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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Let's talk about The Mike Since you are reading it, I'm going to assume you care at least a little.

This is the third issue of The Mike for the year. As we print 12 issues, my math skills tell me that this is the end of the first quarter. Which means it’s a good time to assess how we have done so far. As you may have noticed, I like to think of the letter from the Editor as generally this: a space for me to include you in the goings-on at The Mike. As always, we are happy to receive your feedback to editorinchief@ So where are we? The Mike started off the year strong. I think all can agree on that. We had an exciting and pretty first issue. The cover was vibrant, with pictures that captured everyone’s enthusiasm to be back at St. Mike’s. The articles were good reads. All-in-all it was, in my opinion, the strongest opening to the year by The Mike in recent memory.

For the second issue the quality of the articles increased. People got back into the groove of writing newspaper articles. Students felt engaged with what was going on around campus; however the quantity of submissions dropped, if only slightly. Now, for our third issue we see this happen even further. So while we received somewhat less content, the articles that await you in this issue are full of interesting information (look to the revamped news section, or our NBA preview on page 7). So why am I bringing this up? Is it solely another means to emphasize how much I want you to write for us? No (Well, not solely). This trend of less participation, but a small quantity of highly productive pieces is a direct follow-up to what I wrote about last issue. It is what happens when we devote ourselves only

briefly to what has to be done. It is important to realize that sometimes even in these small spurts we can develop things that are worthwhile. So why not take a twenty minute break from Facebook, and write a review of this season of How I Met Your Mother so far (or some other show)? That way you can have a print source to reference when arguing with your friends. Also people who aren’t your friends might argue with you. But you know that’s only ‘cause they know you’re right. So now that we have come full circle on that topic, let’s look forward. In sports the MLB playoffs are winding down (by our next issue the world series will probably be half over), the NHL is getting into the swing (the Leafs are winning!) and the NBA is preparing to start. Not to mention we are all eagerly awaiting Andrew Wiggins’

first appearance with the Kansas Jayhawks. For all your sports news we have you covered (The Mike now sports three pages of sports). We also have some exciting news features coming up. So stay tuned as The Mike prepares to re-enter the realm of investigative journalism. On that note, there is now a national award for student investigations. So if you have an idea, submit it to The Mike and we can submit it to the board. So to summarize this letter: We think you should write for The Mike. We are glad you are reading The Mike. And we are excited that there is a lot more Mike to come.


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Say Cheese, Say Cheers


Steam on Queen

October 19

October 20

October 17

SMCSU Presents: Hockey Night In Brennan

Centre for Social Innovation Annex,

Gladstone Hotel, 11am

Black Creek Pioneer Village, 7pm

October 17


Wine and cheese pairings are sooooo 20th century. Update your tastes, and attend a craft beer and cheese pairing workshop.

Brennan Lounge, 7pm

Steampunk is cool. I don't care what you say. It's even cooler when it is combined with other events, such as Halloween. Attend this Steampunk Halloween bazaar.

Tales of ... FrigHT

Fall Flowers and Bonsai

Chris Hadfield

October 21

Chronological Monster Mash

Rustic Owl, 8pm

October 26

October 27

Indigo Manulife, 7pm

It's the time of year. The evenings are crisper. The nights are darker. The scary parts of the town seem to always be covered in fog. Feeling inspired? Good. Enjoy this night of scary storytelling.

Lee's Palace, 9pm

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre,

It's the 9th annual Halloween party at Lee's Palace. Once somethng is ten years old, it's no longer cool. Be sure to check it out this year, and gain that street-cool cred you've been after!


The most famous astronaut in the world right now may have taken a teaching job at a rival university. Upset? Let him know at this book reading.

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Whether you love sports or hate being alone, this is the event for you. Watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play a hockey game against the Carolina Hurricanes (with others). There's an after-party at the Brunny if you're still feeling empty side.

A masquerade reception that helps sick children? What more could you ask for in an event? A free iPhone? Yeah, never mind, that would be cooler.

Caring for a plant is a good way to train yourself for a relationship. Plants need to be cared for, and sometimes, they have to be your priority. This show will help you pick the perfect plant.

October 29


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Around two million Muslims from around the world have embarked on the annual pilgrimage of hajj this year.


The Organisation for the Protection of Chemical Weapons won the Nobel Peace Prize, beating world favourite, Pakistani youth activist Malala Yousufzia. Canada's very own Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Cyclone Phailin hit the eastern coast of the sub-continent this weekend in full force, killing 25 and destroying tens of thousands of homes.

BOD College Rep. Steve Hoselton

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A software problem at Rogers shut down part of the company's wireless network for several hours last widespread mobile service outages across the province.

A 10-year-old boy has been arrested for killing a 79-year-old man, who was found with a head injury.





Payment pile-up A recent Freedom of Information request by third-year ecology student Ben Coleman showed that 8, 040 full-time students at the St. George campus were unable to meet the mid-November deadline for their final tuition payment. Between them the interest paid over the 2011-2012 academic year amounted to approximately $1.8 million. Coleman emphasises that these payments are not the fault of students, noting that students who are on OSAP do not get their second instalment until January, and have no choice but to wait and face the interest charges along with the amount owing.

The Numbers

The official payment system at U of T states that if a student does not pay off all their outstanding tuition fees by November 15th, an interest charge of 1.5% - named a “service charge” – will be compounded monthly on the amount owing. Annually this translates to a rate of 19.56% interest, and for Ontario students, who are already paying the highest tuition in the country, this means greater financial debt. In his original blog post about the subject, Coleman highlights that the numbers show that 28% of students could not pay their fees on time, of which a little over half were OSAP students. Whilst the university does have a financial aid program that pays the interest accumulated on a student’s account if they have reached the maximum amount of their OSAP (UTAPS), it is a limited one because a student only receives this money if they had already applied for both.

U of T’s Executive Director of Enrolment Services and University Registrar, Richard Levin, was quoted on Newstalk1010 as saying that the service charges are included “in the money [students] receive from OSAP.” So what we do for all OSAP recipients is we include the service charge for the two months between November... we pay the two months' service charge, we put it in the OSAP assessment, it's covered from November to January. However, OSAP, run by the Ontario Government, does include any such service charges. The “we,” referring to the university, does pay the cost of two months interest for UTAPS recipients, of which only 30% are OSAP students. A significant portion of the UTAPS, in fact, goes to Engineering, Pharmacy and Dentistry students who are faced with very high tuition and so hit their OSAP maximums much more frequently than Arts and Science students.

There’s more…

According to Coleman’s blog post, that is not the worst of it. “The scary thought is this: what do all those OSAP students who manage to pay off their tuition by November have to do to make sure they have the money? The average Arts and Science student gets about $8,500 in OSAP funds–surely having to make up for not having 40% of that is a big deal for some students and their parents. The worst case scenario is having to take on private debt or not eating properly in order to make that November tuition payment and avoid the interest.” He adds that “right now, most students on OSAP do not have the freedom to pay their

tuition at the same time as when they get their money from the government, and have to suffer for it.” the same situation is applicable to non-OSAP students, many of which could potentially be international students, who would benefit from a later deadline.

Toronto will host the 2016 NBA All-Star Game and Raptors name Drake ‘Raptors Global Ambassador’

So what we do for all OSAP recipients is we include the service charge for the two months between November... we pay the two Response from University and months' service charge, we put it in the OSAP Government of Ontario With so many courses running a full year, the assessment, it's covered argument from the university is that it would from November to January. become difficult to “operate and plan for the future,” according to spokesperson Dominic Ali. In a Toronto Star article on the subject published on October 3rd, Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities, Brad Duguid said “We think it’s unfair to expect students to pay late charges because they haven’t received their OSAP yet.” “We’re determined to introduce changes, and my goal is to have them ready by the end of December,” he added. Duguid said that he hopes to limit “flat fees” – the system where universities charge full tuition for students who as little as 60 per cent of a full course load. In a previous press release by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the government has also suggested that it “will introduce a more fair approach to deferral fees to better align the timing of tuition fees with Ontario Student Assistance Program deadlines. This will ensure students are not unfairly asked to pay for their tuition before their student assistance arrives.” In the same Star article, Alastair Woods, chair of the Ontario branch of the Canadian federation of Students was quoted as saying

“Charging interest is just another way institutions make money off students, and it’s egregious because it penalizes students for factors beyond their control.” In the meantime, Coleman’s suggestion to OSAP or non-OSAP students is to “take out a student line of credit for the remaining amount until you get your money in January. The interest on an RBC student line of credit, for example, is currently 4% annually, and you can pay down the entire amount without penalty, meaning you could pay $26 to a bank instead of $115 to the University on your outstanding $3,800.” “I think it’s a dire reflection on U of T that if you want to get ripped off less, you should go to a for-profit bank for help,” he says.

Your midterm RASC-ue plan

Relieve school stress with the RASC at Kelly Library Anthony Salvalaggio | Contributor In just a few short weeks, we’ve all gone from easing our way into the new school year to being swept up in the ongoing tempest known as Essay Season. For many of us, the natural reaction to this sudden change is a sickening sense of panic. While you might be tempted to duck and cover and hope for the best, I’d recommend taking a less futile approach: acquaint yourself with the numerous academic services that St. Mike’s has to offer. It's the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the Research and Academic Skills Centre (RASC). Operated through the Kelly Library, RASC provides a variety of academic services for students. Coordinated by Kelly librarian Richard Carter, RASC offers students various tools to help cultivate academic success. Whether you need help developing your research skills, crafting a brilliant thesis, or you’re just looking to find a better school-life balance, RASC can help you on your journey towards academic improvement. RASC offers support in all areas of academic life for St. Mike’s students. It offers specialized workshops in research skills, writing skills, balancing your academic life and in assistance with using the library.

Research Skills

The first step towards academic success is developing effective research skills. You can book an appointment with one of Kelly’s librarians for assistance with any aspect of your research, whether you need advice on where to find suitable sources, or you want ensure that you’re properly citing these sources. You can book your research appointment through the St. Mike’s website, using Google Calendar.

Writing Skills

Looking for advice on how to translate your thoughts into a coherent paper? By visiting the St. Mike’s website, you can book a personal, 45-minute appointment with a writing instructor. You can use this time to discuss any paper-related concerns, such as brainstorming, paragraph organization, or thesis development. Whether or not you book an appointment, be sure to have a look at the writing tips made available through the St. Mike’s website, written by SMC’s own Writing Centre Instructor, Steve Hoselton.

Academic Life Balance

RASC is not just meant to help a panicked student out of a last-minute pinch; one of RASC’s major goals is to help you avoid those last-minute pinches in the first place, by providing students with advice for improving time-management skills. Especially during essay

season, you may find that you’re overwhelmed. If you need any tips on how to cope with the stress, feel free to book an appointment to discuss methods of achieving a better academic life balance.

Stephanie Posocco | Staff Writer On Monday September 30th in a press conference held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, reporters from across the country huddled in front of a podium eagerly awaiting the big announcement. Tim Leiweke, six months into his new job as president and chief executive officer of the Toronto Raptors and owner of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. revealed that not only was the Raptors franchise granted the rights to host the 2016 NBA All-Star game in Toronto, but also introduced the team’s new Global Ambassador. Toronto-native, life-long Raptors fan and season ticket holder Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as rapper Drake, has signed on to help promote and assist in the re-branding of the Raptors franchise and will act as the team’s newest ambassador. Hoping to help “take care” of business in Toronto, Drake will assist with ‘selling’ the 2016 NBA All-Star game and also with reinvigorating a floundering franchise that has missed the playoffs for the last 5 seasons. Drake also said he will not hesitate to look to his good friend Jay Z for guidance. Eager to follow Jay Z’s lead – Jay became a huge supporter and investor of the Brooklyn Nets when they relocated from New Jersey in late April 2012 – Drake will also assist in artistic and marketing aspects of the corporation including the design of new logos and working to attract marketable free agents

to Toronto. Along with the addition of Drake, the team will also be sporting new colours and a new “look” which Drake himself will be contributing to very soon. And according to Drake, nothing will be the same, so to speak, once he gets to work on the franchise: “I want to bring the excitement into this building, I want a team that people are dying to come see, I want the tickets to be extremely hard to get, I want to bring that aggression, I want to bring that energy. And obviously I want it to be a top team in the NBA, if not the top team.” Perhaps a dose of youth and pop culture is exactly what the Raptors need. Not only have they missed the playoffs as of late, but despite being the only Canadian team in the NBA, they’ve also failed to gain the popularity that other teams, for example the Miami Heat, have generated; The Heat took off after keeping star player Dwight Howard and signing superstar LeBron James along with former Raptor Chris Bosh. In my opinion, the addition of Drake, a member of the music industry very well known among today’s youth and especially well known in his native Toronto, will generate some much needed excitement and enthusiasm for a team that has become somewhat lacklustre as of late. With the addition of Drake and the acquisition of the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, we can anticipate some exciting changes to the Raptors franchise very soon. Now here’s hoping all of this excitement can translate to points on the score sheet.

Sochi 2014: who will make the cut? The pressure is on for Canada’s best hockey players hoping to make the men’s senior squad

Personal Librarians

Personal Librarians are assigned to all firstyear students, as well as all students in the St. Mike’s Faculty of Theology. Your personal librarian is assigned to you according to your last name. If you have any questions regarding research and/or how to navigate the library’s resources, you can contact your personal librarian for assistance. Even if you don’t get the chance to book a personal appointment, be sure to check out the workshops hosted by the Kelly Library, which offer advice on how to improve your research and study habits, while taking full advantage of the library’s resources. One of the main advantages of RASC is the fact that it links together all of the academic resources that St. Mike’s has to offer to students. You can also visit the Kelly Library at any time to find out more about what RASC has to offer. Especially at this busy time of the year, many students tend to forget the academic services that St. Mike’s has to offer. If you’re feeling stressed, RASC is designed to help students. For all workshops by U of T Libraries


Started from the bottom

U of T collected $1.8 million in interest charges last year from students who couldn’t pay their fees on time Fatima Syed | News Editor


Stephanie Posocco | Staff Writer For more information about the RASC

The close of Team Canada’s training camp in late August marked the beginning of a long road to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, not only for the players anxiously awaiting the call to don the beloved maple leaf but particularly for General Manager Steve Yzerman. With the depth of talent available to Team Canada’s Men’s Ice Hockey team, there are plenty of difficult decisions to be made. However, in this sea of talent there are

some superstars who I, along with countless NHL analysts, believe can safely book their tickets to Russia. Among them are Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby, Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews and defenceman Duncan Keith, Predators Captain Shea Weber, Lightning sniper Steven Stamkos, Islanders centre John Tavares and Rangers winger Rick Nash. Others who are more than likely a lock to make the team include Kings defenceman Drew Doughty, Penguins winger and Crosby’s line mate Chris Kunitz, Lightning veteran

Martin St. Louis and Bruins centre Patrice Bergeron. The Staal brothers, especially the eldest Eric, Canadiens spitfire defencman PK Subban, Bruins’ young star Brad Marchand and Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf will surely be scouted as well. The talent pool is much shallower in goal unfortunately. That being said, even a shallower pool in Canadian hockey is better than some country’s best. The frontrunner, and the goalie I anticipate will be selected to tend the net for Canada, is NHL veteran and former Olympic gold medalist, Roberto Luongo. Although he is no longer at his prime, he is undoubtedly an established goalie and does bring with him many years of experience. Canadiens tender Carey Price and the Coyotes’ goaltender Mike Smith may also be considered, possibly as back-ups. Despite his age, I also wouldn’t count out future hall of famer and Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur or even Penguins starter Marc-Andre Fleury, both of whom were named to Canada’s 2010 team. Needless to say, these picks are all speculation. As analysts continue to debate who will get the call, there are still many factors that will go into determining who plays for

Team Canada – possibly the most important factor being performances and injuries that emerge throughout this first half of the NHL season. As Yzerman has said, selections are not strictly constrained to players invited to training camp. As the NHL season starts up, Yzerman & Co. could discover new potential picks depending on player performance. Unfortunately we’ll all have to hold our breaths in anticipation until at least midDecember; Yzerman hopes to announce his final picks before the December 31st deadline. In other Team Canada news, the latest reincarnation of the Canadian team jersey was unveiled in early October. While some feel the jersey should be ‘re-veiled,’ so to speak, in my opinion, as long as the jerseys are red and white with the maple leaf on them, they’ll do; at the Olympics, claiming gold is much more important than making a fashion statement (please don’t tell my fashionista girlfriends I said that). A gold medal is certainly not an easy prize to claim, however, with the star calibre players and possibly some unsung heroes at Canada’s disposal, there is no doubt the Canadian Squad can take the top prize. However, the road to the Sochi 2014 Games has only just begun: Stay Tuned.




A new realignmentality

How will the NHL’s reconfiguration affect clubs this season?

Alex Wichert | Staff Writer The beginning of every NHL season is accompanied by droves of intriguing storylines and circle-the-date-on-your-calendar matchups. What makes the 2013-2014 season even more exciting is the fact that the league has realigned its conferences and, by extension, divisions in an effort to create more geographically-friendly borders. As a move that has been in the works for some time now, it has some fans celebrating while others are justifiably disgruntled. The Eastern and Western Conferences remain, with each group being into two subgroups. The East consists of the Atlantic and Metropolitan Divisions, while the West contains the Central and Pacific Divisions respectively. In a curious move that is sure to have its merits debated for seasons to come,

the Eastern Conference has eight teams per division to the Western Conference’s seven. Retaining their position in the revamped Atlantic Division, Toronto will battle familiar rivals Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, and Buffalo on a regular basis. The newcomers to the division, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Florida, hold the possibility of new challenges with the Leafs. Hosting four Original Six teams, the division also has the potential to write some excellent new chapters in the storied histories of said franchises. Perhaps the greatest aspect of this year’s schedule, though, is the fact that all 30 teams play each other at least once during the season. Leafs fans will get the chance to watch Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf or San Jose’s Joe Thornton – players that are sometimes underappreciated on this side of the hockey continent due to lack of exposure. Of course, there will be some teams the

realignment favours more than others. The Red Wings, a team that has been clamouring for a move into the Eastern Conference, gets to play the majority of its games in the same time zone as the city of Detroit. Leaving a division that houses competitive teams such as the Blackhawks and the Blues will be a plus to the Red Wings. Half of the rosters in the Atlantic have considerable question marks and look to be easier foes than what Detroit is used to. An apparent downside, though, is the fact that the great rivalry between Detroit and Chicago may be muffled with fewer encounters. The two present a tantalizing Stanley Cup Final, however. Columbus is another team that has traveled east in the hopes of a friendlier schedule. Situated in the newly dubbed Metropolitan Division, the Blue Jackets look to battle the likes of the Penguins, the Rangers, and the Hurricanes for a playoff position. While the talent in the Metropolitan is high, Columbus is hoping to build off of a late-season surge and prove they are one of the big dogs in the division. Finally out of the Southeast and in a division that makes sense, Winnipeg can stop routinely making trips out east for games. The Jets kept their position in the Eastern Conference for two years after their transformation from the Atlanta Thrashers despite the obvious need for reconfiguration. As the biggest factor in the league’s decision for realignment, Winnipeg’s introduction in the west comes with pros and cons. The geographical location of regular foes is a marked improvement, but the talent level of the opposition has also climbed starkly. Gone are the days of battling Washington for a division crown. Now, Winnipeg gets to rendezvous with Chicago, Minnesota, and St. Louis on a consistent basis. Left in the Atlantic Division with six northern squads, Tampa Bay and Florida are two teams that evidently would have liked the divisions to remain as they were. The closest city, Detroit, is a two and a half hour flight from Tampa and three hours from Miami.

Perhaps the greatest aspect

of this year’s schedule, though, is the fact that all 30 teams play each other at least once during the season

Peter Galka | Contributor The sweet sounds of squeaking sneakers and leather hitting the hardwood are quickly approaching. That’s right, after an offseason that seemed to have lasted three and a half eternities, The NBA is back with ankle breaking crossovers, posterizing dunks, and drama that makes my grandmother’s soap operas look like your watching grass grow. Here’s a quick divisional outlook on where you can expect your favourite team to end up by season’s end. (Each respective team’s Conference Rank will be displayed in parentheses).

Eastern Conference: Atlantic: The distance is far from ideal, but the fact that the time zone remains the same in the Florida teams’ travels cannot be overlooked. Commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledged the difficulties for the Panthers and Lightning, as well as the complications in making an ideal layout, when he stated “Competitively they may have their own issues, travel-wise they may have issues, but based on where Florida is from a geographic standpoint, whatever we did wasn’t going to be perfect.” It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than the boundaries from last year. At the very least, having a new format adds a fresh twist on divisions that have become relatively stagnant in previous years. The new system can be confusing, so remember to review the categories if necessary. After all, it can be difficult to see all of the new dynamics the realignment gives us at first glance. Even with 20/20 (di)vision.

Curtis Panke | Sports Editor The 2013 NFL season has so far been a tale of the two Manning brothers. On one side there is Peyton who has 20 touchdowns and only 1 interception and has lead Denver to a 5-0 record entering week 6. While Eli has thrown 15 interceptions and is part of a Giants squad that is 0-6 through week 6.


It was a milestone night for Jonathan Bernier as he recorded his first shutout as a Maple Leaf on Thursday (October 10) in a 4-0 victory against Nashville.


The ALCS and NLCS have been set and are underway in the 2013 MLB playoffs. The Boston Red Sox square off against the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS while the Los Angeles Dodgers face the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS.


It was a sad day for the Raptors and Raptors fans across Canada as on Thursday (October 10) it was revealed that the team’s mascot, the Raptor would be out for the season with a torn Achilles.


MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke, Toronto FC General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko, and Toronto FC manager Ryan Nelsen embark on a trip to Europe in order to scout and sign some marquee players to bring to Toronto.


NBA Season Preview

1) Brooklyn Nets (4) 2) New York Knicks (5) 3) Toronto Raptors (8) 4) Boston Celtics (12) 5) Philadelphia 76ers (15) The newly revamped Nets will battle the New York Knicks and their scoring champion, Carmelo Anthony for the Atlantic division crown. The Nets have arguably the deepest starting 5 in the entire NBA and with new coach Jason Kidd at the helm supported by veteran leadership on the court in newly acquired Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. The Toronto Raptors enter this year’s season with hopes of squeezing into the playoffs and giving their young team some much needed postseason experience. A telling stat is that when Rudy Gay is in the Rap’s lineup, the team was above .500 last year (17-16), proving that if this team can stay healthy, they can grab one of those last two playoff spots in the East.





1) Indiana Pacers (2) 2) Chicago Bulls (3) 3) Cleveland Cavaliers (6) 4) Detroit Pistons (9) 5) Milwaukee Bucks (10) Paul George won over the hearts of millions as he heroically clashed with the “Goliathian” Miami Heat and was almost able to sling himself and the Indiana Pacers into the NBA finals. They will look to ride that momentum into this year’s regular season where they have a chance at overthrowing the Heat atop the East. Basketball fans can all rejoice because the wait is finally over! Derrick Rose is back and ready to charge with the rest of his Bulls squad. I even heard that he added 5 inches to his vertical jump so Goran Dragics’ everywhere should be on high alert.

Top 5 players to watch this year:

Southeast: 1) Miami Heat (1) 2) Washington Wizards (7) 3) Atlanta Hawks (11) 4) Charlotte Bobcats (13) 5) Orlando Magic (14) Love them or hate them, LeBron James and the Miami Heat will still find themselves atop the Eastern Conference standings by season’s end. All the talk about Dwyane Wade losing a step as far as his athleticism and durability are concerned is slightly overdrawn and in a season where every member of the big three enter contract years, expect the alley-oops, spine-rattling rejections, and no-look dimes to last at least one more year.

Wester n Conference: Northwest: 1) Oklahoma City Thunder (3) 2) Denver Nuggets (7) 3) Portland Trailblazers (8) 4) Minnesota Timberwolves (9) 5) Utah Jazz (15) After you stop giggling about the name of this division, note that the Oklahoma City Thunder rest atop despite the loss of Russell Westbrook for a few weeks to start the season. This loss ass well as the fact there is limited productivity off the bench renders a lot of the workload on Kevin Durant’s wiry shoulders. The Nuggets, Trailblazers, and Timberwolves will be fighting for the final two spots in the Western Conference playoffs, providing an electric atmosphere in all three arenas when either of the other two teams comes to town.

1. Dwight Howard 2. Paul George 3. Derrick Rose 4. Jonas Valaciunas 5. Lebron James, always

Pacific: 1) Los Angeles Clippers (1) 2) Golden State Warriors (2) 3) Los Angeles Lakers (10) 4) Sacramento Kings

(13) 5) Phoenix Suns (14)

Don’t worry; you aren’t seeing things. That does in fact say “Clippers” beside the number one ranked LA team in the division. Doc Rivers will take this roster built on flash and mould them into one of substance. They have the best floor general in the NBA in Chris Paul, and with his band of ceiling-scraping brothers, will rise to the top of the Western Conference for the first time in franchise history, leaving their big brother, the Lakers out of the playoffs.

Southwest: 1) Houston Rockets (4) 2) Memphis Grizzlies (5) 3) San Antonia Spurs (6) 4) Dallas Mavericks (11) 5) New Orleans Pelicans (12) Houston, we do not have a problem. Once Dwight Howard chose to find a new home for his shot-blocking/rebounding/post-scoring abilities in Houston. This decision catapulted them up the rankings and will find themselves a sweet home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. I hate to say it, but I think it’s finally the year that the Spurs fall off. It’s not that I think the big three will suffer significant stat decreases; it’s just that the emergence of other teams in the Western Conference will surpass the aging Spurs.




Creepy Campus Crawl Louis Train and Michal Chwalek


The building that now houses the provincial legislature was built on top of the foundation of the former University Lunatic Hospital, although some cynical folks might ask if there really is a difference. Without modern pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy, the asylum was more like a prison than a hospital. Patients were often punished for behaving abnormally, and almost anything but praying or quietly


Many students don't realize that a building located at Wellesley Street and Queen's Park Circle was home to its own My Fair Lady-like fairy tale. The building was once the home of Mr. William Christie, the cookie tycoon, who left it to is his son Robert after his death at the dawn of the 20th century. One day Robert Christie met a poor young woman whom he fancied, and so he offered to take her in and provide her


The most iconic ghost story at U of T concerns University College, which is also the oldest building on campus. The stories began in the late 19th century, when students walking across the dark quad late at night reported that they were sometimes approached by a strange man wearing out-dated clothing. The man would speak to them, and sometimes tell them a story: University College was built in the 1850s. As it was a large building with many ornaments, it required many men and many days of hard

regis college. A

This is a spooky time of year, what with some houses infested with intolerable parasites and other, empty, haunted houses previously infested with parasites. But enough about Thanksgiving and the US shut down – it’s almost Halloween! And to get you in the mood we’re divulging some bona fide U of T ghost stories. So join us for a scavenger ghost-hunt: grab a flashlight and brave the campus at the witching hour to get a first-hand look at these haunted places.

sobbing was considered abnormal. Most of the inmates were women committed for a wide range of abnormal behaviors, such as spinsterhood - this was before gender studies really came into its own. One of the most famous patients of the asylum was Barbara Mackenzie, daughter of Toronto's first mayor and aunt of Canada's tenth prime minister. Barbara suffered from poor mental health her whole life;

as a young adult, she was known to suddenly strike and hit people standing near her with seemingly no provocation. Her condition did not improve in her time as a patient, and she remained one until her eventual suicide in the asylum. The official cause of death was 'burning her clothes,' because Victorian Toronto was not a place where unpleasant things such as self-immolation were discussed, even on death certificates. I do yearn for the good old days.

with room and board in exchange for the occasional sexual slavery. The young woman accepted, and found herself confined to one room of the mansion and unable to escape. Only she, Christie, and Christie's butler knew she was there. After many years of this presumably delightful arrangement, either Christie or his butler entered the room to find the young woman hanging from a make-shift noose fashioned from bedsheets. Christie was distraught,

of course, but I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Christie Mansion is now Regis College (we are appreciative of all donations, no matter how terrifying), and the room is now a study space. It’s not very popular, however, as the doors are known to shut and lock by themselves. This may be caused the vengeful spirit of the woman who once lived there, or it may be the doings of the spirit of Christie's butler, ever dutiful even in death.

labor to complete. One mason who worked on the project was named Ivan Reznikoff. He became engaged to a young woman named Susan, whose beauty was a great source of pride for the hot-blooded Ivan. He showed her off to his follow workers, one of whom perhaps paid too much attention. The dastardly handsome Paul, a member of the construction crew, became enamored with Susan, and the two eventually began an affair. When Ivan found out he called Paul to meet him at the unfinished building to discuss their work. There, Ivan revealed that he was aware of the

affair and, brandishing an axe, intended to kill Paul on the spot. Paul fled, running into the building, and Ivan stalked after him. As Ivan continued to give chase, Paul realized he couldn't run away forever, so he planned to end the confrontation himself. Paul hid behind one of the dark corners of the corridor and when Ivan passed him by, he produced his workman's knife and fatally stabbed his romantic rival. Knowing the repercussions of committing murder, even in selfdefense, Paul hid the body behind a wall. After he finished telling the story,

Barbara Mackenzie was not the only inmate of the asylum who did not enjoy her stay. Many other “lunatics” died, miserably, after years of confinement. Some of their ghosts have been seen in and around the provincial legislature. Some have been described as having long, white hair; others have been seen wearing veils or with nooses around their necks. Others still have been seen wearing horn-rimmed glasses and wailing about the budget. [Rimshot].



Sometimes it's not about the ghost but the thrill of the chase. Spadina Crescent looks like it should be bursting with paranormal experiences, but sadly this last stop has more stories about ghost stories than it does ghost stories. This has led to something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In 2009, on a cold, moonlit autumn night, a young couple went into the building to hunt for ghosts. Fortified by alcohol, the young woman followed her lover through the building. He jumped from one balcony to another, clearing the courtyard below. But when the young woman tried to follow, she slipped and fell to her death below, leaving behind a tangled mess for caretaking services. Will her spirit haunt those halls in years to come, finally giving Spadina Crescent the ghost story it deserves? Do us a favour and leave the Jack Daniel’s at home if you’re going to try and find out for yourself.

queens park. B

the man who appeared in the quad would introduce himself as Ivan, and then disappear. The legacy of this story is believed to be carried in the University College building itself. There are two faces, visible only up close, carved into the exterior of the building. They are thought to be the faces of Paul and Susan, carved either by Paul as an arrogant gesture of his victory or by Ivan as a way of dramatically revealing to Paul his knowledge of the affair. A gash on one of the doors to the building was, some insist, caused by Ivan's ax, but those dates don't seem to add to add up.

spadina crescent. D

university college. C




The plate-offs: pass the gravy Putting Thanksgiving foods to the test

Joe Mangiapane | Staff Writer A Thanksgiving meal is one of the most anticipated meals of the year. Mashed potatoes, butternut squash soup, beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin and apple pie, and of course, turkey. One of the most delicious meals of the year can definitely put some people in a state of distress when you realize how much food you are actually eating especially for those doing double the duty on Sunday and Monday. A traditional Thanksgiving meal can contain anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 calories! So is a Thanksgiving dinner as bad as it looks nutritionally or is there healthy aspects to the meal? The answer is no, its not as bad as you think, in fact its actually pretty good for you. Starting with the king of the meal, turkey is a lean piece of meat with a low fat (1g per 30g serving) and high protein content (6g per 30g serving). Turkey is also nutrient rich, and contains a high concentration of B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. Now most of us are going to accompany our turkey with gravy. Now turkey gravy can be very high in fat, sodium, and calories, while offering little or no nutritional value. Soaking your turkey in gravy can put a damper on its overall nutritional value, but gravy in moderation can be a delicious date to that beautiful turkey breast. There are low sodium gravy options and online recipes that you can make at home to give yourself a

healthier gravy option. Another fan favourite at the table is the cranberry sauce to sweeten up the turkey or enjoy on crostini. Cranberry sauce is high in vitamins and fibre but low in protein and fat. Cranberry is also high in calories so it is best enjoyed in moderation as well. Mashed potatoes also go well beside turkey and gravy. Potatoes are a great source of potassium, fiber and a source of some vitamins and minerals while being low in fat. If you substitute regular Yukon gold potatoes with sweet potatoes not only do you get an explosion of flavour in your mashed potato dish, but even more vitamins

and minerals. Sweet potatoes have been ranked as one of the healthiest root vegetables you can consume being a perfect blend of calories, fibre, nutrients, and carbs. Sweet potatoes are a great way to improve the quality of your dinner nutritionally and taste wise. To end off the meal a nice slice of pumpkin pie always hits the spot. Pumpkin pie is also high in fibre, vitamins, potassium, and relatively low in fat. This is because pumpkin is a super food. Pumpkin is packed with nutrients, potassium, low in sodium, low in fat and low in calories, and these healthy traits get passed onto the delicious pie

they are incorporated in. Individually the many components of the Thanksgiving dinner are fairly healthy food options that are delicious and nutritious. However as these food options accumulate on your plate, and eventually in your stomach the calories, fats and sodium do add up, so try not to over do it. Our bodies naturally will secrete hormones to tell us we are full and make us feel nauseated when we over eat. So if you start feeling sick while at the table it’s because you’re full, so it’s a good idea to put the fork down before your body forces the food back out!

A treat: cheap tricks

Short on time, money or creative energy? Choose one of these easy costumes. Alekzia Hosein | Managing Editor Did you spend all your money on candy, textbooks or coffee? I won't chide you on your budgeting skills now. If you have a million Halloween parties to attend this year (or you're just looking for something to wear to class on a particular spooky Thursday!), this list has you covered. With just a basic set of clothing and a few dollar store purchases, you too, can look your best this Halloween. 1. Donnie Darko

DENTAL CARE Dr. Elon Griffith Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Call: 416-923-3386

or email: 25 Charles St. W. Toronto ON M4Y 2R4






This is the main character of the angsty movie you watched when you were 15? The character has the same name as the title of the movie. Wouldn't it be ironic to wear that as a costume now in 2013? I don't know. What you need: White paint Hooded sweater Creative friend Black outfit What to do: Paint a skeleton onto your all-black outfit. Wear a hoodie over it. 2. Self Portrait This is a costume where you wear a picture frame around your face so it looks like you are, in fact, a portrait of yourself. Bonus if your name is Dorian Grey. What you need: Makeup

Cardboard box Metallic paint What to do: As skillfully as possible, construct a rectangular frame out of the box. Use tape. And paint it. Then find a way to balance it around your neck or tape it to a t-shirt or something so it goes around your face. Get it? Put on makeup if you are insecure about how you look. 3. Vulture Everyone's favourite flying scavenger, unless you prefer actual flies. What you need: Grey outfit. Early signs of male pattern baldness Feathers (or lint) Cardboard What to do: Cut a beak out of cardboard. Tape it to your face. Wear a lot of grey. Roll in lint. 4. Saturn It's the planet between Jupiter and Uranus. If you have friends, let them dress up as the other planets, so you shine. Make sure Uranus rolls sideways all night. What you need: Hula hoop Imagination Outfit in desaturated tones What to do: Put on an outfit. Hold a hula hoop around

yourself all night. Brilliant. 5. Jellyfish It's a creature that lives in the sea. Wear this costume to that party where you don't want anyone to talk to you. What you need: Flashlight Umbrella Black outfit Batteries Crepe paper Ribbon What to do: Tape the crepe paper ribbon to the umbrella. So it streams down like tentacles. Put batteries in the flashlight. Fasten the flashlight to the inner dome of the umbrella. Put on the black outfit. Carry the umbrella.




Les Mis: more Mis, less biz please! Nice voices, tight scene changes and Hollywood-ruining element



Broke beret

Cheap arts to do and experience in Toronto Louis Train | Arts Editor There's no doubt that Toronto is an expensive city, and being a student just adds to the cost. As if just to tempt us, Toronto also has a vibrant arts scene that is, unfortunately, often inaccessible to those who can't afford $40.00 tickets or pricey museum memberships. To help you better appreciate the artistic offerings of this fair city, we've compiled some of the best deals on shows and exhibits. Everything below is available for $5.00 or less and continues throughout the year.

Cinema is only $5.00 on Tuesdays. They're not a tiny art-house cinema either; they show first-run movies. Extra-frugal bonus: pick up snacks at Bulk Barn next door. It's cheaper than the concession stand and the variety is tremendous. 20 Carlton Street (at Yonge Street)

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the latest Mirvish musical offering, Les Misérables at the Princess of Wales theatre on the extremely warm evening of October 2. Despite being a theatre fan, I had never seen a real musical before, so this was a very special night and experience. And boy, was it ever a sight to behold. Strong acting and incredible set design make this an experience you do not want to miss. To really give this a fair review, I’ll review the play in three distinct parts: Fantine, postFantine, and the incredible set design. The only parts of the musical that had its issues in terms of voices and acting were the scenes pre-Fantine and Fantine’s scenes. Jean Valjean over sung his first few songs, boasting power and magnitude within his voice, drowning out any emotion and enunciation of his words. Inspector Javert was the same way. Set to dazzle and thrill through the use of power, instead of through the communication of emotion. Fantine suffered from the opposite issue. Emotion ran rife throughout her voice; her quivering caused me to tear up, but the lack of power in her voice caused issues in understanding and quite often hearing her over the two other powerhouses sharing the stage with her. The casting of the Thenardiers was pure perfection. I never thought I was enjoy the sound of a fish monger’s wife singing, but Madame Thenardier blew me away with her comedic timing, raw raspy coarse styling of her voice and her ability to move upon the stage. Mr. Thenardier did not disappoint either, but compared to his stage wife, he simply did not dazzle in the same manner. The post-Fantine scenes were simply outstanding. Jean Valjean calmed down almost immediately, showing a flow of emotion in his voice, and a delicacy I did not think possible from such a demonstrative powerhouse. Inspector Javert took some more time to settle into his role, and I believe there may have been sound balance issues affecting the clarity of his enunciation when translated through the speaker system. Though the true magic occurred during Eponine’s monologue. Jaws dropped, and for the first time during the performance the entire audience broke out in a rousing, and well deserved round of applause.

The depth of her voice, combined with the way she translated emotions, and movement in her singing moved half the audience to tears. The strict clarity of her voice was also refreshing and a fantastic contrast to Javert and Valjean, and showed that not all women have pretty little falsetto voices. It was rousing, and depicted Eponine’s personality perfectly. The revolutionaries sounded like a boys choir, and the casting of Marius was perfect, as his voice was softer but still powerful, a great representation of a boy becoming a man. Cosette had a similar voice to Fantine, and during her scenes it often lost out to the gorgeous deep sounds of Eponine. Despite some weaker voices in the cast, the set design alone makes this show worth seeing. Using very simple front staging pieces, the musical never stopped or darkened to change in scene, rather different front pieces were pushed together to form different settings, while the background changed to reflect the new setting. Simplistic? Yes. But still portrayed a dynamic quality that without them would have caused the musical to have a much more negative review. I have one issue with the set design and one issue only. They used a screen at the back, which changed picture, and sometimes even scrolled a picture across if the characters were walking to a different place (i.e. as Jean was saving Marius in the tunnels, the screen kept changing perspective of the same picture of a tunnel, so it appeared that they were walking through a very long tunnel instead of just across the stage). This Hollywood-style, flashy use of technology often took me out of the scene, as the moving back drop was very distracting, and in the case of the tunnel very cheesy. It also seemed to undermine the simple and minimalistic design of the set. The only time it was appropriate was during the suicide of Inspector Javert. The wooshing of the background, and the subsequent water splash helped provide a further power to the suicide that would have been lost had he just fell through a trap door. Overall, this was a fantastic show, and I definitely recommend going to see it if you have the opportunity to. Deep, complex, but not pretentious, so that even the most novice musical enjoyer (me!) could enjoy it.

The Faculty of Music The Facutly of Music at U of T employs and educates some of the greatest performers in this city. They produce numerous free concernts and opera each year, as well as several competitions and showcases which are open to the public. The high-light is usually the annual original opera, which is composed and performed by students. Extra-convenient bonus: It all happens right on campus.

Yuk Yuk's Although Yuk Yuk's does often have major names headlining their acts, on Tuesdays, the nobodies get a chance to shine. Tickets to Tuesday shows are just $4.00, and you're likely HipTix The name makes it seem like something intended for inner-city youths in the 1990s, but the service is invaluable. HipTix provides $5 tickets to students to select performance pieces, including plays, improv comedy, and dance at a variety of theatre across Toronto. The tickets must be bought through HipTix, which requires a credit card.

to see at least one great act. 224 Richmond Street West (at University Avenue) Art Gallery of Ontario The most-visited art gallery in Canada by a wide margin, the AGO has some excellent permanent exhibits as well as several constantly changing displays. Visits to the gallery are free on Wednesday after 6:00PM, until it closes at 8:30.

Carlton Cinema's $5 Tuesdays In case the name confused you, admission to movies at Carlton

Emma George | Contributor


The Bard in the park Shakespeare in the quad from a fresh perspective who lived. Even with this point of confusion, I was amused with each actor’s performance because they were all extremely animated and added touches of their own to make this gruesome tale into one with moments of humor and innuendo. I have saved the best point for last. For the entirety of the play I was intrigued by the music and sound because it was so well done.

Can you draw better? Regan McNeill | Contributor

email with illustrations/photos/comics Or email to illustrate a story.

Last week, I went to go quench my thirst for theatre by attending Richard III at the Trinity College Quad. When asked to write about the play, I was told to “look at it from a new angle.” Naturally, due to my lack of experience in the art of theatre reviewing, I decided to use a protractor measure the Trinity Quad… and as you can imagine, that didn’t work (okay, I didn’t actually do that). Instead I will tell you all about my experience as an audience member at Richard III, and not through an extremely critical set of eyes - that in itself is a new angle. It was a typical autumn night. The air was crisp, the leaves were sounding crunchy, and people had their thermoses out (and I did too,

but mine was full of Stiegl). Upon entering the Trinity Quad, I felt like I was in a dream. I looked ahead to see a stage centred in the Medievallike setting. The lights were shining bright, a naked strip of stage protruded towards the audience, and a seat on the ground was there to greet me. The play began fashionably late so that latecomers like me felt on time. When the play began, a decrepit looking Richard slowly crept towards the audience to begin his monologue - a depressing monologue, so already I knew this play was going to be rather morbid (and it lived up to my expectations). A young woman named Jane Smythe was playing Richard and I could barely tell that it was a she being a he! I applaud Alyssa Stokvis-Hauer for doing Jane’s makeup because it

disguised her feminine beauty quite well. What really did it for me was Jane’s acting: Richard III was there in spirit that autumn evening. I was most intrigued about the fact that the stage had no props and, essentially, a complete lack of mise-en-scene, other than the rather intricate costumes that each actor wore. For me, it was an interesting approach to Shakespeare because it made the audience member’s imaginations run wild: everyone got to see the play as they wanted to. It was a real “indie” move if I do say so myself. The only thing that really confused me about the play was this: I didn’t know who was who. There are quite a few characters in Richard III and there were only few actors in this play. And so, at times, it was hard to tell who died and

Thinking that it was all pre-recorded, I was certainly shocked to realize that a live band accompanied the live action! So I bid congratulations to Brian the Wizard and Joel Chico for achieving ambiance though their musical talents. I bid a final applaud to all the actors in Richard III, you amused even me - a clueless, beerdrinking film student.




America held hostage!

Melissa Morgado | Contributor It’s been all over the news and it’s the topic of interest everyone’s been talking about for weeks. What exactly is a government shutdown? Is the United States really going to default? Why are Republicans so stubborn? In short, the U.S. shutdown has forced a good number of federal employees to take a forced, unpaid vacation. Essential services are still running– this means the military– but there are definitely some worries over how smoothly operations will run with those workers not being paid. The true impact of this

situation depends on how long the shutdown lasts, and whether or not the U.S. will be forced to default. Most economists are convinced that an agreement will be made, because forcing a default on such a grand scale would be unthinkable. Others are worried that with this year being part of Obama’s second and last term, he is more concerned with protecting his image as president than what the aftershocks of a default would be in decades to come. The issue boils down to Republicans disagreeing with the implementation of Obamacare. Since the U.S. structure uses a debt ceiling, approving increases to the budget and approving increases to

the national debt are separate issues. Members of Congress opposed to Obamacare are using this situation as leverage by refusing to budge until their demands are met. It seems like a hostage situation, with the GOP taking the American public and government hostage for a really high price. Avery Shenfield, chief economist of CIBC World Markets, has stated that the debt ceiling effectively requires the federal government to cut $600 billion of annual spending if an increase is not approved. This amounts to 4% of the U.S. GDP, which he believes is enough to throw the U.S. into recession. It’s a tough situation for the U.S.,

Generation: Y

Can’t you just give me a well paying job post-grad?

The US shutdown explained

which is currently $16.7 trillion in debt. The American public, which owns the largest percent of U.S. debt, will suffer spikes in interest rates and raises to the cost of loans for homeowners and business. The second largest owner of U.S. debt, the Federal Reserve, have 91% of its assets backed to the U.S. debt. If the value of those assets drops, the dollar loses value as well, according to financial sector analyst Richard Bove. Individuals who invested in U.S. bonds, which are marketed as backed the good credit and faith of the federal government, might not get their interest payments or face value returned. On a global scale, the biggest worry seems to be China, which currently owns over a trillion dollars of U.S. debt. Some experts have expressed concern that if China were to sell a portion of its U.S. debt, it would trigger foreign demand for U.S. assets to fall. The worry isn’t widespread, though, with a general consensus that China relies too much on the American dollar depressing the value of its native yuan to boost its export business. So, what does this mean for Canada? Luckily, most economists believe that a short shutdown will have few lasting effects on Canada, which is slightly comforting considering that the vast majority of our trade involves the U.S. The few businesses that deal directly with the American federal government will be



affected, but contracts established before the shutdown will occur as planned and our economic growth shouldn’t largely be affected. The main concern is border patrol. It isn’t entirely clear if there will be product delays at the border, which could potentially cause a slowdown in trade. Really, it’s mostly unsettling to think that our country can be left vulnerable to the struggles in other countries. Again, most experts are generally convinced that the shutdown will be short-lived. It’s hard to predict the long-term effects if the U.S. defaults. As a future graduate looking for a stable job, here’s hoping it won’t happen. The root problem doesn’t seem to be in the financial intricacies of a default, or even how long the shutdown will last. Republicans are insistent that the poor do not have access to health care, and it is this mindset that needs fixing, along with the extortionist procedures of the GOP. Threatening to shut down the U.S.’s economy because of an attempt to provide accessible health care is hardly logical and leaves one wondering if the Republicans need their diapers changed. The funniest bit of this entire debacle is that, despite all of the federal employees sent home and the arguing between government officials, its protection from Congress decisions on funding means Obamacare exchanges will proceed as planned.

Michelle Giana di Fiore | Staff Writer From the ages of 16-20, I’ve worked in various part-time, low-skilled, minimum wage jobs. I’ve done everything from serve frozen yogurt, referee house league soccer, merchandise children’s clothes and serve coffee. To be very honest, the vast majority of the time, apart from dealing with an assortment of eccentric managers, I was completely satisfied. But now, with the youth (16-24) unemployment rate at 14% and the prospect of university graduates obtaining a job that matches their skill set extremely low, I feel exceptionally reluctant to go back to low-paying, physically demanding and thankless jobs. But this may be the case for many of us given the current economy. This reluctance I’ve described is commonly assumed

to be the curse of ‘Generation Y’: an extreme case of self-entitlement, heightened ego and an unwilling disposition toward minimum wage jobs post-graduation. If you’re like me, you may be thinking, “although I can thoroughly delve into Marx’s theory of materialism or Mill’s vision of utilitarianism, I may have to serve coffee postgraduation given the competitiveness of the job market and the lack of professional jobs for graduates”. Sure, according to magazines like Time, ‘Generation Y’ feels they should be awarded a high-power job immediately upon graduation. However, this predicament is not so simple. Based on data from 2006, one quarter of ‘Generation Y’ post-grads work in jobs that do not require a degree. It also doesn’t help that their parents, Baby Boomers, obtained a degree and actually walked into a great full-time jobs! This new culture of educated graduates working in minimum-wage part-time jobs is almost incomprehensible to the Baby Boomers, who blame this predicament on the ‘laziness’ of the GEN-Y. These criticisms of the ‘GenerationY’ being egotistical and overly entitled are unfair. Part of the reason for this mindset is the way in which we have been coached throughout our entire educational experience. From elementary school to high school, our teachers taught us

if we work hard enough we would get into a university of our choice and eventually get a good job. This was the motivation used by teachers to encourage students to study and submit quality assignments. Even in university our professors constantly remind us how fortunate we are to be studying at such a prestigious school and how post-graduation employers will look at us with a high regard, as opposed to graduates of for example York University (their words, not mine!). So, as someone who bought into this whole ‘myth’, I have to say that after 18 years of being in this educational system, I DO want to walk out and get a ‘good’ job. After all this effort it seems extremely disheartening to not be able to work in a field you are passionate about. So, my prescription is to use these negative qualities of ‘egotism’ and ‘entitlement’ ascribed to our generation to our advantage: apply EVERYWHERE, assume you can work an assortment of jobs and walk into a job interview with full confidence. Be aggressive – you’ve worked too hard to settle for less at this point! Don’t be disheartened by your friends’ stories about being jobless or the current 14% youth unemployment rate. If we really are egotists, we might as well be productive egotists, not egotists hanging out at mall fairs (unless retail is your calling, then march right in!).

A titanic failure

Bilionaire tries to recreate the Titanic's journey (minus the sinking)

Mission aborted

The Conservatives' global aid policy reveals their anti-abortionist ideology Saad Shah | Contributor A conservative is a man who has two perfectly good legs, who however, has never learned to walk forward. Roosevelt summarized the whole conservative ideology in one sentence because the conservatives fear progression. According to International Development Minister Christian Paradis, our government has refused to fund abortions for raped war victims as part of their international aid projects. This has been an issue of contention before, such as when, preceding the G8 meeting in 2010, aid experts were told to shut the f--- up by conservative MP Nancy Ruth. It is repulsive that the conservatives and even some liberals would go as far as to actively oppose helping women who have been subjected to sexual violence as a war tactic. The MP’s don’t have much of an argument for not helping raped women get safe abortions in developing countries but there is a fear generally in discussing this issue. After Nancy Ruth’s emphatic call for silencing these issues she defended herself against protestors by warning them of a further backlash by Harper.

I can’t help but think that ideology is so important to the conservative government that individual MPs cannot speak up against their ‘leader’. The roots of the conservative ideology are rooted in obedience to the supreme and maintenance of the status quo, that sort of thing. Put quite simply the government should set aside their ideological position and help those who need assistance. The MPs’ religious views on abortions or their views on the position of women in society should have no bearing on their policy of international aid programs; however that is not the case. The implications of our government’s stance on the issue of abortions are very wide. First and foremost it’s an outright contradiction to the ideals of freedom and liberty that are the very foundation of our great country. Canada contributes generally to many international projects: $20 million dollars to commonwealth, $3billion for child health services, and is among the top ten contributors to the UN peacekeeping costs. It’s difficult to fathom why Canada would not help these women who have not only been abused but are also scarred for

life. The aforementioned generous contribution of $3 billion includes pre natal and post birth care but does not include abortions. That seems almost nonsensical since abortions do fall into the category of maternal care and eliminating them from the general care services seems more like a policy dispute. Abortions are important not only form a medical point of view when at times the expectant mother cannot physically carry the child, but they are also important for the psychological wellbeing for a raped victim since the developing fetus serves as a constant reminder of the devastating encounter. Unlike abroad, the abortion debate within Canada is largely dormant, and abortions are legal and free under any circumstances. This discrepancy in local and foreign policy is a direct consequence of a ‘pro-life’ stance shared by the policy makers. Not only is this stance hypocritical it’s also very regressive because it completely contradicts everything else Canada stands for globally in terms of women’s rights; be it education, employment, antiabuse laws or societal freedom. It is also worth noting that not

John Castellarin | Staff Writer

giving women the freedom over their bodies and depriving them of the choice of giving birth sets the women’s rights movements back by about 40 years, when abortions were legalized the first time in Canada. This issue is directly related to women’s rights as equal individuals, since every woman has the right to control what is happening to her body. Especially in the case of rape when said ‘happening’ is imposed upon her by force. The stigma attached to abortions is one that we still face today. Abortion has been a controversial subject in many societies throughout history because of the religious,

ethical, practical, and political power issues that surround it. In most of the developing world abortions are illegal but there are exceptions for rape, maternal life, health defects etc. Women in these countries need help from the governments of First World countries like Canada to be able to get safe abortions. Reproductive freedom is a right that every human being is born with, and the government of Canada should not allow its ideological or religious preferences to dictate policy. However no women’s rights have ever been achieved through silence and if Mr. Harper keeps this up it won’t be long before the tide turns against him.

Want to hear something unbelievable? I’ve never seen the movie ‘Titanic’. I don’t know why, there’s nothing stopping me from seeing it, but it just never appealed to me. Maybe because I already know how it ends. For some reason however, people are absolutely fascinated by the ship that sank in the north Atlantic over a hundred years ago. Frankly, I don’t understand the hype, who cares? Well apparently billionaire Clive Palmer does, since he has plans to build a Titanic replica with her maiden voyage commencing in 2016. Leave it to a man from the country with a crocodile hunter to come up with something so ridiculous. Now before you decide it’s the worst idea of all time, I’m sure you probably want to hear what’s in store for the poor souls who are going to pay to travel by ship from Southampton to New York City. Basically people are going to experience what the people aboard the original titanic experienced, minus the whole sinking part (hopefully). As part of this experience, period clothing will also be provided to the passengers who have no interest in how they look. I don’t get it. Why would you pay to dress out of style? No one dresses like that anymore for a reason and the reason is because it looks stupid. If you really want to dress out of fashion, I think I’ve got an old Ed Hardy

shirt at the back of my closet with your name on it. But back to the cruise. In order to keep things authentic, it has been said there will be no Internet access aboard the vessel. That’s right. No Facebook, Twitter, or UofT webmail. How am I supposed to eat a meal on the Titanic II and not be able to tweet a picture of it? What if I need to correspond with family? The idea of no Internet access in 2013 is absurd. Continuing on the idea of authenticity, where do you draw the line? I’m pretty sure in 1912 when the Titanic first sailed, doctors were still chopping people’s legs off if they had an infection. Now I don’t know exactly what Mr. Palmer’s sentiments are regarding antibiotics, but I would definitely suggest anyone planning to board inquire before they do. Maybe it was the way I was raised but generally I thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, so I can’t understand why I would pay to lower my standard of living. The impression this cruise gives me is that Mr. Palmer believes he is doing a favour for anyone who buys a ticket, and as such he can dictate what people are allowed to do. God knows if I were ever on that cruise I’d tweet until twitter’s servers crashed, and there’s nothing Clive could do to stop me. Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Why is the Titanic famous? Was it because of its enormous size? Or maybe because it was

boarded by some of the wealthiest people society had to offer? No. The Titanic is famous because unlike Leonardo DiCaprio, over 2000 actually perished the night it sank. Now call me crazy, but who boards a ship that’s a replica of one that sank? Imagine if someone suggested a replica flight of the Hindenburg and called it the Hindenburg II but promised it wouldn’t explode into flames this time. I think it’s more than likely anyone who suggests that would end up in an institution. For some reason however, boarding a replica of a ship that’s now at the bottom of the ocean is considered acceptable. I wonder if they’ll stop the Titanic II above the wreckage of the original Titanic and have a moment of silence. The craziest part is, apparently tens of thousands of people have indicated interest in buying tickets. All I can say is there’s no chance I would ever board until I see the first group of passengers kiss land in New York City. Maybe I’m just a paranoid loser who doesn’t understand what fun is, but I just can’t understand the appeal of the Titanic II. I don’t know how much tickets are going to cost, but I think its safe to say there’s a plethora of things I’d rather do with my money. For anyone thinking about going however, I hope you enjoy your trip and I pray you don’t suffer the same fate as those aboard the original Titanic. However, if it does happen don’t say I didn’t warn you.





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Horoscopes (double dipped) Libra | September 23 October 22 To everyone else, you're always responsible and sophisticated. But in your fantasy world, you're a risk-taking hero. Why not throw your friends off with a surprising Halloween costume? Perhaps an homage to your favourite comic book character? Or a Vancouver junkie? // You are gettting sleeeeepyyyy. So very sleepyyyyy.You are now under my control. You will wake in 5 minutes and think you read the greatest horoscope ever.

Scorpio | October 23 November 22 Scorpio is ruled by the (dwarf) planet Pluto, apparently, and Pluto is The Lord of the Underworld. Spooky. If that doesn't give you some Halloween inspiration, dress up as a sexy sailor or something. Either way, choose a costume that will allow you to manipulate people into doing things for you, through a combination of fear or arousal. // Sizzlin' hawt. Thats the life mantra you should follow. Hit the gym, buy new clothes, and only eat spicy food. Sizzlin' hawt.

Sagittarius | November 23 December 22 I read somewhere that Sagitarrians love to travel and explore new cultures, but here's the thing: it's really hard to sensitively approach dressing as someone of a different race. I know! Who wouldn't want to go as A$AP Rocky or that really good-looking woman from Modern Family? Play it safe and avoid racial stereotypes. No blackface (I can't believe I have to write this). No dirty mustaches. No sombreros. No signs: will mow lawn for weed. #whiteguilt. If you really want to step outside your own white-bred world, try dressing up as a different species! Unicorn

strongly encouraged. // As the moon continues along its orbit, the tides will receded and come rushing back in due to the moons gravitational pull.This has nothing to with you. Unless you're looking for advice as to where to park your ocean schooner.

Capricorn | December 23 January 22 You supposedly have a weird and dry sense of humour, Capricorn. Choose a dry and weird costume. A piece of burnt toast. A saltine cracker. The Gobi Desert. An allages party. A dead tree. The world is your old, discarded oyster shell. // Even though you're born after christmas time, don't let anybody forget you. Scream and shout. Go toxic. Hit them baby, one more time. Oops! I did it again. I love Britney.

Aquarius | January 23 - February 22 Usually Aquarius is a cop-out horoscope because we just associate it with water and write something based on that.This year, dress as an emaciated seal from Marineland to show that you care about animal mistreatment in aquatic facilities. I know you're non-conventional,Aquarius, but if that pushes the envelope TOO much and will offend your friends, just dress as a mermaid or something. // Don't cry today dear Aquarius, even though water is your thing.The Mike is not waterproof and your outfit is way too faboosh to get ink on it. And even if its not faboosh, you should read The Mike not wear it.

Pisces | February 23 March 22 People born under your star sign are said to see the world in their own unique way because of Neptune, which represents dreams and fantasies. My mother is a Pisces

and she's kind of out there too. This year, dress as your favourite fictional mental patient: Blanche Dubois, Dorian Grey, The Queen of Hearts. // Pumpkin pie is delicious this time of year. So is pumpkin beer. Why not experiment with combining pumpkin and other things? Pumpkin exams? Pumpkin horoscopes? Pumpkin shoes? Pumpkin car?

Aries | March 21 April 19 People with your sign are expected to be the most courageous, but luckily Halloween allows you to be someone else for a night (or six, depending on how you celebrate). So instead of doing what everyone expects (dressing as a ghost hunter or similar), opt for something for safer. I suggest lamb. // In the future you will become an incredible rap star, dropping rhymes about thanksgiving. October and November will be your most profitable months.

Taurus | April 20 - May 20 You're known for being alluring, luxurious and long-lasting. I know what you're thinking! And yes.You should go as a piece of gum for Halloween. I'm sure there are all kinds of pick-up lines you can use. I just can't think of any. // There’s a very good chance that you’re a cannibal. You're a Taurus. A big powerful bull. Gettin' randy in fields. Ever eaten’ steak? Or veal? You’re munching on yourself. Cannibal!

Gemini | May 21 - June 21 You're probably expecting this since you have the sign of the twins, but you should partner up with your favourite friend or sibling in matching or coordinating outfits. Here are some suggestions: Sonny and Cher, M-K & A, the twin emojis, the possibilities aren't limited.. // American Horror Story is an excellent show, and also the creepiest use of twins in recent pop culture. I'm sure you're

Alekzia Hosein // Emma George | Future Seers not creepy.And if you are, work it. Halloween is coming up soon.

Cancer | June 22 - July 22 You're known to live in the past, Cancer. But it's time to tuck away your old journals and stop refreshing your ex's Facebook page. Choose a costume that portrays your nostalgia in a positive light. Maybe dress as Kurt Cobain or the Powerpuff Girls. It's not like anything before that was around before you born. // You should go to the east coast. Blast some Jay Z,Alicia Keys, and Billy Joel. See the ocean. Go fishing. Hang out with some crabs.They won't be too crabby.

Leo | July 23 - August 22 I've heard that Leos are divas. So throw on a suit or a glitzy dress and tell people you're a celebrity.Which one? Who cares.They'll believe it because you sell it. Just wear some underwear if you're planning on getting out of a car.You want to stay out of the tabloids, right? // My god Leonardo Di Caprio is gorgeous. If you ever hang out with him, be sure to get close enough to have him as Leo in your phone.

Virgo | August 23 September 22 I always imagine Virgos as studious and introverted. If you want to stay home and work on an essay for Halloween, don't let me stop you. If you eventually get peerpressured into having a costume, make sure no one mistakes you for a party-goer by dressing as something chaste and pure. Like a Robarts librarian. Or an aphid. // Try to have fun as midterm season slowly turns into exam season. Studying drinking games are a great way to have fun but not a good way to study.

The Mike Newspaper, October 16, 2013  

The Official Newspaper of St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto

The Mike Newspaper, October 16, 2013  

The Official Newspaper of St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto