20 Years Engaging Communities & Empowering Students | Reading Partners 2018-19 Annual Report

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YEARS 2018-19 Annual Report

20 YEARS OF IMPACT Engaging communities and empowering students (1999-2019)

In 1999, a group of community leaders joined together to provide literacy tutoring to students who were behind in reading. Since then, Reading Partners has grown from serving students in one school to engaging thousands of volunteers in regions across the country to provide one-on-one support to thousands of students each year. Over the past 20 years, we’ve partnered with: more than

in nearly



400 + 80

Our volunteer reading partners have delivered one-on-one literacy support to nearly

60,000 students

Our community tutors have delivered more than:

2tutoring million sessions More than:

60,000 community tutors engaged since 1999

Multiple independent studies show significant impact on student literacy skills and emerging evidence suggests positive outcomes on social-emotional learning.

Volunteers are consistently satisfied with their experience:


volunteer satisfaction

In 2008, Reading Partners became an AmeriCorps organization, enlisting our first cohort of members. This partnership enabled us to expand our organization to serve more students in new communities across the country. To date, we’ve engaged over 1,800 AmeriCorps and VISTA members for a year of service.

A Letter from the CEO Dear Reading Partners friends and colleagues, It is a privilege to reflect on another year of empowering students through literacy. As we completed our 20th year of programming during the 2018-19 school year, it was inspiring to see both long-standing and new supporters come together to celebrate two decades of impact. This year, each of our donors, volunteers, board members, school partners, AmeriCorps members, staff, and community partners helped support the literacy development of more than 11,000 students through more than 365,000 tutoring sessions. With 85 percent of all Reading Partners students meeting or exceeding their primary end-of-year literacy growth goal, you can be sure that your donations, volunteer time, and other support are yielding trajectory changing results.


20 years in the books


B en, Jaidan, and the value of a mentor


M aking a difference with AmeriCorps


C ommunity partners engaging employees to support students

7 T hird-party evaluations

highlight program success

7 A meriCorps alumni study

Over the past 20 years, what started as a community-based effort has blossomed into a national, volunteer-driven movement to bring the power of reading to all students across the country.


8 Advancing into the 20 years ahead

9 Statement of activities 9 Board of directors 10 Supporters

As we look forward to the next 20 years, we know that the need for equitable literacy intervention programs will continue to grow. We aim to reach more students by expanding our programmatic offerings to fuel enhanced student success through innovation, technology, deepened family engagement, and whole-school support. In addition to ensuring that the students we serve achieve a brighter future powered by literacy, we will also champion educational equity on a national scale in the coming years. With sincere gratitude for your support in 2018-19 and over the past 20 years,

Karine Apollon, CEO







Reading Partners begins serving students in Sacramento, CA.


Mary Wright Shaw, Molly McCrory, & Jean Bacigalupi begin to recruit community volunteers to provide literacy tutoring to students who were behind in reading at Belle Haven Community School in Menlo Park, CA, in Silicon Valley.


2001 Our founders recruit a dedicated group of volunteers to tutor students at their local elementary school. YES Reading is incorporated as a 501(c)(3).


YES Reading expands to serve schools in the Oakland/East Bay Area, CA, and its operating budget reaches $1M in revenue, with the backing of advocates and supporters.



YES Reading expands to serve San Francisco, CA, schools. YES Reading is renamed Reading Partners. Reading Partners expands to Los Angeles, CA.


APA, a leading national education research firm, found that students served by Reading Partners (and particularly English Language Learners) showed significantly greater improvement in their literacy skills than comparison students not served by the program.

Reading Partners has been a literacy game changer for New York City... I am very proud to have been a part of bringing Reading Partners to NYC and I am eager to see Reading Partners serve even more of this city’s kids in the years to come.


The Library of Congress Literacy Awards program honored 15 organizations (including Reading Partners) for outstanding work in the field of literacy and implementation of best practices in literacy promotion.

Stephanie Cohen, national board member 2010 to 2017, national board secretary 2015 to 2017

216 schoOls

12,0oO ˜Volun teers 2019




Reading Partners expands to New York City, NY.

Reading Partners expands to Tulsa, OK, and Charleston, SC.

Reading Partners is selected as a Social Innovation Fund and Edna McConnell Clark Foundation grant recipient.

2015 2014

2013 2012

2011 2010

Reading Partners is awarded its first AmeriCorps grant and expands to Washington, DC, our first expansion outside of California. Reading Partners celebrates its 10th year anniversary, growing from a small organization serving 30 students to one that serves more than 1,200 students.

Reading Partners expands to Baltimore, MD, Dallas, TX, and Denver, CO.

Reading Partners expands to serve students in Seattle, WA.

Reading Partners celebrates its 20th anniversary and adopts a new logo reflecting its continued commitment to a future where all children in the US have the reading skills necessary to reach their full potential.

Reading Partners expands to serve students in Twin Cities, MN, and Charlotte, NC. Gold-standard research conducted by leading national education research firm MDRC found that Reading Partners’ program had a positive and statistically significant impact on student reading proficiency, and is effective for a diverse population of students.

In our first 20 years, Reading Partners partnered with schools across the country to bring thousands of young students and volunteer tutors together to practice reading. We proved, with carefully tested results, that we can help all kids ‘learn to read so that they can read to learn’. As exciting as it has been to build this foundation, I am even more excited about the decade ahead as we build a national movement dedicated to making literacy the right of every young student in our country.

Receiving the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grant via EMCF in 2011 truly changed the game for Reading Partners. Their capacity building grant enabled Reading Partners to upgrade financial systems, staff training, fundraising, and program research. EMCF staff presence on the board helped the organization consider best practices. In the years of the SIF grant, Reading Partners grew in terms of the number of students and communities served and received validation of our students’ results via the multi-year MDRC study. SIF provided the resources to launch Reading Partners from a regional organization to a national leader in literacy.

Dan Carroll, national board member 2013 to 2016, national board chair 2016 to present




Cathy Cockrum Dean, national board member 2009 to 2015, national board chair 2013 to 2015, SF Bay Area regional board member 2012 to present



















Ben, Jaidan, and the value of a mentor Ben King is a typical Reading Partners tutor: thoughtful, humble, caring, and diligent. He has been volunteering in the North Texas area for more than two years, supporting siblings Jaidan and Jocelyn on their respective literacy journeys. Ben first tutored Jaidan, helping him learn new sounds and words as the pair explored all sorts of books together. Although Jaidan was very shy in the beginning, Ben’s support (and sense of humor) helped him relax, and as time went by, Jaidan became more confident and suddenly started to breeze through his lessons. “His reading skills and confidence just soared,” remarked Ben. Jaidan’s sister, Jocelyn, is now working with Ben to improve her reading skills as well. After seeing her kids’ progress, Jaidan’s mom shared her appreciation for Reading Partners, noting how much it helped improve her son’s life, “Jaidan loves


of volunteers are satisfied with their experience.


to read now, he is doing better in school, and his confidence has increased. Before, he didn’t participate in activities, but now he has so much more self-confidence that he is even on the school theater team!”

“Before Reading Partners, school was a little bit hard for me because I couldn’t really understand some of the words that we read in the books. But working with Ben was great! He gave me books to take home, he told a lot of funny jokes, and we read a lot together. He taught me lots of new words, and reading got easier.” — Jaidan, Reading Partners student

Stories like this warm our hearts, and we plan to transform many more students’ relationships with reading over the next 20 years. Supporters and advocates like Ben make our work possible. We’re forever grateful to them.


of our K-2 students are developing mastery of key foundational reading skills needed to read at grade level.

Making a difference with AmeriCorps In the 2018-19 school year, AmeriCorps members across the country served over 500,000 hours at Reading Partners, driving the program forward by recruiting and training volunteers and directly supporting students in reading centers. Alongside Reading Partners’ volunteer tutors, AmeriCorps members are key players in providing students the support they need to develop literacy skills and become lifelong readers. Joshua Dean is one of these dedicated members. His first experience with Reading Partners was back in 2018 as a volunteer tutor when he was still in college. He enjoyed working with his students so much that after graduating, the decision to stay involved was a no-brainer. He decided to take his commitment to the next level and applied to be a site coordinator at Reading Partners Sacramento. Currently in his second year of service as a senior site coordinator, Joshua is focused on helping students find their own voices through books and lessons that celebrate the rich diversity of the communities we serve and the broader world. But the bonds forged in the classroom are among Joshua’s favorite aspects of the job. “My students surprised me by making me a holiday card all by themselves! That feeling of appreciation (and, of


Since 2010, over 1,800 AmeriCorps and VISTA members have engaged in national service with Reading Partners.

course, seeing how far they were able to come from when they started) makes you realize what a significant impact you have on students’ lives.”

“As a site coordinator, I manage everything in the reading center, from student progress monitoring to maintaining a clean environment for our students. I discovered more about my own management and organization styles during my year of service, as well as finding a more confident voice.” — Joshua, AmeriCorps member

After completing their service, over 50 percent of AmeriCorps members remain within the education or nonprofit space, continuing to make a difference in the communities they serve. Joshua is a great example of how serving a year (or two) can help members define educational and career goals and shape a pathway forward.


AmeriCorps members served more than 500,000 hours for Reading Partners in the 2018-19 school year.


Community partners engaging employees to support students Volunteerism, advocacy, financial contributions, board representation—these are the components of a complete partnership. For Hord Coplan Macht (HCM), an integrated architecture firm with a culture of volunteerism, its relationship with Reading Partners Baltimore has evolved into a model corporate partnership with the region. Since 2016, HCM and its social responsibility committee have been steadfast supporters of Reading Partners Baltimore. The firm commits volunteers, sponsorships, donations, and advocacy efforts towards Reading Partners each year. To date, more than 50 employees have delivered over 1,100 tutoring sessions to Reading Partners students. The firm regularly hosts book drives as well as proactively promotes Reading Partners through lunch-andlearns, events, and more. HCM is the first corporate sponsor to support Reading Partners

Baltimore’s spring fundraiser each year, donating over $20,000 through sponsorships, matched employee donations, and in-kind printing services.

“I have volunteered with other nonprofits over the years, but none give me the feeling that working with Reading Partners does. At Reading Partners, I know I’m really making a difference, setting students on a different reading trajectory and changing their lives through the power of reading.”

— Casey Smith, HCM principal and Reading Partners Baltimore advisory board member

After tutoring for two years, HCM principal Casey Smith joined Reading Partners Baltimore’s advisory board to help advance the region’s fundraising and advocacy goals. He continues to promote Reading Partners and encourages colleagues and other business leaders to join the organization’s work.

Pictured above is HCM employee Katherine Sanders, tutoring a Reading Partners student.

90+ 6

In the 2018-19 school year, more than 90 companies partnered with us and encouraged their employees to become volunteer tutors with Reading Partners. We could not have served more than 11,000 students without their generous support.




Third-party evaluations highlight program success

1,166 students


1,551 students



students GRADES K-5

Gold-standard research found Reading Partners’ program had a positive and statistically significant impact on second- through fifth-grade student reading proficiency, leading to acceptance into the Institute of Education Sciences What Works Clearinghouse. A respected national education research firm found that first- through third-grade students served by Reading Partners (and particularly English Language Learners) showed significantly greater improvement in their literacy skills than comparison students not served by the program. A leading national nonprofit research organization found that kindergarten through fifth-grade students who participated in Reading Partners’ one-on-one tutoring program not only showed gains in their reading skills, but also made improvements in their social-emotional learning skills.

AmeriCorps alumni study results An independent study conducted by Policy Studies Associates indicated that serving as an AmeriCorps member with Reading Partners fosters professional skills; informs educational and career pathways; and influences beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to civic engagement. A majority of Reading Partners’ AmeriCorps alumni reported that their service experience caused them to re-examine their beliefs. 80% felt that serving exposed them to new ideas and ways of seeing the world. Reading Partners’ AmeriCorps alumni were more likely than alumni in a similar study conducted for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to report that their service experience enhanced their professional skills in areas like adapting to new situations, collaborating with different people, and working independently.


Advancing into the 20 years ahead By 2040, Reading Partners will be at the center of a nationwide movement for educational equity. By partnering with local communities, including public school districts and charter management organizations, we will equip hundreds of thousands of students with the critical literacy skills they need to thrive in school and beyond. As we look forward to the next 20 years of Reading Partners, we envision a whole-school support approach, increasing our footprint by strengthening our program while impacting the entire school building in the communities we serve. Through this model, we will exponentially expand the number of students we serve and bring together the adults who are invested in our students’ educational outcomes: families, teachers, tutors, and school site coordinators. This approach will allow us to fully support our students, offering educational resources that can be leveraged beyond the classroom environment.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will remain a priority for Reading Partners as we continue our work in local communities across the country, partnering with them to co-create solutions and build sustainable capacity. Communities and families are central to children’s success, so we will foster open communication and collaboration between our program and the families, schools, and communities we proudly serve. We couldn’t do this work without their commitment and support.

Onward to the next 20 years!

2018–19 Board of directors NATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dan Carroll, Chair Walter Elcock, Vice Chair Ian Cameron, Secretary Brad Creswell, Treasurer Kevin Capitani Ann Chen


Neal Cohen Devin Fletcher Kate Jerome Harris Larney Liza McFadden Jeremy Smith

Statement of activities Financials for July 1, 2018—June 30, 2019

Income Foundation Grants

Statement of financial position

$ 14,328,504


Government Contracts/Grants






Corporate Gifts/Grants



Fixed Assets


In-Kind Donations



Other Assets


Individual Contributions








Current Liabilities

Other Income



Net Assets






$ 24,086,494


Management & General









Current Assets

$ 12,162,569


Expenses Program Services

TOTAL Change in Net Assets


REGIONAL BOARD CHAIRS Baltimore: Kris Caverly Charlotte: Chip Stanley Colorado: Pat Heneghen DC: Stuart Stein Los Angeles Area: Barbara Mitchell New York: James Hobson North Texas: Dr. Robert Rogers

Sacramento: Pavan Sandhu San Francisco Bay Area: Tom White Seattle: Natalie Hartkopf Silicon Valley: Eli Khouri South Carolina: Richard Star Tulsa: Ben Stewart Twin Cities: Aadam Peters


Thank you to our generous supporters The following major contributors donated to Reading Partners between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. $1,000,000 - $3,999,999

Deerbrook Charitable Trust* Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families* Edna McConnell Clark Foundation George Kaiser Family Foundation* Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation* Panda Cares*

$500,000 - $999,999

Dan Carroll and Stasia Obremskey* Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation* Tipping Point Community* Tulsa Area United Way*

$250,000 - $499,999

DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education — Early Literacy Intervention Initiative The Duke Endowment Laura and Walter Elcock* Focusing Philanthropy The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.* The Pinkerton Foundation Rainwater Charitable Foundation Schlessman Family Foundation* South Carolina Department of Education United Way of Metropolitan Dallas*

$100,000 - $249,999

Brin Wojcicki Foundation* Ann and Paul Chen* Coretz Family Foundation* DC Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education — Learn24 The Eisner Foundation George H. Sandy Foundation Gray Foundation Heckscher Foundation for Children Hellman Foundation I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation J. H. Walker Legacy Foundation Joseph H. Flom Foundation Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation* The Louis L. Borick Foundation* Neal and Florence Cohen Family Gift Fund* ONEOK* Overdeck Family Foundation Posey Family Foundation Lisa Stone Pritzker* Quest Foundation The Ravens Foundation* Rice-Cameron Family Foundation* Robin Hood Foundation Rogers Family Foundation* Sobrato Family Foundation* Stuart and Joy Stein Family Legacy Fund

$50,000 - $99,999

The Abell Foundation Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Annenberg Foundation Arata Brothers Trust


Kerri and Richard Bartlett Boone Family Foundation City of Sacramento Cobb Family* Stephanie Cohen FAO Schwarz Family Foundation* FW Murphy Family Foundation General Mills Foundation* The George and Fay Young Foundation GGS Foundation Google* Hille Foundation* The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Jay Paul Company The Kenneth Rainin Foundation Kindred Foundation Mary K. Chapman Foundation* McCamy Family Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta* Michael J. Connell Foundation The Moody Foundation Nadel and Gussman Energy, LLC* Scott Pearson and Diana Farrell* Peierls Foundation INC. The Piton Foundation which is part of Gary Community Investments Qualcomm Severns Family Foundation S. H. Cowell Foundation Sid W. Richardson Foundation Social Venture Partners Charleston of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Solid Rock Foundation Swagelok Trident United Way Weingart Foundation The WEM Foundation The W.L.S. Spencer Foundation

Harry W. Bass Foundation Greg and Sally Hartman Hattie M. Strong Foundation* Horning Family Fund Irene S. Scully Family Foundation Eli and Carli Khouri Kirkland & Ellis Leon Levine Foundation Leprino Foods Company M&T Charitable Foundation The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation The Miles Foundation The Morris Foundation Nordstrom The O’Shea Family Foundation Otto Bremer Trust Pasadena Community Foundation Pearson PurePoint Financial Richard A. Rudine Memorial Fund Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation Sanford & Irene Burnstein Foundation The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation Michael Siliski and Robyn Lamar Richard and Shara Star Steven P. Dostart Charitable Foundation The Stocker Foundation Alexis and Steve Strongin Target Foundation Thrivent Financial Union Bank The United Way of Central Maryland The Valley Foundation The Walther Foundation Warriors Community Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Williams Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999

$10,000 - $24,999

The A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation Adobe Foundation Ann Peppers Foundation Anonymous (1) The Anschutz Foundation Kathleen McCarthy Baldwin and Matthew Baldwin BECU Blackstone Charitable Foundation Carlson Family Foundation Castro’s Kids Charles and Peggy Stephenson Family Foundation* Crescent Porter Hale Foundation The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation* DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs Catherine Cockrum Dean and Sandy Dean The Denver Post Season to Share presented by DaVita Flint Family Foundation The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation Fund for Children, Youth, and Families Golden 1 Credit Union The Green Foundation

3M The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation, Inc. Anne and Richard Higgins Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Anonymous (5) Atlassian Bakker Family Fund Endowment Bank of the West Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation Better Together Fund BGE Brae and Seth Blackley The Boeing Company Bradley T. MacDonald Family Foundation, Inc. Shannon Brayton Kristine and Ryan Burke Michelle Cale and Duncan Greatwood California Community Foundation Capital Group Carson Foundation Charles and Allison Keenan Family Fund Charm City Run Cisco Systems Foundation City National Bank

City of Charleston Clayton Baker Trust The Clorox Company Foundation Crail-Johnson Foundation Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP John and Katharine Crawford Brad and Stephanie Creswell Crowell & Moring Foundation Dallas Autumn Ball of The Dallas Foundation Daniel Island Community Fund David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation* DaVita Deloitte Department of Youth and Community Development Dictionary.com The Discovery Fund Dodge & Cox Amy Dunbar and Ted Hester* E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Allison Enell Rolf and Nancy Engh Ernst & Young First Republic Bank Fleishhacker Foundation Gillian D. Francis Golden State Warriors Goldman Sachs & Co. Goodwin Family Memorial Trust Grousbeck Family Foundation* Arnav Guleria The Hardenbergh Foundation Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation John J. Leidy Foundation, INC. Johnny Carson Foundation, Inc. Johnson & Haefling Family Foundation The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation Kaiser Permanente Kiawah Cares KLA Foundation The Kohlheim Family Foundation Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel LLP John and Betsy Kriewall April Kupper and David Geib Lakewinds Natural Foods Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation Life.Church Lily Auchincloss Foundation LinkedIn Brandon Lower The Marlene Swan Family Trust Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation McDermott Will & Emery Milbank LLP The Minneapolis Foundation Diane L. Mooney and Frank Pietrantonio* Carlos Moreno and Alexandra Hill Mortenson Family Foundation ONE Gas Patrick Family Foundation Bill and Amy Payne R4 Foundation Ann Rakestraw and Steven Farina* Randall A. Wolf Family Foundation Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust Sacramento Region Community Foundation Big Day of Giving San Jose Mercury News Wishbook Fund Scholastic Book Clubs Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Share Fund Simmons Sisters Fund

Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Soroptimist International of Sacramento Amy Starck Mark and Mary Stevens Steve and Emily Swanson Sally Sloan and Tom Hentoff* Tevanian Family Foundation Thomas M., Helen McKee, and John P. Ryan Foundation Stephen Tomlinson Transamerica Life Insurance Co. Tylis Family Foundation Jim and Patricia Voelker Weil, Gotshal and Manges White Foundation William Blair & Company, LLC William G. Gilmore Foundation World Bank Community Connections Fund W.P. & Bulah Luse Foundation Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee Wright Family Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Janet B. Abrams Adams Family Foundation Greg and Nancy Annick Anonymous (3) Apple Helen Apthorp Olga and Douglas Armer Atkinson Foundation Ghedam Bairu and Andrew Dabalen* The Barrios Trust Elizabeth Bausch* Bed-Stuy Community Partnership Program David S. Berg and Laura E. Butzel Kristi and Mark Berg The Blackbaud Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Peter Bloom Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Bohland Family Charitable Gift Fund Bolton Foundation The Brandon and Sapna Boze Fund The Brickyard Berridge Fund Nina Brody Tori Burroughs Torin and Kris Caverly Jennifer Chandler Charleston County Government Chen Family Fund Clay Foundation-West Zack Coleman Cordish Family Foundation* Costello Family Foundation John Culver C.W. Titus Foundation Mark D’Agostino and Susan Ruffo ECMC Foundation Edward R. Bazinet Charitable Foundation Fallon Family Foundation Lois and Michael Fingerhut* Simone and Wayne Frederick* Jennifer and Zach Friedland Tanja and George Gallate Gretchen Garth Gateway Mortgage Group George Family Foundation, Penny George Nigest Getahun-Hawkins and Ronnie Hawkins* Giants Community Fund Shannon Gilliland Goldman Sachs Gives Google Matching Gifts Program Jaime Gordon

Tom and Amy Greaser* Bill Gripman Jennifer Grodberg and Silas Gillett The Gullickson Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Hammarskjold Family Fund Nedra and Bruce Hecker Hinze Chow Family Charitable Fund James and Elizabeth Hobson The Hyde and Watson Foundation J. Baker Foundation The James Irvine Foundation Kate Jerome Roger and Teresa Jones Joseph J. Schott Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Keenan Capital Management, LLC William and Mary Jane Kelly Sue-Jean Kim* Kathy and Rick Kimball Alan Kirschenbaum and Barbara Silverstein* The Klei Family Charitable Fund of the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Roopa Kosuri and Kanak Patel* Michael and Alison Kowalski Holly A. Kuzmich Chris and Lorie Lambert John Lancaster and Gail Walker* Dorothy Lazier Mark and Jennifer Lea Lenzner Family Foundation* Adam Levin* Pam and Gerald Levy Lexington National Land Services David Liu and Tina Dinh The Lois Lenski Covey Foundation, Inc. The Lowell Berry Foundation M. Sigmund and Barbara K. Shapiro Philanthropic Fund Melissa Magner Phil and Kelly Mahoney Katie and George Markov Carrie and David Marriott* Marsh-Levin Family Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation Christina and Anthony Mason Cathleen and David Massey* Microsoft MUFG Union Bank Foundation Mutual of America Foundation NCA Partners LLC The Nint Foundation Odell Brewing Co. Mike and Teresa Olson ORIX Foundation The Partnership Foundation Bill and Cathleen Phelps* Pitney Bowes Foundation Greg Plaunt PNC Bank Prologis Joe Pucci Inez Smith Reid* Rembrandt Foundation Andrea and John Rice* Rose Community Foundation Rosemary Haggar Vaughan Family Foundation Elise Rosenberg Douglas and Megan Ross Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office Michael and Moira Saign* Nancy Schned Ed Sellers and Suzan Boyd The Seufferlein Family Fund


Seven Post Private Investment Office Meera Shankar Sharon and Ken Coleman Fund Staci and Jamie Slaughter Hallie and Chip Smith* Sony Pictures Entertainment Benjamin M. Soto* Richard L. Spees, Jr.* Laura and Greg Spivy The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Steinberg Law Firm, LLP Mark W. Sundberg* SunTrust Foundation The Sverchek Family T. Rowe Price Julie Taylor TEGNA Foundation John Thompson and Julia Forster Kenneth Thorne The Town of Kiawah Island Volvo Car USA Operations Lisa and Tim Walsh WHH Foundation Sylvia Davis White* Thomas F. White and Tammy Smith-White

$1,000 - $4,999

Acacia Capital Corp Adams Elementary PTA Aegis Law Group, LLP David Albrecht and Caroline Souza Patricia Alonso-Gamo Patrick Ambsbry Ameriprise Financial Anonymous (18) Jeremy Anspach Karine Apollon AppDynamics The Arthur Lehman & Mary Gherty Charitable Fund ATAPCO Matching Gift Program Amy Atkeson Aufmuth Family Foundation Brynn and John Bailey Julie Baker Tanya and Ryan Baker Dr. Keith and Mrs. Christie Ballard The Bancroft Family Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America US Trust Barclays Jay Barganier Barnes & Noble Georgia and Edgar Barnett Elizabeth Bass Meredith Baty Joan Bayston Be the Light Youth Association Maureen and Peter Beck Bonnie Bella BenefitEdge Beneto Foundation Eric Bennett and Callie Pote Trey and Haleigh Bennett Berkshire Hathaway (The Charitable Foundation) Nate Berry and Ceara Donnelly Erich Bethke and Shawn Alfrey Peter Bisio BlackRock The Block Family Fund


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma The Boeing Company Gift Match Program Heather and Peter Boneparth Rachel Borello Eve Borenstein Philippe Bouclainville Bowman and Chamberlain, LLC The Bozzuto Group Linda Bracken Lisa and Michael Bracken Patrice Braus and Holly Boone Tami Briggs The Bright Green House Fund Marty Bryne The Buckminster Family Fund BUILD LLC Karen and Rob Byko Scott Byrd Anne Campbell and Michelle Green Capitol Hill Community Foundation CAPTRUST Community Foundation Edith Carhart Brian and Rebekah Carlile Carol and Stephen Latimer Charitable Fund Carrington Coleman Sloman & Blumenthal, LLP Janice Carroll* Michael Carter Dan and Phoebe Casetta Susan and James Cavalieri Johanna Chanin and Randall Levitt Chapman Family Foundation Janice and William Chevaillier Cisco Foundation Mike and Patti Clayman Robert S. Clayman* CNA Allison and Eli Cohen and Family Bruce Cohen and Gale Mondry Robin Cole Ira Coleman Jed Collins Collins + Co. Colorado Wealth Group Comic Relief / Red Nose Day Commerce Bank Kelly Larkan Coover and Graham Coover Cordish Companies Courshon Family Charitable Fund Debbie Cowan and Mike Berman Jay and Page Cowles* Julia Cowles Christopher Crampton Custom Ink LLC David Da Mao The Dampop Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina Inez E. D’Arcangelo Joel Davidson Susan and Peter Davidson Carla De Landri and Florindo Volpacchio Michael and Caroline Dechert Allison and Michael Delman DeMund Family Private Foundation Denver Trial Lawyers Deseret Book Company Kerri and Ian Devine Anne and John Dickerson DigitalGlobe

Dimick Foundation DivcoWest Dollar General Literacy Foundation Don and Barbara Thornton Family Foundation P. Steven Dopp Zander and Hilary Doroski Andrew Dsida DuBose Family Foundation Denise Duffield-Thomas Thomas Dugan Susan Duncan and Ralph D’Amato Ryan Durham Stephen Dworkin Matt Eaton Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Family Foundation Victoria and Jeffrey Edwards Eileen Harris Norton Foundation Susan Elliott and David Richardson David and Anne Ellis Elizabeth and Jim Engel Enterprise Holdings Foundation Angela and Miguel Espinosa Will and Melinda Evers The Exchange Club of Charleston Nolene Fabre Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Rebecca and Rod Fallow Ann and Mark Farrow Debbie and John Favell Prentiss E. and Gail W. Feagles The Feaster Family Fei Family Foundation Ann and John Felton Kathleen Ferrell First Citizens Bank First Tech Credit Union Raquel Grazi Fischer and Zachary Fischer Patrick and Darla Flanagan Ford Motor Company Fund Walter and Wendy Foulke Steve and Jennifer Fox Kristi Foxgrover James and Amanda Franck Jim and Joan Frye Curt and Diane Fuhrmann Rebecca and Dan Galemba Jim and Priscilla Gamb Karen and Sean Gardner Mary Beth Garland Pete and Kathy Gaynor GE Foundation Wesley Geary III Meagan Gentry Steven Goldberg Jennifer Allan Goldman and Matthew Goldman Goldman Sachs Gives Alex Golten David Gorton Joe and Angie Gottron Jay Goyal Rahul Goyal Grace Episcopal Church Becca Graves and Tobin Thompson Christopher Graves and JoAnn Ward Greater Washington Community Foundation Lawrence Greenspon Sarah Hall Lloyd Hand Kevin and Sharon Harlan

Kenny and Jeannie Harrell Sally Harrison and Donna Gaeta Friends and Family of Harry and Jasper Johnson-Weinberg Natalie Hartkopf and Latif Sebbane Lisa Hartman Chris Harvey Jennifer Harwood Dennis and Molly Hasson Hawk Hill Fund Healthcare Impact Associates, LP David Heard Grant Heidrich III and Jeannette Yvonne Heidrich Clara Heinsohn Heather Heinz Lisa and Patrick Heneghen Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation Henry E. Niles Foundation Linda and Dennis Herman Stephen Hoffius Jane and Michael Hoffman Jason Patrick Holtman Hope Unitarian Church Michael and Karen Horgan Mimi and Richard Houstoun Jennifer Howard and Michael Hager* HumanLinks Foundation Leslie and George Hume Ani Hurwitz Hutton Family Foundation Ingevity Jessica Inglima Intel Foundation IPM - New Jersey Office J. Thomas and Janet Rajala Nelson Fund Orton P. Jackson, Jr. John Jacobs Ruchi Jain and Neal Kemkar Ami Javeri JBH Fund The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation Jim Thompson Foundation Ian and Elizabeth John Johnson & Johnson Annabel Jones Brighton Jones Joanna Jones Susan and Dickey Jones Joye Law Firm JTK Foundation The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation Justice, Justice Foundation Jessica Kaczmarek Philip and Miranda Kaiser Shannon Kane and Mark Bitz Michael and Donna Kaplowitz Joan Karlin Robert Kaufmann Carl Kawaja and Wendy Holcombe Steffanie Keefer Rich Kemp Brian Keough Jeanette Kern Erna and Michael Kerst Jee Young Kim and John Oh Kinder Morgan Foundation Damion Kistler Jill Klaffky Tom Klaffky Thomas Knudsen

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