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Winter 2011

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Budding young artists brighten the Neonatal Unit - read more on page 10

A new initiative is being launched in East Devon to provide specialist elderly care in patient homes. The ‘hospital ward at home’ pilot will provide care and

support to patients in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own homes in the Woodbury, Exmouth and Budleigh area, instead of being admitted in

to hospital. The service will involve a Royal Devon & Exeter consultant geriatrician.

A range of health and social care partners will invest the

skills of nurses, doctors, occupational therapists and community care workers during the six month trial.

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Reducing Wasted Appointments

The Royal Devon & Exeter is piloting a telephone reminder service for patients in a bid to reduce the 30,000 hospital clinic appointments not attended each year. The four RD&E specialist services trialling the telephone reminder service from 1st December 2011 are diabetes & endocrinology, paediatrics (children & young people), orthopaedics and gastroenterology for their outpatient clinics.

number of appointments made. When a patient does not attend or cancel their appointment we don’t think it is fair that someone else was denied the opportunity to have been seen and there is an unacceptable financial loss to the NHS.”

“We plan our staffing and use of our clinical departments and equipment for the anticipated

Patients taking part in the threemonth trial will receive a free automated telephone message reminder – not a text – a few days before they are due to come in to the RD&E. If the automated

RD&E Chief Operating Officer Elaine Hobson said: “We appreciate how busy people are and sometimes bookings for follow-up consultations and treatment are made some time in advance of the date so we hope the telephone reminder service will be helpful.

Last year 1,875 patients did not attend their orthopaedic clinic appointments, 1,609 in paediatrics, 1,528 in diabetes and 1,075 for gastroenterology services.

approach is not acknowledged, someone will get in touch with the patient to remind them about their appointment and give the option of confirming, cancelling or re-arranging the date. The Trust has commissioned 360CRM to provide the reminder service.

Patients who do not wish to take part in the pilot can inform the RD&E by calling 01392 406920 during weekday office hours or via an automated message on 01392 406992.

If the pilot is successful the Trust will consider adopting the reminder service across other clinical services.

A new initiative is being launched in East Devon to provide specialist elderly care in patient homes. Continued from page 1. This partnership involves the RD&E, local GPs, NHS Devon and Devon County Council. RD&E Lead consultant geriatrician Dr Anthony Hemsley said: “Patients with cognitive impairment and dementia respond better when their care and rehabilitation is provided in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. We intend to provide the same

quality of care and consultant involvement the patient would have received on a specialist hospital ward, prevent unnecessary and often stressful admission to hospital and enable prompt discharge back home. “As well as the ‘hospital at home’ pilot, the RD&E has created a short stay rehabilitation ward to provide care for up to 18 patients with short term but intensive

rehabilitation needs and their discharge from this ward will be directly to their homes. All of this work has put the patient at the heart of the development and delivery of the service. A similar ‘care closer to home’ approach introduced for our stroke patients has proven to be successful and we are hopeful that likewise this pilot will improve patient experience and care.”

Meet the Governor


In this new feature we will meet one of our Governors each edition to find out a bit more about them and their role and what makes them tick. Cynthia Thornton, Mid, North, West Devon & Cornwall, Governor since 2008 “My husband and I retired to Willand, near Cullompton eight years ago. I had worked in the NHS, or connected to healthcare, all my life as a nurse and university lecturer. I have three children: a son, who is a medical physicist; two daughters who live nearby in Devon and Cornwall; and five lovely grandchildren.

“I am a member of the University of the Third Age (U3A), local rambling group and church – all great opportunities to talk to members of the local community and find out their opinions about the Trust!”

Why did you become a Governor? “As working within healthcare has played such an important part of my life, becoming a Governor was a way of maintaining my interest in the field. I also believed my background would mean I could bring the benefits of my experience, specifically in the areas of nursing and education, to the Council.

“Since I moved to the area I have also used the RD&E, both as a patient and a carer, and have therefore had first hand experience of the Trust.”

What do you see as a central part of your role? “There are two important aspects to being a Governor: one is holding the Board to account and ensuring that they are fulfilling their role combined with a commitment to maintaining quality healthcare for the local population; and secondly is our relationship with the Membership, communicating with them and ensuring their voice is heard within the Trust”

What do you enjoy about being a Governor? “I find it stimulating to be kept informed of policy developments and the political influences that are affecting healthcare and to observe how the hospital boards are responding to these changes. As Governors we are able to question the effect that these changes will have on patient experience and quality of care.

“I also enjoy meeting members and the public when recruiting in Oasis restaurant and on “Members Say!” days.”

Is there anything you would change about the role? “No, I am in my fourth year of being a Governor and I believe that through a recent review we have learnt from experience, clarified our role and improved areas, such as the induction programme, and developed a more open and supportive relationship with the Corporate Affairs team. As the remit of the role widens and the expectations increase this support is especially essential.” You are welcome to get in touch with Cynthia, or any of the other Governors, via the Foundation Trust office, either by calling Bernadette Coates on 01392 403977 or email


Members Say event

Members Say! October 2011 • Over 170 Members attended • 2 Annual Members Meetings • 4 Medicine for Members • 8 Information stands in the Lectures health marketplace • 11 Focus Groups • 6 Interactive activities Thank you to all the

Members who attended

For the first time we also combined our Annual

Members Meeting with the event, so that all those


present could hear first hand from the Chairman and

contributed to making it such a

during 2010/11 and what plans it has for the future.



October Say!


successful event. We really appreciate what we learn

from our Members at these events and use your

feedback to make a difference to the Trust.

Highlights of the event Priorities

At each of the last three Members Say events we

have asked Members to identify their priorities

by spending £50 on six priorities. The priorities

identified this time were:

At the March 2011 event, the figures

showed a similar pattern but it seems there has been a slight shift towards

spending more on waiting times between the GP and the hospital.

Chief Executive about how the Trust performed

We hope that you all enjoyed your time with us, and look forward to meeting more of you in the Spring!

Members Say event


Hospital gowns

We asked Members for their views on a proposal to replace linen hospital night gowns, given to emergency admission patients, with a cheaper and disposable alternative.

A display with mannequins showed:


th gown – t linen clo n e rr u c e th to buy s about £6 which cost e a ch y e a r nder; and u a -l re d n a about local NHS costs the e m wh e n replace th to 0 0 ,0 0 3 £ ke patients ta e and them hom are the gowns ed not return


a disposable gow n which only costs about £1 to purchase without re-laundering co sts

Members had their say:

• 27 members supported the disposable

cheaper alternative feeling it made sense in the current financial climate and was ‘adequate for emergency situations;’ though some likened the material to a cheap dishcloth.

• 18 members preferred the current linen

gown feeling it was more dignified and comfortable to wear and ‘less alien’ than personal nightwear. It was also suggested that a choice of bed wear could be sold in the main concourse if patients wished to wear something else.

• Everyone agreed the paper thin disposable cheapest gown was not suitable

The feedback has been shared as part of the ‘Fit For The Future’ savings programme review work. *This review does not apply to hospital gowns routinely given for elective procedures. It is for those patients who are admitted as emergencies without the appropriate personal belongings for a hospital stay.


ble aper disposa a mu c h c h e uld o the trust w gown which ause r using bec not conside ring a t hard we they are no t thick they are no d n a h g u o en enough to a cy ensure priv and dignity

Focus Groups

As part of the Trust’s review of our Outpatients Departments 11 focus groups were held to give members the chance to have their say about what are the key elements of a good Outpatient experience. The feedback from the focus groups, together with the results of other patient surveys will be used as a central part of our planning for Outpatients in the future.

Members were generally very positive about the service they receive at the RD&E and many of their ideas about what a good service for the future would look like were based on the best aspects of what we do currently.

Members ideas of what a good Outpatients service would look like included:

• Being treated as an individual with respect and courtesy

• Consistency of care to develop positive relationship with staff

• Timely and accurate information • Use of technology, for example emails, texts and phones, for reminders to maximise attendance


Members Say! Hot Topics


You told us…

During the Focus Groups you let us know about the issues you are

interested in. Here are our latest

updates on some of the hot topics:

New Domestic Assistant role:

Building work on site:

RD&Express we told you

the building work that is

In the last edition of the

Smokefree RD&E:

Visitors and patients will

not be able to miss

eyecatching colourful

banners reminding the

public of the no-smoking

policy on the hospital

trust sites support.

Funded by Smokefree South

West, the giant banners

are on display on building

walls at locations popular

with smokers.

Chief Executive, Angela

Pedder said: “We have

about our pilot of new

non-clinical ward support


We are happy to report

that these roles will be

adopted across the RD&E

Wonford hospital from

March 2012, following the

successful 13-week test of

change on Dart, Knapp,

Okement and Yeo wards of

the Ward Housekeeper

(formerly known as Modern

Housekeeper), the

Catering Assistant and a

signed up in support of

re-designed Domestic

hospital site is visited

the Fit For The Future

this campaign because our

by hundreds of thousands

of people each year so we

can play our part in

reaching our community

with this public health


Assistant role, as part of


Visitors to the Wonford

Hospital may have noticed

currently taking place on

site outside of the

Centre for Women’s


We are building a new

Aseptic Unit which will replace our current

facilities with a

purpose-built centre

meeting modern day

standards for the safe

and efficient manufacture

of important oncology


During this work there is

an extra pressure on

parking on the site and

we appreciate the

patience and

consideration of

visitors. We have also

applied for planning

permission to provide

more parking spaces to

alleviate the issue for the future.

Membership benefits


Trust members can join fabulous discount scheme As a Member of the Royal Devon

& Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

you are showing support for your local hospital.

In return for this support, you can take





discount scheme. NHS discounts

is a website that offers a wide

range of great discounts from

high street brands to holidays and


Jeff Chinnock, Divisional Manager







Communications, said: “We are delighted fantastic





Members. We are very grateful

for all they do to support the

Trust and hope that this further incentive offers some reward in return.�

See right for more details on the

offers available and for how to

sign up.

In our last edition we told you that we are

considering having paid for advertising in the

RD&Express. The adverts would promote local

businesses and services and it would also help us to save money on the cost of producing the newsletter.

At the recent Members Say! event we asked those

Members present what they thought of the idea.

90% of those who answered said they thought it was

a good idea. We are now considering further how we

could implement this. Your newsletter costs 30p per

edition, and costs are being reduced further as more

members opt to receive electronic versions.


Planning for the future

Dear Members,

As we head towards the end of the year, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some of the work the Board and the Governors have been doing over the past year to develop our plans for the future, or our “strategic direction”, to ensure that we can continue to meet the current and future health needs of the population of Devon and beyond. I briefly mentioned these plans at the recent Annual Members Meeting, where it was wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to so many of you face to face. Our plans build on our long and proud history of providing good quality care to the community we serve. But in order to ensure that we continue to provide such a service, we will need to change. At a time of significant uncertainties in the NHS and when resources for healthcare will be limited for the foreseeable future, the Trust has developed its plans so we can secure the ongoing provision of high quality healthcare in a way that is consistent with what we know about the views of the people who have used, currently use and may in future use, the services we provide. From our patients, our Members’ Say events, in surveys and directly from our Governors, we have developed a good understanding of what people want from their local NHS and also some of the issues that irritate or annoy people about the way healthcare is currently delivered. We know that:

• for the vast majority of people and for the patients who come in through our doors, we provide services that people can rely on and that make them better, help them manage long term

• there are things we can do better. That is why we have encouraged our staff to continuously learn conditions or that help them during emergencies.

and improve on the services we offer. Every aspect of our business is systematically reviewed to

ensure that we can offer the best and most efficient service and we are actively developing innovative solutions to improve care. We also know that acute hospitals such as the RD&E, exist within a wider healthcare system and that some of the frustrations our patients face arise from not having properly joined up NHS services. But this is beginning to change and the Trust is determined that over coming years the RD&E plays a key role within Devon to better integrate community and acute services. The Trust is in a unique position locally, with the opportunity to link patients supported by community services into its acute services and to link patients discharged from acute care into community services.

Planning for the future


This will involve delivering effective care closer to where people live and improved working with partner organisations so that patients receive a service that is not disjointed. The Trust will also develop and expand its services to a wider geographical area. Some of the services we currently provide draw patients from a wide area and the Trust already enables some of its clinicians to work in other hospitals. The Trust intends to build upon these arrangements to develop its acute services in locations beyond Exeter. Indeed, it is doing this already by providing some operations in community hospitals. The Trust is clear, however, that in integrating our services and offering RD&E services elsewhere, the quality and safety of our services must be paramount and delivered at no extra cost. Indeed, the Board and Governors are absolutely clear that in reorganising services and reducing costs, the quality and safety of our services cannot be compromised and that they must be delivered with courtesy and respect. It is important to underline that the shape of future services is likely to be different than it is today: how services are delivered, where they are delivered and by whom is likely to change. However, I am confident that our new strategy will enable the RD&E to broaden the scope of the services we offer in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the community in Devon.”

Angela Pedder


Chief Executive


p ri or bers’

i ti es

mem our



be ‘Mem our

y’ rs Sa


010 in 2 vents


of ties ble riori s: s p p o ssi e drug Th f o llo w n as s o a o s and d s s se e a i i r g n a ee o lo n summ am s echn oder ere I test t h a l w nd m l e a h a t t e i f o p t a s s s ond ean, acces  A ho d bey t is cl t has n a a a h t h l t t a l o sp i t sp i t a nmen the h nviro e o  A ho t d e h g in throu ainta m GP o well m r f A e ic  S serv s s NH e l m A sea

10 Improving Surroundings Former patients from the Neonatal Unit recently revisited the Trust to participate in a workshop to create pictures inspired by the natural world The children, who were aged between 6 months and 15 years old, their parents, and staff worked with Catherine Cartwright, from Exeter-based Double Elephant Print Workshop to create monoprints – unique ‘one-off’ works of art. The artworks are now set to be framed and displayed around the unit’s bedrooms for parents.

Matron, Louise Rattenbury, said: “We find the art on the unit provides a cheerful distraction for visitors, who are often dealing with difficult and worrying circumstances when their new baby is in hospital. The fact that they have been created by previous patients’ is very special and helps us keep in touch with the community we serve.”

Joint Pain Management and Physiotherapy unit officially open At the beginning of the month we officially opened our joint unit for Physiotherapy and Pain Management outpatients at the Heavitree site. This event marked the successful completion of the relocation of these outpatient services to a permanent base under one roof at the Heavitree site. Rupert Broomby, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management, said: “The new unit has been a great improvement, both for staff in terms of a single dedicated place of work with enhanced liaison between teams, but more importantly, providing patients with improved facilities that are easier to access, and which allow us to offer improved treatments and therapies.”


Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust Consultation Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust Consultation On 20 October, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS

Trust launched their application to become a

Foundation Trust. It is now in a consultation period

seeking the views of the public in Devon on their

the best possible service and ensure they are

equal partners in decisions about their care.


plans. The consultation runs until 16 January


The Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

currently manages a range of services including: • North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple.

• 14 community hospitals Exeter, Mid and East

Devon having temporarily taken over their

management from the Primary Care Trust.

• A wide range of other adult community health

and social care services.

In its application it:

• Proposes to change its name to “Devon Care

NHS Foundation Trust”

• Sets out a vision: “We will be an integrated

health and social care Trust and underpinning

everything we do will be the provision of safe,



Ensuring that services are provided in

buildings that are fit for purpose and help staff do their job efficiently.

Create integrated patient records

Protect front-line clinical services by

ensuring that our non-clinical services are

as efficient as possible.

The Trust is holding a number of meetings as part

of the consultation process:

Wednesday 7th December 2011 The Institute, Ottery St Mary

Thursday 8th December 2011 Whipton Community Hall, Exeter

Monday 12th December 2011 Elizabeth Hall, Exmouth

2pm 6pm 6pm

This is an important consultation; the proposed

strategy for the new Foundation Trust seeks to

make the temporary arrangements for managing

high-quality care. We will support the

community hospitals and community services in

independent as possible”

Healthcare Trust a permanent arrangement. This

population to be as healthy and as

• Sets out its new strategy covering seven key


Exeter, Mid and East Devon linked to North Devon

is a very major change for these services and

could introduce increased complexity for patients receiving their acute hospital care from the Royal


Supporting independent living and well-

Devon and Exeter.


Responsive acute hospital services




Protecting the rights of vulnerable adults

when they have a physical illness or injury Working with networks and partnerships

More details and a copy of the available


document its




and also work with our patients to provide

12 Achievements and accolades


Congratulations to the Maternity department and Neonatal Unit Both departments were assessed for UNICEF Baby

Friendly Accreditation. 40 out of the 45 criteria were

passed with excellent results. The Infant Feeding

Coordinators thanked all the staff for their hard work in ensuring that women are receiving high quality care

around feeding their babies.

Innovative design at the Exeter Mobility Centre National interest was generated when

specialists at the RD&E’s Exeter Mobility

Centre designed and made a prosthetic arm,

which for the first time had a smartphone

Praise for no breaches of mixed sex patient accommodation The RD&E was one of 13 acute trusts in the South

West praised by the Health Secretary for no reported

set into the limb. Trevor Prideaux, who was born without his left arm, now has a forearm prosthesis with his mobile phone set into it.

Opcare Clinical lead prosthetist Dave House

said: “Trevor asked us at Exeter Mobility

breaches during September, a standard maintained by

Centre in the summer what was possible. It

mixed sex accommodation data was first collated for


the Trust since April 2011 when monthly collection of all hospitals in the region.

Director of Nursing & Patient Care, Em WilkinsonBrice said: “For our staff this standard can be

challenging to meet when demand for hospital

services is high but we are committed to this because we recognise that for many patients it is an important

aspect of their experience when they are in our


was the first time we had been asked to a





prosthesis, although we have made a number

of bespoke devices so that our patients could

carry out specific activities such as guitar

playing and sports.”

Received with thanks


Investment in ‘virtual patient’ technology thanks to a generous donation from FORCE The Trust’s Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) programme is gathering pace thanks to a generous donation from the FORCE Cancer Charity.

IMRT is an advanced technique which requires the highest level of precision in delivering the radiation dose. In order to check this, the Trust, in partnership with FORCE, has purchased a piece of equipment known as Delta 4 from Oncology Systems Limited. This acts as a ‘virtual patient’ for the radiation treatment. The dose of radiation that the patient will receive is delivered to the Delta 4 which produces a very accurate map of the

strength of the radiation in each area. This enables a detailed check of the dose distribution before treatment takes place.

Meriel Fishwick, chief executive of FORCE Cancer Charity is delighted that so many cancer patients will benefit from Delta 4: “FORCE has a long history of working with the Oncology Centre at RD&E to improve treatment for local cancer patients. We have been able to fund Delta 4 thanks to a recent legacy and it’s really good to know these monies are making a significant contribution.”

14 Working in partnership Local people sign up to Organ Donor Register following RD&E campaign Exeter has risen to the challenge set by the Trust in partnership with local newspaper Express & Echo to save lives by signing up to the NHS Organ Donor Register.

The NHS Blood & Transplant Service figures show that 6,122 people living in the Exeter area signed up as an organ donor during the March-September 2011 campaign period – a significant increase on the 4,900 registrations for the same period in 2010.

For more information or to sign up to join the NHS Organ Donor Register call 0300 123 2323 or visit

Support for patients with lung conditions

The campaign was spearheaded by RD&E cystic fibrosis patient Kirstie Mills who is recovering having had a life saving lung transplant. Kirstie’s story will be featured in a BBC3 documentary ‘Love on the Transplant List’ on 28 November.

RD&E Dental Nurse Naomi Jones (pictured) signed up to the national organ donation register after reading about the campaign on the Trust staff internet. She said: “Registering as an organ donor was a natural step to take as I strongly believe that in the event of anything happening to me I can play my part, no matter how big or small, in potentially saving another person’s life and they get a good quality of life.

I had no hesitation or reservations in making my decision and registering. It is important to pass the message on to as many people as possible and the awareness continues to grow about the organ donation and transplant programme.”

Staff from the Royal Devon & Exeter respiratory team, as well as representatives from the British Lung Foundation and BLF Breathe Easy East Devon, helped raise awareness about Pulmonary Fibrosis, by creating the first ever Fibrosis Day on 26 October.

Dr. Michael Gibbons, Consultant Respiratory Physician, said: “This is a devastating condition with a prognosis unfortunately worse than many forms of cancer. At the moment there are no effective therapies and very little is known about the condition, which is why it is important for us to raise awareness.” Marilyn Crump, British Lung Foundation, said: “It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with such a dedicated team at the RD&E; we’ve spoken to lots of people who will now be able to better manage their condition. One in seven people are affected by a lung condition and this event has given us the chance to reach some of these people.”

Membership news 15 Recruiting a new Chairman for the RD&E At the end of April next year, Angela Ballatti, our Chairman, reaches

the end of her term of office, having served for six years at the RD&E.

The process for recruiting her successor is being led by the

Nominations Committee, which is made up of Trust Governors, and is

one of the most important tasks the Governors undertake.


process is now well underway, with applications having been received.

The interviews will take place in December and the Committee will

then take their recommendation to the Council of Governors for

approval in January. We will update Members in the Spring edition of the RD&Express.

Events for Members Council of Governors Meeting

Wednesday 18 January 2012, 2pm-4.30pm Venue:

Main Lecture Room, Learning &

Development Service, RD&E Heavitree, Gladstone

Road, Exeter EX1 2ED.

Wednesday 18 April 2012, 2pm-4.30pm

Professor Andrew Shaw, University of Exeter Miss Morwena Marshall, Mr John McGrath and Mr Ian Daniels Surgical Team, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Professor Andrew Shaw and members of the

surgical team here at the RD&E have undertaken

research into how a patient’s immune system

reacts during their stay as an improved way of

Venue: FlyBe Suite, St James Centre, Exeter City

monitoring how a patient is recovering after

meetings and events, please do not hesitate to

number of RD&E patients that has shown that

Football Club, If you have any queries about our contact Bernadette Coates in the Foundation Trust







Agendas and minutes of all Council of Governors meetings are availabel to download via the Trust website.

Medicine for Members

New Research into the Recovery of Patients following Major Abdominal Surgery

Wednesday 13 March 2012, 5.30pm -7.00pm Lecture Theatre, Peninsula Medical School, RD&E Wonford

surgery. A study has been undertaken of a small

monitoring the immune system gives medics and

surgeons an early warning of any complications

and also better shows when a patient is ready to

go home.

Professor Shaw and members of the surgical team

will be talking about their study and the benefits

it will bring to patients at our ‘Medicine for Members’ talk.

To book your place, contact the Foundation Trust Office






16 Contact us Do we have your email address? If we can send more of our

How to get to the RD&E


Visitors to the RD&E are encouraged to use our dedicated Park & Ride service. It runs to Wonford Hospital from Digby (near Tesco and J30 of the M5), Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) and costs £1.30 return.

Let us know your email address

However, please note that as of 30 December 2011, the Heavitree service will no longer operate. A new timetable for Digby to Wonford will come into operation on 3rd January 2012.

newsletters out to you by email then




printing and postage and you

get your newsletter sooner.

and we will ensure you are then sent



electronically. Sign up to this service





The Park & Ride service also serves the Heavitree Hospital site.

Stagecoach bus service H runs to Wonford Hospital every fifteen minutes or so from the High Street in the Buses from Exmouth, Dawlish, Torbay, Teignmouth, Plymouth & Seaton stop next to the hospital on Barrack Road.

Turner's Tours buses 377 and 369 from Chulmleigh, Lapford, Morchard Bishop and Crediton stop outside the main front entrance of the hospital (Mon to Fri).

Recruit a friend

How to get to the RD&E

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call to Visitors to the RD&E are encouraged to use our dedicated recruit a friend in the last edition of the newsletter. Park & Ride service. It runs to Wonford Hospital from We are(near always looking recruit more Members and you Digby Tesco andtoJ30 of the M5), Monday to ifFriday have a friend, family you think (excluding Bankcolleague Holidays)or and costs members £1.30 return. might like to become a Member please fill in this coupon The Park & Ride service also serves the Heavitree Hospital and send it to us at: site. Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust However, please note that as of 30 December 2011, the FREEPOST NAT7092 Heavitree service will no longer operate. A new timetable Exeter EX2 5BF for Digby to Wonford will come into operation on 3rd Or email2012. their details to January Stagecoach service H runslet to us Wonford Hospital If they have bus an email address, know that too asevery we fifteen minutes so from thetoHigh Street the Buses from can send them aorlink of how join-up oninline.

Please send details of how to become a Foundation Trust Member to:

Name: .......................................... Address: ........................................ .................................................. .................................................. Email address: ..................................................

need to

The Foundation Trust membership office can be contacted by telephoning 01392 403977, by emailing or by writing to: RD&E NHS Foundation Trust Office, Room E219, RD&E Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW.

For more information about the Foundation Trust visit the RD&E website:

We can arrange language translation if you do not speak English. We can arrange British Sign Language interpretation, and also give you this information in larger text. Please ask us on (01392) 403977.

contact us?

Have you recently moved house or changed your contact details? Let us know so you can continue to receive information from us.

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RD&E Express Winter 2011

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