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Today’s winning organisations need a combination of strategic insight and a team that is capable of delivering client’s most critical results. Our mission is to assist leaders in African governments, public, private and social sector in developing a deeper understanding of the everchanging global economy. We also provide fact-based knowledge to help clients in their most critical decisions making. Our success stories characterise the contributions, insight and consultation efforts that help clients to realise their goals.

SALESAND MARKETING The reached Media (Pty) Ltd. sales and marketing service offer’s clients a combination of amalgamated services built on relationships and trust. We aim to make relationships and trust our focus so that clients are assured that we put their interests in line with our values. We assist market leaders in their sales and marketing vision by bringing their aspirations to life through product design, sales pitch formulation, cold calling, environmental scan, booking form design, legal as well as sales forecast. Our Pan-African focus as a firm designed to operate as one single unit offers premium positioning by nature. We have a highly customised academic and knowledgeable team of associates who work with us on projects and they add an indelible skills.

THE CLIENT TRIALOGUE PROJECT COMPLETED OCTOBER 2016 CLIENT LOCATION Cape Town, Johannesburg TYPE Private Sector WEBSITE EMPLOYEES 12 people in two provinces South Africa CONTACTS Tel: + 0 21 671 1640 Contact Person: Nick Rockey Position: Managing Director

Trialogue is one of only a few consultancies in South Africa that focus exclusively on corporate responsibility issues. Over 17 years of experience puts Trialogue at the forefront of new developments in sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI).

They share their knowledge through their publications, conference, training programs and forums, and use their expertise to support clients through their consulting and reporting services. From their offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, they serve clients across South Africa.

THE CHALLENGE CSI Handbook – Currently being sold - the client wants to ensure that we optimise revenue for this edition. Current sales stand at 40% of the envisioned target. Given bureaucratic commitment—current team must retain premium clients. This does mean you (reached Media (Pty) Ltd.) get the second bite at the cherry – but there will still be an opportunity for sales and for getting up to speed with the publication. There may also be an opportunity to get back to some of those who said NO – or those in the book with alternative offerings.

Funders Guide – publication with listing options (free/one-third page @R3 500, one-half @R5 500, one page @ R10 500) – targeting NPOs who want to position themselves in front of potential funders – includes some advice for funders. We have a database of about 1000 NPOs that could be chased – some of whom listed for free last year.




The Trialogue CSI Handbook sales program offers a reduced rate to NPO’s and NGO’s who aspire to advertise in the Industry Handbook. Understanding that industry framework and insight afforded us the ability to approach our sales strategy from an NPO angle. This approach inherently demanded us to devise a sales technique that would strategically target the big NPO’s and NGO’s who desired to market their brand’s as either community leader or as an implementing agent. We also considered the data provided by the client which had the ‘NO’ as stated – we strategized on the conversion rates. Our approach not only gave us the opportunity to highlight the values of being associated with the publication. We leveraged on government policies by highlighting our BEE status as a black organisation as well as the values the publication will bring to their organisation by claiming from their BEE score, preferential procurement as well as enterprise development points. We were able to show rand’s and cents value for advertising in the industry publication itself. The Trialogue CSI Handbook remains the hallmark publication in CSI research. We closed each sale by positioning both buyer and seller next to their peers and showcased that even though budget might not be sufficient to purchase original purchases - purchasing half of what the client had purchased before is healthier than not being featured at all. This technique gave us premia NPO’s who are now reaping their reward and benefit for being placed in the publication.

THERESULTS With sales and marketing as a strategic position within reached Media (Pty) Ltd. We commenced our sales pitch – attacking NPO organisations and taking care of the ‘second cherry’ as the client put it - the cherry who had originally said ‘NO’. Our sales team is a premium team with exceptional qualities and reproachable skill - a team which has been in sales and marketing for over 10 years. Within the first week, we had already shaken the industry and sales began to ring in. We got two NPO’s booked within 14 business days—taking the premium posts – we circled in even more on the clients who had already been in the publication before but had said NO. We took on the ‘lion sales strategy’ of attack and focused on the client’s primary strategic focus. We got a NO and went back for another bite, we got a call-back and a NO – we went back for another bite and we eventually got a ‘MAYBE’. We rested and in our wait, we got a confirmation of two premier conversions. We took the second bite and indeed we turned NO into YES. We increased the publication sales in three-week by between 12.5% to 15% and managed to help the client meet their critical needs and in turn optomised the publication.


Contact us: or visit our website for more information.

Trialogue sales and marketing 2016 reached media  

Today’s winning organisations need a combination of strategic insight and a team that is capable to deliver client’s most critical results....

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