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On the Cover Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas www.Cl


Alamo Heights San Antonio, TEXAS Meticulous in design, workmanship and quiet artistic simplicity, this luxurious Alamo Heights home is a must see. Walking along the wide entry with broad windows and lustrous walls, the gallery continues through the center of the house in a “U” shape separating views of the pool, patio and gardens from various rooms of the house. Epicurean luxury embraces artful design in a kitchen with SubZero, Dacor, KitchenAid, Miele appliances and a Franke stainless sink. A formal living room waits to greet you and your guests while a formal dining room promises intimate dinners, large or small. The master bedroom provides a private retreat with separate bathing, dressing, and outdoor access to adjoining pool and gardens. Outside, lush grounds await through a backyard haven with a deluxe covered patio and lush tropical landscaping surrounding a sparkling pool. MLS#906660 $1,575,000 Rick Kuper 210-240-8282

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

Volume Volume III, III, Number Number 22

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Featured in This issue Seeking ‘Jumbo’ Financing? Now may be the time. 4



THE SECOND HOME: NEVER A BETTER TIME North Georgia’s Big Canoe® is the ideal choice.

Private. Privileged. Paradise. IT’S YOUR LIFETIME. SPEND IT WISELY.




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Trust – It’s more important than ever. In today’s challenging times, it’s critical to partner with a company you know and trust—people who can help you get through the current value declines, changing regulations, and uncommon transaction types with ease. That’s why First American’s experts are more committed than ever to understanding your individual needs, preferences, and plans. Personal service, attention to detail, and an increasing comprehension of how to work through today’s challenges are making First American professionals true partners with those we serve. Talk to your First American representative today about how we can help. Because today, it’s more important than ever. FIrsT AmerIcAn TITle - WesTlAke OFFIce 1221 South Mopac, Suite 150 | Austin, TX 78746 t e l 512.328.3794 | f a x 866.485.7203 First American Title Insurance Company makes no express or implied warranty respecting the information presented and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.



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Seeking ‘Jumbo’ Financing? Now may be the time.

ith Federal Housing Administration loan limits set to reduce October 1, 2011, homebuyers purchasing costlier homes will have to pay more for the most widely used mortgages available.

percent of local median price. In addition, the current limits are based on median prices set during the housing bubble, when home values were greatly inflated.

In an attempt to scale back the size of jumbo mortgages guaranteed in costly real estate markets, the maximum FHA loan amount that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back will decrease from $729,750 to $625,500. Loan limits vary from county to county, with high-cost regions such as New York and San Francisco offering a maximum of $729,750. When the deadline expires, the maximum loan amounts will be set at 115 percent of the local median price, which would drop the limits to $625,500 or lower for high-cost regions and between $417,000 and $625,500 for many other areas.

This is significant for homebuyers seeking to purchase in high-cost areas and plan to obtain a government-backed mortgage. For example, a borrower seeking to buy a $1 million home will require a substantial down payment for a government-backed loan of this size, increasing the required down payment from $270,000 to $370,000.

These maximums are set under the existing law at 115 percent of the local median price. However, with expanded limits currently in effect for 61 percent of the U.S. population, the maximum loans are set at 125 4

For the majority of upper-middle class homebuyers in these high-cost regions, $1 million affords a comfortable home, not a mansion. According to Zillow, San Francisco has 2,697 homes for sale with a price tag of $1 million or more. The median size for these homes is 3,180 square feet. In New York, there are 16,680 homes for sale in the same price range, averaging 3,308 square feet. The majority of larger cities across America have a significant supply of homes that qualify for the jumbo loan profile.

Classic properties International

The upcoming loan limit changes have the potential to greatly affect a large market segment of homebuyers and their wallets.

Congress twice raised the limit on government-backed loans in high cost areas, first to $625,500 permanently, and then to $729,750 temporarily.

Luxury homes specialist Sotheby’s International Realty reports sales making double-digit gains for the first quarter of this year over last year. The National Association of Realtors released encouraging news that the sale of homes over $1 million were up 5.1 percent in March over the same month last year.

According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, nearly 669 of the nation’s 3,334 counties or county equivalents will be affected by the upcoming decline.

Another important issue for homebuyers is that retail lenders will no longer be able to resell loans over $625,500 to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They will either have to portfolio these loans in-house or find a private investor to purchase them. Privately-backed jumbo loans typically require a down payment of about 30 percent of the home’s sale price, instead of the standard 20 percent necessary for smaller loan amounts. While this asks more upfront of the homebuyer, it adds security for the funding investor. These lower loan limits will leave approximately $10 billion more in loans for private investors to manage and they have already prepared to fill the gap when the government backs down. This is evident with data from the fourth quarter of 2010, which shows that private investors originated more loans in the traditional jumbo market than did government agencies. Investors are ready for this change since jumbo loans tend to be safer and more profitable. Until 2008, all home loans over $417,000 were considered jumbo loans, but in part of the stimulus package in the wake of the housing collapse,

While regulations and guidelines continue to change, it is important to also consider a cash transaction, which is generally a wise financial decision. With the deadline looming, homebuyers may want to act now to purchase that luxury or waterfront property. The wide array of available properties and current favorable interest rates create an attractive opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams. To qualify for the current FHA home loan limits, the mortgage must close prior to October 1. It is best to take advantage of these maximum loan amounts well in advance of that date to ensure your home loan will close before the deadline.

This article was submitted by Cornerstone Mortgage Company, a fullservice mortgage banker operating more than 81 offices in Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, California, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee and Washington. Corporate Office/ Houston, 713.621.4663, 1177 West Loop South, Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77027. NMLS 2258.


Chiaroscuro (English pronunciation: /kiˌɑːrəˈskjʊəroʊ/, Italian: [kjarosˈkuːro] "light-dark") in art is characterized by strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. -- Wikipedia.


tate-of-the-art home lighting — indoors and out — has undergone tremendous advances in the past decade, so much so that the latest technologies are now essential elements in both estimating a home’s value and providing the ultimate in visual comfort, mood setting and security. Even beyond this, says Tom Kretzschmar of Illuminations Lighting Design, one of Texas’ leading lighting specialization teams, clients are now far more savvy about the esoteric aspects of lighting, such as the use of chiaroscuro and other more subtle effects. Just as a new homeowner inspects the foundation of a home before purchasing it, so also should he be aware of, and demand, the latest in programmable lighting systems as well as lighting technology, says Kretzschmar whose company has been recognized as one of the state’s top firms for over 30 years. Superior lighting systems must overlay safe, solid advanced electrical systems to create functional, practical arrays that also provide decorative and aesthetic appeal. New, user-friendly control systems make programming lighting inside and out merely a matter of “pushing a button” — provided you have the most updated equipment. An Illuminations signature lighting design uses every chandelier, lantern, sconce — every up light and every down light inside and out — to both set a mood and ensure that every space is utilized to its maximum potential. 6

The benefits of lighting are numerous — whether in a new home or for remodeling. Kretzchmar says expertly installed lighting can and should: • Substantially increase the sale value of a home and landscape. • Be a vital component of safety and security measures. • Enhance valuable assets such as fine art, intricate indoor and outdoor architectural features — if done with the eye of an artist and the proper equipment to assure the safety and protection of such treasures. • Sculpt spaces and help create an infinite palate of different moods, often turning flat, harsh or uninviting areas into attractive vignettes. • Mold and blend colors, textures, forms and shadows creatively to produce a desired effect. • Provide the most effective route to uniting a home’s exterior with both formal and natural landscapes. • Expand usage of areas, particularly outdoors. • Help conserve energy. Lighting design has become a discipline of its own, Kretzschmar warns. It is difficult, if not impossible, for architects, interior designers, contractors or even engineers to keep up with all the latest available technological advances in such a specific area. New technologies, for example, adjust lighting levels differently in many separate sites, based on multiple factors, with a simple automatic program.

Classic properties International

“Gone are the days of providing a few extra circuits, looping the telephone wire from room to room or installing simple dimmer controls,” Kretzschmar says. Even though basic troubleshooting is still an essential need, keypads and touch screens have replaced traditional switches. Standby generators are the norm, not the exception. It is important for homeowners and potential homebuyers to remember that when one of these contracting professionals recommends using a lighting consultant, they are not showing weakness or lack of knowledge. On the contrary, they are recognizing the client’s discriminating taste and want the project to achieve its full potential. Illuminations Lighting Design uses residential lighting’s underlying electrical grid in much the same way as a builder uses concrete — a foundation on which all subsequent creative work must be anchored. Ideally, Kretzschmar said, the lighting expert should be brought in at the beginning of a project or before the home is built/purchased. That way, a sound foundation can be established on which to create not only an immediate lighting system, but one on which future advances can more easily be incorporated. However, experienced experts such as those at Illumininations Lighting Design can incorporate more modern equipment into existing systems, or even into situations where no lighting design was ever installed. Improving the lighting is an effective technique often used by homeowners wishing to update a home for a faster, more lucrative sale. Today’s electrical contractors must be able to understand and manage a plethora of subsystems that include everything from emergency generators to lighting control systems. Whatever the situation, Kretzschmar says, it is essential that lighting systems be custom-designed. They must fit with the lifestyles of those who will be utilizing them. A follow-up maintenance arrangement is also crucial to maintain the high level of enjoyment and technical efficiency. Lighting assumes an added role in this era of expanded outdoor living, when so often landscapes are truly enjoyed mainly in the evening. Fantasies of light in previously darkened grounds will draw one outdoors, extending those enjoyable hours. Perhaps the most beautifully sculptured dramas are created at night, when wonderful shapes and shadows add to the natural beauty of pools, fountains and pathways under the nighttime sky. “No tree is too high,” Kretzschmar adds with a smile. At the same time, he warns, just as when creating expert and effective lighting of valuable art indoors, special care must be taken never to endanger trees and other valuable plant life. With the latest technologies, it is possible to conceal lights, wires and junction boxes while allowing for tree growth and expansion. Illuminations Lighting Design’s expert, experienced staff — including more than 30 licensed electricians — works with both residential and commercial clients. For more information, contact Tom Kretzschmar at Illuminations Lighting Design, 607 Durham Dr., Houston, TX 77007, 800-863-1184 or 713-863-1133, 7

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North Georgia’s Big Canoe® is the ideal choice. By Eric Snider


HE SECOND HOME, once just a dream for so many, is now within the realistic grasp of an ever-increasing number of Americans. Are you a dreamer … or a doer?

Due to a convergence of factors, the timing has never been better to make that second home a reality. Simply put, housing prices remain affordable, housing selection is plentiful and interests rates are at historic lows. It’s been more than 30 years since there was such a perfect storm of buying opportunity. Now is the time to lock in that future retirement home at today’s prices … and enjoy it right away. BIG CANOE, located in the undulating foothills of the North Georgia Appalachians just an hour from Atlanta, is a gorgeous gated community filled with lush homes that meld into a forested canopy. With its abundance of amenities and active lifestyle, Big Canoe is a vibrant, yearround community, with roughly 60 percent fulltime residents. But Big Canoe has long been a popular destination for second homes because it fulfills one of the most important issues: Location. Experts agree that buying a second home within an accessible distance of your primary residence is crucial. A Polynesian paradise might strike a romantic chord, but having a place you’ll actually use is far more valuable. Big Canoe is within easy driving distance of Atlanta International Airport, one of the biggest hubs in the world. And while the community is close to a major city, one whiff of the fresh mountain air, a stroll on its 22 miles of hiking trails

or a gaze over one of the lakes makes it feel like you’re a million miles away. BABY BOOMERS are far and away the biggest market of second-home owners. Studies have shown that their top priorities for buying are: • Establishing a family retreat. • Eventually turning it into their primary residence for retirement and family fun. The baby boom generation — its senior members now reaching retirement age — is certainly not bound for the rocking chair. Among boomers’ predominant goals is maintaining a vigorous, healthy lifestyle. You can hardly do better on that count than Big Canoe. The community features a 27-hole championship golf course with mountain peaks as a backdrop. The 16,000-square-foot fitness center is state of the art. Add in the swim club, hiking trails, tennis center, fishing and boating, and Big Canoe presents enough recreational options to satisfy anyone. And that goes for kids and grandkids too. Enhancing the flexibility of the secondhome lifestyle, Big Canoe residents can use amenities on either an a la carte basis or pay on an annual fee basis. Adding to the fun, Big Canoe offers a myriad of social opportunities, including dinners at the Clubhouse at Lake Sconti overlooking the 9th fairway of the Creek Course, as well as several other fine restaurants nearby. The community also features 50-plus vibrant, established clubs — from mah jongg to men’s pool shooters — as well as charitable organizations. In all, it’s easy to make new friends and associates at Big Canoe.

And easy to find quality medical care. The community is 15 minutes away from Piedmont Mountainside Hospital and 30 minutes from Northside Hospital. WHETHER YOU USE a second home as a regular weekend retreat or as a vacation spot/rental property, one thing is for sure: you do not want to worry about it when you’re away. To that end, Big Canoe features a round-the-clock security force. The Big Canoe Property Owners Association and the still-active developer, Big Canoe Company, have worked jointly for over 23 years. Big Canoe Company, which has zero debt, is a robust developer, making certain that the community stays current, fresh and viable. Big Canoe Company is actively building new neighborhoods within the community’s expansive 8,000-plus acres. Combined with existing neighborhoods, Big Canoe offers homes in a wide range of price points, from $300,000 to more than $3-million. People throughout the country are increasingly aware of the benefits of owning a second home. As more and more become doers and not just dreamers, this perfect convergence of buying opportunity is certain to ebb. Housing stock will tighten, prices will go up, interests rates will rise — it’s inevitable. Now’s the time to make that second home a reality. For more information:; 866-579-3336; 770-893-2733. 9

John’s Island Vero Beach, Florida

Private. Privileged. Paradise. IT’S YOUR LIFETIME. SPEND IT WISELY.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. So it is at John’s Island, one of the most enviable places for the privileged with discerning taste to live and play on the eastern seaboard. This private ocean-to-river community is surrounded by unspoiled islands, nine miles of Intracoastal Waterway and three miles of pristine ocean beaches. Exquisite English, Georgian, and West Indies architecture, three championship golf courses,

a spectacular new Beach Club, first class amenities, world-class tennis, squash and croquet facilities are all gently wrapped in the abundant natural landscape where the manatees live, the dolphins play in lagoons, and the tropics begin. Discovered due to its natural splendor by E. Llwyd Eccelstone in 1969, this 1,650-acre oceanfront paradise is just north of Vero Beach, a quaint, unspoiled gem of a seaside town that still retains the charm and culture of Old Florida and yet boasts a high caliber theatre, museum of art and big city culture.

many social, recreational and cultural activities available, no one sits on the sidelines. And, John’s Island remains one of the only private clubs in the nation with a vertical membership. Whether it’s tarpon fishing in John’s Island Sound, biking through 20 miles of private shaded roads under majestic oaks or attending a black-tie dinner at the Golf Club - it is here that memories and family traditions continue to be made and treasured for a lifetime.

JOHN’S ISLAND REAL ESTATE COMPANY To say that all three generations of John’s Island Club members and their families relish the wonderful life here would be an understatement. With so 10

Vero Beach, FL | 800.327.3153

In 1931, a young Scottish immigrant named John L. Scott started his own real estate company in Downtown Seattle. He set out to create a business that provided excellent service before, during, and after every real estate transaction. Soon, John L. Scott Real Estate became known as the premier brokerage for exclusive properties. As Mr. Scott used to say, “We represent quality homes on quality streets.” From that one office, John L. Scott Real Estate has grown to become one of the largest and most successful regional real estate companies in the nation, with offices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This success is due in large part to the ongoing commitment of the Scott family. Today, John L. Scott Real Estate’s strong heritage and innovative vision continues through the founder’s grandson, Chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott. “Over eighty years ago my grandfather succeeded at building John L. Scott because of his unwavering dedication to customer service,” says Lennox. “The same holds true today as we endeavor to enhance the home-ownership experience through the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.” One area where that balance of tradition and innovation is especially important is in the luxury market. Today, luxury home buyers and sellers throughout the Pacific Northwest know that John L. Scott Portfolio™ is the premier choice for quality homes. Renowned for its use of technology to help clients buy and sell their homes, John L. Scott sets the industry standard for real estate websites. receives over one million visits each month and is the go-to real estate website in the Pacific Northwest. As such, John L. Scott Portfolio buyers and sellers benefit from our award-winning web tools and features, including Property Tracker, JLSconnect, Neighborhood Wizard, and mobile phone apps. At the same time, John L. Scott Portfolio™ provides a sophisticated, professional, and comfortable experience for luxury home buyers and sellers. John L. Scott Portfolio Specialists must meet specific criteria to gain certification, ensuring that our brokers have unparalleled knowledge about a range of high-end properties. Using Portfolio’s unique marketing tools as well as the support of one of the most successful regional real estate companies in the nation, the Portfolio Specialist is poised to provide exceptional real estate service and advice. The Pacific Northwest is home to gorgeous landscapes of all types—mountain ranges, rainforests, high deserts, temperate valleys, and beaches. This area of the country is a destination for luxury home owners as much for the natural beauty and recreational activities as for the stable and successful employers. Microsoft, Intel, Nike, Adidas, Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, Costco, Columbia Sportswear, Amazon, Boise Cascade, and many others call the Northwest home. Whether clients are looking for a broker with expertise in equestrian properties, waterfront homes, golf course communities, mountaintop getaways, urban lifestyles, or land to build their dream house on, Portfolio brokers offer professional service that is tailored to their needs. With decades of proven sales success, access to the best real estate website in the industry, advertising opportunities in the finest publications, the most knowledgeable and professional agents, national and international presence through an association with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, and the marketing expertise of one of the most respected companies in the Pacific Northwest, John L. Scott Portfolio exceeds luxury real estate clients’ expectations.



$15,000. No, we didn’t forget a zero. That’s all it costs to join Inspirato.

And when you consider everything that comes with an Inspirato membership—amazing residences, personalized service, deeply discounted nightly rates and the flexibility to travel when and where you want—you’ll discover something even more valuable: quality time with the people you care about most.

888.546.5008 | Inspirato is a private club which requires a non-refundable Initiation Fee. Reservations vary in price by property and date and are subject to availability. © 2011, Inspirato LLC.


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Arizona PHOENIX/SCOTTSDALE Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty 7135 E. Camelback Road, Suite 360 Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 (602) 778-7111 pp. 92-93 SEDONA Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty 1370 West SR 89A, Suite 9 Sedona, Arizona 86336 (928) 254-8888 California BEVERLY HILLS/LOS ANGELES Teles Properties 338 N. Canon Drive, Penthouse Beverly Hills, California 90210 (424) 202-3200 pp. 110-111 Danville Empire Realty Associates 380 Diablo Road Danville, California 94526 (925) 217-5000 MALIBU Prudential Malibu Realty 23805 Stewart Ranch Road, Suite 205 Malibu, California 90265 (310) 317-1709 pp. 112-114


NAPA Wine Country Fine Properties, Inc. 23 Buhman Court Napa, California 94558 (770) 696-5114 Colorado ASPEN Morris & Fyrwald Sotheby’s International Realty 415 East Hyman Avenue Aspen, Colorado 81611 (970) 925-6060 pp. 94-95 Boulder Wright-Kingdom, Inc. 4875 Pearl E. Circle, Suite 100 Boulder, Colorado 80301 (303) 541-1900 pg. 101 BRECKENRIDGE Breckenridge Associates Real Estate 226 South Main Street Breckenridge, Colorado 80424 (970) 797-1978 pp. 98-99 COLORADO SPRINGS Prudential Rocky Mountain, Realtors 660 Southpointe Court, Suite 200 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 (719) 785-4110 pp. 96-97 Denver/Greenwood Village Kentwood Companies 5690 DTC Boulevard Denver, Colorado 80111 (303) 773-3399 pp. 100-102 Durango Horizon Properties of Durango 275 CR 252 (Trimble Lane) Durango, Colorado 81301 (970) 259-3700 pg. 100

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FORT LAUDERDALE Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell 1700 E. Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 (954) 306-7220 pp. 54-55

Vero Beach John’s Island Real Estate Company One Johns Island Drive Vero Beach, Florida 32963 (772) 231-0900 pp. 46-47

Jacksonville The Legends of Real Estate 8777 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 903 Jacksonville, Florida 32217 (904) 739-7100 pg. 57

Georgia Atlanta Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty 3290 Northside Parkway, NW, Suite 200 Atlanta, Georgia 30327 (404) 237-5000 pp. 64-65

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NEWNAN Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street Newnan, Georgia 30263 770-253-6990 pg. 66 HAWAII MAUI Wailea Realty Corp. The Shops at Wailea 3750 Wailea Alanui, Suite B-51 Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 96753 (808) 879-1991

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New Jersey BAY HEAD Clayton & Clayton 512 Main Avenue Bay Head, New Jersey 08742 (732) 295-2222 pp. 132-133

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Oregon Central/Western Oregon John L. Scott Real Esate (see listing under Washington)

HEMPSTEAD Deitra Robertson Real Estate, Inc. 38351 FM 1736 Hempstead, Texas 77445 (979) 921-9470 pp. 34-35

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Exceptional Properties

Oldfield FARM Greenwich, Connecticut Stone pillars frame a gracefully winding, tree-lined entry drive approaching the breathtaking beauty of Oldfield Farm, an aristocratic equestrian estate of extraordinary dimension that defies superlatives. Encompassing over eighteen private, pastoral acres bordering land trust conservation, the noble backcountry setting offers a spectacular, world-class equestrian center providing twin stables with stalls for 39 horses and groom’s quarters, paddocks, a practice polo field and training track, plus the resort-like pleasures of a heated pool and tennis court. The magnificent 33-room Palladian-inspired villa at the center of this remarkable estate represents a stunning achievement by renowned architect, Robert Lamb Hart. Distinguished by an exquisite, customized interior by celebrated designer Mark Hampton, it is an impressive showcase of classic elegance, warmth and sophistication affording the ultimate in state-of-the-art luxuries for both grand scale entertaining and comfortable family living. Multiple French doors in the majestically proportioned layout open to splendid outdoor stone terraces overlooking a glorious sculptured landscape punctuated by sumptuous gardens, lush meadows, a gazebo and greenhouse. The layout includes seven fireplaces, eight bedrooms and twelve baths (with separate wings accommodating guests and staff), six powder rooms, a sun room, sophisticated home theatre, fitness room and sauna, a wine cellar, billiards and media rooms. There is attached and detached garaging for eleven cars. This exceptional estate is one of rare distinction designed for the most discriminating connoisseur. Visit: Exclusive Agent: Lyn Stevens

80 Mason Street • Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 • 203-661-9200

The Bay Islands in the Western Caribbean offer some of the most unspoiled amenities of the Caribbean. One of these islands is Roatan, where tropical forests, cloudless skies, pristine beaches and an azure ocean that is home to an amazing coral reef all combine to envelop one in a world that many would describe as paradise. It is here on Roatan that a visionary engineer named Dan Taylor discovered the perfect locale to develop a community second to none in design and quality. Using his experience in creating projects the world over, he saw on Roatan an opportunity to build a residential development designed for those who are used to the finest things in life. Thus began the odyssey that grew into what is now known internationally as Keyhole Bay. Keyhole Bay encompasses the intimate beach in the “keyhole,” single family estate home sites, and luxury townhomes and condominiums. Soon to take its rightful place in the master scheme is Keyhole Village, which will include a shopping mall, medical and attorneys’ offices, grocery and boutiques – anything to make the residents’ lives as easy and carefree as possible.

An Idyllic World on Roatan Island The luxury condominiums are the focal point of a private Caribbean community catering only to those who are accustomed to surrounding themselves with the finest of everything. The Condominiums at Keyhole Bay are priced from just $372,000 for a spacious one-bedroom 1,500

square foot home to just over $1 million for the elegant 3,900 square foot penthouse suite. A typical townhouse in The Condominiums at Keyhole Bay is built with only the finest-grade materials, hand-crafted inside and out, set in a sea of manicured lawns, towering trees and lush vegetation. One of these, a two-story, 3,675 square foot seaside home, brings new meaning to the term “luxurious living.” Ensconced on the first and second floors of the nearly completed Tarvisio building, the lavish townhouse has two spacious bedrooms, with two and a half baths. On the first floor, the domed 10' x 10' entrance foyer opens into a 17' x 22' Great Room, with hand-laid travertine floors and walls ascending a full 24 feet up into the second floor loft. The Great Room continues on the outside of sliding window walls leading to a column-surrounded patio. The stateof-the-art kitchen is equipped with gleaming stainless steel appliances, hand-crafted cabinets of South American white teak, and a peninsula crowned with Spanish granite. The kitchen adjoins an expansive dining area crowned by a massive dome and bounded by massive arches. The second floor of this picturesque townhouse continues the Keyhole Bay keystone of elegance with a 16' x 16' master bedroom that opens onto a generous 481 square foot private balcony. From here, you not only can hear the sound of the rolling ocean, you can see the cresting waves as you enjoy your morning latte. Recently, the Chairman of Real Property Marketing Group, George Lane, visited Roatan and was thoroughly impressed with the Keyhole Bay development. Says Lane: “Rarely have I seen such care taken in the creation of a project. Dan Taylor’s painstaking efforts and commitment to quality ensure that Keyhole Bay is nothing short of first class.” Still not convinced? There’s nothing that proves the old adage that “seeing is believing.” To experience the Keyhole Bay lifestyle, consider a visit to the relaxing island of Roatan and judge for yourself what others have already discovered – “this is the place I want to call ‘home.’” Please visit or Roatan/index.php, or call our US number 228-533-2001 for additional information.

Windswept Villas AT SANDY BANK BAY

CHRISTOPHE HARBOUR A Stylish and Exclusive New Development in St. Kitts


estled within Sandy Bank Bay in the Caribbean paradise of St. Kitts, an exclusive new enclave of 11 turnkey residences is emerging. A place where balmy breezes whisper serene welcomes and the sounds of water, shorebirds and laughter will become the soundtrack of your days. Introducing - Windswept Villas at Sandy Bank Bay. Windswept Villas promise days surrounded by exquisite views of the harbour and ocean. Here, the horizon is your stage for sunsets dressed in mellow pinks and fiery crimson. Just steps away, Sandy Bank Bay Beach Club will be your gathering place on white-sand beaches – home to luxurious pools, exceptional dining, and custom concierge services. Windswept Villas promise days surrounded by exquisite views of the harbour and ocean. Here, the horizon is your stage for sunsets dressed in mellow pinks and fiery crimson. Just steps away, Sandy Bank Bay Beach Club will be your gathering place on white-sand beaches – home to luxurious pools, exceptional dining and custom concierge services. When adventure beckons, colorful snorkeling reefs teeming with sea life are just beyond the beachfront, and trailheads for biking and hiking are mere moments away. Nearby, a vibrant marina village welcomes megayachts where open seas await. And the arrival of a golf masterpiece – perhaps Tom Fazio’s finest achievement, set high on Priddies Plateau – will soon be a reality. Your choice of a three or four-bedroom custom-designed, turnkey home assures a residence that is attuned to your needs. Our on-site concierge acts as your personal liaison, overseeing your home’s construction, managing your requests, and making the process smooth and seamless for you. Environmentally sound designs built to Energy-Star standards ensure sustainability of both home and habitat. Generous living and dining

areas, replete with custom SieMatic kitchens featuring Viking appliances, allow conversations to flow and guests to mingle with ease. The organic palette of mahogany wood finishes and ceramic and natural stone flooring complements magnificent views of hillsides, harbour and ocean in a harmonious fusion of beauty. Stylish furnishing packages and custom options are also available with a Windswept Villa. The aesthetic for both indoor and outdoor spaces will be guided by the Christophe Harbour design team, ensuring the utmost in comfort, entertainment and relaxation – for now… and for generations. In the Caribbean tradition, generous outdoor spaces extend from the interiors, bringing the energy and enjoyment of your inner life outdoors – and a sense of the natural beauty in. An intimate walkway leads to the beach and flower-filled gardens frame a swimming pool with natural stone decks and patios. St. Kitts is defined by turquoise waters, soaring hillsides, lovely beaches and friendly people. This former British colony has a welcoming tradition and spirited culture that envelops you at Christophe Harbour. Ownership at Windswept Villas procures the exclusivity of becoming a Christophe Harbour Founding Member, with the many benefits including a one-time trade-up opportunity. A Christophe Harbour Club membership and on-site builder concierge services are also important aspects of your purchase. Pre-construction pricing allows entrée to Windswept Villas and all of Christophe Harbour’s amenities beginning at $1.75 million. For more information, please enquire at 800-881-7180 or 843-768-5222 or to arrange a private tour.

Tir Na Nog

An Exceptional Beach Front Retreat


elcome to Tir Na Nog, an exclusive and enchanting private estate near the historic town of Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, a place where the legend of “The Land of the Ever Young” can come to reality. Here the flowers bloom all year-round against the backdrop of fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean, casting their scents within the peace and serenity of the 10 acre gardens and walkways. Tir Na Nog is located in the most sought after location in Eleuthera, the Atlantic seashore on Banks Road, where there are a select number of Estates overlooking an amazing beach and only minutes from nearby restaurants and the charming Village of Governors Harbour. At Tir Na Nog your senses will be indulged. Interiors were recently renovated and designed by the gracious David Flint-Wood, co-author of “Island Style,” a wonderful book of what Island Life is. Applying the very flair that made the Island Style decor renowned, he used simple wood and white linens, organic materials, soft lighting and tropical touches ― warm and soothing to the senses. The Land: 10 acres of coconut lined rolling dunes and pathways lead to one of the most fabulous beaches you have ever seen. Stroll the miles long beach; stop in at Tippy’s restaurant for a cool drink or a bite. Lounge in the sun, in the hammocks strung in the coconut grove or under the beachfront gazebo. Covered with coconut trees and a variety of fruit trees, there is always something to pick and eat.

Photos Photos by: by: Patrick Patrick Robinson Robinson of of H.G. H.G. Christie Christie

The Home: Tir Na Nog offers a very special set-up unknown in most places in The Bahamas. The “home” is actually 4 Cottages of brilliant design. The main one is home to the living areas complete with a beautiful kitchen, and living and dining area with high cathedral ceilings and dark wood floors. There is a covered balcony on either side of the main house with one side overlooking the tennis court. Across the driveway is the main bedroom house complete with a beautiful covered veranda with three large bedrooms all decorated with a similar feel to the main house. Towards the ocean are two self-contained, one-bedroom cottages with an amazing view out over the palms and the beach beyond. These five bedrooms all have private entrances and en suite baths, Three bedrooms are located in a house across from the dining hall. They are private and tranquil with exquisite furnishings in the simple Island Style ― crisp and refined. Two additional bedrooms are separate bungalows with private decks overlooking the coconut grove, and the shades of the crystalline of the beach and the azure of the Atlantic. Situated above the tennis courts with sweeping views of the estate and the sea, the living and dining room is a gathering place for all for fine dining, relaxation and entertaining. Outdoor grilling and dining is an option on the Northern deck, with upper deck for even fuller views and very much a retreat. This property truly is a treat to behold. Make an appointment for a viewing today. $3,995,000. John Christie, (242) 322-1041,

Tuscan Estate $35,750,000 Furnished

A variety of Aspen’s current real estate offerings are displayed on these pages. Please see the contact information at the bottom of the next page.


Welcome to Aspen

spen, Colorado. Just the mention of it conjures up images of one of the most popular destinations in the United States and the world. Nestled high in the Elk Mountains of the Rockies, Aspen offers world-class skiing and riding on 4 individual mountains and winter and summer experiences second to none.

The surrounding peaks are some of Colorado’s most picturesque, and provide an unlimited resource for outdoor activities. Although known for its incredible skiing and snowboarding, the list of winter activities just begins there. Aspen also offers multiple ice skating rinks, Nordic ski trails, ice climbing, access to the 10th Mountain Hut system,

Red Mountain Living

French Country Chateau


$8,950,000 Furnished

East Aspen Privacy

Classic Contemporary Home

$5,995,000 Furnished


dogsled rides, cat skiing in some of Aspen’s hidden powder stashes, and let’s not forget apres ski. Summer activities include rafting the nearby Colorado River, climbing one of the many local 14,000 foot peaks, hiking and biking in the surrounding mountains, fishing the gold medal waters of the Roaring Fork, Fryingpan, and Crystal Rivers, and golfing one of the many public or private courses. On-mountain activities such as mountain biking and hiking are all made easily accessible with lifts running on both Aspen and Snowmass mountains. If simply looking at the mountains is more to your liking, a visit to the Maroon Bells should be on your list. After all, these two fourteeners are the most photographed peaks in North America. Although many characteristics of historic Aspen have been preserved, from classic Victorian houses to the Hotel Jerome and Wheeler Opera House, for those seeking culture, today’s Aspen is renowned for exceptional shopping, eclectic galleries, classical

and contemporary music, and unbelievable cuisine with numerous restaurants and bars offering something for everyone’s taste. The town of Aspen also plays host to a number of festivals, workshops, and competitions during the year, which means there is always something going on. Popular events include the Winter X-Games back for a record 11th year in a row at Buttermilk Mountain, the Winternational Women’s World Cup weekend, the Jazz Aspen Snowmass music festival featuring some of the biggest names in the business, Aspen Filmfest, the annual FOOD & WINE Magazine Classic, the Aspen Arts Festival, Aspen’s homage to winter know as Winterskol, and new to Aspen this year, one of the stages of the inaugural Quizno’s Pro Challenge International Bicycle Race featuring top riders from around the world. Whether skiing, shopping, or just hanging out, bring your sunscreen and your dreams because Aspen has everything else you’ll want.

Exquisite Red Mountain Home $16,995,000 Turn-Key Furnished


For information on these properties, please call 713-302-0555.

A Special Waterview Property on 4.3+ Acres On Historic Cape Cod, Massachusetts


hat could be more ideal than to have the perfect home/office set-up on a private 4.3+ acre site overlooking a protected 28 acre marsh? A total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms allow for a variety of sleeping/guest arrangements offering ample room and privacy for all. Recently renovated, the bright, open-style home has a maintenance-free exterior, new thermal windows and a new roof. There are separate entrances for the home and business sides of the structure. The home itself features a living room, library, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room and a gourmet kitchen and dining area with Corian counters, custom cabinets and new appliances. Additional enhancements include two fireplaces, a balcony, three decks and a 90 square foot greenhouse. The office side of the home has a 640 square foot office, one bedroom and one bathroom. With its own separate entrance, there is parking space for 10 cars. And then there are the views! Every room save one has a water view. The home provides for 180-degree views of the marshland with its ever-changing scenery and the daily interplay of light and shadow. It’s truly a nature-lover’s paradise and a boon for those who enjoy bird-watching. From cardinals, redwinged blackbirds, and blue jays, and on to seagulls, swans, great blue herons and red-tailed hawks, the marsh provides a never-ending display for birders. This unique home/office combination is located on the preferred north side of historic Cape Cod near the town of Dennis. It is in close proximity of two of the best beaches on the Bay side of Cape Cod, one within 1 mile and the other within 2 miles. Both beaches are residents-only beaches in the summer, limiting the crowds in both the parking area and the beach. It is located on Route 6A allowing for easy access for customers of a business entity on the property. Shown by appointment only. Please contact Sotheby’s International Realty at 508-428-9115.

Panther Creek Ranch Texas Hill Country Paradise Texas Hill Country Paradise

This wonderful compound in the heart of the Texas hill country has been used as a retreat by the same family for generations. Located in Kerr County near the town of Hunt, it is comprised of 362¹ acres with a mile of frontage on the Guadalupe River. Panther Creek originates at the property’s springhead on its northwest pasture and flows into the Guadalupe. The main house allows for generous and comfortable family living, and provides ample room for guests as well. Multiple structures and outbuildings on the property are suitable for use in a variety of ways, either to accommodate employees, caretakers, extended family or guests. There are endless outdoor entertaining and recreational opportunities afforded by expansive lawns with mature trees, a large patio, a fenced swimming pool with diving board and slide, a tennis court and river activities on the Guadalupe. The area is well-known for its varied wildlife and is prime for whitetailed deer during hunting season. Price upon request. Please call for additional information on this exceptional property.

Al Philip 210-822-8602

Windy Hill Ranch Madisonville, Texas Have you thought about owning a ranch that was an easy drive from your Houston home…A place where you could go with your family and enjoy the “quiet” and actually see the stars at night…Have those cattle you’ve always wanted, count the new calves as they are born, help with the spring branding…A place you can ride your horses for hours over beautiful pastures, through creeks and old stands of trees, OR, train in a covered arena facility that is so nice you can have horse events there if you choose? Then there is the hunting and fishing to enjoy on these almost 3,000 acres. Fish in the many stocked ponds and lakes and enjoy your own white tail deer population during hunting season. Windy Hill Ranch offers you all of this. An easy drive from Houston to Madisonville, the access to Windy Hill is all paved highway and farm to market roads. If you love horses and love to ride, there will be no finer place than here. The covered arena facility has a 275' x 125' arena, office space, apartments, 16 stalls, holding pens for cattle―it is the finest facility in this part of Texas. There is a separate 10-stall center aisle barn with runs, numerous turn-out areas, lighted cutting pen, walker and much more. The cattle facilities are the top-of-the-line with hydraulic trim tilt squeeze chute and 10,000# Tru-Test scales. The improved pastures allow you to run a cow/calf or stocker operation. There are four large hay storage barns to house the hay that is grown on the ranch. At the end of the day, when that good kind of “tiredness” starts to take over, kick back on the porch or by the pool of the comfortable brick home that sits on the hilltop and appreciate the lifestyle!

Deitra Robertson Real Estate, Inc. 38351 FM 1736 • Hempstead, TX 77445 979-921-9470 office • 832-642-6789 cell

Harrison Ridge Estate Gold Beach, Oregon. This majestic 10,000+ square foot Cape Cod style home is perched gracefully atop 45 pristine forested acres with magnificent views up and down the Pacific Ocean coast as well as the famous Rogue River. Harrison Ridge Estate delights with its close proximity to myriad outdoor activities as well as to downtown Gold Beach, a quaint tourist town located approximately 30 miles north of the California border in what is known, due to its mild climate, as “the banana belt of Oregon.” World-class golf at Bandon Dunes Resort is about an hour’s drive north, and Gold Beach also boasts its own public golf course, Cedar Bend. World-class fishing in the Rogue River, horseback riding, surfing, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, wind surfing, clam digging, beachcombing, storm watching, whale watching, bird watching and strolling along the beach are all popular activities in the area. With a private airport two minutes away, and commercial flights available within an hour’s drive, commuting is definitely a possibility for the determined businessman. The beauty of the great outdoors envelops you as you arrive on the property via the paved, gated winding road threading through tall fir trees to end at the impressive 8 bedroom, 8-1/2 bath Cape Cod style home. It was lovingly designed by the sellers (Gregory Harrison, an actor best known for his role as Gonzo on the TV series TRAPPER JOHN MD, and Randi Oakes Harrison, formerly an actress on the series CHIPS) who relocated from Southern California to Oregon in 1992. Determined to raise their children in an area known for its beauty, mild climate, friendly community, outdoor

activities and healthy lifestyles, the Harrison’s have enjoyed nurturing their children in this kid-friendly yet elegant home. With every room providing a world-class view, the home easily transcends from child-friendly warmth into a wonderful entertainment space for even the most discriminating. The heart of the home is the large Great Room/Living Area with its high ceilings and open floor plan...connecting seamlessly to the dining area, breakfast nook, entertainment balcony and oversized kitchen (with 2 ovens, granite counter tops, island and double pantry). This all makes for flowing, workable spaces for an intimate gathering...or a party for 200. A black tie affair may have occurred on Friday night, followed by rollerblading through the living room on Saturday morning and artwork at the nook in the afternoon. The main house also provides 6 bedrooms and 5-1/2 baths, as well as 2 offices, including the spectacular Crow’s Nest which sits at the top, above a full library. The attached 3-car garage includes a surfer’s den, with board-rack and a tiled shower/drying room. Above the garage are two large apartments, each with private full bath. One has a separate entrance and its own kitchenette, while the other connects to the main house via the beautiful hardwood hallway. A fully equipped gym, a flow-pool and large Jacuzzi provide in-house exercise and relaxation. For the equestrian, the 6-stall horse barn (with hay loft, tack room and full bath) is but a short stroll away. Offered at $3,900,000.

For more information, please contact Kurt Tamashiro, 541-660-3844,

45 Acres 10,000+ Square Feet Ocean and River views Located in the Oregon Coast Banana Belt Half Mile Gated Drive Eight Bedrooms Eight and A half Baths Massive Great Room Entertainment Size Kitchen Two Offices 3-Car Garage Surfer Den with Three Head Shower Two Large Apartments 6-Stall Horse Barn with Tack Room

Own A Piece of Paradise

Sunrise Beach



Desirable prime property for development, investment or personal use.


VACANT LAND Three adjacent lots 7, 8 and 9 292 feet of continuous Beachfront - The largest sweep of continuous beachfront available. GREEN TURTLE CAY, Abaco, Bahamas, North End. Sunrise Beach lies in the Atlantic’s crystal clear blue-green waters. The heart of one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, known for its world-class bone fishing. Only minutes from the Green Turtle Cay Club, it affords dock access and club amenities. Ideal for the discerning buyer desiring to build in a world-class, exclusive location of tranquility and elegance. Superlative, sweeping Atlantic Ocean front views, Sunrise Beach is a masterpiece of nature. Ideally PRE-zoned for development and/or residential usage. Access road already installed. Awaiting a serious buyer with a true vision, this parcel offers the potential of a high-end subdivision. Each generously proportioned lot can accommodate a luxurious home of various specifications or the lots can be combined to accommodate a gracious estate.

Green Turtle Cay is truly casual elegance located within the sophisticated Bahamas exotic Out Islands of Great Abaco, where pollution, traffic and casinos are nonexistent. Featuring world renowned pristine beaches, internationally acclaimed bone fishing, snorkeling, diving and the annual Green Turtle Heritage Festival, SUNRISE BEACH is centrally located to be within a short golf cart commute to the town’s quaint village hosting a variety of markets, shops, art galleries, the Albert Lowe Museum and restaurants, including first class World/Caribbean fusion cuisine at the highly acclaimed Green Turtle Cay Club. Stunning Atlantic sunrises and sunsets in a setting reminiscent of the charm and mysterious allure of the swashbuckling 17th century Caribbean pirates, SUNRISE BEACH provides an opportunity to create your own Caribbean paradise. SUNRISE BEACH is listed at $1,450,000. Exclusive of 1/2 Bahamian stamp tax and purchaser’s legal fees. Interested parties please contact: HG CHRISTIE John Christie, (242) 322-1041, / Kristina and Adrian Lowe, (242) 365-4191, or green-turtle-cay/vacant-land-as10696 Broker inquiries welcome.

Southeast North Carolina Tennessee

South Carolina

Illustrated Properties. . . . . . . . . . . 42-45 John’s Island Real Estate Company . . . . 46-47


Michael Green & Associates . . . . . . . 48-49 Joan Pletcher, Realtor . . . . . . . . . . 50-51 John R. Wood Realtors. . . . . . . . . . 52-53 Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell. . . . . . . . 54-56 Florida

The Legends of Real Estate. . . . . . . . . 57 Truman & Co. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Marx-Bensdorf, Realtors. . . . . . . . . .


The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . . 60-61 Beverly-Hanks & Associates. . . . . . . . 62-63 Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . . 64-65 Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors . . . . . . . . . . . 66


classic properties international

Seminole Landing North Palm Beach, Florida This property is one of the finest in the community of Seminole Landing. The home is located on Banyan Road with its canopy of old growth trees and lush vegetation, and offers the owner the security of living in a gated compound within the private community of Seminole. Upon entering you are taken by the tropical beauty of the property and the wonderful architectural presence of the home. With five bedrooms, five full and two half baths, there is ample room for family and guests. The stylish living room is flanked by a large den/office to the right and a beautiful dining room to the left, and opens through glass doors to the large pool and gazebo area, perfect for entertaining. The heart and soul of the home, however, is the wonderful, expansive kitchen featuring Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking and Thermador appliances, and two large islands finished with beautiful Kashmir White granite countertops. Seminole is the hidden jewel of North Palm Beach! This quiet enclave of 65 homes is nestled between the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Lost Tree Village and Seminole Golf Club. The unique characteristics of this community coupled with its location make it a highly sought-after home site. Offered at $5,950,000. For more information call Denice M. Sexton, Lost Tree Realty, 561-662-8344 or visit

42 • An Adams Business Since 1936 • 20 offices in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

classic properties international

Seminole Landing North Palm Beach, Florida Seminole Landing is a quiet enclave of 65 homes nestled between the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Lost Tree Village and Seminole Golf Club. The unique characteristics of this community coupled with its location make it a highly sought-after home site. Imagine living with Ocean access, on a large lot, all within 20 minutes of Palm Beach International Airport and world-class shopping and dining. Seminole owners are also close to full-service marinas that can accommodate yachts of all sizes, not to mention an incredible selection of worldclass golf clubs. Situated on a lushly landscaped 1.3 acre lot, this five-bedroom, six and one half-bath single story home features a wonderfully spacious kitchen/family room that opens to a screened-in summer kitchen and large pool area. The home has both a paneled office and a billiards/ game room. All the amenities are just steps away from the most beautiful private beach in the area. With community tennis courts and a three-car garage, it is located in the heart of North Palm close to shopping, dining and schools. With location, amenities and quality of life, Seminole Landing offers the family-oriented luxury buyer an opportunity to have it all. Offered at $3,650,000. For more information call Peter B. Erdmann, Lost Tree Realty, 561-329-2383 or visit • An Adams Business Since 1936 • 20 offices in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.


classic properties international

Casa Mia Jupiter, Florida A luxurious one-of-a-kind waterfront estate with all the amenities of an international five-star resort. Prominently positioned on the Intracoastal Waterway in Jupiter, Florida, just minutes from deep water, this custom estate home features a 120’ dock, private beach and generous indoor/ outdoor living space including home theatre, spa, putting green and large summer kitchen/dining area adjacent to the pool and spa. Hideaway gardens and decks allow for maximum privacy in this spectacular home which includes a five-bedroom main house, four-bedroom guest house and four-car garage. The public spaces offer a venue of light and energy for entertaining, while at the same time maintaining a tranquil enclave for family and friends. The private beach will soothe away the hectic nature of your lives and a cruise on the boat docked steps away will transport you to paradise. The absolutely spectacular views, along with all of the elements, location, design and amenities combine to create the perfect blend for the discriminating buyer. Offered at $7,950,000. For more information visit or call Peter B. Erdmann, Lost Tree Realty, 561-329-2383.

44 • An Adams Business Since 1936 • 20 offices in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

classic properties international

Old Port Cove North Palm Beach, Florida Fantastic panoramic views from every room! Very unique double unit lanai home in Old Port Cove. Just steps away from the renowned marina, this four-bedroom home was recently renovated combining two units into one complete residence, with every upgrade and amenity. This property affords the yacht owner a perfect port of call in lovely North Palm Beach. The owners have spared no expense, and luxury and elegance abound. The home has two master suites, two additional guest rooms and a lovely office. There is custom cabinetry throughout, most notably a gleaming, bird’s-eye maple kitchen that features top-of-the-line appliances. The gracious formal dining room opens to a large living room and breathtaking panoramic views from the large balcony. On the other side, a warm and inviting family room sits beside the kitchen and informal dining area, creating a perfect spot to gather with friends and family. Other features include triple crown moldings, sound system, electronic window treatments, hardwood floors, large laundry room and an incredible amount of storage. There is underground parking with 2 garage spaces. This home offers an opportunity rarely seen on the market. Offered at $3,300,000. For more information call Denice M. Sexton, Lost Tree Realty, 561-662-8344 or visit • An Adams Business Since 1936 • 20 offices in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties.


Classic properties International

Carefree Oceanfront Living

Oceanfront Splendor

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida John’s Island’s elegant oceanfront condominiums are nestled along three miles of the Atlantic’s most pristine and private beaches. Units offered for sale in the 500 Building range in size from 1,520± to 1,825± square feet, and are two-bedroom, two-bath or three-bedroom, twobath units. Some are renovated and move-in ready. Oceanfront lanais, large living spaces, spacious kitchens, as well as elevators and direct beach access make these oceanfront condominiums an ideal tropical retreat. 500 Beach Road Condominiums. $795,000–$1,200,000

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida A magnificent oceanfront location makes this six-bedroom seaside retreat a rare find. Classic Georgian architecture, high ceilings, plantation shutters and custom millwork accent the private ocean views from all principal rooms. The main floor boasts a gourmet island kitchen, adjoining family room, living room with fireplace, office, guest bedroom and master suite. The lower level offers three guest bedrooms, 6-bed bunkroom, storage, large family room and 2-car garage. 658 Ocean Road. $5,950,000

Two Homesites on Coveted Street

New Construction! One of Few Remaining

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida Surrounded by majestic oaks and lush mangroves, these spectacular, lot-and-a-half homesites overlook a private cove along the Indian River. Located on a cul-de-sac on one of the most coveted streets in John’s Island near the west gate, they offer the ideal location for estates of true distinction. One .94 ± acre lot overlooks lush mangroves and water views, while the other oversized 1.01± acre lot features a unique nature walk through mangroves leading to private boat dock with water views. Stingaree Point. $2,300,000 and $2,600,000.

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida Sited on a .64-acre corner lot, this magnificent five-bedroom retreat was masterfully designed to maximize privacy, natural light and captivating lake and golf views of the South Course. Architectural detailing, luxurious finishes, four-car garage, intimate indoor/outdoor spaces and a beautiful courtyard reflecting pool make this 7,459± square foot home truly one-ofa-kind. Additional features include a gourmet island kitchen, loggia with fireplace and a private guest wing with separate garage and entrance. Must see to appreciate! 391 Sabal Palm Lane. $4,295,000


One John’s Island Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32963 • 800-327-3153 •

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Golf Views Delight

Private North Village

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida This beautiful three-bedroom residence captures one of the most spectacular, double fairway views of the North Course. Boasting 4,120± square feet, the expansive living room with fireplace showcases the sparkling pool and golf views. Features include tray ceilings, island kitchen, adjoining family room with wet bar, den (or guest bedroom) and a separate guest cabana with Murphy bed, full bath, breakfast bar and bunkroom. 460 Indian Harbor Road. $1,800,000

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida Tucked away along John’s Island’s North Course is North Village, offering comfortable townhouse living in tranquil surroundings. It is a self-contained community, harboring private tennis courts, heated pool, one-car garages, and commanding views of the golf course and lake. Townhouses range from 1,500-1,900± square feet, with two or three bedrooms, and may be updated or fully furnished. It is perfect for the active family or for those needing a second residence for guests and family members. 777 Sea Oak Drive. $375,000-$625,000

Visually Stunning French-Inspired Retreat

Steps to the Beach!

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida Quiet, private and visually stunning, this four-bedroom retreat is truly unparalleled in its interpretation of French country living. Ideally situated along a private canal of John’s Island Sound overlooking protected wetlands, this casual yet sophisticated home offers marvelous indoor/ outdoor spaces and stunning pool and water views. Warm, rustic interiors feature antique wood beamed ceilings and floors throughout, rough plaster walls and loggias. A guest cabana and boat dock are sure to please. 40 Sago Palm Road. $3,975,000

John’s Island – Vero Beach, Florida Basking within the quaint seaside setting of Oceanside Village, located within walking distance to the ocean, is this enlarged three-bedroom, four and one half-bath courtyard home overlooking a private tropically landscaped pool. The expanded floor plan boasts 4,247± square feet and captures natural light throughout. Features include a living room with fireplace, family room, walk-in wet bar with wine refrigerator and two-car garage with storage room. 71 Cowry Lane. $1,975,000

One John’s Island Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32963 • 800-327-3153 •


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Exceptional 6.9 Acre Lakefront Estate in Stillwater

Luxurious Beach-Front Penthouse!

Odessa, Florida This exceptional estate in the prestigious 24-hour-guard-gated community of Stillwater features a brick traditional residence with 6 garages; fullyfunctional guest house; beautiful pool and spa; luxurious features including marble and solid-plank flooring; gourmet island kitchen, with granite counters, top-of-the line appliances and breakfast bar; nearby dinette overlooking pool; remarkable wine cellar and walk-in pantry; impressive study; family room with fireplace, saltwater aquarium and full-service bar; and magnificent master suite! Enjoy entertaining in the outdoor pergola area with fireplace. This stunning home is equipped with a generator and a well. Offered at $2,495,000.

Indian Shores, Florida This exquisite, ultra-luxurious beach-front penthouse, with its spectacular 270-degree views of wide, white sand beaches, the Gulf of Mexico, and Intracoastal Waterway, has perfectly captured the magnificent Florida waterfront lifestyle sought by those who desire and can afford the best for their vacation or second home destination. This well-designed, openfloor-plan, two-story penthouse with 4,730 square feet of plush living area offers everything you can imagine or dream for, from four large bedroom suites with their own baths and walk-in closets. This penthouse comes with a private 2-car garage and telephone entry system with security cameras. Come enjoy the remarkable lifestyle here. Offered at $2,995,000.

Outstanding Waterfront Masterpiece

Custom Key West Style Gated Waterfront Retreat!

Apollo Beach, Florida This Mediterranean waterfront estate in the 24/7 guard-gated community of Andalucia has some of the most luxurious materials; exquisite craftsmanship; and top-of-the-line appliances. Bring your motor-home, luxury motor vehicles, and yacht! Luxury starts with the exterior Tuscan architecture and the motor-home/multi-vehicle garages, to the double-boat lifts, and then continues throughout the home with extensive 8-camera security/recording system; a chef’s twin island kitchen with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances and twin KitchenAide dishwashers; hurricane and impact-rated Weathershield doors and windows; media room with Bose surround-sound system; motorized blinds with remotes; Twitchell Super Screen Pool enclosure; pool side summer kitchen; plus much more! Offered at $1,395,000.

Tampa, Florida BOATERS’ AND FISHERMEN’S DREAM LUXURY VACATION-STYLE RETREAT on acreage on the Palm River, long valued by professional fishing guides and their clients for its prolific tarpon, snook, redfish and trout populations!!! This rare Key West custom three-story gated waterfront estate is under 10 minutes from downtown Tampa and offers luxurious amenities beginning with the private concrete boat ramp and large dock with 2 covered boat lifts to the tropically landscaped yard. The superb master bedroom suite offers an adjacent waterview study and a spectacular master bath with rare granite counters and an impressive oversized shower with 6-shower heads with rainfall effect!! Best waterfront value! Offered at $999,000.

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Exquisite Lake Padgett Living

Opulent Contemporary Elegance

Land O’ Lakes, Florida Custom lakefront Mediterranean estate on nearly 2 acres. This property provides a wonderful lifestyle for entertainment and family. You will be carried away with views of the lake, pool and spa through a dynamic 28' living room window wall. Brazilian wide-plank flooring is featured here and in the poolside dining room. The chef’s island kitchen with professional appliances overlooks a family room with gas fireplace and additional panoramic views. The luxurious master suite; lagoon-style saltwater pool; raised spa; and lanai with pool side summer kitchen, fireplace and adjacent guest suite and an unlimited list of artisan and electronic upgrades will exceed your expectations! One-of-a-kind! Additional adjacent building lot available for $215,000! Offered at $1,298,800.

Tampa, Florida Ultra-luxurious Tampa Palms Reserve, 2-acre, double-lot golf-course/ woodlands 9,123 square foot estate and guest house featuring four bedrooms, six full baths, three half baths, executive office/study, media/ game room, exercise room and sauna, with crème-de-la-crème custom upgrades and accoutrements, including high vaulted and tray ceilings, dramatic foyer and free-standing staircase, grand master suite with magnificent his and her rare marble baths and an absolutely unbelievable shower room, impressive his and her closets with custom cabinetry; plus extensive non-polished marble deck, a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and located on a quiet cul-de-sac in the 24/7/365 guard-gated private retreat of Tampa Palm’s Reserve. Offered at $2,750,000.

Tierra Verde Luxury Waterfront Residence!

Luxury Lakefront Pool Home!

TIERRA VERDE, Florida Dock your 100-foot-class yacht with quick Gulf access at this Tierra Verde Tuscan residence, masterfully constructed by a premier luxury waterfront contractor. Showcasing best of design and upscale amenities, this culde-sac-point property offers 171 feet of waterfront seawall and two boat lifts; circular pavered drive and Porte-Cochere; impressive pool, spa and pavered deck; outdoor summer kitchen with stainless grill and side grill, wrap around covered balconies and gourmet kitchen with granite counters. Spectacular waterfront views from most rooms as well as superb quality combine to make this one of the very best luxury waterfront values on the market today!! Offered at $1,250,000.

Tampa, Florida This outstanding custom Carrollwood Village luxury tile-roofed Mediterranean lakefront residence is in one of Tampa Bay’s most desirable golf course communities, surrounded by all the nearby conveniences most upscale life styles demand today. Superbly positioned on a large, impressive cul-de-sac lot to maximize lakefront views, this grand residence welcomes all who appreciate a sunlight-drenched home with a great floor plan and extensive high-end accoutrements. Entering from the circular pavered driveway and beautiful wood/beveled glass doubleentry-doors, you are welcomed into a 2-story grand piano foyer with columns, arches and decorative banisters. Nearby are inviting woodplank-floored living and family rooms. Great value!!! Offered at $799,000.

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Lake Weir Waterfront

Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club

Ocala, Florida Enjoy the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from the privacy of your living room or bedroom while you enjoy all that Lake Weir has to offer and more with this exceptional home that sports a fantastic pool with waterfall and slide, plus the nicest boat house. Magnificent views from the kitchen, overlooking pool, sandy beach and water. This home offers two separate bedroom suites on lower level while the master and two additional bedrooms are on the main floor. You are set for entertaining with this complete summer kitchen overlooking the pool and lake. 4-car garage plus detached carport for plenty of parking. Summer is here; make an appointment to view this home today.

Ocala, Florida Looking for a beautiful home in Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club? Look no further. This stunning home is perfect for entertaining. Chef’s kitchen with luxurious cabinetry and island cooking center overlooks gathering room with fireplace, beverage bar and adjoins summer kitchen. Master foyer separates master suite from master bath with exercise room. Pool features step-down seating bar. Octagon staircase to a sports enclave with beverage bar, multiple televisions and deck overlooking the pool. An incredible home with separate guest quarters! Enjoy all of the amenities of Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club which include: golf, tennis, spa, restaurants and equestrian facilities.

Escaping to Ocala, Florida

Town & Country Farm

Ocala, Florida Relaxing and recharging is what happens at this 9,500 square-foot estate with Lake Carter and 95+ acres. Meadows, live oaks and water vistas welcome you. Foyer opens to “elegant casual” living room, separate conversation area, formal dining room and your eyes are drawn to the outdoors. Owners’ wing with office and master suite features courtyard with pool and spa. Imagine having your own game room with incredible lighting, custom wood detailing, card table, billiards table, plus step-up beverage bar with multi widescreen televisions. Angels watch over the natural rock waterfall cascading into the outside lighted swimming stream.

Ocala, Florida This immaculate 200-acre equine estate is being offered for sale. Tree-lined lanes connect this farm’s many amenities. Its elegance is immediately evident by the statement the main entrance presents. The shaded roads wind past the stallion barn, main office, mare barn, owner’s residence, and guest house and arrive at a state-of-the-art equine race-training facility. This 60-stall training barn is complemented by a ½ mile, 50-foot wide track. Its European synthetic all-weather surface is one of the most sophisticated water-draining, low-maintenance, injury reducing tracks in the world. Additional acreage is also available.


11 SE Hwy 484 • Ocala, Florida 34480 • 352-347-1777 • 352-804-8989 • •

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Country Club of Ocala Estate

Classic Westbury Estate

Ocala, Florida Custom-designed estate home in the Country Club of Ocala overlooking the golf course. This four-bedroom home with four full baths and three half baths features chef’s kitchen with large butler’s pantry, formal dining room, living room, built-in bar for entertaining in the den and cathedral ceilings. For your guests there is a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment. The home features a 4-car garage. Enjoy evenings in the screen enclosed porch overlooking the pool and golf course or poolside. Detached summer kitchen is heated and cooled for your relaxation and enjoyment. Community features full clubhouse, restaurant and tennis.

Ocala, Florida Elegant and unique custom home with majestic oak studded trees surrounding this property in a private gated community. Encompassing more than 8,200 square feet of absolute luxury, the clever design allows you to be a part of whatever is going on in this unique open floor plan. Master suite with his and her closets, three additional suites, plus a separate guest wing with two bedrooms, full bath and sitting room complete with a morning kitchen. The home features: formal living room, dining room, library/office, plus recreation room with balcony over the pool and spa. Gourmet kitchen features specialty cabinets and panoramic views.

Gentleman’s Estate

Nature’s Escape

Ocala, Florida This gentleman’s estate offers pleasure to the eye at every turn. Enjoy the sound of water over a massive rock waterfall as it tumbles and trips its way downward to create a tranquil stream for the Japanese koi and beautiful water garden with water lilies. Peace and tranquility abound. The exquisite gentleman’s barn features a bell tower, 6 stalls, office, carriage room, tack/feed room and guest suite with bath. The main residence welcomes you home with beautiful views from every direction in this three-bedroom, three-bath home with family room which opens to the screened enclosed pool and lanai. The floor plan of the master home and pool give you the feeling you’re a part of the outdoors.

Ocala, Florida Best describes this estate in the nexus where nature weaves its pattern of art, life and peaceful surroundings. Waterfalls trickle 85 feet into a fully-stocked pond. 6-horse stable with full apartment above is nestled among the trees and surrounded by paddocks. By night, soft ambient lighting highlights the massive beam trusses and tongue and groove ceiling; subtle fan lights and dimmable fixtures illuminate the remainder of the home. It’s as beautiful at night as in the daytime. There are a total of 42 doors and windows in the home to allow for all of the natural beauty of the outside in. The natural light radiates through the home year-round. Additional acreage available.

11 SE Hwy 484 • Ocala, Florida 34480 • 352-347-1777 • 352-804-8989 • •


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The Estates at Bay Colony

Port Royal

Naples, Florida Exceptional, one-of-a-kind, custom-built home in one of Naples’ most exclusive communities. Exquisitely finished with world-class quality of features and fixtures throughout. Thoughtful architecture by Randall Stofft and built by Borrelli. Bedroom suites, formal and informal living and dining areas, fitness room, family room with home theater and wet bar. Golf view and southern exposure. The ultimate in year-round entertaining from screened in lanai with fireplace, outdoor kitchen and bar. $4,950,000. Bill Earls, 239-777-6622.

Naples, Florida Built by Yeager Custom Homes and located at the southern end of Spyglass Lane in a cul-de-sac location, this fine home includes a new roof, cement floating dock, brick paved driveway, 16-foot ceilings, keystone patio surrounding tropical pool and spa. Also features gourmet kitchen, luxurious master suite and includes three bedroom suites plus a 3-bay garage. Property offers direct no bridge access to Gulf of Mexico and qualifies for immediate Port Royal Club Membership. $4,495,000. Bill Earls, 239-777-6622.

Port Royal

Imperial Golf Estates

Naples, Florida Designed with functionality as well as beauty, this luxury home is not only sophisticated but truly elegant offering a perfect balance between formality and livability. Designed by Jeff Harrell in the style of a Caribbean plantation. Enriched interiors feature wide-plank black walnut floors and white millwork throughout. This luxury compound offers five bedroom suites plus retreat/study where interior and exterior rooms flow seamlessly. Property also qualifies for a full Port Royal Club membership. $12,900,000. Bill Earls, 239-777-6622.

Naples, Florida This one has it all! Newer construction, today’s desirable finishes, electric hurricane shutters, full house generator, 12- to 13-foot ceilings, crown molding, art niches with accent lighting, new stainless steel appliances, oversized laundry, 3-car garage, beautiful oak flooring in most of the living area, plantation shutters. Saltwater pool and spa, gorgeous outdoor kitchen and entertaining room with built-in gas grill, refrigerator, sink, granite wraparound bar with television, large covered area for guests. $849,000. Debora Frost, 239-250-8701.


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Weston’s Windmill Ranch Estates Weston, Florida Prime location in the heart of Windmill Ranch Estates! Live in style and relaxation in this fabulous five-bedroom, four and one half-bath home with formal office, plus exercise room! Heated pool and spa overlooking a panoramic lake view! Approximately just over 1 3/4 acres! Over 5,200 square feet under air! Home offers marble and wood floors, gourmet kitchen with gas cook top, impact glass windows and doors, magnificent master suite and much more! Offered at $1,950,000.

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1760 E Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fabulous boutique-style condo with only 4 units! Private elevator opens to unit! Over 4,000 square feet under air. Balconies surround unit for panoramic views! Deeded dock, lap pool and exercise room amenities. Two bedrooms opened up for billiard/entertainment area with closets and bathrooms intact! Island kitchen with European-style cabinetry, top-of-the-line appliances, gas cook top. Natural lighting throughout entire unit. Minutes to shopping and beach. Marble floors, impeccably well-maintained! Offered at $2,200,000 or rented furnished at $7,000 per month.

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Breezeswept Coral Gables, Florida Magnificent, with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, this lushly landscaped waterfront estate can easily be defined as an imposing contemporary structure, built high to withstand the elements. Yet, it also totally captures the warm, balmy breezes! Situated on an approximately 56,050 square foot corner lot of bayfront land and exclusively located at the tip of Gables by the Sea, this private and tranquil setting features rare, protected dockage behind a low-lying mangrove barrier. Currently docked at this home is a 94-foot yacht. Truly spectacular and luxurious, this resort-style home is approximately 7,765 square feet and is designed to perfection by blending beauty, art and taste that boasts soaring, open-beam ceilings, pickled ash floors, hurricane resistant skylights, an elevator to all three levels, a stunning, show-stopping, Poggenpohl chef’s kitchen, a 4-6 car garage and a home gym. Once one is in this house, you will not want to leave! Price available upon request.


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Gorgeous Riverfront in Epping Forest

Spectacular Custom Home

Jacksonville, Florida This custom home with four bedrooms, five full and one half bathrooms features craftsmanship rarely seen. Additional amenities include formal living and dining rooms, family room with gas fireplace, wet bar, sun room, office/library, very large kitchen, breakfast room, guest suite on main level, two master suites on upper level, elevator and much more. Two balconies, in-ground pool, shared dock, two-car garage and exquisite vistas of the river from most rooms. $3,650,000

Jacksonville, Florida On the bluff overlooking the St. Johns River, this magnificent home features five bedrooms, four full and one half bathrooms, over 6,400 square feet, formal living and dining rooms, family room, library, bonus/ media/billiard room, breakfast room, gourmet chef’s kitchen, first floor master suite with sauna, shady patio with summer kitchen and awesome views of the river and marina of the Epping Forest Yacht Club. Threecar garage and more all await you in Jacksonville’s premier gated community. $1,995,000

Enjoy the Finest Living in Classic Style

Beautifully Updated Condominium

Jacksonville, Florida This elegantly appointed home is in one of Jacksonville’s most soughtafter neighborhoods – Granada. Amenities include four bedrooms, four full and one half baths, over 5,100 square feet, spacious formal living room with adjacent sun room, formal dining room, magnificently updated kitchen with butler’s pantry, breakfast room, large family room with fireplace, oversized master suite with sitting area and fireplace, two offices, finished lower level with wine vault, heated and air-conditioned walk-up finished attic, and much more. $1,250,000

Jacksonville, Florida This condo overlooks the St. Johns River and mansion, formal gardens and marina of the Epping Forest Yacht Club – the former winter home of Alfred I. duPont. Amenities include two bedroom suites, three full baths, den, two balconies (one screened), gorgeous kitchen with rich wood cabinetry, granite counters and top-quality appliances, and parking for two cars in the secure garage. Residents of this gated community may join the Yacht Club and enjoy fine dining, swimming, tennis, a first-class fitness center and the 73-slip marina – all at your doorstep! $925,000

Selby Kaiser & Linda McMorrow 904-739-7100 8777 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 903 Jacksonville, FL 32217


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1017 Margaret Street Key West, Florida This newer, ideally located Old Town home is beautifully designed and meticulously maintained. Hidden from the street, this gorgeous property has a large two-bedroom, two and one half-bath main residence plus a two-bedroom, one-bath cottage on an oversized tropically landscaped lot with pool, in-ground spa and covered parking. The main house has a large open living area, two master suites with private porches and gourmet kitchen plus many special features and generous storage. The spacious guest cottage has Dade Pine walls, vaulted ceilings and sits poolside. Offered at $1,995,000. Roger Emmons 305-304-7446

Old Town Beauty Key West, Florida This historic eyebrow house has been carefully restored to include all modern conveniences. A wonderful floor plan with a gourmet kitchen, dining room with French doors to the side yard, a living room with two sets of French doors, a 15 X 17 foot covered porch and heated pool and sun deck beyond. Four bedrooms and three and one half baths include a master bedroom en suite with handsome coffered ceiling on the first floor. Another bedroom en suite is on the first floor and two bedrooms and full bath are on the second floor with access to a large open deck with private treetop views. Architecturally beautiful. $1,587,500. Lynn Kaufelt 305-923-4276

Sugarloaf Oceanfront Estate Sugarloaf Key, Florida Breathtaking 4.5 acre oceanfront estate just minutes from Key West. Sand Castle, formerly the Jerry Herman estate, offers multiple homes on a parklike parcel surrounded by water on 3 sides. The elegant 8,814 square foot main home sits on its own beach, has six bedrooms and seven and one half baths and ocean views from almost every room. Amenities include family room, fireplace, formal dining room, home office, sunroom and an enormous game room with wet bar. The wonderful outdoor space includes a large swimming pool, lagoon with fountain and waterfall, volleyball playing field yard and a double car garage. Meander over a charming bridge to the two-bedroom/two-bath guesthouse with its own covered boat slip and roundabout driveway. The grounds also include a two-bedroom/two-bath caretaker’s home. This is truly a rare opportunity to enjoy your own private sand castle! $6,400,000. Terri Spottswood 305-587-3407


1205 Truman Avenue • Key West, FL 33040 • 305-292-2244 •

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3303 Shea Road Collierville, Tennessee This richly built yet casually styled country French home is located on one of Collierville’s loveliest of streets. The two-acre setting affords pastoral views across the grounds and adjoining estate properties, all in the heart of town with every convenience right at hand. Custom-built with hand selected materials – from the dry-stack stone and “old world” brick and timber exterior to the exotic and handsome hickory wood floors and custom kitchen cabinetry and granite countertops, warm family living is the theme. The grand-sized kitchen is the heart of the home. Plus a COMPLETE IN-LAW/NANNY SUITE adds a HARD TO FIND feature. Newly listed for $965,000.

300 Pisgah Road Memphis, Tennessee An early American classic Georgian – designed by renowned architect Carson Looney and custom built on a wonderful 50-acre parcel offering both open pasture and heavy woods. A fully stocked and perfectly located pond completes the site. The historically proper styling is artfully matched with a light and bright interior, perfect for today’s tastes. A grand-sized kitchen with a terrific long breakfast bar, extensive cabinetry and large breakfast space opens to a grand family room. And, a huge covered porch overlooks the pool, SEPARATE POOL/GUEST HOUSE and grounds. Separate 2-car garage. Located in The Gray’s Creek Area of estate properties. A fantastic value at $1,199,000.

241 Mountain Brook Cove Eads, Tennessee Only 6 majestic custom homes are located on this exclusive private and gated cul-de-sac in Eads — The Gray’s Creek Preservation district. Beautifully rolling terrain with lush canopies of mature trees sets the tone. The home offers an ideal French stone and “slurry-mortar” brick exterior and opens to grand living spaces inside. Rustic touches throughout – a quaint vaulted study with an exposed stonework wall, interior beaming, gleaming hardwoods and a kitchen with absolutely the finest of custom detailed cabinetry are all features to love. And four plus acres for each home site create a special community sense of true estate living, newly priced at $1,495,000.

4108 Gwynne Memphis, Tennessee Charles Shipp-designed and meticulously constructed by Bill Mann is this exciting Cape Cod modern interpretation - sophisticated in every way. Grand “public” rooms, banquet in size dining room and an open floor plan offer the entertainer a most dynamic showcase. The essence of the home is its visual flow from indoor to outdoor spaces – capturing many dramatic views across the 1.3 acre lot. The grounds and pool, host to many special private events, are an absolute delight and complete this inspiring retreat. For those who appreciate artful and inspired styling, newly priced at $1,950,000.

Jimmy Reed Marx-Bensdorf, Realtors 959 Ridgeway Loop • Memphis, TN 38120 Office 901-682-1868 • Fax 901-682-2097


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Unique English Tudor Nashville, Tennessee Delightful English Tudor has been remodeled and expanded without disturbing the original proportions and architectural integrity. Features include hardwoods on all levels, exquisite custom millwork, fine Italian tile and elegant stonework. This home truly has an abundance of charm and many custom features. Gracious living room features millwork, columns, arched opening to sunroom and cozy gas fireplace. Spectacular kitchen offers top-of-the line appliances, granite, limestone, tile and recessed lighting. Loggia is stunning with French doors, gas fireplace, oval window, bay window and beadboard ceiling. Adorable separate cottage with forth bedroom and bath. Three bedrooms, three and one half baths. 222 Deer Park Circle. $875,000. Lawrence M. Lipman, 615-364-3333

Stunning Home in Perfect Location Nashville, Tennessee This home has it all. Lovely living room with hardwood floors, recessed lighting, crown molding. Gracious dining room. Remodeled kitchen with granite, stainless appliances, hardwood floors, which opens to the breakfast area. Family room with raised fireplace, built in bookcases, hardwood floor, glass door to patio. Master bedroom with recessed lighting, crown molding, hardwood floor, plantation shutters, good size walk-in closet. Completely remodeled master bath with oversized shower and double vanity. Rec room with fireplace, great for entertaining. Patio area with privacy. Four bedrooms, three and one half baths. 5829 Robert E Lee Drive. $589,000. Lawrence M. Lipman, 615-364-3333

Spectacular Living in Prestigious Location Brentwood, Tennessee Scrumptious living spaces, attention to details. Soaring ceilings, walls of glass, open and spacious rooms, up to five bedrooms with their own baths. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, abundance of cabinets, detailed backsplash, recessed lighting, curved island with raised bar area and breakfast room. Kitchen, breakfast room and gathering room all open to each other. Gathering room is adorned with a stacked, stone fireplace flanked by windows with curved transoms. Master suite on main floor with double raised ceiling surrounded by crown molding. The master bath is lovely with extra high ceilings, his and her vanities, glass enclosed shower, his and her walk-in closets and whirlpool tub. Professional and beautiful landscaping with lot backing up to open space with treed views. Beautiful pool and deck area. Four bedrooms, five and one half baths. 8342 Lochinver Park Lane. $775,000. Lawrence M. Lipman, 615-364-3333


The Lipman Group Sotheby’s International Realty • 615-463-3333 •

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Eagle’s Rest Franklin, Tennessee This spectacular plantation estate in the heart of Tennessee is one of the finest properties available in America today. The exquisitely crafted 20,400 square foot, Georgian-style manor house sits majestically on 700 acres of Williamson County’s finest acres. This gently rolling property offers a stunning landscape of old-growth trees, creeks, orchards, crops and a glittering 12-acre pond. With an eight-stall horse barn, 3 miles of riding trails, and a secluded log cabin, Eagle’s Rest will appeal to the equestrian family and outdoorsman alike. Eagle’s Rest is truly a lifestyle property and the possibilities are endless for the individual who has the good fortune to live, work and play in one of America’s finest estates. Spectacular pool and guest house. Five bedrooms, seven full baths, six half baths. 1350 King Lane. $27,500,000. Lawrence M. Lipman, 615-364-3333

Extraordinary Pre Civil War, Poplar Log Home Ashland City, Tennessee Featured on HGTV, this home has been impeccably restored with all the modern amenities. The home sits on fifteen secluded acres at the end of a quarter-mile-long private driveway through the woods leading to the historic house and manicured lawns in the middle of the property. There are seven outbuildings; two barns, one with stables; an art/music studio; potting shed; fowl roost; a working springhouse and a detached two-car garage. Ornamental plantings, flower gardens and a variety of fruit trees surround the home and are maintained by underground irrigation systems. The home and 15 acres are offered at $594,500. 10 additional acres are priced separately, as are the furnishings and appointments should the buyer be seeking an already tastefully appointed artist’s retreat or a secluded home in the country. Three bedrooms, three full baths. 2900 Lockertsville Road. Gloria Houghland, 615-943-4342. See 71 photo DVD at

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Biltmore Forest Asheville, North Carolina Multilevel architectural gem from 1925 honoring traditional details. Great room has wormy chestnut panels and oversized fireplace, slate roof, wood flooring, master has own wing with fireplace and balcony. 1.4 acre corner lot. $1,890,000 MLS487283. Call Amy Fleming at 828-681-2050.

Biltmore Park Asheville, North Carolina Must see this 7 year old home to appreciate quality and appointments! Four bedrooms, four baths, Australian cypress floors, honed granite counters, Galvalume roof, Pozzi windows. 1,700 square feet, Ipe covered porch with fireplace. Magnificent east/southeast views. Home situated on 3.25 acres. $1,895,000 MLS485929. Call Hope Byrd at 828-654-3281.

Poplar Ridge Asheville, North Carolina Tremendous custom home with generous use of hardwoods, granite and Corian. Vaulted ceilings. Eat-in kitchen, master on main, private deck and views. Three bedrooms and office/den upstairs. Recreation, two bonus rooms and baths, wet bar, family room with woodstove insert. $2,000,000 MLS475391. Call Stephen G. Duncan at 828-258-6368.

Biltmore Forest Asheville, North Carolina Architect George Stowe designed this custom home for casually elegant living. Large rooms, open and flowing, set the scene. Octagonal breakfast room bathed in morning light, secluded master adjoins screened porch. Island kitchen with breakfast bar, guest area, study/office with built-ins, separate family bedroom area, work room with sauna on lower level, fenced yard, lovely terrace. $2,095,000 MLS459027. Call Ann Skoglund at 828-273-0277.



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Biltmore Park Asheville, North Carolina Spectacular 8,000+ square foot home on 2 acres with views of Biltmore Estate. Three kitchens, home theater, elevator, office, billiard room, hitech security system, library/music room. $2,500,000 MLS481812. Call Vivien Snyder at 828-654-3289.

Biltmore Forest Asheville, North Carolina Rare custom Country English home with tee to green views over pond. Open yet substantial with great flow for entertaining. Custom finishes with attention to detail, stone covered/open terraces. $2,890,000 MLS485238. Call Ann Skoglund at 828-273-0277.

Poplar Ridge Asheville, North Carolina Casual elegance with spectacular southwest mountain views. Expect the unexpected! Two interior kitchens, infinity pool, hot tub and cabana with outdoor kitchen. Large guest cottage over detached garage with car lift, RV and boat bays. Formal areas, game rooms and theatre. Luxurious master with spa-like bath. Three level elevator for easy access. Gated drive and community entrances. $2,999,000 MLS475968. For information call Sally Baker at 828-691-3991.

Seven Oaks Mills River, North Carolina 11.73 acres of pure beauty. With views of mountain ranges and equestrian property, it provides security, peaceful living and privacy! The home is the fine art of design - warm, luxurious, comfortable. Every square foot is finished to perfection. Finely appointed throughout. Crafted to the highest standards; there is nothing else like this in west North Carolina! Fenced for horses. One-of-a-kind circle garden, gated. The kitchen is a chef’s dream. $3,900,000 MLS473841. Call Carol Higdon at 828-654-3276.



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Impressive Waterfront Estate

Paradise on Lanier

Atlanta, Georgia Indulge yourself with Lake Lanier’s most wonderful estate! Located on deep water on Lanier’s south end, this home is quality at its finest. Spectacular views from every room. Complete with three kitchens, wine cellar, gym, pool and cabana this home is ideal for entertaining. The master retreat is fit for a king and boasts breathtaking views. Only a short drive from Downtown Atlanta, this is the perfect escape for anyone searching for views of a lifetime. Four bedrooms, four full and three half baths. $3,750,000. James Lyons 678-414-8791

Atlanta, Georgia Private, gated and situated on 4+ acres on the south end of Lake Lanier, this home is ideal for the discriminating buyer. Breezeways connect the main residence, guest house and pool house with fitness center, steam room and sauna. The main residence boasts an incredible layout for gatherings or entertaining. The essence of this home is casual elegance, complemented by expansive decks, a green house, sprawling grassy area, double slip dock, sundeck and 7-car garage. Located on deep water and engulfed in privacy, this home offers the best of the best. Six bedrooms, six full and two half baths. $3,998,000. James Lyons 678-4148791

European Estate in the Heart of Buckhead

Gorgeous English Manor

Atlanta, Georgia Spectacular European Estate on a quiet street in a cozy neighborhood offers fantastic features and attention to detail. Almost new, this home boasts a chef’s kitchen which overlooks the keeping room and walks out to the covered outdoor living area, perfect for entertaining. The master suite is on the main level with sitting area, fireplace and walkout patio. The terrace level has a double-sided fireplace, game room and craft room. The backyard features a waterfall installation. Nearby shopping at Peachtree Battle, walk to Bobby Jones Golf and Tennis center. Six bedrooms, five full and one half baths. $3,750,000. Charles Gerrick and Debbie Pille 404-218-8993 or 404668-3465 or

Atlanta, Georgia Immaculately manicured and in impeccable condition, this newly built Brookhaven Traditional English style manor is stunning and is situated on professionally designed grounds. The basement boasts an exercise room with sauna, 1,500 bottle wine cellar, arts and crafts room, and media room. While warming yourself by the fireplace on the covered back porch, you can step out into the private backyard to relish the professional landscaping and hardscape. A small pool/spa is the central focus bordered by gas tiki torches. A heated, cooled pool house with full bath allows for a nice retreat on a summer day. Six bedrooms, five full and two half baths. $2,095,000. Sam Bayne 404-375-8628


3290 Northside Parkway, Suite 200 • Atlanta, GA 30327 • 404-237-5000 •

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B & B Farm

Buckhead Perfection

Atlanta, Georgia B & B Farm is a fully operational, high-fence, trophy white-tail reserve with 150-200 deer on the premises. The land is 800 acres of timber, meadow and green rolling wonder. There are 5 ½ miles of 8-foot fencing around the property with 25 miles of roads inside the fence. The main house is lavish, constructed of brick and stone, with high-end detailing throughout. B & B Farm also has a three-bedroom guest house, two one-bedroom hunter’s cabins, a 50,000 PEBBLE TEC pool, and four heavily stocked lakes. $5,950,000. Susan Fron and Clay Henderson. 678-464-7899 or 770-652-1890. or

Atlanta, Georgia Quality, design and detail resonate from this stunning home in Atlanta’s premier neighborhood, Tuxedo Park. Custom designed by Boxwood Partners and William Stewart Designs, this home sits on a gently sloping lot and opens in the back to a private oasis complete with pool house, infinity-edge pool, custom koi pond that surrounds screen porch with stone fireplace and outdoor Viking kitchen. The home affords heated stone floors, Crestron Smart System, wine cellar, well and media room. Six bedrooms, six full and two half baths. $6,500,000. Debra Johnston 404312-1959

Stone Manor Estate

Ansley Park Victorian

Atlanta, Georgia This stately custom brick and stone manor estate with modern amenities is on 2+ acres. This home boasts a circular brick drive, 9-car garage, custom kitchen with high-end Sub-Zero, Wolf and Miele appliances, six stone fireplaces, three full and two half kitchens, four finished levels and a guest house. The huge master suite with circular master bath features eight shower heads and rounded jetted tub. Completing the home is the finished terrace level with guest suite, theater, billiards, bar, casino, gym, sauna, steam shower and arcade. The resort-like loggia with pool and waterfall is ideal for gatherings. Nine bedrooms, 11 full and one half baths. $3,800,000. Jim Getzinger 404-307-4020 jim@

Atlanta, Georgia Built in 1906 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this meticulously maintained, well-preserved home is a true gem located in sought-after Ansley Park. Following the guidelines of a true restoration, the home features nine fireplaces, a slate roof, top nailed hardwood floors, impressive woodwork and original light fixtures. Modern conveniences include a large, bright kitchen and five bedroom suites with walkin closets and private baths. The New Orleans inspired courtyard and additional period elements complete this impressive home. Five bedrooms, five full and one half baths. $1,695,000. Jim Getzinger 404307-4020

3290 Northside Parkway, Suite 200 • Atlanta, GA 30327 • 404-237-5000 •


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75 East Broad Street

4130 Tommy Lee Cook Road

Newnan, Georgia Circa 1905 Victorian two-story, fabulous wraparound front porch, five bedrooms, five baths, living room with fireplace, parlor with fireplace, family room with fireplace, banquet-sized dining room, butler’s pantry, sunroom, kitchen with breakfast area, partial basement, detached double garage. $749,900. MLS# 02908353. Call Chip Barron at 770-301-6843.

Newnan, Georgia Fabulous executive horse farm on 32.5 acres with 2.5 acre pond. Home has four bedrooms and three and one half baths, family room with fireplace, office with judge’s paneling, keeping room with fireplace, large sunroom and full finished basement. 5-stall barn with concrete floor second metal barn measuring 72' x 24'. Fenced and cross-fenced pasture. Offered at $975,000. MLS# 02927135. Call Chip Barron at 770-301-6843.

1416 Grandma Branch Road

155 Island Cove Drive

Grantville, Georgia South Coweta County, Georgia, large four bedroom, four bath brick home with finished basement on 136.2 open and beautiful acres with 2-acre lake, family room with brick fireplace, large formal dining room, country-style kitchen, 18' x 36' in-ground swimming pool, shop and pole barn. $1,089,000. MLS# 02637152. Call Chip Barron at 770-301-6843.

Newnan, Georgia Estate home in beautiful Lake Redwine. Home has five bedrooms, four and one half baths, family room with fireplace, living room, separate banquet-sized dining room, two sunrooms, large open kitchen with dining area, breakfast bar, island with gas cook-top, glass cabinets, builtin oven, microwave, warming tray and granite countertops. Basement with ninety percent finished in-law suite and theater room, boat garage, workshop, walk-in safe, T-dock and canoe dock. All on 2.0 acres. Must see at $449,900. MLS# 02824808. Call Chip Barron at 770-301-6843.


Chip Barron Lindsey’s, Inc. Realtors 14 Jackson Street • Newnan, GA 30263 770-253-6990, Ext. 207 • 770-301-6843 •

South Central Oklahoma Arkansas

Alabama Louisiana



Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . 68-71 Moreland Properties. . . . . . . . . . . 72-75 Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . . 76-79 Horseshoe Bay Corp. . . . . . . . . . . 80-83 Martha Turner Properties . . . . . . . . . 84-85 Latter & Blum, Inc., Realtors. . . . . . . . 86-87 McGraw Realtors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88


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Alamo Heights San antonio, TeXas Meticulous in design, workmanship and quiet artistic simplicity, this luxurious Alamo Heights home is a must see. Walking along the wide entry with broad windows and lustrous walls, the gallery continues through the center of the house in a “U” shape separating views of the pool, patio and gardens from various rooms of the house. Epicurean luxury embraces artful design in a kitchen with SubZero, Dacor, KitchenAid, Miele appliances and a Franke stainless sink. Outside, lush grounds await through a backyard haven with a deluxe covered patio and lush tropical landscaping surrounding a sparkling pool. MLS#906660 $1,575,000 Rick Kuper 210-240-8282

Lazy Hollow San antonio, TeXas Under a bower of shady trees, this city estate takes its influence from the romantic countryside of France, with equal attention given to modern luxuries at every turn. 6.5± acres of lushly groomed gardens buffer the 8,000± square foot home with rare privacy, in a surprising location in the exciting northwest metropolitan of San Antonio. Distinctive architectural details add dramatic impact to the living room. The stone fireplace is flanked by floor to ceiling small pane windows, raising your eye to the 28' wood beamed ceiling. Enjoy a leisurely boat ride, refreshing swim in the pool or a game of tennis on the professional grade tennis court. MLS#868107 $2,675,000 Rick Kuper 210-240-8282

Stablewood Springs Resort Hunt, TeXas This spectacular custom home on 2.48± acres is located in the prestigious Estate section of Stablewood Springs Resort. The development is 140 acres of abundant hills, water and wildlife, hiking and biking trails, and luxurious residences, each with their own panoramic view of the surrounding hills and valleys below. Enjoy deeded access to the Guadalupe River. Other unique features include screened porches, extensive patios with a custom fire pit and 12' beamed ceilings in the great room and master bedroom. Enjoy all the amenities of Stablewood Springs including the Bar and Grill, resort-style pools and concierge service. MLS#874924 $1,495,000 Rick Kuper 210-240-8282

Alamo Heights San antonio, TeXas Savor the incredible view of downtown San Antonio from this 9th floor luxurious condo. Designed by Fred Forrest, the exceptional property comes with highly lacquered walls, fabulous lighting, tinted windows, tile flooring from France, Belgium tile counter tops and Viking stove. It also boasts a large master bedroom suite with a library, study and dressing area in bath and huge closet area. The guest bedroom features a marble bath. Come and be impressed by this stunning city condo. MLS#836025 $1,285,000 Rick Kuper 210-240-8282


Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

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Cordillera Ranch BOERNE, TeXas Nestled in the breathtaking Texas Hill Country in one of America’s most unique residential communities, over 8 acres of gated private landscaping adorn this magnificent ranch estate. Inside, exquisite finishes lavish the home throughout, in addition to spacious living areas that allow for grand entertainment. Multiple outside guest quarters and accommodations provide for unparalleled hospitality and office from home environments with access and privacy. This exceptional gated community features exclusive access to Cordillera’s World Class Golf Course and Club House with Golf, equestrian and outdoor sports available to members. MLS#872860 $1,295,000 Randy Cunningham 210-317-3477

Downtown Living San antonio, TeXas Motivated seller is offering gorgeous luxury high rise living with spectacular views of the San Antonio cityscape. Surrounding this intimate location is the famous Riverwalk and the historic King William District. The property boasts hardwood and marble flooring, gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, rooftop pool, spa, and two balconies. The beautiful skyline views are breathtaking in this secure concierge lifestyle. This is an incredible price and exceptional value for downtown living. MLS#826884 $497,600 Randy Cunningham 210-317-3477

Cypress Springs SPRING BRANCH, TeXas Spectacular bluff views overlook the shimmering Guadalupe River and vast land expanse of Texas Hill country across the river. Towering cypress trees line the beautiful river frontage of both of these 1.25± acre lots for a total of 2.5± acres. Private park and recreation facilities offer swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing and picnic grounds, complete with tables, BBQ pits, play scape, covered pavilions and restrooms with showers. This is a true Texas weekend resort and retreat just 10 minutes from San Antonio. MLS#767809 and MLS#767803 $105,000 Randy Cunningham 210-317-3477

Berry Oaks BULVERDE, TeXas 1.5± acres of Ranch estate living is found at the foothills of the Texas Hill Country. A privacy fenced park-like setting with fruit trees and boardwalks to various parts of the property including a winding nature trail through the back yard. A detached outdoor “man cave” offers additional 200 square feet of privacy near backyard oasis pool with natural landscape. Lavished with granite and tile throughout the spacious and open floor plan with high ceilings and beautiful views will impress. MLS#883290 $365,000 Randy Cunningham 210-317-3477

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •


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The Dominion San antonio, TeXas This home stands out among the lush greenery and surrounding landscaping. Its architecture and beauty in the finer details truly shine through. Recently remodeled from top to bottom, this home exudes luxury. Enjoy the latest in custom finishes, gorgeous new floors, designer paint and all new light fixtures. A magnificent kitchen offers top-of-the-line appliances, granite counters, center island and an adjacent breakfast area. The great floor plan creates views of the pool from almost every room. The backyard is embellished by patio areas, lush landscaping and a sparkling pool, all creating a perfect area for entertaining. MLS#859363 $599,000 Jim Hauglid 210-862-9197

The Dominion San Antonio, TeXas Located on one of the best lots on Champions lane in The Dominion, this estate is an architectural beauty. Take advantage of the spectacular golf course views through the endless windows throughout the home. An exquisite courtyard entrance welcomes you into this luxurious property featuring granite, stone, wrought iron and wood details. The master suite, which includes a stunning bath, opens up to a spacious patio with gorgeous golf course views. Each additional room boasts its own balcony and jack and jill bathroom. This gem is meticulously maintained and updated. MLS#905757 $599,000 Binkan Cinaroglu

The Dominion San antonio, TeXas With the recent dramatic price reduction of $650,000, this spectacular home is an excellent value and should not be missed. A luxurious high quality builder’s home, it displays long range views across The Dominion to the hills and beyond. Find porcelain tile floors throughout the expansive areas. Granite decking and railing surround the beautiful infinity pool and outdoor kitchen area. Entertain for hours with a high tech media room located adjacent to a spacious game room. Additional space includes a sitting room off of the master bedroom as well as a cabana and recreation room near the sparkling pool. MLS#828180 $1,499,000 Herb Spoon 210-867-6090

The Dominion San antonio, TeXas This home is located in the prestigious Cottage Estates at The Dominion. Enjoy entertaining a large group or family in this spacious home. Expansive spaces throughout with outdoor parking available. Utilize the three car garage that will hold all your cars or seasonal items. Escape to the master suite upstairs where three more bedrooms are located. There is an additional bedroom downstairs. This home has a great presence with its Mediterranean exterior style. The indoor living space is flexible and provides many options for the next lucky owner. MLS#871577 $557,000 Scott Kaufmann 210-422-5297.


Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

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The Dominion San antonio, TeXas Light and airy, yet extremely private, this is a home of the finest quality. It sits upon just over three acres and has its own private gates. The interior has a pleasing blend of elegant curves and clean contemporary lines. Special features include a Lutron lighting system, a private elevator, and a large exercise/yoga studio with full bath and steam shower. Six ensuite bedrooms upstairs adjoin a large game room with a charming balcony with spectacular views. Find an exquisite kitchen equipped with custom Palmer Todd cabinetry and top of the line stainless steel appliances. This amazing property truly has something to delight each family member. Price available upon request. Mary Carter 210-387-4663

Champions Ridge San antonio, TeXas This incredible home, built in the style of an English Manor is on over three and a quarter acre and has luxurious features. Gorgeous hand cut hardwood floors welcome you, and a large covered patio looks onto the sparkling pool with beach front entry and a romantic Grotto waterfall. This home has it all with spacious rooms including an impressive bar area, play room, and media/exercise room. The master and secondary bedroom are downstairs along with an attached “casita” for guests. You’ll get great use out of the storage space throughout the home, and the three car garage. MLS#898429 $1,125,000 Mary Carter 210-387-4663

Terrell Hills San antonio, TeXas This spectacular estate is located in the heart of Terrell Hills. Found on 1.47± acres and shaded by ancient oaks, this gorgeous Mediterranean home was built in 1937, but has truly been brought into this century with the recent rebuilding of the infrastructure of the entire home. A large circular drive leads you to a classic entry with the most memorable of stairways and sparkling hardwood floors throughout the residence all of which were recently refinished. Several large formal rooms include an elegant living and dining room along with two spacious family rooms on either side of the home and a warm inviting library. Price available upon request. Mary Carter 210-387-4663

Terrell Hills San antonio, TeXas Enjoy the spectacular view of downtown San Antonio and fireworks! Custom built in 2002 on .45± acres, this fully gated estate has so much to offer. Open living areas look out to a fabulous yard, pool, spa and cabana area, chef’s kitchen has granite and Viking appliances. Large first floor master has jetted tub, slate shower and a massive closet. Upstairs is a children’s delight offering a large playroom, surrounded by spacious bedrooms, computer and media room. Don’t miss the third floor space for a great unfinished bonus room. MLS#872495 $995,000 Mary Carter 210-387-4663

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •


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1606 Mount Larson Road

125 Lazy L Lane

Austin, Texas Casually elegant, custom built by Greg Hurd/Sereno Homes. Resort feel in this Spanish/Mediterranean home with expansive views of Westlake Hills and sunsets. Impeccable quality throughout with stone and wood floors, gourmet kitchen open to family room, exercise room and true detached guest house with kitchenette, living, bedroom and bath. Definitely one of the most superior homes currently on the market in Westlake. $3,200,000. Cord Shiflet 512-751-2673

Austin, Texas The absolute perfect get-away. Designed by Shiflet Group Architects, this magnificent one-story home is perched just out of the flood plain on the Blanco River. Towering trees provide a canopy where you can enjoy the completely grassed backyard from the edge of the house to the banks of the river. Built for entertaining and extended guests/family. Wonderful great room with screened porch, outdoor kitchen and fire pit. A quick 45 minutes from Austin. $2,500,000. Cord Shiflet 512-751-2673

4412 Mirador Drive

901 W. 9th St. #1102

Austin, Texas Set on four acres, this modern Mediterranean home offers balanced spaces and sweeping Hill Country panoramas. Polished marble floors bring continuity, the finest Venetian plaster adorns walls and expanses of glass invite light. Amenities are numerous. A wide covered veranda looks out to the sparkling pool and spa. There’s an abundance of native plants, even a rare Madrone tree. Extensive outdoor lighting sets the scene after dark. Privacy, natural beauty and proximity to Fazio Canyons Golf Course and Barton Creek Resort. $3,250,000. Cord Shiflet 512-751-2673

Austin, Texas One of two top-floor penthouses in prestigious Nokonah. Spectacular unit completely remodeled by Julie Evans with no expense spared. Large open rooms great for entertaining, wraparound porches with views of downtown and hill country from every room. Great master closet, screening room with top-of-the-line equipment. The most fun and sexy unit available in Downtown Austin. $3,500,000. Cord Shiflet 512-751-2673

Austin Office • 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 501 • Austin, TX 78703 • 512-480-0848 • 888-740-0848 Lake Travis Office • 1005 RR 620 South • Austin, TX 78734 • 512-263-3282 • 800-997-3282 For more details, visit 72

® ®

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Travis Heights Austin, Texas 1204 Travis Heights Boulevard Elegant recent construction with commanding views of the Austin skyline. Three levels of decks extend the living space to the shaded outdoors and overlook the spectacular pool and outdoor kitchen. Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen, walk-in closets, rare attached two-car garage, soaring foyer, great room and media room plus additional living space (as well as a second kitchen) on the first level (can be used as guest quarters). This home was designed with entertaining and fun in mind. $1,250,000 Kenny Hilbig 512-751-4306

Travis Heights Austin, Texas 1312 Newning Avenue The historic MooreWilliams house built in 1890 fully remodeled and retaining all of its original character. Soaring ceilings, elaborate crown molding, four fireplaces, hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen with stainless appliances, detailed hardware, stained glass windows, wraparound porch, two second floor private decks, accessible third story cupola with great views, private guest quarters with full bath, 2-car garage, large fenced front yard and huge oaks. $895,000 Kenny Hilbig 512-751-4306

Austin Office • 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 501 • Austin, TX 78703 • 512-480-0848 • 888-740-0848 Lake Travis Office • 1005 RR 620 South • Austin, TX 78734 • 512-263-3282 • 800-997-3282 For more details, visit ® ®


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Vineyard Bay on Lake Travis Austin, Texas Located in the waterfront community of Vineyard Bay and acclaimed Lake Travis ISD, this immaculate Shiflet/Travis-designed home sits on a .929-acre, gorgeously manicured lot. Extensively updated in 2009, the warm and welcoming floor plan showcases an open kitchen and a guest room downstairs. Upstairs you’ll find the master suite with a relaxing sunroom, 3 more bedrooms and a game room. Enjoy the heated pool with waterfall and hot tub. Two oversized patios with built-in TEC grill and refrigerator are perfect for entertaining. 15801 Chateau Avenue. $1,275,000

New Construction in Rough Hollow Austin, Texas Experience lake living at its best in this Mediterranean-style home offering every upgrade – gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry; great room with gas fireplace and retractable doors leading to outdoor living with stone fireplace, built-in sink and grill, wiring for 2 televisions and surround sound; dining room with wine closet; study with built-in cabinets; large master suite; casita; media room; game room with serving bar opens to balcony viewing Lake Travis and the Hill Country; in-ground pool/ spa. HOA provides social membership to Rough Hollow’s fitness center and pool. 105 Stone Shadow Cove. $2,000,000

Austin Office • 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 501 • Austin, TX 78703 • 512-480-0848 • 888-740-0848 Lake Travis Office • 1005 RR 620 South • Austin, TX 78734 • 512-263-3282 • 800-997-3282 For more details, visit 74

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Golf Course & Hill Country Views Austin, Texas Warm and Inviting, this outstanding custom home with high-end finish out is meticulously maintained. This entertainer’s dream features four unique living areas, including a gorgeous breeze-cooled covered terrace and a spacious, airy lower-level “room with a view”, each boasting incredible golf course and hill country vistas. Designed for low-maintenance easy living. Additional features include ample closets, wine room, wet bar, gallery lighting, cat 5 wiring, whole house audio and architectural details throughout. 4803 River Place Blvd. $720,000

Classic Lake Travis Waterfront Home Austin, Texas Fabulous total remodel features a gorgeous kitchen with luxury granite, custom cabinetry, stainless appliances, updated light fixtures and hardware…a total package! The master retreat features extensive use of marble and an oversized shower. With an abundance of storage, a tram to the lake and a boat dock with jet-ski platform and lifts, lake living is made easy on one of the best swimming coves in the area. This home was made for entertaining and features a guest apartment downstairs with extra studio, full bath and wet bar. 1027 Challenger. $1,195,000

Austin Office • 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Suite 501 • Austin, TX 78703 • 512-480-0848 • 888-740-0848 Lake Travis Office • 1005 RR 620 South • Austin, TX 78734 • 512-263-3282 • 800-997-3282 For more details, visit ® ®


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3801 Normandy Avenue Dallas, Texas Custom home completed in 2008 includes every amenity. Built by Tatum Brown with the finest quality construction and fixtures. Wine room, elevator, oversized family room, morning room with fireplace, covered outdoor living area, master has separate sitting room, game room, study, her office, media and exercise rooms, fabulous landscaping, 3 car garage. Limestone and hand scraped wood flooring, marble, granite. For the perfectionist! Offered for $6,850,000. Joan Eleazer 972733-9230 / Layne Pitzer 972-733-9072

4669 Meadowood Road Dallas, Texas On one of the most prestigious streets in Preston Hollow, this private, gated Tuscan estate is set on 1.6 acres. Designed by Boerder-Snyder and built by Cy Barcus in 2002, this home features a classic center hall plan. Landscaped grounds include a pool, tennis court, and a large lawn, with a delightful outdoor terrace. Offered for $5,495,000. Claire Dewar 214-808-6045

4686 Meadowood Road Dallas, Texas This home was built with entertaining at top of mind, not only in the formal spaces and serving areas, but also in the design of the floor plan and the many ways that the indoors open to the outdoors. Many doors provide easy access to the covered patios, pool with fountains, and the special gardens surrounding the pond – all create feelings of a countryside mansion, a true escape from the city yet so close to downtown Dallas. Offered for $3,700,000. Becky Frey 214536-4727 / Shelle Carrig 972-380-7776


Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Ste. 224 • Dallas, TX 75209 214-350-0400 •

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9410 Alva Court Dallas, Texas This is estate living at its finest, in the most exclusive Preston Hollow neighborhood, surrounded by a “Who’s Who” of Dallas. Designed in a classic architectural style, this home is situated perfectly on a 1+ acre of gated grounds. Great flow for entertaining, large room sizes, abundant light, and total privacy. The home enjoys an impressive front entry hall, flanked with a double staircase. Offered for $5,535,000. Ginger Nobles 972-733-9242 / Susan Baldwin 972-248-5926

4309 Windsor Parkway Dallas, Texas This refined property occupies a coveted place on one of the most desirable blocks in University Park. Custom built by George Lewis in 1988 and then completely updated in 2008, this French styled brick home will complement the modern family’s lifestyle in every way. High ceilings, moldings, pocket doors, recessed lighting and elegant ebony hued hardwood floors set the mood for the sophisticated downstairs living area. Offered for $2,595,000. Susie Ryan 972-380-7769 / Pete Ryan 972-733-7124

5818 Lakehurst Avenue Dallas, Texas Wonderful French architecture on a quiet street. This beautiful five-bedroom, seven and one half-bath home features great space for entertaining, including outdoor living area with kitchen area and fireplace. Five living areas include: living room, library, den, game room, media room. Incredible kitchen that will make you the envy of all. Two utility rooms, exercise room, beautiful landscaped yard with a pool. Offered for $2,329,000. Lindy Mahoney 972-380-7946

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Ste. 224 • Dallas, TX 75209 214-350-0400 •


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Magic Valley Ranch – 10587 S. Highway 281 Mineral Wells, Texas Magic Valley Ranch, 3,290 acres, is one of the most recognized ranches in Palo Pinto County. Only 45 minutes west of Fort Worth, this ranch has over 6 miles of Brazos River frontage with its sandy beaches for swimming, fishing and canoeing. Offered for $32,900,000. Jack McGraw 972-381-6847

1 Highway 337 Graford, Texas Location, location, location! Opportunity to own a 4,221 acre ranch that offers excellent grazing for cattle, hunting and extensive highway frontage for easy access or future division of the property. In addition, Possum Kingdom Lake is within 10 minutes. The ranch has an all-weather road, numerous stock ponds and a few wet weather draws. Conveniently located between Mineral Wells and Graham. Only 1 hour and 30 minutes northwest of Fort Worth. Offered for $11,609,620. Jack McGraw 972-381-6847

Mountain Top Ranch – 1792 Fortune Bend Road Graford, Texas This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own 1,700 acres on top of Rocky Prairie Mountain. The views from this ranch are as far as the eyes can see and will simply take your breath away. Awesome building sites are available along the rim. Conveniently located near Possum Kingdom Lake, this ranch has excellent deer hunting, good grass and several stock ponds. Only 1 hour and 15 minutes west of Fort Worth. A fantastic recreation ranch! Offered for $8,075,000. Jack McGraw 972-381-6847


Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Ste. 224 • Dallas, TX 75209 214-350-0400 •

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Carter Ranch – 400 Carter Ranch Road Weatherford, Texas Private 133-acre ranch within the development of Silverado on the Brazos offers the best country life, views and Brazos River access with the security of a gated development. The “handmade” home and barn are the perfect blend of comfort and ranch house. Perched high on the bluff overlooking the Brazos River, this unique home has a wraparound porch, stone patio with fireplace and a short walk to the two bedroom guest house with a gameroom and four-stall barn. The house is constructed of three 100 year old corn cribs, antique barn siding, galvanized roof and split cedar logs. The property has 1,800 feet of Brazos River frontage, six horse paddocks, two ponds, creek, and boat landing with rock patio and fire pit. Offered for $4,495,000. David Burgher 214-213-8715

RCR 1320 Emory, Texas This 3-story house has approximately 12,500 square feet under roof, of which approximately 8,200 square feet is air conditioned. Each floor has a separate air conditioning system. The house has a four-car garage with attic storage above. The house has seven dormers and four dominate chimneys with six fireplaces. The entire second floor porch has a concrete floor. Offered for $5,495,000. Doug and Jeanne Shelton 972-380-7869

0 Highway 337, South Graford, Texas This is a great recreational property located within 10 minutes of Possum Kingdom Lake. The rolling 226 acres have hilltop views of Possum Kingdom. Features include a natural spring, stock pond, hunting and easy access to the lake. Conveniently located between Mineral Wells and Graham. Only 1 hour and 30 minutes northwest of Fort Worth. Offered for $1,472,445. Jack McGraw 972-381-6847

Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Ste. 224 • Dallas, TX 75209 214-350-0400 •


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414 Lighthouse Drive Horseshoe Bay, Texas Boasting heart-stopping views, this Mediterranean with touches of Southwest flair has 100 feet of pure open water with northern exposure. Kitchen with striking views of the interior courtyard with paver stones and large oaks. Cozy lanai on the water side adjacent to the kitchen. This five-bedroom, four and one-half bath home offers high ceilings, open living spaces, large windows with expansive views and lush landscaping with mature trees. Several patios for outdoor entertaining. Covered boat house and outdoor slip with wave runner storage. Over-sized, 2-car garage. $2,225,000. Call Steve Butler.

209 Bay Point Drive Horseshoe Bay, Texas Beautiful custom waterfront home with a tremendous location on nice peaceful cove with big open water views! Great landscaping with a canopy of ancient oaks front and back! Living area has a grand masonry fireplace and wood floors. The kitchen, wet bar and huge breakfast area look out over the backyard and lake! An upstairs study has many built-ins with library paneled walls. Double boat slip is ideally located at the side of home. Walking distance to the resort’s amenities! $1,050,000. Call Mike Butler.

Box 7752 • Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657 830-598-2553 • 800-292-1545 • 80

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1214 The Cape

500 Western Bit

Horseshoe Bay, Texas This home on Horseshoe Bay’s The Cape is loaded with special features. Five bedrooms, five full baths, with living, dining, breakfast, game and media rooms, provide plenty of space. The owner’s master suite has an unobstructed view of Lake LBJ. A second master bedroom has a private entrance and can be accessed through the main hall. There are 92 feet of open water with one boat slip with lift and 2 personal watercraft lifts in a single slip. All watercraft lifts are underwater hydraulic mechanisms operated with remote controls. Plenty of outdoor space includes an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. $2,185,000. Call Jarrett Bates.

Horseshoe Bay, Texas Dramatic views of Lake LBJ and the Texas Hill Country. Immaculate home with open floor plan and gourmet kitchen with plenty of cabinets. Kitchen, living, dining and master bedroom are on street entry level. Three bedrooms and game room with bar are downstairs. Features include 14foot ceilings, stereo system, gas fireplace, skylights, three air-conditioning units, hot water circulator, a 59-foot covered veranda and elevator. Located near the golf courses, Yacht Club, fitness center, marina and Marriott hotel. This home is a real find. $695,000. Call Linda Klepper.

137 Mitchell Creek Horseshoe Bay, Texas Custom built from top to bottom. Located in the gated community of Siena Creek adjacent to the new Summit Rock Golf Course built by Jack Nicklaus. The estate lot this home is built on is just under 3/4 of an acre with large native oaks sitting on Pecan Creek. Approximately 4,700 square feet, four bedrooms, six full baths, study and 500 square feet of covered patio. Beautiful heated pool with waterfall and full outdoor bath. Three-car garage. Home has all the amenities that current buyers are looking for and then some. $1,100,000. Call Steve Butler.

Box 7752 • Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657 830-598-2553 • 800-292-1545 • 81

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82 Applehead Island Horseshoe Bay, Texas Outstanding six-bedroom, seven+ bathroom home on three prime waterfront lots with 487' of open water. Beautiful street appeal with gorgeous landscaping and a negative-edge pool. Attention given to every detail in the design of this home. Kitchen has butler’s pantry, warm and inviting family room and breakfast areas, the formal dining and living area has a large fireplace and enough space for a grand piano plus has open water views. The wine room and bar area is a perfect arrangement for entertaining. Unbelievable storage throughout. Each bedroom has a private bath. This is truly a custom home in a gorgeous setting in exclusive Applehead Island. $7,900,000. Call Bette Berry.

3706 Packsaddle Drive Horseshoe Bay, Texas Fabulous upscale waterfront home located on one of the best open water lots on Lake LBJ, with breathtaking views! Features of the home include four bedrooms, four full baths, standing seam steel roof, thick solid knotty alder doors throughout, Cantera front doors, masonry indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchen. Porches and walks are made of large flat sandstone. Andersen windows and exterior doors. Boat dock is concrete and steel construction. $1,595,000. Call Jarrett Bates.

Box 7752 • Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657 830-598-2553 • 800-292-1545 • 82

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108 Wennmohs Place Horseshoe Bay, Texas A top quality luxury waterfront home on 2 lots in prestigious Horseshoe Bay West. This home has the best of both worlds for waterfront living: location on a protected no wake zone cove with a long open water view. Six bedrooms, six baths and two half baths, four family rooms and two kitchens. Other features include a large casita, workout room, two studies and dining room. Two separate 2-car garages with BASF color chip epoxy coated floors. Exceptional features include 3 Miele dishwashers, 60” Wolf professional dual fuel range, 3 Sub-Zero refrigerators, 4 Sub-Zero freezer drawers, 5 Ice-makers, 4 microwaves, 6 various sized refrigerators, 2 trash compactors, 2 warming drawers. Between the east, west, and south wings of the home is an incredible outdoor area including a heated hot tub and 2 pools, waterfalls, covered dining and outdoor kitchen, as well as a TV viewing area. All furniture and accessories with very few exceptions are included in the price. Call to hear about MANY MORE EXTRAS! $4,950,000. Call Darrell Haney or Jarrett Bates.

102 Bunny Run Horseshoe Bay, Texas This exceptional Early Texas home is noted for its openness, far-reaching Lake LBJ views - looking out on more than two miles of open water, and tournament-quality fishing from its back porch. Antique long-leaf pine floors and doors date back to the Puritans’ landing in 1630. The secluded, lakefriendly home sits out on a point unseen from its gated entry, making it HSB’s most private estate and among the finest. It is located on ever-flowing, perpetually refreshed and sandy bottomed Horseshoe Creek Cove - known for its swimming, holding some of Lake LBJ’s cleanest water. The park-like double lot is fabulously landscaped with over 100 large live oaks and 450’ of lakefront, including one of HSB’s best private beaches. On a quiet cul-desac and close to all Marble Falls’ shopping. In addition, the extraordinary site would be perfect as a family compound. $2,650,000. Call Steve Butler.

Box 7752 • Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657 830-598-2553 • 800-292-1545 • 83

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Cottonwood Houston, Texas The Westpark Toll Road has drawn the picturesque town of Fulshear closer to Houston, but the serene country setting and historic pecan and cottonwood groves are still there. One of Fulshear’s most spectacular properties is Cottonwood, positioned on a gentle rise of land and surrounded by heirloom cottonwood trees and live oaks. The magnificent five bedroom, six full- and four half-bathroom home is positioned on five acres with additional acreage available. The main house and two-bedroom, four-bathroom guest house overlook nearby equestrian facilities and polo fields where the Houston Polo Club holds frequent matches that include top players from around the world. Light-filled interiors feature enormous rooms with 10- to 12-foot ceilings, designer wall treatments, tall French doors that access wide wraparound verandas, egg-and-dart and dentil molding, and massive fireplaces clad in rich marble. The home has been extensively renovated and updated with eight zones of high-efficiency air-conditioning and heating as well as adding and replacing hardwood, travertine and tile floors; carpet, sheetrock and paint; and a sophisticated security system. Furnishings were purchased specifically for this house and can be conveyed by separate sale.


50 Briar Hollow Lane • Suite 700 West • Houston, TX 77027 • 713-520-1981 •

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3825 Inverness Houston, Texas The Tudor Revival-style home at 3825 Inverness successfully combines stately elegance and warmth, trademarks of its River Oaks neighborhood. The exterior provides clues to the quality within with handmade brick, slate-tiled and copper standing-seam roofs, copper downspouts and scuppers, and clay pot chimney terminations. Interiors feature beautiful stone and walnut flooring, Rumsford masonry fireplaces, main and return staircases, soaring groin and barrel vault ceilings, casement windows, custom-designed light fixtures and lighting, and an elevator to all three floors. Luxurious interior design by John Kidd & Associates incorporates furniture-quality alder cabinetry and English manor house-style paneling. Outdoor living is enhanced by professionally designed gardens, a sparkling pool, Jesus Moroles water sculpture, and a cabana with summer kitchen and full bath. Additional amenities include Thermador, Bosch and Sub-Zero appliances, six HVAC zones, and state-of-the-art multi-media pre-wiring, security, and mosquito control systems.

Mas Provençal in Bayou Woods Houston, Texas The rustic mas of Provence conjure images of winding approaches; pebble paths rendering a satisfying crunch underfoot; sun-bleached hand-hewn stone walls; sun-drenched rooms with high ceilings, deeply recessed windows and sets of glass doors to the outdoors; herb and flower gardens; ancient towering trees; and a broad sweep of green lawn bejeweled by a deep blue pool set well-away from the house … Don’t book a ticket to Marseilles; there’s a much closer destination for your consideration: this superb adaptation of a mas Provençal at 9025 Sandringham in Bayou Woods. Sequestered on a greater than 12,700 square foot lot, this four-bedroom, six full- and one half-bathroom home offers smooth blush-colored Saltillo tiles, each hand-selected by the owner; creamy Venetian plaster walls; rich brown oak, sinker cypress and walnut millwork; black wrought iron balustrades and hardware; and iron lanterns. Amenities include antique stone sinks and crystal and gold leaf chandeliers.

50 Briar Hollow Lane • Suite 700 West • Houston, TX 77027 • 713-520-1981 •


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Stunning Sanctuary Elegance MANDEVILLE, Louisiana Located in the most desirable Sanctuary gated neighborhood, only onehalf hour from New Orleans. Six bedrooms, seven baths, and enormous, wide-open kitchen and entertaining area plus media room contribute to this most sought-after floor plan with over 6,000 square feet of living. Three-car garage, pool cabana, and patios bring it to over 8,000 square feet. Situated on a one-acre home site, with no rear neighbors, a serene view of native undisturbed wetlands provides nature’s own natural beauty and privacy. MLS 822198 Cindy Saia, Marlene Zahn LATTER & BLUM Inc./REALTORS® ERA Powered 800-428-8294

Spectacular Lake Views Monterey, Louisiana This Acadian style, Louisiana home is located near historic Natchez, Mississippi. It sits on 2.58 acres overlooking the waterways of Black River Lake with private docks. There are four bedrooms, three and one half baths and beautiful wraparound porches. The spacious gourmet kitchen has a Sub-Zero refrigerator, soapstone sink, gas burners, slab granite counter tops and center island. 22' x 26' master bedroom features sitting area, master bath with Jacuzzi tub, and double windows overlooking the river. Nearly 7,800 square feet under roof, 3,727 heated and cooled. The interior of the home has exquisite details. MLS B1010955 Shelia Duncan, CJ Brown REALTORS® ERA Powered 800-428-8294

Elegant Plantation-Style Home MANDEVILLE, Louisiana Raised and custom built with New Orleans style and ambiance. This fine home features high ceilings, wood floors, and gourmet kitchen with highend stainless steel appliances, wine cooler and warming drawing. A luxurious master suite has dressing room, steam shower and spa tub. There is also a beautiful screened porch opening to the courtyard. Separate guest apartment with kitchen, bedroom and living area. MLS 869231 Stevie Mack 800-428-8294 LATTER & BLUM Inc/REALTORS ERA Powered

430 Notre Dame Street New Orleans, LA 70130 800-428-8294 • 86

Each ERA Real Estate Powered Company is Independently Owned and Operated

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One of New Orleans’ Most Historic and Elegant Mansions New Orleans, Louisiana Designed by Henry Howard in 1856 for the entrepreneur Henry Lonsdale, who introduced chicory into coffee and invented the burlap bag. Other famous owners include author Anne Rice and actor Nicholas Cage. Living area is 10,095 square feet and overall is 12,940 square feet. The 2,100 square foot main room is accented by a large spiral staircase. Over 1,600 square feet of galleries and porches overlook the grounds featuring cypress trees, fountain, brick, patio and pool. $3,750,000. MLS 867322 Jay Taylor 800-428-8294 LATTER & BLUM Inc/REALTORS® ERA Powered

Rosale Plantation ST. FRANCISVILLE, Louisiana Listed on the National Register, Rosale Plantation sits on 136.6 acres and is in the rolling hills north of St. Francisville, Louisiana. The historic house, c. 1834 and 1888, has been thoroughly modernized and offers comfortable living with over 5,500 square feet of living area, four bedrooms, three full baths and one half bath, a country styled “cook’s” kitchen with six-burner/two oven Viking range and two dishwashers. The grounds have many live oak and pecan trees, and two stocked ponds. The three bedroom/three bath guest house is 1,892 square feet and another house has three bedrooms and two baths and is 1,901 square feet. There is also an equestrian barn of 2,214 square feet, 6 stalls, tack room, feed room and half bath, with a large fenced pasture. $3,325,000. MLS B1104375 Pat Meyer 800-428-8294 C.J. Brown REALTORS ERA Powered

Your Own Private Retreat Folsom, Louisiana A magnificent country estate of over 12 acres filled with hardwoods, fruit trees and a pond. This plantation style home has front and back balconies and soaring ceilings with a wall of windows overlooking an exquisite pool with an outdoor fireplace and cabana with kitchen. There is also a barn with apartment and a gentleman’s workshop among the fabulous landscaping. MLS 836691 Jennifer Rice 800-428-8294 LATTER & BLUM Inc./REALTORS ERA Powered

430 Notre Dame Street New Orleans, LA 70130 800-428-8294 • Each ERA Real Estate Powered Company is Independently Owned and Operated


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Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons

Located in the Rolling Hills of Gated Wenmoor

Tulsa, Oklahoma This fabulous French chateau may be purchased fully furnished with imported antiques including a Steinway piano from the 1898 World’s Fair. The grand salon is 46 x 23 with 16-foot ceiling. Fabric panels adorn the walls. White oak and marble floors. Oil painted frescoes are inlaid in mahogany ceiling panels. 24-karat gold leaf moldings. Mantelpieces are from the World War II era. Unparalleled European luxury throughout. Almost four private acres. $10,000,000. Laura Hawkins 918-260-7885

Tulsa, Oklahoma Custom-built with 20-foot ceiling in grand entry with gracefully curved wrought iron staircase. Formal living has carved moldings on walls and ceilings. Master chef’s kitchen with large commercial range and Swedish wood topped island. Each bedroom with en suite full bath. Large game room and exercise room. Spectacular outdoor living with cascading water from stone wall into the pool and hot tub. A covered gazebo makes the perfect area for outdoor kitchen. $2,839,000. Laura Hawkins 918-260-7885

Stone Estate Home Resting on Spectacular Crow Creek

The Ritz-Carlton

Tulsa, Oklahoma Newly renovated and expanded kitchen with large center island is the focal point with a commercial style range and hood. There are also a wine refrigerator and an ice maker. Out the French doors is an eating area with fireplace. A meandering path leads through the greenery to a pool, spa and waterfall. The pool house has a full bath and bedroom/office. An outdoor room adjoins with kitchen and fireplace. Both are climate controlled. $1,595,000. Laura Hawkins 918-260-7885

Aspen, Colorado Own a multimillion dollar condominium for only $325,000. This is a 1/12 interest in a three bedroom, three and one half bath home overlooking the Maroon Bells with ski-in/ski-out access to the Highlands. Décor and furnishings of the highest quality. Heated Italian marble bath floors, granite kitchen completely equipped. Ritz-Carlton provides ground transportation. Pool, hot tub and fitness center. Discounts at Ritz hotels and reciprocal club use available. Christmas and New Year’s week available 2010/2011. Laura Hawkins 918-260-7885


Near West Montana

Bell Tower Properties. . . . . . . . . . . 90-91 Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . 92-93


Morris & Fyrwald Wyoming

Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . 94-95 Prudential Rocky Mountain, Realtors. . . . 96-97 Breckenridge Associates Real Estate. . . . 98-99 Horizon Properties of Durango. . . . . . .


Wright-Kingdom, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . 101 Ranch Marketing Associates . . . . . . 102-103

Utah Colorado

Arizona New Mexico


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37 Old South Road

24 Rabbitbrush

Santa Fe, New Mexico Situated on 3 acres, this 2,200 square foot home has three bedrooms and two full and one half baths. Located in the Art Barns area of Eldorado, 20 minutes from downtown Santa Fe. Front entry has an intimate courtyard with beautiful plantings accented by stone walls, a stone bench and water feature. The layout of the home is one level with an open concept consisting of the living room, dining area and gourmet kitchen. Master suite is separate from the two guest bedrooms. The 1,800 square foot portal is perfect for entertaining with a stone water feature, kiva fireplace and a Garden of Eden Spa. Landscaped lighting and gorgeous sunsets set the ambiance for an evening of relaxation. $725,000. MLS#201102791. Nancy Lehrer 505-988-2428

Santa Fe, New Mexico Enjoy incredible sunsets and Jemez mountain views from this beautiful home in the La Vida neighborhood. The dramtic curved window wall in the living room takes full advantage of the unobstructed mountain views. This home is only minutes from town but has immediate access to miles of trails for biking and hiking. Tremendous care and thought were taken by architect Max Kaber in the design of this home. The spacious living room opens to the gourmet kitchen which flows into the family room and bar area. Beautiful finishes throughout the home (i.e.: oak flooring, plaster walls, 18' granite kitchen island, coved ceilings and custom doors). $889,000. MLS#201103236. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

4 Estancia Court

31 Arroyo Provado

Santa Fe, New Mexico Enjoy the peace and beauty of this stylish, pueblo style, custom built home. There is plenty of privacy and open space in this gated community just minutes to downtown Santa Fe and close to two golf courses. This home features tall tongue and groove ceilings with vigas, plaster walls, kiva fireplaces, and nichos. The fabulous kitchen/ family room opens on to a wrap-around outdoor portal. Mountain views to the west. Three bedrooms, two and one half baths in 2,700 square feet. $665,000. MLS#201102325. Jan Kapustinsky 505-470-3626

Santa Fe, New Mexico Stunning southwestern soft-contemporary delivers on style, design and execution. Carefully sited with privacy...yet with generous big views to the adjacent open spaces. This home features a lovely master suite, guest bedroom and third bedroom or den along with an immense great room and awesome cook’s kitchen. Limestone floors, slab granite kitchen counters, slab travertine counters in the baths are just a few of the exquisite finishes...along with many more thoughtful design features. This is just a beautiful home! $585,000. MLS#201101780. John Scott 505-699-0794

Bell Tower Properties 218 Camino La Tierra, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506 505-988-2428 90

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17 C Tecolote Circle

46 Hollyhock

Santa Fe, New Mexico This superbly built home is situated on one of the most dramatic lots in Las Campanas. It overlooks the lake between both 18th holes of the Sunrise and Sunset golf courses and has outstanding mountain views as well. Beautiful details throughout with slate floors and separate floors and separate guest quarters. Home decorator furnishings excluding artwork are included. Equity Golf membership is available. Close distance to the Haciendas Clubhouse. $1,495,000. MLS#901209. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

Santa Fe, New Mexico Original double adobe Las Campanas model home in Estates I captures panoramic Sangre de Cristo views from its elevated cul-de-sac setting. Gallery entry opens into a floor plan defined by handcrafted finishes and architectural details throughout. The expansive flagstone pathway encircling the home connects private and grand portals for enhanced indoor/outdoor living. Master suite with separate baths features steam shower and sap tub. High end finishes such as granite counters, flagstone and wood flooring, stainless appliances and diamond finish plaster accentuate this luxury product. Architectural proposal for guest casita available. $1,279,000. MLS#201005885. Jack Welch 505-780-0994

18 Primrose Circle

136 Calle Ventoso West

Santa Fe, New Mexico This beautiful 3,300 square foot home in Las Campanas was built in 2006 by Sharon Woods, one of Santa Fe’s premiere builders. The home is situated on a private and elevated 1.5 acre homesite and offers expansive views of both the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. There are wonderful finishes and details throughout the home. Quality construction along with beautiful appointments and gourmet kitchen make this an exceptional property. $869,000. MLS#201005531. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

Santa Fe, New Mexico New Listing! Outstanding Pueblo-style home with beautiful finishes throughout. Two master suites plus guest room/office, gourmet kitchen with large island open to family room (Viking appliances and pantry wall). Spacious living and dining area, perfect for entertaining. Finishes include custom doors and windows from Spanish Pueblo Doors, limestone, travertine and walnut flooring. Coved, beamed and vigas ceilings throughout. Beautifully landscaped entry courtyard plus four other patio and portal areas for enjoying the Jemez mountain views. Room for guesthouse, ample 3 car garage. $979,000. MLS#201100677. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

Bell Tower Properties The only real estate company in Santa Fe with offices located in Las Campanas. 91

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Purely Stunning

Golf Course Estate

Paradise Valley, Arizona Absolutely magnificent, this spectacular estate is designed for the ultimate in opulent living and entertaining. Grand formal spaces. Superb for indoor/outdoor entertaining. Dining room with hardwood floors, twin chandeliers. Virtuoso kitchen with beamed ceiling. Luxurious master suite with lavish bath, black-tie closet. Smooth-as-glass pool. Library, office, sitting room, theater, wine room. Guest house. Seven bedrooms, 13 baths in 15,619 square feet. Offered at $15,850,000. MLS#4551440. Home tour at

Phoenix, Arizona Extraordinarily opulent, this majestic estate is nestled alongside the world-famous Arizona Biltmore Golf Course. Custom woodwork, stonework, ironwork. Hardwood floors, dazzling cross-beamed ceilings. Breathtaking kitchen. Plush theater. Wine cavern. Plethora of French exits to patios/balconies. Dining/dancing terraces with cascading archways. Rear courtyard with pool, spillover spa. Nine bedrooms, 11baths in 17,799 square feet. Offered at $6,950,000. MLS#4557570. Home tour at

Finisterre Elegance

Southwestern Style

Paradise Valley, Arizona Richly detailed, this high-fashion Southwestern home is snuggled next to a lovely lake on the Camelback Country Club golf course. Breathtaking finishes in beautiful blend of desert-inspired hues. Grand gathering areas with dramatic hardwood/beamed ceilings, stunning stone floors. Galleria hallways surround intimate shaded courtyard with water feature. Multiple patios. Gorgeous pool, spa. Four bedrooms, three baths in 4,466 square feet. Offered at $1,850,000. MLS#4578510. Home tour at

Paradise Valley, Arizona Caressed with elegance and sophistication, this posh estate is nestled deep inside the exclusive enclave of Finisterre. Soft Mediterranean ambience with lush lawns, shady trees. Living room with cascading archways. Dining room with wall-width French exits. Plush media room. Office with hardwood ceiling, floors, walls. Waterfall/grotto pool. 200-footlong flagstone patio. Full/new remodel. Four bedrooms, four and one half baths in 6,617 square feet. Offered at $2,850,000. MLS#4564493. Home tour at


Sandra Baldwin • 7135 E. Camelback Road, Suite 360 • Scottsdale, AZ 85251 • 480-287-5300 •

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Biltmore Resort Living

Perfect Contemporary

Phoenix, Arizona Gated luxury villa located on Biltmore’s Adobe Golf Course with golf, city skyline and mountain views. The home is upgraded with the best in fixtures and finishes. Great room floor plan offers lots of room, alcoves, disappearing doors that open onto wraparound patios. The master wing ranges from the view balcony to a romantic bath with a his/her set-up, direct laundry room and den access. Three bedrooms, three and one half baths in 3,931 square feet. Offered at $2,350,000. MLS#4589174. Home tour at

Phoenix, Arizona Exquisitely elegant, this soft southwestern contemporary boasts a secluded setting deep inside the exclusive enclave of Bartlett Estates. Chic kitchen with polished concrete counters. Dining room with French exits to intimate patios. Master bath’s multi-person shower opens to private spa patio. Two-bedroom guest house. Luxurious lawns, towering trees, lap pool. Studio. Barn area. Six bedrooms, eight baths in 6,917 square feet. Offered at $2,750,000. MLS#4562375. Home tour at

Charm and Value

Arcadia Living

Paradise Valley, Arizona Flattered by a lush villa-like ambience, this luxurious estate exudes a wealth of elegance and sophistication embraced with warmth and charm. Courtyard entry. Living room with wall-width French exits for indoor/ outdoor entertaining. Dining with floor-to-ceiling windows, extended catering buffets. Entertainment room with galley bar. Tall trees, hacienda patios, pool. Mummy Mountain views. Five bedrooms, six and one half baths in 7,295 square feet. Offered at $2,475,000. MLS#4557834. Home tour at

Scottsdale, Arizona Magical and mesmerizing, this magnificent estate exudes an idyllic ambience reminiscent of a serene Spanish hacienda. Gated motor court. Formal rooms with trestle-beamed ceilings, wrought-iron chandeliers, French exits. Kitchen with cross-beamed ceiling. Family room with hardwood floors. Wine room. Lush lawns. Sprawling garden patio. Covered dining patio with barbecue. Camelback Mountain views. Four bedrooms, four baths in 4,567 square feet. Offered at $2,235,000. MLS#4561905. Home tour at

Sandra Baldwin • 7135 E. Camelback Road, Suite 360 • Scottsdale, AZ 85251 • 480-287-5300 •


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An Ultimate Mountain Treasure

McLain Flats Luxury

Aspen, Colorado This brand new custom-designed estate offers a distinct contemporary style with flawless finishes. Ski-in/ski-out to Tiehack on Buttermilk Mountain and enjoy fabulous views. Features include five en suite bedrooms, 9,400 square feet, massive wood beams, exceptional entertainment spaces, European custom cabinetry, luxurious master suite with private deck, theater with 100 inch projection screen, game room with bar, exercise room, beautiful stone waterfall, heated flagstone patios, and snowmelted driveway. No detail has been overlooked! $11,950,000 Furnished

Aspen, Colorado Brand new estate on over 6 acres with breathtaking views features five bedrooms, five full baths, two half baths, 10,460 square feet, reclaimed wood floors and timbers, granite and marble counters, dry stacked stone, gorgeous master suite, master bath with spa tub and steam shower, media room, study, exercise room, family room, gourmet kitchen, multiple fireplaces, 3-car garage, hot tub, inviting patios, and mature landscaping with streams and ponds. The irrigated meadows and gentle topography are perfect for horses, and a barn or caretaker’s house is permitted. $18,750,000 Partially Furnished

Mountain Elegance in The Pines

Irreplaceable and Rare

Snowmass Village, Colorado Brand new mountain contemporary home on one acre with direct ski-in/ski-out access to Two Creeks! A perfect family retreat featuring five bedrooms, five and one half baths, 5,843 square feet, warm and elegant finishes, open and inviting floor plan, large family/media room, spectacular gourmet kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, office/ study, main floor master suite, seven fireplaces, wine closet and bar area, reclaimed white oak floors, exposed timbers, alder doors, air conditioning, radiant heat, high efficiency energy and water systems, 3-car garage, patios, extensive landscaping and snowmelt, irrigation system, and unobstructed mountain views. $7,900,000

Snowmass Village, Colorado Nestled into the hillside at the end of the private Pioneer Springs Ranch, you’ll enjoy incredible views from Snowmass to Aspen Mountain from this mountain contemporary estate situated on over 40 pristine and private acres. The unique 13,000 square foot home boasts large open living spaces with expansive master suite, a gracious and inviting guest master suite with private deck, two media/family rooms, a billiards and game room, private office/loft with deck, covered patio with pizza oven, fireplace, and built-in grill, large hot tub and fire pit, stateof-the-art mechanical systems, 3-car garage, one bedroom/one bath caretaker unit, and a gourmet kitchen that any chef would appreciate. Offered furnished for $17,950,000


Craig Morris • 415 East Hyman Avenue • Aspen, Colorado 81611 • 970-379-9795 cell • 970-925-6060 office • •

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East Owl Creek Estate

At the Base of Aspen Highlands

Aspen, Colorado Situated on 4 acres and adjacent to 100 acres of open space, this beautiful home with south-facing views of Snowmass ski area and Mt. Daly features four bedrooms, four and one half baths, 5,437 square feet, open floor plan, expansive windows, no sub-grade space, main level master suite, large 2-car garage, patios and outdoor spaces for entertaining, seasonal pond and irrigation water, and mature landscaping with wildflowers and perennials for color all summer long. Conveniently located between Aspen and Snowmass for a rural feel, yet minutes to both. Offered furnished for $5,995,000

Aspen, Colorado Set in the old growth trees at the base of Aspen Highlands ski area, this is the prefect building site to fit your mountain lifestyle. At just over one acre, this parcel offers privacy, mature trees and inspiring views while enjoying the sounds of the Maroon Creek below. With Highlands Village within walking distance, fine dining, shopping, and the slopes are minutes away, and property owners enjoy the outdoor pool, spa, and fitness facility of the Ritz-Carlton Club. Plans are available for a 7,500 square foot home or bring your architect to design the home of your dreams! $2,800,000

Close-in Contemporary

The Cabin in the Woods

Aspen, Colorado Located on a quiet street in the Oklahoma Flats neighborhood of downtown Aspen sits a wonderfully unique and contemporary home on the edge of the Roaring Fork River. This distinctive home with main floor master suite, boasts a large open floor plan with stylish finishes and inviting living spaces great for entertaining or relaxing in comfort. With an incredible deck that beckons you to sit and listen to the rush of the river, three additional en suite bedrooms, an exceptional office, a lower level media/family room and over 4,500 square feet, close-in living never felt this good. $13,000,000

Aspen, Colorado This could arguably be the most awe-inspiring location in all of Aspen. Picture drop dead views of Aspen Mountain, the sights and sounds of the Roaring Fork River, a coveted neighborhood, and an incredibly charming log and stone “cabin” all within walking distance to downtown Aspen via the Rio Grande Trail, which by the way is right outside your back door. If the mountain lifestyle is what draws you here, then this is the house you need to see. Not pretentious - just quaint and comfortable. $6,995,00

Craig Morris • 415 East Hyman Avenue • Aspen, Colorado 81611 • 970-379-9795 cell • 970-925-6060 office • •


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Private Retreat on 8 Acres Broadmoor, Colorado Escape to this gated compound on a rare parcel of land with panoramic mountain and city views. Nestled among towering pines, this estate boasts a fabulous main house with 8,973 square feet, five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There is also an updated cabin with 1,900 square feet, three bedrooms and two full baths. Originally a hunting lodge, the main home has been completely renovated while maintaining its historic charm. Outstanding outdoor living areas include tiered decks, a stone fire pit and an expansive flagstone patio with in-ground hot tub, gas grill and water fall. $2,900,000

Posh Resort Lifestyle Colorado Springs, Colorado This Broadmoor Brownstone offers a unique lifestyle with exclusive rights to purchase a coveted Broadmoor Golf Membership. Located across the street from the world-famous hotel, you are a short walk to the entire hotel’s amenities to include golf, tennis, swimming, spa and workout facilities. Boasting an open floor plan with 12' ceiling, the town home has luxurious finishes, an elevator, three fireplaces, hickory floors, two bedroom suites, great room, family room, two patios and a 3-car garage. A perfect second home! $1,650,000

Historic Maytag Estate Colorado Springs, Colorado Nestled on two prime acres, this landmark property boasts 13,000 square feet, seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Located on a scenic rim in Broadmoor, the home enjoys panoramic views of the mountains, the Broadmoor Golf Course and the lake at the Country Club of Colorado. The focal point of the home is the 38’ x 38’ center courtyard around which the home revolves. Some of the homes special features include coral columns, beamed and hand-painted ceilings, 14 sets of French doors, seven fabulous fireplaces and a sumptuous master with his and her baths. $2,500,000

Remodeled English Cottage Colorado Springs, Colorado Located in Old Broadmoor, this charming English cottage is nestled on a large lush lot with incredible gardens. Totally renovated, the home has 4,000 square feet with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an office. Abounding with architectural interest, the home enjoys arched doorways, crown moldings and interesting ceilings that include a barrel ceiling, beamed ceilings and bead board ceiling. Wood floors and three lovely fireplaces add to the home’s inviting ambiance. There are also five walkouts to the backyard where covered patios and fantastic gardens await. $699,000


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Classic Estate on 3.15 Acres Colorado Springs, Colorado Bordering a private park in Old Broadmoor, this landmark property has 8,713 square feet amidst a lush setting with expansive lawn and perennial gardens. Exterior features include a slate roof and a huge covered flagstone patio. The stunning great room boasts a peaked ceiling with massive wood beams and a red fieldstone fireplace. There is a guest room, sunroom, updated kitchen, office with fireplace and an elegant dining room with fireplace on the main level. The master suite and four guest suites (all with fireplaces) are on the upper level. $1,950,000

Alluring Manor House on 1.58 acres Colorado Springs, Colorado Lush gardens and tall pines surround this charming home in a prestigious gated community. Special “old world” amenities include wide plank “Heart Pine” floors, hand-troweled walls, 8” thick window sills, rock accent walls, fabulous chandeliers and six timeless fireplaces. The gourmet kitchen offers everything from a gas Wolf stove with six burners and custom flue to a walk-in pantry with arched brick entrance. Outstanding outdoor living spaces and quality craftsmanship earmark this 6,694 square foot home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. $1,637,500

French Chateau on 2.87 Acres Black Forest, Colorado This elegant stone home with courtyard entrance has 7,314 square feet, six bedrooms, six bathrooms and a private treed setting bordering parkland. Featuring a main level master with infinity tub, handsome office, soaring ceilings, crown moldings, alder floors, four stone fireplaces, sound system, deluxe wet bar, home theater and wine room. The gourmet kitchen boasts cherry cabinetry, slab granite counters, gas range, and pot filler, warming tray, two ovens, two dishwashers and a butler’s pantry with icemaker. $1,299,000

Premier Building Site Colorado Springs, Colorado Paradise Found! This 3.5 acre lot sits on the rim of the coveted Broadmoor ridge with 360-degree views. When you build your dream home, you’ll need lots of glass to capture the unobstructed views of the Broadmoor Golf Course, Cheyenne Mountain, the city and the Country Club of Colorado’s lake and golf course. Owner financing available! Call us to walk the lot. $899,000

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Spruce Valley Ranch Breckenridge, Colorado The ultimate in Colorado mountain living ― Spruce Valley Ranch. This spectacular residence is situated along Indiana Creek just 5 minutes south of Downtown Breckenridge. The property is over two acres and is surrounded by dedicated open space, home to an array of high alpine wildlife, like the moose who took up residency last winter and the beaver who work the wetlands every summer. Designed and built around an entertainer’s kitchen, the focal point of the grand living area. Every upscale appliance is incorporated into the kitchen. Solid granite counters, stone floors, moss rock fireplaces and soaring trusses in vaulted ceilings add drama to this home, like no other. A sumptuous, main level master suite with a stunning marble bathroom that shares a fireplace with the master bedroom also enjoys a sandstone patio overlooking the beaver ponds. Four additional en-suite bedrooms offer luxurious accommodations to your friends and family who will, no doubt, come out of nowhere when they find out you now have this home in Colorado. A main level family room is complete with a fireplace of its own, a pool table and dynamic surround entertainment. A four-car garage leaves room for your two-seater! Private amenities include a tennis court, a private fishing lake with boat house, skeet shooting range, horse stables and dedicated hiking/skiing trails. This home truly is one of the finest Breckenridge has to offer. Competitively priced at $2,995,000. More photos at Breckenridge, Colorado Awesome panoramic views include downtown, the entire Breckenridge Ski Resort and Ten Mile Range. Summit County’s leading builder built this home and raised his own family here. The home totals over 5300 square feet. A home theatre or a 6th bedroom can be formalized on the main level, to your taste. The park and tennis courts are just a couple hundred feet away. Five bedrooms comfortably accommodate all your friends and family. Awesome new kitchen and master suite are all you would ever want. Price recently reduced. 1,799,000


Ron Shelton • Broker, Partner Breckenridge Associates Real Estate 800-870-7392 • 970-547-7728 •

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Quintessential Colorado Breckenridge, Colorado This spectacular legacy property is located just minutes from downtown, historic Breckenridge, Colorado, in amenity-rich Spruce Valley Ranch. Custom-designed with a timeless Colorado style including log trusses, sandstone and wood floors, soaring ceilings and walls of windows letting endless panoramic views and Colorado blue sky sunshine. An unbeatable master suite and three additional en-suite bedrooms easily accommodate precious friends and family. Home theatre, office/library, 3-car garage, 2-level log gazebo with hot tub and fire pit. Private tennis court, stables, skeet range, boat house, fishing lake. One of the BEST OF BRECKENRIDGE. $4,200,000.

Ron Shelton • Broker, Partner Breckenridge Associates Real Estate 800-870-7392 • 970-547-7728 •


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Rusty Nail Ranch Durango, Colorado This is a very special property offering extensive beautiful Animas River frontage as it emerges from the gorge out of the San Juan National Forest. The very exclusive and private 70+ acre setting is comprised of pine tree-framed irrigated pastures and pine forest. The river frontage is pristine with some sandy beach, granite boulders and numerous pools and eddies ripe for fishing and water play. The well-appointed main home is set on a bench in the pines overlooking the river and pastures with views expanding to the north valley cliffs. The home includes many fine features and finishes: living room with indoor/outdoor gas fireplace and built-in cabinets, library/office with fireplace, family room/game room with wet-bar, wine cellar and fireplace, master bedroom with his and her bathrooms and steam shower and Jacuzzi tub, a well-equipped kitchen, another office with built-ins, large wraparound deck with gas barbecue grill and walk-in safe. Included are two-bedroom guest quarters, a two-bedroom caretaker’s home with large garage shop and attached 4-stall heated horse barn with tack room wash bay, riding arena, pastures equipped with timed sprinklers, large trout pond with circulating river water. This is truly a spectacular offering for your very discriminating buyer. Scenes from several movies have been set here including “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “City Slickers.” Located just 15 minutes and midway between downtown Durango to the South or Ski Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort to the North. Golfing at The Glacier Club or Dalton Ranch are both just a 10 minute drive away. Price: $9,200,000.


Geof Schlittgen, Broker/Owner Horizon Properties of Durango 275 CR 252 ( Trimble Lane) Durango, Colorado 81301 970-259-3700 Office • 970-759-3702 Cell

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Devil’s Thumb

Indian Peaks Golf Course

BOULDER, COLORADO In Southwest Boulder’s foothills, just steps from open space and hiking trails with fantastic views. Soaring ceilings brighten the 4,250 square foot open ranch floor plan. Sunroom with tile floor steps up to kitchen featuring oak floors, slab granite counters and breakfast bar. Offers private, expansive master retreat. Walkout lower level finished with rec room, office and wine cellar. Huge deck and tiered flagstone patios provide outside entertainment areas. Neighborhood pool and tennis. $1,250,000. Stu Wright, 303-541-1900,

Lafayette, COLORADO Overlooking the17th fairway, this spectacular home boasts amazing views of the Rocky Mountains from all three levels. Features 6,988 square feet, five bedrooms., six baths and 3-car garage on a quiet cul-de-sac. Spacious eat-in kitchen with hardwood floors, center island, granite counters, cherry cabinets and stainless appliances opens to covered deck. Master suite has sitting area, double-sided fireplace, balcony and walls of view windows. Home theater in walkout lower level. $1,140,000. Stu Wright, 303-541-1900,

Rose Hill Cottage

Secluded Setting in Chautauqua

BOULDER, COLORADO Built in 1898, this historic home was restored and remodeled in 2006. The flexible, four-bedroom, three-bath floor plan boasts white oak and tile floors. Ten-foot ceilings and two-story stairwell create spacious living areas. Chef’s kitchen offers slab granite counters, cherry and maple cabinets, and Energy Star appliances. Numerous green features include PV solar panels and EPA Phase II firebox. Large corner lot near Chautauqua with Flatirons views. Wraparound porch, flagstone patios, 2½-car detached garage. $1,495,000. Stu Wright, 303-541-1900.

BOULDER, COLORADO Amazing location below Flagstaff Mountain bordering Gregory Creek. This magnificently updated home is secluded in a parklike setting surrounded by perennial rock gardens and stately trees. Dramatic interior architecture features sunny atrium with fountain, glass ceilings, columns, lofts, stone fireplaces and gleaming hardwood floors. Open floor plan with 8,600 square feet, six bedrooms and seven baths. Main level master suite offers study, fireplace and nursery with access to nanny apartment in lower level. $2,290,000. Stu Wright, 303-541-1900.

4875 Pearl East Circle, Suite 100 Boulder, CO 80301 303-443-2240 • 800-343-8885


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Walton Ranch Jackson, Wyoming Sited along the legendary Snake River, the 1,848-acre working ranch is surrounded by the grandeur of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks yet is minutes to world-class ski resorts and Jackson - home to some of America’s top corporate leaders. A rare opportunity to own wideopen spaces in one of the most sought-after locations in the world. $100,000,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881 or Billy Long at 970-927-3850.

Big Creek Ranch Steamboat Springs, Colorado Private yet only fifteen minutes from Steamboat Springs, the 5,034-acre ranch is nestled in its own valley surrounded by national forest. A modern, western-style, 11,000 square foot lodge, five additional houses, four utility buildings, a historic 100-year-old barn and five miles of Big Creek complete this fabulous ranch which also has development potential. $59,900,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881 or Billy Long at 970-927-3850.

Five Star Ranch Westcliffe, Colorado Bordering large private ranchland with unobstructed, panoramic views of the Wet Mountain Valley and snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Five Star Ranch offers gracious mountain living in one of the most exquisite homes on the market today - named “Home of the Year” by Timber Home Living. 561 total acres located five minutes north of Westcliffe offering privacy and masterpiece improvements in a beautiful mountain setting. $4,900,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881.

Colorado River Ranch Dotsero, Colorado One of the finest recreational ranches in the country offering fishing, horseback riding, hunting, traditional cattle ranching - all with easy air access and proximity to Vail and Aspen. 1,017 acres at the base of the Flattops Mountains with two private miles of the Colorado River, irrigated hay meadows, great water rights, full mineral rights, ponds, a ranch house, outbuildings and a small cow herd. $14,900,000. Billy Long at 970927-3850 or Carl Luppens at 303-394-1400.

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Antelope Valley Ranch Cotopaxi, Colorado The ranch’s 1,500 acres of solitude, beautiful rock outcroppings, rolling meadows, forested hillsides and stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Range, Spanish Peaks and Wet Mountain Valley have inspired artists from around the country. Bordering 30,000 acres of BLM with a 2,016 square foot adobe main house and four cabins, the ranch is the ideal corporate retreat, family ranch or private hunting grounds. $3,500,000. Billy Long at 970-927-3850.

Moonshadow Ranch Steamboat Springs, Colorado One of the most architecturally impressive mountain/custom equestrian properties in the south valley of Steamboat Springs near Lake Catamount, the 38-acre Moonshadow Ranch offers beautiful views in every direction and fifteen minutes from Steamboat Springs and ski area. The gated entry property consists of an exquisite, 7,746 square foot main residence, a caretaker’s home, six-stall horse barn, riding arena and fenced pastures. $7,500,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881.

Dumbell Ranch Alcova, Wyoming Between Casper and Rawlins with over 10 miles of the Sweetwater River, the 118,746 total acres - 25 miles long and 5 miles wide - are a great working ranch operating at 1,200 cow/calf pair. Set along the historic Oregon/Mormon Trail, the ranch has territorial water rights to irrigate over 2,000 acres. For the sportsman there is trout fishing in the river along with hunting for elk, deer or antelope. $9,100,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881 or Matt Johnston at 307-655-2273.

Chatellen Farm Fort Collins, Colorado This well-manicured upscale ranch and equestrian training facility with unobstructed views of Longs Peak and Horsetooth Mountain is set on 126 acres one hour north of Denver and close to Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley. It has a near-new custom 6,500 square foot residence, insulated and heated seven-stall main barn, indoor and outdoor arenas, multi-use building, pond with irrigation system, four pastures and shares of Windsor Reservoir. $3,400,000. Ron Morris at 970-535-0881.

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Far West Washington

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A River Runs Through It.... Snoqualmie, Washington One-of-a-kind gated estate at the base of Mt. Si on 49 acres, with 900’ of private Snoqualmie River frontage, plus a spring-fed trout pond and trout-spawning creeks. Enjoy world-class fly fishing every day. This 14,000 square foot home is constructed from inland Canadian cedar logs. Vaulted ceilings and commanding views from every room, five en suite bedrooms, seven and one half baths, two apartments and two fully-equipped outbuildings provide plenty of living space and expansion opportunities. Grand scale formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, huge family room and living room, two dens, full scale gym, glassed-in swimming pool and second kitchen. Meticulous detailing includes: seven custom fireplaces, bird’s-eye maple floors with walnut inlay. Chilean blue marble, Russian lapis, Venetian glass and marble, extensive use of travertine and Arizona sandstone on outdoor terraces. Take in the spectacular setting of comfort and ambience amidst sophistication and casual elegance.

• Pastoral meadows all fenced: room to create your own lifestyle, equestrian farming, and so much more. • Nature’s playground is at your backdoor! • 30 Minutes to Seattle and the gateway to the Puget Sound, world-class boating and fishing. • 30 Minutes to terrific skiing and hiking. • 40 Minutes to Sea-Tac International Airport. • Additional 7 +/- acres for separate purchase for further expansion.

Offered at $9,975,000 Call Kimberleigh King or Ev Winningham 425-765-8889. Or visit


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Rim Lot with Views

Sweeping Cascade Mountain and Golf Course Views

Suncadia – Cle Elum, Washington Nestled in the pines, the interior of this home has timeless sleek contemporary lines. It features wonderful mountain and valley views. Light floods the great room, dining area and island kitchen from opposite directions. This home has two master suites on the main level plus a bedroom and fun bunk room on the upper level. It also features a comfortable bonus/ media room, a hidden wine cellar and a sun room to enjoy the views and fresh air year round. Radiant heat, ample storage and a detached garage with a covered walkway to the house are just a few of the special features. Natural low maintenance landscaping leaves plenty of time to enjoy life. $1,395,000 Kay Mabry Bellevue-Issaquah 206-940-1557 and Fred Mattison Bellevue-Issaquah 206-947-4639. /55622

Suncadia – Cle Elum, Washington Built with Western cedar post and timber-framed construction, this incredible Tumble Creek cabin, in the gated part of Suncadia just 80 miles from Seattle, has views of the Tumble Creek Golf Course and snowcapped mountains. Access the fitness center and golf course just a few minutes away. An open great room with kitchen and dining room is the heart of this home. Two master suites on the main floor and a bedroom upstairs as well as a bonus room which could be a 4th bedroom are other features of this home. Relax in the outdoor living area with a cozy fireplace and take advantage of the views. $1,250,000 Kay Mabry Bellevue-Issaquah 206-940-1557 and Fred Mattison BellevueIssaquah 206-947-4639. /30864

Views of the 8th Fairway

Prospector Golf Course Views

Suncadia – Cle Elum, Washington Plan to play. Whether it is on one of the two golf courses, bike paths or cross country ski trails, you’ll enjoy the amenities of Suncadia just 80 miles east of Seattle on the sunny side of the state. This home overlooks the 8th fairway of Prospector Golf Course. The impressive floor to ceiling stone fireplace in the great room, the island kitchen and dining room create a wonderful space for family and friends. In addition to the convenient main floor master suite, there are two additional bedrooms and a bunk room on the upper level along with a bonus room/loft. With an active lifestyle, you’ll appreciate the nice mud room. $1,050,000 Kay Mabry Bellevue-Issaquah 206-940-1557 and Fred Mattison Bellevue-Issaquah 206947-4639. /95361

Suncadia – Cle Elum, Washington Multiple decks including one with an outdoor fireplace and infrared heat provide views of Suncadia’s Prospector Golf Course. Log detail, a tongue in groove ceiling of reclaimed wood and gleaming Tigerwood floors add to the charm of this Craftsman style home. Everyone enjoys the great room concept with an island kitchen and a dining room. Nearby is a TV room and wet bar. The master suite opens to a deck and spa, and two upper level bedrooms and a loft create a nice space for guests. Over the garage is a gigantic bonus room with its own bath and a mini-kitchen. This home is Built Green! $1,198,000 Kay Mabry BellevueIssaquah 206-940-1557 and Fred Mattison BellevueIssaquah 206-947-4639. /44544

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Majestic Mid Century Waterfront City, State SECLUSION: Timeless grace pervade every corner of this 5,000 + sq. ft. mid-century Bainbridge waterfront nestled on close to 4 acres. PRIVACY: Set on private 269 ft. beach with spectacular views of Olympics, the sound and year round lagoon. LIFESTYLE: Gracious spaces, beautiful gardens, PRIVATE GUEST HOUSE, SUPER WORKSHOP or, car collectors, space for 15 of your favorite collectables, makes this the perfect enclave for those who seek an island retreat enhanced by beautiful natural seclusion. $1,900,000 Eileen Black John L. Scott Bainbridge Island 206-696-1540. www.

Sweeping Waterfront Views of Puget Sound! City, State Magnificent sunrises over the water paint a new picture each morning from this classic mid century rambler. Perched on 1 acre, home is spectacularly set on 200 ft of high bank waterfront w/sweeping views from Mt. Baker to Mt. Rainier, Seattle, the Cascades and the Sound. The 3 bdrm home has a shop, formal dining & living rooms, family room plus “bonus” room, new roof and new septic system. This home is a combination of comfortable and stylish understatement that radiates a feeling of warmth. $999,000 Eileen Black John L. Scott Bainbridge Island 206-696-1540. www.johnlscott. com/84517


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Spectacular Lake Sammamish Contemporary Lake Sammamish, Washington Located on the eastern shore of Lake Sammamish, this special waterfront home was built without compromise. From architecture to finishes, no detail was omitted. Special attention was taken to create a low-maintenance, functionally designed, artistic home. Multi-use spaces and flow between levels and rooms was paramount to the design. Architectural details combine to provide a home that takes advantage of stunning views and cutting-edge construction. If this house doesn’t take your breath away, the sunsets will! Offered at $2,499,000. Brian Golik, John L. Scott Bellevue Main 206-450-8383 and Alex Jobe, John L. Scott Bellevue Main 425-444-7696.

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36 N La Senda Drive Laguna Beach, California Historic, artful residence above secluded Picture Bay cove in exclusive Three Arch Bay. Extensively rebuilt upper house and restored lower cliff’s edge house provide a blend of modernist architecture and classical charm. Property surveys dramatic ocean and white water views past the landmark Griffith Estate lighthouse. This dual residence provides a private atmosphere with a vacation lifestyle. Full floor Master Suite is a realm all on its own. Contemporary stylized kitchen, with the warm embrace of a fireplace. The panorama from all rooms is unforgettable and rare. Ideal for serene living and entertaining. Ernie Carswell 310-345-7500 / Andy Stavros 949-290-0139

1554 Hill Drive Pasadena, California Amid rolling hills lies this estate in Eagle Rock on almost 3 acres. Inside the walled domain are 3 guesthouses, greenhouse, croquet court, football/ soccer field, Bistro “restaurant,” swimming pool, outdoor stage, picnic park and another acre of garden paths. Grand entry hall presents a staircase that leads to private family quarters. Dining room seats 40, with gourmet kitchen nearby. Lower entertainment level offers “Speakeasy,” lodge billiards room, and additional kitchen. Nine bedrooms, 12 baths, including guesthouses. Ernie Carswell 310-3457500 / Doug Skoro 949-375-3445 / Carrie Benuska 626-840-9149

14003 Aubrey Road Beverly Hills Post Office, California Spectacular celebrity home! This custom-built Mediterranean in Mulholland Estates is an entertainer’s dream with spacious public rooms, most of which open to a beautifully landscaped yard featuring a professional outdoor kitchen with dining area, pool and spa. Other features include a screening room and top-of-line appliances and finishes. Marty Trugman 424-202-3273

3740 Wasatch Avenue Mar Vista, California This classic traditional east coast style home is warm, bright, open and airy. High ceilings, crown moldings, dark wood floors and a wide grand central staircase sets the stage. The ideal floor plan includes a formal living room with a fireplace, a formal dining room, an open kitchengreat room also with a fireplace, one bedroom downstairs and three upstairs, including the master suite. The granite kitchen has a large center island and windowed alcove for your morning breakfast table. Marny Maslon 424-202-3298 / Stacy Blair Young 424-202-3254 | Beverly Hills | Brentwood | Newport Beach | Pasadena 110

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210 Hazel Drive Corona Del Mar, California Nestled near Little Corona del Mar Beach and highlighted by a majestic stand of rare Torrey Pines, this remarkable seaside residence welcomes breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Catalina Island from its coveted setting south of Newport Harbor. The grand Eastern Seaboard-style estate is generously proportioned at approximately 7,300 square feet and showcases a vast array of view-enhanced window expanses and a lavish master suite complete with intimate lounging area, elegant bath and sweeping ocean panoramas. Olga Matthews 949-922-5577 / John McMonigle 949-734-6201

Enchanting Island Paradise in Fiji Whispering Tide, Fiji Imagine a private oasis where unparalleled luxury is enhanced by the pristine wonder of nature. A paradise so rare it remains virtually unknown. Welcome to Whispering Tide in Fiji, where 150 acres is home to 2 private beaches, 1 luxurious manor house, 5 guest villas, and more! Lili Kung Peters 949-697-8062

137 Via Waziers Newport Beach, California This international modern four bedroom, three bath Lido Isle home was designed by the award-winning Dougherty + Dougherty Architects. High ceilings, indoor-outdoor living spaces, a central garden-atrium and ample large windows make this a residence of abundant warmth, beauty and comfort. Architecturally significant and exquisitely designed, the home was designed to minimize energy consumption. Located on Lido Isle, this home is just steps from beaches, shops and restaurants. Kristin Halton 949-270-0030

1265 Hillcrest Avenue Pasadena, California Designed by famed architect, Roland E. Coate, 1265 Hillcrest Avenue is a splendid example of the white-walled golden age of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Located on one of Pasadena’s most coveted streets, adjacent to the historic Langham Hotel, and on the market for the first time in 55 years, this remarkable home provides the framework for a warm and gracious way of life. Lisa Ashworth 626-644-3844 | Beverly Hills | Brentwood | Newport Beach | Pasadena 111

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Loma Metisse Malibu, California Architectural post and beam home features floor to ceiling windows overlooking endless ocean views, built around stunning rock formations behind the gates of West Saddle Peak. This private retreat sits on over 4 acres with meadows, rock formations, fruit and decorative trees. With plenty of room for horses, the area supports a wide range of riding, biking and hiking trails. Spacious guest-house is currently used as a production office, with large setback from main house. A truly magical setting.

Marcus Beck • Prudential Malibu Realty DRE #00971376 • 310-317-1709 OFC • 310-456-1401 FAX 112

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Mulholland Highway Calabasas, California Gated and walled Mediterranean Estate on over 2.4 acres. Tranquil and picturesque with seasonal creek, mature oak trees and wonderful outdoor spaces for entertaining. Fabulous master suite with fireplace, sitting area and large private deck. The spectacular grounds feature a pool and spa, plus an outdoor fireplace. Gourmet kitchen, living room, family room, office, wine cellar and bonus room, gym, sauna and indoor sports court. Fourcar garage with ample guest parking. Two story guest house with one bedroom and one and one half baths and 2-car carport.

Marcus Beck • Prudential Malibu Realty DRE #00971376 • 310-317-1709 OFC • 310-456-1401 FAX 113

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Las Flores Canyon Las Flores, California Close-in magical creek side setting located on lower Las Flores Canyon, moments from Pacific Coast Highway, offering an open floor plan and high ceilings with beautiful finishes and kitchen appointments. The professionally landscaped grounds blend the sound of water with spacious outdoor living and play areas in a flat grassy yard with redwood decks, slate terraces and a sunken spa, all overlooking Las Flores Creek. The spacious master bedroom suite features high ceilings, a fireplace, a private patio and a large walk-in closet. A private glassed-in office overlooking Las Flores Creek provides for a soothing work environment. Truly one of Malibu’s more uniquely situated home-buying opportunities.

Marcus Beck • Prudential Malibu Realty DRE #00971376 • 310-317-1709 OFC • 310-456-1401 FAX 114


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Perfect Canalfront Home OCEAN CLUB ESTATES, PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS Spacious and open plan living, a state-of-the-art kitchen, theater room, staff quarters and a well-appointed guest cottage are just a few of the impressive assets found at this five-bedroom, five and one half-bath neo-Colonial residence on over a half acre within this coveted gated community. Sweeping verandas overlook the canal, pool, spa and grand lawn, while a custom dock with boat-lift allows easy access. $6,250,000. REF. JS00156. John Christie. 242 357-7572.

Aquarius OLD FORT BAY, NEW PROVIDENCE, BAHAMAS Imagine your perfect island residence on 125 feet of tranquil bay/ oceanfront. This 5,000 square foot contemporary has five bedrooms, five baths, lots of room for entertaining and an additional covered patio. Tray ceilings, marble floors, a stylish open kitchen, central air, a private dock, boat house and guest cottage make this home one-of-a-kind, and the infinity pool and spa calm the soul. $4,900,000. REF. NS07261. John Christie. 242 357-7572.

Tir Na Nog ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS This enchanting 9.25 acre estate invites you to relax, rejuvenate and unwind while soaking in sweeping views of the Atlantic and tennis courts. A unique 4-pod design includes a common living area, a three-bedroom main house, two one-bedroom cottages and private decks. Recently renovated and professionally designed interiors boast an “Island Style” décor that soothes the senses. $3,995,000. REF. ES11259. John Christie. 242 357-7572.

Jazz House LYFORD CAY, NEW PROVIDENCE, BAHAMAS Elegantly appointed for family living, this 5,320 square foot home is newly renovated and beautifully furnished. Double entry doors and a grand foyer welcome you to this five-bedroom, four-bath residence. The living and dining rooms open to a covered patio and pool deck, while the kitchen invites entertaining. A swimming pool, guest house, outdoor kitchen plus a turtle and koi pond enhance the gardens. $2,950,000. REF. NS07276. John Christie. 242 357-7572.

P.O. Box N8164, Millar’s Court, East and Shirley Streets Nassau, Bahamas • 242-322-1041 • 116

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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity ROSE ISLAND, BAHAMAS On a secluded isle just minutes to Paradise Island and Nassau, this generator-run retreat on 2.5 acres totals 400 feet of beach and water frontage, and is perfect for a small resort or family getaway. The property features a three-bedroom main residence, plus a guest house, beach cabana, heli-pad for convenient access, and a brand new seawall and dock accommodating boats up to 45 feet. $2,950,000. REF. NS07244. Vicky Knowles-Andrews. 242 357-9670.

Bottle Cay SOUTH ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS Favourable deep-water depths and two sandy beaches can be found at this ellipse-shaped, 10-acre island surrounded by natural beauty and treasured privacy. Bottle Cay is in close proximity to the harbour at Powell Point, a luxury resort community near Cape Eleuthera at the southern tip of Eleuthera, and offers all the comforts needed for island living or development. $2,200,000. REF. ES11143. John Christie. 242 3577572.

Grand Canal Living FORTUNE BAY, FREEPORT, BAHAMAS A home for all seasons on nearly half an acre, this four-bedroom waterfront residence enjoys an elegantly appointed interior accented by 10 to 22 foot ceilings, a lounge area and breakfast nook. A soothing day’s-end oasis, the master suite resides in a private wing. Complemented by a large pool, summer kitchen, guest house, 70-foot dock and floating dock, plus a boat lift. $1,650,000. REF. GS03948. Donna Laing-Jones. 242 727-9475.

Third Cay NORTH ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS A world of wonder awaits you at this well protected 3.5-acre private island. Originally developed with a cottage, two docks and a storage house, this retreat has lots of hidden potential. The island is surrounded by deep water providing easy access, plus two recently developed sister islands - making this a solid investment. Make your vision a reality and turn a diamond-in-the-rough into a true masterpiece. $1,500,000. REF. ES11262. John Christie. 242 357-7572.

P.O. Box N8164, Millar’s Court, East and Shirley Streets Nassau, Bahamas • 242-322-1041 • 117

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Bayview / York Mills Timeless Elegance

Bridle Path Penthouse

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Spectacular Georgian home designed by architect Lorne Rose. Fine finishes include hardwood and limestone floors, 10'6" ceilings on main, solid maple cabinetry in kitchen and servery and oak paneled library. French doors from breakfast and family rooms. Lower level walk-out from entertainment room. Home theatre and exercise room. Lovely grounds enchant and delight graced by exquisite gardens, cabana, waterfall, hot tub and sparkling pool. $4,650,000. Inquiries to Elise Kalles, or

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Elegantly designed and meticulously appointed, this magnificent residence boasts customized architectural details by Brian Gluckstein. Private elevator access to 2,970 square feet of luxury. Wealth of expansive windows enhanced by 11' ceilings fill the rooms with natural light. French doors from living room and master suite open to large south-facing terrace. Mahogany-paneled library. Private rooftop terrace provides spectacular four-season views. $2,980,000. Inquiries to Elise Kalles, or

Hogg’s Hollow Treasure

Hogg’s Hollow Estate

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Country living in the City. Nestled amid a canopy of old-growth trees, this gracious home exudes timeless grace and charm. Spacious master suite with large walk-in dressing room, marble en suite bath and adjoining sitting room. Lower level games and entertainment room complemented by a full wet-bar with refrigerator. Exercise room, sauna and cedar closet. Resplendent surroundings enhanced by lush landscaping and sparkling pool creating a magical oasis. $2,895,000. Inquiries to Elise Kalles, or

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Rare opportunity to restore this unique house to its original glory or build your dream home in a charming neighbourhood set in the rustic beauty of the historic Don River Valley. Residents enjoy proximity to some of Toronto’s best private and public schools, recreational facilities, local shops and services and convenient access to public transit. Natural rock gardens, mature trees and shrubs create a storybook setting for this prized estate. $1,995,000. Inquiries to Elise Kalles, or

T: 416-441-2888 x 291 118

F: 416-441-9926 Elise Kalles, Broker


Stribling & Associates . . . . . . . . . 120-121 Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . 122-123 Maine

The Corcoran Group . . . . . . . . . 124-125 Vincent & Whittemore Real Estate. . . . 126-127 Sotheby’s International Realty. . . . . . 128-130 Lois Schneider Realtor . . . . . . . . . . 131 Clayton & Clayton Realtors. . . . . . . 132-133

New Hampshire

Marron Gildea Realtors . . . . . . . . 134-135 Vermont

Otis & Ahearn Real Estate . . . . . . . 136-137 Greenwich Fine Properties . . . . . . . . . 138


New York

Rhode Island

Kelly Associates Real Estate. . . . . . . . 139 Klemm Real Estate, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . 140


New Jersey


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21 East 96th Street New York, New York Elegant, private, full-floor, sun-flooded, corner 3,000 square foot home steps from Central Park. Flawless floor plan allows grand entertaining and comfortable family living. Corner 15' x 32' living room, formal dining room, windowed eat-in chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. Oversized master bedroom with lavish master bath with soaking tub, separate stall shower, double vanity. Three additional bedrooms, each with en-suite baths for maximum privacy. Beautiful custom finishes, 10' ceilings, and 7' tall windows throughout. Amenities include full time doorman, private storage unit, bicycle/pram room, gym, separate service entrance. $4,995,000. Mercedes Menocal-Gregoire 212-452-4416

131 East 69th Street New York, New York Sun-bathed, totally renovated, elegant home for the most discerning taste level. Expansive 30' gallery leads to grand double living room with three large south-facing windows and a beautiful wood-burning fireplace. The spacious formal dining room is perfect for sophisticated entertaining and the white marble eat-in kitchen is fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances. The three spacious masters have open views over townhouses and the double maid’s is now used as a fourth master with open eastern exposures. There is an additional double maid’s room on the first floor. The full service pre-war building is quiet, and located on a prime East 60s block. There is a lovely roof terrace and private storage. Pets are permitted. $5,499,000. Louise Wallace 212-452-4442 and Cyrilla Layland 212-452-4410


924 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021-3577 212-570-2440

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781 Fifth Avenue New York, New York Stunning Central Park views at The Sherry-Netherland. Like a bit of Versailles on 5th Avenue, this exquisite four and a half room apartment is filled with little luxuries. Beautifully appointed two-bedroom, two and one half-bathroom with truly oversized rooms and a gracious, sophisticated layout. In addition to the direct, stunning views of Central Park, the residence features a large marble gallery, a grand 33' x 16' living room with sweeping views of the Park and the Manhattan skyline, a gourmet windowed eat-in-kitchen, two master bedrooms with en-suite baths, a powder room, a wet bar, herringbone floors, high ceilings and abundant closet space. Centrally located at The Sherry-Netherland, a full-service hotel coop with twice daily maid service and room service available from the famed Cipriani’s, this rarely offered gem is the perfect apartment for the discerning buyer. $5,875,000. Cornelia Van Amburg 646-613-2683 and Anna Hargraves Hall 212-452-4421

217 West 22nd Street New York, New York A true home in the heart of Chelsea! Beautifully renovated and beautifully maintained, this spacious townhouse is waiting to welcome you. There are four bedrooms and four full baths. Prepare meals in the chef’s kitchen with imported cabinetry, marble counters and top-of-the-line stainless appliances. The dining room overlooks a double height living room with a two-story stone fireplace and wall of glass that overlooks the serene garden perfect for relaxing and dining al fresco. There are two additional fireplaces and you can bask in the warm glow of wide planked cherry floors throughout the home. A custom designed home office has its own entrance. Other amenities include central air conditioning, full-size laundry, wet bar with fridge, icemaker and wine storage and the entire home has been pre-wired for sound. Conveniently located to transportation and all the great restaurants and shopping that Chelsea has to offer. This home has it all! $4,950,000. Tanner Garland 646-613-2626

924 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021-3577 212-570-2440


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Belle Masion Nissequogue, New York Beachfront on Long Island Sound - Spectacular water views from most rooms and the deck. Hamptons-style two-story home features dramatic entry, open floor plan, cathedral ceilings, four bedrooms, three and one half baths and your own path to beach for easy summertime living. SD #1. MLS# 2391465. $1,850,000. Miriam Ainbinder, LAB, 631-689-6980 ext.216

Classic Colonial Great Neck, New York Gorgeous brick Colonial built in 2006 in University Gardens. Two-story entrance foyer, living room with fireplace, formal dining room and eatin kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. Walk out to patio through French doors from kitchen and family room. Finished basement with large entertainment area. SD #7. MLS# 2405458. $2,280,000. Carolyn Liu, LSP, 516-627-4440 ext.105, c.917-887-7335

Pond View Manhasset, New York Majestic 6,500-square-foot brick Colonial newly constructed with gracious architectural details and the finest materials. This gracious home sits on approximately 1 acre overlooking scenic pond with views of Manhasset Bay. Two-story foyer, living room with fireplace, formal dining room, library, gourmet kitchen which leads to large family room opening onto expansive deck. SD #6. MLS# 2405741. $4,180,000. Carolyn Liu, LSP, 516-627-4440 ext.105, c.917-887-7335

Bois Joli Matinecock, New York Breathtakingly beautiful Georgian-style Colonial combines John Russell Pope’s classic architecture with a 26 divisible acre English park. Considered one of the Gold Coast’s grandest estates updated for 2011 living. Pool, pool house, tennis, 7-car garage with 2 large apartments. Masterpiece Listing. SD #3. MLS# P1109829. $11,500,000. Barbara Candee, LAB, 516-759-4800 ext.136

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty 36 Main St., Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 • 122

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Tall Trees Manor Manhasset, New York Nestled on 1.1 acres of picturesque property is “Tall Trees Manor,” an English Normandy Tudor combining Old World craftsmanship with modern comfort. This meticulously updated residence features a dramatic foyer, expansive living room, banquet-sized dining room, library, family room, sun room, gourmet kitchen, breakfast area, four bedrooms, gym, wine room, guest cottage and a 3-car garage. Masterpiece Listing. SD #4. MLS# 2285460. $2,959,000. Mary Ann Horne, LAB, 516-627-4440 ext.204, c.516641-4421 / Janet Andreoni, LAB, 516-883-2900 ext.137, c.516-359-9262

Contemporary Retreat Old Westbury, Long Island, New York Stunning residence located in a cul-de-sac on 2 scenic acres. Home boasts a master bedroom suite featuring a library and marble bath with Jacuzzi and sauna and five additional bedrooms, four and one half baths, three granite fireplaces, 3-car garage, central air and full basement. SD #1. MLS# 2342990. $1,899,000. Simran Sawheny, LSP, 516334-3606 ext.17, c.516-884-4935

Eagle’s Point Laurel Hollow, New York An exquisite residence sequestered on over 2 magnificent acres with Gunite pool, bluestone terrace, specimen plantings, perennial gardens and an elaborate water fountain. This noble brick mansion with adjoining cottage is the perfect fusion of traditional grandeur and modern convenience. Beach and mooring rights. Cold Spring Harbor SD #2. MLS# 2378003. $3,995,000. Margy Hargraves, LAB, 631-692-6770 ext.227 / Peggy Moriarty, LAB, 631-692-6770 ext.224

Bayberry Pointe Islip/Great South Bay, Long Island, New York Unobstructed water views and sunsets, beachfront cabana, incredible 157 feet of beach. Stunning custom Colonial with bridal staircase, large open-space cook’s kitchen, luscious master suite with his/her dressing room, marble bath, private veranda. 1.82 acres of manicured property including a sculpture garden. Masterpiece Listing. SD #2. MLS# 2390742. $3,900,000. Maria Boccard, LAB, 631-427-6600 ext.361, c.631-834-5713

Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty 36 Main St., Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 • 123

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Sagaponack: America’s #1 Zip Code Sagaponack, New York With a central location, miles of pristine ocean beaches and some of the most high profile properties and sale transactions in the country, Sagaponack, no longer a stretch of dusty potato farms, has evolved into the nexus of the East End experience. So just in time to supplant the vanishing supply of new estates comes a 7,800 square foot gambrel style traditional spanning nearly 2 acres and over 300' on Parsonage Lane. A brilliant floor plan includes generous common areas with fireplaces to warm both the great room and living room. An expansive kitchen, formal dining room, convenient guest suite and a three-car garage complete the first floor. Upstairs, the master wing running from front to back of the residence with fireplace is joined by four additional guest bedrooms, with baths all en suite. An elevator runs to an additional 3,000± square feet of finished lower level which features staff quarters, home theatre, wine cellar and a complete spa experience including gym, stream room , sauna and Jacuzzi. And since so much of the activity in the Hamptons happens outside, potential buyers will be pleased to find a 30' x 55' heated Gunite pool, tennis court and spacious patios all framed by verdant lawn, intricate plantings and perimeter plantings to ensure screening from neighbors. With completion slated for year’s end, preview this new offering in progress today in order to be in for 2012 and years to come. Exclusive $14,695,000 WEB#47163. Gary DePersia, 516-380-0538,,

Resort at Mill Creek Water Mill, New York Epitomizing the luxury and relaxation of the Hamptons, this spectacular house and property spanning 1.25 acres south of the highway in Water Mill awaits a new owner to savor all its pleasures. Heated stone floors greet bare feet that might pad about its 15,000 square feet of living space on three levels. The dramatic 1,500 square foot living room with 26' ceilings leads to an opulent master suite with his/her baths, atrium with private spa and elaborate built-in closets. The European kitchen with adjacent den forms a natural gathering place. The paneled library will house your prized tomes. First and second floor bedrooms accommodate guests and staff alike, all with private baths. The lower level has an indoor pool within a sunlit atrium that forms the centerpiece of a finished basement redefined to include full gym, two saunas and steam room, home theatre and billiards room. The opulence continues outside with pool, spa, sunken hydro Har-Tru court and pool house. House up to 5 vehicles in the oversized garage. Yes, the beach and town are only a short bike ride away, but why would you ever leave? Exclusive $9,800,000 WEB#33192. Gary DePersia, 516-380-0538,,


Gary DePersia 51 Main Street • East Hampton, NY 11937 516-380-0538 •

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English Country in Southampton Village Southampton, New York You can settle into far more luxury than our early forefathers ever imagined if you are nimble enough to snag this English-inspired six-bedroom country manor on 1.5 acres. Curb appeal is in abundance as you approach this residence at the end of a long tree lined drive. Enter a serene realm with paneled entry with walls suitable for your own Rubens leading to the living room augmented by fireplace and coffered ceiling. Dark stained oak floors fan out to include the formal dining room, powder room and the kitchen highlighted by professional appliances, breakfast area and sitting room. A generous guest master suite, laundry room and two-car garage complete the first floor. Climbing a short staircase brings you past an attractive open sitting room to find the expansive master suite fit for any king complete with walk-in closet and luxurious bath sequestered from the other three bedrooms on the upper floor. The lower level reveals a large recreational room, full bath and staff suite with its own exterior access. Outside patios and expansive lawn connect the 40' heated Gunite pool with the north/south Har-Tru hydro court. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to create a verdant sanctuary defined by boxwoods, exquisite plantings, perennial gardens and specimen trees. Ocean beaches, restaurants and world renowned golf courses are all within reach if your conscience points you quickly enough to this newly listed property. Exclusive $5,295,000 WEB#40747. Gary DePersia, 516-380-0538,,

On the Lanes East Hampton, New York A beautifully proportioned 5,000± square foot, five-bedroom traditional provides the ideal venue for those looking for a south of highway location only a stroll to town. Sensible room sizes, for a new owner looking for a manageable residence in a village setting, include a gracious entry leading to living room with fireplace, formal dining room, kitchen, master bedroom suite and a convenient guest bedroom with bath. Game days will most likely be spent in front of a flat screen TV with Bloody Mary in hand warmed by a fireplace in the cozy den. Upstairs a second master shares the floor with two additional guest bedrooms and bath. Outside the heated Gunite pool forms the centerpiece of a spacious lawn framed by established landscaping to screen from neighboring properties. Although there is a two-car garage for your vehicles, you and fortunate guests will more than likely amble into town for shopping, restaurants and places of worship. Exclusive $4,295,000 WEB#49322. Gary DePersia, 516-380-0538,,

Gary DePersia 51 Main Street • East Hampton, NY 11937 516-380-0538 •


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Grand Central Farm

Birdstone Farm

Southeast, New York This premier equestrian facility incorporates expansive views of 286 bucolic acres. The barn, with slate roof, includes 20 (14'x14') Stalls, vet room, viewing room, office, tack rooms, breeding and wash stalls, laundry, foaling stalls, grooming and farrier stalls. Indoor and outdoor 125' x 260' Arena. Run in sheds. Maintenance shed. Hay and shavings shed. Staff housing and caretaker’s cottage. Within 60 minutes of New York City, this property has multiple investment opportunities! Price: $24,900,000 MLS#3003660

Cross River, New York One of Westchester’s premier equestrian properties includes 96 bucolic acres of long distance views, green pastures, lush woodlands, a stately 6,500 square foot, six-bedroom, six and one half-bath Colonial with a pool, tennis court, and a 20-stall outstanding professional equestrian facility with a 70' x 140' indoor arena and a 100' x 200' outdoor ring. Run-in sheds and pole barn. Within 60 minutes of New York City. Price: $18,995,000 MLS#3032129


Hope’s Farm

Bedford Corners, New York Views beyond the Hudson! Spectacular property with a 9,000 square foot, five-bedroom, six and one half bath stucco home. Great room with fireplace, paneled library, first floor master suite and a renovated gourmet kitchen. The property includes a pool/spa, two-bedroom caretaker’s cottage, fruit orchards, raised bed garden and a view that is unsurpassed! Two generators, security system, 600 amp service, 12-zone heating, 5-zone air-conditioning, sprinkler system are just a few of the amenities in this wellbuilt home. Price: $3,495,000 MLS#3122884

Bedford, New York Historic Hope’s Farm is the perfect blend of understated elegance and country comfort. Up a sweeping drive through specimen trees, sited on 8.6 bucolic acres, it is the quintessential Bedford home. Encompassing 6,328 square feet of living space with seven bedrooms and seven and one half baths, it allows for easy entertaining inside and out. The patio and screened porch overlook spectacular gardens and the pool. Conveniently located between Bedford and Greenwich. Bonus tax lot and private cottage. Price: $6,300,000 MLS#3117504


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Western Views

Sun-Filled Sophistication

Katonah, New York Visually stunning, approximately 9,000 square foot Georgian Colonial on 8.6 open acres. Home captures luxury at its best with its rich character, structural integrity and generously-proportioned rooms. Brazilian cherry and oak woodwork, barrel-vaulted and coffered ceilings, six fireplaces, an Amdega conservatory, a custom chef’s kitchen, and 50' Roman pool and a three-bedroom guest house with a pool are just a few of this amazing property’s amenities! Price: $4,700,000 MLS#3108985

Bedford, New York Magnificent, sun-filled 9,500 square foot Colonial on over 4 acres with direct access to the BRLA trails. This prestigious home boasts 11-foot ceilings and showcases the finest craftsmanship and materials. Custom millwork and oak hardwood floors add to the beauty of this stunning home. Gourmet kitchen, beautiful master bedroom suite, huge bonus room, and first floor bedroom and bath. Professionally landscaped, the pool and gazebo are surrounded by flagstone patio, gardens and lush lawns. Price: $3,495,000 MLS#3103873

Honey Hollow

Haines Park

Pound Ridge, New York Sited on 44 bucolic acres of open fields, lush woodlands and within walking distance of the 4,700 acre Pound Ridge reservation is this classic six-bedroom, six and one half-bath colonial. This traditional home melds relaxed country living with generously proportioned rooms for elegant entertaining. The property includes a strategically situated pool, an artfully planted terrace, tennis court, barn and paddocks. This home offers a remarkable lifestyle in a picturesque setting! Price: $6,000,000 MLS# 3019780

Bedford Hills, New York Down a long drive, set on 4 landscaped acres, is this impressive 9,800 square foot, five bedroom, six and one half bath stone/shingle home. Exceptional detailing, custom millwork, three fireplaces, a mahogany bar and stylish decoration highlight the home’s sun-filled interiors. The private grounds are a blend of lawns, plantings, gardens and a wide array of trees. Entertaining venues include an expansive wraparound deck, patio, pool and pool house equipped with a kitchen and bath. Price: $2,849,000 MLS#3121402


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Picturesque Cape Cod Waterfront Estate Osterville, Massachusetts Hidden away in gated Oyster Harbors, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the entire Northeast. Tree-framed vistas of West Bay open from the magnificently secluded grounds. Renovated, five-bedroom, Colonial-style home radiates heirloom grace. Several rooms open to the grounds where the sun-dappled garden terrace and pool capture refreshing bay breezes. Shorefront is equipped with a seasonal dock that provides the starting point for a boating excursion out to Nantucket Sound on a summer’s day. Rare offering endowed with priceless beauty and serenity. $7,000,000. Jack Cotton 508-957-5500


Jack Cotton Sotheby’s International Realty 851 Main Street Osterville, MA 02655 508-957-5500

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Cape Cod Compound Opportunity Osterville, Massachusetts Osterville’s Little Island provides the setting for this unique estate featuring a spacious main residence and three-bedroom guest house. The main house has a gracious entry foyer open to the second floor landing. There are five bedrooms including a first floor master suite with spa-like bath and office. An enormous kitchen with breakfast area will delight any chef and is sure to be the gathering spot at any occasion. There is a screened porch overlooking the private park-like yard which is a horticulturist’s dream. Family room, living and dining rooms complete the picture. The three bedroom 1,965± square foot guest house features a two-story wall of glass accenting the fireplaced living room. Dine-in kitchen and a separate formal dining area which opens to a private deck. Deeded North Bay water rights! $2,000,000. Jack Cotton 508-957-5500

Cape Cod Harbor Front Compound Hyannis, Massachusetts Hyannis Harbor front compound opportunity! Two waterfront homes on separate lots being offered together. The main contemporary style residence offers three bedrooms and panoramic views of Hyannis Harbor and Lewis Bay. Expansive decks and pier complete the offering for the boating enthusiast! Also offered is the adjacent two bedroom antique waterfront gambrel. A covered porch overlooks the harbor. The perfect opportunity to create your own compound. $1,595,000. Please note, the main house alone at 106 Channel Point Road is being offered for sale as well at $995,000. Jack Cotton 508-957-5500

Jack Cotton Sotheby’s International Realty 851 Main Street Osterville, MA 02655 508-957-5500


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A Special Waterview Property on 4.3+ Acres Historic Cape Cod, Massachusetts What could be more ideal than to have the perfect home/office set-up on a private 4.3+ acre site overlooking a protected 28 acre marsh? A total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms allow for a variety of sleeping/guest arrangements offering ample room and privacy for all. Recently renovated, the bright, open-style home has a maintenance-free exterior, new thermal windows and a new roof. There are separate entrances for the home and business sides of the structure. The home itself features a living room, library, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room and a gourmet kitchen and dining area with Corian counters, custom cabinets and new appliances. Additional enhancements include two fireplaces, a balcony, three decks and a 90 square foot greenhouse. The office side of the home has a 640 square foot office, one bedroom and one bathroom. With its own separate entrance, there is parking space for 10 cars. And then there are the views! Every room save one has a water view. The home provides for 180-degree views of the marshland with its ever-changing scenery and the daily interplay of light and shadow. It’s truly a nature-lover’s paradise and a boon for those who enjoy bird-watching. From cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, and blue jays, and on to seagulls, swans, great blue herons and red-tailed hawks, the marsh provides a never-ending display for birders. This unique home/office combination is located on the preferred north side of historic Cape Cod near the town of Dennis. It is in close proximity of two of the best beaches on the Bay side of Cape Cod, one within 1 mile and the other within 2 miles. Both beaches are residents-only beaches in the summer, limiting the crowds in both the parking area and the beach. It is located on Route 6A allowing for easy access for customers of a business entity on the property. Shown by appointment only. Shown by appointment only. Please contact Sotheby’s International Realty at 508-428-9115.


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Superb Georgian Style Summit, New Jersey This impressive five-year old custom-built Georgian-style Center Hall Colonial joins its prestigious Northside neighbors, set wonderfully close to town, schools and New York City trains. Superb architectural features set the tone for the home, beginning with an open reception hall with graceful staircase and raised paneled wainscoting. Nine-foot high ceilings, select custom crown moldings and trims, abundant oversized windows and rich hardwood floors create an elegant backdrop. Six bedrooms, four and one half baths. Offered at $2,425,000.

Luxury Living Summit, New Jersey Set atop a lovely Northside neighborhood street, this magnificent 2006 custom Colonial boasts impeccable attention to detail, designed with upscale living and comfort in mind, complete with an elevator to all floors, and more. Its secluded backyard, play area and bluestone patio are set against a backdrop of tiered stone walls, plantings and custom lighting, for the ultimate in outdoor relaxation and total privacy. Four bedrooms, four and one half baths. Offered at $2,075,000.

Storybook English Colonial Summit, New Jersey Location, location, location. This circa 1929 center hall English Colonial is set beautifully back on an almost one-acre property with a private, lush deep rear yard adjoining an arboretum nature preserve. Gracious architectural details from its era have been preserved, including leaded glass windows, arched doorways, high ceilings, custom iron sconces and more. Its superb Northside setting makes this fine residence an extraordinary offering. Six bedrooms, five and one half baths. Offered at $2,550,000.

Gracious Center Hall Colonial Summit, New Jersey Big and beautiful, spacious and gracious. This center hall Colonial home, with its dominant center pillared front portico, combines pleasing symmetry with superb Colonial traditional lines and a generous floor plan. Its lovely tree-lined neighborhood setting provides the perfect backdrop for this wonderful suburban home that promises quality living for the years to come. Six bedrooms, three and two half baths. Offered at $1,850,000.

431 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 • 908-277-1398 •


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Best Oceanfront Location! Mantoloking, New Jersey Set on 410-feet of warm sands on Mantoloking oceanfront, this five-bedroom, four and one half-bath home boasts extraordinary views—from every level—and fabulous features. Starting with the entrance, the gracious driveway is flanked by lush mature landscaping. Then, once inside, guests are greeted with dramatic vaulted ceilings in the great room. The comfortable great room, which measures a spacious 34 x20 feet, features a fireplace, elegant built-ins that can be utilized for display and storage and sliding glass doors that lead to the deck and hot tub. The house also features four master suites, all with ample closet space and full updated baths, plus one guest suite. With bonus features like outdoor lighting, a sprinkler system, two zone air conditioning and heat, the house has everything one would need to move right in. This property offers a truly unique opportunity to be nestled high on the dunes and have extraordinary views of both the bay and the ocean. So, whether you love to entertain or spend quiet times enjoying the ocean breezes, this house has it all! $4,150,000

Landmark Nantucket Seashore Estate Mantoloking, New Jersey Exclusively addressed in what is widely regarded as the area’s finest East Avenue, this landmark Nantucket seashore estate provides a superb family residence of grace, style and magnificent design. The majestic home spans an impressive 4,880 square feet over three generous levels and offers a light filled entertainers’ haven with many special qualities. Designed by leading architect John Lederer, it features palatial proportions with immaculate traditional features enhanced by stunning contemporary finishes. Living spaces include a flowing open plan design with high ceilings, polished timber floors and large picture windows that frame an outlook over the surrounding gardens. The property is embraced by private level grounds that feature well-maintained gardens, a 40-foot heated swimming pool and detached staff quarters with own entry. $2,900,000


“Purveyors of Fine Properties” 732-295-2222 • Fax 732-295-4872 • 512 Main Avenue, Bay Head, New Jersey 08742 •

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Impressive Designed - Curtis Point

A Classic Oceanfront

Mantoloking, New Jersey Impressive! Designed to take full advantage of its inspiring surroundings, there are five master suites, five full baths including a private guest suite on the second floor with an open area overlooking the family room. In addition, the third floor has a walk-out cupola with magnificent views of the Bay and Ocean, Custom pool, outdoor kitchen, for all of your outdoor entertaining. This is a must see in Mantoloking. $1,880,000

Mantoloking, New Jersey Classic Mantoloking oceanfront shingle style home. Replete with original architectural details, millwork, fireplace...boasting all updates for today’s needs. Spectacular open floor plan featuring tremendous natural light and breathtaking views. Large secluded lot offering custom-designed winding drive with specimen plantings. Lot features lawn with play area complete with irrigation for all landscaping. Potting shed in 2-car detached garage. Full basement with half bath and changing stalls. High dune secure location. Beach privacy is exceptional. $3,995,000

Seashore Colonial - Newly Built

Rare Opportunity - Right on the Waterfront

South Mantoloking, New Jersey You will enjoy total relaxation in this 3,980 square foot seashore Colonial to include three bedrooms, family room with breakfast nook and study on the first floor. The second floor offers four bedrooms (including master bedroom with balcony) and a HUGE great room with cathedral ceiling and kitchen area for entertaining your family and guests. A lounge deck is also included for your quiet time while you overlook your kidneyshaped custom pool and Jacuzzi, situated on 78' of water! $1,999,000

Bay Head, New Jersey Get a piece of history right on the waterfront! This is a rare opportunity to own the circa 1921 historic movie theater at Shopper’s Wharf in Bay Head. The 4,200 square-foot property boasts old-fashioned charm with modern conveniences (such as new energy-efficient windows,) and an outstanding location in the center of town. Located on Twilight Lake three blocks from the ocean, the property is zoned for a restaurant, bakery, barber, dry cleaner or apartment. Today it has six distinct shops inside. The location and character make this a wise—and potentially lucrative— investment.

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A Very Special Setting Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Oriented to the west, this eclectic ranch has walls of glass and spacious decks overlooking the in-ground pool and expansive property. From either inside or out, in any season, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets as you relax comfortably within the privacy of your own oasis. A special home designed to utilize its unique property that is both open and secluded. Rolling lawns, raised decks and an expansive pool patio will provide the most active people with space to enjoy life to the fullest. Five bedrooms with four and one half baths.

Stately Country Manor Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Constructed in 2005, this beautiful stone and clapboard residence was built with the highest attention to quality and detail. Sitting on 1+ acres of professionally landscaped property, it features a beautiful bluestone covered porch and spacious deck that overlooks the private yard. A grand two-story entry opens into rooms with deep relief paneling, banded wood floors and elaborate crown moldings. The great room features a two-story turreted ceiling, stone fireplace and French doors leading to the deck. Six bedrooms with five and one half baths. 134

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Perfect Westside Location Ridgewood, New Jersey A classic center hall colonial, this wonderful brick home includes every amenity necessary for an elegant lifestyle. Close to school and transportation, this exceptional residence has been remodeled in collaboration with professional and well-known interior and exterior designers. The bluestone and brick patios are surround by lawns and mature plantings, creating a private enclave for family and friends. The interior rooms seamlessly flow from one to another making it perfect for entertaining. Six bedrooms with five full and two half baths.

Turn-of-the-Century Elegance Glen Rock, New Jersey Built for a member of the Lippencott publishing family in 1908, this landmark home has been carefully renovated to maintain the integrity of the original design while providing for modern conveniences and comfort. It is a grand home with enormous formal areas perfect for enjoying the camaraderie of those you are close to. A beautiful gourmet kitchen, updated baths and first floor laundry help create a very livable home while still maintaining the elegance of a bygone era. Six bedrooms with three and one half baths.

Saddle River 201-934-9300

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An Urban Waterfront Retreat NORTH END, Boston, Massachusetts Tucked away, a short stroll to the North End, the 103 luxury condominiums at Battery Wharf are truly an urban waterfront retreat. Described as sophisticated and elegant, these homes vary from one to three bedrooms starting at $950,000. They are well designed, beautifully constructed, and offer magnificent city and harbor views. All of the luxury features one would expect: top-of-the-line finishes, private decks with most units, garage parking, and private storage. The additions of exhale® spa and David Daniel’s Aragosta Bar + Bistro enhance the resort-like setting at Battery Wharf. Residents also enjoy other world-class services including the distinctive hospitality of Fairmont Battery Wharf. Call today 617-994-9090 or visit

Experience the Wow Where Style Meets Stuart Street Back Bay/Midtown, Boston, Massachusetts The iconic glass tower sparkles over the Back Bay and Midtown and puts you on top of it all. Soar above the skyline and prepare to be WOWed by The Residences at W Boston ranging from studios to penthouse two-bedrooms starting at $450,000 to over $4,000,000. We also have NEW combined three or four-bedroom plus floor plans priced depending upon floor location. Savor the flavors at Market by Jean-Georges, located inside the hotel, or enjoy dining in the comforts of your own residence. Fit in a workout at Sweat® or relax and rejuvenate at Bliss® spa. And with the W Hotels’ signature Whatever/Whenever® service at your fingertips, you’ll never have to leave home to indulge in life’s finer things. Welcome Home. Inquire today 617-267-2228 or visit

136 Boston, Massachusetts 617-267-3500 • 888-249-7041

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Overlooking Boston Common

Albert A. Pope Building Penthouse

BEACON STREET, BEACON HILL, MASSACHUSETTS This stately 9,000 square foot townhouse overlooks Boston Common. The property has spectacular natural light, four-car attached garage parking, elevator to all floors, eight fireplaces and abundant storage. The main floor includes large open kitchen, family room and mud room walk-out to large patio. Library and office are rich in detailed woodwork.Third floor is entirely devoted to the master quarters. Home includes four additional guest bedrooms and new au pair suite. $12,500,000

COLUMBUS AVENUE, BACK BAY, MASSACHUSETTS Exquisite 7,000 square foot penthouse sits atop the Albert A. Pope condominium building. The enormous duplex provides the ultimate indoor/outdoor back-to- back living with unparralled views from every room. The 3,500 square feet of living space consists of six rooms on two levels wrapped in 3,500 square feet of two-story lush gardens. Master bedroom suite offers a wood burning fireplace, enormous master walkin closet, marble-lined master bath, open four-jet shower and Kohler whirlpool tub. $7,200,000

Suburban Splendor

Full Service Downtown Living

CROSS STREET, DOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Exceptional 7,308 square foot stone and shingle custom home in convenient Dover location offers privacy and accessibility on lushly landscaped 1.4 acres. Fabulous layout, gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry, two dishwashers, separate refrigerator and freezer, Miele coffee maker, architectural details, generously sized rooms, abundant natural light, five en suite bathrooms, free-form Gunite pool, spa/hot tub in private setting with pergolas and pool house. Minutes to walking/riding trails, tennis, boating, shopping and train. $2,495,000

500 ATLANTIC AVENUE, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Corner three-bedroom, three and one half bath home with spectacular harbor views at the InterContinental. Floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet kitchen with Sub-Zero, Wolf, Asko appliances, large foyer, large bedrooms with built-in closets as well as their own en suite bath with limestone and marble, 10 foot ceilings, washer/dryer room, walnut stained hardwoods. Two parking spaces and extra storage included. The Intercontinental amenities include: 24/7 concierge and room service, fine dining, housekeeping, health club with indoor pool and spa treatments. $2,499,000 Boston, Massachusetts 617-267-3500 • 888-249-7041 137

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Majestic Georgian Estate

Classic Perfection in Deer Park

Greenwich, Connecticut Exquisitely restored Georgian masterpiece on nearly five private- lane acres with tennis court and heated pool. Grand front-to-back reception hall leads to spectacular verandah. 18th century French fireplaces in living room and banquet-size dining room. Cuban mahogany library, gourmet kitchen with adjoining family room, seven bedrooms, seven baths, two powder rooms, master wing with fireplace, cherry study, his/her dressing rooms and baths. Game/recreation/exercise rooms, 3,000+ bottle wine cellar. Visit: Exclusive Agent: Ellen Mosher

Greenwich, Connecticut

Old Greenwich Private Association

Park-Like Setting Close to Town

Old Greenwich, Connecticut Masterfully designed 2007 shingle-style colonial on a charming lane near the beach with Glen Gate pool and spa. A triple-height reception hall presents an elegant overture enhanced by four fireplaces, exquisite millwork and extensive paneling. French doors in the gracious living room and three-exposure family room adjoining the stunning kitchen open to poolside terraces. Seven bedrooms, two with fireplaces, six baths, two powder rooms, paneled library, recreation/exercise rooms. Visit: Exclusive Agent: Ellen Mosher

Greenwich, Connecticut Majestic “Beech Knolls” is a romantic 1905 home set on almost two captivating, private in-town acres within walking distance to the Library and train. The elegant residence with original architectural detail and gracious period ambiance has been lovingly restored and kept true. Fireplaces are featured in the gracious living room, panelled library and formal dining room opening to an alluring verandah. Gourmet kitchen. Six bedrooms, fourand-one-half baths. Master suite with French doors to breakfast balcony. Visit: Exclusive Agent: Candy Peters Durniak


A stunning restoration with exquisite designer décor redefines this 1930 classic on two-plus acres in a private association with heated pool. Antique flooring and English lacquer millwork highlight sophisticated interior. French doors in front-to-back entry hall and most main floor rooms open to expansive terrace. Extraordinary mahogany library, cupola-crowned breakfast room, sublime master with vaulted dressing room and two fireplaces, five en suite family bedrooms, plus staff quarters, home gym, playroom, and three powder rooms. Visit: Exclusive Agents: Lyn Stevens / Gila Lewis

80 Mason Street • Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 • 203-661-9200

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Breathtaking Darien, Connecticut Fabulously restored Mediterranean villa with magnificent views of Scotts Cove on over an acre in the heart of Tokeneke. Meticulous attention to detail is revealed in every inch of this five bedroom, five bath historic home on the water. Savor the stunning water vistas from the glorious living room, sparkling library/sunroom both with fireplaces, gracious dining room, and gourmet kitchen as you enjoy privacy and the feeling of escape. Upstairs, the master bedroom with sitting room is bathed in sunlight and reflected water; four additional bedrooms delight in sea breezes. Additional rooms include a charming music room and spacious family room. Outside, a gorgeous terrace overlooks the pool surrounded by beautiful gardens and terraced lawns sweeping down to the water’s edge. A gem of a carriage house perched over the water includes a living room, bedroom and bath for some lucky guest. $5,495,000. Sheree Frank / Doug Milne

Understated Elegance Darien, Connecticut This beautiful secluded home on estate-like property features five bedrooms, five full baths all meticulously maintained including a newly completed kitchen designed by Roger Bartels. 1.40 professionally landscaped acres with dramatic pool, outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen. Separate guest cottage with full bath and fireplace. Oversized three car garage. A must see property. $3,195,000. Lisa Moseley

780 Boston Post Road • Darien, CT 06820 Tel: 203-655-8238 • Toll Free: 800-960-8353


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Major Estate Opportunity

Modern Barn Estate

Washington, Connecticut Major estate. Historic district. Highest standards of construction. Guesthouse. Pool. Ponds. 14± acres. Many amenities. $4,295,000. Peter Klemm. 860-868-7313.

Lakeville, Connecticut Private sstate. Guesthouse. Pool. Tennis. Large pond. Gorgeous pastoral land. Views. 38.54± acres. $3,825,000. Graham Klemm. 860-868-7313.

Hilltop Hideaway

Windswept Acres

South Kent, Connecticut Custom-Designed Hilltop House. Screened porch. Guesthouse. Pool. Patio. Hilltop Views. 24.18± acres. $3,495,000. Roger Saucy. 860-868-7313.

Hampton, Connecticut Extraordinary Gentleman’s Farm. 7,000± square foot house. 2 barns. 3 ponds. Meadows. Groomed trails. Gardens. Stone walls. 485± acres. $3,100,000. Nancy Coviello. 860-868-7313.


Mid-Atlantic Pennsylvania



West Virginia Virginia Kentucky

Gibson Island Corporation Real Estate. . 142-143 William Sawyer & Co. Realtors. . . . . . .



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St. Giles Road Gibson Island, Maryland This is a unique opportunity to own a contemporary on Otter Pond with spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay. Large rooms with high ceilings complement an open floor plan for family living and entertaining. A private hot tub, decks and a dock add to the outdoor enjoyment. This custom built home is perfect for a primary residence or second home.

Skywater Road Gibson Island, Maryland Perched on a gently sloping wooded lot, steel and a combination of stone and floor-to-ceiling glass with dramatic views create a visual backdrop from all angles of its interior with amazing architectural detail; formal and informal rooms, an elevator and a resistance pool in the lower level makes this a sensational opportunity for the discriminating buyer.

Skywater Road Gibson Island, Maryland A bright open floor plan, lots of glass, four bedrooms, five baths, screened porch, a separate two-car garage with guest quarters and a pool make this spacious home inviting. Views of the Magothy River, multiple terraces and a large lot make this perfect for family living and entertaining.

Bywater Road Gibson Island, Maryland This is an outstanding opportunity to own a totally remodeled home with magnificent views of the Chesapeake Bay from almost every room. The property is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac having a path to a beach area. Nature knocks at the many doors, windows and skylights. Beautiful reclaimed antique heart of pine random width floors, custom finishes and an open floor plan make this home a delight!


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Ayrlie Water Road Gibson Island, Maryland A delightful traditional New England style home with water views of the Chesapeake Bay, its location is key to all activities that the island offers. It has five bedrooms with a large master suite on the main floor, an open floor plan with many entertaining areas, great room, den, living room, family kitchen, patios and lovely landscaped gardens—a must see!

Skywater Road Gibson Island, Maryland This two-story brick home with views of the Island and surrounded by forest has generous spaces. The main level opens to living and dining spaces, a galley kitchen and the master suite. The lower level offers a den, three bedrooms, two baths, two rooms for storage and a workshop. Professionally designed gardens and the Island beauty are an invitation to relax on the screened porch or by the heated pool.

Ayrlie Water Road Gibson Island, Maryland This charming Cape Cod home with water views of the Chesapeake Bay is the perfect family retreat located close to all the Island’s special amenities. Having four bedrooms, a formal dining room, living room and two fireplaces, this property is situated on a lovely lot that backs up to open space. It is the ideal set up for all outdoor activities and entertaining.

Broadwater Way Gibson Island, Maryland This Nantucket style frame dwelling is modernized combining the old and the new. It is a charming retreat with Bay and sunrise views, and an open floor plan which lends itself for family living and entertaining. The house includes five bedrooms, four baths, two sunrooms, heart of pine flooring, a detached two-car garage and a stone bulkhead at the water’s edge.

Gibson Island Corporation Real Estate Barbara Ann Watson, Realtor Office: 410-255-1341 • Fax: 410-255-1975 • •


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William Sawyer & Co., Realtors Washington, D.C. For the past 33 years, William Sawyer & Co., Realtors has successfully maintained and enhanced its reputation for responsive, professional, and quality representation in both the selling and purchasing of real estate. Throughout the metropolitan Washington-Maryland marketplace, William Sawyer & Co., Realtors is well-known for highly individual, personal attention in its real estate transactions. The company specializes in the sales of fully-furnished, virtually turnkey, luxury homes and luxury cooperative and condominium buildings. William Sawyer & Co., Realtors offer all “stateof-the-art” tools and the highest regard for privacy in the acquisition or sale of luxury real estate. Please contact William Sawyer & Co. Realtors at 202-466-7788 or contact Bill Sawyer directly at 202-438-1143 Email:

Wesley Heights, NW Washington, D.C. The Foxhall Condominium on Massachusetts Avenue. Easy access to D.C.’s premier neighborhoods. Two bedrooms, two and one half baths in about 1,800 square feet plus wraparound balcony opening to all rooms. Newer chef’s kitchen in open-flow design to adjacent dining area and balcony. Pet friendly. Full-service building. Year-round swimming pool, gym. Parking available. Attached indoor garage parking included. $775,000


Serving Metropolitan Washington Real Estate Since 1977 Recognized by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate BILL SAWYER 202-466-7788 • fax 202-293-3131 •


Rick Kuper

Your own private resort will entertain wonderfully with over 6.5 acres of lushly groomed gardens, immense lake, tennis court, sparkling pool, pool house, greenhouse and a putting green all surrounding the 8306 sq. ft. home with rare privacy. Grand proportions are softened with warm natural fixtures blending the beautiful with the sublime. Magnificent country feel in the heart of the city.

Lazy Hollow | Part of the Intriguing Collection


INTRIGUING Lazy Hollow | Part of the Intriguing Collection

Your own private resort will entertain wonderfully with over 6.5Âą acres of lushly groomed gardens, immense lake, tennis court, sparkling pool, pool house, greenhouse and a putting green all surrounding the 8306 sq. ft. home with rare privacy. Grand proportions are softened with warm natural fixtures blending the beautiful with the sublime. Magnificent country feel in the heart of the city.

INTRIGUING Lazy Hollow | Part of the Intriguing Collection Collection

Rick Kuper

Your own own private private resort will entertain wonderfully with over 6.5Âą acres of lushly groomed gardens, Your immense surrounding immense lake, lake, tennis tennis court, court, sparkling pool, pool house, greenhouse and a putting green all surrounding the 8,306 sq. ft. ft. home home with with rare rare privacy. privacy. Grand Grand proportions proportions are are softened softened with with warm warm natural fixtures 8306 sq. blending the beautiful beautiful with with the the sublime. sublime.Magnificent Magnificentcountry countryfeel feelininthe theheart heartofofthe thecity. city.


Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Rick K uper

A L e a d e r in S an Antonio Re al E state Rick Kuper is owner/broker of Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty in Texas. For nearly 40 years, the Kuper legacy has been a prominent force in the San Antonio real estate market. Rick is a second generation Realtor® with a long history of business success. For the last 23 years, Rick has consistently been recognized as a top Realtor® in San Antonio. Prior to his real estate career, he was owner and president of a manufacturing company in Houston for more than 10 years. In 2007 Rick purchased the 37-year old family business, Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. He is very involved in the San Antonio community and a variety of charitable organizations. Rick is ready to assist you with your real estate needs!

Rick Kuper

210.240.8282 Lauren Haass joined Rick as his real estate manager to further provide only the finest Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty Service. Lauren brings a wealth of skilled professionalism and over 6 years of real estate experience to the team. From selling, buying, and investing Rick and Lauren are ready to take great care of all your real estate needs.

Lauren Haass 210.294.2728


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