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7 Acre Waterfront Equestrian Estate Lake Travis, texas








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I am pleased to announce that Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. has been chosen by American Luxury Estates as the exclusive real estate firm representing the luxury market in the Austin area. American Luxury Estates Magazine offers statewide distribution to all major cities in Texas, worldwide web exposure, and is electronically distributed to millions of homes nationwide. This publication can be found at select Barnes & Noble stores in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, and is displayed at several newsstand locations in Mexico. This means luxury homes are introduced to the right audience. Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. is a team of experienced real estate professionals who are individually selected to represent you. Our company’s mission is centered on quality – we have highly skilled agents that are committed to providing excellent service. For us, “luxury” describes much more than a price; it speaks of the high level of service you will receive when you choose to work with Turnquist Partners. Utilizing an innovative array of marketing tools available exclusively to us, we are committed to aggressively marketing and accurately promoting all properties, regardless of the price point. Turnquist Partners has been redefining luxury real estate in central Texas for 25 years and we are dedicated to making you our #1 priority. If you are thinking of selling or buying a home in the Austin area, please contact one of our highly qualified professionals to discuss our full service advantage. When only the best will do, call us today. For information on these listings or how to advertise in our magazine, please contact Michele Turnquist @ 512 328-3939 ex. 124.

Michele Turnquist Respectfully yours,

7 Acre Waterfront Equestrian Estate


Lake Travis, Texas South Shore of Lake Travis near Austin, Texas, sits this lakeside “Mountain Style” Mansion on a 7 acre peninsula, within a private gated community, encompassing three and a half miles of shoreline. This rare estate home provides Texas luxury with family in mind, providing a lifestyle for those who like to live on vacation. Beautiful oak trees surround the home, manicured to perfection. Exemplary schools and award winning golf courses within minutes. Horses, Yachts and Tennis, all within the community where this Estate home rests. Special Formula 1 USA package comes with this home. See page 18 for more details.

Paula Jo Pierce 727-599-3111 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX

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Volume Volume III, III, Number Number 33

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Welcome to Roatan The Island Jewel of the Western Caribbean


he island of Roatan is a place few have seen, yet half a billion in luxury casitas and townhomes are currently under construction. Roatan is magnificent. Clear water, great climate, lush, hilly, friendly, and modern in the ways you want in a resort destination. Indeed, Roatan is one of those few remaining places that seems untouched…and it’s a little over two hours from Texas! Roatán, located between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, is the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. The island was formerly known as Ruatan and Rattan. It is approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) long, and less than 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) across at its widest point. The island consists of two municipalities (out of a total of four in the department): Jose Santos Guardiola in the east (named for the former president of Honduras) and Roatán (also including the Cayos Cochinos) further south in the west. The most populous town of the island is Coxen Hole, capital of Roatán municipality, located in the southwest. Other important towns include French Harbour, West End, and Oak Ridge, the capital of Jose Santos Guardiola municipality. The easternmost quarter of the island is separated by a convoluted channel through the mangroves that is 15 meters wide on the average. This section is called Helene, or Santa Elena in Spanish. Satellite islands at the eastern end are Morat, Barbaretta, and Pigeon Cay. Further west between French Harbour and Coxen Hole is Barefoot Cay. Known as Burial Key until 2001, Barefoot Cay now is privately owned and houses a luxury resort popular with celebrities. Located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second largest worldwide after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef), Roatán has become an important cruise ship and scuba diving destination in Honduras. Tourism is most important economic 4

sector, though fishing is also an important source of income for islanders. Roatan is located within 50 minutes of LGS. The island is served by the Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport. HISTORY The pre-Columbian indigenous peoples of the Bay Islands are believed to have been related to Paya, Maya, Lenca or Jicaque, which were the cultures present on the mainland. Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage (1502–1504) came to the islands as he visited the neighboring Bay Island of Guanaja. Soon after the Spanish began raiding the islands for slave labor. More devastating for Native American communities was exposure to Eurasian infectious diseases to which they had no immunity, such as smallpox and measles. Diseases ran in epidemics, and no indigenous people survived. Throughout European colonial times, the Bay of Honduras attracted a diverse array of individual settlers, pirates, traders and military forces, engaged in various economic activities and playing out political struggles between the European powers, chiefly Britain and Spain. Roatán and the other islands were used as frequent resting points for sea travelers. On several occasions, they were subject to military occupation. In 1723/1724 an approximately 20-year-old-man from New England, Philip Ashton, managed to survive as a castaway on the island for sixteen months until he was rescued (see Edward E. Leslie, Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls, 1988, pp. 100–120). During that time they were governed by self-proclaimed King Kyle Edward Chauncey, a redhaired white man leading mostly Spanish speakers among those of European descent. In contesting with the Spanish for colonization of the Caribbean, the English occupied the Bay Islands on and off between 1550 and 1700. During this time, buccaneers found the vacated, mostly unprotected

American luxury estates

The 20th century saw continued population growth resulting in increasing economic changes, and environmental challenges. A population boom began with an influx of Spanish-speaking Mestizo migrants from the Honduran mainland. In the last decades they tripled the original resident population. Mestizo migrants settled primarily in the urban areas of Coxen Hole and Barrio Los Fuertes (near French Harbour). In these areas Spanish is common, with English speakers more common among descendants of early colonists, as well as in the other areas inhabited chiefly by islanders rather than former mainlanders.

islands a haven for safe harbor and transport. English, French and Dutch pirates established settlements on the islands. They frequently raided the cumbersome Spanish cargo vessels carrying gold and other treasures from the New World to Spain. In 1797, the British defeated the Black Carib, who had been supported by the French, in a battle for control of the Windward Caribbean island of St. Vincent. Weary of their resistance to British plans for sugar plantations, the British rounded up the St. Vincent Black Carib and deported them to Roatán. The majority of Black Carib migrated to Trujillo on mainland Honduras, but a portion remained to found the community of Punta Gorda on the northern coast of Roatán. The Black Carib, whose ancestry includes Arawak and African Maroons, remained in Punta Gorda, becoming the Bay Island’s first permanent post-Columbian settlers. They also migrated from there to parts of the northern coast of Central America, becoming the foundation of the modern-day Garífuna culture. The majority permanent population of Roatán originated from the Cayman Islands near Jamaica. They arrived in the 1830s shortly after Britain’s abolition of slavery in 1838. The changes in labor force disrupted the economic structure of Caymanian culture. Caymanians were largely a seafaring culture and were familiar with the area from turtle fishing and other activities. Former Caymanian slaveholders were among the first to settle in the seaside locations throughout primarily western Roatán. Former slaves also migrated from the Cayman Islands, in larger number than planters, during the late 1830s and 1840s. Altogether, the former Caymanians became the largest cultural group on the island.

But in terms of population and economic influence, the mainlander influx was dwarfed by the overwhelming tourist presence in most recent years. Numerous American, Canadian, British, New Zealand, Australian and South African settlers and entrepreneurs engaged chiefly in the fishing industry, and later, provided the foundation for attracting the tourist trade. The rapid and dramatic demographic changes that Roatán has experienced in the 21st century has contributed to the complexity of the environmental challenges of the island. In 1998, Roatán suffered some damage from Hurricane Mitch, temporarily paralyzing most commercial activity. Native islanders claimed the storm broke three previously undisturbed Aguila shipwrecks. CARACOLES The Caracol people are an English-speaking people who have been established in Northern Honduras (specifically, the Bay Islands) since the early 19th century. They are chiefly of European and British-AfroCaribbean descent. Caracol is Spanish for “conch, snail or shell”, and relates the people of the Bay Islands to their unique environment and their sea-faring culture. In its current usage, the term caracol refers to all people born in the Bay Islands region, and their descendants. The region of the Bay Islands encompasses the three major islands of Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja, and the smaller islands or keys. These people are also called “Islanders,” especially locally. Over time the form of English spoken by the Caracol has changed. The language differs mostly in morphology but also in pronunciation and accent and, to a lesser extent, in syntax and vocabulary, from the English of the other British Caribbean colonies. They are similar enough to be mutually intelligible.

For a brief period in the 1850s, Britain declared the Bay Islands its colony. Within a decade the Crown ceded the territory formally back to Honduras. British colonists were sent though, and asked William Walker, a freebooter with a private army, to help end the crisis in 1860 by invading Honduras; he was captured upon landing in Trujillo and executed there. In the latter half of the 19th century, the island populations grew steadily and established new settlements all over Roatán and the other islands. Settlers came from all over the world and played a part in shaping the cultural face of the island. Islanders started a fruit trade industry which became profitable. By the 1870s it was purchased by American interests, most notably the New Orleans and Bay Islands Fruit Company. Later companies, the Standard Fruit and United Fruit Companies became the foundation for modern-day fruit companies, the industry which gave Honduras the sobriquet “banana republic”.

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hough you just might run across George Strait picking a song of unrequited love on his guitar outside the Estancia equestrian center, it’s an old Bob Wills tune that describes the setting of the 1,000-acre Estancia community with its “miles and miles of Texas, all the stars up in the sky…gonna live here ‘til I die.” From the upper elevations of Estancia, some of the highest in Kendall County, miles of rolling Hill Country terrain are indeed what you see, natural and untamed but for scattered multi-acre home sites. Developer Tom Cusick and his family enjoyed the property as part of the larger Thunder Valley Ranch he purchased in the ‘90s as a return to an early family ranching tradition. In 2006 he decided to share Estancia as an extension of his own lifestyle and values, a private, family-friendly, gated residential community emphasizing an active but luxurious lifestyle.


Estancia’s amenities put you in mind of a resort – or a very fancy dude ranch. For those who love horses, there’s a covered equestrian center and all-cedar riding ring. With an adjacent indoor gymnasium, the facility covers 12 acres. Another 200 acres of the property serve as a greenbelt with 10 miles of tree-lined riding, biking and hiking trails. At the end of the ride, horses head for the barn and riders head to the center’s private cantina. Serene is the only way to describe the four-acre Lake Estancia, fed by natural streams and stocked with bass and catfish. As your child pulls up a catch, neighbors wave from a distant canoe. Beside the lake, young soccer players sprint across Estancia’s soccer/football field while others play ball on the lakeside baseball diamond. The Lakeside Pavilion, with a 1,400 square foot patio and hand-crafted stone fireplace, is a spectacular place for family picnics.

American luxury estates

Imagine shooting off the tensions of the day at Estancia’s skeet deck, or hitting balls at the three-par golf course. Or you could head to the nearby Resort at Tapatio Springs, which offers golf and dining memberships. Unlike other high-end developments in the area, Estancia is just three miles on Highway 46 from IH-10 and the historic town of Boerne, home to quaint shops and period buildings but also to fine schools, dining, concerts, festivals, sports and H-E-B Grocery – even a Mercedes Benz dealership. But beyond its quaint facade, Boerne is the largest city in Kendall County, which boasts the 4th highest income per capita in Texas. Boerne ISD, with just over 6,700 students, strongly encourages parent involvement. Maybe that’s why Boerne High is one of the few public high schools receiving a Great Schools Rating of 9 out of 10, plus a high community rating. (To learn more, see For business or pleasure, downtown San Antonio is all of a 30-minute drive. Closer yet are some of San Antonio’s world-class golf, country clubs, resorts and shopping meccas such as Neiman Marcu and Nordstrom’s.

“In San Antonio we’ve been spoiled by rapid driving times, but to many newcomers, a 30-minute commute is average, and three miles from wilderness to civilization is practically unheard of,” says Rick Kuper, broker of San Antonio’s premier luxury real estate company, Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. Kuper Sotheby’s has exclusive marketing and sales rights for the development’s 36 remaining lots, and is also working with preferred builders designing custom homes for buyers. Private architects and builders are also welcome. Of the original 75 homes sites, 36 remain, ranging from three to 25 acres in two phases. Currently under construction is a 5,693 square foot spec home by Burdick & Christofolis, to be priced at $1,795,000. Minimum home size in Estancia is 3,000 square feet. Though Bob Wills penned the tune about miles of Texas, it’s George Strait and his wife who elected to purchase a home site at Estancia and experience the Texas way of life. You might want to consider joining them. For a spectacular private tour, please contact Dudley Hays at 210-822-6880. 7

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Inspirato is a private club which requires a non-refundable Initiation Fee. Reservations vary in price by property and date, and are subject to availability. Members-only rates as of 1/1/12 and subject to change. © 2012, Inspirato LLC.

STARTING WITH THE PRICE With an Inspirato membership, you’re guaranteed to save. Take advantage of our exceptional availability and variety of vacation options – from residences large enough for the entire family to intimate villas and penthouse suites perfect for two – all at deeply discounted nightly rates. Plus, members enjoy hassle-free vacation planning, an onsite concierge and daily housekeeping for the length of their stay.

Discover the many benefits of Inspirato. Call 888.546.5008 today to learn more about special membership offers.

Inspirato Residence, Punta Cana Sleeps 12 from $695/night

American luxury estates

Island Cove

Big View

Austin, Texas Largest 5-star rated green-built home in Austin on a canal with approximately 8,000 square feet, five bedrooms, five baths, two half baths, five living areas, chef’s kitchen, media/billiards/gameroom with 100” video projection screen and wet bar. Alder, mahogany and maple woods throughout, large outdoor living space with kitchen, pool and spa with water features, detached guest casita. 1-stall boat dock with electric hoists, 4-car garage, designed by Bill Harrison, and only a few minutes from downtown. Offered for $4,950,000.

Austin, Texas Lake Austins finest living .1 acre 111’ waterfront lot with lavish cypress trees. Beautiful mediterranean home. 6,600 square foot of home, incredible views from master bedroom, connected guest quarters with separate entrance. Four bedrooms with a study that can be easily transformed to a fifth bedroom. Huge media room and game room upstairs. Custom granite counters throughout the home. Dream kitchen with top of line appliances and many extras. Spectacular fish tank built into family living area. Offered for $3,295,000.


Hickory Creek

Austin, Texas Stunning brand new construction in Spanish Oaks. Nearly 3/4 acre with sweeping views of hill country. Brazillian mahogany wood floors, master bath with his/her vanities, fireplace. Laundry center and master closet with built-ins. Kitchen has 48-inch Wolf range and 42-inch Sub-Zero refrigerator, Kitchen Aid pro-series trash compactor, additional oven and microwave, dual dishwashers. Home theater with surround sound, Creston/Prodigy touch panel home entertainment system. Nearly 2,000 square feet of covered outdoor patio living/dining. Offered for $2,249,000.

Austin, Texas “Gone with the Wind” in Estates Above Lost Creek. 6,174 square feet of exquistite antique flavored home, nestled on 5 acres of lush grounds that back up to hickory creek, private, secluded estate nestled by wooded views, a naturual paradise. Antique transoms, mantles and consoles througout home. Hard wood floors, carpeting and tile, custom wood shutters and one of a custom painted wall paper, wet bar and wine holder in kitchen with a breakfast nook. Open floor plan, five bedrooms with full baths, master has his/hers baths/closet. Offered for $1,395,000.

Michele Turnquist 512-431-1121


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates


Listeners Hill Austin, Texas Unique private gated 7 acre estate. Main house offers four bedrooms, three full and one half baths and gourmet kitchen complete with three guest houses. Entertainment annex has kitchen, dining, exercise/dance studio, bar area, media room and art room. A state of the art recording studio with mezzanine closet, kitchen, control room and rehearsal room is included. Five stall stable, riding arena and jogging trail. Pool area has a patio with fireplace and outdoor living. Must see grounds and the famous Hill Country views. Offered for $5,995,000.

N. Weston Lane Austin, Texas Beautiful Mediteranean one story on Lake Austin in a upscale gated community. Sweeping lush one acre lawn with breathtaking views. This home features five bedrooms, seven baths, two half baths, wonderful kitchen, italian murals, media/game room and exercise and fifth bedroom located over garage with access through the main residence. 2-story boat dock, with screened in porch, 2-boat stalls and a touchless slip cover system. Lovely terraces with summer kitchen, pool,180' of Lake Austin waterfront. Eanes schools. Offered for $4,950,000.

Michele Turnquist 512-431-1121 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates

Lake Austin Waterfront

Golfer’s Paradise

Austin, Texas Stunning Lake Austin estate on 2.27 acres with approximately 138' of frontage. Home is 8,026 square feet, four bedrooms, five full baths, one half bath, six living, two dining, gourmet kitchen, large master suite with two walk-in closets and sitting room, office, guest suite, flex/media room, large outdoor living and dining with heated infinity pool and spa. Gorgeous finishes: granite and marble surfaces throughout, Mesquite and American Cherry wood floors. Outdoors offer panoramic lake and hill country views for miles! Offered for $2,990,000.Elite 25sm

Austin, Texas Beautiful home on large lot, spacious backyard with lush landscaping, outdoor kitchen and living, heated pool and spa, located in a gated community with world-class golf course. With features such as a gourmet kitchen with commercial appliances, natural stone surfaces throughout, hand-scraped hickory floors, surround sound, media room, study, wine room, and spacious master suite, this home is a great deal for budget-minded luxury buyers! Ideal home for entertaining! Offered for $839,900.Elite 25sm

4.6-Acre Gated Waterfront Estate WESTLAKE HILLS, AUSTIN, Texas 9,100+ square feet of living space, including private guest quarters, on over four-and-one-half lush acres, lined with towering heritage oaks, and a one-acre lake in the heart of Westlake! The main house offers five bedrooms, four full baths, three half baths, two studies, six living, chef’s kitchen with commercial appliances and eucalyptus wood cabinetry, herb garden, mahogany floors, doors and ceilings, plaster walls, and mahogany-lined study. The spacious master suite, which is on the main level, provides a fireplace, sitting room and spa bath and offers views of the verdant grounds and private lake. Lake Austin access is included with the estate, along with a one-stall boat house. This one-of-a-kind showcase property is extremely unique to its setting with unparalleled beauty and sophistication. Offered for $8,900,000.Elite 25sm

Kathryn Scarborough Bechtol 512-970-1355


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX

American luxury estates

Barton Creek Symphony Showhouse

Mediterranean Elegance

Austin, Texas 2008 Symphony Showhouse located on the gated Calera Drive. This home offers approximately 7,106 square feet, five bedrooms, five full and one half bath, 6 living, 2 dining, gourmet kitchen with commercial appliances, butler’s pantry with wetbar and wine closet, theater with stadium seating, office, guest apartment and luxurious master suite. The outdoors boast an abundance of living space - interior courtyard, spacious covered back patio living area, heated pool and spa. This stunning estate is situated on a 1+ acre lot and backs to the golf course. Offered for $2,850,000.Elite 25sm

Austin, Texas Built in 2009 by Sierra Custom Homes, this lovely one-story is situated on over half an acre in the prestigious and gated Flintrock Community, where residents enjoy world-class golf. Numerous exquisite features include a gourmet kitchen with commercial appliances, hardwoods, custom millwork and cabinetry throughout, Travertine floors and granite counters, spacious master suite with sitting room, media/game room, office and large outdoor living and kitchen with fireplace, pool and spa, dog run and gorgeous landscaping. Offered for $1,275,000.Elite 25sm

Lake Austin Waterfront Austin, Texas Gorgeous Lake Austin waterfront with approximately 220’ of lake frontage, two-stall boat dock with two jet ski launches and party deck. Amazing two-level pool with water falls, slide, multiple swim-up bars, grottos, and spectacular outdoor entertaining space with commercial kitchen. The main house offers four bedrooms, four full baths, three half baths, six living, gourmet kitchen, two game rooms, theater room, wet bar, office, exercise room, master suite with spa bath and private patio with hot tub, two-car garage. A 1,100-square foot guest house offers an additional two bedrooms, one and a half baths, and 1000-square foot, air-conditioned three-car garage. This nine-acre estate is located in a very private and gated community of only four homes and is surrounded by 350 acres of nature preserve! Offered for $4,999,000.Elite 25sm

Kathryn Scarborough Bechtol 512-970-1355 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX



American luxury estates


Hilltop Ranch in Brown County, Texas Brown County, Texas Hilltop ranch on 245 acres with panoramic views from the custom built, quality constructed seven year old home. The property includes 60 acres of improved grasses and the remainder in native pasture. The entire 245 acres are completely fenced and there is cross fencing for range management, horse paddocks with sheds, and three stocked fishing ponds. The ranch has been operated carefully, with proper range management and no over grazing by livestock or over hunting allowed. There is bountiful wildlife including deer, turkey and quail. 4,536 square foot custom built home with three bedrooms, three full baths and two half baths. Hand scraped Vintage wood floors, custom cabinets built on-site, granite countertops, city water for the house; well and water pumped from the tank for irrigation--Barn/workshop with half bath. 100% mineral rights convey. Agricultural exemption in place. $1,699,000. For a private showing of this Texas ranch property, contact Mona Crum, 512-426-1341.

Mona Crum 512-426-1341


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates


Lake Travis Waterfront Estate

Lake Travis Waterfront

Lake Travis, Texas This Lake Travis mansion offers a lifestyle most only dream about! Situated

Briarcliff, Texas A perfect combination of details, view and location! The 4,000 square

on 12+ waterfront acres, this meticulous property has over 800' of Lake Travis waterfront offering the ultimate in lake lifestyle living. This luxurious Mediterranean estate offers the utmost in timeless elegance and sophistication. Features a main house with guest wing, 4-car garage with two bedroom garage apartment, negative-edge pool with spa, dock and barn/stables. It is suited for privacy and memorable moments with friends and family.

foot home features four bedrooms, three and one half baths, main level master, gourmet kitchen, laundry room, upper level with game room, three bedrooms and two baths. The 1,400 square foot guest quarters feature living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bath. The garage features 4 bays with auto lift and separate laundry facilities. Outdoor living space includes hot tub, decks with lake views, stainless steel grill and dock. 21936 Briarcliff Drive.

Lake Travis Estate

International Style Overlooking Lake Travis

LAGO VISTA, Texas 800+ feet of waterfront overlooks 1,600-acre Pace Bend Park and offers some of the most impressive lake views. Newly constructed in 2009 and custom designed, the architectural details and custom touches make this to detail and panoramic views from the majority of its living spaces. With over 12,000 square feet under roof, the main residence boasts 7,283 square feet and the guest quarters are about 611 square feet complete with full kitchen, living, bedroom and bath. Complete details at

Austin, Texas Simply stunning! This unique gated home with guest casita are located next to an expansive greenbelt near The Oasis. Panoramic Lake Travis and Hill Country views extend for miles. Expansive outdoor entertaining space for family, friends or business functions. The home is approximately 6000 square feet of comfortablee living area with wood beams and is situated on 2 lots. The main level master suite and unique three level tower and more are just waiting for your discovery. Acclaimed Schools! Complete details at

Leslie Cartwright 512-695-1912 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX



American luxury estates


7 Acre Waterfront Equestrian Estate Austin, TEXAS Imagine a Magnificent Mountain Style home, situated on a pristine Texas Hill Country lakeshore point, with over seven acres of century old oak trees and over 2,000 feet of shoreline. This is not just any lake but Lake Travis, with scape that resembles the Riviera and a color that is as blue as the Pacific. This estate is all about outdoor living from horses to yachts, fishing or just kicking. Additionally, it is within the Resort Style Community called The Reserve at Lake Travis, providing first class amenities to include, award winning, large craft, Concierge Marina, Lazy River Pool, Bar & Grill, Lakeside Country Club, Equestrian Center with lighted arena and Tennis Courts. Within minutes award winning golf courses, wineries, shopping, the New Formula 1 USA Track (first race in fall of 2012). For the music lover, downtown Austin a short commute, with five star restaurants and the world famous Austin City Limits. Relaxed living Texas Style with a touch of luxury, is what this estate is all about. Kick back in Bermudas and flip flops or dress up for a night on the town! Two private airports within minutes or chopper in right to your back door, easy in and easy out for the traveler. This Lake Mansion is approximately 7,612 heated square feet and an additional 3,900+ feet of patio and balconies overlooking Lake Travis. The Estate includes, barn, corral, private dock with 2 covered slips, helipad. Located on a cul-de-sac, within a gated private club community. Offered at $9,975,000.

Paula Jo Pierce 727-599-3111


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX

American luxury estates

Spanish Oaks Golf Club Austin, Texas Unexpected casual elegance awaits as you enter. Situated in Spanish Oaks Golf Club and a few minutes’ walk to the driving range. This home delights with dramatic architectural detail. A Couple’s love for cooking inspires the master chef’s kitchen with Wolf and Subzero appliances. The 700 bottle wine cellar complements the formal dining room. The main level includes the calming owner’s suite, guest retreat and handsome study. A fitting backdrop for a busy lifestyle is the outdoor Lanai, cabana, and pool area. Designed with every comfort in mind from the second kitchen with grill area. full bath and abundant stargazing. Four bedrooms, five full and one half baths, three living areas, two dining rooms, 4,668 square feet. $1,400,000. For a private showing, please contact Shannon T. Schmitz 512-426-9069.

Shannon T. Schmitz 512-426-9069 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates

Lakeside Luxury Austin, TEXAS Enjoy all that Austin lakeside living has to offer with 111 feet of water frontage, boat dock, sand beach, covered terrace with pool, fire pit and shaded flat backyard. This stunning home, in one of Austin’s premier neighborhoods, has over 6,000 square feet of living space including a large open living area, media room and upstairs game room with beautiful views of the lake. Your dream kitchen awaits with granite counter tops and top-of-the-line appliances. This is Austin, Texas living at its best. For more information or a personal showing contact Freda Voelker at 512-627-5875, or

Freda Voelker 512-627-5875


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates


1815 West 35th Street Austin, Texas Custom Modern Masterpiece! Home is currently under construction. Great central location close to Seton Medical Center and Downtown. The spacious abode features an open floor plan, high ceilings, gourmet Kitchen, first floor master suite. Upstairs has a bonus room, balcony and the two secondary bedrooms and baths. Upscale finishes can be found throughout. Enjoy your outdoor oasis with the outdoor kitchen and pool. $975,000. For more information or to arrange for a private showing, send an email to

148 Woodland Trail

Fabulous Waterfront Lake LBJ Retreat

Austin, Texas Great Family home in quiet neighborhood! This 3,718 square foot abode sits on 3.527 acres and boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two dining rooms, two living areas, bonus room and covered breezeway. Upscale features include travertine and slate floors, granite galore in the kitchen, bathrooms, and game room! Lake level access to private lake. Hobby livestock and horses allowed. Property has two large workshop/ storage sheds (5,600+/- square feet) with heat/AC. $700,000. Lot B, next door, also available for sale (see agent for details). For more information or to arrange for a private showing call us at the numbers shown below or send an email to or For additional property detail go to

CLEARWATER LANDING ON LAKE LBJ, KINGSLAND, TEXAS Spectacular design and luxurious features are what you will find at 324 Clearwater Drive. Nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Clearwater Landing, you know you have arrived when you pass through the security gates and into your lakefront estate. Here you will enjoy quality living backed by upscale amenities in this private Lake LBJ community. The sprawling 9,061 square foot abode has six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, media room and game room. $6,750,000. For more information or to arrange for a private showing call us at the numbers shown below or send an email to or For additional property detail go to

Rick Payton 512-484-4501

Robin Hammond 512-423-6000

Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


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Lake Austin Waterfront Park - West Rim Beauty Austin, TEXAS This Mediterranean treasure is an entertainer’s dream home. Situated in the close-in neighborhood of West Rim, it is convenient to downtown, shopping, and schools. The complete addition/remodel of this gated estate in 2010 features a dramatic entry with dual free-standing circular staircases that frame the spacious living room and wall of windows that overlook a secluded backyard tropical paradise. The large master suite offers a private sitting area with convertible screened-in porch (electric screens), perfect for watching the sunset and enjoying the outdoors without the elements, plus a sitting room and wet/dry sauna. Upper and lower level game rooms are perfect for various entertainment needs. Additional pool house comes complete with full bathroom, serving bar and lower level guest quarters. Enjoy the abundant outdoor spaces with pool, fountains, spa, fireplace, fire pit and outdoor kitchen. Lounge around the many covered patio areas or walk through neighborhood trails to the Lake Austin Waterfront Park, complete with boat slips, tennis courts, playscape and basketball court. The 4 car garage, main level guest room and guest quarters make this floor plan perfect for a variety of needs. Eanes ISD. Please see floor plan and find additional information on this unique property at Offered at $1,899,000. Desmond Milvenan Elite 25sm CRS, CLHMS, GRI,, 512-294-4740

Desmond Milvenan 512-294-4740


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX

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Waterfront Estate with Out of this World Views!

Ultimate Fine Living in Westlake

Spicewood, Texas One-of-a-kind waterfront estate with panoramic views of Lake Travis. Features stunning architectural lines, beautiful natural stone flooring, blue pearl granites, gorgeous mesquite hardwoods, luxurious master suite and much more. Relax and enjoy the breathtaking shimmer of Lake Travis from the spectacular outdoor living area with a magnificent negativeedge pool, swim-up bar, and fire-pit. Double slip boat dock conveys. Offered for $2,500,000. Laurel Prats, 512-636-7579.

Austin, Texas Situated on over an acre behind the gates of one of Westlake’s most exclusive neighborhoods, this stunning estate offers the ultimate in fine living. Features include six bedrooms, six and one half baths, a magnificent library, home theatre, game room, exercise room, sauna, 1,700 square foot master, state-of-the-art kitchen, catering kitchen, smart home technology system and more. Perfect for those who appreciate the value of privacy coupled with Lake Austin access. Boat dock conveys. Offered for $4,295,000. Laurel Prats, 512-636-7579.

One-of-a-Kind Parade Home

Amazing Value in Barton Creek

Austin, Texas Award-Winning Parade Home on a quiet cul-de-sac backing to the 14th fairway of Flintrock Falls. True European architecture with amazing interior courtyard that serves as the hub of the home. Each room on the main level opens to fabulous outdoor living. Features 4,531 square feet of indoor living with four bedrooms including an attached casita with courtyard. Superior finish-out includes hardwood flooring, grand columns, beautiful granites, exquisite tile work, groined ceilings, incredible pool and more. Offered at $1,100,000.

Austin, Texas Unbeatable price in Barton Creek’s newest luxury golf course community. The bright and open floor plan is perfect for entertaining. Features gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances, wine room, game room, media room with wet bar, and spacious master with gorgeous bath. High-end finishes include natural stone flooring, wood-beamed ceilings, beautiful stone fireplaces, custom alder cabinetry, granite countertops, luxurious baths and more. Large, private yard. Offered at $1,300,000. Laurel Prats, 512-636-7579.

Laurel Prats 512-636-7579 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


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Lake Austin Waterfront Austin, Texas Rare opportunity on Lake Austin. Tuscan inspired free standing condo nestled in a gated enclave of luxury properties. Situated on a large gently sloped lot leading to the water, this unique home offers compelling features. Taking full advantage of sharing only one neighbor, this condo is surrounded with lush landscape, intimate patios, large native trees and Lake Austin! An amazing multi level, three bedroom, three and one half bath floor plan boasts a main level master suite with a private balcony. The chef’s kitchen features a Viking range and Sub-Zero refrigerator with European styled glass front cabinets. With endless views from all rooms, the second story has two oversized bedrooms separated by a spacious living room. A clever lower level wine storage / tasting room has a charming exterior wrought iron door - perfect for entertaining lakeside! A deep swimming pool, private boat slip with lift and a short walk to Austin Country Club complete this unique property! $2,600,000. For a private showing please contact Tracie Patterson at 512-695-1235.

7113 Lago Sol Court Austin, Texas Luxury and privacy! The impressive concierge gated community known as Villa Montana makes a perfect location for this new luxury home. Approximately 4,000 square feet, this home features an amazing floor plan uniquely designed for one of Villa Montana’s premium canyon side lots. A Mediterranean style home with Texas inspired influences features four large bedrooms, four bathrooms and a large three car garage. Endless views of the nature preserve and Texas skies can be enjoyed by the pool or from the deep covered veranda. High-end finish details adorn this wonderful property. $1,200,000. For a private showing please contact Tracie Patterson at 512-695-1235.

Tracie Patterson 512-512-695-1235


Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


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Four-Plus Acre Estate Living in Hill Country Austin, Texas Green Building design in Texas Hill Country. Renowned architect David Webber designed a sustainable custom home on a private 4.365 acres just seconds from the Hill Country Galleria. Completed in 2007, this home has gourmet kitchen, adjoining family room and five full bedrooms. Surrounded by native plant vegetation and maintained with a 30,000 gallon rainwater collection system. Sophisticated style and efficient energy systems make this awarding winning home to welcome friends and family. Price includes separate two-bedroom, two-bath guesthouse. Offered at $995,000. Please call Melissa for a private showing.

Melissa Webb 512-762-2630 Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


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• Amazing Contemporary Oasis Austin, Texas Custom contemporary located in central Austin within walking distance to Seton Medical Center and minutes from downtown. The open floor plan showcases tall ceilings, an abundance of windows and natural light and was constructed with the utmost care to detail and quality finish out. The home was permitted and built prior to the McMansion ordinance and cannot be duplicated with today’s restrictions. Details of the home include three or four bedrooms, four full baths and two half baths, bamboo and porcelain floors throughout, custom cabinets and built-ins, extra large gourmet kitchen with high-end built-in appliances, two covered patios, large salt water pool with 50' swim lane, loft like guest house with private kitchen, bath and laundry, 2-car climate controlled garage with one additional off street parking space, tankless water heaters, hot water circulation system, custom gates and private front courtyard. $999,975. Connie Lundgren, 512-619-4101,

Costa Bella Delight Austin, Texas Elegance abounds in this custom home built with attention to every detail. Perfect for entertaining with an open interior that steps out to covered verandas, pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace and bath. Master on main level, stunning exective office, custom cherry cabinetry, Thermador appliances and more. 34' or 25' boat slip available. Backs to ravine/ wet weather creek and has a hill country view. Call for an appointment to see this beautiful home. Listed for $1,279,000. Mary Ann Kuhlmann, 512-785-8852

Connie Lundgren 512-619-4101


Mary Ann Kuhlmann 512-785-8852

Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


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Rainbow Bend Austin, Texas Custom built by Russell Eppright. Minutes from downtown, this beautiful, Natural Stone home offers over 4,300 square feet, in the heart of Old Enfield. Four bedrooms and office (or fifth bedroom). Three full baths and two half baths (one in the garage), three living areas, large kitchen with fireplace, large walk-in pantry, large laundry room, formal living and den. Two master suites, one with a large sitting area, extra large walk-in closet and a screened in porch with views of the UT Tower. Priced at $1,395,000. John Purser 512-762-2630

Oasis Pass Austin, Texas Spectacular LAKE VIEWS AND ABSOLUTE TOP OF THE LINE CONSTRUCTION! Unparalleled quality! Soaring ceilings. Private gated entrance with fountain. Extensive carved and natural stone throughout. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breath-taking views from every level. Glorious custom lighting fixtures. Masonry fence, gated, low maintenance property. Expansive terrace featuring al fresco living/ dining with fireplace. Ultimate privacy, quality, serenity and the absolute BEST VIEW OF LAKE TRAVIS. Priced at $1,195,000. Annabelle Walker 512-633-4578

John Purser 512-762-2630

Annabelle Walker 512-633-4578

Turnquist Partners Realtors, Inc. Austin, TX


American luxury estates

Texas Hill Country Guadalupe River Ranch COMFORT, TEXAS

The incredible Guadalupe River borders approximately one mile of this amazing multi-use ranch located only 50 miles Northwest of San Antonio. The sprawling estate includes a luxurious main home with 7 bedrooms/7.5 bathrooms, a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom renovated farmhouse, 4 cottages, equestrian center, conference center, art studio, private office and a full service restaurant. 1700 grapevines and 50 olive trees adorn the estate. Whether your dreams are of owning a working ranch, family gathering retreat, or special events resort, the magic of this estate will work for its success. Rick Kuper 210.240.8282


Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

American luxury estates

The Dominion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This Mediterranean custom home features four bedrooms, four baths and a three car garage. Fall in love with the spectacular island kitchen that opens to the family room with a fireplace. An ultimate downstairs master suite boasts a luxury-size bedroom which features outside access, a walkin closet and a clean crisp master bath with a double vanity and jetted tub. A game room, media room and office offer a great atmosphere for entertaining! A covered patio with outdoor kitchen and pool surrounded by lush landscaping provide a great entertaining area for family and friends. MLS#911639 $619,500 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Downtown SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This amazing commercial investment opportunity is located in Market Square downtown San Antonio which is a strong tourist attraction and complements the Riverwalk, Main Plaza and Alamo Plaza. Significant is to note the long-established presence of Mi Tierra and La Margarita restaurants which anchor the Market Square as well as the retail venues. It is conveniently accessed from IH-35 and IH-10. Traffic count from IH-10 is 180,000 vehicles per day. The historic Market Square has four million visitors annually. This property is an integral part of the downtown area of San Antonio. MLS#912619 $2,350,000 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Gillespie County FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS Inspired by European countryside, this treasured ranch harbors gracious living, stunning improvements and rare proximity to historic Fredericksburg. Grand space, graceful arches, columns, and an architectural staircase integrate rich natural materials and subtle elegance. The estate features state-of-the-art AV and lighting, fixtures and appliances. The design includes an elevator, butler’s pantry, wine cellar, media room, loggia with grill kitchen, 1100 sq. ft. guest house and metal barn. The residence is set on 95+/- acres edged by a 4 acre stocked pond. MLS#867734 $4,189,500 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Olmos Tower SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This premier luxury high-rise condo in the heart of Olmos Park provides sleek, contemporary elegance with spectacular 11th floor panoramic sunset views of the downtown skyline and Trinity University. Renovated in 2006, this two bedroom and two bathroom home boasts an open plan perfect for entertaining! The abundance of natural light seems to draw the outside in. Many luxurious features include an upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, three private balconies, new doors and hardware, beautiful parquet floors, plenty of storage, and 24-hour controlled access. MLS#914999 $445,000 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 • 29

American luxury estates

Gillespie County FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS This amazingly unique and modern home has been converted into a family residence from a historic school house and teacher’s residence. The limestone structures have been extended and now include a vast living area totaling 5,000 square feet. The intricately designed Hill Country contemporary home includes an open kitchen with top-of-the-line

602 Rio Cordillera

appliances, master suite, screened porch with a fireplace and pizza oven, and a long rectilinear pool with a Vegas deck. The indoor living areas and outdoor spaces are intimate yet feel open and spacious. The clean modern design is a perfect juxtaposition to the lush natural greenery of the Texas Hill Country. Please call for pricing. Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Olmos Park SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This Stately Tudor classic home is found on one of the best tree-lined streets in highly desirable Olmos Park. Built in 1929 this home boasts fabulous flow for entertaining, featuring a grand open sun room with spectacular Redondo tile and Raja slate floors, a large inviting sparkling pool with a covered patio and an outdoor kitchen with tiled counter tops, BBQ grill and sink. The custom-designed chef’s kitchen includes a

11431 Cat Springs

granite center island, glass fronted cabinetry, and top-of-the-line stainless appliances. Large master bath includes sauna, Jacuzzi tub, separate shower and a walk-in closet totalling approximately 126 square feet! MLS#895564 $1,295,000 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Vidorra Condos SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Enjoy stunning views of downtown San Antonio from this luxury city home at the Vidorra. The amazing amenities include a concierge, fitness center, pool, Sky Room on the 20th floor, secured parking garage with two parking spaces and 24-hour security. Enjoy being close to Sunset Station, shopping, restaurants, airport and the famous Riverwalk. You

210 Paseo Encinal

truly can not beat this downtown location. This fantastic property also features a private rooftop garden for your outdoor entertaining. MLS#862540 $499,500 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282

Oak Hills SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This split-level three bedroom, two bathroom home is located in the highly sought after Oak Hills neighborhood. An open floor plan, high ceilings with exposed wood beams, three fireplaces and two living rooms make this home very unique. The living room boasts a stone fireplace and large plate glass windows which allow for an abundance of natural light. Escape to the master suite which features outdoor access to a balcony, multiple mirrored closets, a plethora of windows and a lovely bath. Relax outdoors by the sparkling in-ground pool. MLS#906857 $385,000 Rick Kuper 210.240.8282


319 Mountain Spring

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

American luxury estates

Terrell Hills SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This spectacular estate is located in the heart of Terrell Hills. Set on 1.47± acres and shaded by ancient oaks, this gorgeous Mediterranean home was built in 1937, but has truly been brought into this century with the recent rebuilding of the infrastructure of the entire home. A large circular drive leads you to a classic entry with the most memorable of stairways and sparkling hardwood floors throughout the residence all of which were recently refinished. Several large formal rooms include an elegant living and dining room along with two spacious family rooms on either side of the home and a warm inviting library. Please call for pricing. Mary Carter 210.387.4663

Olmos Park SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Found in the prestigious neighborhood of Olmos Park, this amazing home features breathtaking interiors with soaring ceilings, antique beams and luxurious finishes such as slate, marble and cherry wood flooring. Also find stunning windows with stained glass accents throughout. A guest bedroom suite is downstairs and the residence also boasts a lovely guest house. The main home’s luscious master suite with 30’ ceilings and dual baths will surely impress. The gorgeous patio areas with a fabulous pool and spa perfect this one of a kind property. MLS#906687 $1,645,000 Mary Carter 210.387.4663.

Alamo Heights SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS An adventure to see and enjoy, this estate has been completely remodeled and recreated between 2009 and 2011. This is the ultimate home for entertaining and relaxation featuring a gorgeous open family room and kitchen which adjoin a massive covered porch and outdoor kitchen. Other key elements include a spacious wine room and a stunning master suite with a beverage bar, Jacuzzi tub, huge shower and a gigantic closet. The fourth bedroom is decorated in an African theme and boasts an extra kitchen, which is the third of the home. MLS#886900 $750,000 Mary Carter 210.387.4663.

The Dominion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Let this breathtaking lot be the site of your ultimate custom dream home. Found in the highly sought after community of The Dominion this piece of land features lovely Hill Country views along with gorgeous sunsets. The stunning property is located on a private cul-de-sac filled with magnificent homes. This is the only lot left in this small exclusive enclave of homes and will not last long. MLS#909920 Mary Carter 210.387.4663.

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 • 31

American luxury estates

The Dominion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This palatial estate is located in The Dominion, a premier gated community in north San Antonio and boast amenities that even the most discerning buyer will appreciate. Set back from the street, this Spanish style residence is scheduled to be completed by November 2011, offers amazing views, sits on over one-half acre and provides a variety of luxuries including a four car garage, guest suite and separate quarters. Attention to detail makes

112 Diamond Hill

this house an amazing home and the design makes it easily adaptable to any aesthetic. For a private showing call Jim Hauglid 210.862.9197.

The Dominion SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Come experience this classic Spanish hacienda by Silverleaf Custom Homes, which features five bedrooms, five and two-half bathrooms and is situated on almost an acre. The property is located in The Dominion, a premier San Antonio neighborhood. The exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail make this 6,847 sq. ft. residence a true classic masterpiece. The formal dining room and living rooms with beautiful arches greet you as you enter. A detailed ceiling accented with wood beams provides designer interest. For a private showing call Jim Hauglid

748 Grandview


The Horizon SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS This stunning hilltop masterpiece is located in The Horizon, just five miles from downtown Kerrville. The 10,000+ square foot Mediterranean home is situated on a cul-de-sac with 17.23 +/- ag exempt acres. Nature views go on for miles and feature the exotic wildlife that roam the ranch to the magnificent sunsets. This is a rare find and the details are all well thought out. The key elements include a gourmet kitchen, library, wine cellar, studio, exercise room, pool/spa, covered patios and lush grounds. MLS#874757 $2,850,000 Cindy Roberts 210.215.9097

273 Beachwalk

Champee Springs Ranch BOERNE, TEXAS This luxurious and very private estate is set on 106+/- acres in the popular Texas Hill Country town of Boerne. This property is part of the former historic 711 ranch. Green building techniques were used in the five beautifully positioned and architecturally significant buildings. The expansive main home is accompanied by a pool house, a detached five car garage

101 Horseshoe Bend

with office suite and gym, rock guest house with expansive porches, 4,000 +/- sq ft metal barn with apartment. Conveniently located 10 minutes to downtown Boerne and only 40 minutes to downtown San Antonio and the airport. $3,875,000 Kevin Manner 210.722.5822


Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 •

American luxury estates

Champee Springs BOERNE, TEXAS

112 Calgary Circle

Two exceptional homes are found on this stunning ranch estate and include a main home and a guest house. Both were designed by Ken Graves, A.I.A., recognized for his timeless, classic architecture. The exquisite design incorporates fine natural materials throughout including travertine, oak, mesquite and lacewood floors, Alder wood cabinetry, granite, and marble and onyx counters. Massive wood timber beams accent the ceilings throughout. The floor plan is wrapped with 1800± square feet of deep loggias which features an outdoor fireplace. A lovely terrace overlooks the sparkling pool. MLS#904426 $4,300,000 Larry Lester 210.347.4546


310 Lake View

Enjoy the very best with this extraordinary property inside the exclusive Dominion gates. Stunning hickory wood floors greet you and lead into the top of the line chef’s kitchen. This perfect floorplan includes the master retreat down with an additional full bedroom/bath which could also be used as a study. The family will fully take advantage of the upstairs with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a gameroom and a true media room. The backyard sits on a private greenbelt. This home has it all at an incredible value. MLS#918430 $500,000 Binkan Cinaroglu 210.241.4550

Olmos Park

67 E. Cleo Lane

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Find this classic estate rock home on a generous landscaped lot in historic Olmos Park. This residence is exceptionally well-maintained, offering fireplaces in the formal living and family rooms. Key design elements include plaster curved walls, plantation shutters, a multitude of built-ins and closet space. The spacious kitchen overlooks the family room and features a gas cooktop and an island with a vegetable sink. A luxurious master suite boasts a large sitting area and outside access to the gorgeous, private and shaded backyard! MLS#917581 $825,000 J.P. Martin 210.393.3304

Top Floor Penthouse Living

120 Auburn Place

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Over six thousand square feet in this palacious two-story penthouse awaits you. This sprawling urban residence features four spacious bedrooms, three living areas, two dining areas and a private rooftop terrace. Purely captivating, the home provides endless views of the surrounding city and beyond with a three-sided parameter of glass. Breath-taking. All of this sitting atop the Grand Hyatt of San Antonio with all the hotel privileges including room service, private concierge services and much more. This is a rare opportunity to reside in the highest private residence in San Antonio. Please call for latest pricing and more information. Gina Candelario 210.744.8265

Central San Antonio 800-584-5400 • North San Antonio 800-337-0333 • Hill Country 800-419-5682 • 33



3625 Wentwood Drive $2,995,000 Situated in sought-after University Park, this sophisticated Tuscaninspired home built by Geoffrey Grant Custom Homes is just blocks from award winning schools. This gorgeous home has 5 bedrooms, 5 full baths and 2 half-baths and offers many unique features including a 2-story library, wood burning pizza oven and a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry and barrel-vaulted ceilings.

Amy Detwiler 214.536.8680 Michelle Wood 214.564.0234

info@br 214.350.0400 35


6108 LD Lockett Road $7,400,000 This Tuscan-inspired contemporary masterpiece with landscaped gardens on 4.5 acres complete with vineyards pond and fountains is one of the finest opportunities in the heart of North Texas. The home features balconies, a cupola, game room, media room, study, wine cellar, seven private bedrooms with walk in closets and nine full baths. Outdoor living essentials include pool, sauna, bar, diving rock, cabana, covered loggias and three outdoor fireplaces. There’s an additional guest house over the barn with kitchen and full bath. Other additions include a four stall barn with paddocks, property pipe and wire fenced with sandy loam.

Jamie Adams 817.235.4535

info@br 214.350.0400 37


< 2 8 0 1 Tu r t l e C re e k B l v d . 3 E $3,950,000 Pogir 972.381.6982 Linsey Bar nes 972.381.6981

Eastside or Westside, both properties command spectacular views from the most prestigious address on Turtle Creek.

< 2801 Tur tle

Creek Blvd. 1W

$2,750,000 Claire Dewar 214.808.6045

info@br 214.350.0400 39


5942 Colhurst Street $3,699,000

Coveted Old Preston Hollow estate sits on .85 acres with dr amatic porches, guest quar ter s, cabana and 12 fireplaces. This magnificent home was completely renovated in 2002 and includes 12,948 square feet of lar ge , sun-filled rooms, a sweeping two-stor y foyer, cur ved staircase , separ ate bar room and the builderâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signature coffered ceilings and millwor k.

Chr isty Ber r y 214.693.1600

info@br 214.350.0400 41

Getting out of town has never been more necessary - or rewarding. Our new Ranch and Land Division is your partner on this important frontier: retreats, ranches and parcels of property that are equal parts respite and investment. Consider: an extraordinary property that has every valued improvement including a 9-hole championship golf course, 26 acre fishing lake and live creek; a ranch featuring a variety of terrain and topography, presenting an excellent opportunity to invest in the growing market of Southern Oklahoma.

info@br 214.350.0400 42

131 Purley Gates Farm Road Winnsboro, Texas - 1702 Acres $8,075,000

Jim Str awn 214.553.4500 David Bur gher 214.213.8715

12247 Highway 99C Kingston, Oklahoma â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1513 acres $5,295,000

Angie Nelson 214.794.8945


Where ver life takes you

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royal oaks Country Club H o u s to n | t e x a s 5/5+3/4 golf course estate, courtyard, library, wine room, stadium seating media room, game room, tower balcony, lavish master suite, infinity edge pool, summer kitchen. $2,395,000 JoAnne Eskridge 281.679.0101 | C: 281.250.1864


Briargrove h o u s to n | t e x a s 5/4.5/2 recent construction with superior quality architecture, finishes and workmanship, media room, open kitchen, enormous den, sprinkler and mosquito systems. $1,295,000 Peggy McGee 713.297.5654 | C: 713.392.1710 速


avalon Place H o u s to n | t e x a s 4/4 designed by Michael Landrum, built by Maurice Teague with master down, game room, pool, spa and loggia, plus a 2nd original home on adjoining lot. $2,500,000 Donna Pierce 281.582.3903 | C: 713.205.4100

river oaks H o u s to n | t e x a s 5/4.5/2 stately River Oaks classic on 0.64+ acres (per HCAD) with pool, quarters, flexible floor plan. Formals, large gathering room, huge, modern kitchen, and more. $2,615,000 Kathryn Nelson 281.363.9103/C: 281.923.9394


Bayou lofts H o u s to n | t e x a s Own a piece of downtown history. 2-3/4/4 penthouse with amazing views, 9 huge windows, exposed brick, cherry hardwoods, concrete ceilings, 24/7 concierge, rooftop pool, gym. $1,600,000 Terry Stanfield 713.227.5406 | C: 713.582.6871 Piney Point village H o u s to n | t e x a s 5-7/5+2/3 combines two properties on private lane to make acre+ setting for soft contemporary with spacious formals, park-like grounds, guest house and quarters. $2,999,000 Donna Pierce 281.582.3903 | C: 713.205.4100


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royal oaks Country Club H o u s to n | t e x a s 5/4+2/3 Palm Beach architecture golf course estate, marble floors, commercial grade appliances, wet bar, game and media room with pub, pool, loggia, summer kitchen, quarters. $2,495,000 Brandey Heckeroth 281.679.0101 | C: 713.254.3551


tanglewood H o u s to n | t e x a s 3-4/3.5/2 with formals, study, wine alcove/ corking station, island kitchen, master with sitting area, elevator, and 3rd floor guest suite. $1,299,000 Linda Ledbetter 713.341.1761 | C: 713.882.3524


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Piney Point village H o u s to n | t e x a s 5/5+3/3 Mediterranean, gated entrance, formals, wine cellar, wet bar, billiard room, study, downstairs master suite, upstairs quarters, game room, and theatre, summer kitchen and pool. $3,800,000 Colleen Hudgens 713.297.5639 | C: 713.516.6516 速


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southampton H o u s to n | t e x a s 4-6/4+2/3 with thoughtful additions and updates that retain charm and integrity of original home. Spacious grounds and abundant guest parking. $2,750,000 713.297.5653 | C: 832.563.6334


American luxury estates

1845 Water Street • Kerrville TX 78028


• LI RANCH – GILLESPIE COUNTY – 397 ACRES Just 15 minutes from beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, located on Tivy Dale Road. One must visit this ranch to discover the beauty and serenity of one of the finest properties available in the Fredericksburg area. The ranch features 397ac of stunning Oak trees and improved pastures. Spring Creek passes through this property supplying year round running water separating improved pastures from native Hill Country wildlife areas. A stocked lake centrally located adds to the strong water this ranch offers. Two horse barns, a riding arena, two guest houses and an equipment barn add to the improvements. The main residence is truly spectacular, complete with a new swimming pool and landscaping. This property has it all; location, water and wonderful improvements. This ranch is ready for the serious buyer who wants a gentleman’s ranch.

WEST TEXAS RANCH – VAL VERDE COUNTY – 121,000 ACRES Minerals!! Only a handful of Texas ranches currently have this kind of running water AND minerals to convey! This 121,000 acre selection of West Texas Ranch Land is the largest available openly marketed tract of its kind. Gently shaded river banks meet deep pockets of spring water flowing down many miles of pristine blue-green waters. A lush canopy of majestic live oaks and ancient pecans provide quiet places to relax. On the horizon, towers of limestone bluffs reach into the unending sky. This is the land of an older Texas, striking and ripe with contrast. This is your chance for you to own a LARGE part of Texas!

BOSQUE COUNTY RANCH – 3524 ACRES Bosque County Ranch is a working livestock and wildlife ranch. Located just south of the Brazos River, fronting on three county roads allows for good access to all parts of the Ranch. Rolling fields with lush native grasses to high hill tops mixed with live oaks and Juniper describe the terrain diversity of this ranch. Flowing Creek with waterfalls (under normal rainfall conditions), 18 Acre Lake, one smaller lake, and numerous other tanks on the ranch. There are 7 water wells, 2 in the Trinity that are used to pipe water to various locations on the ranch. This ranch is highly improved with the main ranch house being 5200 +/sqft. with spectacular views. The ranch is low fenced except for a 675 Acre high fenced pasture with trophy white-tailed deer. This is a turn-key ranch ready to go with all equipment included, seller will convey 25% of the minerals.


BROKEN O RANCH – KENDALL COUNTY – 1396 ACRES The Historic Broken O Ranch located in Boerne, Texas, is one of Texas’ finest Ranches, and offers breathtaking views, miles of well established roads, and the beauty that only the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Within a few miles of eclectic shops and dining of quaint Boerne, and within 35 miles of the San Antonio airport, industry, and shopping, the Broken O Ranch is an impeccable choice for investment living.

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1845 Water Street • Kerrville TX 78028

830-257-8881 GRANADA SPRINGS – KERR COUNTY – 230 ACRES The water on this ranch looks even better in person, even in this extreme drought. You won’t believe it until you see it! A unique Hill Country home plus entertainment lodge, 2 barns & rustic cabin are positioned high on a lime stone bluff overlooking an amazing spring fed waterway and terrific views. The ranch includes 4500+/- ft. of both sides of the spring fed Turtle Creek plus the Granada Spring which is a tremendous source of water. The setting for the three bedroom two and a half bath rock and stucco home and lodge is a sunset watchers dream.

COMANCHE CREEK RANCH – LLANO/SAN SABA COUNTIES – 575 ACRES Without a doubt THE BEST RANCH IN TEXAS! The most breathtaking highly improved Texas Ranch on the market today! This is the best ranch I have ever seen and ever had the opportunity to sell in my 17 years of selling ranches! This gorgeous ranch is located north of Llano, TX in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The main improvements include the finest custom built lodge in Texas, one of the grandest and best guest houses ever experienced, a one of a kind – truly amazing owner’s house, and an unbelievable TWO LANE BOWLING ALLEY! Other amenities include: 1) first class lighted tennis and basketball court 2) lighted shooting range for skeet, trap, pistols, and rifles 3) gorgeous swimming pool and hot tub with amazing views 4) custom putting and chipping green next to the pool and many more amenities. All improvements are 5 - 7 years old and in excellent condition. There is a beautiful creek and lake, views for 40 miles, and some of the largest Whitetail and Axis bucks in Texas! This ranch is for the man, woman, or company who wants everything! BETTER THAN ANY FIVE-STAR RESORT! COME SEE THE BEST RANCH IN TEXAS!

LR RANCH – BOSQUE COUNTY – 3730 ACRES Gorgeous 10,000 SF log home nestled in the heart of Texas. This incredible home was custom designed with mesquite floors, cabinets, and doors, has rock floors, log beams, and makes you feel like you are on a retreat in Colorado. The home is a five bedroom, seven bath architectural feat. There are many other improvements including a foreman's home, maids quarters, pool and pool house, equipment barns, quail release pen, dog kennels and much more. The 3700 gorgeous acres is rolling hills to prime pasture land and is a sportsman's paradise. 4 lakes, 3 wells, low fenced hunting ranch loaded with native game birds and whitetail deer.

THE FALLS CREEK RANCH – SAN SABA COUNTY – 3,000± ACRES This is a great opportunity to own a historic property in Texas. This large tract consists of 3000+/- acres sitting on the shores of Lake Buchannan. This long time family owned property is truly a special property conveniently located near Austin and San Antonio. Falls Creek passes through the property providing strong crystal clear live water. The creek dives off a huge bluff creating a spectacular waterfall cascading into Lake Buchannan. These falls have been featured many times on several magazine covers. The ranch offers valleys and large hills offering picturesque views of Lake Buchannan and the surrounding Hill Country.


1845 Water Street • Kerrville TX 78028


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MEDINA RIVER RANCH – BANDERA COUNTY – 1100 ACRES Hill country treasure! 1100 acres with two sides lined by water! There is over 10,000 feet of the Medina River and over 7000 feet of Wallace Creek. The main home is was built in the mid 1940’s. It’s timeless appeal with updated amenities combine into an extraordinary estate. The compound includes the main home with kids’ wing and is a total of 9200+- SF. There are six native stone fireplaces, inviting country kitchen, native woods throughout, tile and wood floors, pool, and ample lounging areas. The exterior of the home is native river stone with a Spanish tile roof. Other improvements include the 2400+- SF horse barn, implement shed and barn, round pen, arena, 980+- SF cabin, office, party lodge with expansive game room. This 1100 acre paradise has not been hunted in many years and has large herds of whitetail, axis and blackbuck roaming the property. Located just outside of Medina, Texas, this ranch is among the elite ranches in the hill country.

K3 – KERR COUNTY – 1,138 ACRES Decorated and constructed with true authentic Texas Hill Country flair, the K3 is being sold turn-key. The main entertainment attraction for friends and family is the 3, 000 sq ft hunter’s lodge decorated with the Schreiner’s personal collection of western memorabilia. After all the day’s adventures have been spun the new owners can retire for the night in their rustic, but modern 2,720 sq ft fully loaded home. Along with the main dwellings the headquarters supports a foreman’s house, guide’s quarters, mobile home, hay barn, shop, storage, and walk-in cooler. The ranch is cross fenced into 6 pastures with 13 exotic and 8 white-tail pens producing a superior wildlife herd for your family or client’s unforgettable hunting experience.

COLLEGE STATION – GRIMES COUNTY – 4000 ACRES Just minutes from Bryan-College Station, this Grimes County Ranch is truly a one-of-a-kind property. These 4,000± highly maintained acres offer a spectacular five-bedroom, six-bath lodge with a swimming pool and set on the banks of a private 110±-acre lake. In addition to the large private lake, there are many other water features, including over two miles of Navasota River frontage, Stewart Lake and 14 other duck impoundments. Large hilltop building sites with views to Kyle Field and College Station are spread throughout the property. The majority of the ranch is high fenced and managed for trophy whitetail deer. A large fully enclosed boat house sits on a man-made peninsula centrally located on the lake, affording easy access to water sports and prime fishing. The ranch has many other improvements, which are accessed via paved roads.

EULOGY RANCH - BOSQUE COUNTY – 265 ACRES Incredible 8000 SF home. Four bedrooms, four ½ baths, two complete kitchens, four outdoor living areas, two outdoor showers, metal roof, 1800’s antique beams from Pennsylvania, oak, mesquite and stone floors, five indoor fireplaces and two outdoor, central vac system, incredible master suite with NINE shower heads in master shower and so much more. The owner has so many special features! There are saloon doors from Santa Fe out of an old time saloon, ceiling fans from the first department store in Weatherford from the early 1900’s and more! This is a must see to appreciate! Both sides of spring-fed Flat Rock Creek run through the ranch for over a mile. This creek has waterfalls and even dinosaur tracks! Two miles of another, unnamed creek run through the ranch also. There is an 18 acre lake that was built in 1965 and stocked. If you love Texas history, you will feel right at home here.


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In the last 3 months we have closed 12 properties, 20,554 acres and $100,994,442 in total sales! Visit our website today to view our properties or contact us regarding the sale of yours. 830-257-8881 â&#x20AC;˘ 1845 WATER STREET â&#x20AC;˘ KERRVILLE, TEXAS 78028

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3418 Windlass Court Galveston, Texas Custom built canal home in Laffite’s Cove with everything you can imagine! Featuring four bedrooms, three and one half baths in 4,001 square feet. Spacious living and dining areas, large kitchen with stainless appliances and grand breakfast bar. Office area off entry. Large master suite with private deck access, master bath includes double vanities, shower and jetted tub. Rare third floor build out is complete with a with full living room, built in bunks, half bath, wet bar and fridge. Perfect downstairs area for entertaining with swimming pool and spa, outdoor kitchen, and large patio. Amazing views of canal and bay! $985,000

14454 Spyglass Circle Galveston, Texas Striking form and great functionality in this modern home with unobstructed beachfront views in Pirate’s Beach West. This four bedroom, three and one half bath home has 2,844 square feet and the Panoramic Gulf Views can be enjoyed from every room in the home! Beach side of home protected by State Owned Nature Preserve. Open floor plan, multipurpose rooms, clerestory, loft, fitness room, elevator, decks and endless pool are just a few of the features. Ask for detailed list of negotiable designer furnishings, artwork and accessories. $899,000

4211 Spanish Main Jamaica Beach, Texas Jewel of Jamaica Beach. This fine home sits at the end of a cul-de-sac on two canal front lots; providing incredible views! Featuring four bedrooms and three baths in 2,877 square feet. Open concept living area with pine floors, fireplace, and built in bookcases. Screened in porch with access to expansive upper deck. Large media/game room upstairs. Two master bedrooms, one up/one down. Bay views from upstairs master. Downstairs entertainment area with outdoor bar, media, swimming pool, patio, boat and jet ski lift. Beautifully landscaped grounds surround this property. Gated and fenced. $825,000


Kelly Kelley, Broker Associate, CPA RSPS, CLHMS, CRS, GRI, ABR, e-PRO Phone 281-794-9463 • Fax 803-947-0430 • “Galveston Is My Home. Galveston is My Business”

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13743 Windlass Circle Galveston, Texas Enjoy island living at its best in this custom canal home located in Laffite’s Cove. Featuring four bedrooms, three and one half baths in 3,492 square feet. Ground level entry with bright and spacious kitchen including custom cabinets, double oven, ice maker, two bars and island. Master bedroom on first level with deck access. Relax by the salt water pool or entertain on the patio area with outdoor bar. Also has tackle room, jet ski and boat lifts. Electric shutters and elevator. Golf cart ride to country club or beach! $799,950

922 Long Reach Tiki Island, Texas Elegant custom built canal front home on Tiki Island. This four bedroom, three and one half bath home has 3,138 square feet and many wonderful features. Soaring 20 foot ceilings in living area and a wall of windows bringing the amazing water views indoors! Built-ins and gas log fireplace. Large island kitchen with beautiful cabinetry, granite counters, top of the line appliances, wet bar with extra fridge. Swarovski crystal chandelier in dining. Hickory plank floors in living, kitchen and entry. Large master suite on first floor. Interior balcony on second level. Elevator to all levels. Expansive covered and uncovered decks for enjoying the Tiki Island life! $799,000

6510 Bayou Front Drive Galveston, Texas Gated Waterfront property with amazing views! Over 100 feet of water frontage with bulkhead, pier, deck, and 2-50 foot deep water boat slips. Easy access to intra-coastal. Located on South Shore of Offatt’s Bayou, this property would make a great home site for a full time resident or weekend get-away. Oriented for privacy yet close to shopping, restaurants, downtown activities, as well as, easy access to causeway. Enjoy the sunsets while fishing from your own private pier or watch the Pelicans dive for fish right in front of you! $565,000

Kelly Kelley, Broker Associate, CPA RSPS, CLHMS, CRS, GRI, ABR, e-PRO Phone 281-794-9463 • Fax 803-947-0430 • “Galveston Is My Home. Galveston is My Business”


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46 Hollyhock Circle

31 Arroyo Privado

Santa Fe, New Mexico Original double adobe Las Campanas model home in Estates I captures panoramic Sangre de Cristo views from its elevated cul-de-sac setting. Gallery entry opens into a floor plan defined by handcrafted finishes and architectural details throughout. The expansive flagstone pathway encircling the home connects private and grand portals for enhanced indoor/outdoor living. Master suite with separate baths features steam shower and sap tub. High end finishes such as granite counters, flagstone and wood flooring, stainless appliances and diamond finish plaster accentuate this luxury product. Architectural proposal for guest casita available. $1,199,000. MLS#201005885. Jack Welch 505-780-0994

Santa Fe, New Mexico Stunning southwestern soft-contemporary delivers on style, design and execution. Carefully sited with privacy...yet with generous big views to the adjacent open spaces. This home features a lovely master suite, guest bedroom and third bedroom or den along with an immense great room and awesome cook’s kitchen. Limestone floors, slab granite kitchen counters, slab travertine counters in the baths are just a few of the exquisite finishes...along with many more thoughtful design features. This is just a beautiful home! $585,000. MLS#201101780. John Scott 505-699-0794

24 Rabbitbrush

3 Delantera Court

Santa Fe, New Mexico Enjoy incredible sunsets and Jemez mountain views from this beautiful home in the La Vida neighborhood. The dramtic curved window wall in the living room takes full advantage of the unobstructed mountain views. This home is only minutes from town but has immediate access to miles of trails for biking and hiking. Tremendous care and thought were taken by architect Max Kaber in the design of this home. The spacious living room opens to the gourmet kitchen which flows into the family room and bar area. Beautiful finishes throughout the home (i.e.: oak flooring, plaster walls, 18' granite kitchen island, coved ceilings and custom doors). $795,000. MLS#201103236. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

Santa Fe, New Mexico This is a lovely, single level 2,498 square foot turnkey home situated on a premiere home site in the Terrazas in Las Campanas and is in walking distance to the Hacienda Clubhouse. The living/dining room opens to two beautifully landscaped courtyards with outstanding unobstructed Sunset and Jemez Mountain Views. There are two elegant bedroom suites with gracious master baths and walk-in closets. The media room opens to a portale with Kiva fireplace and brick floors - great area for entertaining. There is a fabulous chef’s kitchen with granite countertops, top-of-the-line kitchen Aid appliances, alder cabinetry, composite sink and loads of storage. There are two single car garages and a large laundry room off of the kitchen with direct garage access. $699,000. MLS#201104216. Stephanie Yoder and Craig Huitfeldt 505-988-2428

Bell Tower Properties 505-988-2428 60

218 Camino La Tierra, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

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54 Headquarters Trail Santa Fe, New Mexico “Considered one of the most beautiful homes in Santa Fe”, this magnificent GRAND HACIENDA is the essence of casual elegance and warmth. It is situated on 14.28 acres, with panoramic views of 5 mountain ranges, coupled with gorgeous sunsets. The outdoor entertaining area is surrounded by an adobe walled courtyard with lush landscaping, 2,676 square feet of flagstone portals, stone bridge, spa, cabana, gas fire pit and a large free-form heated pool with tiered waterfalls. A formal entry welcomes you into this majestic 6,828 square feet residence with extraordinary architectural design an exquisite details. There are many exceptional amenities throughout the home, a few of these are a fabulous custom built-in entertainment bar; dramatic high ceilings with beams, corbels and latillas; flagstone floors; plaster walls; 6 fireplaces and hand carved custom painted doors. The home was built in 1993, and has been maintained to perfection! Some of the features include five bedrooms, seven baths, two private offices, a spacious kitchen with a circular breakfast area; formal dining area, wine tasting room, and a den. Grand hallways connect the public rooms from the guest quarters and the master suite. A 4-car heated garage, a 900 square feet guest casita and hand carved painted gates complete this “one of a kind” estate. The property is located in La Tierra Nueva, a quiet neighborhood with a private entrance, and is approximately 20 minutes from the Plaza and adjacent to the highly regarded Las Campanas Golf Club. Offered at $4,000,000. MLS#201104063. Nancy Lehrer 505-988-2446

Bell Tower Properties The only real estate company in Santa Fe with offices located in Las Campanas. 61

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American Luxury Estates: Texas Edition - Vol. III, No. 3  
American Luxury Estates: Texas Edition - Vol. III, No. 3  

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