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Publisher RDC Marketing & Communications Executive Editor Lani Ledingham Associate Editor Rob Gilgan Research & Writing Lara Andary Carmen Cookson-Hills (Bachelor of Arts, 2010) Rob Gilgan (Business Administration, 1994) Andrew Kooman (Bachelor of Arts, 2003) Lani Ledingham Lois McPherson (Secretarial Science, 1986) Natalie Noble (Bachelor of Arts, 2014) Graphic Design Heidi Langridge Printing McAra Printing Photography David Cooper Photography HighView Photo Lani Ledingham Photek Rob Gilgan Stop Action Photography Super Corporate People Cover Design Justina Smith (Theatre Technology, 1999)

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We have identified all RDC alumni within this publication by including either their last year of attendance here at RDC or their year of graduation in brackets behind their names.

Alumni Magazine | 3



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As a team, we saw the 50th anniversary as an opportunity to create something different with our alumni magazine. We envisioned a cover that would stand out on a coffee table or through a pile of dog-eared magazines at the doctor’s office. We believe that even though RDC has transformed tremendously over the past 50 years, there stands iconic portions of our campus that alumni will remember. With all of that in mind, we commissioned Justina Smith, an alumna and very talented and popular artist from Edmonton, to create a cover for us that depicts RDC as an institution. While the road to education is long for some, it also leaves you with wide open spaces of opportunity – just like this painting portrays. With Justina’s permission, the original painting was raffled off at the 2014 Alumni Wine Tasting Festival this past April.

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Golf Classic September 22, 2014

ABOUT THE ARTIST Justina Smith is a painter/ drawer/amateur photographer/ professional barista/traveller of Canada/lover of dogs currently living in Edmonton. She grew up in Red Deer and spent a lot of time in the Arts Centre as a teenager. She paints pictures of anything and everything. Sometimes she shares the tiny adventures behind the paintings (and her creative life in general) on her blog. You can read these stories and see the paintings at

4 | Red Deer College

RDC Open House November 15, 2014

New Arts Gala Spring 2015

Athletics Scholarship Breakfast March 2015

Alumni Wine Tasting Festival April 2015







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WHAT CURRENT STUDENTS ARE SAYING "Choosing RDC was my best decision. I have a new-found confidence, thanks to my instructors. I know that I am, in fact, intelligent in the field I want to be in. I have straight A’s, and my instructors genuinely care about my career and me – all which pushes me to give it my all. The Education program offers a welcoming, caring and encouraging environment, thriving on the personal and academic success of its students. I’m excited to become a high school teacher and, ultimately, work in rehabilitation facilities for teens or inner city schools." – Kelty Callaghan (Bachelor of Education, 1st year) Alumni Magazine | 5


THOUSANDS OF GRADUATES ALL OVER THE WORLD Thank you, for making us who we are today

Since our beginnings, Red Deer College has sought to be an institution that gives students the full collegiate experience. We’ve been purposeful, throughout our history, to be the place for learners to explore their passions and achieve their dreams. We are an institution that encourages thoughtful discussion, deep learning, hard work and understanding of the complexities of life. A letter to students from our first Dean highlights that very thing. In a thoughtful address to students in 1965’s inaugural issue of Legacy, the annual student yearbook, Dean Peter Raffa put in words the approach to learning at RDC that has existed ever since our founding. Our founders believed that students who were given the opportunity to pursue higher education incurred “a particular responsibility to acquire a love of knowledge for its own sake” and urged students to strive for wisdom, experience and embracing a lifestyle of learning that would lead to true personal satisfaction. Dean Raffa wrote: I hope that you continue your formal education as long as possible, and perhaps even more important, that during your years in higher education you cultivate…’a habit leading to self-education,’ so that your taste for learning will continue as long as you live. Our knowledge however, should not be used selfishly, but should be directed at serving our fellow man…May you always be worthy to be considered a scholar and a lady or gentleman. As we celebrate 50 years at RDC, it’s an excellent time to look back on the proud history of the College; a story of people with a genuine desire to be lifelong learners who had bold visions to make our region reach its fullest potential. RDC has become known in the province as an innovative institution. And that is because of the learners, faculty and staff who always strive for excellence. By remaining connected to the legacy of excellence now established, we will move successfully into the future. As you read through this issue of Notebook you’ll quickly understand why we’re so proud of where we have come from and why we are excited about where we are going.

Joel Ward President & CEO, RDC 6 | Red Deer College

THE MAKING OF A MAGAZINE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS HELP MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE! In 2013, RDC students received over $730,000 in scholarships and awards. Thank you for your generosity towards our students and their dreams! Make a gift by calling 403.343.4016 today!

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We celebrated a half-century at RDC this year, as the city celebrated 100 years. Across central Alberta, many other communities also hit the century mark, inspiring reflection on the optimism that must have been prevalent during the early development of our region. Coincidentally, the alumni association was looking back to 1988, when we came into being. Just as we can marvel at the many significant accomplishments of the College, we can also take a small measure of pride in the progress we’ve made as a champion for our membership. We can look back over the past couple decades and appreciate the groundwork done by our predecessors, just as we look ahead to see what we can be doing to optimize the alumni experience. As we do that, we can’t help but be struck by the uniqueness of RDC, with its trades, business, arts, nursing and engineering legacy, and with an athletic prowess that garners national attention. We hope this magazine inspires you to get in touch and engage in some of our great projects. Whether you’re funding a

scholarship, enjoying a volleyball game on campus, volunteering for one of our events or mentoring a student who’s looking to enter your field of endeavour, for us, it’s all success and why we’re here in the first place. This year, we’ve started the ground work for a major project that will sustain us through future decades, both by defining the work of the association and delivering the alumni contribution to excellence in our learner-centred community. The annual fund will be about much more than economics. It’ll be the conduit that facilitates the conversation, delivers your voice and helps you shape the future at RDC. Thank you for reading, thank you for believing and thank you, especially for being an RDC alumnus. Just as our paths have crossed before, may that happen again, soon and often.

Chris Stelmack Chair, RDC Alumni Association

Alumni Magazine | 7

FACULTY & STAFF HIGHLIGHTS There are many staff and faculty who came to RDC with ‘short term’ in mind, and stayed for many years. We asked a few, ‘What is a highlight of your time at RDC?’

MANNY ESTABROOKS (pictured top, left) Math Instructor, 46 years at RDC The greatest thing that has happened is the internet, which has made education so freely available. It’s deceptive though because a lot of universities and colleges are thinking, ‘Well, let’s just put it all online.’ That is the problem, because back in the 40’s and 50’s they put a radio in the classroom, and nothing happened. Then in California in the late 50’s they were going to put a television in every classroom and get rid of half the teachers. Well, it didn’t happen. Then in the late 70’s they put a digital mini computer system in place, with terminals. Still, nothing happened. Then came the microcomputers. It still didn’t get rid of the teachers. Then came the internet. And then came what’s called MOOC. So what’s happening is the more technology advances, the more it’s used for entertainment, because humans can’t seem to use technology to learn effectively (because to learn you need to be focused). I teach Math, and math is something you DO. You don’t just read it or look at it (not a spectator sport). In that way, it’s like a sport in which you participate. For people to say we don’t need teachers is like having sports where you don’t have any coaches. Before, 90% of my class time would be lecture. Now, it’s about 40%, and I give them something to do so as to become engaged in the process. I’m like the coach and I’m there to guide them. 8 | Red Deer College

JOANNE BERG (pictured top, right) Materials Management Assistant, 25 years at RDC From 1985-86, I worked part-time in the President’s office when the Arts Centre was being built and they had their grand opening. I left for a couple of years and came back full-time in August of 1989, when Ed Luterbach was President, and worked at the front desk in the Arts Centre. I then moved to the Switchboard in 2000, and on to Shipping/ Receiving in 2003. BILL STUEBING (pictured bottom, left) Sociology Instructor, 42 years at RDC I came to Red Deer College years ago on an eight-month temporary contract, just looking for a place to ‘hide out’ while writing my dissertation and intending on returning to Manitoba as soon as I finished. Then life intervened and here I am 42 years later. I am very happy and grateful to have been able to stay. Red Deer became my home, and Red Deer College gave me the opportunity to define a rewarding career and a life that is fundamentally different than anything I thought I was going to do. When I arrived in 1972, Red Deer College had just 762 students. Today it’s ten times larger, yet many things have remained the same: its comprehensive character, its open door policy, its focus on students and its reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. And for me, Red Deer College became not just where I worked, but what I was. In a real sense, I am Red Deer College,

and I can’t escape that. These days I reflect more and more on the thousands of students who have passed through my classroom – many of whom remain friends – and that’s part of why I am still here. Each year I am excited to meet – and influence – a new cohort. It’s hard to see leaving while the joy continues! LOIS MCPHERSON (pictured bottom, right) Marketing & Communications Consultant, 26 yrs at RDC When I think of Red Deer College, I think of opportunities for myself and my family. RDC provided me job readiness training to re-enter the work force after being a stay-at-home mom, and then a 26-year career working in various departments at the College. Personally, I have been given a wealth of learning opportunities and challenges along the way. I have enjoyed the challenges, the people and the growth opportunities afforded me professionally, socially and personally. I thank RDC for the journey. RDC provided opportunities for my family. RDC has been a family affair for the McPhersons for 47 years. My husband Hugh (Bachelor of Physical Education,1968), son Michael (Kinesiology, 1999), daughter Michele (English, 2001), daughter-in-law Heather (Visual Art, 2012) have all had the same opportunity I had (Secretarial Science, 1986) to enjoy the benefits of a first class education here in central Alberta. Who knows, perhaps our granddaughter Olive will be among the next generation of alumni.


ACAC – Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference CCAA – Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association

TEAMS Kings Basketball ACAC Gold, CCAA Silver Queens Curling – ACAC Bronze, CCAA Gold Kings Golf – ACAC Bronze Queens Golf – ACAC Silver Queens Hockey – ACAC Bronze Kings Soccer – ACAC Bronze

Amber Adolf Queens Volleyball – ACAC Championship MVP, CCAA Nationals MVP, CCAA All Canadian Kayla Blacquiere Queens Soccer – ACAC Rookie of the Year Sam Brisbane Kings Volleyball – ACAC Championship MVP Tim Finnigan King Volleyball – CCAA All Canadian Braden O’Tool Kings Volleyball – CCAA Nationals MVP

Kings & Queens Volleyball ACAC Gold, CCAA Gold

Kyle Morrison Kings Golf – ACAC Player of the Year, CCAA All Canadian


Riley Simpson Kings Hockey – ACAC All-Star

Julius Abegar Kings Soccer – ACAC Player of the Year, CCAA All Canadian

Brooke Sutter Queens Volleyball – CCAA Academic All Canadian Devin Woodland Cross-Country Running – ACAC Individual Silver, CCAA All Canadian

WE ARE PROUD OF OUR KINGS & QUEENS! The RDC Kings & Queens celebrated their best season ever! They truly established a golden legacy in our 50th anniversary year as a college. Here are the highlights from the 2013/2014 season:

COACHES Scott Bergdahl Golf – ACAC Coach of the Year Steve Fullarton Kings Soccer – ACAC Coach of the Year Clayton Pottinger Kings Basketball – ACAC Coach of the Year, CCAA Coach of the Year Aaron Schulha Kings Volleyball – ACAC Coach of the Year, CCAA Coach of the Year, 2014 CCAA Coaching Excellence Across All Sports Award

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDS RDC Athletics gave out 97 Academic Excellence Awards this spring at their annual awards banquet. Students need a GPA of 3.0 or greater first term to receive this award.




1. GRAB A STARBUCKS Yes, we have Starbucks!


Surf the web – anywhere. Free wifi!

Set up customized corporate training with your colleagues through Continuing Education





6. PLAY 8. LEARN ZUMBA POOL in one of our AT THE dance studios FAR SIDE


Eat at the Far Side. Ok, you should just hang out there. It’s cool.



9. Lift weights or run on the treadmill in the Train Station


Rrrrroll up the rim at Tim Hortons




Enjoy a theatrical or music performance on our Arts Centre Mainstage

Attend one of our many events such as Open House, Teachers Convention, Skills Competition, Alumni Wine Tasting Festival, Backpacks to Briefcases and much more, in the Cenovus Energy Learning Common 10 | Red Deer College




Cool off with a smoothie from the Marketplace

30. Volunteer as a committee member for the Foundation Board or Alumni Association



33. Volunteer as an usher at our Arts Centre Mainstage

34. Enjoy a short film by Motion Picture Arts students at the new City Centre Stage in downtown Red Deer


24. Reminisce!

– our gourmet cafeteria 26. TAKE VOICE LESSONS


36. Enjoy a glass of Alma Mater Select Alumni wine at the Red Deer Symphony performances at the Arts Centre

35. Join our Ambassador Program as a mentor for learners who are studying your chosen field


19. Visit with Campus Security in the hallways

38. Stop by the student funding & awards office to see how your donations are being put to great use













41. Enrol in one of our diverse selections of classes – anything from carpentry to cooking


Did you know RDC is among the top 25 innovators in Alberta?

43. Enrol your child in a summer camp – everything from sport, science, music, and even film camp!







48. Take an evening dance, computer, photography, cooking, or language lesson – and so much more! 49. Visit with our friendly cleaning staff as they keep our campus clean


Alumni Magazine | 11


OUR HISTORY 196 4 – 2014 The vision of RDC has always been bold. And that’s why in 50 years we have become the learning institution of choice in central Alberta, attracting students from across the province, the country and from around the world.

Red Deer College was founded by people who not only imagined what was possible, but who wanted what was best for the people in their communities. They worked in close partnership to make their vision a reality. 1963 Red Deer Junior College established by Order-in-Council dated November 18, 1963, becoming the second public college in the province. 1964 Red Deer Junior College opens in temporary quarters in Lindsay Thurber Composite High School, with 106 full-time and 13 part-time students. Program offerings includes Arts (24 students), Science (28 students) and Education (54 students). Red Deer College Junior College Kings & Queens athletic teams established College colours of grey and gold.

G.H. Dawe, left, speaking at Red Deer Junior College which opened at Lindsay Thurber High School in 1964. Right Front row: Dean Raffa and Mrs. Margaret Parsons. Harold Dawe became Red Deer Junior College`s Chief Administrative Officer as well as Red Deer Public School Superintendent. Photo courtesy of Red Deer and District Archives.

1967 Governor-General Roland Michener officially opens the new Red Deer Junior College. (right) 1968 First classes start on new campus in current location. Enrolment increases to 402 students.

1969 With the proclamation of The Public Colleges Act, Red Deer Junior College becomes a provincial institution. The College expands to include new classroom wings on each side of the Library and third floor of the administrative wing.

1977 College enrolment reaches 2,000 students. 1978 The College’s logo is introduced, in yellow, green, and blue colours. (below)

1970 RDC granted the right to offer two year university transfer courses. 1971 Official ground breaking for new residences and new academic complexes.

1979 Students’ Association opens its own building making RDC the province’s first and only college or technical institute student body to erect its own building. (right)

1972 Completion of major expansion includes: Bookstore, Cafeteria, Kevin Sirois Memorial Gym, weight room, dance studio, racquetball courts, painting and sculpture studios, enlarged Learning Resources Centre (Library), connected student residences, married and single parent townhouse residences.


1974 An amendment removes 'Junior' from the Order-inCouncil and Red Deer College becomes the official name of the institution.

Nine new apprenticeship programs begin in rented facilities. 1981 Major expansion of Trades and Technology training. 1982 The RDC Foundation is formed. (below)

"Summer Evening" RDC Permanent Art Collection

1974 Permanent Art Collection established to commemorate 10th Anniversary. (above) 1975 Three new programs added: Chemical Technology, Early Childhood Development certificate, and Law Clerk diploma

1983 Opening of Apprenticeship and Technology Wings and new residences, which doubles the facilities in size. (Image: next page, top) Alumni Magazine | 13

1987 College enrolment reaches 4,400 students. 1988 Red Deer College celebrates its 25th Anniversary. (right) The Alumni Association is formed and hosts its first homecoming. New Trades wing opens. L to R: Chairman of RDC Board of Governors – Ed Makarenko, MLA for Red Deer – James McPherson, Minister of Advanced Education – Dick Johnston, Dean of Trades – Chuck Rainsforth

1989 Red Deer College submits degree granting proposal to Alberta government.

1984 Team Teaching Theatre dedicates Margaret Parsons Theatre in recognition of RDC’s co-founder. (right)

1990 RDC offers its first fully brokered degree. Red Deer College/ University of Alberta announce RDC’s first collaborative degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 1992 Students organize a rally in support of degree granting initiative. (below)

The Health Centre opens, serving 1,396 students and staffed by Dr. Sandy Murray and Health Nurse Janice Hazlett. 1985 Management Development Centre opens to provide skill and development for business community. The use of microcomputers are expanded in several programs, including a 20-station IBM microcomputer classroom. (right)

1994 First class (37) U of A Collaborative degree Nursing graduates. (right)

1986 The Arts Centre opens in February. One of Canada’s largest fibre art projects is commissioned for the lobby of the Arts Centre. (below) Modified RDC logo used as official logo for Red Deer College. 1995 The library introduces access to over 5,000 initial databases and the Internet. 1996 Collaboration with University of Calgary to offer years three and four of Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Psychology and Sociology added later. Collaboration with University of Alberta to offer Bachelor of Education degree, Elementary route with minor in Middle School. RDC receives its first electronic application via the Internet.

14 | Red Deer College

1997 RDC introduces a new stylized deer logo and slogan, “Look what you can do”

2002 Groundbreaking with Bethany Care Society & David Thompson Health Region to build CollegeSide, a multi-use care facility on campus. (below)

1998 The Call to Excellence Bell was introduced to recognize a new President and symbolizes the college’s commitment to excellence. Biology and Chemistry Labs are the first major renovation project in a $17.3 million expansion. (below) 2004 Coat of Arms unveiled, which incorporates a number of traditional symbols relating to Red Deer College. CollegeSide has its grand opening. 2005 Your College: Building Communities Through Learning campaign launches to build new facilities for Learning, Innovation and Collaboration and increase scholarships and awards. (below)

1999 G.H. Dawe Memorial Award of Excellence conferred at 1999 Convocation, recognizing RDC’s co-founder, George Harold Dawe, who passed away March 23, 1999. 2000 Collaboration with University of Calgary for degree completion of Bachelor of Social Work students. 2001 Ground breaking ceremony for Library Information Common, Students’ Association, Bookstore and Kinesiology & Sports Studies expansion. (below) RDC’s first applied degree, Motion Picture Arts, begins.

President Ron Woodward participates in demolition to make way for new facilities.

2006 Infrastructure development for improved network access: video and teleconferencing, wireless access to network, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and email accounts for all students. 2007

L to R: Board Chair, Peter Lacey; Mayor; Gail Surkan; SA President, Kenton Biffert; Campaign Chair, Herb Der

2002 Grand opening of the Library Information Common includes expansion to Kinesiology, Students’ Association link, expanded Far Side Lounge, and The Lift.

College receives largest private donation from Jack and Joan Donald. (right) 2008 New RDC brand unveiled; tagline: “when you get here you understand.”

Alumni Magazine | 15

2009 RDC opens Building Communities Through Learning (later named Four Centres) for Trades & Technology, Innovation in Manufacturing, Corporate Training, and Visual Art.

2014 RDC celebrates 50 years as a learning institution.

2010 Medical Lab Assistant program begins. RDC hosts Olympic Torch Relay Celebration, January 15. 2011 New downtown campus opens as the home of Donald School of Business in the Millennium Centre. (right) 2012 Mount Royal University and RDC sign historic agreement celebrating new Bachelor of Business Administration Collaborative degree. (below)

Graduating class of 2013.


Automation & Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology programs begin.

• 7,500 students

RDC purchases City Centre Stage Theatre in downtown Red Deer.

• 2,300 students enrolled in University programs at RDC

• 75 program options • Over 15 student groups • We offer Continuing Education and Distance Learning • 13,000 Continuing Education learners each year • Nationally acclaimed Athletics program • Affordable tuition, residence, and parking rates • $730,000 awarded in student scholarships and awards last year • 200,000 square feet of new learning space added since 2008 • We host 20,000 community learners for workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities

L to R – RDC VP Academic, Brad Donaldson; RDC President, Joel Ward; Mount Royal University President, Dr. David Docherty; Associate Dean of Bissett School of Business, David Allwright.

2013 Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist Assistant program begins. City Centre Stage celebrates its grand opening in downtown Red Deer. (next column, top)

16 | Red Deer College

Remaining committed to the bold vision of our founders, working hard to put learners first and ensuring students have the programs they need in order to thrive, this is our ongoing legacy, one we strive to perpetuate.

RDC HISTORY NOTES RDC PRESIDENTS Mr. Peter Raffa 1964 – 1969, Dean 1969 – 1971, President Dr. M.N. Eastman 1971 – 1972, Interim President 1972 – 1973, President Dr. Raymond G. Fast 1972 – 1973, Government appointed Administrator Dr. W.G. (Bill) Forbes 1973 – 1985 Dr. Edward J. Luterbach 1985 – 1993 Mr. Donald C. Snow 1993 – 1994, Interim President Dr. Dan J. Cornish 1994 – 1997

RDC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION PRESIDENTS 1964/65 Peter Weddell 1965/66 Jack Hazelwood 1966/67 Paul Hjartarson 1967/68 Dennis Crowe 1968/69 Darryl Sim 1969/70 Darryl Sim 1970/71 John Cuthbertson 1971/72 Jim Head 1972/73 Bob Stirling 1973/74 Phil Wiedman 1974/75 Ken Laloge 1975/76 Howie Esperson 1976/77 Randy Preece 1977/78 Terry Snyder 1978/79 Phillip Stephan 1979/80 Randall Robinson 1980/81 Kelly Kloss 1981/82 Mark Pavlick 1982/83 Mike Knopp 1983/84 Kent Bolding 1984/85 Rick Middleton 1985/86 Howard Thompson 1986/87 Brent Walker 1987/88 Stephanie Ivan 1988/89 Sheila Musgrove 1989/90 Mark Butler

1990/91 Brian MacPhee 1991/92 Scott Johnston 1992/93 Scott Johnston 1993/94 Narda Nelson 1994/95 Doug Wagstaff 1995/96 Sheila Soder 1996/97 Curtis Van Hyfte 1997/98 Ted Anger 1998/99 Rob Hartery 1999/00 Jennifer Brause Tony Hill 2000/01 Greg Semenchuk 2001/02 Kenton Biffert 2002/03 Vanessa Wood Sean Balfour 2003/04 Julia Coe 2004/05 Mike Kozlowski 2005/06 Justin Brown 2006/07 Holger Nierfeld 2007/08 Randy Butler 2008/09 Marshall Boyd 2009/10 Steven Kwasny 2010/11 Steven Kwasny 2011/12 Derrick Callan 2012/13 Eric Peppinck 2013/14 Martin Cruz

"Our knowledge should not be used selfishly, but should be directed at serving our fellow man." – Peter Raffa, First Dean of Red Deer Junior College

Ms. Lynne P. Mulder 1997 – 1998, Interim President Mr. Ronald Woodward 1998 – 2009 Mr. D. Joel Ward 2009

Alumni Magazine | 17


In a world that seems to be spinning faster with each new day, it’s a privilege when we get a message from one of the ‘family’! This family numbers more than 30,000 spread all across the globe, and across four distinct generations. We want to help our alumni connect with us and each other through whatever means possible. Here’s what you need to do: make sure that we have your current email address and that you’re signed up for our e-newsletter. Send us an email and tell us you want to continue to receive this free annual magazine – maybe you’ll see someone you know, or you yourself be featured someday!

Website | Email | LinkedIn | Search “Red Deer College RDC Alumni” Twitter | @RDCAlumni Facebook |

A CURATED COLLECTION: RDC'S VAULT OF ART RDC’s Permanent Art Collection was initiated in 1974, providing distinctive, cultural value to RDC students and the community. At students’ fingertips is the opportunity to study palpable pieces of work that are recognized nationally and internationally, versus having to research the mere photos of pieces online or in books. Having the Collection here at RDC enables an impact on students and community viewers that can only occur in person. It is “widely recognized as being one of the strongest college art collections in western Canada”. It boasts more than 800 works of art from paintings to sculptures – some donated, some purchased. A worthwhile highlight of the Permanent Art Collection is the Curator himself. Robin Lambert (Visual Art, 2002) studied art while playing soccer for RDC. As a student, the “vault seemed to be this massive collection, and it was, but I am surprised to know that it is now nearly twice the size as it was then.” Featured on this page are some Canadian pieces of work that Robin chose to showcase. Although internationally acclaimed art is a large part of the Collection, it’s enlightening to know that Canada boasts an incredible array of artists and work that are world-known. You can see RDC’s Permanent Art Collection and experience a world of art on our main campus! 18 | Red Deer College




1. Alex Colville 1920-2013 Prize Cow 1975 Serigraph Purchased by College in 1979

2. Nicholas de Grandmaison 1892-1978 Eagle Plume #71 1948 Oil on Canvas Donated to College in 1986

3. Alex Janvier 1913Untitled 1978 Acrylic on Canvas Donated to College in 1992

Chris Stelmack Chair

Lynn Carignan-Wilson Vice Chair

Dave Savage Past Chair

Barbara Adams Director

Bre Fitzpatrick Director

Patrick Galesloot Director

Sharlene Garden Director

Scott Hucal Director

Paul Rattan Director

Mike Szyszka Director

Dr. Janet Welch Director

Rebecca Tootoosis Director, Students’ Association

Rob Weddell Director, Faculty Association

Rob Gilgan Executive Director

Michael Donlevy | Vice President, Enterprise & Community Relations

Janice Wing | Director, Enterprise & Community Relations


Since 1988, the Alumni Association has been governed by a volunteer executive dedicated to promoting academic excellence, maintaining an informed, interested and committed alumni, furthering the friendships and associations made while attending Red Deer College, and ensuring that the College continues to play an integral role in central Alberta.

Alumni Magazine | 19

19 97 – 2013


This award is presented annually at RDC's Convocation ceremony to an alumnus who has distinguished him or herself in one or more of the following areas: personal achievement, academic achievement or public service. Through a process of nomination by local community members, the Alumni Association Board then provides the applications to a subcommittee that ensures all applications are vetted properly and the award is bestowed on the most deserving candidate. 2014 recipient will be named at the 2014 Convocation.

2013 DR. LYNNE PARADIS PhD Curriculum/Masters of Education in Leadership, University Transfer, Bachelor of Education,1975



University Transfer, Bachelor of Arts, 1985

University Transfer, Bachelor of Science, 1971


President and CEO, Cameco

Family Physician

2012 DR. JANET WELCH Legal Assistant Program, 1983 University Transfer, Bachelor of Education, 1988 Assistant Dean, Faculty of Education, U of A

2006 MELODY DAVIDSON University Transfer, Physical Education, 1984


General Manager and Head Coach of Canada’s Women’s High Performance Program, Hockey Canada

University Transfer, Bachelor of Education, 1973 Professor, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University 1999 JANICE CAUSGROVE-DUNN



University Transfer, Bachelor of Education,1965

University Transfer, Recreation Administration, 1985

Retired RCMP Bylaw Officer

CAO , Town of Devon


Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, U of A


University Transfer, Bachelor of Science, Pre-Chiropractic, 1980


Doctor of Chiropractic, Peak Chiropractic

Retired Chartered Accountant

Former Exhibits Coordinator, Normandeau Cultural and Natural History Society



Business Administration,1987

University Transfer, Bachelor of Arts, 1975

2009 JAY JANZEN University Transfer, Bachelor of Arts, 1990 Director of Public Affairs, Canadian Army

Business Administration,1972

General Manager, Melcor Developments 2002 KEITH HANSEN


University Transfer, Recreation Administration, 1987

University Transfer, Bachelor of Arts, 1974

Athletics Director, Kinesiology and Sport Studies Instructor, RDC

Red Deer Realtor 20 | Red Deer College

University Transfer, Physical Education, 1980

Art and Design, 1974

Archivist, City of Red Deer

INNOVATION AT ITS BEST The RDC Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing makes concepts a reality

By Lara Andary Ideas come to life in RDC’s Centre fo r I n n o v a t i o n i n M a n u f a c t u r i n g. Opened in 2009, it provides a team of people passionate about making dreams a tangible reality. Clients – from entrepreneurs to large companies, in central Alber ta and beyond – take advantage of the one-of-a-kind services not offered anywhere else in the province. It’s no wonder that RDC was named one of Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative organizations for 2013 by Alberta Venture magazine. One of the team members within the Centre is Heidi Holt (Visual Art, 2008), an Applied Research Technician and Design Specialist. Together, with the other expert residents, and paired with the advanced equipment, projects are emerging that ‘wow’ every client. Take for example the trauma clamp - iTClamp™. This project came to RDC as a 3D drawing in need of a quicklyproduced prototype. More than 40 iterations later, it’s now a manufactured, FDA-approved medical device that, in an emergency, can hold a wound shut and potentially save a life. It acts like temporary stitches to prevent blood loss for critical injuries that are not life

threatening, but could quickly become so if the injured bled out. Do you struggle with sleep apnea and long for solace without undergoing major surgery or wearing a bulky mask? A solution was unveiled at RDC – the MPowRx™ Snoring Solution. An Albertan company came to the Centre to develop their idea into a life-enhancing product – an insert for the mouth that suctions to the tongue, pulling it forward. MPowRx™ is now a successful commercialized product. One of the unique perks of the Centre is that RDC does not take the intellectual property from clients – removing a common barrier for entrepreneurs. “We don’t require that we own any of the ideas, so they get to walk away with the knowledge that we add to the idea just on a fee-for-service basis,” says Heidi. Heidi exudes an authentic enthusiasm as she highlights what makes the Centre exceptional. “Our mandate is to serve industry in central Alberta and to fill in the gap that exists between coming up with an invention and getting it to market – often the hardest part.” The Centre is a resource, a portal, and has found its niche in creating prototypes,

among other work. With the 3D printer, rapid prototyper and CNC machines, “we produce models through an iterative process that helps companies and individuals develop products or solve “pain-point” issues that might be holding the client back.” Whether it’s taking clients just a few steps further in their creative process or to a level ready for mass-manufacturing, innovative possibilities are made a reality at RDC! The trauma clamp, iTClamp™, now a fully manufactured, FDA-approved medical device, got its start at RDC’s Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing.


OUR PEOPLE RDC is proud to celebrate the lives of successful alumni who have been weaved into the fabric of our story, and have moved on to pursue their passions.

Tara Veer Bachelor of Arts, 1997 | Mayor of Red Deer By Rob Gilgan (Business Administration, 1994) Even at the age of five, Tara Veer (Bachelor of Arts, 1997) had an interest and a passion for politics, as she lobbied her parents for change by using posters and strategically placed notes throughout their home. "If I didn't like the way something was transpiring, in anything from the dinner menu, an event I wanted to go to, or my bed time – even as a young child – I would launch a campaign." As an RDC student, Tara took an active role in political forums on campus, not realizing that one day she'd be the one on the candidate panel. As she reflects from her mayoral chair at Red Deer’s City Hall, she appreciates the role that both her home and RDC had in shaping her as a community leader. "I knew I wanted to go into politics, but I 22 | Red Deer College

wasn't sure of the right route to get there. Do I work in government relations, do I pursue economics, do I go into law? There are times where you have to take the next reasonable, or measured step, forward to figure out what that is; and that's really what RDC gave me." The post-secondar y experience also instilled in her the appreciation that a community is more than just its citizens, but businesses and organizations that are central to a vibrant community life. After RDC, Tara completed her degree at Queens University, majoring in criminology. With a strong inclination for public service, she knew that eventually she'd return to Red Deer. Working for then MP, Bob Mills, in his constituency office proved to be an effective political boot camp. "It absolutely exposed me to what life in politics is like. I had the opportunity to serve as an advocate for citizens and give policy advice. I love serving in government and

being an advocate for citizens on this front, I reached a point where I thought, 'I want to represent them on my own and come up with what I think is the policy that will be the most beneficial for the citizens we represent'." It was that moment when she made the decision to seek a seat at the Council table. She recalls a political science class with Dr. David Baugh that was an instigator to her success and thinking. "I remember very clearly a lecture where he said, 'I don't want to hear what you think I want to hear. I want to hear what you think. And I want you to make a case.' And that has stayed with me." As a councillor and now as mayor, Tara is a passionate advocate for degree granting at RDC. She sees it as the catalyst that will enable the city to keep its citizens here and attract others, as well as create the environment needed to continue to build a diverse and vibrant economy.

"I think, sometimes, when you see something or someone every day, you underestimate its value and you can take it for granted. When you look at the value that Red Deer College brings to the community, both in the way of investing in our people and giving them such a strong and available platform to better themselves and the lives of their families and in elevating our profile throughout the province and even across Canada, the fingerprints of RDC are all over Red Deer and beyond. I think, sometimes we underestimate not just the potential of RDC, but what it's already given, in terms of spin-off, to our community." And that’s a message Tara shares, wherever she goes. Michael Dawe Bachelor of Arts, 1975 | Archivist By Rob Gilgan (Business Administration, 1994) While he claims he had no aspirations to become a historian, when you study the story of Michael Dawe (Bachelor of Arts, 1975), you couldn’t imagine him doing anything else. His grandfather was Red Deer’s first engineer; his great-grandparents were area pioneers and shared firsthand accounts of events involving some of the region’s earliest white settlers. Michael’s whole life has been a personal dialogue with the people whose names grace our city’s streets and neighbourhoods. “Kerry Wood didn't live very far from us. I remember as a kid, going over to his house to listen to him tell us stories. He loved telling stories to small groups of people,” Michael says. And he learned well, from the iconic naturalist and many others, the importance and richness of the oral history experience. He doesn’t hesitate to share the vital role Red Deer College played in both his life and the process of ensuring local history was gathered, organized and archived so we’d have an accurate account from where we’ve come. In one respect, Red Deer College started in his own home. His father, the school superintendent when Michael was still in elementary school, was given the mandate to develop a concept for a community college in Red Deer. After high school, in 1973, Red Deer College was, simply, the obvious choice. “I was in that group they called prelaw. In those days, you had to become a doctor or a lawyer,” he recalls. But he was already dabbling in history, joining the Red Deer Archives committee while in high school. Michael


"the fingerprints of RDC are all over Red Deer and beyond..."


was inspired partly by Dr. Al Burden, who in his words, "had an astounding knowledge of history." “Al Burden, taught not only history, but the proper way to research and how you build a thematic approach.” His geography instructor, Jim Proudfoot, showed him the value of working hard at his studies, putting massive amounts of work in front of his students, with high expectations for comprehension. Michael remembers small, intimate classes of less than 10 students and instructors who could spend a lot of time with each of them. “You just got the benefit of good quality people, really paying attention to you as a student,” he explains. Through his work on the archives committee, Michael met John Tobias. John was an RDC instructor credited with steering the

archives toward going beyond genealogical data and ensuring the security of information from the Red Deer Natural History Society and environmental groups in western Canada. Tobias passed along a writing assignment he was too busy to complete, and that became Michael’s first historical publication – Red Deer’s entry in the Canadian Encyclopedia. He’s now written two history books on Red Deer, the most recent published in 2013, and countless articles and records on local history. Michael Dawe is RDC’s first Distinguished Alumnus (1997) and has continued to distinguish himself in the community, not just by cherishing and safeguarding local history, but also with contributions to the Red Deer Housing Authority and leading the David Thompson Health Region board. “I’ve lived all of my life on 52nd Street. I grew up in the house my grandfather built

in 1911. That was the family home where my father was raised. I moved next door into a house my father's brother had built, and that's still my home.” Michael still excels at sharing the gift from Kerry Wood, passing on our local history as an accomplished and inspiring storyteller. Sheila Musgrove Legal Assistant, 1988 Founder, TAG Recruitment By Natalie Noble (Bachelor of Arts, 2014) With over 300 recruitment agencies competing in Calgary, Sheila Musgrove (Legal Assistant, 1988) has maintained award-winning success through the strategic development of her unique brand and leadership that keeps the company evolving. “Creating is one thing – building and

Michael’s life has been a personal dialogue with the people whose names grace our city’s streets and neighbourhoods





Sheila credits her education as a necessary stage in rounding out her experience sustaining are another,” she says. “Standing out and differentiating the company within the industry are really important.” The ninth anniversary of TAG, a highly successful staffing agency, may be fast approaching, but according to Sheila, her team is just getting started. “The first few years were about building; the recession year of 2009 was a challenge,” says Sheila. “Things are now stabilizing. 2013 was an exceptional year, and we are now poised for 2014 and on to be our best yet!” When Sheila started TAG in April 2005, she knew she’d need to find a concept that would make the company stand out. “It’s about finding where the best candidates are hiding; like hide-andseek, TAG Recruitment just made sense.” Her previous seven years’ experience as an employee with a global staffing company taught Sheila that client experience had to be top priority, and that making people laugh was the key to enhancing the brand and keeping it recognizable. Sheila realized early on the importance of creating a niche for the company – built primarily on referrals and supplemented with fun marketing. Clients receive Caesar kits including TAG Vodka and Barbeque sauce as gifts and team members earn unique titles. TAG employee Rachelle Wick is not just a recruiter; she is the Director of Finding Fabulous. “Sheila has created an incredibly strong brand for TAG,” says Rachelle. “She is an innovative leader and purposefully runs her company unlike anyone else in the recruitment business. It works! And it really makes you feel like you're a part of something special.” The journey to TAG becoming an Alberta Venture Fast 50 Award winner four years in a row (2009-2012) was not a straight line. Sheila’s diploma was in the Legal Assistant program, and her UofC Bachelor of Arts degree is in Law, Liberal Arts. While her career has little to do with her degree, Sheila credits her education as a necessary stage in rounding out her experience. “Coming from a small town, the idea of going to a big university right out of high school was too much,” Sheila says. “My time at RDC was so important and foundational for me to be set up for future academic success.” Despite her hectic schedule in Calgary, Sheila has made it a priority to return to Red Deer for six years in a row to volunteer in Backpacks to Briefcases – a day for business students to learn from professionals about how to successfully enter their chosen industry. Having served as Vice President and President of the RDC Students’ Association, she is now on the Donald School of Business Advisory Board and sits on the RDC Foundation Board. Celebrated on Profit W100’s list of top female business leaders, among numerous other honours, Sheila humbly credits “luck, talent, and timing” to TAG’s success, and insists that it is a top priority for her, and her team, to stop and celebrate along the way. “It’s been the most rewarding experience to take a concept and build it into a thriving multi-million-dollar organization.”

Alumni Magazine | 25



"I will always be building something"

Brad Hollman Welding, 2003 | Operator, Falcon Welding By Carmen Cookson-Hills (Bachelor of Arts, 2010) He was a welder since the age of 12. Working in his father’s shop during summer break, Brad Hollman (Welding, 2003) was ‘the clean-up man’ trusted with odd jobs, such as sweeping floors and stacking pieces of scrap metal. “I was basically doing anything I could to learn about the different materials we used and how to identify them.” Helping at the shop was both a source of income and an excuse to be around his father, so Brad continued to work there throughout high-school. By his grade 12 graduation, he had earned his Canadian Welding Bureau certification, as well as his Gas Metal Arc Welding ticket. Brad reflects, “Although welding was not always the plan, it was what I knew and what I enjoyed doing.” The same year Brad completed his welding apprenticeship at RDC, he won gold at both the provincial and national levels of the Skills Canada Association’s annual competitions. He credits these successes to a love of being challenged – a desire stemming from his apprenticeship. “I always challenged the course to see how well I could do. This is what led me to become part of the Skills Canada team. After being asked to compete in the 2003 provincials, I was hooked! Winning the provincial competition and then achieving the same goal in the national competition was a defining moment for me. Being able to stand up and be recognized for my achievements is a privilege and very self-rewarding.” Brad remains actively involved with Skills Canada as both a volunteer and esteemed committee member. He credits the organization with ‘helping today’s youth to become proud of their abilities.’ “Without trades people, many great ideas would never come to life.” Now as an employer — just like his father — Brad encourages his own apprentices to compete in the Skills Canada welding competitions. I n 2 0 0 9 , w h e n B r a d ’s f a t h e r announced that he wanted a change in career after welding for 30 years, Brad took over the family shop, more as a favour. Now, Brad and his wife, Nicole, successfully manage Falcon Welding Ltd. out of Penhold, Alberta. It’s fortunate that Brad loves a good challenge, because on top of running his own company, Brad and his wife also have four children, all under the age of six. “My father was a big role model for me, and still is to this day. So I took a chance, and I am loving every minute of it. Running a business brings new challenges every day, and I look forward to that. It

doesn’t matter what the problem is — you have to make a quick rational decision and move forward.” Brad remains modest in regards to his impressive educational and entrepreneurial feats. “I don’t know what the future is going to hold for me, but I know one thing: I will always be building something.” Bryce Evans Business Administration, 2013 Founder, The One Project By Natalie Noble (Bachelor of Arts, 2014) Self-proclaimed ‘mental health activist’, Bryce Evans (Business Administration, 2012), experienced a year of opportunity in 2013 beyond any hope or expectation. The 21-yearold professional artist has had his work displayed across Canada, North America and all the way to Italy as the Founder of The One Project – an online collaborative project aiming to inspire people out of depression and into their dreams. “It’s hard to imagine that this idea I had three years ago has come to this point where people are willing to spend so much of their own time volunteering for the project,” says Bryce. “The attention, exposure and support

it’s received this year have created so many opportunities.” As someone who personally experienced mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, Bryce wanted to find a way to share his story and emotion through photography by presenting a view that moved beyond the stigmas surrounding mental illness and into fulfillment. In the first year, The One Project was just a personal endeavor. When the chance to win a contest through Facebook was presented, the project then went public. “I knew it was helping me,” he says. “But as people started messaging me, I saw how it could help others too. The anxieties of leaving high-school and home, and the expectations to know what you’re going to do with your life can increase depression and anxiety significantly. It’s a pinnacle point – and it’s especially tough for those with mental health issues.” As a recent high-school graduate, the then aspiring photographer would have liked to pick up and move directly to Vancouver to pursue his dreams. However, at his parents’ convincing, Bryce enrolled and completed the Business Administration Program at RDC. “It helped me tremendously,” says

Bryce. “Vancouver’s a tough place to do what I’m doing. There are so many talented artists here trying to do the same thing, yet not a lot of people have the business and marketing sense.” Last June, Bryce had his work displayed in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Calgary (MOCA) after a panel of judges selected his work from c o m p e t i n g s u b m i s s i o n s b y e m e rgi n g Canadian artists. Over the year, his work was exhibited across Canada – winning multiple awards and contests. Because of this, Bryce was commissioned by LUSH Cosmetics to adapt his Erase Bullying concept with The One Project for their North American anti-bullying campaign. Bryce credits much of his success to the generous volunteers that are essential to his activism. “I plan to figure out how to morph all of this into a social enterprise. I’d like to be able to dedicate all of my time to The One Project,



Bryce has a gift for creating opportunity out of difficulty

Alumni Magazine | 27

while being able to pay back the other creative people investing time and money into it.” His goal is to keep building with the current momentum, and increase the opportunities for talks, presentations and workshops that target high-school students. Bryce has a gift for creating opportunity out of difficulty, and with so much success already realized at his young age, a vast crowd of supporters will applaud him as he brings change to this generation. Christine Hackman, Art and Design, 1991 Founder, Hackman's Head Office By Carmen Cookson-Hills (Bachelor of Arts, 2010) When asked what is the most interesting or unusual project she’s ever taken on as a wig-maker, Christine Hackman (Art and Design, 1991) mysteriously replied, “A merkin.” A merkin is a hair piece used in place of female pubic hair. Christine had been commissioned to make one for a hair-removal commercial that was eventually deemed too scandalous to be aired. Christine never would’ve imagined herself 20 years ago to be where she is today – owner of Hackman’s Head Office – a highly successful wig-making shop in Vancouver. She readily elaborates on her eclectic occupational and educational backgrounds, which all started in 1991 when Christine completed her diploma at Red Deer College. “I started out in art – painting and sculpture – but I wanted to paint larger. So, somebody said to go into set design, and I went to theatre school. But, then I found that I was more drawn to costumes, and it turned out I was good at hat-making work. So the costume designer set me up with a wig maker, and I studied under her for five years. Then I started my own business!” Christine credits the success of her Vancouver-based business to word of mouth, networking, and ‘modesty and a good product.’ Besides dealing with private clientele, she has commissioned pieces for both theatrical and television productions. For theatre, she generally collaborates with the head of wardrobe and the costume designer, and for television and film, she deals with the head of the hair department. Christine has created unique pieces for classic plays such as Fiddler on the Roof and The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as for popular TV shows such as The Killing and Once Upon a Time. As the sole proprietor of Hackman’s Head Office, Christine calls wig-making a ‘meditative art’. Having excelled in sculpture during her post-secondary career, she notes that wig-making is simply just another kind of sculpting – and one that always presents her with interesting challenges. For example, the challenge with the physical work involved in creating each wig since most hair pieces take roughly 40 to 60 hours to create. But Christine is passionate about her work and sees such struggles as ultimately rewarding. “After 10 to 12 hours, my hands aren’t moving as quickly as they should, but I love it!” While she is looking forward to taking on more feature films in the coming years, Christine would equally like to invest her time in working with more cancer patients. This is a side of the wig-making industry that she is very passionate about – being able to offer considerate and practical advice to prospective clients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. 28 | Red Deer College




"It's about the quality of work..."

With such passion, perfectionism, and compassion, the future can only hold good things for Christine and Hackman’s Head Office. “It’s about the quality of work and the quality of customer care that matters most to me.” Scott & Riana Luck Kinesiology 2001, 2002 Founders, Premier Academy By Lani Ledingham When they found out they were expecting triplet boys, she cried and he laughed for an entire day. But since their love story began at RDC, it was only fitting for Scott (Kinesiology, 2001) and Riana Luck (Kinesiology, 2002) to do everything in grand style together – get married, start a business and have a family. After their first two years at RDC, they moved to Edmonton to complete their degrees at the University of Alberta.

Riana’s passion for athletics and cheerleading led them to open Premier Cheer Edmonton in 2004 – the first all-star cheerleading program in Alberta, at the time. Within four years, their program grew to consist of 80 competitive athletes. Even with that success, it didn’t take long for Red Deer to call them home. “We moved back because we liked the size of the community and I got a sweet teaching job at Hunting Hills. It was a perfect fit and an amazing school to teach at,” shares Scott. In 2009, Riana started Premier Cheer Red Deer with 50 participants. They now have 250 participants in their competitive program. Not to mention the attendees at birthday parties, and licensed pre-school they operate out of the same 4,500sq ft facility. The facility features a full sprung floor, preschool classroom, tumbling area, numerous training aids, and a pro-shop. To encompass their growing program options, Premier Cheer evolved into Premier

"Managing a business and triplets takes a lot of teamwork and organization"

Academy. It quickly became the Luck’s second family, until in early 2011 when they found out they were pregnant – with triplet boys. “Both of us were overwhelmed, but we quickly learned there are other people who have triplets who enjoy a great life,” says Scott. Finding another family in Red Deer who shared their story of a life with triplet boys on a blog, Scott and Riana soon discovered that life with three newborns could not only be manageable, but enjoyable. “Our families live within an hours’ drive and have been very helpful and supportive in our first couple years as parents,” says Scott. “They (the boys) surprise us every day. They’ve all had their own firsts. John was the first to walk, Ben was the first to roll, and Jeremy was the first to crawl. It has been amazing to watch them grow and develop into little boys!” Managing a business and triplets takes a lot of teamwork and organization. The Luck’s life is very structured and routine. They share half days at work and at home, to ensure their


7 Alumni Magazine | 29

boys get constant care, since day home fees are out of the question. “Having the kids has really forced us to work together and figure things out. It forces us to be more resourceful and creative. An early bed time for our boys helps us maintain our sanity!” But Riana wouldn’t change any of it. Together they have found a balance out of pursuing their passions and growing their family. “Being able to walk in and do what I love every single day is a blessing. I had no idea it would grow to this point. I’ve just kind of been trucking along. Now we’re at the point where Scott has become involved in expanding our business and we are looking for larger facilities!” shares Riana. With the help of a part-time nanny, and family that lives close by, Scott and Riana

continue to expand their vision for Premier Academy and their life with their family. Speaking of expansion, baby #4 was born in May. And it’s a girl. Doug Sandall Business Administration, 1972 Retired Chartered Accountant By Lara Andary You can count on Doug Sandall (Business Administration, 1972) to always live his life focused on family and community, in his own gentle and humble way. Doug experienced the formative days of RDC in its current location after moving from Lindsay Thurber High School, in downtown

Red Deer. “Most students were from Red Deer and central Alberta communities; not many came from far away, so you knew most everyone.” With his diploma in hand, Doug moved on from RDC to the University of Alberta – which led him to 37 years of serving Red Deer as a Chartered Accountant (CA). “A turning point in my life was making the decision to go on with my education. Without doing so, it would’ve been a much more difficult road to get into the CA program. Leaving was hard, but right, in helping to bring me back to this community.” Doug returned to Red Deer to start his family and become partner in a local accounting firm. His oldest daughter, Cynthia, completed RDC’s Nursing program (2004), and worked


"It's always nice to give back – it makes a better community"


with Alberta Health Services prior to working in Saudi Arabia for six years – where Canadian nurses are in high demand given their reputable skills. Doug’s youngest daughter, Melissa, followed in his footsteps and completed her Business Administration diploma (2008) and then furthered her education before obtaining her CA. She took the opportunity to work with her father prior to his retirement; thus, a new generation of Sandalls began serving our community in the world of finance. “Although my career likely influenced my daughters somewhat – since both originally studied business – having worked at various entry-level jobs during high school, they saw the benefits of a higher education and the additional doors that would open for them.” Being a CA provided Doug with the ultimate opportunity of having time for his family, but also enabled him to get to know the people of the community – finding his niche in volunteering. “My career naturally led me to work and befriend many influential and community-minded individuals; together, we offered our skills and expertise to benefit organizations.” Doug continues his service on the RDC Foundation Board today – having been a part of its evolution over the past 30 years. He has been recognized for his professional service and community philanthropy time and time again, including the RDC Distinguished Alumnnus Award in 2004. Yet his most fulfilling gift of time and energy is what may seem the simplest. “Coaching my daughters’ softball and soccer teams was the most rewarding volunteer work for me. It was gratifying to see them develop their skills and interact with their teammates.” Doug’s days at RDC were memorable beyond his learning. It was during that time that he met his wife, Val, a woman with a devoted gift of giving, who for years has also spent a great deal of her efforts in volunteering with RDC and many other prominent local charities. “I believe in RDC and the quality of education it provides. My firm was able to hire several RDC students over the years, some as technicians and some who went on to receive their CA. It’s always nice to give back – it makes a better community.” •

IN MEMORY RDC Alumni Relations wishes to honour the lives of our alumni and staff who passed away in 2013. We extend condolences to the families and friends of these cherished loved ones.

Deceased RDC Alumni 2013 Robert Barraclough December 17, Age 53 Leona Briltz October 28, Age 87 Brett Buit March 17, Age 32 Charles Coppock November 10, Age 37 John Deas February 11, Age 63 Jarrod Desroches January 10, Age 31 Stephen Dolan February 22, Age 58 Erica Engman December 8, Age 23 Stacey Ferguson December 20, Age 29 Kathleen Gerrard July 4, Age 93 Teresa Gloer April 25, Age 46 Shirley Gordon February 11, Age 85 Christina Heck (Kenzle) September 7, Age 39 Dennis Heintz August 27, Age 70


Sue Jacques (Morton) November 22, Age 75 Julie Jans January 2, Age 68 Evelyn Jensen July 14, Age 87

Mona Lane November 25, Age 61 John Lovie April 24, Age 69 Gary Mullin February 6, Age 57 Hazel Nylin September 3, Age 71 Jason Plante October 18, Age 35 Ingrid Plaudis-Bowie May 5, Age 58 Matthew Ralf October 20, Age 28 Curt Seidler December 23, Age 46 Raymond Stock May 21, Age 49 Bart-Daniel Uitvlugt March 30, Age 30 Richard Warren November, Age 56 Roger Waterfield November 19, Age 59 Eric Wilson November 22, Age 31 Marion Younker July 8, Age 85

Deceased RDC Staff & Faculty 2013 Kevin Loehr, Trades October 8, Age 49 Linda Slaymaker (Scott), Finance November 24, Age 56

Phyllis Johnson January 24, Age 57

Alumni Magazine | 31



By Lani Ledingham The old saying that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ held true for Jim and Sadie Lampard when they met and fell in love over a mutual commitment to optometry. Sadie was raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, in a family that placed great value on education. It was never a question of ‘if’ she would go to college, but where and what she would study. Her father strongly encouraged her to pursue optometry and off she went to Brandon in 1933, and then the Toronto School of Optometry. Sadie was from the era of great influencers from Saskatchewan such as W.O Mitchell and Tommy Douglas – both well known by Sadie. When she completed her education, Sadie returned to Winnipeg – a city that at the time was drawing graduates to practice out west. It was there that she met and married Jim (James) Lampard. In 1940, they moved to central Alberta and Jim began practicing at the Eatons Optometry department, located in downtown Red Deer.

32 | Red Deer College

(Top) Three Lampard brothers climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2004 (Bottom) Left to Right: The Lampard Family - Bob, Toby, Tom, Sadie, Bill, Doug, and Jim (sitting)

A very pregnant Sadie followed shortly thereafter and gave birth to their twin boys (Doug and Bob) the very next day. As World War II consumed the nation, Jim volunteered to serve. Sadie continued on in Red Deer and became the first female optometrist to practice in Alberta. It was only when Jim returned in 1945 that they were really able to establish themselves in family, community and work life. The Lampards set up the family practice that still operates today in three locations – the Eye Care Centre. Three more boys were added to the Lampard family – Bill, Toby, and Tom – and their post-war life became very invested in the community. The men who served overseas returned to build parks, schools and businesses. The Lampards were no exception. Jim and Sadie were active volunteers and instilled a sense of value for education and community within their boys. Toby Lampard (1964, 1st year Bachelor of Science) recalls several years working for Gaetz-Cornett Drug Store, delivering medication on bicycle to people’s front door. When he was not doing that, he was helping to clean ventilation filters on properties his father managed. “ When we had money, we gave it

to dad and he would match it – dollar set up an endowment and created for dollar. There was an expectation scholarships for Engineering and Science that some of it went for post-secondary students. Toby readily recalls the ease he felt education,” says Toby. “He always paid you for working. There when in 1963 he was able to transition was a lot of outdoor work, but he wouldn’t from high school at Lindsay Thurber really give you the money. He would say, straight into his junior college courses. ‘Are you going to double it and put it in Having this post-secondary college in the cash book?’” says Tom (1973, 1st year central Alberta offers a more comfortable transition from high school to adulthood Bachelor of Science). J i m a n d S a d i e w e r e c o n s t a n t l y learning, and the Lampards have seen the teaching their boys. Sadie, the more value of supporting education first-hand. “You feel like you are a part of the fabric conservative one, ensured things were covered. If she was needed at the office, of the community,” says Toby. The Lampard sons have never been she would go, otherwise she enjoyed serving on committees like the Catalina ones to shy away from community or new Swim Club, Red Cross, and as President experiences. Three of the five climbed of the Kinettes. All five sons had the joy Mount Kilimanjaro in 2004, along with of watching their parents invest in their their daughters and a nephew. Something by way of life-long learning and life being community and watching it grow. Jim Lampard passed away in 1997, an educator has given the Lampards leaving a long legacy of volunteerism in something precious in hand. “One thing my dad used to say is Red Deer: Provincial President of AMA, President of the Alberta Optometrists ‘you’re not any good at anything until Association, Boy Scout leader, founding you’ve been doing it for 40 years’. I think member of Central Alberta United Way, he appreciated, as most of us do, that your perspective changes on things as you go and chairman of the hospital board. In Sadie’s later years, she began to through life,” says Tom. The Lampard family has proven that all invest in Red Deer College and local education for students. When she passed of life educates us – whether you are in in 2010, it was no surprise the family the classroom or high on a mountaintop. Alumni Magazine | 33



There are many examples throughout history of great men and women who boldly shared a vision before it became a reality.

34 | Red Deer College

By Andrew Kooman (Bachelor of Arts, 2003) Nellie McClung along with other members of the Manitoba Political Equality League staged a mock "Women’s Parliament" in Winnipeg on January 28, 1914 to debate the unfairness of not allowing women to vote. It was a brave act in a long struggle that helped bring women the vote in Canada. Babe Ruth pointed to the centre field wall at Chicago’s Wrigley Field in the fifth inning while being trash-talked by his opponents during Game Three of the World Series in 1932. When he swung his bat at the next pitch, he became the stuff of legends. In a famous speech in Berlin in 1987, US President Ronald Reagan told Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, speaking words people the world over wanted to say themselves, to finally put an end to a dark period in history. The wall fell in 1989. There are many examples throughout history of great men and women who boldly shared a vision before it became a reality. In announcing the future before it arrived, they risked their personal or professional reputation and perhaps frayed the nerves of people close to them because of their bold pronouncements. Yet the words paved the way for needed action that materialized and changed realities. The founding of Red Deer College began in a similar way. In September 1963 Margaret Parsons, chair of the Red Deer Public School Board, announced that the College would open in September 1964, even though there wasn’t a building, any equipment, or a library. The statement, though daring, wasn’t a spontaneous pronouncement of good intent. It came after thoughtful exploration into the feasibility of a post-secondary institution in Red Deer, which was what central Albertans wanted and needed. With a growing student body at Lindsay Thurber Composite High School as Red Deer and surrounding communities continued to grow, students who wanted to pursue further education had to leave home to attend University in Edmonton or Calgary. Costs to students leaving home for university were high. Many students who couldn’t afford to make that leap looked for work right out of high school instead. “Children 17-years-old are out working when they should still be in school,” Mrs. Parsons noted at the time. “Some work for a while with the intention of completing their schooling later but it is very difficult for them to go back. Many of them never go back.” The community's desire to ensure their children had the opportunity to pursue advanced education would be realized through Red Deer College. It would also prevent a mid-1900s version of the Brain Drain and help the region thrive. That is why the central Alberta school districts and its community members partnered together to bring a College to life.

G. Harold Dawe, R ed D eer ’s school superintendent at the time, consulted with a wide array of groups, including students and parents, and conducted extensive research to make the case for a College in Red Deer. To exist as an institution in Alberta, approval from the Junior Colleges Committee was required. Looking back on the presentation before the committee on that important day, Dawe wrote, “We had no completed buildings, no library, an incomplete staff, but we did have a mulish stubbornness that the College would begin that fall.” A lengthy debate about the qualifications of staff and the facilities in Red Deer ensued. Dr. Max Wyman, the future president of the University of Alberta spoke, with echoes of Nellie McClung and Babe Ruth, when he interrupted the conversation and said: “We started the Science Department of the University of Alberta with a candle and a piece of string. Let’s give them a chance.” The rest, as they say, is histor y. The committee agreed with Dr. Wyman and Mr. Dawe, and the vision for a College in Red Deer started to officially become a reality. Today we are known throughout the province for exceptional alumni who excel in what they do and for excellent programming that equips learners for successful careers. As a result, it can be easy to take the continued success as an institution for granted since the College has become an integral part of the cultural fabric and economic well-being of our region. The success that R ed D eer College achieved in 50 years of ser ving the communities of central Alberta through

Below: Red Deer Junior College opens in temporary quarters in Lindsay Thurber Composite High School

learning was, however, never guaranteed. Remaining committed to the bold vision of our founders, working hard to put learners first and ensuring students have the programs they need in order to thrive, is our ongoing legacy, one we strive to perpetuate. Our maturity as an institution is on display every day. When people visit our main campus which is strategically located on a beautiful expanse of prairie along Queen Elizabeth II Highway, they get an immediate sense that we are an established institution with exceptional facilities. They see RDC as a place that not only champions learning but also stewards the environment, creates culture and makes ground-breaking innovations. We are known as a key location for applied and industry-led research and for nurturing a wide range of partnerships and for developing new products for the global market. The highly skilled, expert faculty and staff we employ work tirelessly to ensure our learners receive a hands-on education. Our people bring our campuses to life, and they carry the bold vision we’ve had since our inception. Our recent expansion into the heart of downtown Red Deer to create more learning and performing arts space through our City Centre Stage and the Donald School of Business highlights our tradition of visionary thinking. It’s a vision we activate as we look to continue to develop our land to provide central Albertans with the facilities they need. It’s fair to say that Red Deer College has truly coming into its own. In our milestone 50th year, we can’t help but look to the future and ask the question, “What is possible?” Like

“We had no completed buildings, no library, an incomplete staff, but we did have a mulish stubbornness that the College would begin that fall.” – G. Harold Dawe

Ruth, there are shots that we want to call, like Reagan we know there are walls to tear down, and like McClung we believe there are things that are right for our learners that we will continue to determinedly pursue. As early as 1964, at our official opening, in an auditorium filled with central Albertans alive with the vision for RDC’s future, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Red Deer College would one day have degree-granting status. Journalists at the time called it an ambitious declaration. Our founders saw it as a natural extension of the evolving needs of the community. Our communities have never doubted this vision would become a reality. Red Deer College will continue to move forward. As we mature and evolve, we are as committed as we have always been to serving the learners of central Alberta, delivering the right programs and courses that will ensure they thrive in their careers so that our region in turn thrives because of their acquired skill, experience and expertise. As we look to the next 50 years, we embrace the words of the past, written by G. H. Dawe in 1970 as he considered the future of Red Deer College and of post-secondary education in our region. “The growth cannot stop. It must reach upwards and outwards into a variety of programs if the educational needs of this part of the province are to be met.” It’s time to point our hand toward centre field, raise our voices and boldly speak. There is a proud legacy to maintain with thrilling things to come.


ALUMNI GONE GLOBAL These RDC graduates have travelled the world over to fulfill their dreams!

JILL ANGELSTAD Bachelor of Arts, 2007 | Ontario I began my Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree as a transfer student at Red Deer College in 2006, completing my degree at the University of Calgary in 2010. Wanting to specialize, I moved to Toronto in 2011 to complete some post-graduate work in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College (my campus was the original Degrassi Junior High School building!). I am now the Publicity Coordinator at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and have been in my position since October 2012. Although I miss my family and friends back in Alberta, I love the hustle and bustle of big city life. My career in Toronto has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of familiar faces in Canadian media and the music/entertainment world, and I’m very lucky to be where I am!

BRETT ANDERSON Kinesiology, 2010 | Bulgaria I received a Kinesiology Diploma from RDC before heading to University of Alberta to finish my Bachelor of Physical Education. I am currently playing hockey in Sofia, Bulgaria as well as coaching the Men's and Women's national teams here. Al Ferchuck, former instructor at RDC and coach of my father during his days with the RDC Kings, spurred my passion of coaching which led to coaching the U of A Pandas, and now my position overseas. I couldn't be more grateful for his inspiration and my time spent at RDC!

36 | Red Deer College

CAROLYN JONES Recreation Administration, 1987 Delburne, Alberta & Dominican Republic I fo u n d e d my o w n I n t e r n a t i o n a l Sustainable Development Company in 2006, Happy Earth Inc. My main project is sustainable development in the Dominican Republic. Organic agriculture, a safe communities initiative, education suppor ts, clean water, community development, and a student mentor program are the main projects at this time. See for info!

KRISTY SARA SPELLMAN Hospitality and Tourism, 1998 | United Kingdom I attended RDC from September 1996 to June 1999, completing both a Food and Beverage and a Marketing and Rooms Division Degree in Hospitality and Tourism. One of my dreams has always been to move to England and work, so when the opportunity presented itself in August 2000, I took it. Initially, I worked in a five star hotel in the west end, but quickly realized that hotel work was not for me. I found a job in property management where I could use the majority of the skills that I had obtained during my time at RDC. After 11 years in property management, I made the difficult decision to leave my job and pursue my lifelong dream to become a midwife, and have spent the last year upgrading my skills for entry to my first choice university in September of 2014. I never thought 15 years after leaving secondary education I would be returning!

JAYLENE WIEBE (LUBRICK) Theatre Design, 2007 Quebec T h e s e p a s t fe w y e a r s have seen some big changes for me. I was able to design costumes for an original t h e a t re wo r k , S h e H a s A Name, which toured through Canada in 2012. This was a remounting that involved costume adjustments from the first running of this show in 2011. Since that time, I met my now husband and carried on a long distance relationship with him, all the while working as stitcher, milliner, and assistant dresser at the Edmonton Opera for 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 seasons and working at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton on shows including Christmas Carol and Spamalot. Since getting married in May 2013, I have moved to Saguenay, Quebec to be with my husband who was posted here two years ago with the Royal Canadian Air Force. This region is almost exclusively French, so I have been unable to work in a theatre setting as I don't really speak French, though I am taking classes. Instead of working in professional theatre, I connected with a photographer here and together we design and create artistic photo shoots. So, my career has changed from what I thought I'd be doing when I graduated from RDC, but I'm still in the arts and still loving it!

MICHAEL CHONG Bachelor of Science, 1980 | Malaysia My wife, Janet, and I have four children: Winson 20, Michelle 18, Rachel 17 and Jeremy 12 and they are all schooling. My wife is running her own retail business at a shopping mall downtown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (formerly known as Jesselton, North Borneo). I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Science in 1984 (University of Alberta). I am now working as a business developer for a UK marketing company and I run marketing campaigns in APJ. Our clients include software companies like SAP (largest software company in Germany). I was headhunted for the job and I am glad that my Canadian education has been a major factor why I was chosen! I also supply computer hardware and software to local organizations. I wish to get in touch with my old classmates and I can be reached at

MICHAEL KNOPP Business Administration, 1982 | Australia I travelled frequently to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia while working for Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne) between 1997 and 2004. Since early 2005, I have been employed at Deakin University (Melbourne) where my role includes setting up international partnerships. I have had the fortunate opportunity to regularly travel to India, Indonesia and South East Asia, as well as yearly business trips to Norway since 2007. The adventures of my most recent business trip included interrogation by Argentina Immigration, being mugged in Buenos Aires, lost luggage on three occasions, a late flight from Copenhagen to London that resulted in me missing my connecting flight to Australia, and hotels being completely booked out in London because of ‘Fashion Week’ which almost had me sharing a room with a woman from Sweden and a woman from Botswana; both of whom I didn't know. Fortunately for them, the latter adventure was avoided when an extra hotel room was found! Alumni Magazine | 37

at Red Deer College Red Deer College Conservatory of Music is for everyone- learn music from those who live it! We offer group and private music lessons customized to your needs on all instruments, including voice. We accept students of all ages and skill levels who want to learn from professionally trained teachers/performers in a positive and encouraging environment.

Get up & Get Active Our Be Fit For Life Centre is nestled in the heart of Red Deer College campus where we provide fitness services, programs, activities and information designed to encourage and support a healthy lifestyle. We offer fitness classes, certifications and sport programs year round. Visit our website for more details. | 403.357.3663

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Host Your Next Successful Event at Red Deer College Located in the heart of Central Alberta, Red Deer College is the premier destination for all your event and conference needs. Our unique setting offers you the perfect venue to suit all your needs. We take pride in providing our customers with sophisticated facilities, world class service, food and beverage, cutting edge equipment and second to none attention to detail. Our year round conference and meeting facilities will accommodate groups of any size; from 5 to up to 550 people. Our Conference Services team offers professional support services to make your event a resounding success. We are here to help you through all the planning stages of your event.

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SPOTTED! Every year, thousands of dollars are raised through various RDC special events, in support of student scholarships and awards. Thank you to everyone who joined us at one of these events! Row 1: Alumni Wine Tasting Festival 2013 | Row 2: Golf Classic 2013 Row 3: International Wine Auction 2013 | Row 4: Athletics Scholarship Breakfast 2014 Alumni Magazine | 39

linking generations

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Alumni Magazine | 41

FROM THE KITCHEN The Cook Apprentice program at RDC would like to share one of their favourite recipes, Mushroom Agnolotti

Pasta Dough | Yield: 1 kg 8 eggs 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp salt 600g bread flour or semolina 1) Place eggs, oil and salt in a large bowl or mixer bowl with a paddle and mix until combined. 2) Add flour 1/3 at a time and mix until a dough forms. 3) Knead dough for 10 min until very smooth. 4) Wrap dough in plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. 5) Divide dough in quarters and roll each quarter to the desired thickness (2-3 mm) with a pasta roller. Ensure any dough not being rolled stays tightly wrapped. Goat Cheese & Mushroom Filling Yield: 40 agnolotti 150g chevre (soft goat cheese) 125g cream cheese 1 tbsp fresh basil, chopped 1 tsp fresh thyme, chopped 45ml olive oil 1 tbsp parsley, chopped 125g portabella mushrooms, sliced 125g shiitake mushrooms, sliced 50 g dried morels, soaked, sliced salt and pepper to taste 1) Sauté mushrooms in olive oil until lightly browned and soft. Cool. 2) Combine cheese and herbs. Mix well. Fold in mushrooms. Season to taste.

3) Lay rolled pasta on a floured counter and cut sheets 3" wide. Place a tablespoon of filling on the dough at 2" intervals. Brush dough around the filling with water. 4) Place a second sheet of dough over top. Gently press dough together around the filling. 5) Cut agnolotti at 3" intervals, or equally in between each one. Dry for 10 minutes so the pasta sticks together. Wrap and refrigerate until cooking time. 6) Cook agnolotti in simmering salted water for 2 – 4 minutes. Drain, plate and sauce. Garnish with shredded Sylvan Star Old Grizzly cheese. Thyme Beurre Blanc 50ml white wine (chardonnay) 15ml white wine vinegar 15ml rice vinegar 15g shallots, chopped fine 50ml whipping cream salt and pepper to taste 1tsp fresh thyme, stems removed 450g whole butter, unsalted, cubed 1) Combine wine, vinegars, and shallots and reduce until only 1 tablespoon of liquid remains. Add cream and return to a simmer. 2) Remove from heat and add butter, cube by cube, whisking constantly to emulsify. 3) Season to taste and add the fresh thyme. Note – sauce must be kept warm, and cannot be heated above 80 C or it will separate.


Room 800 | 403.342.3302 Email: 42 | Red Deer College

WHEN YOU PROVIDE, OUR STUDENTS THRIVE Even with a small gift to RDC, your generosity will make an enormous difference in our community.

Joshua Wiley Bachelor of Education

At RDC, we are focused on bringing a world class learning experience to central Alberta. Our students thrive because of what people like you can provide. Your gift (if greater than $25.00) is eligible for a charitable tax receipt, and will help with: • expanding the College’s program offerings and facilities • ensuring currency of equipment and tools • providing scholarships to those deserving and in need • enhancing critical student support services Will you join us as we build on RDC’s legacy and continue the pursuit of excellence for decades to come? Visit to make a gift online, or phone 403.343.4016 today!

Joshua Wiley Bachelor of Education

For more information on RDC’s annual fund | Call: 403.342.3308 | Email: Alumni Magazine | 43

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Notebook - 2014  

Celebrating 50 years

Notebook - 2014  

Celebrating 50 years