have long term BIG impacts. Each morning I check in with my journal to make sure I’m on track and to plan the day ahead. The following is a summary of each section and some ideas and habits to explore: ›› Heart & Soul – how will you fill up your heart this week? Take a bit of time out for you every day to meditate, express gratitude, breathe, journal or recite affirmations/‘I am’ statements. ›› Mindset – strengthen your mind! You can do this with personal development,

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

books, audio and upskilling your profession. ›› Health – often we lose focus on health when we are focused on other goals. Take time to plan out your healthy habits for the week – focus on water, try a new exercise, cook a new meal. ›› Relationships – don’t ignore the ones you love because you’re busy building them a better life. Schedule time and activities that bring out the best in all your relationships. ›› Mission – don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to work on the big-picture goals. What activities can you do to get you closer to creating your life’s mission. Use your journal to record how these changes are working for you – then set new goals each week. Keep it simple and before you know it you’ve developed long lasting habits. Happy journaling,


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by people who love books

Book Reviews Finding my Soul at Sea by Pip Coleman

Soul Healing for the Star Seeds By Kayla Marie “If every 8 year old is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – Dalai Lama Soul Healing for the Star Seeds is a beautiful creation channeled by Kayla, capturing the colourful energy of children. The book takes you on a beautiful journey and supports children and their caregivers to connect, align and raise their vibration in a simple process full of unconditional Love. I love my copy and I’ve bought several to use as gifts, grab as many as you can, our children will benefit and in turn so will Mother Earth. - Tracey McMahon Available from www.souljourneyhealings.com

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In her new book Pip shares the unique story of her journey on a cruise ship with liveliness and great humour. Her stories show us that we can either live a life dictated by others or we can shift to living a life that is designed by our soul. Becoming authentic and real is always a hard task in a world that pays more attention to the superficialities; doing so on a cruise ship sounds even tougher. Yet Pip shows us that our life’s journey can lead us to a place of greater spiritual connection if we allow ourselves to take that path. - Dr Carol Head, Integrative General Practitioner and author of ‘Holistic Medicine - Beyond the Physical’. Available from www.pipcoleman.com

The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds Channelled by Victoria Cochrane I first read Victoria’s book nearly five years ago and have read it another three times since, as it is absolutely fascinating and a wonderful reminder of our place in the Universe. The Masters explain, in no uncertain terms, why humanity is in the state it is in and how we can work to raise the frequency of our planet. It teaches us how we as individuals can move toward oneness and take our energies

to the fifth dimension. It feels as though the Masters are talking directly to everyone who reads this. I feel both humbled by this book and also more aware of the importance of continuing to work on raising my consciousness. Each time I read this book I gain more from it, and it is very easy to read and understand. I look forward Victoria’s next book with great anticipation. - Christine Gryoza Available from Amazon or victoriacochrane.com

I love Me by Yuki I love this book for the feelings evoked while reading through and gazing at the pictures. Yuki has the ability to take a complex, multi-layered feeling and make it clear, simple and easy to understand in both word and in her art. Her perspective then has its own effect of speaking volumes. Yuki’s intention to inspire selflove to heal was achieved for me. While reading this book, I started to remember who I am. From within. And it was a feeling, inspired by the words and art. I felt my own existence and then my presence in my space. When I finished reading & closed the book, the words I heard from within was ‘Because I am worth it’. And I kept this space. It was a gift and I wish this to everyone. - L Ryan Available from www.yukisartandlanguage.com

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Connection Corner Connections are the centre of our family. It is through connections that we learn and grow individually and together. We are all energy and we draw our energy from the month and the year of our birth, which are linked to the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. We can use these elements as a way of having deep connections with our family. You will notice the birth dates of a family of four people, with their unique birth footprint.

Case Study Family Member 1 Sagittarius ~ Fire ~ Dragon ~ Fire (Star Sign ~ Element 1 ~ Chinese Horoscope ~ Element 2) Qualities: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humour Secondary Qualities: Confident, intelligent, enthusiastic, smart, and easygoing Family Member 2 Capricorn ~ Earth ~ Dragon ~ Fire Qualities: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers Secondary Qualities: Smart and easygoing, confident, intelligent, enthusiastic Family Member 3 Aries ~ Fire ~ Rat ~ Earth Qualities: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate Secondary Qualities: Quickwitted, resourceful, versatile, kind, amiable, honest, flexible, modest, serious, with a strong sense of self-esteem Family Member 4 Aquarius ~ Air ~ Ox ~ Earth Qualities: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian Secondary Qualities: Diligent, dependable, strong, determined, honest and prudent with a strong sense of responsibility


The first thing you will notice in the profile is that the fire element is the strongest element within the family dynamics. What does this mean? This means that the family has a strong base and values of confidence, intelligence, enthusiasm and being easy going. The picture that the family profile represents is of sitting around a fire place toasting marshmallows being connected and having fun together. There is a warmth to the family that connects them together. However, fire is only one element and for us to be in a space of growth, we need the other elements to connect with us and the different elements have different effects and qualities. Fire and Earth complement each other, they are both supportive elements in different situations. Earth has the ability to ground fire, while fire has the capability of igniting ideas and passions. Fire’s motion is upward and it is associated with being dynamic, energetic, passionate and enterprising energies. While, earth is the element of harvest time, abundance and nourishment. This element is also regarded as central to balance and the place where energy becomes downward in movement and provides stability. The fire-earth combination has the ability for Fire to set the Earth ablaze with passion and intensity, whereas Earth provides the Fire sign with some much-needed discipline and acts as a grounding force in the Fire sign’s life. Earth can certainly contain fire but when Fire rages it can temporarily scorch earth’s resources. For the reverse combination earthfire, this means that the person needs to have all of their ideas grounded and solid before they

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

by LK Tommi

will enact on them, once they enact the ideas, it will be with passion. Each element evokes different energy. Fire has high energy, where Earth has centred energy. It is important to be accepting of each element and energy within the family. For example, the fire energy needs to give the earth energy time to have inner time and to do activities that align with centred energy, for example, participating in activities that might appear to the other person as solitary or independent activity from the family. While, the fire energy needs to have the opportunity to express their high energy. In younger people with fire energy, they need to learn to develop and harness their energy. It is essential they learn to shift their energy from high to centre to low energy. The air element has the potential to circulate their energy within their body, as the body balances the oxygen flow and they become determined to move forward, like the wind and succeed. It is also essential to recognise that there are three family members with the earth element, one in the primary position and two in the secondary position. It is important that these people get the opportunity to connect with each other through their earth (grounded) energy and do activities that represent the energy. If you would like to know more about how the elements can strengthen your family connections. Please email lk@ creativegenerations.com.au and your family will be profiled in the next edition. You will also receive a 1-hour consultation with LK Tommi in relation to creating strong family connections within your family. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41


by Michelle Milne

New moon spell

Full moon spell

Balance your energy and remove negativity from yourself and home

Letting debt go and bringing happiness

On a new moon take sage and anticlockwise sage yourself. Then starting from the front door and moving anticlockwise ask that negative energy “You must leave and only love, and light fill these walls.” Make sure you pay attention to the windows and the mirrors. Once you have reached the front door open it and say “go now this house is protected, and you shall not remain.” Take an apple and cut it in half rub rosemary for pure intent, mint for prosperity and say “all my problems rot and decay. May you now go away.” Put the apple back together, stick a skewer in it to hold it, wrap it in black silk and bury.

Take all of your old bills and lover’s photos, letters etc. and at 9 pm as 9 is an ending number. Light a fire outside and say

If you have a specific problem, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the Apple also. Say “It is done, it is done, it is done.” Watch how your problems leave, and you and your home feel safe and in a higher vibration.

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“As the fire burns my past away. Ashes will be the only thing that stays. Like a Phoenix, I will rise older, stronger and wise. Let go of the old to bring in the new Mother goddess and mother moon. I’m now reborn anew.” Let the old energies burn. Make yourself a happiness charm with three cloves of garlic, three gold coins, three yellow rose petals or buds. Put them into a yellow bag. Put your favourite music on and dance and laugh and sing while going into every room. Fill the bag up with happiness. When finished place the bag with yellow string over your front door. Each full moon put your charm out to charge in the moon’s light.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


by Deb Norman


Upcoming Moon Cycles - What to Expect! FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS 4 AUG 2020 @ 1.58AM AEST


19 AUG 2020 @ 12.41PM AEST

We have experienced quite the ride over the past few months with our eclipse cycle on the cardinal cross, triggering our safety, values, direction, and unfinished business from 19 years ago. This hit was especially emotional as the luminaries triggered Saturn and Pluto. The Luminaries have now moved onto the fixed cross to illuminate our creative urge and solar essence, while working with our fellow humans to bring in new belief systems that serve all cultures as a collective, using new channelled understanding and ideals in a more functional way. This planetary set up is not as deep as the previous moon cycles. This has more of a glide over the top, networking type feel to it. Emotionally detached, talkative while wanting to socialise and explore other people’s perspectives. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pallas, the Nodes and Vulcan are all retrograde currently. The Sun and Vulcan are in opposition to the Full Moon and Earth, 3rd/9th houses,


and in hard aspect to Uranus in Taurus in the 11th/house AEST. These aspects represent polar viewpoints between the masculine and feminine, where restlessness, rebellion, and opposing beliefs get entangled. Uranus the ruler of the 11th, loves to spring the unexpected on us, chaos is his middle name and all for the good of warranted change. If you are part of a group that is affecting your individuality, or you feel your unique personality is not feeling valued, then Uranus will stir the pot to encourage change. As the Sun and the Moon will be in hard aspect, hold tight and be objective as possible as your faith in what you do gets tested, and your emotional life overhauled. You may find that your friends are not on the same page as you. Other’s expectations of you at work may trigger feelings of failure. Your home could surprise you with repairs or accidents that require money not available. What ever way this plays out for you, this energy will be looking for more emotional and personal freedom with people who truly get you.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

This is where the Luminaries come together in full expression, to illuminate new intentions and goals while integrating the masculine and feminine aspects. Right and left brain work together as a team to find exciting and creative ideas that will serve the collective. Mercury and Vulcan are travelling with this duo to support exciting communication and sharing of higher knowledge and wisdom. This would be a good time to get clear about what you think and clear away any paradigms, beliefs or thoughts that may not be yours. This line up and its aspect to Lillith, may bring others into your space to trigger memories, resulting in impulsive reactions or unhealed aspects ready for releasing, that were buried in the past. The trine to Mars gives off extra energy that supports you in working out issues that you would normally struggle to solve or express to others. If you feel ready to stand up and speak your truth at work, or for a cause and dispute, this energy will support you in stepping up where you have been shy in the past. Uranus in Taurus, 5th house, is in harmonious aspect to Venus in Cancer in the 7th. The 5th, where you meet your mate, the 7th, where you All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

by Deb Norman

Astrology become more permanent, brings stability and safety to your relationship, or it may align you with a new partner that brings out your unique qualities and creative spark. You may attract new friendships, enjoy parties and showing who you really are in a way that is enjoyable for the group. If your self-worth is not intact, Saturn’s irritated aspect to the Luminaries may leave you feeling restricted. This aspect will ask you to look at what you truly value, around yourself, your home, and beliefs.


This full Moon has progressed to the mutable cross and brings with it 9 voices retrograde. That is a whole lot of restructuring, reorganising, refuelling, reevaluating, readjusting and regenerating. As the previous cycle encouraged detachment and logical thinking, this cycle asks us to get in touch with our fear around connecting to our inner Source or God, as some may want to see some tangible proof. You may find yourself in a spiritual crisis as you look deep within to find answers to hard questions and situations.

events, and places to stimulate parts of your thinking buried long ago, for reviewing and releasing. We as individuals and a collective can not move forward and produce our greatest song until we have mastered self and what lies hidden. The past may come back to say hello with this transit, so be prepared to tackle old relationships, conversations or incidents that were not dealt with correctly in the past. Insecurities around not being able to tap into and trust our feelings may come up to be healed as many have been hiding behind the illusions of feelings not being safe. Many will find that their psychic and intuitive abilities are growing while others feel disillusioned. It is important to watch your self-talk at this time as it may tend to be negative. Find that deep sense of self and balance by integrating critical thinking and inspirational feelings.


This is a great time to get those exuberant juices flowing by combining your analytical talents with your ability to create. You will be feeling focused and ready to show the world what you have to offer, that both heals and inspires change in the groups you hold

dearest to you. Watch your temper as Mars travels through the 12th. You may be tempted to internalise anger, it would be of benefit to all, if you use this to push forward as the spiritual warrior, who stands for justice on behalf of the collective. There may be changes in your personal space that you may not see coming. Stay calm, find creative solutions, and look for beliefs systems and the right mindset to turn these obstacles into gain. The south Node retrograde in Sagittarius is in hard aspect to the Luminaries and Vulcan. This may affect your relationships and any shared resources so ensure you have the conversation needed that gets you both on the same page, as old outworn attitudes could be hindering happiness. The Sun is happy in the 5th. Here this solar force will want to express itself autonomously without having to report to anyone. Although this aspect is usually very pleasant in this area, it may affect your workspace as you no longer wish to conform. As full phase means the Sun and Moon are conjunct, you will be asked to attend to both sides of your personality, your solar force, spirit identity and your emotional body. To find out how this affects your personal chart contact Deb contact details in the directory.

On the upside, this is a great time to finish projects, ready to start new ones. Pluto in the 12th will insist we dig deep into our psych and early conditioning. Most people are still being controlled by their early programs and this energy is going to setup people, All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


by Selena Joy Lovett


August Collective Reading Compassion and love for others and yourself General This month calls for compassion – towards you and to others. We are living in times where there is a lot of judgement and criticism going on – everyone has an opinion and its fashionable and acceptable to point fingers on reality shows in magazines/papers openly criticising someone’s looks, size, mannerisms – when we are subjected to this type of behaviour if we are not careful then we can start taking on this way of being and end up following along and find that we are just as bad; putting people down and then that behaviours turns on ourselves as we end up fault finding what we look like, wear and everything that comes out of our mouths – suffering from loss of confidence as we presume everyone is criticising us as that’s what we become to think is normal behaviour – well it isn’t!!! Together we can change this – be the ripple in the river – it starts with de-toxing what we watch and who we follow on social media – clean it out so you have positive role models and people who are uplifting to others. This month is a time for self love forgiveness, self care, compassion and helping others rise up. This month start of a new habit, every time you go to say something negative about


yourself or others, replace it with something kind or don’t say anything at all!! Replacing these negative thoughts/words will leave room for clear energy to come through cleansing yourself from negative cords from the past and awakening new love for life. Live this month with love.

Love It’s time to cherish the love you have in your life, maybe you have been too busy or distracted to notice or nourish your relationships. Now’s the time to focus on spending time and energy on building up, bonding and connecting relationships with loved ones. The moon shines her light down to uncover any mysteries that maybe hidden in the darkness – have you been hiding your true thoughts and feelings – is there honesty within the relationship? maybe it’s time to share and spend some quality time together talking and connecting without distractions focusing on each other and allowing each other the freedom to be true.

Work If things have felt that they are swaying all over the place then this feels like a time where old

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

fashion morals and traditions will work for you. Time to get your head down and work it may feel monotonous but this is the way towards success and building something that will last. It may mean studying some more to update your skills or learning from people that have been where you are and may have some advice to share. If you need help don’t be afraid to reach out as you will find if you ask you will be lifted up, work load will be lifted or you will be put into a positive position in a new job but something that fits well that you almost feel you’ve been there before. Money and luck are around so start practising the law of attraction and focus on the positive – what you have and what you are aiming for and not the lack.

Spirit When Kali appears in a reading allow her to help you let go of all that’s no longer needed and allow the changes to take place. With her powerful swords she will cut away the cords from past attachments that may be draining your energy releasing you and allowing you to move forward with renewed passion for life and love. Allow changes to happen – open your arms wide and embrace the new. All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

by Selena Joy Lovett


September Collective Reading The universe is guiding you – trust and have faith General There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you think!! Do you feel like you are a bit stuck or not quite sure what to do? Look out for the signs!!! The universe is offering opportunities to you but you are not noticing. You have had some time to reflect and rest so maybe now is the time to start thinking about your next step – start putting your dreams into action and once you do you will notice that the universe will help you by lining up events and circumstances that will help you along. So stand up and start taking steps forward towards achieving your dreams and goals! Believe it, feel it and live it!!!

Love Divine timing is at play within your love life – so if you are waiting for something to happen within your relationship try to be patient and know that it is but a matter of time before things work out the way you want them to. Meanwhile, spend some time doing things that feed your soul and make you feel good and fulfilled. If you are waiting for your soul mate to appear, trust in divine timing, the universe is working behind the scenes to bring this All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

to you and you may slow things down if you are putting out the worry vibe or believing that it’s never going to happen vibe to the universe so instead listen and follow your intuition as this is how the universe will guide you towards your soul mate. Follow your intuition and trust in divine timing.

Work It’s time to take a stand and reach out and grab what you want – if you have been waiting around not knowing what to do this card is all about getting fired up and making that decision – listen to your intuition about the options you have, maybe write down the pros and cons of these choices around to help you come to a decision or get some advise but it’s make your mind up time. Stand your ground and be firm about what you want and the direction that you want to go in. If you don’t believe that there are any options or opportunities around then it maybe because you are not looking or not looking in the right place. Be mindful and listen to what going on around you. Prepare to step forward as the gateway is open for you it’s time to reawakened the power within you and focus on the route that

you want to take once you make the decision and step forward the universe will unfold new possibilities in your way to help you achieve your goals.

Spirit You will have a series of coincidences in which you stumble upon information that reveals what the best action to take is, whom you can trust and where best to invest your time and energy. There are signs that you are being guided – try to stay in the moment so that you can see them, if you are always looking down at your phone, being distracted by people or lost within your own mind you may not be aware or this sign. It may come in the form of an advert, a street sign, something a friend or stranger says, things you read may hold a clue for your future. If you aren’t listening or connecting to others you may miss it. Be open to receive messages in whatever form that they appear, trust and follow your intuition.

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020



Solreta Antaria Internationally renowned psychic, Clairvoyant from a young age, Solreta has long been aware of other dimensional realities available for Readings, all sessions include a Psychic Reading, Tarot & Aura Drawing.

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Conscious Courses and Therapies In my courses, therapies and books, my focus is on offering simple and practical skills to honour and fully accept yourself, using Reiki Energy Healing, Psychology and Meditation. W | www.pipcoleman.com FB | Pip Coleman – Conscious Courses and Therapies


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

Accurate, Passionalte, Life-Changing Contact Victoria for accurate psychic readings and healings that will remove past traumas and cleanse negativity from your belief systems and energy fields. W | victoriacochrane.com E | victoriacochrane44 @gmail.com M | 0417 581 107 FB | Reaching Out Spiritual News with Victoria Cochrane YT | www.youtube.com/channel/ UCUXFZoWohlk5Ywi3om65Afg

Creative Generations Foundation – LK Tommi

I teach young people to connect their emotions, thoughts and energy to their life experiences, developing self-mastery and wellbeing. My services is a facilitated on-line course for children from 7 years of age in either self-mastery or wellbeing.

P | 0423 496 423 W | creativegenerations.com.au E | Lk@creativegenerations. com.au FB | LK Tommi IN | LK Tommi

Empowered Happiness Improve your Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Well-Being • Kinesiology • Brain Gym • mBIT Coaching • Meditation • Reiki • Healing • Kinesiology “Kinesi” Cards Sessions are available online and in Berwick. P | 0402 145 342 W | empoweredhappiness.com

Leonie Featherstone Scents Of Empowerment

Connect with me for your FREE 30 minute ‘Scent-sational Exploration’ to engage your senses as your Master Guides. Together we will tailor-make a plan to unleash the power and purity of doTERRA essential oils and integrate them into every aspect of your mind, body, spirit and household so you can have improved wellness and peace of mind. P | 0411 744767 scentsofempowerment.com.au E | leonietf@onthenet.com.au FB | ScentsOfEmpowerment

H.E.A.L. with Gwenda For those who seek to be free of pain, illness, and disease, I can guide, mentor, and assist you into self-healing and living a Harmonious, Enlightened, Aligned Life. W | www.healwithgwenda.com FB | HEAL With Gwenda All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

The Courage Activator Kay Hamilton is known as The Courage Activator. You help remove whatever is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Kay uses energy healing including colour energy, high frequency essential oils, crystals, intention, mediation and affirmations. P | 0418 654 599 W | mymy.com/kayhamilton

The Heal Yourself Expo

Heal Yourself Expo’s are much more than just another new age event. We are a community of healers, teachers, way showers and change makers with a passion to support their communities, and educate people that WE have the power to Heal Ourselves and Heal the Planet. P | 0415 800 888 W | healyourselfexpo.com E | expo@healyourselfexpo.com FB | healyourselfexpo

David Laws – The Famous Flower Man and Psychic, Mentor ,Speaker I am a very gifted psychic who has been practicing the ancient & incredibly beautiful art of flower reading for over 31 years years & today I am one of just 4- 5 people in the world who conduct flower readings as a full time profession. P | 0481 598 520 thefamousflowerman.com.au All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41


Take my survey and uncover • Your Sacred Lover Archetype discover how you love to love and • Your Vibrational Blueprint - See where you are energetically

Luanne Mareen – Goddess on Purpose


Kay Hamilton –

Luanne Mareen uses Scientific Hand Analysis to help people who are confused about their Purpose gain absolute clarity so they can Step out and Shine in their Life and or Spiritual Business unapologetically. Do the free Path to Purpose Quiz to discover your foundational Path. W | LuanneMareen.com E | info@luannemareen.com

Visit my website

Kim McKosker

I invite you to Awaken Your Spirit Within through my programs: • Unlock Your Love Blocks • Unlock Your Money Blocks • Awaken your Spiritual Gifts • Healing with the Ancestors • High Vibe Body • Cosmic Rebel Studio W | rebecca-lee.com FB | rebeccaleeofficial IN | rebeccalee_official

Kim is a well-known presenter and much loved for her easy, informative and funny storytelling. Her ability to talk, cook and serve all at the same time is VERY ENTERTAINING! To book Kim for your next function or event, as a keynote or MC please contact Melinda on P | 0431 297 923 E | info@4ingredients.com.au W| www.4ingredients.com.au

Live Love by Design

Michelle Milne Practicing green witch and gold professional member of AAS creator of Witchypoo brew.

We assist you to move beyond any of the 40+ loss life events so you can: • Stop the grieving and suffering from past loss events • Know that “time” is not a factor in regards to your “move-beyond-loss process” • Bust through all the myths, beliefs and clichés around loss • Learn strategies that assist you in moving beyond any future loss events easily • Discover ideal ways you can be there for your family and friends • Create a better everyday life. W | livelovebydesign.com W | karenchaston.com FB | livelovebydesign FB | KarenChaston

W | moonslane.com.au P | 0411 384 613 FB | moonslane

MJB Seminars Emilia (Mills) Tomeo Visit our website to know more about how to follow the wealth principles of natural law. transformyourwealth.com.au P | (08) 9240 7553 E | info@mjbseminars.com.au FB | mjbseminars INSTA | mjbseminars YT | Dorothy and the Dealer LI | MJB Seminars Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020



Deb Norman

Pop Up Psychics

@ The Quantum Blueprint

Have you ever wanted a reading? Experience online and face to face readings with some truly gifted Psychic Mediums, Clairvoyants, Healers, Teachers and Tarot. We offer you premium psychics that are not only accredited but tried and thorough. P | 0423 402 715 W | popuppsychics.com FB | popuppsychics

A global education platform that heals holistically using Psychology, Astrology, Metaphysics, Science and energy body work. W | thequantumbp.com FB | thequantumbp

OptiMystic Xzavia Xzavia is an Energetic freedom specialist, Psychic medium, Intuitive healer, Channeller, Massage therapist and Twin Flame here to be of service and assist you on your journey. W | optimysticxzavia.com.au M 0425 131 076 E | hello@optimysticxzavia .com.au FB | OptiMystic Xzavia IN | optimystic_xzavia

Our Wellness Community

An online centre for wellness in body, mind, heart & soul. We bring people together & bring out the best in them. OWC believes that when you know better, you do better. We have carved out many pathways to wellness – learning how to transcend fear, manage stress & overcome anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness. We want to be pivotal in your return to a state of fullness – feeling joyful, wonderful, hopeful, and fulfilled. P | 0425 732 274 W | ourwellnesscommunity. com.au E | mscott04@bigpond.net.au FB | ourwelnesscommunity


Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

Michelle R Price

Michelle is passionate about all things spiritual and has been seeing and communicating with spirit since she can remember. • Angel Card/Intuitive Readings • Mediumship • Past Life Connections • Pranic energy healer Michelle has a knack for getting to the root of a concern, particularly for health - and bringing through confirmation from the spirit world. P | 0408 984 219 FB | michellerprice76 E | angelgirl2002wings@ hotmail.com

I am a Manifestor Linda Willow Roberts

• Speaking • Webinars • ½ hour Spiritual Reading • 1 hour Spiritual Reading • Spiritual teacher/Mentor programs • Theta Healing • Author Seven Eighths of Me • Creator of I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards W | LindaWillowRoberts.com.au E | willowswayoflife@live.com.au FB | Willowswayoflife IN | roberts.linda YT | Linda Willow Roberts

Jax Robinson Jax mentors Light Workers in mastering entrepreneurial impact & wealth creation. She is also the founder of Awaken Sound Ceremonies & Retreats.

FB | jackstar.lou IN | Jax_emilio_robinson

Psychic Readings by Sarah Yip

Soul 2 Path Psychics

Professional numerology, palmistry, Tarot and clairvoyance readings and workshops on the Gold Coast and worldwide by Zoom. Specialising in 11:11 and repeating number See’rs.

Psychics Soul 2 Path Psychics can give you clarity, direction and powerful insight into your future. We give guidance from love to relationships, money and career you have the power to change your life.

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P | 1300 376 383 W | soul2path.com FB | soul2path All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

If you need answers to help find the correct pathway forward, I connect with spirit to gain insight about your future to obtain information and guidance about your situation and any problems to help guide you to find solutions and help unblock any negative energy standing in the way of you achieving your personal goals and happiness. I also offer Mediumship readings to connect with your passed loved ones to receive messages and guidance from them and to provide comfort and closure W | selenajoylovett.com E | selenajoylovett @hotmail.com FB | Selenajoypsychic

Soul Journey Healings Kayla is a holistic therapist using reiki & shamanic medince in her healings and offers psychic/ mediumship readings. She is also the author of soul healing for the star seeds. P | 0408 969 092 W | souljourneyhealings.com FB | Soul Journey Healings with kayla IN | souljourneyhealings

Spiritual Events & Directory

Uplevel your Life Daily Journal

SED is a Global Media Company specialising in showcasing conscious solopreneur’s through varies media platforms, for people seeking information or education about spiritual wellbeing. P | 0423 402 715 W | spiritualeventsdirectory.com FB | spiritualeventdirectory

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Yuki’s Art & Language

Broadcast Your Message to The World in just 8 weeks The #1 Program designed to get your message to the world and build your authority

Come visit www. yukisartandlanguage.com to find Healing Empowering Universal messages and arts.

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Follow yukisartlanguage on Instagram to see us grow. The more you look, the more you find! ‘I GIVE A DAMN’ – A Book of Metamorphosing available now.

Spirited New Beginnings

Unique Phoenix

Please also enjoy our beautiful coffee table books and eBooks:

We are a spiritual healing hub offering: Spiritual Counselling, Hahnemann Healing, Spiritual Parenting Coaching, Yoga, Drawing classes, Meditation, Mediumship Readings

Helping women transform to live a Soul Full-Filled life with strong boundaries, loving relationships and empowered to the beautiful unique selves. Guiding them through lifes matrix to unlock their emotional code to live free.

• ‘I LOVE ME’- A Book of Healing • ‘LIFE IS ALWAYS HELD IN EQUILIBRIUM’- A Book of Universal Law • ‘I SEE, HEAR AND I CAN SPEAK’- A Book of Empowerment

W | spirtednewbeginnings.com FB | Spirited-NewBeginnings-A-Place-to-LearnConnect-and-Grow All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

W | www.emamuir.com P | 0409 355 718


Selena Joy Psychic Medium

W | yukisartandlanguage.com IN | yukisartlanguage YT | Yuki’s Art & Language Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


by Solreta Antaria Send your questions to us at rebirth@ spiritualeventsdirectory.com and we might feature you in our next issue

Q What is the message behind the global pandemic? Victoria A What is being shown to me right now is there are various different levels to what’s currently happening. The guides are showing me they wish to speak on the higher dimensional side of things. I’m seeing a lot of galactic blue energy coming in, there is higher healing to open up & step into coming from our galactic brothers & sisters. There are higher frequencies, contained within our own hearts to learn about at this time. These lessons are coming from our souls. They are breaking patterns of the past. Keep your attention focused on being a peaceful warrior of light. See hear & feel your soul resonate these frequencies. Keep your heart & mind focused on the future & bring the positive feeling into the present moment & into your heart.

Q My question is; My partner moved out of our family home earlier this year, but our relationship has not changed. He still calls or txts me daily to talk about work and what is happening in his world. I was quite angry and upset when he left, but have now found peace. I want to know is will he come back and want to move our relationship back to a romantic one or am I just kidding myself? I am so 42

confused as I have never had an ex still continue to talk to me after a break up. Merendi

around you. There may be the feeling of having known each other many lifetimes over.

A The energy I’m being shown with your question is, the ex has an emotional need to connect with you & you are suppling what he needs. I am also seeing there may be a bit of a mother issue for him? And he may be trying to get something out of the connection with you that he didn’t get from his mother. The other thing I am being shown is if you do move on, he may become a bit jealous & want you back. It’s almost like wanting to have his cake & eat it too. This is a karmic learning lesson on boundaries for you.

There is also a beautiful rose pink Mary Magdalene energy around you.

I am being shown for you to shine in all your glory & not be afraid to write your wish list in a partner, raise your standards & move your vibration onwards & upwards.

Q Who is my soul family please? KerriAnn A Great question Kerri-Ann, I am being shown this in relation to your soul family question. I’m seeing a group of 3 high frequency Sirians, they are showing themselves as pure energy & frequency they are radiating beautiful blue silhouettes, they are here with you teaching & connecting you with beautiful messages of your heart, they are here assisting you, connecting you with a deeper level of humanity. You also have beautiful Pleiadeian & Andrmadeon soul family energy around you. In the physical, I’ve also been shown a close female friend that feels like a soul sister relationship

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020

All very beautiful calming energies.

Q Hi, I need guidance with deciding where to live, should I stay here in NJ or move to California? Thank You, Yvette Gonzalez. A I am feeling there is still something more to learn from the current place, but it feels like the lesson is within, they are taking me to the solar plexus stomach area & are showing me there are old emotions to reflect on & release so that you can move forward & really co-create your new desired life. It is time to put the energy behind where you want to go, I do feel more of a beach vibe, I also see job security being anchored first before a move. It does feel more like Claifornia, I feel there are a few more like minded open souls there to connect with, this may also be a reason you are being drawn there. I’m also been shown NJ may lead to more experiences similar to what you have had in the past? The energy around NJ feels a little flatter & lower in relation to your question. I also put the card of victory when we ask about california, the energy on the card matches the guides answers, this is how they speak words of confirmation to us.

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

All contributor contact details are on pages 38-41

Rebirth Edition 3 | August 2020


Profile for Rebirth Vade Mecum

Rebirth Magazine August 2020  

Rebirth Magazine August 2020  

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