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Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


We interview Inna Segal 4 Amanda De Warren 6 How the ‘Corona stuff’ is affecting our fur babies

David Laws Manifesting Magic in your life 7 Lysa Michel Become Fearless 8 Kim McKosker 10 4 Ingredients Chocolate Fudge Torte

Lynne Heuermann Living your Best Life 12 Victoria Cochrane 13 Connecting through Meditation

Joanne Antoun The Power of You 14 Chakra Poster by Joanne Antoun 15 Our Wellness Community 16 Leonie Featherstone 20 Have you come to your senses?

Rebecca-Lee Rise of the Cosmic Rebel 22 Emma Wachs Shifting Limitations 23 Martina Liberson Life with Dowsing 24 Julie Lewin 25 How to use Intuition in life and business

Big changes means more practical perspective 26 Vasiliky Dimi Sigil Magick & Star Codes 27 Not just surviving... but thriving 28 I Fly: True stories of overcoming adversity

Rhia Valentine 29 Connecting with our kids

Journaling my way 30 Book Reviews 31 Connection Corner 32 Rituals - Full Moon 33 Astrology - Upcoming Moon Cycles 34 Tarotscopes - Collective Tarot 36 Easy Print Directory 38 Pop Up Psychics 42

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When we put the call out for some cover art - we both fell in love with this image! What we didn’t know, was the message that came along with it. Rebecca shared this and we were floored at how fitting it is for the rebirth of Rebirth!

- Kathy & Sarah

“Rainbow Warrior” by Rebecca-Lee Message: I come to tell you that the time has come for all the pieces of your wild divine vision to come together. You have been through a lot which has helped you to let go of old vibrating versions of yourself. This initiation was a soul contract to give you the opportunity to work through the last of your karma and become the highest version of yourself possible. This path has also highlighted the details you need to navigate your mission. You should be starting to know and trust yourself more than ever before. All that has been polarised within you is now integrating – your right and left brain and your masculine and feminine energies. You are destined to rise above the dualities and bring forth the rainbow consciousness to all whom are drawn to you. An energetic shift has begun inside of you and very soon your vibration will be different emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Humanity is destined to raise their collective frequency and more people will be waking up and remembering who they truly are more then ever before. Everything you have been through has been preparing you for this time, and you will be ready to guide others in whatever way that is divinely yours to do so.

Editor | Sarah Watkins

Synk Media & Spiritual Events Directory

Designer | Kathy Shanks Synk Media & Turtle Creative

Journalist | Michelle Brewer Michelle R Price Writer & Clairvoyant Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Inna Segal Interview with Sarah Watkins

“I feel like we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we connect to the wisdom of our body and soul.”

Inna Segal is a best-selling author and the creator of The Secret Language of Colour Cards and Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Mystical Healing Cards and many online and audio programs. There is no doubt we have a lot to learn from this talented woman and luckily for us, Inna took some time out from her busy schedule to answer some pressing questions.

Q Inna how did you come to be where you are today – give me a brief overview of your journey to your spiritual career? A I originally started my journey because I was unwell. I had psoriasis all over my knees and elbows, digestive problems and constant back pain. After seeing practitioner after practitioner for years, I decided to take responsibility when a chiropractor told me that he couldn’t help me - and heal myself. At that time, I was able to tune into my body and discover its language. I then realised that I was able to intuitively see into other people’s physical, mental and emotional challenges. I did one on one healing work with people for years and then decided to write a book, The Secret Language of your Body. This book became a worldwide best seller and I started to travel and teach people how to heal themselves. I also wrote another book and several card decks as well as creating online audio and video programs.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Around 5 years ago I took some time out to deepen my healing practice and spiritual understanding by delving deeper into mystery knowledge. This gave me more insight both into healing and who we are as spiritual beings. In the last few years I have combined this teaching with my healing work and have been travelling around Australia helping as many people as possible wake up to their true nature.

Q What has been your biggest life lesson thus far? How and what did you learn from it? A My biggest lesson has been to recognise the roles of soul and spirit in who we are and incorporate this wisdom into my teachings. I learnt that spirit is the eternal part of us. This part comes with us into every lifetime. The soul is the part of us that experiences sensations, desires, feelings, likes and dislikes. I believe that we are here to refine different aspects of our personality which is a huge part of the soul. This is essentially what my books are about. I have also learnt that when we let go of fear and discover what happens after we cross the gate of death; we learn more about how to live our lives. And that everything we do now is creating our future body and life.

Q Can anyone learn to do what they love for a living? A I believe that we all have a destiny. For some people, part of their purpose in life is to do the things they love and make a living from it. For others, their purpose is to grow from challenges with their family, children, and life conditions. Nothing is random though. The soul is wildly intelligent and will constantly guide you towards what you came here to learn. But what I do

believe is that, no matter what we do, we can learn to do it from a place of love.

Q Do you feel like we are all healers? A I feel like we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we connect to the wisdom of our body and soul. At the same time, I’m aware that based on what people have experienced in past incarnations, they could heal faster or slower. I believe that we are here to heal different aspects of our lives and that we are at a time when learning the basic skills of tuning into the body and healing is a great necessity as opposed to a luxury.

Q What are your top tips for readers to transform their lives? A Slow down. Breathe deeper and feel your feelings. Befriend them instead of pushing them away. Place your hands on your heart. Feel what is going on inside your heart. If your heart feels heavy or disconnected - imagine that it has a voice. Ask- ‘what do you need me to understand so that I can create change?’ Truly listen and write down the message. Then send beautiful, yellow light into your heart. Let it awaken the light, inspiration and love in your heart. Involve your heart in everything you do. I also encourage you to learn how to tune into your body and listen to its guidance. Work on your relationships and your communication as those two can either help your body heal or destroy it. And also learn about your true spiritual nature. Then create a daily healing practice that you can do morning, afternoon and night to strengthen yourself on all levels. For more info about Inna’s books, resources, cards, audios and online courses please go to Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Amanda De Warren

Famed Medium, Healer & Animal Communicator

How the ‘Corona stuff’ is affecting our fur babies For our relaunch edition of Rebirth Magazine we sat down with medium, healer and animal communicator Amanda De Warren. Amanda is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland but connects with people and animals worldwide. We asked Amanda to share some of her tips for keeping our pets happy while we’re in isolation together. Here’s what she had to say: My name is Amanda De Warren and I am one of the leading global animal communicators - both passed and living. I have spent decades working with animals on all levels and their owners too. I would like to share some amazing stories with you about our much-loved fur babies. I know you are all totally over the whole ‘Corona stuff’ but what a lot of people are asking is how it is all affecting our fur babies. Many of us are home a lot more and this is just music to their ears as they settle into a new daily routine. So how do we help them to cope once this planet returns to a normal routine once again? They know we are loving being with them as much as they are loving being with us, but I can tell you that they are much more aware about the situation than we realise. Many animals know that this staying home with them thing is just temporary and that at some


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

point we will return to having to leave the house daily. Our pets also want us to know that they are fine with it all and they are lapping it up, so to speak, for as long as they can. Our fur babies are also prepared for the inevitable return to work but they will quickly return to that state of mind of being home alone once again. Many of my clients worldwide have been contacting me asking me basically the same question. It brings us peace of mind knowing that they are very aware of the situation and also things will return to normal at some stage. Our fur babies are also aware of the stress that many of us are now under and all they want us to know is that they are right there with us loving us and supporting us unconditionally and that will never change. Our babies also know that they are still a priority to us and that will never change no matter what the global circumstances are. Overall, they truly understand what is happening around the world and they need us to understand that they are our rock and, especially in these uncertain times. Our fur babies love us unconditionally and that is an absolute fact. No virus or any other global catastrophe can change that. Have an awesome day and hug your fur babies for me.



Magic in your Life!

Gosh we live in exciting & challenging times right now! Manifesting a dream life is closer and more possible than most people could ever imagine. Sadly, the power of manifestation is something that isn’t taught in school & unless you are fortunate enough to stumble across this great spiritual law, most people will never know its power or how to harness it. We can manifest absolutely ANYTHING we wish! Most people think The Universe just picks & chooses ‘lucky people’ to have all the nice things in life while everyone else misses out, where in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth. At ALL times The Universe is only ever responding to our ENERGY! Manifesting the things we desire is a fun exercise and when practiced diligently can bring some truly astounding results! The main thing to remember is that The Universe does not manifest people’s wishes according to their age, education, or whether they are good or bad people. It is purely responding to an energy that you are directing. Any one at any age can manifest their greatest wish, whether it be an 8 year old or an 80 year old! Let me tell you the story of Elsa Pataky, the wife of Hollywood movie star, Chris Hemsworth. Elsa recently gave an interview where she told a fascinating tale. When she was just 8 years old she developed a crush on the comic superhero, Thor. Being so enamoured with character of Thor, she begged her mother to let her put pictures and posters up of Thor throughout her bedroom. Her mother agreed to let her do this and with a big grin she always said to her mum, when I grow up I’m going to marry Thor!! Little did a young Elsa know that was enacting a powerful Universal force that was indeed attracting her dream husband to her & the rest is history, because today, many years after plastering pictures of her dream man all over her bedroom, Elsa is indeed

by David Laws The Famous Flower Man and Psychic, Mentor, Speaker

married to Thor, as her husband played that character in the blockbuster Hollywood movie of the same name! This is a true story! So how does manifesting work and how can you make it work for you? It all starts with a sharply focused & unwavering BELIEF that whatever you are focusing on will appear in your life at the Divinely perfect time! You can manifest absolutely ANYTHING you wish, a dream partner, a new job, a business, a lovely new home, a new car, a great travel experience, in fact there’s no limits to what you can manifest! Now here is something very important to remember. Whatever you wish to manifest, it’s important to NOT focus on HOW it’s going to come to you. For example, too many people think that their opportunities to attract a lovely new car or a new home will be purely dependent on their income. Happily, this is not the case! The Universe doesn’t understand LIMITATIONS as this is a product of a lack mindset and limited thinking! Once you’ve focused your energy on what you wish to attract, it’s important to surrender it to The Universe and DETACH from the powerful manifestation process, which is exactly what Elsa Pataky did all those years ago! It’s up to The Universe to figure out a way to bring you your greatest wishes, desires and dreams, NOT YOU! In future editions I’ll be sharing some powerful techniques to assist you in manifesting along with some more incredible stories that will truly amaze & greatly inspire you! Until then, happy manifesting my friends!


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Become by Lysa Michel 1 Stay calm, don’t panic or react Stay calm so you can see things clearly, ask questions, as many as you can to get the answers you need to then make an informed decision. Like everything in life, when we allow fear to build, anxiety rises, we tend to panic and then our decisions are not coming from a clear space. Everything in our life is based around decisions, even in this time, let this be an amazing teacher for you in how to stay calm, patient and be well informed instead of rushing and making decisions you might regret.

2 Be diligent, take necessary precautions but don’t jump the gun Use your due diligence to know what are the right steps for you to take all the necessary precautions but don’t jump the gun or stop living, don’t allow your mind to go into the state of doomsday.

Every day I talk to people that in some way have been going through challenging times and unfortunately many feel life will end for them when faced with any type of uncertainty. I am not downplaying the seriousness of anything, but let me be clear that I am saying we have a choice in how we can train our mind to move into a state of ‘solution’ rather than ‘it’s all over’. With a solution based mindset, you are more likely to move things less irrationally, there will be less emotional reactivity and the ability to be able to navigate through just about any situation you are faced with. A strong mindset based around finding proactive solutions will not only support you emotionally but it will help you to see things from a clearer perspective, in turn making life and the possibilities more favourable. This allows you to be able to enforce the law of manifestation.

3 Activating the law of manifestation energetically Activating the law of manifestation focuses on a strong belief that when you are aligned with that which you want to attract becomes magnetized to you. It is a very powerful energetic state that is underestimated by the greater population, and in fact, ridiculed by many. That is because one crucial step is most often ignored, the art of surrender.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

When you surrender to the ‘knowing’ that you will be taken care of and you walk, talk and act in energetic alignment with that belief you will find it appear to you without much effort. If you ask, and you don’t receive immediately many people fall into the trap of demanding it, trying to control it whereas the energy of attraction is actually patient, focused and a ‘knowing’ that it will be yours regardless of the time or how it is meant to happen. What also tends to happen is we become impatient and choose something else instead of being available for the very thing they want to find its way to us. It takes a great deal of awareness and a deep soul connection to be able to stand in alignment with our truth and be able to stay strong and go the distance.

4 Be aware and ready Start developing and using your intuition. We are all born with intuition, a ‘gut’ feeling about things. We can sense when our partner walks into the room unhappy or when something is wrong with our children or parents, siblings or friends. This intuition, this sense of awareness can be broadened in every area of your life in any situation. This also assists with reducing the reactivity to things, creates more harmony and balance in the body and mind, and supports our aligned decisions with being more patient moving forward. To become more aware take time to sit, breathe, and really look at things surrounding you. This might be inside your house, in your garden, people watching or stepping back and becoming more of an observer in conversations where you really listen to what is being said before jumping in. Many of our important cues can be found in active listening, paying attention to the movements of others and in the feeling that is emanated from a person during their conversation. This is about learning how to communicate intuitively without requiring words or actions specifically to be demonstrated by direction.

begin to have more compassion for those around us who may not have been dealt the same hand and have not learned the above 4 lessons by anyone to teach them how to live without fear. It doesn’t excuse hurtful behaviour by any means but it affords us the opportunity to become more understanding of their situation or circumstance. If we have the belief that we are truly taken care of and that our life is as it is meant to be as we have chosen to live our lives with the belief that we know who we are and through alignment, all that is meant for us will be, then we no longer fear sharing or connecting with others knowing that the outcome will be as it is meant to be, as predestined by the blueprint of life we came here with when we were born. With this sense of knowing, we can truly understand and see the world around us, our lives and the lives of others from a different perspective and it may well, in fact, show us what is and is not truly important to us.

5 Have an attitude of gratitude and compassion

I am a believer that fear is not welcome as it detracts the mind from what is important and where our focus needs to be and that is on helping ourselves and others and living our lives to our greatest potential.

When we can reflect upon our lives and truly be thankful for everything life has given to us we can

Faith is our greatest solace at this time as it releases us from the wrath of fear. Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Kim McCosker is the founder of 4 Ingredients, now a formidable Australian publishing house. To celebrate the release of 4 Ingredients Veggie & Vegan with your readers, 4 Ingredients would like to give away 2 signed copies to 2 of your lucky readers.

4 Ingredients owns the rights to all 37 cookbooks, tens of thousands of recipes, images, videos, manuscripts and databases with the reach of millions. It has grown to become one of the most recognised and trusted food brands in Australia; with a reported 1 in seven homes owning a 4 Ingredients cookbook. And, she’s done it again! This month sees the launch of her new 4 Ingredients recipe book.... Veggie & Vegan! From vegetables to whole grains, a plant-based lifestyle bursts with fibre, vitamins and minerals. We all know about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and a quick google search reveals that such a diet has shown to support health, including a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased longevity. No crazy over-processed, expensive ingredients, just palate-pleasing recipes made with easy, everyday ingredients.

Simple & Delicious!

ALL JUST 4 or fewer INGREDIENTS! • ACAI Bowls • Green Chia Puddings • Cauliflower Nuggets • Eggplant & Sweet Potato Curry • Cauliflower Steak Pizzas • Mushroom Carpaccio • Smashed Pavlova • Carrot Cake • Chocolate Torte • Thai Sticky Rice Mango Puddings ... AND SO MUCH MORE


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Recipe from the NEW Veggie & Vegan Cookbook...

4 Ingredients Chocolate Fudge Torte Serves 8 This simple chocolate torte is foolproof, impressive, and incredibly decadent. 400g 70% dark chocolate, broken 1 cup (250ml) coconut milk 1/3 cup (106g) pure maple syrup 4 eggs (51g each) Preheat oven to 150C. Lightly spray a 20cm flan tin with coconut oil spray. In a microwave bowl, place chocolate, coconut milk and pure maple syrup. Heat in 30-second increments, stirring after each until nice and smooth. Set aside to cool. Whisk the eggs well. Add to the chocolate mixture and fold to combine. Pour into flan tin and bake for 50 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre removes clean. Serving suggestion: This is a deliciously rich torte, so to compliment, serve dusted with pure icing sugar, berries and a dollop of cream or a scoop of creamy, vanilla icecream.


A SIGNED COPY To celebrate the release Veggie & Vegan, 4 Ingredients would like to give away 2 signed copies!

OUT 1 JUNE To enter, simply fill in this form

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Living Your Best Life If you are doing what you Lynne Heuermann interview by Michelle Brewer she still works at the hospice one day a week love, the money should flow. Lynne’s business, Angel Speak, has been running for 20 years. She is based on the Sunshine Coast and offers readings, healings, past life regressions, shamanic work and performs house clearings and entity removals for people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. During readings, Lynne likes to use that space to help people get through certain situations in their lives, helping them figure out where there might be blocks holding them back. She speaks from experience. She knows what it feels like to make the transition into selfemployment. Lynne was a Paramedic for 17 years and found she was able to connect with people after they had passed over. She also works in Palliative Care. When she was a Paramedic, she said she lost her love for the job, which she believes is the soul’s way of encouraging us to move on. But she admits she was in denial and was too scared to transition into working for herself, so ignored the signs until she was hit by a ‘Mack truck’. She almost lost her job. She started listening and that’s when she got a job at a hospice. She poured more energy into Angel Speak which is now her full-time job, but


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

because she loves it.

Lynne’s top tips for finding a job you love: ›› What did you love doing when you were a child? The soul’s aware of what it wants to do from the time you are born. Listen to your inner guidance. ›› What makes you happy? What makes you feel good in your heart? ›› Are there any workshops you are attracted to? ›› Do something that comes easy to you and that you feel you could do for free. Money should not be a driving factor here. If you are doing what you love, the money should flow. ›› Take a leap of faith. Lynne recommends we get out of our comfort zone, saying ‘gone are the days when we stayed in the same job for our whole life – unless you love it’. She is also optimistic about the future, saying kids who are growing up now are so much more aware and will not put up with the things we did. She said schools are starting to become aware of this and some are changing the way they are teaching. Lynne believes we could learn a thing or two from the younger generations.

Connecting through Meditation During the Covid 19 pandemic, it has been easy for people to feel disconnected from each other and from their own spirituality. For many, meditation has been a good way to stay grounded, connect to their guides and keep their vibrations high enough to stay out of the fear circulating through the media. For those who find it difficult to shut their minds off, staying calm and positive has been much harder. When one is lonely on top of that, the world can seem like a pretty dark place. If you have been feeling alone and prone to anxiety throughout the pandemic, try this simple meditation to connect to the light of Source. Do it often and you will soon be feeling less alone, more heart centred, grounded and connected to the light within you: Breathe deeply and relax your body and mind with each outbreath. See, feel or imagine a light coming through your crown, connecting you to the Divine love of the Source of Creation. Feel the strength of the energy as it descends through your body, connecting your chakras as it goes down into Mother Earth. Bring your focus back to your crown chakra and see, feel, visualise or imagine its violet colour as it slowly surrounds you until you find yourself sitting on top of it. It looks and feels like a lotus flower with infinite petals. Continue breathing steadily in a relaxed manner, drawing the beautiful energy of the crown chakra into your being. If you find your head is filled with a lot of pressure, ask that the energy be matched to your vibration in the highest and best way and that any lower vibrations be transmuted and cleansed by the violet light.

by Victoria Cochrane

you feel yourself merging with and becoming one with the light, allow yourself to trust and to just be. Allow the feeling of love to wash through you, cleansing negativity, pain, anxiety and fear, returning your body to balance. Focus on the feeling of love and send it out to the world – to your loved ones, your friends, work colleagues or pets, to a certain country, its people or to a particular part of nature, like the oceans, mountains or forests. Call in Archangel Raphael to witness the healing your love manifests as well as to magnify its impact. When you are ready, bring your focus back to the violet light of the crown chakra. Send the violet light down through your body into Mother Earth and then to centre in your heart space. You will feel at peace and very loved. I AM the Creator of All That Is

Victoria Cochrane (M Ed. Hons) is the Tasmanian Psychic Expo’s 2019 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year, a certified member of the International Psychic’s Directory and regular presenter of The Spiritual Wisdom Hour on Spiritual Events and Directory’s Facebook Page. A trained Advanced Theta® Healing practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and author.

Feel yourself rising now into the white, sparkling light of the Creator. As you do so, your lotus flower turns to white; you are now one with the unconditional love of Source. In this energy there are no people or things; everything just is. As

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


The Power Of You Joanne Antoun is a psychotherapist, teacher, speaker and author with a passion for the study of the mind and human potential. She is a transformational expert and founder of CTC – The 2 hour Life Transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail™ (AKA Cut The Crap) and the International Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail. You are in fact, powerful beyond measure. The only real issue you have is that you’ve forgotten. Thoughts become things, not just manifest in the world outside of you but also within you, and, if nothing has any meaning other than the meaning we give it, then could you imagine how much your life would change with a simple shift of perception. You are the creator of your experience and you must create it deliberately. Whatever you do, wherever you are right now, is where you are

by Joanne Antoun

meant to be according to your past choices and the incredible self-organising and self-correcting intelligence of the universe. Right here, right now, is all you have and all that matters. So what are you going to do with it? It’s simple. If you keep playing the same story, you’ll keep getting more of the same results. You are where you are, but where do you want to be? Your life and how it looks is nothing more than a reflection of your thoughts and the subconscious programs that you’re playing. You are always the point of attraction, radiating a signal that the universe is replicating. When you have that awareness and make an adjustment that aligns with what you do want, you then become a magnet for it. Begin right now; telling, seeing and feeling the story of your life the way you want it to be rather than the way it has been. Telling it how it was just keeps you in that holding pattern, feeding that old energy, bringing it into the now and radiating it out into the universe therefore attracting nothing new, just more of the same. This is why I’m so very much against traditional talk therapy. Get it off your chest but don’t keep talking about it and making it your excuse and reason to not be living the best version of yourself. What comes up, comes up to come out, so instead choose to preserve the learnings and let the rest simply float away. Use your NOW to create the future you desire, get excited about your tomorrow. Feel it so intensely that you know it to be the tomorrow that you will step into. Hold that thought and vision, activating the feeling that causes you to send out that signal drawing to you what you desire. The simple truth is that if you want things to change then you must change, and the quickest way to do that is by changing your mind. When you change your mind, you change yourself neuro-chemically and this, of course, changes you bio-chemically, instantly changing what you radiate therefore changing what you attract. You really can have it all and it starts with changing your mind.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Our Wellness Community


Our Wellness Community The virtual space we have created on Facebook is a community to connect with, to be engaged with, and to belong to. Our vision and aim is simple. We share wellness stories, wellness therapies, and wellness modalities that have helped us grow better in life, so our community can grow better too.

In OWC we offer something for everyone. We hold space for students & teachers, seekers & leaders, healers and all who need healing. It’s a fast growing group and we have created a series of platforms for our wellness Collaborators to be seen & heard, and to show and tell. Many Leading Experts are drawn to our community and have come on board to work with us. We thrive on innovation and bring to life events and conversations that aren’t being seen or heard

Carolyn King

KINESIOLOGIST Carolyn has in excess of 15 years working with clients within the health, wellness and spiritual healing industry. She has studied many different healing modalities over the years and worked with thousands of clients both within Australia and Internationally. She is especially passionate about helping those that have hit their rock bottom in life as she too suffered from depression for years. It was at the end of 2012 when an event changed her life and she went on the journey of self-discovery and healing herself. She understands the depths of despair that is felt during those periods of depression and the elation of success when one finds their way out. She is excited to share her newest creative endeavor, her Kinesiology “Kinesi” Cards. This packet of 53 full colour cards includes a questioning prompt which encourages awareness of what is going on in your life, then an action to help you balance the issue and finally a “noticing” prompt to help you feel the changes in your body and in your


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


elsewhere. We facilitate many real life & online events and are often referred to as trailblazers. We have our own Wellness Conversations talk show on Casey Radio 97.7FM and ‘The Woo Woo Series’ webcast on Spiritual Events Directory Page on Facebook. We are also being booked for Wellness Talks on many topics in the local community & in the corporate world. Join OWC if you too want to be seen and heard through the same lens as our gifted collaborators & contributors following.

Light, Love, Laughter,

Michele Scott Founder of OWC FB ourwelnesscommunity/ Web

E Web FB creatingempoweredhappiness life. Used daily they can help you clear unwanted baggage, clear your mind and help you feel more balanced and centered in life. For purchasing enquiries, please contact Carolyn or visit her website. She is also available for consultations both in clinic and online and would love to invite you to her fast-growing Happiness Tribe on Facebook.

53 full colour cards to help you release stress and anxiety. Restore balance & peace back into your life!



I am blessed to work with many clients focussing on their nutrition, adding supplements if required, and providing herbal tonics and teas to support a balanced lifestyle and treat many conditions.

“Are you ready to begin your Spiritual Journey?”

I am a passionate Herbalist working with herbs for over 20 years now.

Gail Conley works with her Angels and Guides to support her and others on their spiritual journey.

As a Naturopath, I am avid about the properties of the herbs, their pharmacological activity on the body, and the energy and dense nutrients they provide in such small doses. I mix herbal tonics according to a clients’ direct needs, however daily use of herbal teas is an amazing way to assist the body in its many detox processes, and introduce the wonderful vitality, vitamins and minerals that are present in the herbs themselves. The most exciting thing about herbs is that now you can access them without visiting a Naturopath as I’ve developed some herbal tea blends that can be purchased from the comfort of your own home.

Jodie Myintoo

COUNSELLOR When we are going through a relationship separation, we are in a place of grief. We often feel the pain of the breakup itself, the loss of the family unit and we have to let go of dreams and an image of how things ‘should’ be. In this place, our emotions are heightened – which may lead to not making good choices. I’m here to coach you through this rollercoaster of emotions, assist you through the Family Law Court process and remind you that ultimately, you have a choice. Jodie Myintoo is a leading counsellor specialising in relationship breakdown and family law based in Melbourne, Australia. She consults privately from her clinic in Melbourne, specifically focused on separating men and women, and family law. She also focuses on a wide range of associated psychological issues including grief, trauma, resilience and effectively managing stress. FB jodiemyintoocounsellor INSTA jmcounsellor LI jodie-myintoo

Chakra Angel Oracle - Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Reader, Energy Healer & Tarot Teacher

Gail is a certified Tarot/Oracle Reader, Magnified Healer, Reiki Master and Teacher who helps her clients and students grow and learn to realize their true potential through readings, healings, and tarot workshops. Gail loves Tarot and loves to teach it. Gail’s vast knowledge of Tarot/Oracle cards combined with her love of energy healing and crystals, allows her to blend her passions providing a very special learning experience for her clients and students. Readings, Healings or workshops.

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Pip Coleman

REIKI MASTER | AUTHOR | TEACHER This isn’t an ordinary working-on-acruise-ship story. When Pip took the on a cruise ship, she had no idea that it would lead to discovering her authentic self and open up a new life path. “The first three years of my cruise ship life were intense and full of crazy incidents – including sex, drugs, ships breaking down, Mexican tattoos and lots more. During the second three years of my cruise ship life, I decided to bring the soul back.” She began teaching meditation and selfdevelopment classes onboard; connected with past lives and departed loved ones and met like-minded spiritual people. Now Pip runs a business in Phillip Island, Victoria as a Reiki Master Coach, Bowen Therapist, Author, Psychic development and Meditation teacher. “I’m here to teach people to accept themselves as equally Divine unique souls.” WEB FB Pip Coleman – Conscious Courses and Therapies INSTA @coleman_pip Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Our Wellness Community

Karina Francois Gail Conley

Our Wellness Community

Margaret Ioannidis


a client, so our readers can picture how you might help them? Sure, the client who springs to mind immediately is a lady who came to see me with a diagnosis of endometriosis. She was told she had to have an operation and also that she could not have children. We had three healing & spiritual coaching sessions. I found there was a lot of trauma in her womb, and we worked with this trauma instead of against it, and by the end of the three sessions she had a lot more ease and clarity around her condition. When she went back to for another ultra sound the week before her operation, and then the subsequent follow up with her doctor, she was told an operation was no longer necessary. It was all gone! She continued to come for healing sessions, on tri-monthly basis for a little while, and has since fallen pregnant and given birth to twins.

If your business was an animal what would it be and why? Margaret Ioannidis, Spiritess Journey, is an Alchemist Healer qualified in many healing modalities and has many restorative tools in her kit. We asked Margie the following questions and here’s how she answered.

Margie, if we were aliens from another planet, how would you describe your business? For my community Spiritess is a place to call home. In here my clients heal, transform, and become empowered. I have created a sacred space for them to be, to embody all they are, and to be able to see their capacity and to know they can choose to heal at any stage of their lives.

When you feel the most elevated and joyful in your business, what are you doing? It’s not any one thing but my whole spiritual healing business that makes me feel lighter, elevated, and brings me joy. I love it when my clients are on the table and I’m performing ‘hands on body-healing’, as I am guided to work in all sorts of different ways when the person is ready to heal. This side of the business is my most dynamic work and brings joy not only to myself, but also to the soul that I am working with and alongside in that moment.

Can you share a story or a testimonial from


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

My business would be a Hawk. The hawk has a higher vision and power to see, and this assists her to complete tasks and make important choices and decisions! Hawks are also the messengers of the spirit world and they have a strong connection with spirit, so they can help us develop spiritual awareness.

What product, program or service is your best seller? My Body Processing Package is my best seller! Bodies are meant to be worked on and worked with, and this package provides three healing sessions with me via Zoom or on the table. In my sessions I assist my clients with resistance, reactions, or any intensity the body may be undergoing in emotions, thoughts and/or energy. This body process goes for an hour and half each time and works on the inner and outer structure of the body.

Is there something you are growing and would like to share with our Readers. Spiritess is always creating and currently I am working on bringing to life an online shop that adds to what we do here in the healing temple. This outlet will have products that are being made especially for Spiritess along with established alternative based products!

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AUTHOR | INTUITIVE SOULFUL MENTOR point I was starting to question if I even wanted to publish my book. The self-doubt was engulfing me. I had put my heart and soul into this project and it had been over three years in the making and I was now starting to fear being judged, criticised and rejected. However, divine timing came to my rescue as I watched a YouTube video by Brene Brown who is quoted as saying, “if you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback.” Brene’s wisdom and these words were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment and I realised very clearly that unless you too have written a book about your life, and been courageous enough to so vulnerable and show all parts of yourself, you do not have any right at all to judge me.

Can you share a Testimonial or book review that will reveal to our readers some of the powerful messages in your book?

Jo Worthy is the author of Love Worthy, an Intuitive Soulful Mentor and Founder of The Worthy Goddess Community. We asked Jo the following questions:

Jo, if we knew absolutely nothing about selfdevelopment how would you describe your book?” Love Worthy is a book about how to create healthy boundaries and the journey of how to love, honour and back yourself in order to move past your fears, insecurities & heartbreak. This book demonstrates that you can rise above any adversity and create your own conscious and delicious life. It’s partly my story and partly a self-help guide.

Can you give us one highlight and one lowlight moment in the journey of writing your book? A highlight would be at the end of the journey when I received my first proof copy and held the book in my hand for the first time. I had promised to do a FB live whilst revealing my book so before I changed my mind I quickly got on FB and did the reveal. It was such an emotionally raw experience and I am so glad that I had the courage to open the parcel via a FB Live as it was such a great moment to capture and one that I will never forget. One of the lowlights and there were many, was when I was working on my final manuscript. At this

Absolutely – here is a testimonial from a reader in Canberra, Australia. “I loved your book and I couldn’t stop reading it. I am so interested in your story and I love your voice, honesty and courage to be vulnerable. I witness and honour the trauma you have experienced. I also adore the way you speak about the people and things you love in life”.

Tell us more about The Love Worthy Book Club. The Love Worthy Book Club is a program that I recently created and invited my readers to participate in. I wanted to create something that was low-cost yet high-value, where I could stay connected to my readers. The book club is an opportunity for readers to get up close and personal with me as the author and to also connect with other readers. It’s a 22-week programme and each week we discuss a lesson from the book. You are provided with a hand-out for each lesson and sessions are conducted via Zoom. The book club is a great opportunity to talk about Love Worthy themes and to connect with other heart-centred women sharing our experiences from that particular lesson. Readers, Jo also facilitates “deliciously divine” love worthy women’s retreats. The next one is being held in NSW on 8 November – 11 November 2020. In addition, Jo regularly facilitates virtual “magnificent you” women’s gatherings.

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Our Wellness Community

Jo Worthy

Have you come to your senses?

by Leonie Featherstone

No need to be offended, this is a serious and loving question. When was the last time you mindfully and consistently engaged with your ‘senses’ to deal with everything life gifts you, both challenges AND blessings??

Every day? Every hour? Or maybe not at all? It is easy to go through life in a reactionary state, allowing the ‘outside story’ to dictate the course of our lives. This is because we ‘fall under the spell’ of this story and unwittingly give up our personal power and ability to make choices that truly serve us. When we tune into our senses it creates a pause and we learn to ‘be in the moment’. That allows our sensory radar to process and respond and ‘break the state’. We can then get out of our head and into our bodies and turn off the ‘autopilot’ setting that is inhibiting our overall success. The next page lists a process that I find works well for me.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Get in Tune with your Senses 1. Recognize the Story – Say Out Loud - ‘Rewrite The Story’! 2. Breathe - Inhale through your nose as you raise your shoulders to your ears…then exhale noisily as you drop your shoulders quickly and flick out your hands. 3. Identify the Feeling - Where does it sit in your body? 4. Smell - Grab the doTERRA essential oil blend to counteract that feeling (if you know the emotional support properties of oils) or just grab your favourite. Place a drop on the palms of your hands, rub together and along your shoulders and up both sides of your neck. Cup your hands around your nose and continue the breathing exercise. Thank the ‘feeling’ for the lesson and let it go with love. 5. Touch - Place your hand where you ‘feel’ the emotion and send it love. 6. Sound - Decide WHAT you want to hear thank the other thoughts and ask them to leave. Listen for your breath, grab your ‘happy’ noises inc. harmony ball, chimes, sound bowls, music. 7. Sight – If everything is a blur - focus on just one thing - the pencil on the table - the tree outside - pretend you are adjusting the focus button and zoom in on a leaf and notice intricate details. Zoom back out - what are you seeing now? Find your ‘happy’ sights family pics, sunsets, nature etc. 8. Taste - Run your tongue around your mouth bring the saliva in - be ‘aware’. Grab a glass of water and intentionally sip, noting how it tastes. 9. Communication. What thoughts are popping into your head? How are they speaking to your inner self? Ask yourself – how do I WANT my inner self to speak to me? What STORY am I NOW going to write and BELIEVE! 10. Journal your discoveries and REWRITE YOUR STORY!

Leonie’s Favourite Blends Scents of Empowerment Frankincense Wild Orange Aromatouch

Personal Diffuser 1 drop of each

Room Diffuser 2 x Aromatouch 2 x Frankincense 3 x Wild Orange

Rollerball (10ml) 2 x Aromatouch 2 x Frankincense 3 x Wild Orange Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Scents of Inspiration Litsea Ginger Frankincense

Personal Diffuser 1 drop of each

Room Diffuser 3 x Litsea 2 x Ginger 2 x Frankincense

Rollerball (10ml) 3 x Litsea 2 x Ginger 2 x Frankincense Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Scents of Tranquility Lavender Peace Balance

Personal Diffuser 1 drop of each

Room Diffuser 4 x Balance 3 x Lavender Peace

Rollerball (10 ml) 4 x Balance 3 x Lavender Peace Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Scents of Joy Ylang Ylang Wild Orange Peppermint

Room Diffuser 2 x Ylang Ylang 3 x Wild Orange 3 x Peppermint

Rollerball (10ml) 2 x Ylang Ylang 3 x Wild Orange 3 x Peppermint Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Personal Diffuser (your hands) Drop oils in palm of hand – rub together – cup around your nose and inhale deeply as you recite an affirmation that is meaningful to you.

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Rise of the Cosmic Rebel Can you remember the moments leading up to your conception? Flying through the cosmos riding that firey bright core of a supernova before you exploded into the earth realm? Determined, passionate and certain of your reasons for entering this polarising paradigm, you knew who you were and what you were here to cause and create. You came as the ultimate rebel; sent from the heavens and angels above, with your hand on your heart and a sword in hand; a cheeky onesided smile and just a slight swagger, ushering in your cosmic spark to bring change to this world. Your big pure creative heart loved hard and long. Your passion and creativity flowed effortlessly through your blood and bones. Your voice bellowed loudly to the cruelty and injustices that hid in the shadows or paraded in plain sight. Your vision saw the old, outdated ways and beliefs in your family, school or community and said: “no, there is a better way”. You stood tall and said “This is me! Take it or leave it.” However, something unfortunate happened. Somewhere along the journey, you began to feel alone. When you looked around on the crusade line, there was no one else there with you. Too often, you could hear the whispers behind your

Unleash your Cosmic Rebel Musings, guidance, news and more sent through the cosmos to your inbox. Sign up for free at


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

By Rebecca-Lee

back. Many times have you sat in the school ground or at your office desk alone at lunch while others seemed to connect and move effortlessly in this machine called life. You were mocked and laughed at numerous times for your innovative thoughts and visions. Then, one day, she was gone. Numb. Perhaps she left on the train of indifference. Her courage locked up in a cage, and you are not sure who has the key. Helpless. Drunk with apathy, you fell off your supernova with your head deep in the sand. Then, a long dark cloud settled in, isolated, alone, sad. The dark night of the Soul came rushing in as you pulled and pushed and kicked and punched; raging and crying and then desperate to feel nothing at all. Pushing and pulling and yelling and screaming, and no one is listening. “Why is this happening to me!”. The pain could be so torturous at times that it was like being extremely thirsty, yet no water could quench your thirst. Then numbness again. Darkness. Perhaps you have been forgotten by the Divine. Maybe you messed up and did something wrong. But what was it? Where did I go wrong? Time rolls on by as you float around on your pool lounge on a pool filled with thick black oil. You start to see things in your peripheral. Someone just stood up and spoke out. Hhmmmm. Then you notice some more people standing up and speaking their truth. Ok, you have my attention. Then there are even more people loud and proud to be different and claiming there is a better way. This sounds like me. Maybe, just maybe, have my soul tribe awoken? Do I dare to take a peep???

What happens next is up to you! Do you want to awaken her, your Cosmic Rebel? Are you ready to rebel against your fear and come alive again? Are you ready to become the ultimate rebel through creativity, energy, love and tribe?

Shifting Limitations By Emma Wachs

Emma Wachs is a Subconscious Healer & Intuitive Energy Trainer from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. She’s able to shift the deepest, subconscious limitations for her clients and also teach them how to create healing shifts for themselves. She also offers a range of services for adults, teens and children. Here, she helps us understand how we can shift those pesky limitations. “As someone who has struggled deeply with heavy emotional pain, I had tried EVERYTHING to help myself… from Counselling and Psychotherapy to Reiki and Tarot Readings. It all served its purpose and helped me up until a certain point… but eventually I just couldn’t shift my deepest pains… and my awareness of them was growing stronger by the day… I needed something… ANYTHING... to get me out of this hole I was trapped in. When I found it… I just knew! The first time I connected with this unique energy, I knew that I had finally found a way to break free from it all… I’m fulfilled! And now I get to share this experience with my clients, Everyday!” By strategically mapping out her Subconscious Healing Journey, Emma was able to shapeshift her life with this magical modality and she said she owes all of her success to these life-changing concepts that changed her outlook and kept her motivated and wanting more: ›› Shift Your Relationship Connections…. If you are able to transform your earliest experiences, then you are able to shift your current life trajectory. To put it simply, shift your past, in order to change your present/future. ›› Don’t let anyone else’s disbelief in you/life, affect your ability to go for what you want… Remember, if they can’t see it’s possible for

themselves then they are unable to see it for YOU! So why limit yourself to what others can see is possible? ›› Shifting the deep stuff… Don’t go into the pain unless you are in a safe & supportive space to do so. ›› Find your own groove with self-development…. There is no right or wrong way…. Just YOUR way! ›› Find Time And Space for YOU in your life… Physically, energetically, emotionally & mentally. Without this, you will struggle to transform with ease. Within 2 years, Emma has completed her life purpose training program, become an IWI Intuitive Trainer, established a successful wellness business serving over 350 clients - ‘Find Time and Space’ - and created the means to travel across the globe, doing what she loves. As she focuses on her passion to shift energetic connections where it truly counts for others, she offers a unique edge in the world of healing. Not only has she transformed her own relationship with herself, with others and with life, she has also found a way to share this magical gift with those who are ready to become empowered Subconscious Healers! “By helping people clear away the ego-mind dynamics that destroy family bonds, I can consciously bring relationship transformations into the family home, creating a safe and supportive environment for all to experience love. This is my heart-felt contribution to the world and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to explore this purpose, every day!” Emma said.

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Maximise your life with dowsing! by Martina Liberson

The art of scrying has been around for thousands of years. A form of scrying is to use a pendulum. Most dowsers simply use it for yes/no answers, but the possibilities are endless. It can be used in healingsessions, with all modalities. Even when you send Reiki. You can connect with your spirit guides and angels using a pendulum. They love it when we talk to them and ask for help. If your aura feels heavy or drained, check the percentage of it with your pendulum. When an aura is below 50% physical and emotional symptoms are bound to happen. Let it spin while focussing all your loving intent towards strengthening your aura back to 100%. Within minutes there will be physical shifts. Then ask what percentages your chakras are functioning


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

at. Let the pendulum swing while holding the intent of 100% pristine health. Haunted homes and demonic possessions are no match for the fearless dowser. Call upon your guardian angel and favorite ascended master to encapsulate all entities, evil spirits, demons and ciribus to take them to heaven or let them merge with the galactic central sun. Some prefer metal pendulums. Brass is a great energy conductor, as is copper. Gemstone pendulums can assist with specific intentions. Rose quartz for strengthening self-love and finding a partner. Green Aventurine and Pyrite for money. Angelite to improve communication with angels. Your intuition will let you know with clear signs which pendulum is best for you.


How to use it in life and business Everyone is born with intuition – it is not a gift bestowed on special people. Intuition is when insight and knowing drops into your conscious mind before you get a chance to analyse it with your critical mind. It is when you get a gut instinct about something without any tangible evidence to back up your knowing about the situation. Sometimes you get a physical sensation telling you that your intuition is “on”. It could be goosebumps (or “truth-bumps” as one of my clients recently shared); the hair stands up on the back of your neck; or a certain feeling in your stomach. The sensation is uniquely yours – when it happens this is a sign for you to listen to your inner knowing. And sometimes you simply “know” without getting a physical sign. Learn to trust your knowing as well as the physical sign.

How do you know it is intuition and not wishful thinking? Intuition has a quality to it that drops into your consciousness without you thinking about it. It arrives unannounced – like a daydream you weren’t planning on having. Wishful thinking is when you “want” something to happen and you try to “will” it to happen through creative visualisation. This involves the mind and mental responses. It is strategic whereas intuition is spontaneous – and definitely not strategic.

by Julie Lewin

Our intuition was to book a new flight on Qantas from Brisbane. As we sat eating breakfast in the sunshine at Surfers Paradise it was hard to imagine the chaos happening in Sydney. Flights were being snapped up quickly. A decision had to be made fast! It meant leaving the conference early and driving to the Brisbane airport. I said, “Do it!” Yikes, within minutes of this decision, flights were selling for $1000 or more. My friend used frequent flyer points to purchase one of the last business class seats from Brisbane, trusting this action guaranteed her a place on a flight to Sydney that evening. Thank goodness we trusted our intuition and took immediate action. Her Brisbane flight did depart; and she made it safely home. Her Gold Coast flight was cancelled.

How do you use intuition to navigate your life and business? Trust your knowing, take relevant action and follow your inner GPS and external clues. I recommend you keep an intuition journal. In the front, record when you follow your intuition and in the back of the journal record when you ignore your intuition and note what the consequences are for both. Over time you will have a book of evidence to support trusting your gut and intuition. The more you trust your intuition, the more in flow your life will feel.

So how do you follow your intuition? You take action! This creates energy momentum. Then you look for signs of synchronicity and serendipity to guide you forward. Recently, I attended a two-day conference on the Gold Coast with my friend from Sydney. Early on day 2, the weather in Sydney was a nightmare of storms, rain and flash flooding. We both had a “knowing” some flights into Sydney would be cancelled. Getting back to Sydney that night was a must for my friend. Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Big changes means more

practical perspective by Yuki

2020 is making it evident that changes are a natural part of life. With a series of eclipses and more major astrological events on their way, we are all pressured to face the truth in society and within ourselves. The gift of these changes is that we are now asking the fundamental question, “What matters to us?” To answer these questions, we need to listen to our heart more than ever before. Since November 2018, the North Node in Cancer had been shining its moonlight onto our feelings while the South Node in Capricorn had been encouraging us to let go of abusive authorities. From mid-May 2020 for about 1.5 years, the North Node is in Gemini, and we are processing and understanding what our heart’s voice is saying. We have the opportunity to change our perspectives to make a better world inside and outside of ourselves, as the South Node in Sagittarius encourages us to let go of abusive mindsets. In this time of significant change, more people are thinking about the big picture of life. During this shift in consciousness, we can more

Yuki’s Art & Language Healing, Empowering, Universal Messages Follow me on Instagram yukisartlanguage Beautiful coffee table books and E books available


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

easily tap into our feelings and activate our higher thinking. When we have more practical perspectives on life, it is easier to make these changes. It is possible to make a better world. It is time to open your eyes to see what is going on for yourself. It is time to listen carefully to the voice within you so you can create the new world you want. Know that you have the power to speak your mind. Empowered beings make choices consciously with love. When you are aware that ‘all of us have free will at all times’, and there is ‘always cause and effect in motion’, you will want to be responsible for making choices for yourself. And when we do, we can create an authentic version of our lives. Live a happier life by becoming more aware of the Universal Law, as it can give you the practical perspectives of life. From these understandings, you will come to realize that ‘all is okay’. In this ever-creating world, we can align with the Creation and create, practice and enjoy synchronicities guiding and entertaining us. You can thrive, living your dream. As you become more aware of your responsibility and power, you will come to experience more of your greatness.

Sigil Magick & Star Codes

By Vasiliky Dimi

Eye embrace my inner child

Emitting your own frequency

Rebirth Spirituality

I am my own authority figure

Magick and mystery have always encapsulated my curiosity even from a young age. As I grew up, my thirst for knowledge and wisdom became evident through my spiritual quest to seek and learn about real magick. I always felt deep within me that it existed and now, I was determined to experience it and share it with others. Somewhere along the line, my journey brought me to sigils. It wasn’t something I specifically looked up rather something I saw my lover at the time creating, which sparked a curiosity in me that I needed to quench and so, he shared with me his knowledge of these special symbols. At the beginning of this year after coming home from a festival, I came down with the flu. At night when I couldn’t sleep, I felt Spirit urging me to focus on my business and my health. It’s as though I was being prepared for something big, and I was. During these early mornings, I spent time with the stirrings of my Soul, and in this time I channelled what I now call Star Codes. Star Codes are a group of sigils that came to me specifically as my unique healing modality for my business, Soul Alchemy. While my body was recovering, I seemed to have tapped into this new frequency that was ready to be brought into our physical reality to be more easily accessible for all. And even though I was unwell, it was honestly the best I had felt while being sick, so far! My energy was flowing freely. I slept and ate when I needed to and trusted the flow, feeling deeply connected. I have my new star codes to thank for this experience, and so I’d love to share with you the magick I have experienced so that if you desire, you may be able to experience it for yourself too.

The origin of the word ‘sigil’ in Latin is derived from the word ‘sigillum’ which means “seal”. It is said that it is also possible it came from the Hebrew word “seagull”, which means “word, action or item of spiritual effect.” Sigils are special symbols that are uniquely designed with the intention for a particular purpose. On a psychological level, the mind recognises images and symbols almost 600 times faster and easier than the written language. When we view the sigil, our subconscious recognises the meaning we have implemented easier than it would say, a positive affirmation which surpasses the minds usual limitations. The more intentional they are created, the more effective they are. When channelling these new star codes, I found they connect with our psyche on every level, past, present and future clearing blockages from a DNA level. The idea is that when we find the core of an issue, it then clears it across all time and space so that we may move forward with greater ease, gently and more rapidly than we have experienced thus far. In life, it so important to find that stillness in us to be able to listen to our true heart desires and always be in the right place at the right time. Without creating a sacred space to be still and reflect in, we aren’t able to hear the whispers of our Soul or be able to acknowledge our little victories in the day let alone have clarity on where we are going. Here within, is where the magic sparks and when we choose to sit with it, it grows bigger and brighter to envelop our whole world with colour to experience our lives in ways better than our imagination could muster.

Magick exists, and it begins within you. Will you heed its call?

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Not just surviving... Cathryn Mora Interview by Michelle Brewer

but thriving

I Fly: True Stories of Overcoming Adversity When Cathryn Mora decided to put together a book of short stories outlining detailed accounts of survival and inspiration, she did not realise at the time the extent of the work that would be involved in making her idea a reality. Cathryn is a ‘book coach’, meaning she helps people write their own books. But over the years, she became aware that there were people out there who had an interesting story to tell but who perhaps didn’t have the time and/or money to write and publish an entire book of their own. She said several people had asked her if she would write a ‘group book’ and she decided to put the feelers out. A few ideas were thrown around and one was ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’, which was the most popular and became I Fly. Cathryn received an overwhelming number of stories from potential authors but needed to select just 20. 12 of that lucky number are from Australia; the rest are from the US, UK and Africa. The stories that have been included have a variety of themes including finance, health, sexual abuse, domestic violence and workplace bullying. Cathryn admits that when she sat down and started reading the stories that were sent to her, she cried. ‘What some people had been through at the hands of people who say that they love them is just awful’, she said. Some contributors had been through so many bad experiences in their life that Cathryn had to work with them to select just one so it would fit into a short story.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Most of the chosen authors are women but all have excelled becoming coaches and counsellors or they run charities and not for profits or support groups. Each is helping those people who are going through what they themselves have been through. Importantly, Cathryn said, ‘They are not just surviving, they’re thriving’. Cathryn said the message she hopes readers get from this book is, ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’. She also said it has shown her that there can be beauty at the end of the most unbelievably dark situations. She admits she didn’t realise she would be pulling such long hours, saying, ‘It was significantly more work and stress than I had anticipated’. Cathryn said it was challenging getting the stories of 20 people in different time zones, with different levels of English and grammar (for some, English was their second language) to the point where they could be published. She hasn’t ruled out writing another ‘group book’ saying another theme that was popular was, ‘A Letter to my Ten-Year-Old Self’. I Fly: True Stories of Overcoming Adversity is available online and all over the world on Amazon as an e-book and paperback. Copies will also be sold in bookstores across Australia.

Connecting with our kids

Rhia Valentine Interview by Michelle Brewer

Parenting anytime can be tricky but it can be even more so in the current climate.

›› Incorporating play – so perhaps making masks and putting them on teddies or putting masks on avatars in online games.

All of sudden our children find they aren’t allowed to touch or hug other people. They are probably noticing more people are wearing masks and gloves while out and about.

›› Expressing feelings through art using different mediums including painting and clay modelling.

So how much should we tell them? Do we try to pretend ‘there is nothing to see here’? Or do we tell them everything? We enlisted the help of a woman who has some experience in this area. Rhia Valentine has four children of her own and had an awakening of sorts after conceiving and giving birth to her fourth baby. She became passionate about ‘parenting differently’ and said she knew she wasn’t ‘mainstream’. She likes to focus on ‘connecting’ with her children rather than ‘dominating’. On the subject of Novel Coronavirus, Rhia said she sees it as, “Part of our awakening actually, it’s part of a shift that we’re all going through as a whole, as all of humanity”. Rhia is embracing the change, stressing it is important for mums and dads to do their inner work first and make sure, “Your cup is nice and full, and you have support”. Rhia said an essential tool we have at our disposal during a pandemic like we are experiencing is ‘connecting’ with our children. “So, are they needing to process their feelings? Are they needing information? Are they needing to feel very safe and secure with you? So maybe they’re needing more limits?” Before venturing outdoors with the kids for ‘essential’ purposes, Rhia recommends:

›› Acknowledging your child’s feelings and asking yourself, “Do they need to have a cry”?

›› Putting some boundaries in place to make children feel safe and secure. If questions arise around why the kids can’t have chicken and pasta for dinner, she said we may know there is no pasta because other shoppers are ‘panic buying’ but we just have to tell them we are having chicken and vegetables. Rhia said we don’t have to go into a big explanation, as long as we are saying no to the pasta and yes to whatever emotion the child is expressing. She also recommends doing our best to be ‘present’ with our children, while admitting that is not an easy thing to do. Rhia suggests setting aside times to be ‘present’ and ‘connect’ with our children. She said it comes down to planning activities and making sure you are well resourced. A few questions Rhia recommends asking yourself before commencing an activity with the kids include: ›› Have you got the time? (Schedule some time outside of work/school hours.) ›› Do you have the correct resources? ›› Have you planned out your activity thoroughly? Rhia is working on getting back into mentoring other parents. She is putting together an online package which will focus on play and connection. She also works with parents before they even conceive and right up until they give birth. She calls this ‘conscious birthing’. Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Journaling my way

by Kathy Shanks You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  -  John C. Maxwell

It all starts with Gratitude If you’ve never done any sort of mindset or personal development before – I would suggest starting with a gratitude journal. I believe gratitude is the most important part of practicing self care – and can have the most profound effect on your life. When you actively practice gratitude, it alters your mind AND affects your body physically. It is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness, and when we’re happy, if flows through to all parts of our lives.

allows the space in our world for even more positive energy.

People who practice gratitude regularly experience a number of benefits including overall positive emotions, feeling more alive, stronger relationships, coping with stress better, sleeping better, expressing more compassion and kindness, and even having stronger immune systems.

›› List 3 things you’re grateful for everyday ›› Notice the small things – a hug from a friend, a smile from your child ›› Keep a list of things that fill you with love – message from a friend, photo of a day out ›› List reasons a particular person makes you happy ›› Recall the best part of the day

When we practice gratitude daily, it allows us to have all our focus on the positive, and not dwell on the negative. Focusing our energy on the positive,


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

Gratitude can really unshackle you from toxic emotions. So if you can shift your thoughts towards the wonderful things that you have in your life, and away from the negative thoughts and emotions - it will become more difficult to stew on negativity. There’s no rules on how to journal, but here’s a few tips to get your gratitude journal started:

We do tend to attract more of what we express gratitude for.

So when you begin to look for more things that you’re grateful for - you’ll find them. You will create a habit that will make you continue to find them over and over again. The more you find them, the more you will be grateful and the more positivity you will attract into your life. One of my favourite ways to use my gratitude journal is to express gratitude for things which I do not yet have – for instance, when I’m working on a promotion, I will express gratitude daily for the new clients who are coming into my life. When I’m working on my health, I will express gratitude for the energy my food gives me and the clarity and focus I have to keep on track. I strongly believe that we become what we think – thinking and acting with gratitude, will bring more and more wonderful things into your life. Happy journaling,


by people who love books

Book Reviews Alchemy of Awareness

Seven Eighths of Me

By Raelene Byrne

by Linda Willow Roberts

“Alchemy of Awareness is an excellent resource to help you stay “in tune” with your inner Spirit. It’s written in straightforward, direct language, with lots of examples that you can apply to your life. It’s constructed in such a way the you can look up any issue that concerns you and find specific suggestions for how to address that issue. It’s a book that you will be able to refer to for years to come!”

I really enjoyed reading this. Entertaining, light, experiential, gentle and loving, yet at the same time keeping it real. Linda reminds us to ‘own our shit’ - to be accountable and authentic in our actions and thoughts and to know that when the chips are down, Spirit has our back - all we have to do is ask . - Mel Available from

- Dr Steven Farmer, author of Earth Magic and Healing Ancestral Karma

I Give a Damn by Yuki

Available from

What I love about Kate Denning’s new book, The A-Z of Tea Leaf Reading is that she includes so much more than just how to read tea leaves. In this book Kate gives you a history of Tea Leaf Reading worldwide and in specifically in Brisbane. Also, the index of symbolic meanings at the back of this book works for any type readings from coffee, Tea, dreams and anything else you can think of. I always have it nearby just in case I need.

I loved this book from start to finish. It is infused with beautiful artwork and inspires a positive mindset by drawing on a very real and shocking experience that brought me to tears! This heartbreaking story is carefully woven into various artforms and metaphors that simultaneously express ideas that can be applied immediately to one’s life. One of my favourite lines, “One sadness is equivalent to seven happinesses” is just one of many eye-opening ideas presented in the book (and there are so many of them!) Overall, this is one of the most meaningful, eye-opening, and sincere books that I have ever read, and is a true representation of metamorphosis.

- Alicia

- Hannah Lee

Available from

Available from

The A-Z of Tea Leaf Reading by Kate Denning


I GIVE A DAMN A Book of Metamorphosing

A D A M N I GIVE A DAMN – Metamorphosed – This book is the story of a mother and a daughter who have been through hell and back. I have come out of the world I know. One day my daughter told me what her stepfather had been doing to her and the entire world turned upside down. He killed himself the next day, and the Reverend who set me up to marry the guy turned her back on us when the truth came out. Everywhere we looked, things were no longer the same. My daughter was suffering from PTSD. We crossed over the water to find our path, but we got lost in every culture we encountered. I did not understand how we could survive, but somehow messages kept guiding us to cross many more bridges. It wasn’t straightforward, and there was not much help. We were on our own, lost in Tokyo, lost on the Gold Coast beach, but somehow we survived. We are now on our path to authenticity. These messages intertwined with pearl shimmer pastel, watercolour, pen and wash pictures will reach your heart.


Yuki’s Art & Language

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


Connection Corner Connections are the centre of our family. It is through connections that we learn and grow individually and together. We are all energy and we draw our energy from the month and the year of our birth, which are linked to the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. We can use these elements as a way of having deep connections with our family.

Case Study I have the birth dates of a family of six people, with their unique birth footprint. Family Member 1 Gemini ~ Air ~ Snake ~Fire (Star Sign ~ Element ~ Chinese Horoscope ~ Element) Qualities: Charming, Intuitive, Romantic, Highly Perceptive, Polite Family Member 2 Scorpio ~ Water ~ Ox ~ Earth Qualities: Confident, Honest, Patient, Conservative, Strong Family Member 3 Virgo ~ Earth ~ Rabbit ~ Gold Qualities: Affectionate, Kind, Gentle, Compassionate, Merciful Family Member 4 Virgo ~ Earth ~ Horse ~ Fire Qualities: Loyal, Honest ,Responsible, Courageous, Warm hearted Family Member 5 Capricorn ~ Earth ~ Horse ~ Fire Qualities: Diligent Friendly, Sophisticated, Talented, Clever Family Member 6 Leo ~ Fire ~ Pig ~ Water Qualities: Sincere, Tolerant, Hardworking, Honest, Optimistic


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

The first thing you will notice is that the earth element is the strongest element within the family dynamics. What does this mean? This means that the family has a strong base and values of loyalty, honesty, responsibility, courageous and warm-heartedness. However, earth is only one element and for us to be in a space of growth, we need the other elements to connect with us and the different elements have different effects and qualities. When there is too much earth in action, the family connection can become too grounded and the connection not grow and develop, until the other elements come into action. The combination of air and fire with earth, means the elements will exist independently of each other, without acknowledging the other or at times create a tension. If air has a strong sense of energy and mixes with fire, this can be a time where the earth and water people in the family will feel the need to retreat from the heat of the fire. When air, water and fire connect with earth, they can generate powerful ideas and strong relationships. When the family is working together to solve a problem each element has a role to play, earth starts and grounds the idea, air provides a feeling of lightness or going with the flow, add a gentle amount of heat and the idea will take on a different dimension, bringing in the water element into the idea gives it a different energy to bring the idea into its full potential. When the elements of air and water combine they will often be separated by going with the flow and not necessarily interact with each other, being in their own worlds and independently

by LK Tommi

creating. When gold and fire elements combine, as gold takes a long time to heat before it starts to melt. The combination of fire and gold create alchemy, and they create magic and uniqueness. When the two fire elements combine there can be too much heat and the relationship is not balanced, when there is another element added with fire or water, this can still create a storm. The best element for this combination is to combine the element of earth or gold to add another quality to the relationship. It is important to accept all of the elements and their qualities within the family, as it makes us who we are and the elements are connected to our passion and purpose in life. Fire people, have a burning desire and are very passionate people about bringing their ideas into the world. Water and Air people go with the flow, while Earth is a solid influence. Another important element into deepening family connections is through being curious about what that element means for the person. For example, for the people with the air or water element, you might say, “What is it like to go with the flow�. It is when we recognise and engage with the elements that we engage and connect to strengthen family connections. If you would like to know more about how the elements can strengthen your family connections, please email au and your family may be profiled in the next edition, you will also receive a 1 hour consultation with LK Tommi in relation to creating strong family connections within you family.

by Rebecca Lee


Full Moon Ritual & Heart Clearing Invocation Full Moons


The full moon is considered an end of a cycle or the “climax” of all that you have been working on within that cycle since the last new moon. The energies build up until the full moon, at which point is a powerful time to conduct ritual to release, forgive and let go all that you are done with;

1) Light your candle and say out loud -

Invocations Invocations are often used in rituals and healings to invoke the energy or deity you require to assist you with your intention. Invocations are powerful ways to affirm what it is you are seeking to achieve.

Full Moon Ritual Preparation On the night of a full moon, find a space, preferably where you can see the moon, (though not necessary). Ensure you have a small candle, a journal, pen, and spare loose paper that you could burn. Trinkets, items from nature and crystals are also great to place in front or around you. You can bring anything to your ritual that represents what you are doing, or who and what energies you want around you for support and protection. Bring any documents photo’s or letters that may relate to what you are letting go of so that you may burn (not necessary but an option). You may want to sit near a fire, fireplace or have a small bowl and lighter you can burn paper in safely.

“I call upon the light of this full moon to shine your light upon me now and assist me to see in the darkness. May you shine brightly on my shadows and all that I have struggled to see previously, so I can forgive and let go of all that blocks my heart” Breathe for a few minutes and focus on your connection to the moon. 2) Say the Invocation out loud Heart Clearing INVOCATION I AM I am connected deep within my heart to the Divine Energy Field With each breathe I become more conscious of the love I have within me and of my Higher Self; Tonight I release all blocks within my heart I allow pure divine source to fill my heart with love; With each breathe and focused intention, my connection to my heart grows stronger. I fully trust and allow pure divine energy to permeate through my entire being. My heart now lovingly shows me the way to peace; forgiveness and love. I fully acknowledge Where I need to let go; What I need to heal; How I need to change; Who I need to forgive; and What no longer serves me I now allow my activated higher heart and divine source to release all heart blockages and forgive all that has hurt me

I free myself of old heartache and pain And so it is © Rebecca-Lee Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. Say it loud, slow and powerfully. 3) The burn off a) Write down any thoughts, feelings, memories that you wish to let go of on a loose piece of paper. Sit in front of your burning space and hold this paper, or the document, photo or other material your brought to your ritual; whatever represents what you are letting go of. Speak from your heart about what you are holding; what it represents to you and why you need to let it go. Speak of how your grief, loss, stress and anger has been holding you back and why it is time to let it go. b) After you speak of each piece say “I release you. I am done” 3 times As you do so burn your thoughts on the paper, the photo, documents or whatever it is you choose for this release. Feel the flames eating it all up and releasing it from your heart. 4) Completion Thank the moon for assisting you release these feelings. Spend a few moments in gratitude feeling into all that you are grateful for to fill your heart. Have a bath, cup of tea, sit with the moon, dance, drum, sleep whatever comes to you to complete and celebrate. Blow out your candle when you are done.

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


by Deb Norman


Upcoming Moon Cycles - What to Expect! FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS 15 DEGREE’S 34 MINUTES - JUNE 6TH @ 5.13AM AEST

Chiron/Lilith, travel together in the 11th, this vibrationally shows that the masses are feeling angry and immobilised by the current circumstance and restrictions. Passive rage is present in this aspect as well as the Moon/Sun/Mars T-square. Uranus In Taurus, is moving through the 12th house of the subconscious and hidden enemies. Uranus is a life changer that brings about change without warning through chaos. These effects are hidden, subtle yet impactful.

This is the perfect time to communicate & heal any upsets with others.

causing a T-square with Mars/ Neptune. This is a challenging aspect.

This is a great time to up-level your skill, build relationships and foundations to support future business and projects. Some will feel more inclined under this transit to nurture loved ones and provide emotional support while others find them frustrating.

Oppositions, in projection houses like the 1/7th dynamic are vibrationally set up to show us how we block ourselves. This is about you/your relationships/how safe you felt as a child and how you use this to go out into the world.

Belief systems and perceptions will play a major role in how you view your relationships. You may find that others are mirroring parts of self that needs healing. There may be opposing views around projected or disowned thoughts and beliefs, as others reflect this back at you. As Scorpio is ruling the descendent or 7th house at this time, those who are not feeling safe may use manipulation to get their needs met. The Moon is in opposition to the Sun/Venus and Vulcan in Gemini. The opposition and square on the mutable cross are


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

As the Sun is our purpose and where we shine and Vulcan our focus it would be a great time to incorporate higher knowledge, direction and communication on networking and building strong relationships. Choose your words carefully is the theme here. Mars and Neptune in hard aspect to the Full Moon may cause an internal struggle around emotional safety, leading to Confusion and an inability to assert oneself with clarity in the world. Illness or phobias is another manifestation for those feeling unsafe.

Past emotional events not cleared will result in events happening now. Whatever has been stirring in your subconscious around safety and security, worth and value will manifest itself now in the form of upsets, surprises, or hidden enemies. Much of the time the enemy is within. Your conscious mind may struggle to find reason in the events and upsets that play out now. This is the result of repressed feelings and thinking that unleash themselves in the form of events, people, and places. This is a great time to clear away fixed attitudes. Uranus in Taurus is a fixed coupling therefore over the course of the year we may find that there is a lot of resistance to change. Mercury is in Cancer in the 2nd. Use this voice to find positive and nurturing thoughts that uplift your self-worth and gently speak about any family issues that you feel are blocking your progress. Saturn in Aquarius, Retrograde, asks us to take responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs, and be open to unlearn and relearn new improved information. Later in the Year Saturn/Jupiter and Pluto will

by Deb Norman

Astrology join to enforce the changes we are downloading now to assist with our evolution, whether we like it or not. Uranus-NeptunePluto are transpersonal planets, this means they bring life changing events to aid us in our evolution.

NEW MOON in Cancer

00 DEGREE’S 21 MINUTES 21st JUNE @ 4.41PM AEST The New Moon is a great time to set intentions and put plans into place. As the Moon grows in brightness so too does our intention by bringing thought into form. This month the Sun and Moon are in the 7th house, reinforcing the previous Full Moon around nurturing the relationships we have and airing any grievances, for healing. Integrating the masculine and feminine within and building rapport with those new networks we secured during the Full Phase is the highlight of the last half of June. To support these changes we also have the North Node, Vesta, Vulcan/Mercury asking us to ensure we let go of the control and focus more on healing our emotional senses, and come from a place of caring for others the way we would like to be cared for. As these voices are in opposition to the South

Node on the Ascendant, we must carefully observe how old ways of thinking, and outmoded belief systems sneak back in and cause disharmony. When challenged we instinctively regress into our past. Family secrets and old wounds around early conditioning and our male role model may come to light over the course of this next few months. This can be triggered by work colleagues or male friends. It Is time to rebuild old limited ways of doing things through education that empowers all of us to take responsibility for our resources and how we value ourselves.


Last month, humanity worked on how they view, value and nurture themselves, in a way that brings stability and opportunities on this Full Moon, to work within the scope of joint resources. The Sun, Vulcan, and Mercury in the 8th house in cancer, are in opposition to the Moon, Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, in the 2nd. Here we are given a second review of this energy to empower ourselves, build lasting networks and rise to our purpose through channelling in higher knowledge, and digging deep to release and unveil our true nature. Some may feel a little blocked around creative outlets with Mars/Chiron and Lilith in hard aspect in the 5th. If this plays out, utilise Neptunian

energies to dig deeper into the subconscious terrain to find the illusion and early programs that keep you feeling separate and confused. This month is about restructuring, going over old ground, ensuring your past is clear and purpose on target. It is never to late to change course if what you are doing no longer serves you.


28 DEGREE’S 26 MINUTES 21ST JULY @ 3.32 AM The new Moon brings fresh feelings to how we illuminate our purpose in life as the luminaries travel together through the house of self-worth and value. If you have been thinking about renovating your home, this may be a great time to start this project with Jupiter travelling through the 8th house of other Peoples resources. Remember to go over projects, information, plans and foundational work to ensure smooth sailing as we have a line up in retrograde, meaning stop, double check, alter prior to implementation. In the career arena, we have Mars/Lilith and Chiron. Mars is at home here, he likes to assert his will, be his own boss and initiate projects. You must be sure to carry through as this set up may get the urge to start things it is not willing to finish including the home renovations and business projects. For information on how this affects your personal chart contact Deb - contact details in the directory.

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020


by Selena Joy Lovett


June Collective Reading

Instead of fearing your power you will embrace it General There has been a period of growth throughout this perhaps dark, negative time. You can now see the light shining through – the universe is working its magic and the wonder of nature is waking up around you. The light of your being, your soul, starts shining more brightly within – opening up your true potential. This experience has given you strength and you are more grounded than before, believing in yourself and knowing that you stand firmly on the ground, sheltering others and sharing your wisdom. You have come to terms with many things within yourself and learnt the power of acceptance. This has allowed you to love yourself more. You have also learnt to trust the universe and yourself for whatever you have been through, you know something good is coming out of it - step into your power of awareness and trust in your magic. The waters around you are calm, allowing you to see your future plans and focus on what you want to bring into your changed life.

Love Take what’s yours!! The shy, timid, lack of self-worth part


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

off you has been discarded during this rebirth and you feel good within your skin, happy and accepting of yourself and proud!! Feel yourself grow – inner peace allows you to feel more at one with yourself. What you feel comes to you – so I feel this card is all about you feeling sexual, powerful, sensual and worthy. This will attract someone that mirrors these emotions back at you. It feels like it’s time either to rekindle some of the magic already in your relationship or to put out the vibes that you are looking for love like never before, something that really satisfies your needs. The king of Pentacles has the Midas touch – this means you will have the touch of love if you want this month.

Work The personal changes in you are also affecting your work life. You are feeling more grounded and in your space so if you have been feeling anxious or negative about work issue these are now overthrown as you are ready to take charge and stand up for what you want and to lead yourself and perhaps others into a more positive, productive work space. Standing strong and no longer being drained by negative

thinking and anxious vibes. Listen into your heart energy and be led in the right direction. Be open to new opportunities and attract conditions that are more in line with what you truly should be doing. The strength card brings harmony, peace and balance into your work and career. Accept the challenges of change with the knowledge that it is positive.

Spirit I want to be a Queen (or King!) I love the way a reading shapes up!! all the cards are guiding you towards the same goal, raising your status and allowing you to take charge of your life. You are ready to become the queen and make your own choices. Instead of fearing your power, you embrace it. The queen – power and influence - embrace responsibility. You can create the life and future you want. Free yourself from living under the scrutiny, expectation and shadow of others. Give yourself permission to live the life you truly want!!! Step into your power - the power that allows you to free yourself to make the decisions that are right for you and to forge your own destiny. Make the rules in your life!!

Cards used: Silver witchcraft Tarot, Tarot of Sexual Magic, Light seekers Tarot, Alice in Wonderland Oracle

by Selena Joy Lovett


July Collective Reading

All is well in the divine plan that is unfolding General It feels like opportunity is right in front of you – awards maybe won, deals signed and dreams are within reach. It’s been quite a ride to get this far but all determination has paid off – it feels like you are on top of things and entering into an abundant time – so don’t stop what you are doing as its working and the rewards are right there in front of you. Maybe through the ‘corona’ experience you have become more appreciative of nature, being in the moment, recycling, caring for mother earth and the environment you are in – so you may find yourself making your home, room, office a more beautiful, sacred space where the energy flows more freely. This cleansing may extend to a clear out of your social media feed, friends you felt no longer matched your vibration, clothes and possessions that have out grown their use - bringing new fresh energy in, brightening your energy in and out. Renewing motivation. Out with the old and in with the new.

Love Whatever situation you find yourself in – this card asks that you shift your focus back to love. Ask is it really worth

arguing about? Bring peace in to your life by letting go of replaying certain situations and step into a place of acceptance, forgive or forget but don’t stay stuck, try looking for the positive in people instead of judging or criticising The only thing that matters is love - this can be self love – love yourself enough to walk away from things that aren’t good for you or love yourself enough to be open to receive and be loved. Believe in love again and once you open your heart the universe will match this vibration and you will feel uplifted – peace and harmony. If you find this hard – try some grounding exercises and learn to feel mother earths energy around you and trust that all that you need is within. Everything is ok when you choose love. This card is about finding balance within life so that the hard times are not so challenging - yes there can be sadness and grief but by focusing on love the rest will fade.

Work Keep charging ahead towards triumph – you are winning!! Keep up the focus and determination. You have the strength to achieve all that you

Cards used: Shadowscapes Tarot, Whispers of Love, The Psychic Tarot, Kuan Yin Oracle

have set out to. Challenging times have been met and are over now. Visualise successful results as if they were happening right now – be proud of your achievements however small as the more you believe in yourself and your success the more easily you will reach your goals and beat other challenges. If you need guidance don’t hesitate to reach out and listen to others for advise/help, you don’t have to achieve everything by yourself – be balanced and confident enough in your own abilities that you accept help from others if necessary.

Spirit You may be wondering if everything is ever going to come together for you and the answer is - Yes!!! It may even happen quicker than excepted. Divine timing is always at play – so maybe it’s time to let go of control and let things happen. You have set your intentions – put your plan into action now wait for it to play out. You are being encouraged to trust in divine timing and know that all will be well in your world your dreams and desires are manifesting now, whether it’s obvious or not, be at peace, all is well in the divine plan that is unfolding. Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020



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Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

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Jo Worthy is the author of Love Worthy, an Intuitive Soulful Mentor and Founder of The Worthy Goddess Community.

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Ronda Robertson

by Solreta Antaria Send your questions to us at rebirth@ and we might feature you in our next issue

Q Is there anything more I need to know or attend to before launching my practitioner training program? -Julie A The energies I’m seeing come thru with this question are encouraging you to think on your feet. I feel spirit guiding you with little tips & lessons for your students each class. I see a yellow energy of education & teaching in your aura, as well as a beautiful green heart colour. Your heart & higher self are leading this new venture & your guides are assisting you at this time. It’s a time to step forward without overthinking, as this could lead to stagnation.

Q We’ve had some very negative issues with new neighbours and are seriously considering selling our home to get away from it all. But we’re not quite sure. Should we be selling or hang in there and hoping that things will improve? -VickiA With your question I’m seeing a bit of blue around the throat chakra, this is usually connected with speaking up. In this situation, the neighbours feel somewhat unreasonable & a little drawn towards drama. Im feeling the energy of laying low for the time being. Also working with tools for psychic protection, such as sage for smudging or hanging a bunch of the herb thyme on the front & back door of the property for added protection & comfort.


Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020

The energy that comes with this question, is what I call a choose your own adventure energy. You have the choice & free will to sell now, possibly receiving a lower price, or to clear the energy, see how things feel, build upon the beautiful energies of your property & call in the right buyer.

Q In which direction is my life heading? And do you have any guidance around wanting to uproot? -BaileyA I feel very much drawn into the heart of the matter with this question. I’m seeing & feeling, you learning to anchor your heart/soul energies into your divine body temple the true place to call home. I feel your guides closely working with you on this matter, they come with a soft beautiful feminine energy, they are here to provide solace, love & protect. You are integrating two worlds, bring heaven to earth. They are encouraging to birth yourself new... into the word, to claim your sword & step into the role of a way shower... a warrior. In meditation call upon other great inspiring heroines throughout history. Joan of arch, Aphrodite, Isis, feel their energy love, lead & guide you. They are passing the torch to you, let their glorious light lead you & bring comfort in helping others. In regards to moving there is still a few things to fall in place, the guides are showing me a Tetris puzzle, there are still a few pieces of the puzzle to clear up & connect. They are also showing me the

game of connect 4, and showing me 4 gold coins shinning in a row. This means that with a bit of thought & strategy at the end of the day it will be a better winning situation, surrounding you with lovely people. Sending you love & blessing on your journey.

Q What do I need to do to move forward in life? -Aimee A I’m feeling & seeing the processing of old trauma, possibly from another life, this may sometimes feel like something we can’t quite put our finger on. Your guides are tickling you on top of the head, feels like light sparkles, they are encouraging you to look for the answers within your own heart, asking that any past life or present trauma be release here & now. They are also showing me an image of you expanding your talents & working also as a healer in the near future. I’m feeling strong healing energy, which has your own spin on it. I’m hearing the words “There is nothing to fear but fear its self.” in regards to your life path. I’m seeing if you put the energy & effort all the way in, it may take a little time but, the rewards are worth it. I also feel the energy to go easy on yourself, relax & breath, remembering that you are an old soul & have done your work in many places, many times before. They are encouraging you to sit, hold the memory & manifestation of those lifetimes, when you doing your souls work in the here & now. Many blessings on the blossoming of journey.

Rebirth Edition 2 | June 2020