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6 News Get Your Fest’ On special

8 Dress to Distress Meet Frank Major, founder of Disturbia Clothing

10 Little Miss Delicious Jewellery Jewellery so yummy you’ll want to eat it!

12 Sacré Coeur Jewellery Steampunk/Neo-Victoria inspired jewellery

16 The Sick Kids Kelly and Lele Jackson have the sickness (in a good way)

18 20 Things You Didn’t Know About... Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl

20 Bury All Rivals The lads take us behind the scenes of their new EP

24 Girl on Fire Amy Flame introduces us to the world of rock ‘n’ roll dance troupe Nympherno

3 Rebelicious

30 Special Report: Ticket Touting Will it ever be made illegal?

34 End Of The Spectrum Interview with one of London’s upcoming bands

38 Vier Not just your typical girl band

40 Third Place Victory Third Place Victory tell us about the albums that changed their life

42 PROBLEM? Our Agony Uncle solves your problems

44 Reviews 46 Volume Unsigned bands to look out for

48 Pardon Me? Can Jayne & Brian finally decipher Oli Sykes’ lyrics?

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Cover Photo: Vapour Trail Photography


It’s been one heck of a ride putting together this issue, but we finally made it! For anyone that has seen the first Rebelicious that was published last year, (and for those that haven’t then head on over to our Tumblr) you will notice that there are a lot of changes to the style of the magazine (& if you’re reading ‘the alternative issue #2’, then there are even more changes!) A few features also had to be cut, which was annoying, but had to be done due to time constraints. We hoping for these to be back in future issues as the magazine grows, so watch this space! Makeovers aside, we have still brought forth the best in alternative fashion, given unsigned bands the exposure that they deserve, and held interviews with some awesome people in between! In this issue, we make sure you’re prepared to kit out your summer wardrobe, as we meet several founders of independent clothing & accessory labels that are sure to get you spending those pounds, trust us! We meet Amy Flame - member of rock ‘n’ roll dance troupe Nympherno, festival junkie and generally awesome chick! We also investigate the ticket touting industry, as well as get to know some of the UK’s best unsigned talent out there in the scene. You will also notice a few pages with ad(d) written on them. These are for all you creative types out there that would like to be a part of the Rebelicious gang, as we are looking for contributors to help the magazine grow. If you head on over to http://rebeliciousmagazine. you can submit your own reviews, photos, illustrations etc. We’ll put them up on the blog, and will eventually put them into the magazine. Don’t forget to tell your friends, and let’s get this show on the road! GO GO GO! Dominique Marshall, Editor in Chief/Designer of Rebelicious For all enquiries please email


SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: Amy Phillips Jayne and Brian Phillips Kelly & Lele Jackson Maxine Johnston Teayam Tasbihgou Ben Roberts Daniel Mannix & Bury All Rivals Frank Major Amy Harris and Nympherno Spike @ Vapour Trail Photography


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News: l a i c e p S n O t s e F r u Get Yo 6 Rebelicious • Regulars

Festival season is finally just around the corner, and we cannot wait to be out in those massive fields, living it up whilst some of our favourite bands are storming stages, creating havoc in the mosh pits and generally showing us the true meaning of an awesome summer. The main contenders in the alternative festival circuit have definitely pulled out some big names this year, so here is our brief Get Your Fest’ On guide so you know who is playing where!


BLOODSTOCK Motorhead, Morbid Angel, W.A.S.P, Immortal, The Defiled, Napalm Death, Angel Witch, October File, Hammerfall, Exodus + more… HIGH VOLTAGE Judas Priest, Slash, Dream Theater, Thin Lizzy, Electric Wizard, Neurosis + more…

The big DL was put under scrutiny by fans a few months back for a few ‘repeat bookings’ that they had made. Sure, quite a few bands have played Donington in recent years, but if you love the bands and are going, why complain?! The biggest name for us this year just Has to be the almighty System of a Down, who are making a return to our shores after being away for five years. If you’ve caught a glimpse of their setlist from other recent appearances, all attending DL are sure in for a treat! Another big name for us is the wonderful Rob Zombie. If anyone attended his shows back in February, the you KNOW his show at Download is going to be immense! Other names on this year’s bill include Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper, The Darkness, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Def Leppard, Down, Skindred, Bullet For My Valentine, Biohazard, All That Remains, Thin Lizzy, Black Stone Cherry, Devil Wears Prada, Pendulum, Clutch, Dio Disciples, Danzig, Funeral For A Friend, Times of Grace, Hyro Da Hero, Sevendust, and a whole bunch more that you can see by going on the Download website:


Only in its’ third year and it has become our favourite festival for so many reasons, with the lineup this year being just one of those. Seriously, anyone who books Bill Bailey as a headliner on one of the main stage s is just a genius, hands down! Alongside that we’ve got the gigantic feat that is the Big Four and Diamond Head, Slipk not, Biffy Clyro, Steve-O, the beauty that is Weezer, Moto rhead, Mastodon, Arch Enemy, Parkway Drive, Bad Relig ion, Cavalera Consipracy, Voooolbeat, Opeth, In Flam es, House of Pain (anybody wanna jump around?) Periphery, Tesseract, Orange Goblin, Chris Jericho’s Fozzy, One Minute Silence, the side splitting Richard Cheese and so many more. Head on over to stivals. com for more information.

REBELLION The Exploited, The Adicts, Pennywise, Bouncing Souls, Anti Nowhere League, Capdown, Kunt and the Gang, Infa Riot, The Outcasts, The Meteors, Tyrannosaurus Alan The Creepshow + more...

7 Rebelicious • Regulars

Reading & Leeds

h Reading Festival under its hat wit g ba ed ix m od this this year has a go s on the bill (how nd ba e om es aw us years a number of e it has in previo lik y ad re al t ou urites that will be on, year hasn’t sold vo fa us io ic el eb R me e The Horiz is beyond us!) So hitects, Bring M rc A e ud cl in es Letlive. gracing the stag don’t know who u yo f (i e. iv tl Le r), Rise , jaw , & thank us late nd Deftones, Glass co se is th t gh , The ed out ri e Are The Ocean W i, ar are, get that sort ik Sh . r te Eat World, En d a load of others an id K k ac eb Against, Jimmy om and The Strokes. Your Demise, C e e, us fir ts M , se ce oy an B , om nx Bro mical R ing! year are My Che who else is play on s et de e or Headliners this m r fo Visit www.readin

A stellar line up has already flowed from the Hevy camp, with more to be announced before the festival kicks off at the beginning of August. With the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and Architects co-headlining, Four Year Strong, Funeral For A Friend, Ghost of a Thousands’ last ever show before they officially vanish forever, We Are The Ocean, Zebrahead, Capdown, Polar Bear Club, Your Demise, Rise To Remain, Spy Catcher, Defeater, Make Do And Mend, as well as all the cool ass animals in the wild animal park, we’re sure as hell looking forward to this one! Check out for all the information you need.

DAMNATION Ulver, Decapitated, Amplifier, Doom, Astrohenge + more to be announced… GHOSTFEST Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Your Demise, Deez Nuts, Brutality Will Prevail, Heights, After The Burial, TRC, Bury Tomorrow + more…


& Don’t Forget Campers... Bring your tent, clothes suitable for rain or sunshine, spare clothing, wellies, food, water, beer, stuff to clean yourselves with, sun protection, money, phone, spare battery for phone, i.d, a load of other stuff but most importantly your ticket (obviously!) & toilet rolls!!!

s s e r t s i D 8 Rebelicious • Fashion

Dress To


stablished in 2003 by Frank Major, Disturbia is one the UK’s most recognisable clothing lines. With all this sunny weather bringing forth a fresh batch of disturbing imagery mixed with dark, humourous wordplay, it is safe to say that Frank has definitely upped the ante with his new collection. We caught up with him for a little chat about the line, Slash wearing his clothes, and being a guitar nerd...

What inspired you to start up Disturbia Clothing? “I founded Disturbia in 2003 after cutting my teeth as a designer for a Newcastle based punk/ alternative clothing label. I always had the intention of starting a clothing line, and starting with T-shirts seemed the first logical step, so I gathered together a set of designs I’d be working on, and went for it. At the time, I basically could see a very definite niche that wasn’t being filled, which was graphic tee illustration as wearable art, with an underlying narrative. So for the first few years, I basically did as much work as I could to push the brand. I did all the artwork, all the marketing, all the sales, my mum did the accounts, my girlfriend helped out at trade shows, and it grew from there.” Why the name Disturbia? “Our original tagline was ‘Proudly Disturbing the Suburbs Since 2003’, so I guess that spells out what Disturbia means. It’s a portmanteau of disturb and suburbia.” Do you have any formal design training? “I graduated from a degree in Fashion design in 2001, so that has been a great basis for the company, especially now that we are moving into more custom, cut and sew products.”

ZOMBIES, WOLVES, NAKED CHICKS, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. No, it’s not the set of a trippy music video from the 60’s. Welcome to the world of designer Frank Major, founder of Disturbia Clothing.




Where do you draw your inspiration from? “I keep a note book full of ideas, quotes, slogans, cuttings and concepts, and each season I pull Photos courtesy of Frank Major

9 Rebelicious • Fashion

As well as fashion, what else do you take deep interests in? “My life-long passion is playing the guitar. Something I’ve done for 22 years! I’m a bit of a guitar nerd at heart!“ Favourite bands? “Such a difficult question! My all time favourites include Nirvana, the Beach Boys, Hendrix, the Stones, the Doors, Pearl Jam and QOTSA.”

together the strongest imagery, and try and make everything sit nicely together. Inspiration comes mainly from music, as well as movies, history, books, the weird, the wonderful, and the dark side of the force!“ When you first started out, did you ever imagine the brand would become as successful as it has? “I always hoped it would. It was forecast in the business plan!! When you’re working for yourself it becomes more than a job, it’s your life! So you find yourself working much more hours, and harder than you would working for The Man, as you have to make it pay off. You have to do your own thing. Keep it different, and always better your last collection. Each season we always want to up the ante, and do something that is new, both in an artistic and design sense. This season for example, we released our first custom cut jackets, shirts, bag and wallet. Next season we’ll build on that. Ad infinitum!” It must be really rewarding to see musicians rocking your clothing... “Yes it’s great, and an honour to see musicians wearing our stuff. In fact, it’s just as thrilling to see an everyday guy walking down the street wearing Disturbia.” You recently showcased your brand at the trade shows London Edge and Pure. How did they go? “Great thanks. London Edge is the main show we do each season as it caters for leftof-centre, alternative stores. Pure is a lot more mainstream. These shows are where we preview and sell our forthcoming collections to our wholesale customers from around the world.” What has been the highlight of running Disturbia? “Too many to mention. Meeting and working with loads of amazingly talented people. Seeing the response and reaction to our products on the faces of our retail and wholesale customers. Travelling around the world for trade shows to promote the brand.”

If you could produce a custom Disturbia tee/vest/hoodie for anyone in the world, who would it be and why? “Well, it was a childhood dream come true when we found out Slash had been wearing Disturbia, so from a personal perspective it’s hard to better that! Aside from that, I’d love to do a collab with Them Crooked Vultures. I love the band, and their music and lyrics are full of really cool imagery that would be amazing subject matter for some t-shirt designs.” If you weren’t in the fashion business, what do you think you would be doing? “Playing the guitar full-time in my band would have been a dream. Either that or I would love the time to paint on a daily basis.” Any tips for anyone wanting to get into the fashion industry? “Find your own niche, make your own path, and forge your own weapon!” What can fans of the brand expect over the next few months? “We’ll be delving more into the world of custom, cut and sew, limited edition garments, as well as building on our T-shirt line. More accessories and art prints are in the pipeline too. There’s rumblings of a sister company in the workings to, but that’s something for a little further down the line...”

10 Rebelicious • Fashion

W We love all things sweet and cute, and Little Miss Delicious is right up our street with jewellery that looks good enough to eat. Founder Maxine Johnston tells us all about the brand...

hat inspired you to start up Little Miss Delicious? “I started making jewellery when I was 13 after being unable to find quirky handmade jewellery without the huge price tag, and so purchased the materials myself. At first I only made things for myself and friends as a creative outlet while doing my law degree. However, people soon began asking where they could buy the jewellery and as interest grew I quickly ran out of space to store all the jewellery, so I decided to set up an Etsy shop and see if anyone else liked what I make. I made my first sale within hours and haven’t looked back since! Less than a year later I had my own website with an online store, and Little Miss Delicious has grown so much that I’m now very privileged to be doing something I love this much full time from summer onwards.”

Would we be right in guessing that you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth? “I definitely do! My designs come from my love of all things cute and tasty, creating little yummy characters based on all my favourite foods. I eat far too much ice cream and cake for my own good, when I’m making jewellery I have to keep biscuits by me – I get so hungry looking at the little food designs!” We definitely would too! So how long does it take you to create a piece? “It all varies depending on the item, but it can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes to hand sculpt each item from clay. They then take up to 30 minutes to bake in the oven, depending on the quantity. Painting the items is where it gets tricky; it takes quite a while due to the number of coats and different colours on each design! I’m a big perfectionist, so I’m not happy until every tiny detail looks just right. And finally each item is left to glaze overnight. It’s a long process, but ensures every item is made with great care and attention to detail. I just love the complete freedom in being able to choose exactly how I want things to look and watching a small lump of beige coloured clay turn into a pretty little cupcake or ice cream.” Are there any pieces you’ve made that stand out as personal favourites? “So much of myself goes into every piece I make, from the initial stage of designing the product right through to crafting then painting the item, that I don’t think I could pick a favourite. However,

11 Rebelicious • Fashion

I tend to wear the fast food bracelet more than anything else. I love how cute and colourful it is and it has all my favourite food on it! What more could a girl want?” Do you have any formal design training? “I don’t, everything I do is completely self taught. However, I’ve been making things ever since I first put two pieces of Lego together, then refused to ever put it back in its box! I’ve always been interested in the creative side of life, and gradually taught myself everything there is to know about the mediums I use. I used tutorials online to learn how to do simple techniques, such as how to securely connect two pieces of clay and how best to sew little felt accessories, but mostly it was a lot of trial and error!”

everything else, so I’ve found it’s very important to keep in touch with the world outside of my studio, even if it just means going for the occasional coffee with a friend.” What has been the main highlight of running your own business? “As each item is crafted with so much care and attention, there is nothing better than receiving compliments about my designs. It means so much that people like what I make; when I get feedback from customers it makes all of the hard work worth it.” What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t running Little Miss Delicious? “I’d probably focus more on a career stemming from my law degree, but even then I imagine I’d end up setting up a creative business at some point - I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else with my life!”

If you could have anyone R E V E S G IN H T in the world wearing your G IN I’VE BEEN MAK OF jewellery, who would it be? “It S E C IE P O W T T U P would definitely be someone SINCE I FIRST D like Raquel Reed. I love bright E S U F EN RE H T , R E H T E G O hair and her style is amazing! T O LEG !” X O B S But all of my customers mean IT K IN C A B IT T U P R E V E so much to me, and nothing TO

You recently exhibited at the trade show London Edge. How did that go? “The problem with having a store online is that I never get to see people’s reactions to my designs, so it’s amazing to be able to talk to potential customers and hear their opinions in person. London Edge was definitely my favourite experience that’s come from being a jewellery designer so far! It was great to meet so many inspiring people and exhibit at a show with companies that I’ve admired long before I even owned a paint brush. The trade show caters for some of the most creative, exciting niches in fashion and thankfully my jewellery went down a treat! I’m now currently in the process of making jewellery to supply to some of my favourite stores, and even some in places I’ve always dreamed of visiting. It’s also led to lots of exciting opportunities that I don’t want to jinx just yet!” You run Little Miss Delicious pretty much on your own. Working single-handedly must have its ups and downs? “Working single-handedly means I do everything myself, including designing/updating my website, making and shipping the parcels, replying to emails, and even designing promotional materials such as flyers and stickers. This means my day tends to start at 7am, and end at 2am – but thankfully I’ve never really been one for sleep! As I’m still doing my degree, things can get very hectic at times, but luckily my other half is very supportive and knows just when to bring me tea and biscuits and remind me how much I love doing this. The main downside to working self employed from home is the lack of social interaction with other people. It’s very easy to forget when to stop working and neglect

makes me happier than seeing my designs on such lovely people.”

What does the future hold for you and the brand? “I have lots of huge plans for my company, including a cute T-shirt range and eventually my own shop so right now I’m at the point where I constantly have ideas whizzing around my head and if I didn’t write them down I worry I’d forget the best ones. I’m hoping to one day move to San Francisco, where I want to open my own little boutique selling my designs, as well as other cute indie products! It’s been a dream I’ve had since I was little, so it’s amazing to know that it’s not that far out of reach.”

Photos courtesy of Maxine Johnston

Sacré Coeur

12 Rebelicious • Fashion

13 Rebelicious • Fashion

Inspired heavily by the steampunk/neo-victorian aesthetic, Sacré Coeur is a jewellery and accessory label run by Teayam Tasbihgou...


hat inspired you to start up Sacré Coeur? “I’ve always known I’d be much happier working for myself than for anyone else so the only decision making involved in setting up Sacré Coeur was what I was going to do. I knew it would be creative and I wanted it to be something that I know would be limitless in terms of the evolution of my style. So yeah, I suppose the main thing that inspired me to start it up was the need to stay true to my independence!”

As well as being a jewellery maker, you create illustrations under the alias SugarMilk, and you’re also an occasional model. Is being creative something you’ve always enjoyed? “Absolutely. I’ve been into art for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories involve sitting at my Nana’s dining table drawing my favourite Disney characters over and over again until I had them perfect! I’ve always drawn and I’ve always been the type to just make something if I can’t find what I’m looking for in the shops. As I got older and started discovering different ways to create art I turned myself to various different things such as the modelling to see what would come of it. I enjoy it all though, definitely!”

Do you have any formal design training? “I quit art school after I did my foundation, reverted to science and, as such, I have a BSc(hons) in animal biology and ecology. Prior to that I did the usual art A-levels and foundation but as far as my art is concerned, it’s something I’ve always done and I learn whatever I feel like learning along the way so it’s probably 90% self taught!”

With the accessories and jewellery being very intricate, how long would you say it takes to create a piece? “That totally depends on the piece! Simpler designs I tend to do in batches so will produce a quantity of them in a shorter period of time... earrings for example, the simpler designs are just a case of putting pieces together and can be done in minutes! Bigger, more intricate designs can take days, even weeks to complete, depending on what they are! I have done collars that are hand beaded before now and that always takes ages so anything like that is usually a work in progress for at least a couple of weeks.” Do you have any favourites? “All of the collars are favourites of mine, mainly because they’re all one of a kind and each has its own character as a result. I think in terms of the jewellery, the locked heart pendants and rings are my favourites!” The Steampunk movement and the Victoriana aesthetic are obviously apparent influences in your designs, but is there anything else you’re inspired by? “Science is a huge influence, particularly the life sciences. Taxidermy is obviously part of what I do, but anatomical references can be found throughout my work. I am also a hobby entomologist and quite often incorporate this into my work. Look out for more pieces involving insects in the not too distant future! Fetish and other aspects of alternative subculture obviously heavily influence my work but I think history is probably most responsible for the way my work looks.”

14 Rebelicious • Fashion

é r c a S C The Steampunk movement seems to have leaped into the limelight recently. What do you think is making it so popular? “The steampunk aesthetic is very eyecatching and unique. There’s something very cool about the gadgetry, use of mechanisms that usually remain unseen (you wouldn’t believe how beautiful some watch components are... to think they were intended to reside inside a pocket watch, never to be seen by anyone besides the watch maker and repairman blows my mind!) and the way in which the costumery and craftsmanship triggers the imagination. It’s a fantasy thing I think. It portrays a world that we came very close to in the 1800’s but never quite achieved and will never be seen again now. There’s something very exciting about that and I think, because it is quite a lighthearted, fun scene, it holds a lot more appeal to the general public tan the more macabre side of alternative subculture. Of course, that’s not always a good thing, as evidenced by the fact that we’re now seeing ‘steampunk’ all over everything including jewellery in places like

Claire’s Accessories and that the general consensus seems to be that if it has a cog on it, it’s steampunk. There’s so much more to it than that!”

Now, I’ve never come across anyone else that can say this, but you’re a qualified taxidermist! How did that come about? “Oh, I’m not the only one out there, that’s for sure! I know of at least 2 or 3 artists that I have had contact with over the years that are also taxidermists in their own right... but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not something I do, or ever really have done, with my jewellery/accessories. That base is well and truly covered so I try and keep the two very separate! I prefer classic taxidermy, i.e., the sort of lifelike work you’d see in museums etc, to the modern interpretation that involves the use of animal parts in fashion and quirky or ‘humorous’ mounts. I approach it with an interest in anatomy, realism and detail. As for how it came about though, it’s a long story that stems from my childhood love of animals of all shapes and sizes.

15 Rebelicious • Fashion

é r u e o C As the years went on and I learned more about taxidermy and what it was, I developed a keen interest in learning it for myself. It was that interest that lead me to finding the man who taught me and mentored me after I achieved my qualification in bird and mammal taxidermy. So yes, besides learning through a lot of my own trial and error, I do actually have a certificate of qualification in bird and mammal taxidermy.” What have been the highlights of running your own business? “The ability to work on my own, in my own space, on my own projects basically all the time! I am fortunate enough that my clients and customers like my style which means I am pretty much guaranteed to love whatever it is I’m working on... so I’m more or less permanently in my element!”

If Sacré Coeur didn’t exist, what do you think you would be doing? “Without a shadow of a doubt I would be doing something along these lines... Trying to forge a career for myself out of my creativity. I really do not see my life any

other way, and I won’t stop until I’ve achieved what I want to achieve. Actually, come to think of it, I won’t stop then either!” If you could have anyone in the world wearing your jewellery/ accessories, who would it be & why? “You know, this isn’t something I’ve ever really given any thought. I think I just want my stuff to be worn by anyone who appreciates the hard work and skill that goes into making it all by hand and that loves it as much as (or, ideally, even more than) I do! I don’t really follow popular culture or any particular celebrities so I don’t have anyone in mind that I’d like to be seen in my work. Of course, if someone famous would like to wear it and gain me some publicity then I’d be extremely grateful for that!”

What’s in store for you and the brand? “I have a LOT that I’m working on at the moment to raise the profile of my brand and give it all a bit of a facelift. I don’t want to let on exactly what but I will definitely say watch this space over the next couple of months!”

Photos courtesy of Teayam Tasbihgou

The Sick Kids “WE ARE SICK IN THE BAD 16 Rebelicious • Fashion


Customised clothing, ghostly graphics and tongue-in-cheek slogans are the name of the game for Sick Kids Kelly and Lele Jackson...


hy the name ‘The Sick Kids’? “We first started the sick kids as a joke rap group in 2006. We chose the name because we are SICK (in the bad ass way, but I guess you could say we are also unhealthy) and also because we were kids and had no intention of growing up! We still haven’t grown up, so the name has stuck with the clothing line.” When did the fashion line begin? “I (Kelly) began making handmade slogan T-shirts in 2007 for us to wear on stage and got loads of people asking to buy them so I set up a little shop on Myspace (when it was popular!). I did that until 2009 when I decided I really wanted to make it legit, and so my sister Lele[SPEAKS] joined me, we made a proper website and we’ve been building on it since then.”

Photos courtesy of Kelly Jackson

17 Rebelicious • Fashion

Where do you draw your inspiration from? “Oh, we draw inspiration from so many things! We live on a council estate and its very inspiring! Especially when we’re like the odd balls of the estate, we almost look at it from the outside, even though we have lived in the area our whole lives. Apart from that all the things we love inspire us, Cartoons, animation, TV, film, the 90s, music (punk, rap, hiphop, pop, hardcore, dirty folk, rock and rollllll) especially girl fronted bands!, Crime, weed, animals, high fashion, street fashion, gothic churches and graveyards, Halloween, horror, food, our family...Lots of stuff!” As well as the clothing, you girls are big on making music too. Tell us about that... “Yes! Lele is the musical half of The Sick Kids and shes a fucking sick rapper! Shes currently working on writing her new album with Larry from the band ‘Hundred Reasons’. We are currently getting a band together and gearing up to start touring this year! Fuck yeah! Until then you can check out the new demo’s here: www.speaks., watch our homemade music videos on Youtube and download her latest mixtape ‘Horsepower’ from our blog Enjoy!” Working for yourselves must have its up and downs? “Life is up and down, no avoiding that. But I have to say working for ourselves has been mainly highs! If you have a job you fucking love, can’t wait to wake up everyday to get to it, it goes surprisingly well and you managed to get other people on board with your ideas and all of a sudden the opportunities seem endless, then you wouldn’t mind that you earn peanuts until your really successful & have to ‘work’ at it all day everyday! We are very privileged to be here, our families are very supportive of what we do but it takes a lot of work and dedication to be successful at something, I’ve had plenty of shitty jobs and I’m telling you, GET THE FUCK OUT! Just do all you can to do what you want.” You showcased your brand at the London Edge exhibition awhile back. What was that like? “It was our second time showing there and we got a really good spot right at the front! It went really well sales wise and its always a blast hanging out with the people there. We’re going to try out some of the other trade shows soon I think.” How would you describe your own personal clothing style? “We have quite a similar style, its always changing but I guess I would describe it as ‘chavy 80s hooker goth girl’.”

If you could make customised clothing for anyone in the world, who would it be and why? “We would love to make something for our new favourite rapper Yelawolf because he’s got the dopest style and would fucking rock it like no one else! And then maybe he would want to marry me after that! No?...OK.” What would you be doing if you weren’t part of The Sick Kids? “If I wasn’t doing this then I would have done work riding at a horse racing stables and gone on to be a trainer or jockey, Lele’s not here but I’m pretty sure she would be doing the same! That might sound a bit random but its not we have a horse and have been riding them forever!” Finally, what does the future hold for Kelly and Lele? “We’ve got lots of sick stuff coming up this year, music, videos, touring, new clothing and other stuff I cant give details on yet!”


18 Rebelicious • Regulars

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, you will know that the Foo Fighters are back and in incredible style! Here are 20 facts about lead singer Dave Grohl, the proclaimed ‘nicest guy in rock’, and his merry men...

l h o r G


Dave was born on January 14th 1969


His full name is David Eric Grohl


Since becoming a musician, altogether he has performed in over 30 bands!


He has the key to the city of Warren, Ohio. He also has a roadway in downtown Warren named after him… David Grohl Alley.

5 6

In his younger years, he was part of a hardcore punk band called Dain Bramage.

When he was 17, he auditioned for the band Scream, and joined soon after. But to do that, he dropped out of high school in his junior year.


After Scream unexpectedly disbanded a few months later, he auditioned for Nirvana and became a full time member in 1990.


Between October 2002 and March 2003, Grohl was in the number one spot on the Modern Rock charts for 17 of 18 successive weeks, as a member of three different groups (Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age).


Feb ‘06, He and his then wife Jennifer Youngblood made a short cameo in an X-Files episode titled ‘The Pusher’.


If you’ve ever wondered what the effects of too much coffee are, type ‘fresh pots’ into Youtube to see Grohl give you the perfect demonstration!

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He is currently the lead singer, rhythm guitarist & primary songwriter for the Foo Fighters.


Dave is mostly known as being the former drummer of Nirvana.


Whilst in Nirvana, Grohl and former Nirvana bassist Kris Novoselic worked on demos of songs that would later become Foo Fighters songs. These included ‘Big Me’, ‘February Stars’, ‘Exhausted’, and ‘Butterflies’.


The Foo Fighters debut album was released in July 1995.


In 1997, Foo Fighters second album ‘The Colour & The Shape’ turned the band into a major success, spawning hits such as “Everlong”, “My Hero” and “Monkey Wrench”.


Foo Fighters latest album ‘Wasting Light’ is their seventh studio album, and scored them their first number one album in the USA.

17 y Fa e K

cts •Key F

In Tenacious D’s 2006 movie ‘Pick of Destiny’, Mr Grohl is dressed pretty epically as Satan, who is challenged to a ‘rock-off’ by Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

ac t

Facts • Ke y



a c ts F ey

He also makes an appearance in the video for Queen’s of the Stone Age ‘No-One Knows’, which was released in 2002.


• Key Fac ts •





In July 2009, Grohl recorded an album with Josh Homme (QOTSA) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) as Them Crooked Vultures…


... Their first show together in the UK was as a surprise support act for the Arctic Monkeys.

Foo Fighters are one of the headlining bands at this years Oxegen and T In The Park festivals. Visit for more details.

ts •

Key Facts •


20 Rebelicious

e h T In With o i d u t S ry All u B als v i R Rebelicious asked Bury All Rivals’ bassist Daniel Mannix to document his band’s time at Plus 11 Recording Studios. A rollercoaster of ups and downs were sure to be noted, from producing blinding solos to losing a member at crunch time! (n.b. at the time of this mag being available, Bury All Rivals are once again a four piece!)

21 Rebelicious

Who’s This Then? BAND MEMBERS: Paul Attard (vocals/guitar) Daniel Mannix (bass) Daniel Houghton (lead guitar) Steven Attard (drums)

Formed in 2010, London based metal outfit Bury All Rivals have already gained lots of praise for their hard-hitting energetic performances at numerous gigs around London and Essex. They progressed into the second round of the Emergenza Festival, and have had the opportunity to support bands such as Bloodloss, Here Lies A Warning and Man of Kin. Since the release of their first EP ‘Rise From The Ashes’, the band have been hard at work recording their second EP ‘A Lesson In Self Destruction’, which is available to download from their website NOW! During the next year they plan to continue playing gigs, spreading further out around the UK in order to gain country wide recognition. Be sure to check them out if you get the chance!

22 Rebelicious

Day 1 (Feb 5th)

Day 2 (Feb 6th)

Day 3 (Feb 12th)

After playing a gig in Brentwood last night, we head up to Plus 11 recording studio with our gear packed up ready for our first day. It takes a good amount of time to set up the equipment but after about two hours, the drums are good to go! Without ever having used a click track before, it’s a new experience for Steven, but his natural rhythm helps speed things up rapidly. The drum track for ‘Burn The Bridges’ is complete.

With everything already set up, we waste no time cracking on with more drum tracks. Everything is going smoothly until some off-beat drumming is thrown off by the click track. But as always, the fast learner gets the hang of it and for the rest of the day, he blitzes through the recordings. Having practiced everyday for a week, playing a gig and working through a studio session with no breaks, Steven’s body begins to fail him as he locks up and starts to slow down. It turns out to be nothing cigarette breaks can’t cure though! Drum tracks for ‘Apple of Your Eye’ and ‘Depths of Deception’ are done, and its a well deserved rest tonight for everyone.

After taking home a monitor mix of the completed drum tracks, combined with a week of practicing and pointing out small errors, we know exactly what we need to focus on today. First up, we practice each individual section along to the drum tracks, and point out slight gaps and errors to the producer James, who quickly tightens everything up. While doing this, the second producer Rob speaks to Paul, me and Daniel individually to discuss the effects/tones we wanted to record with. Me and Paul go on to record our parts at the same time in an effort to speed up the process. We have more and more creative freedom for this track, producing more than we originally intended. A part comes up where Daniel requires a bass accompaniment to record at the same time, and James has asked if I could re-do the bass, pointing out the sound level differences between the earlier sections and noting this as confidence, eagerly wanting to catch this while it lasted. Sure enough, I did, and the bass is put to rest after just a few takes. Whilst abusing our freedom to be creative, disaster strikes as a string breaks on the rhythm guitar! The tension emitted from Paul was thick enough to cut, but things calm down after a quick adjustment to the pre-amp proves Dan’s lead guitar simulates the same tone as the previously recorded rhythm (and also as Paul has spare strings!). With a few parts made tighter, we are pleased with the outcome and ‘Burn The Bridges’ is done.

‘A LESSON IN SELF DESTRUCTION’ RELEASED: May 2011 TRACKS: Burn The Bridges Apple of Your Eye Depths of Deception PRODUCER: James Curtis-Thomas (Motorhead, Beholder & Amen)

23 Rebelicious

Day 4 (Feb 27th)

Day 5 (March 5th)

Day 6 (March 12th)

It’s been two weeks since the last session, and we have assessed what needs to be done to Burn The Bridges and what we plan to record next. Today doesn’t go as smoothly as last time, though. Plagued by fatigue from last night, both Dan and I suffer horribly. It did not help that several sections had to be changed from the norm, proving difficult as we fight our instincts. The fatigue and stress is so apparent that when we are not required,

Nearing the end of the ordeal, we were all excited and enthusiastic. On form, there were no issues with the guitars or bass whatsoever; riffs played to perfection. Only a small timing issue on the drum track that needed to have a fill cropped but that was about it. With everyone being so efficient with their time, we even had time to re-do some sections in the previous songs that we felt uncomfortable about. We had done the

We entered the studio a man down as Daniel called it quits with just one hour notice before we were due to enter the studio. Seeing how he was joint vocalist we had to re-think the entire situation during the drive to the studio. With only some raw vocals for ‘Apple of Your Eye’ done, we started off with the intention of just changing a few words but decided to completely re-do the song as Paul’s approach to the song had changed. The

“We have more and more creative freedom, Producing more than we originally intended.” much of our time is spent asleep. Things don’t get any easier as the bass pre-amp starts producing a ringing sound, and the lead guitar seems to be giving off a high pitched screech when not being played. After digging deep for two blinding solos, Depths of Deception is complete! With the track coming out so well, James asks if he can use it as a sample for a website and who are we to say no? With only a small amount of time to spare, we focus on the drum track for Apple of Your Eye, pointing out incorrect tempos and gaps, saving us the trouble of going through it next time.

Photos courtesy of Bury All Rivals

Daniel Mannix

best we could, and it was time to start on the money maker; the vocals. Only an hour spent on vocals before our time was up, but ‘Burn The Bridges’ was finished with some vocals to add next session.

vocals were coming out much stronger, clearer and consistent. To compensate the lack of the secondary vocals, the remaining band members and studio engineers contributed to gang vocals. Since the producer wanted to make a high quality track and not just a demo, the mixing would be done without the band which we didn’t have a problem with. Everything was done and dusted. The EP ‘A Lesson In Self Destruction’ is available now to download from

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l r i G 25 Rebelicious • Main Feature

On Fire


omprised of Amy Flame, Hayley Fire breathing, twisted burlesque and angle grinding Legs, Kelly Sabrina, Kate Lomax are just some of the ticked boxes in her job description. and Shirin Scales, Nympherno Meet Amy Flame, one fifth of dance troupe are a high energy, rock ‘n’ roll dance troupe with a passion for performing hard Nympherno, who welcomes us into their world with and partying even harder. Armed with talk of weird sci-fi parties, festivals, & a lucky belt... an arsenal of stunts, pyrotechnics and a kickass attitude, these girls are definitely far from being what nights Voodoo Rock and Propaganda to major festivals like some might class as ‘just your average lap dancers who aspire to Glastonbury and Download are all in the job description for be on the cover of some tacky lads’ magazine’. Nympherno are Amy and the Nymphs. Jealous? Yeah, us too! here to let you know that if you think you’ve seen it all, they can prove you wrong! So for anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to see the girls up close and personal yet, what can you expect from a Coming to light just over a year ago with some of the girls show? “A Nymph show can be literally anything! It will usually looking for a new venture - a few had been part of the notorious involve fire, angle grinding, stilts and elements of burlesque Satanic Sluts performance group - Nympherno turned out to and striptease. Having said that we once did a show for a sci-fi be the natural progression after a trip to Denmark saw them all party that involved us wearing latex bra’s that looked like we click as performers. There is definitely no stopping these chicks, had three breasts each and full body paint. We then got in a as their risqué stunt filled shows and constant promotions have big paddling pool filled with slime and had a wrestling match!!” gained them tonnes of fans all over the world, and has led to Sounds like a guy’s perfect dream! Skills wise, between them them being able to travel to beautiful places like Dubai, where they can do fire breathing, fire eating, fire fans, fire staff, fire Amy had just came back from when we caught up with her. hula hoop, pole and cage dancing, burlesque, aerial hoop, angle grinding, stilt walking, and you can guarantee that they “Dubai was a laugh, it’s a very strange place! We were stilt are always learning new things. But with all of these dangerous walking for the annual shopping festival where they spend a stunts going on, does she ever get scared that something may month laying on entertainment across Dubai in their malls and go wrong whilst on stage? “There’s a lot of danger involved in the streets. It’s a big event. We met other performers from all with what we do, and of course safety is always paramount. over the world and got to see some pretty amazing things. It’s As long as you keep your wits about you and use all the right still growing and developing and it’s nice to see some character techniques danger is easy to avoid. For every job we have to take root.” Touring across the UK, travelling to different countries, fill out a risk assessment detailing hazards and potential risks and performing at a variety of high profile events such as club and how to avoid them so we’ve always scoped it out first.” Remember girls: don’t try these stunts at home!

26 Rebelicious • Main Feature

“We love what we do and we don’t do serious!” Being able to do such amazing things on a regular basis is obviously the result of a lot of hard work, and for Amy it’s something she has always loved doing. “I personally have been performing all my life pretty much. I trained in various dance disciplines until I was around 18 so was always doing shows etc. I also sang with a band and used to perform with a theatre company. My mum was a ballerina, my dad was a musician and my sister is an actor, it runs in the family!” A family of performers would definitely help to set you on the right track it would seem! But having such a demanding job that involves dancing around in skimpy outfits in front of hundreds of people would make any girl very body conscious. However for Amy and the rest of the Nymphs, confidence is a key trait. ”All girls have their worries about body image, it’s only natural. But the way we see it is that confidence is sexy.” And she’s right, in this day and age it is all about having the guts to get up and do what you love. Leave behind any shyness, stick the middle finger up to any haters along the way and go for it. Rest assured, if you’re doing what you love, you won’t regret it. “If I’m up there doing the best I can do and having a great time doing it I soon forget that I was feeling insecure earlier, and it’s always great when the crowd is with you.”

Away from all the craziness of breathing fire and walking on stilts, Amy loves a good chill out session at home. “On my day off I try not to leave the house or put make up on. I’m really dull! I’ll curl up on the bed with my cat, a glass of red (wine) and catch up on TV or films. I’m a massive slob at heart! I work hard, and play hard so like to reward myself with lazy days.” Lazy days and slobbing out in front of the TV sound familiar? Yep, that’s because we all do it. And just like us, she dresses appropriately for the occasion. “Kicking around at home I’m a baggy ripped jeans and trainers kind of gal, but I love dressing up and making a big effort when I go out. So heels are popular with me too.” Definitely a girl after our own hearts! You only need to be around the Nympherno girls for a short amount of time before you realise that they come fully loaded with good vibes, and Amy is quick to mark that their style is all about fun. “We love what we do and we don’t do serious, we want people to watch and smile and have a great time. It’s not about trying to be provocative or sexy, just feel good factor!” And having a lucky accessory sure helps. ” I don’t have a favourite outfit but I do have a lucky belt that I ALWAYS wear! It’s old and nothing special but I love it. Wide black leather with pyramid studs and chains. It’s great and I feel weird without it.”

27 Rebelicious • Main Feature

On Fire irl G

28 Rebelicious • Main Feature

Alongside lucky accessories, all the girls are pierced and tattooed, and let’s be honest, who isn’t these days?! Hayley is recalled as the member most distinctive. “She has both thighs covered in amazing colourful tattoo’s of old school horror films. She gets stopped everywhere we go because of it and is why shve’s known as Hayley Legs!” The girls also love a good drink up. “Personally I’m a whiskey girl. But you can usually find the Nymphs getting drunk on cider or rose. Classy birds!” It would also probably come as no surprise to find that the Nymphs have a mutual love of metal, and with legendary acts like Pantera, Down and Clutch on their playlist as well as other various bands, they sure as hell love good music. But what is Amy’s favourite song to perform to? “I don’t really have one! It depends what kind of show we’re doing as to what music we use, you don’t want to alienate your audience by using songs they may not like.” Good point! “One track we use quite a lot is ‘Lovesong’, which is a cover of the Cure song, by Snake River Conspiracy. It’s dirty and sexy with lots of build ups which is great for fire breathing.” Nights out and being on the road with a group of girls for a long period of time would probably spell disaster for many out there, but for Nympherno it’s all about getting along. “You probably won’t believe me when I say we all get on great. Whenever we’re on the road together it’s such a laugh and we all love what we do so much that it’s win win all round! We’ve all been mates for a long time anyway so it’s all good.” But what if Nympherno

Photos: Vapour Trail Photography and Amy Harris

didn’t exist? She wouldn’t be looking for an unoriginal 9-5 office job, that’s for sure. “If I wasn’t doing Nympherno I’d be looking for ways to start Nympherno! I honestly can’t imagine a life without it now, and quite frankly I don’t want to!” So with festival season right around the corner, they’re favourite time of year as she points out, Amy and the Nymphs are preparing to put on one hell of a show for your viewing pleasure. “Download and Sonisphere are our favourite festivals to perform at because it’s the music we love and we’d probably be there anyway!” (Check out the Get Your Fest’ On guide with this issue for our lowdown on who is playing these festivals this year). “Last year at Download we were stilt walking during the day which was cool because then we had all night to party! Sonisphere was different as our shows were at night for the Rock Royalty (VIP) area so we had to miss the last few songs of each headliner to go and get ready to perform. The fire shows were awesome fun though and we’ve been booked to do it again this year too. EXCITED!!” At Sonisphere they’ll be working alongside Redeemer Club, and are also in talks for lots of other events too, which Amy is very tight-lipped about, so make sure you watch this space for when they announce those beauties! To stay up to date with Amy and the Nymphs search ‘NYMPHERNO’ on

From Top Left: Amy Flame, Hayley Leggs, Kelly Sabrina, Kate Lomax

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30 Rebelicious • Music

31 Rebelicious • Music

t r o p e R l a ci



g n i t Tou Have you ever wandered to a gig venue and had some shady-as-fuck guy ask you if you need tickets? Or been tempted to buy tickets for that must-see and sold out gig from a stranger on ebay? Welcome to the controversial world of ticket touting! Words: Amy Phillips Main Photo: Dominique Marshall

t r o p e R l a ci

32 Rebelicious • Music



t’s been a thorny issue for some time. And recent talks between MPs about making ticket touting illegal have brought the subject to the forefront. Ticket touting is the act of buying large numbers of tickets for event, be it sporting or cultural, and selling them on for a profit. But surely this is just a smart business plan? A bit of cash on the side maybe? But what about that ‘oh fuck’ moment when your left with extra tickets you can’t sell? Or how do you know if the person you’re buying from is legit, and that you’re not going to end up with fakes or worse, no ticket at all? The answer to all of those questions is… you don’t know! There’s no way of knowing what you’re letting yourself in for when you buy tickets from a stranger, and often at a ridiculously high price. Some people argue that ticket touts are entrepreneurs and just confident enough to risk losing money as well as making it. “For bigger events, I’ll always buy the maximum amount of tickets then sell them on ebay for a profit,” explains one tout who wishes to remain nameless. “In the past, I’ve made like a £100 profit per ticket. Some people are just so desperate to see their heroes that they’ll spend whatever it takes. Crazy, but sweet for me ‘cause I make money doing nothing.” No wonder so many of us are tempted to buy/sell into the craze. Money for minimal effort seems too good to be true. “I’ve been tempted to sell tickets, but I’m not willing to risk being left with ones I can’t sell,” Rosie, aged 22 says. “Like say I bought the maximum amount to see Britney Spears thinking it would be a sell out tour. But then I could only shift two tickets. I don’t give a fuck about Britney so I wouldn’t want to go. So then what? It would be a massive waste of money that would seriously piss me off.”

Then there are those of us who use ticket touts as a way to get our hands on must have tickets. Esme, 23, has used sites like Ebay in the past to by tickets for festivals. “I was on holiday last year when Reading tickets first went on sale. But I wanted to go so badly and my friends all sorted themselves out and forgot about me because I wasn’t here.” Ouch, harsh! “So my only choice was to use Ebay. I had to spend over double the face value but I had such an awesome time that it was totally worth it. You can’t always put a price on a good time.” And at Rebelicious we’re all for having a good time, even when we’re down our rent money after a killer night!! And when so many gigs sell out at lightening speeds, touts seem like the only other option in order to not miss out. Say Blink 182, Box Car Racer, +44 and The Transplants all joined forces for one mega tour… of course you’d do anything for a ticket and there would be no price you wouldn’t pay. But ticket touting isn’t always smiley happy customer and awesome memories. There are of course, those whose experiences are much different. Fakes, aggressive sellers and ridiculous prices are all part of being a tout. “I spent £175 on a fake ticket from some ebay c*nt,” Terri, 24 admits. And after receiving her ticket and realising it was a fake, she was unable to track down the seller or get her money back. “I notified ebay of the situation, but no one was particularly helpful. And months down the line I’m no closer to getting any compensation or refund. I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying from anywhere other than genuine sites where you know what you’re paying for.” There are always those burly looking blokes standing on the corner offering tickets to Slipknot, when their own

33 Rebelicious • Music

music taste is quite clearly N-Dubz or something equally as lame. These are the obvious touts. Not those trying to sell on a ticket because they can no longer make it, but buying and selling to make an extortionate profit. “Guys like that are pretty intimidating,” says Alex, 19. “They look like they could get aggressive and usually are a bit sneery. They remind me of the chavs in school who took the piss out of the ‘alternative’ kids because they didn’t understand them. I would not approach them for fear of being ridiculed, ripped off and worse.”

attempts to prevent them making large wads of cash by ripping off people who want to go see their favourite band.” And since reselling tickets to the 2012 Olympic Games has already been stamped out, why can’t the same policy be applied to music touts?

But, what about the times when you suddenly can’t make a gig you bought tickets for? Those times when flu or another illness bites you in the ass and your buried beneath a pile of snotty tissues. What then? Because currently, most ticket sites don’t accept returns, which means most are us are fucked in terms of WHAT DO getting our money back.

However, A Labour MP has sparked a campaign that could see ticket touting become illegal. Sharon Hodgson has proposed anyone YOU THINK reselling their tickets should be limited “Event promoters should be made to offer a ABOUT TICKET to placing only a maximum of 10% onto return service. This would also allow fans to the original price they paid. The idea has buy at face value again should any tickets get TOUTING? already been welcomed by the V-Festival returned. So many fans can get more than Visit our website to one organizer Melvin Benn, who called the idea chance at getting tickets and promoters have your say. will gain two handling fees. That way everyone “fantastic” just as the tickets for his festival went on sale in recent days. wins,” argues Rosie. “Tickets to V were sold out through the official channels within minutes - I even heard from someone that they were told tickets were sold out 1 minute after they went on sale. Yet within hours there were hundreds of listings on eBay and other sites, with a minimum mark-up of £100 a ticket - completely unfair to the genuine fans who wanted to go,” Sharon argues. And we’ve all probably been in that situation ourselves, leaving us torn between missing out and paying stupid money. “It is clear that the Government acknowledges that criminals are behind a lot of the touting that goes on, so I can’t understand why Ministers still refuse to support my

But until sites accept returns, touts are going to be lurking. And just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s going to stop. Yes, it will make the situation fairer if the maximum 10% mark up is imposed, but who really is going to keep checking. And in times of desperation (or blind stupidness) it’s easy to part with hundreds of pounds. Until any kind of law is in place, it is wise to be wise about where you’re purchasing your tickets from, if it seems dodgy chances are it is. “Touts should be put in stocks outside the gigs then we can all egg them while we go in on our legitimately bought tickets,” Terri jokes. Now there’s an idea…

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Delving into the minds of unsigned bands is one of our favourite pasttimes. It’s great to find out their views on important issues like band uniforms, being ‘comparamored’ and squirrels taking over the world...


35 Rebelicious • Music


t seems like everyone wants to be in a band these days. Tell us about the beginnings of End of the Spectrum…

SEAN: It started out as just a bit of fun really, covering songs by other bands. It was just something to do in our spare time really. Becca and I started the band with two other members. We slowly progressed our song writing skills and, a couple of years and a few member changes later, here we are! SCIZ: I wasn’t there from the beginning, I joined the most recent chapter by applying to an advert online. That makes the whole process seem really distant but after a few practices everything felt very natural and we’re now really good friends! MARK: I started in the middle of last year, before recording Better the Enemy You Know, along with Sciz. I was advertising to join a Metalcore band at the time and Jamie asked for me to try out. The day I met them I was rough and looked like such a metalhead they thought they had made the wrong decision, but here I am! A few months ago you got to record your EP at the legendary Outhouse Studios. Since then the online release has received a staggering amount of positive reviews. You guys must be really happy with the outcome? SEAN: Yeah I’ve been so happy with the amount of feedback we got off it! Our aim is to get our music out there and for people to enjoy it, so as long as that’s happening, i’ll be happy.  SCIZ: I personally had a fantastic time at Outhouse and the CD turned out better than I had dared hope for. Once again I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the tracks, John Mitchell, Ben Humphreys and James Billinge were all a great laugh and we look forward to working with them again in the future! As for the reception the feedback has been completely overwhelming and for that we have to thank each and every one of our wonderful fans. MARK: I was ecstatic about the outcome before we even released the EP. I loved the guitar tones, the drum tones and tuning, the bass sound, and the timbre of the voices. Everything

sounded how I would have wanted it to sound. The reviews just made it all the sweeter. REBECCA: Outhouse has definitely been somewhere we have always wanted to go. About a year ago, it seemed like a very distant, unreal dream. So actually going there was surreal. I don’t think i’ve ever been so proud of something, so hopefully we can keep creating things that will top it. The positive reviews have obviously been incredible, being asked to do interviews etc. It’s amazing. Being a female fronted band, you must have had the odd comparison to the likes of the obvious when you started out? SEAN: We still do! I’d say we’re still trying to find our sound, keeping in mind the comparisons. But being compared to the likes of Paramore isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering how well they’ve done! SCIZ: I think we all expect to be compared to Paramore, but I personally love them and will take a comparison like that as high praise - We’re giving the style our own twist and hopefully that will become more and more obvious with our next release! MARK: We still get comparamored now. It’s inevitable, but I still wish they would compare us to other female fronted bands… Like Dusty Springfield! REBECCA: I don’t think it matters what kind of female fronted band you are, what kind of music you create, what you look like, what tone your voice has, you will in one way or another be compared to other incredibly famous female fronted bands, because they’re what people have to scale you up against, and there really isn’t that many great, very successful FF bands around. Especially in the UK. Describe the bands’ overall sound in three words... SEAN: Energetic, Powerful and Charismatic. MARK: Just extremely tight. REBECCA: “Gappy”, Emotional, Raw. Does the band have a uniform style when you’re on stage? SEAN: We’ve never really discussed a uniform, although surprisingly we sometimes turn up in the same colour shirts. SCIZ: I’m a bit of a cyber hippie so I think that if anyone else was to wear the same clothes they’d feel ridiculous haha! I make my way from shirts, ties and trilbies right through to face paints and unusually cropped jackets! MARK: Not really. I swing through clothes whenever I feel like it. Recently I’ve been wearing denim shorts a lot and band t shirts. In the Winter I wear lots of shirts and skinny jeans. My footwear is always Vans though. I’ve never strayed away (well, much) from wearing checked Vans.

36 Rebelicious • Music

Being the only female in the band must be quite cool as no one will copy your outfit on stage, right? REBECCA: I’ve never really thought about that to be honest. Although the last gig we played there were two other bands with female singers, so I didn’t feel as special as I usually do, haha. I find it so hard to dress for stage. It has to be comfortable and has to cover enough for me to be able to jump around, but also has to look good enough for me to feel confident. MARK: Challenge accepted… Favourite places to shop? SEAN: Im a Primark man ;) Either that or Next/Topman. SCIZ: I spend a large amount of my time and money in Camden rather than heading to a favourite shop. If people haven’t been before I’d suggest going - it’s my personal favourite attraction within London MARK: Online? My last batch of clothes came from Ebay. REBECCA: H&M or Topshop. Not very original i’m afraid.

“I don’t think it matters what kind of female MARK: Charity shops. Clothes from charity shops creep me out. fronted band you are, REBECCA: Designer brands. I have never owned anything designer, ever. what kind of music Ridiculous amounts of money. you create, what you look like, what Does anyone in the band have any tone your voice has, you will in one way or crazy clothes related stories to tell? another be compared to other incredibly SEAN: Becca, tell them about the famous female fronted bands.” Halloween gig ;) MARK: I’ve got nothing. Becca’s Halloween gig sounds Rebecca Need-Menear interesting though!

Any places you tend to avoid?

REBECCA: Haha oh dear the Halloween gig. I thought it would be fun to dress up as a Geisha, let’s just say the face paint went on in quite a rush, I looked rather scary. As a band uniform idea, if you could pick one of these to dress up as for all your upcoming gigs, which would it be and why? Vampires, zombies, or werewolves?

REBECCA: Oh wow zombies would be good, zombies please. We could blood splatter ourselves. Well there we go, that’s my next Halloween outfit sorted. I have wanted to be Charlie Chaplin for a while though. Favourite album at the moment?

SEAN: Vampires, they’re just cooler than the other two. SCIZ: More than happy to do any of them - I love dressing up! MARK: Probably vampires because it would be easier to play our instruments. What I would like to try for this Halloween though is a Wizard of Oz thing. Becca the Wicked Witch of the West and the rest of us in flying monkey suits.

SEAN: Either ‘At the Dreams Edge - Chimp Spanner’ or ‘Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards - Joe Satriani’ SCIZ: I’ve been listening to The Jezabels EP “Dark Storm” on repeat this past few weeks, so I’d have to go with that. MARK: ‘Carving Desert Canyons,’ by Scale the Summit or Animals as Leaders self titled album.

37 Rebelicious • Music

REBECCA: Hugh Laurie’s blues album has just come out, so have been listening to that for the past few days. Angus and Julia Stone and Alison Krauss w/ Union Station also have new records out. But lately I’ve been non stop playing Versa Emerge’s debut album ‘Fixed at Zero’ and Francesqa’s ‘We Lived’ EP.

but their live tour dvd was so inspiring. It really made me want to gig more. They look like an insane, fun bunch of guys to be around. How do you think the world will end – zombie apocalypse, aliens, a giant meteor or something else?

Favourite gig you’ve played? SEAN: There’s been a few. Playing a packed out venue is always good. But recently, Proud Camden is up there with the best. SCIZ: Proud Camden was a fantastic atmosphere with amazing crowd response. We also played a show at a place called 229 venue recently where we really went all out and had an amazing time, every gig has it’s highlights! MARK: The 229. The dancing that was involved, the energy, everything was just perfect. REBECCA: Yeah I have to agree with Proud Camden. First gig where we had smoke and lighting effects, was all very exciting. I think I gave myself whiplash though. As soon as I came off stage I had to go and lie down somewhere. I’m such a wimp.

SEAN: We’ll probably be the cause of it, so I’m guessing a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear attack. SCIZ: As people grow more intelligent and continue to build devices to make life for ourselves easier our limbs will grow weak and our defences poor. By this point the squirrels will have planned their uprising and using their superior acrobatic skill and work ethic will overthrow the human race - The stronger humans may be spared… I have yet to witness the extent of a squirrels wrath. (I love squirrels) MARK: Cthulu. It’s the only logical explanation. REBECCA: I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those massive volcanoes. Death by times. Alien invasion would be a pretty amazing way to go though! I’d make them take me with them. Favourite movies?

SEAN: The Matrix SCIZ: A Clockwork Orange, The Brothers Bloom, Black Swan and most Christian Bale movies. MARK: Studio Ghibli and Pixar films. They create something SCIZ: Incubus without a doubt, I’ve that no actor can do. Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, been in love with that band since Up, Finding Nemo, all have lessons and political stances music entered my life and that so many live action films just don’t have, and looking for the opportunity to spend these stances has just become an obsession of mine. time on the road with those guys would be a dream come REBECCA: Oh dear, I’m terrible with ‘favourites’ questions. There’s just far too many, I hate the thought of leaving true. something out. American Beauty (or anything with Kevin MARK: Definitely Enter Spacey), Amelie, Practical Magic, Beetlejuice, Babel, Donnie Shikari! The guys seem really amazing to know and they just Darko, Lord of the Rings. I saw Inception recently, that was look like they get up to so much pretty incredible. on tour. I would love to be part Favourite superhero? of the antics and to be play to their crowd. REBECCA: All Time Low. I’m not SEAN: Spiderman! SCIZ: Iron man. The idea of a super hero with no special a big follower of their music, powers other than a will to work hard and help others really appeals to me. MARK: Deadpool. Never has a superhero made me laugh so much as he has. REBECCA: Is it bad that I really don’t have one? I read The Watchmen and loved that. Iron Man is also very cool (but mainly because of Robert Downey Jnr.).

Who would be your number one dream band to tour with? Photos courtesy of Rebecca Need-Menear

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Meet Vier, a kickass all girl metal band hailing from Brighton. With gigs supporting Glamour of the Kill, Shadows Chasing Ghosts and Sacred Mother Tongue already under their belts, and with their recent UK tour being their first, these chicks are definitely on the road to glory. MEMBERS (from left): Charley Olsen (Guitar + Backing vocals) Kay Wicks (Drums) Franky Seymour (Bass) Nicky Williams (Vocals) Emma Davis (Guitar + Backing vocals)


ow did Vier begin? Says guitarist Charley Olsen: “Vier began with a mutual love of heavy music and a craving for something new in the Brighton metal scene. We never intended this to be an all female band but the fact that we are offers something different in the music scene today, especially playing the style of music we do. It is very rare to see an all female rock outfit and we are very much enjoying being the exception to the rule.” How long have you been together as a band? “Kay (drums), myself and Emma (guitar) have been playing together since mid 2007, we have been through many different member changes but finalised the ultimate line up in 2010, it is now that after years of playing together we have really discovered the sound that we enjoy and want to continue to create.”

39 Rebelicious • Music

How would you describe your sound? “Ah! Not this question... Ha! I guess we’d have to say riff based melodic metal. We still need a good answer for this so please, anyone out there, feel free to listen and tell us what you think we sound like!” You successfully completed your first UK tour with Orestea recently. Did it all go as well as you planned? “It was amazing! Playing in a different city every night for two weeks was just incredible, and it was an added bonus that we were touring

and whether we can offer the same level of standard that other rock/metal bands are in the scene today. This often results in audience members approaching us after our set and saying things like ‘oh... You were actually really good, you can actually play!’ This isn’t always the case of course but there are a select few!” You were recently in the recording studio. How did that go? “It was awesome. We love being in the studio. We’ve been

ant w e w t a h w is is th t a th “It’s 100% confirmed lives.” Charley Olsen r to do for the rest of ou recording at Orange Rooms Music studios with our friends in Orestea! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun! We got to meet so many cool people and play with some great bands, all our CD’s sold out and we had a really positive reaction from all over. We had our fair share of catastrophes in the first few days including 3 trips to A&E (nothing too serious, we’re all still in one piece!), many gear malfunctions and Luke managing to lock the keys inside the van in Bristol... But we made it through! For our first tour, it was a success and its certainly been an experience that has left us all wanting more... It’s 100% confirmed that this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives.” What was supporting Glamour of the Kill & Shadows Chasing Ghosts like? “That was a great show for us. We were on first but managed to pull in a nice sized crowd and got some really good feedback. The stage was pretty tiny with all of ours and GOTK’s gear on it so there was minimal rocking space but I feel we did well considering! Glamour Of The Kill were rad to watch, the kids were going crazy! They had everyone in that room in the palm of their hand! We were also really impressed with Shadows Chasing Ghosts too whose performance oozed with energy and passion... It was awesome. They had these amazing lights onstage that shone across the audience and you could see everyone going mental. The SCG boys were really lovely too! We’ll certainly be keeping in touch with them.” Are there any downsides to being in an all female metal band? “Well it has its pro’s and con’s really... People are generally more intrigued and will often show more interest in an all female band for that reason. They want to know who we are, what we look and sound like

with Gez Walton. We’ve known Gez for quite some time now and because of that he has become a good friend of the band. It’s really nice being able to work with not only a great producer and engineer but a close friend! We had alot of fun. We’ve finished tracking everything and so are now onto the mixing and mastering stages, we cant wait to get them back!” What is the drink of choice in the Vier camp? “Anything that’s going! Beer, Cider, Jack Daniels... Emma likes her afternoon G&T’s ha ha!” What do the band typically wear on stage? “Well we generally stick to our jeans and T-shirt! Ha! However Nicky is much more girly than the rest of us so she usually wears a dress and some quite honestly dangerous looking heels!” What are Vier currently up to and what’s to come next for you all? We’re just about to film a video for our single ‘Dead Soul Country’, so keep an eye out for that... We’re also hoping to make the DSC single available online soon. Merchandise is on the way (finally!) we are just finalising artwork designs at the moment, information will be posted on our facebook page as soon as its all ready! Other than that, we are going to spend a bit of time writing so that we have some new material ready to play live on tour numero 2 which we have already started working on! It’s going to be a great year.”

Photo courtesy of Charley Olsen/Marie GC Photography

40 Rebelicious • Music N.B: There are five members in TPV, but lead guitarist Charlie couldn’t make it to the photo shoot due to being ill & the weather being freezing cold. Bless him!

Formed in July 2010, edgy pop-punk band Third Place Victory are bound to get you dancing with their catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. They gave us an insight into which albums influenced them to become the musicians they are today...

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Mike Lloyd (Lead Vocals) THE CURE ‘Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me’ “My dad showed me this album when I was about 8 I think, and this album just made me want to create music. To me every song on it is flawless, and it’s something to this day that fascinates me; to think someone can write songs that well in such a constant manner. This album still helps me to this day. Whenever I have writers block I just put it on and inspiration appears.” Charlie Turner (Lead Guitar) AGAINST ME! ‘Vivida Vis’ “When the front man for Against Me was 17, he put 10 songs together and recorded them on a 4 track tape with his close friend who became the first drummer for Against Me in 1997. Despite its really shit quality, out of tune guitars and everything being distorted, they are the most amazing and original songs I have ever heard. Full of melody, meaning, amazing lyrics and awesome guitar lines that I will never get bored of playing. It just shows you can do a lot more with a lot less! There’s only 500 cassettes in the world and they sell on eBay for £150, sometimes more... I’m still waiting for mine!” James Pearce (Vocals/Bass) THE EARLY NOVEMBER ‘For All Of This’ “This “mini” 8-track album is easily my favourite album of all time. I know I can put it on my Ipod and have my mood lifted drastically even though the songs are mostly, somewhat, depressing. The song lyrics are written from the heart by their front man Ace Enders, and have touched thousands of people, including me. The band has influenced me greatly! If you check some of their live videos out on Youtube, you’ll find their stage presence is totally nuts while still managing to sound incredible. They broke up as a band and I feel very lucky to have seen them live twice. “ Matt Verrell (Drums/Vocals) DUM DUMS ‘It Goes Without Saying’ “I heard this album when I was 14 after the band released a few catchy pop punk numbers, and I was totally hooked from the outset. Every song is an anthem, and I loved the three-way harmonies and intricate bass lines, like a heavier modern day The Police. I admired the sheer energy and the way they made subject matters like unemployment and breakups sound so ridiculously happy and bright. I was lucky enough to play drums for the band in 2008, which further confirmed to me how talented and brilliant the songwriting was, as we played tracks from the second album which never got released. Pure inspiration.” Adam Hearn (Guitar/Vocals) FEEDER ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’ “It’s Feeder doing what they do best - loud guitars and catchy choruses. It just reminds me of my school years and when I first learnt to play guitar. I tried to learn the whole album, and played religiously every night for hours. This resulted in a note being posted through my door from my neighbour complaining about ‘the loud music and shouting’. This however just encouraged me to play more... And even louder!” Photo courtesy of James Pearce

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Our resident Agony Uncle is on hand to give you a shoulder to cry on with his good hearted and 100% pure brutal opinion on all of your friendship and relationship issues... SO ME AND MY FRIEND WENT OUT AT THE WEEKEND AND GOT VERY DRUNK TOGETHER. WE’VE DONE THIS MANY TIMES IN THE PAST AND WE ALWAYS HAVE A RIGHT LAUGH. BUT THIS TIME, SHE KISSED ME. NOT LIKE A FRIENDLY PECK, BUT LIKE A FULL ON SNOG. AND THE THING IS, I ACTUALLY LIKED IT. DOES THIS MAKE ME A LESBIAN? OR WAS IT JUST HARMLESS?

Fuckin’ hell love, I missed a right show there didn’t I?! Girl on girl is THE hottest thing in the world so who cares if it makes you gay or straight. I say, just go with it. And next time, do it in your underwear… and on a webcam? But honestly if your that bothered by a little kiss, talk to your friend. She’s the only one who knows what’s going on in her head. It might have been a bit of drunken fun, or you may be setting yourselves up for more…

blem 43 Rebelicious • Regulars


Easy. Invest in some crazy wig telling her it’s your own hair and that you’re ‘trying a new look’. Wait for her to copy, then piss yourself at how ridiculous she looks while you can still look like yourself. But if you prefer a gentler approach, maybe go shopping together and find things for her that are different to what you have, and then compliment her new look loads so she gets the message.


Girls are crazy and guys are simple. If he’s said there’s nothing going on then he’s not lying. We’re not smart enough to play games. He’s with you and chances are if he’s not hiding the fact that he’s talking to her then they genuinely are just friends. Stop going all psycho bitch and have a little trust.

Got a problem you would like Agony Uncle to solve? Send them over to with “PROBLEM?” in the subject box...

Words: Ben Roberts

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SCREAM 4 FILM RELEASE You scream. I scream. We all scream for Scream 4! It’s been ten years since the last Scream movie was released, and for many of us ten years ago we were teeny boppers, more concerned with who we sat next to on the school bus than the latest slasher movie. But as we grew into twisted young ladies, the Scream phenomenon caught up with us. And so now is the time for us youngsters to appreciate the franchise. Or is it?

Ghostface is back. The dead bodies are piling up and it’s down to the familiar Dewey, Gale and Sidney to track down the killer. Major déjà vu! The key line of dialogue is “the unexpected is the new cliché” which in some ways is true. But when the film fails to bring anything new to the table, including fashion, hairstyle and slang words (all of which have hardly differed from the first movie) it all becomes scream worthy for the wrong reasons.

Because to be honest... It’s shit! So you can stop reading now because that’s all you need to know. But for those of you who need reasons, how about a lack of believability, bland performances and a movie so reliant of loud noises to provide the shocks, that the plot fails to deliver.

For the oldies who enjoyed the first offering back in ’96 it’s probably great to see familiar faces and have that feeling of nostalgia. But for us youngsters who have grown up watching torture porn and shit-yourpants horror, it’s pretty underwhelming. You could call it scary fun, not scary disturbing. Guess we’re just a generation of tough nuts!


Words: Amy Phillips

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feminine was capable of sounding so fucking evil! Evil in a good way of course. Although hearing that this was one of only 6 or 7 gigs under Mortad’s belt, the band themselves were incredibly tight. It seems the close on 35000 fans liking the Mortad page on Facebook are correct.

Mortad are a progressive death metal band based in London, Uk. Founded in Scotland, in December 2008 by Iranian vocalist Somi Arian, Mortad began carving its path with venom fuelled lyrics, taking aim at the hypocrisy of religion and the government as well as seeking inner truth and strength in the face of such oppression. I heard the band were headlining at Sound in Leicester Square, another quality line up courtesy of the respected Rock Matrix promotions team, I really wanted to see what all the buzz was about. And this buzz was buzzier than Mr Buzz of Buzz Road, Buzzville.. Vocalist Somi’s tiny frame belies her powerful and gravelly death metal outpourings and frankly I was a little shocked that something so physically

The stage at Sound isn’t the biggest in the world, but Somi made good use of all of it, with her harsh throaty and frankly vicious growl vocals being the complete focal point. It is refreshing to see a femme metal vocalist that doesn’t rely on her image to draw a crowd. And they did indeed draw a crowd, who were utterly entranced with the performance. At points the vocal turned into a growling scream, and with the lyrics being audible, you can easily slip into hearing yourself repeating the vocal hooks without thinking. This is metal that makes you want to sing with it and bang your head at the same time. Quite an achievement.

blasts forming a perfect backdrop rather than overshadowing the guitar work as can be the case with other bands. The deft fingerwork on the short but perfectly formed solo’s tastily appeared just before drops built for moshing provided a solid insight into the writing ability of this young band. The riffage was both original and equally as catchy as the vocal hook, with a strong followable progression that thankfully doesn’t fall into the ‘progressive for progressive’s sake’ category. Sections appear randomly with such force and aggressiveness that it really does feel like you are having your head squeezed in a vice, and being punched in the face at the same time. Ultimately listenable, and unquestionably talented, I’d suggest taking in what Mortad has to offer as soon as you can. Mosh pit moments for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how this band progress. Fox Rating 8/10

The huge chugging riffs were perfectly toned and timed, the frenetic and pacey drums, dotted with ear beating

Review courtesy of Metal Fox

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We make it our mission to give unsigned bands the coverage that they so rightly deserve, so Here are our recommendations for the bands you should check out right away!

FLOWERS FOR HER GRAVE Promise Me Tomorrow are a pop punk/rock outfit from South East Kent, working hard to make their mark on the UK music scene. Despite the short time they’ve been together, they’ve managed to gain national airplay and support the likes of Francesqa, Army of Freshman, Pegasus Bridge and Jody Has a Hitlist. Combining catchy radio friendly songs, with an explosive and energetic live performance, they are determined to put Kent on the map. With single ‘You Haven’t Seen The Best of Me’ recently released, their upcoming mini album due mid August, and with a tour in September across the whole of England planned, Promise Me Tomorrow no doubt have a ‘promising’ future ahead of them, so make sure you check these guys out as soon as possible! UPCOMING GIGS 21st June/ 12th July/ 22nd July - Westcoast Bar (Thanet, Kent), 30th July - The Red Lion (Gravesend, Kent), 15th September - The Blueroom (Blackpool)

Forming in 2009, Flowers For Her Grave are a five piece metalcore band based in Dagenham, Essex. They consist of Chris Tsapparelli (vocals) Luke Taylor (drums) Connor Mcleod (guitar) Jack Morris (guitar) Terry Hansen (bass). Since forming they have played a range of gigs and have recently released they’re new 6 track EP entitled ‘Beneath The Ashes Of Existence”. With influences like Architects, Woe Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens and Bring Me The Horizon, you know FFHG are bringing something epic to the scene. Currently writing new material for their next EP and working on getting a music video created, these boys are definitely keeping themselves busy! If you head on over to their Facebook & Myspace pages you’ll find two new samples for your hearing pleasure! UPCOMING GIGS 14th July - Scream Lounge , 12th August - Club 85.

Promise ME Tomorrow

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Formed in 2010, Temple Grounds are built on the ashes of a band called Linchpin, comprising of Joey Cass (lead vocals/ guitar), Mike Cass (bass/vocals), Paul Bugler (guitar/vocals) and Oliver Som (drums). Any band that can legitimately cite Jeff Buckley, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead, Local Natives and everyone in between as their influences, were never going to pass by unnoticed. Bringing something new to the musical table, their incredibly hard working ethic and impressive harmonies have already raised many an eyebrow in music scene. They recently released their EP, aptly titled ‘Temple Grounds’, which is bursting with trademark intricacies, indie inspired orchestral riffs and infectious melodies. In the process of recording their first full length album, Temple Grounds are going to take the UK by storm with a fresh sound and what promise to be epic live shows!



Consult the oracle

Deers are a 5 piece rock band from Norwich playing music they’d like to hear. It’s quite tricky to pigeon-hole their sound but take influences from bands such as Brand New, The Appleseed Cast, Thrice, Biffy Clyro and Reuben. Bursting with the DIY ethos, each EP is entirely home produced in Steven Larke’s (backing vocals & guitar) bedroom, and all artwork is done within the band too. Their EPs are given out for free at gigs and are available to download at their soundcloud and bandcamp sites. Because they are such nice guys, they plan on releasing music for free for as long as they can to help build a fan base and give people easy access to their music. Starting in late 2009 and hailing from South East London, Consult The Oracle have recorded 2 E.Ps and are currently working on a more substantial endeavour... an album! On 23rd June they’ll be releasing their newest E.P ‘Big as Bears’, and as it is their first physical E.P, copies will be limited so make sure you get yours quickly! It will also be up for digital download on all major music sites. To celebrate this they will be holding a release show in their home town of Bromley at TP’s that same night (support will come from Silhouette of a Ghost and SuperKing) which will be free entry, so get yourselves down there to see how they get down!

If you would like your band to be featured on these here pages, give us a shout at with ‘VOLUME’ as the subject. We can make it happen! Photos courtesy of band shown

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? e M n o d r Pa

? t h g i R t I t e G r e v E y e h T Will

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Jayne and Brian are back for more monthly musings over music. Bring Me The Horizon is geared up on the stereo but will the pair ever be able to figure out what Oli Sykes is really saying? Probably not…but it’s fun hearing them try! This month, ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ is in the firing line. Oh boy here we go…

JAYNE: We will never sink. ‘Cause sink is for the wink And we will never wreck ‘Till we’re all a fork in bread. “These lyrics don’t make any sense at all.” (Amy: Maybe because they’re not right!) “Wrecks and sinking… is this song about boats or cruises or something?”

BRIAN: We will never slink ‘Cause slink are for the weak We will never wear red ‘Til we’re all fucking bread. “Oohh I just said the f-word! Sorry, sorry people. I’ll never wear red myself… Bloody Manchester United.”

ACTUAL LYRICS: We will never sleep, ‘cause sleep is for the weak. And we will never rest, ‘til we’re all fucking dead. Forks in bread?! And what’s a ‘slink’? Now we know it’s not easy for anyone to decipher Oli Sykes (lets blame the Sheffield accent –just kidding… kind of!) But seriously guys, who in their right mind would write lyrics like that?! But on this occasion, the point goes to Brian but only because he got the f-word in! Fuck yeah!! Next time, another Bring Me The Horizon track is set to baffle the pair. Will Jayne win a point back and even out the scores? Will Brian drop more f-bombs? Will Oli Sykes bitch slap them for destroying his lyrics? We really hope it’s the latter! If you think your parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents etc can do worse than dear Jayne and Brian, we’d love to see their efforts! Pick a song and send their lyric deciphering to rebeliciousmag@ with ‘PARDON ME’ as the subject. The best ones will go on our website for us to judge! Words & Photo: Amy Phillips

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m o c . r l b m u t . e n i z a g usma TA FOR GIRLY GIRLS IN A BRU


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Rebelicious #2 - The Alternative Version  

*Welcome to the alternative version of Rebelicious Issue 2 - same content, slightly different design!* In this issue, we make sure you’re pr...

Rebelicious #2 - The Alternative Version  

*Welcome to the alternative version of Rebelicious Issue 2 - same content, slightly different design!* In this issue, we make sure you’re pr...