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rcna corporate partnership plus

 Why partner with RCNA? Corporate partnership with RCNA can help you stay on top of the changing health care landscape and promote professional excellence in your organisation. Through the many activities RCNA hosts and the lobbying work we undertake, RCNA continues to champion the nursing profession.

Debra Y Cerasa FRCNA FCN Chief Executive Officer

By partnering with RCNA your organisation will become part of a professional exchange of expertise, skills and knowledge. You’ll also gain access to a wealth of current nursing news, policy issues and continuing professional development opportunities for your staff. This is an exciting time for the Australian nursing profession; never before has nursing enjoyed such recognition and respect within the health care sector. Never before has the nursing profession been so close to delivering health care to the full extent of its scope of practice. We look forward to exploring what RCNA can do for your organisation.

P  referential discounted rcna membership rates for your staff

RCNA is committed to working with businesses, associations and their staff to develop meaningful, innovative, successful and sustainable partnerships. We would be delighted to discuss the wide range of opportunities available.

 The reasons Partner with Australia’s peak professional nursing organisation Contribute to discussions around policy development Support your nursing staff to their full professional potential Corporate partnership will support your staff retention strategy Be a part of real change to the nursing profession Gain access to networking opportunities

 The benefits Membership Corporate partnership will benefit your staff with discounted membership. Make an investment in your people and give them the tools to succeed. Policy Bring your diverse nursing perspectives and experience to our policy development activities – contribute to policy identification, analysis and development. Publications A suite of publications including Collegian and Connections. Profile Differentiate your business from your competitors by strategically aligning with Australia’s peak professional nursing organisation.

Events A free registration to the RCNA National Conference or the RCNA Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Conference. Recruitment Advertise your positions vacant on RCNA’s CareerLinks webpage. Retention RCNA assists you with the ongoing development of your staff, helping you become a workplace of choice that will attract and retain a committed workforce. Networking RCNA enjoys strong relationships with a wide range of high profile and influential organisations and individuals. Opportunities exist for mutually beneficial networking functions with key stakeholders and corporate representatives. Promotion Promote your organisation’s activities at the RCNA Nursing and Health Expos, National Conference or Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Conference. Endorsement Discounted RCNA APEC status. Recognition RCNA will:

profile you on the RCNA website

permit you to use the RCNA logo to promote your corporate partnership

profile you in Connections or RCNAreport

share your success stories with a wider nursing audience

publish your articles in our national publications.

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Inspire your nurses. Progress your organisation. Promote excellence in nursing.

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Corporate Partnership Plus  

Corporate Partnership Plus

Corporate Partnership Plus  

Corporate Partnership Plus