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April 2014 #20 for girly girls in a brutal world #rebeliciousmagazine

AMANDA NICOLE plus: atomic lace | sanctus Clothing | bloody mary metal | T.U.K FOOTWEAR mery sp | vanity venom | miss fortune | halo haynes | joanna strange and more!

april 2014 #20

4 Editor’s Picks 6 Brand Of The Month: T.U.K Footwear 8 Stacey's Fashion Faves 10 Atomic Lace 14 Sanctus Clothing 18 Heavy Metal With Heart: Bloody Mary Metal 22 Spring/Summer Lovin' With Miss Fortune Clothing 30 Zombie Girl 34 The Creeps Store 38 Frock 'N' Roll: Kayley Busby (Follow You Home) 44 Win Alt-Fest Tickets! 46 Rebel Rabbit 52 Amanda Nicole 66 Halo Haynes 70 Vanity Venom 74 Float 82 Ciara Anne 84 Joanna Strange

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86 Power Relinquished 96 Xlcr Moon 98 Model Anatomy: Mery SP 100 Stories

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COVER CREDITS Model: Amanda Nicole Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/MUA: Spoiled Cherry


Editor's Picks •the newest products & brands on our radar• Manic Panic

Blood Red Matte Lipstick, £9.99


Samantha Minidress, £34.99

kreepsville 666

Elvira Comic Cover Mini Skirt


LowF FUQ, £44.99

4 | rebelicious magazine

bettie page

Black Spiked Peep-Toe, £65


LITTLE MISS DELICIOUS Sweet Heart Collection top 5 picks! Little miss delicious' latest collection isn't called 'sweet heart' for nothing! Here are my top 5 picks from the new range.


Be My Battenberg Necklace £23

Oppress Apparel

lip service

Bone Print Leggings, $32

Screen Printed Oversized Crop Top, £28


Pizza My Heart Necklace £23

3. Hearts Heal Necklace £22


Third Eye Crop Top, £24.99

4. Sushi Lover Necklace £23

5. I Heart Waffles Necklace £23


Pirate Flag Vest, £19.99

Cakes With Faces

these and lots more are available from!

Cakezilla T-Shirt, £16

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t.u.k. footwear Since their start in 1991, the San Diego, CA based footwear company T.U.K. has been creating bold, original footwear for men and women. Footwear made for and inspired by bands, music fanatics, fashionistas, and individuals with eclectic tastes. With their huge range from traditional classics to modern upstarts they are constantly providing creative style with an original edge.








Chosen by Mark Smith, T.U.K Marketing and Graphics Manager

1. Hawaiian Style Floral Round Toe Mondo Creeper: $70.00 USD 2. Galaxy Print Anarchic Combat Boot: $90.00 USD 3. Emerald Green Velvet Round Toe Mondo Creepers: $70.00 USD



4. Mens B&W Jam Shoe $90.00 USD 5. Black Suede Creeper Heel $100 USD 6 | rebelicious magazine

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Photographer: Luca Cassarรก Model: Miele Rancido Hair Stylist: Stefania Gilardi MUA: Stefania Giilardi Wardrobe: Shitesville clothing - Uninvited guest stylegroup


stacey's fashion faves

Designer, muse and author of, Stacey will be sharing her monthly shopping picks and current obsessions with Rebelicious.

8 | rebelicious magazine


rebelicious magazine | 9

5 Atomic lace 10 | rebelicious magazine

Fashion Model: Missy Poison Photographer: White Chocolate Photography London MUA: Valeria Crisantemi   

How was Atomic Lace born? Atomic Lace was formed from the combination of two things I love, art and fashion. For me they’re both about expressing myself and producing something original. When people look at my designs I want them to see pieces that are bold, unique, and inspire them to embrace their individuality. I love seeing someone take something I created and make it theirs by how they incorporate it into their own style. Selfexpression and individuality… That’s what I want Atomic Lace to be about! Where do you draw your inspiration from? I find inspiration everywhere and often at unexpected times. Sometimes it comes from more obvious sources, like music or certain styles I’m drawn to, but most frequently it seems to sneak up on me at random moments. For example, I could be in the shower when a new idea hits me and suddenly I’m rushing around for pen and paper with soap in my eyes! I’d like to think that it’s those moments of random inspiration that have created some of the best designs.

Can you talk us through the design process; how something grows from just an idea into fully fledged jewellery? The pieces I create never end up the way I initially picture them, but I think there’s a kind of beauty in that. Art can definitely take on a life of its own. When I sit down to start a new design it doesn’t matter how much I think everything through, because as I’m creating it the idea is still growing and changing directions. Once the artwork is finished and ready to be made into a wearable piece, I then have to figure out the physical design from a fashion aspect. I basically have to see how the piece will look best when worn. There’s a lot of trial and error when it comes to new designs. It can take a month or two until I’m happy with the final product, but when I finally get to see my vision come to life it’s all worth it! How does it feel to see how your shop has grown? It’s honestly the best feeling in the world! Whenever I receive a kind email, or see a picture of someone wearing my pieces, I can’t

stop smiling! I’m thankful that every day I wake up to something I’m passionate about and that I’m able to keep moving forward with my dream. Where do you see Atomic Lace in a few years time? Within a few years I would love to have my designs on a wide range of clothing and accessories. It would also be incredible to see my work in some shops I’ve admired for a long time. Another thing that’s important to me is continuing to work and collaborate with people from all different aspects of the creative industry. I feel like I grow every time I work with someone and I’m constantly learning from others. Lastly, one of my biggest goals is to be able to use my brand to make a difference. I’m especially passionate about animal rescues/charities and have been brainstorming on creating certain pieces where the proceeds would be donated to these causes. It would be so fulfilling and amazing to be able to use what I’m trying to build with Atomic Lace to do something good.

rebelicious magazine | 11

Fashion Model: Missy Poison Photographer: White Chocolate Photography London MUA: Valeria Crisantemi   

"the thought of giving up on my dream is scarier than having to fight for it. Everyone needs something to fight for, and this is my something." Laura Michele, atomic lace founder 12 | rebelicious magazine

Fashion Glitter Addicts Dark Lightning Bolt Earrings

Poisonous Cherries Necklace

Vicious Heart Necklace

What is your favourite design to make and why? (I’d imagine glitter plays a big role!) The glitter pieces are definitely some of my favorites to create, not to mention some of the messiest! I’ve found glitter practically everywhere! I’ve gotten it in my eyes, seen it floating in my coffee, and even my poor dogs can’t seem to escape it! It’s two of my favorite things, sparkly and unpredictable!   What has been the best thing about running the shop? A couple of things stand out. The first has been working with some incredible people. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with a lot of creative minds, from models, to bloggers, as well as other artists. They have all inspired and motivated me. The second thing is just how much I’ve learned about myself from the experience. When taking on something like this, you learn if you’re the type of person that’s going to give up when things get hard, or if you’re the type that’s going to fight for what you want. There were times in the past when I faced setbacks, or even just self-doubt, where I’ve seen how easy it would be to give up, but each time I’ve chosen to keep going. The thought of giving up on my dream is scarier than having to fight for it. Everyone needs something to fight for, and this is my something. What does 2014 hold for Atomic Lace? This summer the shop will be hitting its two-year mark, and there’s so much I have in mind before then! You can of course expect new jewelry, but also keep an eye out for my designs on T-shirts and hair accessories. I don’t want to jinx anything by giving too much away, but I will say that I want to make this an epic year for Atomic Lace! Words: Amii Scarlet rebelicious magazine | 13


sanctus clothing

Edgy, dark and individual: since its inception in 2012, SANCTUS CLOTHING already looks set for longevity. Hot on the heels of a new collection, we talked to designer Lucinda Sinclair about her creative philosophy, inspirations and plans for the upcoming year. Words: Sam Handley

14 | rebelicious magazine

Can you give us a rundown of your career path thus far? Did you always have aspirations to work in the fashion industry? I graduated from my fashion design degree in July 2012 and went into styling at first. I enjoyed it, but I knew I was holding back from what I truly wanted to do, and soon set up Sanctus in November of that same year. I had other ideas as a little girl - I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was very young! But fashion and design were very present in me always, particularly in my teenage years. You’ve also recently been signed with Nevs Model Agency.

Was the foray into modelling a conscious move? I used to model for friends’ projects at University to help them out, so in doing that I built up a kind of portfolio and it went from there. I signed with Nevs when I moved to London in October. Life running Sanctus can sometimes feel a bit hermit-like since everything is handmade by me, I spend a lot of time indoors sewing - so heading off to shoots and castings a few times a week is quite nice to punctuate my manufacturing! It’s also a great way for me to meet more people in the industry - I often meet stylists and photographers who I end up collaborating with on Sanctus projects.


[above] dystopia collection [below] hyde snood/neck scarf [right] asylum coat - prussian blue

"The most treasured pieces in my own wardrobe are either vintage, one of a kind or highly exclusive, and I wanted to harness that and create almost ‘collectable’ pieces without an expiration date." lucinda sinclair rebelicious magazine | 15

Fashion Your designs for Sanctus take a lot of influence from occult imagery. Are there any other sources (visual and non-visual) that inspire you while you’re at the drawing board? Movies, characters, music, books, etc? Authenticity, in all senses of the word. The idea that you can buy a garment, have no idea who made it or where it came from, and then see someone walking down the street with the exact same thing on as you - that inspires me and what I’m doing with Sanctus. I also love to read about ideologies and philosophies, and learn about what is sacred to people from all around the world. And I think if a character has ever inspired me, it’s Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Can you give us some insight into your creative process: how an idea evolves from conception to production? I keep sketchbooks and am constantly adding to scrapbook pages and mood boards. Often, the print will come before the silhouettes and garment construction ideas, so a sketch of a little animal skull could be the initial conception of a whole jacket. Or often I’ll stumble across a beautiful new fabric - a jersey or a silk, and the way it falls and drapes will easily inspire what comes next. Sanctus is very wearable and urban, but it definitely has a touch of the alternative about it. You try to preserve the originality of the designs by only producing a certain

number of each garment. Is this a reaction to the more widespread popularity of ‘dark’ clothing on the high street these days? The labelling/numbering of the garments and the limitation of only having 50 of a kind was something I always wanted to do. The most treasured pieces in my own wardrobe are either vintage, one of a kind or highly exclusive, and I wanted to harness that and create almost ‘collectable’ pieces without an expiration date. The idea is anti-mass production as a whole, not just within subcultures. You’ve mentioned that you often create with personal aesthetics in mind. What’s your favourite piece of Sanctus to wear? I do! I’m never sure if that’s a good or bad thing. What I’ve been wearing the most recently is the Asylum Coat in Prussian Blue. It’s been a saviour against the British cold weather and goes with the entirety of my predominantly black wardrobe! Is there a dream project you’d love to work on, design-wise? Any collaborations on the horizon? I would LOVE to go into footwear and jewellery at some point! However, since I don’t have 3 clones of

[LEFT] jinx bralette [above] drone clutch bag [right] anathema silk top & jinx bralette - night

16 | rebelicious magazine

myself to do everything at once, I’m going to do a Summer range including some swimwear pieces, which I’m really excited about. What are your short-term and long-term plans for the brand? I’m really interested in creating a diffusion line at the moment in collaboration with a retailer, and I’m trying to focus on that in the coming months. I’m hoping to put some things into production at some point this year, so that I can spend more time designing and less time manufacturing. I want my work to be the best it can be, and don’t want to compromise by not having enough time, so if I did this, there’d be more time to create new beautiful things and more Sanctus for everyone to enjoy! The latest Sanctus line, Dystopia, is out now.

rebelicious magazine | 17


heavy metal

with heart Every so often you’ll come across a brand who show genuine passion – love and care, heart and soul, poured into each and every piece they create. One of these is Bloody Mary Metal. Based in Cornwall, the creations that come from their workshop are, simply put, amazing – raw, experimental, and one-of-a-kind. Somehow they manage to recreate old themes like anchors and bones, and bring them to life in a new, edgy light. We caught up with the creator, Lucy, to find out the back story behind BMM. Words: Amii Scarlet

How did Bloody Mary Metal come about? Did you have experience in making jewellery beforehand? I was offered an old-fashioned, hands-on apprenticeship at home in Cornwall. I’d been in London and New Zealand on and off for 7 years, and thought it might be a good time to move home, and start something of my own. I had no experience in working with silver and gold - I’d dabbled in crafting and arranging components bought from elsewhere, but never from scratch! I actually trained at Rose Bruford Drama College and have a degree in European Theatre Arts, so no official jewellery training there either! I knew from the beginning that I’d want a very strong brand, something that stood 18 | rebelicious magazine

out, and was a little different from the every day brands on the high street… The name Bloody Mary Metal came about in a pub one evening, whilst discussing how I could get my nickname “Tomatoes” into my brand name! The brand name, BMM, came about before I had even left London, and though perhaps not the conventional order to do things in, I think having the name as a starting point has really helped me with the focus and direction of the brand as a whole. Where do you draw your inspiration? Well, this varies, depending on what I’m doing at the time and the things that I see, day to day. I love the idea of making subjects

that aren’t usually seen as very attractive, into objects of beauty; bones, teeth, daggers and the like. I’m also a bit of history geek, and I love reading about old languages, signs and symbols. The second collection, Arcane Love, is heavily influenced by alchemy symbols and the secret blaze signs that travellers and hunters used to mark trees and leave warnings to others. Basically, I like each piece to have a bit of a story with it, so if there’s a strong shape with a tale to tell, I’m interested in it! Can you talk us through the design process, from the idea forming through to the finished piece? Hmm, this varies from piece to

Fashion piece… Sometimes I’ll come across a shape or symbol and just “know” what to do with it. But sometimes more research is needed; I’ll take a weekend off and surround myself with books and other inspiring items - I love old nautical maps! I’ll note down any stories that trigger something for me, start sketching some shapes to go alongside it, then move on to another. In an ideal world, I’ll have anywhere between 10 and 30 mini ideas like this to run with… I’ll re-visit each one and alter the designs, changing little elements, and seeing how far I can push the idea. If it sticks, and I can visualise the final piece, I’ll take it into the workshop and make it happen! I’m actually terrible at sketching, like, I mean TERRIBLE (think 5 year olds drawings) so for me, unlike a lot of jewellers, the design process is a lot in my head, and then straight into 3D. I use wax to help me visualise how shapes form. Sometimes it can be a lot easier to carve something from wax and then cast it into silver, than it is to work from scratch in silver. Recently I’ve been playing with the final finish of a lot of pieces too - oxidised or high shine, different coloured stones and how that can alter the feel of the whole piece etc.  What has been your favourite collection or piece to date? The piece that means the most to me is the Hope & Anchor necklace. I designed the piece in memory of my dad who passed away a couple of years ago. I donate all the profit from this piece to Macmillan Cancer Support. They were amazing with my dad and with the family when he passed away. Without being too sombre, I think it’s important not to hide the story behind this piece, so there’s a little about my dad on the website with this piece. Cancer affects 1 in 3 people now, and I like to think that

people can find some sort of solace in the Hope & Anchor. It doesn’t take away pain, it doesn’t change anything, but it feels good to know that in buying one you’ve paid for 2 hours of a Macmillan nurse’s time, to help another family going through something similar. I saw a girl wearing one recently in Brighton. She didn’t know who I was, or me her, but it felt like my heart was going to burst when I saw her wearing it. I don’t know if she bought it because she liked the design, or if it was linked to someone she

knows having cancer, or herself. It doesn’t really matter. But I have visions of other people who wear it, occasionally bumping into others wearing it too, and they could exchange a smile, or just KNOW that they’re not alone. Sometimes people share their stories with me when they purchase a Hope&Anchor, and though I’m not qualified to give any advice, nor am I an agony aunt, I love it. I love that people can relate to a piece of jewellery so strongly and feel comfortable enough to share their experiences with me. That’s what it’s all about, not being alone. What’s been the most exciting thing about running BMM? The speed in which everything is progressing at! It’s incredible. The support, help, advice and love I’ve received on this journey so far has astounded me. I’m always super nervous before releasing new designs – it’s putting yourself on the line and asking the public to tell you if they like it, if it’s good enough! After the first collection, Heavy Metal, I thought I’d exhausted my design ideas. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to design anything new! But I’m now 4 collections in and the 5th is already in the making. People’s opinions and responses help guide me in the next direction. People tell me that BMM is quite a big deal now, we’re selling fiercely across the whole world, ASOS. com are putting repeat orders in, I’ve rebelicious magazine | 19


had international interest from boutiques and big fashion companies… But to me, it’s odd, because it’s just little me and BMM Dan, sat in our tiny workshop in Cornwall, working through the orders and emails everyday! Friends tell me stories of their dentists recognising their necklaces, and random people on the bus wearing the Crossbones ring and it all just amazes me! It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that people like my work and want to wear it, buy it for themselves and gift it to others.  Have you had any interesting orders that stand out in your mind? Haha, some of the words people want on the BMM Peronalised Stack rings have made me chuckle. Sometimes I have to look the words up and then find they’re lyrics from beautiful songs, or words from poems. Then the piece is instantly transformed because I know it will mean so much to the person wearing it. I’ve done some beautiful custom work over the past year too… Removing a pearl from a grandmother’s necklace clasp and setting it into a gorgeous pearl ring for the granddaughter to

20 | rebelicious magazine

wear was lovely… A black diamond engagement ring with the number 13 on either side; I’m a sucker for romance, so when a guy emails me asking about an engagement ring and trying to describe his girlfriend and what she might like, it tugs at my heart strings and I feel it’s my responsibility to help him make her really happy! Engagement rings and wedding rings are always a pleasure and an honour to be involved with :) What has been your most popular piece so far? The Crossbones Ring, the Lonely Bone Ring, Hope & Anchor, Personalised BMM Stacks, Bling Rings, Twisted Hearts, any of the moon related designs! The new Tooth Ring from the Sinners & Sailors collection is flying out the workshop too! Creating and running BMM must be such an amazing and rewarding experience! What has been your favourite part so far? It’s got to be seeing people wearing BMM! I don’t think it will ever get old. It’s always amazing when my friends adorn themselves in BMM, but it’s just amazing when it’s people I don’t know! It’s also lovely how much interest people have in the craft. I always try and put “in progress” photos up so people can see parts of the journey, and every now and again I’ll sneak a photo of me in too - so people can put a face to it all. On the whole, I’m just so happy with where the brand is going, and the response I’m getting. It almost brings me to tears when I get thank you cards and messages – it’s just so NICE to know people are happy :)

Do you have anything exciting planned for 2014? Conventions, new collections? So much is happening this year! Firstly, we start the build on the new BMM Shop next week! More details to come, so keep an eye on the BMM FB and Instagram pages. We’re doing a pop up shop July 5/6th at Sacred Electric Tattoo - this is going to be AMAZING FUN - a real family weekend with BMM-inspired tattoo flash available from the incredible Sway, Jemma Jones, Charissa Gregson, Lord Montana and maybe a few others, tbc ;) Then another pop up shop at Jolie Rouge Tattoo in London, date tbc, and launching the 5th collection at London Tattoo Convention in September! I’m working on some exciting collaborations at the moment too, all for release throughout the year. The first one is with hauntingly beautiful singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood. Polly and I used to sell tomatoes together on the London farmers markets, so there’s a lot of love being poured into this collaboration! Basically, there’s A LOT happening and a lot more in the pipelines, so keep in touch and come along to the events that you can - I’m always up for a good chat, a cocktail or a black coffee :) If you would like to donate to Macmillan, you can do so at You can follow Bloody Mary Metal as they go from strength to strength on the links below!

10% Discount code for rebelicious readers! BMMREBELS

Clothing: Miss Fortune Models: Frankii Wilde, Zara Ann, Little Gem Photographer: Miss Rain

22 | rebelicious magazine

rebelicious magazine | 23

Frankii wears: Miss Fortune Hazy Days Dress [purple] 24 | rebelicious magazine

rebelicious magazine | 25

Little Gem wears: Lady Luck Swing Dress [Tea Rose] 26 | rebelicious magazine

Zara wears: Hazy Days Dress [black]

rebelicious magazine | 27

Frankii wears: One Fine Day Dwing Dress [red rose] 28 | rebelicious magazine

Little Gem wears: One Fine Day Dwing Dress [Cream Rose] rebelicious magazine | 29


30 | rebelicious magazine


e i b m zo girl

What inspired you to start up Zombie Girl? I was working full time in advertising and found myself becoming more and more stressed, started to totally burn me out, I remember thinking every day I felt just like a Zombie working on auto-pilot. As a means of escapism I found myself becoming quite creatively involved in makeup as a means of transportation I think, spending my weekends and free time dressing up as a zombie (yep, as a zombie) and created my alter ego ‘ zombie girl’! It all sunk into place one day in the office - no different from the rest in the office - whilst watching a talk from Mark Denton (an advertising legend!) who spoke about using his kooky weekend hobbies within his work (which involved dressing up as various Victorian comedic characters) which inspired me to do just the same. I quit my job a few months later and with a little bit of cash I’d saved I got to work and that’s how it all started!

What inspires you the most when it comes to creating new designs? I feel lots of inspiration from London, and being around all the new and aspirational street trends. I’ve always been a true alt girl through and through and really liked the idea of making a line of ‘gothic streetwear’, which I’m still working on! My love of Zombies would have to be my biggest inspiration. Alongside that, things that appear to be cute but are actually rather macabre really interest me. I think that comes from a love of art from artists like Trevor Brown, Mark Ryden & Alex Gross. Is there a product that stands out as a personal favourite of yours? My favourite item at the moment has to be the Dressed To Depress jumper; it pretty much sums up how I feel about fashion! I LOVE black, and if it was up to rebelicious magazine | 31


me everything I made and wore would be black – however, I love the way bright colours sit against black. What has been the main highlight of running your own business? The highlights for me have been meeting so many inspirational people working in the creative industry, being able to manage all of my own time and have my own creative freedom! There is nothing better however than seeing happy customers actually wearing something you’ve designed and produced from scratch, nothing better in the world – it’s really humbling and makes me feel fantastic! Is there anyone in the world who you would love to see wearing your brand? I would LOVE to transport myself back to the 90’s and have the Spice Girls in my leggings and crops, with some old school buffalos and BIG fluffy coats! THAT would be my idea of heaven… in fact I think I’ve definitely got the theme for my next shoot! In the present day, I’d love to see Brooke Candy in one of my dresses…that would be so rad! 32 | rebelicious magazine

There’s no denying that zombies are incredibly popular at the moment! What would be your first reaction if a zombie apocalypse did actually break out? If a zombie apocalypse did break out I feel like I would be truly happy. I would get to test my makeup skills to the max, and I’d just fully try to blend in and run with them! I honestly think I could survive as a human, with the zombies long enough to outlive them all and slowly build up society little bit by bit….I’d create my own zombie horde of ultimate babes, and we’d have the coolest uniforms and would rebuild society, Zombie Girl power style! What top five things would be in your zombie survival kit? 1. Absinthe. 2. Fire breathing equipment – I’m a trained fire breather so could burn as I run. 3. My three cats – I’d inject them each with a small amount of ‘zombie’ so they can also protect me, but still be kind of cute.

4. Boombox – I’d blast some epic tunes so it felt like I was in some kind of awesome video game…some Bring Me The Horizon or something. 5. Makeup – LOADS of it, so I could keep myself hidden. Do you have a favorite zombie film/tv show? I am pretty obsessed with most Asian made horror films and LOVED Stacy; Attack Of The School Girl Zombies, Verus & Biozombie…I pretty much love anything properly scary, disgusting or obscene. What does the future hold for you and Zombie Girl? I’m loving building up the brand, developing a super loyal fanbase who are absolutely amazing, so receptive and beautiful, I can’t wait to share my creations with them! There are some bigger plans for a very interesting themed café that I’m going to try and open in London; it will combine all of my loves and will be a great base for babes to come hang out and get geeky with me! Can’t wait!


rebelicious magazine | 33


he t eepse r r c st o Photography: Katy Leanne Tierney Clothing: The Creeps Store Model: Scarlett Ward

34 | rebelicious magazine

What inspired you to start up The Creeps Store? I’ve been planning this project for the better part of 6 years now. I’ve worked in the fashion/retail industry for about 10 years starting at the very bottom - sewing labels on to T-shirts, up to merchandising and fashion editing. So I’ve really had a lot of opportunity to plan and prepare for launching my little brand. I was really inspired by the growth of some of my favourite indie brands over the last few years, especially Bitching&Junkfood, Syd

and Mallory’s, Alice Takes A Trip and Isolated Heroes, and to see that change in customers wanting something a little more interesting than just another high street brand. So I decided to focus on handmade, cult fashion pieces, that aren’t mass-produced or dependent on programmed machinery (everything is either hand-embroidered or sewn by me) and I definitely didn’t want to be another T-shirt company. So that’s how The Creeps Store developed.   

Fashion creative! But honestly the best thing so far has been being able to work whilst simultaneously hanging out with my cat and drinking tea whenever I want.   Is there anyone in the world who you would love to see wearing your brand? I still get really overwhelmed when anyone sends me a picture of them wearing my stuff, because that’s just the best experience ever. And I think having anyone “famous” wearing your brand is always pretty exciting, but my dream customers would be the holy trinity of Luna Lovebad, Kathleen Hanna and Beyoncé (because, of all the girl things).   Aside from the clothing and styles produced for The Creeps Store, are there any other fashion styles/trends that you’re currently a fan of? The 90’s revival. Because everything was better in the 90’s. Also basically everything about the fast food chic trend that Om Weekend and Jeremy Scott x Moschino are doing so well. Chicken nugget fashion is a real keeper.

What inspires you the most when it comes to creating new designs? Ohhh, hmm. Is it really lame to say loads of things, probably everything?! My weird friends firstly, I design everything with them in mind. My design book has snippets of everything from books to magazines, pictures of my friends, really old art and creepy Japanese anime. The first collection was completely inspired by a book I was reading called Quadrivium. It had a little piece dedicated to the mathematics

behind Egyptian Iconography, and I knew I wanted to base this collection on that.   Is there a product that stands out as a personal favourite of yours? The “WEDJAT” Horus Eye cropped shirt, because it’s a real labour of love sewing those collars and the black mesh co-ord that has just been released.   What has been the main highlight of running your own business? I should probably say something really

Are there any styles you’re not so fond of? Mum jeans and skorts.   Can you tell us about any new designs you’re currently working on? We’ve got a few new pieces coming out over the next month; a white mesh co-ord and oversized mesh tee, and some big slouchy fur clutch bags. I’m really excited about the launch of our summer collection, which is going in a totally different direction. We’re using lots of vinyl, fur and tie-dye, but I can’t really say more than that! :)   What does the future hold for you and The Creeps Store? Hopefully it will continue to grow and move into some really exciting directions. I never would want it to lose its homemade roots, so fully developing it into an indie, cult brand with an exciting team is the next step. thecreepsstore

rebelicious magazine | 35

36 | rebelicious magazine

Photography: Katy Leanne Tierney Clothing: The Creeps Store Model: Scarlett Ward


Photography: Katy Leanne Tierney Clothing: The Creeps Store Model: Scarlett Ward


rebelicious magazine | 37


N ' ' Roll

Kayley busby ) E M O H U O Y W O (FOLL

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N' ' Roll

For anyone who doesn’t know you can you tell us about you and your band? My name’s Kayley Busby, or Buzzers to just about everyone I know, and I’m the singer from the band Follow You Home. We are an unsigned UK rock band from Derby in the Midlands and have played shows up and down the UK from London to Glasgow and even over to the Netherlands. Over the last 3 years we’ve been lucky enough see our videos on Kerrang! TV, Scuzz TV, have airplay on BBC introducing and be interviewed by Matt Stocks as well as be honoured to play with some great bands such as Sonic Boom Six, Lostalone, The Starting Line and SUM41. Last year we ran a Pledge Music campaign named ‘Por Vida’ to help fund recording an album. We hit 100% in the first night and reached over 300% by the end of the campaign. It was so unexpected but amazing to receive such 40 | rebelicious magazine

crazy support from our fans and it meant we recorded our debut album ‘If It Kills Me’ at Outhouse Studios, Reading UK (You Me At Six, Architects, Enter Shikari, The Blackout) for release towards the end of last year. It backed up our motto ‘Fans rule the music industry’, which we completely believe! When it comes to performing how do you decide what to wear? It’s not as easy as you’d think! I like to feel comfortable on stage rather than dress up because even if I do dress up it’s all irrelevant one song in when the rock and the heat gets to you and you’re suddenly a big sweaty mess haha. I tend to stick to loose fitting tees or stretchy bodysuits with shorts, tights and boots. Something that looks badass but can withstand a bit of onstage stress and sweat! My main priority is wearing a pair of boots with good grip! You don’t want to try climbing a monitor and slipping on your arse! So far my favourite are a pair of walking

boots I bought from Topshop. Never play a show without them. And the shorts are a must so that I can slip my wireless pack in my back pocket but still have enough freedom to move. When not on stage what does your day-to-day outfit consist of? My stage outfits are really not that different to what I wear normally, except I can wear necklaces without the fear of them hitting me in the face (It’s happened more times then I like to admit). I wear shorts and tees most days or a good pair of black skinnies – They’re the base of any rock wardrobe! Boots are a must; they’re warm, comfortable and go with everything! How would you describe your style, what influences the way you dress? How do you put outfits together? My style is – If I like it, I’ll wear it! I wear what I think looks good and what I feel comfortable in, whether it’s a £50 pair of Topshop skinny jeans or a £10 pair of Primark boots…

Fashion How do you accessorise your outfits? I’m a sucker for buying tonnes of accessories! I have a hobby of typing buzzwords into eBay to see what new quirky accessories are coming on the market outside of the UK. I have a lot of finds from sellers in China such as a set of skull nail wraps that apply just like tattoo transfers and my last find was a pair of sunnies exactly like the ones worn in Natural Born Killers which I really wanted. I love matching plugs to outfits too as you would earrings, and I’ve recently discovered the brand Sick Plugs who have lots of designs on my wish list. When did you first die your hair pink? Why did you want to go pink? Are there any other colours you’d try? I’ve had pink hair for around 2 years and before then it was mainly red. I’ve also gone through phases of blue and purple but sadly the blue made me look dead in the face, which is a shame as I loved it! Funny thing is people assume because I have pink hair that I love all things pink whereas I really don’t haha. It’s just the result of my style and personality evolving.

I’m not a brand snob! I wear a lot of black, I love black! I’m a mixture of grunge, goth and completely boring! But as grungy as my style normally is I’m not against a nice slice of girly. I love lace, leather and velvet skirts and dresses. Who are your style icons and why? The expected answer here would be to mention a famous name like Brody Dalle or Kat Von D, but the best style icons that I find really inspiring are the ones I stumble across on Instagram! For instance I love Angelica Sehlin (‘Murderotic’) on Instagram. She’s a Swedish MAC artist and has around 42k followers. I love her style, it’s very OTT goth/grunge. Where are your favourite places to shop? What are your favourite brands? As much as I love retailers such as Topshop and River Island, I have a thing for smaller, quirky clothing companies I find online. They don’t necessarily follow trend, they’re not over-priced and you know not everyone will be wearing it - yet! Alice Takes a Trip is my favourite new find as they have some great tee designs but also have much quirkier lace and velvet combination dresses. Teale Coco have some great harness wear that looks amazing over a tee or crop top. I won’t buy clothing just because it’s made by a specific brand, but some brands just get it right! rebelicious magazine | 41


Do you ever worry about the pink clashing with something you might wear? Not really because the majority of my wardrobe is black! That’s probably because I hate the thought of clashing though haha! When I was younger and my hair was fluorescent red I had a thing for wearing green just because it clashed, now I realise that was not a cool look! I have a thing for white too but if I get caught in the rain or we play a particularly hot show, it’s never white for long. Are there any items of clothing or outfits that you’d love to wear but don’t have the confidence to? I do wish I was more adventurous – There’s a designer named ‘Creepyyeha’ who creates the most amazing harnesses that you can wear over clothing along with studded garters. They’re all leather, lace and studs. I’m going to challenge myself to one day own a piece from her collection! What’s your key fashion piece that you can’t go out without? Black tights! I have so many different pairs in different styles, I’m pretty sure everyone thinks that I just wear the same thing most days haha! 
What’s your favourite item of clothing that you own?
 I have a red tartan pencil skirt from Topshop that I think is the dogs. It looks great dressed up or down, especially with painted boots and a vest! I’m guilty of hardly wearing it though in case I wear it out too quickly haha! 
Going out – flats or heels?
 Definitely flats. I’m 5ft 10 so I really don’t need the height! I went out in heels a few months ago and in all the photos I was a giant. I kind of liked it. Do you have an obsession/ collection – shoes, jewellery, nails, hair stuff? Honestly I don’t think I do. The only collection I have is a rather large collection of empty Jack Daniels bottles. I’m going to use them as art/ decoration eventually. followyouhomeband

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CLOTHING WORN Tops: Alice Takes A Trip – Hate T-Shirt & Unicorn T-Shirt [] Miss Selfridge Red crop top
 Bottoms: Topshop high waisted denim shorts, Topshop leather shorts, black tights
  Shoes: Primark painted boots Accessories: Topshop eagle necklace, black cross bracelet (present from fan), Primark beanie



N ' ' Roll

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win! win! win! win! win!

a pair of weekend camping tickets for alt-fest! My Ruin

After an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign and many, many months of planning, the first ever Alt-Fest will be taking place at Boughton Estate 15th-17th August with an all-star cast of everything alternative, stretching from the 80s right up to the present day. With the likes of Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan, My Ruin, Killing Joke, Combichrist, Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth and lots more appearing across the weekend, Alt-Fest is the perfect music weekend for those of all alternative lifestyles. Haven't bought a ticket yet? We've got 1 pair of weekend camping tickets up for grabs! To be in with a chance of winning, just head to and fill out the Alt-Fest competition form. The closing date is 30th April, and the winner will be chosen at random! Good luck! For more information on the festival please go to

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Marilyn Manson

Gary Numan


Killing Joke

COMPETITION TERMS AND CONDITIONS This prize is for x1 pair of weekend camping tickets only. Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Travel and accommodation are not included. Entries must be received by 30th April otherwise they will not be eligible to win. One entry per person, multiple entries will not count.

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Photographer: Laura Dark Model: Odette Despairr Makeup Artist: Makeup Vamp Hair Stylist: Odette Despairr Clothing: DarkSpectre Custom Couture Accessories: Bunny Mask - Tom Banwell

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Photographer: Laura Dark Model: Odette Despairr Makeup Artist: Makeup Vamp Hair Stylist: Odette Despairr Clothing: DarkSpectre Custom Couture Accessories: Bunny Mask - Tom Banwell

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AMANDA NICOLE Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/Headpieces/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry

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Hi Amanda! In our last issue you featured as a photographer, and this time you’re back as our cover girl. Can you tell us a bit about how your journey into modeling began? I’ve always had a passion for photography, and one day someone told me to give modeling a try and so I did and loved it! As terrifying as my first shoot was, I didn’t want to give up. I love being challenged so I saw modeling as a big challenge for myself; I wanted to succeed in being the best model I can be and in each shoot I work harder and harder to be my ultimate best. Do you find that having more than one creative outlet helps to keep you feeling inspired and full of ideas? Absolutely I love doing anything artistic! Outlets are important to me and I try to keep them as creative as possible. Modeling, photography, makeup, and I draw from time to time as well. It helps put my mind at ease and takes me away from reality for a bit.  What are your favourite styles/ concepts for photoshoots? Right now I am really into very natural raw shoots... Minimal makeup and simple wardrobes. It makes me feel more vulnerable as an artist and I think that’s important to show that side to everyone because modeling isn’t always about having a fancy crazy concept; it’s also about being versatile and connecting with people that look up to you.  Are there any themes that you would like to explore within your modeling that you haven’t had the chance to do yet? Under water! I’ve always wanted to model under water! I just love the way it looks and I still haven’t gotten the chance to.  How would you describe your own personal style? Are there any makeup/beauty products that you can’t live without? My style is very minimal/simple/cozy when I’m around the house or going to school/ running errands. I live in sweat pants, I’m not going to lie. When I go out I also try to dress cozy, I’m such a freak about always being cozy in what I wear! And I can’t live without lashes, I love wearing them when I go out or do a shoot! It makes me feel so girly and fabulous.  54 | rebelicious magazine

Model: Amanda Nicole Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/Headpieces/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry

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For this cover shoot, you shot with our favourite duo Yellow Bubbles Photography and Spoiled Cherry. How was the overall experience for you? They always surprise me with the concept we do, they never tell me what is going to happen and I love that about them. They always happen to throw amazing concepts together that leave me in awe; they truly are the most amazing duo! I love how they feed off one another and create amazing art together as a team. The cover shoot was the second time I’ve worked with them and the overall experience was awesome, the location was gorgeous and the wardrobe and makeup was flawless. I don’t even expect anything less than amazing from those two ladies. Those that follow you online will know that you’re big on healthy living at the moment and regularly post progress photos etc. What advice would

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you give to anyone looking to start a healthy lifestyle or that may have lost motivation and want to start up again? Yes I am always a supporter of a healthy balanced lifestyle! I’ve tried being extremely strict and I’ve tried the opposite and right now I am trying to find my balance between both. The most important thing is to do what makes you happy. Exercise only takes up an hour or so of your whole day, so take time for your body! Don’t put trash food in your body, be aware of what you eat and drink because you are putting it in your body! I love to work out with people; it keeps me motivated and moving. I love my kickboxing class… I go 4 times a week for an hour! Eating healthy is the hardest thing to do when we are surrounded by temptations at every corner, so I try to not be so hard on myself and give myself a treat every now and then. The key is balance, and finding that balance isn’t always easy, but trying is better than giving up.

Have there been any photoshoots/experiences that have stood out as personal favourites for you? I don’t really think I have any favorites because they are all so different and unique! I love working with photographers who make me come out of my normal shell, and who really challenge my boundaries. Like I’ve said before, I love a good challenge! Also I love feedback from the photographer, I can’t stand it when they are completely silent! I love hearing what they like and don’t like because it helps me give them images they love and not just images I love. With so many trying to break into the industry, what is your personal view on the current alternative scene? The current alternative scene is fabulous! There are so many tattooed/alternative men and women who are gorgeous models and talented artists! The alternative culture/style is so unique and open-minded; I love being a part of such a great movement. 

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Model: Amanda Nicole Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/Headpieces/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry

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"I love working with photographers who make me come out of my normal shell, and who really challenge my boundaries."

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Is there anyone in particular that you would love to collaborate with one day? There are plenty of people I’d love to collaborate with, and I am very appreciative for those who I have already had the pleasure to work with. I mostly want to work with artists who do this for the love of art and creating, not as a “job”... In other words, I would love to work with passionate and creative people such myself, that way we create amazing images together and learn from one another in doing so. What can we expect from you during the rest of 2014? 2014 is a great year already! I’m taking it day by day and enjoying every moment of it! Finally is there anything that you would like to say to our readers? I am so appreciative of the support I have been receiving from everyone. It means the world to me to have people love what I do! All I can really say is don’t be afraid to be yourself and to love what you do, you only live your life one time so make it one you enjoy! Don’t let negative people get you down, rise above it and keep moving forward. amandanicolemodelsacramento

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Model: Amanda Nicole Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/Headpieces/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry rebelicious magazine | 63

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Model: Amanda Nicole Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe/Headpieces/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry rebelicious magazine | 65


halo haynes

Photography: Focus and Shoot Make up artist: Kat Green MUA

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exposed Can you tell us about the journey you took to become a model? Modelling for me actually started when I did promotional work for a clothing company whilst in a band, but being a performer already I guess after that I just fell into and in love with it. Before that it hadn’t really been something I had thought about often; here I could easily input the usual story about a girl who didn’t fit in at school, but I think that one has been done a fair bit already and in all honesty, I didn’t really care about all of that in school. For me, I think it was discovering music and doing Media studies that made me understand you could always get an audience to connect better with an image, so I started creating personas and characters and it came as a natural progression. What are your favourite styles/ themes/concepts to shoot? I like to dip into cultures and eras when I shoot to try and create a broad spectrum of looks. I have always had a soft spot for Pre-Raphaelite imagery and remember several paintings my mum used to have around the house of Echo and Narcissus and other similar characters. They looked so serine and graceful and I was truly captivated by the genre. I also love couture and Avant-garde fashion pieces. It gives me a chance to step totally out of normality and let go of all the eccentricity that builds up inside me. I love that with these, you can break all the rules of “fashion” and don’t have to worry about being pretty, the image making sense and so on. You can simply go crazy with an idea. Are there any styles/themes that you would love to explore in the future? I would love to do some more stuff with prosthetics and some more daring themes. I have always wanted to do an underwater shoot but also think I am going to go on the look out for some really extravagant locations. I think now I have been doing this for so long, it is time to step outside the box and make every shoot bigger and better. Do you have any pre-shoot rituals? If I am feeling a bit blue on my way to a shoot, I usually listen to Led Zeppelin but the rest of the time its just a good old rock and metal mix to get me in the mood and a coffee if I have time

to grab one. If I have a character I am supposed to be taking on that involves a wig or certain make up, I will often try it a little in advance to get a feel for how they move and think. I find that you can change one little thing about someone’s look and you change the way they make eye contact, stand, walk and talk so it is always good to get a feel for that beforehand! What’s the funniest thing to happen during a shoot? Shooting around the general public is always a hoot as most people can be very perplexed by the idea that someone is having serious

photos taken near them and feel the need to intervene, which often leads to some hilarious photobombs or heckles. One of the funniest shoot moments I’ve had so far probably has to be when shooting with a Rock Python called “Stone” whilst wearing a retro playsuit. When you hold a snake they move around you to find the best position to balance and spread their weight but Stone decided that he would be most happily balanced in the waistband of my underwear where he proceeded to get himself caught. I was laughing too much to do anything about it; thankfully the other model on set helped release him! rebelicious magazine | 67


How would you describe your own personal style? I think I am rather Bohemian but often find it hard after that to describe how I look and dress. Some days I will be fairly Gothic, others I will be a gypsy, then a bit Steampunk and then a hippy. It depends what mood I wake up in a lot of the time and if I was bored that day! I guess I would just say my style is erratic, eccentric and whimsical. How has being a model affected your life so far? As you would expect, you get a lot of confidence from that polished image and the acclaim it receives, but I think for me it is more about pushing myself to try new things. I have had the chance to do things I wouldn’t usually stumble across in day-to-day life and meet some incredible people. Being a model has kept me sane by allowing me my insanity to some degree because what is acceptable on set probably isn’t acceptable walking down the street. I think I might have imploded without that outlet! I have also discovered a lot about who I am since modelling since it led me into acting, photography and I tried my hand at makeup work; though I wasn’t the best in the world, at least I had a go. I think most importantly that is the difference modelling made to my life. It gave me the guts to just “have a go”.

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If you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? I would love to do some work alongside the beautiful Ophelia Overdose, since she creates a lot of her own props and costumes and wears a million different looks with the same poise and grace. I would be happy modelling with her or just photographing her since I imagine each would be just as enjoyable. What do you hope to achieve in your modelling career in the future? I would love to be able to travel a little more freely with my work, add some more “big name” alternative designers to my repertoire and also set up a little home studio once I move to a bigger place. I think, inspired by the flair of the aforementioned Miss Overdose, I would like to start to make my own props and costumes to add that extra level of awesome to the photos I am in. I’m not really bothered about making all of the runways or being the name on everyone’s lips, so long as I can keep playing the role of chameleon and hopefully remind people that there is no shame in being peculiar!

Photography: Focus and Shoot Make up artist: Kat Green MUA

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How long have you been a makeup artist for and what inspired you to take this particular career path? I’ve been doing makeup for just over a year now. It started out as a hobby but has blossomed into a career. I have always worn bright makeup and been a beauty product enthusiast, but it wasn’t until I started practicing face painting and makeup that I really wanted to make a career out of it. I still work full time at the minute and do makeup on the side but I eventually want to take the risk of being a full time freelance makeup artist. I was inspired to go public with my artwork by make up pages I had seen on Facebook, because although I have always been interested in makeup I never really knew it had such a huge following! What looks/styles do you enjoy creating the most? I really enjoy doing more avant-garde work - the crazier the better! I like to get creative and come up with interesting concepts. I love the mixture between glamour and horror; my style is quite alternative, macabre, or as I like to call it, “goth glamour”. Are there any styles you haven’t tried out yet that you would like to explore in the future? I dabble with simple special FX at the minute but I would absolutely love to be able to create FX and prosthetics to movie standard! I would like to learn molding, casting, sculpting and all of that. And as lame as this sounds I want to start exploring more about skin and flawless looks, I know that’s like one extreme to the other but I want to be professional in all aspects of makeup and really know my craft! For the featured photoshoot you got to work with JustineLouise Photography and the lovely Ruby True. What was that experience like and what inspired the creative makeup look chosen? It was an awesome experience! I was quite nervous to work with both Ruby and Justine because they are both so brilliant at what they do. When I got to the shoot I soon put my nerves aside though as they are both lovely ladies and made me feel really comfortable! It can sometimes be daunting working with people you’ve

Model: Ruby True Photography: Justine-Louise Photography Makeup: Vanity Venom rebelicious magazine | 71

exposed never met before because you don’t know if you will get on, but we all got on so well and I’d love to work with them both again. The look was inspired by Hollywood glamour and religious imagery; we took an iconic image and put our own spin on it, mixing gore and glamour together. Within the creative media bubble you also do some special FX work. What has been the hardest special effect that you’ve worked on? The hardest FX I have done was for a recent H.R Giger/Alien inspired look. Although the FX is only subtle on the image, it was a nightmare trying to make cheek prosthetics. I’ve not had much practice making my own prosthetics and I don’t have a big special fx kit, so I literally just improvised and used household items and liquid latex. What would be your top tips for anyone wanting to become a makeup artist? It’s like the old phrase “practice makes perfect”, the more effort you put in, the quicker you will develop more skills and become more confident in your work. When I started out I didn’t have much makeup, I didn’t even own any makeup brushes and I was scared by the thought of doing someone else’s makeup! But now I am working on photoshoots, doing freelance work, networking and making connections. As long as you have faith in yourself and are passionate about what you do you can literally achieve anything! Doing makeup has made me such a positive person and has made me proud to be whom I am. You do need to have a thick skin in this industry and not take everything too personal, because there will always be people who don’t like what you do and will freely voice their not so kind opinions on the internet!! If you could be the makeup artist for anyone in the world, who would it be? Probably very cliché but it has to be Lady Gaga! Her ever-changing style makes her my dream client! Like me, Gaga doesn’t only wear makeup to boost her confidence and look good, she appreciates it as an art form and isn’t afraid to break the boundaries! She’s not always trying to look glamorous like most other female artists out there and I think our styles would go hand in hand. Finally, what do you hope the rest of 2014 brings? I hope I can be financially stable enough to go freelance and not have to work another job as well. I want to put all my passion into my makeup career and focus on all aspects of the makeup industry. I’m also planning to do YouTube tutorials this year, so it would be great if that went well too!

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Model: Ruby True Photography: Justine-Louise Photography Makeup: Vanity Venom

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FLOAT Model/MuA: Olivia Dantes Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe & Styling: Spoiled Cherry Black Corset: Timeless Trends

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Dress: Kimberley Megan Shoes: Kurt Geiger

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Model/MuA: Olivia Dantes Photographer: Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles Wardrobe & Styling: Spoiled Cherry Black Corset: Timeless Trends

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ciara anne What inspired you to become a model? I have always loved trying new things just to see if I like them. I’ve always loved dancing, acting, and singing so I figured I’d give modeling a shot. It just turned out to be something I was good at and really enjoyed! What are your favourite styles/themes/concepts to shoot? I love implied, boudoir and playing with shadows. Really anything where I can make my body into crazy fun shapes! Are there any styles or themes that you would love to explore in the future? I would like to explore more editorial and artsy projects. What have been some of your most memorable photoshoots? I will always

82 | rebelicious magazine

remember my first beach shoot and really enjoyed any sets that were in the forest. Modelling involves having a lot of confidence in front of the camera, but does this confidence always transfer away from the lens too? For me? Definitely. I bring confidence everywhere I go and try to spread it to others. I think everyone should be proud of who they are no matter how strange, skinny, tall, whatever. We’re all the same inside. How has being a model affected your life so far? Well it has definitely toughened my skin a bit. But besides dealing with harsh critics, it has really opened up a side of me that I enjoy. It’s made me more creative and able to think outside the box or see what the camera sees. It’s definitely a confidence booster to see your face in magazines!

Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with one day? The list goes on and on. I hope to always expand my collaborations, and never limit them. What does the future hold for you? I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to. But what I can tell you is that it will never be boring. I won’t stop until I’m dead. No rest for the wicked, am I right? ;)

Photographer: Ryan Pramik of Pramik Photography Model: Ciara Anne Makeup Artist: Ashly Martinez Hair Stylist: Ashly Martinez Assistants: Khris Weaver & Lisa Blum


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exposed Photography: Richard Rollinson photography Model: Evie Wolfe and Gingerface Horns: Hysteria Machine Makeup and Hair: Joanna Strange

joanna strange

What inspired you to become a makeup artist? I had always been interested in makeup, hair, films, costumes and theatre shows from a young age and have a lot of experience being on the stage and the general chaos offstage behind the scenes. My love of horror, musicals, glitz and glam and anything strange always captivated me, the aesthetics of so many shows, magazines, films etc have played a big part in helping me decide to become a makeup artist. Your portfolio shows a vast range of makeup and special effect styles that you’ve done from beauty to horror to real life and more. What looks/styles do you enjoy creating the most? To be honest I enjoy it all so much it’s hard to choose. I’m a big gore fan so I really enjoy doing sfx work, but on the other hand I love creating Avant-garde and fashion styles too! It all depends on the job itself really, but if blood and/or glitter are involved it’s a plus! 

Photography: Elysium photography Model: Emma Rose Smith Makeup: Joanna Strange

last year, which was what really started my modelling. Since then I’ve worked with some amazing people in the industry on top of the people I work with as a makeup artist & hair stylist. It’s definitely fun but nerve wracking! It gives me a chance to showcase more makeup skills as well as my overall shoot ideas, as quite often I am creative director or contributor, allowing me to be creative and do weird and wonderful things. I don’t like to model in the typical way, I always like to throw in a strange twist, whether it’s cosplaying, being covered in blood or getting in to some latex clothing.

Are there any styles you haven’t tried out yet that you would like to explore in the future? I’ve not had the chance to do any full head casting for prosthetic work yet, only face casts, so that would be awesome. Are there any makeup looks you wouldn’t want to try and create? I like a challenge and being creative so no, not really. I would try anything, as long as I had the equipment, time etc. As well as being a makeup and hair stylist you also do a bit of modelling. Do you find that having more than one creative outlet helps to keep you inspired? I really do, modelling has opened up even more doors for me. Geisha Wigs took me on as a sponsored model and makeup artist 84 | rebelicious magazine

3rd degree burn sfx makeup at university

exposed Photography: Elysium photography Model: Laura Flora Makeup and Hair: Joanna Strange

my boyfriend, the photographer Elysium Photography, as we can and do offer deals together as a team, it also allows me to get involved in the photography side of things more too. Working at all the fashion weeks around the world would also be extremely awesome! What would be your top tips for anyone wanting to become a makeup artist? Practise, work hard, network, get qualifications under your belt, be prepared to work for free a lot and invest in a good kit, go to events such as IMATS to see what goes on in the makeup world and never be afraid to approach people about working with them. If you could be the makeup artist for anyone in the world, who would it be? Ha, that’s a tough one. I would most probably have to say Johnny Depp or Marilyn Manson, or both! Finally, do you have any advice for those that might want to work with you? I love to meet and work with new people, I’m easy to get along with, more than happy to help assist on anything on top of makeup/hair/ modelling work and am always looking for new challenges! Never hesitate to contact me through my facebook!

You’re also currently studying for a degree in specialist hair & media makeup. What do you hope to move onto once you’ve graduated? Well, once I’ve finished I will have been in training for 5 years so I have a lot of choices as I will have covered everything from sfx to wig making, prosthetics to bridal and everything else in between! I would ideally like to get more theatre work; it’s been just over a year that I last did theatre work for a company that I was head makeup artist for. It was one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I’ve ever done, nothing else compares to the buzz of building such great relationships with all the cast and crew and being part of a show. There are a lot of theatres in Birmingham that I’m currently getting in touch with so fingers crossed. I would also like to do more bridal work alongside

Photography: Shawn Bishop Photography Model: Avant Garde Makeup and Hair: Joanna Strange Wig: Geisha Wigs [restyled by Joanna]

Those that follow you on social media will be more than aware of the great relationship you have with Geisha Wigs, as you’re currently a sponsored model. How did that collaboration come about? Like I said in the last answer, she took me on last year, this was all by chance and I had never thought my application would be successful! She was looking for a sponsored makeup artist, and having used some of her wigs in shoots that I had worked on as a makeup artist, I had seen how beautiful they were and how well received those specific images were. I applied and also put myself forward as a model, just on a whim! I’m so grateful and love all of the other sponsors as well as Maria (the owner) so much, we all chat often and try to meet up a few times a year.

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Power Relinquished Photographer: E-Jane ( Creative Director/Makeup Artist: Christian Alvarez Stylist, Gowns and Headdresses: Straight-Laced Boutique Models: Meisha Kingdon, Nicole Whittaker (JE Model Management) Hair Design: Mikel Sessions (

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Photographer: E-Jane ( Creative Director/Makeup Artist: Christian Alvarez Stylist, Gowns and Headdresses: Straight-Laced Boutique Models: Meisha Kingdon, Nicole Whittaker (JE Model Management) Hair Design: Mikel Sessions (

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Power Relinquished Photographer: E-Jane ( Creative Director/Makeup Artist: Christian Alvarez Stylist, Gowns and Headdresses: Straight-Laced Boutique Models: Meisha Kingdon, Nicole Whittaker (JE Model Management) Hair Design: Mikel Sessions (

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xlcr moon

Can you tell us a bit about how and why you became a model? It wasn’t something I set out to do; it fell into my lap through photography in high school. I just kind of went with it.

What are your favourite styles/ themes/concepts to shoot? I love shooting highly conceptual stuff, extreme makeup and hair, extravagant wardrobe, detailed set/location. Those kind of shoots are always so much fun. Are there any styles/themes that you would love to explore in the future? I am wanting to do more moody black and white editorial stuff, as well as more conceptual stuff as opposed just same old glamour on a white backdrop again and again... What have been some of your most memorable photoshoots? Always the ones where I wind up freezing my butt off for. I shot in a creek in a 96 | rebelicious magazine

bikini in Indiana in November, it was like 30 degrees and I was shaking nonstop, shooting nude in the snow by a frozen waterfall in December in Indiana, having water poured all over my head while keeping eye contact, having colorful slushies tossed onto me while I was already cold, shooting lingerie and nude in the mountains in Santa Fe, NM when it was below 30 degrees... sigh the things I do for art.

How has being a model affected your life so far? Everyone in my family and close circle of friends are very supportive of what I do so it hasn’t had any negative effects on my personal or social life. I have a desire and deep love for traveling and exploring the woods, getting to model and travel all over the country and shooting in new areas is so much fun, I get to meet so many talented artists and see some of the coolest sunsets and sunrises over the desert, the mountains, amazing cityscapes at night, etc.

Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with one day? I have a list of people I haven’t got to work with yet. It will happen one of these days.

What does the future hold for you? I plan to continue modeling for years to come, possibly cut back the touring in a few years and focus more on photography myself, but who knows what could change between now and then.

Model: Xlcr Moon MUAH: Meredith Haleigh Photographer: Alan Stephens


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exposed Model: Mery SP Photographer/MUA and Retoucher: Lau de la Rosa Latex: ASD Latex Steampunk Accesories and Lighting Assistant: Taller de Nithael Arcangel

model anatomy:

Mery Sp

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exposed When I was younger I dreamt of becoming…

I dreamt of becoming many things indeed: Singer, actress, veterinary surgeon…I had my head in the clouds all the time!

I never go to a photoshoot without…

my long time buddy backpack full of everything I need for that shoot I am going. I just cannot explain how it happens, it is always full to the brim!

My favourite item of clothing is… Stockings.

My favourite TV show is… Breaking Bad.

My Favourite body part is... Face in general.

The easiest part of modeling is…

to come up with concepts or ideas for a shoot. I like setting future personal projects and concepts are unavoidably crossing my mind all the time.

The hardest part of modeling is…

to do a location shoot when it is freezing. Even though I do love cold I am rather very sensitive to it. But at the end, it is worth it.

My top tip for anyone wanting to become a model would be… to have patience, eagerness and hope. Hard-work and time will have its recompense.

If I could have one superhuman power it would be… Telekinesis!

One thing you wouldn’t be able to find out about me online is…

personal information, I prefer to keep some things private/ unknown ;) rebelicious magazine | 99

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Model: Yuffie Bunny Photographer: Taryn True Clothing: Leggings by Black Milk Clothing

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Stories Model: Yuffie Bunny Photographer: Taryn True Clothing: Leggings by Black Milk Clothing

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Rebelicious Magazine Issue 20  

Featuring Amanda Nicole, T.U.K Footwear, Atomic Lace, Bloody Mary Metal, Joanna Strange, Vanity Venom, Halo Haynes and more. www.rebelicious...

Rebelicious Magazine Issue 20  

Featuring Amanda Nicole, T.U.K Footwear, Atomic Lace, Bloody Mary Metal, Joanna Strange, Vanity Venom, Halo Haynes and more. www.rebelicious...