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Maximising your investment. A straight forward guide to Harcourts' Property Management service.

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Who are we? We are Harcourts. We’re a highly successful multi-national real estate company, who have global, national, and local connections for selling, managing and letting property. That’s the combined resources of thousands of consultants across 10 countries. Then there’s the advanced systems and training. So our people can recognise every opportunity for their clients – and step up and grab it. But there’s something else that’s been far more important for our success. It’s you. Where do you want to be? And what do you need from us to get there? As every potential client who reads this document will discover – it’s our commitment to your results that delivers success to you and our company. So we won’t randomly prescribe rental levels, marketing plans and renting techniques. We’ll work with you to find out what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll work our hardest to get there.

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Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd “We have the global, national and local connections for managing your property.” About. Harcourts Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd has offices strategically located in Belfast, Hanmer Springs, Hornby, Kaiapoi, Lincoln, Rangiora, Rolleston and The Palms. The team includes six residential Property Managers, one commercial Property Manager and additional support staff, all working in the region. Our team of enthusiastic, successful real estate professionals are mostly local people who possess an indepth knowledge of the immediate area. The national awards gained for service and excellence are testament to the company philosophy... ‘To be successful we must first help our clients achieve their goals’. To this end Harcourts Four Seasons Realty 2017 are committed to excellence in service and creating ‘Clients for Life’.

Services available: • Residential Property Management • Commercial Property Management • Residential Sales • Rural/Lifestyle Sales • Commercial & Business Sales and Leases • Developments and subdivisions • Project Marketing for Developments • Mortgage Broker Service • In-house Graphic Design & Marketing Service

Contact us: A Member of the Harcourts Group, REAA 2008 Belfast 804 Main North Road, Belfast 03 323 6045 | Hanmer Springs Shop 3, 12a Conical Hill Road 03 315 7084 | Hornby 395 Main South Road, Hornby 03 349 9919 | Kaiapoi 154 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 03 327 5379 | Lincoln 6 Gerald Street, Lincoln 03 662 9933 | Rangiora 15 Good Street, Rangiora 03 310 6003 | Rolleston Unit 13, 70 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 03 347 4711 | The Palms 39 Marshland Road, Shirley 03 385 0343 |

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Why should I Appoint a Property Manager? It’s important to ask yourself “Do I have a thorough understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act and other associated statutes?” This is a highly specialised aspect of Real Estate and it is fraught with the danger of litigation in almost every task you undertake. A competent Property Manager not only possesses a strong understanding of their role, they continually increase their knowledge of insurance requirements, changes to legislation and industry and market trends to ensure all clients achieve the highest level of service at all times. Property Managers are often engaged to pick up the pieces of poorly self managed properties after it has cost the owner countless hours in trying to resolve conflicts with their tenant, not to mention the monetary cost.

What to expect

When you meet with your Harcourts Property Manager. With your permission, when we meet we’d like to: • Tour your property to enable us to take detailed notes and make a reliable and accurate rental assessment. • Discuss your needs and expectations and determine how we can help. • Answer questions you may have about Harcourts, the service we will provide and any other real estate matters. • Provide you with accurate market research to attract and secure the most suitable tenant. • Enquire about recent maintenance of the property, any current warranties which may apply and your current insurance cover. • Walk you through our Management Agreement and discuss our working partnership.

Better local property management |

“It’s important that all decision makers are available when we meet.”


Why us? Consider this... • We are specialists in Property Management, our people are dedicated professionals. • Our business philosophy is based on “creating success” and four specific values that are communicated throughout the organisation. – People first

• We are at the forefront of Property Management technology. Our Property Managers utilise a mix of mobile and web based products for seamless management of the many administrative processes required. • We accelerate the renting of your

– Doing the right thing

property to the right tenant through

– Being courageous

our focussed marketing and tenant

– Fun and laughter.

screening procedures.

• Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength.

• We maximise your investment by optimising your return.

• We promote a company wide focus on

• We guarantee that we will proactively

the delivery of exceptional customer

communicate with you on all matters


relating to your property.

• Our Harcourts Academy researches

• We offer a wide range of value added

and provides expert training and

services to further enhance your

coaching for our Property Managers


who continue to remain at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes. • Our offices are supported by a team of Property Management Operations Managers who are experts in their field and whose sole role is to support, train, problem solve and keep up to date with the latest innovations in the world of Property Management.

• Industry leading systems and procedures and our philosophy of continuing innovation ensures you and your property are in the best hands.


Local activity in our market. A clear understanding of the local market is crucial. We can make the best decisions on the renting of your property by possessing the most comprehensive information possible. While we have access to the very latest market statistics, these alone do not provide the necessary vision. A more important benefit is the ability to translate these statistics into a clear, accurate reading for an individual property. Checking recent market movements in the area is also imperative. This information can then be used to draw a conclusion on the property’s potential and uncover opportunities for marketing and customer targeting. Understanding historical patterns, gauging both external and internal market dynamics and assessing the current competition for any property is vital. With knowledge, clear, decisive action can be taken.

Pricing your property. How do you achieve the best balance? It’s a big question. Too low and you miss out on the best return. Too high and you miss out on valuable income and a good tenant. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to lessen this risk. Realistically priced properties generate more enquiry. This means higher levels of interest, increased tenancy applications and a far greater chance of securing the perfect tenant and property match. The time spent researching market condition’s is invaluable here. It also helps to avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential tenants. One such barrier may be price – as many potential tenants disregard properties based on price alone. You may be promised an unrealistically high rental return from some competitor companies. These promises can result in the property staying on the market vacant for extended periods of time costing you valuable income. Remember, at around $300 per week rent, a $10 difference could take you 30 weeks to recover the cost of a week’s vacancy. Setting a realistic rental level is crucial, and this will need to be determined in conjunction with your Harcourts Property Manager.

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Gordon McNay. Gordon has been working in and around the property market for 15 years, with 8 years experience as a Property Manager and has a previous background in Investment Banking. He is a born and bred Cantabrian, currently living in North Canterbury with his family. Having previously owned many rental properties in Christchurch through a syndicate, has given him first hand knowledge of both sides of the rental business. A mature, friendly and well organised individual, Gordon communicates easily with people from all walks of life. His practical approach to Property Management and extensive knowledge of housing will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. Gordon's role as New Business Manager for Harcourts Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd is to bring in new rental properties and to get them let in a timely manner, at which point the experienced Property Management team takes over.

Contact: 03 310 6003 | 027 202 4472

Introducing Gordon McNay. Better local property management |


Leeann Jones. Leeann has over 15 years property management experience and has looked after and maintained up to 500 properties at any one time. Through her vast experience, Leeann offers the very best possible service with dedication, drive and professionalism. Leeann has an outgoing, friendly personality and is always prepared to offer her advice and expertise to both landlords and tenants alike. People are Leeann’s passion and working in property management allows her to indulge this passion through her constant contact with landlords, tenants and the general public. Leeann managed properties throughout the Canterbury earthquakes, situations which challenged her ability to cope with extreme situations and armed her with skills she has utilised within her day to day role. As part of the Harcourts on-going training, experienced property managers now have the ability to become accredited, a very sought after accolade within the property management industry. Leeann is proud to have achieved this qualification.

Contact: 03 310 6003

Introducing Leeann Jones. Better local property management |


Gina Taylor. With a background in real estate and 8 years property management experience, Gina prides herself on offering a professional service to both landlords and tenants alike. With updated systems and procedures in place, you can ensure you are receiving the very best possible service and advice. Gina is passionate about property management and enjoys the variety and challenges presented within this role and understanding the importance of being well organised, attention to detail and clear communication is essential. As part of the Harcourts on-going training, experienced property managers now have the ability to become accredited, a very sought after accolade within the property management industry. Gina is proud to have achieved this qualification. Gina looks forward to working with you in the future.

Contact: 03 310 6003

Introducing Gina Taylor. Better local property management |


Nicki Dunn. “Going the extra mile for my clients is my philosophy.” Prior to entering the real estate industry in 2000, Nicki’s career covered a wide range of industries from banking, to telecommunication to construction. All however, have the same requirements of superior relationship building and communication. As a property investor herself she sees her next step into Property Management to be a logical one. Believing in the importance of effective communication, maintaining professionalism with both owners and tenants and having an awareness of the changing market, Nicki ensures client's individual needs are met. “I love dealing with people, and I find it so rewarding working with landlords and finding great tenants to live in their properties. I’m passionate about achieving the best results for every single landlord and tenant I work with.” Now working with the Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd Property Management team gives her access to the latest technology and resources. Call Nicki today to find out how she can help you work smarter not harder to manage your rental investments.

Contact: 03 385 0343

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Denise Smith. Denise has been a resident of Hanmer Springs since 2002 and has been working in the Four Seasons Hanmer Springs office for 13 years as Office Administrator. During this time Denise has built up a vast knowledge of the real estate industry as a whole. Denise is now utilising this knowledge within the office by reducing her hours spent as an office administrator and extending her role to incorporate property management. With a vast background of customer service based roles, Denise is committed to providing the best possible service she can provide for her clients, landlords and tenants alike.

Contact: 03 315 7084

Introducing Denise Smith. Better local property management |


Jill Andrews.

REINZ Accredited Property Manager Jill has been in Professional Management in both Property Management and Hospitality for 20 years. With a hunger for knowledge and development, Jill has a comprehensive and realistic view of the rental market. She is an Accredited Senior Property Manager, and understands the changing environment. She has a natural ability to build relationships with both her tenants and landlords, creating a harmonious working partnership. It is this rapport that enables Jill to hold a stunning nil rent record. Her negotiation skills and calm demeanor that enable Jill to settle if any tenancy disputes outside of tribunal, ensuring the best outcome for both parties. Jill is committed to ensuring that her tenants are matched to a home, therefore ensuring her Landlords get the best long term return for their investment. She is dedicated to her portfolio and an absolute asset to landlords.

Contact: 03 323 6045

Introducing Jill Andrews. Better local property management |


Our commitment to you… Communication We will effectively communicate with you. Your Harcourts Property Manager will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. In the busy world of property management our clear communication procedures ensure that you always know what’s happening with your property.

Letting We will: • We will ensure that you are kept fully informed throughout the process of finding a tenant for your property. • Undertake comprehensive listing notes about your property. • Prepare advertising for your property including appropriate photographs. • Have the property listed on all the real estate web sites that we subscribe to, within 48 hours of listing your property for rent. • Facilitate open homes of your property for all prospective tenants until your home is tenanted (subject to access being provided to us by any current occupant).

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• Facilitate the erection of a for rent sign on your behalf within 48 hours of listing the property (with your permission and if signs are permitted). • Check successful applications on the relevant tenancy and credit control databases. • Verify applicant’s references and previous renting history if short listed. • Verify and confirm applicants employment status if short listed. • Refer all potentially suitable applications to you for approval (unless instructed otherwise). • Let your property for the asking amount of rent, (as outlined in your management agreement with us). We will not let your property at a different amount, without first obtaining your permission in writing. • Complete and execute the tenancy agreement and explain in detail your new tenants rights and responsibilities. • Ensure your new tenant pays all ingoing costs prior to the commencement of the tenancy. • Lodge the bond in accordance with legislation.


Rent Collection

Maintenance and Repairs

We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy which we outline clearly to all tenants when they sign their tenancy agreement. We will:

We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. At Harcourts, we encourage your tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing.

• Process rent payments made into our trust account daily. • Follow up all late payments in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1986. • Keep you fully informed at all times of the process we are following should the tenant fall into rent arrears.

We will:

• We will follow the legal process through the Tenancy Tribunal should the necessity arise.

• Not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law.

• Provide you with an annual financial summary of rents collected and outgoings paid.

• Contract a tradesperson within a timely manner for non urgent repair requests.

Property Inspections

• Attend to any urgent repair requests immediately.

We will complete a comprehensive ingoing condition report of the property and will take photographs of both the interior and the exterior prior to the property being occupied.

• Only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being

We will: • Forward a copy of the property condition report to you once completed and signed by both our Manager and the ingoing tenant. • Conduct regular inspections of the property, as mutually decided upon and set out in the Management Authority, and provide you with a written report. We will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be visible or that is reported to us by the tenant at the time of the inspection. • Conduct a comprehensive outgoing property inspection when the tenants vacate the property ensuring that it is comparative with the original condition report, whilst taking into consideration any fair wear and tear on the property.

Accounting We will: • Deposit the net proceeds of your rental income into your nominated bank account as per your management agreement. • Provide you with all copies of invoices for any repairs required at your property if requested. • Pay property outgoings as agreed on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability of funds).

Better local property management |

performed on your property.

Tenancy Renewals Should a fixed term tenancy be entered into for your property we will: • Contact you prior to the expiry of the fixed term to advise you of current market conditions and to allow you to make the decision whether you wish a further fixed term or would prefer a periodic tenancy for your property. • Not renew a tenancy without your express written permission (unless stated in the management agreement). • Advise you of any notice by the tenants that they are not renewing their tenancy. • Minimise vacancies by promptly acting on any notice to vacate received from a tenant. • Proactively manage the tenancy agreement renewal process wherever possible to facilitate consistent income.

Rent Review We will regularly review the rent charged on your property in accordance with the current legislation to ensure you receive the highest rent possible.



To ensure the safety of your tenants. A  re smoke detectors compliant? H  ave you checked all your electrical appliances are in safe working condition? A  re all power sockets and light switches in safe working condition? A  re all lights working and damaged light globes replaced? I s the property secure with all locks in working condition? D  o you have adequate Building and Public Liability Insurance? D  o you have Landlord Protection insurance? D  o you have a security system and if so is it in good working condition? I s all the plumbing in working condition? Small leaks can cause big problems. A  re the gutters clear of any debris to avoid any flooding problems? D  o you need to organise a gardener prior to your departure or during the time the property is tenanted? A  re the pool chemical levels correct, all equipment is in working order and have your arranged for the pool to be regularly checked and maintained or the tenant given the appropriate instructions? D  oes the safety fence around the swimming pool comply and is there a self closing gate installed and in working order? H  ave you ensured there are keys plus copies to all windows and doors? A  re all remotes in good working order with new batteries installed? H  as the chimney been recently swept and checked for safety? H  as the heatpump been checked?

If you have any questions with regards to any of these items or need assistance with anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Tenancy Laws.

The recent changes aim to make rental homes warmer and drier for tenants. As a landlord:

For more information visit the Ministry of Business,

You need to be aware of what your obligations under the new laws are. If you have any questions or concerns, speak to your property manager for further advice.

Innovation and Employment

Smoke Alarms

test to be carried out by an independent specialist.

• Landlords are required to have working smoke alarms installed in all their residential rental homes. Any replacement alarms installed after that date must have long life batteries and a photoelectric sensor. Hardwired smoke alarms are also permitted. • Tenants will be responsible for replacing worn-out batteries in the smoke alarms and informing their landlord of any defects.

Meth Testing It is recommended that before you purchase or rent out an investment property you commission a meth If a home has been used as a rental property, Airbnb or other transitory accommodation, getting the test done could be viewed as sensible. A meth test brings peace of mind. The world of meth testing, however, isn't straightforward. There are differing opinions on what a worrying level of contamination is. Sometimes the level being detected in houses is well below any worrying level in terms of risk to human health. Current limits of meth


residue before decontamination is needed is 1.5

• All residential rental homes in New Zealand will be required to have insulation to keep a home warm in winter and cool in summer by 1 July 2019. This includes underfloor and ceiling insulation, meeting the required standard where it can practically be installed.

toxicologist Dr Nick Kim says is well below the level

• Landlords will be required to provide a statement on the tenancy agreement for any new tenancy about the location, type and condition of insulation in the rental home.

Other Changes • Strengthened "retaliatory notice" provisions, to increase tenants' confidence in exercising their rights, together with strengthened enforcement provisions for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to act in the most serious cases • Changes to enable faster resolution of tenancy abandonment cases, to allow rental properties to be re-let more quickly.

Better local property management |

micrograms per 100 sq cm, which Massey University where you would expect a health effect. Landlords are required under the Residential Tenancies Act (Building Act and Health Act) to provide a clean property. Tenants who find they have been let a contaminated property could seek redress from the Tenancy Tribunal. These tests, conducted by an independent tester, cost from $200 and will give a level if Methamphetamine is detected.


And please remember to... R  edirect your mail. O  rganise for the power supply to stay on until a tenant moves into the property (especially if you have a security system). M  ake sure your building insurance remains up-to-date and you have adequate chattels insurance. C  ontact your insurance agency to advise of the property being rented. I f your security system is monitored, advise monitoring agency of change of details. E  nsure the carpets are professionally steam cleaned, the property is professionally cleaned and windows cleaned inside and out. D  oes the exterior need washing also? D  isconnect your land line. Cancel internet connection. A  rrange for your Sky account to be either cancelled or transferred to your new address. N  otify your Bodycorp that the property is now rented. A  rrange for your water accounts to be sent to your managing agent.

And relax in the knowledge that your property is in the hands of a specialist.


The next step. We are here to help Renting and managing property is often a stressful time. That’s why we pride ourselves on clear communication from the outset. We make sure we work with you – so you’re always in control, from the initial renting process and throughout the ongoing care and management programme of your property. So if you have any questions at any stage, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Fees If you are comparing agencies based on fees alone, ask your preferred agencies for a complete list of what they’ll do for you in the process of managing your investment. Any extras may vary greatly and be costly in the long term.

Authorising a managing agent Once you’ve decided to place your property under our management, we will need to complete the management agreement. The management agreement is the authority required for us to care for your investment. It clearly defines the obligations of all parties, the terms and conditions of management and the structure of management for the term outlined in the agreement.

We set the standard. Our people are world renowned for their abilities. We pride ourselves on this reputation. It’s what focuses us each day and pushes us towards even greater achievements in real estate. That’s the Harcourts strength. We’re ready when you are.

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Management Fees. All fees are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Services Provided. Rental appraisals and advice

Our compliments

Management fee


Repair and maintenance fee

8% of invoice

Administration fee

$10.00 per month

Methamphetamine testing

Provider dependent

Routine inspection fee

$45 per inspection

Comprehensive ingoing inspection

Our compliments

Comprehensive outgoing inspection

$45 per inspection

Fixed term tenancy renewal fee

Our compliments

Credit check for new tenant(s)

Our compliments

Tribunal attendance & evictions Application filing fee (if applicable)

Our compliments

Cleaning fee per tenancy


Insurance claims fee

$50.00 per hour

Furniture inventory fee

$50.00 per hour

Financial year summary fee

Our compliments

Bond collection and management

Our compliments

Comprehensive digital photo storage

Our compliments

Internet advertising

Our compliments

Our compliments - listing fee

Our compliments

Letting fee

Equivalent to one weeks rent

Print media advertising

Our compliments

Rent review fee

Our compliments

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Belfast 804 Main North Road Belfast, Christchurch T: 03 323 6045 E: Hanmer Springs Shop 3, 12a Conical Hill Rd, Hanmer Springs T: 03 315 7084 E: Hornby 395 Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch T: 03 349 9919 E: Kaiapoi 154 Williams Street, Kaiapoi T: 03 327 5379 E: Lincoln 6 Gerald Street, Lincoln T: 03 662 9933 E: Rangiora 15 Good Street, Rangiora T: 03 310 6003 E: Rolleston Unit 13, 70 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston T: 03 347 4711 E: The Palms 39 Marshland Road, Shirley, Christchurch T: 03 385 0343 E:

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