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La Forgiatura 工业区改造

a Forgiatura

Sustainable & Green Features 节能特征 • Use of natural daylight • 自然光利用

| Architect | Giuseppe Tortato

| Landscape Designer | AG&P

| General contractor | G.D.M. costruzioni S.p.a.

| PROJECT TEAM | Marco Bettalli, Giorgia Celli, Barbara Storchi, Antonio Urru

| Structure | Biesse Consulting, Bruno

| Location | Milan, Italy

| Developer | Realstep property management

| Area | 24,000 m2 (Masterplan, floorspace) 8,000 m2 (Gardens)

| Project Manager | Marco Bettalli | Executive project | A&I progetti, Stefano

| Client | La Forgiatura S.r.l.

| Photographer | Stefano Topuntoli per GDM Costruzioni

• Highly efficient lighting and air conditioning system • 高效节能的灯光和空调系统

Located in the north west area of Milan, La Forgiatura represented for many years the excellence of Italian and international metallurgical industry. Its regeneration has allowed to upgrade more than 14,000 square meters of existing buildings to which were added 10,000 square meters of new construction , for a total of 7 buildings for office and showroom space. This is a complex of properties for different uses, certified in B class, all served by a common conditioning air system managed by Building Management System, that allows the optimization of different applications at the same time. A real urban oasis, characterized by a three-dimensional development of the green landscape that incorporates old industrial structures joined smoothly to the new buildings. Thanks to the movement of the ground, in some cases real artificial hills eight meters high, you can access the buildings from various levels, including the roofs, enjoying a unique sensory relationship, given by the alternation of emotions: thanks to green patios, great heights, natural light, a unique relationship between interior and exterior greenery , old and new structures. The adopted design approach has been developed according to environmental sustainability criteria, using a complex process of analysis and planning, attentive to energy, thermal, lighting and acoustic performances, aimed at achieving high levels of comfort and environmental abatement of consumption linked to air conditioning and artificial lighting.





La Forgiatura 工业区大楼位于米兰的西北地区,多年来一直代表着意大利与世界冶金工业的顶级建筑水平。它 的重建使 14000 平方米的现有建筑得以升级改造,并且加建了 10000 平方米、共 7 座建筑用于办公与陈列。建筑功能 具有较强综合性,并且通过了 B 级认证。建筑的常规空调设备由建筑管理系统统一控制,能够同时使不同的设备最优 化运行。 三维的绿地景观形成了一块城市绿洲,将旧有的工业建筑与新建建筑巧妙连接起来。由于地壳运动,场地中形成 了 8 米高的山丘,人们可以从包括屋顶在内的不同高度进入建筑,建筑拥有绿化阳台、垂直高度、自然采光等, 并在 室内外绿化与新旧结构之间建立了独特的关系,这些都给人以非凡的空间感受。 建筑最终采用的设计方法源自环境的可持续性标准,并进行了一系列复杂的分析与规划,考虑到能源、热量、光 学与声学等相关因素,希望在减少空调与人工照明所消耗的能源的同时获得较高的舒适性。









Giuseppe Tortato - Sustainable & Green Building  

Client. Giuseppe Tortato - Sustainable & Green Building september 2013

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