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Finding Your Path - An Interview Series With Neale Donald Walsch

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Lady Gaga: Proponent Of An Emerging Love Inspired Form Of Spiritual Awareness...................................................... 24 Conscious Community With Ashley Coffey..................27 Charles Eisenstein: Creating A Movement Of Letting Movements Be Created, Naturally........................................................ 29 The Power To Burn Bright: Ozioma Egwuonwu.......... 32


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Contributors Neale is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before experiencing his now famous conversation with God. The Conversations With God series of books that emerged from those encounters has been translated into 37 languages, touching millions and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. @NealeDonaldWalsch

Neale Donald Walsch

twitter @realNDWalschrealNDWalsch

Sarah is the host of the Journey to Manifesting podcast and cofounder of the Manifesting Academy, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and writer.Named a ‘manifestation guru’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine, her message — that you manifest through your connection to The Universe and empowering your emotions — has inspired millions of people across the globe to create magic in their lives. Sarah believes in magic, limitless possibilities, energy management, crystals, seeking joy in each moment, and the power of transformation.

Sarah Prout


A business coach who champions integrity in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics that we have all experienced as consumers, George has personally coached hundreds of clients. He offers valuable free articles and videos about authentic marketing and joyful productivity at his website, and is the author of 4 books, including Principles of Authentic Business: Create a Sustainable Livelihood from the Heart.

George Kao

Ozioma is an internationally celebrated speaker, transformational thought leader, and visionary master strategist. For over a decade, Ozioma has dedicated her life’s work to supporting individual and collective progress through teaching inspired principles and strategies that ignite sustainable transformation. She is the Founder of BurnBright International, a transformational coaching & consulting company dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and communities activate their full potential.

Ozioma Egwuonwu


@ozioma @burnbrightozioma

The Conscious Business Conversation Group (CBCG) is a community of practitioners who cultivate love in business and in-spirit the workplace from the inside-out. The group trusts that business can be transformed by awakening the heart. Through soul-infused practices, they open space in which the inner muses of deep identity can be observed, find expression, and form new awarenesses. Group Decisions are in•formed by an inner guidance system that dynamizes a corresponding external expression. CBCG uses a process of inquiry based in intuition and inner values which inspire transformation and catalyze change.

Ashley has a Masters in Sociology and serves as an Assistant Teacher at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Her Thesis work focused on the value of conscious community, such as Damanhur, where she got to participate and observe conscious community herself. Ashley is a spiritual seeker, who encourages open mindedness, equality, and love above all things.

Ashley Coffey

A 7-time award-winning Author, Clinical therapist and Brain Training specialist, Maggie is the Founder of the Mind Potential Academy and provides online training to the Wellness Industry for both personal and professional audiences. After surviving a major stroke, Maggie developed her unique C P R Brain Training model acknowledged by peers as a game changer around the world.

Maggie Wilder


Charles is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity. He is the author of several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. His background includes a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale, a decade in Taiwan as a translator, and stints as a college instructor, a yoga teacher, and a construction worker. He currently writes and speaks full-time.

Charles Eisenstein

Bob Jayco

From the Editor In Chief

Dear friends, A profound welcome to our second edition of Co-Creation Magazine. Once again, we are most delighted to be offering new and inspiring stories from leading Global Luminaries such as Neale Donald Walsch, Charles Eisenstein, Sarah Prout, Ozioma Egwuonwu, Maggie Wilder, George Kao, and Ashely Coffey. We also have another message from Signals Of Love (SOL) on a simple way to understand what true prosperity is and how it works. In this issue, we feature Lady Gaga, which some of you may not understand. This came about from a transmission from SOL and it showed a Lady Gaga of the future, not only as a Singer/Artist but as a 22nd Century Spiritual Influencer, for children and the youth of the new millennium. This woman has yet to reach her peak of spiritual maturity and understanding, but she already demonstrates a heartfelt awareness for humanity through her own pain, internal challenges and growing awareness of the need for global change through her own personal transformation. We have decided to honour that in our article. On a sadder note, we pay tribute to the passing of a great lady of the spiritual and consciousness movement for the last 50 or more years. Barbara Marx Hubbard has been a hailed by many, as futurist, sage, visionary and one of the greatest inspirational minds of this century. Her books have been read by millions; her presence, love and humility affected all who came to know and meet her. She inspired and mentored world leaders and other global thought influencers, leaving an indelible legacy on this planet. She will be sadly missed.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the support, effort and hard work of the the Co-Creation Magazine Publishing Team, and to my own personal team, in getting this magazine together. A special thanks to Kim Crawford, Andrea Fernandez and Darren Vassallo for their roles in Co-Creating the transitional steps and processes to move not only the magazine, but the whole vision and mission forward. Thank you so much, guys... You’re awesome. In closing, I must acknowledge SOL (Signals Of Love ), for co-creating the many connections with wonderful individuals and groups all over the planet who are also on similar journeys. It has been this 60-year connection and understanding of how to work experientially with source consciousness, real-time in this physical world, that has brought people offering all sorts of assistance. In fact, a couple of things I have learnt from this journey is that when you trust and work from within this place of infinite consciousness, everything comes easy and in flow. The other, is the need for patience, for whatever you ask for, to show up. Source has its own timing. Please enjoy the magazine, and if you are inspired by the stories, tell your friends,colleagues and groups, share us on social media and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t, so you can receive the next edition into your mailbox. It will be on Health and Wellbeing. Love yourselves, because all of humanity is YOU. There is only ONE consciousness.


Guest Editor In Chief Kim Crawford

Welcome to the Co-Creation Community. We are excited to bring you our second issue of Co-Creation magazine filled with inspiring and in-spirited messages. We believe that your voice matters. In this moment, your voice matters. It is built into each of us as humans to create, to evolve, to move, and to flow. We are all in this together. You are the entry point for raising the consciousness on the planet. You are the Co-Creation Community. We need your participation.

instruments. Together. Person by person. Heart by Heart. Share by Share. Story by Story. We can connect and Co-Create. We invite you to share your stories with us. We invite you as individuals and collectives to create with us. What would you like to see in the magazine or on our platform? Let us know on Facebook or on our Website. Every action you take moves the community forward. When we engage each other from the heart, we engage in a dierent consciousness. We listen and share our own unique soul signature.

Your Heart. Your Joy. Share your Heart. Comment. Ponder. Inquire. Create. We invite you to Co-Create.

You are the Co-Creation Community. We invite you to participate and share.

We realize there is a flow in the Universe and we are each

Love and Joy,

Kim Crawford

Finding Your


An Interview Series with Neale Donald Walsch Part One


estselling author Neale Donald Walsch is known to millions of people around the world because of his Conversations with God (CWG) book series, and dozens of others titles he has published over the years.

on shifting spiritual paradigms world-wide. We were also lucky to get some insights into his newest book.

This spiritual messenger has travelled to most corners of the globe over the years, sharing his ideas about religion, spirituality, and its practical applications. He has found that wherever he goes there is a real hunger amongst people to learn new ways of living and ideas for how to achieve peace, harmony, and understanding.

Neale, as someone who has worked and explored around the globe, you’ve been able to see the current state of things more than most people. In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem in the world today?

At Co-Creation Magazine, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to chat with Neale about his particular path, and what he has witnessed while he has been focusing

Read on for the first article in this highly insightful three-part series with Neale.

The biggest problem in the world today is that most people don’t know what the biggest problem in the world is. We see the effect of it everywhere—we couldn’t miss it—but we do not seem to be


able to figure out the cause. I’ve put the effect of our biggest problem into one word: Alienation.

What issues do you think Alienation is causing? Seldom before have we seen so many members and groups within our species so vehemently and vociferously against each other. We are living in an “Us against Them” world created by our own angry assessment that it’s the others who are creating misery for us, and even threatening the survival of our way of life.

human cohesion – destructive action which in itself presents the biggest danger to our survival as a species. We are doing ourselves in. Alienation ultimately produces annihilation, and we can’t seem to stop the process because we keep trying to solve the problem at every level except the level at which the problem exists. Even with all of our technological marvels, all of our genius, all of our tenacity as a species, we seem strikingly unable to see what’s causing our alienation, and thus find ourselves sadly and tragically unable to reverse it. So far. But the next chapter has yet to be written.

This has caused us to attack each other verbally, and in far too many cases, even physically. We are tearing apart the fabric of


Perhaps your next book will help us to understand things better, so we can write OUR next chapter! The Essential Path, your latest offering, will be published in June 2019 by Essentials, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press. Could you please share a bit about it and what it addresses? The book addresses and reveals, in clear and unambiguous terms, the cause of humanity’s alienation. It then lays out the path that it is essential for us to take if we wish our species to stop its self-destruction, and if we wish our own individual lives to take on real meaning—a purpose larger than The One With The Most Toys Wins. Larger, even, than simple survival. Taking the messages of Conversations with God to the next level—the level of functionality—the text announces that we are One Decision Away from the healing of humanity and the changing of our lives and our world.

The Essential Path will be available from June. Readers can interact with Neale personally, daily, at Want to learn more? Read Part Two of this interview series (it will address personal power and our perception of reality), in the next edition of Co-Creation Magazine. The third and final part of the series will be available in the edition after that and continue this inspiring insight from Neale.

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger who has published 33 titles in the past 20 years, including the Conversations with God books, which have been translated into 37 languages and read by millions. Learn more at

It describes that decision as the most daring choice any of us could ever make, offers up tools to help us make it, then invites us to step into the total embracing of this choice individually and collectively. This is a Call-to-Action book that offers an amazingly simple, yet powerful, antidote to the species-decaying infection of humanity’s spreading Alienation.


A Tribute to

Barbara Marx Hubbard 1929-2019


arbara Marx Hubbard, 89, noted futurist thinker and popularizer of ‘Conscious Evolution,’ passed away on the evening of April 10, 2019, in Loveland, CO, surrounded by her family, after a brief illness. Influenced by Catholic theologian Teilhard de Chardin and dismayed by the misuse of humanity’s extraordinary technology, Hubbard sought to promote a spiritual interpretation of evolution. She saw humanity’s purpose as to fulfill our creative potential and collectively evolve toward a divine potential, which she envisioned as becoming a ‘universal species.’ Buckminster Fuller said of Hubbard: “There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard, who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society, is the best-informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced.” In 2012, the New York Times described Hubbard as “a beatific presence with a mantle of white hair who quoted

Jesus, Buckminster Fuller, the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the current pope, Benedict XVI.” NYT Columnist Ross Douthat said of Hubbard, “I suspect that the religious trends that a figure like Hubbard embodies — which lead further away from core Christian ideas without shaking off the Christian influence entirely — may be more important to the future of American religion than the more familiar post-1960s story that the press has been telling.” Born December 22, 1929, in New York City, Hubbard was the eldest child of toymaker Louis Marx, founder of Louis Marx Toys, the world’s largest toy company in the middle 20th century, and hailed as “the Toy King of America.” After attending Dalton and Rye Country Day schools, she graduated Cum Laude from Bryn Mawr College. While studying abroad at the Sorbonne in November 1949, she met artist and painter Earl


Hubbard at a Parisienne café. They married on January 3, 1951, in New York City at St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. After two decades of intellectual collaboration that saw them become leaders in the pro-space movement, they separated in 1973. In the 1970’s Hubbard formed the Committee for the Future in Washington D.C. and she co-invented the SYNCON PROCESS developing a new social process moving toward a more synergistic democracy to seek common goals and match needs with resources The SYNCONS were held, with many different types of groups, including gang leaders from Los Angeles, space scientists from Huntsville, and students at Southern Illinois University to examine a new global goal to build new worlds on Earth, new worlds in space, new worlds in the human mind.

In 2011, Conversations with God author Neal Donald Walsch wrote the biography, The Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of YOU. She was also the subject of the recent documentary film American Visionary. Hubbard’s books include The Hunger of Eve, Conscious Evolution, and Emergence and in recent years she worked closely with Catholic sisters to bring forth her view of the evolutionary approach to the New Testament. She is a co-founder of the World Future Society, the Association for Global New Thought, The Club of Budapest, the Evolutionary Leaders, and is co-chair of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Barbara Marx Hubbard is survived by four children, Suzanne, Alexandra, Lloyd and Wade Hubbard and eight grandchildren. Her longtime partner, Sidney Lanier, passed in 2013.

In 1984, her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency on the democratic ticket proposing an office for the future to map, track, connect and communicate what is working and a peace room as sophisticated as a war room in the office of the vice presidency. She delivered a speech on the convention floor. In the early 80’s she was an active Soviet-American Citizen Diplomat, working with Rama Vernon to hold Soviet-American Citizen conferences in Moscow and in Washington D.C. using the SYNCON conference format.


PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE ART OF RECEIVING We are, once again, delighted to be communicating with you in your physical world. We are SOL, also called Signals Of Love, and we are the voice of ALL humanity. Prosperity, abundance, money, finance, wealth and riches are words that are repeated and brought up in conversations and discussion all over your planet. In your homes, businesses, farms, villages, towns, towns, cities, in the corridors of your governments and in virtually all the institutions that you have co-created.


The following article is a transmission from SOL (Signals Of Love) transmitted through me. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it.



elcome, my dear physical friends.

Bob Jayco, Editor-in-Chief.

In nearly in all instances, when you refer to prosperity and abundance, you


actually refer to the supply of the currency (money). This allows you to purchase anything that sustains you in your physical experience. In the global world that you have all co-created, the monetary system affects every one of you. However, we are not here to discuss the money system, which is indeed a lengthy and complex subject, but to give a more simple understanding of what prosperity actually is, in the global sense. Simply put, the word prosperity, in one of your ancient languages, means to thrive, flourish, attain well being, and to render happy. The word abundance, in the same language, means overflowing, fullness and plenty. Comparable, but essentially different meanings. In your physical experience, both these words apply to everything that you cocreate in life. Happiness, joy, friends, love, family, work, money, possessions, time, and so it goes on. We say to you, once again, YOU are the co-creator of every experience, without exception. And, in the world of the physical, you harness and manifest these experiences in an unconscious state of being. That is, you are not aware that you are cocreating these experiences - for if you were aware, you may prefer to co-create different choices, individually and collectively. There is much discussion on your planet about inequality, which really means an imbalance in money supply rendered to much of your global population, and that

poverty and lack seem to predominate throughout. It actually has been so for tens of thousands of years. Struggle has been mankind’s nemesis for eons. This struggle is because you are in separation from the origins of your being, namely Infinite Source Creator. When YOU co-created this reality to experience ALL that is, you allowed yourselves to co-create through the process of duality. This means you could unconsciously co-create lack or abundance, freedom or control, fear or love and so forth. We are sure if you knew that there is another option, you would choose the conscious path of co-creating and manifest only positive, loving and uplifting experiences. However, you co-created duality for a reason - that is to learn, grow, transform and to evolve as individuals, collectives and as a species. One of the most constant duality principles that pervade all cultures, and affects every facet of prosperity and abundance, is Giving and Receiving. You have been conditioned to Give - to give of your toil, time, love, money, food, lodgings and so on. To those who do not know they can co-create their own prosperity experience, you are culturally conditioned to do so. Have you ever tried breathing an out breath and trying to hold it forever? It cannot be done. The outflow of energy is one way, and totally imbalanced. We are meant to breathe in and out and that breathing process is in balance.


So Giving and Receiving must also be in balance. For, if you are in limited supply, then Giving indefinitely without Receiving means eventually, you will have no more to Give. To really understand true prosperity, you need to understand the principle of Receiving. That is, to understand that YOU are the co-creator of all your physical experiences. That as an extension of Infinite Source Self, the supply of abundance flows through you as LOVE. Indeed my physical friends, LOVE is the currency of what you call the Universe and we call the Innerverse.

Love yourselves, my friends. Love all those that enter your experience... For they are the unconscious mirrors of YOU. In Profound and Infinite Love, SOL.

When you consciously begin to become aware of this fact, you begin to open your hearts to ACCEPT the Love of yourself as Source, and open to Receive that love fully, gratefully and without limits into your physical lives. With this, separation disappears, lack evaporates, fear melts and love infuses itself into every part of your being and experience. You can now accept, manifest and co-create anything you consciously desire because you love that as much as you love yourself. Consider it in this way. When you open your hearts to receive the love of source that you are, it’s like asking for the magic carpet of Source Love to deliver every worldly gift and desire to Your door, provided to you fully willing to receive. There is, of course, much more to this story, which we will transmit at another time.


Sarah Prout’s 3 Keys To Manifestation

Kim Crawford

Sarah prout


ou are a transformational being; a being that is always changing. In every moment, new cells are growing and old cells are dying. Nothing, no thing, will ever stay the same. This is the never-ending essence of change Buddhists refer to as impermanence and, the idea behind the power of manifestation. Sarah Prout began embracing that same idea after enduring 10 years of domestic violence, when she decided enough was enough. After leaving the situation with her two small children, she eventually went from living on welfare, to creating a million dollar business. Her message: that you create your life through your connection to the Universe. Sarah is currently a

motivational speaker, podcast host, creative director at Soul Space Media, best-selling author, mother of four, and all-round superwoman. We spoke to Sarah about her experience with manifestation, common misconceptions about the law of attraction, and her 3 keys to manifestation.

Co-Creation: What is the power of manifestation to you?

Sarah Prout: I believe everything

that appears into your reality is a manifestation and that you create your life with your thoughts and feelings. As an example, let’s say you want to manifest a relationship. The best thing


to do is create a vision of what that person looks like in your mind, and the most important element to consider is how they make you feel. When you switch your focus to feelings, then everything changes.

Co-Creation: Were you always guided by manifestation?

SP: From the time I was a little girl,

I had always had an interest in the mystical sides of life. I also think that, at the core of my being, I’m an optimist. So when I discovered the Florence Scovel Shinn book, “The Game of Life and How to Play It” when I was a child, I knew that as humans we have the power to guide the energy we create in our hearts and minds. However, it wasn’t until I walked away from 10 years of a toxic relationship with nothing but two suitcases and two children that I had to get curious about how to manifest money to provide for my family.

Co-Creation: You’ve said “feelings

become things.” What do you mean by that?

SP: Our emotions are the way our

intuition speaks to us and gives us guidance and clues as to what is in the process of unfolding in our lives. The feelings you have are what constructs your vibration (or energy), and then The Universe reflects that back to you in the form of your life experience.

Co-Creation: What are the 3 keys to manifestation?

SP: 1. Emotional empowerment This means taking ownership and responsibility for how you feel. No more blame, shame, expectations or guilt pointed at others. You stay in your own lane and you take 111% responsibility for your own emotional wellbeing. 2. Getting comfy with uncertainty Super scary, right? When you’re okay with whatever shows up in your life, then you become open to all possibilities. 3. Connection with the Universe Often overlooked and missed in the self-help and personal development industry, the one key piece of magical stardust to activate surrender is connection to the Universe. Otherwise referred to as reverence, when you consciously tune into the wonder and awe of all that is you can rise above anything and feel empowered.

Co-Creation: What are some

misconceptions about manifestation?

SP: There are so many! Most people

think it’s “woo-woo” or something only other people do. When we remember our power, we can create anything! Also, a common myth in the selfhelp industry, is that you can’t have a negative day. YOU CAN! There are ways


to view your fearful emotions and to know how to guide them to a space of optimism.

Co-Creation: There are a lot of

The awareness of everything being a manifestation that occurs for a purpose is very different to not believe that anything is possible.

people who completely disregard the law of attraction and manifestation. What do you want those people to know?

Co-Creation: And finally, can you

SP: I would say the magic of life is

SP: “Dear Universe” was written as a

when you are open to all possibilities. The energy you express is responded to by the Universe—especially through your feelings. I would invite people that doubt they have control over what is appearing into their lives to switch their perspective to life being a journey where you are growing and learning to be a better human being.

tell us a little about your new book, “Dear Universe?” And how can we use a book of meditations?

love letter for people to embrace their feelings and change their life. There are 200 emotions listed which become meditations for self-explorations and connecting to the Universe. In each section, the reader is invited to tune into how they are feeling. This honors processing emotion in a whole new way.


The Three Forgotten Laws Of The Universe That Influence Prosperity BY MAGGIE WILDER – THE POTENTIALIST


used to think back to my childhood and wonder what could have happened if I’d had mentors who understood both the simplicity and complexity of prosperity consciousness.


I want to share with you the fundamental laws of the universe that in my experience, influence whether people block or allow prosperity into their life.

compliment. “What, this old thing…” we hear you say. “Don’t be silly, it’s JUST me,” you continue, casually brushing that compliment aside.

If you’ve ever wondered why the flow of abundance feels downright absent at times and you want to change that pattern for good, then this article is for you.

The art of receiving is downright uncomfortable for the giver. The challenge with this is that the law of circulation states that the universe operates as a continuous flow, a rhythm, vibration, and frequency that functions on the movement of energy.

I have learned there are four laws that influence the flow of abundance. Most of us have heard of the first law, the law of attraction. Many of us have even experienced some success with this wellknown law. More often though, I hear from people who have not been able to maintain that success to make a deep enough impact on their financial freedom. That is because the law of attraction is only one piece of the puzzle. To maintain the flow of abundance, we also need to take into account the integration of three further laws.

1. The law of circulation. This law states that giving and receiving are both equal and necessary for sustainable prosperity. To give alone is only half of a cycle. The ‘givers,’ you know who you are. You’re the one that likes to please, the one that finds it hard to say no. When calling for volunteers, you’re the one that raises your hand, even if it’s out of guilt because noone else did. However, you’re also the one that finds it hard to receive, feels uncomfortable if you become the centre of attention. You reject or deflect even the hint of a

The universe cannot continue to create itself or birth stars if energy only moves in one direction. For universal expansion and stars to be born, the flow of energy must be continuous, circulatory and constant. Therefore, the rejected compliment or a gift or kindness received without joy is like saying to the universe “No, I’m not worthy.” The universal purpose for us all is to find joy and share that joy. Compliments are the exchange of universal happiness. If you block a compliment, the law of circulation halts, the universe stops growing. The law of circulation requires giving and receiving for the flow of an abundant universe to expand. As we are all part of that universe, we contribute to the universal expansion. Our role is to both give and receive with joy. To find happiness, share the joy with as many minds, souls and cells as possible (including yours).

2. The law of the mind. I now come to the fundamental law of the mind that is at the root of many abandoned


prosperity goals. This law states that the programming wired at the automated subconscious level in times of stress will always win. When using the law of attraction to focus on an affirmation or goal, if that affirmation is at odds with a programmed limiting belief, then it will trigger stress in the brain (inner conflict). You subconsciously reject the affirmation when the energy that flows to the universe is the opposite intent to the first affirmation. If the core belief in conflict with the declaration is “I’m not worthy.” Or “I shouldn’t or couldn’t.” Then this law causes us to attract more of what we don’t want. Our experience is then one of disappointment or frustration because what we thought we were calling for in our affirmation is the opposite of what we attracted. The frequency of the affirmation must be ‘clean’ for it to attract what we do want. By clean I mean, not tainted with doubt or fear. The little ‘tail-end’ voice or sensation that we try to ignore as we blissfully say our affirmation to the universe, is the frequency we transmit.

our greatest ally or our greatest enemy. The emotional energy that flows in response to actions, thoughts, spoken words and deeds will determine the flow of energy we receive back from the universe. The reason bad things are often attracted to people when they hope for something more prosperous is that people transmit the frequency of guilt, shame or remorse for things they’ve done or not done in their past. You can overcome the law of conscience easily if you would allow the flow of self-forgiveness. Forgiveness is in reality, for-giving ourselves peace. Fundamentally, the four laws come together to operate as one, the law of equality in prosperity. Perhaps a new star was born today because you gave joy to someone else and received it back from somewhere else. Maybe a new planet created life today because you forgave yourself and opened to the flow of the universal truth that we are all worthy. That prosperity, abundance, yes, and even money itself, are all just energy in perpetual motion.

We say one thing, but ‘feel’ something else. Then what we feel is what we achieve because the language of the universe is feeling, emotions, and sensations not simply words. Until you speak the affirmation, feel and experience it in every cell as truth, and every thought about it feels clean, and on point, then the law of the mind will always attract what the ‘tailend’ voice or feeling transmitted.

3. The law of conscience. The

Maggie Wilder The Potentialist

third law is an extension of the second law. This law states that our conscience can be



“I hope we race thoughtfully and loudly toward solutions.”

Outlandish, provocative, intriguingly creative – Lady Gaga is not just a performer, but also a personal growth leader. She has a message that ignites millions. But, what is it that resonates on such a deep level with so many people? Do they just like her music – or is it something more? It seems everywhere you look, Gaga is there, and she is bigger than life, wielding a wideranging influence on culture, pop music and style. Now, she is staking a claim in spirituality.


Gaga has said she is “confused by religion”and in an interview with The Guardian, she made it clear that she thinks religious institutions are responsible for many adverse realities in society, including bullying and teen suicide. “Religion [affects] social values and that in turn affects selfesteem, bullying in school, teen suicides, all those things,” she said. While she often references Catholic Christianity, Gaga is a fan of Deepak Chopra and practices Yoga. It seems she harnesses the power of religious icons and traditions, reinterpreting and reinventing them as symbols of her own spirituality – a more personal spirituality focused on love and acceptance, instead of institutions and judgment. If you hold to more of a “conservative” religious point of view, you may not align with her outlook on theology, but pay attention – because Lady Gaga is more than a pop icon, she is a proponent of an emerging love inspired form of spiritual awareness. Raised Roman Catholic, Lady Gaga now makes plenty of spiritual statements in her lyrics, at her concerts and in public appearances. While she certainly espouses her own brand of spirituality, the strength of her influence comes not from her originality as much from her ability to give voice to the rising chorus of millennial spirituality. Her spiritual identity is more to herself, her identity and her own brand of culture than to a specific deity. Her beliefs are accepting rather than dogmatic and she can say she believes in Jesus while at the same pick-

and-choose from any other theology she finds interesting or liberating. This new kind of spiritual awareness may seem confusing on the surface, but its importance and meaning is clear. Lady Gaga’s evolving spiritual awareness, and the spirituality of her faithful fans, can co-opt symbols and reinterpret religious practices in the spirit of self-expression because for them, religion in the 21st century must be elastic enough to be a sufficient vehicle for the diverse amount of self-expression that is lauded in our day and age. You may recall the stir caused two years ago, when Lady Gaga sat down with his holiness, The Dalai Lama. The duo united for an interview on Facebook Live for a discussion called “The Global Significance of Building Compassionate Cities: Kindness Makes It Happen.” Gaga sourced questions from people on social media to ask The Dalai Lama and it’s no surprise, the spiritual leader had some serious wisdom to share. She discussed with him about how to cope in these “inflammatory times,” the power of kindness and how to make the world a more compassionate place. “Young people are very confused right now because they are living in a state of horror. The media, when we watch the news, you don’t see all the great things that are happening in the world, you just see the bad things right up close,” said Gaga. She asked The Dalai Lama his thoughts. “We all have the potential for warm-


heartedness. It’s the foundation of human survival, including our health. More healthy minds, more healthy body. In that respect I can tell you, according to my own experience, my age...and my life went through a lot of problems and a lot of causes for anxiety or fear or anger, but my mind? Always calm,” he said. Gaga asked about where all the violence comes from. “Violence comes from thinking of things as ‘we’ and ‘they,’ The Dalai Lama said. “And then short-sightedness and a lack of compassion. Then, you kill or destroy your enemy, that’s your victory. Actually, enemy is a human being, so that’s part of our humanity.” “We are social animals, so individuals’ futures entirely depends just on the community...the reality of today’s world is heavily interdependent, interconnectedness, so we need a sense of oneness or humanity,” The Dalai Lama shared.

moment and mourn the tragic loss of these innocent, beautiful people. “Let’s all today pledge an allegiance of love to them and their families, who are suffering so deeply. “I hope we race thoughtfully and loudly toward solutions,” Gaga said. Lady Gaga has compared American cities to the human body with too much toxicity in it, saying we need to purify the system with kindness.She believes young people are so afraid because they think there is no solution. “The solution is that we need to build a kinder and braver world,” Gaga said. “In times of chaos and crisis, what we all tend to do is start pointing fingers at where we think the bad guys are, where the evil is. Everybody has different opinions about that.

“Kindness is in the heart of children. When we’re born, we don’t yet have that conditioning that happens later when we become jaded and love becomes tough. When you’re a child, all you want to do is give love and receive it,” said Gaga.

“Please do not forget that hatred or evil, whatever you want to call it, it’s intelligent. It’s smart and it’s invisible. It doesn’t have a color, it doesn’t have a race, it doesn’t have a religion, it has no politics. It’s an invisible snake.

It’s not the first time Gaga has taken to a public platform to encourage people to connect with each other: She gave a powerful tribute after the Orlando shooting in the USA.

“And, as we’re all yelling at each other trying to figure out which group it is, evil is winning all around us,” she said.

“I gather humbly with you as a human being in peace and sincerity and commitment and solidarity to take a real

This Lady is dedicated to expanding her spiritual reach to help humankind evolve and heal. Her words are a reminder to us all to be a little kinder every day.


Conscious Community By Ashley Coffey


any people worry about the world we live in; the injustices and inequalities that surround us, our corrupt politics and institutions as wells as watching global warming taking full effect. We wonder how the world will ever be a better place. Is it even possible to start over, tear down the racist and sexist institutions that Capitalism was founded on or we wonder if it would even be worth to try? When we think we are alone, this thought becomes overwhelming. Yet, if we look harder, open our Westernized minds and ask ourselves what it would look like to live in a community that valued people more than profit and what would we find?

I found Damanhur, Italy; a community of about 800 people living together with intention, prosperity, equality, and purpose. This conscious, sustainable community is described as a spiritual community that believes it is their responsibility to maintain a “oneness� lifestyle with all living things, and restore a healthy, loving relationship between Earth and humans. Damanhur’s structure has been so impactful that it has been studied by others and then replicated all around the world, which makes Damanhur a social phenomenon.


The Federation of Damanhur, Italy was founded in 1975 by Falco Tarassaco with around 24 followers and by the year 2000, that number had grown to 600. The group holds a mix of New Age and Neo-Pagan beliefs that reflect their mission to restore the world to a peaceful, cohabitating place. Damanhurians believe in creating oneness with the planet and humankind, which will ultimately save the planet and humankind from self-destruction. Damanhurians do this by shedding light on how social, racial, and environmental injustices are rooted in everyday life. This community, then, lives by example to show it is possible to live without these cycles. It truly is a culture that demonstrates a different way of life; life with equality, diversity and people living as one with the planet. This United Nations award-winning sustainable ecocommunity is dedicated to sharing their way of life with fellow spiritual travelers so others may replicate it all around the world, and that is exactly what is happening. Branches of Damanhur are now in Boulder, Colorado, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, California, Japan, Brazil, Peru and Germany.

most famous for the Temples of Humankind and creating a machine that communicates with plants called Music of the Plants device. The community is unique in every meaning of the word. They are an example and an inspiration to take action to change the world for the better. This community gives hope for a better future for this planet. Damanhur shows how connected the mind, body and soul are, which should always be represented within a community. Their economic set up, governance, employment, and overall community is one to note for future societal goals. Damanhur is racially diverse, breaks gender roles, cares about the environment, is feminist in nature and has low to no crime. This community has a lot to offer to rest of the world, the world just must be open to it. The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing expecting a different answer; maybe it is time to try something new.

Damanhur’s entire foundation is based upon ethical and spiritual values. The Damanhur University has seminars which provide the tools and understanding to achieve inner transformation and sustainable consciousness and to discover one’s personal mission to help the planet evolve. With every evolving community member, Damanhur evolves as well. This community has established their own economic systems of jobs, politics, governed properties, currency, housing systems called Nucleos, schools and culture, but they are


Charles Eisenstein:

Creating A Movement Of Letting Movements Be Created, Naturally


Known for his thought provoking essays and unique perspective on our culture, Charles Eisenstein is challenging us to rethink the anger and dissent present between so many Americans. The author, scholar, and speaker focuses on themes of civilization, consciousness, money and human cultural evolution. Putting a different spin on large scale global issues, Eisenstein refocuses us to the real point; that we care for the


things we love, and we should love our planet, our home, and each other. This concept should be enough to refocus our mindset back to what it means to live cohesively on this planet; however, we’re not there yet. In an episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Conversations, he describes the current state of the nation as “not yet” being broken, but anticipates it. Even more so, he hopes to see our nation broken open. While that may sound like the opposite of patriotism and unison, he makes a great point. When a person is broken open by a traumatic event, they grieve and they begin to see the world in a new perspective. They begin to heal and ultimately change. Perhaps that’s what we, as a society, need. You often hear people shouting about creating a movement - we’ve got to start a movement - be it for feminism, patriotism or religion. Eisenstein presents an interesting theory that creating a large movement may not be the best way to heal our society.

WHAT IS A MOVEMENT? The technical definition of a social movement is “broad alliances of people connected through a shared interest in either stopping or instigating social change,” and there are multiple types of social movements; redemptive, reformative, revolutionary, and alternative. All have a purpose and a place, but it’s pretty much agreed on by the public that movements begin

with people who hold high power or influence. However, that isn’t always true. Eisenstein believes real movements aren’t created by us, they create us.

THE BIGGEST MOVEMENTS START WITH THE INDIVIDUAL Imagine a small neighborhood - it’s not the most desirable in town - most of the residents are low income or struggle to feed their families with fresh produce. But one resident plants a garden that begins to flourish. Then another plants a few things and another. And soon we have a neighborhood rich in greenery, agriculture, and community. It’s amazing what one individual can do to a group.

HOW EXACTLY DOES AN INDIVIDUAL START A MOVEMENT? Question the status quo Movements are naturally created when an individual decides to make a statement about the kind of world they want to live in, like the garden example above. Removing the bystander effect and taking action into your own is something we all can do. Without the intention of “going viral” or becoming known for it, we can all make an impactful change. Eisenstein explains that we’re under the impression that this is how it is.


He says, “You’re supposed to be happy here, in the life that has been given to you.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best. It’s important to ask questions, understand why something happens the way it does and change it if it doesn’t seem just or right.

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ENEMY’S HUMANITY Our society has morphed into an individualistic game of he said, she said. Even when talking about issues like climate change and environmental destruction that are obviously harming our planet, there are some people who are right. And there are people who are wrong. We often get so lost in ourselves that we forget that, ultimately, our enemies are human beings—just like us.

TEACH INTERBEING While interconnectivity can be learned, the real waves are going to be made when the concept is taught. Our parents, families, and teachers teach us from the day we arrive into this world. They help shape who we are, how we think, and what we hold as values and moral standards. Most of us will serve as an influence at some point in our lives and it’s important to remember that any time we have a chance to alter the field for the future, it is a chance needing to be taken.

Eisenstein insists that instead of casting our enemies out immediately, we need to take a step back, look them in the eye, and remember humanity— theirs and our own. Though we feel like individuals, we are affected by everything that happens around us. When we become upset that wildlife habitats are diminishing, ice is melting, or people are fighting, that means we are fighting a similar battle within ourselves. This individualism disconnects us from the environment and other people, but we are all connected. Before you fight back, ask yourself “Who is this person?” and “Why are they this way?” or “How is it affecting me?” And remember, they are human.



TO BURN BRIGHT Ozioma Egwuonwu


rom as long as she can remember, Ozioma Egwuonwu had the desire to make a difference to this world. Even her name, Ozioma, means “good news, the gospel, the message” in the Igbo language. Nigerian-born Ozioma came to America with her family as a young child, when her father was offered a Diplomatic post to the US. She became aware of her part in the global community from an early age, attending the United Nations International School where she met and mingled with other students with diverse cultural backgrounds. These formative years are what established her belief in global oneness.

At the beginning of her adult life, at the age of 25, Ozioma experienced an inner awakening which sparked her into action to pursue her life mission – to ignite human potential. “I experienced a very powerful breakthrough in awareness that revealed to me the power each of us have, to create what I call ‘subpar lifeexperiences’, as well as the power to create more optimal ones,” Ozioma said. “The realisation that each of us possess the power to create and co-create an extraordinary reality became the motivator that lead to BurnBright. Through first addressing my own inner landscape and personal challenges,


then turning my gifts to serve other individuals, and eventually businesses and communities, is what led me on the journey of becoming a transformational leader.” Ozioma’s work focuses on inspiring and activating the mindsets, behaviours, emotional and relational states that enable lives, businesses, and communities to reach their highest potential at every level. She teaches people how to tackle adversity and challenges from a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach based on the principles of dynamic coherence, rather than one dimensional and ephemeral approach. “Deep inside, I believe that we all sense that we individually and collectively are capable of so much. However, there are certain patterns of belief and behaviour that hinder our capacity to do so,” she said. “Too often in our society today, we tend to be about the quick fix. Solutions rarely go deep enough, nor do they focus on how we solve our current challenges


for the long haul, for good. We rarely address the heart of the matters we seek to address. Such methods have proven in the long term to adversely impact us on an individual and collective basis.” Ozioma works with diverse clients on an individual, business and community level to wade through the challenges and unblock factors that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. From big-business CEO’s to environmental non-profits, from school districts to coaching sessions with parents seeking new pathways, Ozioma is driven and committed to help. “One thing in common among my clients is that they are all seeking some form of transformation usually stemming from a desire to unleash their inner brilliance. They either seek to launch or elevate their lives, businesses, project, or initiatives. The transformational strategies teach them help to inform, inspire and empower them to reach more of their full potential and operate from a more optimal state of being and doing in their lives and businesses.” “The goal is not to create more people dependent on yet another system for their happiness, progress or fulfillment, but to teach, inspire, and enable people to wield the power of their own unique brilliance, and become masters of their own paradigms of possibility, as they advance along the journey of transformation, which is called life or the lifecycle of a business.”

OZIOMA’S INSIGHTS FOR A TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS 1. Develop a practice that places you in touch with your inner domain. That can be done through meditation, journaling, walking, and also practicing what I call Energy Emanations & Infusions. From time to time, I like to lay in bed visualising that brilliant white and positive energy is coming into my body and cleansing me of whatever sadness, pain or negativity I may be holding onto at the moment. It helps me release whatever negativity may need to be released. Other times, I visualize my entire being as completely filled with light and emanating that light out and sending it to other people all over the planet and to our earth.

2. Work on Self-Awareness and Attunement. At the very start of my transformational journey, I began carrying with me what I call ‘notice cards’. On these, I would jot down little thoughts about how I was showing up within myself and then I would identify a new commitment that was more in alignment with how I wanted to be in the world and relate with others. For example, in my early 20s I recall noticing that when I showed up as myself smiling, beaming self and others did not return my open, loving, earnest smile, I would recoil inwardly. I would


feel deflated and a bit sad and as if I were unworthy. In this example, I had to take the following steps: ● Lovingly notice what was happening within me. ● Write what I need to notice, such as, ‘I have absolutely no clue why that person isn’t smiling back at me, but their reaction has NOTHING to do with me.’ ● Write ‘next time I will...’, such as ‘Next time I will smile anyway because I like to smile whether I get one in response or not’.

3. Define success on your own terms. Success itself is a tricky subject because most people have no clue what success really means to them and how to begin to live a more successful existence on their own terms. It’s become even harder in a world where we are constantly beset and flooded with a reality that others want you to buy into. The goal is to first find your desired narrative and then begin to consciously create what I call your ‘growth world’. Cultivate and experience more of that which is in alignment with what you truly desire - that is how you win.

that we believe in and that inspires us… Once we create that narrative for ourselves, we are no longer who we once were, we become activated agents of transformation in our own lives, in our businesses, and in the world. Our endeavours take on an entirely different quality and cadence. It is Ozioma’s belief that a better, and brighter world is possible and that we must do the personal and collective work to create it. “The time is now for us to each become who and what we are truly meant to be. We all have so much power than we know. Perhaps the difficulty that seems to be rising in our world is an invitation for us to fully inhabit our magnificence and offer it up as a gift that can help transform the world.”

4. Believe in the power of transformation and your ability to achieve it. Be inspired for change, otherwise true sustainable transformation is out of reach. Each of us desire and require a story that we can live into. One


What level are you shining at? Download a free Glow Assessment Toolkit to ďŹ nd out. @ozioma


All transformation begins with awareness of our current state of reality. Once we are fully aware of where we are now, we can begin to navigate towards our desired destination. The BurnBright Glow Assessment Toolkit will help you get started. Fill in the information below to get started on your journey of transformation! Click here to get started on your journey of transformation!


The Path Of The Soulful Entrepreneur:

An Interview With George Kao


any would-be entrepreneurs don’t pursue their passions and selfemployment dreams because they fear that working for themselves will mean they have to compromise their morals. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. George Kao is a business coach who advocates integrity in entrepreneurship (marketing in particular), and has taken his own path to become a successful soulful entrepreneur. We chatted with the businessman to learn more.

Can you please tell us a little about what you do and how you came to work in this area? In the early years of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, I found myself helping colleagues improve their professional presence online. Before long, I started teaching classes. Then, I discovered that a lot of online marketing practices were not very conscious: hyped-up social media ads, which led to cynical sales funnels as well as scarcity tactics that pressure people to buy.


Also, students of mine were spending thousands of dollars on other business training/coaching programs that didn’t deliver the promised, fantastical results. I started speaking out about these things, and advocating for conscious marketing and business, and it’s become the core of my work. I’ve now written four books, the latest of which is called Principles of Authentic Business: Create a Sustainable Livelihood from the Heart. What does the term “authentic business” mean to you, and how is this different from traditional views around being self-employed? Conventional self-employment is moneydriven: you do it instead of a job. Yes, you have more autonomy, but now you have to self-motivate to find work that pays the bills. Authentic Business, while it also pays the bills, is primarily about pursuing a deeper (or higher) drive: to express one’s potential and deeply serve life. From this foundational intention and commitment, we then use authentic marketing as a mechanism to reach and care for one’s true fans, who by definition are people who are seeking exactly a business like ours to help them. What are some simple tips new entrepreneurs can follow to achieve their goals while at the same time being authentic to who they are and adhering to their moral compass? 1. Apply the Golden Rule: Do business and marketing in a way that you would

also love to experience as a consumer. Notice the practices of the businesses you buy from: what do you most appreciate, and how can you emulate that spirit (maybe also the methods) in your own business as well? Similarly, notice the business activities and marketing tactics that turn you off, that don’t treat you well as a conscious human being. Make a mental note to avoid such practices in your own business. 2. Value the relationship over the transaction: Whether it’s building your audience, or selling a product, care for the person in front of you more than the action you want them to take. Whether or not they subscribe, comment, or buy, ask yourself: “Have I (or my content) benefitted them anyway?” 3. Remember that it’s all a stage for your spiritual/personal development. Everything, from giving an important keynote address, to a product launch, to the smallest daily acts of admin, can be seen either


as “just building the business” and “getting things done” or it can be viewed as opportunities to grow your soul and express your higher values. This is the essence of joyful productivity.

2. My newest book, Principles of Authentic Business: Create a Sustainable Livelihood from the Heart is available on Amazon: AuthenticBusiness.

Entrepreneur well-being often goes out the door when people are busy trying to build their business. Do you have any suggestions for ways to be more productive, yet also take better care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically?

3. My most popular online course is on How to Do Facebook Marketing and Ads and it’s geared specifically for conscious solopreneurs: facebookworkshop

It’s much easier to connect to our higher selves, and make wiser decisions, when our body and mind are healthy and thriving. Therefore, self-care must be a top priority in business, especially during launches and growth periods. What I do is first put into my calendar the hours each day (on a recurring basis) for personal activities such as rest, exercise, and meals, blocking out that time before I plan any business activities and appointments. As one example, and it may sound strange, but I take four naps a day (15-25 minutes each) because I find this really helps me to stay personally sustainable and professionally creative. How can readers learn more about your services and tips? 1. Readers may be interested in my best articles about authentic marketing and joyful productivity which I send out for free once a month in my email newsletter. Head to www.georgekao. com/email to sign up.

George Kao is a business coach who champions integrity in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics that we have all experienced as consumers. George has personally coached hundreds of clients, and offers valuable free articles and videos about authentic marketing and joyful productivity at his website, He’s the author of 4 books, including Principles of Authentic Business: Create a Sustainable Livelihood from the Heart. Learn more at


Love in business:

an inner resonance

By: Conscious Business Conversations Group


s conscious business practitioners, we trust that we can transform business by awakening the heart. As you read this, you might ask ‘What does the heart have to do with business or prosperity, for that matter?’ As we have all experienced, in the business world we are taught to park parts of ourselves at the door. By inference, this means that we are asked to leave love behind because it doesn’t belong here. Rational, linear, quantitative and mechanistic thinking is what is valued above all else. Until now, love has been ignored in the language of business.


However, within the new conscious business paradigm, the word ‘business’ incorporates the whole of life where there is no work-life divide and as such, love is understood to be integral to business. Experience is showing us that acting from the heart can directly impact the bottom line because we are in the right relationship, not only with ourselves, others and the Earth, but also with money. In this state of awareness, we’ve noticed that innovation and creativity are ignited and a re-definition of prosperity, in its deepest sense, flourishes at all levels of life. By its very nature, love is synchronous with personal and collective well-being, including financial. Recent studies and documented trends demonstrate that organizations and businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible and who maintain systems thinking and holistic practices not only show improved productivity, but also financial abundance.


In conscious business, the power of love motivates all stakeholders to take bolder steps towards a radically different approach - one that adopts systemic thriving as its purpose. This sets in motion new meaning and an evolutionary business case in which an inner quality of life becomes the driving force that informs and shifts our outer behaviors, attitudes and patterns. “To prosper” becomes an active verb that invites service and heart action, in all its dimensions. As members of the conscious business community, what at first was a simple seed-thought, love in business, has grown into reality and become our new default system. It is the way in which we conduct ourselves… it is our signature, our way of being business. Love in action has become the guiding principle by which we live and engage, on all levels. It is no longer a catch phrase, a theory or conjecture - it is a lived experience within which we thrive and connect with deeper wisdom. This is how invisible ‘inner’ values become visible. This is what value added looks like when we work from the heart, from the inside out.


What we have discovered over the past few years, is that there need not be a trade-off between the fundamentals of “being and doing” in business. This false dichotomy is an old construct that has held us captive to the detriment of fostering an inclusive, collaborative, interconnected, unified approach. The fusion of both inner and outer values has allowed us to create a healthy, flourishing community of practice dedicated to making a difference in the world of business. As trailblazers, we see progress every day: ● in the momentum created by individual entrepreneurs exploring and implementing the new conscious business paradigm ● in how social and environmental responsibility is increasingly being adopted in organizations of all sizes ● and in the shaping of a conscious business narrative that is displacing the old profit first model With these incremental changes, we are gaining momentum, and as we take our first steps in infusing Love in business, we are not only making a difference… we are building coherence for conscious change and a new understanding of abundance, together.



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