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OF GOD 300 GHAZALS of HAFIZ In Roman transliteration Urdu and English translation


PREFACE And HAFIZ has also left the shrine I bet he’s coming to have some wine Hafiz was born as Shamsuddin Mohamed in 1320 AD, in Shiraz, Persia, the modern Iran. He lost his father when relatively young and had to do unskilled work as a child to help support his family. He memorized the Quran at an early age and was, therefore, called Hafiz, a title he later adopted as his pen name. He taught himself and became a scholar, a mystic, and a poet par excellence. He also became a favorite of kings, princes, and ministers, and spent the rest of his life in relative affluence. He married and had at least one son, but his wife and son died in his lifetime. He died in 1381 AD at the age of 61 years in Shiraz, and was buried there. Though HAFIZ is poor and odd and flawed He has the treasure of the love of God Undoubtedly, Hafiz is one of the greatest poets this world has seen. Much of his poetry has been lost over the centuries. Only about six hundred poems, mainly odes, have survived, and these are revered by very, very many. He has been translated in many, many languages, including English, many, many times. Translation, by its very nature, cannot capture the taste and flavor of the original, and this is especially true of the translations of Hafiz. It is impossible to translate the music, the beat, the rhythm, and the flow of his poetry, but I tried to retain some of the flavor by translating his odes couplet by couplet The heavens are empty, and the world is naught It’s an illusion, in which we are caught Hafiz is a lover with a capital L. He loves music, dance, wine, and women, and indeed all the good things in life, but above all, he is a lover of love and beauty. He coins exquisite words and phrases and combines them to produce exceedingly beautiful musical sounds. See, how he paints the picture of feminine beauty: By the magical eyes of my beautiful doll By her graceful figure, so slim, so tall By the fountain of life that is in her lips By her narrow waist and her swinging hips By her lovely face that looks like a rose By her glowing cheeks and her precious nose By her silken tresses and her golden curls By her voluptuous mouth which is full of pearls By her playful eyes and the way she winks By the wine red and the way she drinks By her charming manners, her elegance, and grace By her stately carriage, her poise, and her pace For her pity and kindness does HAFIZ crave He remains her humble and a lowly slave


And look, how he describes the pleasure of drinking in the garden surrounded by the beauty of nature: I went to the garden and drank some ale And heard the wailing of the nightingale Blooming there also was a beautiful rose But, unlike the birds, it had no woes It looked so happy, so vigorous, so proud Standing alone and above the crowd The narcissus also was looking very grand Had a tulip in waiting with a cup in hand The iris there also was lashing its tongue Scolding them all, whether old or young And holding a flask was there a lass Pouring red wine in everyone’s glass And there was HAFIZ singing his song Telling us to come and sing along He does not distinguish appearance from reality, and neither can we when we read him. In human beauty he sees the glory and majesty of God. For him, the bar is a place of worship, the bar keeper a teacher, and the wine the spirit of Divine knowledge. And the barmaid, yes the barmaid, is a houri straight from paradise, so beautiful, so obliging. See how he portrays her: The maid of the bar, she is truly divine Just see how she wets her lips with wine If you don’t kiss it, it would be a sin For nothing is sweeter than her dimpled chin Just see how she serves and how she smiles Our faith and reason, oh how she beguiles And look at her body and her narrow waist For whoever made her had a wonderful taste But above everything else, he is a mystic and a man of God. He is looking for God and finds Him everywhere, and most surprisingly, within his own heart: My heart was looking for the magic bowl When it was there, built in his soul O mystic look in my clear wine In it you’ll see the image divine I see in the tavern the glory of God But everyone thinks it’s all very odd He may be hidden but He is also bare You also can see him, if you only care Whether on earth or up in the sky He never is hidden from His lover’s eye And though HAFIZ is poor and odd, and flawed He has in his heart the love of God


And at the end of his mystical journey when he finds God he says: The realm of nothingness did I finally reach And the limits of being, I managed to breach Open not the mouth, and blink not the eye For allowed you aren’t to speak or pry There’s nothing to ask, and none to inform No life, no body, no shape, no form But nothing captures Hafiz more in his totality than the following ode: With the bar all swept, and nice and clean The keeper of the bar was doing the routine The topers were kneeling to show their respect Although they’re always so proud and erect The shine of the wine was shaming the moon And the maids were gracing the happy saloon The angels from Heaven were also there And the lovely houris were dancing everywhere The beauties while drinking couldn’t stay quiet They were tempting and flirting and causing a riot Then the lady luck also came down there With all her glory, and pomp, and flair I also went down just to say hello To the keeper who said, “My good fellow “You’re coming from the shrine, a fine place Looking in the tavern the Divine grace “But never will you reach your worthy goal Unless you’ve awakened your sleeping soul “But if you can perform this daring feat The moon will bow and kiss your feet “And your reason, with all its pomp and pride To be your slave it’ll surely decide “And our HAFIZ says if you stay in the pub You’ll become a member of a blessed club”



Q Gazal 1 Persian: Ila ya ayyohus saaqi ader kaasan wa naavilha Keh ishq aasan namood awwal walay uftad mushkilha Urdu: Pila kay may kar aey saqi dawa e dard e bismilha Keh ishq aasan laga pehlay, parin phir besh mushkilha English:=== Come, fill the cup and my the pain This love is driving me insane Persian: Ba booay nafaay kakhir saba zan turra bakshayad Ze taab e jaad e muhkeeush cheh khon oftad dar dilha Urdu: Teri khusboo e nafa jab saba turray say kholay gee Karay gee zulf e muskeen ki shikan sud para e dilha English:=== The scent of her hair is beyond compare And tangled am I in her curly hair Persian: Ba may sajjada rangeen kun garat peer e mughan goyad Keh salik baykhabar nabwad ze rah o rasm e manzilha Urdu: Musalla rang lo may say keh dar peer e mughan ko hay Bhula deway kaheen salik na rah o rasm e manzilha English:=== Love, mystic knows, be it divine Endure he cannot without the wine Persian: Mara dar manzil e janan cheh amn o aish chun her dam Jaras faryad me darad keh barbandeed mehmilha Urdu: Hamain kya manzil e janan mein amn o aish jab her dam Jaras faryad karta hay keh bandho chal kay mehmilha English:=== So go with the flow, and do your best For on your way there is no rest Persian: Shab e tareek o beem e moaj o gardabay chunin hayel Kuja danand haal e ma subuksaaran e sahilha Urdu: Shab e tareek hay, toofan hay aur gardaab mein kashti Hamara haal kya janein subuksaaran e sahilha English:=== Strorms there are awful to face Of which on shore there's no trace Persian: Hama karam ze khudkami ba badnami kasheed aakhir Nihan kay manad an razay kazo sazand mehfilha Urdu: Badi kay kaam say aakhir mein badnami to hoti hay Chuppay rehtay naheen woh raz jo hein saz e mehfilha English:=== And do evil not for it will show And God and man will come to know Persian: Huzoori gar hami khwahi azo ghaib masho Hafiz Mata ma talq min tehwa daad dunya o ahmilha Urdu; Na hergiz bhool Hajiz gar hazoori chahiay Rab ki Keay bin tarikuddunya, naheen roshan hooay dilha English:=== And a mystis, HAFIZ is bound to be fake If pleasures of life he doesn't forsake ====


Q Ghazal 2

Persian: Aey farogh e mah e husn az roo e rakhshan e shuma Aabroo e khubi az chah e zanikhdan e shuma Urdu: Chand ki tanveer hay rukhsar e taban aap ka Aabroo e husn hay chah e zanikhdan aap ka English=== Your face is reflected in the beauty of moon So when you're away, the moon is in ruin Persian: Azm e didar e to darad jan e bar lab aamda Baz gardad ya bar aayad cheest farman e shuma Urdu: Jan ab hoentoen pah hay didar ki khahish liay Kya khushi hay aap ki, aur kya hay farman aap ka English=== My love I'm dying to see your face So whether I live, depends on your grace Persian: Kay dahad dast in gharaz, ya Rab keh humdastan shavand Khatir e majmoun e ma, zulf e prishan e shuma Urdu: Kub Khuda janay yeh mil ker baethtay haen aak ja Mutmaien khatir meri, gaisoo parishan aap ka English=== Oh, how I remember your curly hair Covering your face when flying in air Persian: Kas ba dour e nargisat tarfay nabust az aafiyat Beh keh bafroashand mastoori ba mastaan e shuma Urdu: Baech daen mastoen kay hathon parsaie kun na hum Chain kub daeta hae nargis chshm ehsan aap ka English:=== Your eyes so full of magic and charm Enchanting us all, but causing no harm Persian: Bakht e khab aalood e ma baidar khahad shud magar Zan keh zad bar dida aabay roo e rakhshan e shuma Urdu: Shayad ab ki baar apna bakht e khufta jaag uthay Aankh per maray hay chheentay roo e rakhshan aap ka English:=== Your face with radiance, charm, and glow It makes life happy, and fortune grow Persian: Ba saba hamrah bafrist az rukhat guldastaey Boo keh booey bashnavam az khak e bustan e shuma Urdu: Apnay rukh say aek guldasta bhee hamrah e saba Taakeh soonghaen ham bhee itr e khak e bustan aap ka English:=== The scent that surrounds your body entire Envies the incense, but the roses admire Persian: Dil kharabi mekunad dildar ra aageh kuneed Zeenhar aey dostan, jan e man o jan e shuma Urdu: Dil ki yeh zid hay usay ahwal say aageh karo Doston kya mashwara hay, kya hay farman aapka English:=== When I think of it my heart does leap I feel so happy I can't go to sleep


Persian: Umr e tan bada daraz aey saaqian e bazm e jam Garcheh jam e ma nashud pur may ba douran e shuma Urdu: Saaqian e bazm e Jam tum khush raho, zinda raho Rakhhta go saghar tahi hay mujh pay faizan aapka English:=== When during the night to the bar I go The ladies of night they all tell me - no! Persian: Aey saba ba saakinan e shehr e Yazd az ma bago Kay sar e haq nashanasan goo e maidan e shuma Urdu: Sakinan e Yazd ko ja ker basharat day saba Hay sar e haq nashanasan goo e maidan aap ka English:=== It seems that people who live in this town Are not very kind, for always they frown Persian: Garchah douraem az bisaat e qurb himmat dour neest Banda e shah e shumaem o sanakhwan e shuma Urdu: Dour houn maen aap say laikin mujhay mat bhooleay Band e nachhez houn, per houn sanakhwan aap ka English:=== But there is our king who's honest and fair Whose virtue and justice I praise everywhere Persian: Dour daar az khak o khun daman chun bar ma bagzari Kan dareen reh kushta bisyerand qurban e shuma Urdu: Jaeay daman bacha kay khak o khun say rah maen Hay yahan her shakhs ek maqtool e qurban aap ka English:=== So daring, so valiant, so mighty, so high That him do we worship; for him do we die Persian: Aey shahenshah e buland akhtar Khuda ra himmatay Ta babosam hamchu gardoon khak e eiwan e shuma Urdu; Khak e dar ko kun na chumoun aey shahenshah aap ki Choomta hay aasman jab jhuk kay eiwan aap ka English:=== His kingdom so big and his castle so high That slave unto him is the mighty sky Persian: Mekunad HAFIZ dooaay bashno aaminay bago Roozi e ma baad lal e shakkarafshan e shuma Urdu; Kun na ho HAFIZ ko is kay choomnay ki aarzo Jab keh lal e lab hay aisa shakkarafshan aap ka English:=== And now with HAFIZ let's go and pray May your lips get sweeter day after day ====

Q Ghazal 3 Persian: Agar an turk e shirazi ba dast arad dil e ma ra Ba Khal e hinduash bakhsham Samarkand o Bukhara ra Urdu: Agar manzoor dil maira ho us turk e dilara ko Fida e khal o khud ker doun Samarkand o bukhara ko English:=== O Turko girl, you come to me, and in my arms retire And I'll give your beauty spot ol' Tamerlane's empire


Persian: Badeh saqi may e baqi keh dar jannat na khahi yaft Kinar e aab e Ruknabad o gulgasht e Musallah ra Urdu: Pila Shiraz maen saqi keh jannat maen na payen gay Kinar e joo e Ruknabad o gulgasht e Musala ko English;=== Oh, come to me and fill the cup, and leave the razz-ma-tazz For find you will in Heaven too no garden of Shiraz Persian: Fughan kin lulian e shokh, shirinkar, sherashob Chunan burdand sabr az dil keh Turkan khwan e yaghma ra Urdu: Duhai hay keh mashooqan e shirnkar, sherashob Diloun ko loottay haen jaisay Turkan khwan e yaghma ko English:=== Look as soon as they come in town the beauties there and then Like Golden Horde, they plunder all the hearts and souls of men Persian: Zay ishq e natamam e ma jamal yar mustaghneest Ba aab o rang o khal o khat cheh hajit roo e zaiba ra Urdu: Hamaray ishq ki perwa karay kun husn e baepuwa Zaroorat aab o khal o khat ki hay kub roo e zaiba ko English:=== Those lovely girls are proud and rude and full of subterfuge And need these dolls for lips and cheeks no lipstick and no rouge Persian: Man az an husn e rooz afzoon keh yusuf dasht danistam Keh ishq az pardah e asmat baroon arad Zulekha ra Urdu: Malamat mat karo is ki, khata hay husn e Yusuf ki Kiya divanagi e shoq nay ruswa Zulekha ko English:=== The day I saw your lovely face, my heart, my soul, my life! Yes instantly I understood the case of Potiphar's wife Persian: Hadis az mutrib o may goo wa raz e dahr kamtar joo Keh kus nakshood o nakshayad ba hikmat in moamma ra Urdu: Karo mastanapun maen justajoo israr e dunya ki Khirad say hal naheen kartay haen aaqil is moamma ko English:=== Come, drink and dance and be merry; enjoy your every breath For solve he can't, the wise man, the puzzle of life and death Persian: Naseehat goush kun janan keh az jan doosttar darand Jawanan e saadatmand pand e pir e dana ra Naseehat sun keh aey peyaray aziz az jan rakhtay haen Jawanan e saadatmand pand e pi e dana ko English:=== Look, young you are, and strong, and well, but there's a lot to know So reject you not the counsel of an old and wise pro Persian: Badam gufti o khursandam, ifaak Allah niko gufti Jawab e talkh mezaibad lab e lal e shakarkha ra Urdu: Bura mujh ko kaha, khush houn, bohat achha kiya too nay Nawa e talkh zaiba hay lab e lal e shakarkha ko English:=== But worry you not that the bitter words aren't so proper and hip Like gems and pearls, they drop from your that lovely ruby lip -


Persian: Ghazal gufti o dur sufti, bia o khush bakhan HAFIZ Keh bar nazm e to afshanad falak aqd e surayya ra Urdu: Ghazal too nay kahi, moti pioay, sher parh HAFIZ Lutaay ga falak fun per teray aqd e surayya ko English:=== And listen to HAFIZ, his verses are the strings of gems and pearls And even the sky, on hearing him, its starry garland hurls ====

Q Ghazal 4 Persian: Ba mulaziman e sultan keh rasanad in dooa ra Keh ba shukr e padshahi zay nazar maran gada ra Urdu: Kahay ja kay shah e khooban say zara koie Khudara Keh na ker ba shukr e shahi too faqir say kinara English:=== To the palace guard can someone go and very humbly say That the needy ones who come to you, O turn them you not away Persian: Cheh qyamat ast janan keh ba aashiqan namoodi Rukh e hamchu mah e taban, dil e hamchu sang e khara Urdu: Hay qyamat aashiqoun per keh diay haen Haq nay us ko Rukh e rashk e mah e taban, dil e sakht e sang e khara English:=== A stoney heart in a bosom soft and a fair and lovely face Uncommon it is a conjunction, and very rare a case Persian: Zay raqeeb e dev seerat ba Khuda hami panaham Magar an shahab e saqib madaday kunad Khudara Urdu: Us adooay dev seersat say Khuda bachaay sub ko Madad aey shahab e saqib meri ker too kuchh Khudara English:=== My rivals are a crafty lot; my foes so vile and vicious So help, O Lord, a hapless me, for you are so kind and gracious Persian: Dil e aalamay basoozi, chun izar barfaroozi To azin cheh sood dari keh namikuni madara Urdu: Teray mehr e rooe taban ki naheen hay taab ham ko Keh jhalak say aik us ki huwa raakh dil hamara English:=== When rouge you put on your rosy cheek, on fire you set my heart And when I put my lips on it, O why do you act so tart? Persian: Mijzha siyahat karda ar ba khun e ma isharat Zay faraeb e o bayandeesh o ghalat makun nigara Urdu: Aey nigah e janafza too na baat maan un ki Jo karaen siyah mijzgan meray khun ka ishara English:=== When on your eyes, those shiny blue, you put a little mascara With just a look you instantly do kill me, O my Farah Persian: Hama shab darin umedam keh naseem e subhagahi Ba payam e aashnaie banawazad aashna ra Urdu: Raha intazar shab bhar keh naseem e subhagahi Ba payam e aashnaie karay shad dil hamara English:=== I wait and wait all night long, but come you don't, my dear And when I ask the reason why, a lame excuse I hear


Persian: Dil e dardmand e aashiq keh zay hijr e tust purkhun Cheh shawad garash rasaie ba wisal e khesh yara Urdu: Dil e dardmand e aashiq huwa hijr maen hay khooni Kabhee baat us ki mano, karo ahd e wasl yara English:=== When you're gone, my lonely heart, oh how it aches and aches And when you don't come back to me, it cracks, it rends, it breaks Persian: Dil e mastamand e ma ra ba shikanj e zulf burdi Mashikan dil e zaefam banawaz in gada ra Urdu: Dil e mastamand maira jo phunsa hay gaisoun maen Usay kas kay youn na bandho, kar rehm kuch Khudara English:=== And when someday you braid your hair, and make a lovely chain On seeing it, my crazy heart goes only more insane Persian: Zay faraib e chshm e mastat dil e dardmand khun ast Nazaray bakun ba haalash but e dilruba Khudara Urdu: Huwa chashm e mast say yeh dil e dardmand zakhmi Usay ik nazar to daekho but e dilruba Khudara English:=== The magic in those eyes of yours, oh, how it rends my heart And the charming look from you, my love, does hit me like a dart Persian: Chun tabib e dardmandan lab e lal e yar bashad Dil e dardmand e aashiq zay keh jooyad in dawa ra Urdu: Dil e dardmand e aashiq ki dooa hay ger toe yeh hay Keh tabib e dardmandan lab e lal ho tumhara English:=== And when I say I love your lips, me do not you disdain For what I need is tiny kiss to cure me of my pain Persian: Khabaray zay haal e aashiq bar e yar baz goied Merasad magar zay zulfash asar musham e ma ra Urdu: Kiya baad e kooay janan nay hamara dil muattar Zara khoel ker jo us nay kabhee zulf ko sanwara English:=== And if you send, with the morning breeze, the scent of your curly hair I'll be cured of all my ills inhaling the fragrant air Persian: Ba Khuda keh jurraay deh to ba HAFIZ e saharkhaiz Keh dooa e subhagahi asaray kunad shuma ra Urdu: Ba Khuda pilao HAFIZ ko sharab e naab kuchh toe Keh dooaen lay kay us ki ho naseeb khush hamara English:=== And if you bring the ruby wine, and give him a sip of it Pray for you your HAFIZ will, and never complain a bit ====

Q Ghazal 5 Persian: Ta kay ba dard e hijr kuni natawan mara Yak dam ba wasl e khesh bakun shadman mara Urdu: Kab tak karay ga hijr say too natawan mujhay Ker apnay wasl say bhee kabhee shadman mujhay English:=== How long,how long your absence and pain It makes no sense; it's so insane -


Persian: Mekhasti hamaesha gariftar e hijr e khud Didi ba kaam e kheshtan aakhir chunam mara Urdu: Thee arzoo teri maen sada hijr maen rahoen Hasb e murad daikh lia hay kahan mujhay English:=== Tormenting, I know you love so much How long this agony will you maintain? Persian: Nabwad ba heech wajeh damay az to man guraiz Zan roo keh neest juz to kasay dar jahan mara Urdu: Ik lamhay ko bhee tujh say gavara naheen guraiz Saray jahan maen too hay aziz e jahan mujhay English:=== I have no one but you, my love How can then I from love refrain Persian: Dar hairatam keh bay to chusan zindagi kunam Chun neest khab o khur zay ghamat yak zaman mara Urdu; Guzray gi zindagi meri kaisay teray baghair Jub gham majal e khab na day yak zaman mujhay English:=== How can a life without you I live When a moment of sleep I cannot obtain? Persian: Uftada am ba kunj e gham o juz fughan o aah Nay yar e ghamgusaray wa nay hamzaban mara Urdu: Ghaira hay gham nay yun keh siwaay fughan o aah Hasil hay yar e jan na koie hamzaban mujhay English;=== Surrounded am I with pain and sorrow To whom, my love, do I complain? Persian: Bodam hamasha shad zay waslat walay kunun Karay zay hijr e to nabawad juz fughan mara Woh din bhee thay keh shad tha qurbat maen aap ki Furqat maen kaam kuchh bhee naheen juz fughan mujhay English:=== It was so nice you came for a while But now I am back to crying again Persian: HAFIZ ajab madar agar meekushad ba gham Az dard e furqat an meh e namehrban mara Urdu: Kerta hay ger woh qatl toe HAFIZ ajab naheen Dard e firaq say meh e namehrban mujhay English:=== And HAFIZ says I am going to die Survive I can't this emotional drain ====

Q Ghazal 6 Persian: Dosh az masjid sooay maikhana aamad peer e ma Cheest yaraan e tareeqat baad azin tadbeer e ma Urdu: Aaj masjid say sooay maikhana aata peer hay Us ki yaraan e tareeqat is maen kya tadbeer hay English:=== Look O mystics, the master is at the tavern's door tonight So we should also follow him, for it should be alright


Persian: Dar khatabat e mughan ma neez hammanzil shawaem Kaan chunin raft ast dar ahd e azal taqdeer e ma Urdu: Ham kharabat e mughan maen peer kay hamdam banay Apni toe ahd e azal say bus yahi taqdeer hay English:=== And when he sees us cups in hand he'll surely give us a nod Because it is our destiny, and it is the will of God Persian: Ma mureedan roo ba sooay kaaba chun aaraem, chun Roo ba sooay khana e khummar darad peer e ma Urdu: Roo ba sooay kaaba kaisay ham mureed us kay karaen Khana e khummar jab qibla banata peer hay English:=== With the master himself getting high, enjoying a merry song Who then, O mystic friends, can say that we are in the wrong Persian: Aql agar danad keh dil dar band e zulfash chun khush ast Aaqilan divana gardand az paay zangeer e ma Urdu: Aql howay Aashna e aesh e band e zulf jab Kaisay her aaqil kay paoun maen paray zangeer hay English:=== When the wise see our ecstacy in the chains of braided hair They would also like to be in a lovely curly snare Persian: Roo e khubat aayatay az lutf bar ma kashf kard Zan sabab juz lutf o khoobi neest dar tafseer e ma Urdu: Jab say roo e yar nay di aayat e lutf o karam Mehrbani kay siwa kuchh bhee na aur tafseer hay English:=== And the holy men, when they find us necking and kissing the lips O they will never use their whip, and from us will take their tips Persian: Ba dil e sangeent aaya, heech dargeerad shabay Aah e aatish bar o soz e nala e shabgeer e ma Urdu: Aah e aatish bar o soz e nala e shabgeer ki Sangdil per aek zarra bhee na kuchh taseer hay English:=== The stony hearts will melt away, and lose their ugly tiff And all our sighs, and moans, and groans, will pay off in a jiff Persian: Murgh e dil ra sayd e jammiat ba daam uftada boud Zulf bakshadi o baaz az dast shud nakhcheer e ma Urdu: Mutmayin tha murgh e dil phanday maen us ki zulf kay Khoul ker gaisoo pareshan ker diya nakhcheer hay English:=== And happy so we all will be in the bonds of curly hair That when the curls do fly in the air, our bonds will never tear Persian: Baad bar zulf e to aamad, shud jahan bar man siyah Neest az soda e zulfat baish azin tauqeer e ma Urdu: Jab hawa gaisoo e janan ko banati hay ghata Karti aur soda e zulf e yar ki tauqeer hay English:=== And cover my moon like clouds they, when the curls do fly apart The darkness will be the source of light, and delight the lonely heart -


Persian: Teer e aah e ma zay gardoun bagzarad jan e aziz Rehm kun bar jan e khud, perhaiz kun az teer e ma Urdu: Pas tairay haen kaman e abroo o teer e nazar Kum naheen kuchh aah bhee mairi, bala ka teer hay English:=== And even though our sighs are like arrows flying allover They hit no one, they hurt no one, they only like to hover Persian: Bar dar e maikhana khaham gasht chun HAFIZ muqeem Chun kharabati shud aey yar e tareeqat peer e ma Urdu: Maen bhee HAFIZ ki tarheh baethoun na maikhanay maen kun Jab kharabati bana, aey yar, apna peer hay English:=== Be not surprised, O mystic friends, to see him in the fore When HAFIZ sees that the master too is at the tavern's door ====

Q Ghazal 7 Persian: Saqi, ba noor e baada barafrooz jam e ma Mutrib bago keh kar e jahan shud ba kaam e ma Urdu: Saqi, ba noor e baada barafroz jam hay Mutrib, ba naghma qalb maen aish e dawam hay English:=== Come, light up the cup with sparkling wine For life is lovely, and everything is fine Persian: Ma dar piyala aaks rukh e yar deeda aem Aey baykhabar zay lazzat e shurb e mudam e ma Urdu: Ham daekhtay haen aaks e rukh e yar jam maen Kaisie haseen lazzat e shurb e mudam hay English:=== In the wine reflected when I see your face I feel exalted by the Divine Grace Persian: Chandan bawad karishma o naz e sahiqadan Kayad ba jalva sarv e sanober khiram e ma Urdu: Naz o ada ko bhool gaay haen sahiqadan Daekha jo maera sarv e sanober khiram hay English:=== Like cypress tree when you swing and sway The beauties you throw in disarray -

Persian: Hergiz nameerad her keh dilash zinda shud ba ishq Sabt ast bar jareeda e aalam dawam e ma Urdu: Marta naheen hay, jis ka ho dil zinda ishq say Daway sabat dehr ko uns e dawam hay English:=== Oh, one who loves can never die For love is eternal; no one can deny Persian: Masti ba chashm e shahid e dilband e ma khush ast Zaan roo supurda und ba masti zemam e ma Urdu: Daekha jo mast shahid e dilbar ki aankh ko Mastoun nay apnay dil ki usay di lagam hay English:=== From love, when drunk, you do not shrink So happy are those with whom you drink -


Persian: Tarsam keh sarfaay naburad rooz e bazkhast Nan e halal sheikh zay aab e haraam e ma Urdu: Nan e halal e sheikh say barh ker bohat hua Maqbool maera hashr maen aab e haraam hay English:=== Don't listen to preacher who talks of sin On the Judgment Day our wine will win Persian: Aey baad ger ba gulshan e ahbaab bagzarie Zinhar arza deh bar e janan payam e ma Urdu: Guzray gali maen us ki jo baad e saba, tujhay Daena zaroor yar ko maera payam hay English;=== O breeeze of spring, to my darling tell You touch her often; you know her well Persan: Go naam e ma zay yaad baamdan cheh mebari Khud aamad ankeh yad niyari zay naam e ma Urdu: Yun jan boojh ker na bhula maeray naam ko Mit jaay khud bakhud hi zamanay maen naam hay English:=== " I still remember the day we met Though you've forgetten; I can't forget Persian: Bagrift hamchu lala dilam dar hawa e sarv Aey murgh e bakht kay shawi aakhir to ram e ma Urdu: Manind e lala dil bhee mera hay aseer e sarv Aaay na murgh e bakht kisie roo ba daam hay English:=== "My fate it is, and I bore the cost Regret I not having loved and lost Persian: Darya e akhzar e falak o kashti e hilal Hastand gharq e naemat e Haji qawam e ma Urdu: Ho kashti e hilal keh darya e aasman Her cheez gharq e naemat e Haji Qawam hay English:=== "Me if you believe not, and think I'm sham Come, talk to my patron, the generous Quam Persian: HAFIZ zay dida daana e ashkay hami fishan Bashad keh murgh e wasl kunad qasd e daam e ma Urdu: HAFIZ nay danay ashk kay dalaen to haen bohat Karta na mugh e wasl magar qasd e daam hay English:=== "And think of your HAFIZ, and don't say no Come back to him for he loves you so" ====

Q Ghazal 8 Persian: Saqi baguzar az kaf e khud ratl e garan ra Ta khush baguranaem jahan e guzaran ra Urdu: Saqi too gira hath say ab ratl garan ko Ta khoob guzaraen yuheen umr e guzaran ko English:=== Come my love, and fill the cup, and fill it to the brim So life becomes more livable, and not so dim and grim


Persian: Zahid cheh ajab gar kunadam aeb ba rindi Bar ahl e hunar taana bawad bayhunaran ra Urdu: Zahid nay mujhay rind kaha hay toe aajab kya Taanoun say yuheen kaam raha bayhunaran ko English:=== And listen you not to the holy man; he is always finding fault But expect you what from a petty man worth who is not his salt? Persian: Dar qibla o butkhana to masjoodi o maabood Roo sooay to bashad hama sahib nazaran ra Urdu: Kaabay maen hay khilwat toe hay butkhanay maen jilvat Her soo nazar aata hay too sahib nazaran ko English:=== For knows he not, when you look for God you find him everywhere Be it the temple, mosque, or pub, or be it here, or there Persian: Arbab e khirad zouq e mayay ishq cheh danand Az halat e ma neest khabar baykhabaran ra Urdu: Arbab e khirad ko naheen zouq e mayay ulfat Kuen hal ki mairay ho khabar baykhabaran ko English;=== And the wise men, the wine of love they never ever touch They think they know what's there to know; in fact they know not much Persian: Kaamay talabad HAFIZ azin chashma e haiwan Ary, natawan khurd naseeb e digaran ra Urdu: HAFIZ ko bohat chashma e haiwan ki talab hay Hergiz na piyay ga wo naseeb e digaran ko English:=== Though a learned man is HAFIZ not, he does know what he wants He takes his women, and wine, and whatever else God grants ====

Q Ghazal 9 Persian: Saqia, barkhaiz dar deh jam ra Khak bar sar kun gham e ayyam ra Urdu: Aao saqi aur bhar doe jam ko Bhar maen dalo gham e ayyam ko English:=== O come my love, and fill the cup, for it's for me a must And let's burry my sorrow and pain forever in the dust Persian: Saghar e may dar kafam neh, ta zay sar Barkasham in dilq e azraq fam ra Urdu: Saghar e may hath maen aaay toe maen Phaenk doun is dilq e azraq fam ko English:=== With the ruby wine in my hand I 'll be the talk of town And there will be no need for me to wear my mystic's gown Persian: Garcheh badnamiest nazd e aaqilan Ma namee khahaem nang o nam ra Urdu: Baywaqoofi hi sahi per aaqiloun Chahtay hum haen na nang o nam ko


English:=== Though people say that a wise man should try to make a name But I am not a wise man; I've nothing to do with fame Persian: Baada dar deh, chand azin baad e ghuroor Khak bar sar nafs e nafirjam ra Urdu: Hay takabbur kay maraz maen mubtila Dafn ker do nafs e nafirjam ko English:=== The ethic of sensuality let's all bury in the dust For we are not for casual love; we have no use for lust Persian: Dood e aah e seena e sozan e man Sokht in afsurdagaan e kham ra Urdu: Aag seenay ki, meray dil ki jalan Day jala afsurdagaan e kham ko English:=== Burning we are in the flame of love; our hearts are full of fire So let us hope this fire in us will someday others inspire Persian: Mehram e raaz e dil e shaidaay man Kus namee beenam zay khas o aam ra Urdu: Baat yeh sachchi hay maeray razdan Maen na janoun khas ko, nay aam ko English:=== And let's be proud of what we are; love as much as we want Let people say whatever they want; we are above their cant Persian: Ba dilaaramay mera khatir khush ast Kaz dilam yakbara burd aaram ra Urdu: Dil laga hay aesay dilaaram say Loot ker jo lay gaya aaram ko English:=== Believe it or not, but true it is, we've lost our ease and rest To the love of one who is famous for her most comforting breast Persian: Nangarad deegar ba sarv ander chaman Her heh deed an sarv e seemandaam ra Phir nazar dali na sarv e bagh per Daekh ker us sarv e seemandam ko English:=== To anyone who has seen my girl, so tall, so slim, so trim In the park the pines and conifers will look so very dim Persian: Az sar e dunya guzushti, gham makhur Khush bakhur ham khush badar ayyam ra Urdu: Aey zamanay kay musafir gham na ker Jhail hans ker gardish e ayyam ko English:=== So cheer you up and the happiness do not you ever shun And eat, and drink, and be merry; have lots and lots of fun Persian: Sabr kun HAFIZ ba sakhti rooz o shab Aaqibat roozay bayaabi kaam ra Urdu: Sabr ker HAFIZ ba sakhti roz o shab Sehl kerta sabr hay her kaam ko English:=== And be patient, O HAFIZ dear, and don't torment your soul For one day she will come to you, and you will reach your goal ====


Q Ghazal 10 Persian: Sufi bia keh aaena saf ast jaam ra Ta bangari safa e may e lal fam ra Urdu: Sufi lay aa kay hath maen ik saaf jaam ko Daekh us maen phir safa e may e lal fam ko English:=== O mystic, look in my clear wine In it you'll see the image Divine Persian: Raz e daroon e parda zay rindan e mast porse Kin hal neest sufi e aali muqam ra Urdu: Raz e daroon e parda toe rindoun kay pas hay Kya ilm is ka sufi e aali muqam ko English:=== The lovers all know the mystery of being Which the learned can't without them seeing Persian: Unqa shikar e kas nashawad daam baz cheen Kan ja hamesha baad badast ast daam ra Urdu: Unqa shikar ho naheen sakta hay, jaal utha Milta naheen hawa kay siwa kuchh bhee daam ko English:=== For seeing the truth one needs a vision So chase you not an empty illusion Persian: Man an zaman tamaa babureedam zay aafiyat Kin dil nihad dar kaf e ishqat zamam ra Urdu: Baethay haen thamay apnay dil e kajravish ko hum Pakra hay jab say ishq nay is ki zamam ko English:=== And learn to love, for love is divine Its limits and bounds you can't define Persian: Ma ra bar aastan e to bus haq e khidmat ast Aey khaja baz been ba tarraham ghulam ra Urdu: Dar par teray hazar haen khidmat kay haq meray Aey khaja haath khoal kay day is ghulam ko English:=== And pray to God for mercy and grace And hope someday you'll see His face Persian: Dar aesh e naqd kosh keh chun aabkhur namand Adam bahisht roza e dar us salam ra Urdu: Kha pi kay aesh ker keh na ho aab o dana jab Adam bhee chhor baethay hay jannat muqam ko English:=== Better be happy with what you get And for the rest O do not fret Persian: Dar bazm e dour yak do qadeh darkash o baroo Yani taamae madar wisaal e dawam ra Urdu: Do aek ghoont pi kay nikal bazm e yar say Paya kisi nay yaan pay na wasl e dawam ko English:=== And when in a pub take a drink or two For more than that is not for you


Persian: Aey dil shabab raft o nacheedi gulay zay umr Peeranasar makun hunaray nang o nam ra Urdu: Ahd e shabab maen na mila kuchh mujhay agar Peery maen kun rakhoun havas e nang o nam ko English:=== And having lost the fancy of youth In the ripe old age you seek the truth Persian: HAFIZ mureed e jaam e Jam ast, aey saba baroo Waz banda bandigi barasaan sheikh e jam ra Urdu: HAFIZ mureed e saghar e Jamshed hay saba Ja ker mera salam day us sheikh e jaam ko English:=== So HAFIZ seek to the maximum For you're a follower of Solomon and Jum ====

Q Ghazal 11 Persian: Salah e kaar kuja o man e kharab kuja Babeen tafawat e reh, az kujaast ta ba kuja Urdu: Salah e kaar kahan, aashiq e kharab kahan Muqaam e zoef kahan, manzil e shabab kahan English:=== Between proud and pious and a humble sinner It is hard to say who'll be the winner Persian: Cheh nisbat ast ba rindi salah o taqva ra Sama e waaz kuja, naghma e rabab kuja Urdu: Salah o taqva say rindi ko konsi nisbat Sama e waaz kahan, naghma e rabab kahan English:=== For one is a lover, and the other is holy And one is stern, the other is jolly Persian: Dilam zay somaa bagrift o khirqa e saloos Kujaast daer e mughan o sharab e naab kuja Urdu: Na chahay khanqa dil aur na dilq e makkari Kidher hay daer e mughan, hay sharab e naab kahan English:=== I want no mosque, no mystic's gown Give me some wine for my sorrow to drown Persian: Bashud zay yaad e khushash yaad e roozgar e wisal Khud an karishma kuja raft o an eitaab kuja Urdu; Na roz e wasl mayassar, na chhaer chhar ki shab Kidhar hay taeri einayat, tera eitaab kahan English:=== Your company is all for which I hunger I crave your mercy; I love your anger Persian: Zay roo e dost dil e dushmanan cheh daryabad Chiragh e murda kuja, sham e aaftab kuja Urdu: Na roo e yaar say roshan huwa dil e dushman Chiragh e murda kahan, sham e aaftab kahan


English:=== My rival does not see your charm His feelingss are cold; his heart not warm Persian; Baneen ba saeb e zanikhdan keh chah dar rahast Kuja hami ravi aey dil badin shitab kuja Urdu: Sanbhal keh chah e zanikhdan hay rah maen taeri Thaher dil e hazin, jata hay purshitab kahan English:=== But my heart is crazy, pure and simple It loves you cheek, your mole, your dimple Persian: Chun kehl e beenash e ma khak e aastan e shumast Kuja rawaem baferma az in janab kuja Urdu: Bani hay khak e dar e yar aankh ka surma Maen jaoun chhor kay yeh dargah o janab kahan English:=== Without you, darling, it misses a beat And if you'd allow, it'll live in your street Persian: Qarar o khaab zay HAFIZ tamae madaar aey dost Qarar cheest, saboori kidam, khaab kuja Urdu: Na poochh too dil e HAFIZ ka haal aey hamdam Qarar kaesa, saboori kidhar hay, khaab kahan English:=== Ask Hafiz if me you do not believe For a lover like me there is no reprieve ====

Q Ghazal 12 Persian: Saba ba lutf bagoo an ghizal e raana ra Keh sar ba koh o biyaban to dadaie ma ra Urdu: Saba too ja kay bata us ghizal e raana ko Keh phirta chhanta aashiq hay khak e sehra ko English:=== O breeze, you go to my little doe, and very humbly say "Looking for you in the wilderness I have totally lost my way Persian: Ba shukr e an keh toie badshah e kishwar e husn Ba yaad aar ghariban e dusht o sehra ra Urdu: Aey shah e kishwar e khoobi, aey malka e khooban Na bhool apnay ghariban e dasht o sehra ko English:=== "O beauty queen of the universe, O fairest of the fair What happens to me, the hapless one, you have to also care Persian: Shakarfarosh keh umrash daraaz baad, chira Tafaqquday nakunad tooti e shakerkha ra Urdu: Shakerfarosh tujhay pur shaker laboun ki qasam Chakha zara see shakar tooti e shakarkha ko English:=== "O sugary one, your juicy lips with the vintage ruby wine Resist I can't the urge to kiss; to me they are divine Persian: Gharoor e husn ijazat agar nadad aey gul Keh pursishay nakuni andaleeb e shaida ra Urdu: Gharoor e husn rawa hay tujhay magar aey gul Kabhee toe poochh lay is andaleeb e shaida ko


English:=== "O you're like a budding flower, so young, so full of pride Like nightingale I sing to you; me don't you please deride Persian: Ba husn e khulq tawan kard said e ahl e nazar Ba daam o dana nageerand murgh e dana ra Urdu: Nigah e naz say hota hay said e ahl e nazar Ba daam o dana pakariay na murgh e dana ko English:=== "And all you need is kindness and a lock of curly hair To catch a really wise one you do not need a snare Persian: Chun ba habib nashini o baada paymaie Ba yaad aar harifan e baadpayma ra Urdu: Too bazm e ghair maen kerta hay baada paymaie Na bhool apnay harifan e baadpayma ko English:=== "And when you sit with your chosen one, and drink in the moonlit night Do think of me who loves you so, and who isn't so very bright" Persian: Nadanam az cheh sabab rang e aashnai neest Sahiqadan e siyah chashm o mahseema ra Urdu: Khudaya kun na diya rang e aashnai bhee Sahiqadan e siyah chashm o mahseema ko English:=== But those who like them tall and fair with beautiful brown eyes They should expect no loyalty from them if they are wise Persian: Juz in qadae natawan guft dar jamal e to aeb Keh khal e mehr o wafa neest roo e zaiba ra Urdu: Na rehta aeb zara sa bhee husn maen, milta Jo khal e mehr o wafa taeray roo e zaiba ko English:=== If there is a flaw in a perfect beauty it's not conceit or pride Fidelity is what they sadly lack ; it cannot be denied Persian: Dar aasman cheh aajab gar zay gufta e HAFIZ Sama e Zohra ba raqs awurad Maseeha ra Urdu: Kalam e HAFIZ e Shiraz aarsh maen sun ker Sama e Zohra karay wajd maen Maseeha ko English:=== A loser you are in love, HAFIZ, but your verses have a ring On hearing them does Jupiter dance, and Venus begins to sing ====

Q Ghazal 13 Persian: Hungam e naubahar gul az bostan juda Ya Rab mabaad heech kus az doostan juda Urdu: Gul say bahar maen na kero gulsitan juda Hotay haen dostoun say kabhee dostan juda English:=== Oh, pluck not a flower from the garden in spring Just think of the sorrow such parting will bring -


Persian: Bulbul ba nala dar chaman aamad ba subhadam Az wasl e gul hamishuda ander khizan juda Urdu: Hay kaisa shor nala e bulbul say bagh maen Kya phool say huwa hay yeh ander khizan juda English:=== The trees, in grief, their leaves will shed The birds will weep, and refuse to sing Persian: Dunyaast bagh e kohna o insan chu nauguland Her yak zay shakh e umr kunad baghban juda Urdu: Dunya hay lootta malak ul moet is tarheh Kerta hay jaisay shakh say gul baghban juda English:=== And taking the flowers to the florist's shop Is like the death, doing his thing Persian: Afsoos kin hayat e jahan raigan guzisht Afsoos deegar an keh shawad tan zay jan juda Urdu: Ik zindagi mili thee so woh raigan hoie Afsoes yeh naheen keh hoie tan say jan juda English:=== It's like a groom dying in the wedding And the anxious bride not getting her ring Persia: Bisyar khufta and dar in khak seemtan Shajan o nauuroos basay az jahan juda Urdu: Haen kaisi kaisi khak haseenan e seemtan Dara o Jam say hota hay kaisay jahan juda English:=== Look, so many beauties are sleeping in dust And under your feet is a mighty king Persian: Hushdar o paay bar sar e in murdagan maneh Tanha ba khak khufta o az khanoman juda Urdu: Mudoun kay ser pa paon jo rakhiay toe soachiay Sotaen haen yeh akailay, hay in say makan juda English:=== So tread you gently when you walk on ground Lest hurt you those who have lost everything Persian: Tark e hawa o hirs bakun HAFIZA kunun Behr e wisal e doost sho az in o an juda Urdu: Hirs o hawas ko chhoriay HAFIZ keh qurb e Rab Milta naheen baghair kiay in o an juda English:=== And forget not, HAFIZ, when you go to God What here you forsake, there you'll bring ====

Q Ghazal 14 Persian: Aaftab az roo e o shud dar hijab Saya ra bashad hijab az aaftab Urdu: Yun huwa mehrukh say mahr ander hijab Saya ho jis tarheh paesh e aaftab English=== Oh, hides the sun from my brilliant moon Like the shadow does from the sun at noon


Persian: Dast e mah o mahr barbandad ba husn Mah e ba mehram chun barbandad naqab Urdu: Dast basta ho giay haen mah o mahr Jab meh e baymehr nay kholi naqab English:=== My heartless moon, when she drops her veil The stars and planets look dim and pale Persian: Az khayalam baz nashnashad kasay Gar dar aaghoshash babeenam shab bakhab Urdr: Mehv aisa houn keh ban jaoun khayal Ger usay aaghosh maen loen maen bakhab English:=== And I am so awed by her beauty and grace That her in my dream I'm afraid to embrace Persian: Shahidan mastoor o mastan bayshakaeb Khanqah maamoor o durwaishan kharab Urdu: Shahidan mastoor o mastan bayshakaeb Khanqah maamoor o durwaishan kharab English:=== What a lovely beauty and her ugly veil What a hapless lover and his dreadful wail Persian: Khun e dil dar jam deedam az saraarshk Aabroo barbad dadam az sharab Urdu: Khun e dil say qurmuzi banti hay may Aabroo barbad kerti hay sharab English:=== And when I drink the ruby wine I drink not wine but the tears of mine Persian: Az baraay baada mebayad zadan Mohtasib ra hud e bayhad o hisab Urdu: Woh keray tehreem baday ki agar Maro koeray mohtasib ko bayhisab English;=== But there is no liquor, in this terrible city They say it's forbidden; oh, what a pity! Persian: Soz e mastan gar badanad mohtasib Dar dam az may shan zanad bar aatish aab Urdu: Soz e mastan jan lay ger mohtasib Chhirkay baada,lay kay woh,aatish peh aab English:=== If only he could see a heart on fire The censor will soften, and surely retire Persian: Har kera az deeda shud baran e aashk Zaer e daman baad darad chu sahaab Urdu: Chshm e aashiq maen nihan haen aashk yun Jaisay barish ho chhupie ander sahaab English:=== For the fire of love, after years and years You can't put out by shedding tears -


Persian: HAFIZA waaz o naseehat goo makun Tark e turkan e khata nabwad sawaab Urdu: Suniay HAFIZ baat waaiz ki na kuchh Tark e mashooqan naheen kaar e sawaab English:=== And don't say, HAFIZ, that love is bad It's simply divine, but yes, it's sad ====

Q Ghazal 15 Persian: Zay bagh e wasl e to yabad riaz e Rizwan aab Zay taab e hijr e to darad sharar e dozakh taab Urdu: Riaz e khuld ko milta hay bagh e wasl say aab Rakhay hay aatish e hijran sharar e dozakh taab English:=== Your presence makes Eden a true paradise And in your absence it is a devil's device Persian: Chu chashm e man hama shab jooabaar e bagh e bahisht Khayal nargis e mast e to beenad andar khab Urdu: Ho maeri aankh ki surat jo chashma e jannat Nazar maen us ki rahay chashm e mast ander khab English:=== From fountain of Heaven has come your youth In your magical eyes there is ultimate truth Persian: Ba husn e aariz o qad e to burdaand panah Bahisht toba o toba laham wa husn maab Urdu: Karay muqabala us sarv e seemtan ka na woh Ho chahay kitna bhee toba haseen o husn maab English:=== Your cheeks make roses of Heaven look silly You're slimmer and taller than the Forbidden Tree Persian: Bahar sherh e jamal e to darad dar her fasl Bahisht zikr e jameel e to karda dar her baab Urdu: Her aek fasl e baharan maen sherh e husn teri Karay hay zikr e haseen taera her bahisht ka baab English:=== Your beauty is reflected in the youth of spring And the praise of your grace the birds all sing Persian: Lab o dahan e tura aey basay haqooq e namak Keh hast bar jigar e raish o seenaha e kabab Urdu: Lab o dahan e haseen kay teray haqooq e namak Bohat haen ber jigar e raish o seenha e kabab English:=== All nectar comes from your lips and mouth Without them surely there will be a drought Persian: Basokht in dil e ma o bakaam e dil naraseed Bakaam agar baraseeday, naraikhtay khunnaab Urdu: Murad dil ko maeray yaar say jo mil jati Bahata shouq o hawas maen na itna woh khunnaab


English:=== If only you'll give me a little attention Between you and me there'll be no tension Persian: Guman mabur keh badour e to aashiqan mastand Khabar nadari zay ahwaal e zahidan e kharaab Urdu: Na ker shikayat e usshshaq e mast, kya too nay Suna abhee naheen ahwaal e zahidan e kharaab English:=== And if you think I'm a greedy fool Just look, for you how the pious drool Persian: Mara ba dour e labat shud yaqeen keh johar e lal Padeed meshawad az aaftab e aalam taab Laboun ko daekh kay taeray pata chala, kaisay Banata lal hay ik aafab e aalam taab English:=== Oh, how I love your luscious red lips From which the honey constantly drips Persian: Mahil keh umr ba bayhooda bagzarad HAFIZ Bakosh o hasil e umr e aziz ra daryaab Urdu: Guzar waqt na baykar baith ker HAFIZ Uth aur hasil e umr e aziz ker deryaab English:=== But HAFIZ tells me, it's idle talk The door won't open if I do not knock ====

Q Ghazal 16 Persian: Subh e doulat medamad ko jam hamchu aaftab Fursatay zin beh kuja bashad, badeh jam e sharaab Urdu: Subh e doulat maen kahan hay jam misl e aaftab Behtareen fursat hay saqi, day mujhay jam e sharaab English:=== The glorious morning is here again; the sun is finally up Come, O my love, and bring the jug, and fill my morning cup Persian: Khana baytashweesh o saqi yaar o mutrib bazlagoo Mousam e aish ast o dour e saghar o ahd e shabaab Urdu: Khana baytashweesh o saqi yaar o mutrib bazlago Mousam e aaram o dour e saghar o ahd e shabaab English:=== Come, bring your harp, and sit by me, and play a happy tune And let's enjoy our lovely youth; let's eat, and drink, and croon Persian: Shahid o saqi badust afshan o mutrib paaykob Ghamza e saqi zay chashm e mayparastan burda khab Urdu: Saqi o mashooq mehv e naaz, mutrib raqs maen Chasm e rindan say uraya ghamza e saqi nay khab English:=== And let us hold each other's hands; let's hop, and turn, and dance And let's not waste the happy days, and let's not lose this chance -


Persian: Khilwat e khas ast o jaay amn o nuzhatgah e uns In keh man beenam ba baedareest ya Rab ya ba khab Urdu: Khilwat e mehboob o jaay amn o nuzhatgah e uns Jo nazar aata hay ya Rab, yeh haqiqat hay ya khab English:=== It seems to me that you and me, we make a lovely team Which makes me wonder, is it true or is it just a dream? Persian: Az khayal e lutf e may, mashshata e chalakkhoo Dar zameer e barg e gul, khush mekunad pinhan gulaab Urdu: Daekh ker gulfam may, mashshata e chalakkhoo Bhar rahi hay aariz e mehboob maen rang e gulaab English:=== Oh, when I see your cheeks and lips I think they are divine It seems the one who made you so drank lots of rosy wine Persian: Az payae tafrih e tab o zaewar e husn o tarab Khush bawad tarkeeb e zarrin jam ba lal e muzaab Urdu: Dil nawazie kay liay, husn o tarab kay wastay Khoob hay tarkeeb e zarrin jam ba lal e muzaab English:=== It cannot be an accident; it is surely by design The union of my golden cup with the vintage ruby wine Persian: Ja e amn o yaar saqi o harifan yakjahat Karda chashm e mast e saqi mayprastan ra kharaab Urdu: Mehfil e aish o tarab maen daekh aey saqi teri Must aankhoun nay kiya hay mayparastoun ko kharaab English:=== And putting together your charming eyes with magical mystic gaze It is a feat that must require, not six, but sixty days Persian: Ta shud an meh mushtari durha e HAFIZ ra bagoosh Merasad her dam ba goosh e Zohra gulbang e rabaab Urdu: Jab say haen HAFIZ kay dur meh mushtari kay kaan maen Par rahi hay goesh maen Zohra kay gulbang e rabaab English:=== And HAFIZ has a store of words that his verses when she hears Picks Venus all these gems and pearls, and put them around her ears ====

Q Ghazal 17 Persian: An siyah cherda keh sheerini e aalam ba oast Chasm e maygoon, lab e khandan, dil e khurram ba oast Urdu: Di malahat, hay jo sheerini e aalam us ko Chashm e maygoon, lab e khandan, dil e khurram us ko English:=== She is darkest, and loveliest, and sweetest of all So charming, so happy, so fair, and so tall Persian: Garcheh sheerindahanan padshahanand waley An suleman e zaman ast keh khatam ba oast Urdu: Yun toe haen sheerindahan badshah e husn bohat Wo suleman e zaman hay, mili khatam us ko


English:=== Her mouth is sweet, and her lips are red She has magic in eyes, and wisdom in head Persian: Roo e khubast o kamal e hunar o daman e pak Lajuram himmat e pakan e do aalam ba oast Urdu: Roo e zaiba o kamal e hunar o daman e pak Aur dua e dil e pakan e do aalam us ko English:=== A model of virtue with an angel's face Paradigm of beauty, elegance, and grace Persian: Khal e mushkin keh bar an aariz e gandumgoon ast Sir e an dana keh shud rehzan e Aadam ba oast Urdu: Khal e mushkin keh jo hay aariz e gandumgoon per Wo mila dana jo tha rehzan a Aadam us ko English;=== On her golden face a mole so cute As tempting and luring as the Forbidden Fruit Persian: Dilberam aazm e safar kard Khudaya yaaran Cheh kunam ba dil e majrooh keh marham ba oast Urdu: Day kay ik yaar e safar kerda Khudaya too nay Zakhm e dil mujh ko diya, day diya merham us ko English:=== When pert and saucy she can wound the heart Then practice she does her healing art Persian: Ba keh in nukta tawan guft keh an sangeen dil Kusht ma ra o dam e Eisa e Maryam ba oast Urdu: Kya qayamat hay Khudaya keh diay haen domoun Dil e sangeen o dam e Eisa e Maryam us ko English:=== With her stony heart she can kill and heist And amazingly also she has breath of Christ Persian: HAFIZ az moetaqidanast, garami darash Zan keh bakhshaish e bus rooh e mukarram ba oast Urdu: Taeray sub moetaqidoun maen hay moaazziz HAFIZ Keh hay bukhshaish e bus rooh e mukarram us ko English:=== And tells me HAFIZ, I shouldn't be distressed For being her lover I'm truly blessed ====

Q Ghazal 18 Persian: An paek e naamwar keh raseed az dayar e dost Aawurd hirz e jan zay khat e mushkbaar e dost Urdu: Laya jo naaz say hay safeer e dayar e dost Taaveez e shouq hay keh khat e mushkbaar e dost English:=== Bless you, O courier, my greetings to you An amulet for me is her message new Persian: Khush meedahad nishan e jamal o jalal e yaar Khush mekunad hikayate iz o waqar e dost Urdu: Achha diya nishan e jalal o jamal e yaar Khus ker gaie hikayat e iz o waqar e dost


English:=== Spendor it shows and her grandeur anew An honor and trust that belong to few Persian: Jan dadaam ba muzda o khajlat hamibaram Zin naqd e kunaayar keh kardam nisar e dost Urdu: Jan day kay sharmsaar houn, aey paek e khush khabar Kya heech shay thi maen nay jo ki hay nisar e dost English:=== I have surrendered for her my all But a big sacrifice this I cannot call Persian: Saer e sapehr o doar e qamar ra cheh ikhtiar Dar gardish and bar hasab e ikhtiar e dost Urdu: Saer e sapehr o gardish e meh sab mizaj e yaar Yeh gardish e mudam hay sab ikhtiar e dost English:=== Her beauty rules the earth and the sky And all in there, whether low or high Persian: Shukr e Khuda keh az madad e bakht e kaarsaz Bar hasb e mudaaast hama karobar e dost Urdu: Shukr e Khuda keh talaa e roshan kay faiz say Hasb e tawaqqaat haen sab karobar e dost English:=== A queen she is; unique is her throne She stands above, and she stands alone Persian: Gar baad e fitna her do jahan ra baham zanad Ma o chiragh e chashm o reh e intazar e dost Urdu: Donoun jahan rahaen na rahaen, saath per rahaen Maera ghiragh e chashm o reh e intazar e dost English:=== And though she is beyond my reach I wait and wait, and beg and beseech Persian: Kehl ul jawahiray ba man aar aey naseem s subh Zan khak e naekbakht keh shud rehguzar e dost Urdu: Us ko banaoun aankh ka surma, naseem e subh Daeway jo khak e pak tujhay rehguzar e doat English:=== When passes she by she never says hi Though dirt of her feet I rub in my eye Persian: Ma aim o aastana e ishq o sar e niyaz Ta khab e khush kera burad ander kinar e dost Urdu: Ham aur tumharay dar peh hamara ser e niyaz Daekhaen yeh khab e khush kisay bakhshay kinar e dost English:=== I sit at her gate in the hope someday " Hello! My dear," she will stop and say Persian: Dushman ba qasd e HAFIZ agar dam zanad cheh baak Minnat Khudaay ra keh neeam sharmsar e dost Urdu: Dushman ager hay der paay jan, koie gham naheen HAFIZ Khuda ka shukr naheen sharmsar e dost English:=== There's nothing like love whatever the cost Her HAFIZ is proud, though he has loved and lost ====


Q Ghazal 19 Persian: Agarcheh baada farah bakhsh o baad gulbaiz ast Ba baang e chang makhur may keh muhtasib taez ast Urdu: Agarcheh baada farah bakhsh hay, hawa gulbaiz Ba baag e chang na peena keh mohtasib hay taez English:=== Though air is fragrant, and wine delicious It is forbidden, and the censor is vicious Persian: Surahiay o hareefay garat ba dast uftad Ba aql kosh keh ayyam fitna angaiz ast Urdu: Agar surahi o shahid tumhaen baham ho jaaen Na bhoolna keh zamana bohat hay fitna khaiz English:=== And when she comes with a flask of wine You can be sure it's a good sign Persian: Dar aasteen e muraqqa piala pinhan kun Keh hamchu chashm e surahi zamana khunraiz ast Urdu: Chhupao saghar e may aasteen e khirqa maen Keh misl e chashm e surahi zamana hay khunraiz English;=== But hide, O mystic, the cup in your gown The liquor is forbidden by order of crown Persian: Zay rang e baada bashoied khiqaha az aashk Keh mosam e wiraa o roozgar e perhaiz aet Urdu: Hay rang e baada jo khirqay peh, aashk say dho lo Keh doar e zuhd hay, aaya hay mosam e perhaiz English:=== The stain of wine you wash with tears And do it quitely, lest someone hears Persian: Majooie aesh e khush az doer e washgoon e sepehr Keh saaf e in sar e khum jumla durdi aamaiz ast Urdu: Na day ga aish o tarab doer e washgoon e falak Keh saaf may sar e khum bhee hay jumla durd aamaiz English:=== And expect not luck from the horrible fate Be merry today; for tomorrow not wait Persian: Sapehr barshuda perwaizaneest khun afshan Keh qatraash sar e kisra o taj e Perwaiz ast Urdu: Hay aasman ki ghurbal khun fishan aisie Hay qatra, qatra sar e kisra, afsar e Perwaiz English:=== This fate is destructive; it does its thing Distinguishes it doesn't a beggar from king Persian: Her an cheh meerasad az noor e faiz e subhani Naseeba e dil e shaksay keh shab sahar khaiz ast Urdu: Ba noor e fazl e Ilahi, ba faiz e subhani Hay roshani e dil bandagan saher aamaiz English:=== Early in the morning you wake up and pray And God will grant you whatever you say -


Persian: Iraq o Pars garifti ba shaer e khud HAFIZ Biya keh nobat e Baghdad o waqt e Tabraiz ast Urdu: Hay dhoom aapki HAFIZ Iraq o Paras maen So ab hay nobat e Baghdad o mouqa e Tabraiz English:=== A lot, O HAFIZ, your verses are worth You've become famous around the earth ====

Q Ghazal 20 Persian: Aey naseem e sahar aaramgeh e yaar kujaast Manzil e an meh e aashiqkush e ayyar kujaast Urdu: Aey naseem e sahar aaramgeh e yaar kahan Manzil e mehwash e aashiqkush e ayyar kaham English:=== O morning breeze, you tell me please where is my girl's abode? The pretty one, and the charming one, with a lovely graceful mode Persian: Shab e taar ast o reh e wadi e aeman darpesh Aatish e toor kuja, wada e didar kujaast Urdu: Raat tareek hay aur wadi e aeman derpesh Aatish e toor kahan, wada e didar kahan English:=== Drifted I have in wilderness in order to see her face I've even seen the Burning Bush, but her I could not trace Persian: Her keh aamad ba jahan naqsh e kharaabi darad Dar kharabat mapuseed keh hushiar kujaast Urdu: Is kharabat maen jo aaay kharabi laay Maykaday maen yeh na poochho keh hay hushiar kahan English:=== All of us who abide the earth are imperfect at best So do not think that people in pub are not like the rest Persian: An kas ast ahl e basharat keh isharat danad Nuktaha hast basay, mehram e israr kujaast Urdu: Hay wohi ahl e basharat jo ishara samjhay Yun toe haen nuktay bohat, mehram e israr kahan English:=== Blessed is one who reads a book but reads it between the print Not the rest of us who see the clues but never take a hint Persian: Her sar e moo e mara ba to hazaran kaar ast Ma kujaaem o naseehatgar e baykaar kujaast Urdu: Roogta, roongta bandhay hay meri bandish e ishq Janay yeh baat naseehatgar e baykaar kahan English:=== And happy is one who loves and loves, and does not ever despair But a wise man who knows not love, he does not really care Persian: Aashiq e khasta zay dard e gham e hijr e to basokht Khud napursi to keh an aashiq e ghamkhar kujaast Urdu: Sokhta aashiq e khata huwa furqat maen teri Too nay poochha bhee naheen, hay mera ghamkhar kahan English:=== So come to me, and be with me, and put out the flaming fire The fire of love that is consuming my body and soul entire


Persian: Baada o mutrib o gul jumla mohayyast walay Aish bay dost mayassar nashawad, yaar kujaast Urdu: Baada o mutrib o gul sab haen muhayya laikin Chain dil ko naheen hasil hay, keh hay yaar kahan English:=== And though I have whatever I want, and whatever I do desire But in your absence I am sick and tired, and my condition is dire Persian: Aql diwana shud an silsila e mushkin koo Dil zay ma gosha garift, abroo e dildar kujaast Urdu: Aql diwani hoie bandho isay gaisoo say Dil gaya haath say, hay abroo e dildar kahan English:=== With you not there I have lost my all, my soul, my faith, my reason And crying and crying all day, all night I have lost my eyes, my vision Persian: Dilam az somaya o sohbat e sheikh ast malool Yaar e tarsabacha koo, khana e khummar kujaast Urdu: Waiz o sheikh ki sohbat maen lagay dil na mera Kya huwa mughbacha, hay khana e khummar kahan English:=== And I cannot bear the sight of sheik; he does not me inspire He says I love an infidel, something I don't admire Persian: Baz purseed zay gaisoo e shikan pur shikanash Kin dil e ghazadaash gashta gariftar kujaast Urdu: Halqa dar halqa teray gaisoo say poochhay koie Hay dil ghamzada zulfoen ka gariftar kahan English:=== So let me find my rest and peace in the shade of your curly hair I do not care for the freedom here; I would rather be a captive there Persian: HAFIZ az baad e khizan dar chaman e dehr maranj Fikr e maqool baferma, gul e bay khar kujaast Urdu: Chaman e dehr maen HAFIZ na khizan ka gham ker Fikr e maqool hay lazim, gul e bay khar kahan English:=== And HAFIZ says I shouldn't despair; the winter is part of life To have a rose without the thorn is life without strife ====

Q Ghazal 21 Persian: Imrooz shah e anjuman e dilbaran yakeest Dilbar agar hazar bawad, dilbar an yakeest Urdu: Aalam maen barh kay sub say wohi dilsitan hay aek Dilber toe haen hazar, sheh e dilberan hay aek English:=== Oh, she is the queen of beauty, so fair, so bright, so sunny And she's my one and only; oh, she is my honey bunny Persian: Man behr e an yakay dil o din dadaam babaad Aebam makun keh hasil e her do jahan yakeest Urdu: Qurban us peh ker diay sub jan o deen o dil Yeh jan ker keh hasil e her do jahan hay aek


English:=== And to her I must surrender, my life, my faith, my reason She's all I have, O preacher, and this is beyond revision Persian: Soedaian e aalam e pindaar ra bagoo Semaya gum kuneed keh sood o zian yakeest Urdu: Soedaian e aalam e pindaar say kaho Semaya gum karo, gham e sood o zian hay aek English:=== And when you are a lover, you give, and give, and give You do not think of profit, and that's the way you live Persian: Khalqay zaban ba daawa e ishqash kushada and Aey man ghulam e an keh dilash ba zaban yakeest Urdu: Daway toe sub zaban say kertay haen ishq kay Maen houn keh maera gufta e qalb o zaban hay aek English;=== In the thinking of a lover there are no twists, no kinks He always does whatever he says; he says whatever he thinks Persian: HAFIZ bar aastana e doulat nihada sar Doulat dar an sar ast keh baa aasta yakeest Urdu: HAFIZ rakh aastana e doulat peh apna ser Doulat yeh hay keh rooh e sar o aastan hay aek English:=== And whatever she asks, O HAFIZ dear, you give, you do, you render You cannot be a lover if your will you do not surrender ====

Q Ghazal 22 Pesrsian: Bia keh qasr e amal sakht sust bunyad ast Biyar baada keh bunyad e umr barbaad ast Urdu: Zaif qasr e tammena ki hay bohat bunyad Pilao baada keh buyad e umr hay barbaad English:=== Desire is a castle built in the air A heartbreak house, a place of despair Persian: Ghulam e himmat e anam keh zaer e charkh e kabood Zay her cheh rang e taaluq pazeerad, azad ast Urdu: Ghulam e himmat e subhan bano keh ger banda Aseer e band e taaluq banay toe hay azad English:=== O preacher, I know it sounds so silly But the captive of love is truly free Persian: Naseehat e kunamat yaad gir or dar amal aar Keh in hadis zay peer e tareeqatam yaad ast Urdu: Hay tum ko gosh e naseehat toe baat maeri suno Keh pand e peer e tareeqat mujhay hay ab tak yaad English;=== Listen to the old when they give advice To ignore their counsel is not very wise Persian: Majoo durusti e ahd az jahan e sust nihad Keh in majooza uroos e hazaar damaad ast Urdu:: Na dhoondh naek nihadi jahan e batil maen Keh is majoosa kay shohar hazaar haen berbaad


English:=== Don't be allured by the worldly pleasure This world is unfaithful by any measure Persian: Cheh gooyamat keh ba maykhana dosh mast o kharaab Saroosh e aalam e ghaebam cheh muzdaha dad ast Urdu: Kharaab o mast nujhay maykaday maen daikh kay kal Saroosh ghaeb nay yeh keh kay ker diya dil shaad English:=== One night in the bar when I was drunk An angel came and said, " You punk! Persian: Keh aey buland nazar shahbaz e sidra nasheen Nashaeman e to na in kunj e mehnatabad ast Urdu: Keh aye buland nazar shahbaz e sidra nasheen Naheen hay gosha e rahat tera mohinabad English:=== "What are you doing in this dusty dungeon, You are an eagle you belong to Eden Persian: Tura zay kangara e aarsh meezanand safir Nadanamat keh dar in daamgah cheh uftaad ast Urdu; Tujhay toe kangara e aarsh daetay haen aawaz Bhala aziz tujhay kun hay daam e puruftaad English:=== "Everyone in Heaven is looking for you What are you doing trapped in this zoo? Persian: Gham e jahan makhur o pand man mabur az yaad Keh in latifa e naghzam zay rehraway yaad ast Urdu: Gham e jahan na karo, baat kuchh suno maeri Keh aek soofi ki baataen haen khub mujh ko yaad English:=== "But don't you worry, and don't despair Listen to the mystic and be sincere Persian: Raza ba dada badeh waz jabeen girha baksha Keh bar man o to dar e Ikhtiar nakshad ast Urdu: Raza e Rab pay ho razi, shikan jabeen pay na daal Na ho ga ham pay kabhee bab e ikhtiar kushad English:=== "You have no choice, listen you clod! Surrender your will to the will of God Persian: Nishaan e mehr o wafa neest dar tabassum e gul Banaal bulbul e miskeen keh jay e feryaad ast Urdu: Naheen tabasssum e gul maen koie nishan e wafa Baja hay bulbul e miskeen agar karay faryaad English:=== "Look, in this garden time goes fast The smiling flowers of spring don't last" Persian: Hasad cheh meeburi aey sustnazm bar HAFIZ Qabool e khatir o lutf e sukhan Khuda daad ast Urdu; Yeh sustnazm hasad kun karay haen HAFIZ say Keh haen yeh shohrat o lutf e sukhan Khuda ki daad


English:=== In verse, O HAFIZ, you have the throne You stand above and you stand alone ====

Q Ghazal 23 Persian: Banal bulbul agar baa manat sar e yaariest Keh ma do aashiq e zaaraem, kaar e ma zaariest Urdu: Ker aek shoer too bulbul jo ham say hay yaari Keh ham haen aashiq e zaar, apna kaam hay zaari English:=== O singing bird, you're my kind of guy We are lovers both, and we can only cry Persian: Dar an chaman keh naseemay wazad zay turra e dost Che ja e dam zadan e naafaha e Tataariest Urdu: Naseem e zulf agar gulsitan ko mehka day Toe kya majal rakhaen naafaha e Tataari English:=== Wherever the air does her tresses kiss There is no need for the ambergris Persian: Biyaar baada keh rangeen kunaem Jama e dilq Keh mast e jam e ghorooraem, naam hushiariest Urdu: Sharaab la keh karaen surkh apna jama e dilq Keh nashsha apna takkabur hay, naam hushiari English:=== Come, fill the cup, and let me get drunk My arrogance and pride has made me a skunk Persian: Na bastaand dar e tohba, halia barkhaiz Keh tohba waqt e gul az aashiqi zay baekaariest Urdu: Naheen hay tohba ka dar band, aashiq e khursand Bhari bahaar maen tohba naheen hay hashiari English:=== So let us drink, and not be so dense The spring is no time for penitence Persian: Saher karishma e waslash ba khaab medidam Zahay maratib e khaabay keh beh zay baedariest Urdu: Karishma wasl ka ger khaab maen nazar aaay Khulay na aankh kabhee, ho kabhee na badaari English:=== You can meet your love, though it'll be fake Dreaming is better than being awake Persian: Khayal e zulf e to pukhtan na kaar e khamanast Keh zaer e silsila raftan tareeq e ayyaariest Urdu: Na khamkaaroun kay bus ki hay bandish e kakul Hay daam e zulf maen aana tareeq e ayyaari English:=== The snare of her hair is not for the straight Only a devious lover does bite the bait Persian: Latitaiest nihani keh ishq az o khaizad Keh naam e an na lab e lal o khat e zingaariest Urdu: Latifa aur hay, hota hay jis say paeda ishq Na naam lal e lab is ka, na khat e zingaari


English:=== There's more to love than passion and sighs The beauty is more than the charming eyes Persian: Jamal e shakhs na chashm ast o zulf o aariz o khaal Hazar nukta dar in kaar o baar e dildaariest Urdu: Yeh sirf zulf ki, aariz ki, lab ki baat naheen Chalay hazay tarheh kaar o baar e dildaari English:=== It isn't just lips that we lovers admire There are many more things that ignite desire Persian: Ba aastan e to mushkil tawan raseed, aaray Urooj bar falak e sarwari ba dushwaariest Urdu: Lagana ser taeray der per her ik ka kaam naheen Keh milti sarwari ser ko hay yeh ba dushwaari English:=== To be her slave is no ordinary thing I'd rather be her vassal than be a king Persian: Rawindagan e tareeqat ba neemjoe nakhrand Qaba e atlas e an kas keh az hunar aariest Urdu: Qaba e atlas e zarreen e baehunar ki koie Karay na mard e tareeqat kabhee khareedaari English:=== Money sans talent is nothing to admire No mystic would want a kingly attire Persian: Dilash ba nala meaazar o khatm kun HAFIZ Keh rustgaari e javaed dar kamaazaariest Urdu: Fughan say ker na too aazurda dil ko aey HAFIZ Hay rustgaari e dayam daroon kamaazari English:=== It hurts us, HAFIZ, whenever you cry And hurting others one should not try ====

Q Ghazal 24 Persian: Baroo ba kar e khud aey waiz ,in cheh faryaad ast Mara fitada dil az cuff, tura cheh uftaad ast Urdu: Lag apni rah too waiz, karay hay kun fayyaad Hay dil fitada mera, tujh pa kya pari uftaad English:=== Leave me, O preacher, and let it all be The problem is mine; so leave it to me Persian: Ba kaam ta narasanad mara labash chu nai Naseehat e hama aalam ba gosh e man baad ast Urdu: Milaen na nai ki tarheh jab talak laboun say wo lab Jahan bhar ki naseehat hay baad, baybunyaad English:=== The cure of my pain is there in her lips So the counsel of yours is no good to me Persian: Mian e o keh Khuda aafrida ast az heech Daqeeqa eest keh heech aafrida nakshaad ast Urdu: Wo taeri parli kamar jo keh hay, naheen bhee hay Daqeeqa hay jo keh hota naheen kisie say kushaad


English:=== From naught to naught it has come to be Her waist is so fine no one can see -

Persian: Gada e koo e to az hasht khuld mustaghniest Aseer e band e to az her do aalam azaad ast Urdu: Faqir e koocha tera bayniaz e khud bareen Aseer e band tera do jahan maen hay azaad English:=== A slave of her beauty cares not for Eden Her captive of love is truly free Persian: Agar cheh hasti e ishqam kharab kard walay Asaas e hasti e man zin kharaababad ast Urdu: Agar cheh masti e ulfat kharaab kerti hay Isie kharabi say hotay haen jan o dil abaad English:=== My life is empty without her grace Wherever I look, there always is she Persian: Dila manaal zay baedad e joer e yaar keh yaar Tura naseeb hameen karda ast o in daad ast Urdu: Naheen shikayat joer o itab ker aey dil Naseeb maen teray likhkhi hay yaar ki baydaad English:=== If cruel she is, cry not, O heart Surrender your will; it's God's decree Persian: Faraeb e ishwa e husn az jahan e peer makhur Keh her keh kard boo e ikhtilat nashaad ast Urdu: Faraeb e ishwa e husn e jahan e peer na kha Keh is say jis nay kya ikhtilat hay nashaad English:=== Don't be deceived; this world is a witch She is a siren of deep blue sea Persian: Baroo malamat e durdi kashan makun naseh Keh rizq o qismat e razzaq e ma hameen daad ast Urdu; Na ker malamat e durdi kashan too aey naseh Yahi hay rizq hamara, yahi Khuda ki daad English:=== Scorn not, O preacher, our drunken ways It's the will of God beyond you and me Persian: Baroo fasana makhan o fasoon madam HAFIZ Kaz in fasana o afsoon mara basay yaad ast Urdu: Na ker fasoon o fasanay ki baat aey HAFIZ Keh haen fasana o afsoon hazar mujh ko yaad English:=== And don't give us, HAFIZ, your wild talk Your stories drive us all up the tree ====

Q Ghazal 25 Persian: Bay mehr e rukhat rooz e mara noor namandast Waz umr e mara juz shab e deejoor namandast Urdu: Bay chehra teray, din maen meray noor naheen hay Aur umr meri juz shab e deejoor naheen hay


English:=== With your sunshine gone, day looks like a night And night looks darker, which gives me a fright Persian; Hangaam e wida e to zay bus girya keh kardam Door az rukh e to chashm e mara noor namandast Urdu: Maen tujh say bichertay hoay roya houn kuchh itna Aankhoun maen meri too jo naheen, noor naheen hay English:=== Ever since you left, I've cried and cried So much so that I've lost my sight Persian: Min baad cheh sood ar qadamay ranja kunad dost Kaz jan ramaqay dar tan e ranjoor namandast Urdu: Ab kaisay karaen hum dam e isa ki tamanna Jinay kay jo qabil tan e ranjoor naheen hay English:=== Even if you came, it is no use now From body my life is taking its flight Persian: Meraft khayal e to zay chashm e man o meguft Hayhaat az in gosha keh maamoor namandast Urdu: Chhor aankh tera dhiyan gaya mujh say yeh keh ker Sad haif wo gosha jo keh maamoor naheen hay English:=== So dark it is that the image stored Of yours in my eye is not in sight Persian: Nazdeek shud an dam keh raqeeban ba to gooyand Door az darat an khasta e ranjoor namandast Urdu: Aa pounhcha hay wo waqt, kahaen ghaer yeh tujh say Dar say teray kuchh door yeh ranjoor naheen hay English:=== I'm so far from you that contain they can't My awful rivals their sheer delight Persian: Az talkhi e hijran e to, zin gardish e baymehr Sozam man az in ghussa keh mastoor namandast Urdu: Hay talkhi hijran asar e gardish e baymehr Jalta houn keh yeh raaz bhee mastoor naheen hay English:=== Your absence though is due to my fate I am very,very angry and very uptight Persian: Wasl e to ajal ra zay saram door hameedasht Az doulat e hijr e to kunun door namandast Urdu: Paikaan e ajal door raha qurb say taeray Jab say too huwa door, yeh kuchh door naheen hay English:=== When you were here, my death was at bay But the outlook now is not very bright Persian: Sabr ast mara chara zay hijran e to laikin Chun sabr tawan kard keh maqdoor namandast Urdu: Hay sabr hi ik chara teray hijr ka laikin Kya sabr karoun jab keh yeh maqdoor naheen hay English:=== They say that patience is my only hope But patience in me is less than slight


Persian: Dar hijr e to gar chashm e mara aab namandast Goo khun e jigar raiz keh maazoor namandast Urdu: Pani raha ronay ko na ger aankh maen maeri Jab tak hay lahoo dil maen wo maazoor naheen hay English:=== Although no water is left in my eyes There's plenty of blood both red and bright Persian: HAFIZ zay gham az girya naperdakht ba khanda Maatamzada ra daeya e soor namandast Urdu: Rota hay mera dil jo gham e ishq maen HAFIZ Dam bhar ki khushi bhee isay maqdoor naheen hay English:=== So cry not, says HAFIZ; resign to fate It's all written there in black and white ====

Q Ghazal 26 Persian: Juz aastan e to am dar jahan panahay neest Sar e mara bajuz in dar hawalagahay neest Urdu: Tumharay der kay siva aur koie panah naheen Siwaay is kay koie bhee hawalagah naheen English:=== In you, my love, is my only refuge Only you can save me from deluge Persian: Aado chun tegh kashad, man saper baandazam Keh teer e ma bajuz az naalay o aahay neest Urdu; Aado jo aashiq e khasta pah khaenchay taegh, kaho Keh teer us kay taeen juz fughan o aah naheen English:=== Exposed I am to my rival's dart My body is weak, and frail is my heart Persian: Chira zay koo e kharabaat rooe bartabam Kaz in baham ba jahan heech rasm o rahay neest Urdu: Monh apna koo e kharabaat say maen kun phaeroun Keh yan say baish kaheen maeri rasm o rah naheen English:=== My day and night I spend in the bar My only friend is the wine jar Persian: Zamana gar bazanad aatisham ba kharman e umr Bagoo, basoz keh bar man babarg e kahay neest Urdu: Zamana ger too jalata hay maeray kharman ko Jala keh us maen toe kuchh bhee siwaay kah naheen English:=== And I don't care what happens to me I'm between devil and deep blue sea Persian: Ghulam e nargis e jammash e an sahi sarvam Keh az sharaab e ghuroorash ba kas nigahay neest Urdu: Ghulam e shokhi chashm e sahiqadan houn maen Milatay apni kisie say jo wo nigah naheen


English:=== But I am a slave of your charming eyes Although I know it is not very wise Persian: Mabash dar paay aazar o her cheh khahi kun Keh dar shariat e ma ghaer az in gunahay neest Urdu: Jo chahay keejiay dil ko dukhaiay na magar Keh koie dunya maen is say bara gunah naheen English:=== Be kind to all whether stranger or kin To hurt someone is a terrible sin Persian: Inaan kasheeda raw aey badshah e kishwar e husn Keh neest bar sar e rahay keh dad khahay neest Urdu: Dayar e husn ki malka, na aesay naaz say chal Keh rah koie naheen jis maen dad khah naheen English:=== O beauty queen, don't be so proud We all need you, the entire crowd Persian: Aqaab e jour kushadast baal dar hama sheher Kaman e gosha nashini o teer e aahay neest Urdu: Aqaab e jour nay kholaen haen baal o per laikin Kaman e gosha nasheenan maen teer e aah naheen English:=== The evil and malice are all over city Nobody has heard of mercy and pity Persian: Kunun keh dar hama soo daam e rah mebeenam Beh az himayat zulf e to am panahay neest Urdu: Haen rah e ishq maen saw daam her taraf, so mujhay Siwaay halqa e gaisoo koie panah naheen English;=== The traps are there and their number huge In you, my love, is my only refuge Persian: Khazeena e dil e HAFIZ ba zulf o khal madeh Keh karha e chunin hadd e har siyahay neesy Urdu: Khazeena e dil e HAFIZ ba zulf o khal na day Keh itnay kaam ki toe her shay e siyah naheen English:=== Be careful, says HAFIZ, of her locks and mole The blacks are lovely but they take their toll ====

Q Ghazal 27 Persian: Hasil e kargeh e kon o makan in hama neest Bada paesh aar keh asbab e jahan in hama neest Urdu: Hasil e kargeh e kon o makan kuchh bhee naheen Pi kay ho mast keh asbab e jahan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== The heavens are empty, and the world is naught It's an illusion in which we are caught Persian: Az dil o jan sharaf e sohbat e janan gharz ast Hama an ast wagarna dil o jan in hama neest



Hay dil o jan say hamaen sohbat e janan ki talab Keh badoun wasl hamaray dil o jan kuchh bhee naheen

English:=== Her company I cherish with all my soul The pain of her absence is beyond control Persian: Minnat e sadra o toba zay paay saaya makash Keh chun khush bangari aey sarv e ravan in hama neest Urdu: Saaya e sadra o toba na milay toe kya hay Taeray aagay yeh shajer, sarv e ravan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== In heaven and earth, unique is she And like my cypress, no cypress can be Persian: Doulat an ast keh bay khun e dil aayad ba kinar Warna baa see e amal bagh e jinan in hama neest Urdu: Wohi doulat hay jo bay khun e jigar haath aaay Ger wo mehnat say milay, bagh e jinan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== O preacher, rewards of the afterlife They aren't worth the pain and strife Persian: Panj roozay keh der in merhala mohlat dari Khush biaasai zamanay keh zaman in hama neest Urdu: Yak zaman ger milay mohlat toe ghaneemat jano Keh kashakash kay siva kaar e jahan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== So let's be happy with what we get And about the strife, let's not fret Persian: Bar lab e behr e fana muntazaem aey saqi Fursatay daan keh zay lab ta ba dahan in hama neest Urdu: Ber lab e behr e fana baethay haen hum aey saqi Lay kay may aa keh raha waqt yahan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== We are at the precipice of void at best In the time we have let's drink with zest Persian: Zahid aeman masho az baazi e ghairat, zinhaar Keh rah e someea ta daer e mughan in hama neest Urdu: Zuhd o taqwa peh na ho itna too nazan zahid Keh rah e someea ta daer e mughan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== O preacher, be proud not so of your creed The pub isn't far from the mosque indeed Persian: Dardmandi chu man e sokhta e zaar o nazaar Zahiran hajit taqreer o bayan in hama neest Urdu: Aisa bay bus hay dil e sokhta e zaar o nazaar Keh isay hajit e taqreer o bayan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== With grief and pain my heart is in shock So weak it is, it can't even talk Persian: Az tahattak makun andaesha o chu gul khush baash Zan keh tamkeen e jahan e guzaran in hama neest Urdu: Fikr e ruswai na ker, aesh say reh gul ki tarheh Keh yeh sab izz e jahan e guzaran kuchh bhee naheen


English:=== So worry you not, make the best of it Your pain is bound to one day remit Persian: Naam e HAFIZ raqamay naek pazeeraft walay Paesh e rindaan raqam e sood o ziyan in hama neest Naam e HAFIZ ko mili hay raqam e naek magar Paeh e rindaan raqam e sood o ziyan kuchh bhee naheen English:=== And though HAFIZ I am both famous and rich I can kick it all without a hitch ====

Q Ghazal 28 Persian: Khushtar zay aesh e sohbat o bagh o bahar cheest Saqi kujaast goo sabab e intazar cheest Urdu: May kay baghaer bazm hay kya, nobahar kya Saqi kahan hay aur hay yeh intazar kya English:=== How pretty is the garden, how nice the spring So come, my love, some wine you bring Persian: Maani e aab e zindagi o roza e aram Juz tarf e jooebar o may e khushgawar cheest Urdu: Maani e aab e zindagi o roza e aram Juz tarf e jooebar o may e khushgawar kya English:=== And without wine and women in the paradise There'll be nothing, O preacher, to advertise Persian: Her waqt e khush keh dast dehad mughtanam shumaar Kas ra waqoof neest keh anjaam e kaar cheest Urdu: Thori bohat khushi bhee zamanay maen hay bohat Juz ranj werna umr ka anjaam kaar kya English:=== O let's be happy, and have no strife For after this life, there may be no life Persian: Paewand e umr basta ba mooyast, hosh dar Ghamkhar e khaish bash, gham e roozgaar cheest Urdu: Daam e zaman say bach kay maen uljha houn zulf maen Hay taera gham to mujh ko gham e roozgaar kya English:=== I love the chain of her braided hair And the pangs of bondage I love to bear Persian: Raz e daroon e parda zay rindaan e mast purs Aey muddayi niza e to az Perdadaar cheest Urdu; Raz e daroon e purda toe mastoun say poochhiay Hosh o khirad ko wasta e Perdadaar kya English:=== The mystery of being only topers know And the pious men only put up a show Persian: Mastoor o mast her do chun az yak qabeela and Ma dil ba ishwaay keh dahaem ikhtiaar cheest Urdu: Darwaish o rind asl maen donoun hi aek haen Dil day kay un kay paa raha ikhtiaar kya


English:=== The mystics and topers indeed are one For the choice, being lovers, they have none Persian: Sehv o khata e banda chun geerand aetabaar Mani e afv o rehmat e Perwardigaar cheest Urdu: Makr o faraeb dunya maen haen kaamyaab jab Mani e afv o rehmat e Perwardigaar kya English:=== This world of ours is full of conceit And wherever you look, there's deceit Persian: Zahid sharaab e kousar o HAFIZ piyala khast Ta darmiyana khasta e Kardgaar cheeest Urdu: Kousar ka khumr sheikh ko, HAFIZ ko jaam e may Donoun maen hay pasand tujhay Kardgaar kya English:=== The preacher is pious and HAFIZ a sinner Let's see in Heaven who'll be the winner ====

Q Ghazal 29 Persian: Dil saraparda e mohabbat e ooast Dida aainadaar e talaat e ooast Urdu: Dil hay aaraamgah e ulfat e dost Dida aainadaar e talaat e dost English:=== My heart is a place for her to repose So wherever she is, it stays very close Persian: Man keh dar sar niawaram ba do kon Gardenam zaer e baar e minnat e oost Urdu: Khusrav e bakhtiar o dara shikoh Sab kay sab zaer e baar e minnat e dost English:=== With his love for her, even the mightiest king To her two little feet does he want to cling Persian: To o toba o ma o qamat e yaar Fikr e har kas ba qadr e himmat e oost Urdu: Fikr e her kas ba qadr e himmat hay Toba zahid ko, ham ko qamat e dost English:=== A beggar, a lover, a preacher, a king According to his measure does everything Persian: Dour e Majnoon guzisht o naubat e maast Her kasay panj rooza naubat e oost Urdu: Maen bhee ik janasheen Qais ka houn Yun toe milti hay sub ko ulfat e dost English:=== If Romeo is dead, the lovers are not And love from their hearts you cannot blot Persian: Man keh basham dar an haram keh saba Purdadaar e hareem e hurmat e oost Urdu: Maen hi kya is haram maen, yan hay saba Purdadaar e hareem e hurmat e dost


English:=== Oh, God may be hidden but He is also bare You can also see Him if you only care -

Persian: Mulkat e aashqi o gunj e tarab Her cheh daram zay yumn e himmat e oost Urdu: Doulat e aashqi o ganj e tarab Jo bhee kuchh hay, wo hay badoulat e dost English:=== The treasure of love and the kingdom of bliss Given us He has whether that or this Persian: Man o dil gar fana shawaem, cheh baak Gharz ander mian salamat e oost Urdu: Maen fana ho gaya toe kya gham hay Ker Khudaya magar hifazat e dost English:=== And whether we live or whether we die Destruction and death He'll always defy Persian: Bay khayalash mabaad manzar e chashm Zan keh in gosha khas dolat e oost Urdu: Manzar e chashm us baghaer naheen Hay yahee kunj e khas e doulat e dost English:=== And whether on earth or up in the sky He is never hidden from His lover's eye Persian: Gar man aalooda damanam, cheh ajab Hama aalam gawah e asmat e oost Urdu: Aeb daeta hay mujh ko, laikin hay Sara aalam gawah e asmat e dost English:=== O there is no doubt that I am a sinner But having His grace I can be a winner Persian: Her gul e nou keh shud chaman aara Asar e rang o boo e soubat oost Urdu: Her gul e nau bahaar rakhta hay Asar e rang o boo e sohbat e dost English:=== And every new flower that graces the spring It has been ordered by the Heavenly king Persian: Fiqr e zahir mabeen keh HAFIZ ra Seena gunjeena e mohabbat e oost Urdu: Fuqr o ghurbat maen bhee hay HAFIZ ka Seena ganjeena e mohabbat e dost English:=== And though HAFIZ is poor, and odd, and flawed He has in his heart the love of God ====

Q Ghazal 30 Persian: Didi keh yaar juz sar e jour o sitam nadasht Bashkist ahd e ma o az oo heetch gham nadasht Urdu: Us sang dil ka kaam sivaay sitam naheen Waday ko toarnay maen kisi say bhee kum naheen


English:=== With a stony heart and the cruel eyes Oh, how her lovers she crucifies Persian: Ya Rab mageerad ar cheh dil e chu kabootaram Afgand o kusht o hurmat e sayd e haram nadasht Urdu: Zakhmi kiya hay kaesa kabooter samajh kay dil Us ko zara bhee hurmat e sayd e haram naheen English:=== She has no pity for the wounded heart It cries and cries until it dies Persian: Bar man jafa zay bakht e bad aamad wagerna yaar Hasha keh rasm e jour o tareeq e sitam nadasht Urdu: Qismat maen haen hamari jafaen wagerna wo Rakhta rasoom e jour o tareeq e sitam naheen English:=== And when I protest the penance I get By blaming it on fate she justifies Persian: Dil in hama jafa keh ba khari kasheed az oo Her ja keh raft, heech kasash mohteram nadasht Urdu: Ruswa kya hay ishq nay kuchh dil ko is terheh Rindoun ki bazm maen bhee wo kuchh mohtaram naheen English:=== Notorious so much have I become Not even a drunkard on me relies Persian: Saqi biyar baada o ba muddayi bagoo Inkaar e ma makun keh chunin jaam e Jam nadasht Urdu: Saqi sharaab day mujhay, mat day raqeeb ko Daekh is kay pas mujh sa koie jaam e Jam naheen English:=== So much respect have I lost that to me A drink on credit the barman denies Persian: Her rehraway keh reh ba hareem daarash naburd Miskeen bureed wadi o reh dar haram nadasht Urdu: Kerta naheen tawaf jo taeray hareem ka Jangal hay us ki rah maen, rah e haram naheen English:=== A mystic who pays not homage to her For going to Mecca he not qualifies Persian: Khush waqt rind e mast keh dunya o aakhirat Berbaad daad o heech az o baesh o kam nadasht Urdu: Khush waqt hay wo rind jisay do jahan maen Berbaadian qabul, gham e baesh o kum naheen English:=== And blessed is lover who suffers and suffers And comforts of life to himself denies Persian: HAFIZ babar to goo e fasaahat keh muddaie Heechash hunar nabood o khabar neez ham nadasht Urdu: HAFIZ taeray bayan ki fasaahat ko daekh ker Hota hay dushmanoun ko teray rashk kum naheen English:=== And the way you say it your rival, O HAFIZ Can't possibly say although he tries ====


Q Ghazal 31 Persian: Roza e khuld e bareen khilwat e durvaeshanast Maya e mohtashami khidmat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Roza e khuld e bareen khilwat e durvaeshan hay Maya e mohtashami khidmat e durwaeshan hay English:=== Retreat of mystics is a heavenly haunt To be in their service, who wouldn't want? Persian: Kunj e uzlat keh tilismat e ajaib darad Fath e an dar nazar e himmat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Yun toe haen gosha nasheeni maen tilismat bohat Mojeza us ko jisay himmat e durvaeshan hay English:=== Their site of worship is a place of wonder Where day and night miracles they render Persian: Qasr e firdous keh rizwaansh ba derbaani raft Manzar e az chaman e nuzhat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Qasr e firdos keh rizwaan hay derbaan jis ka Manzar e yak chaman e nuzhat e durvaeshan hay English:=== Embark when they do on the mystical way Heaven is something they see every day Persian: An cheh zaar meeshawad az pertoo a an, qalb e siyah Kimiyaest keh dar sohbat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Aek pertoo say banaen jin kay siyah dil zerrin Keemya un kay liay sohbat e durvaeshan hay English:=== Close to the mystics you've Midas' touch Becomes it gold whatever you clutch Persian: Wan keh paeshash banihad taaj e takkabur khursheed Kibriyaest keh dar hashmat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Jhuk kay paoun pay rakhay taaj e takkabur suraj Jab usay aaay nazer hashmat e durvaeshan hay English:=== The sun and the moon come down to earth To worship the mystics at the time of birth Persian: Doulatay ra keh nabashad gham e aasaeb e zavaal Bay takalluf bashuno doulat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Doulat aisie, na ho aasaeb e tanazzul jis ko Hay agar koie toe wo daulat e durvaeshan hay English:=== The wealth of the mystics is beyond compare It is not something that one can pare Persian: Khusravan qibla e hajaat e jahanand walay Sabbabash bandagi e hazrat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Khusravan qibla e hajaat e zamana jo haen Un ko bhee bandagi e hazrat e durvaeshan hay English:=== And even a king, almighty and brave He bows to them, and becomes their slave


Persian: Roo e maqsood keh shahan e jahan meetalaband Mazherash aaena e talat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Khoobrooie, karaen shahan e jahan jis ki talab Pertoo e aaina e talat e durvaeshan hay English:=== In the world of ours, all beauty and grace Reflections they are of a mystic's face Persian: Aey tawangar mafaroush in hama nakhwat keh tura Sarvari dar kanaf e himmat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Keh do maghroor raisoun say keh un ki saari Shaan o shokat ki panah khilwat e durvaeshan hay English:=== The high, the mighty, the giants, the kings They gain their stature under mystics' wings Persian: Gunj e qaroon keh faro meerawad az qahr hunooz Khanda bashi to keh az ghairat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Ganj e qaroon keh tah e khaak huwa jata hay Sharm ka us ki sabbab ghairat e durvaeshan hay English:=== When sees Croesus the mystics' wealth Out of shame he resorts to stealth Persian: Banda e asif e ahdaem keh dar saltanatash Surat e khajgi o seerat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Banda e ahd e Sulaimani haen hum us kay huzoor Surat e khajgi o seerat e durvaeshan hay English:=== A slave am I to the grand vazier With a mystic's nature, he has no peer Persian: Aey dil ar aab e hayat e abadi meetalabi Mambaash khak e dar e khilwat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Dil agar chahay baqa, do usay wo aab e Khizar Jis ka sarchashma dar e khilwat e durvaeshan hay English:=== And if you're looking for the spring of youth Find it you will in a mystic's booth Persian: Az karaan ta ba karaan lashkar e zulm ast agar Az azal ta ba adad fursat e durvaeshanast Urdu: Lashkar e zulm hay dunya maen karaan ta ba karaan Per azal ta ba abad fursat e durvaeshan hay English:=== If tyranny and evil spring from the palace In the shack of a mystic there is no malice Persian: HAFIZ inja ba adab bash keh sultan o malik Hama dar bandagi e hazrat durvaeshanast Urdu: HAFIZA shart e adab hay keh yahan sultan bhee Dast basta ba dar e khilwat e durvaeshan hay English:=== O HAFIZ, be courtious in the mystics' abode Even a king comes there in a beggar's mode ====


Q Ghazal 32 Persian: Roozgariest keh soda e butan deen a man ast Gham e in kaar nishat e dil ghamgeen e man ast Urdu: Aek muddat say hay soda e butan deen mujhay Aur gham e ishq nishat e dil e ghamgeen mujhay English:=== The love of beauties has become my creed And having the pangs is a joy indeed Persian: Didan e roo e tura dida e jan meebayad Win kuja mertaba e chashm e jahan been e man ast Urdu: Chahiay hay teray didar ko ik dida e jan Per naheen mertaba e chashm e jahan been mujhay English:=== Crying in her absence I've become blind And her without sight I cannot find Persian: Ta mara ishq e to taalim e sukhan guftan kard Khalq ra wird e zaban madhat o tehseen e man ast Urdu: Ishq nay jab say sukhan goie mujhay bakhshi hay Sara daeta hay jahan madhat o tehseen mujhay English:=== But it has also made me fluent and witty And famous I am throughout the city Persian: Doulat e fuqr Khudaya ba man arzani dar Kin karamat sabbab e hushmat o tamkeen e man ast Urdu: Doulat e fuqr ki ya Rab mujhay arzani ho Ho faqeery kay sabbab hushmat o tamkeen mujhay English:=== The wine of love is wonderful brew For it has made me a mystic too Persian: Waiz e shehna shanaas in azzamat goo mafaroosh Zan keh manzil gah e sultan dil e miskeen e man ast Urdu: Daekh nafrat say na waiz keh diya hay Rab nay Aek manzil gah e sultan dil e miskeen mujhay English:=== So rich has become my poor little heart Tell it you can't from a king apart Persian: Rasm e aashiq kushi o shaewa e shehr ashobi Kaar e an shokh e siyah charda e shireen mujhay Urdu: Rasm e ashiq kushi o shaewa a shehr ashobi La kay wo do rukh e namkeen, lab e shireen mujhay English:=== Killing her lovers is her favorite sport The dark little girl we all love to court Persian: Az keh daryagari aamokht khayal e to magar Rehnumayash shuda in ashk e chu perween e man ast Urdu: Hijr ki raat maen girtay rahay baarish ki terhah Wo maeray ashk kay motie jo haen perween mujhay English:=== When she is not there I cry and cry My tears keep falling like stars from sky


Persian: Ya Rab in kaaba e maqsood ziyarat kah e keest Keh mugheelan e tareeqash gul o nasreen a man ast Urdu: Yeh haram konsa, yeh kis ki ziyarat gah hay Jis kay haen khaar e mugheelan gul o nasreen mujhay English:=== When in her street I seek my abode Like flowers become the thistles on road Persian: Yaar e ma baash keh zaeb e falak o zeenat e dehr Az mah e roo e to waz ashk chu perween e man ast Urdu: Kertay haen zaeb e falak, zeenat e dunya donoun Rukh jo mahtab tera, ashk jo perween mujhay English: For the world of ours it is a boon My tears like stars, your face like moon Persian: HAFIZ az hashmat e pervaiz digar qissa makhan Keh labash juraakash e khusrav e shireen e man ast Urdu; Chhor yeh madhat e Pervaiz, suna aey HAFIZ Qissa e noosh e lab e khusrav e shireen mujhay English:=== O praise not HAFIZ, the mighty kings You come and admire the beautiful things ====

Q Ghazal 33 Persian: Roo e to kas nadeed o hazarat raqeeb hast Dar ghunchaie humooz o sadat andaleeb hast Urdu: Daekhay baghaer tujh ko hazaroun raqeeb haen Ghuncha abhee khila naheen sad andaleeb haen English:=== A darling unseen, with lovers in herds A budding flower, with scores of birds Persian: Gar aamdam ba koo e to chandan ghareeb neest Chu man dar in dayaar hazaran ghareeb hast Urdu: Mujh sa yahaan pay koie gharib ul watan naheen Yun toe taeray watan maen hazaroun ghareeb haen English:=== Not only am I who is so poor Lovers has God, both cultured and boor Persian: Her chand dooram az to keh door az to kas mabad Laikin umeed e wasl e to am anqareeb hast Urdu: Furqat maen rotay, rotay qaraar aa gaya mujhay Lagta hay aisa wasl kay din kuchh qareeb haen English:=== I have a feeling, it may be bizarre My union with Him is not very far Persian: Dar ishq khanqa o kharabat shart neest Her ja keh hast pertou e roo e habeeb hast Urdu: Kuchh shart khanqa o kharabat ki naheen Her simt aks ha e jamal e habib haen English:=== A temple, a mosque, pagoda, or church Him you'll find wherever you search


Persian: An ja keh kaar e somea ra jalwa meedahand Naqoos o daer o rahib o naam e saleeb hast Urdu: Her gah kaar o baar e ibadat maen jalwagar Naqoos o daer o rahib o naam e saleeb haen English:=== An organ, a bell, a song, or a gong In business of worship they all belong Persian: Aashiq keh shud keh yaar ba haalash nazar nakard Aey khaja dard neest wagarna tabeeb hast Urdu: Aashiq tha koun Haq ka jisay Haq na mil saka Kamyaab dard e dil hay bohat say tabeeb haen English:=== The love of God is an ailment severe There are no patients though Doctor is there Persian: Feryaad e HAFIZ in hama aakhir ba herza neest Ham qissa e ghareeb o hadees e ajeeb hast Urdu: Feryaad maen asar na ho kuin HAFIZA keh jab Too nadira sukhan, taeray qissay ajeeb haen English:=== Your way of crying, O HAFIZ of mine It rends my heart, but it's so divine ====

Q Ghazal 34 Persian: Riwaq e manzar e chashm e man aashiana e tust Karam numa o faro aa keh khana khana e tust Urdu: Makan dida mera, dil qayam khana tera Too aa kabhee toe keh soona hay aashiana tera English:=== O make my eyes your only home In my park of love do come and roam Persian; Ba lutf e khal o khat az aarifan raboodi dil Latifaha e ajab zaer e daam o dana e tust Urdu: Haen khal o khad say teray sayd aarifoun kay dil Kashish hay daam maen taeray, laziz dana tera English:=== Your beauty spot has stolen the heart Of a mystic like me from the very start Persian: Dilat ba wasl e gul aey bulbul e chaman khush baad Keh dar chaman hama gulbaang e aashiqana e tust Urdu: Chaman ka saaz hay gulbaang maen teri bulbul Guloun ka rang hay sab rang e aashiqana tera English:=== You are the rose, I nightingale To sing to you I'll never fail Persian: Ilaj e zoaf e dil e ma ba lab hawalat kun Keh an muferra e yaqout dar khazana e tust Urdu: Ilaj e zoaf dil e zaar do laboun maen teray Hay pur mufarra e yaqout say khazana tera


English:=== The nature of ailment may be obscure But in your lips you have the cure Persian: Ba tan muqassaram az doulat e mulazimatat Wallay khulasa e jan khak e aastana e tust Urdu: Agar cheh maen raha mehroom e doulat e khidmat Bana khulasa e jan laikin aastana tera English:=== Though in your service I couldn't enroll In the dust of your feet are my heart and soul Persian: Cheh ja e man keh balarzad sapehr e shobadabaz Az in hayel keh dar ambana e bahana e tust Urdu: Maen kya, larazta hay yeh aasman e sahir bhee Keh mannay ko hay tayyar her bahana tera English:=== Of making a promise you aren't shy But no one lies the way you lie Persian: Man an neyam keh daham naqd e dil ba her shoukhay Dar e khazana ba mohr e to o nishana e tust Urdu: Maen wo naheen keh her ik khubroo ko dil day doun Keh mohr is pay hay taeri, hay yeh khazana tera English:=== Oh, how I love you I wish you knew My heart belongs to none but you Persian: Too khud cheh laabati aey shehsawar e shirinkar Keh toesanay chu falak raam e tazyana e tust Urdu: Too aisa but hay keh aey shehsawar e shirin lab Jhukaay toesan gardoun ko tazyana tera English:=== But I'm not the only, for you who craves The stars and the moon are all your slaves Persian: Saroud e majlisat aknoun falak ba raqs aarad Keh shaer e HAFIZ e shirin sukhan tarana e tust Urdu: Saroud e bazm say raqsan huwa falak, jab say Hay shaer e HAFIZ e shirin sukhan tarana tera English:=== But your HAFIZ whenever his verse recites The angels and houris he greatly delights ==== Ghazal 35 Persian: Raseeda am ba muqaamay keh lamakan anjast Na naam e roo e zamin o na aasman anjast Urdu: Muqaam maera hay aisa keh lamakan hay yahan Na naam e roo e zamin aur na aasman hay yahan English:=== The realm of nothingness did I finally reach And the limits of being I managed to breach Persian: Do dida baaz makun, dar rooash do lab makusha Na taab e didan o nay taaqat e bayan anjast Urdu: Na aankhaen khol, na jumbish laboun ko day is ja Na taab e deed, na kuchh taaqat e bayan hay yahan


English:=== Open not the mouth, and blink not the eye For allowed you aren't to speak or pry Persian: Ba wadiay keh guzishtam na ja e chun o chirast Na soorat ast o na shakl o na jism o jan anjast Urdu: Yeh wadi, is maen naheen koie ja e chun o chira Na koie shakl, na surat, na jism o jan hay yahan English:=== There's nothing to ask, and none to inform No life, no body, no shape, no form Persian: Chira to aashiq e an gul nameeshawi bulbul Keh nay bahar kunad gah o nay khizan anjast Urdu: Kuin ishq e gul naheen kerta too yan pay aey bulbul Na is chaman maen baharan hay, nay khizan hay yahan English:=== O nightingale, go there to sing Where neither is autumn nor is the spring Persian: Wabaal e kushtan e Farhad bar sarash zan ast Keh dar muqaam e taashshuq na imtahan anjast Urdu: Nikalay nehr bhee Ferhad aur day jan bhee Yeh kaisa ishq ko derpaesh imtahan hay yahan English:=== And where there're no heaves, no sighs No Juliet betrayed; no Romeo cries Persian: Khataast kalma e Mansoor dar reh e wehdat Cheh goona saut e lab o jumbish e zaban anjast Urdu: Khata hay naara e Mansoor rah e wehdat maen Sada e lab hay, na hi jumbish e zaban hay yahan English:=== And after his union, no matter how odd No mystic's allowed to say he is GOD Persian: Ba gird e khana e mehboob khud maroo HAFIZ Keh neem shab shud o baedaar paasban anjast Urdu: Na gird e khana e mehboob aaio HAFIZ Keh rehta raat maen baedaar paasban hay yahan English:=== Go there not, HAFIZ, and make no mistake Even at night her guardian is awake ==== Ghazal 36 Persian: Zahid e zahir parast az haal e ma aagah neest Dar haq e ma her cheh gooyad, ja e hitch akrah neest Urdu: Zahid e zahir parast ahwaal say aagah naheen Jo bhee kehta hay kahay, ham ko zara akreh naheen English:=== The preacher, he knows not me at all Blame him you cannot; his mind is small Persian: Dar tareeqat her cheh paesh e salik aayad khair e oost Dar saraat ul mustaqeem aey dil kasay gumrah neest Urdu: Sufion ki rah maen jo kuchh bhee aaay theek hay Hay saraat ul mustaqeem, is maen koie gumreh naheen


English:=== Though a mystic has hurdles many to cross By the grace of God he isn't at loss Persian: Ta cheh baazi rukh numayad, baezaqay khahaem raand Arsaa e shatranj e rindaan ra majal shah neest Urdu: Daekhtay baazi ka rukh haen ik piyada chal kay ham Arsaa e shatranj e riddaan maen majal e sheh naheen English:=== The game of life is a game of chess To a clod like me it is simply a mess Persian: In cheh istaghnaast ya Rab, win cheh daawar haakim ast Kin hama zakhm e nihanast o majaal aah neest Urdu: Hay yeh kaisie bayniazi, kaisa yeh insaaf hay Is qader zakhm e nihaan aur dard bayperdeh naheen English:=== What sort of justice is it and why I'm not allowed even to sigh? Persian: Cheest in saqf e buland e saada e bisyaar naqsh Zin moamma hitch daana dar jahan aagah neest Urdu: Hay kahan daar ul haqiqat, kon hay is ka makeen Aqlmandaan e jahan is raaz say aageh naheeen English:=== And what is real, and what is not? No one, we know, knows what is what Persian: Her keh khahad goo bia o her keh khahad goo baroo Geerodar o hajib o darbaan dar in dargah neest Urdu: Jis ka jee chaha wo aaya, jis nay chaha wo gaya Yan pay koie geerodar o hajib e dargeh naheen English:=== The final reality is only God His august realm no one has trod Persian: Bar dar e maykhaana raftan kaar e yakrangaan bawad Khudfarooshan ra ba koo e mayfarooshan rah neest Urdu: Rehna may khanay kay dar per mukhlisoun ka kaam hay Khudfaroshoun ki ba koo e mayfaroshan reh naheen English:=== The wine of love is for the sincere Of pangs and pains they have no fear Persian: Banda e peer e kharabaatam keh lutfash daim ast Warna lutf e sheikh o zahid gah ast o gah neest Urdu: Banda e peer e mughan haen, us ka daim hay karam Warna lutf e sheikh o zahid gah hay aur geh naheen English:=== Oh, I am the slave of the abbot of pub Me always the preachers wrongly rub Persian: Sahib diwaan e ma goya nameedanad hisaab Kandarin taghra nishaan e hashat e allah neest Urdu: Sahib e diwaan ko kerna naheen aata hisaab Hukm maen us kay nishaan e hasbat e alleh naheen English:=== Of sin and virtue they keep an account And redemption and mercy they tend to discount


Persian: Her cheh ast az qaamat e nasaaz e bayandaam e maast Warna tashreef e to bar baala e kas kotah neest Urdu: Ik khata e qaamat nasaaz e bayandaam hay Werna yeh khalaat kisie bhee jism per koteh naheen English:=== And they are so lost in the nitty and gritty Unable they are to see God's pity Persian: HAFIZ ar bar sadr bansheenad, zay aali himmatiest Aashiq e durdikash ander band e maal o jah neest Urdu: Wajh e aali shaan hay HAFIZ ki aalihimmati Warna toe durdikashoun ko bandish e rutbeh naheen English:=== If HAFIZ is honored, it's for his vision Of money and power, he has no provision ====

Q Ghazal 37 Persian: Zay girya mardum e chashmam nashista dar khoun ast Babeen keh dar talabat haal e marduman chun ast Urdu: Teray firaq maen yeh chashm chashma e khoun hay Teri talab maen huwa haal e aashiqan yun hay English:=== Your lovers are pouring their blood in tears Their lives are full of pangs and fears Persian: Ba yaad e lal e lab o chashm e mast e maygoonat Zay jaam e gham may e lalay keh meekhoram khoun ast Urdu: Ba yaad e lal e lab o chashm e mast e baadagoon Hay jaam e gham maen may e lalfaam ya khoun hay English:=== And think when I do of your lips and eyes I drink my blood in wine's disguise Persian: Zay mashriq e sar e koo aaftab e taaat e to Agar tulooe kunad taalayam humayoun ast Urdu: Jo niklay kucha e mashriq say aaftab tera Toe khush naseebi hay yeh, qismat e humayoun hay English:=== If only I could get a glimpse of you The joys of life I could renew Persian: Hikayat e lab e Shirin kalam e Ferhaad ast Shikunj a turra e laela muqaam e Majnoon ast Urdu: Hikayat e lab e Shirin hay gufta e Ferhaad Shikanj e gaisoo e laela muqaam e Majnoon hay English:=== Your lips and eyes do me entice Your snare of hair is my paradise Persian: Dilam bajoo keh qadat hamchu sarv e diljoo ast Sukhan bagoo keh kalamat lateef o mouzoun ast Urdu: Hay sarv qamat e dilbar say maeri diljooie Qaraar e dil ba kalaam e lateef o mouzoun hay


English:=== Graceful you are like a cypress tree Your words are sweet as sweet can be Persian: Zay dour e baada ba jan rahatay rasan saqi Keh ranj e khatiram az jour e dour e gardoun ast Urdu: Ata ho rahat e jan dour e jaam say saqi Keh ranj daeta bohat dour e jour e gardoun hay English:=== Come, fill the cup and soothe my pain My peace of mind O let me regain Persian: Az an zamaan keh zay dastam baraft yaar e aziz Kinaar e dida a man hamchu rood e jayhoun ast Urdu: Gaya har chhor kay yaar e aziz jab say hamaen Bahaya khoun kay ashkoun say rood e jayhoun hay English:=== Your absence, my love, I cannot bear Tears I shed of blood in despair Persian: Cheh goona shaad shawad andaroon e ghamgeenam Ba ikhtiar keh az ikhtiar baeroun ast Urdu: Dukhi bohat houn, bhala kis terheh say maen khush houn Keh ikhtiar say baahar yeh tab e mehzoun hay English:=== May be someday I'll again be glad But as of now my life is sad Persian: Zay baykhudi talab e yaar meekunad HAFIZ Chu muflisay keh talabgaar e gunj e qaroon ast Urdu: Jo baykhudi maen karay yaar ki talab HAFIZ Faqir hay yeh talabgaar e ganj e qaroon hay English:=== But come, says HAFIZ, don't be a loon Crying for her is crying for the moon ====

Q Ghazal 38 Persian: Zan yaar e dilnawaazam shukreest baa shikayat Gar nuktadaan e ishqi, khush bashno in hikayat Urdu: Us dilnawaaz ka hay ik shukr baa shikayat Aey nuktadaan ulfat, sun yeh ajab hikayat English:=== To her I'm grateful, but then I'm not She once made a promise, and then she forgot Persian: Bay muzd bood o minnat, her khidmatay keh kardam Ya Rab mabaad kas ra makhdoom e bay inayat Urdu: Bay muzd ham say khidmat kerwaay jo Khudaya Aisa na day kisi ko makhdoom e bay inayat English:=== Oh, how much I served her without reward How thankless a mistress she is, O Lord Persian: Rindaan e tishnalab ra aabay nameedahad kas Gooya wali shanasan raftand az in wilayat Urdu: Rindaan e tishnalab ko paani milay na ab yan Goya wali shanasoun nay chhor di wilayat


English:=== Not a drop of wine to a thirsty toper No love, no mercy, no pity for a pauper Persian: Dar zulf e chu kamandash aey dil mapaich kan ja Sarha bureeda beeni bay jurm o bay jinayat Urdu: Aey dil kamand e gaisoo maen phans na jaio too Kattay haen sar wahan per bay jurm, bay jinayat English: Beware, O heart, of the snare of her locks Innocents she catches in flocks and flocks Persian: In rah e bay nihayat surat kuja tawan bast Kash sad hazaar manzil paesh ast dar bidayat Urdu: Haen manzilaen hararoun ik ibtida maen jis ki Kaisay milay kisi ko is rah ki nihayat English:=== Trap are there on the way everywhere The journey is endless, beware, beware! Persian: Chashmat ba ghamza ma ra khoun khurd o meepasandi Janan rawa nabashad khounraez ra himayat Urdu: Aaya pasand tujh ko mizgaan ka qatl kerna Jana rawa naheen hay khounraez ki himayat English:=== The arrow of her gaze can kill in a wink You fall on the ground before you can blink Persian: Aei aaftaab e khooban, meesozad anderoonam Yak saatam bagunjan dar saya e inayat Urdu: Dil jal raha hay jab say daekhi hay taab taeri Aey aaftaab e khooban ker saya e inayat English:=== For my queen of beauty my heart is on fire With yearning, and longing, and burning desire Persian: Dar in shab e siyaham gumgashta rah e maqsood Az gooshaay baroon aa, aey kokab e hidayat Urdu: Tareek raat maen maen bhatka houn rastay say Aa burj say nikal ker aey kokab e hidayat English:=== In the dark of night I've gone astray O my guiding star, do show me the way Persian: Her chnd burdi aabam, roo az darat nataabam Jour az habib khushtar kaz muddayi riayat Urdu: Bay aabroo kiya hay jour e habib nay ger Behtar adoo ki is say phir bhee naheen inayat English:=== Oh, I am dishonored; I am disgraced To be a lover is to be debased Persian: Az her taraf keh raftam juz wehshatam nayafzood Zinhaar az in biyaban win rah e bay nihayat Urdu: Daeti hay her qadam per wehshat say burh kay wehshat Is dasht e aashqi ki her rah e bay nihayat


English:=== A lover's journey is full of agony Wherever you look, you see only misery Persian: Ishqat rasad ba feryaad, gar khud bassan e HAFIZ Quran zabar bakhani, baa chardeh riayat Urdu: Maashooq dast basta aaay ga paas taeray Quraan jaj perhay ga HAFIZ too baa riayat English:=== If her, says HAFIZ, you want to embrace Just learn to recite Quran with grace ====

Q Ghazal 39 Persian: Sahn e bustan zouq bakhsh o sobat e yaaran khush ast Waqt e gul khush baad kaz way waqt e maykhaaran khush ast Urdu: Bostan hay zouq bakhsh o sohbat e yaaran hay khush Khush ho waqt e gul keh tujh say waqt e maykhaaran hay khush English:=== Surrounded by flowers with a lovely friend Drinking and dancing it does recommend Persian: Az saba her dam mushaam e jaan e ma khush meeshawad Aray, aray, teeb e anfaas e hawadaran khush ast Urdu: Dam ba dam kisay mehektay haen saba say jaan o dil Kis qadar khushboo e anfaas e hawadaaran hay khush English:=== The morning breeze brings the scent To make the heart and soul content Persian: Ta kashooda gul naqaab, aahang e rehlat saaz kard Naala kun bulbul keh gulbaang e dilafgaaran khush ast Urdu; Gul nay bin chehra dikhaay qasd e rehlat ker lia Naala ker bulbul keh gulbaang e dilafgaaran hay khush English;=== O nightingale, do come and sing The spring will soon be on the wing Persian: Murgh e shakhan ra bashaarat baad kander rah e ishq Dost ra baa naala e shabha e baedaaran khush ast Urdu: Murgh e shabkhan ko bashaarat ho keh rah e ishq maen Dost ko yeh naala e shabha e baedaaran hay khush English:=== And God loves those who're up all night Who seek His mercy and are contrite Persian: Gercheh dar baazar e dehr az khushdili juz naam neest Shaewa a rindi o khushbaashi e ayyaran khush ast Urdu: Khushdili kum hay bohat dunya maen laikin shukr hay Shaewa e rindi o khushbaashi e ayyaran hay khush English:=== The life is short and its joys few So the way of life of a toper pursue Persian: Az zabaan e sosan in aawaza am aamad ba goosh Kandar in daer e kohan kaar e subukbaaran khush ast Urdu: Aaie sosan ki zabaan say kaan maen maersay sada Is jahan e peer maen kaar e subukbaaran hay khush


English:=== One night I heard a voice which said "Do not forget you'll soon be dead Persian: HAFIZA tark e jahan guftan tareeq e khushdiliest Ta na pindaari keh ahwaal e jahandaaran khush ast Urdu: Tark e dunya kay badoun HAFIZ naheen milti khushi Hay ghalat bilkul keh ahwaal e jahandaaran hay khush English:=== "With God, O HAFIZ, try to connect And the wordly joys you must reject" ====

Q Ghazal 40 Persian: Saba agar guzaray uftadat ba kishwar e dost Biyar nafhaay az gaisoo a muanbar e dost Urdu: Saba guzar ho tera ger kabhee ba kishwar e dost Bakhaer deejio wo gaisoo e muanbar e dost English:=== Go to her place, O morning air Bring the scent of her curly hair Persian: Ba jaan e o keh ba shukraana jaan barafshanam Agar ba soo e man aari payamay az bar e dost Urdu: Qasam hay yaar ki jaan ki keh jaan day doun ga Maen us pay, lay kay jo aaay payaam e dilber e dost English:=== I'll give my life if you do confer And bring a hopeful sign from her Persian: Wagar chunacheh dar an hazratat nabashad baar Baraay dida biawar ghubaaray az dar e dost Urdu: Rasaaie ger na ho dargah e yaar maen taeri Baraay chashm ura la too khaak az der e dost English:=== Whatever you do, bring you must From her door a handful of dust Persian: Man e gada o tammana e wasl e o hayhaat Magar ba khab babeenam jamaal o manzar e dost Urdu: Agar hay deed ki ummeed ab toe bas yeh hay Keh daekhoun khab maen shayad jamaal o manzar e dost English:=== Even in dreams I see no sign That in reality she'll ever be mine Persian: Dil e sanobariam hamchu baid larzaanast Zay hasrat e qad o baala e chu sanobar e dost Urdu; Dil e sanobar e aashiq hay baid ki surat Larazzta daekh kay hay, qamat e sanobar e dost English:=== Like a cypress tree she's tall and slim But I've no reach; my chances are dim Persian: Agarcheh dost ba cheezay nameekharad ma ra Ba aalamay nafarooshaem mooay az sar e dost Urdu; Naheen khareedta daelay maen ham ko wo laikin Na baechaen ham kisi qeemat pay bhee mooe sar e dost


English:=== And values she little a lover like me But to me she is precious as precious can be Persian: Cheh uzrha zay sag e koo e to tawaanam khast Agar shabay batawanaem bood bar dar e dost Urdu: Karaen gay uzr sag e koo e yaar say ham kya Agar pohanch bhee gaay aek raat bar dar e dost English:=== Even her dog I must gratify For a dog to her is dearer than I Persian: Cheh baashad ar shawad az qaed e gham dilash aazad Chu hast HAFIZ e miskeen ghulam o chaakar e dost Urdu: Dil us ka qaed e alam say naheen huwa faarigh Hay gercheh HAFIZ e miskeen ghulam o chakar e dost English:=== Says HAFIZ, "Establish a little dialogue And try to become a friend of her dog" ====

Q Ghazal 41 Persian: Sufi az pertu e may raaz e nihani daanist Gohar e her kas az in lal tawani daanist Urdu: Sufi az pertu e may raaz e nihani janay Qadr e her kas jo piay aag sa paani janay English:=== In wine, O mystic, is the secret of being The image is real; O it's worth seeing Persian: Sharh e majmooa e gul murgh e sahar danad o bus Keh na her koo waraqay khand o maani daanist Urdu: Sharh e majmooa e gul murgh e sahar say poocho Waraq e gul koie parh kay na maani janay English:=== The flowers and colors know the singing birds For the meaning's vital and not the words Persian: Arza kardam do jahan bar dil e kaar uftada Bajuz az ishq e to baqi hama faani daanist Urdu: Doulat e her do jahan gercheh mili hay dil ko Taeri ulfat kay siwa sab ko yeh faani janay English:=== And love knows only the heart of man Experience this feeling no creature can Persian: An shud aknoun keh zay afwah e awaam andaesham Mohtasib neez az in aesh e nihaani daanist Urdu: Pehlay darta tha maen afwah say laikin ab to Mohtasib khud hi mera aesh e nihaani janay English:=== The wine in secret I try to drink Unknown to censor and to his fink Persian: Dilber aasaish e ma maslahat e waqt na deed Warna az jaanib e ma dil nigaraani daanist Urdu: Us ko aaram mera maslahatan tha na qabul Warna wo khoob meri dil nigaraani janay


English:=== And if she is callous it's by design Indeed her malice is very benign Persian: Sang o gil ra kunad az yumn e nazar lal o aqiq Her keh qadr e nafas e baad e yamani daanist Urdu: Sang o gil ko kary yaqoot o aqiq us ki nazar Jo bhee qadr e nafas e baad e yamani janay English:=== Look, how she turns into pearl and gem The dirt and stones by looking at them Persian: Aey keh az daftar e aql aayat e ishq aamozi Tarsam in nukta ba tehqeeq nadaani daanist Urdu: Dafter e aql say milti naheen sharh e ulfat Dil e mushtaq hi ik is kay maani janay English:=== With reason to fathom your love is lunatic So don't even try; for it's all magic Persian: May biawar keh na nazad ba gul e bagh e jahan Her keh ghaaratgaari e baad e khizaani daanist Urdu: Gul o gulzaar e jahan per na karay naaz kabhee Jo bhee ghaaratgaari e baad e khizaani janay English:=== With pride a flower does never glow If ravage of winter it happens to know Persian: HAFIZ in gohar e manzoon keh az tab angaekht Asar e tarbiat e asif e sani daanist Urdu: Nazm maen moti pirota hay jo HAFIZ, un ko Asar e tarbiat e asif e sani janay English:=== What makes you, HAFIZ, without a peer Is the company you enjoy of the grand vazier ====

Q Ghazal 42 Persian: Subh e doulat tulo e talaat e oost Sham e zulmat nishan e zulmat e oost Urdu: Subh e daulat tulo e talaat e dost Sham e zulmat nuishan e zulmat e dost English:=== Her glowing face makes the morning bright Her raven hair gives darkness to night Persian: Mehr az khan e o nivala rasaan Mah e nau kham zay behr e khidmat e oost Urdu: Khan say us kay mehr ki rozi Mah e nau kham hay behr e khidmat e dost English:=== Seeing her face sun sets at noon And bows to her the crescent moon Persian: Az qadash pa e sarv maanda ba gil Lala ra dagh e dil ba furqat e oost Urdu: Sarv jhuktay haen daekh ker qamat Dagh e lala haen sab ba furqat e dost


English:=== Facing her cypress stands not tall Seeing her face feels the tulip small Persian: Rang o boo e gul az rukhash ba chaman Naala e bulbul az mohabbat e oost Urdu: Rang o boo gul maen us kay rukh ka faiz Naala bulbul ka wajh e ulfat e dost English:=== The scent in flowers is from her hair And sing her praise the birds everywhere Persian: Sosan e deh zabaan khamosh ba bagh Lal maanda zay san e qudrat e oost Urdu: Sosan e deh zabaan hoie khamosh Daekh ker rang e husn e sanaat e dost English:=== And iris the talker, she has a fit Whenever she sees her grace and wit Persian: Fuqr agar ranj e mehnat ast, amma Gunj e izzat ba kunj a uzlat e oost Urdu: Ranj e mehnat hay fuqr maen laikin Ganj e izzat hay kunj e uzlat e dost English:=== Though poverty is very hard to bear When you're with her you are an esquire Persian: Ba dawa janib e tabeeb maroo Sehat e aajil az tibaabat e oost Urdu: Na wo jaay tabeeb ki janib Daeway jis ko shafa tibaabat e dost English:=== Go not to the doctor when you're ill Just go to her, and cure you she will Persian: Dar tareeq e salook salik ra Her cheh paesh aayad az iradat e oost Urdu: Dar tareeq e salook salik ko Aay derpaesh jo, iradat e dost English:=== O mystic, the hurdles you've in the way Ordained are they; they are okay Persian: Qumri o andaleeb o HAFIZ neest Hama gooya ba zikr e madhat e oost Urdu: Qumri o andaleeb o HAFIZ ko Hay shab o roz zikr e madhat e dost English:=== The hearts of men she all has won O HAFIZ, I'm not the only one ====

Q Ghazal 43 Persian: Kunon keh dar kuff e gul jaam e baada e saaf ast Ba sad hazaar zaban bulbulash dar ausaaf ast Urdu: Hay jab keh aaj kuff e gul maen jaam e baada e saaf Ba sad Hazaar zaban gaay andaleeb ausaaf


English:=== With flowers holding the cups of wine The birds are happy, and the bees are fine Persian: Ba khah daftar e ashaar o roo be sahra kun Cheh waqt e madrassa o behs e kashf o kashshaaf ast Urdu: Chal apna daftar e ashaar lay kay sahra maen Naheen hat taeray liay behs e kashif o kashshaaf English:=== Let's go to the park with a book of verse Let the thinkers alone, and let them converse Persian: Faqeeh e madrassa di mast bood o fatwa dad Keh may haraam walay beh zay maal e auqaaf ast Urdu: Dia hay jhoom kay fatwa yeh aaj mufti nay Naheen sharaab say behtar yeh doulat e auqaaf English:=== For the ruler of city has just announced That dancing and drinking can't be denounced Persian: Ba durd o saaf tura hukm neest, dam darkash Keh her cheh saqi e ma raekht, aen altaaf ast Urdu: Na durd o saaf ki saqi say kuchh shikayat ker Wo jo bhee jaam maen dalay, haen us kay aen altaaf English:=== Whatever is given you take and keep And drink the wine, expensive or cheap Persian: Babar zay khalq o zay unqa qayaas e kaar bageer Keh sait e goshanasheenan zay qaaf ta qaaf ast Urdu: Kinaara khalq say ker, lay sabaq too unqa say Keh goshageeroun ka churcha hay qaaf say ta qaaf English:=== With struggle and strife you make a truce Renounce the world, and be a recluse Persian: Hadees e muddaiyan o khayal e hamkaaran Haman hikayat e zardoz o boryabaaf ast Urdu: Hadees e muddaiyan o khayal e hamkaaran Haen yeh hikayat zardoz o zikr e boryabaaf English:=== And don't you worry about friends and foes Just say good bye to the world of woes Persian: Khamosh HAFIZ o in nuktaha e chun zaar e surkh Nigahdar keh qullaab e shehr saraaf ast Urdu: Yeh nuktaha e zar e surkh haen, chhupa HAFIZ Keh haen faraebi o makkar sheh kay sarraaf English:=== And though it's true, for the sake of God Say not ,O HAFIZ, our sheik is a fraud ====

Q Ghazal 44 Persian: Lal e sairaab ba khoun tishna lab e yaar e man ast Az paay didan e o dadan jaan kaar e man ast Urdu: Tishna e khoun jo huwa lal e lab e yaar mera Bach kay ab kaisay rahay ga yeh dil e zaar mera


English:=== So thirsty of blood is her ruby lip It'll take your heart, and tear, and rip Persian: Sharm zan chashm e siyah baadash o mizgaan e daraaz Her keh dil burdan e o deed o dar inkaar e man ast Urdu: Daekh mizgaan e daraaz o nazar e chashm e siyah Ker sakay lutnay say dil kis terheh inkaar mera English:=== With lashes so long, and eyes so black Of lovers for her there is no lack Persian: Saarban rakht ba darwaaza mabar kan sar e koh Shahraheest keh manzilgeh e dildaar e man ast Urdu: Saarban ruk na yahan, chal sar e koh lay kay mujhay Hay wahan, kehtay haen, kashaana e dildar mera English:=== O guide, please don't leave me here Go further a little she might be there Persian: Banda e tala e kharsham keh dar in qaht e wafa Ishq e an luli e sarmast khareedaar e man ast Urdu: Khushnaseebi keh huwa qaht e wafadaari maen Ishq e maashooqa e sarmast kharidaar mera English:=== With so much dearth of faith and trust Lucky am I that love her I must Persian: Tabla e itr e gul o durj e abeerafshaanash Faiz e yak shamma zay boo e khush e attaar e man ast Urdu: Shisha e itr e gul o zarf e abeer o sumbul Sab ko daeta hay mahak gaisoo e attaar mera English:=== The smell of flowers, and the scent in the air It is all because of her curly hair Persian: Baghbaan hamchu naseeman zay dar e khesh maraan Kaab e gulzaar e to az ashk e chu gulnaar e man ast Urdu: Baghbaan mujh ko na ker sohbat e gul say qasir Kerta rangeen hay chaman deeda e khunbaar mera English:=== Nothing would grow in the garden for years If it were not for the flood of my tears Persian: Sharbat e qand o gulaab az lab e yaaram farmood Nargis e o keh tabeeb e dil e beemaar e man ast Urdu: Sherbat e qand e lab e yaar kiya hay tajweez Aankh nay hay jo tabeeb e dil e beemaar mera English:=== A kiss of her lips, says it I need Her eye, my doctor, so aptly indeed Persian: An keh dar tarz e ghazal nukta ba HAFIZ aamokht Yaar e shirinsukan e nadira guftaar e man ast Urdu: Tujh ko andaaz e ghazal jis nay sikhaya HAFIZ Hay wo shinsukhan e nadira guftaar mera English:=== Your verses, O HAFIZ, woundn't be so neat If her lips and mouth weren't so sweet ====


Q Ghazal 45 Persian: Merhaba aey paek e mustaqan badeh paighaam e dost Ta kunam jaan az sar e taghbat fida e naam e dost Urdu: Merhaba aey namabar day la kay ik paighaam e dost Ta keh raghbat say karaen ham jaan fida e naam e dost English:=== Bless you, O courier, do not demur Give me the message you brought from her Persian: Wala o shaidaast daim hamchu bulbul dar qafas Tooti e tabam zay shouq e shakkar o badaam e dost Urdu: Shaiq o shaida banaay misl e bulbul qayd maen Taba ki tooti ko shouq e shakkar o badaam e dost English:=== Whenever I think of her lips and eyes My passion for them I cannot disguise Persian: Zulf e o daam ast o khalash daana e an daam o man Bar ummeed e daanaay uftadam ander daam e dost Urdu: Khal e rukh daana ho jab, Gaisoo e mushkin daam ho Shouq e daana say giraen ham kuen na andar daam e dost English:=== Her locks are a snare; here mole a bait To fall in the trap I can hardly wait Persian: Sar zay masti barnageerad ta ba subh e rooz e hashr Her keh chu man dar azal yak juraa khurd az jaam s dost Urdu: Sobh e mehshar tak uthaay sar na masti say koie Haath maen roz e azal aa jaay jis kat jaam e dost English:=== Whoever does sip the wine of her lip On wit and wisdom he loses the grip Persian: Man nawishtam naamaay az sherh e haal e khud walay Dard e sar bashad namoodan baesh az in ibraam e dost Urdu: Sherh e haal e dil likhi toe hay, magar dar hay mujhay Bun na jaay dard e sar maera kaheen ibraam e dost English:=== Although I write her sheets and sheets Seriously my letters she never greets Persian: Mail e man soo e wisaal o qasd e o soo e firaq Tark e kaam e khud giriftam, ta barayad kaam e dost Urdu: Qasd us ka soo e furqat, wasl chahay dil mera Tark e maqsad maen meray goya hay pinhan kaam e dost English:=== And though she knows I love her a lot Oh, what's the use; she loves me not Persian: Gar dehad dastam, kasham dar deeda hamchu tootia Khak e rahay kaan musharraf gardad az iqdaam s dost Urdu: Aankh maen apni lagaoun us ko surmay ki terheh Khak e reh kertay mushrraf haen jisay iqdaam e dost English:=== So day and night I sit in her street Hoping to catch the dirt of her feet


Persian: HAFIZ andar dard o gham meesooz o ba darmaan masaaz Zan keh darmaanay nadarad dard e bay aaraam e dost Urdu: Chara soz e aashqi ka hay naheen HAFIZ koie Dard e bay darmaan hay maera, dard e ba aaraam e dost English:=== But, HAFIZ, my pain I must endure For the ailment of love there is no cure ====

Q Ghazal 46 Persian: Namidanam dil e bulbul zay ishq e roo e gul chun ast Walay dar ghuncha meebeenam, paikanhaash dar khoun ast Urdu: Karay ulfat maen gul ki naala bulbul is qadar kuin hay Keh hota is kay teer e aah say ghunchay ka dil khoun hay English:=== When flirting with them the flower curtails It breaks the hearts of the nightingales Persian: Ajab baashad keh bulbul ra qaraar o sabr kam gardad Reyaheen ra ckun her saat jamaal o husn afzoon ast Urdu: Chaman maen jaan e bulbul ko qaraar o sabr ho haisay Guloun ka jab keh her saat jamaal o husn afzoon hay English:=== The peace and patience of lovers decrease As charm and grace of the beauties increase Persain: Nazar kun bar gul e raana keh shakl e o cheh uftaada Cheh jurm e bulbul e shaida agar baychaara maftoon ast Urdu: Gul e raana kay khud o khal ki zaibaie toe daekho Khata bulbul ki kya is maen agar baychaara maftoon hay English:=== With beautiful girls, so saucy and vain No wonder the lovers go all insane Persian: Chun az parda baroon aamad gul, an geh bulbul e miskeen Agar dar parda meenaalad, dilash az parda bairoon ast Urdu: Wo gul perday say bahar aa gaya hay,bulbul e miskeen Daroon e perda naalakash hay, dil perday say bairoon hay English:=== And beauties whenever they drop their veils Among the lovers sheer madness prevails Persian: Agar masti kunad bulbul dar in mousam rawa baashad Keh bar her shaakh az gulha hazaaran jaam e maygoon ast Urdu: Agar masti karay bulbul toe is mousam maen jaiz Bana jab keh gulistanoun maen her gul jaam e matgoon hay English:=== When flowers are holding the cups of wine Whatever you do in the garden is fine Persian: Dar in mousam keh boo e aish az aalam namiaayad To khud daani nigaarina, keh haal e aashiqan choon ast Urdu: Kaheen say gar na boo e aish aaay mousam e gul maen Teray aashiq ka dil aey jaan bohat hota digargoon hay


English:=== At a time like this when all is well It's such a pity if you don't revel Persian: Zamaan e ishrat o shaadi keh meejusti ba jaan HAFIZ Ghaneemat dan kunun ishrat keh waqt e aish aknoon ast Urdu: Zamaan e ishrat o shaadi bohat kam haen zamaanay maen Ghaneemat jaan HAFIZ jo be daeta dast e gaerdoon hay English:=== Be happy, O HAFIZ, and thank your star The life is short; let's go to the bar ====

Q Ghazal 47 Persian: Alghias aey maya e jaan, alghias Kufr e zulfat burd eimaan alghias Urdu: Alghias aey maya e jaan, alghias Lootti hay zulf eimaan alghias English:=== The only one I have is she, O God And look, what she did to me, O God Persian: Ma hamilaisaem lab az tishnagi Dar labanat aab e haiwaan alghias Urdu; Tishnagi say chattay haen hount ham Lab maen taeray aab e haiwaan alghias English:=== The spring of life she has in her lips And I am so very thirsty, O God Persian: Weh kuja shud sharbat e deedaar e to Meekushad talkhi e hijraan alghias Urdu: Sharbat e deedaar taera kya huwa Reh gaie talkhi e hijraan alghias English:=== And in her absence I cannot survive But her I cannot even see, O God Persian: Ma zay girya gharq dar khoun gashtaem Lal e to paiwasta khandaan alghias Urdu: Gharq haen aankhaen hamaari khoun maen Lab teray laikin haen khandaan alghias English:=== Here I'm drowning in tears of blood And hide she cannot her glee, O God Persian: Ghamza e shoukh e to az rah e ajal Meezanad duzdeeda paikaan alghias Urdu: Qalb per is shoukh ki tirchi nazar Maaray ik duzdeeda paikaan alghias English:=== And dying I am from the wounds of her darts Inflicted she has such injury, O God Persian: Az khadang o nawak e mizgaan e to Zakhmha uftaada dar jaan alghias Urdu: Nawak o paikaan nay mizgaan kay teray Ker diay zakhmi dil o jaan alghias


English:=== Her glances are arrows, her lashes darts An expert she is in archery, O God Persian: Hamchu goe az zakhm e chougaan e falak Her taraf gashtaem ghaltaan alghias Urdu: Kha kay chougan e falak ki chout ham Her tarak jaatay haen ghaltaan alghias English:=== A victim I am of my cruel fate There's nothing but misery and agony, O God Persian; Chashm e beemarat mara beemar kard Juz labanat neest dermaan alghias Urdu: Taeri beemar aankh ka beemar houn Juz teray lab kya hay dermaan alghias English:=== My ailments all are because of her And only she has the remedy, O God Persian: Chun do zulfat kard sargardaan mara Gardish e gardoon e gardaan alghias Urdu: Day gaie zulf e dota chakkar hamaen Gardish e gardoun e gardaan alghias English:=== My fate is brutal, callous, and vicious And victim I am of its cruelty, O God Persian: Paechish e zulf e to dar jaanam fitad Rishtra e jan gasht paichaan alghias Urdu: Paech e kakul maen teray uljhie hay jaan Rishta e tan bhee hay paichaan alghias English:=== Entangled so much I'm in her curls Increased it has complexity, O God Persian: Baa tanaab e zulf HAFIZ ra bakash Maanda dar chah e zanikhdaan alghias Urdu: Zulf ki zangeer say HAFIZ ko khainch Wo hay dar chah e zanikhdaan alghias English:=== Trapped in the well of her silver chin HAFIZ can never be free, O God ====

Q Ghazal 48 Persian: Bazam hawa e an gul e raanaast alghias Deegar dilam rameeda o shaidaast alghias Urdu: Phir aek mehjabeeen ki tammana hay alghias Phir dil mera rameeda o shaida hay alghias English:===324 I am in love again, O Lord Passion I cannot contain, O Lord Persian: An dil keh kunj e aafiyatay barguzeeda bood In dam ba azm e dard o balahaast alghias Urdu: Ik kunj e aafiyat maen jo rehta tha maera dil Kerta wo kaisa dard gawara hay alghias


English:=== My heart that sought and found peace Is again in constant pain, O Lord Persian: Sufi keh jaam e saaf damadam hamikashid Hairan e koo e o shuda ruswaast alghias Urdu: Sufi keh jis ko jaam e haqiqat ki thi talab Kaisa wo koo e yaar maen ruswa hay alghias English:=== A mystic drunk with Divine spirit From wine he cannot abstain, O Lord Persian: Arif keh gharq bood ba namoos o nang o naam Uftaada dar malamat o sodaast alghias Urdu: Wo sheikh jis ko justajoo e nang o naam thi Us ko bhee aaj yaar ka soda hay alghias English:=== Esteemed he was, but now his fame Aquired it has a stain, O Lord _ Persian: Az jaan e zaar e HAFIZ o sargashtagaan e shouq Faryaad o shoer o walwala barkhaast alghias Urdu: Diwangi e shouq maen HAFIZ ki jaan say Faryaad o shour o walwala uthta hay alghias English:=== And Hafiz now, like rest of lovers Become he has insane, O Lord ====

Q Ghazal 49 Persian: Dard e ma ra neest darmaan alghias Hijr e ma ra neest payaan alghias Urdu: Dard ka koie na darmaan alghias Hijr ka koie na payaan alghias English:=== Our sorrow has no cure, O God How long can we endure O God? Persian: Din o dil burdand o qasd e jaan kunand Alghias az jour e khoobaan alghias Urdu: Qasd e jaan kertay haen lay kay din o dil Alghias aey jour e khoobaan alghias English:=== The lovely ones are robbers all Pillage and death they ensure, O God Persian: Dar bahaa e bosaay jaanay talab Meekunand in dilsitaanan alghias Urdu: Aek bosa day kay kertay haen talab Jaan hamaari dilsitaanan alghias English:=== Our life they take when a kiss they give Oh, how we lovers they lure, O God Persian: Khoun e ma khurdand in kaafirdilan Aey musalmaanan cheh darmaan alghias Urdu: Peetay haen kaafir hamara khoun e dil Aey musalman kya hay darmaan alghias


English:=== We must give up for them our creed The infidels all make sure, O God Persian: Daad e miskeenan badeh aey rooz e wasl Az shab e yulda e hijraan, alghias Urdu: Day paneh mushtaaq ko aey roz e wasl Az shab e tareek e hijraan alghias English:=== For a moment of joy of being with them A life apart we endure, O God Persian: Her zamaanam dard e deegar meerasad Zin hareefan bar dil o jaan alghias Urdu: Ik naya gham her zamaan datey haen wo Jaan o dil jin per haen qurbaan alghias English:=== We know rejection will follow soon Whenever they make overture, O God Persian: Hamchu HAFIZ rooz o shab batkhaishtan Gashtaam sozaan o giryaan alghias Urdu: Baykhudi maen ham haen HAFIZ ki terheh Roz o shab sozaan o giryaan alghias English:=== Why HAFIZ is happy whenever he cries? This whole thing is very obscure, O God ====

Q Ghazal 50 Persian: Aatish andar aab e afsurdast ya may dar zijaaj Ya darakhshaan darmian e chashma e haiwaan siraj Urdu: Aag hay aab e fasurda maen keh may ander zijaaj Ya darakhshaan dermian e chashma e haiwan siraj English:=== Is wine red or is it on fire Or reflection is it of my burning desire? Persain: Az kuff e aazaadgan ghaib madaar an jaam ra Kahl e dil ra kaar e ishrat zan hamigeerad riwaaj Urdu: Ahl e dil ka kaar e ishrat may badoun chalta naheen Peena jee bhar kay sharaab aazaadgan ka ray riwaaj English:=== A pleasure it is for lovers to drink For care they not what preachers think Persian: Saqia dar deh zay behr e ahl rooh o ahl e dil An chunan rahay keh baa jaan hast an ra imtazaaj Urdu: Ahl e jaan o ahl e dil ko day zara see saqia Wo sharaab e naab jis ka rooh say ho imtazaaj English:=== These hapless lovers the wine consoles It sooths their hearts, and warms their souls Persian: Man chunin zaaghaz e fitrat aashiq o mast aamdam Bar nataabam roo az in reh ta bawaqt e anderaaj Urdu: Aaya tha dunya maen bay khud, aur bay khud hi gaya Theek hay ho ga jo hay daftar maen maeray anderaaj


English:=== They come in drunk, and drunk they leave And being not sober they do not grieve Persian: Barfigan burqa zay rukh kaz naazki mani badan Taaza gul kaz way rubayad baad e shabgeeri riwaaj Urdu: Phaenk day burqa, utha chehray say ya apnay naqaab Yeh chuppana roo e gul kab say hay gulshan ka rivaaj English: Come, O my love, and show your face Let everyone see your beauty and grace Persian: Ahtiaaj e man ba wasl kheshtan danistaie Dostaan ra dastgeeri kun ba waqt e ahtiaaj Urdu: Ahtiaaj e wasl maera jaanta hay jabkeh too Dostoun ki dastgeeri ker ba waqt e ahtiaaj English:=== Do help you those who are in need And needy and broke are lovers indeed Persian: Aashiqaan e koo e jaanan baa gadai sarkhush and In chunin sheh ra kuja baashad nazar bar takht o taaj Urdu: Aashiqaan e koo e jaanan haen faqeeri hi maen mast Badsheh haen, in ko hay laikin na fikr e takht o taaj English:=== Although your lovers are poor and needy Unlike the rich they are not greedy Persian; Bashno in nukta to az HAFIZ keh baashad soodmand Baada noush o khair kun kin beh zay maal e mir e haaj Urdu: Baada noushi, butparasti kerta hay HAFIZ magar Rasm is ki hay bhalaai, aajizi is ka rivaaj English:=== In life, says HAFIZ, you play your part Do something good, and then depart ====

Q Ghazal 51 Persian: Sazad keh az hama e dilberan satani baaj Chira keh bar sar e khooban e aalami chu taaj Urdu: Yeh dilberan e jahan daewaen kuin na us ko khiraaj Wo jab keh ber sar e khooban e aalami hay taaj English:=== No wonder the beauties pay tribute to her Their queen she is; to her they defer Persian: Do chashm e shoukh e to barham zada Khata o Khutan Ba cheen e zulf e to Macheen o Hind dada khiraaj Urdu: Haen chashm e shoukh say haaray hoay Khata o Khutan Khameeda zulf ko daetay haen Cheen o Hind khiraaj English:=== Her eyes have conquered, Khata, and Khutan Her locks are the rulers of Hindustan Persian: Biaz e roo e to roshan chu aariz e khurshid Sawaad e zulf e tareektar zay zulmat e daaj Urdu: Hay us kay aariz e roshan say aaftaab ko taab Siyah zulf say us ki bani hay zulmat e daaj


English:=== Her face is brighter than the sun at noon Her curls ,like clouds, do cover her moon Persian: Lab e to Khizr o dahaan e to aab e haiwaanast Qad e to sarv o mian e to moo o gardan aaj Urdu: Laboun maen lal e Badakhshan, Dahan maen aab e Khizare Qad us ka sarv o kamar bay wojud o garden aaj English:=== Her mouth is the source of life spring Her waist is as thin as a musical string Persian: Az in maraz ba haqiqat kuja shafa yabaem Keh az to dard e dil e man namirasad ba ilaaj Urdu: Kisi tabib say kis terhah ham ummid rakhaen Keh wo bhee ab naheen ker sahta dard e dil ka ilaaj English:=== The nature of your pain is very obscure Which if she cannot, no one can cure Persian: Dahaan e tang e dada ba aab e Khizr baqa Lab e chu qand e to burd az nabaat e Misr rivaaj Urdu: Dahaan e tang say us kay mili Khizar ko baqa Rakhi hay us kay laboun nay nabaat e Misr ki laaj English;=== So packed with sugar are her ruby lips That from them, when she talks, the honey drips Persian: Chira hamishikani jaan e man zay sangdili Dil e zayeef keh hast o ba naazki chu zujaaj Urdu: Na toot jaay kaheen, rakh sanbhaal ker is ko Bohat zayeef hay, naazuk hay, maeray dil ka zujaaj English:=== But she can also be very, very tart And break into pieces your dear little heart Persian: Fitada dar dil e HAFIZ hawa e chu to shahay Kameena banda e khaak e dar e to buday kaaj Urdu: Hawa say us sheh e khooban ki, dil maen HAFIZ kay Hazaar shah banay haen ghulam jis kay aaj English:=== For her, O HAFIZ, that you rave and crave You are no more to her than a lowly slave ====

Q Ghazal 52 Persian: Az man e sookhta an yaar nameepursad hitch Khabar e zin dil e afgaar namipursad hitch Urdu: Aashiq e sokhta ko yaar na poochhay hay kuchh Haal e zaar e dil e afgaar na poochhay hay kuchh English:=== Burnt up am I, cares she not For my low or high, cares she not Persian: O tabib e man o man khasta o beemaar e ghamash Cheh tabeebayst keh beemar nameepursad hitch Urdu: Wo maalij hay, maen beemar houn jis kay baais Wo maseeha mera aazay na poochhay hay kuchh


English:=== She is my doctor, and patient I I live or die, cares she not Persian: Dee tabibay ba saram aamad o ahwaalam purse Guft chunast tura yaar nameepursad hitch Urdu: Ker kay tashkhees maalij nay yeh poochha mujh say Baat kya hay keh tera yaar na poochhay hay kuchh English:=== When people see my sorry state They wonder why cares she not? Persian: Jaanam az furqat e rooash ba lab aamad sad baar Keh az in dilshuda an yaar nameepursad hitch Urdu: Jaan ba lab aati hay sad baar meri furqat maen Haal ik baar bhee wo yaar na pooochhay hat kuchh English:=== Her absence makes me sick to death And if I die cares she not Persian: Doesh dar khab chun man,mah e rukh e o deedam Guft geh gaah tura yaar nameepursad hitch Urdu: Raat ko khab maen daeta hay tasalli laikin Subh hota houn jo baedar, na poochhay hay kuchh English:=== Only in dreams she is good to me When wake up I cares she not Persian: Aey tabeeb e azali yak nazaray kun ma ra HAFIZ e sookhta ra yaar nameepursad hitch Urdu: Aey tabeeb e azali aek nazar HAFIZ per Yaar ker kay usay beemaar na poochhay hay kuchh English:=== Her HAFIZ is dying, O God, O God Ask her why cares she not? ====

Q Ghazal 53 Persian: An keest kaz roo e karam baa man wafaadari kunad Bar ja e badkaray chu man yakdam nikokaari kunad Urdu: Kya hay koie maashooq jo ahd e wafaadaari karay Ik aashiq e badkaar say bhee jo nikokaari karay English:=== Would she be ever faithful to me And as good to me as she can be? Persian: Awwal ba bang e na o nay, gooyad ba man paighaam e way Wan geh ba yak paimaana may, baa man hawaadaari kunad Urdu: Paigham bhaejay rang kay aur saath baang e chang kay Day mujh ko ik paimaana may, kuchh maeri ghamkhaari karay English:=== Would she write when she's away And pour me a drink, and not say nay? Persian: Dilbar keh jaan farsood az o, kaam e dilam nakshood az o Nomeed natwaan bood az o, baashad keh dildaari kunad Urdu: Wo dilshikan dilbar hay jo, jaan soz o jaan afza hay jo Nomeed too aey dil na ho, shayad keh dildaari karay


English:=== Oh, true it is that she can be tart But she can also be a sweetheart Persian: Guftam girheh nakshooda am, zan turra ta man booda am Gufta manash farmooda am, ta baa to tarrari kunad Urdu: Allah yeh zulf e sanam, haen jis maen sad jour o sitam Dikhla kay apnay paich o kham, kya kya na tarrari karay English:=== Her curly locks have a lock on me They're pert and saucy of the first degree Persian: Pashmina poesh e tundkhu, kaz ishq nashneedast boo Az mastiash ramzay bagoo, ta tark e hushiari kunad Urdu: Pashmina poesh e tundkhu, jis maen naheen ulfat ki boo Daedo usay jaam o saboo, ta tark e hushiari karay English:=== I wish the preacher, so proper and prim Would have a drink, and not look so grim Persian: Chu man gadaa e baynishan, mushkil bawad yaar falaan Sultan kuja aesh e nihan, baa rind e bazaari kunad Urdu: Mujh sa faqeer e baynishaan, kaisay banay yaar e falaan Sultaan kuin aesh e nihaan, baa rind e bazaari karay English:=== Oh, how I wish she'd be my friend Though beggars and the royals do not blend Persian: Zan turra e pur paich o kham, sehl ast agar beenam sitam Az band o zangeerash cheh gham, an kus keh ayyaari kunad Urdu: Wo gaisoo e pur paich o kham, wo band o zangeer e alam Bhar bhar kay dildaari ka dam, kaisi yeh ayyaari karay English:=== Her braided hair is like a chain When bound to it you do not complain Persian: Shud lashkar e gham bayadad, az bakht mekhaham madad Ta Fakhr e Deen Abdus Samad shayad keh ghamkhaari kunad Urdu: Hay lashkar gham bayadad, maen bakht say chahoun madad Ta Fakhr e Deen Abdus Samad shayad keh ghamkhaari karay English:=== Luckily for me when things are bad Rescues me always my patron Samad _ Persian: Baa chashm e pur nairang e o, HAFIZ makun aahang e o Kan turra e shab rang e o, bisyaar makkaari kunad Urdu: Baa chashm e pur nairang e o, HAFIZ na ker aahang e o Ta turra e shab rang e o, bisyaar tarrari karay English:=== But HAFIZ beware of her charming eyes Bewitch you they do, and mesmerize ====

Q Ghazal 54 Persian: Anan keh khak ra ba nazar kemia kunand Aaya bawad keh gosha e chashmay ba ma kunand Urdu: Mitti ko ik nigah say jo keemia karaen Ham pay bhee aek chashm e inayat zara karaen


English;=== One look of His turns lead into gold I wish me also God would behold Persian: Maashouq chun naqaab zay rukh barnameekashad Her kas hikayatay ba tassawur chira kunand Urdu: Chehray say jab naqaab uthata naheen hay wo Us ka bayaan e husn tassawur say kya karaen English:=== Unless one day he lifts His veil His image will always be fuzzy and pale Persian: Haal e daroon e purda basay fitna meerawad Ta an zamaan keh purda baruftad chiha kunand Urdu: Haen fitna khaiz purday maen reh kay jo is qadar Aaen baroon e purda qayamat bapa karaen English:=== Unseen He causes so much uproar What will happen if He comes to fore? Persian: Chun husn e aaqibat na ba rindi o zahideest An beh keh kaar e khud ba riayat riha kunand Urdu: Kaam aakhirat maen jab keh na rindi ne zuhd aaay Lazim hay ham pay rehm ki us kay duaa karaen English:=== The sinners and pious are children of God Neither preacher nor topers does He applaud Persian: Bay maarefat mabash keh dar minyazeed e ishq Ahl e nazar maamla baa aashna kunand Urdu: Bay marefat na reh too keh baazar e ishq maen Ahl e nazar maamla baa aashna karaen English:=== Love is the currency of kingdom of Heaven With it you can buy not one but seven Persian: Bagzar zay koo e maykada ta zumra e hazoor Auqaat e khud zay behr to sarf e duaa kunand Urdu: Hay maykada yeh aisa keh guzray yahaan say jo Us kay liay hazaar farishtay duaaa karaen English:=== The wine of love whoever drinks With God Himself he finds his links Persian: Gar sang az in hadees banaalad, ajab madaar Sahibdilan hikayat e dil khush ada kunand Urdu: Paththar bhee sun kay haal jo ro day, ajab naheen Dilwalay jab bhee halat e dil khush ada karaen English;=== My tale of love when tell them I Even the stones begin to cry Persian: Dard e nahifta beh zay tyabeeban e muddayi Baashad keh az khazaana e ghaebam dawa kunand Urdu: Dunya maen kuchh ilaaj naheen dard ka meray Shayad farishtay mout kay hi kuchh dawa karaen English:=== For an ill like mine there is no cure My peace can only my death can secure


Persian: Pihan zay hasidan ba khudam khan keh muniman Khair e nihan baraay riza e Khuda kunand Urdu: Chhup kay too hasidoun say bula lay keh naek dil Khair e nihan baraay raza e Khuda karaen English:=== Unknown to rivals if she comes to me Oh, she will help me enormously Persian: Pairahanay keh aayad az o boo e yusufam Tarsam baratheraan e ghayoorask qabaa kunand Urdu: Aati hay jis kisie say mujhay boo e yusufi Darta houn chaak bhai na us ki qaba karaen English:=== The beauty of Joseph whenever I see I think of lust; I see envy Persian: May khur keh sad gunah zay aghiar dar hijaab Behtar zay taatay keh ba roo o riya kunand Urdu: May pee keh wo gunah jo dar purda ho, bhala Us zohd say jo sheikh ba roo o riya karaen English:=== So let us drink, for the hidden sin Is better than virtue not genuine Persian: HAFIZ mudaam wasl mayassar nameeshawad Shahan kam iltafaat ba haal e gada kunand Urdu: HAFIZ kisie ko milta naheen wasl daimi Ham chahay jitni us ki tamanna kiya karaen English:=== To win her, O HAFIZ, don't even try For a consort of queen you don't qualify ====

Q Ghazal 55 Persian: An keh rukhsaar e tura rang e gul o nasreen dad Sabr o aaram twanad ba man e miskeen dad Urdu: Jab rukh e yaar ko rang e gul o nasreen diya Sabr o aaram na kuin dar dil e miskeen diya English:=== He, who gave her the rosy cheek Shouldn't have made my heart so weak Persian: Wan keh gaisoo e ture rasm e tatawul aamokht Ham twanad karamash dad e man e ghamgeen dad Urdu: Raeshmi zulf kay paechoun maen rakhay jour o sitam Aur seenay maen hamaen ik dil ghamgeen diya English:=== Her silken tresses cruel He made But oh, He did not come to my aid Persian: Man hama rooz zay Farhaad tamae babreedam Keh inaan e dil e shaida ba kuff e Shireen dad Urdu: Jaan e Farhaad say mayoos huway ham jab say Us nay dil ko ba kuff e Khusrov e Shireen diya English:=== His heart when Romeo to Juliet gave I knew this Romeo no one could save


Persian: Gunj e zar gar nabawad Gunj e qanaat baqiest An keh an dad ba shahan, ba gadayan in dad Urdu: Ganj e zar gar na sahi, ganj e qanaat toe bohat Ham faqeeroun kay liay bais e tamkeen diya English:=== A treasure He gave to the mighty king And made contentment a beggar's thing Persian: Khush uroosiest jahan az rah e soorat laikin Her keh paiwast bado umr e khudash kabeen dad Urdu: Yeh jahan aek dulhan hay keh hua jo us ka Aewaz e mehr usay umr ka kabeen diya English:=== The sensual world is a beautiful bride But life in dowry you must provide Persian: Baad az in dast e man o daaman e o sarv e buland Khasa aknoun keh saba muzda e ferwardin dad Urdu: Dhoundti aankh hay gulrukh ko, saba nay jab say Muzda e fasl e gul o mousam e rangeen diya English:=== And now that spring has finally come My craving for her I can't overcome Persian: Dar gham o ghussa e douraan dil e HAFIZ khoun ast Az firaq e rukhat, aey Khaja Quam ud Din dad Urdu: Gham e doraan nay kiya khoun e jigar HAFIZ ka Jab say us shoukh ko us nay dil e miskeen diya English:=== And, HAFIZ, I am in a terrible jam Since I've parted from Khaja Quam ====

Q Ghazal 56 Persian: An yaar kazo khana e ma ja e pari bood Sar ta ba qadam chun pari az aeb bari bood Urdu: Wo yaar keh ghar jis say mera qasr e pari tha Paryoun ki terheh aeb say bilkul wo bari tha English:=== My house enchanted the girl who made Innocent and pure, she was a maid Persian: Dil guft farokash kunam in shehr ba booash Baechaara nadanist keh yaarash safari bood Urdu: Jis shehr maen ja ker maen basa yaar ki khatir Maaloom hua wo toe wahan bhee safari tha English:=== I left my house, and went to her town But she eloped with a handsome clown Persian: Manzoor e khiradmand e man an mah keh o ra Dar husn e adab shaiwa e sahib nazari bood Urdu: Tha yaar e khiradmand mera chand wo jis ko Dar husn e adab shaiwa e sahib nazari tha English:=== With all my heart I loved her because Elegant and polished and cultured she was


Persian: Az chung e manash akhtar e bad mehr badar kard Aray cheh kunam aafat e dour e qamari bood Urdu; Ik akhtar e bad mehr nay chheena usay mujh say Qismat thi meri, fitna e dour e qamari tha English:=== To gain her favor I could not wait But lost her I did because of my fate Persain: Uzray ba neh aey dil keh to durwaishi o o ra Dar mumlikat e husn sar e taajwari bood Urdu: Jaiz hay faqeeroun ki agar ki naheen pursish Us husn kay khusro ko sar e taaajwari tha English:=== About me my gal was not so keen For I was poor, and she was a queen Persian: Khush bood lab e aab o gul o sabza o laikin Afsoos keh an gunj e rawan rehguzari bood Urdu: Achhay toe lab e joo o gul o sarv thay laikin Afsoes keh wo sarv e rawaan rehguzari tha English:=== A love like ours could never last Because she came, and went too fast Persian: Khud ra ba kushad bulbul az in ghussa keh gul ra Baa baad e saba waqt e sahar jalwagari bood Urdu: Bulbul jala kuin rashk maen baad e sahari kay Gulshan maen sada shaewa e gul jalwagari tha English:=== It's something a nightingale cannot avert A beautiful flower must always flirt Persian: Auqaat e khush an bood keh baa dost basar shud Baaqi hama bayhasli o baykhabari bood Urdu: Tha waqt wohi yaar ki sohbat maen jo guzra Jo aur tha, bayhasli o baykhabari tha English:=== To make it last I did what I could And while it lasted it was very good Persian: Tanha na zay raaz e dil e man purda baruftaad Ta bood falak, shaewa e o purdadari bood Urdu: Ik ham hi na thay, raz huwa faash keh jin ka Jab say tha falak, toer e falak purdadari tha English:=== Undo you cannot whatever is done And fate, by nature, is kind to none Persian: Her Gunj e saadat keh Khuda daad ba HAFIZ Az yumn e dooa e shab o wird e sahari bood Urdu: Her ganj a saadat jo mila tha tujhay HAFIZ Taseer e dooa e shab o wird e sahari tha English:=== And a good life, HAFIZ, if you've led It was because of the prayers you said ====


Q Ghazal 57 Persian: Bulbulay khoun e jigar khurd o gulay hasil kard Baad e ghairat ba sadash haal pareeshan dil kard Urdu: Aek pal bulbul nay wasl e gul agar hasil kya Muddatoun furqat nay kaisa phir pareeshan dil kya English:=== The bird lost all to be with the rose But the winter came and brought the woes Persian: Tootiay ra ba hawa e shakaray dil khush bood Nagahaan sayl e fana naqsh e amal batil kard Urdu: Tha bohat bulbul magan, us ka magar naqsh e amal Kis terheh sayl e fana nay nagahaan batil kya English:=== And when it was singing its happy song It suddenly heard a deadly gong Persian; Qiraat ul aen e man an maewa e dil yaadash baad Keh khud aasan bashud o kaar e mara mushkil kard Urdu: Moet nay aey jaan e man mushkil teri aasaan ki Mer kay too nay zindagi ko meri kuin mushkil kya English:=== The snow was blowing, and the freeze was on The leaves were falling, and the rose was gone Persian: Saarban bar e man uftaad, Khuda ra maddaday Keh ummeed e karamam hamreh e in mehmil kard Urdu: Gir parha boojh mera, ker maddad aey saarbaan Tujh ko ummeed e karam nay humreh e mehmil kya English:=== O camel driver, don't make me mad Where is, O tell me, my Shehrazade? Persian: Roo e khaki o nam e chashm e mera khwar madaar Charkh e feeroza tarabkhana az in kehgil kard Urdu: Khaak ko chehray ki maeray aansoun maen ghoondh ker Charkh nay apnay tarabkhanay ka ik kehgil kya English:=== Disdain them not, and do not disgrace My tearful eyes, and my dusty face Persian: Aah o faryaad keh az chashm e husood e meh o mehr Dar lahad mah e kamaanabroo e man manzil kard Urdu: Chand suraj kay hasad say dar kay maeray chaand nay Qabr ki mitti ko apni aakheri manzil kya English:=== When stars in heaven it couldn't trust My dear little moon did hide under dust Persian: Nazadi shahrukh o foet shud imkaan HAFIZ Cheh kunam baazi e ayyaan mera ghafil kard Urdu: Chaal thi HAFIZ ki laikin charkh baazi lay gaya Gardish e ayyaam nay kuchh yuin usay ghafil kya English:=== Playing with fate, I couldn't finesse And, HAFIZ, I lost this game of chess ====


Q Ghazal 58 Persian: Butay daaram keh gird e gul zay sumbul saibaan daarad Bahaar e aarizash khattay ba khoun e arghawaan daarad Urdu: Rukh e gulrang e but per zulf e sumbul saibaan rakhay Bahaar aariz ki rang apna ba khoun e aeghawaan rakhay English:=== Like hyacinth is your silken hair Covering your cheeks, so rosy and fair Persian: Ghubaar e khat na poeshaneed khursheed e rukhash ya Rab Hayat e javaedanash deh keh husn e jawedaan daarad Urdu: Ghubaar e umr maen ya Rab chhupay mat mehr e rukh us ka Hayat e daimie day ta wo husn e jawedaan rakhay English:=== May God give you immortal grace Let haze of time not cover your face Persian: Zay sarv e qadd e diljooyat makun mehroom chashmam ra Badin sarchashma ash banshaan keh khush aab e rawaan daarad Urdu: Na ker mehroom maeri chashm e nam us sarv e diljoo say Tar o taaza jisay her dam mera aab e rawaan rakhay English:=== It's tall and slim, your cypress tree To give it water my tears are free Persian: Chun daam e turra afshanad ba gird e khatir e aashiq Ba ghammaz e saba gooyad keh raaz e man nihaan daarad Urdu: Bakhaeray khud hi daam e zulf say khaak e dil e aashiq Kahay phir khud saba say, raaz wo us ka nihaan rakhay English:=== In front of all you give me hell And then you expect them not to tell Persian: Khuda ra daad e man bastaan az o aey shehna e majlis Keh may baa digeraan khurdast o baa man sargaraan daarad Urdu: Yeh kya insaaf hay ya Rab keh saari raat wo zalim Piay may baeth ker ghairoun maen, mujh say sargaraan rakhay English:=== To everyone yes, and to me it's nay To treat your lover it is not the way Persian: Ba fitraak ar hamibandi, Khuda ra zood saidam kun Keh aafathaast dar takhir o talib ra ziyaan daarad Urdu: Hay gar fitraak hi maen daalna, sayyad jaldi ker Keh mushkil maen teri taakhir in saidoun ki jaan rakhay English:=== You are the huntress and I am the prey So kill me O please without delay Persian: Zay chashmat jaan nashayad burd kaz her soo hamibeenam Kameen az goshaay kardast o teer andar kamaan daarad Urdu: Bachaoun kis terheh maen jaan chashm e mast say us ki Lagaay ghaat jo hay, teer jo ander kamaan rakhay English:=== Your gaze is an arrow, your brow a bow So aim the arrow; and let it go -


Persian: Bayafshaan jurraay bar khaak o haal e ahl e shoukat been Keh az Jamsheed o Kaikhusro hazaaraan dastaan daarad Urdu: Ba yaad e ahl shoukat aek jurra khaak per phaeko Keh yeh Jamsheed o Kaikhusro ki saari dastaan rakhay English:=== Some wine, my love, on the ground fling In the name of Jum, the gentle king Persian: Zay khouf e hijram aiman kun agar ummid e an daari Keh az chashm e badandaeshaan Khudayat dar amaan daarad Urdu: Bacha khouf e shab e tareek e hijraan say mujhay aey jaan Khuda tujh ko bachaay chashm e bad say, dar amaan rakhay English:=== Save me the torment of saying good bye May God protect you from the evil eye Persian: Chun dar rooyat bakhandad gul, masho dar daamash aey bulbul Keh bar gul aetaemaaday neest goo husn e jawaan daarad Urdu: Gul e khadaan kay daam e ishq maen mat aaio bulbul Bhrarosa kuchh naheen, kitna hi wo husn e jawaan rakhay English:=== Don't fall for the rose, O nightingale Trust it you cannot; it is so frail Persian: Chun aashiq meeshudam guftam keh burdam gohar e maqsood Na dasnstam keh in darya cheh mouj e baykaraan daarad Urdu: Bohat aasaan jaana gohar e maqsood ka milna Naheen maaloom tha darya yeh mouj e baykaraan rakhay English:=== To fall in love with a beautiful girl Is like drowning, looking for a pearl Persian: Cheh uftaadast dar in reh keh her sultaan e maani ra Dar in dargah meebeenam keh sar bar aastaan daarad Urdu: Hua kya ishq ki reh maen hay ya Rab haqshanasoun ko Keh is dargah maen baethay haen sar bar aastaan rakhay English:=== They may be nameless; they may have fame In the temple of love they're all the same Persian: Cheh uzr az bakht e khud gooyam keh an ayyaar e sheraashoub Ba talkhi kusht HAFIZ ra o shakkar dar dahaan daarad Urdu: Karoun kya bakht ka shikwa agar wo shoukh e dilaara Ba talkhi jaan e HAFIZ lay, walay shireen zabaan rakhay English:=== Says HAFIZ, you can't be unkind to me When you're as sweet as sweet can be ====

Q Ghazal 59 Persian: Bureed e baad e saba dosham aagahi aavurd Keh rooz e mehnat o gham roo ba kotahi aavurd Urdu: Zahay naseeb saba shab jo aagahi laie Wo roz e mehnat o gham roo ba kotahi laie English:=== The air last night brought the news No longer will I have my cursed blues


Persian: Ba mutribaan e saboohi dahaem jaama e paak Badin naveed keh baad e sahargahi aavurd Urdu: Musalla apna diya mutrib e saboohi ko Naveed sun kay jo baad e sahargahi laie English:=== The singer I asked to play in the bar A melody amour on his guitar Persian: Naseem e zulf e to shud khizr e raham ander ishq Zahay rafeeq keh bakhtam ba hamrahi aavurd Urdu: Naseem e zulf bani khizr e rah ulfat maen Zahay rafeeq jo qismat ba hamrahi laie English:=== The breeze then brought the scent of her hair My broken heart to mend and repair Persian: Bia, bia keh tahoor e bahisht ra rizwaan Dar in jahan zay baraay dil e rahi aavrd Urdu: Utho keh shoukhi e rizwaan bahisht ka mashroob Jahan maen aaj baraay dil e rahi laie English:=== And soon an angel from a heavenly vine Brought for me the wine divine Persian: Ba khair e khatir e ma kosh kin kulah e namad Basay shakist keh bar afsar e shehi aavurd Urdu: Bhalaie ker keh yeh ooni kulah e durwaishi Bohat shakistagi bar afsar e shehi laie English:=== This heavenly wine is a wonderful thing It makes me dance, and sing, and swing Persian: Rasaanad rayat e Mansoor bar falak HAFIZ Chun iltija ba janab e shehanshehi aavurd Urdu: Buland percham e Mansoor ker gaie HAFIZ Wo iltija jo tujhay bar dar e shehi laie English:=== To HAFIZ it gives a mystical ring And he is revered by even the king ====

Q Ghazal 60 Persian: Boo e khush e to her keh zay baad e saba shuneed Az yaar e aashna sukhan e aashna shuneed Urdu Baad e saba say jo bhee tera maajra sunay Az yaar e aashna sukhan e aashna sunay English:=== The fragrance brought by the morning air A reminder it is of your curly hair Persian: Inash saza nabood dil e haqguzaar e man Kaz ghamgusaar e khud sukhan e nasaza shuneed Urdu: Na haq saza milay hay dil e haqguzaar ko Ghamkhar say wo jab sukhan e nasaza sunay English:=== To be so friendly with a worthless toper For the morning breeze may not be proper


Persian: Aey shah e husn chashm ba haal e gada figan Keen goosh bas hikaayat e shah o gada shuneed Urdu: Aey shah e husn mujh pay agar too karay nazar Saara jahan qissa e shah o gada sunay English:=== O please my queen, do listen to me Hear my prayer; grant me the plea Persian: Nashneed her cheh guftam o bagzisht ween ajab Sultan shuneeda am keh hadees e gada shuneed Urdu: Us nay suni na baat meri aur chala gaya Sultaan hay wohi jo hadees e gada sunay English:=== Being a queen you turn me away And I cannot say what I want to say Persian: Her shaam maajra e man o dil shumaal guft Her subh guftogoo e man o o saba shuneed Urdu: Her shaam muzda wasl ka baad e naseem day Her subha shikwa hijr ka baad e saba sunay English:=== I told my secret to the winter wind It thought I was silly,and only grinned Persian: Saaqi bia keh ishq nida meekunad buland An kas keh guft qissa e ma ham zay ma shuneed Urdu: Saaqi sunaoun kis ko hikayaat e aashqi Qissa mera na koie jo maeray siwa sunay English:=== But no one wants to give me the ear So the tale of mine I'm left to hear Persian: Ya Rab kujast mehram s raazay keh yak zaman Dil sherh e an dehad keh cheh deed o cheha shuneed Urdu: Day raazadaan Khuda mujhay aisa jo baeth ker Maeri hikayat e dil e baymudaa sunay English:=== To hear my tale oh, who would want? I only wish I had a confidant Persian: Ma baada zaer e khirqa na imrooz meekhuraem Sad baar peer e maykada in majra shuneed Urdu: Pee maen nay aaj hi naheen khirqay ki aarh maen Logoen nay aisay qissay meray baarha sunay English:=== I use my gown to hide the wine And my abbot thinks it's just fine Persian: Khush meekunam ba baada e mushkin mushaam e jaan Kaz dilq poosh e somaya boo e riya shuneed Urdu: Khushboo e may say ker too muattar mushaam e jaan Zahid ki jab hikaayat e makr o riya sunay English:=== My soul thrives with the smell of wine Something the preachers always malign -


Persian: Ma may ba baang e chang na imrooz meekashaem Bas daer shud keh gumbad e charkh in sada shuneed Urdu: Peeta ba baang e chang maen kuchh aaj hi naheen Muddat say yeh hi gumbad e azraq sada sunay English:=== My love of wine I do not hide The abuse of preachers I take in stride Persian: Sirr e Khuda keh aarif e salik ba kus na guft Dar haeratam keh baadafaroosh az kuja shuneed Urdu: Israar e purdadaar ki ho jis ko justajoo Ja kay wo mayfarosh ki baataen zara sunay English:=== But the mysteries known to a mystics few I was surprised that the bar man knew Persian: Pand e hakim aen e sawaab ast o mehz e khair Farkhanda bakht an keh ba sam e riza shuneed Urdu: Pand e hakim aen nikoi o raasti Farkhada bakht wo jo ba gosh e raza sunay English:=== So listen to a mystic; he really knows The secret of being only he can disclose Persian: HAFIZ wazeefa e to duaa guftan ast o bas Dar band e an mabaash keh nashneed ya shuneed Urdu: HAFIZ duayen mangna hay kaam aap ka Keejay na fikr koen sunay aur kya sunay English:=== And, HAFIZ, my job is only to pray And whatever they like, I let them say = ===

Q Ghazal 61 Persian: Paish az inat baesh an in ghamkhari e ushshaq bood Mehrwarzi e to baa ma shohra e aafaaq bood Urdu: Waqt tha aisa bhee, wo khud mayel e ushshaq tha Lutf e baymiqdaar us ka shohra e aafaaq tha English:=== There was a time when you were kind Our love was the talk of the humankind Persian: Yaad baad an sohbat e shabha keh baa zulf e to am Behs e sirr e ishq o zikr e halqa e ushshaaq bood Urdu: Yaad hay raatoun ki wo sohbat, teri zulfoun kay saath Behs e sirr e ishq o zikr e halqa e ushshaq tha English:=== And there were nights when we would talk Of nothing except your curly lock Persian: Husn e mehrooyan e majlis gar cheh dil meeburd o din Ishq e ma bar lutf e tab o khoobi e akhlaaq bood Urdu: Husn e mehrooyan e majlis nay liay ger deen o dil Dilruba kuchh kam na un ka lutf e khush akhlaaq tha


English:=== And though you robbed us of our creeds We only talked of your noble deeds Persian: Paish az in kin saqf e sabz o taaq e meena barkasheed Manzar e chashm e mara abroo e jaanaan taaq bood Urdu: Saqf e sabz o taaq e meena bannay say pehlay kaheen Abroo e jaanaan kay ander maen nay deekha taaq tha English:=== Before this world even came to be In love with your lips and the eyes were we Persian: Az dam e subh e azal ta aakhir e shaam e abad Dosti o mehr bar yak ahd o yak meesaaq bood Urdu: Az dam e subh e azal ta aakhir e shaam e abad Inhisaar e dosti ik ahd, ik meesaaq tha English:=== We also thought from the first to last That our love would last, and outlast Persian; Saaya e maashooq agar uftaad bar aashiq cheh shud Ma baa o muhtaaj boodaem, o ba ma mushtaaq bood Urdu: Saaya e mashooq aashiq per parha to kya huwa Us ka shaidaie tha maen, wo bhee mera mustaaq tha English:=== And that if we were in love with you For us some feelings you must've too Persian: Rishta e tasbeeh agar bagzist maazooram badaar Dastam ander sayid e saqi e seemeen saaq bood Urdu: Rishta e tasbeeh agar toota, thi maazoori meri Hath ander sayid e saqi e seemeen saaq tha English:=== And if my rosary broke in my hand I was playing with your finger band Persian: Dar shab e qadr ar sahoohi karda am aebam makun Sarkhush aamad yaar o jamay bar kinaar e taaq bood Urdu: Qadr ki shab maen nay pee hay, aeb laikin mat laga Paas tha maashooq, shisha ber kinaar e taaq tha English:=== In Ramadan if we sometimes drink It isn't wrong to be happy, we think Persian: Bar dar e shaham gadayay nuktay dar kaar kard Guft bar her khan keh banshistam, Khuda razzaaq bood Urdu: Ik gada e baynawa jata daroun per tha magar Khan per shahoun kay bhee us ka Khuda razzaaq tha English:=== Though kings provide the poor with food It's a gift of God; they shouldn't be rude Persian: Shaer e HAFIZ dar zamaan e Aadam ander baagh e khuld Doulat e nasreen o gul ra zeenat e auraaq bood Urdu: Shaer e HAFIZ ahd e Aadam maen bhee ander khuld kay Doulat e nasreen o gul tha, zeenat e auraq tha English:=== And the verses of HAFIZ in paradise Are considered precious, and above any price =====


Q Ghazal 62 Persian: Tarsam keh ashk dar gham e ma pardadar shawad Win raaz e sar ba mohr ba aalam samar shawad Urdu: Shiddat say dard ki jo mera deeda tar huwa Sailaab e khoun gham ka meray pardadar huwa English:=== Alas my tears my secret betrayed My weakness for her to all displayed Persian: In sarkashi keh dar sar e sarv e buland e tust Kay baa to dast e kota e ma dar kamar shawad Urdu: Thi aisie sarkashi teray sarv e buland ki Katah haath maera kab ander kamar huwa English:=== So slim, and trim, and lovely is she That within my reach she'll never be Persian: A qasr e saltanat keh to ash mah e manzari Sarha bar aastaana e o khak e dar shawad Urdu: Wo qasr e husn jis ka hay too mah e manzari Sar konsa hay jo na wahan khak e dar huwa English:=== Oh, when she comes to her balcony The moon in heaven she appears to be Persian: Mehr e to dar daroonam o ishq e to dar saram Baa sheer dar daroon shud o baa jaan badar shawad Urdu: Sar maen tera khayal tha, tasweer dil maen thi Baykhud tha per na tujh say kabhee baykhabar huwa English:=== She's always there in my head and heart Her love from me unto death will part Persian: Aey dil chun naafa e sar zulfash ba dast e tust Dam darkash ar na baad e saba ra khabar shawad Urdu: Daleen jo us ki zulf e muanbar maen unglian Mushkeen aarzo ka chaman kis qadar huwa English:=== The scent of her hair pervades my heart With it, O breeze, I'll never part Persian: Aey marduman e deeda magiryeed baad az in Pa e khayal e dost mabaada keh tar shawad Urdu: Ankhoun nay gham maen ashk kay darya baha diay Pa e khayal e yaar walay kuchh na tar huwa English:=== Cry as much as you like for her Her image, O eye, please don't blur Persian: Az her kinaar teer e dua karda am rawaan Bashad kaz in miana yakay kaargar shawad Urdu: Her simt maen nay teer e tamanna kiyay rawaan Un maen say aek bhee na magar kaargar huwa English:=== And in my despair I pray and pray Hoping that she will soften one day


Persian: Aey dil hadis e ma bar e dildaar arza kun Laikin chunan makun keh saba ra khabar shawad Urdu: Dildaar ko suna toe diya haal e zaar e dil Dushman bhee raaz say meray per baa khabar huwa English:=== O breeze, you go, and tell her my woes But in a way that no one knows Persian: Az kimia e mahr e to zaar gasht roo e man Aray ba yumn e himmat e to khak zar shawad Urdu: Kuin kimia e mehr say dil zar na ho mera Chasm e karam say taeri toe paththar bhee zar huwa English:=== Yellow and pale I am, behold Whatever she touches turns into gold Persian: Khaham shudan ba maykada giryan o daadkhah Kaz dast e gham khalas e dil an ja magar bawad Urdu: Maykhanay maen gaya tha maen giryan o daadkhah Jab aur kuchh na chara e dard e jigar huwa English:=== Moaning and groaning to the bar I went In the hope of easing my great torment Persian: Aey dil saboor baash o makhur gham keh aaqibat Az shaam subhay gardad o az shab sahar shawad Urdu: Aey dil shab e firaq ka gham kya keh aaqibat Subhoun say raat, raat say noor e sahar huwa English:=== Be patient, O heart, though you're worn A night is always followed by morn Persian: Gooyand sang lal shawad dar muqam e sabr Aray shawad wo laik ba khoun e jigar shawad Urdu: Kehtay haen lal sabr say banta hay sang bhee Ger lal wo huwa toe ba khoun e jigar huwa Emglish:=== My patience can turn into ruby a stone But bleed I must, and moan, and groan Persian: Bas nukta ghair e husn babayad keh ta kasay Maqbool e tab e mardum e sahib nazar shawad Urdu: Bay husn batini, kabhee koie haseen shakhs Maqbool e tab e murdum e sahib nazar huwa English:=== Besides the beauty that we all admire There're other things that the lovers desire Persian: Dar tangna e haeratam az nakhwat e raqeeb Ya Rab mabaad an keh gada motabar shawad Urdu: Haeraan houn takabbur o zoam e raqeeb per Kya ho ga, wo gada jo haheen motabar huwa English:=== And though my rival gives her glee Honored and trusted he'll never be -


Persian: HAFIZ sar az lahad badar aarad ba paay boos Gar khak e o ba pa e shuma paysapar shawad Urdu: Uth ker lahad say choomay haen HAFIZ nay pa e yaar Bhoolay say us ka qabr say jab bhee guzar huwa English:=== To me at my grave if she came to greet I'll wake up, HAFIZ, and kiss her feet ====

Q Ghazal 63 Persian: Tanat ba naaz e tabeeban niazmand mabaad Wajud e nazukat aazurda e gazand mabaad Urdu: Kabhee ba naaz e tabeeban niazmand na ho Wo naazneen kabhee aazurda e gazand na ho English:=== May you never need a doctor in life May you never be a victim of strife Persian: Salaamat e hama aafaaq dar salaamat e tust Ba heech aarza shakhs e to dardmand mabaad Urdu: Na day zara bhee usay dard e aashqi ya Rab Wo chahay kitna ho baydard, dardmand na ho English:=== Whenever you're happy you make us glad May you never be sorry; may you never be sad Persian: Dar in chaman chun daraayad khizan ba yaghmani Rahash ba sarv e sahi qamat e buland mabaad Urdu: Chaman maen aaay khizaan jab, toe rah maen us ki Kabhee wo sarv e sahi qamat e buland na ho English:=== Exposed to autumn your flower not be Ravage of winter may you never see Persian: Dar an bisaat keh husn e to jalwa andaazad Majaal e taana e badbeen e badpasand mabaad Urdu: Jahan maen naaz say ya Rab karay wo jalwagari Majaal e taana e badbeen o badpasand na ho English:=== Unique is your beauty in the earth and sky May God protect you from the evil eye Persian: Jamaal e soorat o maani ba yumn e himmat e tust Keh zahirat dazam o batinat nazand mabaad Urdu: Jamaal e soorat o seerat hay jis ki barkat say Wo aashna e alam, husn e dilpasand na ho English:=== You have not only an elegant face Your heart is pure; your soul has grace Persian: Her an keh roo e chu mahat ba chashm e bad beenad Bar aatish e to bajuz chashm e o sapand mabaad Urdu: Jo us kay aatisheen rukh per nigah e bad dalay Siwa us aankh kay aatish maen aur sapand na ho English:=== If anyone sees you with an evil eye May he go blind, and instantly die


Persian: Shafa zay gufta e shakkarfishaan e HAFIZ joo Keh hajitat ba ilaaj e gulaab o qand mabaad Urdu: Shafa jisay milay shireen bayan e HAFIZ say Usay qabool ilaaj e gulaab o qand na ho English:=== If an illness one has that's obscure In verses of HAFIZ he'll find the cure =====

Q Ghazal 64

Persian: Jaan bay jamaal e janaan mail e jahan nadaarad Her kas keh in nadaarad, huqqa keh an nadaarad Urdu: Jaan bay jamaal e janaan amn o amaan na rakhay Aaram e dil na rakhay, taskeen e jaan na rakhay English:=== Without her my life has no meaning Her favoring my rival is so demeaning Persian: Gar khud raqeeb sham ast, ahwaal az o bapooshan Kan shoukh e sarbureeda band e zabaan nadaarad Urdu: Mat shama ko batao ulfat ka raaz e pinhaan Yeh shoukh e sarbureeda band e zabaan na rakhay English:=== Oh, on my rival she can't rely He isn't at all an honorable guy Persian: Baa heech kas nishanay zaan dilsitaan nadeedam Ya man khabar nadaaram, ya o nishaan nadaarad Urdu: Milta naheen kabhee jab ham ko nishaan e dilber Ya ham hi baykhabar haen, ya wo nishaan na rakhay English:=== Of her returning there is no sign Whatever I do, she won't be mine Persian: Her shabnamay dar in reh sad mouj e aatisheen ast Darda keh in moamma sherh o bayaan nadaarad Urdu: Ulfat ki rah maen toe shabnam bhee aatisheen hay Afsoes yeh moamma sherh o bayaan na rakhay English:=== Journey of love is perilous indeed Embark so many but few succeed Persian: Zouq e chunaan nadaarad bay dost zindagaani Bay dost zindagaani zouq e chunaan nadaarad Urdu: Zouq e jahaan na rakhay bay dost zindagaani Bay dost zindagaani zouq e javaan na rakhay English;=== Advice of preacher we do not need Without her life is empty indeed Persian: Chang e khameeda qamat meekhandanat ba ishrat Bashno keh pand e peeran heechat ziyaan nadaarad Urdu: Chang e khameeda qamat dayway agar bulawa Ik pand e peer sun lo, kuchh yeh ziyaan na rakhay


English:=== But do not reject the elders' advice It's so precious, and above any price Persian: Sarmanzil e qanaat natwaan zay dast daadan Aey saarbaan farokash kin reh kiraan nadaarad Urdu: Ik manzil e qanaat mil jaay toe taher ja Yeh dasht aarzoo ka warna kiraan na rakhay English:=== Seek contentment and in it retire Pain and torment come from desire Persian: Ahwaal e gunj e qaroon kayyaam daad barbaad Dar goesh e gul farokhan ta zar nihaan na daarad Urdu: Douran nay ker diya hay barbaad ganj e qaroon Keh do yeh gul say apnay zar ko nihaan na rakhay English:=== Oh, tell the flower, be proud you not When autumn comes you'll decay and rot Persian: Aey dil tareeq e rindi az mohtasib beyamooz Mast ast o dar haq e o kas in gumaan nadaarad Urdu: Aey dil tareeq e rindi too seekh motasib say Hay mast aur us per koie gumaan na rakhay English:=== And don't disdain the topers' way Whatever they like let the censors say Persian: An ra keh khandi ustaad, gar bangari ba tehqeeq Sanaatgariest amma tab e rawaan nadaarad Urdu: Ustaad shairi ka kehtay haen loeg jis ko Sanaatgari karay hay, tab e rawaan na rakhay English:=== Some people think that writing verse Is the easiest thing in the universe Persian: Kas dar jahaan nadaarad yak bandaay chu HAFIZ Zeera keh chu to shahay kas dar jahan nadaarad Urdu: Tujh sa ghulam HAFIZ koie naheen jahaan maen Us jaisa baadsheh bhee koie jahaan na rakhay English:=== Though she is the queen of the humankind A slave like HAFIZ she also can't find ====

Q Ghazal 65 Persian: Jamaalat aaftaab e her nazar baad Zay khoobi roo e khoobat khoobtar baad Urdu: Teri zaibaie mehr e her nazar hay Teri ranaaie sab say khoobtar hay English:=== May your beauty delight every eye May beauty itself you glorify Persian: Dilay koo basta e zulfat nabaashad Hameesha gharqa e khoun e jigar baad Urdu: Aseer e zulf e janaan gar naheen dil Hameesha gharqa e khoun e jigar hay


English:=== A heart not bound to your curly hair May it be sorry; may it despair Persian: Buta chun ghamzaat nawak kushayad Dil e majrooh e man paishash sapar baad Urdu: Tera teer e nazar chalnay say pehlay Mera zakhmi jigar paish az sapar hay English:=== And the deadly arrow of your charming eye May it directly to my bosom fly Persian: Chun lal e shakkareenat bosa bakhshad Mazaaq e jaan e man zoo pur shakar baad Urdu: Tamanna maen lab e shakkarfishaan ki Mazaaq e jaan maera purshakar hay English:=== And the vintage wine of your ruby lip May I someday leisurely sip Persian: Mera az tust her dam taaza ishqay Tura her saatay husn e digar baad Urdu: Teray dam say hay her dam ishq taaza Tera her lamha ik husn e digar hay English:=== May my love be always renewed And boost your beauty in magnitude Persian: Kasay koo kushta e rooyat nabaashad Chun zulfat darham o zaer o zabar baad Urdu: Jo dil zulf e pareeshaan maen na uljha Pareeshaan hay bohat, zaer o zabar hay English:=== Someone who hasn't loved your face To the humankind he is a disgrace Persian: Huma e auj e shaheen shehparat ra Dil e shahaan e aalam zaer e par baad Urdu: Huma e auj e shaheen, Allah, Allah Dil e shahaan e aalam zaer e par hay English:=== May fortune smile on our noble king May luck take him under its wing Persian: Ba jaan mushtaaq e roo e tust HAFIZ Tura bar haal e mushtaaqaan nazar baad Urdu: Ba jaan mushtaaq taeray rukh ka HAFIZ Na mushtaaqaan peh go taeri nazar hay English:=== Worships you HAFIZ, and he loves you so May he become someday your beau ====

Q Ghazal 66 Persian: Chu baad azm e sar e koo e yaar khaham kard Nafas ba boo e khushash mushkbaar khaham kard Urdu: Saba maen azm e sar e koo e yaar kerta houn Ba boo e zulf nafas mushkbaar kerta koun


English:=== Wherever she lives I 'll be there So that I smell the scent of her hair Persian: Her aabrooay keh andoukhtam zay daanish o deen Nisaar e khaak e reh an nigaar khaham kard Urdu: Wo aabroo jo mili thi mujhay ba daanish o deen Butoun ki aik nigeh per nisaar kerta houn English:=== And I will put whatever have I Under her feet when she passes by Persian: Saba kujast keh in jaan e koungrifta chu gul Fida e nikhat e gaisoo e yaar khaham kard Urdu: Saba maen gul ki terheh jaan e khoungrifta ko Fida e nikhat e gaisoo e yaar kerta houn English:=== My heart, my soul, my life, I swear Give them I will to the scent of her hair Persian: Chu sham e subhedammam shud zay mehr e o roshan Keh umr dar sar e in kaar o baar khaham kard Urdu: Yeh zindagi hoie wazay teri mohabbat say Misaal e Sham e sahar, kaar o baar kerta houn English:=== Without her love I cannot live For her there's nothing I wouldn't give Persian: Ba yaad e chashm e to khud ra kharaab khaham saakht Binaay ahd e qadeem ustawaar khaham kard Urdu: Tabah zindagi ker kay maen taeri ulfat maen Binaay ahd e qadeem ustawaar kerta houn English:=== To the magical gaze of her charming eye Nothing I have that I will deny Persian: Ba herza bay may o maashooq umr meeguzarad Butaalatam bus az imrooz kaar khaham kard Urdu: Yeh soach soach kay sood ab kay baar ho shayad Maen dilrubaoun say phir kaar o baar kerta houn English:===Life is lovely with women and wine A better living no one can design Persian: Nifaaq o zarq nabakhshad safa e dil HAFIZ Tareeq e rindi o ishq ikhtiaar khaham kard Urdu: Safa e dil naheen makr o faraeb maen HAFIZ Tareeq e rindi o ishq ikhtiaar kerta houn English:=== But this worldly life is not for me A toper, O HAFIZ, I'd like to be ====

Q Ghazal 67 Persian: Cheh masti ast nadaanam keh roo ba ma aavurd Keh bood saaqi o in baada az kuja aavurd Urdu: Nasha kahan say yeh ham aaj dilfiza laay Yeh ahl e maykada kya jaam maen mila laay English:=== Her veil if she dropped, she had to be tight Does the barman has something special tonight?


Persian: Dila chu ghuncha shikaayat zay bakht e basta makun Keh baad e subhe naseem e girhakusha aavurd Urdu: Khila na ghuncha a qismat toe gham na ker aey dil Keh baad e subha naseem e girhakusha laay English:=== O heart, be happy and thank your star There's something in air if she went so far Persian: Raseedan e gul o nasreen ba khair o khoobi baad Banafsha shaad o khush aamad, saman safa aavurd Urdu: Chaman maen aamad e nasreen ba khair o khoobi ho Banafsha shaad o khush aaay, saman safa laay English:=== In the garden the flowers are everywhere It's cool and pleasent, the fragrant air Persian: Ilaj e zoaf e dil e ma karishma e saaqist Bar aar sar keh tabeeb aamad o dawa aavurd Urdu: Hay zoaf e dil ka madaawa karishma e saaqi Hazaar naaz say aaay wo aur dawa laay English:=== The ladies of night are full of allure The barman in bottles has every cure Persian: Saba ba khushkhabaari hudhud e Suleimaan ast Keh muzda e tarab az gulshan e Saba aavurd Urdu: Saba ba khushkhabaari hudhud e Suleimaan hay Keh muzda e tarab az gulshan e Saba laay English:=== There is frolic, and gaiety, and joy everywhere A message from Sheba must be in the air Persian: Cheh rah meezanad in mutrib e muqaam shanaas Keh darmian e ghazal qoal e aashna aavurd Urdu: Mahal shanaas huwa aaj is qadar mutrib Keh darmian e ghazal qoal e aashna laay English:=== The night's starry, and there's full moon And the singers are singing a happy tune Persian: To neez baada ba chang aar o rah e sahra geer Keh murgh e naghmasara saaz e khush nava aavurd Urdu: Sharaab o chang uthao, chalo biyabaan maen Keh murgh e naghmasara saaz e khush nava laay English:=== Let's go to the park with lots of wine And sing, and dance, and drink, and dine Persian: Mureed e peer e mughaanam, zay man maranj aey sheikh Chira keh waada to kerdi wa o baja aavurd Urdu: Mureed e peer e mughaan ham haen, gham na ker zahid Too mehz waada keray aur wo dawa laay EnglIsh:=== Your promise, O preacher, has no allure The barmaid has all what I need and more -


Persian: Falak ghulaami e HAFIZ kunun ba tooe kunad Keh iltija ba dar e doulat e shuma aavurd Urdu: Karay ghulaami e HAFIZ na aasmaan kuin jab Wo aap kay dar e doulat peh iltija laay English:=== Amd HAFIZ ia happy, and has everything Because he is in the court of king ====

Q Ghazal 68

Persian: Khush aamad gul waz an khushtar nabaashad Keh dar dastat bajuz saaghar nabaashad Urdu: Fiza e fasl e gul behtar naheen hay Jo hathoun maen teray saaghar naheen hay English:=== The spring has come, and the flowers are here Let's fill our cups with wine, my dear Persain: Zamaan e khushdili daryaab, daryaab Keh dayam dar sadaf gohar nabaashad Urdu: Zamaan e aesh hathoun hath laina Keh dayam dar sadaf gohar naheen hay English:

And sing and dance, and let's be merry For the pleasures of life are so temporary Persian: Ghaneemat daan o may khur dar gulistan Keh gul ta hafta e deegar nabashad Urdu: Ghaneemat jaan aur pee may chaman maen Keh gul ta hafta e deegar naheen hay English:=== Let's all to the garden presently go Lest the lovely flowers lose their glow Persian: Ajab raheest rah e ishq kan ja Kasay sar bar kunad kash sar nabaashad Urdu: Reh e ulfat ajab hay rah jis maen Wo bala sar hay jis ka sar naheen hay English:=== It's time for love; so let's not wait Let's lose our heads, and celebrate Persian: Basho auraaq agar hamdars e maie Keh Ilm e ishq dar daftar nabaashad Urdu: Kitabaen phaenk, ban hamdars maera Keh ilm e ishq dar daftar naheen hay English:=== And love is there wherever you look It isn't something you find in a book Persian: Zay man banyoosh o dil dar shahiday band Keh husnash basta e zaewar nabaashad Urdu: Day zaewar jaan o dil ka us haseen ko Jisay kuchh haajit e zaewar naheen hay English:=== So listen to me, and do not wait And find a charming, beautiful mate


Persian: Bia aey sheikh dar khumkhaana e ma Sharaabay khur keh dar kosar nabaashad Urdu: Peeo aey sheikh khumkaanay maen maeray Wo baada jo keh dar kosar naheen hay English:=== Of hell and heaven, O sheik, not think Let's go to the bar, and let's have a drink Persian: Aeya pur lal karda jaam e zarreen Babukhsha bar kasay kash zar nabaashad Urdu: Meray saaqi mujhay bhee lal e baada Jo maeray pas jaam e zar naheen hay English:=== In taven, my friend, there is wine galore So let's be generous, and give it to the poor Persian: Sharaab e baykhumaaram bakhsh saaqi Keh baa o heech dard e sar nabaashad Urdu: Hamaen bakhshi hay may saaqi nay aisie Hay jis maen kaif, dard e sar naheen hay English:=== Oh, give me the wine that drowns my sorrow Without the headache later next morrow Persian: Banaam Erad, butay seemeen tanam hast Keh dar butkhaana e Azar nabaashad Urdu: Yeh maera seemtan but, but hay aisa Keh dar butkhaana e Azar naheen hay English:=== My girl's so lovely, so pretty, so fair That with her no idol can you compare Persian: Man az jaan banda e sultan Aveesam Agarcheh yaadash az chakar nabaashad Urdu: Houn dil say banda e sultan Avees ik Unhaen go yaad yeh chakar naheen hay English:=== Of sultan Avees, the mighty, the brave I wish I could become a humble slave Persian: Ba taaj e aalamaarayash keh khursheed Chunin zaebinda e afsar nabaashad Urdu: Wo taaj e aalan aara jis kay aagay Yeh suraj laiq e afsar naheen hay English:=== So bright and shiny are jewels of his crown That when it sees it the sun turns brown Persian: Kasay geerad khata dar nazm e HAFIZ Keh heechash lutf dar gohar nabaashad Urdu: Nikalay aeb jo HAFIZ kay fun maen Lataatat us maen zarrabhar naheen hay English:=== If verses of HAFIZ some people deride He simply ignores them, and takes it in stride ====


Q Ghazal 69 Persian: Dilbar baraft o dilshudagaan ra khaabar nakurd Yaad e hareeef e shehr o rafeeq e safar nakard Urdu: Jaanay ki apnay us nay kisie ko khaabar na ki Yaad e hareef e shehr o rafeeq e safar na ki English:=== Unknown to lovers she left the city Oh, in her heart she has no pity Persian: Ya bakht e man tareeq e mohabbat faroguzasht Ya o ba shahrah e haqeeqat guzar nakard Urdu; Ya maera bakht bhool gaya tarz e ishq, ya Us nay ba shahrah e haqeeqat guzar na ki English:=== And of my love either she knows not Or me my luck has simply forgot Persian: Man eistaada ta kunamash jaan fida chu sham O khud guzar ba man chu naseem e sahar nakard Urdu: Maen shama ban kay rah maen us ki kharha raha Us nay naseem ban kay bhee yan say guzar na ki English:=== My life for her I would like to give But to make me suffer, she wants me to live Persian: Guftam magar ba girya dilash mehrbaan kunam Dar sang e khara qatra e baraan asar nakard Urdu: Chaha tha karna dil zara nalay say mehrbaan Taseer koie sang pay baraan nay per na ki English:=== To soften her heart I cry and cry But alas a stone I can't mollify Persian: Her kas keh deed roo e to boseed chashm e man Karay keh kard deeda e man baynazar nakard Urdu: Jis nay wo asks daekha, meri aankh choom li Baysood maen nay ishq maen kuchh chashm tar na ki English:=== But the people cannot see me cry They wipe and kiss my tearful eye Persian: Dar hairatam keh behr e cheh shud hamdam e raqeeb Kharmohra heech kas chun qareeen e goher nakard Urdu: Hairat hay kis terheh wo huwa hamdam e raqeeb Korhi kabhee kisie nar qareen e goher na ki English:=== And I 'm surprised that being so precious She loves my rival, so mean, so vicious Persian; Murgh e dil archeh baal o parash gham basokhtast Sauda e kham e aashqi az sar badar nakard Urdu: Dil jal kay khaak ho gaya us kay firaaq maen Diwaangi e ishq magar sar badar na ki English:=== But me being foolish, and not very smart I love her still with all my heart -


Persian: Kalk e zabaanbureeda e HAFIZ dar anjuman Baa kas naguft raaz e to ta tark e sar nakard Urdu: Kalk e zabaanbureeda e HAFIZ nay bazm maen Baat aek raaz e ishq ki ta qat e sar na ki English:=== O HAFIZ, her trust I 'll never betray You can cut my tongue if a word I say ====

Q Ghazal 70 Persian: Dil az man burd o roo az man nihaan kard Khudara baa keh in baazi tawaan kard Urdu: Too dil lay kay jo kerta rukh nihaan hay Sitam kerta yeh kya aey maeri jaan hay English:=== She took my heart and hid her face It seems so very unusual a case Persian: Shab e tanhaaiam dar qasd e jaan bood Khayalash lutfha e baykaraan kard Urdu: Shab e tanhaaie laeway jaan laikin Tassawur taera daeway lutf e jaan hay English:=== Though the pain of parting is killing me Out of my heart she'll never be Persian: Chira chu lala khouneen dil nabaasham Keh baa man nargis e o sargaraan kard Urdu: Barang e lala dil hota hay khouneen Jo hoti chashm e nargis sargaraan hay English:=== Her charming eyes are cruel indeed They wound my heart, and make it bleed Persian:=== Saba gar chaara daari, waqt, waqt ast Keh dard e ishtiaqam qasd e jaan kard Urdu: Saba chaaragari ker kuchh Khudara Keh kerta dard e ulfat qasd e jaan hay English:=== Though the night of longing is hard to survive In the morning the breeze does come to revive Persian: Kira gooyam keh baa in dard e jaansooz Tabeebam qasd e jaan e natawaan kard Urdu: Gham e jaansoz day ker wo masiha Karay ik qasd e jaan e natawaan hay English:=== But me the one who really can cure Pain and sorrow she makes me endure Persian: Badaansaan sookht chu shamam keh bar man Suraahi girya o barbat fughaan kard Urdu: Karay, yun sokhta daekhay jo mujh ko Suraahi girya o barbat fughaan hay English:=== So much sometimes do suffer I That the harps and violins begin to cry


Persian: Mian e mehrbaanan kay tawaan guft Keh yaar e man chunin guft o chunan kard Urdu: Kisie say kya kahaen ham, kis terheh too Kahay kya aur karay kya maeri jaan hay English:=== But how can I tell the people that she The girl that I cherish, has done it to me Persian: Adoo baa jaan e HAFIZ an nakarday Keh teer e chashm e an abrookamaan kard Urdu: Adoo nay bhee na HAFIZ say kiya jo Karay aankhoun say wo abrookamaan hay English:=== My rivals, O HAFIZ, could never do What she did to me, and it's true ====

Q Ghazal 71 Persian: Dast dar halqa e an zulf e dota narwaan kard Takia bar ahd e to o baad e saba natwaan kard Urdu: Hath ander kham e gaisoo e dota kuinker ho Mutmaien dil mera aey baad e saba kuinker ho English:=== With her lovely curls I'd love to play If the price is life I 'm willing to pay Persian: An cheh seie ast man andar talabat banmoodam In qadar hast keh tagheer e qaza natwaan kard Urdu: Houn talabgaar tera, kerta toe koshish houn bohat Na ho taqdeer maen jab, wasl tera kuinker ho English:=== And if I could only change my fate I wouldn't have to wait, and wait, and wait Persian: Daaman e dost ba sad khoun e dil uftaad ba dast Ba fasoonay keh kunad khasm, riha natwaan kard Urdu: Daaman e dost ba sad khoun e jigar haath laga Ba talismaat e adoo phir yeh riha kuinker ho English:=== Some headway if ever I made with her Me, my rival could never deter Persian: Aarizash ra ba misal mah e falak natwaan khand Nisbat e dost ba her bay sar o pa natwaan kard Urdu: Aariz e yaar ki tamseel qamar say mat ker Nisbat e dost ba her bay sar o pa kuinker ho English:=== I'd like to say she looks like moon But then she'll tell me, I am a loon Persian: Sarv e baala e man an dam keh daraayad ba samaa Cheh mahal jaama e jaan ra keh qaba natwaan kard Urdu: Sarv qad yaar mera wajd maen aa jaay agar Haath maen dam na rahay, jaama qaba kuinker ho


English:=== If like Venus, she decides to sing The stars in heaven begin to swing Persian: Mushkil e ishq keh dar housla e daanish e maast Hull e in nukta badeen fikr e Khata narwaan kard Urdu: Mushkil e dil hay meray housla e daanish maen Aql naqis hay toe phir uqda kusha kuinker ho English:=== The love they say is a mysterious thing It conquers all and everything Persian: Man cheh gooyam keh tura naaziki e tab e lateef Ta ba huddiest keh aahista dooa natwaan kard Urdu: Tab e naazuk pay teri baar hay feryaad magar Is tarhap maen meri aahista dooa kuinker ho English:=== So delicate a temperament does have my baby That she thinks my litany is all very crazy Persian: Nazar e pak tawaan dar rukh e jaanaan didan Keh dar aaina nazar juz ba safa natwaan kard Urdu: Daekh sakti hay rukh e yaar ko bus pak nazar Keh der aaina nazar juz ba saka kuinker ho English:=== So innocent, and pure, and clean is she With an evil eye her no one can see Persian: Ba juz abroo e to mehraab e dil e HAFIZ neest Taat e ghaer e to dar mazhab ma natwaan kard Urdu: Abroo e yaar jo mehraab e dil e HAFIZ hay Bandagi ghaer ki phir us ko rawa kuinker ho English:=== Her brow, O HAFIZ, is a perfect niche Where the preacher can pray without a hitch ====

Q Ghazal 72 Persian: Dosh deedam keh malaik dar e maykhana zadand Gil e Aadam basarishtand o ba paimaana zadand Urdu: Kal farishtoun nay shaoor e dar e maykhana dia Gil e Aadam say bana ker mujhay paimaana diya English:=== Brought angels the wine to the tavern's door Of love, to pour in the human core Persian: Sakinaan e haram e sirr e ifaaf e malakoot Baa man e rahnasheen baada e mastaana zadand Urdu: Sakinaan e haram e sirr e safa e arashi Kaisa mujh rind ko yeh baada e mastaana diya English:=== Seeing wine with them, I got worked up And begged them to pour it in my cup Persian: Shukr e Eizad keh mian e man o o sulhe fitaad Hoorian raqs kunan saaghar e shukraana zadand Urdu: Shukr e Eizad keh hoie silha jab un say maeri Raqs hooroun nay kiya, saaghar e shukrana diya


English:=== And when my baby and I made up The houris in heaven had cup after cup Persian: Jang e haftaad o do millat hama ra uzr baneh Chun nadeedand haqeeqat, reh e afsaana zadand Urdu; Ker kay hukkaam nay tafreeq baniaadam ki Baat sach aek na ki, jhoot ka afsaana diya English:=== The power the rulers in order to chase Have badly divided the human race Persian: Aasmaan baar e aamanat natawaanist kasheed Quraa e faal ba naam e man w divaana zadand Urdu: Baar jis ka na utha paay thay jinnat o malak Aisa Aadam ko bana ker dil e divaana diya English:=== Carry the burden since no one can Of love, then God has given it to man Persan: Nuqta e ishq dil e goshanashinaan khoun kard Hamchu an khaal keh bar aariz e jaanaana zadand Urdu: Nuqta e ishq jo durvaish ka dil khoun karay Khaal e mushkeen hay keh bar aariz e jaanaana diya English:=== As a symbol of love that the mystics seek Put God the mole on her rosy cheek Persian: Ma ba sad kharman e pindaar zay reh chun narawaem Chun reh e Aadam e khaaki ba yakay daana zadand Urdu: Hum ba sad kharman e pindaar na houn kuin gumrah Bhatka Aadam meri jaan, jab usay ik daana diya English:=== On earth we surely can go stray If Adam in Eden could lose his way Persian: Aatish an neest keh bar shola e o khandad sham Aatish an ast keh dar kharman e purwaana zadand Urdu: Naheen wo aag keh ho shama tabassum bar lab Aag wo jis say jala kharman e purwaana diya English:=== A candle may have the burning desire But it's the moth that catches the fire Persian: Kas chu HAFIZ nakasheed az rukh e andaesha naqaab Ta sar e zulf e uroosaan sukhan shaana zadand Urdu: Roo e andaesha say HAFIZ nay utha kay purda Apni guftaar ko rang e rukh e jaaanaana diya English:=== And look, how HAFIZ, with infinite pride Adorned has he his poetry's bride ====

Q Ghazal 73 Persian: Dil e man ba dour e rooat zay chaman faraagh darad Keh chu sarv paaibandast o chu lala daagh darad Urdu: Teray is chaman maen kaisay koie dil faraagh rakhay Jahan pa e sarv bandish, jahan lala daagh rakhay English:=== Whenever I see your beautiful face The flowers all lose their beauty and grace -


Persian: Shab e teera chun sar aaram reh e paich paich e zulfat Magar an keh sham e rooat ba reham charaagh darad Urdu: Shab e teera sar karoun maen, Kham o paich e rah e gaisoo Teri sham e rukh jo piaray sar e reh charaagh rakhay English:=== On me your curls, when they try to prey The glow of your face lets them get away Persian: Ba farough e chehra zulfat, hama shab zanad reh e dil Cheh dilawar ast duzday keh ba cuff charaagh darad Urdu: Ba farough e chehra kakul, jo diloun ko shab maen lootay Hay dilaer kaisa rehzan keh ba cuff charaagh rakhay English:===Your raven locks, when my heart they steal The light of your cheek they use with zeal Persian: Sar e ma faro niayad ba kaman e abroo e kas Keh daroon e goshageeran zay jahan faraagh darad Urdu: Kabhee yeh na sar jhukaen kamaanabrooun kay aagay Keh khameer e goshgeeraan zay jahan faraagh rakhay English:=== A woman's beauty they always treasure Though mystics forsake the worldly pleasure Persian: Ba chaman kharaam o bangar bar e takht e gul keh lala Ba nadeem e shah manad keh ba cuff ayaagh darad Urdu: Zara daekh mousam e gul ki bahaar, takht e gul per Hay nadeem e shah lala, keh ba cuff ayaagh rakhay English:=== Oh, bring the wine with a marching band The tulips are waiting with cup in hand Persian: Sazad ar chu abr e behman, keh bar in chaman bagiryam Tarab aashiyaan e bulbul, banigar keh zaagh darad Urdu: Kuin na abr e mousam e gul karay is chaman pay girya Tarab aashiyaan e bulbul jo yahan pay zaagh rakhay English:=== When a crow replaces the nightingale With grief my heart begins to fail Persian: Man o sham e subhagaahi sazad ar baham bagiryaem Keh basokhtaem o az ma but e ma faraagh darad Urdu: Man o sham e subhagaahi chalo saath mil kay roaen Jo jala kay dil hamaara, dil e but faraagh rakhay English:=== Without you, darling, when I feel lovelorn Like candle I weep from night to morn Persian: Sar e dars e ishq darad, dil e dardmand e HAFIZ Keh na khatir e tamaasha, na hawa e baagh darad Urdu: Dil e dardmand e HAFIZ hay malool ishq maen youn Keh na khatir e tamaasha, na hawa e baagh rakhay English:=== And in your absence when he feels morose Your HAFIZ cares not for the tulip or rose ====


Q Ghazal 74 Persian: Dar azal purtu e husnat zay tajally dam zad Ishq paida shud o aatish ba hama aalam zad Urdu: Purtu e husn say bunyaad e jahan berham hay Shola e ishq say aatish ba hama aalam hay English:=== The beauty came first and then the desire And the love then set the whole world on fire Persian: Jalwaay kard rukhash, deed malak ishq nadaasht Ain e aatish shud az in ghairat o bar Aadam zad Urdu: Husn ki taab na jab la sakay jinnat o malak Hadaf us burq e tajally ka dil e Aadam hay English:=== Abode in the angels when love couldn't find It made its home in the humankind Persian: Muddayi khast keh aayad ba tamaashageh e raaz Dast e ghaib aamad o bar seena e namehram zad Urdu: Muddayi jab ba tamaashageh e israr gaya Khak aatish say huwa seena e namehram hay English:=== Came soon the hate to stake its claim But a bolt from Heaven set it aflame Persian: Aql mekhast kaz an shola chiragh afroozad Burq e ghairat badarakhsheed o jahan barham zad Urdu: Aql nay sholay say jab shama jalani chahi Burq e ulfat nay kiya saara jahan berham hay English:=== To capture love then the reason tried But Heaven its prayer promptly denied Persian: Jaan e alvi hawas e chah e zanikhdaan e to daasht Dast dar halqa e an zulf e kham ander kham zad Urdu: Jaan e alvi ko ho jab chah e zanikhdaan ki hawas Haath maen laeti wo gaisoo e kham ander kham hay English:=== Her chin has a dimple as deep as a well He never got out into it who fell Persian: Deegeran quraa e qismat hama bar aesh zadand Dil e ghamdeeda e ma bood keh ham bar gham zad Urdu: Aesh o aaraam raqeeboun ko diay qismat nay Dil e ghamgeen ko mila hissay maen gham hi gham hay English:=== My rivals from fate got joy and bliss Of sorrow and pain, I got the abyss Persian: Khast ta jalwa kunad soorat e khud ra mehboob Khaema dar maarka e aab o gil e Aadam zad Urdu: Apnay deedaar ki khahish jo huie Eezad ko Khaak say paeda kiya us nay rukh e Aadam hay English:=== In order to see His glory and grace God made His mirror the human face


_ Persian: HAFIZ an rooz tarabnama e ishq e to navisht Keh qalam bar sar e asbaab e dil e khurram zad Urdu: Mastinama tera HAFIZ nay likha hay us din Jab khushi kay sabhee asbaab ka soda kam hay English:=== But when HAFIZ fell in love with her The wrath of fate he did incur ====

Q Ghazal 75

Persian: Dosh aagahi zay yaar e safarkarda daad baad Man neez dil ba baad daham, her cheh baad baad Urdu: Laie payaam e yaar e safarkarda baad hay Roshan hoie hay chashm meri, qalb shaad hay English:=== Go find, O breeze, my departed friend And say a message O please do send Persian: Dar cheen e turra e to dil e bayhifaaz e man Hergiz naguft maskan e maaloof yaad baad Urdu: Jab say muqeem e zulf bana baylihaaz dil Aaya na apna ghar usay ik din bhee yaad hay English:=== My heart is a captive of her curly hair And now for its home it does not care Persian: Dilkhush shudam ba yaad e to her geh keh dar chaman Band e qaba e ghuncha e gul meekushaad baad Urdu: Dil khush hua hay yaad say taeri keh der chaman Band e qaba e ghuncha e gul jo kushaad hay English:=== When see I flowers with beauty and grace Remind me they of her lovely face Persian: Tarf e kulah e shahiat aamad ba khatiram An ja keh taaj bar sar e nargis nihaad baad Urdu: Nargis kay sar pay taaj rakha daekh ker, bohat Tarf e kulah e yaar mujhay aaay yaad hay English:=== When hyacinth does wave in the air Reminded am I of her curly hair Persian: Kaaram badan raseed keh hamrah e khud kunam Her shaam burq e laama o her baamdaad baad Urdu: Hay kya ajeeb ishq, yeh kaisie hay dosti Tohfa hay aag is ka, fughaan is ki daad hay English:=== Without her oh, how I cry and cry I moan, and groan, and gasp, and sigh Persian: Az dast rafta bood wajood e zaeef e man Subham ba boo e wasl e to jaan baaz daad baad Urdu: Maeray tan e zaeef maen jaan us nay daal di Jab subhadam payaam tera laie baad hay


English:=== Though the pain of parting is too much for me The thought of her coming is a souce of glee Persian: Imrooz qadr e pand e azizan shanaakhtam Ya Rab rawaan e nasah e man az to shaad baad Urdu: Nikli haen dil say maeray duaaen hazaarha Aaie mujhay jo pand e azizan ki yaad hay English:=== And when I think of my friends' advice I find it precious and above any price Persian: Tareekh aesh ma shab e deedaar e dost bood Ahd e shabaab o sohbat e ahbaab yaad baad Urdu: Ahd e shabaab o sohbat e ahbaab sab hay yaad Yaad e shab e wisaal say dil maera shaad hay English:=== And when I remember her days with me My heart does become like a stormy sea Persian: Her shab hazaar gham ba man aamad zay ishq e to Ya Rab keh her damam gham e ishat zeyaad baad Urdu: Mujh ko diay haen ishq nay taeray hazaar gham Her gham tera karay teri ulfat ziyaad hay English:=== Though pain of parting isn't easy to bear I lose not hope and do not despair Persian: HAFIZ nihaad e naek e to kaamat beyaworad Jaanha fida e mardum e naekonihaad baad Urdu: HAFIZ nihaad e naek teri kaam aa gaie Haq ko aziz mardum e naekonihaad hay English:=== Because by nature, you're noble and pure God loves you, HAFIZ, you can be sure ====

Q Ghazal 76 Persian: Dar an hawa keh juz burq andar talab nabaashad Gar kharmanay basozad chandin ajab nabaashad Urdu: Juz burq kuchh bhee ander shouq o talab naheen hay Jal jaay is say kharman toe kuchh ajab naheen hay English:=== You can't have love without the fire And body and soul it consumes entire Persian: Mughay keh baa gham e dil shud ultateesh hasil Bar shakhsaar e umrash barg e tarab nabaashad Urdu: Wo andaleeb jis ko gham say huie hay ulfat Bar shakh e umr us ki barg e tarab naheen hay English:=== When you're in love, you can't complain And you have nothing but sorrow and pain Persian: Dar kaarkhaana e ishq az kufr naguzir ast Aatish kira basozad gar Bulahab nabaashad Urdu: Bay kufr kab chala hay ulfat ka kaarkhaana Aatish kisay jalaay ger Bulahab naheen hay


English:=== There is no love without rejection And hate is also part of affection Persian: Dar kaesh e jaanfarooshaan fazl o hunar nazaebad In ja nasab nagunjad, in ja hasab nabashaad Urdu: Jaanbaaz ko haen zaeba fazl o hunar na koie Koie Hasab naheen hay, koie nasab naheen hay English:=== You need no power; you need no wealth Love wants courage, not strength or health Persian: Dar mehfilay keh khurshid ander shumaar e zarrast Khud ra buzurg deedan shart e adab nabaashad Urdu: Jis anjuman maen anjum zarroun kay houn barabar Kerna gharoor wan per shart e adab naheen hay English:=== Where sun seems like a speck of dirt You be not rude; and don't be curt Persian: May khur keh umr e sarmad gar dar jahan tawaan yaaft Juz baada e bahishti heechash sabab nabaashad Urdu: May pee keh is jahan maen bus umr e jawadaan ka Juz baada e bahishti kuchh aur sabab naheen hay English:=== Can make you eternal no earthly wine What you really need is the spirit divine Persian: HAFIZ wisaal e jaanaan baa chu to tangdastay Roozay shawad keh baa o paiwand e shab nabaashad Urdu: HAFIZ wisaal e jaanaan shayad ho roz e mehshaer Qismat maen taeri warna waslat ki shab naheen hay English:=== But you can't have, HAFIZ, a paramour You have no money; you are too poor ====

Q Ghazal 77 Persian: Dilam juz mehr e mehrooyan tareeqay bar namigeerad Zay her dar meedaham pandash wo laikin dar namigeerad Urdu: Baghaer e yaar aaraam e dil e muztar naheen hota Maen sumjhaata bohat houn per asar is per naheen hota English:=== Chase not the beauties, O heart of mine Control your yen, and do not pine Persian: Sukhan dar ahtiaaj e ma o istaghna e maashooq ast Cheh sood afsoongari aey dil keh dilbar dar namigeerad Urdu: Too hay mushtaaq aey dil aur wo hay bayniyaaz aisa Asar afsoongari ka taeri kuchh us per naheen hota English:=== I have the need, and you have the pride So by any measure the gap is wide Persian: Cheh khush sayd e dilam kardi, banaazam chashm e mastat ra Keh kas aahoo e wahshi ra az in khushtrar namigeerad Urdu: Kya hay sayd dil shaeroun ka us ki shashm e aahoo nay Biyaabaan maen shikar is say koie behtar naheen hota


English:=== With snares and traps, I like the way Using your curls, you made me a prey Persian: Khuda ra rehmay aey munim keh durwaish e sar e kooyat Dar e deegar namidanad, reh e deegar namigeerad Urdu: Karam ker un pay aey munim, taeray dar kay faqeeroun ko Reh e deegar naheen milti, dar e deegar naheen hota English:=== O queen of mine, do not say no For I have no other place to go Persian: Surahi meekasham pinhan o mardum daftar angaarand Ajab gar aatish e in zarq dar daftar namigeerad Urdu: Kitaaboun maen chhupa ker aatish e sayyal lata houn Ajab hay Khaak jal ker yeh mera daftar naheen hota English:=== The liquid fire, that's called the wine Hidden I carry in the gown of mine Persain: Man az peer e mughan deedam karaamatha e mardaana Keh in dilq e ryaie ra ba jaamay bar namigeerad Urdu: Mileen peer e mughaan ko haen karaamatha e mardaana Khareedaar e riyakaari yeh sodagar naheen hota English:=== To sell me wine anywhere in town No barman accepts my mystic's gown Persian: Man in dilq e muraqqa ra bakhaham sookhtan roozay Keh preer e mayfarooshaanash ba jaamay bar namigeerad Urdu: Yeh haen kis kaam kay khirqay, jala do in ko durwaishoun Keh laenay ko inhaen tayyaar koozagar naheen hota English:=== I should be burning this worthless gown It makes me feel that I 'm a clown Persian: Bia aey saaqi e gulrukh, biyawar baada e rangeen Keh rangay dar darooon e ma az in behtar namigeerad Urdu: Pila aey saaqi e gulrukh hamaen wo baada e rangeen Keh rang e baykhudi us say koie khustar naheen hota English:=== O fill my cup with the ruby wine To make it tolerable, this life of mine Persian: Khuda ra aey naseehatgoo,hadis az mutrib o may goo Keh naqshay dar khayal e ma az in khushtar namigeerad Urdu: Naseehat chhorh waiz, aaj zikr e mutrib o may ker Keh jaan kay wastay is say koie khushtar naheen hota English:=== Rail not,O preacher, against romance Let's all go out, and sing, and dance Persian: Naseehat kum kun o ma ra ba faryaad e duff o nay bakhsh Keh ghaer az raasti naqshay dar in johar namigeerad Urdu: Suno kuchh naala e nay, kuchh suno faryad tablay ki Keh ghaer az raasti naghmay ka aur johar naheen hota English:=== O preacher, listen to the sound of music It cheers the healthy, and heals the sick


Persian: Mian e girya meekhandam keh chun sham ander in mehfil Zabaan e aatisheenam hast, amma dar namigeerad Urdu: Ba shakl e shama kerta khunda o girya houn majlis maen Asar phir bhee zabaan e aatisheen ka per naheen hota English:=== And like a of candle, my tongue has fire And yet no one can it ever inspire Persian: Sar o chashmay baa in khoobi, to gooie chashm az o bargeer Baroo in waaz e baymaani mara dar sar namigeerad Urdu: Na sun waiz ki ger kahway talab hay yaar ki bayja Keh khali waaz e baymaani say us ka sar naheen hota English:=== From love they say I should refrain But I simply think they're all insane Persian: Naseehatgoo e rindaan ra keh baa hukm e Khuda jang ast Dilash bus tang meebeenam, chira saaghar namigeerad Urdu: Faraaghi e dil e rindaan hui hay hukm e Eezad say Hay dil tang us ka jis kay haath maen saaghar naheen hota English:=== The ways of topers are not so bizarre Them God has made the way they are Persian: Ba in shaer e tar o shiren zey shahinsheh ajab daaram Keh sar ta paay HAFIZ ra chira dar zar namigeerad Urdu: Kahay tum nay hazaaroun shaer e shireen madeh maen HAFIZ Zarafshaan badshah e waqt kuin tum per naheen hota English:=== Your verses, O HAFIZ, we have been told Are worth as much as the gems and gold ====

Q Ghazal 78

Persian: Damay baa gham basar burdan, Jahaan yaksar namiarzad Ba may bafroosh dilq e ma kaz in behtar namiarzad Urdu: Madawa e gham e ulfat zar o zewar naheen hota Badoun baada piay haal apna kuchh behtar naheen hota English:=== Nothing can make up for a moment's pain Let's sell my gown, and buy champagne Persian: Ba koo e mayfarooshanash ba jaamay bar namigeerad Zahay sajjada e taqwa keh yak saaghar namiarzad Urdu: Ba koo e mayfaroshaan kuchh naheen hay qeemat e taqwa Keh gaahak un ka waan koie ba yak saaghar naheen hota English:=== But in the pubs they would not touch Alas, my gown is not worth much Persian: Shakoh e taaj e sultaani keh beem e jaan dar o darj ast Kulah e dilkash ast amma ba dard e sar namiarzad Urdu: Shakoh e taaj e sutaani naheen toe kya hua, apni Kulah hay taaj say behtar keh dard e sar naheen hota


English:=== Oh, full of headache is the royal crown I'd rather wear the cap of a clown Persain: Raqeebam sarzanishha kard kaz in baab sar bar taab Cheh uftaad in sar e ma ra keh khaak e dar namiarzad Urdu: Hazaaroun aatay jaatay thokraen maraen hamaen dushman Juda laikin hamaara khaak e dar say sar naheen hota English:=== They would not let me near her gate For I'm not worth the dirt of her estate Persian: Tura an beh keh roo e khud zay mushtaaqaan bapooshaani Keh soda e jahaandaari, gham e lashkar namiarzad Urdu: Wo aata hay chuppaay monh ko mushtaaqoun kay majmay maen Yeh wo saalaar hay jis ko gham e lashkar naheen hota English:=== When an army of lovers she does regale To keep them yearning she wears a veil Persian: Bashow in naqsh e diltangi keh dar baazaar e yakrangi Ba naematha e goonagoon may e ahmar namiarzad Urdu: Mitao naqsh e diltangi keh dar baazaar e yakrangi Hazaaroun naemataen haun, may say kuchh khushtar naheen hota English:=== The rewards in Heaven indeed are fine But they cannot equal a cup of wine Persian: Dayaar o yaar mardum ra muqayyad meekunad warna Cheh ja e Pars kin mehnat jahaan yaksar namiarzad Urdu: Dayaar o yaar nay qaedi kya hay warna Paras kya Badal takleef ka maeri jahaan yaksar naheen hota English:=== In Persia his life no one spends If it is not for the love of friends Persian: Bus aasaan meenamood awwal gham e darya ba boo e sood Ghalat guftam keh her moujash ba sad gohar namiarzad Urdu: Lagay aasaan sahil say, magar is gham kay darya maen Koie gohar khatar say mouj kay barh ker naheen hota English:=== It looked too easy, but now I can see Pearls don't make up for the perils of thesea Persian: Baroo gunj e qanaat joo, ba kunj e aafiat banshin Keh yak dam tang dil booodan ba behr o bar namiarzad Urdu: Chalo ganj e qanaat aur kunj e aafiat dhoundho Keh amn o aashti say aur kuchh behtar naheen hota English:=== And only contentment provides relief And nothing is worth a moment's grief Persian: Chu HAFIZ dar qanaat kosh o az dunya e doun bagzar Keh yak joe minnat e doonan ba sad man zar namiarzad Urdu: Qanaat dhoundh HAFIZ ki tarheh dunya e kamtar maen Badal kamzarf kay ehsaan ka sou man zar naheen hota English:=== O HAFIZ, yourself do not debase Gold cannot pay for the loss of face ====


Q Ghazal 79 Persian: Dostaan dukhtar e raz toba zay mastoori kard Shud bar e mohtasib o kaar ba dastoori kard Urdu: Purda e khum say baroon dukhtar e angoori hay Mohtasib razi hay aur kaar ba dustoori hay English:=== The daughter of vine has dropped her veil On the censor, it seems, she did prevail Persian: Aamad az purda ba majlis, araqash paak kuneed Ta nagooyand hareefaan keh chira doori kard Urdu: Dalo duzdeeda nazar bazm maen ik mujh per bhee Ta keh dushman na kahaen mujh say tumhaen doori hay English:=== Though keen and eager, I don't know why In the company of topers she's still very shy? Persian: Muzdagaani badeh aey dil keh digar mutrib e ishq Rah e mastaana zad o chaara e makhmoori kard Urdu: Aey dil inaam keh wo ishq ka mutrib sar bazm Mast ho ho kay karay chaara e makhmoori hay English:=== The people are tipsy, and there's full moon And the singers are singing a beautiful tune Persian: Ja e an ast keh dar aqd e wisaalash geerand Dukhtar e raz keh ba khum in hama mastoori kard Urdu: Dukhtar e raz jo dulhan aaj bani hay maeri Sharm say shishay maen hay, khum maen ba mastoori hay English:=== I should get married to the daughter of vine It's time she leaves the vat's confine Persian: Na ba haft aab keh rangash ba sad aatish naravad An cheh baa khirqa e zahid may e angoori kard Urdu: Aag say jal na sakay, aab say jo dhul na sakay Aisie bar khirqa e zahid may e angoori hay English:=== The preacher's gown is stained with wine So the topers now he cannot malign Persian: Ghuncha e gulbun e waslam zay naseenash bashaguft Murgh e shabkhan tarab az barg e gul e soori kard Urdu: Ghuncha e wasl khilaati hay naseem e jaana Bulbul e zaar ghazalkhan e gul e soori hay English:=== The rose is flirting with the nightingale So come, my darling, and bring some ale Persian: HAFIZ uftaadgi az dast madeh zan keh husood Irz o maal o dil o din dar sar e maghroori kard Urdu: Haen jo maghroor yeh dushman toe houn HAFIZ laikin Inkisaar aap ka naaz, aap ki majboori hay English:=== Modesty, HAFIZ, is a wonderful thing And bad is pride even for a king ====


Q Ghazal 80 Persian: Darakht e dosti banshaan keh kaam e dil ba bar aarad Nihals e dushmani bar kan keh ranj e bayshumaar aarad Urdu: Qaraar e dosti ker lo keh taskaan ho, qaraar aaay Karo mat dushmani keh is say ranj e bayshumaar aaay English:=== Love and friendship are things divine And hate is truly the devil's design Persian: Chun mehmaan e kharaabaati ba ishrat baash baa rindaan Keh dard e sar kashi janaan garat masti khumaar aarad Urdu: Jo hay mehmaan e maykhaana toe seekh aadaab rindi kay Banay hay dard e sar masti agar is say khumaar aaay English:=== When in the tavern be like a toper And be not loud; it's not proper Persian: Shab e sohbat ghaneemat daan o daad e khusdili bastaan Basay gardish kunad gardoun, basy lail o nahaar aarad Urdu: Shab e sohbat mili kam kam, milay roz e khushi thorhay Bohat gardoun nay gardish ki, bohat lail o nahaar aaay English:=== The company of women you ought to keep For pleasures in it there are to reap Persian: Amaaridaar e Laila ra keh mehr o mah dar hukm ast Khudaya dar dil andaazash keh bar Majnoon guzaar aarad Urdu: Amaaridaar e Laila ko Khudaya aisa gumrah ker Keh kho ker raasta apna ba Qais e dilfigaar aaay English:=== My life is empty, and I am glum I pray to God to make her come Persian: Bahaar e umr khah aey dil wagarna in chaman her saal Chu nasreen sad gul aarad baar o chu bulbul hazaar aarad Urdu: Bahaar e umr maang aey dil, yeh kaisa baagh hay jis maen Bahaar aaay, khizaan aaay, khizaan aaay, bahaar aaay English:=== O give me a garden with eternal bloom I'm sick and tired of the winter's gloom Persian: Khuda ra chun dil e reesham qaraaray basta baa zulfat Baferma lal e nooshin ra keh jaan ra barqaraar aarad Urdu: Khudaya jab say maen uljha houn us zaalim ki zulfoun maen Na dil ko chaen hay kuchh aur na kuchh jaan ko qaraar aaay English:=== My wounded heart is in your care So tell your lips to please repair Persian: Zay kaar uftaadaee aey dil keh sad man baar e gham daari Baroo yak juraa may darkash keh dar haalat ba kaar aarad Urdu: Too khasta hay meray dil aur sad man baar e gham tujh per Milay thorhi si may kuchh din toe shayad kuchh qaraar aaay English:=== It's also burdened by pain and sorrow Your lips' red wine it wants to borrow


Persian: Dar in baagh ar Khuda khahad, dar in peerana sar HAFIZ Nashenad bar lab e jooay o sarvay dar kinaar aarad Urdu: Khuda chahay toe peery maen bhee HAFIZ aek din tujh ko Kinaar e aab e joo ho, taera dilbar dar kinaar aaay English:=== Your HAFIZ, though old, is young at heart So stay with him, and don't ever part ====

Q Ghazal 81 Persian: Dosh az janaab e Aasif paek e bashaarat aamad Kaz hazrat e suleiman ishrat isharat aamad Urdu: Dargah e Aasifi say paek e bashaarat aaay Lay aesh ki suleimaan say bhee ishaarat aaay English:=== Solomon's courier has finally come With blessings of the premier of his kingdom Persian: Khaak e wujood e ma ra az aab e baada gil kun Wiraan sara e dil ra gah e imaarat aamad Urdu: Khaak e wojood maeri baday say goondh aisie Wiraan sara e dil ka waqt e imaarat aaay English:=== In my core of being pour some wine To mend the wounded heart of mine Persian: In sherh e baynihaayat kaz husn e yaar guftand Harfeest kaz hazaaraan ander ibaarat aamad Urdu: Tashrih e baytahaasha ji husn e yaar ki hay Ik harf bhee naheen hay jo dar ibaarat aaay English:=== Whatever is said in praise of my sweetie Can't do justice to her grace and beauty Persian: Aebam bapoosh zinhaar, aey khirqa e mayaaloud Kan pakdaaman in ja behr e ziyarat aamad Urdu: A dilq e baada aalood ker maeri aebposhi Jab yaan wo pakdaaman behr e ziyarat aaay English:=== Oh, cover my flaws with a mystic's gown Or she will think that I am a clown Persian: Imrooz ja e her kas paida shawad zay khoobaan Kan mah e majlisaara andar sadaarat aamad Urdu: Houn maand us kay aagay saaray haseen chehray Ger mah e majlisaara ander sadaarat aaay English:=== Oh, how she lowers the women's pride When over the beauties she does preside Persian: Bar takht e Jam keh taajash mehraab e aaftaab ast Himmat nigar keh moray baa in hiqaarat aamad Urdu: Himmat toe us ki daekho, cherhti hay takht e Jam per Ik chuinti keh jis per sab ko hiqaarat aaay English:=== And admire I so much a lowly ant When a king on throne it tries to supplant


Persian: Az chashm e shoukhash aey dil, eimaan e khud nigahdaar Kan jaadoo e kamaankash bar azm e ghaarat aamad Urdu: Us chashm e shoukh say ham kaisay bachaen dil ko Jab jaadoo e kamaankash baa azm e ghaarat aaay English:=== O heart, beware! You're going to die When hit by the dart of her saucy eye Persian: Daryaast majlis e sheh,daryaab waqt o bashnaas Haan in ziyanraseeda waqt e tijaarat aamad Urdu: Darya e majilis e sheh bakhshay hazaar gohar Jo ik ziyaanraseeda waqt e tijaarat aaay English:=== The court of the king is like a sea It's full of pearls wherever you see Persian: Aaloodaee to HAFIZ, faizay zay shah dar khah Kan unsar e samaahat behr e tahaarat aamad Urdu: Aaloodgi e HAFIZ ho paak faiz e sheh say Darbaar maen agar wo behr e tahaarat aaay English:=== O HAFIZ, your stains you cannot erase Without the help of the royal grace =====

Q Ghazal 82 Persian: Dilay keh ghaib numayast o jaam e Jam daarad Zay khatamay keh az o gum shawad, cheh gham daarad Urdu: Jo dil ho ghaib numa aur jaam e Jam rakhay Ho gum jo mohr e suleiman toe kuchh na gham rakhay English:=== A heart that has the magic bowl Like Jum it is in full control Persian: Ba khat o khal e gadayaan madeh khazeena e dil Ba dast e shahwashay deh keh mohtaram daarad Urdu: Ba khad o khaal e faqeeraan na day khazeena e dil Wo sheh kay hath maen day ta keh mohtaram rakhay English:=== When giving your heart, beware, beware! Give not to someone who does not care Persian: Na her daraakht tahamul kunad jafaa e khizaan Ghulam e himmat e sarvam keh in qadam daarad Urdu: Khizaan kay zulm her ik paerh seh naheen sakta Hay sarv ik mera, sabit jo her qadam rakhay English:=== The ravage of winter she hasn't seen Like cypress, my gal, is evergreen Persian: Raseed mousam e an kaz tarab chu nargis e mast Nahad ba pa e qadeh her keh shash daram daarad Urdu: Bahaar aaie hay aesie keh misl e nargis e mast Rakhay ba pa e qdeh, jo bhee shash daram rakhay English:=== The night is cool, and there's full moon Let's take our money, and go to a saloon


Persian: Zay sirr e ghaib kas agah neest, qissa makhan Kidaam mehram e dil reh dar in haram daarad Urdu: Hay aisa koie keh ho ilm e sirr e ghaib jisay Hay kon mehram e dil, reh jo dar haram rakhay English:===Aware of secrets we'll never be And life will remain a mystery Persian: Dilam keh laaf e tajurrud zaday kunun sad shaghl Ba boo e zulf e to baa baad subhedam daarad Urdu: Thi baytaaluqi jis dil ko, sad maamla ab Ba boo e gaisoo o baa baad e subhadam rakhay English:=== Before it saw her, my heart was aloof But now it says it made a goof Persian: Muraad e dil zay keh jooyam keh neest dildaaray Keh jalwa e nazar o shaewa e karam daarad Urdu: Muraad e dil milay kaisay, milay na ger dilbar Jo jalwa e nazar o shaewa e karam rakhay English:=== But though she's lovely, bright, and witty She is not kind; she has no pity Persian: Zay jaib e khirqa e HAFIZ cheh tarf batwaan bast Keh ma Samad talabeedaem o o sanam daarad Urdu: Milay ga khirqa e HAFIZ ki aasteen say kya Talab hamaen hay Samad, wo wahaan sanam rakhay English:=== A mystic like HAFIZ, it's hard to believe That so many idols he keeps up his sleeve ====

Q Ghazal 82 Persian: Dilay keh ghaib numayast o jaam e Jam daarad Zay khatamay keh az o gum shawad, cheh gham daarad Urdu: Jo dil ho ghaib numa aur jaam e Jam rakhay Ho gum jo mohr e suleiman toe kuchh na gham rakhay English:=== A heart that has the magic bowl Like Jum it is in full control Persian: Ba khat o khal e gadayaan madeh khazeena e dil Ba dast e shahwashay deh keh mohtaram daarad Urdu: Ba khad o khaal e faqeeraan na day khazeena e dil Wo sheh kay hath maen day ta keh mohtaram rakhay English:=== When giving your heart, beware, beware! Give not to someone who does not care Persian: Na her daraakht tahamul kunad jafaa e khizaan Ghulam e himmat e sarvam keh in qadam daarad Urdu: Khizaan kay zulm her ik paerh seh naheen sakta Hay sarv ik mera, sabit jo her qadam rakhay English:=== The ravage of winter she hasn't seen Like cypress, my gal, is evergreen


Persian: Raseed mousam e an kaz tarab chu nargis e mast Nahad ba pa e qadeh her keh shash daram daarad Urdu: Bahaar aaie hay aesie keh misl e nargis e mast Rakhay ba pa e qdeh, jo bhee shash daram rakhay English:=== The night is cool, and there's full moon Let's take our money, and go to a saloon Persian: Zay sirr e ghaib kas agah neest, qissa makhan Kidaam mehram e dil reh dar in haram daarad Urdu: Hay aisa koie keh ho ilm e sirr e ghaib jisay Hay kon mehram e dil, reh jo dar haram rakhay English:===Aware of secrets we'll never be And life will remain a mystery Persian: Dilam keh laaf e tajurrud zaday kunun sad shaghl Ba boo e zulf e to baa baad subhedam daarad Urdu: Thi baytaaluqi jis dil ko, sad maamla ab Ba boo e gaisoo o baa baad e subhadam rakhay English:=== Before it saw her, my heart was aloof But now it says it made a goof Persian: Muraad e dil zay keh jooyam keh neest dildaaray Keh jalwa e nazar o shaewa e karam daarad Urdu: Muraad e dil milay kaisay, milay na ger dilbar Jo jalwa e nazar o shaewa e karam rakhay English:=== But though she's lovely, bright, and witty She is not kind; she has no pity Persian: Zay jaib e khirqa e HAFIZ cheh tarf batwaan bast Keh ma Samad talabeedaem o o sanam daarad Urdu: Milay ga khirqa e HAFIZ ki aasteen say kya Talab hamaen hay Samad, wo wahaan sanam rakhay English:=== A mystic like HAFIZ, it's hard to believe That so many idols he keeps up his sleeve ====

Q Ghazal 83 Persian: Roo bar rahash nihaadam o bar man guzar nakard Sad lutf chashm daashtam o yak nazar nakard Urdu: Baetha maen rah per, kya us nay guzar naheen Ger mil gaya toe bhool kay dali nazar naheen English:=== I waited and waited but she didn't come Of me she cared not what will become Persian: Sayl e sarashk e ma zay dilash keen badar naburd Dar sang e khara qatra e baaraan asar nakard Urdu: Keena na taeray dil say dhula sayl e ashk say Baaraan ka sang per koie hota asar naheen English:=== My flood of tears was of no avail On a heart of stone it couldn't prevail


Persian: Mahi o murgh dosh nakhuft az fughaan e man Wan shoukhdeeda been keh sar az khab bar nakard Urdu: Murgh e chaman na sow sakay sun kay fughaan meri Karwat bhee badli shoukh nay maeray magar naheen English:=== My cries of pain no one could take Except for her, they were all awake Persian: Meekhastam keh meeramash andar qadam chu sham O khud guzar ba man chu naseem e sahar nakard Urdu: Qadmoun peh us kay jaan toe daeta magar meri Gul shama kernay aaie wo baad e sehar naheen English:=== When at her feet I wanted to die Before I could do so she said good bye Persian: Ya Rab to an jawan e dilawar nigahdaar Kaz teer e aah e goshanasheenan hazar nakard Urdu: Dil torh kay wo goshanasheenoun kay nasamajh Kerta hay teer e aah say koie hazar naheen English:=== O please dear God, take care of her In safety she is just an amateur Persian: Jaanaan kidaam sangdil e baykifaayat ast Koo paesh e zakhm e taegh e to jaan ra sapar nakard Urdu: Kon aisa baysaleeqa hay keh apni jaan ko Taegh e nazar ki taeri banaay sapar naheen English:=== To her there's nothing one could deny For her there's no one who wouldn't die Persian: Shoukhi nigar keh murgh e dil e baal o par kabaab Sauda e khaam e aashqi az sar badar nakard Urdu: Jal ker kabab ban gaya dil, per hua kabhee Sauda e khaam e aashqi sar say badar naheen English:=== From the eyes of hers my wounded heart Is always waiting for another dart Persian: HAFIZ hadees e ishq e to az bas keh dilkash ast Nashneed kas keh az sar e raghbat zabar nakard Urdu: Dilkash hay aisa aap ka HAFIZ bayan e ishq Hay kon jis kay dil peh yeh kerta asar naheen English:=== Your story of love, O HAFIZ my dear Is so exciting, we all love to hear ====

Q Ghazal 84 Persian: Raseed muzda keh ayyam e gham nakhahad maand Chunan namaand o chunin neez ham nakhahad maand Urdu: Mudaam dil ko mohabbat maen gham naheen rehta Sitam bhee rehta naheen, ger karam naheen rehta English:===Like joy your pain will also pass And stay you won't in this morass


Persian: Man ar cheh dar nazar e yaar khaaksaar shudam Raqeeb neez chunin mohtaram nakhahad maand Urdu: Karay hay ruswa mujhay ger adoo zamanay maen Wo khud bhee khalq maen kuchh mohtaram naheen rehta English:=== By making me subject to disdain My rival in respect will not gain Persian: Chun purdadaar ba shamshir meezanad hama ra Kasay muqeem e hareem e haram nakhahad maand Urdu: Ho qatl e aam pay aamaada purdadaar toe phir Koie muqeem e hareem e haram naheen rehta English:=== If lovers you decide to kill them all There'll be no one left to call you a doll Persian: Tawaangara dil e durwaesh e khud ba dast aarad Keh mukhzan e zar o gunj e daram nakhahad maand Urdu: Tawaangara dil e durwaesh apnay hath maen lay Mudaam makhzan e maal o daram naheen rehta English:=== O share your wealth with the meek and poor For one day your money will be no more Persian: Ghaneematay shumar aey shama wasl e parwaana Keh in maamla ta subhadam nakhahad maand Urdu: Samajh aey shama ghaneemat wisaal e parwaana Keh yeh maamla ta subhadam naheen rehta English:=== Enjoy the company of the moth, O flame For in the morning it won't be the same Persian: Soroosh e aalam e ghaibam bashaaratay khush daad Keh bar dar e karamash kas dizam nakhahad maand Urdu: Farishta ghaib say aaya hay lay kay yeh muzda Jo us kay dar pay rahay, us ko gham naheen rehta English:=== The angel of God has brought the news Will get His mercy whoever pursues Persian: Bar in riwaaq e zabarjad nawishtaand ba zar Keh juz nikoie e ahl e karam nakhahad maand Urdu: Hay naqsh burj e falaf per keh aakhirat maen kuchh Ba juz nikoie e ahl e karam naheen rehta English: And there is something you can't deny That good is eternal; it will not die Persian: Cheh ja e shukr o shikayat zay naqsh e naek o bad ast Keh kas hameesha gariftaar e gham nakhahad maand Urdu: Karo na shikwa e gham isqader keh dunya maen Koie hamaesha gariftaar e gham naheen rehta English:=== Endure with patience, and do not complain Your pain forever will not remain Persian: Sarood e majlis e Jamsheed guftaand in ast Keh jaam e baada biawar keh Jam nakhahad maand



Sarood e majlis e Jamshaed kehway yeh her dam Keh jaam e Jam nahen rehta, jo Jam naheen rehta

English:=== In the court of Jum, they used to say His cup will live, but the rest will decay Persian: Zay mehrbaani e jaanaan tama mabar HAFIZ Keh naqsh e mehr o nishaan e sitam nakhahad maand Urdu; Umid us kay karam ki na chorh aey HAFIZ Sada kisi ka riwaaj e sitam naheen rehta English:=== To the cup of wine you hold on fast Forever, O HAFIZ, your pain won't last ====

Q Ghazal 85

Persian: Rooz e hijraan o shab e furqat e yaar aakhir shud Zadam in faal o guzisht akhtar o kaar aakhir shud Urdu: Roz e hijraan o shab e furqat e yaar aakhir shud Fal nikli hay keh taab e dil e zaar aakhir shud English:=== The pain of parting has come to an end My star, it seems, has begun to ascend Persian: Baad az in noor ba aafaq dahaem az dil e khaish Keh ba khurshid raseedaem o ghubaar aakhir shud Urdu: Roo e khurshid karay jaisay munawwar aalam Jalwa e rukh say mera gard o ghubaar aakhir shud English:=== In the darkness deep I see the dawn The sun is rising, and the fog is gone Persian: An pareeshaani e shabha e daraaz o gham e dil Hama dar saaya e gaisoo e nigaar aakhir shud Urdu: Wo paraeshaani e shabha e daraaz o gham e dil Hama dar saaya e gaisoo e nigaar aakhir shud English:=== The distress of night and the trouble of heart It seems they're all going to depart Persian: Saaqia umr e daraaz o qadahat pur may baad Keh ba see e to am andoh e khumaar aakhir shud Urdu: Saqi zinda rahay too, pur rahay paimaana tera Taeray dam say mera andoh e khumaar aakhir shud English:=== May you, O maid, live happy and long Bring for my headache something strong Persian: Shukr e Eizad keh ba iqbaal e kulehgosha e gul Nakhwat e baad e day o shaukat e khaar aakhir shud Urdu: Shukr e Eizad hay keh iqbaal e kulah e gul say Nakhwat e baad e khizaan, shaukat e khaar aakhir shud English:=== Gone is the winter with its baleful thorn To allow the flowers of the spring be born -


Persian: Baawaram neest zay badahdi e ayyaam hunuz Qissa e ghussa keh dar waslat e yaar aakhir shud Urdu: Baawar aata naheen badahdi e ayyaam say ab Qissa e ghussa keh dar waslat e yaar aakhir shud English:=== How could the fate, so mean, and base Let the mirth and joy the pain replace? Persian: Subh e ummid keh bud moutakif e purda e ghaib Goo baroun aaie keh kaar e shab e taar aakhir shud Urdu: Subh e ummid nihaan ghaib kay purday maen jo thi Nikli purday say toe kaar e shab e taar aakhir shud English:=== And the morn of hope so shiny and bright Has just come out of the veil of night Persian: Ger cheh aashuftagi e kaar e man az zulf e to bood Hull e in uqda ham az roo e nigaar aakhir shud Urdu: Dil ki aashuftagi jo zulf e paraeshaan say thi Muskuraahat say teri aey lab e yaar aakhir shud English:=== And whatever troubles I had with fate Her coming has made them all dissipate Persian: Az hama naaz o tanaam keh khizaan meefurmood Aaqibat dar qadam e baad e bahaar aakhir shud Urdu: Ki thi barbaadi khizaan nay jo gulistaanoun maen Laya jab mousam e gul baad e bahaar aakhir shud English:=== The bitterness soon of the winter wind The coming of spring will all rescind Persian: Dar shumaar ar cheh neyawurd kasay HAFIZ ra Shukr kan mehnat e bay hadd o shumaar aakhir shud Urdu: Na hua ger cheh shaheedoun maen shumaar HAFIZ ka Shukr hay kulfat e bay hudd o shumaar aakhir shud English:=== Though no one cares what happens to you With woes, O HAFIZ, I'm glad you're through ====

Q Ghazal 86 Persian: Zahid e khilwat nasheen dosh ba maykhaana shud Az sar e paimaan guzisht, bar sar e paimaana shud Urdu: Zahid e gosha nasheen aaya ba maykhaana hay Torh paimaan e wara, dar pay e paimaana hay English:=== The preacher last night was in the bar From mosque to tavern, it isn't too far Persian: Mughbachay meeguzisht rahzan e aql o deen Dar pay e an aashna, az hama baegaana shud Urdu: Kafir e mughbacha yun laeway hay aql o deen ko Haq shanaasoun ko karay khud say wo baegaana hay English:=== And when he saw my infidel To the piety the preacher said farewell


Persian: Shahid e ahd e shabaab aamda boodash ba khab Baaz ba peeraanasar aashiq o diwaana shud Urdu: Shahid e ahd shabaab aaya maeray khab maen jab Phir say peery maen kya aashiq o diwaana hay English:=== My beloved of youth I saw in a dream With joy this old man began to scream Persian: Girya e shaam o sahar shukr keh zaay nagasht Qatra e baraan e ma gohar e yakdaana shud Urdu: Girya e shaam o sahar shukr keh zaay na gya Qatra e ashk bana gohar e yakdaana hay English:=== When day and night I shed my tears Like pearl on my lash my tear appears Persian: Aatish e rukhsaar e gul kharman e bulbul basoukht Chehra e khandaan e sham aufat e perwaana shud Urdu: Aatish rukh say jalaya dil e bulbul gul nay Shama ka roo e haseen aafat e parwaana hay English:=== To nightingale does his flower's desire What does to moth the candle's fire Persian: Nargis e saaqi bakhaand aayat e afsoongari Halqa e auraad e ma gardish e paimaana shud Urdu: Chashm e saaqi nay parhi aayat e afsoongari Halqa e sabha bana gardish e paimaana hay English:=== Oh, intoxicated become the guys Whenever they see the barmaid's eyes Persian: Sufi e majlis keh dee jaam o qadeh meeshakist Dosh ba yak jur e may aaqil o farzaana shud Urdu: Kal jo torhay tha khum o shisha o saaghar zahid Aaj may pee kay hua aaqil o farzaana hay English:=== The topers, the preacher who used to malign Look, how he himself now drinks the wine Persian; Manzil e HAFIZ kunun baargah e Kibriyaast Dil ba dildaar raft, jaan bar e jaanaana shud Urdu: Bargeh Haq ki bani manzil e HAFIZ jab say Dil ba dildaar hay, aur jaan ba jaanaana hay English:=== And look how HAFIZ, who drinks the wine Goes looking for God from shrine to shrine ====

Q Ghazal 87 Persian: Zahay khajista zamaanay keh yaar baaz aayad Ba kaam e ghamzadagaan ghamgusaar baaz aayad Urdu: Khuda karay keh kisie toar yaar phir aaay Ba kaam e ghamzadagaan ghamgsaar phir aaay English:=== May God one day you come again May you also choose to ease my pain


Persian: Muqeem bar sar e rahash nashistaam chun gard Badan hawas keh badan rehguzaar baaz aayad Urdu: Bana houn khaak keh ban kay ghubaar sath chaloun Jo qaafla wo sar e rehguzaar phir aaay English:=== I'm waiting and hoping that you'll one day Per chance decide to come this way Persian: Dilay keh baa sar e zulfaen e o qaraaray daad Gumaan mabar keh dar an dil qaraar baaz aayad Urdu: Qaraar e ishq nay bandha tujhay jo kakul say Qaraar kaisay dil e bayqaraar khir aaay English:=== Ever since my heart is trapped in your hair It has no peace; it has no prayer Persian: Dar intazaar e khadangash hami parad dil e sayd Khayal e an keh ba rasm e shikaar baaz aayad Urdu: Ummid e teer maen dil sayd ka tarhapta hay Sawaar kaash wo behr e shikaar phir aaay English:=== My heart is yearning to be your prey O huntress, use your eyes to slay Persian: Ba paesh e shah e khayalash kasheedam ablaq e chashm Badan ummid keh an shehsawaar baaz aayad Urdu: Lagaay ablaq e deeda haen rah e shehla per Aey kaash loet kay wo shehsawaar phir aaay English:=== Hope you'll stop this horsing around And play with me on a level ground Persian: Cheh joarha keh kasheedand bulbulaan az day Ba boo e an keh digar naubahaar baaz aayad Urdu: Sitam hazaar khizaan kay haen jaan e bulbul per Haen sab gawaara jo fasl e bahaar phir aaay English: Suffers the winter a nightingale For the day the rose when it'll hail Persian: Sarashak e mun nazanad moaj bar kinaar chu behr Agar mian e wayam dar kinnar baaz aayad Urdu: Na sayl e ashk maen doobay safeena e gham e dil Jo us ki patli kamar dar kinaar phir aaay English: I also endure the sorrow and pain Hoping one day you'll come again Persian: Zay naqshband e qaza hast ummid e an HAFIZ Keh chu hina ba kaffam an nigaar baaz aayad Urdu: Aey naqshband e qaza likh yeh dast e HAFIZ per Keh hath misl e hina wo nigaar phir aaay English:=== But it is too much, says HAFIZ, to ask of fate That someday you will become my mate ====


Q Ghazal 88 Persian: Saalha daftar e ma dar garo e sehba bood Rounaq e maykada az dars o dua e ma bood Urdu: Nama aamaal ka soloun garo e sehba tha Bais e rounaq e maykhaana sabaq is ka tha English:=== For years our books were pledged to the pub Of teaching and learning the pub was the hub Persian: Naeki e peer e mughaan been keh chu ma badmastaan Her cheh kardaem, ba chashm e karamash zaeba bood Urdu: Naeki e peer e mughaan aisie keh badmastoun nay Jitna hangaama kya, us kay liay zaeba tha English:=== The keeper of the bar was a wise old man Our capers and pranks he would not ban Persian: Mee shaguftam zay tarab zan keh chu gul bar lab e joo Bar saram saya e an sarv e sahi baala bood Urdu: Khil gaiay phool ki manind lab e joo per hum Sar peh kya saya e shamshaad e sahi baala tha English:=== And beautiful maids were also there Of us all topers they took good care Persian: Az butaan an talab ar husnshanaasi aey dil Keen kasay guft keh dar ilm e nazar daana bood Urdu: Talab e husn toe thi theek butoun say aey dil Chahna un say magar ahd e wafa bayja tha English:=== So lovely were lasses who came to saloon That made they jealous even the moon Persian: Peer e gulrang e mun andar haq e azraqpoeshaan Rukhsat e behs na daad, ar na hikayatha bood Urdu: Zikr e ayyari e zahid ki ijazat na mili Baat paecheeda thi ik, qissa bohat lamba tha English:=== Of preachers' faults though we knew a lot Allowed we were to censure them not Persian: Daftar e daanish e ma jumla bashoeed ba may Keh falak deedam o dar qasd e dil e daana bood Urdu: Daftar e aql ko dhulwa dia may say hum nay Keh falak dushman e idraak e dil e daana tha English:=== We used to wash our books with wine Their contents, we thought, were all asinine Persian: Mutrib az dard e mohabbat ghazalay mee purdaakht Keh hakeemaan e jahaan ra miza khounpaala bood Urdu: Chairha mutrib nay saroad e gham e ulfat aisa Ashk e khounaab say rangeen rukh e daana tha English:=== So sad sometime was the singer's tune That the people cried all over saloon


Persian: Qulb e andooda e Hafiz bar e o kharj nashud Keh maamil ba hama aeb e nihaan beena bood Urdu:=== Khoetay sikkay ko chalaana tha na aasaan HAFIZ Taez taagir tha bohat, aeb e nihaan beena tha English:=== But came when HAFIZ with all his money The barman knew his money was funny ===

Q Ghazal 89 Persian: Salha dil talab e jam e Jam az ma meekard An cheh khud daasht, zay baygaana tamanna meekard Urdu: Talab e saaghar e Jam dil jo hamaara rakhkhay Gul ba daamaan hay walay gul ki tamanna rakhkhay English:=== My heart was looking for the magic bowl When it was there, built in the soul Persian: Goharay kaz sadaf e kon o makaan baeroon bood Talab az gumshudagaan e lab e darya meekard Urdu: Hay jo nayaab gohar dunya maen, yeh dil us ki Talab az gumshudagaan e lab e darya rakhkhay English:=== It was like an oyster asking for pearl Something it could easily unfurl Persian: Mushkil e khaesh bar e peer e mughaan burdam doesh Koo ba tayeed e nazar hull e moamma meekard Urdu: Mushkil e ishq ka hul peer e mughaan say poochho Hay jahaanbeen wo bohat, hull e moamma rakhkhay English:=== Still I went to the keeper of bar In solving the riddles, he is a star Persian: Deedamash khurram o khandaan qadah e baada ba dast Wandar an aaina sad goona tamaasha meekard Urdu: Qadah e baada jo hay haath maen ik saaqi kay Hay wo aaina jo sad goona tamaasha rakhkhay English:=== Merrily holding he was the cup Watching the whole world, down and up Persian: Guftam in jam e jahaanbeen ba to kay daad Hakeem Guft an rooz keh in gunbad e meena meekard Urdu: Poochha kis waqt mila jam e jahaanbeen tujh ko Kaha jab Us nay sar e gunbad e meena rakhkhay English:=== When asked, he said he got his bowl Before the Lord could heavens unroll Persian: An hama shoebdaha aql keh meekard an ja Saamri paesh e asa o yad e baiza meekard Urdu: Aql ki jadoogaari kya har, tilism e Saamir Moejaza ihsq ka laikin yad e baiza rakhkhay English:=== He said the reason had a magic show Could fool it Moses if he didn't know


Persian: Guft an yaar kaz o gasht sar e daar buland Jurmash an bood keh israar hawaida meekard Urdu: Waay sarmasti, kya us nay sar e daar buland Ker kay Mansoor nay jab raaz hawaida rakhkhay English:=== The answer you need only mystics know The wisdom you seek only they can bestow Persian: Faiz e rooh ul qudas ar baaz madad fermayad Deegraan ham bakunand, an cheh Maseeha meekard Urdu: Ger karay rooh e ameen goshanasheenoun ki madad Moejzay un ko milaen wo, jo Maseeha rakhkhay English:=== Or go to Gabriel he'll do the feat The miracles of Jesus only he can repeat Persian: Guftamash silsla e zulf e butaan daani cheest Guft HAFIZ gilaay az shab e yulda meekard Urdu: Kum naheen silsla e zulf e butaan say koie Tujh say HAFIZ jo gila, aey shab e yulda rakhkhay English:=== About her curls when I asked him outright They're HAFIZ, he said, like long dark night ====

Q Ghazal 90 Persian: Serv e chamaan e mun chira mail e chaman namikunad Hamdam e gul namishawad, yaad e saman namikunad Urdu: Mousam e gul maen gulbadan saer e chaman naheen karay Hamdam e gul naheen banay, yaad e saman naheen karay English:=== The spring has come, and the flowers are here Oh, what a beautiful atmosphere Persian: Ta dil e harzagard e mun raft ba cheen e zulf e o Zan safar e daraaz e khud yaad e watan namikunad Urdu: Rehta hay zulf e yaar maen, chorh kay seena dil mera Aisa wo baylihaaz hay, yaad watan naheen klaray English:=== My heart is tangled in her curly hair But happy it is, and has no care Persian: Paesh e kamaan e abrooat laaba hami kunam walay Gasha kasheeda ast az an goesh ba mun namikunad Urdu: Abroo e yaar say bohat kerta hay teer ki talab Khanchay naheen kamaan wo, goesh e sukhan naheen karay English:=== A bow is her brow and gaze an arrow And the margin of safety is very, very narrow Persian: Chun zay naseem meeshawad zulf e banafsha pur shikan Weh keh dilam chun yaad e an ahdshikan namikunad Urdu: Ki hay naseem nay agar zulf e banafsha pur shikan Dil mera yaad kuin tujhay wadashikan naheen karay English:=== With hyacinths and violets everywhere I can't help thinking of her curly hair


Persian: Baa hama itr e daamanat aayadam az saba ajab Kaz guzar e to khaak ra mushk e Khutan namikunad Urdu: Guzra hay yaan say gulbadan, per yeh ajab hay aey saba Rahguzar ki khaak too mushk e Khutan naheen karay English:=== Go find, O breeze, my maiden fair And bring with you the scent of her hair Persian: Di gilaay zay turraash kardam o az sar e fasoon Guft keh in siyah e kaj goesh ba mun namikunad Urdu: Zulf kay zulm ka agar maen nay kabhi gila kya Bola keh yeh siyah e kaj goesh e sukhan naheen karay English:=== Complain when I do of her cruel locks Care she does not, and only mocks Persian: Dast kash e jafa makun aab e rukham keh faiz e abr Baymadad e sarashk e mun durr e Aden namikunad Urdu: Baarish e ashk kay badoun mehr o wafa kay behr maen Paida kabhie koie sadaf durr e Aden naheen karay English:=== She even says, for her beautiful ears There won't be pearls without my tears Persian: Lakhlakha saay shud saba daaman e paakat az cheh roo Khaak e banafshazaar ra mushk e Khutan namikunad Urdu: Lakhlakha sa hay jab saba, daaman e paak kuin tera Khaak e banafshazaar ko mushk e Khutan naheen karay English:=== The breeze came back without her scent And told me sorry she wouldn't relent Persian: Dil ba umid e wasl e to hamdam e jaan namishawad Jaan ba hawa e koo e to, fikr e chaman namikunad Urdu: Dil jo umid e wasl maen hamdam e jaan naheen raha Jaan teray koochay ki aseer, fikr e chaman naheen karay English:=== Still my heart does long for her It has no doubts; it doesn't demur Persian: Kushta e ghamza e to shud HAFIZ e nashuneeda pand Taegh sazaast her kira durk e sukhan namikunad Urdu: Kushta e ghamza ho gaya HAFIZ e nashuneeda pand Taegh saza hay us ki jo durk e sukhan naheen karay English:=== But HAFIZ says, since I don't take advice He is sure one day I'll pay the price ====

Q Ghazal 91 Persian: Saharam doulat e baidaar ba baleen aamad Guft barkhaiz keh an khusrav e sheereen aamad Urdu: Bakht e baidaar mera bar sar e baleen aaya Aur kaha uth keh tera khusrav e sheereen aaya English:=== The lady luck came in the morning and said "Your love has come; so get out of bed


Persian: Qadahay darkash o sarkhush ba tamaasha bakharaam Ta babeeni keh nigaarat ba cheh aaien aamad Urdu: Lao may aur charaghaan karo maykhanay maen Keh wo dildaar ba sad zeenat o tamkeen aaya English:=== "Look jolly and fit, and drink some wine Before you welcome this darling divine Persian: Muzdagaani badeh aey khilwati e naafakusha Keh zay sahra e Khutan aahoo e mushkeen aamad Urdu: Jao aur goshanasheenoun ko bashaarat daido Keh zay sahra e Khutan aahoo e mushkeen aaya English:=== "And thank your star, to make you her beau From Khutan has come a musky doe Persian: Girya aabay ba rukh e sookhtagaan baaz aawurd Naala faryadras e aashiq e miskeen aamad Urdu: Ashk nay ker dia rangeen rukh e sokhtagaan Naala faryaadras e aashiq e miskeen aaya English:=== "Your tears have reddened your pallid cheek Your moan has helped a lover so meek Persian: Dar hawa chand moallaq zani o jalwa kuni Aey kabootar nigaraan bash keh shaheen aamad Urdu: Urhta phirta hay ba sad aish kabootar dil ka Ja kay us say kaho zinhaar keh shaheen aaya English:=== "But watch you out, and restrain your love For she is an eagle, and you're a dove" Persian: Saaqia may badeh o gham makhur az dushman o dost Keh ba kaam e dil e ma an bashud o in aamad Urdu: Dost dushman ka na gham kha, mujhay may day saaqi Hasb e dil wo gaya aur yeh pay e tamkeen aaya English:=== O barmaid dear, let's all celebrate My rivals are gone with all their hate Persian: Shaadi e yaar e parichehra badeh baada e naab Keh my e laal dawa e dil e ghamgeen aamad Urdu: Mehrbaan yaar e parichehra hay, day baada e naab Khud wo kernay ko dawa e dil e ghamgeen aaya English:=== This wine, O maid, give me some more And heal with it my bleeding sore Persian: Rasm e badahdi e ayyaam chun deed abr e bahaar Giryaash bar saman o sunbul o nasreen aamad Urdu: Rasm e badahdi e ayyam jo daekhi us nay Abr roeta hua bar sunbul o nasreen aaya English:=== In order to mourn the malice of fate Even clouds are shedding the tears of late Persian: Murgh e dil baaz hawadaar e kamaanabrooiest Keh kameen saydgahash jaan o dil o deen aamad



Daekh kay nawak e mizgaan o kamaan e abroo Sayd khud lay kay ba sayyad dil o deen aaya

English:=== My wounded heart one has to praise It yearns for the arrows of a charming gaze Persian: Chun saba gufta e HAFIZ bashuneed az bulbul Anbar afshaan ba tamashaa e riyaheen aamad Urdu: Shaer HAFIZ ka suna abr nay jan bulbul say Anbar afshaan ba tamashaa e riyaheen aaya English:=== And singing your ode is the nightingale Let's drink; O HAFIZ, go det some ale ====

Q Ghazal 92

Persian: Sitaraay badarakhsheed o mah e majis shud Dil e rameeda e ma ra anis o moonis shud Urdu: Darakhshaan aek sitaara jo mah e majlis hay Dil e rameeda ka maeray anis o moonis hay English:=== A star from Heaven came down to earth In the Arabian desert he took his birth Persian: Nigaar e mun keh ba maktab naraft o khat nanawisht Ba ghamza masala aamooz e sad mudarris shud Urdu: Parha na likhkha agar wo nigar hay toe kya Ba ghamza masala aamoz e sad mudarris hay English:=== He couldn't read, and couldn't write But teach he could the brightest of bright Persian: Tarabsara e mohabbat kunun shawad maamour Keh taaq e abroo e yaar e munash mohandis shud Urdu: Tarabsara e mohabbat ki ho gaie taameer Jo taaq e abroo e jaanaan bana mohandis hay English:=== An edifice great he built with skill And a mission Divine he did fulfill Persian: Ba sadr e mastabaam meenishaand aknun yaar Gada e shehr nigeh kun keh mir e majlis shud Urdu: Hua hay yaar mera mehrbaan kuchh aisa Faqeer e shehr bana mujh sa mir e majlis hay English:=== My love has made me so dignified That over the topers I now preside Persian: Lab az tarashshah e may paak kun baraay Khuda Keh khatiram ba hazaaraan guneh mousos shud Urdu: Laboun say apnay Khuda ra too poench lay baada Keh dil mera ba hazaaraan guneh mousos hay English:=== Oh, wipe not wine from your juicy lip And give my lips a chance to sip -


Persian: Karishma e to sharaabay ba aashiqaan paimood Keh ilm baykhabar uftaad o aql bayhis shud Urdu; Sharaab e naaz o ada say haen mast yuin aashiq Keh baykhabar hay bohat ilm, aql bayhis hay English:=== O please, my darling, do not flirt Lest creed and logic your lovers desert Persian: Khayaal e aab e khizar bast o jaam e kaykhusro Ba juraanoushiay sultaan Abu Fawaris shud Urdu: Na kuchh hay aab e baqa aur na jaam e kaykhusro Keh pee kay juraa e may sheh Abu Fawaris hay English:=== They'll eat, and drink, and dance, and sing And become they'll the envy of the king Persian: Ba boo e o dil e beemaar e aashiqaan chu saba Fida e aariz e nasreen o chashm e nargis shud Urdu: Ba boo e yaar saba ki tarheh dil e aashiq Fida e aariz e nasreen o chashm e nargis hay English:=== Their lovesick hearts will be ever more sick They'll yell, and scream,and howl, and kick Persian: Do chashmat az dil o deen her cheh daashtam burdand Tawangaray keh ba mastaan nashist o muflis shud Urdu: Nigah e mast e butaan lotti hay deen o dil Karay yeh shah ko bhee aek pal maen muflis hay English:=== They'll lose their faith, and belief, and creed And advice and counsel they'll not heed Persain: Zay rah e maykada yaaraan inaan bagardaaneed Chira keh HAFIZ az in rah raft o muflis shud Urdu: Sharaabkhanay ki reh per na jao aey HAFIZ Keh jo bhee aaya wahaan say, wo baesh muflis hay English:=== And the troubles you have,O HAFIZ, I think Are because you chase the girls and drink ====

Q Ghazal 93

Persian: Saaqi ar baada az in dust ba jaam andaazad Aarifaan ra hama dar shurb e mudaam andaazad Urdu: Hath say taeray agar hath maen jaam aa jaay Saaqia sheikh ko bhee shurb e mudaam aa jaay English:=== Oh, the way she pours and serves the wine In it a mystics can see the Divine Persian: Dar chunin zaer e kham e zulf nihad daana e khaal Aey basa murgh e khirad ra keh ba daam andaazad Urdu: Daana e khaal ho ger halqa e gaisoo maen teray Murgh e daana bhee banay sayd, ba daam aa jaay


English:=== Her mole is a bait and the curl a snare O wise old man, beware, beware! Persian: An zamaan waqt e may e subha farooghast keh shab Gird e khargah e uffaq parda e shaam andaazad Urdu: Josh e baada say charaghaan karo maykhaana, jab Gird e khargah e uffaq perda e shaam aa jaay English:=== When the day does wear the veil of the night For drinking and dancing the time is right Persian: Rooz dar kasb e hunar kosh keh may khurdan rooz Dil e chu aaina dar zang e zulaam andaazad Urdu; Din maen ker kaam, na pee baada keh peenay say kaheen Dil kay aainay maen ik zang e zulaam aa jaay English:=== In the day you toil, and work, and think When the night falls, you drink and drink Persian: A khusha haalat e an mast keh dar pa e hareef Sar o dastaar na daanad keh kidaam andaazad Urdu: Mast e khushbakht hay wo, yaar kay paoun per jo Sar o dastaar rakhay, bun kay ghulaam aa jaay English:=== So that you know not, when you go to bed Where is your turban and where is your head Persian: Zahida sar ba kulehgosha e khursheed baraar Bakhtat ar quraa badeen mah e tamaam andaazad Urdu: Sar ho khursheed say ouncha tera zahid, tujh ko Kerni ger bandagi e mah e tamaam aa jaay English:=== And when your head is on her feet You become a part of a great elite Persian: Zahid e kaam tamay bar sar e inkaar bamaand Pukhta gardad chu nazar bar may e jaam andaazad Urdu: Zahid e khaam tama, tujh ko hay inkaar magar Pukhta ho jaay too ger hath maen jaam aa jaay English:=== If once the preacher drinks the wine The topers, he will never, never maligm Persian: Bada baa mohtasib e shehr nanooshi HAFIZ Keh khurad baadaat o sang ba jaam andaazad Urdu: Pee na baa mohtasib e shehr too HAFIZ keh kaheen Pehlay baada peeay phir tourhnay jaam aa jaay English:=== But with censor, O HAFIZ, don't ever drink For after he drinks, he raises a stink ====

Q Ghazal 94 Persian: Sahar bulbul hikaayat baa saba kard Keh ishq e gul ba ma deedi cheha kard Urdu: Karay bulbul shikaayaat e baja hay Zara daekho toe us ka haal kya hay English:=== Said the singing bird to the morning breeze That the love of flower is a terrible disease


Persian: Ghulam e himmat e an naazneenam Keh kaar e khair bay roo o riya kard Urdu: Maen banda us nigah e naazneen ka Karay naeki jo bay roo o riya hay English:=== I deeply love and admire a beauty Who does some good as a matter of duty Persian: Khushash bada naseem e subhegahi Keh dard e shabnasheenaan ra dawa kard Urdu: Rahay khush too naseem e subhagahi Keh dard e shabnasheenaan ki dawa hay English:=== May God you bless, O morning breeze You soothe my pain, and bring me ease Persian: Mun az baegaangaan hergiz nanaalam Keh baa mun her cheh kard an aashna kard Urdu: Naheen ghairoun say koie mujh ko shikwa Shikaayat hay agar, baa aashna hay English:=== Complain I do not against my foes It's the friends who give me all my woes Persian: Az an rang o rukham khoun dar dil andaakht Az an gulshan ba kharam mubtila kard Urdu: Hua us rang e rukh say dil pur az khoun Kya khaaroun maen gul nay mubtila hay English:=== And it is the rose that causes the pain Against the thorn one cannot complain Persian: Ba her soo bulbul e baidil dar afghaan Tanaam darmian baad e saba kard Urdu: Ba her soo bulbul e baidil ko naala Ba her gul shoakhian kerti saba hay English:=== So cries and cries the nightingale And everyone else is hearty and hale Persian: Gar az sultan tamae kardam khata bood War az dilbar wafa justam jafa kard Urdu: Ghalat hay naazneesnoun say tawaqqa Wafa mango ager, milti jafa hay English:=== From a beautiful girl expect no favor Whatever you get, you learn to savor Persian: Naqaab e gul kasheed az zulf e sunbul Agar band e qaba e ghuncha wa kard Urdu: Naqaab gul banay sunbul, saba jab Karay band e qaba e ghuncha wa hay English:=== With all her beauty, and charm, and grace She uses her hair to hide her face Persian: Wafa az khawjgaan e shehr baa mun Kamaal e deen o daulat Bulwafa kard Urdu: Wafa ki mujh say sardaaroun maen jis nay Wo jaan e deen o daulat Bulwafa hay English:=== Kamaal my patron is always so kind A nicer person is difficult to find -


Persian: Bashaarat bar ba koo e mayfarooshaan Keh HAFIZ touba az roo o riya kard Urdu: Bashaarat maykadoun maen doe keh HAFIZ Naheen kerta wo ab roo o riya hay English:=== So I care not HAFIZ what people think I'll defy them all and openly drink ====

Q Ghazal 95 Persian: Saaqi ander qadaham baaz may e gulgoon kard Dar may e kuhna e daereena e ma afuin kard Urdu: Saqia aaj mili kaisie may e gulgoon hay Kya mila di may e daereena maen kuchh afuin hay English:=== Tonight she gave me a wonderful wine And something with it she did combine Persian: Deegraan ra may e daereena baraabar meedaad Ba mun e dilshuda chun baaz raseed afzoon kard Urdu: Ghair peetay haen may e kohna teri mehfil maen Milti durdi bhee naheen mujh ko meri jaan kuin hay English:=== Though wine she gave to everyone With me she tried to have some fun Persian: In qadeh housh e mara jumla ba yak baar baburd In may in baar mara paak zay khud baeroun kard Urdu; Pee hay thorhi si magar, baykhud o madhoush haen sab Hay yeh may kaisie keh aapay say karay baeroun hay English:=== Nothing it was but a total rout It took a sip to knock me out Persian: Too mapindaar keh dar saaghar o paimaana e ma But e sangeen dil e mun khoun e jigar aknun kard Urdu: Lagta aisa hay mujhay, us but e sangeen dil nay Kuchh milaya may e ahmar naen jigar ka khoun hay English:=== The wine she gave was crimson red It seems it was from a heart that bled Persian: An cheh dar seena e majrooh e munash dil khani Shour e ishq ast keh baa khoun e jigar maajoun kard Urdu: Dil jisay samjha meray seena e majrooh maen too Shour e ulfat say wo baa khoun e jigar maajoun hay English:=== A wounded heart I haven't got It's all in pieces, and it's all shot Persian: Rooz e awwal keh ba ustaad supurdand mara Deegaraan ra khirad aamokht, mara majnoun kard Urdu: Perh kay ustaad say hushiar banay haen sab ghair Dars e maktab nay kya mujh ko magar majnoun hay English:=== It isn't my heart that I cannot find My love has made me even lose my mind


Persian: Dil e HAFIZ keh zay afsoon e labat aeman bood Chashm e jaadoo e to ash baar e digar afsoon kard Urdu: Jaadoo e lab say bacha toe dil e HAFIZ hay walay Chashm e jaanaan maen ajab houshruba afsoon hay English;=== And in fact, O HAFIZ, you aren't so wise You too are a captive of her charming eyes ====

Q Ghazal 96 Persian: Sapeedadam keh saba boo e dostaan geerad Chaman zay lutf e hawa nikhat e jinaan geerad Urdu: Saher jo baad e saba boo e dostaan rakhkhay Chaman ba lutf e hawa nikhat e jinaan rakhkhay English:=== In the morning breeze the scent of your hair It makes the garden with Eden compare Persian: Nawa e chang badansaan zanad sala e sabooh Keh peer e somaya rah e dar e mughaan geerad Urdu: Nawa e chang yiun daway hay daawat e baada Keh ja kay sheikh bhee sar bar dar e mughaan rakhkhay English:=== The sound of music when the preachers hear Of drinking and dancing they lose their fear Persian: Sheh e sapehr chun zarrin sapar kashad bar doush Ba taegh e subh o amoud e ufaq jahan geerad Urdu: Rakhay hay shah e falak sar pay taaj e zarrin jab Ba taegh e subha hukoomat maen sab jahan rakhkhay English:=== From the veil of night in the heavenly spheres The sun comes out, and the morning appears Persian: Ba raghm e zaagh e siyah shahbaaz e sadranasheen Dar in maqarnas e zangaari aashiyaan geerad Urdu: Shikaar e zaagh e siyah ker kay shahbaaz e saher Bar auj e charkh e falak aek aashiyaan rakhkhay English:=== The shining eagle with its golden rays On the crow of the night it comes and preys Persian: Ba bazmgah e chaman roo keh khush tamaashaiest Key laala kaasa e nasreen o arghawan geerad Urdu: Ajab tamaasha bahaaraan ka hay gulistaan maen Keh laala kaasa e nasreen o arghawaan rakhkhay English:=== Let's go to the park with the wine straight Where cups in hand the tulips wait Persian: Cheh haalataest keh gul dar sahar numayad rukh Cheh aatishaest keh dar murgh e subhekhan geerad Urdu: Ho jalwa aisa, jo hay gul ki roonumaie maen Ho aag wo, jo dil e murgh e subhakhan rakhkay English:=== Let's go and see the flowers of spring And hear the birds as they wing and sing


Persian: Cheh partooeast keh noor e charagh e subhe dahad Cheh shoolaeast keh dar shum e aasmaan geerad Urdu: Ho aks aisa, charagh e saher karay roushan Ho shoola wo, jo dil e shum e aasmaan rakhkhay English:=== The sun will set in the garden soon Let's sit and drink under the golden moon Persian: Khayaal e shahi agar neest dar sar e HAFIZ Chira ba taegh e sukhan arsa e jahan geerad Urdu: Khayaal e shahi naheen sar maen gar taray HAFIZ Toe kuin muteye ba taegh e sukhan jahan rakhkhay English:=== And let's ask HAFIZ his verses to sing For among the poets he is the king ====

Q Ghazal 97

Persian: Shahidaan gar dilbari zinsaan kunand Zahidaan ra rakhna dar eimaan kunand Urdu: Dilbari kuchh aisie dildaaraan karaen Zahidoun ka khatr maen eimaan karaen English:=== The beauties whenever with preachers flirt Them faith and creed instantly desert Persian: Yaar e ma chun saazad aahang e samaa Qudseean dar arsh dust afshaan kunand Urdu: Jab mera mehboob ho naghmasara Raqs farsh e arsh per houraan karaen English:=== And when they ever hear them sing The houris in Heaven swing, and swing Persian: Rukh numaayad aaftaab e daulatat Ger chu subhat aaina rakhshaan kunand Urdu: Aaftaab e rukh say taeray aashiqaan Apnay dil ka aaina rakhshaan karaen English:=== Their radiant face when the lovers see Contain they cannot their ecstasy Persian: Mardum e chashmam ba khoun aghashta shud Az kuja in zulm bar insaan kunand Urdu: Sad hazaar aankhaen hui haen gharq e khoun Zulm insaanoun pay yuin insaan karaen English:=== But when they become cruel and severe The lovers shed blood with every tear Persian: Aashiqaan ra bar sar e khud hukm neest Her cheh farmaan e to baashad, an kunand Urdu: Ikhtiaar e aashiqaan koie naheen Hukmraani un pay maashooqaan karaen


English:=== And since they love with heart and soul On lovers the beauties have full control Persian: Paesh e chashmam kamtar ast az qatraay In hikaayatha keh baa toufaan kunand Urdu: Aagay sayl e ashk kay kuchh bhee naheen Chahay kitna qissa e toufaan karaen English:=== And those who shed in tears the blood They aren't impressed by the biblical flood Persian: Kun nighahay az do chashmat ta rawaan Marg ra bar baydilaan aasaan kunand Urdu: Taeri aankhaen mehrbaan houn ger zara Aashiqoun ki mout ko aasaan karaen English:=== The lovers on their death when they come to see Easy they make their mortality Persian: Eid e rukhsaar e to koo ta aashiqaan Dar wafayat jaan o dil qurbaan kunand Urdu: Eid e rukhsaar e butaan aaay agar Jaan o dil ushshaq sab qurbaan karaen English:=== And when they see on the cheek a mole Gladly the lovers sacrifice the soul Persian: Khush bar aa az ghussa aey dil kahl e raaz Aesh e khush dar boota e hijraan kunand Urdu: Daekh ahl e raaz ko aey dil keh wo Aesh e khush say kum gham e hijraan karaen English:=== So cheer up, O heart, your pain will pass And you will get out of this morass Persian: Sar makash HAFIZ zay aah e neem shab Ta chu subhat aaina rakhshaan kunand Urdu: Gham na ker HAFIZ keh naalaha e shab Subha ki manind dil rakhshaan karaen English:=== A lover, O HAFIZ, shouldn't complain For there is no gain without the pain ====

Q Ghazal 98 Persian: Sufi ar baada ba andaaza khurad nooshash baad Warna andaesha e in kaar framooshash baad Urdu: Noosh ho baada, ba andaaza ager noush karay Warna behtar hay isay sufi framoesh karay English:=== Drink, O mystics,only so much wine Anything more you must decline Persian: An keh yak juraa may az dast tawaanad daadan Dast baa shaahid e maqsood dar aaghooshash baad Urdu: Ger pilaay koie ik juraa e may rindoun ko Yaar e maqsood Khuda us ka hamaaghoush karay


English:=== To the mystics wine those who give May they forever with lovers live Persian: Keest an shah sawaar e khush o khurram keh do koun Basta e band e qaba o alam e dooshash baad Urdu: Is sawaar e khush o khurram ka Khuda dunya ko Basta e band e qaba o alam e doush karay English:=== And to her lovers a girl who's kind An eternal bliss may the darling find Persian: Nargis e mast nawaazish kun e mardum daarash Khoun e aashiq bakhurad gar ba qadah, nooshash baad Urdu: Nigah e mast dilafroez o dilaawaiz teri Noosh e jaan ho usay, ger khoun e jigar noush karay English:=== The eyes which lovers with arrows slay May they forever be happy and gay Persian: Chashmam az aainadaaraan e khat o khaalash gasht Labam az boosarubayaan e lab e nooshash baad Urdu: Aankh jab aaina daar e rukh e jaanaan hay meri Kuin na phir lab bhee mera shabat e lab noush karay English:=== My lips, the victims of her prejudice May her juicy lips some day they kiss Persian: Ger cheh az kibr sukhan baa mun e durwaesh nakard Jaan fida e shakareen pista e khamooshash baad Urdu: Baat tak wo na karay, aashiq e shaida laikin Jaan ko apni fida e lab e khmoush karay English:=== Her lovers a girl who does disdain O may she never feel the pain Persian: Peer e ma guft khata bar qalam e sanae naraft Aafreen bar nazar e paak e khatapooshash baad Urdu: Kaha murshid nay, naheen kalk e muqadder ki khata Derguzar saari khataoun ko khatapoush karay English:=== My faults the preacher who does so hate May never he be a victim of fate Persian: Ba ghulaami e to mashoor e jahan shud HAFIZ Haqa e bandagi zulf e to dar gooshash baad Urdu: Bandagi nay teri mashoor kya HAFIZ ko Naaz halqay pay bata us ka na kuin goesh karay English:=== Since love, O HAFIZ, has made you renowned The girl you love deserves to be crowned ====


Q Ghazal 99 Persian: Saba waqt e sahar booay zay zulf e yaar meeaavurd Dil e shorida e ma ra zay noo dar kaar meeaavurd Urdu: Saba waqt e saher jab boo e zulf e yaar laay hay Qarrar e jaan o taskeen e dil e bimaar laay hay English:=== When brought the breeze the scent of her hair My wounded heart it helped repair Persian: Zay rashk e taar e zulf e yaar bar baad e sahar meedaad Saba her naafa e mushkay keh az taataar meeaavurd Urdu: Naheen hay us ki zulf e ambereen kay saamnay kuchh bhee Saba jitna bhee mushk e aahoo e taataar laay hay English:=== In her golden tresses when the air got caught It gave up the musk of tartar it brought Persian: Faoroogh e mah meedeedm zay baam e qasr e o roeshan Keh roo az sharm e an, khursheed bar diwaar meeaavurd Urdu: Faroegh e mah jab daekhay hay qasr e naaz maen us kay Na kuchh khursheed taab e jalwa e rukhsaar laay hay English:=== And in the terrace when it saw her moon The sun hid behind the clouds at noon Persian: Afallah cheen e abooyash agar cheh natawaanam kard Ba rehmat ham piamay bar sar e beemaar meeaavurd Urdu: Shikan abroo e jaanaan ki mareez o natawaan ker kay Payam e mehrbaani bar sar e beemaar laay hay English:=== Though she is cruel, heartless, and callous She's also kind, sweet, and zealous Persian: Sarasar bakhshish e jaanaan tareeq e lutf o ahsaan bood Agar tasbeeh meefarmood, agar zinnaar meeaavurd Urdu: Tareeq e lutf o ahsaan hay sarasar bakhshish e jaanaan Ager daway hay wo tasbeeh, ager zinnaar laay hay English:=== For this and that I do not fret I take from her whatever I get Persian: Mun an shaakh e sanobar ra zay baagh e seena barkandam Keh her gul kaz ghamask bashguft mehnat baar meeaavurd Urdu: Juda shaakh e sanober baagh say seenay kay kerta houn Keh jab khilta hay ghuncha, dil pay gham ka baar laay hay English:=== Her if I could tear from my heart away I would be happy, and jolly, and gay Persian: Zay beam e ghaarat e chashmash dil e khouneen riha kardam Waley meeraikht khoun dar reh, badin hinjaar meeaavurd Urdu: Nazar kay teer say sayyad ker kay bismil o khouneen Utha kay hath maen maera dil e khounbaar laay hay English:=== With her charming eyes, needless to say She's the huntress, and I'm the prey


Persian: Khush an waqt o khush an saaat keh an zulf e girahbandash Baduzdeeday chunan dilha keh khasm iqraar meeaavurd Urdu: Wo khush lamha, wo khush saaat, chura kay dil ko jab maeray Chupa kay apni zulfoun maen mera dildaar laay hay English:=== With her long and curly braided hair In chains she drags me everywhere Persian: Ba qaul e mutrib o saaqi baroon ruftam gah o baygeh Kaz an rah e garaan qasid khabar dushwaar meeaavurd Urdu: Ba qaul e mutrib o saaqi hay maen nay rah wo pakrhie Keh mushkil say jahaan qasid payam e yaar laay hay English:=== But when she sings and gives me a drink I lose my head and the power to think Persian: Ajab meedaashtam deeshab zay HAFIZ jaam o paimaana Walay manash nameekardam keh sufiwaar meeaavurd Urdu: Ager peeta hay HAFIZ mohtasib, tum us ko peenay do Yeh daekho kasie khushwaqti wo sufiwaar laay hay English:=== When HAFIZ I saw with a bottle of wine Since he is a mystic, I thought it was fine ====

Q Ghazal 100 Persian: Saba ba tehniat e peer e mayfaroosh aamad Keh mousam e tarab o aish o naaz o noosh aamad Urdu: Saba ba tehniat e peer e mayfaroesh aaay Jo mousam e tarab o aish o naaz o noesh aaay English:=== The morning breeze has brought the news It's time to sing, and dance, and booze Persian: Hawa maseehnafas gasht o baad naafakusha Darakht sabz shud o murgh dar kharoosh aamad Urdu: Hawa maseehnafas ho, saba ho naafakusha Darakht sabz ho, bulbul ba sad khroesh aaay English:=== Blooming are flowers with fragrance in air And flying and singing are birds everywhere Persian: Tanoor e lala chunan barfarokht baad e bahaar Keh ghuncha gharq e araq gasht o gul ba joosh aamad Urdu: Tanoor e lala ko dehkaay aisay baad e saba Keh ghuncha gharq e paseena ho, gul ba joesh aaay English:=== The trees are wearing their green attire And flowers have set the garden on fire Persian: Ba goosh e hoosh neoosh az mun o ba ishrat koosh Keh in sukhan sahar az hatifam ba goosh aamad Urdu: Ba goesh e hoesh neoesh o ba aish o ishrat koesh Yeh lay kay aagahi ik subhadam saroesh aaay English:=== An angel came and said it to me That jolly and happy it's time to be


Persian: Zay fikr e tafriqa baaz aaie ta shawi majmoo Ba hukm e an keh chun shud ahraman, saroosh aamad Urdu: Khayal e dushmani chhorho, qarraar e uns karo Keh jaay dehr say shaitaan aur saroesh aaay English:=== It's time to love and not to fight For the devil in us has taken the flight Persian: Zay murgh e subhe nadaanam keh soosan e aazaad Cheh goosh kard keh baa deh zabaan khamoosh aamad Urdu: Na jaanay murgh e saher say suna hay kya us nay Keh das zabaanoun ki sausan bhee ab khamoush aaay English:=== Look, iris, the talker, who's such a riot God only knows why is it so quiet? Persain: Cheh ja e sohbat e namehram ast majlis e uns Sar e piyala bapooshaan keh khirqapoosh aamad Urdu: Hay bazm e uns maen namehramoun ka kaam na kuchh Chhupa kay rakhkho piyala jo khirqapoesh aaay English:=== And in this lovely atmosphere I don't know why is the preacher here? Persian: Ba gooyamat sukhan e khush, bia o baada banoosh Keh zahid az bar e ma raft o baadanoosh aamad Urdu: Pio sharaab, yeh bazm e tarab hay kuchh aisie Keh mohtasib bhee yahaan bun ky baadanoesh aaay English:=== With us I hope he is in sync He might have come to have a drink Persian: Zay khaqah ba maykhaana meerawad HAFIZ Magar zay masti e zuhd o riya ba hoosh aamad Urdu: Jo khanqah say jaata hay maykaday HAFIZ Hay waqt masti e zuhd o riya say hoesh aaay English;=== And HAFIZ has also left the shrine I bet he's coming to have some wine ====

Q Ghazal 101 Persian: Aks e roo e to chun dar aaina e jaam uftaad Aarif az perto e mai dar tama e khaam uftaad Urdr: Rukh say roshan jo teray aaina e jaam hua Daekh kay sufi usay dar tama e khaam hua English:=== Her beauty's image when the mystic saw Dazzled he was; he was in awe Persian: Husn e roo e to ba yak jalwa keh dar aaina kard In hama naqsh dar aaina e auhaam uftaad Urdu: Perto e husn para taera jis aainay maen Toot kay choor wo aaina e auhaam hua English:=== Having seen her beauty, he became devout In the glory of God it left no doubt


Persian: Jalwaay kard rukhash rooz e azal zaer e naqaab Askay az perto e an bar rukh e afhaam uftaad Urdu: Jab hata purda azal maen rukh e roshan say teray Perto e husn say roshan rukh e afhaam hua English:=== When from her face, she lifted the veil The faith was happy, and the reason hale Persian: In hama aks e mai o naqsh e mukhalif keh namood Yak faroagh e rukh e saaqiest keh dar jaam uftaad Urdu: Aks baaday maen hay jo, naqsh jo paimaanay maen Ik faroagh e rukh e saaqi hay keh datr jaam hua English:=== The visage the mystic saw in the wine It was the barmaid's image divine Persian: Ghaerat e ishq zabaan e hama khaasaan babureed Az kuja sirr e ghamash dar dahan e aam uftaad Urdu: Ghaerat e ishq nay kaati jo zabaan khaasoun ki Raaz e ulfat kuin mera dar dahan e aam hua English:=== Meaning of love only mystics know It's a mystery for the ordinary Joe Persian: Her damash baa mun e dilsookhta lutf e digar ast In gada been kah cheh shaista e inaam uftaad Urdu: Sookhta dil pay huie baar e digar chashm e karam Daekho kaisay yeh gada qabil e inaam hua English:=== A captive of love is truly free How very blessed is a tramp like me Persian: Paakbeen az nazer e paak ba maqsood raseed Ahwal az chashm e dobeen dar tama e khaam uftaad Urdu: Paakbeen ko nazer e paak nay beenaie di Deeda badbeen ka ander tama e khaam hua English:=== Only pure of heart can see the light An evil eye is devoid of sight Persian: Zaer e shamsheer e ghamash raqs kunaan bayad raft Kan keh shud kushta e o, naek saranjaam uftaad Urdu: Raqs kertay huay jaatay haen soo e maqtal ham Keh jo maqtool hua, naek saranjaam hua English:=== He stands alone and he stands above Blessed is the one who dies for love Persian: Dar kham e zulf e to aawaekht dil az chah e zanikh Aah, kaz chah baroun aamad o dar daam uftaad Urdu: Nikla jo chah e zaqan say toe phansa zulf maen wo Qayd say choota jo dil, bus wo teh e daam hua English:=== And from her dimple into her hair Went my heart from a well to a snare Persian: An shud aey khaja keh dar someya baazam beeni Kaar e ma baa rukh e saaqi o lab e jaam uftaad



Zohd o taqva say mujhay waasta kya ab keh mera Kaar e dil baa rukh e saaqi o lab e jaam hua

English:=== O preacher, I am leaving your shrine From now on, it'll be women and wine Persian: Mun zay masjid ba kharaabaat na khud uftaadam In am az rooz e azal haasil o ferjaam uftaad Urdu: Someya say usay kya kaam, azal say jis ka Ik kharaabaat e Mughaan haasil o ferjaam hua English:=== From mosque to the bar, if I go straight It is my destiny; it is my fate Persian: Cheh kunad kaz pay e douraan narawad chu parkaar Her keh dar daira e gardish e ayyaam uftaad Urdu: Misl e perkaar lagaata hay wo chakkar her dam Her keh dar daira e gardish e ayyaam hua English:=== To and fro, I go with the flow Round and round in the world I go Persian: Mun keh dar zumra e ushshaq ba rindi alamam Tabl e pinhaan keh zanam, tasht e mun az baam uftaad Urdu: Mil gaie jab say mujhay rindi o sargardaani Bazm e ushshaq maen mashhoor mera naam hua English:=== Though as a mystic I'm not alone Among the topers I'm well known Persian: Sufiaan jumla hareefand o nazerbaaz walay Zin mian HAFIZ e dilsookhta badnaam uftaad Urdu: Sufi dunya maen hazaaoun haen nazerbaaz, magar Aek dilsoukhta HAFIZ hay jo badnaam hua English:=== All mystics, HAFIZ, like the wine But I'm the one who people malign ====

Q Ghazal 102

Persian: Ishqat na sarsariest keh az sar badar shawad Mehrat na aarziest keh ja e digar shawad Urdu: Kya sarsari tha ishq keh sar say badar hua Tha kya yeh aarzi keh ba shakhs e digar hua English:=== My love of her is a serious thing Although for her it's just a fling Persian: Ishq e to dar wajoodam o mehr e to dar dilam Baa shir dar daroon shud o baa jaan badar shawad Urdu: Shouq e nigaar dil maen meray, ishq jaan maen Baa shir jism maen gaya, baa jaan badar hua English:=== With mother's milk it went into me Out of my heart it will never be -


Persian: Dardeest dard e ishq keh andar ilaaj e o Her chand seie baesh numaie, batar shawad Urdu: Hay dard e ishq maera kuchh aisa keh ab talak Jitna ilaaj us ka hua, bayasar hua English:=== The pangs of love you must endure They get much worse if you try to cure Persian: Awwal munam yakay keh dar in shehr her shabay Faryaad e mun ba gunbad e aflaak bar shawad Urdu: Tarz e fughaan thi pur asar aisie keh aek shab Naala kamand e gunbad e afflaak per hua English:=== All night I cry and cry with pain My moans and groans I can't contain Persian: War zaan keh mun sarashk fishaanam ba zinda rood Kisht e Iraq jumla ba yak baar tar shawad Urdu: Ro ro kay maen nay is tarheh darya baha diay Sahra bhee jin kay sayl say sairaabtar hua English:=== With the flood of tears, that I can't abate The country of Iraq I can irrigate Persian: Di darmian e zulf badeedam rukh e nigaar Bar hayyatay keh abr muheet e qamar shawad Urdu: Bikhri rukh e nigaar pay yuin zulf e ambareen Abr e siyah jaisay muheet e qamar hua English:=== Covers her face with hair when she Behind the clouds, the moon I see Persian: Guftam keh ibtida kunam az boosa, guft nay Bagzaar ta keh mah zay aqrab badar shawad Urdu: Poocha keh ibtida karoun bosay say toe kaha Thehro abhee keh meh na ba aqrab badar hua English:=== And whenever I ask her for a kiss She tells me - no, with an emphasis Persian: Aey dil ba yaad e laalsh agar baada meekhuri Magzaar haan keh muddayian ra khabar shawad Urdu: Peeni ba yaad e lab hay toe mouqa hay aaj shab Hay muddayi bhee soya parha baykhabar hua English:=== Thinking of her, when I take a drink About my rival, I don't ever think Persian: HAFIZ sar az lahad badar aarad ba paay boos Gar khak e o ba pa e shuma paysapar shawad Urdu: HAFIZ nay uth kay choom liya pa e yaar ko Wo aa kay qabr per jo kabhee jalwagar hua English:=== And her, on my grave, O HAFIZ, I'll greet By getting right up and kissing her feet ====


Q Ghazal 103 Persian: Ghulam e nargis e mast e to tajdaaraanand Kharaab e baada e lal e to hoshiaraanand Urdu: Ghulam aankh ki masti kay tajdaar bohat Kharaab e baada e lab taeray hoshiar bohat English:=== A slave of your eyes is truely a king The wine of your lips is the real thing Persian: Tura haya o mara aab e deeda shud ghammaz Wagarna aashiq o mashooq raazdaaraanand Urdu: Teri haya say, meri chashm e tar say raaz khula Haen warna aashiq o mashooq raazdaar bohat English:=== Your shyness, my crying did secrets reveal Though lovers tell never how they feel Persian: Bazeer e zulf e dota chun guzar kuni,bangar Keh az yameen o yasaarat cheh bayqarraaraanand Urdu: Haen taeri zulf maen jitnay bhee aashiqoun kay dil Wo zaer e saya sahi, per haen bayqaraar bohat English:=== In your locks the captives, O you should see They are as wretched as they can be Persian: Guzaar kun chu saba bar banafshazaar o babeen Keh az tatawul e zulfat cheh sogwaaraanand Urdu: Guloun ka haal bura hay banafshazaroun maen Yeh zulm e zulf say taeri haen sogwaar bohat English:=== When I see the violets I feel so bad Being jealous of your curls, they look very sad Persian: Raqeeb dar guzar o baesh az in makun nakhwat Keh saakinaan e dar e dost khaksaaraanand Urdu: Raqeeb chorh bhee ab, isqadar ghroor na ker Haen saakinaan e dar e dost khaksaar bohat English:=== O tell my rival not to be so proud And not be lusty, boisterous, and loud Persian; Na mun bar an gul e aariz ghazal sarsayam o bus Keh andaleeb e to az her taraf hazaaraanand Urdu: Ghazalsara gul e aariz pay aek maen hi naheen Haen naghmazan yahaan her soo teray hazaar bohat English:=== I'm not the only one who lauds your cheek There're millions and millions your rose who seek Persian: To dastgeer sho aey khizr e paykhajista keh mun Piyaada meerawam o hamrahaan sawaaraanand Urdu: Ho dastgeer too aey khizr e paykhajista keh maen Piyaadapa houn magar sath haen sawaar bohat English:=== My rivals laugh; with blisters I cry I go on foot while they all ride by


Persian: Bia ba maekada o chehra arghavaani kun Maroo ba somyia kan ja siyahkaaraanand Urdu: Sharaabkhanay maen chal, pee kay surkhroo hoja Na ja ba somyia, wan haen siyahkaar bohat English:=== Come to the pub, you'll be close to God In the shrine the sheik is a total fraud Persian: Naseeb e mast bahisht,aey Khudashanaas baroo Keh mustahhiq e karamat gunahgaaraanast Urdu: Ghuroor itna hay kuin sheik zohd per tujh ko Haen mustahhiq e karam bhee gunahgaar bohat English:=== After his death, in Heaven he lives For God a sinner always forgives Persian: Khalas e HAFIZ az an zulf e taabdaar mabaad Keh bastagaan e kamand e to rustgaaraanand Urdu: Rihaie bandish e gaisoo say maang mat HAFIZ Keh bastagaan kamand us kay rustagaar bohat English:=== And a captive of your locks though HAFIZ may be As a prisoner there he is truly free ====

Q Ghazal 104 Persian: Qatl e in khasta ba shamsheer e to taqdeer nabud Warna heetch az dil e bayrehm e to taqseer nabud Urdu: Qatl shamsheer say hona meri taqdeer naheen Dil e bayrehm ki is maen koie taqseer naheen English:=== My dying of your sword was not to be Though you were in favor of killing me Persian: Ya Rab aaina e husn to cheh johar daarad Keh dar o aah e mera quwwat e taseer nabud Urdu: Dhundlay ho jatay haen sab aainay aahoun say meri Per teray aainay pay qudrat e taseer naheen English:=== Pity from your beauty I don't expect On it my sighs have little effect Persian: Sar zay hairat ba dar e maykadaha bar kardam Chun shanasa e to dar somiya yak peer nabud Urdu: Somiya chorh kay jaata houn kharaabaat ki simt Keh shanaasa tera koie bhee yahaan peer naheen English:=== I left the mosque, and went to the bar The views of the preacher were so very bizarre Persian: Mun e deewana chun zulf e to riha meekardam Heetch laiqtaram az halqa e zangeer nabud Urdu: Hay gariftaar jo gaisoo maen toe is say behtar Dil e muztar koie taeray liay zangeer naheen English:=== A captive of curls who wants to be free He is as crazy as crazy can be


Persian: Nazneentar zay qadat dar chaman e husn naruft Khushtar az naqsh e to dar aalam e tasweer nabud Urdu: Chaman e husn maen tujh jaisa naheen sarv koie Naqsh tujh sa koie der aalam e tasweer naheen English:=== No cypress in the park is at all like you Even beauties like you, in pictures, are few Persian: Ta magar hamchu saba baaz ba zulf e to rasam Kaar e mun doosh ba juz naala e shabgeer nabud Urdu: Wasl qismat maen naheen aur teri furqat maen Kaam dil ko meray juz naala e shabgeer naheen English:=== Remembering your tresses, I don't know why All night long I cry and cry? Persian: An kasheedam zay to aey aatish e hijraan keh chu shum Juz fana e khudam az dast e to tadbeer nabud Urdu: Shum e dil jal hi gaie aatish e hijraan maen meri Juz fana is kay liay aur koie tadbeer naheen English:=== I moan and groan, I gasp and sigh Without you, darling, I'll surely die Persian: Aayatay bud zay azaab, andoh e HAFIZ bay to Keh bar e heetch kasash haajit e tafseer nabud Urdu: Gham e hijraan maen bani taeri hikayat HAFIZ Aisi aayat keh usay haajit e tafseer naheen English:=== Oh, in your absence, my life is hell And HAFIZ knows it all too well ====

Q Ghazal 105 Persian: Qatra e ashkay keh meeraizam zay chashm e tar sufaid Meenumayad dar shab e hijr e to chu akhtar sufaid Urdu: Qatra aansoo ka jo tapkaati hay chashm e tar sufaid Raat maen furqat ki wo lagta hay ik akhtar sufaid English:=== Like pearls my tears drop from my eyes Like stars they twinkle until sunrise Persian: Soo e ma mayel nashud hergiz huma e wasl e o Istakhanam garcheh shud az hijr e an dilbar sufaid Urdu: Wasl e jaanaan ka huma mayel naheen mujh per to kuin Huddian maeri keray hay yeh gham e dilbar sufaid English:=== The pain of parting has made me frail My bones are bent; my face is pale Persian: Neest mah e noo keh az baidaad o keen turk e falak Bar mian basta ba khoun e aashiqaan khanjar sufaid Urdu: Mah e noe kab hay, usay toe khoun e aashiq kay liay Bandhta apni kamar per hay falak khanjar sufaid English:=== And a yearning lover to mortify The crescent, like a dagger, holds the sky


Persian: Saqia chun bar lab e maygoon nahi jaam e sharaab Meenumayad surkh az aks e labat saghar sufaid Urdu: Jab lagati hay lab e maygoon too saqi jaam say Aks e lab say surkh ho jaata hay wo saghar sufaid English:=== Oh, when she holds the cup to her lip The wine looks red when she takes a sip Persian: An lab o dandaan e o HAFIZ ba hangaam e sukhan Huqqa e lal ast goya pur dur o gohar sufaid Urdu: Daekh HAFIZ wo lab o dandaan ba hangaam e sukhan Lal ki dibya maen houn jaisay bharay gohar sufaid English:=== Her teeth, O HAFIZ, just look at them Each one is like a pearl or a gem ====

Q Ghazal 106

Persian: Kalk e mushkeen e to roozay keh zay ma yaad kunad Baburad ajr e dosad banda keh aazaad kunad Urdu: Kalk e mushkeen tera mujh ko agar yaad karay Ajr ho jaisay too saw bandoun ko aazaad karay English:=== If one day she would write to me God will give her the Heaven's key Persian: Qasid e hazrat e Selma keh salamat baada Cheh shawad ger ba salaamay dil e ma shaad kunad Urdu: Qasid e hazrat e Selma keh salamat us ko Lay kay aaay jo salaam un ka, bohat shaad karay English:=== Greeting from Selma, O breeze, if you bring For it I will give you just about anything Persian: Ya Rab ander dil e an khusrov e Shireen andaz Keh ba rehmat guzaray bar sar e Farhaad kunad Urdu: Daal ya Rab too dil e khusrav e Shireen maen kabhee Keh karam bhool kay wo ber sar e Farhaad karay English:=== May God guide and show her the way So that she comes, and comes to stay Persian: Halia ishwa e ishq e to zay bunyaadam burd Ta digar fikr e hakeemaana cheh bunyaad kunad Urdu: Ishwa e ishq nay barbaad kya jis dil ko Fikr e farzaana kabhee us ko na abaad karay English:=== Her love has given me nothing but strife No doctor now can save my life Persian: Gohar e paak e to az madhat e ma mustaghneest Fir e mashshaata che baa husn e Khudadaad kunad Urdu: Gohar e paak tera madeh say mustaghnie hay Fikr e mashshaata na kuchh husn e Khudadaad karay


English:=== She is above and beyond my praise Her beauty need no make-up, no glaze Persian: Imtahaan kun keh basay gunj e muraadat badahand Gar kharaab e chu mara lutf e to aabaad kunad Urdu: Karay Allah teri laakh muraadaen poori Lutf taera jo kharaaba mera aabaad karay English:=== And if someday she is nice to me God will give her bliss and glee Persian: Shah ra beh bawad az taat e sad saala zuhd Qadray yak saaat e umray keh dar o daad kunad Urdu: Zuhd e sad saala say behter hay yeh haakim kay liay Ik gharhi apni riaya say agar daad karay English:=== Yes, piety is good for a noble king But justice from him is everything Persian: Reh naburdaem ba maqsood e khud andar Shiraaz Khurram an rooz keh HAFIZ reh e Baghdaad kunad Urdu: Reh e maqsood naheen milti hay Shiraaz maen jab Kuin na rukh azm ka HAFIZ soo e Baghdaad karay English:=== Living in Persia does not pay In Iraq, O HAFIZ, I'll make my way ====

Q Ghazal 107 Persian: Kasay keh husn e rukh e dost dar nazar daarad Muhaqqiq ast keh o hasil e basar daarad Urdu: Koie jo husn e rukh e dost per nazar rakhhay Hay khushnaseeb keh wo hasil e basar rakhhay English:=== Whoever sees your beautiful face Your image from his eye he can't erase Persian: Kasay ba wasl e to chu shama yaft perwaana Keh zaer e taegh e to her dam sar e digar daarad Urdu: Hay paay wasl ka perwaana, shama ki surat Jo neechay taegh kay her dam sar e digar rakhhay English:=== Only he can win you, and he can woo The one who's willing to die for you Persian: Ba paay boos e to dastay kasay raseed keh o Chu aastaana badin dar hameesha sar daarad Urdu: Usi ko hoti hay hasil teri qadam bosi Jo aastaanay pay taeray hamesha sar rakhhay English:=== And only he can kiss your feet The one who resigns in total defeat Persian: Zay zohd e khusk maloolam, biyaar baada e naab Keh boo e baada dimagham mudaam tar daarad Urdu: Hoen zohd e khusk say baezaar, day sharaab mujhay Keh boo e baada e mushkeen dimagh tar rakhhay


English:=== I'm sick of piety; give me some wine In order to nourish this soul of mine Persian:=== Ba zad raqeeb e to roozay ba seena am teeray Zay bus keh teer e ghamat seena baysapar daarad Urdu: Her aek teer tera dil kay paar hota hay Keh seena yeh tera deewaana baysapar rakhhay English:=== Your gaze's arrows nurture my heart But I cannot take my rival's dart Persian: Kasay keh az reh e taqva qadam baroon nanihaad Ba azm e maykada aknoun sar e safar daarad Urdu: Na rah e zohd say jis nay qadam nikaala kabhee Sharaabkhanay ka ab wo sar e safar rakhhay English:=== Look, how the preacher has chanced his tune Now every night he's in the saloon Persian: Zay baada heechat agar neest, in na bus keh tura Damay zay waswasa e aql baykhabar daarad Urdu: Sharaab peeta houn maen is liay keh shayad yeh Mujhay zay waswasa e aql baykhabar rakhhay English:=== The wine, he says, helps him unwind And gives him the needed peace of mind Persian: Dil e Shakista e HAFIZ ba khaak khahad burd Chu laala, daagh e hawaay keh dar jigar daarad Urdu: Dil e shakista e HAFIZ kay saath jaay ga Lahad maen daagh e hawa us ka jo jigar rakhhay English:=== But this HAFIZ of ours you cannot save His broken heart he'll take to his grave ====

Q Ghazal 107 Persian: Kasay keh husn e rukh e dost dar nazar daarad Muhaqqiq ast keh o hasil e basar daarad Urdu: Koie jo husn e rukh e dost per nazar rakhhay Hay khushnaseeb keh wo hasil e basar rakhhay English:=== Whoever sees your beautiful face Your image from his eye he can't erase Persian: Kasay ba wasl e to chu shama yaft perwaana Keh zaer e taegh e to her dam sar e digar daarad Urdu: Hay paay wasl ka perwaana, shama ki surat Jo neechay taegh kay her dam sar e digar rakhhay English:=== Only he can win you, and he can woo The one who's willing to die for you Persian: Ba paay boos e to dastay kasay raseed keh o Chu aastaana badin dar hameesha sar daarad Urdu: Usi ko hoti hay hasil teri qadam bosi Jo aastaanay pay taeray hamesha sar rakhhay


English:=== And only he can kiss your feet The one who resigns in total defeat Persian: Zay zohd e khusk maloolam, biyaar baada e naab Keh boo e baada dimagham mudaam tar daarad Urdu: Hoen zohd e khusk say baezaar, day sharaab mujhay Keh boo e baada e mushkeen dimagh tar rakhhay English:=== I'm sick of piety; give me some wine In order to nourish this soul of mine Persian:=== Ba zad raqeeb e to roozay ba seena am teeray Zay bus keh teer e ghamat seena baysapar daarad Urdu: Her aek teer tera dil kay paar hota hay Keh seena yeh tera deewaana baysapar rakhhay English:=== Your gaze's arrows nurture my heart But I cannot take my rival's dart Persian: Kasay keh az reh e taqva qadam baroon nanihaad Ba azm e maykada aknoun sar e safar daarad Urdu: Na rah e zohd say jis nay qadam nikaala kabhee Sharaabkhanay ka ab wo sar e safar rakhhay English:=== Look, how the preacher has chanced his tune Now every night he's in the saloon Persian: Zay baada heechat agar neest, in na bus keh tura Damay zay waswasa e aql baykhabar daarad Urdu: Sharaab peeta houn maen is liay keh shayad yeh Mujhay zay waswasa e aql baykhabar rakhhay English:=== The wine, he says, helps him unwind And gives him the needed peace of mind Persian: Dil e Shakista e HAFIZ ba khaak khahad burd Chu laala, daagh e hawaay keh dar jigar daarad Urdu: Dil e shakista e HAFIZ kay saath jaay ga Lahad maen daagh e hawa us ka jo jigar rakhhay English:=== But this HAFIZ of ours you cannot save His broken heart he'll take to his grave ====

Q Ghazal 108 Persian: Gar mayfaroosh hajit e rindaan rawa kunad Eizad guneh babakhshad o dafae bala kunad Urdu: Ger mayfaroush hajit e rindaan rawa karay Eizad gunah bakhsh day, dafae bala karay English:=== If the barman gives me a little bit of wine He'll get in Heaven the spirit divine Persian: Dar kaarkhaanaay keh reh e ilm o aql neest Wahm e zaeef raay fazooli chira kunad Urdu: Wo kaarkhaana jis maen ho ilm o khirad na kuchh Wehm e zaeef rai wahan day kay kya karay


English:=== Pray not induce, and do not deduce Wisdom in the bar is of no use Persian: Mutrib basaaz oud keh kas bayajal namurd Wan koo na in taraana sarayad khata kunad Urdu: Jaata naheen hay koie bhee dunya say bayajal Jo is say ikhtalaaf karay, ik khata karay English:=== Here, there isn't any reason or rhyme And no one dies before his time Persian: Gar ranj peeshat ayad o gar raahat, aey hakim Nisbat makun baghaer keh inha Khuda kunad Urdu: Aaraam aey hakim milay ya museebataen Laazim hay aadmi pay keh shukr e Khuda karay English:=== And if you're sad, or if you have pain It's all from God: do not complain Persian: Ma ra keh dard e ishq o bala e khumaar hast Ya wasl e dost, ya may e saafi dawa kunad Urdu: Is dard e aashqi o bala e khumaar ki Ya wasl e dost, ya may e saafi dawa karay English:=== For the pang of love you need a stein And with hangover drink some wine Persian: Haqqa keh dar zamaan barasad muzda e amaan Gar salikay ba ahd e amaanat wafa kunad Urdu: Aatay farishtay lay kay haen ik muzda e amaan Dunya maen poora gar koie ahd e wafa karay English:=== In the glow of glory you'll shine and shine Fidelity and faith are simply divine Persian: Saaqi ba jaam e adl badeh baada ta gada Ghairat neyawurad keh jahaan purbala kunad Urdu: Saaqi ba jaam e adl pila baada ta gada Aalam na sab ba ghussa o gham purbala karay English:=== When a mystic asks, do not decline You ought to give him his share of wine Persian: Jaan raft dar sar e may o HAFIZ ba ghussa sookht Eisadamay kuja ast keh aheyya e ma kunad Urdu: Jaan fikr e may maen di, maen jala gham maen HAFIZA Eisanafas hay koie jo maeri dawa karay English:=== Look, HAFIZ has died of pain and strife Only she, who killed him, can give him the life ====

Q Ghazal 109 Persian: Guftam kayam dahaan o labat kaamraan kunand Gufta ba chashm her cheh to goie hamaan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh kab mujhay teray lab kaamraan karaen Bola her iltija pay teri ham toe haan karaen English:=== When you lips - I asked - will favor me? Whatever you say - she said - will be


Persian: Guftam khiraaj e Misr talab meekunad labat Gufa dar in maamla kamtar ziaan kunand Urdu: Poocha khiraaj e Misr talab kuin karaen haen lab Bola talab jo is say karaen kum, ziaan karaen English:=== I said that Egypt they ask as a price For now - she said - that would suffice Persian: Guftam ba nuqta e dahanat khud keh burd rah Guft in hikaayatayst keh ba nuktadaan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh kaisay taera milay nuqta e dahan Bola keh yeh sawaal faqat nuktadaan karaen English:=== I said - your mouth no one can kiss She said - it's something I do not miss Persian: Guftam sanam parast mashoo, baa samad nasheen Gufta ba koo e ishq ham in o ham an kunand Urdu: Poocha sanam pasast banaen ya samad nasheen Bola na ahl e ishq gham e ein o aan kunand English:=== I said that the idols I worship not She smiled and said - Oh, I forgot Persian: Guftam hawa e maykada gham meeburad zay dil Gufta khush an kasaan keh dilay shaadmaan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh duoaen may say dil e daghdaar ko Bola haen khush naseeb jo dil shaadmaan karaen English;=== I said - I drown my sorrow in the wine With a nod she said - it's just fine Persian: Guftam sharaab o khirqa na aaien e mazhab ast Guft in amal ba mazhab e peer e Mughaan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh rind o khaja o sufi maen ferq kya Bola yeh sab paristish e peer e Mughaan karaen English:=== I said that mystics should not drink She said - it's not what here we think Persian: Guftam ba lal e noosh labaan peer ra cheh sood Gufta ba boosa e shakareenash jawaan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh taeray lab ki hay peeroun ko kuin talaash Bola keh lal e lab meray dil ko jawaan karaen English:=== I asked - what the old men get from a kiss She said - it's something they really miss Persian: Guftam keh khaja kay ba sar e hujla meerawad Guft an zamaan keh mushtari o meh qiraan kunand Urdu: Poocha keh kab milay gi mujhay khaabgaah teri Bola keh mah o mushtari jis dam qiraan karaen English:=== I asked - my beloved when will I win? She said - at zenith when your star will be in Persian: Guftam dua e doulat e to wird e HAFIZ ast Guft in dua malaik e kaft aasmaan kunand



Poocha duaaen daway hay kuin HAFIZ is qadar Bola yeh sab malaik e haft aasmaan karaen

English:=== I said that HAFIZ prays for you She said - the same the angels do ====

Q Ghazal 110 Persian: Gul bay rukh e yaar khush nabaashad Bay baada bahaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Gul bay rukh e yaar khush ho kaisay Bay baada bahaar khush ho kaisay English:=== Without her face the flowers are nothing And without the wine there's no spring Persian: Tarf e chaman o hawa e bustaan Bay laala izaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Tarf e chaman o hawa e bustaan Bay laala izaar khush ho kaisay English:=== The lovely garden and the morning breeze Without my darling they do not please Persian: Rakhseedan e sarv o haalat e gul Bay sout e hazaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Yeh sarv ka raqs, gul ki shokhi Bay baang e hazaar khush ho kaisay English:=== The lovely cypress and the charming rose Without the birds they have the woes Persian: Bagh o gul o mul khush ast laikin Bay sohbat e yaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Bagh o gul o mul hay khoob laikin Bay sohbat e yaar khush ho kaisay English:=== The garden, the flowers, and the vintage wine Without my baby I always decline Persian: Her naqsh keh dast e aql bandad Bay naqsh e nigaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Wo naqsh jo aql say hay paida Bay naqsh e nigaar khush ho kaisay English:=== With all my prudence, wisdom, and reason Without my love I am simply no one Persian: Baa yaar e shakarlab e gulandaam Bay boos o kinaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Wo yaar e shakarlab o gulandaam Bay bose o kinaar khush ho kaisay English:=== Her sugary mouth if I cannot kiss No lips I fancy; no mouth I miss -


Persian: Jaan naqd e muhaqqar ast HAFIZ Az behr e nasaar khush nabaashad Urdu: Yaar aaay toe jaan meri HAFIZ Ger ho na nisaar khush ho kaisay English:=== Your offer of life she will no touch For her, O HAFIZ, it isn't worth much ====

Q Ghazal 111

Persian: Garcheh bar waiz e shehr in sukhan aasaan nashawad Ta riya warzad o saloos, musalmaan nashawad Urdu: Waiz e shehr ko samjhaana yeh aasaan naheen Makr o saloos jo kerta hay musalmaan naheen English:=== Knows not the preacher that if you're a fraud Become you cannot a man of God Persian: Rindi aamooz o karam kun keh na chandeen hunar ast Hiawaanay keh nanooshad may o insaan nashawad Urdu: Baeth maykhaanay maen aur seekh hunar rindi kay Aadmi ger na piay may toe wo insaan naheen English:=== Become a toper if you possibly can For if you don't drink, you aren't a man Persian: Gohar e paak babaayad keh shawad qabil e faiz Warna har sang o gilay lulu o marjaan nashawad Urdu: Gohar e paak yeh hay faiz e Khuda ka warna Her gil o sang yahaan johar o marjaan naheen English:=== If they are no good, you can't help them Not every stone can become a gem Persian: Ism e aazam bakunad kaar e khud aey dil khush baash Keh ba tableees o hayal daev musalmaan nashawad Urdu: Ism e aazam ki yeh barkat hay, ho khush too aey dil Daev banta kabhee taqway say musalmaan naheen Engliosh:=== O pray to God; He'll show you the way With help from Him you can't go astray Persian: Dardmanday keh kunad dard nihaan paesh e tabeeb Dard e o bay sababay qabil e darmaan nashawad Urdu: Ja kay batlaoun tabeeboun ko maen kuin dard e nihaan Jab keh wo dard mera qabil e darmaan naheen English:=== Sorrow and grief if you want to avert First tell you doctor where you hurt Persian: Ishq meewarzam o ummid keh in funn e sharif Chu hunarha e digar moojib e hirmaan nashawad Urdu: Ishq kerta houn ba ummid keh yeh funn e sharif Aur paeshoun ki tarheh moojib e hirmaan naheen


English:=== Don't be afraid; you will be fine Do fall in love, for it is divine Persian: Doosh meeguft keh farda badaham kaam e dilat Sababay saaz Khudaya keh pasheemaan nashawad Urdu: Wo gaya mujh say jo phir wasl ka waada ker kay Aey Khuda daekh keh wo howay pasheemaan naheen English:=== Tomorrow - she said - I'll do your bidding I hope to God that she wasn't kidding Persian: Husn e khulqay zay Khuda meetalabam khoo e tura Ta digar khaatir e ma az to pareeshaan nashawad Urdu: Husn e akhlaaq Khudaya day too us badkhoo ko Ta keh khaatir ho meri itni pareeshaan naheen English:=== May God teach her how to be good So that she treats me as she should Persian: Har keh dar peesh e butaan az sar jaan meelarzad Bay takalluf tan e o laiq e qurbaan naheen Urdu: Jaan daenay say butoun per ho taamul jis ko Aisa buzdil kabhee shaista e qurbaan naheen English:=== Don't be afraid of giving your life For love is full of pain and strife Persian: Zarra ra ta nabawad himmat e aali HAFIZ Talib e chashma e khursheed e darakhshaan nashawad Urdu: Himmat e aali na is zarrray maen hay HAFIZ jo Talib e chashma e khursheed e darakhshaan naheen English:=== With courage, O HAFIZ, it can be done A speck of dirt can become the sun ====

Q Ghazal 112

Persian: Garcheh az ghamza butam zakhmay ba dil kaari kunad Gah gah az marhamam baashad keh dildaari kunad Urdu: But mera ghamzay say dil per zakhm go kaari karay Phir bhee gahay gahay kya merham say dildaari karay English:=== With her magical eyes she wounds my heart But practice she can also the healing art Persian: Gar nabaashad az may e lal e to booay dar mushaam Aashiqaan ra deeda daim kaar e khummaari kunad Urdu: Ger mayassar ho na un ko baada e shreen e lab Aankh taeri aashiqoun ka kaar e khummaari karay English:=== Her lips are filled with the ruby wine Her charming eyes are simply divine Persian: Zahiday ra zouq gar hamchu munay haasil shawad Mast meeaayad, hama tobah ba hushiaari kunad



Zouq e rindi ho mera jaisa tujhay ger sheikh to Mast maykhanay maen ho, tobah ba hushiaari karay

English:=== If ever the preacher becomes like me From taboos all he will be free Persian: Ham sitaanam daad e may, ham meekunam mastaana raqs Saaqia an mutribam imrooz agar yaari kunad Urdu: Daad e maynooshi milay, maen raqs e mastaana karoun Mutrib e maykhaana saaqi mujh say ger yaari karay English:=== And if the singer sings my song I'll be dancing all night long Persian: Ta khurad az dast e to jaam e saboohi yak sabah Ahl e taqwa her shabay ta subha baedaari kunad Urdu: Ger milay jaam e saboohi hath say taeray usay Shaikh e maktab shaam say to subha baedaari karay English:=== All night I'll drink, and drown my sorrow And for the morning, some wine I'll borrow Persian: HAFIZ e miskeen ghareebak kaz pay e o shud khraab Gar raseeday saaqia az baada maemaari kunad Urdu: HAFIZ e miskeen hua barbaad jis kay wastay Kaash lay ker aaay may aur us ki maemaari karay English:=== For my girl, O HAFIZ, I crave and pine I wish she'd come and bring some wine ====

Q Ghazal 113

Persian: Gar zulf e pareeshaanat dar dast e saba uftad Her ja keh dilay baashad, barbaad e hawa uftad Urdu: Wo moo e pareeshaan jab der dast e saba ho ga Jo dil bhee jahaan ho ga, barbaad e hawa ho ga English:=== Whenever her curls fly in the air People so love them everywhere Persian: Ma kashti e sabr e khud dar behr e gham afgandaem Ta aakhir az in toofaan her takhta kuja uftad Urdu: Behr e gham e ulfat maen daala hay safeena jo Ab daekhiay toofaan maen is nao ka kya ho ga English:=== The pangs of love I can't endure Do I've patience, I can't be sure? Persian: An baada keh dilha ra az gham dehad aazaadi Pur khoun e jigar gardad chun dour ba ma uftad Urdu: Wo jaam, hay may jis ki daroo e gham e jaanaan Pas upnay jab aaay ga toe khoun say bhara ho ga English:=== Escape I can't from the pain of mine When blood I see in the cup of wine


Persian: Gar zulf e siyahat ra mun mushk e Khutan guftam Dar taab mashoo jaanaan, dar gufta khata uftad Urdu: Daekho, na kabhee zulfoun ko mushk e Khutan kehna Toheen wo samjhay ga, bisyaar khafa ho ga English:=== With musk her hair when I try to compare She tells me fiercely - don't you dare! Persian: Haal e dil e HAFIZ shud az dast e gham e hijrat Chu aashiq e sargardaan kaz dost juda uftad Urdu: Andaesha e furqat say jo hota hay sargardaan Kaisay yeh dil e HAFIZ phir us say juda ho ga English:=== I cry, and cry, and cry again Without her, HAFIZ, I've so much pain ====

Q Ghazal 114

Persian: Mara ba rindi o ishq an fazool aeb kunad Keh aetaraaz bar israar e ilm e ghaeb kunad Urdu: Jo sheikh rindi ko maeri shumaar e aeb karay Wo aetaraaz bar israar e ilm e ghaeb karay English:=== The sheik who scorns my love of wine Knows he not it's the fate of mine Persian: Kamaal e sidq o mohabbat babeen, na nuqs e gunah Keh her keh bayhunar uftad nazar ba aeb kunad Urdu: Kamaal e ishq ki day daad, daekh nuqs na too Keh bayhunar hay bohat jo nazar ba aeb karay English:=== The love and truth no preacher exalts Instead, he's always finding faults Persian: Chunan bazad reh e Islaam ghamza e saaqi Keh ijtanaab zay sehba magar Sahaeb kunad Urdu: Hay aisa rehzan e Islaam ghamza e saaqi Keh is sharaab say perhaiz bus Sahaeb karay English:=== The barmaid lures us without restraint Resist her cannot even a saint Persian: Zay itr e hoor e bahisht an zamaan bar aayad boo Keh khaak e maykada e ma abeer e jaeb kunad Urdu: Usay milay hay boo e zulf e houri e jannat Jo khaak e maykada pehlay abeer e jaeb karay English:=== The charm of the barmaid, if you do not know In Heaven, no houri for you will go Persian: Kaleed e gunj e saadat qabool e ahl e dil ast Mabaad kas keh dar in nukta shakk o raeb kunad Urdu: Kaleed e ganj e saadat mili hay rindoun ko Wo nuktadaan naheen jo is maen shakk o raeb karay


English:=== Truly happy the topers are If you're in doubt, just look in the bar Persian: Shubaan e waadi e aeman gahay rasad ba muraad Keh chand saal ba jaan khidmat e Shoaeb kunad Urdu: Shubaan e waadi aeman hay baa muraad wohi Jo chand saal ba jaan khidmat e Shoaeb karay English:=== Like Moses, to God if you want to talk For years you shepherd Jethro's flock Persian: Zay deeda khoun bachakaanad fasaana e HAFIZ Chun yaad e ahd e shabaab o zamaan e shaeb kunad Urdu: Tapaktay khoun kay aansoo haen jab bhee too HAFIZ Bayaan e ahd e shabaab o zamaan shaeb karay English:=== The story of HAFIZ whoever hears He can't help shedding his blood in tears ====

Q Ghazal 115

Persian: Mun o inkaar e sharaab in cheh shikayat baashad Ghaliban in qadaram aql kifayat baashad Urdu: May say inkaar mujhay, kaisie hikayat yeh hay Heela saaqi ka hay ik, uzr e kifayat yeh hay English:=== Me not drinking - what a lie On such a rumor don't you rely Persian: Mun keh shabha reh e taqwa zada am ba duff o chung In zamaan sar ba reh aaram, cheh hikayat baashad Urdu: Umr bhar rind rahay, peeri maen taqwa kaisa Kya ajab qissa hay yeh, kaisie hikayat yeh hay English:=== Me and piety - not a chance It's not a likely circumstance -

Persian: Zahid ar rah ba rindi naburad, maazoor ast Ishq kaareest keh mouqoof e hidayat baashad Urdu: Aashqi zahid e gumrah karay ga kuinkar Kaam yeh sakht hay, mouqoof e hidayat yeh hay English:=== Liquor and piety do not mix Love and preacher - fiddlesticks! Persian: Banda e peer e Mughaanam keh zay jehlam barehaand Peer e ma her cheh kunad, ain riayat baashad Urdu: Banda e peer e Mughaan houn, hay bharousa mujh ko Keh wo jo kuchh bhee karay, ain riayat yeh hay English:=== The tavern keeper is a wise man I take his advice whenever I can -

Persian: Zahid o ujb o namaaz o mun o masti o niyaaz Ta khud o ra zay mian baa keh inayat baashad Urdu: Tujh ko hay naaz o takabbur toe ho zahid laikin Aajizi mujh ko hay, Eizad ki inayat yeh hay English:=== The sheik is proud and the toper meek Try to guess, whom God will seek?


Persian: Doosh az in ghussa nakhuftam keh hakeemay meeguft HAFIZ ar baada khurad, ja e shikayat baashad Urdu: Neend ghussay say urhi jab yeh kaha aaqil nay Peeta HAFIZ hay bohat, ja e shikayat yeh hay English:=== And, HAFIZ I know not what to think Of the man who tells me not to drink ====

Q Ghazal 116 Persian: Maashiraan zay hareef e shabana yaad aareed Haqooq e bandagi e mukhlisaana yaad aareed Urdu: Maashiroun yeh hareef e shabaana yaad rakho Haqooq e bandagi e mukhlisaana yaad rakho English:=== O forget you not your drinking friend And how on him you could depend Persian: Chun dar mian e muraad aawareed dast e umid Zay ahd e sohbat e ma darmiana yaad aareed Urdu: Mian muraad ki aaay ager ba dast e amal Hay ahd e dousti ik dermiana, yaad rakho English:=== Of hopes and wishes if you happen to think Think how we used to sit and drink Persian: Chun aks e baada kunad jalwa dar rukh e saaqi Zay zohd e mun ba sarood e taraana yaad aareed Urdu: Jo aks e baada karay jalwa der rukh e saaqi Toe rind ik ba saroud e taraana yaad rakho English:=== The image of barmaid if you see in the drink Remember, at us how she used to wink Persian: Ba waqt e sarkhushi az aah o naala e ushshaaq Ba sout e naghma o chang o chughaana yaad aareed Urdu: Ba waqt e aesh o khushi, aah o naala e aashiq Ba sout e naghma o chang o chughaana yaad rakho English:=== And when you hear the singers sing Think how together we used to swing Persian: Namikhureed zamanay gham e wafadaaraan Zay baywafaie e dour e zamaana yaad aareed Urdu: Karay hay koie na ghamkhaari e wafadaaraan Hay kitna baywafa dour e zamaana yaad rakho English:=== For fidelity people care not a bit You know our world, how fickle is it Persian: Samand e doulat agar tund o sarkash ast walay Zay hamrahaan ba sar e taaziana yaad aareed Urdu: Sawaar tum ho agarcheh samand e sarkash per Piada ik ba sar e taaziana yaad rakho English:=== So when you go riding, don't be unkind And think of the people you leave behind


Persian: Ba waqt e marhamat aey sakinaan e sadr e jalaal Zay roo e HAFIZ o an aastaana yaad aareed Urdu: Ba waqt e merhamat aey sakinnan e sadr e jalaal Shakaeb e HAFIZ o zulm e zamaana yaad rakho English:=== And if you want some good to do Think of your HAFIZ, and his love for you ====

Q Ghazal 117

Persian: Mun o salah o salamat, kas in gumaan naburad Keh kas ba rind e kharaabaat zinn e an naburad Urdu: Koie yeh rind e kharaabaat per gomaan na karay Salah o taqwa zara banda e Mughaan na karay English:=== Me being pious, no, it can't be true A thing like this a toper can't do Persian: Mun in muraqqa e pashmina behr an daaram Keh zaer e khirqa kasham may, kas in gumaan naburad Urdu: Hay soofioun ki qaba maen nay is liay pehni Keh may chhupaoun jo is maen, koie gumaan na karay English:=== And don't be fooled by the gown of mine I use it to hide my bottle of wine Persian: Mabaash ghurra ba ilm o amal, faqih e zamaan Keh heetch kas zay qaza e Khudaay jaan naburad Urdu: Ghuroor ilm o amal per na ker, faqih e zamaan Qaza jahaan maen kissi ki maaf jaan na karay English:=== O preacher, please be not so proud Defying the fate is never allowed Persian: Masho fareefta e rang o boo, qadah darkash Keh zang e gham zay dilat juz may e Mughaan naburad Urdu: Na ho faraefa e rang o boo, sharaab pila Keh dour gham ko koie juz may e Mughaan na karay English:=== Don't be deceived by the worldly shine The peace and bliss are all in the wine Persian: Agarcheh deeda bawad paasbaan e to aey gul Ba hoosh baash keh naqd e to paasbaan naburad Urdu: Agarcheh deeda bana paasbaan tera nargis Mujhay hay khouf, tabeh tujh ko paasbaan na karay English:=== Your eyes are there to keep the watch But they are the ones who often botch Persian: Mun e zaeef cheh goona gham e to bardaaram Keh baar e hijr e to in jaan e natawaan naburad Urdu: Lia hay dil jo mera, chhorh ker na ja is ko Keh baar e hijr yeh bardaasht natawaan na karay


English:=== From loving the girls if you can't abstain You should have strength to bear the pain Persian: Sukhan ba nazd e sukhandaan ada makun HAFIZ Keh tohfa kas dur o gohar ba behr o kaan naburad Urdu: Sukhan ba nazd e sukhandaan na keh too, aey HAFIZ Qabool tohfa e dur behr e baykaraan na karay English:=== And with wise men, HAFIZ, use some art And don't you try to be so smart ====

Q Ghazal 118 Persian: Mara mehr e siyah chashmaan zay dil baeroon nakhahad shud Qaza e aasmaanast in o deegargoon nakhahad shud Urdu: Meray dil say siyah aankhoun ki dhun baeroon kaisay ho Qaza e aasmaan jo hay wo deegargoon kaisay ho English:=== Love I'll always those eyes black Passion for them I'll never lack Persian: Mera rooz e azal kaaray ba juz rindi nafermoodand Her an qismat keh an ja shud, kum o afzoon nakhahad shud Urdu: Azal say rindi o masti meray hissay maen aaie haen Jo qismat maen likha hay wo kum o afzoon kaisay ho English:=== God has given me the love of wine It's His will, and the fate of mine Persian: Majaal e mun hameen baashad keh pinhaan mehr e o warzam Kinar o boos o aaghooshash cheh gooyam, chun nakhahad shud Urdu: Meri taqdeer maen hay dour hi say daekhna us ko Na aaay paas jo, us say chira o chun haisay ho English:=== My love for her is without strings No hugs, no kisses, no sways, no swings Persian: Sharaab e lal o ja e amn o yaar e mehbaan saaqi Dila kay beh shawad kaaray agar aknoon na khahad shud Urdu: Sharaab e lal o ja e amn o yaar e mehrbaan saaqi Batao is say afzoon aur koie afsoon kaisay ho English:=== With a friendly barmaid and the vintage wine Life is happy, and everything is fine Persian: Bia ta dar saf e rindaan ba baang e chang may nooshaem Keh saaz e sharay zin afsaana bay qanoon nakhahad shud Urdu: Ba baang e chang maykhanay maen ja ker raat ko peena Ho ger fitrat ko jaaiz toe yeh bay qanoon kaisay ho English:=== So go to the bar, and become a toper For drinking again is legal and proper Persian: Shabay Majnu ba Laila guft kaay mehboob e bay hamta Tura aashiq shawad paida walay majnu nakhahad shud Urdu: Haen aashiq toe bohat taeray zamaanay maen magar Laila Teray Majnu say afzoon aur koie majnoon kaisay ho


English:=== Though lovers she has quite a few No one can love her like I do Persian: Raqeeb aazaarha farmood o ja e aashti nagzaasht Magar aah e saharkhaizaan soo e gardoon nakhahad shud Urdu: Raqeeboun kay sitam nay is qadar ghoota hay dam maera Na niklay aah jab dil say, soo e gardoon kaisay ho English:=== And though my rivals are cruel and mean I stay unruffled, and calm, and serene Persian: Bia ta dar may e saafiet raaz e dehr banmayam Keh kaar e ishq az in afsaana bay afsoon nakhahad shud Urdu: Hay raaz e do jahaan pinhaan hadees e saaqi o may maen Jo afsaana ho afsoon ka, wo bay afsoon kaisay ho English:=== I see in my wine the secret of being Come, look in my cup; it's worth seeing Persian: Mashoo aey deeda naqsh e gham zay loh e seena e HAFIZ Keh zakhm e teer e dildaarast o rang e khoun nakhahad shud Urdu: Kya hay chashm e jaanaan nay jo dil ka khoun, aey HAFIZ Na dho ashkoun say too us ko, safa yeh khoun kaisay ho English:=== And, HAFIZ, I have no hopes, no fears To wash my wounds I use my tears ====

Q Ghazal 119 Persian: Maashiraan, girah az zulf e yaar baaz kuneed Shab e khush ast, ba in qissa ash daraaz kuneed Urdu: Maashiroun, girah e zulf e yaar baaz karo Ba zikr e gaisoo, shab e khush ko aur daraaz karo English:=== O let's untie her knoted hair And spread its fragrance everywhere Persian: Huzoor e majlis e uns ast o dostaan jama and Wa in kayaad bakhaneed o dar faraaz kuneed Urdu: Yeh bazm e uns hay saaqi, baham haen yaar yahaan Nazar lagay na kaheen, dar na is ka baaz karo English:=== The evil eye we cannot ignore So let's get together, and shut the door Persian: Rabaab o chang ba baang e buland meegooyand Keh goosh e hoosh ba paighaam e ahl e raaz kuneed Urdu: Rabaab o chang ba baang e buland kehtay haen Keh goash e hoash ba paigham e ahl e raaz karo English:=== Let's examine, and let's explore And listen to those who know the score Persian: Her an kasay keh dar in halqa neest zinda ba ishq Baroo chu murda ba fatwa e mun namaaz kuneed Urdu: Hay jis ki zindagi mehroom e doulat e ulfat Janaaza us ka uthhao, ada namaaz karo


English: Love and friendship if one knows not A soul in his body he hasn't got Persian: Mian e aashiq o mashooq farq bisyaar ast Chun yaar naaz numayad, shuma niaaz kuneed Urdu: Mian e aashiq o mashooq farq hay bay hud Karay wo naaz toe kham tum sar e niaaz karo English:=== A lover and his love are poles apart He's all affection; she has no heart Persian: Ba jaan e dost keh gham purda e shuma na darad Gar aetimaad bar altaaf e kaarsaaz kuneed Urdu: Jo chahtay ho gham e dil karay na purdadari Toe aetimaad bar altaaf e kaarsaaz karo English:=== He may be faulty, flawed, and odd But a man, who loves, is loved by God Persian: Nakhist moazza e peer e mayfaroosh in ast Keh az maashir najins ahteraaz kuneed Urdu: Naseehat aek mili hay ba waaz e peer e Mughaan Banay ho rind toe waaiz say ahtteraaz karo English:=== The tavern keeper is a wise teacher He always says - beware of the preacher Persian: Agar talab kunad inaamay az shuma HAFIZ Hawalatash ba lab e lal e dilnawaaz kuneed Urdu: Talab karay kabhee inaam ger, toe HAFIZ ko Supurd e lal e lab e yaar e dilnawaaz karo English:=== From her,O HAFIZ, if I want a reward To me a kiss she should promptly award ====

Q Ghazal 120 Persian: Mera ba wasl e to gar zan keh dastrus baashad Digar zay tala e khaisham cheh multamas baashad Urdu; Mujhay wisaal peh ger taeray dastrus hoti Kabhee naseeb say itni na multamas hoti English:=== If ever she came to live with me I'll be as happy as I can be Persian: Agar ba her do jahaan yak nafas zanam baa dost Mara ba her do jahaan hasil an nafas baashad Urdu: Ager ba her do jahaan yaar yak nafas milta Amaarat e do jahaan maeri her nafas hoti English:=== If only for a moment I am with her Over everything else. it I'll prefer Persian: Bar aastaan e to ghogha e aashiqaan cheh ajab Keh her kuja shakaristaan bawad, magas baashad Urdu: Teri gali maen hay ghogha e aashiqaan toe kya Na hota ger shakaristaan toe kuin magas hoti


English:=== Whenever you go, you find her door Always surrounded by lovers galore Persian: Reh e khalaas kuja baashad an ghareeqay ra Keh sayl e mehnat e ishqash zay peesh o pus baashad Urdu: Reh e nijaat ghareeq e alam ko mil jaati Jo sayl e ishq ki tundi na paesh o pus hoti English:=== Wherever you look, you see a flood And lovers drowning in tears of blood Persian: Cheh haajit ast ba shamsheer qatl e aashiq ra Keh neemjaan e mara yak karishma bus baashad Urdu: Naheen hay hajit e shamsheer qatl e aashiq ko Wo neejaan hay, usay ik nazar hi bus hoti English:=== She'll wink at you and take your life She needs no saber, no sword, no knife Persian: Hazaar baar shawad aashna o deegar bar Mara ba beenad o gooyad keh in cheh kas baashad Urdu: Hazaar baar hua aashna mera laikin Naheen usay meri pehchaan yak nafas hoti English:=== One time she will be very nice to you Next day she'll see you and won't say boo Persian: Az in sabab keh mara dast e bakht kotahast Kayam ba sarv e buland e to dastrus baashad Urdu: Na dast e bakht ager hota is qadar kotah Buland sarv pay maeri bhee dastrus hoti English:=== To touch her even, you aren't allowed She's so splendid, so lofty, so proud Persian: Khush ast baada e rangeen o sohbat e jaanaan Mudaam HAFIZ e baydil dar in hawas baashad Urdu: Jo miltay baada e rangeen o qurbat e jaanaan Na itni HAFIZ e baydil ko phir hawas hoti English:=== Despite it all, I want her still O HAFIZ, I love her, and always will ====

Q Ghazal 121 Persian: Muzda aey dil keh digar baad e saba baaz aamad Hudhud e khushkhabar az tarf e Saba baaz aamad Urdu: Muzda aey dil liay ik baad e saba phir aaay Hudhud e khushkhabar az tarf e Saba phir aaay English:=== Rejoice, O heart, the news is here The queen of Sheba is about to appear Persian: Barkash aey murg e sahar naghma Daoodi ra Keh Suleimaan e gul az tarf e hawa baaz aamad Urdu: Phir suna murgh e sahar naghma e Daood mujhay Keh Suleimaan e gul az tarf e hawa phir aaay English:=== The birds have taken up David's tone And the flowers are sitting on Solomon's throne -


Persian: Lala boo e may e noosheen bashuneed az dam e subh Daagh e dil bood ba umeed e dawa baaz aamad Urdu: Boo e may laay ager baad e saba toe lala Dagh e dil lay kay ba umeed e dawa phir aaay English:=== Waiting in line the tulips stand Asking for wine with cup in hand Persian: Aarifay koo keh kunad fehm e zabaan e sosan Ta bagooyad keh chira raft o chira baaz aamad Urdu: Aisa aarif kahaan, samjhay jo zabaan e sosan Poochhay kuin jaay hay, kuin ja kay saba phir aaay English:=== Is there a mystic who can tell us why Comes iris only to say good-bye? Persian: Mardsumi kard o karam bakht e Khuda daada e mun Kan but e sangdil az rah e wafa baaz aamad Urdu: Day meri aah ko ik aisa asar phir ya Rab Sang dil but mera bar rah e wafa phir aaay EnglIsh:=== For a change the fate is kind to me My gal is as sweet as sweet can be Persian: Jaan e mun az payay in qafla bus aah kasheed Ta ba goosh e dilam aawaaz e dara baaz aamad Urdu: Khainchiay aah keh is qafla e jaan ka liay Gosha e qalb say aawaaz e dara phir aaay English:=== And finally, after a long delay The caravan of flowers is coming our way Persian: Garcheh ma ahd shakistaem o guneh HAFIZ kard Lutf e o been keh ba sulh az dar e ma baaz aamad Urdu: Mehrbaan tujh pay hay aisa yeh zara HAFIZ daekh Keh khata bakhshnay khud yaar tera phir aaay English:=== And although, HAFIZ, I deserve it not My gal for me does care a lot ====

Q Ghazal 122 Persian: Na her keh chehra barafrookht, dilbari daanad Na her keh aaina sazad, sikandari daanad Urdu: Her ik jo chehra sanwaray, na dilbari janay Na rakh kay aaina her ik sikandari janay English:=== Not all, who are pretty, possess the splendor Not everyone, who conquers, is an Alexander Persian: Na her keh tarf e kuleh kaj nihaad o tund nashist Kulahdaari o aain e sarwari daanad Urdu: Her ik jo tarf e kuleh kaj karay, zuroor naheen Kulahdaari o aain e sarwari janay English:=== Not everyone who does scowl and frown Is fit to wear the royal crown


Persian: Hazaar nukta e baareektar zay moo in ast Na her keh sar bataraashad qalandari daanad Urdu: Hazaar baal say bareek haen yahaan nuktay Her ik na ser ko munda ker qalandari janay English:=== A man who wears the mystic's gown May turn out to be a dreadful clown Persian: Dar aab e deeda e khud gharqa am, cheh chaara kunam Keh dar muheet na her kas shinawari daanad Urdu: Maen gharq e ashk hua houn, raha na chaara koie Na gham kay behr maen her ik shinawari janay English:=== A lover's prospects are quite dim In the flood of tears, if he cannot swim Persian: Ghulaam e himmat e an rind e aafiatsoozam Keh dar gadasifati keemiagari daanad Urdu: Houn aisay rind e sukounsoz ka ghulaam keh jo Gadasifat hay magar keemiagari janay English:=== I am the slave of the noble toper With the heart of gold who looks like a pauper Persian: Sawaad e nuqta e beenash zay khaal e tust mara Keh qadr e gohar e yakdaana gohari daanad Urdu: Hay taeray khaal say khush maeri aank ki putli Keh qadr e gohar e yakdaana gohari janay English:=== Only jewelers know the price of her mole For it's a gem, though black as coal Persian: Babaakhtam dil e deewaana o nadaanistam Keh aadmi bachaay shaiwa e paari daanad Urdu: Na haarta dil e deewana ger pata hota Keh aadmi bacha bhee shaiwa e paari janay English:=== I love a gal who is pure like Mary Lovely like a houri, and fairer than a fairy Persian: Ba qadd o chehra her an kas keh shah e khoobaan shud Jahaangeerad agar daadgustaari daanad Urdu: Ba qadd o chehra bana shah jo haseenoun ka Jahaangeer ho ger daadgustari janay English:=== A beautiful woman, though it's rare Conquers the world, if just and fair Persian: Wafa e ahd niko baashad ar biamoozi Wagerna her keh to beeni sitamgari daanad Urdu: Ho kaisa khoob wo ger seekh lay wafadaari Her ik haseen wagerna sitamgari janay English:=== And a lovely girl who is not so callous Does make the beauties angry and jealous Persian: To bandagi, chu gadayan, ba shart e muzd makun Keh khaaja khud rawish e bandaparwari daanad Urdu: Na shart e muzd laga, ger hay bandagi tujh ko Keh khaaja khud rawish e bandaparwari janay


English:=== Perform the service without the wage Because your master is a noble sage Persian: Zay shaer e dilkash e HAFIZ kasay shawad aagah Keh luft e tab o sukhanguftan e Daari daanad Urdu: Samajhta aek wohi hay kalaam HAFIZ ka Jo lutf e tab o sukhganguftan e Daari janay English:=== The verses of HAFIZ only they appreciate The ones who are cultured, skilled and sedate ====

Q Ghazal 123 Persian: Nafas e baad e saba mushkfishaan khahad shud Aalam e peer digar bara jawaan khahad shud Urdu: Nafas e baad agar mushk fishaan ho jaay Aalam e peer mera phir say jawaan ho jaay English:=== The world will soon be fresh and fair And the scent of the flowers will be everywhere Persian: Arghawaan jaam e aqiqi ba saman khahad daad Chashm e nargis ba shaqaiq nigeraan khahad shud Urdu: Arghawaan jaam ager hath maen ho lala kay Khoal kay aankh ko nargis nigeraan ho jaay English:=== The tulip will share its wine with lily And the iris will talk but won't be silly Persian: Gul azizast, ghaneemat shumareedash sohbat Keh ba bagh aamad az in rah o az an khahad shud Urdu: Dosti kaisi hay bulbul teri gul say, jab wo Aay is rah say, us reh pay rawaan ho jaay English:=== With a dainty girl you lie on the lawn And enjoy the flowers before they are gone Persian: Zin tatawul keh kasheed az gham e hijraan bulbul Ta sarapurda e gul naarazanaan khahad shud Urdu: Zulm e gul itna hay jab, khaima e gul maen ja ker Bulbul e zaar na kuin naarazanaan ho jaay English:=== Sit by the water and drink some ale And listen to the song of a nightingale Persian: Aey dil ar ishrat e imrooz ba farda figani Maya e naqd e baqa ra keh zamaan khahad shud Urdu: Chhorh dil ishrat e imroz ko farda pay na too Keh yeh maya na kaheen nazr e zeyaan ho jaay English:=== Live for today, and don't be dumb Say not tomorrow, for it may not come Persian: Mah e shaabaan madeh az dast qadeh kin khursheed Az nazar ta shab e eid e ramazaan khahad shud Urdu: Chhorh shaabaan maen na khursheed e qadeh, ta na kaheen Yeh nihaan ta shab e eid e ramazaan ho jaay English:=== Drink all you can this time of the year For the month of fasting will soon be here -


Persian: Mutriba majlis e uns ast, ghazalkhan o sarood Chand gooie keh chuneen ast o chunaan khahad shud Urdu: Majlis e uns hay mutrib, wo suna aek ghazal Dil maen utray jo meray, ishrat e jaan ho jaay English:=== If drinking alone you feel love-sick Console yourself with the sound of music Persian: Gar zay masjid ba kharaabaat shudam, aeb makun Majlis waaz daraaz ast o zamaan khahad shud Urdu: Majlis e waaz hay lambi, too kharaabaat maen chal Dour e saaghar na kaheen khatm wahaan ho jaay English:=== The preacher's advice is not worth a dime Listen not to him; don't waste your time Persian: HAFIZ az behr e to aamad soo e aqleem e wajud Qadamay neh ba widaash keh rawaan khahad shud Urdu: Kernay deedaar tera dunya maen aaya HAFIZ Bin tujhay daekhay kaheen wo na rawaan ho jaay English:=== Oh, how I wish she would come to her guy O HAFIZ, if only to say good-bye ====

Q Ghazal 124 Persian: Her keh shud mehram e dil, dar haram e yaar bamaand Wan keh in kaar nadaanist, dar an kaar bamaand Urdu: Jo raha mehram e dil, mehram e dildaar raha Dil bana jis ka haram, der haram e yaar raha English:=== If you know yourself, and know your heart From everyone else you'll stand apart Persian: Agar az perda baroon shud dil e mun aeb makun Shukr e Eizad keh na dar parda e pindaar bamaand Urdu: Shukr e Eizad keh hua mast houn mastoor naheen Keh jo makhfi hua, dar perda e pindaar raha English:=== How lucky of me that I am a toper For arrogance and pride are so improper Persian: Khirqapooshaan hamagi mast guzishtand o guzisht Qissa e maast keh dar her sar e baazaar bamaand Urdu: Guzray ushshaaq bhee, charchay bhee gaay un kay magar Qissa maera hi faqat ber sar e baazaar raha English:=== The lovers come, and the lovers go But the story of mine everyone will know Persian: Daashtam dilqay o sad aeb e mara meepoosheed Khirqa rehn e may o mutrib shud o zinnar bamaand Urdu: Garo e mutrib o may ker diya jab khirqay ko Gaie poshaak toe posheeda na zinnar raha English: To hide my faults, I use my gown Without it surely I'll look like a clown


Persian: Az sada e sukhan e ishq na deedam khushtar Yaadgaaray keh dar in gunbad e dawwar bamaand Urdu: Ishq ki daad say faryaad na behtar thi koie Warna her shour say pur gunbad e dawwar raha English:=== O love is supreme; it is so divine In heaven and earth there's nothing so fine Persian: Her may e laal kaz an jaam e biloorin sitadam Aab e hasrat shud o dar chashm e goharbaar bamaand Urdu: Baada e laal jo tha jaam e biloorin maen meray Aab e hasrat hua, dar chashm e goharbaar raha English:=== In the cup what looks like the ruby wine It's actually blood in the tears of mine Persian: Juz dilam koo zay azal ta ba abad aashiq e o Jaawidaan kas nashuneedam keh dar in kaar bamaand Urdu: Tha azal say mera dil taera abad tak aashiq Jawidaan aek yehi taera khreedaar raha English:=== My heart will be hers, forever and ever And change it won't, never, never, never Persian: Gasht beemaar keh chu chashm e to gardad nargis Shaiwa e o nashudash hasil o beemaar bamaand Urdu: Naql nargis nay jo ki taeri toe us ka deeda Bun saka tujh sa na jab, bun kay wo beemaar raha English:=== Though narcissus looks like a beautiful eye When it sees her eye, it feels very shy Persian: Sufiaan wasitadand az garo e may hama rakht Khirqa e maast keh dar khaana e khummar bamaand Urdu: Garo e may say chhurha laay haen khirqay sufi Dilq ik maera hi dar khaana e khummar raha English:=== Like me, though mystics do love the wine Their robes aren't pawned like the gown of mine Persian: Bar jamaal e to chunaan soorat e cheen hairaanast Keh hadeesash hama ja bar dar o deewar bamaand Urdu: Daekh soorat teri hairaan hoie yuin soorat e cheen Qissa us ka hama ja bar dar o deewaar raha English:=== Her grace and elegance no picture can catch Her charm and beauty no painting can match Persian: Ba tamaashageh e zulfash dil e HAFIZ roozay Shud keh baaz aayad o jaweed gariftaar bamaand Urdu: Dil e HAFIZ jo gaya jalwageh e kakul per Aisa girweeda hua, ban kay gariftaar raha English:=== And the day when, HAFIZ, I saw her hair My heart got caught in its lovely snare ====


Q Ghazal 125 Persian: Her aan koo khaatir e majmu o yaar e naazneen daarad Saadat hamdam e o gasht o doulat hamnasheen daarad Urdu: Her ik jo khaatir e majmu o yaar e naazneen rakhkhay Khushi hamdam banaay, maal o doulat hamnasheen rakhkhay English:=== Anyone who conquers a dainty gal His friend is fortune and luck his pal Persian: Janaab e ishq ra dargeh basay baalatar az aql ast Kasay aan aastaan boosad keh jaan dar aasteen daarad Urdu: Janaab e ishq ki dargeh khirad say hay kaheen baala Jo us ka aastaan choomay, wo jaan dar aasteen rakhkhay English:=== Love is beyond and above our reason And the one, who loves, does fear no one Persian: Ba khari mangar aey munim zaefaan o faqeeraan ra Keh sadr e masnad e izzat faqeer e rehnasheen daarad Urdu: Hiqaarat say na daekho yuin zaefoun ko, faqeeroun ko Keh aala masnad e izzat faqeer e rehnasheeen rakhkhay English:=== The poor and the meek you don't disdain For they'll inherit the Godly domain Persian: Balagardaan e jaan o dil dua e mustamandaanast Keh beenad khair az aan kharman keh nang az khoshacheen daarad Urdu: Ghareeboun ki dua rakhkhay bala say dour jaan o dil Naheen hay khair kharman ki, paray jo khoushacheen rakhkhay English:=== So don't you despise the poor and the needy Share your blessings, and don't be so greedy Persian: Chun bar roo e zameen baashi tawaanaie ghaneemat daan Keh douraan natawaanayha basay zaer e zameen daarad Urdu: Tawaanaie hay jitni bhee ghaneemat jaan too us ko Keh douraan sad hazaaraan natawaan zaer e zameen rakhkhay English:=== Savor your strength while still you're young For soon unto dust you'll be flung Persian: Saba, az ishq e mun ramzay bagoo aan shah e khoobaan ra Keh sad Jumsheed o Kaikhusroo ghulaam e kamtreen daarad Urdu: Bata ramz e mohabbat, aey saba, us shah e khoobaan ko Jo sad Jumsheed o Kaikhusro ghulaam e kamtareen rakhkhay English:=== In front of my queen when you go, O breeze Like everyone else, you fall on your knees Persian: Lab e laal o khat e mushkeen chun aanash hast o einash neez Banaazam dilbar e khud ra keh husnash aan o ein daarad Urdu: Lab o laal o moo e mushkeen wo rakhkhay yeh bhee hay, wo bhee Zara daekho toe wo dilbar keh husn e aan o ein rakhkhay English:=== For curly tresses and locks has she Her lips are as sweet as sweet can be


Persian: Dahaan e tang e sheereenash magar mohr e Suleimaanist Keh naqsh e khatam e laalash jahaan zaer e nageen daarad Urdu: Dahaan e tang e sheereen hay tera mohr e Suleimaani Keh naqsh e laalgoun us ka jahaan zaer e nageen rakhkhay English:=== Her mouth is like the Solomon's seal It has the authority and wide appeal Persian: Agar gooyad nameekhaham chu HAFIZ banda e muflis Bagooyeedash keh sultaani gada e rehnasheen daarad Urdu: Kahay gar wo, naheen HAFIZ sa mujh ko chahiay banda Kaho us say keh sultaani bohat wo rehnasheen rakhkhay English:=== But if she says that HAFIZ is nothing Tell her that he has the heart of a king ====

Q Ghazal 126

Persian: Her kira baa khat e sabzat sar e sauda baashad Pa az ein daira bayroon nanahad ta baashad Urdu: Jo bhee baa halqa e gaisoo sar e sauda rakhkhay Daam say kaisay bacha ker dil e shaida akhkhay English:=== Anyone who loves your curly hair He has no chance, he has no prayer Persian: Dar qaiamat keh sar az khak e lahad bargeeram Daagh e souda e to am sirr e sawaida baashad Urdu: Uth sakay ga na lahad say wo ba roz e mehshar Dagh e dil jis ka na israar e sawaida rakhkhay English:=== On Judgment Day, when he'll rise from grave For its delicate fragrance he'll still crave Persian: Zil e mamdood e kham e zulf e to am bar sar baad Kan dar ein saya qarrar e dil e shaida baashad Urdu: Zil e mamdood e kham e zulf rahay sar pay meray Ta keh yeh saya qarrar e dil e shaida rakhkhay English:=== His heart will seek the shade of your hair In order to find refuge in there Persian: To kay aey durr e garaanmaya rawa khahi dasht Kaz ghamat deeda e mardum hama darya baashad Urdu: Daekh aey durr e garaanmaya tera gham kaisay Chashm e aashiq say rawaan khoun ka darya rakhkhay English:=== How long, how long, O precious one This lover of yours you're going to shun Persian: Az bun e her miza am aab rawaanast, bia Agarat mail e lab e joo o tamaasha baashad Urdu: Daekhnay kay liay aa ja kabhee bismil ki tarhap Chashm e qatil jo teri zouq e tamaasha rakhkhay


English:=== All night long he cries and cries With rivers flowing from his tearful eyes Persian: Chashmat az naaz ba HAFIZ nakunad mail aaray Sargaraani sifat e nargis e shehla baashad Urdu: Naaz say daekhay na Hafiz ko teri aankh keh wo Sargaraani sifat nargis e shehla rakhkhay English:=== So come to your HAFIZ before he dies He's dying to see your brown eyes ====

Q Ghazal 127

Persian: Hergizam mehr e to az loh e dil o jaan narawad Hergiz az yaad e mun aan sarv e kharaamaan narawad Urdu: Chhorh kay ishq tera maeray dil o jaan na gya Taeri yaadoun say tahi sarv e kharaamaan na gya English:=== Her love will never leave my heart Her thought from me will never depart Persian: Aan chunaan mehr e to am dar dil o jaan jaay grift Keh garam sar barawad, mehr e to az jaan narawad Urdu: Ishq kuchh aisay dil o jaan maen samaya hay meray Sar agar tan say chhuta, chhorh kay yeh jaan na gya English:=== Her love is rooted so deep in me That a part of me it'll always be Persian: Az dimaagh e mun e sargashta khayal e rukh e dost Ba jafa e falak o ghussa e douraan narawad Urdu: Chhorh maera dil e sargashta khayal e jaanaan Ba jafa e falak o ghussa e douran na gya English:=== Unique is she; she is one of a kind Her picture is always in my mind Persian: Aan cheh az baar e ghamat dar dil e miskeen e mun ast Barawad dil zay mun o az dil o jaan aan narawad Urdu: Too bana aisa makeen e dil e ghamgeen maera Dil gya mujh say magar dil say too aey jaan na gya English:=== The pang of love that's in my heart From the soul of mine it'll never part Persian: Dar azal bast dilam baa sar e zulfat paewand Ta abad sar nakashad waz sar e paymaan narawad Urdu: Dil azal maen mera bandha tha teri zulf nay yiun Ta abad yeh na chhuta, torh kay paymaan na gya English:=== So tangled am I in her curly hair I have no hope; I haven't a prayer -


Persian: Gar rawad az paay khoobaan dil e mun maazoor ast Dard daarad, cheh kunad gar paay darmaan narawad Urdu: Paay khoobaan jo gya dil toe mila dard, walay Hua maazoor kuchh aisa paay darmaan na gya English:=== The pain of love I can't endure I chase the gals to find a cure Persian: Her keh khahad keh chu HAFIZ nashawad sargardaan Dil ba khoobaan nadahad, dar paay e einaan narawad Urdu: Chaha jis nay na ho HAFIZ ki tarheh sargardaan Na haseenoun ko dia dil, paay khooban na gya English:=== If like HAFIZ you don't want to be Don't fall in love, and that's the key ====

Q Ghazal 128 Persian: Her keh o yak sar e moo pand e mara goosh kunad Hamchu mun halqa e gaisoo e to dar goosh kunad Urdu: Ger naseehat pay meri apna koie goash karay Halqa e gaisoo e mushkeen ko der goash karay English:=== If you are going to follow me A slave of a gal you'll surely be Persian: Gar babeenad dahan e tang e to masoomdilay Baada bar yaad e labat hamchu shakar noosh kunad Urdu: Ja kay maykhanay maen daekhay dahan e saaqi ko May piay aur lab e shireen ki shakar naush karay English:=== And if you ever kissed her lip Only ruby wine you'll ever sip Persian: Dar chaman soo e gul o nargis o soosan bagzar Ta zabaan e hama ra husn e to khamoosh kunad Urdu: Too gul o nargis o sousan ki taraf jaay agar Husn taera her ik aawaaz ko khamoush karay English:=== In the park whenever she takes a walk So awed is iris, it cannot talk Persian: Zaan sabab paech o kham o taab dehad gaisoo ra Ta keh o qayd dil e aashiq e madhoosh kunad Urdu: Is sabab paech o kham o taab milay kakul ko Ta keh wo qayd dil e aashiq e madhoush karay English:=== Her curly hair, when it flies in the air The lovers get traped in its lovely snare Persian: Garcheh sad arza kunad HAFIZ e miskeen zar firaq Chun babeenad rukh e to jumla framoosh kunad Urdu: Shikway HAFIZ ko haen furqat kay bohat, per daekhay Jab teri aek jhalak sab wo faramoush karay English:=== Though pain of parting I cannot bear I forget it, HAFIZ, when she is there ====


Q Ghazal 129 Persian: Yaad baad aan keh nihaanat nazaray baa ma bood Raqam e mohr e to bar chehra e ma paida bood Urdu: Yaad hay chhup kay jo too aankh dikha jaata tha Aaina taeri mohabbat ka mera chehra tha [English:=== There was a time when you were kind The pact we had was sealed and sighed Persian: Yaad baad aan keh chun chashmat ba itaabam meekusht Moejiz e Isawieyat dar lab e shakkarkha bood Urdu: Yaad hay jab keh itaab aankh maen hota tha teri Mehrbaan utna hi hota lab e shakkarkha tha English:=== And even when you were cross with me You were always as sweet as sweet can be Persian: Yaad baad aan keh mah e mun chun kulah bakshistay Dar rakaabash meh e noo paek e jahanpaima bood Urdu Yaad hay jab keh meray mah nay kaj ki thi kulah Hamrakaab us ka mah e nau e jahanpaima tha English:=== And when you wore your stylish hat Oh, how on its face did moon fall flat Persian: Yaad baad aan keh rukhat sham e tarab meeafrookht Ween dil e sookhta parwaana e bayparwa bood Urdu: Yaad hay jab keh thi roshan teri sham e aariz Soukhta dil mera parwaana e bayparwa tha English:=== Your shining face, it was so bright That lovers, like moths, were there all night Persian: Yaad baad aan keh chun yoqoot e qaheh khanda zaday Darmian e mun e laal e to hikayatha bood Urdu: Yaad hay jab tera yaqoot e qadeh tha khandaan Kya lab e laal ka sub dunya maen ik charcha tha English:=== Your lips, when covered they were with wine Oh, how I used to wipe them with mine Persian: Yaad baad aan keh dar aan bazmgeh e khulq o adab Aan keh o khanda e mastaana zaday sehba bood Urdu: Yaad hay garm thi jab mehfil e akhlaaq o adab Ishrat o aish say khandaan dhan e sehba tha English:=== And in your salon when we used to dine The sauciest thing there was the wine Persian: Yaad baad aan keh sahoohi zada dar majlis e uns Juz mun o yaar naboodaem o Khuda baa ma bood Urdu: Yaad hay mehfil e ulfat thi, saboohi thi jab Yaar tha, maen tha, meray saath mera Maula tha English:

And in your chamber when we drank alone God was there as your chaperone -


Persian: Yaad baad aan keh kharaabaatnasheen boodam o mast Aan cheh dar majlisam imrooz kam ast, aan ja bood Urdu: Yaad hay mast o kharaabaatnasheen tha jab maen Garm thi bazm e tarab, aish wahaan kaisa tha English:=== And when we sat and drank at the bar Everything we wanted wasn't very far Persian: Yaad baad aan keh baa islah e shuma meeshud raast Nazm e har gohar e nasufta keh HAFIZ ra bood Urdu; Yaad hay milti thi jab aap say islah usay Motioun ki thi larhi, gufta jo HAFIZ ka tha English:=== And your HAFIZ from you took his cue His verses all were inspired by you ====

Q Ghazal 130 Persian: Yaari andar kas namibeenaem, yaaraan ra cheh shud Dosti goo aakhir aamad, dostdaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Yaar ki yaari hui kya aur yaaraan kya huay Dosti ka kya bana aur dostdaaraan kya huay English:=== Gone is comraderie; there is no friend On no one now can you ever depend Persian: Aab e haiwan teeragoun shud, Khizr e farrukh pa kujast Khoun chakeed az shaakh e gul, baad e bahaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Aab e haiwaan kuin hay gadla, Khizr e farrukh kya hua Phool kuin murjha gaay, aish e bahaaraan kya huay English:=== The flowers are withering and the spring is gone The leaves are falling, and the freeze is on Persian: Sad hazaaraan gul shaguft o baang e murghay barnakhaast Andaleeban ra cheh paesh aamad, hazaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Sad hazaaraan gul khilay haen, hay mager sunsaan chaman Andaleeboun per bani kya aur hazaaraan kya huay English:=== The birds in the garden do not sing There is no scent for the breeze to bring Persian: Laalay az kaan e murawwat bar niaamad saalhast Taabish e khurshid o see e baad o baaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Laal o gohar haen kidher, almaas e taabaan haen kahaan Taabish e mehr e munawwar, baad o baaraan kya huay English:=== There's no kindness, no help, no pity The picture you see is not very pretty Persian: Zohra saaz e khud namigeerad, magar oodash basookht Kas nadaarad shouq e masti, maygusaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Naghma e Zohra kahaan hay, saaz kuin khanoush hay Shouq e masti ka bana kya, maygusaaraaan kya huay English:=== In the bar the topers are full of gloom The ladies of the night are losing their bloom -


Persian: Kas namigooyad keh baaray dasht haqq e dosti Haqshanaasaan ra cheh haal uftaad o yaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Koan kerta hay ada dunya maen haqq e dosti Haqshanaasoun ka hua kya aur yaaraan kya huay English:=== Indifference in faces you see everywhere What happens to you, people don't care Persian: Goo e toufeeq o karaamat darmian afgandaand Kas ba maidaan roo namiaarad, sawaaraan ra gheh shud Urdu: Gaind toe maidaan maen hay, chogaan baazi kya hui Taiz ghorhay toe bohat haen, shehsawaaraan kya huay English:=== Apathy and scorn are commonplace Whatever happened to mercy and grace? Persian: HAFIZ israar e Ilaahi kas namidaanad, khamoosh Az keh meepursee keh dour e roozgaaraan ra cheh shud Urdu: Haqshanaasi jaanta HAFIZ naheen hay ab koie Jaantay haen loag jo israar e douraan kya huay English:=== We know, O HAFIZ, you have the woes But the answers you seek, nobody knows ====

Q Ghazal 131 Persian: Yaad baad aan keh sar e koo e to am manzil bood Deeda ra rooshni az khaak e darat hasil bood Urdu: Yaad hay jab keh tera koucha meri manzil tha Surma e khaak e dar e paak mujhay hasil tha English:=== There was a time I lived in her street And used to kiss the dirt of her feet Persian: Raast chu soosan o gul az asar e sohbat e paak Bar zabaan bood mara aan cheh tura dar dil bood Urdu: Sousan o gul ki tarheh paak tha apna rishta Tha zabaan per meri, jo taeray daroon e dil tha English:=== My way to her heart I could easily find I had on my tongue what was in her mind Persian: Dil chun az peer e khirad naqd e maani meejust Ishq meeguft ba sharh aan keh bar o mushkil bood Urdu: Dhoondhta peer e khirad naqd e maani tha magar Karta hal ishq tha, her masela jo mushkil tha English:=== And what was above and beyond my brain My feelings of love could always explain Persian: Aah az ein jour o tazallum keh dar ein daamgeh ast Waay zaan aish o tanaam keh dar aan manzil bood Urdu: Aah wo joar o sitam jo shab e hijraan maen thay Wah wo aesh jo moujood sar e manzil tha English:=== And what, in her absence, was hard to bear Became very pleasant when she was there


Persian: Dar dilam bood keh baydost nabaasham hargiz Cheh tawaan guft keh see e mun o dil baatil bood Urdu: Kehta phirta tha keh baydost rahoon ga na kabhee Kitna bayaql tha, nadaan yeh kaisa dil tha English:=== And I used to think that she was all mine But alas, she had another design Persian: Doosh bar yaad e hareefaan ba kharabaat shudam Khum e may deedam o khoun dar dil o pa dar gil bood Urdu: Yaad e maynoushaan say kal rat udaasi thi bohat Khum lahu say tha bhara, jaam maen khoun e dil tha English:=== For old time's sake, I went to the bar Instead of wine, there was blood in the jar Persian: Bus bagashtam keh bapursam sabab e dard e firaaq Mufti e aql dar ein masela layaaqil bood Urdu: Poochha un say tha kabhee ger gham e hijraan ka sabab Mufti khamoush tha, hairaan bohat aaqil tha English:=== About pangs of love when I asked my doc What he said to me was all poppycock Persian: Raasti khatam e feerooza e Bulishaaqi Khush darakhsheed walay doulat e mustaajil bood Urdu: Wo jo khatam maen tha feeroza e Bulishaaqi Tha darakhshaan toe magar johar e naqaabil tha English:=== Oh, when I think of Ishaq, the king I feel, he was the breeze of spring Persian: Deedi aan qahqaha e kabk e kharaaman HAFIZ Keh zay sarpunja e shaheen e qaza ghafil bood Urdu: Yaad hay qahqaha e kabk e kharaamaan HAFIZ Wo jo az punja e shaheen e qaza ghafil tha English:=== Yes, HAFIZ, he was like a happy bird Of the mighty hawk who had never heard ====

Q Ghazal 132 Persian: Yad baad aan keh zay ma waqt e safar yaad nakard Ba widaay dil e ghamdeedaay nashad nakard Urdu: Wo karay waqt e safer ham ko zara yaad naheen Dil e ghamdeeda ki sunta koie faryaad naheen English:=== She left and didn't even say good-bye On whom, dear God, can I ever rely Persian: Aan jawaam mard keh meezad raqam e khair o qabool Banda e peer nadaanam zay cheh aazaad nakard Urdu: Wo jawaan saal karay hay jo zamaanay peh karam Banda e peer ko kuin kerta phir aazaad naheen English:=== And she who is kind as kind can be This old, old slave she wouldn't free Persian: Dil ba ummeed e sadaay keh magar dar to rasad Naalaha kard dar ein koh keh Farhaad nakard Urdu: Gham e furqat maen teri aey meray yaar e shireen Naala mujh jaisa karay koie bhee Farhaad naheen


English:=== Hoping that someday she'll hear my cry I moan, and groan, and sob, and sigh Persian: Her shabay jaama ba khounaaba bashooyam keh falak Rehnamooyeem ba pa e alam e daad nakard Urdu: Raat bhar khoun kay aansoo toe bahaata houn bohat Sunta bayrehm falak per maeri faryaad naheen English:=== And tears of blood I shed and shed Until my clothes are stained all red Persian: Saaya ta baaz grifti zay chaman, murgh e sahar Aashyan dar shikan e turra e shamshaad nakard Urdu: Na mila ger tera saaya toe kiya bulbul nay Aashyan dar shikan e gaisoo e shamshaad naheen English:=== In the garden I sit, and wait, and wail Like, in the autumn, a nightingale Persian: Kalk e mashshata e sanash nakashad naqsh e muraad Har keh iqraar badeen husn e Khudadaad nakard Urdu: Day na mashshata e taqdeer usay naqsh e amal Jis ka dil motarif e husn e Khudadaad naheen English:=== But when I see her radiant face I cannot resist its beauty and grace Persian: Mutriba parda bagardaan o bazan rah e Iraaq Keh az ein rah bashud yaar o zay ma yaad nakard Urdu: Aaj kuchh aisa suna naghma mujhay aey mutrib Bhool jaoun usay, kerta jo mujhay yaad naheen English:=== And though of my love she's quite aware What happens to me, she doesn't really care Persian: Az ghazalha e Iraaqeest sarood e HAFIZ Keh shuneed ein rah e dilsooz keh faryaad nakard Urdu: Aisie dilsouz haen ghazlaen teri HAFIZ keh unhaen Hay koie yaan jo sunay aur karay faryaad naheen English:=== But the verses of HAFIZ whoever hears He can't help crying and shedding tears ====

Q Ghazal 133 Persian: Aey zouq e shehd e laal e to dar kaam e mun laziz Halwa e qand gursana ra dar dahan laziz Urdu: Wo shehd e lab karay hay mera yuin dahan laziz Bhookay ka munh maen jaisay ho qand e laban laziz English:=== O yummy is the taste of your luscious lips From them, when you talk, the honey drips Persian: Dandaan e yaar dar dahan e tang khush namood Dar kaam e huqqa dana e durr e Aden laziz Urdu: Dandaan e yaar tang dahan maen haen is terheh Jaisay sadaf kay munh maen ho durr e Aden laziz


English:=== Around the pearls of your precious teeth You lips with rubies do form a wreath Persian: Shehd o shakar her aan cheh ba bazaar e aalam ast Shireen az ost dar dahanam ein sukhan laziz Urdu: Dunya jahaan maen shehd o shakar say haen baeshtar Shireeen laboun ka maeray liay her sukhan laziz English:=== Whenever I talk of your sugary lips My words taste like the chocolate chips Persian: Hizzay rasad ba umbar e zulfat dimaagh ra Baashad ba mughz nafha e mushk e Khutan laziz Urdu: Hay taeri zulf e umbareen maeray dimaagh ko Jaisay ho mughz kay liay mushk e Khutan laziz English:=== And the scent of your curly fragrant hair To the musk of Khutan I can easily compare Persian: Ma ra ba baagh e deeda zay ashk e sufaid o surkh Hizzayst chu ba baagh e gul o yaasman laziz Urdu: Surkh o sufaid hijr maen aansoo haen aankh ko Jis tarheh baagh ko houn gulaab o saman laziz English:=== But in your absence when I cry and cry Like stars my tears do fall from my eye Persian: Gar khalq ra ba kaam bawad lazzat az bahi Bimaar e ishq ra shuda saib e zaqan laziz Urdu: Lougoun kay munh maen jis tarheh ho lazzat e bahi Bimaar e ishq ko hua saib e zaqan laziz English:=== O let me nibble on your dimpled chin My heartache needs no aspirin Persian: Ishq e rukhat ba khatir e HAFIZ zay jumla beh Dar mughz e bulbul az hama boo e chaman laziz Urdu: Nikhat hay zulf ki teri HAFIZ ko, jis terheh Ho mughz e andaleeb ko boo e chaman laziz English:===And for a lovesick HAFIZ nothing can replace The glowing radiance of your beautiful face ====

Q Ghazal 134 Persian: Aey guftagoo e laal e to dar kaam e jaan laziz Zikr e labat chu taam e shakar dar dahaan laziz Urdu: Ghunchadahan ki guftagoo ander dahaan laziz Shireen laboun ka zikr tera ber zabaan laziz English:=== Tasty is the talk of her juicy lip Mention her mouth and my hearts does flip Persian: Dandaan e tust qatra e sheer o shakar labat Dar kaamhast sheer o shakar behr e aan laziz Urdu: Dandaan hae qatray sheer kay, lab haen teray shakar Sheer o shakar haen is liay ander dahaan laziz English:=== Like drops of milk are her lovely teeth Over which her lips form a sugary sheath -


Persian: Khoun e dil o kabab e jigar her do behr e tust Baashad baham kabab o mai e arghawaan laziz Urdu: Khoun e dil o kabab e jiger ishq maen milay So haen baham kabab o mai e arghawaan laziz English:=== My roasted heart she came to rob For wine goes better with shish kabob Persian: Guftam hadis e lutf e to, aamad sukhan latif Kardam bayaan e wasf e labat, shud bayaan latif Urdu: Hay taeray lutf e zikr say maera sukhan latif Hota bayaan e lab say hay maera bayaan laziz English:=== And whenever she's nice, the world looks kind And anything nicer would be hard to find Persian: Dil naavak e to khaast keh baashad humaay ra Nisbat ba taamha e digar istakhaan laziz Urdu: Dil kay liay hay maeray tera naawak e nazar Jaisay huma kay wastay ho istakhaan laziz English:=== And when with a glance she wounds my heart My heart rejoices, and savors her dart Persian: O ra zay bas keh chaashni e husn e dilbariest Paiwasta harf o guzarad bar zabaan laziz Urdu: Ho jis kay paas chaashni e husn e dilbari Us ka bayaan phir na ho kuin bar zabaan laziz English:=== And it tastes so sweet that I repeat and repeat Her name forever like a parakeet Persian: HAFIZ basay zay sheera e jaan pukhta halwaay Dar aarzoo e aan lab o naamad chunaan laziz Urdu: Halwa banaya jaan kay sheeray say too nay ger HAFIZ hui na phir bhee usay taeri jaan laziz English:=== And, HAFIZ, you'll also find it sweet When you go and kiss the dirt of her feet ====

Q Ghazal 135

Persian: Ila aey tooti e goya e israar Mabaada az shakar khaaliet minqaar Urdu: Sada aey tooti e goya e israar Rahay meethie shakar say taeri minqaar English:=== O you, all-knowing parakeet May you always have your sweetmeat Persian: Sarat sabz o dilat khush baad javaid Keh khush naqshay namoodi az khat e yaar Urdu: Khuda taera chaman shadaab rakhay Keh taeri daastaan maen hay khat e yaar English:=== With a heart so happy, and a head so smart You're so much like my sweetheart -


Persian: Sukhan sarbasta gufti baa hareefaan Khudara zeen muamma parda bardaar Urdu: Sukhan sarbasta keh ker aaqiloun say Banaya in ko too nay naqsh e deewaar English:=== No problem there's that you can't resolve There is no puzzle that you cannot solve Persian: Ba roo e maa zan az saaghar gulaabay Keh khabalooda aim aey bakht e baidaar Urdu: Chhirhak munh per meray baada gulaabi Keh khabalooda houn maen bakht e baidaar English:=== O let's go down and drink at the bar And count our blessings, and thank our star Persian: Cheh reh bood ein keh zad dar parda mutrib Keh meeraqsand baham mast o hushiaar Urdu: Hay kaisa purfasoon naghma yeh mutrib Keh baham raqs maen haen mast o hushiaar English:=== Enjoy the music and all the romance Drunk or sober, let's get up and dance Persian: Az ein afyoun keh saaqi dar mai afgand Hareefaan ra na sar maanad na dastaar Urdu: Milaya kya hay saaqi mai maen too nay Keh qayam sar haen yaaroun kay na dastaar English:=== oh, whatever the barmaid does put in the cup It turns our minds all downside up Persian: Khirad her chand naqd e kainaatast Cheh sanjad peesh e ishq e keemiakaar Urdu: Do aalam ki hay doulat aql laikin Naheen kuchh paesh e aql e keemiakaar English:=== Though reason and wisdom do make us shine The love is eternal; it's so very divine Persian: Sikander ra namibakhshand aabay Ba zoor o zar mayassar neest ein kaar Urdu: Na Iskandar nay paya aab e haiwaan Keh zour o zar haen sab shahoun kay baykaar English:=== In wealth and power put not our trust For the mighty kings all end up in the dust Persian: Bia o haal e ahl e dard bashnoo Ba lafz e andak o maani e bisyaar Urdu: Sun aey baydard haal e dard e aashiq Ba lafz e andak o maani e bisyaar English:=== The feet of mystics we should go and touch They mean a lot but say not much Persian: Ba mastooraan magoo israar e masti Hadees e jaan mapurse az naqsh e deewaar Urdu: Na shaikhoun say kaho israar e masti Keh bun jaaen gay yeh sab naqsh e deewaar English:=== Go not to the preacher, for knows he not He means very little but says a lot -


Persian: But e Chini adoo e deen o maalast Khudawanda dil o deenam nigehdaar Urdu: But e Chini adoo e deen o dil hay Dil o deen ka Khudaya ho nigehdaar English:=== And chase not the girls, it's not so funny For all these beauties are after our money Persian: Khudawandi ba ja e bandagaan kard Khudawanda az aafaatash nigehdaar Urdu: Khudawandi karay wo bandagaan say Khudawanda too us ka ho nigehdaar English:=== But the master of ours is so very kind A man like him is difficult to find Persian: Ba yumn e doulat e Mansur Shahi Alam shud HAFIZ ander nazm e ashaar Urdu: Ba faiz doulat e Mansur Shahi Huay HAFIZ kay haen mashhoor ashaar English:=== Indebted I am to Mansur, the king For me, O HAFIZ, he's everything ====

Q Ghazal 136 Persian: Aey khurram az faroogh e rukhat laalazaar e umr Baaz aa keh reekht bay gul e rooyat bahaar e umr Urdu: Khurram tha noor e rukh say teray laalazaar e umr Aa ja keh tujh baghair hay wiraan bahaar e umr English:=== Your radiant face makes my life bright Come back, for the spring is taking the flight Persian: Az deeda ger sarashk chu baaraan rawad rawast Kander ghamat chu barq bashud roozgaar e umr Urdu: Baaraan e ashk gham say teray kuin na ho keh jab Hay misl e barq zood guzar rozgaar e umr English:=== My tears are falling like torrential rain Like thunder and lightning is my dreadful pain Persian: Bay umr zinda am mun o zeen bus ajab madaar Rooz e firaaq ra keh nahad dar shumaar e umr Urdu: Bay umr houn maen zinda toe koie ajab naheen Aatay naheen firaaq kay din dar shumaar e umr English:=== When life to a lover only you can give Without you, darling, how can I live? Persian: Andaesha az muheet e fana neest her kera Bar nuqta e dahaan e to baashad madaar e umr Urdu: Darta naheen hay sayl e muheet e fana say wo Us nuqta e dahan peh ho jis ka madaar e umr English:=== With lips so red, and mouth so small Your mouth a rosebud I'll have to call -


Persian: Dar her taraf zay khail e hawadis kameengeh ast Zanroo inaan gasista dawaaanad sawaar e umr Urdu: Hoen her taraf say khail e hawaadis kameen maen jab Bay baag kuin na bhagay wahaan say sawaar e umr English:=== When peril and danger I see everywhere No wonder I have such terrible despair Persian: Ein yak do dam keh doulat e deedaar mumkin ast Daryaab kaar e dil keh na paidast kaar e umr Urdu: Hasil na ho jo daulat e deedaar yak nafas Kis toer say bata keh chalay kaar o baar e umr English:=== You if I could only for a momemt see So dark and empty my life wouldn't be Persian: Ta kay mai e saboh o shakarkhaab e subh e dam Baidaar gard haan keh namaand aetabaar e umr Urdu: Kab tak mai e saboh o shakarkhab e subh e dam Baidaar ho keh koie naheen aetabar e umr English:=== And if some night I do fall asleep Wake up when I, I weep and weep Persian: Dee dar guzaar bood o nazar soo e ma nakard Baichaara dil keh heech nadeed az guzaar e umr Urdu: Aa ja idhar bhee aur meri rah say guzar Sooni teray baghair parhi hay guzaar e umr English:=== And when you wouldn't even look at me You leave me in torment and in agony Persian: HAFIZ sukhan bagoo keh dar safha e jahan Ein naqsh maand az qalamat yaadgaar e umr Urdu: HAFIZ sukhan tera waraq e dehr per hay naqsh Her naqsh kalk ka hay teray yaadgaar e umr English:=== But I, your HAFIZ, when I write the verse I make you the queen of the universe ====

Q Ghazal 137 Persian: Aey saba nikhatay az khaak e dar e yaar biyar Babar andoh e dil o muzda e dildaar biyar Urdu: Nikhat aey baad e saba khaak e dar e yaar say la Muzda e dilkusha ik kucha e dildaar say la English:=== Go, bring good news from her, O breeze Some scent of her body bring also please Persian: Nukta e roohfiza az dahan e yaar bagoo Naama e khush khabar az aalam e israar biyar Urdu: Dahan e yaar ka ik nukta e roohafza day Naama e khush khabari aalam e israar say la English:=== Some happy tidings do bring from her And the mystical secrets on me confer -


Persian: Ta moattar kunam az lutf e naseem e to mushaam Shammaay az nafahaat e nafas e yaar biyar Urdu: Ta keh ho is say moatter aey saba mughz mera Khaak ko ker kay moanber nafas e yaar say la English:=== Bring also the scent of her breath for me For there's nothing that it can't remedy Persian: Ba wafa e to keh khaak e reh aan yaar e aziz Bay ghubaaray keh padeed aayad az aghyaar biyar Urdu: Sath jab laay ghubaar e dar e jaanaan apnay Too bacha ker usay khaak e reh e aghyaar say la English:=== Her, in the street, if you happen to meet Bring also with you the dirt of her feet Persian: Roozgaareest keh dil chehra e maqsood nadeed Saaqia aan qadah e aainakirdaar biyar Urdu: Jalwa e yaar say mehroom houm kab say saaqi Ho darakhshaan jo qadeh aks a rukh e yaar say la English:=== Of being without her I am so fed up Do bring her image in the magic cup Persian: Garday az rehguzar e dost, ba koori e raqeeb Behr e aasaaish ein deeda e khounbaar biyar Urdu: Aey saba khaak e reh e yaar , ba kouri e raqeeb Too laganay ko meray deeda e khounbaar say la English:=== And on your way if you find some dust In her passageway, bring it you must Persian: Shukr e aan ra keh to dar ishrati aey murgh e chaman Ba aseeraan e qafas muzda e gulzaar biyar Urdu: Apni aazaadi kay shukraanay maen aey murgh e chaman Ba aseeraan e qafas muzda too gulzaar say la English:=== About the spring I haven't yet heard So bring good news to this captive bird Persian: Kaam e jaan talkh shud az sabr keh kardam baydost Ishwa e aan lab e shireen e shakarbaar biyar Urdu: Kaam e jaan talkh kiya furqat e jaanaan nay mera Ishwa ik us lab e shireen e shakarbaar say la English:=== Her absence has made my life so bitter So bring a sweet word or two from her Persian: Dil e divaana zay zangeer namiaayad baaz Halqaay az kham e aan turra e tarrar biyar Urdu: Aata qabu maen naheen dil mera zangeeroun say Halqa ab us kay liay turra e tarrar say la English:=== This heart of mine is totally insane Go, get her curls and make me a chain -


Persian: Khaami o saadadili shaewa e jaanbaazaan neest Khabaray az bar e aan dilbar e ayyyaar biyar Urdu: Khaami o saadadili shaewa dilaeroun ka naheen Aagahi un kay liay dilber e ayyaar say la English:=== For the foolish ones I do not fall I love so much my crafty doll Persian: Dilq e HAFIZ ba cheh arzad, ba maiash rangeen kun Waangahash mast o kharaab az sar e baazaar biyar Urdu: Rang day khirqa e HAFIZ ko mai e ahmer say Mast ker kay usay phir husn kay baazaar say la English:=== And though being a HAFIZ I live in a shrine My gown is full of the stains of wine ====

Q Ghazal 138 Persian: Aey bar umeed e wasl e to moqoof kaar e umr Umr e muni keh peer shawi dar kinaar e umr Urdu: Ummeed e wasl per hay jo moqoof kaar e umr Lambi ho umr, peer ho too dar kinaar e umr English:=== O come for a while and be with me May God you live for a century Persian: Umr e aziz hamdam e mun baash yak damay Ta khush shawad ba doulat e wasl e to kaar e umr Urdu: Jaan e aziz mujh ko abhee chhorh kay na ja Shayad wo aaay puchhnay, laay bahaar e umr English:=== Even for a moment when you're with me I'm as happy as I possibly can be Persian: Daanand aashiqaan keh niayad ba heetch kaar Umray keh bay to meeguzarad dar shumaar e umr Urdu: Wo umr jo guzarti hay mashooq kay badoon Laitay haen aashiqaan na usay der shumaar e umr English:=== Without you living is not worthwhile And being this lonely is not my style Persian: Umr e muni agarcheh keh umr ast baywafa Baada hazaar jaan e garaami nisaar e umr Urdu: Too umr hay meri toe meri jaan hazaar baar Kuin ker karoun na jaan e garaami nisaar e umr English:=== You are my life; I love you no end Although on life one cannot depend Persian: Zeensaan keh umr meeguzarad dar firaaq e to Az jaan e khud malool shudam dar guzaar e umr Urdu: Jab say guzar rahi hay meri umr hijr maen Bayzaar jaan say houn maen ander guzaar e umr English:=== But since I've been living without you I have been doing nothing but boohoo -


Persian: Chun bar madaar e umr damay ikhtiaar neest HAFIZ cheh aetamaad kunad bar madaar e umr Urdu: Jab ber madaar e umr naheen ikhtiaar kuchh HAFIZ too aetamaad na ker ber madaar e umr English:=== And I have nothing but pain and strife But as HAFIZ says, "But then this is life"

Q Ghazal 139

Persian: Baad az ein hargiz nabeenad heech maikhaaray digar Hamchu mun maikhara o misl o to khummaaray digar Urdu: Ger naheen dunya maen koie tujh sa khummaar e digar Milna kuchh aasaan naheen mujh sa bhee maikhaar e digar English:=== No one in the pub will ever see A barmaid like ours, and a toper like me Persian: Saqiay daraem ma chandan keh mai az dast e way Meekhuraem o baaz meegooaem yakbaaray digar Urdu: Saaqi aisa ho keh shab bhar dast e nazuk say hamaen Mai pilaay dam ba dam aur ham kahaen baar e digar English:=== Oh, this maid of ours we all so adore And never stop saying - some more, some more Persian: Khirqa e pashmeena bafrooshaem o nafrooshaem zohd Waz sar e gaisoo e o pooshaem zinnaaray digar Urdu: Ooni khirqa baech ker peetay haen maikhaanay maen ham Aur banaatay zulf e saaqi say haen zinnaar e digar English:=== I sell my gown, not piety So don't be so critical, O preacher, of me Persian: Her keh aashiq gasht, meegooyand khoun e dil khurad Pus nameedaamaen ma juz aashqi kaaray digar Urdu: Go hamaen maaloom hay aashiq piay hay khoun e dil Jaantay juz aashqi kuchh ham naheen kaar e digar English:=== A lover forever sheds blood in tears And bleeding to death he never fears Persian: Hurmat e dastaar e HAfiz ra badaar aey maifaroosh Koo juz ein kuhna nadaarad heech dastaaray digar Urdu: Hurmat e dastaar e HAFIZ ka lihaaz aey maifarosh Paas ab us kay naheen hay koie dastaar e digar English:=== This turban of HAFIZ O don't you scorn It's something to treasure, even though it's worn ====


Q Ghazal 140 Persian: Deegar zay shaakh e sarv e sahi bulbul e saboor Gulbaang zad keh chashm e bad az roo e gul badoor Urdu: Gulbaang shaakh e sarv sat day bulbul e saboor Ta keh buri nigah rahay roo e gul say door English:=== Said the bird to flower, "My sweetie pie May God protect you from the evil eye Persian: Aey gul ba shukr e aan keh shagufti ba kaam e dil Baa bulbulaan e baedil e shaida makun gharoor Urdu: Aey gul khila hay ger tera chehra, hay shaad dil Baa bulbulaan e baedil e shaida na ker gharoor English:=== "Be not so proud; just savor your bloom And try to dispel your lover's gloom" Persian: Zahid agar ba hoor o qasoor ast umeedwaar Ma ra sharaabkhaana qasoor ast o yaar hoor Urdu: Zahid umeedwaar hay hoor o qasoor ka Haen maekaday qasoor hamaen aur yaar hoor English:=== The preacher is drooling over a houri in Heaven But in the pub we have, not one, but seven Persian: Az dast e gheebat e to shikaayat namikunam Ta neest gheebatay, nadahad lazzatay hazoor Urdu: Aey dil na ker shikayat furqat too is qadar Dard e firaaq hi say toe hay lazzat e hazoor English:=== About her absence I can't complain There can be no joy without the pain Persian: Gar deegaraan ba aish o tarab khurram and o shaad Ma ra gham e nigaar bawad maya e saroor Urdu: Haen majlis e tarab maen agar shadmaan ghaer Hum ko gham e nigaar maen hay maya e saroor English:=== Others are merry, joyous, and happy But I feel sad, and crummy and crappy Persian: Mai khur ba baang a chang o makhur ghussa war kasay Gooyad tura keh baada makhur, goo hoalghafoor Urdu: Pee mai ba baang e chang, na ker fikr o gham zara Koie kahay sharaab na pee, keh hoalghafoor English:=== Let's go to the bar and dance and drink Of sin and virtue let us not think Persian: HAFIZ shikayat az gham e hijraan cheh meekuni Dar hijr wasl baashad o dar zulmat ast noor Urdu: HAFIZ shikayat gham hijraan na kijiay Pinhaan hay wasl hijr maen, aur teergi maen noor English:=== And, HAFIZ my boy, don't you complain Without the loss you can't have gain ====


Q Ghazal 141 Persian: Rooay banma o wajood e khudam az yaad babar Kharman e sookhtagaan ra hama goo baad babar Urdu: Aek din jalwagari gar mera shehzaad karay Kharman e sokhtagaaan aisa jalay, yaad karay English:=== Oh, how her eyes do mesmerize And how they soothe and hypnotize Persian: Ma keh daadaem dil o deeda ba toofaan e bala Goo bia sayl e gham o khaana zay bunyaad babar Urdu: Day dia jab keh dil o deeda ba toofaan e bala Sayl e gham kuin na tabeh phir meri bunyaad karay English:=== My passion for her is like a storm Of troubles and woes it has a swarm Persian: Seena goo shola e aatishkada e Paras kush Deeda goo aab e rukh e dajla e Baghdaad babar Urdu: Seena aisa keh jo aatishkada e Paras ho Aankh wo, maat keh jo dajla e Baghdaad karay English:=== Burning in my heart is a terrible fire My tears are flowing; my plight is dire Persian: See e nakarda dar ein rah ba jaay na rasi Muzd ager meetalabi, taat e ustaad babar Urdu: Muktab e ishq maen parh likhna kuchh aasaan naheen Kaamraan wo hay keh jo taat e ustaad karay English:=== To win in love one needs a teacher But please don't ever consult the preacher Persian: Doosh meeguft ba mizgaan e daraazat bakusham Ya Rab az khatirash andaesha e baydaad babar Urdu: Lambi palkoun say kia qatl ka qasd us nay magar Kaash zaalim na koie heela e baydaad karay English:=== Oh, like daggers are her long eyelashes With them my heart she stabs and slashes Persian: Rooz e margam nafasay waada e deedaar badeh Wan gaham ta ba lahad faarigh o aazaad babar Urdu: Mout ka waqt hay, aa paas keh deedaar tera Rooh lo tan say meray faarigh o aazaad karay English:=== She does not like to see me crying But I hope she comes when I'm dying Persian: Doulat e peer e Mughaan baad keh baaqi sahal ast Deegaray goo baroo o naam e mun az yaad babar Urdu: Umr lambi ho teri, khush rahay too peer e Mughaan Aur Khuda taeray kharaabaat ko aabaad karay English:=== Our tavern keeper is a wonderful guy On his advice one can always rely


Persian: Baad az een chehra e zard e mun o khaak e dar e dost Baada peesh aar o ba yak ja ghamam az yaad babar Urdu: Khaak e dar mal kay chhupata houn maen zardi munh ki Aisi day mai jo gham e ishq say aazaad karay English:=== I would like to go and live in her street So whenever she passes, I would kiss her feet Persian: Zulf e chu umbar e khaamash keh babooyad haihaat Aey dil e khaamtamay ein sukhan az yaad babar Urdu: Umbar e khaam see zulfoun ki jo boo tak na mili Aey dil e khaamtamay un ko too kuin yad karay English:=== And I would smell the scent of her hair When in and out I breathe the air Persian: HAFIZ andaesha kun az naazki e khaatir e yaar Baroo az dargahash, ein naala o faryaad babar Urdu: Janay HAFIZ too hay jab naazki e khaatir ko Us ki dargah maen kuin naala o faryaad karay English:=== And, HAFIZ I'll keep my eyes dry For she gets upset whenever I cry ====

Q Ghazal 142 Persian: Saaqia maya e shabaab biyaar Yak do saghar sharaab e naab biyaar Urdu: Saaqia maya e shabaab toe la Yak do saghar sharaab e naab toe la English:=== Bring back my youth, my vigor, my shine And do not you forget the ruby wine Persian: Daaroo e dard e ishq yaani mai Koost darmaan e shaikh o shaab biyaar Urdu: Daaroo e dard e ishq yaani mai Jo hay darmaan e shaikh o shaab toe la English:=== The pangs of love it helps us endure Whether young or old, it is our cure Persian: Aaftaab ast o mah baada o jaam Darmian e meh aaftaab biyaar Urdu: Jaam hay mah, aaftaab hay mai Chaand kay beech aaftaab toe la English:=== The wine is the sun and the cup is moon And a cup with wine is like moon at noon Persian: Gham e douraan makhur keh raft o naruft Naghma e babat o rabaab biyaar Urdu: Gham e doraan na jaay toe na sahi Naghma e barbat o rabaab toe la English:=== Drink and dance and let's not worry Call in the singers, and we must hurry


Persian: Meekunad aql sarkashi e tamaam Gardanash ra zay mai tanaab biyaar Urdu: Aql e sarkash ko baandhnay kay kiay Mai maen bheegi hoie tanaab toe la English:=== Listen to the heart and not to reason For drinking and dancing are now in season Persian: Bazan ein aatish e mara aabay Yaani aan aatish e chu aab biyaar Urdu: Aatish e ishq per chirhak paani Yaani aatish ba misl e aab toe la English:=== My heart is aflame with a burning desire Go, get some wine and put out the fire Persian: Gul agar raft goo ba shaadi roo Baada e naab chu gulaab biyaar Urdu: Gul chaman say giay toe kya saaqi Rang e gul ki tarheh sharaab toe la English:=== Without the roses I can always do But wine I need when I'm feeling blue Persian: Ghulghul e qumri ar namaand rawast Qulqul e sheesha e sharaab biyaar Urdu: Ghulghul e qumrian naheen na sahi Qulqul e sheesha e sharaab toe la English:=== The sound of the birds I can do without But without the wine I'm all washed out Persian: Ya sawaab ast ya khata khurdan Gar khata hast o gar sawaab biyaar Urdu: Baada jaiz ho ya keh najaiz Koie unwaan sahi, sharaab toe la English:=== Of sin and virtue I do not think Right or wrong, I must've a drink Persian: Wasl e o juz ba khaab natwaan deed Darooay koost asl e khaab biyaar Urdu: Shart e deedaar e yaar khaab sahi Aek daaroo baraay khaab toe la English:=== And while awake I scheme and scheme But have her I can't, except in my dream Persian: Gar cheh mastam, seh chaar jaam e digar Ta ba kulli shawam kharaab biyaar Urdu: Gar cheh houm mast, yak do jaam e digar Jo karaen sar ba sar khraab toe la English:=== And when I am sober, I am in a funk So I drink and drink until I'm drunk -


Persian: Yak do ratl e garaan ba HAFIZ deh Gar gunah ast o gar sawaab biyaar Urdu: Yak do ratl e garaan day HAFIZ ko Yeh gunah baksh yeh sawaab toe la English:=== Oh, give your HAFIZ a drink or two And don't you preach, whatever you do ====

Q Ghazal 143 Persian: Sarv e bala buland o khush raftaar Dilber e naazneen o khush gufaar Urdu: Sarv e bala buland o khush raftaar Dilber e naazneen o khush guftaar English:=== She's tall, and slim, and slender, and neat To watch her strolling is real treat Persian: Dil e ma burdaie ba ayyari Az baraay Khuda nigahash daar Urdu: Lay gaya dil jo too ba ayyari Ban Khuda ra ab us ka zimmadaar English:=== She neatly stole the heart of mine Whatever she does, she does by design Persian: Zulf e sunbul agar barafshaani Na bawad mushk ra digar miqdaar Urdu: Zulf e sunbul jo khol day apni Na rahay mushk ki koie miqdaar English:=== Her golden curls when they fly in the air Smell their fragrance you can everywhere Persian: Baywafaie makun digar peesha Ba wafa koosh aey but e ayyar Urdu: Baywafaie ko phir na ker paesha Ker wafa ikhtiaar aey ayyar English:=== So lovely, so sweet, so comely is she If only she had some fidelity Persian: Gah gahy ba boosa am banwaaz Ta bagardi zay umr barkhurdaar Urdu: Gahay, gahay jo day mujhay bosa Khoob phoolay phally too barkhurdaar English:=== I'll never complain of that and this If she would only give me a kiss Persian: Ta badeedam do chashm e jaadooyat Dar dil e mun namaand sabr o qarrar Urdu: Jadoo aankhoun ka jab say daekha hay Rahay dil maen meray na sabr o qarrar English:=== Oh, how I love her beautiful eyes They charm, they soothe, they mesmerize -


Persian: HAFIZ e dardmand hairaan ast Banda e tust bayzar o miqdaar Urdu: HAFIZ e dardmand hairaan hay Taera banda hay bayzar o miqdaar English:=== And for her affection, oh, how I crave Though, HAFIZ, I am just a poor slave ====

Q Ghazal 144 Persian: Saba ba manzil e janaan guzar, dareegh madaar Waz o ba aashiq e miskeen khabar dareegh madaar Urdu: Saba ba manzil e janaan guzar, daraegh na ker Day ham ko la kay kuchh us ki khabar, daraegh na ker English:=== Do go to her place, O breeze of spring And happy news for her lover bring Persian: Ba shukr e aan keh shugufti ba kaam e dil aey gul Naseem e wasl zay murgh e sahar dareegh madaar Urdu: Saba nay chairh kay aey gul khila dia tujh ko Day boo e wasl ba murgh e sahar, daraegh na ker English:=== Tell her that she is a beautiful rose And I, her nightingale, have a lot of woes Persian: Muraad e ma hama mouqoof yak karishma e tust Zay doostaan e qadeem ein qadar dareegh madaar Urdu: Muraad us ki hay mouqoof ik ada pay teri Qadeem yaar say too is qadar daraegh na ker English:=== With you a message she ought to send For after all I am a very old friend Persian: Jahaan o her cheh dar o hast sehl o mukhtasar ast Zay ahl e maarfat ein mukhtasar dareegh madaar Urdu: Qaleel o aarzi her shay jab is jahaan maen hay Wisaal bhi hay agar mukhtasar, daraegh na ker English:=== A friend, a lover, a mystic am I To me a favor she shouldn't deny Persian: Makaaram e to ba aafaaq meeburad shair Az o wazeefa o zaad e safar dareegh madaar Urdu: Jahaan maen gun teray gaata phiray hay jo shair Ata usay bhi ho zaad e safar, daraegh na ker English:=== Singing her praise I go everywhere So she should be nice; it's only fair Persian: Chun zikr e khair talab meekuni, sukhan ein ast Keh dar baha e sukhan seem o zar dareegh madaar Urdu: Agar hay tujh ko talab zikr e khair ki khaja Baha e shaer maen day seem o zar, daraegh na ker English:=== I do not ask for gold or money I only want her to be my honey -


Persian: Kunun keh chashma e noosh ast laal e sheerinat Sukhan bagoo o zay tooti shakar dareegh madaar Urdu: Jo shehd chashma teray surkh hount haen toe phir Chakha day ham ko bhi thorhi shakar, daraegh na ker English:=== With her so sugary, so luscious, so sweet Why not some sugar for her parakeet? Persian: Musaafiraan keh ba himmat kunand saer e baseet Baraay maqdam e eeshaan safar dareegh madaar Urdu: Karaen haen saer tafakkur maen jo zamanay ki Ker un kay saath bhi thorha safar, daraegh na ker English:=== As a mystic who sees so much in trance Why doesn't she also give me a chance? Persain: Hareef e bazm e to boodam chun mah e noo boodi Kunun keh mah e tamaami, nazar dareegh madaar Urdu: Shareek e bazm tha maen jab keh mah e nau tha too Meh e tamam, tawajja nazar, daraegh na ker English:=== When she was budding, she was my rose Now blooming, she wouldn't let me be close Persian: Ghubaar e gham barawad, haal beh shawad HAFIZ To aab e deeda az ein rehguzar dareegh madaar Urdu: Dabaana chahay ghubaar e alam agar HAFIZ Tar aab e deeda say ker rehguzar, daraegh na ker English:=== So ever since HAFIZ she said good-bye I can do nothing but sit and cry ====

Q Ghazal 145 Persian: Eid ast o mousam e gul o yaaraan dar intazaar Saaqi ba roo e shah babeen mah o mai biyaar Urdu: Hay waqt e Eid, mousam e gul, mehjabeen yaar La baada saaqia, na dikha itna intazaar English:=== The fasting is over; it's time to dine And toast our king with the vintage wine Persian: Dil bargrifta boodam az ayyam e gul walay Kaaray nakard himmat e paakaan e roozgaar Urdu: Toba toe ki thi ham nay magar dil bahaar maen Sunta hay kab naseehat e paakaan e rozgaar English:=== I gave up drinking but not for long For not to drink in the spring is wrong Persian: Juz naqd e jaan ba dast nadaaram, sharaab koo Kaan neez bar karishma e saaqi kunam nisaar Urdu: Juz naqd e jaan bacha hi naheen apnay paas kuchh Wo bhi ada e saaqi pay kertay haen ham nisaar English:=== My life is all that for him I can give And it'll be his as long as I live -


Persian: Khush doolatayast, khurrram o khush khursav e karim Ya Rab zay chashm e zakhm e zamaanash nigah daar Urdu: Hay khush naseeb o khurram o khush khusrav e karim Us ko nigah e bad say bacha, aey nigahdaar English:=== May you, O king, rule the earth and sky May God protect you from the evil eye Persian: Mai khur ba sher e banda keh zaeb e digar dahad Jaam e murassa e to badeen durr e shahwaar Urdu: Mai pee ba sher e banda keh rounaq ho bazm maen Jaam e nageen e shaieri ho durr e shahwaar English:=== And when you drink your ruby wine I hope you'll hear some verses of mine Persian: Dil dar jahaan maband o zay mastay sawaal kun Az faiz e jaam o qissa e jamsheed e kaamgaar Urdu: Dil ko laga na dahr say aur pooch mast say Tagheer e jaam o qissa e jamshaed e kaamgaar English:=== To the worldly pleasures do not succumb And follow the lead of the noble Jum Persian: Aey dil janaab e ishq buland ast, himmatay Naeko shuno hadees o to ein qissa goosh daar Urdu: Baala janaab e ishq toe hay, yaad rakh keh waan Himmat jo haartay naheen, hoetay haen kaamgaar English:=== And don't you forget, O king of mine That love is noble, high, and divine Persian: HAFIZ chun raft rooza o gul neez meerawad Naachaar baada noosh keh az dast raft kaar Urdu: Eid aaie aur chali gaie HAFIZ, chala gaya Shoar e sharaabkhaana o hangaama e bahaar English:=== So with HAFIZ drink and have no fear For the fasting is over, and the spring is here ====

Q Ghazal 146 Persian: Gar bawad umr, ba maikhaana rawam baar e digar Ba juz az khidmat e rindaan nakunam kaar e vdigaar Urdu: Zindagi ho toe ba maikhaana chalaen baar e digar Aur ba juz khidmat e rindaan na karaen baar e digar English:=== I'll go, if lucky, to the bar again In the service of topers I'll there remain Persian: Khurram aan rooz keh baa deeda e giryaan barawam Ta zanam aab e dar e maikada yak baar e digar Urdu: Khush naseebi ho agar, deeda e khounbaar say ham Khoun chirhkaen dar e maikhana pay yak baar e digar English:=== And there I'll go with flowing tears To wash and clean its door and stairs


Persian: Maarfat neest dar ein qoum, Khudaya madaday Ta baram gohar e khud ra ba khareedaar e digar Urdu: Jab keh is qoum ko pehchaan naheen gohar ki Kuin na lay jaaen isay ham ba khreedaar e digar English:=== But if people there for me didn't care I'll pack my bag and go elsewhere Persian: Aafiyat meetalabad khatiram ar bagzaarand Ghamza e shoukhash o aan turra e tarrar e digar Urdu: Tujh sa milta naheen aey yaar koie dunya maen Ghamza e shoukh e digar, turra e tarrar e digar English:=== My love for beauties is full of strife For a change I want a peaceful life Persian: Gar masaaid shawadam daira e charkh e kabood Ham ba churkh awaramash baaz ba perkaar e digar Urdu: Ho madadgaar zara daira e charkh e kabood Laaen ham ghair kay wo yaar ba perkaar e digar English:=== If only I could with fate conspire I'd find an angel that I so desire Persian: Raaz e sarbasta e ma been keh ba dastaan guftand Har zamaan baa duff o nay bar sar e baazaar e digar Urdu: Raaz e ulfat jo khula, baa duff o nay dil bhar kay Ruswa lougoun nay kya bar sar e baazaar e digar English:=== Secret I'll keep my love affair Thuough keeping it hidden is very, very rare Persian: Yaar agar raft o haq e sohbat e daereen na shanaakht Haash Allah keh rowam mun zay pae e yaar e digar Urdu: Wo wafadaar naheen, moonis o ghamkhaar naheen Hay na dunya maen magar us sa koie yaar e digar English:=== And if she left me for any reason Love and romance, I'll forever shun Persian: Har dam az dard banaalam keh falak her saat Kunadam qasd e dil e zaar ba aazaar e digar Urdu: Gham say maamoor hay dil, gardish e douraan laikin Daeti her dam hay usay dhoundh kay azaar e digar English:=== I know that the fate is not very kind A way to hurt me it will always find Persian: Baaz gooyam keh dar ein waaqiya HAFIZ na tanhaast Gharqa khashtand dar ein baadia bisyaar e digar Urdu: Ik naheen too hi jisay hay gham e ulfat HAFIZ Yeh wo darya hay jahaan gharq haen bisyaar e digar English:=== But in this, HAFIZ, I'm not alone There're millions like me who moan and groan ====


Q Ghazal 147 Persian: Naseehatay kunamat bashno o bahaana mageeer Her aan cheh naaseh e mushfiq bagooyadat bapazeer Urdu: Jawaan lougoun, suno maera qissa e dilgeer Hay na o noush tumhaen ger, suno naseehat e peer English:=== Listen to me and take my advice For it will be useful, and very, very nice Persian: Zay wasl e roo e jawaanaan tamattaay bardaar Keh dar kameengah e umr ast makr e aalam e peer Udru: Jahaan e shouq o tamanna maen haen faraeb bohat Kameengah e hawas maen hay makr e aalam e peer English:=== Do fall in love with beautiful girls Look in their eyes, and play with their curls Persian: Naeem e her do jahaan paesh e aashiqay ba jaway Keh ein mata e qaleel ast o aan baha e haqeer Urdu: Naeem e her do jahan paesh e aashiqaan yak jo Hay yeh mata e qaleel aur wo baha e haqeer English:=== Nothing in life has a greater worth Love is supreme in Heaven and earth Persian: Maashiray khush o rooday basaaz meekhaham Keh dard e khaesh bagooyam ba naala e bum o zeer Urdu: Ho chaarasaaz agar yaar, souz o saaz say maen Sunaoun dard ka qissa ba nala e bum o zeer English:=== Sit with your gal, and sing a song And if you have a flute, bring it along Persian: Bar aan saram keh nanoosham mai o gunah nakunam Agar moafiq e tadbeer e mun shawad taqdeer Urdu: Sharaab say keroun tobah, gunah say moun mourhoun Agar moafiq e tadbeer ho meri taqdeer English:=== There is nothing wrong in having a drink About sin and virtue don't ever think Persian: Dil e rameeda e ma ra keh peesh meegeerad Khabar daheed ba Majnoon e basta e zangeer Urdu: Hay koie roukay jo maeray dil e rameda ko Keh hay na yeh dil e Majnoon e basta e zangeer English: Your loving heart, restrain you not And give love all whatever you've got Persian: Chun qismate azali bay hazoor e ma kardand Gar andakay na ba wafq e rezast, khurda mageer Urdu: Azal kay faeslay saaray hoay baghair meray Qasoor maera ho kuin, ho agar koie taqseer English:=== The rights and wrongs you do not debate And do not worry about luck and fate


Persian: Ba azm e tobah nehaadam qadeh zay kuff sad baar Walay karishma e saaqi namikunad taqseer Urdu: Hazaar baar ki tobah sharaabnoushi say Walay karishma e saaqi karay na jo taqseer English:=== My drinking so often I've tried to forgo But to the maid of the bar I can't say no Persian: Chu laala, dar qadeham reez saaqia mai e naab Keh naqsh e khaal e nigaaram namirawad zay zameer Urdu: Qadeh maen daal meray saaqia mai e mushkeen Keh khaal e hindoo e janaan bana hay naqsh e zameer English:=== O barman please pour me some wine For I cannot forget this girl of mine Persian: Mai e do saala o mehboob chaar deh saala Hameen bus asy mera sohbat e sagheer o kabeer Urdu: Mai do saala o mashooq chaar deh saala Ajeeb cheez hay yeh sohbat e sagheer o kabeer English:=== I'm so dried up, and she is so green I'm so old; she's only fourteen Persian: Naguftamat keh hazar kun zay zulf e o aey dil Keh meekunand dar aan halqa baad dar zangeer Urdu: Ulajh na jaio gaisoo e yaar maen, aey dil Keh tang halqa hay us ka, daraaz hay zangeer English:=== I could not resist her golden hair And now I'm caught in its deadly snare Persian: Biyaar saaghar e yaaqoot o faiz e durr e khushaab Hasood goo, karam e Aasifi babeen o bameer Urdu: Day aek saaghar e yaqoot maen mai e rangeen Houn daekh ta karam e Aasifi hasood haqeer English:=== Millions of rivals have I everywhere But I have the help of Asif, the fair Persian: Banoosh baada o azm e wisaal e jaanaan kun Sukhan shunoo keh zanandat zay baam e arsh safeer Urdu: Pio sharaab, karo azm e wasl e jaanaana Yeh baam e arsh say aaie hay aaj aek safeer English:=== So fall in love, and don't be awed For this I've heard from an angel of God Persian: Hadees tobah dar ein bazmgeh magoo waiz Keh saaqian e kamaan abrooyat zanand ba teer Urdu: Sunay ga koun teri aisi bazm maen waiz Kamaan e abroo e saaqi jahaan chalaay teer English:=== And go to the bar, and take my advice For the barmaids there are lovely and nice -


Persian: Cheh ja e gufta e Khaju o shaer e Salmaanast Keh shaer e HAFIZ e Shiraaz beh zay shaer e Zaheer Urdu: Kalaam e Khuaju o Salmaan ka zikr hi kya hay Keh paesh e gufta e HAFIZ hay maand shaer e Zaheer English:=== And the verses of HAFIZ there you sing For among the poets he is the king ====

Q Ghazal 148 Persian: Yusuf e gumgashta baaz aayad ba Kinaan, gham makhur Kalbe e ahzaan shawad roozay gulistaan, gham makhur Urdu: Yusuf e gumgashta loet aaay ga Kinaan, gham na ker Taera weeraana banay ga phir gulistaan, gham na ker English:=== One day your Joseph will surely be back Always, O Jacob, it won't look so black Persian: Ein dil e ghandeeda haalash beh shawad, dil bad makun Ween sar e shooreeda baaz aayad ba samaan, gham makhur Urdu: Is dil e ghamgeen ki haalat bhi ho jaay gi theek Yeh sar e shoureeda phir ho ga ba samaan, gham na ker English:=== Your gloomy heart will feel much better Forever the pain and sorrow won't occur Persian: Gar bahaar e umr baashad baaz bar tarf e chaman Chatr e gul bar sar kashi, aey murgh e shabkhan, gham makhur Urdu: Phir bahaar aaay gi is ujrhay gulistaan maen teray Ser pay ho ga chatr e gul, aey murgh e shabkhan, gham na ker English:=== One day for sure the flowers will come And the birds and the bees won't be so glum Persian: Dour e gardoun gard o roozay bar muraad e ma nagasht Daiman yaksaan namaanad kaar e douraan, gham makhur Urdu: Dour e gardoun aajkal daeta hay gham toe kya hua Daiman yaksaan naheen hay kaar e douraan, gham na ker English:=== You will not be always in such a bind Forever your fate won't be unkind Persian: Haan mashoo noomeed chun waqif naie az sirr e ghaeb Baashad ander parda baaziha e pinhaan, gham makhur Urdu: Dil na ker thorha jo raaz e ghaeb say waqif naheen Haen daroon e perda baaziha e pinhaan, gham na ker English:=== Nobody knows what the future holds You'll be surprised when it unfolds Persian: Her keh sargardaan ba aalam gasht o ghamkhaaray nayaaft Aakhir ul amr o ba ghamkhaaray rasad haan, gham makhur Urdu: Aajkal ghamkhaar dunya maen naheen milta agar Aek din taeray bhi houn gay ghamgusaaran, gham na ker English:=== Don't be so hopeless, and do not despair Your are bound to find some friends who care -


Persian: Dar biyaabaan gar ba shouq e kaaba khahi zad qadam Sarzanishha gar kunad khaar e mugheelaan, gham makhur Urdu; Shouq e kaaba ko biyabaan maen liay jata hay too Sarzanish kertay haen ger khaar e mugheelaan, gham na ker English:=== A bird who loves to kiss a rose The prick of the thorn it also knows Persian: Haal e ma dar furqat e jaanaan o ibraam e raqeeb Jumla meedanad Khuda e haal gardaan, gham makhur Urdu: Haal e dard e furqat e jaanaan o ibraan e raqeeb Jaanta hay sab Khuda e haal gardaan, gham na ker English:=== The pain of her parting and the rival's dart Won't be forever, don't take it to heart Persian: Aey dil, ar sayl e fana bunyaad e hasti barkanad Chun tura Nooh ast kashtibaan zay toofaan gham makhur Urdu; Maana yeh sayl e fana aey dil mitaata hay tujhay Nooh jab hay nakhuda, phir kya hay toofaan, gham na ker English:=== The boat may be shaky, there may be a storm If your guide is Noah it's going to perform Persian: Gar cheh manzil bus khatarnaak ast o maqsad napadeed Heech rahay neest koo ra neest payaan, gham makhur Urdu: Ger chah maqsad hay nihaan, manzil hay taeri pur khatar Reh koie aisi hay jis ka ho na payaan, gham na ker English:=== Your road may be risky; it may be long Have faith in God; you won't go wrong Persian: HAFIZA, dar kunj e fuqr o khalwat e shabha e taar Ta bawad wirdat dua o dars e Quraan, gham makhur Urdu: HAFIZA, kunj e faqeeri aur shab e tareek maen Parh wazeefa, ker dua, lay dars e quraan, gham na ker English:=== So worry not, HAFIZ, you silly clod Just read your Quran, and pray to God ====

Q Ghazal 149 Persian: Aey sarv e naaz e husn keh khush meerawi ba naaz Ushshaq ra ba naaz e to her lehza sad niyaaz Urdu: Aey sarv e naaz e husn jo chalta hay too ba naaz Daway hay aashiqoun ko tera naaz sad niyaaz English:=== O gorgeous one when you proudly walk To see your splendor your lovers flock Persian: Farkhanda baad tala e naazat keh dar azal Babreeda and bar qad e sarvat qaba e naaz Urdu: Too khush naseeb hay keh azal say teray liay Rakhkhi gaie thi qad kay mutabiq qaba e naaz English:=== Since God has made you spendid and proud To scorn your lovers you're justly allowed


Persian: Aan ra keh boo e unber zulf e to aarzoost Chu ood goo bar aatish e soozaan basooz o saaz Urdu: Jis ko ho boo e unbar e kakul ki aarzoo Manind e ood raat guzaaray ba souz o saaz English:=== And if I want to play with you hair Of its deadly snare I'm fully aware -

Persian: Parwaana ra zay shamay bawad sooz e dil, walay Bay sham e aariz e to dilam ra bawad gudaaz Urdu: Parwaanay ko toe shama nay bakhsha hay souz e dil Bay sham e roo e yaar hua dil mera gudaaz English:=== And if I want to kiss your cheek I am a moth and a flame I seek -

Persian: Dil kaz tawaaf e kaaba e rooyat waqoof yaft Az shouq e aan hareem nadaarad sar e Hijaaz Urdu: Jab say hareem e yaar ka dil nay kya tawaaf Rakhta hay yeh na fikr e haram, nay sar e Hijaaz English:=== And ever since I've been in your street In there I've found my peaceful retreat Persian: Her dam ba khoun e deeda cheh haasil wazoo keh neest Bay taaq e abroo e to namaaz e mara jawaaz Urdu: Kaisay ba khoun e deeda karoum maen wazoo keh jab Abroo kay taaq kay badoun jaiz naheen namaaz English:=== The arch of your brow ever since I've seen To pray in the mosque, I'm not very keen -

Persian: Sufi e ma keh tobah zay mai kerda bood doosh Bakshist ahd chun dar e maikhaana deed baaz Urdu: Sufi nay kal sharaab say tobah toe ki magar Tourhi qasam, hua dar e maiklhaana joun hi baaz English:=== And ever since the preacher has seen the pub It has come to be his favorite hub -

Persian: Chun baadamast bar sar e khum raft kuffzanaan HAFIZ keh doosh az lab e saaghar shuneed raaz Urdu: HAFIZ jo ja kay baitha sar e khum hua hay mast Kal raat us nay jaam kay lab say suna jo raaz English:=== And HAFIZ loves wine with his heart and soul Ever since he has drunk from the magic bowl ====

Q Ghazal 150 Persian: Ba rah e maikada ushshaaq rast dar tug o taaz Hamaan niyaaz keh hajjaj ra ba rah e Hijaaz Urdu: Ba rah e maikada ushshaaq ko hay yuin tug o taaz Niyaaz jaisay ho hajjaj ko ba rah e Hijaaz English:=== On the way to the bar the topers feel Like all those pilgrims, a furious zeal -

Persian: Che gooyamat keh zay sooz e daroon cheh meebeenam Zay ashk purse hikaayat keh mun niyam ghammaaz Urdu: Bataoun kis terheh maen apna raaz e souz e daroun In aansooun say meray pooch, maen naheen ghammaaz English:=== I like to hide my pains, my fears But what do I do with my telltale tears


Persian: Gharaz karishma e husn ast warna haajit neest Jamaal e doulat e Mehmood ra ba zulf e Ayaaz Urdu: Karishma husn ka hay, warna kya taaluq tha Jamaal e doulat e Mehmood ko ba zulf e Ayaaz English:=== Oh, love wants beauty and beauty love They're meant for each other like hand and glove Persian: Ba heetch dar na rawam baad az ein zay hazrat e dost Chun Kaaba yaaftam, aayam zay butparasti baaz Urdu: Mila hay Kaaba mujhay aastaan e yaar maen jab Maen butparasti say aaya houn daekh ker yeh baaz English:=== Day and night I live in her street For there I find a peaceful retreat Persian: Shabay chuneen ba sahargeh zay bakht meekhaham Keh baa to sherh e saranjaam e khud kunam aaghaaz Urdu: Hay noor e subha maen too, teergi e shab maen too Hay too hi ik mera anjaam, too hi ik aaghaaz English:=== She is my goddess, my love, my friend She is my beginning and she is the end Persian: Tanam zay hijr e to chashm az jahaan faro meedookht Umeed e doulat e wasl e to daad jaanam baaz Urdu: Firaaq e yaar say milta hay dil ko souz e daroon Umeed e wasl peh qaim hay maeri jaan ka saaz English:=== For me, of life she is the fountainhead For in her abscence I'm worse than dead Persian: Cheh halqaha keh zadam bar dar e dil az sar e sooz Ba boo e rooz e wisaal e to dar shabaan e daraaz Urdu: Na rouz e wasl ki ummeed ho agar dil maen Kataen yeh kaisay teray hijr maen shabaan e daraaz English:=== And though I see no hope, no sign I feel someday she's going to be mine Persian: Chu ghuncha sirr e nihafta nihaan kuja maanad Dil e mara keh naseem e sabaast mehram e raaz Urdu: Rakhoun maen kaisay nihaan raaz ghuncha e dil maen Naseem e kucha e jaanaan agar ho mehram e raaz English:=== I try to hide the way I feel But my love for her I cannot conceal Persian: Zay shouq e majlis e aan mah e khargahi HAFIZ Garat chu shamay jafaay rasad, basooz o basaaz Urdu: Jafaen majlis e jaanaan maen ger milaen HAFIZ Misaal e shama too jal raat bhar ba souz o ba saaz English:=== O HAFIZ, this love is a deadly game For I'm the moth, and she is the flame ====


Q Ghazal 150 Persian: Ba rah e maikada ushshaaq rast dar tug o taaz Hamaan niyaaz keh hajjaj ra ba rah e Hijaaz Urdu: Ba rah e maikada ushshaaq ko hay yuin tug o taaz Niyaaz jaisay ho hajjaj ko ba rah e Hijaaz English:=== On the way to the bar the topers feel Like all those pilgrims, a furious zeal Persian: Che gooyamat keh zay sooz e daroon cheh meebeenam Zay ashk purse hikaayat keh mun niyam ghammaaz Urdu: Bataoun kis terheh maen apna raaz e souz e daroun In aansooun say meray pooch, maen naheen ghammaaz English:=== I like to hide my pains, my fears But what do I do with my telltale tears Persian: Gharaz karishma e husn ast warna haajit neest Jamaal e doulat e Mehmood ra ba zulf e Ayaaz Urdu: Karishma husn ka hay, warna kya taaluq tha Jamaal e doulat e Mehmood ko ba zulf e Ayaaz English:=== Oh, love wants beauty and beauty love They're meant for each other like hand and glove Persian: Ba heetch dar na rawam baad az ein zay hazrat e dost Chun Kaaba yaaftam, aayam zay butparasti baaz Urdu: Mila hay Kaaba mujhay aastaan e yaar maen jab Maen butparasti say aaya houn daekh ker yeh baaz English:=== Day and night I live in her street For there I find a peaceful retreat Persian: Shabay chuneen ba sahargeh zay bakht meekhaham Keh baa to sherh e saranjaam e khud kunam aaghaaz Urdu: Hay noor e subha maen too, teergi e shab maen too Hay too hi ik mera anjaam, too hi ik aaghaaz English:=== She is my goddess, my love, my friend She is my beginning and she is the end Persian: Tanam zay hijr e to chashm az jahaan faro meedookht Umeed e doulat e wasl e to daad jaanam baaz Urdu: Firaaq e yaar say milta hay dil ko souz e daroon Umeed e wasl peh qaim hay maeri jaan ka saaz English:=== For me, of life she is the fountainhead For in her abscence I'm worse than dead Persian: Cheh halqaha keh zadam bar dar e dil az sar e sooz Ba boo e rooz e wisaal e to dar shabaan e daraaz Urdu: Na rouz e wasl ki ummeed ho agar dil maen Kataen yeh kaisay teray hijr maen shabaan e daraaz English:=== And though I see no hope, no sign I feel someday she's going to be mine


Persian: Chu ghuncha sirr e nihafta nihaan kuja maanad Dil e mara keh naseem e sabaast mehram e raaz Urdu: Rakhoun maen kaisay nihaan raaz ghuncha e dil maen Naseem e kucha e jaanaan agar ho mehram e raaz English:=== I try to hide the way I feel But my love for her I cannot conceal Persian: Zay shouq e majlis e aan mah e khargahi HAFIZ Garat chu shamay jafaay rasad, basooz o basaaz Urdu: Jafaen majlis e jaanaan maen ger milaen HAFIZ Misaal e shama too jal raat bhar ba souz o ba saaz English:=== O HAFIZ, this love is a deadly game For I'm the moth, and she is the flame ====

Q Ghazal 151 Persian: Bia o kashti e ma dar shat e sharaab andaaz Ghareev o walwala dar jaan e shaikh o shaab andaaz Urdu: Safeena e gham e dil moeja e sharaab maen daal Umang o walwala phir jaan e shaikh o shaab maen daal English:=== Come, bring some wine and then behold How it revives the young and the old Persian: Mara ba kashti e baada darafgan aey saaqi Keh gufta and nikoie kun o dar aab andaaz Urdu: Khum e sharaab maen ker gharq saaqia mujh ko Kaha yeh jaata hay ker naiki aur aab maen daal English:=== A cup won't do for the sorrow of mine Drown it instead in a vat of wine Persian: Biaar az aan mai e gulrang e mushkboo jaamay Sharaar e rashk o hasad dar dil e gulaab andaaz Urdu: Ayaagh maen mai e gulrang daal kay saaqi Sharaar e rashk o raqaabat dil e gulaab maen daal English:=== In the rosy wine when I drown my woes I put much envy in the heart of rose Persian: Agar cheh mast o kharaabam to neez lutfay kun Nazar bar ein dil e sargashta e kharaab andaaz Urdu: Kabhee toe chashm e karam mujh pay daal kay jaanam Zara see jaan dil e sargashta e kharaab maen daal English:=== Do bring some wine in the medicine cart To soothe, O nurse, my woeful heart Persian: Ba neem shab agarat aaftaab meebayad Zay roo e dukhtar e gulchehr e raz naqaab andaaz Urdu: Agar ho daekhna khursheed neem shab maen kabhee Too aks e roo e darakhshaan sharaab e naab maen daal English:=== And if at night you would like sunshine Just lift the veil from the face of the wine


Persian: Mahil keh rooz e wafaatam ba khaak baspaarand Mara ba maikada bar, dar khum e sharaab andaaz Urdu: Aey goerkun meri mayyat supurd e khaak na ker Mujhay ba maikada lay chal, khum e sharaab maen daal English:=== Oh, bury my body not in the ground In a barrel of wine I want to be drowned Persian: Gar az to yak sar e moo sar kashad dil e HAFIZ Bageer o dar kham e zulfash ba paech o taab andaaz Urdu: Jo sarkashi karay tujh say kabhee dil e HAFIZ Lay aur usay kham e gaisoo kay paech o taab maen daal English:=== To escape from prison your HAFIZ won't dare If you bind him tight with your braided hair ====

Q Ghazal 152 Persian: Rooz e aish o tarab o Eid e Sayaam ast imrooz Kaam e dil haasil o ayyaam ba kaam ast imrooz Urdu: Rooz o aish o tarab o Eid e Sayaam aaj kay din Kaam e dil haasil o ayyaam ba kaam aaj kay din English:=== The month of fasting has come to an end Let's go and drink with a beautiful friend Persian: Goo uroos e falaki roo manuma az mashriq Keh mara deedan e aan mah e tamaam ast imrooz Urdu: Kehdo suraj say na imroz ho mushriq say tuloo Jalwagar ho ga mera mah e tamaam aaj kay din English:=== Go, ask the sun to please not rise On the moon of mine I'm feasting my eyes Persian: Zahiday ra chun nabooday ba sawaamay jaay Been keh dar kunj e kharaabaat muqaam ast imrooz Urdu: Rehta maabad maen shab o roz tha jo shaikh, us ka Ban gaya kunj e kharaabaat muqaam aaj kay din English:=== With ladies of the night, sitting in the saloon Even the preacher is singing a different tune Persian: Subadam bulbul e mast az cheh sabab meenaalad Kaar e o chun zay bahaaraan ba nizaam ast imrooz Urdu: Bulbul e mast hay kuin naalakunaan waqt e sahar Jab keh hay kaar e bahaaraan ba nizaam aaj kay din English:=== So go, and tell the nightingale The rose is coming; it's no time to wail Persian: Mohtasib e bayhuda goo, pand madeh rindaan ra Kaan keh baa shaahid o mai neest, kidaam ast imrooz Urdu: Mohtasib say kaho tanbeeh na karay rindoun ki Koen hay jo naheen baa shaahid o jaam aaj kay din English:=== And tell the censor to please calm down On wine and women he shouldn't frown


Persian: Shaikh e waaiz keh mara maney zay zulfash karday Deedamash baaz keh chun murgh ba daam ast imrooz Urdu: Shaikh e waaiz jo kaha kerta tha zulfoun say bacho Daekho kaisay wo bana murgh ba daam aaj kay din English:=== For with all his saintly and pious pals The sheik is chasing also the gals Persian: Goo, bagooyand khalaiq keh kunun HAFIZ ra Chashm bar roo e nigaar o lab e jaam ast imrooz Urdu: Kehdo ja ker yeh zamaanay say keh hay HAFIZ ki Chashm bar roo e nigaar o lab e jaam aaj kay din English:=== And tell our HAFIZ to please come along With wine and women there is nothing wrong ====

Q Ghazal 153 Persian: Saba ba maqdam e gul rah e rooh bakhshad baaz Kujast bulbul e khushgooay, goo bar aar aawaaz Urdu: Bahaar aaie hay gulshan maen phir ba sad andaaz Hay andaleeb kahan, do usay zara aawaaz English:=== The breeze and flowers are a comfort to soul Go, tell the birds to trill and troll Persian: Dila zay hijr makun naala zan keh dar aalam Gham ast o shaadi o khaar o gul o nasheeb o faraaz Urdu: Dila na hijr maen ro is terheh keh aalam maen Haen ranj o shaadi o khaar o gul o nashaeb o faraaz English:=== O heart of mine, please don't cry You can't have life without low and high Persian: Do ta shudam chu kamaan az gham o namigooyam Hunooz tark e kamaan abrooaan e teer andaaz Urdu: Kamaan jaisa khameeda hua houn, per na kabhee Karoun ga tark e kamaan abrooaan e teer andaaz English:=== And look at me; although I am old On me the beauties still have a hold Persian: Hikaayat e shab e hijraan ba dushmanaan makuneed Keh neest seena e arbaab e keena mehram e raaz Urdu: Hikaayat e shab e hijraan na keh raqeeboun say Keh hay na seena e arbaab e keena mehram e raaz English:=== Tell not your rival about your pain He can't be trusted; he's worthless and vain Persian: Zay turra e to pareeshaani e dilam shud faash Zay mushk neest ghareeb, aaray ar bawad ghammaaz Urdu: Huwa hay faash paraeshaanioun ka raaz mera Keh taeray kaakul e mushkeen ka mushk hay ghammaaz English:=== And trust not either her scented hair Don't count on fragrance; it goes everywhere


Persian: Hazaar deeda ba roo e to naazir and o to khud Nazar ba roo e kasay bar namikuni az naaz Urdu: Nazar hay saaray zamaanay ki tujh pay laikin too Nazar na daalay kisi per, karay hay aisa naaz English:=== And trusting her face I'd neither advise For it is the focus of a million eyes Persian: Agar basoozadat aey dil, zay dard naala makun Dam az mohabbat e o meezan o ba dard basaaz Urdu: Hay souz e jaan gham e jaanaan agar, na ro aey dil Hay us kay ishq say jaan dil maen, jaan maen hay saaz English:=== And if she hurts you, O heart of mine You must forbear; you must resign Persian: Ghubaar e khaatir e ma chashm e khasm koor kunad To rukh ba khaak nah aey HAFIZ az muqaam e niyaaz Urdu: Ghubaar e khaatir e HAFIZ say haen adoo andhay Keh us ka khaak e dar e yaar hay muqaam e niyaaz English:=== If proud is your rival, you should let him be But, HAFIZ, don't give up your humility ====

Q Ghazal 154 Persian: Manam keh deeda ba deedaar e doost kardam baaz Cheh shukr gooyamat aey kaarsaaz e bandanawaaz Urdu: Hoie hay deed say pur noor maeri chashm e niaaz Hazaar shukr tera kaarsaaz e bandanawaaz English:=== At last my gal I was able to see By the grace of God it came to be Persian: Niaazmand e bala goo rukh az ghubaar mashoo Keh keemia e muraad ast khaak e koo e niaaz Urdu: Ghubaar rukh say na dhoe aey niaazmand e bala Keh hay muraad ki akseer khaak e koo e niaaz English:=== Gentle and meek a lover must be Give up he can't his humility Persian: Ba yak do qatra keh eisaar kardi aey khaja Basa keh dar rukh e doulat kuni karishma o naaz Urdu: Do aek qatray giraen aankh say toe aey khaja Karaen wo bar rukh e ulfat hazaar ghamza o naaz English:=== You can't have joys without the tears Love is a mixture of hopes and fears Persian: Tahaarat ar na ba khoun e jigar kunad aashiq Ba qoul e mufti e ishqash durust neest namaaz Urdu: Karay na khoun e jigar say wazoo agar aashiq Qubool dargeh e ulfat maen ho na us ki namaaz English:=== In the temple of love you offer your blood Not an ounce or two but a virtual flood -


Persian: Zay mushkilaat e tareeqat inaan mataab aey dil Keh mard e rah neeyandaishad az nasheeb o faraaz Urdu: Na mushkilaat maen mayoos itna ho aey dil Keh baish rah e tareeqat maen haen nashaeb o faraaz English:=== The way of a mystic is full of woes It has ups and downs, and highs and lows Persian: Dar ein muqaam e majaazi ba juz piyaala mageer Dar ein saracha e baazeecha ghair e ishq mabaaz Urdu: Siwaay ishq naheen aur kuchh haqiqat maen Ba juz piyaala o mai kuchh naheen muqaam e majaaz English:=== In the game of love the stakes are high And without the wine you can't get by Persian: Mun az naseem e sukhancheen cheh tarf bar bandam Chun sarv e raast dar ein baagh neest mehram e raaz Urdu: Maen is naseem e sukhancheen say kya ummeed rakhoun Na sarv e raast hay jab is chaman maen mehram e raaz English:=== On the wings of wishes you cannot fly On the beautiful women you must not rely Persian: Agarcheh husn e to az ishq e ghair mustaghneest Mun aan niyam keh az ein ishbaazi aayam baaz Urdu: Yeh maana husn tera bayniaaz hay laikin Rakhoun maen yeh dil e deevaana kaisay ishq say baaz English:=== My praise and worship her charm is above Her grace and beauty don't need my love Persian: Ghazal saraai e Naheed sarfaay naburad Dar aan muqaam keh HAFIZ baraawurad aawaaz Urdu: Nawa e naghma e Naheed maand parh jaay Ghazalsara ho jo ik raat HAFIZ e Shiraaz English:=== But, HAFIZ when you recite your verse They love it all over the universe ====

Q Ghazal 155 Persian: Hazaar shukr keh deedam ba kaam e khaishat baaz Tura ba kaam e khud o baa to khaish ra damsaaz Urdu: Manao jashn keh aata hay wo ba sad andaaz Sunao naghma keh hota hay aaj wo damsaaz English:=== Thank God at last she has come around In me a lover she has finally found Persian: Ravindagaan e haqiqat reh e bala saparand Rafeeq e ishq cheh gham daarad az nasheeb o faraaz Urdu: Reh e bala say daraen kuin ravindagaan haq kay Rafeeq e ishq ko kuin ho gham e nashaeb o faraaz English:=== The way of a mystic is full of woes With ups, and downs, and highs, and lows -


Persian: Gham e habib nihaan beh zay justojoo e raqeeb Keh neest seena e arbaab e keena mehram e raaz Urdu: Gham e habib chhupa kay rakho raqeeboun say Naheen hay seena e arbaab e keena mehram e raaz English:=== It's best to hide from your rival the pain For he is so haughty, so worthless, so vain Persian: Cheh fitna bood keh mashshata e qaza angaikht Keh kard nargis e mastash siyeh ba surma e naaz Urdu: Yeh kya sitam hay keh mashshata e qaza o qadar Siyah ker gaie mast aankh ko ba surma e naaz English:=== Oh, when mascara she puts on her lashes She stabs my chest; my heart she slashes Persian: Badeen sapaas keh majlis munawwar ast ba doost Garat chu shamay jafaay rasad basooz o basaaz Urdu: Baraay skukr keh majlis hay yaar say roshan Misaal e shamay khamooshi say jal ba soaz o ba saaz English:=== And when at night she comes to saloon Her radiance makes it look like noon Persian: Malaamatay keh ba roo e mun aamad az gham e ishq Zay ashk purse hikaayat keh mun neeam ghammaaz Urdu: Malaamat aaay gham e ishq ki badoulat kuin Hikayat ashk say poocho keh maen naheen ghammaaz English:=== In love there're joys, and hopes, and fears With an occasional laugh and a lot of tears Persian: Ummed e qadd e to meedaashtam zay bakht e buland Naseem e zulf e to meekhaastam zay umr e daraaz Urdu: Ummeed hay qadd e baala ki tujh say bakht e buland Naseem e zulf ki tujh say talab hay umr e daraaz English:=== But she's so lovely, so tall, so slim And keeps her hair hair in such a trim Persain: Zay haay haay shabaana nagashta am waaqif Ba haal e mun batarahham ba neem shab purdaaz Urdu: Zay haay haay shabaana nijaat ho mujh ko Jo aaay paas meray neem shab wo bandanawaaz English:=== So when she gives me sorrow and pain All night I sob and cry in vain Persian: Fagand zamzama e ishq dar Hijaaz o Iraaq Nawa e baang e ghazalha e HAFIZ e Shiraaz Urdu: Bani hay zamzama e ishq dar Hijaaz o Iraaq Nawa e baang e ghazalha e HAFIZ e Shiraaz English:=== But, HAFIZ, when I do hear you recite I feel that this world is quite all right =====


Q Ghazal 156 Persian: Aey saba gar bagzari bar sahil e rood e Aras Boosa zan bar khaak e aan waadi o mushkin kun nafas Urdu: Aey saba jaay agar bar sahil e joo e Aras Khaak e waadi choom kay mushkin ker apna nafas English:=== O breeze, when you go to her lovely vale The dirt on the ground with a kiss you hail Persian: Manzil e Salma keh baadash her dam az ma sad salaam Ber sada e saarbaan beeni o aahang e jaras Urdu: Manzil e Salma ko ja kay maeri tasleemaat day Chal sada e saarbaan per sun kay aahang e jaras English:=== And go if you where she happens to live Greetings a million to her you give Persian: Mehmil e jaanaan baboos, aan geh ba zaari arza daar Kaz firaaqat sookhtam, aey mehrbaan, faryaad ras Urdu: Mehmil e jaanaan ko choom aur ro kay us say arz ker Jal gaya maen hijr maen, aey mehrbaan, faryaad ras English:=== Then kiss her feet and beg her to come For soon to the pain I'm going to succumb Persian: Ishrat e shabgeer kun, mai noosh kandaer rah e ishq Shabrawaan ra aashnaiehast baa mir e asas Urdu: Ishrat e shabgeer ker, mai pee keh rah e ishq maen Aashnaie shab kay rehzan ko hay baa mir e asas English:=== And bring some wine and let me drink And tell not the censor and neither his fink Persian: Dil ba raghbat meesupaarad jaan ba chashm e mast e yaar Garcheh hushyaaraan nadaadand ikhtiaar e khud ba kas Urdu: Dil khushi say jaan daway chashm e mast e yaar per Gercheh hushyaaraan na daewaen lkhtiaar e khud ba kas English:=== I'll lay my life for her charming eyes And if I'm a fool, I don't apologize Persian: Mun keh qaul e naashehaan ra khaandamay baang e rabaab Gooshmaalay khurdam az hijraan keh einam pand bas Urdu: Gercheh qaul e naasehaan gulbaang tha maeray liay Goashmaali ki meri hijraan nay kuchh aisi keh bas English:=== And alhough I have to pay the price Never will I take the preacher's advice Persian: Tootiaan dar shakkaristaan kaamraani meekunand Waz tahassur dast bar sar meezanad miskeen magas Urdu: Shakkaristaan maen karay haen aish jab keh tootiaan Aarzoo maen kuin na peetay apna sar miskeen nafas English:=== I know, to my rival she is always sweet And I'm the one who takes all the heat


Persian: Ishqbaazi kaarbaazi neest, aey dil sar babaaz Zaan keh goo e ishq natwaan zad ba choogaan e hawas Urdu: Sar ki baazi ishq hay, yeh khail bachchoun ka naheen Goo e ulfat ko na maaraen haen ba choegaan e hawas English:=== In the game of love the stakes are high But I don't care; I'm willing to die Persian: Naam e HAFIZ gar bar aayad bar zabaan e kalk e doost Az janaab e hazrat e shaham bus ast ein multamas Urdu: Naam e HAFIZ aek din aaay zabaan e kalk per Bus yehi aey baadsheh tujh say hay maeri multamas English:=== And believe me, HAFIZ, it'll all be fine If once in a while she'll drop me a line ====

Q Ghazal 157 Persian: Janaan tura keh guft keh ahwaal e ma mapoorse Baigaana gard o qissa e heetch aashna ma poorse Urdu: Masoom ban kay qissa e jour o jafa na poochh Bigaangi say haal e dil e aashna na poochh English:=== Who told you, my love, to ignore your lover And his selfish rival over him to prefer? Persian: Mun zooq e dard e ishq e to daanam na muddaie Az shoola poorse haal, zay perwaana wa mapoorse Urdu: Ham ko hay zouq e dard e dil o ranj e aashqi Hay waasta raqeeb ka ulfat say kya na poochh English:=== Knows not my rival the sorrow and pain Just hurt him a little and he will complain Persian: Aan ja keh lutf e kaamil o khulq e hareem e tust Jurm e guzishta afu kun o maajra mapoorse Urdu: Too mehrbaan kareem hay, too hay khaleeq jab Maeri khataaen bukhsh day, kuchh majra na poochh English:=== You are so noble, so sweet, so kind A way to forgive me you can always find Persian: Khahi keh rooshanat shawad ahwaal e sirr e ishq Az shamay poorse qissa, zay baad e saba mapoorse Urdu: Chahay agar keh tujh pay khulay raaz e aashqi Az shamay qissa poochh, zay baad e saba na poochh English:=== The secret of love if you want to know Ask not the flame; to the moth you go Persian: Az dilqpoosh e soomia naqd e talab majoo Yaani zay muflisaan sukhan e keemia mapoorse Urdu: Shaikhoun say maang doulat e shouq o talab na kuchh Yaani zay muflisaan sukhan e keemia na poochh English:=== Love and devotion are beyond the preacher And he's so fake, he can't be a teacher -


Persian: Dar daftar e tabeeb e khirad baab e ishq neest Aey dil ba dard khoo kun o naam e dawa mapoorse Urdu: Hay daftar e tabeeb e khirad maen na baab e ishq Khu daal dard o ranj ki, naam e dawa na poochh English:=== Yearning and passion know not the wise For above their logic they cannot rise Persian: Naqsh e huqooq e khidmat o ikhlaas o bandagi Az loh e seena mehv kun o naam e ma mapoorse Urdu: Naqsh e huqooq e khidmat o tasleem o bandagi Sab dil say dour ker, mera naam aur pata na poochh English:=== Sincere and earnest a sheik can't be And he can see no good in a fool like me Persian: Ma qissa e Sikander o Daara nakhaanda aim Az ma ba juz hikaayat e mehr o wafa mapoorse Urdu: Ham qissa e Sikander o Daara ka kya karaen Ham say ba juz hikaayat e mehr o wafa na poochh English:=== For know I little about wealth and power But ask me about the bird and the flower Persian: HAFIZ raseed mousam e gul, maarfat makhaan Daryaab naqd e umr, zay chun o chira mapoorse Urdu: HAFIZ bahaar aaie, na ker zikr e maarfat Lay naqd e umr, qissa e chun o chira na poochh English:=== But HAFIZ says - you do not philosophize When the spring is here, you just socialize ====

Q Ghazal 158

Persian: Daaram az zulf e siyahat gila chundaan kek mapoorse Keh chunaan zoo shudaam bay sar o saamaan keh mapoorse Urdu: Hay gila zulf say aisa teri jaanaan keh na poochh Is qadar is nay kya bay sar o saamaaan keh na poochh English:=== A problem I have with her curly hair My heart from it I just can't tear Persian: Kas ba ummeed e wafa tark e dil o deen makunaad Keh chunaanam mun az ein karda pasheemaan keh mapoorse Urdu: Ker diay tark dil o deen haen ba ummeed e wafa Baad is kay hua aisa houn pashaemaan keh na poochh English:=== I've lost my heart, my soul, my creed And feel I so sorry for myself indeed Persian: Behr e yak juraa keh aazaar kashash dar pay neest Zahmatay meekasham az mardum e naadaan keh mapoorse Urdu: Dil ki taskeen kay liay peeta houn laikin her dam Yuin satatay haen mujhay murdum e naadaan keh na poochh English:=== I know not why they don't like the wine? It hurts no one; it's so very benign -


Persian: Gooshageeri o salaamat hawasam bood walay Fitnaay meekunad aan nargis e fattaan keh mapoorse Urdu: Goshageeri o salaamat ki talab thi per wo Hashr kerti hay bapa nargis e fattaan keh na poochh English:=== The trouble begins with her lovely eyes Enchant they us all and mesmerize Persian: Zahid az ma ba salaamat baguzar kaan mai e laal Dil o deen meeburad az dast badaansaan keh mapoorse Urdu: Shaikh, wo baada e ahmer say damak ker kaisay Dil o deen lotay hay ik roo e darakhshaan keh na poochh English:=== But the preacher always maligns the wine It makes no sense; it's so asinine Persian: Guftamash zulf ba keen e keh kushaadi, gufta HAFIZ ein qissa daraaz ast ba Quraan keh mapoorse Urdu: Poochha HAFIZ nay keh kuin khoaleen haen zulfaen toe kaha Is qadar tool yeh qissa hay ba Quraan keh na poochh English:=== So let's talk, HAFIZ, about the girls And tell us about their long, long curls ====

Q Ghazal 159 Persian: Gulizaaray zay gulistaan e jahaan ma ra bus Zein chaman saya e aan sarv e rawaan ma ra bus Urdu: Aek gulrukh hi mujhay baagh e jahaan kaafi hay Ho agar us sa to ik sarv e rawaan kaafi hay English:=== In the garden there's no flower like her And like her elegant is no conifer Persian: Mun o hamsohbati e ahl e riya douram baad Az garaanaan e jahaan ratl e garaan ma ra bus Urdu: Aey Khuda mujh ko riyakaaroun ki sohbat say bacha Bazm e rindaan ka mujhay ratl e garaan kaafi hay English:=== Like preacher of ours there is no hypocrit With vagrants and topers I would rather sit Persian: Naqd e bazaar e jahaan bangar o aazaar e jahaan Gar shuma ra na bus ein, sood o ziyaan ma ra bus Urdu: Naqd e bazaar e jahaan say milay aazaar e jahaan Nafa hota toe hay per is say ziyaan kaafi hay English:=== In the pursuit of passion a lot is lost And the lure of lust has a hidden cost Persian: Yaar baa maast cheh haajit keh ziyaadat talabaem Doolat e sohbat e aan moonis e jaan ma ra bus Urdu: Sohbat e yaar kahaan milti hay bad bukhtoun ko Taera waada hi hamaen moonis e jaan kaafi hay English:=== Oh, I am in Heaven when she is with me Better than her company no pleasure can be -


Persian: Az dar e khaish Khuda ra ba bahishtam mafarist Keh sar e koo e to az koun o makaan ma ra bus Urdu: Bhaij jannat maen na ham ko too uthha ker dar say Taera koocha hamaen aey jaan e jahaan kaafi hay English:=== Living in her street I find very nice I would rather be there than in paradise Persian: Neest ma ra ba juz az wasl e to dar sar hawasay Wein tijaarat zay mata e do jahaan ma ra bus Urdu: Ho agar waslat e dildaar na is maen shaamil Koun kehta hay mata e do jahaan kaafi hay English:=== For the wealth and power I do not conspire Being close to my love is all I desire Persian: Khilwat e uns e wisaalat keh ba umray justam Dast daadast ba ma waz do jahaan ma ra bus Urdu: Wasl say uns ki khilwat mili ik umr kay baad Aek pal us ka mujhay aey meri jaan kaafi hay English:=== With her sometimes when I am alone Both Heaven and earth I feel I own Persian: Bagh o ishratgeh e dunya ba malook arzaani Ma faqiraem o gada koo e butaan ma ra bus Urdu: Bagh o ishratgeh e dunya ho mubaarak sheh ko Ham faqiroun kay liay koo e butaan kaafi hay English:=== Except for my gal I don't want a thing I'm only a pauper; I'm not a king Persian: Qasr e firdoos ba paadaash e amal meebakhshand Ma keh rindaem o gada daer e Mughaan ma ra bus Urdu: Qasr e firdaus ho zahid ko mubaarak saaqi Ham say rindoun ko toe bus daer e Mughaan kaafi hay English:=== The quest of Heaven I find bizarre I'm nothing but a toper; take me to the bar Persian: Banasheen bar lab e joo o guzar e umr babeen Kein ishaarat zay jahaan e guzaraan ma ra bus Urdu: Lab e joo baeth kay umr e guzaraan per bhee ghour Ik ishaara hi jahaan e guzaraan kaafi hay English:=== By the flowing water when I sit and drink Of our passing nature I can only think Persian: HAFIZ az mashrab e qismat gila bayinsaafiest Tabay chun aab o ghazalha e rawaan ma ra bus Urdu: Shikwa e bakht na ker, ham ko toe HAFIZ taeri Tabay misl aab o ghazalha e rawaan kaafi hay English:=== With your gift of rhyming and the poetic strain If I were you, HAFIZ, I would not complain ====


Q Ghazal 160 Persian: Agar rafeeq e shafeeqi drust paimaan baash Hareef e hujra o garmaaba o gulistaan baash Urdu: Agar rafeeq e shafeeqi durust paimaan ho Wo yaar e hujra o garmaaba o gulistaan ho English:=== Your pledge to your lover you shouldn't forget Your company you owe him, and it is a debt Persian: Shakanj e zulf e pareeshaan ba dast e baad madeh Magoo keh khaatir e ushshaaq goo pareeshaan baash Urdu: Shakanj e zulf e pareeshaan ko khoul day too agar Pareeshaan khaatir e ushshaaq aur pareeshaan ho English:=== Oh, let not your hair fly in the air Because for your lover it becomes a snare Persian: Garat hawaast keh baa Khizr hamnasheen baashi Nihaan zay chashm e Sikander chu aab e haiwaan baash Urdu; Hay aarzoo keh Khizar ka too hamnasheen banay Nihaan ba chashm e Sikander joon aab e haiwaan ho English:=== If you want to find the life spring The pleasures of life you first should fling Persian: Ramooz e ishqnawaazi na kaar e har murgheest Bia o noogul e ein bulbul e ghazalkhan baash Urdu: Ramooz e ishq bina ishq e gul naheen khultay Too chahay kitna bhee ik bulbul e ghazalkhan ho English:=== The meaning of love a flower doesn't know You ask the bluebird, for it has the woe Persian: Tareeq e khidmat o aaien e bandagi kardan Khuday ra keh riha kun, bia o sultaan baash Urdu: Tareeq e khidmat o aaien e bandagi kab tak Ghulaami tark ker, aa ja aur aa kay sultaan ho English:=== If I call you my gal, you I will demean For you are my goddess; you are my queen Persian: Digar ba sayd e haram teegh bar makash zinhaar Waz aan cheh baa dil ma kardaie, pasheemaan baash Urdu: Kya shikaar mera dil magar na bhool, aey jaan Shikaar e sayd e haram jo karay pasheemaan ho English:=== My heart should be sacred to you, my pet Don't ever break it, for you will regret Persian: To sham e anjumani yak zabaan o yak dil sho Khayaal e koshish e purwaana been o khandaan baash Urdu: Aey sham e anjumani naaz hay rawa laikin Too daekh soazish e parwaana , yuin na khandaan ho English:=== And do be careful: it is not a game For I 'm the moth, and you're the flame


Perrsian: Kamaal e dilbari o husn dar nazarbaaziest Ba shaiwa e nazar az naaziraan e dooraan baash Urdu: Kamaal e dilbari o husn daar nazarbaazi Ba shaiwa e nazar az naaziraan e douraan ho English:=== Though you are a beauty, you cannot deny That beauty also lies in your lover's eye Persian: Khamoosh HAFIZ o az joor e yaar naala makun Tura keh guft keh bar roo e khoob hairaan baash Urdu: Ho jour e yaar say naalaan na is qadar HAFIZ Na shour e shaahid a shireen pay itna hairaan ho English:=== And no matter how much you give him pain Your HAFIZ, you know, will never complain ====

Q Ghazal 161 Persian: Baaz aie o dil tang e mara moonis e jaan baash Wein sookhta ra mehram e israar e nihaan baash Urdu: Aa aur dil e tang ka phir moonis e jaan ho Ker chaaragari, mehram e astraar e nihaan ho English:=== Come back, come back to my lonely heart Stay with it always, and don't ever depart Persian: Aan yaar keh gufta ba to am dil nigaraanast Goo meerasam aknoun, ba salamat nigaraan baash Urdu: Kuin baatoun maen aaya hay too ik wadashikan ki Aey dil na laga aas, na us ka nigaraan ho English:=== They tell me that you were asking for me You just have to say it and there I'll be Persian: Khoun shud dilam az hasrat e aan laal e rawaanbakhsh Aan durj e mohabbat ba hamaan mehr o nishaan baash Urdu: Sad baar karay khoun agar hasrat e jaanaan Aashiq ka hay dil, kaisay yeh bay mehr o nishaan ho English:=== Oh, how I love your juicy red lips When sees them my heart, oh, how it flips Persian: Ta bar dilash az ghussa ghubaaray nanasheenad Aey sayl e sarashk az aqab e naama rawaan baash Urdu: Ta us ka na aalood ho dil ghussa o gham say Aey sayl e sarashk az aqab e naama rawaan ho English:=== That you will be cross, oh, how it fears So the message of love it sends with tears Persian: Aey zahid agar waslat e meena dahadat dast Az himmat e peeraan e do aalam ba amaan baash Urdu: Zahid ko agar wasl e suraahi ho mayassar Wo himmat e peeraan e jahaan say ba amaan ho English:=== Go tell the preacher to have some wine For it will give him the knowledge divine -


Persian: Dar khirqa chun aatish zadi, aey aarif e saalik Jehday kun o sar halqa e rindaan e jahaan baash Urdu: Khirqay ko jala daal too aey aarif e saalik Pee ishq ki mai, quaid e rindaan e jahaan ho English:=== O mystic, go and pawn your gown Become a toper and achieve renown Persian: Zaan baada keh dar mastaba e ishq farooshand Ma ra do seh saaghar badeh o goo ramazaan baad Urdu: Phir ja kay pio mastaba e ishq maen baada Mast ulfat e Haq maen ho jo mah e ramazaan ho English:=== Of the wine of love have a cup or two And if it's ramadan, take more than a few Persian: HAFIZ keh hawas meekunad az jaam e jahaanbeen Goo dar nazar e Aasif e Jumsheedmakaan baash Urdu: Milta hay faqat HAFIZ usay jaam e jahaanbeen Jis per nazar e Aasif e Jumsheedmakaan ho English:=== And if HAFIZ wants the magic bowl In the service of Jum he should enroll ====

Q Ghazal 162 Persian: Baaghbaan gar panj roozay sohbat e gul bayadash Bar jafa e khaar e hijraan sabr e bulbul bayadash Urdu: Baaghbaan ger tujh ko kuchh din sohbat e gul chahiay Ber jafa e khaar e hijraan sabr e bulbul chahiay English:=== For the company of the rose if you have a desire The patience of nightingale you better acquire Persian: Aey dil andar band e zulfash az pareeshaani manaal Murgh e zeerak chun ba daam uftad, tahammul bayadash Urdu: Band e kakul maen tujhay aey dil pareeshaani hay kuin Daam maen ik murgh e zeerak ko tahammul chahiay English:=== If you love her hair, you'll be in a snare And a lot of sorrow you'll then have to bear Persian: Baa chuneen zulf o rukhay baadash nazarbaazi haraam Har keh roo e yaasmin o jaad e sunbul bayadash Urdu: Jab mayassar zulf e yaar o doulat e rukhsaar ho Kis ko roo e yaasmin o zulf e sunbul chahiay English:=== But anyone who looks at her beautiful face Her love from his heart he can never erase Persian: Naaz az aan nargis e mastaana maabayad kasheed Ein dil e shooreeda gar aan zulf o kaakul bayadash Urdu: Naaz o ghamza chashm e mastaana kay haen akseer e jaan Per dil e shoureeda ko aashufta kaakul chahiay


English:=== For the lure of her eyes you should find a cure For a lot of misery you'll otherwise endure Persian: Rind e aalamsooz ra baa maslahat beeni chah kaar Kaar e mulkast aan keh tadbeer o tahammul bayadash Urdu: Rind e aalamsouz ka hay maslahat say kaam kya Maana sultaani ko tadbeer o tahammul chahiay English:=== From wisdom and prudence if you want to be free You should become a toper and be just like me Persian: Takya bar taqwa o daanish dar tareeqat faafireest Rahroo gar sad hunar daarad tawakkul bayadash Urdu: Aql o taqwa per bharousa maarfat maen kufr hay Saw hunar bhee houn toe rehraw ko tawakkul chahiay English:=== To the worldly wisdom you should say good-bye On God a mystic must always rely Persian: Saaqia dar gardish saaghar taallul ta ba chand Dour chun baa aashiqaan uftad tasalsul bayadash Urdu: Laet o laaly gardish saaghar maen aey saaqi na ker Dour jab ushshaaq tak punhchay tasalsul chahiay English:=== From drinking wine you should never shrink So go to the bar and drink and drink Persian: Keest HAFIZ ta nanooshad baada bay aawaaz e chang Aashiq e miskeen chira chandeen tajammul bayadash Urdu: Baada bay aawaaz e barbat peeta HAFIZ kuin naheen Aashiq e miskeen ko itna kuin tajammul chahiay English:=== And though a pauper, our HAFIZ thinks Without the music you shouldn't have drinks ====

Q Ghazal 163 Persian: Baburd az mun qaraar o taaqat o hoosh But e sangeen dil o seemeen bunagoosh Urdu: Gaya lay ker qaraar o taaqat o housh But e sangeen dil o seemeen bunagoush English:=== Oh, how she took my peace, my reason The one so heartless, so full of treason Persian: Nigaaray chabukay shookhay pariwash Hareef e mehwashay Turk e qabapoosh Urdu: Nigaar e chabuk o shoukh e pariwash Habib e mehwash o Turk e qabapoush English:=== She is so wanton, so vain, so saucy So grand, so high, so proud, so bossy -


Persian: Zay taab e aatish e sooda e ishqash Basaan e deeg daim meezanam joosh Urdu: Ba taab e aatish e souda e ulfat Ba misl e daeg daim dil maen hay joush English:=== I feel in my soul a burning desire Oh, how she has set my heart on fire Persian: Agar booseeda gardad istakhhanam Nagardad mehrash az jaanam faramoosh Urdu: Hui haen haddian bouseeda maeri Karay laikin na dil us ko faramoush English:=== And although now I'm weak and old On me she still has an awesome hold Persian: Dil o deenam, dil o deenam baburdast Bar o dooshash, bar o dooshash, bar o doosh Urdu: Dil o deen lay gaay maeray dil o deen Bar o doushash, bar o doushash, bar o doush English:=== My faith they plunder again and again Her graceful neck, her beautiful chin Persian: Dawa e to, dawa e tust HAFIZ Lab e nooshash, lab e nooshash, lab e noosh Urdu: Dawa taeri, dawa taeri hay HAFIZ Lab e naushash, lab e noushash, lab e naush English:=== Those juicy lips; those charming eyes Without them her HAFIZ cries and cries ====

Q Ghazal 164 Persian: Ba dour e laala qadeh geer o bay riya meebaash Ba boo e gul nafasay hamdam e saba meebaash Urdu: Ba dour e laala qadeh geer o bay riya bun ja Ba boo e gul nafasay hamdam e saba bun ja English:=== The spring is here; let's drink some wine Let's enjoy the breeze, on the lawn recline Persian: Nagooyamat keh hama saal maiparasti kun Seh mah mai khur o nuh mah paarsa meebaash Urdu: Kaha yeh kis nay keh masinoush saal bhar ho too Seh meh sharaab pee, nou mah paarsa bun ja English:=== I don't mean to say, you drink all the time But drinking in springtime is not a crime Persian: Chun peer e saalik e ishqat ba mai hawaala kunad Banoosh, muntazar e rehmat e Khuda meebaash Urdu: Jo peer e saalik e ulfat ata karay baada Too pee kay muntazar e rehmat e Khuda bun ja


English:=== And if our abbot offers you some wine You should thank God, and do not decline Persian: Garat hawast keh chu Jum ba sirr e ghaib rasi Bia o hamdam e jaam e jahaan numa meebash Urdu: Jo chahay Jum ki terheh tujh pay raaz e ghaib khulaen Too pee kay hamdam e jaam e jahaan numa bun ja English;=== To see the future in the magic bowl In the service of Jum you should first enroll Persian: Chu ghuncha gar cheh faroobastagiest kaar e jahaan Too hamchu baad e bahaari girahkusha maabaash Urdu: Hay misl e ghuncha lagaana girah jo kaar e jahaan Too misl e baad e bahaari girahkusha bun ja English:=== The problems of the world if you want to solve In the affairs of life you should yourself involve Persian: Wafa majooie zay kas war sulkhan nameeshunawi Ba harza taalib e seemurgh o keemia maabaash Urdu: Talab maen umr agar raigaan hi kerni hay Ba shouq talib e seemurgh o keemia bun ja English:=== But the saying of the mystics you cannot neglect And loyalty from the world you shouldn't expect Persian: Mureed e taat e baigaangaan mashoo HAFIZ Walay maashir e rindaan e aashna meebaash Urdu: Mureed e taat e baigaangaan na ho HAFIZ Chal aur maashir e rindaan e aashna bun ja English:=== So, HAFIZ, you should also become like me In the company of topers you should try to be ====

Q Ghazal 165

Persian: Chu barshakist saba zulf e unbarafshaanash Ba her shakista keh paiwast taaza shud jaanash Urdu: Hawa bakhairti jab zulf e unberafshaan hay Dil e shakista e aashiq maen daalti jaan hay English:=== When the breeze does bring the scent of her hair It brings to life the lovers everywhere Persian: Kujaast hamnafasay ta keh sharh e ghussa daham Keh dil cheh meekashad az roozgaar e hijraanash Urdu: Agar milay wo kaheen aek din toe us say kahoun Keh khoun dil ka karay rozgaar e hijraan hay English:=== Is there a friend to whom I can show The pain of her parting, and hope he'd know


Persian: Naseem e subh wafanaamaay keh burd badoost Zay khoun e deeda e ma bood mohr e unwaanash Urdu: Day us ko behr e Khuda aey saba wafanaama Keh khoun e dil ki lagi us pay mohr e unwaan hay English:=== My message of love I send with the breeze And beg it to go, and give it to her please Persian: Zamaana az waraq e gul misaal e roo e to bast Walay zay sharm e to dar ghuncha kard pinhaanash Urdu: Jo daekha phool ki patti nay yaar ka chehra Hui wo ghunchay maen sharmindagi say pinhaan hay English:=== But tell her when I that she's like a rose To making her cross I come very close Persian: Basay shudaem o nashud ishq ra karaana padeed Tabaarak Allah az ein reh keh neest payaanash Urdu: Yeh behr e ishq keh us ka naheen karaan koie Yeh rah e uns keh is ka kaheen na payaan hay English:=== The nature of love you can't comprehend For it has no beginning; it has no end Persian: Jamaal e kaaba magar uzr e rehrawaan khahad Keh jaan e zindadilaan sookht dar biabaanash Urdu: Jamaal e kaaba karay uzr rehrawaan say bohat Jala kay khaak karay jab unhaen biabaan hay English:=== Its innner sanctum you cannot reach It defies discription; it's beyond speech Persian: Dilam keh mehr e to az ghair e to nihaan meedaasht Babeen keh deeda kunad faash peesh e yaaraanash Urdu: Na jaanta tha koie raaz jo siwa taeray Wo chashm e nam say hua faash paesh e yaaraan hay English:=== In no one its secrets you can confide For it, like fragrance, you never can hide Persian: Badein shakista e baet e hazan keh meearad Nishaan e yusuf e dil az cheh e zanikhdaanash Urdu: Nishaan kalba e ahzaan maen koie day us ka Jo aek Yusuf e dil dar cheh e zanikhdaan hay English:=== And when it falls in it, no matter how clever Come out of it your heart can never Persian: Sahar ba tarf e chaman meeshuneedam az bulbul Nawa e HAFIZ e khush lehja e ghazalkhaanash Urdu: Samajhtay ho jisay gulbaang e andaleeb wo ik Nawa e HAFIZ e khush lehja e ghazalkhan hay English:=== But, HAFIZ, in the garden the nightingale To sing your verses it never does fail ====


Q Ghazal 166

Persian: Chun jaam e laal e to noosham, kuja bamaanad hoosh Chun chashm e mast e to beenam, ba ja namaanad goosh Urdu: Mila jo jaam e lab e laal dil maen aaya joash Jo chashm e mast ko daekha toe ho gaya madhoash English:=== When I kiss your lips I lose my head And with a look from you I feel I'm dead Persian: Munam ghulaam e to war zaan keh az mun aazaadi Mara ba ba koozafaroosh e sharaabkhaana faroosh Urdu: Tera ghulaam houn maen aur too mujh say hay aazaad Day mujh ko baech sar e maikada ba koozafaroash English:=== O free me not and say farewell Or me to the keeper of the bar you sell Persian: Ba boo e aan keh zay maikhaana koozaay yaabam Rawam saboo e kharabaatian kasham bar doosh Urdu: Umeed thi keh milay maikaday maen kooza e mai Gaya saboo e kharabaatian liay bar doash English:=== For him I'll fetch and carry the wine And service and drinking I'll there combine Persian: Mara bagooie keh khaamoosh baash o dam dar kash Keh dar chaman natawaan yaaft murgh ra khaamoosh Urdu: Yeh kaisa toar e khamoashi hay taeri mehfil maen Kab undaleeb chaman maen hua hay yuin khaamoash English:=== When I sing like a bird, my song is a hit I can't keep quiet; I'm not going to quit Persian: Agar nishaan e to jooyam kidaam sabr o qaraar Wa gar hadees e to gooyam kidaam taaqat o hoosh Urdu: Talaash maen teri sabr o qaraar kho baethay Nishaan taera mila jab, rahay na taaqat o hoash English:=== When I'm without you I lose my peace In talking about you though I find release Persian: Sharaab e pukhta ba khaamaan e dilfasurda madeh Keh baada aatish e teez ast o pukhtagaan dar joosh Urdu: Sharaab e pukhta na kachchay diloun ko day saaqi Hay baada aatish e taez aur pukhtagaan dar joash English:=== Drinking, O censor, please don't forbid I'm a great lover; I'm not just a kid Persian: Naeen e rooza e jannat ba zooq e aan narasad Keh yaar noosh kunad baada o to gooie noosh Urdu; Naheen bahisht maen aisa maza jo aata hay Ho yaar bazm maen jab, bazm maen ho na o noash English:=== For when your darling offers you the wine In Heaven and Earth there is nothing so divine


Persian: Mara chun khilaat e sultaan e ishq meedaadand Nida zadand keh HAFIZ khamoosh baash, khamoosh Urdu: Yeh keh kay bakhshi hay sultaan e ishq ki khilaat Keh HAFIZ is ko lay aur reh khamoash, reh khaamoash English:=== And, HAFIZ, I'm a lover and not a nit wit Don't tell me to be quiet; don't ask me to quit ====

Q Ghazal 167 Persian: Dar ahd e baadshah e khatabukhsh, jurmpoosh Hafiz qaraabakash shud o mufti piyaalanoosh Urdu: Khush ahd e baadshah e khatabukhsh o jurmpoash Hafiz qaraabakash hua, mufti piyaalanoash English:=== In the reign of our king so generous, so kind The sheik and the preacher in the bar we find Persian: Sufi zay kunj e soomia dar pa e khum nashist Ta deed mohtasib keh saboo meekashad ba doosh Urdu: Sufi bhee aa kay baetha hay matkay ki chhaoun maen Daekha keh mohtasib bhee phiray hay saboo ba doash English:=== The censor now carries a bottle of wine And the mystic has also left the shrine Persian: Ahwaal e shaikh o qazi o shurb e yahood e shaan Kardam sawaal subhey dam az peer e maifaroosh Urdu: Surb e nihaan e qazi o mufti ka haal jab Poocha jo, mujh say kehnay laga peer e maifaroash English:=== To the keeper of the bar when I talked about sheik And said that to me he looke rather fake Persian: Gufta na guftaniest sukhan gar cheh mehrami Darkash zabaan o parda negehdaar o mai banoosh Urdu: Mehram hay, razdaan hamaara hay too walay Kehnay ki baat yeh naheen, Khamoash baadanoash English:=== He looked at me and said with a smile That damning such people was not our style Persian: Saaqi bahaar meerasad o jaam e mai namaand Fikray bakun keh khoon e dil aamad zay gham ba joosh Urdu: Saaqi bahaar aaie hay, thorhi sharaab day Aata hay soaz e gham say mera khoun e dil ba joash English:=== So since it was spring and the weather was fine I begged the barmaid to get me some wine Persian: Ishq ast o muflisi o jawaani o noobahaar Uzram pazeer o jurm ba zael e karam bapoosh Urdu: Hay ishq o muflisi o jawaani o fasl e gul Ker maazarat qabool, chhupa jurm aebpoash English:=== Telling her that being so poor, so meek Because I'm a lover, indulgence I seek -


Persian: Aey baadshah e soorat o maani keh misl e to Naadeeda heetch deeda o nashneed heetch goosh Urdu: Aey baadshah e soorat e seerat, tera maseel Daekha na aankh say, na kisi nay suna ba goash English:=== Our king is so brave, so noble, so kind That a ruler like him is difficult to find Persian: Chundaan bamaan keh khirqa e azraq kunad qabool Bakht e jawaanat az falak e peer e zindapoosh Urdu: Lambi ho umr itni keh day bakht ko teray Ik khirqa azraqi falak e peer e zindapoash English:=== Him, for his wisdom, we all applaud And he also enjoys the favor of God Persian: Ta chand hamchu shamay zabaan aawari kuni Parwaana e muraad raseed aey moohib khamoosh Urdu; Kab tak zabaan daraazi karay ga khayaal e sham Parwaana e muraad mila hay, too reh khamoash English:=== I thank my Maker again and again I am so lucky, I cannot complain Persian: Deeshab nida zay ghaeb ba goosh e dilam raseed HAFIZ,to ghussa kum khor o banshheen o mai banoosh Urdu: HAFIZ pio sharaab, gham o ghusa kum karo Aati hay shab maen ghaib say yeh ik nida ba goash English:=== And last night,HAFIZ, I heard a voice Which said I should drink, and dance, and rejoice ====

Q Ghazal 168 Persian: Dilam rameeda shud o ghafilam mun e durweesh Keh aan shikaari e sargashta ra cheh aamad peesh Urdu: Hay sayd dil mera aur baykhabar houn maen durwaish Keh is shikaar e saraashufta ko hay kya darpaish English:=== She took my heart, I didn't even know But then I'm a man who can't say no Persian: Chu baid bar sar eimaan e kheesh meelarzam Keh dil ba dast e kamaan abrooiest kaafirkeesh Urdu: Bohat hay khatray maen eimaan, kaanpta houn maen Hay dil ba dast e kamaan abrooaan e kaafirkaish English:=== The preacher tells me, I'll go to hell For I gave my heart to an infidel Persian: Banaazam aan miza e shookh e afiyatkush ra Keh mooj meezanadash aab e noosh bar sar e neesh Urdu: Hay naaz ik miza e shoukh e aafiyakush ko Keh aab e naush karay raqs us kay bar sar e naish English:=== Oh, how I love her long eyelashes With them my heart oh, how she slashes -


Persian: To bandaie, gila az baadsheh makun aey dil Keh shart e ishq nabaashad shikaayat az kum o beesh Urdu: Talab maen itna gila yaar say na ker aey dil Naheen hay ishq maen jaiz shikayat e kum o baish English:=== But no matter how much she gives me pain I am her slave; I just can't complain Persian: Zay aasteen e tabeebaan hazaar khoon bachakad Garam ba tajraba dastay nihand bar dil e reesh Urdu: Tapakta khoun hay tabeeboun ki aasteenoun say Jo haath rahtay haen tashkhees ka wo bar dil e raish English:=== My heart to examine when the doctor proceeds From every little wound it bleeds and bleeds Persian: Khayaal e hoosla e behr meepuzam, haihaat Chehaast dar sar e ein qatra e mohaalandeesh Urdu: Khayaal e housla e behr e ishq hay dil maen Hua hay qatra yeh ik kis qadar mohaalandaish English:=== My heart is a drop, but thinks it's an ocean From where, God knows, it got this notion? Persian: Na umr e Khizr bamaanad na mulk e Iskander Nizaa bar sar e dunya e doom makun durweesh Urdu: Na umr e Khizr hamaisha na mulk e Iskander Nizaa bar sar e dunya e doon na ker durwaish English:=== But whether it was Caesar or Alexander They went into dust with all their splendor Persian: Ba koo e maikada giryaan o sarfaganda rawam Chira keh sharm hamiaayadam zay haasil e kheesh Urdu: Ba soo e maikada jaata houn sar jhukaay huay Keh aati daekh kay mujh ko hay sharm haalat e khaish English:=== I know not why they think it's funny When I go to the bar and have no money? Persian: Badaan kamar narasad dast e her gada HAFIZ Khazeenaie ba kuff awur zay gunj e qaaroon beesh Urdu: Wo haath pa na saka yaar ki kamar HAFIZ Khazeena rakhta na tha jo zay ganj qaroon baish English:=== And don't think HAFIZ she's your honey For you cannot have her without the money ====

Q Ghazal 169 Persian: Doosh baa mun guft pinhaan raazdaanay teez hoosh Kaz shuma pinhaan nashaayad daasht raaz e maifaroosh Urdu: Mujh say kal kehnay laga yeh raazdaan e taez hoash Rakh naheen sakta nihaan tujh say maen raaz e maifaroash English:=== To me said a wise man, "Would it not be nice From the tavern keeper if you took advice -


Persian: Guft aasaan geer bar khud kaarha az roo e tab Sakht meegeerad jahaan bar mardumaan e sakhtkoosh Urdu: Dhoond aasaaish yahaan, kaar e jahaan aasaan ker Kertay aasaan kaam bhee mushkil haen jo haen sakhtkoash English:=== "If you take it easy, you wouldn't have to sweat For the harder you push, the tougher it'll get" Persian: Waan gaham dar daad jaamay kaz farooghash bar falak Zohra dar raqs aamad o barbat zanaan meeguft- noosh Urdu: Jaam saaqi nay diya aisa hua roashan falak Raqs Zohra nay kya, kehanay lagi - pee baadanoosh English:=== He then gave me a cup full of wine And said, "If you drank it, you'll feel fine" Persian: Ta na gardi aashna zein parda booay nashnawi Goosh e namehram nabaashad ja e paighaam e saroosh Urdu: Gar hay jooya raaz ka, ban aashna e raazdaan Goash e namehram naheen hay ja e paighaam e saroash English:=== He said, "After drinking you shouldn't feel odd At night if you hear from the angel of God Persian: Dar hareem e ishq natwaan zad dam az guft o shuneed Zaan keh aan ja jumla aaza chashm baayad bood o goosh Urdu: Kuchh hareem e ishq maen hoti naheen guft o shuneed Khamashi laazim, sab aaza ko bana lay chashm o goash English:=== "Your inner feelings you shouldn't betray When you are a lover, you've nothing to say Persian: Dar bisaat e nuktadaanaan khudfarooshi shart neest Ya sukhan daanita goo, aey mard e bakhrad, ya khamoosh Urdu: Khudnumaaie nuktadaanoun ki nazar maen hay ghalat Baat ker maaqul, aey mard e khirad, ya reh khamoash English:=== "And if nothing very wise there is to say Your lack of wisdom you shouldn't display Persian: Baa dil khooneen lab e khandaan biyaawar hamchu jaam Nay garat zakhmay rasad, aaie chu nai andar kharoosh Urdu: Gar cheh is maen khoun e dil hay, lab haen khandaan jaam kay Ho agar bismil to ho, per dil maen ho joash o kharoash English:=== "Even if it's painful, you should always smile For you are a lover and not a juvenile Persian: Goosh kun pand aey pisar, az behr e dunya gham makhur Guftamat chun dar hadeesay gar tawaani daar goosh Urdu: Pand maen maeri garaan gohar haen, aey jaan e pidar Gham na kha dunya e doun ka, yeh naseehat sun ba goash English:=== "And if you are foolish, you'll pay the price So listen to the wise, and take their advice -


Persian: Saaqia mai deh keh rindiha e HAFIZ afu kard Khusrav e saahibqiraan e jurmbakhsh o aebpoosh Urdu: Saaqia mai day keh HAFIZ per hua hay mehrbaan Khusrav e saahibqiraan e jurmbakhsh o aebpoash English:=== "And, HAFIZ, drink as much as you can find Our king understands; he is noble and kind" ====

Q Ghazal 170

Persian: Sahar zay haatif e ghaibam raseed muzda ba goosh Keh dour e Shah Shuja ast, mai dilair banoosh Urdu: Yeh laya ghaib say ik muzda aaj subhey Saroash Keh dour e Shah Shuja ab hay, dar na baada noash English:=== Last night an angel gave me the news It's Shuja's reign; you can freely booze Persian: Shud aan keh ahl e nazar bar kinara meeraftand Hazaar goona sukhan bar dahaan o lab khamoosh Urdu: Gaya zamaana keh mohtaat thay sab ahl e nazar Zabaan pay lafz thay baitaab aur thay lab khaamoash English:=== Gone are the days when the folks were afraid What they wanted to say, they would usually evade Persian: Ba baang e chang bagooyaem aan hikaayatha Keh az nahiftan e o daeg e seena meezad joosh Urdu: Ba baang e chang hikayaat wo karaen gay bayaan Keh aaay jin kay chhupanay say daeg e seena ba joash English:=== The things and knowledge they would never betray They can now come out and very boldly say Persian: Sharaab e khaanagi az beem e mohtasib khurdan Ba roo e yaar banooshaem o baang e noosh a noosh Urdu: Chhupa kay peetay thay kal mohtasib kay dar say magar Ham aaj peetay haen khul kay ba baang e noash a noash English:=== For the fear of censor they would drink at home But now with the gals they drink and roam Persian: Zay koo e maikada dooshash ba doosh meeburdand Imaam e shehr keh sajjaada meekasheed ba doosh Urdu: Ham aaj jaatay haen us ko uthaay kandhay per Imaam e shehr jo phirta tha kal musalla ba doash English:=== Those, in his presence, who used to quake Now drunk, on their shoulders, they carry the sheik Persian: Dila dalalat e khairat kunam ba rah e nijaat Makun ba fisq mabahaat o zohd ham mafaroosh Urdu: Teri nijaat isi maen hay, sun meri aey dil Na fukhr zohd pay ker aur na bun too taqwafaroash


English:=== So I keep now telling this heart of mine "Don't be a hypocrite, let's have some wine" Persian: Mahill e noor e tajalliest rai e anwar e Shah Chun qurb e o talaby, dar safa e niyyat koosh Urdu: Muqaam e noor e jajalli hay rai e anwar e Shah Jo qurb chahiay us ka, safa e niyyat koash English:=== So learned and liberal is our noble king That him we worship; to his feet we cling Persian: Ba juz sana e jalalash masaaz wird e zameer Keh hast goosh e dilash mehram e payaam e Saroosh Urdu: Muqaam sadra hay, arsh e bareen makaan us ka Wo goash e dil jo banay mehram e payaam e Saroash English:=== It's alway right whatever he says He merits our love; he deserves our praise Persian: Ramooz e maslahat e mulk khusrawaan daanand Gada e gooshanasheeni to HAFIZA makharoosh Urdu: Ramooz e maslahat e mulk khusrawaan jaanaen Faqeer e saada hay HAFIZ na ker too itna kharoash English:=== And, HAFIZ, our king, he knows what's right So let's go and drink, and let's get tight ====

Q Ghazal 171

Persian: Sufi gulay bacheen o muraqqa ba khaar bakhsh Ween zuhd e khushk ra ba mai e khushgawaar bakhsh Urdu: Sufi guloun ko daekh, muraqqa ba khaar bakhsh Taqwa o zohd sab ba mai e khushgawaar bakhsh English:=== Look at the rose and ignore the thorn And drinking, O preacher, do not scorn Persian: Taamaat o zarq dar reh e aahung e chang neh Tasbeeh o teelsaan ba mai o maigusaar bakhsh Urdu: Zikr o bayaan e ishq ba aahang e chang ker Fikr o maarfat ba mai o maigusaar bakhsh English:=== Go sing and dance and leave the shrine And sell your rosary for a cup of wine Persian: Zohd e garaan keh saaqi o shahid namikharand Dar halqa e chaman ba naseem e bahaar bakhsh Urdu: Zohd e garaan keh saaqi o shahid pay hay garaan Halqay maen baagh kay ba naseem e bahaar bakhsh English:=== And for your piety the girls don't care So when you see them, your love you declare -


Persian: Raham sharaab e laal zad aey meer e aashiqaan Khoun e mara ba chah e zanikhdaan e yaar bakhsh Urdu: Go lab nay khoun kya hay, na lay maera khounbaha Khoun balkeh yeh ba chah e zanikhdaan e yaar bakhsh English:=== And though it kills me again and again I'm dying to kiss her dimpled chin Persian: Ya Rab ba waqt e gul guneh e banda afu kun Ween maagra ba sarv e lab e jooaybaar bukhsh Urdu: Ya Rab ba waqt e gul guneh e banda afu ker Ho jo khata ba sarv e lab e jooyabaar bakhsh English;=== Drinking I cannot resist in the spring When sitting by the water and hearing her sing Persian: Aey aan keh reh ba mashrab e maqsood burdaie Zeen behr qatraay ba mun e khaaksaar bakhsh Urdu: Bakhsha Khuda nay mashrab e maqsood ger tujhay Ik qatra behr ka ba dil e khaaksaar bakhsh English:=== All kinds of drinks you have in your shop O maid of the bar, just give me a drop Persian: Shukraana e keh roo e tura chashm e bad na deed Ma ra ba afw o lutf e Khudawandagaar bakhsh Urdu: Ta keh Khuda rakhay tujhay her chashm e bad say dour Hum ko too behr e luts e Khudawandaggar bakhsh English:=== The evil spirits may you always defy May God protect you from the evil eye Persian: Saaqi chun shah noosh kunad baada e sabooh Goo jaam e zar ba HAFIZ e shabzindadaar bakhsh Urdu: Jab shah kartay noush saboohi haen saaqia Ik jaam e zar ba HAFIZ e shabzindadaar bakhsh English:=== Drinking with the king has made me bold Now, HAFIZ, I want wine in a cup of gold ====

Q Ghazal 172 Persian: Kinaar e aab o pa e baid o tab e sher o yaaray khush Maashir dilbar e sheerin o saaqi gulizaaray khush Urdu: Kinaar e aab o pa e baid o tab e sher o yaar e khush Hay saathi dilber e sheerin o saaqi gulizaar e khush English:=== A beauty singing by the water a song And offering wine; that's where I belong Persian: Ila aey doolat e taalay keh qadr e wasl meedaani Gawaara baadat ein ishrat keh daari roozgaaray khush Urdu: Aey maeri doulat e talay, mujhay day wasl ki doulat Mubaarak ho tujhay ishrat, tera ho rozgaar e khush English:=== And my lady luck when she is with me My life is happy as happy can be -


Persian: Uroos e tabay ra zaiwar zay fikr e bakr meebandam Bawad kaz naqsh e ayyamam ba dast uftad nigaaray khush Urdu: Uroos e tabay ko maen fikr e taaza say sajaata koun Simat aaay meray aaghoush maen ta keh nigaar e klhush English:=== My gems of thought when I put in my verse I can lure the queen of the universe Persian: Shab e sohbat ghaneemat daan o daad e khushdili bastaan Keh mehtaab e dilafroozast o tarf e laalazaaray khush Urdu: Mili hay yaar ki sohbat, charaaghaan aaj mehfil hay Hay taabaan mahtaab e dil, hay tarf e laalazaar e khush English:=== At night when she comes and sits by my side My joy and bliss I simply cannot hide Persian: Cheh mai dar kaasa e chashm ast saaqi ra, ba naam Izad Keh masti meekunad baa aql o meeaarad khumaaray khush Urdu: Khudaya hay yeh mai kaisi meray saaqi ki aankhoun maen Keh kerti aql ko hay mast, laay hay khumaar e khush English:=== And when she drink, her charming eyes They allure, they enchant, they mesmerize Persian: Her aan kas ra keh bar khatir zay ishq e dilbaray baarast Sapanday goo bar aatish neh keh daari kaar o baaray khush Urdu: Hua hay aatish e ulfat say ger aashiq ka dil sozaan Sapand ik is pay daalo, ta banay yeh kaar o baar e khush English:=== So like me, if you've a beautiful gal Dwell in bliss forever you shall Persian: Ba ghaflat umr shud HAFIZ, bia baa ma ba maikhaana Keh shangoolaan e sarmastat biaamoozand kaaray khush Urdu: Hay tujh ko ger gham e furqat toe maikhaanay maen chal HAFIZ Keh maashooqaan wahaan rindoun ko sikhlaatay haen kaar e khush English:=== And if you don't, HAFIZ, go to the bar With the beautiful girls you won't go very far ====

Q Ghazal 173 Persian: Ma aazmoodaaim dar ein shehr bakht e kheesh Bayad baroon kasheed az ein wirta rakht e kheesh Urdu: Hay aazmaya ham nay yahaan baish bakht e khaish Chal aur shehr maen kisi lay ker too rakht e khaish English:=== Oh, in this town we're getting nowhere So let's get out of this nightmare Persian: Az bas keh dast meegazam o aah meekasham Aatish zadam chu gul ba tan e lakht, lakht e kheesh Urdu: Ulfat hay konsi mujhay, kaisa yeh ishq hay Kuin maen jala raha houn dil e lakht, lakht e khaish English:=== Let's go to a city where beauties are fair For in this town there's too much despair


Persian: Doosham zay bulbulay cheh khush aamad keh meesarood Gul goosh pahn karda zay shaakh e darakht e kheesh Urdu: Gulbaang e andaleeb hay aisi keh aaj gul Suntay haen kaan laga kay ba shaakh e darakht e khaish English:=== While taking a walk in a beautiful vale I heard one morning a nightingale Persian: Kay dil saboor baash keh aan yaar e tundkhoo Bisyaar tundkhooay nasheenad zay bakht e kheesh Urdu: Aey dil na ker shikaayat e mashooq e tundkhoo Bisyaar tundkhoo karay us ko hay bakht e khaish English:=== He said that the flowers have also their woes Their bloom doesn't last; it comes and then goes Persian: Gar moojkheez hadisa sar bar falak zanad Aarif ba aab tar na kunad rakht e bakht e kheesh Urdu: Kitna bhee moajkhaiz ho chahay yeh behr e gham Aarif ba aab tar na karay rakht e bakht e khaish English:=== And no matter how much he suffers from pain A lover must bear it; he must never complain Persian: Khahi keh sakht o sust e jahaan bar to nagzarad Bagzar zay ahd e sust o sukhanha e sakht e kheesh Urdu: Chaho jo sakht o sust e jahaan say bachay raho Chhorho yeh ahd e sust o sukhanha e sakht e khaish English:=== And if he wants to have no sorrow or pain From hurting people he should refrain Persian: Aey HAFIZ, ar muraad mayassar shuday mudaam Jumsheid neez dour namaanday zay takht e kheesh Urdu: HAFIZ muraad ko hay mayassar dawaam ger Jumsheid chhorh kay gaya kuin taaj o takht e khaish English:=== And if we could, HAFIZ, get what we desire The great Jumsheid wouldn't have lost his empire ====

Q Ghazal 174 Persian: Mara kaariest mushkil baa dil e kheesh Keh guftan meeneyaaram mushkil e kheesh Urdu: Mujhay aisi hay mushkil baa dil e khaish Keh mushkil hay bataana mushkil e khaish English:=== It's a lot of trouble, this heart of mine And so very foolish and so asinine Persian: Khayaalat daanad o jaan e mun az gham Keh her shab dar cheh kaaram baa dil e kheesh Urdu: Naheen hay ishq maen kuch bhee ba juz gham Kahoun yeh baat kaisay baa dil e khaish English:=== When it thinks of her it cries and cries Its pain and sorrow it cannot disguise


Persian: Zay wapusmaandgaan yaaday kun aakhir Cheh raani tund yaara mehmil e klheesh Urdu: Na peechhay chhorh in pusmaangaan ko Na ja yiun taiz lay ker mehmil e khaish English:=== And when she comes, she's always in a hurry What happens to my heart, she does not worry Persian: Basay gashtam chu Majnu koh o sahra Magar yaaban suraagh az manzil e kheesh Urdu: Maen khaak e koh o sahra chhanta houn Milay shayad suraagh e manzil e khaish English:=== And the heart of mine, when she leaves it behind It goes looking for her but never can find Persian: Mara dar awwal e manzil reh uftaad Kam aamad kashtiyam dar saahil e kheesh Urdu: Bachay toofaan e gham say, aaay kaisay Safeena dil ka andar saahil e khaish English:=== And whenever it tries, it goes astray My heart can never find its way Persian: Cheh fursatha keh gum kardam dar ein rah Zay bakht e khaabnaak e ghaafil e kheesh Urdu: Mawaaqay rah maen khoota houn her dam Zay bakht e khaabnaak e ghaafil e khaish English:=== And whenever it goes and looks for romance It's always unlucky, and misses the chance Persian: Kam az joolaanay aakhir dar reh e ma Chun HAFIZ khaak kard aab o gil e kheesh Urdu: Too aa is rah per, HAFIZ nay jis ki Banaie khaak hay aab o gil e khaish English:=== But one day, HAFIZ, she'll come, I trust And step on my heart when it is in the dust ====

Q Ghazal 175 Persian: Mun kharaabam zay gham e yaar e kharaabaati e kheesh Meezanad ghamza e o naawak e gham bar dil e reesh Urdu: Hay meri jaan ko gham e yaar e kharaabaati baish Naawak e ghamza say kerta hay bohat wo dil raish English:=== Her every glance is so like a dart Oh, how it wounds my woeful heart Persian: Baa to peewastam o az ghair e to dil babreedam Aashna e to nadaarad sar e baigaana o kheesh Urdu: Aashna taera hua jab say mera dil, us ko Naheen andaisha e baigaana, naheen fikr e khaish English:=== Ever since with love that I've been blessed In everything else I have lost interest


Persian: Ba inaayat nazaray kun keh mun e dilshuda ra Narawad bay madad e lutf e to kaaray az kheesh Urdu: Aey meray dost teri chashm e inaayat kay baghair Sehl ho kaisay yeh mushkil jo hay mujh ko darpaish English:=== But the blessing is not without its cost Without her help I'm completely lost Persian: Aakhir aey paadsheh e husn o malaahat cheh shawad Gar lab e laal e to reezad namakay bar dil e reesh Urdu: Dour say apna dikka ker lab e sheereen mujh ko Yuin namak shah e malaahat na chhirhak bar dil e raish English:=== For among the beauties she wears the crown Her hair is dark; her skin is brown Persian: Kharman e sabr e mun e sookhtadil daad ba baad Chashm e mast e to keh bakshaad kameen az pus o peesh Urdu: Taab e rukh say hay jala sabr ka maeray kharman Mast aankhoun nay lagaya hay kameen az pus o paish English:=== When she looks at you, her brown eyes They charm, they enchant, they mesmerize Persian: Gar chaleepa e sar e zulf zay ham bakshaayad Bus musalmaan keh shawad kushta e aan kaafirkeesh Urdu: Khoulta ger hay kabhee apni saleeb e kaakul Maar daalay hay musalmaanoun ko wo kaafirkaish English:=== And her curly hair when it flies in the air Even the devout Muslims don't have a prayer Persian: Chun keh ein kooshish e bayfaaida sooday nadahad Pus miazaar dil e khud zay gham aey dourandeesh Urdu: Jab keh kuchh faaida hota naheen is koeshish say Na jala dil ko gham e yaar say aey dourandaish English:=== Your heart, from loving her, you cannot desist It's no use trying; it just can't resist Persian: Purshish e haal e dil e sookhta kun behr e Khuda Neest az shah ajab gar banawaazad durweesh Urdu: Purshish e haal e dil e soakhta ker behr e Khuda Hay ajab kuchh naheen ger shah nawaazay durwaish English:=== So for her favor if you yearn and crave Surrender your will, and become her slave Persian: HAFIZ az noosh e lab e laal e to kamay nagrift Keh nazad bar dil e reeshash do hazaaraan sar e neesh Urdu: Milti us ko naheen noash e lab e laal aey HAFIZ Na ho khoun jis kay jigar ka, na ho jis ka dil raish English:=== But, HAFIZ, beware of her deadly dart It never has missed a lover's heart ====


Q Ghazal 176

Persian: Haatifay az goosha e maikhaana doosh Guft babakhshand guneh, mai banoosh Urdu: Aaie maikhaanay say aawaaz e Saroash Bakhsh daen gay ham tujhay, aey baadanoash English:=== Last night an angel said with a wink You go to the bar and dance and drink Persian: Afw e Ilahi bakunad kaar e kheesh Muzda e rehmat barasaanad Saroosh Urdu: Kaam kerti hay Khuda ki bakhshish Muzda e rehmat sunaata hay Saroash English:=== Our Lord is forgiving, loving, and kind A little bit of sinning He does not mind Persian: Afw e Khuda beeshtar az jurm e maast Nukta e sarbasta cheh gooie, khamoosh Urdu: Hay gunahoun say siwa afw e Khuda Nukta e sarbasta yeh hay, reh khamoash

English:=== The mercy of God is beyond any bound His wisdom and knowledge are so profound Persian: Gar cheh wisaalash na bakooshish dahand Har qadar aey dil keh tawaani, bakoosh Urdu: Wasl koashish say naheen milta kabhee Phir bhee koashish aey meray dil, sakht koash English:=== Though fate is something you can't modify To get what you want you should always try Persian: Ein khirad e khaam ba maikhaana bar Ta mai e laal aawurdash khoun ba joosh Urdu: Lay kay aql e khaam maikhaanay maen chal Ta keh mai say aaay us ka khoun ba joash English:=== Your heart is above and beyond your reason So drink and dance and let it have fun Persian: Goosh e mun o halqa e gaisoo e yaar Roo e mun o khaak e dar e maifaroosh Urdu: Halqa zulf e yaar ka ho kaan maen Ho jabeen bar khaak e koo e maifaroash English:=== Go, sit with your gal, and play with her hair And leave the rest in the barman's care Persian: Daawar e deen Shah Shuja aan keh kard Rooh e qudas halqa e amrash ba goosh Urdu: Deen ka haakim hay wo Shah e Shuja Jis ka hay jibreel bhee halqa ba goash


English:=== Our Shuja, the king, is pious and wise His prudence and wisdom even angels recognize Persian: Aey Malik ul Arsh muraadash badeh Waz khatr e chashm e badash daar goosh Urdu: Baadshah e Arsh mujh per rehm ker Chashm e bad ko dour rakh, day goash e hoash English:=== His virtue and goodness you cannot deny May God protect him from the evil eye Persian: Rindi e HAFIZ na gunaheest saab Baa karam e paadshaeh e aebpoosh Urdu: Rindi e HAFIZ naheen aisa gunah Paish e chashm e lutf e shah e aebpoash English:=== To HAFIZ he is always very generous and kind A king like him you just cannot find ====

Q Ghazal 177

Persian: Bia keh meeshunawam boo e jaan az aan aariz Keh yaaftam dil e khud ra nishaan az aan aariz Urdu: Kuchh aisi aaj mili boo e jaan us rukh say Mila nishaan e dil e bainishaan us rukh say English:=== My soul is scented by her rosy cheek And without its glow my life is bleak Persian: Ba gil bamaand qad e sarv e naaz zaan qaamat Khijal shudaast gul e gulsitaan az aan aariz Urdu: Zameen maen garh gaya her sarv daekh us qad ko Hay sharmsaar gul e gulsitaan us rukh say English:=== Walking in the garden she shames the flowers And seeing her stature, the conifer cowers Persian: Maaniay keh ba hooraan ba shrhey meegooyand Zay husn o lutf bapurs ein bayaan az aan aariz Urdu: Bayaan e khoobi e hooraan suna bohat hay magar Na koobtar hay koie bhee bayaan us rukh say English:=== On earth her beauty has so much fame That the houris in Heaven are put to shame Persian: Grifta naafa e cheen boo e mushk az aan gaisoo Gulaab yaafta boo e chunaan az aan aariz Urdu: Hay boo e naafa e cheen us ki zulf e mushkeen maen Mila gulaab ko husn e jawaan us rukh say English:=== Her golden curls, when they fly in the air The musk is humbled by the scent of her hair -


Persian: Ba sharm rafta tan e yasman az aan andaam Ba khoon nashista gul e arghawaan az aan aariz Urdu: Khijal karay hay tan e yaasmeen ko tan us ka Hua hay khoun e gul e arghawaan us rukh say English:=== Seeing her whiteness the lily has woes Her cheek is redder than the reddest rose Persian: Zay mehr e roo e to khursheed gashta gharq e araq Nazaar maanda mah e aasmaan az aan aariz Urdu: Araq, araq hay rukh e yaar daekh ker suraj Hua khameeda mah e aasmaan us rukh say English:=== Her beauty shames at night the moon Her face is brighter than the sun at noon Persian: Zay nazm e dilkash e HAFIZ chakeed aab e hayaat Chunaan keh khayshuda jaanaan chikaan az aan aariz Urdu: Hay tapkay aab e baqa yuin sukhan say HAFIZ kay Giray hay juin araq e arghawaan us rukh say English:=== But, HAFIZ, your verses whenever she hears Them she admires; them she reveres ====

Q Ghazal 178

Persian: Husn o jamaal e to jahaan jumla grift tool o arz Shams e falak khijal shuda az rukh e khoob e mah e arz Urdu: Roshan haen husn e yaar say dunya jahaan kay tool o arz Shams e falak khijal hua daekha jo roo e mah e arz English:=== Your glow has humbled the glorious moon To your charm, my love, no one is immune Persian: Az rukh e tust muqtabas khor zay chahaaram aasmaan Hamchu zameen e haftameen maanda ba zeer e baar e qarz Urdu: Roshan hay noor say teray mehr e chahaaram aasmaan Misl e zameen e haftameen hay tera zaer e barar e qarz English:=== From your radiance the sun gets the light Your beauty has conquered the world outright Persian: Deedan e husn e roo e to bar hama khalq waajib ast Sijda e dargeh e to shud bar hama shah e arz farz Urdu: Jalwa e husn e yaar hay lazmi saari khalq per Sajda e baargah e doost hay ba gada o shah farz English:=== Everybody yearns to see your face The kings pay homage to your charm and grace Persian: Gar lab e roohparwarat gulshakaray nabakhshadam Kay tan e dardmand e mun rusta shawad az ein marz Urdu: Mujh ko day jaan e mun kabhee apnay laboun ki gulshakar Keh tan e dardmand ki hay yahee ik dawa e marz


English:=== There isn't a man your lips can't lure And there is no ill your kiss can't cure Persian: Boosa ba khaak e pa e o dast kuja dahad tura Qissa e shooq HAFIZA khud keh rasaanadash ba arz Urdu: Bosa e khaak e pa tujhay apna kabhee wo bakhsh day Qissa e shouq o aarzoo HAFIZ agar karay too arz English:=== And for HAFIZ also it's a great treat If once in a while he can kiss your feet ====

Q Ghazal 179

Persian: Zay chashm e bad rukh e khoob e tura Khuda hafiz Keh jumla kard nikoie ba ja e ma Hafiz Urdu: Buri nazar say bachaay usay Khuda, Hafiz Wo shakhs tujh pay bohat mehrbaan raha, Hafiz English:=== She's so bashful, so lovely, so shy May God protect her from the evil eye Persian: Agar cheh khoon e dilat khurd laal e o, bastaan Ba kaam e dil zay labash boosa khoonbaha, Hafiz Urdu: Wo laal lab kay jo peetay haen khoun e dil taera Jo dawaen bosa toe mil jaay khounbaha, Hafiz English:=== And though with a look she can devastate With a kiss, when she likes, she'll compensate Persian: Ba zulf o khaal e butaan dil mabund deegar baar Agar bajasti az ein band o ein bala, Hafiz Urdu: Ba zulf o khaal e butaan dil laga na baar e digar Yeh band e ishq naheen hay, yeh hay bala, Hafiz English:=== From loving her though it's best to abstain If you want to avoid much sorrow and pain Persian: Bia keh nobat e sulhast o doosti o safa Keh baa to neest mara jang o maajra, Hafiz Urdu: Khuloos o uns ka hay waqt, ker qaraar e suleh Keh tujh say us ko naheen jang o maajra, Hafiz English:=== And even if you suffer, you never should fight Because her wrath you will surely invite Persian: To az kuja o umeed e wisaal e o zay kuja Ba daamanash narasad dast e har gada, Hafiz Urdu: Kahaan too aur umeed e wisal e yaar kahaan Naheen hay itna rasa dast e her gada, Hafiz English:=== Your union with her shall never occur No matter how much you yearn for her -


Persian: Cheh zooq yaft dil e mun zay wasl e aan mehboob Maraast tohfa e jaanbakhsh e dilruba, Hafiz Urdu: Hua hay is terheh wo jalwagar keh aaj mujhay Mila hay tohfa e jaanbakhsh e dilruba, Hafiz English:=== Your love for her will take its toll Though trying to have her is a worthy goal Persian: Bia bakhan ghazal e khoob o turfa o pursooz Keh sher e tust farehbakhsh o jaanfiza, HAFIZ Urdu: Suna too aek ghazal dard say bhari keh bohat Haen sher taeray sakoonbakhsh o jaanfiza, HAFIZ English:=== So let's go to HAFIZ and hear him sing Because of the poets he is the king ====

Q Ghazal 180 Persian: Sahar chu bulbul e baidil damay shudam dar baagh Keh ta chu bulbul e baidil kunam ilaaj e dimaagh Urdu: Misaal e bulbul e baidil gaya maen andar baagh Keh boo e gul say ho shaayad mera ilaaj e dimaagh English:=== I went to the garden and drank some ale And heard the wailing of the nightingale Persian: Ba chehra e gul e soori nigah meekardam Keh bood dar shab e taaray barooshni chu charaagh Urdu: Ho chehra e gul e soori nigah maen maeri Mitaaoun teeragi e gham ba roashni e charaagh English:=== Blooming there also was a beautiful rose But, unlike the birds, it had no woes Persian: Chunaan ba husn o jawaani e kheeshtan maghroor Keh daasht az dil e bulbul hazaar goona faraagh Urdu: Banaya husn o jawaani nay is qadar maghroor Keh undaleeb kay dil say raha hay us ko faraagh English:=== It looked so happy, so vigorous, so proud Standing alone and above the crowd Persian: Kushaada nargis e raana ba hasrat aab az chashm Nihaada laala e ahmar ba jaan o dil sad daagh Urdu: Haen kis qadar gul e nargis kin aankh maen aansoo Hean daekh laala e hamrsa kay dil maen kitnay daagh EnglIsh:=== The narcissus also was looking very grand Had a tulip in waiting with a cup in hand Persian: Zabaan kasheeda chu taeghay ba sarzanish soosan Dahan kushaada shaqaiq chu murdumaan e nabaagh Urdu: Zabaan ki taegh say karti hay sarzanish sousan Dahan kushaada hui yaasmeen ander baagh


English:=== The iris there also was lashing its tongue Scolding them all, whether old or young Persian: Yakay chu baadaparastaan suraahi andar dast Yakay chu saaqi e mastaan ba cuff grifta ayaagh Urdu: Ho shakl e baadaparastaan suraaahi ander dast Misaal e saaqi e mastaan ba cuff ho aek ayaagh English:=== And holding a flask was there a lass Pouring red wine in everyone's glass Persian: Nishaat o aesh o jawaani chu gul ghaneemat daan Keh HAFIZA nabawad bar rasool ghair e balaagh Urdu: Nishaat o aesh e jawaani hay, khush raho HAFIZ Bahaar aaie hay roshan hua hay gul ka charaagh English:=== And there was HAFIZ singing his song And telling us to come and sing along ====

Q Ghazal 181

Persian: Zabaan e khaama nadaarad sar bayaan e firaaq Wagerna shrheh daham baa to daastaan e firaaq Urdu: Zabaan ko ho ager taaqat e bayaan e firaaq Sunaen ham tumhaen tafseer e daastaan e firaaq English:=== If the pain of parting I could only explain I would have told you why I'm insane Persian: Rafeeq e khail e khayaalam o hamrakaab e shakeeb Qareen e mehnat o andooh o hamqiraan e firaaq Urdu: Rafeeq e khail e khayaal aur shakaib fitrat ham Qareen e mehnat o andooh o hamqiraan e firaaq English:=== It is not that I do not have any endurance Or that I've lost my control or assurance Persian: Dareegh muddat e umram keh bar umeed e wisaal Basar raseed o niyaamad basar zamaan e firaaq Urdu: Kisie terheh say umeed e wisaal aaay na bar Kisie terheh naheen hota basar zamaan e firaaq English: It has been ages since I saw her last Oh, how can I forget our glorious past? Persian: Saray keh bar sar e gardoon ba fakhr meesoodam Zay roo e ijz nihaadam bar aastaan e firaaq Urdu: Wo sar jo gunbad e gardoon say tha mera ooncha Maen aaj rakhta houn us ko bar aastaan e firaaq English:=== There was a time when I stood very high But now I have become a very humble guy -


Persian: Cheh goona baaz kunam baal dar hawa e wisaal Keh reekht murgh e dilam par dar aashiaan e firaaq Urdu: Hawa e wasl maen kaisay urhay ga murgh e dil Jab us nay ker diay per nazr e aashiaan e firaaq English:=== With her when I flew, my limit was the sky Now I've lost my wings; I can hardly fly Persian: Basay namaand keh kashti e umr gharqa shawad Zay mooj e shooq e to dar behr e baikaraan e firaaq Urdu: Hay dar keh moaj e tamanna maen doob jaay ga Safeena umr ka, aey behr e baikaraan e firaaq English:=== So now in her absence I cry and cry And feel as if I am about to die Persian: Falak chu deed saram ra aseer e chamber e ishq Babast gardan e sabram ba reesmaan e firaaq Urdu: Ho iztaraab tujhay ishq maen na kuin, aey dil Jo baandhay sabr ki garden hay reesmaan e firaaq English:=== I have lost all hopes; I'm completely lost It seems my patience I'm going to exhaust Persian: Kunoon cheh chaara keh dar behr e gham ba gardaabay Fitaada kashti e sabram zay baadbaan e firaaq Urdu: Bachay yeh kaisay jo gardaab e behr e gham maen mera Safeena sabr ka lay aaya baadbaan e firaaq English:=== I cannot sail; I have lost my form My boat of patience is facing a storm Persian: Cheh goona daawa e waslat kunam ba jaan keh shudaast Tanam wakeel e qaza o dilam zamaan e firaaq Urdu: Ba jaan o dil maen karoun kaisay wasl ka daawa Hay tan wakeel e qaza jab, hay dil zamaan e firaaq English:=== But I love her still with my heart and soul And one day to have her is still my goal Persian: Firaaq o hijr keh aawurd dar jahaan ya Rab Keh roo e hijr siyeh baad o khanumaan e firaaq Urdu: Firaaq o hijr jo dunya maen haen teri ya Rab Ho hijr roo siyeh, barbaad khanumaan e firaaq English:=== This pain of parting may God destroy My life is very sad; it has no joy Persian: Zay sooz e shooq dilam shud kabaab dour az yaar Mudaam khoon e jigar meekhoram zay khan e firaaq Urdu: Kabaab dil ko banaata hay soaz e shouq mera Rakhay ayaagh maen khoon e jigar hay khan e firaaq English:=== It is totally on fire, this heart of mine In the cup is my blood instead of the wine -


Persian: Ba pa e shooq gar ein reh basar shuday HAFIZ Ba dast e hijr nadaaday kasy inaan e firaaq Urdu: Ba pa e shouq jo kerta hay rah tay HAFIZ Na dast e hijr maen hergiz day too inaan e firaaq English:=== Despite it, HAFIZ, my love is my guide And the pain of parting I take in stride ====

Q Ghazal 182

Persian: Mabaad kas chu mun e khasta mubtala e firaaq Keh umr e mun hama bagzisht dar bala e firaaq Urdu: Na ho kabhi koie mujh jaisa mubtala e firaaq Rahi hay sath meray umr bhar bala e firaaq English:=== The pain of parting may you never endure May you never experience a siren's allure Persian: Gharib o aashiq o baidil, faqeer o sargardaan Kasheeda mehnat e ayyaam o dardha e firaaq Urdu: Gharib o aashiq o baidil, faqeer o sargardaan Haen sab ko mehnat e ayyaam o dardha e firaaq English:=== A beggar I am; my love is profane And I have endured a lot of pain Persian: Agar ba dast e mun uftad, firaaq ra bakusham Ba aab e deeda daham baaz khoonbaha e firaaq Urdu: Lagay jo haath meray hijr, qatl us ko karoun Khushi say ashk say phir doun maen khoonbaha e firaaq English:=== Being wretched and lonely I do not enjoy Oh, how this pain I would like to destroy Persian: Kuja rawam, cheh kunam, haal e dil kira gooyam Keh daad e mun basitaanad, dahad jaza e firaaq Urdu: Kahaan maen jaoun, karoun kya, maen haal kis say kahoun Sunaaoun kis ko maen ja ker yeh maajra e firaaq English:=== But where should I go, and what should I do? I'm completely lost; I have no clue Persian: Zay dard e hijr o firaaqam damay khalaasi neest Khudaay ra basitaan daad, deh saza e firaaq Urdu: Zara si furqat e jaanaan say day mujhay fursat Ilaahi mujh pay karam ker, na day saza e firaaq English:=== My life is sad; there is no joy This pain of mine may God destroy Persian: Firaaq ra ba firaaq e to mubtala saazam Chunaan keh khoon bachikaanam zay deedaha e firaaq Urdu: Firaaq e yaar maen ho mubtala firaaq agar Bahaaen khoon kay darya yeh deedaha e firaaq


English:=== If the pain of parting could feel my pain It won't endure it; it would go insane Persian: Mun az kuja o firaaq az kuja o gham zay kuja Magar keh zaad mara maadar az baraay firaaq Urdu: Maen aur maeray gham e ishq o souzish e hijraan Kiya hay paida mujhay kya Khuda, baraay firaaq English:=== I have no hope; there is only despair This pain, O God, was I born to bear? Persian: Badaagh e ishq e to HAFIZ chu bulbul e sahari Zanad ba rooz o shabaan khoonfishaan nawa e firaaq Urdu: Khizaan maen rota hay bulbul keh ishq maen HAFIZ Jo aaj aati hay phir khoonfishaan nawa e firaaq English:=== So, HAFIZ, I feel like a nightingale Having lost his rose, who can only wail ====

Q Ghazal 183

Persian: Muqaam e amn o mai e baighash o rafeeq e shafeeq Garat mudaam mayassar shawad, zahay toofeeq Urdu; Muqaam e amn o mai e khaalis o rafeeq e shafeeq Rahaen mudaan mayassar ager, zahay toufeeq English:=== A nice place, a kind friend, and the vintage wine Something like this you just cannot decline Persian: Dareegh o dard keh ta ein zamaan nadaanistam Keh keemia e saadat rafeeq bood, rafeeq Urdu: Yeh raaz khul na saka mujh pay haay kuin ya Rab Keh keemia e sadat thay wo rafeeq e rafeeq English:=== The secret of joy is in having a friend And a friend on whom you can really depend Persian: Kujaast ahl e dilay ta kunad dalaalat e khair Keh ma ba doost naburdeem reh ba heech tareeq Urdu: Haen ahl e dil wo kahaan jin ki rehnumaaie say Wisaal e yaar ka mil jaay mujh ko aek tareeq English:=== If you want to find God, give up your pride And make your love for Him your guide Persian: Jahaan o kaar e jahaan jumla heech dar heech ast Hazaar baar mun ein nukta karda am tehqeeq Urdu: Jahaan o kaar e jahaan jumla heech haen saaray Hazaar baar kya nukta maen nay yeh tehqeeq English:=== Our pleasures are empty and the world is naught It's all a dream and a figment of thought -


Persian: Bamaananay roo o fursat shumar ghaneemat e waqt Keh dar kameengeh e umrand qaataan e tareeq Urdu: Jo waqt e fursat o mohlat milay ghaneemat hay Keh rah e umr marn haail haen mushkilaat e daqeeq English:=== Enjoy what you have, and don't ask for more Because on your way there're robbers galore Persian: Fida e ghamza e saaqi hazaar jaan aan dam Keh tar kunad lab e laal az sharaab hamchu aqeeq Urdu: Fida e ghamza e saaqi maen kuin na houn jab wo Karay hay tar ba mai e laal faam lab kay aqeeq English:=== The maid of the bar, she is truly divine Just see how she wets her lips with the wine Persian: Halaawatay keh tura dar cheh e zankhdaanast Bakinh e o narasad sad hazaar fikr e ameeq Urdu: Wo chaashni jo hay taeray cheh e zanikhdaan maen Na paaen us ki haqeeqat hazaar fikr e ameeq English:=== If you do not kiss it, it would be a sin For nothing is sweeter than her dimpled chin Persian: Bia keh toobah zay laal e nigaar o khanda e jaam Tasawwureest keh aqlash namikunad tasdeeq Urdu: Tabassum e lab e shireen o khanda e saaghar Hay baat aisie na jis ki ho aql say tasdeeq English:=== Just see how she serves and how she smiles Our faith and reason, oh, how she beguiles Persian: Agar cheh moo e mianat ba chu munay na rasad Khush ast khaatiram az fikr ein khayaal e daqeeq Urdu: Ager cheh raishmeen kakul na ker saka maen sar Rakhay hay khush meri khaatir khayaal e zulf e daqeeq English:=== And look at her body and her narrow waist For whoever made her had a wonderful taste Persian: Az aan ba rang e aqeeq ast ashk e mun hama waqt Keh mohr e khaatim e chashm e mun ast hamchu aqeeq Urdu: Mila hay rang e aqeeqi jo aansoun ko meray Hay mohr e khaatim e chahm e puraab misl e aqeeq English:=== And see how her lips are always so red Like the tears her lovers are prone to shed Persian: Bakhanda guft keh HAFIZ ghulaam e tab e to am Babeen keh ta ba cheh haddam hamikunad tehmeeq Urdu: Jo hans kay kehta hay HAFIZ tera ghulaam houn maen Wo daekho kaisay karay shoukh hay meri tehmeeq English:=== And, HAFIZ, when she tells you that she's your slave You are easily fooled and you rave and rave ====


Q Ghazal 184

Persian: Hazaar dushmanam ar meekunand qasd e halaak Garam to doosti az dushmanaan nadaaram baak Urdu: Karaen raqeeb hazaaroun agercheh qasd e halaak Ho yaar jab too, mujhay kuin ho dushmanoun say baak English:=== Me my rivals if they try to harm Them, with your help, I can easily disarm Persian: Mara umeed e wisaal e to zinda meedaarad Wagarna har damam az hijr e tust beem e halaak Urdu: Teray wisal ki umeed per raha zinda Wagerna hijr karay tha hazaar baar halaak English:=== What keeps me alive is my stubborn hope Without it otherwise I just cannot cope Persian: Nafas, nafas agar az baad nashnawam booyat Zamaan, zamaan kunam az gham chu gul gareebaan chaak Urdu; Nafas, nafas na ager boo e yaar laay saba Zamaan, zamaan karoun gul ki terheh gareebaan chaak English:=== If the scent of your hair brings not the air I'll simply go mad; I'll tear out my hair Persian: Rawaad ba khaab do chashm az kkayaal e to, haihaat Bawad saboor e dil ander firaaq e to, haashaak Urdu: Teray khayaal maen ho neend aankh maen, haehae Teray firaaq maen is dil ko sabr ho, haashaak English:=== When I think of you, I can't go to sleep Without you quiet I just cannot keep Persian: Agar to zakhm zani beh keh geegaray merham Wagar to zehr dahi beh keh deegeray tiryaak Urdu: Jo zakhm too nay dya, huin loun ghair say merham Jo zehr too nay diya, loun na ghair say tiryaak English:=== If you gave me poison, I'll readily take But help from my rivals I'll simply forsake Persian: Tura chunankeh toie, har nazar kuja beenad Ba qadr e beenash e khud har kasay kunad idraak Urdu: Her aek ko naheen qadr o shanaas gohar ki Teray jamaal ka kaisay karaen adoo idraak English:=== Only a lover knows the worth of his girl For only a jeweler can tell the price of a pearl Persian: Inaan na peecham agar meezani ba shamsheeram Sapar kunam sar o dastat nadaaram az fitraak Urdu: Yeh jaan boojh kay aata hay daam maen taeray Pasand dil ko hay kuchh is qadar tera fitraak


English:=== You are my predator and I'll say hurray Whenever you come and make me your prey Persian: Ba chashm e khalq azeez aan gahay shawi HAFIZ Keh bar darash banahi roo e miskeenat bar khaak Urdu: Hay sarfaraaz zamaanay maen ik wohi HAFIZ Jabeen pay jis kay lagay us kay aastaan ki khaak English:=== And HAFIZ knows, when I go to her street I feel honored if I can kiss her feet ====

Q Ghazal 185

Persian: Agar ba koo e to baashad mara majaal e wasool Rasad zay doolat e wasl e to kaar e mun ba hasool Urdu: Mujhay ho koochay maen taeray agar majaal e wasool Ho maeray dil ko bohat doulat e wisaal hasool English:=== If only they would let me be in her street She just might see me, and we might meet Persian: Qaraar burda zay mun aan do sunbul e mushkeen Kharaab karda mara ann do nargis e makhool Urdu: Qaraar lay gaie wo zulf e sunbul e mushkeen Tabah kar gaie wo chashm e nargis e makhool English:=== Her curls have robbed me of my peace of mind Her eyes have made my love so blind Persian: Dil az jawaahir e mehr e to saiqalay daarad Bawad zay zang e hawaadis har aaina masqool Urdu: Teray jawaahir e ulfat say dil maen hay saiqal Hay aur yeh zang e hawaadis say aaina masqool English:=== My heart has become so clean and pure And there's no ill that my love can't cure Persian: Mun e shakista e badhaal zindagi yaabam Dar aan zamaan keh ba teegh e ghamat shawam maqtool Urdu: Dil e shakista e badhaal zindagi paay Ager ba taegh e gham e ishq e yaar ho maqtool ,

English:=== And now if they hang me or crucify I'll live forever, for the lovers don't die Persian: Cheh jurm karda am aey jaan o dil ba hazrat e to Keh taaat e mun e baidil namishawad maqbool Urdu: Yeh kya sitam hay meri jaan taeri mehfil maen Keh taaat e dil e baidil wahaan naheen maqbool English:=== I always have hope; I will not despair Even when she rejects my every prayer -


Persian: Chun bar dar e to mun e bainawa e baizar o zoor Ba heech baab nadaaram reh e kharooj o dakhool Urdu: Maen bainawa, baizar o zour jab gya dar per Mujhay mili na koie waan reh e kharooj o dakhool English:=== I have no money; I possess no power I cannot approach her; she lives in a tower Persian: Kuja rawam, cheh kunam, haal e dil kira gooyam Keh gashta am zay gham o joor e roozgaar malool Urdu: Kahaan maen jaoun, karoun kya, marn haal kis say kahoun Kisay bataoun keh kaisay kya hay kis nay malool English:=== Oh, where should I go, and what should I do? But whatever I do, she won't say boo Persian: Kharaabtar zay dil e mun gham e to jaay nayaaft Keh saakht dar dil e tangam qaraargah e nazool Urdu: Basa hay kuin too dil e tang maen gham e jaanaan Mili na aur koie kya qaraargah e nazool English:=== My heart is mad; it's totally insane For it should be painful even for the pain Persian: Ba dard e ishq basaaz o khamoosh shoo HAFIZ Ramooz e ishq makun faash peesh e ahl e aqool Urdu: Hazaar gham haen magar too khamoush reh HAFIZ Ramooz e ishq na ker faash paish e ahl e aqool English:=== But to you, O HAFIZ, I cannot complain For the wise can't feel a lover's pain ====

Q Ghazal 186

Persian: Aey rukhat chu khuld o laalat salsabeel Salsabeelat kard jaan o dil sabeel Urdu: Rukh tera jannat hay, lab haen salsabeel Khoon ki seenay maen hay maeray sabeel English:=== Her mouth is the spring of paradise The tired and the thirsty it does entice Persian: Sabz pooshaan e khatat bar gird e lab Hamchu hooraanand gird e salsabeel Urdu: Roongtay aisay haen gird e lab teray Jis terheh hooraen houn gird e salsabeel English:=== Her ruby lips, which guard the spring Much milk and honey to it they bring Persian: Nawak e chashm e to dar her gooshaay Hamchu mun uftaada daarad sad qateel Urdu: Mat chala yuin her taraf teer e nazar Daekh her goashay maen haen kitnay qateel


English:=== Her every look is much like a dart It jabs, it stabs, it wounds the heart Persian: Ya Rab ein aatish keh dar jaan e mun ast Sard kun zaan saan keh kardi bar Khaleel Urdu: Aatish e Namrood hay dil maen meray Sard ker is ko Khudawand e Khaleel English:=== The fire of love that is burning in my soul It has consumed my heart; it's out of control Persian: Mun namiyaabam majaal, aey doostaan Garcheh o daarad jamaalay bas jameel Urdu: Doustoun maen us ko chhu sakta naheen Wo haseen itna hay, aisa hay jameel English:=== In beauty and grace she is like a flower I cannot have her; it's beyond my power Persian: Husn e ein nazm az bayaan mustaghni ast Bar faroogh e khoor kay jooyad daleel Urdu: Maera husn e nazm misl e aaftaab Chahiay is ko naheen koie daleel English:=== But talking about my verses, I'm not shy Their beauty and charm no one can deny Persian: Moojizaast ein sher ya sehr e halaal Haatif aawurd ein sukhan ya jibraeel Urdu: Sher maen maeray hay aisa mojiza Jaisay laya ho isay khud jibraeel English:=== Everyone, who hears them, does applaud And thinks that they've been revealed by God Persian: Kas nadaanad guft sheray zeen namat Kas neeyaarad suft durray zeen qabeel Urdu: Lafz jarhta houn maen yuin ashaar maen Jaisay gohar dar glooband e shakeel English:=== And the verses which I write about the girls They are as precious as the stings of pearls Persian: Paa e ma lang ast o manzil bas daraaz Dast e ma kootah o khorma bar nakheel Urdu: Dour manzil aur maera paoun lang Dast kotah aur khurma bar nakheel English:=== But hanging from a tree, she's like a peach I'm short and lame; she is beyond my reach Persian: Aafreen bar kalk e naqqaashay keh daad Bakr e maani ra chuneen husn e jameel Urdu: Wah aey naqaash too nay day diya Soorat e maani ko kya husn e jameel


English:=== But in writing verses I'm far from tame My words have meanings; they're not lame Persian: HAFIZA, gar maaniay daari biyaar Warna daawa neest ghaer az qaal o qeel Urdu: Quwwat e maani hay tujh maen ger dikha Daawa taera warna HAFIZ qaal o qeel English:=== Of the words though, HAFIZ, there's no dearth If they don't have meaning, they have no worth ====

Q Ghazal 187

Persian: Ba ahd e gul shudam az tohba e sharaab khijal Keh kas mabaad zay kirdaar e nasawaab khijal Urdu: Kya hay too nay yuin aey tohba e sharaab khijal Keh hay na mujh sa koie rind e nasawaab khijal English:=== I gave up drinking but during the spring When the flowers came, I felt the sting Persian: Salah e mun hama jaam e mai ast o mun zein bakht Niyam zay shaahid o saaqi ba heech baab khijal Urdu: Salaah maeri na ger hoti saaghar o mai say Maen hota shaahid o saaqi say baihisaab khijal English:=== A cup of wine is what I need With the preacher's views I've never agreed Persian: Zay khoon keh raft mara doosh dar saraacha e chashm Shudaem dar nazar e rehrawaan e khaab khijal Urdu: Bahaya deeda e baidaar nay jo shab bhar khoon Hua maen dar nazar e rehrawaan e khaab khijal English:=== And thinking of her I cried and cried I could not sleep; I gasped and sighed Persian: To khoobrooaitaari zaaftaab, shukr e Khuda Keh neestam zay to dar roo e aaftaab khijal Urdu: Nikalta shaam maen hay mahtaab e rukh jo tera Hazaar daekh kay hota hay aaftaab khijal English:=== Her lovely face is better than the moon Its glow outshines the sun at noon Persian: Bawad keh yaar na pursad guneh zay khulq e kaarim Keh az sawaal maloolaem o az jawaab khijal Urdu: Na poochh hashr maen ya Rab meray gunahoun ko Sawaal daeway hay ranjeedgi, jawaab khijal English:=== I'm under the spell of my beautiful belle There is no more to ask and no more to tell


Persian: Ba zeer e lab zay cheh roo jaam zehrkhanda zanad Agar na az lab e laal e to shud sharaab khijal Urdu: Lagaaya moun say hay jab us nay jaam e zarreen ko Hoie hay daekh lab e laal ko sharaab khijal English:=== When she holds the cup, this gal of mine Her ruby red lips do shame the wine Persian: Az aan nahifta rukh e kheesh dar naqaab sadaf Keh shud zay nazm e khushash loolo e khushaab khijal Urdu: Nikalta wo naheen baher sadaf kay purday say Hay tujh ko daekh kay yuin gohar e khushaab khijal English:=== Like silk are soft her golden curls Her teeth are whiter than the whitest pearls Persian: Hijaab e zulmat az aan bast aab e Khizr keh gasht Zay nazm e HAFIZ o az tab e hamchu aab khijal Urdu: Falak maen goonji hay gulbaang e nazm e HAFIZ yuin Hua hay naghma e shabtaab o laajawaab khijal English:=== But, HAFIZ, your verses are also divine And when you recite them, you shine and shine ====

Q Ghazal 188 Persian: Ba sehr e chashm e to aey laabat e khajista khisaal Ba ramz e khatt e to aey aayat e humaayoun faal Urdu: Ba sehr e chashm e to aey shahid e khajista khisaal Ba ramz e ghamza e to dilber e humaayoun faal English:=== By the magical eyes of my beautiful doll By her graceful figure, so slim and tall Persian: Ba noosh e laal e to aey aab e zindagaani e mun Ba rang o boo e to aey noobahaar e husn o jamaal Urdu: Ba noush e laal e lab aey aab e zindagaani e mun Ba rang o boo e to aey noubahaar e husn o jamaal English:=== By the fountain of life that is in her lips By her narrow waist and her swinging hips Persian: Ba aan saheefa e aariz keh gasht gulshan e chashm Ba aan hadeeqa e beenash keh shud maqaal e khayaal Urdu: Ba aab e aariz e gulrang hay jo gulshan e chashm Ba qoul e shireen dahan jo bana maqaal e khayaal English:=== By her lovely face that looks like a rose By her glowing cheeks and her precious nose Persian: Ba aan aqeeq keh ma rast mohr e khaatam e chashm Ba aan goher keh shuma rast dar baleegh e maqaal Urdu: Ba rang e laal bani jis say mohr e khaatam e chashm Ba aab e durr o goher jo hay dar baleegh e maqaal


English:=== By her silken tresses and her golden curls By her voluptuous mouth which is full of pearls Persian: Ba jalwaha e to o sheewaha e raftan e chashm Ba ishwaaha e to o ghamzaha e chashm e ghizaal Urdu: Ba jalwaha e to o shewaha e gardish e chashm Ba iswaaha e to o ghamzaha e chashm e ghizaal English:=== By her playful eyes and the way she winks By the wine red and the way she drinks Persian: Ba teeb e khulq e to o nafha e shamaama e gul Ba boo e zulf e to o nikhat e naseem e shimaal Urdu: Ba khair e khulq e to o khushboo o shamaama e gul Ba boo e zulf e to o nikhat e naseem e shumaal English:=== By the musk and incense of her curly hair By the scent that surrounds her everywhere Persian: Ba gard e rah e to yaani ba saaya e ummeed Ba khaak e pa e to yaani ba rashk e aab e zulaal Urdu: Ba gard e rah e to yaani ba saaya e ummeed Ba khaak e pa e to yaani ba rashk e aab e zulaal English:=== By the fragrant dust that blows in her street By the sacred dirt that covers her feet Persian: Ba sarv e maahnumaayat, ba aaftaab e buland Ba aastaan e rafeeyat, ba aasmaan e jalaal Urdu: Ba sarv e qaamat e to o ba aaftaab e buland Ba shaan e rafaat e to o ba aasmaan e jalaal English:=== By her charming manners, her elegance, and grace By her stately carriage, her poise, and her pace Persian: Keh bairaza e to HAFIZ gar iltafaat kunad Ba umr baaz namaanad , cheh ja e maal o manaal Urdu: Keh bairaza teri HAFIZ ki jaan ko chaen naheen Naheen hay taeray siwa us kay koie maal o manaal English:=== For her pity and kindness does HAFIZ crave He remains her humble and a lowly slave ====

Q Ghazal 189 Persian: Dara e jahaan, nusrat e deen, khusrav e kaamil Yahya e Muzaffar malik e aalim o aadil Urdu: Dara e jahaan, nusrat e deen, khusrav e kaamil Hay Ibn e Muzzaffar malik e aalim o aadil English:=== He is a ruler you can completely trust Yahya, the king, is so learned and just -


Persian: Aey aan keh dar Islaam panah e to kashooda Bar roo e jahaan roozana e jaan o tan o dil Urdu: Islaam ka aey shah teray dam say khula hay Bar roo e jahaan rouzana e jaan o tan o dil English:=== In matters of faith, in his righteous reign His subjects have all made enormous gain Persian: Taazeem e to bar jaan o khirad wajib o laazim Inaam e to bar koun o makaan faaiz o shaamil Urdu: Taazeem teri jaan o khirad per hoie laazim Inaam tera koun o makaan maen hua shaamil English:=== When it comes to giving, he's generous and kind His grandeur can be seen by even the blind Persian: Rooz e azal az kalk e to yak qatra siyaahi Bar roo e meh uftaad keh shud hull e masaail Urdu: Khamay say azal maen teray ik qatra siyaahi Gir kay rukh e meh per hay bana hull e masaail English:=== He has the keenest mind and the mightiest pen And nothing in the world is beyond his ken Persian: Khursheed chun aan khaal e siyah deed, ba dil guft Aey kaash keh mun boodamay aan banda e maaqbil Urdu: Daekhay rukh e roushan pay siyah khaal jo taera Khursheed bhee kehta hay keh maen banda o saayil English:=== Everyone in his realm about him raves The sun and the moon are also his slaves Persian: Shaha, falak az bazm e to dar raqs o samaast Dast e tarab az daaman e ein silsila maagsil Urdu: Jab daekh kay mehfil ko falak hota hay raqsaan Aey dast e tarab chorh na damaan e fazaail English:=== In the court when they see his lively stance The stars in heaven all begin to dance Persian: Mai noosh o jahaan bukhsh keh az peech e kamandat Shud gardan e badkhah gariftaar e salaasil Urdu Pee baada e jaanbakhsh, kameengaah maen apni Ker gardan e badkhah gariftaar e salaasil English: O king, be happy and drink your wine And you'll have luck and you'll be fine Persian: Chun dour e falaf yaksara bar munhij e adl ast Khush baash keh zaalim naburad rah ba maanzil Urdu: Lazzat na rahi zulm maen baidaadgaroun ko Khush baash keh hay dour e falak adl pay maail English:=== And Heaven, when it finds you fair and just Your foes and rivals it'll surely bust -


Persian: HAFIZ qalam e shah e jahaan muqsim e rizq ast Az behr e maieshat makun andeeshe e baatil Urdu: HAFIZ jo karay rizq ki taqseem shahanshah Too behr e maieshat na ker andaesha e baatil English:=== And since HAFIZ knows you are so very kind He worries not where his bread he'll find ====

Q Ghazal 190

Persian: Rehrawaan ra ishq bus baashad daleel Aab e chashm andar rahash kardam sabeel Urdu: Aansooun ki jab lagaaie hay sabeel Rehrawoun nay ishq ki di hay daleel English:=== For a mystic love is the only guide I have given her all what I've inside Persian: Mooj e ashk e ma kay aarad dar hisaab Aan keh kashti raand bar khoon e qateel Urdu: Ask e aashiq mezha ko kaafi naheen Maangti qaatil hay wo khoon e qateel English:=== For her my tears are just not enough She wants my blood, for that's her stuff Persian: Bai mai o mutrib ba firdoosam makhaan Rahati firr raah e la fil salsabeel Urdu: Bai mai o mutrib na ja firdous maen Chaahay waan jitna ho aab e salsabeel English:=== To live without wine I just can't bear And I won't go to Heaven if she isn't there Persian: Aatish e roo e butaan bar khud mazan Warna az aatish guzar kun chu Khaleel Urdu: Aatish e roo e butaan say ker hazar Warna aatish say guzar misl e Khaleel English:=== With love she has set my heart on fire And it is consuming my being entire Persian: Ya makun baa peelbaanaan doosti Ya bina kun khaanaay darkhurd e peel Urdu: Peelbaanoun sat agar hat dousti Ghar bhee hona chahiay darkhurd e peel English:=== If afraid of storm, a ship don't board And don't buy an elephant if you cannot afford Persian: Ya baneh bar khud keh maqsad goom kuni Ya maneh paay dar ein reh baidaleel Urdu: Tay naheen hoti hay rehbar kay badoon Ishq ki pur paech o kham rah e taweel


English:=== The journey of a mystic is a difficult ride So you should make love your only guide Persian: Shah e aalam ra baqa o izz o maal Baad o har cheezay keh khahad zein qabeel Urdu: Shah e aalam ko baqa o izz o maal Shaukat e Daara o Jum, shaan e jaleel English:=== Our king, may he live in the best of health And may God reward him with honor and wealth Persian: Aql dar husnash namiyaabad badal Tabay dar wasfash namiyaabad badeel Urdu: Husn e soorat yaar ka hay baibadal Khoobi e seerat bhee us ki baibadeel English:=== He's also very handsome, and valiant, and brave And everyone is happy to be his slave Persian: HAFIZ az sarpunja e ishq e nigaar Hamchu moor uftaada zeer e pa e peel Urdu: Punja e ulfat maen HAFIZ yuin hay kuchh Chuinti jaisay ho zaer e pa e peel English:=== And HAFIZ is also in love with him For him he'll give his life and limb ====

Q Ghazal 191

Persian: Saaqi biyaar baada keh aamad zamaan e gul Ta bashkaneem toba digar darmian e gul Urdu: La saaqia sharaab keh aaya zamaan e gul Toba ko toaraen baith kay ham darmian e gul English:=== Oh, bring out the wine; the flowers are here For abstain I cannot at this time of the year Persian: Koori e khaar naarazanaan ta chaman raweem Chu bulbulaan nazool kuneem aashiyaan e gul Urdu: Daaman bacha kay khaar say jaaen chaman maen ham Bulbul sunaay naghma, milay aashiyaan e gul English:=== Let's go to the garden and have some fun Let's sing like the birds and sit in the sun Persian: Dar sehn e boostaan qadah e baada noosh kun Kaayaat e khushdili baraseed az zabaan e gul Urdu: Sehn e chaman maen masti maikhaar daekh ker Aayaat khushdili ki sunaay zabaan e gul English:=== Let's look at the colors, red, blue, and pink By the beds of the flowers let's sit and drink


Persian: Gul dar chamaan raseed, mashoo aeman az firaaq Yaar o sharaab khah o sara boostaan e gul Urdu: Aa yaar e gulshanaara keh taeray badoon naheen Aaraasta bahaar marn yeh boostaan e gul English:=== Some beautiful girls let's go and find Let's drink with them and let's unwind Persian: HAFIZ wisaal e gul talabi hamchu bulbulaan Jaan kun fida e khaak e reh e baaghbaan e gul Urdu: HAFIZ too misl e bulbul agar gul pay hay fida Jaan ker fida e khaak e reh e baaghbaan e gul English:=== But, HAFIZ, before we drink and sing Let's thank our Maker for the flowers of spring ====

Q Ghazal 192 Persian: Shammato rooha widaadun wa shamat barq e wisaal Bia keh boo e tura meeran aey naseem e shumaal Urdu: Too lay kay aaie boo e aashqi o barq e wisal Karoun nisaar maen jaan tujh pay aey naseem e shumaal English:=== I don't know how to thank the air For bringing to me the scent of her hair Persian: Ahaadiyan ba jamaal ul habeebay qaf wanzil Keh neest sabr e jameelam dar ishtiaq e jamaal Urdu: Aey saarbaan e mohabbat thaher keh sath teray Gaya hay loot kay sabr e jameel, shouq e jamaal English:=== Don't sing her praises, O singer please Her beauty has taken my peace and ease Persian: Shikaayat e shab e hijraan faroguzaar aey dil Ba shukr e aan keh barafgand parda rooz e wisaal Urdu: Shikayat e shab e hijraan na ker keh aaay ga Phir aaftaab e rukh e yaar lay kay roz e wisaal English:=== But don't you complain, O heart of mine One day she'll come, and you'll be fine Persian: Chun yaar bar sar e sulh ast o uzr meekhahad Tawaan guzisht zay joor e raqeeb dar hama haal Urdu: Hua hay sulha pay tayyar jab say yaar mera Gawaara mujh ko sitam hay raqeeb ka her haal English:=== And what if she comes and does not fight Would it not give you a great delight? Persian: Bia keh parda e gul zeer e haft khaana e chashm Kasheedaeem ba tehreer e kaargaah e khayaal Urdu: Too aa keh raah maen taeri bakhairta houn maen Bana kay phool ba tehreer e kaargaah e khayaal


English;=== And when she comes, I'll go out to meet With a ton of flowers to lay at her feet Persian: Ba juz kayaal e dahaan e to neest dar dil e tang Keh kas mabaad chu mun dar paay khayaal e muhaal Urdu: Ba juz kayaal e lab e yaar kuchh naheen dil maen Hua houn is terheh marn dar paay khayaal e muhaal English:=== And a million kisses I'll go and shower On her beautiful mouth that looks like a flower Persian: Mara dileest pareeshaan ba dast e gham paamaal Chunnan keh heech kasash neest waaqif e ahwaal Urdu: Hua hay ranj say paamaal dil mera aisay Keh koie hona naheen chahta hay waaqif e haal English:=== But now my heart is full of pain My grief and sorrow are hard to explain Persian: Aseer o baidil o baijaan shudam az aan sar e zulf Bamaanda waala o shaida chu murgh e baipar o baal Urdu: Aseer o baidil o baijaan hay band e zulf maen dil Hua hay waala shaida parind e baiper o baal English:=== And being a captive of her raven hair I have been caught in a deadly snare Persian: Malaal e maslahatay meenumayam az jaanaan Keh kas ba jehd namaanad zay jaan e khud ba malaal Urdu: Mujhay hay maslahatan ishq marn gham e jaanaan Wagerna shouq say kerta hay koan ranj a malaal English:=== But to her I cannot ever complain My pain and sorrow, she thinks, I feign Persian: Qateel e ishq e to shud HAFIZ e ghareebdilay Ba khak e ma guzaray kun keh khoon e maat halaal Urdu: Qateel e ishq ho too aey ghareebdil HAFIZ Keh taegh kay liay us ki hay taera khoon halaal English:=== And she does hurt me, HAFIZ, at will And me, she says, she has a right to kill ====

Q Ghazal 193

Persian: Har kas keh nadaarad ba jahaan mehr e to dar dil Haqqa keh bawad taat e o zaay o baatil Urdu: Dunya maen na ho ishq o mohabbat ka jo qaail Perhaiz hay baikaar toe zohd us ka hay baatil English:=== Oh, how can people not love my girl? For she's a flawless and a beautiful pearl


Persian: Bardaashtan az ishq e to dil fikr e muhaal ast Az jaan e khud aasaan bawad, az ishq e to mushkil Urdu: Mumkin naheen ulfat ko teri dil say mitaana Mit jaana hay aasaan, mita daena hay mushkil English:=== I would rather die of sorrow and woe Than be without her and let her go Persian: Az ishq e to naaseh cheh mara manay numaayad Aey doost magar ham to kuni hull e masaail Urdu: Kerta hay mujhay mana,yeh naaseh ko pata hay Baidoast naheen koie mera hull e masaail English:=== Don't fall in love, I am always told The wise are heartless; oh, they are so cold Persian: Gashteem jahaan ra keh ba beeneem o nadeedeem Hamchu to kasay zaibaay dar shakl o shamaail Urdu: Maen dhoondhta phirta houn unhaen dunya jahaan maen Miltay haen kaheen bhee na teray shakl o shamaail English:=== And though the world I've been around Someone like her I have never found Persian: Aey zahid e khudbeen ba dar e maikada bagzar Aan dilbar e mun been keh bawad mir e qabaail Urdu: Maikhaanay maen ja,daekh too aey zahid e khudbeen Kis shaan say dilbar hay mera mir e qabaail English:=== O preacher, please just go to the bar And see, how she stands out like a star Persian: Az wasl e to shustand raqeebaan zay tamay dast Chun gasht mara kaam e dil az laal e to haasil Urdu: Jaltay haen bohat daekh kay mujh ko meray dooshman Jis din say mujhay laal e lab e yaar hay haasil English:=== And ever since she has been kind to me My rivals are puzzled; they're totally at sea Persian: HAFIZ to baroo bandagi e peer e mughaan kun Bar daaman e o dast zan o az hama baagsil Urdu: HAFIZ dar e maikhaanay pay ja chhorh kay dunya Ban peer e kharaabaat ka too banda o saail English:=== And, HAFIZ, I love the keeper of the bar Oh, he is so wise; he is truly a star ====

Q Ghazal 194 Persian: Ein cheh shooreest keh dar dour e qamar meebeenam Hama aafaaq pur az fitna o shar meebeenam Urdu: Tujh maen kya hashr bapa doar e qamar hota hay Kamraan dunya maen kuin fitna o shar hota hay English:=== Oh, what is happening is beyond belief One day we'll all be coming to grief -


Persian: Har kasay rooz bahi meetalabad az ayyaam Mushkil ein ast keh har rooz batar meebeenam Urdu: Hay yeh ummeed keh kal aaj say behter ho gi Haal her roz magar bad say batar hota hay English:=== Every day we hope that things will be better Knowing that tomorrow only worse will occur Persian: Ablahaan ra hama sharbat ba gulaab o qand ast Qoot e daana hama az khoon e jigar meebeenam Urdu: Arq e shireen hay nadaan kay liay rooh e gulaab Aur aaqil kay liay khoon e jigar hota hay English:=== Here fools are fed with milk and honey And the wise starve and have no money Persian: Asp e taazi shuda majrooh ba zeer e paalaan Tooq e zarreen hams dar gerdan e khar meebeenam Urdu: Asp e taazi ko laga zakhm hay zaer e paalaan Toaq e zareen magar zaewar e khar hota hay English:=== The asses are loaded with gems and gold And the steeds are given the shoulder cold Persian: Dukhtaraan ra hama jang ast o jadal baa maader Pisaraan ra hama badkhah e pidar meebeenam Urdu: Baetiaan haen keh karaen jang o jadal maader say Aut baita hay keh badkhah e pidar hota hay English:=== Here a daughter is ready to kill her mother His father a son is trying to smother Persian: Heech rehmay na braadar ba braadar daarad Heech shafqat na pidar ra ba pisar meebeenam Urdu: Bhai, bhai ko naheen poochhta dunya maen koie Chahnaywala pisar ka na pidar hota hay English:=== There brothers are fighting with daggers and guns And the fathers are trying to banish the sons Persian: Pand e HAFIZ bashunoo, khaja baroo, neeki kun Zaan keh ein pand beh az durr o gohar meebeenam Urdu: Pand e HAFIZ ko too aey khaja zara ghour say sun Us ki her baat maen poasheeda gohar hota hay English:=== So listen to HAFIZ and take his advice He always has something to say very nice ====

Q Ghazal 195 Persian: Barkheez ta tareeq e takalluf riha kuneem Dukkaan e maarfat ba do jo purbaha kuneem Urdu: Aao keh tark e rasm e faraeb o riya karaen Dukkaan e maarfat ko yuinhi purbaha karaen English:=== The pleasures of life let's all leave behind And the way of the mystic let's go and find -


Persian: Bar deegraan nigaar e qabapoosh bagzarad Ma neez jaamaha e saboori qaba kuneem Urdu: Ghairoun ko qurb e yaar e qabapoash o aish e dil Ham haen keh jaamaha e saboori qaba karaen English:=== And when with others she is so very nice Let us also try and break the ice Persian: Haftaad zillat az nazar e khalq dar hijaab Behtar zay taatay keh ba roo o riya kuneem Urdu: Behtar haen rind chahay wo kitnay haqeer houn In zahidoun say chhup kay jo makr o riya karaen English:=== It's better to sin and be in a jam Than be a preacher and a total sham Persian: Aan koo baghair e sabiqa chandeen nawaakht kard Mumkin bawad keh afo kunad gar khata kuneem Urdu: Rehmat ki kuchh khazeena e Haq maen kami naheen Bandoun ko bakhshta hay wo jitni khata karaen English:=== A little bit of sinning God doesn't mind For He is so loving, so generous, so kind Persian: Gar yak shabay ba dast e mun uftad nigaar e mun Mushkil bawad keh daamanash az kaff riha kuneem Urdu: Lag jaay yaar haath hamaaray jo aek raat Daaman kabhee na haath say us ka riha karaen English:=== I promise, next time when she comes to me I'll never let her go, and mine she'll be Persian: Guftam naghasht kaam e dilam haasil az labat Gufta to sabr kun keh muraadat rawa kuneem Urdu: Poochha keh bosa taeray laboun ka milay ga kab Bola yeh naemataen na her ik ko ata karaen English: And when someday I'll ask for a kiss A plea like this she will not dismiss Persian: HAFIZ wafa nameekunad ayyaam e sustahd Ein panjrooza umr bia ta wafa kuneem Urdu: HAFIZ zamaana gercheh hay baimehr o baiwafa Laazim magar hay aap pay mehr o wafa karaen English:=== And although, HAFIZ, the life is short As long as I live I'll be her consort ====

Q Ghazal 196 Persian: Ba azm e toba sahar guftam istakhaara kunam Bahaar e tobashikan meerasad, cheh chaara kunam Urdu: Ba azm e toba tha soacha keh istakhaara ho Bahaar e tobashikan aaie, kaisay chaara ho English:=== In the winter months when I gave up drinking Of the coming of spring I wasn't really thinking


Persian: Sukhan darust bagooyam namitawaanam deed Keh mai khurand hareefaan o mun nazaara kunam Urdu: Raqeeb mai piaen, baithha maen dour say daekhoun Khuda karary na kabhee aisa ik nazaara ho English:=== But now that everyone is drinking scotch I can't just sit out and merely watch Persian: Ba dour e laala dimaagh e mara ilaaj kuneed Gar az miana e ahl e tarab kinaara kunam Urdu: Ilaaj e mughz karo maera mousam e gul maen Jo mujh ko ahl e tarab say kabhee kinaara ho English:=== At a time like this if I did abstain My friends will think that I'm insane Persian: Agar shabay ba zabaanam hadees e toba rawad Zay baitahaarati aan ra ba mai gharaara kunam Urdu: Jo lafz e toba say maeri zabaan ho gandi Toe kulliaan houn, mai e naab say gharaara ho English:=== Indeed in future if I give up the booze My drinking friends I am all going to lose Persian: Ba takht e gul banishaanam butay chu sultaanay Zay sunbul o samanash saaz e tooq o yaara kunam Urdu: Ho shah ki tarheh baithha wo takht e gul per but Houn phool baal maem, maathay pay ik sitaara ho English:=== Oh, how I wish that my gal were here And with her I were sitting and drinking beer Persian: Mara keh neest reh o rasm e luqmaparheezi Hamaan beh ast keh maikhaana ra ijaara kunam Urdu: Naheen parhaiz say jab koie rasm o rah maeri Sharaabkhaanay maen mujh ko na kuin ijaara ho English:=== And with a regular job since I can't go far I think I should become the owner of a bar Persian: Zay roo e doost mara chun gul e muraaad shaguft Hawaala e sar dushman ba sang e khaara kunam Urdu: Naseem e yaar khila day gul e muraad mera Hawaala e sar dushman ba sang e khaara ho English:=== And then I would sit and drink with my gal And that won't be good for my rival's morale Persian: Gada e maikada am laik waqt e masti been Keh naaz bar falak o hukm bar sitaara kunam Urdu: Faqeer e maikada aisa keh jis ko masti maen Ho naaz bar falak o hukm bar sitaara ho English:=== At being a toper I won't then stop I will conquer the world and be on top -


Persian: Agar zay laal e lab e yaar boosaay yaabam Jawaan shawam zay sar o zindagi dobaara kunam Urdu: Jo mujh ko laal e lab e yaar say milay bosa Jawaani az sar e nau, zindagi dobaara ho English:=== And if, while drinking, she gave me a kiss No pleasure of the world I'll ever miss Persian: Chu ghuncha baa lab e khandaan ba yaad e majlis e shah Piyaala geeram o az shooq jaama paara kunam Urdu: Misaal e ghuncha houn khandaan ba yaad e majlis e shah Piyaala haath maen ho, jaama paara, paara ho English:=== And day and night I'll dance and sing She'll be my queen and I'll be the king Persian: Na qaazi am, na mudarris, na mohtasib, na faqeeh Mara cheh sood keh manay sharaabkhaara kunam Urdu: Na shaikh houn, no madarris, na mohtasib, na faqeeh So manay kis liay shaghl e sharaabkhaara ho English:=== And not being a censor, or a preacher, or a shrink I won't tell the people that they shouldn't drink Persian: Zay baadakhurdan e pinhaan malool shud HAFIZ Ba baang e barbat o nay raazash aashkaara kunam Urdu: Maza koie naheen HAFIZ hay chhup kay peenay maen Ba baang e barbat o nay raaz aashkaara ho English:=== His drinking then HAFIZ won't have to hide He'll sit in the open and drink with pride ====

Q Ghazal 197 Persian: Bai to aey sarv e rawaan baa gul o gulshan cheh kunam Zulf e sunbul cheh kasham, aariz e sosan cheh kunam Urdu: Bai to aey sarv e rawaan baa gul o gulshan kya ho Zulf e sunbul ka ho kya, aariz e sosan kya ho English:=== Without my cypress, it seems rather silly My going to the garden and looking at the lily Persian: Aah az tana e badkhah na deedam rooyat Neest chu aaina am, roo e zay aahan cheh kunam Urdu: Jab karay tana e badkhah mukaddar sorat Aab sheeshay ki ho kya, saiqal e aahan kya ho English:=== My rival, when he stops her from coming to my place In the mirror of my heart I can see her face Persian: Baroo aey zahid o bar durdkashaan khurda mageer Kaarfarma e qadar meekunad ein, mun cheh kunam Urdu: Na laga aeb to in durdikushoun per zahid Hukm e taqdeer ho jab neeat e aahan kya ho


English:=== The preacher, when he scolds me, he does not know It's the will of God; He has made me so Persian: Barq e ghairat chun chuneen meejahad az makman e ghaib To bafarma keh mun e sookhtakharman cheh kunam Urdu: Na giray us pay agar barq e tajalli taeri Toe bata haal e dil e soakhtakharman kya ho English:=== And what God makes, only He can break And whatever He gives, only He can take Persian: Madaday gar ba chiraaghay nakunad aatish e toor Chaara e teerashab e waadi e aeman cheh kunam Urdu: Na jalaen shaakh o shajar toor kay ger aatish say Chaara e teerashab e waadi e aeman kya ho English:=== And when He sets a bush on fire Our bodies and souls he illumines entire Persian: Shah e Turkaan chun pasandeed o ba chaham andaakht Dastgeer ar nashawad dast e Tahamtan cheh kunam Urdu: Shah nay chah maen beezan ko hay daala laikin Ho madadgaar na ger dast e Tahamtan kya ho English:=== His will even Rustam cannot defy And a sultan can't question and ask Him why? Persian: Khoon e mun reekhti az nawak e dildooz e firaaq Khud bagoo baa to mun aey deeda e rooshan cheh kunam Urdu: Khoon e dil kerta hay jab nawak e dildoaz e firaaq Chaara phir is ka bata deeda e roshan kya ho English:=== And when with her parting she punishes me I have to accept it as God's decree Persian: HAFIZA khuld e bareen khaana e mooroos e mun ast Anderein manzil e weeraana nasheeman cheh kunnam Urdu: HAFIZA khuld e bareen khaana e moeroos ho jab Aagay is kay yeh tera faani nashaeman kya ho English:=== But, HAFIZ, this earth is not for me I belong to Eden, it's a legacy ====

Q Ghazal 198 Persian: Baroo aey tabeebam az sar keh khabar zay sar nadaaram Ba Khuda riha kunam jaan keh zay jaan khabar nadaram Urdu: Aey tabeeb dard e dil hay, mujhay dard e sar naheen hay Jo maraz hay mujh ko us ki tujhay kuchh khabar naheen hay English:=== O doctor please, don't waste your time Obscure is my ill, no reason, no rhyme Persian: Ba ayaadatam qadam neh keh zay baikhudi shawam beh Mai e naab noosh o ham deh keh gham e digar nadaaram Urdu: Karay ger meri ayaadat toe lay aa sharaab thorhi Meray gham ki yeh dawa hay, mujhay gham digar naheen hay


English:=== If you want to help, give me some wine And let me have a cup, and I'll be fine Persian: Ghamam ar khori az ein pus nakunam zay ghamkhori bus Nazaray ba juz to baa kas ba kasay digar nadaaram Urdu: Too hi ghamgusaar maera, too hi chaarasaaz maera Keh ilaaj maeray dil ka ba kas e digar naheen hay English: The ailment of mine only she can cure Without her my pain I cannot endure Persian: Zay zarat kunand zeewar, ba zarat kashand dar bar Mun e bainawa e muztar cheh kunam keh zar nadaaram Urdu: Milay zar say taeri qurbat, banay zar say taera zaewar Maen houn bainawa e muztar, meray pas zar naheen hay English:=== And though she is gracious and sweet as honey I simply can't have her without any money Persian: Digaram magoo keh khaham keh zay dargahat baraanam To bar ein o mun bar aan am keh dil az to bar nadaaram Urdu: Na uthha mujhay khuda ra keh baraay sajda sar ko Ba juz aastaan kay taeray koie aur dar naheen hay English:=== I do want to go and live in her street Only there I can find a peaceful retreat Persian: Mun agarcheh maiparastam, nadaheed mai ba dastam Mabureed dil zay dastam keh dil e digar nadaaram Urdu: Too meray dil e hazeen ko gaya loot kay hay phir kuin Meray pas jaanta hay keh dil e digar naheen hay English:=== Her love from my heart I cannot part For love her I do with all my heart Persian: Dil e HAFIZ ar bajooie, gham e dil ba tundkhooie Cheh bagooyamat bagooie sar e dard e sar nadaaram Urdu: Na hay dardmand koie, na hay ghamgusaar koie Teray dard e dil ka HAFIZ koie chaaragar naheen hay English:=== So, HAFIZ, you see I am in a bind For a cure for me only she can find ====

Q Ghazal 199 Persian: Chira na dar pay e azm e dayaar e khud baasham Chira na khaak e kuff e pa e yaar e khud baasham Urdu: Maen kaash dar pay e azm e dayaar e khud hota Maen kaash khaak e kuff e pa e yaar e khud hota English:=== Since Garden of Eden is my true home How long in this world am I going to roam? Persian: Gham e ghareebi o ghurbat chun bar namitaabam Ba shehr e khud rawam o shehryaar e khud baasham Urdu: Mujhay ghareebi o ghurbat ki apni taab naheen Aey kaash shehr maen maen shehryaar e khud hota


English:=== I feel like a beggar in a foreign land I should go home and be in command Persian: Zay mehramaan e saraparda e wisaal shawam Zay bandagaan e Khudawandagaar khud baasham Urdu: Hua houn mehram e qasr e wisaal toe kya hay Aey kaash banda e perwardagaar e khud hota English:=== To Heaven I should go and find a retreat And meet my Maker and be at His feet Persian: Chun kaar e umr na paidaast baaray aan aula Keh rooz e waqia peesh e nigaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na aaqibat ka pata jab hay, kitna achha tha Keh waqt e marg maen paish e nigaar e khud hota English:=== When the purpose of life is so obscure This pain of parting I shouldn't endure Persian: Zay dast e bakht e garaankhaab o kaar e baisamaan Agar kunam gilaay raazdaar e khud baasham Urdu: Ba dast e bakht e garaankhaab o kaar e baisamaan Gila maen kerta agar, raazdaar e khud hota English:=== I shouldn't complain and condemn my fate Only I am to blame for my sorry state Persian: Hameesha peesha e mun aashiqi o rindi bood Digar bakoosham o mashghool e kaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na hota paisha ager aashiqi o rindi ka Maen jad o jehd maen mashghool e kaar e khud hota English:=== Nothing have I done but thirst and lust I should now be good and be good I must Persian: Bawad keh lutf e azal rehnamoon shawad HAFIZ Wagarna ta ba abad sharmsaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na miltay gar mujhay HAFIZ Khuda kay lutf o karam Maen roz e hashr bohat sharmsaar e khud hota English:=== And, HAFIZ, it's time for me to decide And make the will of God my only guide ====

Q Ghazal 199 Persian: Chira na dar pay e azm e dayaar e khud baasham Chira na khaak e kuff e pa e yaar e khud baasham Urdu: Maen kaash dar pay e azm e dayaar e khud hota Maen kaash khaak e kuff e pa e yaar e khud hota English:=== Since Garden of Eden is my true home How long in this world am I going to roam? Persian: Gham e ghareebi o ghurbat chun bar namitaabam Ba shehr e khud rawam o shehryaar e khud baasham Urdu: Mujhay ghareebi o ghurbat ki apni taab naheen Aey kaash shehr maen maen shehryaar e khud hota


English:=== I feel like a beggar in a foreign land I should go home and be in command Persian: Zay mehramaan e saraparda e wisaal shawam Zay bandagaan e Khudawandagaar khud baasham Urdu: Hua houn mehram e qasr e wisaal toe kya hay Aey kaash banda e perwardagaar e khud hota English:=== To Heaven I should go and find a retreat And meet my Maker and be at His feet Persian: Chun kaar e umr na paidaast baaray aan aula Keh rooz e waqia peesh e nigaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na aaqibat ka pata jab hay, kitna achha tha Keh waqt e marg maen paish e nigaar e khud hota English:=== When the purpose of life is so obscure This pain of parting I shouldn't endure Persian: Zay dast e bakht e garaankhaab o kaar e baisamaan Agar kunam gilaay raazdaar e khud baasham Urdu: Ba dast e bakht e garaankhaab o kaar e baisamaan Gila maen kerta agar, raazdaar e khud hota English:=== I shouldn't complain and condemn my fate Only I am to blame for my sorry state Persian: Hameesha peesha e mun aashiqi o rindi bood Digar bakoosham o mashghool e kaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na hota paisha ager aashiqi o rindi ka Maen jad o jehd maen mashghool e kaar e khud hota English:=== Nothing have I done but thirst and lust I should now be good and be good I must Persian: Bawad keh lutf e azal rehnamoon shawad HAFIZ Wagarna ta ba abad sharmsaar e khud baasham Urdu: Na miltay gar mujhay HAFIZ Khuda kay lutf o karam Maen roz e hashr bohat sharmsaar e khud hota English:=== And, HAFIZ, it's time for me to decide And make the will of God my only guide ====

Q Ghazal 200 Persian: Haasha keh mun ba moosam e gul tark e mai kunam Mun laaf e aql meezanam, ein kaar kay kunam Urdu: Maen kis terheh ba mousam e gul tark e mai karoun Bulbul ki baang mat sunoun, perhaiz e nay karoun English:=== To give up drinking when the flowers are here It makes no sense; it sounds rather queer Persian: Mutrib kujaast ta hama mehsool e zohd o ilm Dar kaar e baang e barbat o aawaaz e nay kunam Urdu: Mutrib bulao ta keh maen mehsool e zohd ko Qurbaan e baang barbat o aawaaz e nay karoun


English:=== Let's give up piety and seek romance And enjoy the music, and sing, and dance Persian: Az qaal o qeel e madrisa haalay dilam grift Yak chand neez khidmat e maashooq o mai kunam Urdu: Maktab ki qaal o qeel say tang aa gaya houn maen Ab chahta houn khidmat e maashooq o mai karoun English:=== Rather than listen to the learned and wise Let's drink with the girls, and look into their eyes Persian: Koo paik e subh ta gilaha e shab e firaaq Baa aan khajista talay e farkhanda pay kunam Urdu: Aaay jo paik e subh toe maen shikwa hijr ka Baa ann khajista talay o farkhanda pay karoun English:=== Let's enjoy our love, and not be in a hurry And about pain of parting let's not worry Persian: Kay bood dar zamaana wafa, jaam e mai biyaar Ta mun hikaayat e Jum o Kaoos o Kay kunam Urdu: Hay baiwafa zamaana, pila saaqia keh maen Tujh say bayaan hikaayat Kaoos o Kay karoun English;=== For the life is short and the time flies Even the king of kings can't escape demise Persian: Az naama e siyah natarsam keh rooz e hashr Baa faiz e lutf e o sad az ein naama tay kunam Urdu: Go naama e amal hay siyeh, pull saraat sub Barkat say faiz e haq ki maen baibaak tay karoun English:=== And if we have sinned, God doesn't mind For He is so generous, forgiving and kind Persian: Khaak e mara chu dar azal az mai sarishta and Baa muddaie bagoo keh chira tark e way kunam Urdu: Daala hay baada roz e azal jab sarisht maen Aey muddaie maen kaisay bhala tark e mai karoun English:=== I have wine in my blood as I have salt So if I want to drink, it is not my fault Persian: Ein jaan e aaryat keh ba HAFIZ supurd doost Roozay rukhash babeenam o tasleem e way kunam Urdu: Jalwa agar dikhaay wo HAFIZ toe zindagi Qurbaan jis qadar bhee meray paas hay karoun English:=== But, HAFIZ, my life, though it is sweet I now want to lay it at my Maker's feet ====

Q Ghazal 201 Persian: Khurram aan rooz kaz ein manzil e weeraan barawam Raahat e jaan talabam waz pay e janaan barawam Urdu: Aek din chorh kay yeh khaana e weeraan jaoun Paoun maen raahat e jaan, dar pay e jaanaan jaoun English:=== When I leave this world, I'll be happy and gay I'll meet my Maker; with Him I'll stay -


Persian: Gercheh daanam keh ba jaay naburad rah e ghareeb Mun ba boo e khush e aan zulf e pareeshaan barawam Urdu: Jaan ker bhee keh na manzil hay koie is reh maen Maen daroon paich o kham e zulf e pareeshaan jaoun English:=== Without Him in life there is only dismay I feel like a stranger who has lost his way Persian: Chu saba, baa dil e beemaar o tan e baitaaqat Ba hawadaari e ann sarv e kharaamaan barawam Urdu: Joun saba baa dil e beemaar o tan e baitaaqat Ba hawadaari e aan sarv e khraamann jaoun English:=== I find this world so dingy and bleak My heart is sick, and I feel so weak Persian: Dilam az wehshat e zindaan e Sikandar bagrift Rakht bar bandam o ta mulk e Suleimaan barawam Urdu: Tang hay wehshat e zindaan e Sikandar say dil Ya Khuda kis terheh dar mulk e Suleimaan jaoun English:=== For I'm not happy in this worldly empire In the kingdom of Solomon I'd like to retire Persian: Dar reh e o chu qalam gar ba saram baayad raft Baa dil e dardkash o deeda e giryaan barawam Urdu: Jo bulaay mera maashooq toe maen sar kay bal Baa dil e dardkash o deeda e giryaan jaoun English:=== And when I see my Maker's face With tears I'll enter the realm of grace Persian: Nazr kardam keh gar ein gham ba sar aayad roozay Ta dar e maikada shaadaan o ghazalkhaan barawam Urdu: Gham say fursat ho toe maen aish say kaisay daekho Dar e maikhaana pay shaadaan o ghazalkhaan jaoun English:=== But before I leave, since it is not too far I'll go, and sing, and dance in the bar Persian: Ba hawadaari e o zarrasifat raqskunaan Ta lab e chashma e khursheed e darakhshaan barawam Urdu: Raqs kerta hua zarray ki terheh kirnoun maen Choomnay ko wo rukh e mehr e darakhshaan jaoun English:===And I will be dancing and having the fun Like a speck of dirt in the beam of the sun Persian: Nazukaan ra chun gham e hal e garitaaraan neest Sarbaanaan madaday ta khush o aasaan barawam Urdu: Naazneen kartay naheen rehm gariftaarounn per Sarbaan ker too madad ta khush o aasaan jaoun English:=== And although my journey is full of woe I'll take it easy whenever I go -


Persian: War chu HAFIZ nabaram reh zay biabaan bairoon Hamrah e kokaba e Aasif e douraan barawam Urdu: Azn HAFIZ day agar dastnawardi toe man Hamrah e kokaba e Aasif e douraan jaoun English:=== And, HAFIZ, if I could not find my way I'll become the Premier's prote'ge' ====

Q Ghazal 202 Persian: Khayaal e roo e to gar bagzarad ba gulshan e chashm Dil az pay e nazar aayad ba soo e roozan e chashm Urdu: Khayaal e roo e nigaar aaay ger ba gulshan e chashm Baraay deed chalay dil ba soo e roezan e chashm English:=== When you, in your absence, I visualize My heart leaps up and comes into my eyes Persian: Bia keh laal o goher dar nisaar e maqdam e to Zay gunj e khaana e dil meekasham ba makhzan e chashm Urdu: Too aa keh ganj say dil kay nisaar kernay ko Maen lay kay aaoun hazaaroun goher ba makhzan e chashm English:=== So come, and you my heart will greet By laying the gems and pearls at your feet Persian: Saza e takiagahat manzaraay nameebeenam Manam ba aalam o ein goosha e moayyan e chashm Urdu: Hay takiagah agar koie taeray manzar ki Hay aek maera hi bus gosha e moayyam e chashm English:=== And let me see your beautiful face And make my heart your resting place Persian: Sahar sarashk e rawaanam sar e kharaabi daasht Garam na khoon e jigar meegarift daaman e chashm Urdu: Bahaata yaad maen houn taeri khoon kay aansoo Keh choothta naheen khoon e jigar say daaman e chashm English:=== Without you, darling, it cries and cries Until the blood comes out of my eyes Persian: Nakhist rooz keh deedam rukh e to, dil meeguft Agar rasad zarraray khoon e mun ba dargan e chashm Urdu: Kaha tha daekhtay hi dil nay chehra e jaanaan Zarrar hay is maen toe hay khoon mera ba gardan e chashm English:=== The very first time when my heart saw you It became your prey, and nothing it could do Persian: Ba boo e muzhda e wasl e to ta sahar hama shab Ba rah e baad nihaadam chiraagh e rooshan e chashm Urdu: Suni hay jab say khabar shab maen taeray aanay ki Bharhak, bharhak kay jala hay chiraagh e roashan e chashm English:=== In the hope that come per chance you might It sits and waits for you all night


Persian: Ba mardumi keh dil e dardmand e HAFIZ ra Mazan ba naawak e dildooz e mardumafgan e chashm Urdu: Hay kerni ger tujhay dildaari e dil e HAFIZ Chala na naawak e dildouz e mardumafgan e chashm English:=== So HAFIZ says, you should be good to my heart And kill it not with your eye's dart ====

Q Ghazal 203 Persian: Dar kharaabaat e mughaan noor e Khuda meebeenam Ween ajab been keh cheh nooray zay kuja meebeenam Urdu: Baadakhaanay maen ajab noor e Khuda daekha hay Kya nazar aaya mujhay,maen nay yeh kya daekha hay English:=== I see in the tavern the glory of God But everyone thinks it's all very odd Persian: Har dam az roo e to naqshay zanadam rah e khayaal Baa keh gooyam keh dar ein parda cheha meebeenam Urdu: Rehzan e fikr o khayaal us ka her ik naqsh hua Kya kahoon maen nay teray chehray maen kya daekha hay English:=== Wherever I look I see His face His charm, His beauty, His glory, His grace Persian: Kas nadeedast zay mushke Khutan o naafa e Cheen Aan cheh mun har sahar az baad e saba meebeenam Urdu: Naafa e Cheen maen naheen, mushk e Khutan maen bhee naheen Her sahar maen nay jo andaaz e saba daekha hay English:=== No scent, no incense, no musk can match The scent of His being that He can dispatch Persian: Neest dar daira yak nukta khilaaf az kam o beesh Keh mun ein masala bai choon o chira meebeenam Urdu: Bai kam o baish chala dour e falak aur maen nay Saara yeh masala bai choon o chira daekha hay English:=== His kingdom is vast; His realm is grand And nothing can move without His command Persian: Mansab e aashiqi o rindi o shaahidbaazi Ham az tarbiyat e lutf e shuma meebeenam Urdu: Mansab e aashiqi o rindi o shaahidbaazi Mehrbaani say teri sab yeh rawa daekha hay English:=== A lover, a toper, whatever I am He is my shepherd and I am His lamb Persian: Khaham az zulf e butaan naafakhushaie kardan Fikr e dour ast haaana keh khata meebeenam Urdu: Talab e naafakushaie hay mujhay, jis din say Maen nay wo paich o kham e zulf e dotaa daekha hay English:=== Being not with Him I cannot bear His scent and fragrance when I smell everywhere


Persian: Sooz e dil, ashk e rawaan, aah e sahar, naala e shab Ein hama az asar e lutf e shuma meebeenam Urdu: Soaz e dil, ashk e rawaan, aah e sahar, naala e shab Haen yeh sab jab say parichehra tera daekha hay English:=== I moan, I groan, I sob, and I sigh But I'm also happy and don't know why? Persian: Keest durdikash e ein maikada ya Rab keh darash Qibla e haajit o mehraab e dua meebeenam Urdu: Maikaday maen koie aisa hay keh jis kay dar per Qibla e haajit o asloob e dua daekha hay English:=== And whoever drinks the wine of love Among angels and men he stands above Persian: Jalwa bar mun mafaroosh aey malik ul haaj keh to Khaana meebeeni o mun khaana khuda meebeenam Urdu: Khudnumaie na ker aey shaikh meray aagay yuin Too nay khaana e Khuda, maen nay Khuda daekha hay English:=== O preacher don't brag about the house of God For I have seen Him, so I'm not awed Persian: Doostaan aeb e nazarbaazi e HAFIZ makuneed Keh mun o ra zay muhibbaan e Khuda meebeenam Urdu: Aeb kuin kehtay ho HAFIZ ki nazarbaazi ko Us nay toe roo e sanam maen bhee Khuda daekha hay English:=== And HAFIZ, although he may be odd He is a lover who's in love with God ====

Q Ghazal 204 Persian: Doosh soadaay e rukhash guftam zay sar bairoon kunam Guft koo zangeer ta tadbeer e ein majnoon kunam Urdu: Kaisay maen sar say khayaal e aashiqi bairoon karoun Zulf say us ki riha apna dil e majnoon karoun English:=== When I said I was crazy about her not She said I was maddest of the crazy lot Persian: Qaamatash ra sarv guftam, sar kasheed az mun ba khashm Doostaan az raast meeranjad nigaaram, choon kunam Urdu: Sarvqad kehta houn us ko, sarkashi kerta hay wo Naapasand itni ager hay, baat maen sach kuin kahoun English:=== When I said she was slim like a cypress tree She was very offended and didn't agree Persian: Nukta naasangeeda guftam, dilbara maazoor daar Iswaay farmaie ta mun taba ra moozoon kunam Urdu: Baat naamoazoon kahi maen nay toe mujh ko ker maaf Ishwa e maozoomn dikha ta taba maen moazoon karoun English:=== So being a man who cannot tell lies I simply decided to apologize


Persian: Zardrooie meekasham zaan tab e naazuk baiguneh Saaqia jamay badeh ta chehra ra gulgoon kunam Urdu: Ker dia hay zardroo mujh ko firaaq e yaar nay Saaqia day mai keh chehra apna maen gulgoon karoun English:=== O maid of the bar, get me some ale My love has made me so weak and pale Persian: Mun keh reh burdam ba gunj e husn e baipaayaan e doost Sad gadaay hamchu khud ra baad az ein Qaaroon kunam Urdu: Jab say paaya us ka ganj e husn e baipaayaan hay Baawajood e bainawaie maen khijal Qaroon karoun English:=== But if someday I could get my gal The richest of the rich become I shall Persian: Aey naseem e hazrat e Salma Khuda ra ta ba kay Rabba ra barham zanam, atlaal ra Jaihoon kunam Urdu: Aey naseem e dargeh e jaanaan bata keh kab talak Ghar karoun barbaad aur sahra ko maen Jaihoon karoun English:=== So go and tell my love, O breeze That I do beg her to come back please Persian: Aey meh e naamehrbaan az banda HAFIZ yaad kun Ta dua e doolat e aan husn e roozafzoon kunam Urdu: Wo maeh e naamehrbaan HAFIZ ager ho mehrbaan Maen duaoun say fazoon e husn e rozafzoon karoun English:=== And that HAFIZ knows I pray and pray For her beauty and health all night, all day ====

Q Ghazal 205 Persian: Dar nihaankhaana e ishrat sanamay khush daaram Kaz sar e zulf o rukhash naal dar aatish daaram Urdu: Hay nihaankhaana e ishrat maen but e khush mujh ko Shola e rukh nay kya naal dar aatish mujh ko English:=== I'm in love with a beautiful girl In her I have found a precious pearl Persian: Gar ba kaashaana e rindaan qadamay khahi zad Nuql e shaer e shakareen o mai e baighash daaram Urdu: Khum ba doash aa kay ba kaashaana e rindaan saaqi Sheereen ashaar suna, day mai e baighash mujh ko English:=== Whenever she comes to my humble place I offer her wine and a warm embrace Persian: War to zein dast mara bai sar o saamaan daari Mun ba aah e saharat zulf mushawash daaram Urdu: Bandh kay dil rakhay gar paich o kham e gaisoo maen Zulf say taeri na ho itni kashakash mujh ko English:=== But when I play and mess up her hair She wants to split and go elsewhere


Persian: Aashiq o rindam o maikhaara ba aawaaz e buland Aen hama mansab az aan shookh e pariwash daaram Urdu: Aashiq o rind houn, aawaara o maikhaara houn Daikh kya too nay kya shoakh e pariwash mujh lo English:=== A toper, a beggar, a tramp I am But being a lover, I don't give a damn Persian: Gar chuneen jalwa numaayad khat e zangaari e doost Mun rukh e zard ba khoonaaba munaqqash daaram Urdu: Hay ba rang e gul o nasreen rukh e gulnaar tujhay Hay ba khoonaab bhee rukhsaar e munaqqash mujh ko English:=== Her face is like a beautiful rose And I 'm so pale with all my woes Persian: Naawak e ghamza biawar zay reh e zulf keh mun Jangha baa dil e mujrooh e balakash daaram Urdu: Teer gar tirchhi nazar say na karaen khoon is ka Jang ho baa dil e majrooh e balakash mujh ko English:=== Her gaze is like a deadly dart It jabs, it stabs, it wounds my heart Persian: Yak sar e mooay ba dast e mun o yak sar baa doost Saalha bar sar e ein mooay kashakash daaram Urdu: Rishta e zulf agar hota na uljha aisa Hoti itni na kabhee tujh say kashakash mujh ko English:=== And although our bonds are beautiful Between us there's also some push and pull Persian: HAFIZA chun gham o shaadi e jahaan dar guzar ast Behtar aan ast keh mun khaatir e khud khush daaram Urdu: Jab keh HAFIZ gham o shaadi e jahaan faani haen Shukr e Eezad keh mila aek dil e hush mujh ko English:=== So love has, HAFIZ, both joy and pain But then this is life, and I can't complain ====

Q Ghazal 206 Persian: Deeshab ba sayl e ashk reh e khab meezadam Naqshay ba yaad e khatt e to bar aab meezadam Urdu: Sailaab e ashk say shab e baikhaab hay mujhay Naqsh e dahaan o rukh tera bar aab hay mujhay English:=== Last night all night I could not sleep I thought of her face and began to weep Persian: Roo e nigaar dar nazaram jalwa meenamood Waz dour boosa bar rukh e mehtaab meezadam Urdu: Roo e nigaar kay liay tarhpa hay dil bohat Aaya nazar jo hijr maen mehtaab hay mujhay English:=== And then when I thought of her lips maroon I felt like kissing the face of the moon


Persian: Abroo e yaar dar nazar o khirqa sookhta Jaamay ba yaad e goosha e mehraab meezadam Urdu: Abroo e yaar daekh kay, khirqay ko baech kay Peena ba yaad e goasha e mehraab hay mujhay English:=== And when I remembered her bow-like brow I was hit by an arrow and could only say - ow! Persian: Chashmam ba roo e saaqi o gooshan ba qool e chang Faalay ba chashm o goosh dar ein baab meezadam Urdu: Aankhaen haen roo e yaar pay, haen kaan chang per Yuin maikaday maen milti mai e naab hay mujhay English:=== But then I decided to go to the bar And listen to the singer and to his guitar Persian: Naqsh e khayaal e roo e to ta waqt e subhedam Bar kaargaah e deeda e baikhaab meezadam Urdu: Naqsh e khayaal e rukh tera ta waqt e subhadam Ber kaargaah e deeda e baikhaab hay mujhay English:=== But wherever I looked I saw her face Her image from my mind I couldn't erase Persian: Har murgh e fikr kaz sar e shaakh e tarab bajast Baazash zay turra e to ba mizraab meezadam Urdu: Murgh e khayaal maera jo shaakh e tarab pay hay Phir taab kuin na aey dil baitaab hay mujhay English:=== And though I had fun, and played with the girls I couldn't help thinking of her raven curls Persian: Saaqi ba saut e ein ghazalam kaasa meegrift Meeguftam ein sarood o mai e naab meezadam Urdu: Saaqi hua hay maeri ghazal sun kay mehrbaan Daeta piaala bhar kay mai e naab hay mujhay English:=== And then my verses I started to sing And everyone in the pub began to swing Persian: Khush bood waqt e HAFIZ o faal e murad e kaam Bar naam e umr o doolat e ahbaab meezadam Urdu: HAFIZ mili muraad agar waqt e khush mila Haasil yeh sab ba doulat e ahbaab hay mujhay English:=== And though, HAFIZ, there's no one who comprehends I'm lucky to have some very nice friends ====

Q Ghazal 207 Persian: Deedaar shud mayassar o boos o kinaar hum Az bakht shukr daaram o az roozgaar hum Urdu: Deedaar bhee naseeb hay, boas o kinaar bhee Qismat bhee mehrbaan hay bohat, roazgaar bhee English:=== She has finally come to rest in my arms Oh, how I love and adore her charms


Persian: Zaahid baroo keh talay agar talay e mun ast Jaamam ba dast baashad o zulf e nigaar hum Urdu: Zaahid na roak mujh ko keh yaari e bakht say Saaghar hay hath maen meray, zulf e nigaar bhee English:=== I'll drink my wine and play with her hair Of my lovely girl I'll take good care Persian: Maa aeb e kas ba rindi o maasti namikuneem Laal e butaan khush ast o mai e khushgawaar hum Urdu: Parhaiz baadakhari o masti say kuin ho jab Miltay haen lab butoun kay, mai e khushgawaar bhee English:=== In drinking and dancing there's nothing wrong We'll go to the bar and sing our song Persian: Aey dil bashaaratay dahamat mohtasib namaand Waz mai jahaan pur ast o but e maigusaar hum Urdu: Aey dil khabar suni hay je tehreem e mai gaie Hay maikaday maen mai bhee, but e maigusaar bhee English:=== And need we do not anyone's permission For the wine is ample; there's no prohibition Persian: Aan shud keh chashm e badnigaraan bood az kameen Khasm az mian baraft o sarashk az kinaar hum Urdu: Hay khoaf dushmanooun ka na andaisha e adoo Aabaad shaahidoun say hay dil bhee, kinaar bhee English:=== So drinking, and dancing, and singing are on And there're no cops, and the censor is gone Persian: Khaatir ba dast e tafriqa daadan na zeerakiest Mujmooaay bakhah o suraahi biyaar hum Urdu: Aey dil na ho malool, chal aisie jageh jahaan Ho saaghar o sharaab bhee, mutrib bhee, yaar bhee English:=== So sit and relax and don't be in a hurry Have something to drink and do not worry Persian: Bar khaakian e ishq fishaan jurra e labash Ta khaak laalgoun shawad o mushkbaar hum Urdu: Day khaaksaar e ishq ko ik jurr e lab kabhee Ta khaak laalgoun ho meri, mushkbaar bhee English:=== And to honor the topers who're not around Take a little bit of wine and throw it on the ground Persian: Chun aabroo e laala o gul faiz e husn e tust Aey abr e lutf bar mun e khaaki babaar hum Urdu: Hay aabroo e laala o gul faiz say teray Taalib hay abr e lutf ka yeh khaaksaar bhee English:=== And go to the garden and there repose And see her beauty in the tulip and rose Persian: Chun kaainaat jumla ba roo e to zinda und Aey aaftaab saya zay mun barmadaar hum Urdu: Wo aaftaab daiway hay jo sab ko zindagi Rakhshandagi pay us ki hay maera madaar bhee English:=== The moon and the sun are slaves of hers For she is the queen of the universe


Persian: Ahl e nazar aseer e to und az khuda batars Waz intasaab a Aasif e Jumiqtadaar hum Urdu: Ahl e nazar aseer na ker aur dar keh haen Aadil Khuda bhee, Aasif e Jumiqtadaar bhee English:=== And though to her lovers she is very cruel Our Premier is just; he is like a jewel Persian: Bar yaad e roo e anwar e to aaftaab e subh Jaan meekunad fida o kawaakib nisaar hum Urdu: Maen hi na roo e anwar e jaanaan pay houn fida Hoatay haen aaftaab o kawaakib nisaar bhee English:=== The stars are nothing in comparison He shines in glory like the morning sun Persian: Goo e zameen raboodaie choogaan e adl e tust Ween barkasheeda gunbad e neelihasaar hum Urdu: Jeetay haen aek choat say chougaan nay teray Goo e zameen o gunbad e neelihisaar bhee English:=== The whole world knows he is fair and just There's no one in the world that's more august Persian: Ta az nateeja e falak o toor e dour e oast Tabdeel o mah o saal o khizaan o bahaar hum Urdu: Jab tak keh hay tareeq e falak jis kar doer say Aatay haen mah o saal, khizaan o bahaar bhee English:=== So months and years till time does bring And till there's autumn in the world and spring Persian: Khaali mabaad kaakh e jalaalat zay sarwaraan Waz saaqiaan e sarvqad o gulizaar hum Urdu: Kaakh e jalaal maen teray sardaar houn jamay Aur saaqiaan e sarvqad o gulizaar bhee English: May he command every lord and knight And the lovely girls give him every delight Persian: Buhaan e mulk o deen keh zay dast e wizaaratash Ayyaam e kaan yameen shud o darya yasaar hum Urdu: Burhaan e deen keh jis ki wizaarat say khush haen sab Amn o amaan say ho gaya pur yeh dayaar bhee English:=== And may he have tons of gems and pearls And be always surrounded by beautiful girls Persian: Azm e sabukinaan e to dar junbish aawurad Ein paidaar markaz e aalimadaar hum Urdu: Azm e sabukinaan say laraz jaay hay teray Yeh paidaar markaz e aalimadaar bhee English;=== For since the moment of her noble birth He has controlled the heaven and earth Persian: Diwaar e darmiaana chu barg e gul e dooroost Humsaaya e hum und khizaan o bahaar hum



Shaadi o gham haen do rukh e yak barg jis terheh Humsaaya haen chaman maen khizaan o bahaar bhee

English:=== And since the opposites are in everything I'm old as winter and he's young as spring Persian: HAFIZ keh dar sana e to chundeen goher fishaand Peesh e cuff e to shud khijal o sharmsaar hum Urdu: HAFIZ jo hay goherfishaan taeray jamaal per Hay daekh kay jalaal tera sharmsaar bhee English:=== And everyone, with his kindness, he does amaze Including HAFIZ who always sings his praise ====

Q Ghazal 208 Persian: Roozgaaray shud keh dar maikhaana khidmat meekunam Dar libaas e fuqr kaar e ahl e doolat meekunam Urdu: Maikaday maen ja kay maikhaaroun ki khidmat maen karoun Der liobaas e fuqr kaar e ahl e doulat maen karoun English:=== For years in the bar I've done my thing And being a tramp, I've felt like a king Persian: Ta magar dar daam e wasl aaram tazav e khushkharaam Dar kameenam intazaar e waqt e fursat meekunam Urdu: Daam maen aa kay khushi say yaar e khushandaaz kay Sayd ban kay intazaar e waqt e fursat maen karoun English:=== A pretty little girl I'm tryting to bait And having built a trap, I sit and wait Persian: Waiz e ma boo e Haq nashneed, bashnoo ein sukhan Dar hazoorash neez meegooyam, na gheebat meekunam Urdu: Waaz maen zaahid ko boo e Haq naheen milti kaheen Saamnay kehta houn maen us kay, na gheebat maen karoun English:=== Our preacher alas is a hypocrite He's always threatening and doesn't quit Persian: Chu saba uftaan o kheezaan meerawam ta koo e doost Waz rafeeq e rah istamdaad e himmat meekunam Urdu: Ja raha houn girta parhta maen jo koo e yaar maen Us say milnay ki bataao kaisay himmat maen karoun English:=== And although I always try to be discreet I somehow end up wandering in her street Persian: Deeda e badbeen bapooshaan aey kareem e aebpoosh Zeen dilairyha keh mun dar kunj e khilwat meekunam Urdu: Aeb beenoun say chhupa aey aeb poash e mehrbaan Pur khataaoun say jo apna kunj e khilwat maenkaroun English:=== But I'm not also very genuine And only God knows how much I sin -


Persian: Haash Allah kaz hisaab e rooz e hashram baak neest Faal e farda meezanam, imrooz ishrat meekunam Urdu: Fursat e farda bhee mil jaay gi us kay faiz say Aaj ger di hay Khuda nay kuin na ishrat maen karoun English:=== And though my moral fabric is frayed I believe in His mercy, and I'm not afraid Persian: Az yameen e arsh aameen meekunad Rooh ul ameen Chun dua e paadshah e mulk o doolat meekunam Urdu: Arsh e baala say kahay aamaan bhee Rooh ul ameen Jab dua e baadshah e mulk o doulat maen karoun English:=== And Gabriel in Heaven always says amen A prayer for the king when I say or pen Persian: Khusrava ummeed e jaah o maal daaram, zeen sabab Iltamaas e aastaanboosi e hazrat meekunam Urdu: Shah say milnay kay maal o jaah ki ummeed per Iltamaas e aastaanboasi e hazrat maen karoun English:=== And a plea for money whenever I bring I'm amply rewarded by my generous king Persian: Khaak e kooyat barnataabad zehmat e ma beesh az ein Lutfha kardi buta, takhfeef e zehmat meekunam Urdu: Dour rehna mujh ko zehmat, wasl maen zehmat tujhay Kis terheh jaanaan bata takhfeef e zehmat maen karoun English:=== But since I know I'm not worth a dime I don't like to bother him all the time Persian: Zulf e dilbar daam e rah o ghamzaash teer e bala Yaad daar aey dil keh chandeenat naseehat meekunam Urdu: Zulf e dilbar daam hay ik, ghamza e dilkash bala Sunta per maeri naheen dil ger naseehat maen karoun English:=== And since she's a flirt and her lock a snare I keep telling my heart - beware, beware! Persian: HAFIZAM dar mehfilay, durdikasham dar majlisay Bangar ein shookhi keh chun baa khalq sohbat meekunam Urdu: Aek mehfil maen houn HAFIZ, doosri maen durdkash Maeri shoakhi daekh, kya baa khalq sohbat maen karoun English:=== And though I'm a toper but act like a sheik HAFIZ, please don't think that I am a fake ====

Q Ghazal 209 Persian: Sanama baa gham e ishq e to cheh tadbeer kunam Ta ba kay dar gham e to naala e shabgeer kunam Urdu: Aey sanam kya gham e ulfat ki maen tadbeer karoun Kab talak hijr maen yuin naala e shabgeer karoun English:=== With my pangs of love what do I do? All night I sit and do boohoo


Persian: Dil e deewaana az aan shud keh pazeerad darmaan Magarash ham zay sar e zulf e to zangeer kunam Urdu: Dil e deewaana jo ab qaabil e darmaan na raha Zulf maen baandhoun usay, qayd ba zangeer karoun English:=== For my crazy heart there is no cure I'd like to tie it with her hair for sure Persian: Aan cheh dar muddat e hijr e to kasheedam, haihaat Dar do sad naama muhaal ast keh tehreer kunam Urdu: Laakh gham mujh ko milay haen jo teri furqat maen Aek khat maen too bata kaisay maen tehreer karoun English:=== O what I go through when she is away In writing I surely cannot convey Persian: Baa sar e zulf e to majmoo e pareeshaani e kheesh Koo majaalay keh yakayak hama taqreer kunam Urdu: Jo pareeshaanian is dil ko mileen zulfoun say Kaisay maen un ko bata qaabil e taqrteer karoun English:=== And why am I crazy about her hair? Just go and see her when it flies in the air Persian: Rind e yakrangam o baa shaahid o mai hamsohbat Natawaanam keh digar heela o tazweer kunam Urdu: Rind e yakrang houn, hay shaahid o mai say sohbat Kaisay phir too hi bata heela o tazweer karoun English:=== A toper am I who loves his wine And the beautiful girls, for they're divine Persian: Aan zamaan kaarzoo e deedan e jaanam baashad Dar nazar naqsh e rukh e khoob e to tasweer kunam Urdu: Chahoun jab daekhna maen jaan ko apni jaanaan Saamnay aankh kay apni teri tasweer karoun English:=== And when I cannot see my sweetie pie I look at her picture that's in my eye Persian: Gar badaanam keh wisal e to badeen dast dehad Dil o deen ra hama darbaazam o toofeer kunam Urdu: Mehrbaan ho kay kabhee too meray paas aaay agar Dil o deen ker kay maen qurbaan teri touqeer karoun English: Oh, me only once if she could come and meet I would lay my heart and soul at her feet Persian: Dour shoo az baram aey waaiz o afsaana magoo Mun na aanam keh digar goosh ba tazweer kunam Urdu: Ja kay afsaana suna aur kisi ko waaiz Naheen aisa bhee keh maen goash ba razweer kunam English:=== And if the preacher call my love a craze It's nothing to me whatever he says -


Persian: Neest imkaan e khalaas az gham e o aey HAFIZ Chunkeh taqdeer chuneen bood cheh tadbeer kunam Urdu: Gham e jaanan say rihaie milay HAFIZ kaisay Hay jo taqdeer maen kya us ki maem tadbeer karoun English:=== And nothing my pain can alleviate For, HAFIZ, it's destiny; it's my fate ====

Q Ghazal 210 Persian: Ishqbaazi o jawaani o sharaab e laalfaam Majlis e uns o hareef e hamdam o shurb e mudaam Urdu: Ishqbaazi o jawaani o sharaab e laalfaam Majlis e uns o rafeeq e hamdam o shurb e mudaam English:=== There're youth, and love, and the ruby wine With friends and lovers let's drink and dine Persian: Saaqi e shakkardahaan o mutrib e shireensukhan Hamnasheen e naek kirdaar o hareef naek naam Urdu: Saaqi e shakkardahaan o mutrib e shireebsukhan Hamnasheen e naek kirdaar o shafeeq e naek naam English:=== The music is lovely and the barmaid sweet There're cordial companions with trust complete Persian: Shaahiday dar lutf o paaki rashk e aab e zindagi Dilbaray dar husn o khoobi ghairat e mah e tamaam Urdu: Shaahiday dar lutf o paaki rashk e aab e zindagi Dilbaray dar husn o khoobi ghairat e mah e tamaam English:=== The girls are gorgeous with eternal youth More radiant and glorious than the moon in truth Persian: Baada e gulrang o talkh o azb o khushwaar o sabuk Nuqlay az laal e nigaar o nuqlay az yaaqoot e jaam Urdu: Baada e gulrang o talkh o tund o shireen o sabuk Saaqi e gulrukh, nigaar e laal lab, yaaqoot e jaam English:=== There're golden cups with vintage wine Touching red, red lips of the darlings divine Persian: Bazmgaah e dilnasheen chu qasr e firdoos e bareen Gulshanay paraamanash chu rooza e daar us salaam Urdu: Bazmgaah e aish jaisay qasr e firdoas e bareen Gulshan e aaraam jaisay roaza e daar us salaam English:=== The neighborhood bar is jolly and nice And the garden is blissful like paradise Persian: Safnasheenaan naik khah o peeshkaaraan baa adab Doostdaaraan sahib e sirr o hareefaan doostkaam Urdu: Safnasheenaan naik khah o paishdaaraan baa adab Yaardaaraan raazdaar o raazdaaraan yaarkaam


English:=== The attendants are gracious and the waitresses sweet The friends are caring and the companions discreet Persian: Ghamza e saaqi ba yaghma e khirad aahikhta teegh Zulf e dilbar az baraay sayd e dil gustarda daam Urdu: Ghamza e ghammaaz e saaqi rehzan e hoash o khirad Gaisoo e dilbar baraay sayd e dil band e mudaam English:=== The barmaids are coy with charming airs And the beauties have locks with traps and snares Persian: Har keh ein sohbat bajooyad khushdili bar way halaal Waan keh ein ishrat nakhahad zindagi bar way haraam Urdu: Ho jo is sohbat ka taalib hay halaal us ko tarab Aur na chaahay jo yeh ishrat zindagi us ki haraam English:=== So come and join us and be a trouper Or they will call you a party pooper Persian: Nuktadaanay bazlagoo chu HAFIZ e shireensukhan Bakhshishaamooz o jahaanafrooz chu Haji Quaam Urdu: Nuktadaan o bazlago hay HAFIZ e shireensukhan Bakhshishaamoaz o jahaanafroaz hay Haji Quaam English:=== And come also because our HAFIZ is here With Haji Quam who we all so revere ====

Q Ghazal 211 Persian: Gham e zamaana keh heechash karaan namibeenam Dawash juz maiay chu argawaan manibeenam Urdu: Kaheen bhee aisa gham e baikaraaan naheen daekha Baghair baada ho chaara jahaan, naheen daekha English:=== There is no end to my sorrow and pain Some comfort from wine though I do obtain Persian: Nishaan e mard e Khuda aashiqiest, baa khud aa Keh dar mashaaikh e shehr ein nishaan namibeenam Urdu: Nishaan e mard e Khuda aashiqi o durwaishi Per is ka shaikh maen koie nishaan naheen daekha English:=== Only love can define a man of God And without it a sheik is only a fraud Persian: Dar ein khumaar kasay jurraay namibakhshad Babeen keh ahl e dilay dar jahaan namibeenam Urdu: Pila kay khumr karay jo ilaaj e makhmoori Wo ahl e dil koie aisa yahaan naheen daekha English:=== When I've hangover, I need some wine But of help in this town I see no sign Persian: Zay aaftaab e qadeh irtafaa e aish bageer Chira keh talaa e waqt aan chunaan namibeenam Urdu: Wo aaftaab keh hay jo meray pialay maen Kaheen bhee tujh maen wo aey aasmaan naheen daeka


English:=== If I don't drink wine, I cannot think And there's no one here who'll give me a drink Persian: Bar ein do deeda e hairaan e mun hazaar fasoos Keh baa do aaina rooyash ayaan namibeenam Urdu: Hua hay dhundhla yuin aaina aankh ka maeri Keh muddatoun say tera rukh ayaan naheen daekha Endlish:=== Oh, when I am crying, I can't see her face And this for my eyes is a mighty disgrace Persian: Qad e to ta bashud az jooaibaar e deeda e mun Ba jaa e sarv juz aab e rawaan namibeenam Urdu: Gaya hay chhorh kay wo sarv joo e chashm meri Kuchh is maen jab say juz aab e rawaan naheen daekha English:=== But ever since to me she has said good-bye I cannot do anything but cry and cry Persian: Ba tark e sohbat e peer e mughaan nakhaham guft Chira keh maslahat e khud dar aan namibeenam Urdu: Maen tark e sohbat e peer e mughaan karoun kaisay Jab is sa maen nay koie mehrbaan naheen daekha English:=== So the keeper of the bar is my only hope For, without his help, I just can't cope Persian: Mun o safeena e HAFIZ keh juz dar ein darya Bazaat e sukhan e durfishaan namibeenam Urdu: Adab hay behr maen behtar kalaam e HAFIZ say Koie safeena e goharfishaan naheen daekha English:=== And the songs of HAFIZ do bring me peace For the book of his verse is a masterpiece ====

Q Ghazal 212 Persian: Koo fursatay keh khidmat e peer e mughaan kunam Waz pand e peer doolat e khud ra jawaan kunam Urdu: Aao keh chal kay khidmat e peer e mughaan karaen Bakhshish say us ki doulat e dil ko jawaan karaen English:=== If you go and serve the keeper of the bar And take his advice, you'll go very far Persian: Mun saalha majaawir e maikhaana booda am Baaqeesh ham ba khidmat e aan aastaan kunam Urdu: Guzri hay umr nokri e maikada maen jab Baaqi hay jitni khatm usay bhee wahaan karaen English:=== For many, many years I've served the pub And for the rest of my life it'll be my hub Persian: Dee sheesha deed baa mun o bashkist mohtasib Imrooz zeer e dilq e mulamma nihaan kunam



Toarhay hay sheesha daekhtay hi mohtasib agar Behtar hay zaer e khirqa usay ham nihaan karaen

English:=== The censor goes breaking the casks of wine So now I've to hide my bottle of mine Persian: Munkir raseed ta shikanad sheesha e sharaab Tadbeer e amn az o to makun, mun chunaan kunam Urdu: Aaya hay toarhnay ko jo sheesha sharaab ka Munkir hay us say kaisay umeed e amaan karaen English:=== I carry my bottle hidden in the gown And don't mind the censor, for he's a clown Persian: Shaikham ba goosh guft haraam ast mai, makhur Guftam ba chashm her cheh to gooie hamaan kunam Urdu; Tang aa gaiay haen shaikh ki sun kay malamataen Ab maslahat yahie hay kam haan maen haan karaen English:=== And when the sheik shames me with all his taunt I tell him - yes sir, but do what I want Persian: HAFIZ makun faraar zay joor e raqeeb sag Kaandar panaah e yaar tura dar amaan kunam Urdu: Bachna raqeeb sag say HAFIZ toe aa keh ham Dhoondhaen panah e yaar, talaash e amaan karaen English:=== And when my rival drives me up the tree I thank God, HAFIZ, that she's still with me ====

Q Ghazal 213 Persian: Gar az ein manzil e ghurbat ba soo e khaana rawam Nazr kardam keh ham az rah ba maikhaana rawam Urdu: Chhorh kay manzil e ghurbat ba soo e khaana chal Reh maen per thehr kay kuchh dair ba maikhaana chal English:=== At the end of my journey, before home I go To my favorite saloon a visit I'll owe Persian: Zeen safar gar ba salamat ba watan baaz rasam Digar aan ja keh rawam, aaqil o farzaana rawam Urdu: Mast o khush pee kay pila kay jo watan maen ponhchay Ban kay too waan pay barha aaqil o farzaana chal English:=== And from the saloon when I will depart I'll sound very wise and look very smart Persian: Ta bagooyam keh cheh kashfam shud az ein sair e salook Bar dar e maikada baa barbat o paimaana rawam Urdu: Ta keh tujh per khulaen israar e tasaffuf sufi Ber dar e maikada baa barbat o paimaana chal English:=== Of the mystries of life I'll be aware And leave the bar with great fanfare -


Persian: Aashnayaan e reh ishq agar khoon bakhurand Kaafiram gar ba shikaayat bar e baigaana rawam Urdu: Aashnayaan e reh e ishq piyaen khoon bhee ager Lay kay koie na shikaayat too ba baigaana chal English:=== In love I have had much sorrow and pain But no matter what I'll never complain Persian: Baad az ein dast e mun o zulf e chu zangeer e nigaar Ta ba kay az paay kaam e dil e deewaana rawam Urdu: Hath aaie hay meray zulf ki zangeer toe ab Is say baandhoun maen tujhay aey dil e deewaana chal English:=== My crazy heart is bound to her hair And it from the bondage I cannot tear Persian: Gar babeenam kham e abroo e chu mehraabash baaz Sajda e shukr kunam, dar paay shukraana rawam Urdu: Kham e abroo ki jo mehraab nazar aaay tujhay Sajda e shukr maen gir, dar paay shukraana chal English:=== Her brow indeed is a deadly bow A victim of its darts I became long ago Persian: Khurram aan dam keh chu HAFIZ ba tawalla e wazeer Sarkhush az maikada baa doost ba kashaana rawam Urdu: Mehrbaan tujh pay jo HAFIZ hay wazeer e aazam Mast o madhoush too baa dost ba kashaana chal English:=== But I play with the girls and drink my wine For, HAFIZ, the vizier is a friend of mine ====

Q Ghazal 214 Persian: Ma wird e sahar bar dar e maikhaana nidaadeem Auqaat e dua dar reh e jaanaana nihaadeem Urdu: Ham mehwar e gardish dar e maikhaana bana daen Ummeed ka markaz reh jaanaana bana daen English:=== We should take our rosary to the saloon And pray for our girl from noon to noon Persian: Sultaan e azal gunj e gham e ishq ba ma daad Ta roo dar ein manzil e weeraana nihaadeem Urdu: Sultaan e azal nay jo gham e ishq diya hay Aa ham usay ganj e dil e weeraana bana daen English:=== Our Maker has given us the pangs of love Ever since we've come to the earth from above Persian: Dar kharman e sad aaqil o zaahid zanad aatish Ein daagh keh ma bar dil e weeraana nihaadeem Urdu: Houn soakhta sad kharman e farzaana o zaahid Yuin aatish e daagh e dil e weeraana bana daen English:=== The fire of love that's burning in the heart It consumes us all, whether dumb or smart


Persian: Dar dil nadaham reh pus az ein mehr e butaan ra Mohr e lab e o bar dar e ein khaana nihaadeem Urdu: Jo mehr e butaan dil maen hay aabaad, ham us ko Wo aaay to mohr e lab e jaanaana bana daen English:=== And though we're all different, we do concur That we can't love anyone else but her Persian: Aan boosa keh zaahid zay payash daad ba ma dast Az roo e safa bar lab e jaanaana nihaadeem Urdu: Wo haath jo bosay kay liay daita hay murshid Mumkin ho to us ko lab e jaanaana bana daen English:=== The sheik, when he gives us his hand to kiss Oh, how her crimson lips do we miss Persian: Chun meerawad ein kashti e sargashta keh aakhir Jaan dar sar e ein gohar e yakdaana nihaadeem Urdu: Sargashta hay jo umr ki kashti toe kam us ka Haasil tujhay aey gohar e yakdaana bana daen English:=== So now that our boats are getting so old Of our precious pearl we should try to get hold Persian: Almannata Allah keh chu ma baidil o deen bood Aan ra keh khirad parwar o farzaana nihaadeem Urdu: Haen ranj o alam aisay reh e ishq maen, yeh sab Farzaana o aaqil ko bhee deewaana bana daen English:=== For even the people who are learned and smart As soon as they see her, with their hearts they part Persian: Dar khirqa az ein peesh munaafiq natawaan bood Bunyaadash az ein sheewa e rindaana nihaadeem Urdu: Maikhaanay maen aa zaahid e khudbeen keh taeray Dastoor ko ham shaiwa e rindaana bana daen English:=== And unlike the preacher, since we aren't fake The pleasures of life we don't have to forsake Persian: Qaanay ba khayaalay zay to boodeem chu HAFIZ Ya Rab cheh gadahimmat o shahaananihaadeem Urdu: Lay sabr o qanaat say agar kaam too HAFIZ Ham taeri faqeeri ko bhee shahaana bana daen English:=== And every day, HAFIZ, we love her more And feel very rich although we are poor ====

Q Ghazal 215 Persian: Ma dar ein dar na paay hashmat o jaah aamdaeem Az yad e haadsa ein ja ba panaah aamdaeen Urdu: Lainay dar per na teray hashmat o jaah aaay haen Maangnay sayl e hawaadis say panaah aaay haen English:=== I am not looking for wealth or rank Only a shelter on which I could bank


Persian: Rehrav e manzil e ishqeem o zay sarhad e adum Ta ba aqleem e wajood ein hama raah aamdaeem Urdu: Rehrav e manzil e ulfat haen, adum say chal ker Mulk e hasti maen ba paimaaie e rah aaay haen English:=== A lover am I and from heaven above I've come to the world to seek my love Persian: Sabza e khatt e to deedeem o zay bustaan e bahisht Ba talbgaari e ein mehr e giyaah aamdaeem Urdu: Daekhnay ko teray rukhsaar pay hum dunya maen Zaeb e khaal o shikan e zulf e siyaah aaay haen English:=== And since I've seen her beautiful face I see in everthing my Maker's grace Persian: Baa chuneen gunj keh shud khaazin e o Rooh e Ameen Ba gadaaie ba dar e khaana e shaah aamdaeem Urdu: Ganj e shaahi keh hay Jibreel nigehbaan jis ka Maangnay wo ba dar e khaana e shaah aaay haen English:=== And with all this wealth of love in my heart I'm a slave of my king from the very start Persian: Langar e hilm e to aey kashti e toofiq kujaast Keh dar ein bahr e karam gharq e gunaah aamdaeem Urdu: Langar e hilm hay aey kashti e toufeeq kahaan Behr e rehmat maen jo hum gharq e gunaah aaay haen English:=== But being a sinner and a blundering clod I seek and depend on the mercy of God Persian: Aabroo meerawad aey abr e khatapoosh babaar Keh ba deewaan e amal naamasiyaah aamdaeem Urdu: Rakh Khudawand e khatapoash hamaari izzat Lay kay deewaan e amal naamasiyaah aaay haen English:=== For God's forgiveness I constantly pray And seek his protection all night, all day Persian: HAFIZ ein khirqa e pashmeena biyaandaaz keh ma Az paay qaafla baa aatish o aah aamdaeem Urdu: Dour rakh khirqa e pashmeena keh HAFIZ hum aaj Lay kay seenay maen bohat aatish o aah aaay haen English:=== I also feel, HAFIZ,being such a clown I do not deserve my mystic's gown ====

Q Ghazal 216 Persian: Mara ahdeest baa jaanaan keh ta jaan dar badan daaram Hawadaari e kooyash ra chu jaan e kheeshtan daaram Urdu: Yeh waada hay keh jab tak jaan hum ander badan rakhhaen Mohabbat dil maen koochay ki teray aey seemtan rakhhaen English:=== Oh, as long as I live I will never retreat And give up waiting for her in the street


Persian: Ba kaam o aarzoo e dil chun daaram khilwatay haasil Cheh fikr az khubs e badgooyaan mian e anjuman daaram Urdu: Ho poori aarzoo jab aur milay khilwat teri hum ko Toe phir kuin fikr e badgo darmian e anjuman rakhhaen English:=== And if she would come to my place to stay I won't care a bit what the people say Persian: Sharaab e khushgawaaram hast o yaar e mehrbaan saaqi Nadaarad heech kas yaaray chuneen yaaray keh mun daaram Urdu: Mai e pur joash hay baaqi, hay yaar e mehrbaan saaqi Na kuin kuchh daer taeri phir charaaghaan anjuman rakhhaen English:=== She'll sit with me and pour me some wine And like best of lovers we'll wine and dine Persian: Mara dar khaana sarvay hast kaandar saaya e qaddash Faraagh az sarv e bustaani o shamshaad e chaman daaram Urdu: Kabhee wo ger qad o qaamat hamaaray yaar ki daekhaen Haya kaisi diloun maen sarv o shamshaad e chaman rakhhaen English:=== With a beautiful rose like her in my place I'll want no flowers: I'll need no vase Persian: Sazad kaz khaatam e laalash zanam laaf e Sulaimaani Chun ism e aazamam baashad cheh baak az ahraman daaram Urdu: Lab e laaleen ki khatam us ki hay rashk e Sulaimaani Rakhaen hum ism aazan ger, na khouf e ahraman rakhhaen English:=== With an angel like her, I'll also boast That I'm not afraid of any demon or ghost Persian: Garam sad lashkar az khoobaan ba qasd e dil kameen saazand Ba hamdullah o almanna butay lashkarshikan daaram Urdu: Ba sad lashkar haseenaan e jahaan aati haen dil laenaen Magar hum haen keh dil maen ik but e laskkarshikan rakhhaen English:=== If a beauty would try to make me her prey Like a guardian angel, she'll drive her away Persian: Ela aet peer e farzaana, makun aebam zay maikhaana Keh mun dar tark e paimaana dil e paimaanshikan daaram Urdu: Too hum ko peer e farzaana, suna mat aeb e maikhaana Keh hum dar tark e paimaana dil e paimaanshikan rakhaen English:=== And if the preacher would tell me not to drink From telling him off she will not shrink Persian: Chun dar gulzaar e iqbaalash kharaamaanam ba hamdullah Na mail e laala o nasreen, na barg e yaasman daaram Urdu: Haen jab gulzaar e jaanaan maen kharaamaan sayr kertay hum Na zouq e laala e nasreen, na shouq e yaasman rakhhaen English:=== With my house like a garden in which to repose I'll have no need for the tulip or rose Persian: Safa e khilwat e khaatir az aan sham e Chugal jooyam Faroogh e chashm o noor e dil az aan mah e Khutan daaram



Safa e khilwat e khaatir az aan sham e Chugal chahaen Fraough e chashm o noor e dil az aan mah e Khutan rakhaen

English:=== Like a candle my house she will irradiate And like a moon my night she'll illuminate Persian: Khudara aey raqeeb imshab zamaanay deeda berham neh Keh mun baa laal e khamooshash nihaani sad sukhan daaram Urdu: Khudara aey adoo kuchh daer ko too aaj shab so ja Keh lab say us kay kernay kay liay hum sad sukhan rakhhaen English:=== And since there will be no chaperone We'll always be together, and we'll be alone Persian: Ba rindi shohra shud HAFIZ pas az chandeen wiraa amma Cheh gham daaram chun dar aalam Ameenuddin Hasan daaram Urdu: Ho chaahay jitni HAFIZ shehr maen rindoun ki badnaami Unhaen kya gham keh jo murshid Ameenuddin Hasan rakhhaen English:=== And HAFIZ as a toper I have no taint Because Hasan is my teacher, and he is a saint ====

Q Ghazal 217

Persian: Maroo keh dar gham e hijr e to az jahaan baraweem Bia keh peesh e to az kheesh her zamaan baraweem Urdu: Tumhaaray hijr maen hum chhorh kay jahaan jaaen Chalay bhee aao keh paoun pay day kay jaan jaaen English:=== Without you, darling, I'm going to die So come back at least to say good-bye Persian: Sukhan bagooie keh peesh e lab e to jaan badaheem Riha makun keh dar ein hasrat az jahaan baraweem Urdu: Ba waqt e marg zara aa kay kuchh tasalli do Na ta keh hum isi hasrat maen day kay jaan jaaen English:=== Come and console me before I die For I will without you forever cry Persian: Rawa madaar keh jaan bar lab ast o ma zay jahaan Nadeeda kaam e dil az aan lab o dahaan baraweem Urdu: Hay lab pay jaan hamaararay, dahan tumhaara jaan Ho baat jab keh mila kay lab o dahaan jaaen English:=== Your juicy red lips oh, how I miss So before I die, come give me a kiss Persian: Khush aan zamaan keh babeeneem bar dahaan lab e to To khud bagooie keh ma az barat chusaan baraweem Urdu: Hamaaray lab pay tumhaaray haen lab jo waqt e nizaa Bataao kis terheh hum chhorh kay jahaan jaaen English:=== And put you lip upon my lip And it with your mouth you tightly grip


Persian: Gada e koo e shumaeem o hajitay daareem Rawa madaar keh mehroom zaastaan baraweem Urdu: Faqeer e koocha e jaanaan haen hasrataen haen bohat Rawa naheen hay keh mehroom e aastaan jaaen English:=== On your help and charity I've come to lean For I'm a beggar, and you are the queen Persian: Nishaan e wasl ba ma deh ba har tareeq keh hast Keh baaray az paay wasl e to bar nishaan baraweem Urdu: Kisi terheh naheen milta nishaan e wasl hamaen Batao tum say milaen kis terheh, kahaan jaaen English:=== Oh, how much I want to be with you So come back at least to say adieu Persian: Magoo keh HAFIZ az ein dar baroo baraay Khuda Keh har cheh raay to baashad juz ein, bar aan baraweem Urdu: Uthhaay yaar hay jab dar say apnay aey HAFIZ Tum us say ja kay yeh poochho keh hum kahaan jaaen English:=== And in your street, please let me stay Take pity on your HAFIZ; don't drive him away =====

Q Ghazal 218

Persian: Muzhda e wasl e to koo, kaz sar e jaan barkheezam Taair e qudsam o az daam e jahaan barkheezam Urdu: Dard e furqat say toe behter hay keh jaan say jaaoun Taair e quds banoun, daam e jahaan say jaaoun English:=== My Maker soon I am going to see From the snare of being I'll soon be free Persian: Ya Rab az abr e hidaayat barasaan baaraanay Peeshtar zan keh chu garday zay mian barkheezam Urdu: Mujh pay baaraan e hidaayat ho Khudaya keh kaheen Gard ki terheh na aawaara yahaan say jaaoun English:=== O please my God, do show me the way Before I falter and go astray Persian: Ba wila e to keh gar banda e kheesham khaani Az sar khaajagi e koan o makaan barkheezam Urdu: Ba Khuda too mujhay ger apna bana lay banda Maen sar khaajagi e koan o makaan say jaaoun English:=== For a throne or a crown I do not crave I'll give up a kingdom to become your slave Persian: Bar sar e turbat e mun baimai o mutrib manasheen Ta ba booyat zay lahad raqskunaan barkheezam Urdu: Mutrib o saaqi agar sath houn mayyat kay meri Raqs karta hua maen mast jahaan say jaaoun


English:=== The folks on my grave should come and sing Some wine for me they should also bring Persian: Gar cheh peeram, to shabay tang dar aaghoosham geer Ta sahargeh zay kinaar e to jawaan barkheezam Urdu: Wo kisi raat jo mujh peer ko aaghoush maen lay Noujawaan ban keh maen aaghoush e jawaan say jaaoun English:=== And if she could only hold me tight Make me strong and young she might Persian: To mapindaar keh az khaak e sar e koo e to mun Ba jafa e falak o jour e zamaan barkheezam Urdu: Houn gada koocha e jaanaan ka, bata maen kaisay Ba jafa e falak o jour e zammaan say jaaoun English:=== But me no matter how the people treat I'll never, never quit, and leave her street Persian: Barnakheezam zay sar e koo e to ta jaan daaram War rasad kaar ba jaan, az sar e jaan barkheezam Urdu: Jab talak jaan hay na chhoarhoun maen koo e jaanaan ko Jaan bhee ger daeni parhay, shouq say jaan say jaaoun English:=== And no matter how much do people try I'll not move out, and there will I die Persian: Sarv e baala banuma aey but e shireen harakaat Keh chu HAFIZ zay sar jaan o jahaan barkheezam Urdu: Sarv qad apna dikhaay wo mujhay ger HAFIZ Jaan qurbaan karoun, jaan o jahaan say jaaoun English:=== And me if she ever comes to meet HAFIZ, I'll gladly die at her feet ====

Q Ghazal 219 Persian: Mun tark e ishqbaazi o saaghar namikunam Sad baar tobah kardam o digar namikunam Urdu: Hum tark e ishqbaazi o saaghar na ker sakay Tobah to ki hazaar, amal per na ker sakay English:=== Her love in my heart and the wine in my cup I have tried and tried but cannot give up Persian: Baagh e bahisht o saaya e toba o qasr o hoor Baa khaak e koo e yaar barabar nemikunam Urdu: Baagh e bahisht o qasr banaay to haen magar Us khaak e dar kay kuchh bhee barabar na ker sakay English:=== The houris in heaven have nothing on her Her place over Eden I'll always prefer Persian: Talqeen e dars e ahl e nazar yak ishaarat ast Kardam ishaaratay o mukarrar namikunam Urdu: Ahl e nazar ko aek ishaara hi hay bohat Ker day jo aek baar, mukarrar na ker sakay


English:=== Oh, loving is something you cannot learn There is something in you that makes you yearn Persian: Hargiz namishawad zay sar e khud khabar mara Ta darmiaan e maikada sar bar namikunam Urdu: Masti hay maikaday maen kuchh aisi teray keh waan Maaloom haal apna koie sar na ker sakay English: When I go to the bar and begin to drink I simply can't stop; I go to the brink Persian: Shaikham ba tanz guft haraam ast mai makhur Guftam magoo keh goosh ba har khar namikunam Urdu: Kehtay haen shaikh tanz say baada haraam hay Kehdo keh qadr is ki her aek khar na ker sakay English:=== And when the sheik tells me not to have wine I tell him it's foolish; it's so asinine Persian: Peer e mughaan hikaayat e maaqool meekunad Maazooram ar mohaal e to baawar namikunam Urdu: Peer e mughaan ka gufta e maaqool jo sunay Tafseer e shaikh wo kabhee baawar na ker sakay English:=== But the keeper of the bar is a very wise man I've become his pupil and a loyal fan Persian: Ein taqwaam bus ast keh chu zaahidaan e shehr Naaz o karishma bar sar e mimbar namikunam Urdu: Waaiz pay raaz e ishq khulay ger wo phir kabhee Naaz o karishma bar sar e mimber na ker sakay English:=== There're so many things that he can teach But he doesn't use pulpit: he does not preach Persian: Zaahid ba taana guft baroo tark e ishq kun Mohtaaj e jang neest bradar, namikunam Urdu: Uljho na shaikh say kabhee ja ker keh shehr maen Jhagrha koie bhee us kay barabar na ker sakay English:=== But "Don't fall in love", when the preacher says His ignorance great he simply displays Persian: HAFIZ janaab e peer e mughaan maamin e wafaast Mun tark e khaakboosi e ein dar namikunam Urdu: Peer e mughaan kay dar pay hay kuchh amn is qadar HAFIZ juda hum is say kabhee sar na ker sakay English:=== So, HAFIZ, I stick with the keeper of the bar He's so very profound; he's truly a star ====

Q Ghazal 220 Persian: Mun na aan rindam keh tark e shaahid o saaghar kunam Mohtasib daanad keh mun ein kaarha kamtar kunam Urdu: Kis terheh hum rind tark e shaahid o saaghar karaen Kaam aisa mohtasib too hi bata kuinkar karaen English:=== I will not give up my women and wine No matter how much the sheik does whine -


Persian: Chun saba majmoaa e gul ra ba aab e lutf shust Kajdilam khan gar nazar bar safha e daftar kunam Urdu: Jab ba aab e lutf dhoay hay saba auraaq e gul Hay yeh badzouqi keh fikr e maktab o daftar karaen English:=== When the dew drops wash the face of the flower You just can't stay in your ivory tower Persian: Laala saaghargeer o nargis mast o bar ma naam e fisq Daawari daaram basay ya Rab kira daawar kunam Urdu: Laala saaghargeer o nargis mast aur badnaam hum Shikway hum ko haen bohat laikin kisay daawar karaen English:=== With the daffodil drunk and tulip taking wine Not drinking in the garden is too asinine Persian: Ishq durdaanast o mun ghawwas o darya maikada Sar faroburdam dar aan ja ta kuja sar bar kunam Urdu: Ishq durdaana hay, hum ghawwas, darya maikada Is maen khaaen kuin na ghotay, huin na gharqa sar karaen English:=== And being a lover, I'm looking for the girls And the pub, like a sea, is full of the pearls Persian: Garcheh gardaalood e fuqram, sharm baad az himmatam Gar ba aab e chashma e khursheed daaman tar kunam Urdu: Haen toe gardaalood e ghurbat, sharm aati hay magar Jab ba aab e chashma khursheed daaman tar karaen English:=== And though I'm needy, penniless, and poor Begging is something I very much abhor Persian: Mun keh daaram dar gadaaie gunj e sultaani ba dast Kay tamae bar gardish e gardoon e dooparwar kunam Urdu: Ganj e sultaani diya hay jab faqeeri nay humaen Tamae kuin bar gardish e gardoon e doonparwar karaen English:=== With the treasure of love, I feel like a king For when you're in love, you don't need a thing Persian: Aashiqaan ra gar dar aatish meepasandad lutf e doost Tangchashmam gar nazar bar chashma e kosar kunam Urdu: Gar ho mansha yaar ki ushshaaq dozakh maen jalaen Hum na hargiz phir nazar bar chashma kosar karaen English:=== I need no Eden in which to dwell For my love I'm willing to burn in hell Persian: Ahd o paimaan e falak ra neest chandaan aetabaar Ahd baa paimaana bandam, shart baa saaghar kunam Urdu: Ahd o paimaan e falak per jab bharoasa kuchh naheen Ahd paimaanay say baandhaen, shart baa saaghae karaen English:=== But being a lover I also need wine So give me the bottle and I will be fine -


Persian: Baaz kash yak dam inaan aey turk e shehraashoob e mun Ta zay ashk o chehra rahat pur zar o gohar kunam Urdu: Ashk maeray daekh lay aey turk e shehraashoab too Kaisay yeh tujh per nichhaawar johar o gohar karaen English:=== Oh, how I love my beautiful belle And how I grieve when she says farewell Persian: Baawajood e bainawaie roosiyah baadam chu maah Gar qabool e faiz e khursheed e bulandakhtar kunam Urdu: Baawajood e bainawaie roosiyah houn misl e meh Gar qabool e faiz e khursheed e bulandakhtar karoun English:=== Though moon looks lovely in the dark of night Alas, it borrows from the sun its light Persian: Mun keh imroozam bahisht e naqd haasil meeshawad Waada e farda e zaahid ra chira baawar kunam Urdu: Aaj haasil jab keh hay sarmaaya e jannat humaen Waada e farda e zaahid kis terheh baawar karaen English:=== And I tell the preacher that I'm not dumb I know that tomorrow doesn't ever come Persian: Shaiwa e rindi na laaiq bood wazaam ra walay Chun daruftaadam chira andeesha e deegar kunam Urdu: Shaiwa e rindi munaasib ger naheen toe kya hua Haen jo khush is marn toe phir kuin paesha e deegar karaen English:=== And though being a toper is not by choice Now that I've become one, I simply rejoice Persian: Doosh laalat ishwaha meedaad aashiq ra walay Mun na aanam kaz way ein afsaanaha baawar kunam Urdu: Uzr kay qissay sunaata hay ba sad ishwa hamaen Phir karay har zid keh afsaanay yeh hum baawar karaen English:=== My girl is a flirt; she gives me a story And believe it I do, and I'm not sorry Persian: Goosha e mehraab e abroo e to meekhaham zay bakht Ta dar aan ja humchu Majnu dars e ishq az bar kunam Urdu: Gosha e mehraab e abroo chahtay haen bakht say Ta keh is maen baith ker hum dars e ishq az bar karaen English:=== And whenever she pulls the bow of her brow She strikes the heart and people say - wow! Persian: Waqt e gul gooie keh zaahid shoo, ba chashm o jaan o dil Meerawam ta mushwarat baa shaahid o saaghar kunam Urdu: Mausam e gul maen naseehat kaisay waiz ki sunaen Aao chal ker mushwara baa shaahid o saaghar karaen English:=== When the preacher invites me to be his pal I tell him I'm going to consult my gal -


Persian: Mun keh aeb e tobakaaraan karda baasham baarha Tobah az mai waqt e gul deewaana baasham gar kunam Urdu: Haen toe deewaanay magar itnay bhee deewaanay naheen Kuin ba waqt e fasl e gul hum tobah e saaghar karaen English:=== He knows that women are a weakness of mine And that I'll not give up the bottle of wine Persian: Zohd waqt e gul cheh soodaayst HAFIZ gooshdaar Ta aoozay khanam o andeesha e deegar kunam Urdu: Jaaen maikhaanay maen HAFIZ fikr e taqwa chhorh ker Aur na fasl e gul maen kuchh andaesha e deegar karaen English:=== So, HAFIZ, whatever the circumstance In springtime piety doesn't make sense ====

Q Ghazal 221 Persian: Har chand peer o khastadil o naatawaan shudam Har geh keh yaad e roo e to kardam, jawaan shudam Urdu: Her chand peer o khastadil o naatawaan hua Jab bhee khayaal aaya tera, naujawaan hua English:=== Though I have become very old and weak I bloom when I think of her rosy cheek Persian: Shukr e Khuda keh har cheh talab kardam az Khuda Bar muntaha e matlab e khud kaamraan shudam Urdu: Shukr e Khuda keh jo bhee Khuda say talab kya Us nay diya wo sub mujhay, maen kaamraan hua English:=== My Lord has been kind to me indeed He has given me whatever I want or need Persian: Dar shahrah e doolat e sarmad ba takht e bakht Baa jaam e mai ba kaam e dil doostaan shudam Urdu: Der shahrah e daulat e daaim ba talht e bakht Baa jaam e mai muraad e dil e doustaan hua English:=== In my jug there's always plenty of wine Which I drink and share with friends of mine Persian: Az aan zamaan keh fitna chashmat ba ma raseed Aeman zay sharr e fitna e aakhir zamaan shudam Urdu: Daekha hay jis zamaan say tera fitna e nazar Baikhouf e sharr e fitna e aakhir zamaan hua English:=== My gal has dark and beautiful eyes They charm, they enchant, they mesmerize Persian: Aey gulbun e jawaan bar e doolat bakhur keh mun Dar saaya e to bulbul e baagh e janaan shudam Urdu: Aey gulbun e jawaan rahay too jawaan keh maen Saaay maen taeray bulbul e baagh e janaan hua English:=== She is like a flower, very gentle and frail And I'm her loving nightingale


Persian: Awwal zat harf e loh e wajoodam khabar nabood Dar maktab e gham e to chuneen nuktadaan shudam Urdu: Tha ik zamaan keh jaanta ik harf bhee na tha Maktab maen parh kay ishq kay maen nuktadaan hua English:=== Before I met her I was rude and crude And now that I'm wise, I often brood Persian: Mun peer e saal o mah niyam, yaar baiwafast Bar mun chun umr meeguzarad, peer az aan shudam Urdu: In mah e saal say naheen peeri mili mujhay Furqat maen taeri peer hua, natawaan hua English:=== And I'm not old because of my years I've been ravaged by my woes and fears Persian: Aan rooz bar dilam dar e maani kushaada shud Kaz saakinaan e dargeh peer e mughaan shudam Urdu: Mujh per khulay hazaar dar e maani e jahaan Jab say maen saakin e dar e peer e mughaan hua English:=== So now I consult the keeper of the bar For he is very smart and truly a star Persian: Qismat hawaalatam ba kharaabaat meekunad Har chand een chuneen shuadam o aan chunaan shudam Urdu: Qismat nay mujh ko shouq e kharaabaat day dya Khaanakharaab maen hua, baikhaanomaan hua English:=== And now I go to the bar straight I've become a toper, and that's my fate Persian: Doosham naveed daad o bashaarat keh HAFIZA Baaz aa keh mun ba afv e gunaahat zamaan shudam Urdu: Chal maikaday maen HAFIZA baikhouf o baikhatar Zaamin jo afv e rind ka peer e mughaan hua English:=== And, HAFIZ, the barman sounds genuine When he says God likes to forgive the sin ====

Q Ghazal 222 Persian: Aey noor e chashm e mun sukhanay hast goosh kun Ta saagharat pur ast banooshaan o noosh kun Urdu: Aey noor e chashm baat yeh maeri bagoash ker Hay jaam jab talak tera pur, naushanoash ker English:=== O drink and dance, and when you dine With friends and lovers do share your wine Persian: Peeraan sukhan ba tajraba guftand, guftamat Haan aey pisar keh peer shawi pand goosh kun Urdu: Daanish milay na peer ko bay pand o tajraba Chahay jo peer hona, naseehat ba goash ker English:=== You're young and strong, but when they advise You should listen to the old because they're wise


Persian: Bar hooshmand silsila nanhaada ast ishq Khahi keh zulf e yaar kashi tark e hoosh kun Urdu: Mehroom haen ba silsila e ishq aaqilaan Chahay agar too zulfkashi, tark e housh ker English:=== And love is above and beyond our reason So if you're in love, your reason you shun Persian: Tasbeeh o khirqa lazzat e masti nabakhshadat Himmat dar een amal talab az maifaroosh kun Urdu: Tasbeeh o dilq maen naheen masti o baikhudi Ja maikaday maen, pairawi e maifaroush ker English:=== With the rosary and gown you cannot go far To become a mystic you should go to the bar Persian: Baa doostaan muzaaiqa dar umr o maal neest Sad jaan fida e yaar e naseehatniyoosh kun Urdu: Baa doastaan mazaaiqa kya umr o maal maen Sad jaan fida e yaar e naseehatniyoush ker English:=== The people in the pub you should try to befriend Because on them you can really depend Persian: Dar rah e ishq waswasa e ahraman basaist Hushdaar o goosh e dil ba payaam e saroosh kun Urdu: Hay rah e ishq waswasa e ahraman say pur Zinhaar goash e dil ba payaam e saroush ker English:=== When Satan comes to you to prod You should try to seek the help of God Persian: Barg o nawa tabeh shud o saaz e tarab namaand Aey chang naala barkash o aey duff kharoosh kun Urdu: Barg o nawa ujjarh gaay, saaz e tarab gaya Aey chang shour ker koie, aey duff kharoush ker English:=== Otherwise you'll become a sad buffoon With your life as a long and sorrowful tune Persian: Saaqi keh jaamat az mai e saafi tahi mabaad Chashm e inaayatay ba mun e durdnoosh kun Urdu: Labraiz mai say jaam rahay taera saaqia Kuchh toe ilaaj e tishnagi e durdnoash ker English:=== O maid of the bar, you're so very divine Be kind to me and give me some wine Persian: Sarmast dar qaba e zarafshaan chun bagzari Yak boosa nazr e HAFIZ e pashmeenapoosh kun Urdu: Sarmast ja raha hay jo zarreen qaba maen toe Ik boasa nazr e HAFIZ e pashmeenapoash ker English:=== And give your HAFIZ also a kiss His humble plea please don't dismiss ====


Q Ghazal 223 Persian: Afsar e sultaan e gul paida shud az tarf e chaman Maqdamash ya Rab mubaarak baad bar sarv o saman Urdu: Phir pahan ker taaj e gul aaie bahaar ander chaman Us ki aamad ho mubaarak tum ko aey sarv o saman English:=== Rejoice O land, with the flowers of spring Has come to us a great new king Persian: Khush ba jaay kheeshtan booday nashist e khusrovay Ta nasheenad har kasay aknoon bajaay kheeshtan Urdu: Apni, apni ja pay haen sab qumri o tooti o gul Jaisay baithhay daekh ker her shakhs meer e anjuman English:=== With the flowers forming his mighty escort Like a rose he holds in the garden his court Persian: Ta abad maamoor baad een khaana kaz khaak e darash Har nafas baa boo e Rehmaan meewazad baad e Yaman Urdu: Aaie ho kay yuin maattar koo e jaanaan say saba Lay kay aaay boo e Rehmaan jis terheh baad e Yaman English:=== May God with gifts him always shower And may He increase his pomp and power Persian: Khaatam Jum ra bashaaratr deh ba husn e khatama Kism e aazam kard az o kotaah dast e Ahraman Urdu: Khatam e Jum ko bashaarat ho ba husn e khatama Ism e aazam nay kya kotaah dast e Ahraman English:=== Like Jum his kingdom may he glorify And may God protect him from the evil eye Persian: Jooabaar e mulk ra aab az sar e shamsheer e tust To darakht e adl banshaan, beekh e badkhahaan bakan Urdu: Aab e joo e saltanat jo hay teri shasheer say Adl aur issaaf ka sairaab kerta hay chaman English:=== With his mighty sword may he bring us peace His fairness and justice may God increase Persian: Shookat e poor e Pushang o teegh e aalamgeer e o Dar hama Shehnaama baashad daastaan e anjuman Urdu: Shaukat e Afrasiyaab aur shaan us ki taegh ki Shahnaamoun maen bani hay daastaan e anjuman English: May his fathers' glory his sword restore May it always be a part of the Persian lore Persian: Baad az een nashguft agar baa nikhat khulq u khushat Kheezad az sehra e Iraan naafa e mushk e Khutan Urdu: Kya ajab hay nikhat e akhlaaq say taeri agar Dasht e Iraan maen ho paida naafa e mushk e Khutan English:=== May the scent of his kindness, and tact, and care Spread in the air of Iran everywhere


Persian: Gooshageeraan intazaar e jalwa e khush meekunand Barshikan tarf e kulah o burqa az rukh barfigan Urdu: Intazaar e jalwa maen baithhaen haen sab goashanasheen Bashikan tarf e kulah o burqa az rukh barfigan English:=== His people are in love with his charm and grace And they yearn to see his handsome face Persian: Khang e choogaani e charkhat raam shud dar zeer e zeen Shehsawaara khush ba maidaan aamdi, gooay bazan Urdu: Asp e chaugaani falak ka ho gaya taabay tera Goo e dunya hay teri ab shehsawaar e ghamzazan English:=== His commands there's no one who can defy For he is the ruler of the earth and the sky Persian: Aey saba bar saaqi e bazm e ataabak arza daar Ta az aan jaam e zarafshaan juraay bakhshad ba mun Urdu: Saaqi e bazm e ataabak say yeh keh ja kay saba Juraa ik hum ko bhee day, aey naazneen e ghamzazan English:=== For his kingly favors I also do pine From his golden jug O give me some wine Persian: Mashwarat baa aql kardam, guft HAFIZ mai banoosh Saaqia mai deh ba qool e mustashaar e moetaman Urdu: Baadanaushi kay liay raazi kya hay aql ko HAFIZA sun mashwara daetay haen jo zehn o zaman English:=== For HAFIZ tells me that I should drink And that he is right I also think ====

Q Ghazal 224 Persian: Aey khusrov e khubaan nazaray soo e gada kun Rehmay ba mun e sookhta e baisar o pa kun Urdu: Aey Khusov e khubaan nazar ik soo e gada ho Diljoie e aashuftasar e baisar o pa ho English:=== O queen of beauty, please look at me I'm as wretched as I possibly can be Persian: Daarad dil e durweesh tamanna e nigaahay Zaan chashm e siyahmast ba yak ghmza rawa kun Urdu: Rakhhta dil e durwaish jo hay taeri tamanna Aey chashm e siyah, kaash yeh ghamzay say rawa ho English:=== Your kind attention I sorely need Of my humble prayer please take heed Persian: Gar laaf zanad maah keh maanad ba jamaalat Banmaie rukh e kheesh o meh angushtnuma kun Urdu: Maghroor na mehtaab ho yuin husn pay apnay Aey maahjabeen rukh kabhee ger taera numa ho English:=== When moon looks proud of its beauty and grace You put it to shame by showing your face


Persian: Aey sarv e chamaan az chaman o baagh zamaanay Bakhraam dar een bazm o do sad jaama qaba kun Urdu: Aey sarv e rawaan ger too gulistaan say kharaaman Aa jaay kabhee bazm maen, sad jaama qaba ho English:=== When I see you in the garden taking a stroll I totally go crazy and lose control Persian: Sham o gul o parwaana o bulbul hama jammand Aey doost bia, rehm ba tanhaaie e ma kun Urdu: Sham o gul o parwaana o bulbul haen sabhee jumm Tanhaaie pay maeri bhee karam kaash tera ho English:=== And when I see the rose and the nightingale I miss you so much, I wail and wail Persian: Baa dilshudagaan joor o jafa ta ba kay aakhir Aahung e wafa, tark e jafa, behr e Khuda kun Urdu: Ushshaaq pay yeh jour o sitam kab talak aakhir Aahung e wafa, tark e jafa, behr e Khuda ho English:=== My dreadful condition you come and see For God's sake, darling, take pity on me Persian: Mushnoo sukhan e dushman badgooay Khuda ra Baa HAFIZ e miskeen e khud aey doost wafa kun Urdu: Sunta sukhan e dushman badkhah too hay kuin Baa HAFIZ e miskeen kabhee mayel ba wafa ho English:=== And ignore my rival for he is a hood And to me, your HAFIZ, O please be good ====

Q Ghazal 225 Persian: Aey roo e mahmanzar e to noobahaar e husn Khaal o khatt e to markaz e lutf o madaar e husn Urdu: Aey roo e mahmanzar e to naubahaar e husn Khaal o khad e to markaz e lutf o madaar e husn English:=== The center of beauty is your glorious face Your beauty spot is the focus of grace Persian: Dar chashm e purkhumaar e to pinhjaan fasoon e saher Dar zulf e baiqaraar e to paida qaraar e husn Urdu: Hay chashm e purkhumaar maen afsoon e aashiqi Hay zulf e baiqaraar maen taeri qaraar e husn English:=== And filled with magic are your charming eyes Your golden lock is a trap in disguise Persian: Maahay nataaft chu rukhat az burj e khusrovi Sarvay nakhaast chu qadat az jooebaar e husn Urdu: Tujh sa na chaand rakhhay koie burj e khusrovi Tujh jaisa sarv koie na bar jooebaar e husn English:=== Compared to your face, the moon looks dim When next to the cypress, you look more trim


Persian: Khurram shud az malaahat e to ahd e dilbari Farrukh shud az lataafat e to roozgaar e husn Urdu: Khurram hay az malaahat e to ahd e dilbari Farrukh hay az lataafat e to roazgaar e husn English:=== And there's no beauty that has your tan And no one can charm the way you can Persian: Az daam e zulf o daana e khaal e to dar jahaan Yak murg e dil namaand nagashta shikaar e husn Urdu: Az daam e zulf o daana e khaal e to dar jahaan Hay murgh e dil koie na hua jo shikaar e husn English:=== A deadly snare in the hair you've got And a powerful bait is your beauty spot Persian: Dayam ba lutf daaya e tabb az miaan e jaan Meeparwarad ba naaz tura dar kinaar e husn Urdu: Qurbaan ho kay daaya e fitrat ba sheer o khoon Karti hay parwarish teri andar kinaar e husn English:=== And there's no goddess like you in Greece For you are the nature's masterpiece Persian: Gird e labat banafsha az aan taaza o tar ast Kaab e hayaat meekhurad az jooebaar e husn Urdu: Haen gul banafsha taaza o tar gird e lab teray Daeway hay aab e umr unhaen jooebaar e husn English:=== When you talk, from them the honey drips For the spring of life is in your lips Persian: Misl e to gulrukhay natawaan yaaft dar jahaan Dar gulshan e zamaana to daari bahaar e husn Urdu: Hay gulizaar tujh sa na koie jahaan maen Baagh e zamaan sajaay hay taeri bahaar e husn English:=== You shower flowers whenever you speak But there's no flower like your rosy cheek Persian: HAFIZ tamaay bureed keh beenad nazeer e doost Dayyaar neest ghaer e to andar dayaar e husn Urdu: Phirta hay dhondhta hua HAFIZ nazeer e dost Milta na us sa par koie hay dar dayaar e husn English:=== And HAFIZ also tells me that it's true There's no one in this world that is like you ====

Q Ghazal 226 Persian: Aey labat aab e hayaat o aey qadat sarv e chaman Aey rukhat khursheed e khaawar way khatat mushk e Khutan Urdu: Lab teray aab e hayaat o qad tera sarv e chaman Rukh tera khurshaad e khaawar, khat tera mushk e Khutan English:=== You are slim and trim like a cypress tree Your lips give life; we all agree


Persian: Hamchu abrooyat ba chashm e mun kam aayad mah e noo Chu lab e laalat namibaashad aqeeq andar Yaman Urdu: Taeri abroo kay muqaabil kuchh naheen hay maah e nou Taeray lab jaisa naheen koie aqeeq andar Yaman English:=== Your brows look like the crescent moon Your lips are red and your cheeks maroon Persian: Ta rukhat deedast gul dar baagh aey sarv e rawaan Bar tan e khud chaak meesazad zay khijlat pairahan Urdu: Daekh ker chehra tera gul, aey meray sarv e rawaan Sharmsaari say karay hay chaak apna pairahan English:=== When the flowers see your lovely face They envy its beauty, and charm, and grace Persian: Rishta e jaan e mun ast aan ya sar moo e butaan Zarra e khursheed ya durj e durr ast aan ya dahan Urdu: Rishta e jaan aashiqoun ko hay tera moo e siyah Ghairat e khursheed hay moti bhara taera dahan English:=== Like silk are soft your golden curls Your teeth look like the flawless pearls Persian: Boosa meekhaham zay to, lab ra ba dandaan meegazi Meekuni jaanam jaraahat baar e deegar jaan e mun Urdu: Maangta bosa houn jab, kaatay hay too daantoun say lab Zakhm, daeta hay mujhay baar e digar kuin jaan e mun English:=== In rage when your lip with teeth you nip You wound my heart and not your lip Persian: Aashiq e roo e to am aey shah e khoobaan e jahaan Een hikaayat ra badaanand aashkaara mard o zan Urdu: Aey sheh e khoobaan, maen aashiq houn lab o rukh ka teray Jaantay yeh baat haen saaray jahaan kay mard o zan English:=== A glimpse of yours oh, how I seek And how I love your rosy cheek Persian: Murd HAFIZ dar ghamat, dar gardan e to khoon e mun Daad e mun bastaanad az to rooz e mehshar zoolmanan Urdu: Qatl kerta hay mujhay HAFIZ wo her shab hijr maen Us ki gardan per rahay ga hashr tak shabkhoun e mun English:=== Says HAFIZ without you if your lover dies You'll be responsible for his sad demise ====

Q Ghazal 227 Persian: Baalabuland iswagar e sarv e naaz e mun Kotah kard qissa e zohd e daraaz e mun Urdu: Baalabuland iswagar e sarv e naaz e mun Kotah kard qissa e zohd e daraaz e mun English:=== My gal who's slim like a cypress tree Has made short work of my piety


Persian: Deedi dila keh aakhir e peeri o zohd o ilm Baa mun cheh kard deeda e mashooqabaaz e mun Urdu: Kaisay mujhay yeh aakhir e peeri o zohd maen Ruswa karay hay deeda e mashooqabaaz e mun English:=== With all my learning, in the ripe old age Oh, how this love did my heart rampage Persian: Az aab e deeda bar sar e aatish nashista am Koo faash kard dar hama aafaaq raaz e mun Urdu: Garm aansooun nay bar sar e aatish kya mujhay Phir faash ker dya hama aafaaq raaz e mun English:=== And day and night when I cry and cry Oh, how they pity me, the passersby Persian: Meetarsam az kharaabi e eimaan keh meeburad Mehraab e abroo e to huzoor az namaaz e mun Urdu: Eimaan kharaab ker dya abroo kay taaq nay Aaya hay jab bhee yaad wo ander namaaz e mun English:=== Under the arch of prayer when I go and bow Oh, how I'm reminded of the arch of her brow Persian: Mast ast yaar o yaad e hareefaan namikunad Yaadash ba khair saaqi e miskeennawaaz e mun Urdu: Kuchh yaad e aashiqaan naheen masti maen yaar ko Yaadash ba khair saaqi e miskeennawaaz e mun English:=== What happens to me, no one does care But the maid of the bar who is so fair Persian: Ya Rab kay aan saba bawazad kaz naseem e o Gardad shamaama e karamash kaarsaaz e mun Urdu: Maeri taraf bhee bhaij Khudaya naseem wo Ban jaay jis ki boo e karam kaarsaaz e mun English:=== All night I wait for the morning breeze To bring her fragrance and put me at ease Persian: Bar khud chu shamey khandazanaan girya meekunam Ta baa to sangdil cheh kunad sooz o saaz e mun Urdu: Maanind e shamay khanda o girya karoon magar Us per asar zara na karaen soaz o saaz e mun English:=== And thinking of her I lose my sleep Like a candle all night I laugh and I weep Persian: Naqshay bar aab meezanam az girya haalia Ta keh shawad qareen e haqiqat majaaz e mun Urdu: Ghamgeen houn maen, naala e shabgeer hay mujhay Ya Rab too ker qareen e haqiqat majaaz e mun English:=== And then to God I take my plea In the earnest hope that He'll listen to me Persian: Mehmood ra damay keh ba aakhir raseed umr Meedaad jaan ba raazi o meeguft Ayyaaz e mun



Kuchh waqt e nazaa kum na hua ishq e Ghaznavi Ro ro kay kehh raha tha keh aa ja Ayyaaz e mun

English:=== My yearning for her she can't satisfy Like the hapless Romeo I'm going to die Persian: Guftam ba dilq e zarq bapoosham nishaan e ishq Ghammaaz bood ashk o ayaan kard raaz e mun Urdu: Chaha chhupaana dilq maen ulfat kay raaz ko Jab ruk sakay na ashk hua faash raaz e mun English:=== And though to my friends I lied and lied This longing for her I could not hide Persian: Zaahid az een namaaz e to kaaray namirawad Ham masti shabaana o raaz o niyaaz e mun Urdu: Aatay naheen haen kaam yeh paaki o zahidi Yeh masti e shabaana, yeh raaz o niyaaz e mun English:=== In her any feelings I could not induce I've tried and tried and it's of no use Persian: Yaaraan ba naaz o neemat o ma gharq a mehnateem Baaray basaaz kaar e mun, aey kaarsaaz e mun Urdu: Naaz e nayam toe ghair ko, ranj o alam hamaen Yeh saaz o soaz kab talak, aey kaarsaaz e mun English:=== So look at me, I have nothing to say And see how my rivals are jolly and gay Persian: HAFIZ zay ghussa sookht, bagoo haalash aey saba Baa shah e doostparwar o dushmangudaaz e mun Urdu: HAFIZ hay gham say soakhta, keh ja kay aey saba Baa shah e dostparwar o dushmangudaaz e mun English:=== But HAFIZ tells me to go to the king And beg him to help and do something ====

Q Ghazal 228 Persian: Bahaar e gul tarabangeez gasht o tobah shikan Ba shaadi e rukh e gul beekh e gham zay dil bar kan Urdu: Bahaar e gul tarabangaiz, baad tobah shikan Ba shaadi e rukh e gul shaadmaan murgh e chaman English:=== The spring has brought us flowers and sun Let's shun our sorrow and have some fun Persian: Tareeq e sidq biamooz zaab e saaf aey dil Ba raasti talab aazaadgi zat sarv e chaman Urdu: Tareeq e sidq milay aab e saaf say aey dil Ba raasti milay aazaadgi zay sarv e chaman English:=== O heart be pure, and clean, and free And be upright like a cypress tree -


Persian: Raseed baad e saba, ghuncha az hawadaari Zay khud baroon shud o bar tan dareed pairaahan Urdu: Chalay hay baad e saba yuin chaman maen, her ghuncha Janoon e ishq say kerta hay chaak pairaahan English:=== When the rose is touched by the morning air It starts to bloom and look debonair Persian: Zay dastburd e saba gird e gul kalaala babeen Shikanj e gaisoo e sunbul nigar ba roo e saman Urdu: Karay hay shaad e shagufta naseem nasreen ko Shikanj e gaisoo e sunbul sajaay roo e saman English:=== The hyacinth with rose looks like her hair Covering her face when flying in the air Persian: Uroos e ghuncha badeen zaiwar o tabassum e khush Moaaina dil o deen meeburad ba wajh e hasan Urdu: Liay haen loot dil o deen uroos e ghuncha nay Laboun pay pehna tabassum hay jan ba wajh e hasan English:=== And adorned with flowers from side to side The garden looks like a blushing bride Persian: Safeer e bulbul e shooreeda o nafeer e hazaar Baraay wasl e gul aamad baroon zay qalb e hazan Urdu: Chaman maen khanda e gul daekh kay hay bulbul ka Wisaal e gul kay liay zaar zaar qalb e hazan English:=== And the birds when singing and flying in the air Give the coming of spring its dash and flair Persian: Hadees e qissa e dooraan zay jaam joo HAFIZ Ba qool e mutrib o fatwa e peer e sahib e fan Urdu: Hadees e qissa e doeraan hay jaam maen HAFIZ Ba qoal e mutrib o fatwa e peer e sahib e fan English:=== And HAFIZ tells us to drink the wine For in it there's surely something divine ====

Q Ghazal 229 Persian: Chu gul har dam ba booyat jaama bar tan Kunam chaak az gareebaan ta ba daaman Urdu: Teri ulfat maen apna jaama e tan Karoun chaak az gareebaan ta ba daaman English:=== When she is away, her scent in the air Makes me go crazy and I tear my hair Persian: Tanat ra deeda gul, gooie keh dar baagh Chu mastaan jaama ra badreed bar tan Urdu: Kya phooloun nay jaama chaak apna Nazar aaya jo taera roo e roshan English:=== In the park when a flower sees her face It goes insane with shame and disgrace


Persian: Mun az dast e ghamat mushkil baram jaan Walay dil ra to aasaan burdi az man Urdu: Mujhay mushkil chhutaani jaan gham say Tujhay aasaan hay bunna jaan ka dushman English:=== For me with my heart it is hard to part But she finds it easy to take my heart Persian: Ba qool e dushmanaan bargashti az doost Na gardad heetch kas baa doost dushman Urdu: Na sunn aey dost baataen dushmanoun ki Bannati dostoun ko haen yeh dushman English:=== She believes whatever my rival says And won't talk to me for days and days Persian: Tanat dar jaama chu dar jaam baada Dilat dar seena chu dar seem aahan Urdu: Hay tan jaamay maen jaisay jaam maen mai Hay dil seenay maen ya dar seem aahan English:=== Oh, covered with flesh it is like a bone In her bosom soft the heart of stone Persian: Babaar aey shamey ashk az deeda chu maeegh Keh sooz e dil shawad bar khalq rooshan Urdu: Baha aey shamey shab bhar aansoun ko Keh dil ka soaz ho bar khalq roshan English:=== Like a candle I weep and weep all night And with my flame I show my blight Persian: Maroo kaz seena am aah e jigarsooz Bar aayad hamchu dood az rah e rozan Urdu: Nikal seenay say yuin aey aah e soazaan Dhuaan jaisay nikalta hay ba rozan English:=== And with every sigh when I respire I feel as if I am breathing fire Persian: Dilam ra mashkin o dar pa mayandaaz Keh daarad dar sar e zulf e to maskan Urdu: Na ker yuin dil mera pamaal zaalim Keh us ka kaakul e mushkeen hay maskan English:=== And when with her feet she tramples my heart It's completely crushed and falls apart Persian: Chun dil ra bast dar zulf e to HAFIZ Badeensaan kaar e o dar pa mayafgan Urdu: Jo taeri zulf maen baandha hay dil ko Na tour us ko, yeh HAFIZ ka hay bandhan English:=== So, HAFIZ, you see, I am totally beat And my poor little heart is at her feet ====


Q Ghazal 230 Persian: Khuda ra kam nasheen baa khirqa pooshaan Rukh az rindaan e baisaamaan mapooshaan Urdu: Khuda ra kam nasheen baa khirqa poashaan Na rakh mehroom e jalwa baadanoushaan English:=== For God's sake don't go for the preacher or sheik For they are by nature so totally fake Persian: Dar een khirqa basay aaloodgi hast Khusha waqt e qaba e maifarooshaan Urdu: Bohat aalooda khirqay zaahidoun kay Hay paakeeza qaba e maifaoashaan English:=== Under their gowns they hide their dirt With the maid of the bar you should go and flirt Persian: Dar een soofiwashaan darday nadeedam Keh safi baad aish e durdnooshaan Urdu: Bohat baidard haen dil soofioun kay Safa laikin hay tabb e durdnaoshaan English:=== In the preachers and sheiks I see no pity But the keeper of the bar is kind and witty Persian: Bia o zarq e een saaloosian been Suraahi khoondil o barbat kharooshaan Urdu: Faraib o makr say saloosioun kay Dil e sheesha hay khoon, barbat kharoashaan English:=== But when it sees the preacher or sheik The harp in the bar does cry with ache Persian: Chun mastam kardaie mastoor mansheen Chun noosham daadaie zahram manooshaan Urdu: Na ho mastoor kerkay mast saaqi Tera jalwa hay nosh e baadanaushaan English:=== My gal makes me drunk and then goes away Not the slightest remorse she does display Persian: To naazuktabaie, taaqat niyaari Garaaniha e mushtay dilqpooshaan Urdu: Garaan nazukmizaajoun per bohat haen Garaaniha e behs e dilqpoashaan English:=== She is as biased as anyone can be And has no patience for a mystic like me Persian: Lab e maigoon o chashm e mast baksha Keh az shooqat mai e laal ast jooshaan Urdu: Lab e maigoon o chashm e mast say hay Sharaab e naab e laalafaam joashaan English:=== Her ruby lips when the wine sees It starts to bubble and loses its ease


Persian: To dar khaabi, kuja daani keh aashiq Basar dar kooay meegardad kharooshaan Urdu: To soata chayn say hay aur aashiq Phiray koochay maen hay taeray kharoashaan English:=== In the bed she soundly sleeps all night When her lovers are awake and very uptight Persian: Zay dilgarmi e HAFIZ purhazar baash Keh daarad seena e chu deeg jooshaan Urdu: Yeh kaisie hay dil e HAFIZ ki garmi Rakhay seena jo misl e daig joashaan English:=== But about me, HAFIZ, she ought to worry For a mystic's love is so full of fury ====

Q Ghazal 231 Persian: Zay dar dar aa o shabistaan e ma munawwar kun Dimaagh e majis e roohaaniaan moattar kun Urdu: Kabhee toe aa keh shabistaan e dil munawwar ho Dimaagh e mujlis e roohaaniaan moattar ho English:=== O come to my place and make it bright For the house of a mystic is in need of light Persian: Ba chashm o abroo e jaanaan supurda am dil o jaan Bia, bia o tamaasha e taaq o manzar kun Urdu: Ba chshm o abroo e jaanaan supurd jaan o dil Kiay haen ta keh tamaasha e taaq o manzar ho English:=== Oh, how I love your beautiful eyes And how your brow I idolize Persian: Az aan shamail e altaaf o husn e khush keh turaast Mian e bazm e hareefaan chu shamey sar bar kun Urdu: Milay shamail e altaaf o husn e khush tujh ko Too aa keh bazm e tarab taeray dam say khushtar ho English:=== So come to my house and with your face Like a lamp you brighten my dingy place Persian: Tamay ba naqd e wisaal e to hudd e ma nabawad Hawaalatam ba lab e laal e hamchu shakkar kun Urdu: Yeh maana maen naheen laaiq houn taeri waslat ka Ho khoub pal bhar agar laal e lab mayassar ho English:=== The bliss of your presence I dearly miss Oh, how your lips I would like to kiss Persian: Chun shaahidaan e chaman zeer e dast e husn e to and Karishma bar saman o naaz bar sanobar kun Urdu: Haen shaahidaan e chaman zaer e dast e husn taray Toe naaz kuin na tujhay aey meray sanobar ho English:=== In beauty the flowers you simply excel And everything in the garden is under your spell


Persian: Sitaara e shab e hijraan namifishaanad noor Ba baam e qasr bar aa o charaagh e meh bar kun Urdu: Sitaara e shab e hijraan maen noor hay kum kum Namood e maah tera ho toe shab munawwar ho English:=== Without you, darling, the sky looks dark And the stars and the moon have lost their spark Persian: Az een muraqqa e pashmeena neek dar tangam Ba yak karishma e soofiwasham qalandar kun Urdu: Hua hay tang aba o qaba say dil maera Mujhay libaas e gada, jaama e qalandar ho English:=== And in your absence, in my mystic's gown I feel as if I am just a clown Persian: Fazool nafs hikaayat basay kunad saaqi To kaar e khud madeh az dast o mai ba saaghar kun Urdu: Fazool e nafs na sun, rakh khayaal aey saaqi Keh ho sharab say pur jaam, lab ba saaghar ho English:=== So come to my place and make it shine And pour in my cup some vintage wine Persian: Lab e pyaala baboos, aan gahaan ba mastaan deh Ba een lateefa mushaam e khirad moattar kun Urdu: Pyaala apnay laboun say laga kay ham ko day Yuin saaqia keh mushaam e khirad moattar ho English:=== And from this cup do take a sip And let it kiss your ruby lip Persian: Wa gar faqeeh naseehat kunad keh mai makhureed Pyaalaay badahash, goo dimaagh ra tar kun Urdu: Naseehatoun nay kya maghz khushk waaiz ka Sharaab day usay ta keh dimaagh kuchh tar ho English:=== And if the preacher says you shouldn't drink You tell him to go and see a shrink Persian: Hijaab e deeda e idraak shud shuaa e jamaal Bia o khargah e khursheed ra munawwar kun Urdu: Hijaab e deeda e idraak hay shuaa e rukh To aa keh deeda e dil husn say munawwar ho English:=== So come my one, my only one And shine and shame the moon and the sun Persian: Shuneedam az dar o deewaar e koo e o sad baar Keh khaak e raah sho een ja o khaak bar sar kun Urdu: Hay sarfaraaz wohi aek koo e jaanaan maen Ghubaar e khaak e dar e yaar jis kay sar per ho English:=== Or I will have to go to your street In order to kiss the dirt of your feet -


Persian: Pus az mulaazamat e aesh o ishq e mehrooyaan Zay kaarha keh kuni shair e HAFIZ azbar kun Urdu: Ho jin ko nokri e aesh o ishq e mehrooyaan Na kis terheh unhaen phir shair e HAFIZ azbar ho English:=== And there I'll sit all day, all night And the verses of HAFIZ there I'll recite ====

Q Ghazal 232 Persian: Subhast saaqia qadehay pursharaab kun Dour e falak darang nadaarad shitaab kun Urdu: Aa saaqia ayaagh mera pursharaab ker Daur e falak ko taab naheen, kuchh shitaab ker English:=== O maid of the bar, do give me some wine Our life is short; let's drink and dine Persian: Zaan peeshtar keh aalam e faani shawad kharaab Ma ra zay jaam e baada e gulgoon kharaab kun Urdu: Qabl is kay saara aalam e faani kharaab ho Mujh ko ba jaam e baada e gulgoon kharaab ker English:=== The world is fickle and the time flies So let's get drunk, and don't apologize Persian: Khursheed e mai zay mashriq e saaghar tulue kard Gar barg e aish meetalabi, tark e khaab kun Urdu: Khursheed e mai ba mushriq e saaghar hua tulue Chahay jo barg e aish milay, tark e khaab ker English:=== The company of topers we ought to keep And don't waste our nights in idle sleep Persian: Roozay keh charkh az gil e ma koozaha kunad Zinhaar kaasa e sar e ma pursharaab kun Urdu: Kuzay banaay khaak say maeri kabhee jo charkh Zinhaar sar ka kaasa mera pursharaab ker English:=== And from my skull when he makes a cup With wine the potter should fill it up Persian: Ma mard e zohd o tobah o taamaat neesteem Baa ma ba jaam e baada e saafi khitaab kun Urdu: Ham mard e zohd o tobah o taamaat haen naheen Ham say ba jaam e baada e saafi khitaab ker English:=== For holy and pious I have never been My cup without wine, oh, it'd be a sin Persian: Hamchu habaab deeda ba roo e qadeh kusha Ween khaana ra qayaas e asaas az habaab kun Urdu: Hay baish jab na aalam e faani habaab say Too joash e mai say jaam mera purhabaab ker English:=== The life is short; it's like a bubble So give me the wine and make it a double -


Persian: Ayyaam e gul chu umr baraftan shitaab kard Saaqi ba dour e baada e gulgoon shitaab kun Urdu: Saaqi jahaan e peer jawaan hay bahaar maen Too bhee mera ayaada e ahd e shabaab ker English: The flowers have come and soon they'll go At a time like this let the wine flow Persian: Kaar e sawaab baadaparasteest HAFIZA Barkheez o roo e azm ba kaar e sawaab kun Urdu: Kaar e sawaab baadaparasti hay HAFIZA Chal aur bazm e aish maen kaar e saaab ker English:=== For HAFIZ says also it's good to drink About virtue and sin we should not think ====

Q Ghazal 233 Persian: Fatehaay chun aamadi bar sar e khastaay bakhaam Lab bakusha keh meedahad laal e labat ba murda jaan Urdu: Parhta hay aa kay fateha jab wo kabhee shakardahaan Khoal kay apnay laal e lab murdoun maen daalta hay jaan English:=== When she came to my grave to eulogise Her breath of life did make me rise Persian: Aan keh ba purshish aamad o fateha khaand o meerawad Koo nafasay keh rooh ra meekunam az payash rawaan Urdu: Aaya wo poochnay ko jab, jaan thi kab ki ja chuki Warna toe kerta saath maen us kay maen rooh o jaan rawaan English:=== And when she was done and leaving my grave I wished I could follow her like a slave Persian: Aey ke tabeeb e khataie, roo o zabaan e mun babeen Keen dam o dood e seema am baar e dil ast bar zabaan Urdu: Aa kay tabeeb e khastagaan daekh lay too keh kis terhah Seenay kar dood o dam meray baar huay haen bar zabaan English:=== And though she's supposed to heal the sick She ignores me thinking I'm a lunatic Persian: Garcheh tap istakhaan e mun kard zay mehr garm o raft Hamchu tapam nameerawad aatish e mehr zaistakhaan Urdu: Garmi e ishq nay teri jab say jalaaen huddiaan Jaata naheen kisi terheh maera bukhaar e istakhaan English:=== She totally ignores my moans and groans And the fire of love that's burning my bones Persian: Haal e dilam chu khaal e to hast dar aatishash watan Jismam az aan do chashm e to khasta shudaast o naatawaan Urdu: Jis terheh khaal hay tera aatish e rukh say soakhta Hijr ki aag say hay dil soakha maera, naatawaan English:=== Her beauty has set my heart on fire And her eyes are fueling my burning desire


Persian: Baaz nishaan haraaratam zaab e do deeda o babeen Nabz e mara keh meedahad heetch zay zindagi nishaan Urdu: Garcheh bujhaaya ashk nay shoala e zingagi bohat Hay meri nabz maen abhee thorha sa jaan ka nishaan English:=== And although she knows the healing art She feels my pulse and not my heart Persian: Aan keh mudaam sheeshaam az mai e laal daadaast Sheeshaam az cheh meeburad peesh e tabeeb har zamaan Urdu: Sheesha e khumr e arghawaan jab hay ilaaj e dil mera Sheeshiaan maeri phir haen kuin paesh e tabeeb her zamaan English:=== She always looks for symptom and sign But the cause of my ill is th lack of wine Persian: HAZFIZ az aab e zindagi sher e to daad sharbatam Tark e tabeeb kun, bia nuskha e sher e mun bakhaan Urdu: Sher suna too HAFIZA, fikr e tabeeb kuchh na ker Keh teri nazam maen hay ik nuskha e aab e noosh e jaan English:=== So since my pain I cannot endure In the verses of HAFIZ I look for the cure ====

Q Ghazal 234 Persian: Karishmaay kun o baazaar e saahary bashikan Ba ghamza roonaq e baazaar e Samary bashikan Urdu: Ho ishwa aisa keh afsoon e Samary na rahay Ba ghamza rounaq e baazaar e sahary na rahay English:=== No witchery excels the magic of your eyes Your spell and charm no wizard denies Persian: Ba baad deh sar o dastaar e aalamay yaani Kulahgoosha ba aaien e dilbari bashikan Urdu: Kulah kaj ho ba aaien e dilbari aisie Jahaan maen sar o dastaar e afsari na rahay English:=== No prince, no lord, no aristocrat Can wear it like you wear your hat Persian: Baroon kharaam o babar goo e khoobi az hama kas Saza e hoor deh o roonaq e paari bashikan Urdu: Kharaam e naaz tera daekh ker gulistaan maen Jamaal e hoor e Jinaan, rounaq e paari na rahay English:=== Every houri, and nymph, and siren, and fairy Compared to you looks very ordinary Persian: Ba aahoaan e nazar shaer e aaftaab bageeer Ba abroaan e do ta qaus e mushtari bashikan Urdu: Ba aahoaan e nazar shaer e aaftaab giray Jo daekhay abroo teri qaus e mushtari na rahay English:=== And though you're only a little doe No lion can afford to be your foe


Persian: Chun itrsaay shawad zulf e sunbul az dam e baad To qeematash zay sar zulf e ambari bashikan Urdu: Ho itrpaash agar zulf e sunbul e jaanaan Toe mushkbaar koie zulf e ambary na rahay English:=== And the fragrance of hyacinth just can't compare With the scent of your curly raven hair Persian: Ba zulf gooie keh aaien e sarkashi bagzaar Ba ghamza gooie keh qalb e sitamgaari bashikan Urdu: Wo zulf kaisi jo aaien e sarkashi chhorhay Rahay na naaz jo qalb e sitamgaari na rahay English: And though you are as lovely as any jewel Your precious little heart is stony and cruel Persian: Chun andaleeb fasaahat faroosh shud HAFIZ To roonaqash ba sukhan guftan e dari bashikan Urdu: Jo andaleeb sukhan aap say sunay HAFIZ Rahay na us ki fasaahat, sukhangari na rahay English:=== But when HAFIZ writes about you his verse It's lovelier than anything in the universe ====

Q Ghazal 235

Persian: Gulberg ra ba sunbul e mushkeen naqaab kun Yaani keh rukh bapoosh o jahaan ra kharaab kun Urdu:=== Sunbul say gul kay chehray ko andar naqaab ker Gaisoo say rukh chhupa kay jahaan ko kharaab ker English:=== When you cover your face with your curly hair Your lovers go crazy; their hair they tear Persian: Baksha ba ishwa nargis e mast o kharaab ra Waz rashk chashm e nargis e raana puraab kun Urdu: Ishway say chashm e mast dikha aur rashk say Gulshen maen chashm e nargis e raana puraab ker English:=== And when you look at them with dreamy eyes Your lovers you enchant and mesmerize Persian: Bafshaan araq zay chehra o atraaf e baagh ra Chu sheeshaha e deeda e ma purgulaab kun Urdu: Tapka kay rukh say apnay araq tarf e baagh ko Meena e chashm ki terheh too purgulaab ker English:=== And when to the park you go and smile The flowers all there you charm and beguile Persian: Boo e banafsha bashnoo o zulf e nigaar geer Bangar ba rang e laala o azm e sharaab kun Urdu: Baad e bahaar, boo e banafsha, hawa e gul Lay zulf e yaar haath maen, azm e sharaab ker English:=== And when I see them flying in the air I want to smell them and play with your hair


Persian: Zaaja keh rasm o aadat e aashiqkushi e tust Shamsheer e keen ba khoon e dil e ma khizaab kun Urdu: Aashiqkushi hay shaiwa toe shamsheer kay liay Khoon e dil e figaar ko rang e khizaab ker English:=== And me for it when you want to kill Your wish, I wish, that you would fulfill Persian: Ma bakht e kheesh o khoo e tura aazmoodaeem Baa dushmanaan qadeh kash o baa ma itaab kun Urdu: Dushman pay itnay lutf o karam aur sitam hamaen Ger ho sakay toe us pay bhee thorha itaab ker English:=== Being good to my rival and with me irate You just can't help it; it's my fate Persian: HAFIZ wisaal meetalabad az reh e duaa Ya Rab duaa e khastadilaan mustajaab kun Urdu: HAFIZ duaa wisaal ki mangay har raat din Ya Rab duaa e khastadilaan mustajaab ker English:=== And when in your absence I feel dismay Says HAFIZ - don't sulk; just go and pray ====

Q Ghazal 236 Persian: Murgh e dilam taaireest, qudsi e arsh aashiaan Az qafas e tan malool, saer shuda az jahaan Urdu: Taair e qads dil mera, arsh hay is ka aashiaan Is kay liay hay tan qafas, khaana e qayd hay jahaan English:=== My heart is a bird of paradise This lure of life is the devil's device Persian: Az dar e een khaakdaan chun baparad murgh e dil Baaz nasheeman kunad bar sar e aan aashiaan Urdu: Dour naheen hay din bohat ho gi nijaat is ki jab Jaay ga apnay ghar maen yeh chhorh kay qayd e khaakdaan English:=== From the bowl of dust when it flies away It'll go to Heaven and there it'll stay Persian: Chun baparad zeen jahaan sadra bawad ja e o Takiageh e baaz e ma kagaara e arsh daan Urdu: Urh ky jahaan e khaak say arsh e bareen pay jaay ga Sadra banay ga us ka ghar, us ka muqaam e auj e shaan English:=== Allover Heaven it's going to roam Until on the pinnacle it finds a home Persian: Saya e doolat fitad bar sar e aalam basay Gar ba zanad murgh e ma baal o paray dar jahaan Urdu: Phailaen gay is kay baal o par aisay keh ho ga har taraf Saya e doulat e huma bar sar e dunya o jahaan English:=== This bird is able to make you a king If once it takes you under its wing


Persian: Dar do jahaanash makaan neest bajuz foaq e arsh Kaan e way az maarfat, ja e way az laamakaan Urdu: Arsh hay us ka aashiaan, qasr hay us ka aasmaan Us ka khazaana maarfat, us ka makaan laamakaan English:=== And it also has the mystical power And it can take you to the Heavenly tower Persian: Aalam e alvi bawad jalwageh e murgh e ma Aabkoor e o bawad gulshan e baagh e Jinnan Urdu: Aalam e alvi bareen jalwageh e parind e dil Mashrab o aabkhoor hay koasar e gulshan Jinnan English:=== In the Garden of Eden you're going to reside If in your heart you find your guide Persian: Chun dam e wehdat zani HAFIZ e shooreedahaal Khaama e tooheed kash bar waraq e ins o jaan Urdu: Ishq e waheed ho tujhay aisa keh tujh say HAFIZA Laenwaen sabaq hazaarha jinn o saroosh o mardumaan English:=== And although, HAFIZ, I'm just a clod In my heart I have the love of God ====

Q Ghazal 237 Persian: Ya Rab aan aahoo e mushkeen ba Khutan baaz rasaan Waan sahi sarv e rawaan ra ba chaman baaz rasaan Urdu: Ya Khuda aahoo e mushkeen ba Khutan phir aaay Kernay wo sarv e rawaan sair e chaman phir aaay English:=== Send back, O Lord, to me my doe That lovely cypress to my garden bestow Persian: Dil e aazurda e ma ra ba naseemay banawaaz Yaani aan jaan e zay tan rafta ba tan baaz rasaan Urdu: Aey saba aa kay nawaazish dil e maghmoom ki ker Ta meri jaan, jo gaie chorh kay tan, phir aaay English: Do breathe in my body Your spirit divine And mend this wounded heart of mine Persian: Maah o khurshhed ba amr e to ba manzil chun rasand Yaar mehroo e mara neez ba mun baaz rasaan Urdu: Maah o khursheed jisay daekh kay hoatay haen khijal Kaash wo maahjabeen, seembadan phir aaay Engliish:=== O You, who control the sun and the moon Please tell my moon to come back soon Persian: Sukhan een ast keh ma bai to nakhaheem hayaat Bahnoo aey paik e sukhangeer o sukhan baaz rasaan Urdu: Sukhan e yaar bina baat naheen banti koie Kaash ik lay kay sukhangeer sukhan phir aaay English:=== Do give me back my darling dove For live I cannot without my love


Persian: Sang o gil gasht aqeeq az asar e girya e mun Ya Rab aan gohar e rakhshaan ba Yaman baaz rasaan Urdu; Sang ko laal kya girya e gham nay jis kay Wo kabhee gohar e rakhshaan e Yaman phir aaay English:=== I cry and cry without my girl So send me back my precious pearl Persian: Baroo aey tair e maimoon e humayoontalaat Peesh e unqa sakhan az zaagh o zaghan baaz rasaan Urdu: Koie ik tair e maimoon e humayoontalaat Lay kay saath apnay kabhee us ka sukhan phir aaay English: Do tell my sparrow to not say no And come and be with her loving crow Persian: Aan keh booday watanash deeda e HAFIZ ya Rab Ba muraadash zay gareebi ba watan baaz rasaan Urdu: Wo keh tha jis ka watan deeda e HAFIZ ya Rab Bhool kay raasta wo apnay watan phir aaay English:=== From place to place she should not roam And find in the heart of her HAFIZ a home ====

Q Ghazal 238 Persian: Aey aaftaab aainadaar e jamaal e to Mushk e siyaah mujmaragardaan e khaal e to Urdu: Khursheed taera aainadaar e jamaal hay Kerta siyaah mushk ko mushkeen khaal hay English:=== Your face is like the shining sun Every heart your beauty spot has won Persian: Aey noobahaar e ma rukh e farkhandafaal e to Mashrooh e kaarnaama e khoobi jamaal e to Urdu: Aey naubahaar yeh tera farkhandafaal rukh Tafseer e kaanaama e husn o jamaal hay English:=== Like a blooming flower, your gorgeous face Has elegance, and beauty, and charm, and grace Persian: Dar aug e naaz o naemati, aey paadshah e husn Ya Rab mabaad ta ba qiaamat zawaal r to Urdu: Hay aisay auj e naaz pay wo naaznaan mera Jis maen kaheen na ta ba qiamat zawaal hay English:=== You are rightly proud, O beauty queen For you are everlasting and evergreen Persian: Ta peeshwa e bakht rawam tehniat kunaan Koo muzhdaay zay maqdam e eid e wisaal e to Urdu: Maen paiwa e bakht kay laita houn yuin qadam Aata wo lay kay muzhda e eid e wisaal hay English:=== You don't know how proud I'm going to be If one day you came to visit me


Persian: Ta aasmaan zay halqabagooshaan e ma shawad Koo ishwaay zay abroo e hamchu hilaal e to Urdu: Halqabagoash taera bana aasmaan bhee Daekhi jab us nay abroo e rashk e hilaal hay English:=== The stars in heaven begin to croon When they see in your brow the new moon Persian: Dar cheen e zulfash aey dil e miskeen cheh goonaie Kaashufta guft baad e saba sherh e haal e to Urdu: Aey dil too qayd kaisa hay zulfoun kay paich maen Suntay haen waan bohat tera aashufta haal hay English:=== My heart is caught in your curly hair Its every loop has a trap or a snare Persian: Barkhaast boo e gul, zay dar e aashti dar aa A noobahaar e ma rukh e farkhandafaal e to Urdu: Mehka hay boo e gul say chaman, per teray bina Mehroom e zeenat e rukh e farkhandafaal hay English:=== For God's sake come back to me, my dear For the spring has arrived, and the flowers are here Persian: Aan nuqta e siyaah keh aamad madaar e noor Askseest dar hadeeqa e beenash zay khaal e to Urdu: Ik nuqta e siyaah jo hay noor say bhara Rakhta hamaari aankh ko roshan wo khaal hay English:=== O I'm your lover; I love you a lot And I adore your dimples and your beauty spot Persian: Sehn e sara e deeda bashustam walay cheh sood Keen goosha neest dar khur e khail e khayaal e to Urdu: Sehn e sara e chashm dhula ashk say magar Taera hua na dar khur e khail e khayaal hay English:=== So do come to me, O light of my eye See how in your absence I cry and cry Persian: Dar sadr e khaaja arz kidaameen jafa kunam Shrh e niaazmandi e dil ya malaal e to Urdu: Khaaja ki baargaah maen kaisay karoon bayaan Kuin dil mera jafa say teri purmalaal hay English:=== My yearning for you I cannot explain And with all my pain I must not complain Persian: HAFIZ dar een kamand sar e sarkashaan basayst Sooda e kaj mapuz keh nabaashad majaal e to Urdu: Phanday maen zulf kay haen sar e sarkashaan bohat HAFIZ bacha na sar ko, yeh kaar e muhaal hay English:=== And HAFIZ, I am not the only one In love this happens to everyone ====


Q Ghazal 239 Persian: Aey paik e raastaan khabar az sarv e ma bagoo Ahwaal e gul ba bulbul e dastaansara bagoo Urdu: Qaasid kuchh aaj haal e dil e dilruba kaho Ahwaal e gul ba bulbul e dastaansara kaho English:=== O breeze, O breeze, don't let me wail Tell about the rose to her nightingale Persian: Ma mehramaan e khilwat e unseem, gham makhur Baa yaar e aashna sukhan e aashna bagoo Urdu: Ham mehramaan e khilwat e ulfat haen, baikhatar Baa yaar e aashna sukhan e aashna kaho English:=== O don't be afraid: you are my pal Do tell me how is my beautiful gal? Persian: Dilha zay daam e turra chun bar khaak meefishaand Baa aan ghareeb e ma cheh guzisht, aey saba bagoo Urdu: Nikla kamand e zulf say hay jab say dil mera Guzri hay us ghareeb pay kya, aey saba kaho English:=== My heart is a captive in her curly hair So how is it like being caught in the snare? Persian: Purcheen chun meeshud aan sar e zulfain e mushkbaar Baa ma sar e cheh daasht zay behr e Khuda bagoo Urdu: Kitnay chhupa kay jour o sitam maeray waastay Rakhhay haen us nay zulf maen behr e Khuda kaho English:=== And with all those loops and curls in the hair How many hearts does she know are there? Persian: Gar deegarat bar aan dar e doolat guzar fitad Baad az ada e khidmat o arz e duaa bagoo Urdu: Guzro ager tum us dar e doulat say, aey saba Ja kay payaam e ishq do, maeri duaa kaho English:=== O breeze, next time when you go to her place Tell her that I'm dying to see her face Persian: Har kas keh guft khaak e dar e doost tootiaast Goo een sukhan moaina dar chashm e ma bagoo Urdu: Jo khaak e koo e yaar parhay aankh maen meri Surma usay khayaal karo, tootia kaho English:=== And whenever you pass through her street Do bring for her lover the dirt of her feet Persian: Murgh e chaman ba mooya e mun doosh meegireest Aakhir to waqifie keh cheh raft, aey saba bagoo Urdu: Roeta naheen hay aek wohi hijr kay sabab Bulbul say ja kay haal mera aey saba kaho English:=== And if the birds in the park you hear crying It is because they know that I am dying


Persian: Dar rah e ishq farq e ghani o faqeer neest Aey paadshah e husn sukhan baa gada bagoo Urdu: Hay farq ishq maen na ghani o faqeer maen Aey shah e husn koie sukhan baa gada kaho English:=== And though she is a queen and I'm her slave I wish she would smile and not be so grave Persian: Aan mai keh dar saboo dil e sufi ba ishwa burd Kay dar qadeh karishma kunad saaqia bagoo Urdu: Wo mai keh lootti dil e sufi hay dar saboo Ishwa karay gi jaam maen kab saaqia kaho English:=== The wine has conquered the heart of the sheik O maid of the bar, please give me a break Persian: Aan kas keh munay ma zay kharaabaat meekunad Goo dar hazoor e peer e mun een maajra bagoo Urdu: Zaahid bano gay banda e peer e mughaan agar Ja kay tum us say apna kabhee maajra kaho English:=== When the preacher tells me that I shouldn't drink I tell him he should go and see a shrink Persian: Jaanparwar ast qissa e arbaab e maarfat Ramzay az o bapurse o hadeesay ba ma bagoo Urdu: Jaanbakhsh hay yeh sohbat e arbaab e maarfat Poochho ramooz e ishq, hadees e wafa kaho English:=== The mystery of being only the mystics know On us this knowledge only they can bestow Persian: Har chand ma badeem, to ma ra badaan mageer Shahaana maajira e gunah e gada bagoo Urdu: Gar haen faqeer aur buray haen toe kya hua Shahaana maarjira e gunah e gada kaho English:=== And if I'm bad, please don't be cross Because in forgiveness there is no loss Persian: Bar een faqeer naama e aan mohtashim bakhaan Baa een gada hikaayat e aan paadshah bagoo Urdu: Maen houn faqeer mujh say karo zikr e mohtashim Naadaar houn toe houn, sukhan e baadshah kaho English:=== And being a lover, I feel like a king For though I'm poor, I don't need a thing Persian: HAFIZ garat ba majlis e o rah meedahand Mai noosh o tark e zarq baraay Khuda bagoo Urdu: Kya kum hay HAFIZA, wo bulata hay tum ko khud Jaao karo na shikwa, salaam o duaa kaho English:=== But HAFIZ says when I go to my queen I may be drunk but my heart must be clean ====


Q Ghazal 240 Persian: Aey khoonbaha e naafa e cheen khaak e raah e to Khursheed saayaparwar e tarf e kulaah e to Urdu: Aey khoonbaha e naafa e cheen khaak e raah e to Khursheed saayaparwar e tarf e kulaah e to English:=== It smells like musk, the dirt of your feet With your glowing face the sun can't compete Persian: Nargis karishma meeburad, az hadd baroon kharaam Aey jaan fida e shaiwa e chashm e siyaah e to Urdu: Nargis adaain kerti bohat hay magar meri Hay jaan fida e shaiwa e chashm e siyaah e to English:=== When you look at them, your charming eyes Everything in the garden they mesmerize Persian: Khoonam bakhur keh heetch malik baa chuneen jamaal Az dil niyaadash keh naweesad gunaah e to Urdu: Daekhay ga jab farishta teray husn o naaz ko Kis dil say wo likhay ga khata o gunaah e to English:=== To you even the angels cannot say no On the Day of Judgment they'll let you go Persian: Aaraam o khaab e khalq e Jahaan ra sabab toie Zaan shud kinaar e deeda o dil takiagaah e to Urdu: Aaraam o khaab e khalq e jahaan haen teray sabab Makhlooq kay haen deeda o dil takiagaah e to English:=== And when people see you, my beautiful miss They can't help feeling the eternal bliss Persian: Baa har sitaaraay sarokaar ast har shabam Az hasrat e farookh e rukh e hamchu maah e to Urdu: Akhtarshumaari mujh say karaati hay raat bhar Yeh hasrat e faroogh e rukh e rashk e maah e to English:=== And when someday I cannot see you Count the stars all night I do Persian: Yaaraan e hamnasheen hama az ham juda shudand Maiem o aastaana e doolatpanaah e to Urdu: Yaaraan e hamnasheen houn juda per na houn alag Maen aur aastaana e doulatpanaah e to English:=== My friends at work I do not enjoy I wish you would take me in your employ Persian: Yaar e badaan mabaash keh maanind e bakht e neek Yaar e to baad har keh bawad neek khaah e to Urdu: Yaar e badaan na bun keh banaen bakht e naek say Wo yaar taeray sirf jo haen naek khaah e to English:=== You well know my rival; he is a hood Why don't you like the people who're good?


Persian: Farda e rooz e hashr keh arz e khalaiq ast Baashad dar aan mian ba mun uftad nigaah e to Urdu: Mehshar maen mushkilaat bohat haen magar meri Mushkil ho sehl ger parhay mujh per nigaah e to English:=== O please, my love, be kind to me I'm willing to wait till eternity Persian: HAFIZ tamay mabar zay inaayat keh aaqibat Aatish zanad ba kharman e gham dood e aah e to Urdu: Nomeed ranj e ishq maen mat ho keh HAFIZA Shayad jalaay kharman e gham sard aah e to English:=== And HAFIZ tells me not to complain For one day I'll surely be free of pain ====

Q Ghazal 241 Persian: Aey qaba e paadshaahi raast bar baala e to Zeenat e taaj o nageen az gohar e waala e to Urdu: Daeta zaibaie qaba ko hay qadd e baala tera Zeenat e taaj o nageen hay gohar e waala tera English:=== O the royal dress looks good on you And your crown reflects your inner hue Persian: Aaftaab e fathay ra har dam tulaay meedahad Az kolah e khusravi rukhsaar e mehseema e to Urdu: Aaftaab e fathay niklay hay ufaq say her sahar Daekh ker damka hua rukhsaar e mehseema tera English:=== The sun of triumph does shine on the field Whenever it sees your sword and the shield Persian: Jalwagaah e tair e Iqbaal gardad har kuja Saaya andaazad huma e chatr e gardoonsa e to Urdu: Jalwagaah e tair e iqbaal banti hay jahaan Saaya daalay hay huma e chatr e gardoonsa tera English:=== You make a beggar feel like a king When you take him under your mighty wing Persian: Az rasoom e sharr o hikmat baa hazaaraan ikhtalaaf Nuktaay hargiz nashud foet az dil e daana e to Urdu: Go rasoom o sharr o hikmat maen hazaaroun haen jadal Jaanta laikin hay her nukta dil e daana tera English:=== It is just and fair without a flaw To all your subjects when you give the law Persian: Aab e haiwaanash zay minqaar e balaghat meechakad Tooti e khushlehja yaani kalk e shakkarkha e to Urdu: Noak say her dam hay tapkay jis ki aab e zindagi Tooti e khushlehja sa hay kalk e shakkarkha tera English:=== The ink of your pen bestows the light To the world of darkness whenever you write


Persian: Gar cheh khursheed e falak chashm o charaagh e aalam ast Rooshnaiebakhsh e chashm e oast khaak e pa e to Urdu: Hay jo khursheed e falak chashm o charaagh e aalami Roshni bakhshay hay us ko zarra zaer e pa tera English:=== And the mighty sun from its heavenly seat Comes down to earth to kiss your feet Persian: Aan cheh Iskandar talab kard o nadaadash roozgaar Jurraay bood az zulaal e jaam e jaanafza e to Urdu: Justojoo jis ki Sikandar ko rahi thi umr bhar Tha faqat ik jurra aab e jaam e jaanafza tera English:=== What caesar wanted and could not get Is a gem from many in your coronet Persian: Arz e haajit dar hareem e hurmatat mohtaaj neest Raaz e kas maghfi namaanad bar faroogh e ra e to Urdu: Arz e haajit ki zaroorat taeri dargeh maen naheen Raaz saray jaanta hay deeda e beena tera English:=== What I have in mind you can easily read And O king, you give me whatever I need Persian: Khusrava peeraanasar HAFIZ jawaani meekunad Bar umeed e afv e jaanbakhsh e gunehfarsa e to Urdu: Apni peeri ko jawaan rakhta hay HAFIZ is liay Bakhsh day ga her khata rehm e gunehfarsa tera English:=== And since you're generous, forgiving, and kind The faults of your HAFIZ you do not mind ====

Q Ghazal 242 Persian: Ba jaan e peer e kharabaat o haq e sohbat e o Keh neest dar sar e mun juz hawa e khidmat e o Urdu: Ba jaan e peer e kharabaat o haq e sohbat e o Keh sar maen hay na meray juz khayaal e khidmat e o English:=== I swear by the service of the abbot of the pub His place wIll always be my spiritual hub Persian: Bahisht agar cheh na ja e gunaahgaaraanast Biyaar baada keh mustazharam ba rehmat e Urdu: Bahisht maana naheen ja gunaahgaaroun ki Bharosa mujh ko bohat hay magar ba rehmat e o English:=== And though I deserve not the heavenly bliss My Lord will forgive my being remiss Persian: Charaagh e saaiqa e aan sharaab roshan baad Keh zad ba kharman e mun aatish e mohabbat e o Urdu: Charaagh e saaiqa e mai ho is terheh roshan Lagaaay dil maen meray aatish e mohabbat e o English:=== And yes, I love to drink the wine But in it I see His image divine


Persian: Bar aastaana e maikhaana gar saray beeni Mazan ba paay keh maaloom neest niyyat e o Urdu: Bar aastaana e maikhaana sar agar daekhay Laga na thokar usay, jaanay kya hay niyyat e o English:=== So when you see me in the tavern drunk Please don't treat me like a skunk Persian: Biyaar baada keh doosham saroosh e aalam e ghaib Naveed daad keh aam ast faiz e rehat e o Urdu: Pilaao baada keh laaya saroash ghaib say yeh Naveed e naek keh hay aam faiz e rehmat e o English:=== Last night the angel of God did come And said in Heaven we're all welcome Persian: Makun ba chashm e hiqaarat nigaah bar mun e mast Keh neest maasiyat o zohd baimashiat e o Urdu: Na daal chashm e hiqaarat too shaikh mastoun per Keh hay na zohd o khata koie baimashiat e o English:=== So do not disdain me if I'm a bum We're all His children, smart or dumb Persian: Nameekunad dil e mun mayl e zohd o tabah walay Ba naam e khaja bakoosham o furr e doolat e o Urdu: Hay kaam kya mujhay tobah say per maen kerta houn Baraay qurbat e khaja, baraay doulat e o English:=== I'm not by nature a pious man But I try to be good as much as I can Persian: Dila tamay mabar az lutf e bainihaayat e doost Keh neest juz karam o rehm e khalq raghbat e o Urdu: Milay ga tujh ko bhee dil lutf e bainihaayat e Haq Keh hay na juz karam o rehm e khalq raghbat e o English:=== And though I'm a sinner and a bumbling clod I believe in the kindness and the mercy of God Persian: Mudaam khirqa e HAFIZ ba baada dar giro ast Magar zay khaak e kharaabat bood fitrat e o Urdu: Raha hay khirqa e HAFIZ sharaab maen girvi Bani hay khaak e kharaabaat say jo fitrat e o English:=== And when he sees me in my sorry state Says HAFIZ always that it is my fate ====

Q Ghazal 243 Persian: Taab e banafsha meedahad turra e mushksa e to Parda e ghuncha meedarad khanda e dilkusha e to Urdu: Paech e banafsha daalta gaisoo e mushksa e to Perda e gul hay cheerta khanda e dilkusha e to English:=== Your curly locks put violet to shame But when you smile, do flowers the same


Persian: Aey gul e khushnaseem e mun, bulbul e kheesh ra masooz Kaz sar e sidq meekunad shab hama shab duaa e to Urdu: Aey gul e khushnaseem too bulbul e khushnawa ki sun Karta hay sidq e dil say wo shab hama shab duaa e to English:=== Oh my darling flower, you nightingale He is your lover; don't let him wail Persian: Dushman o doost goo bagoo har gharazay keh mumkin ast Joor e hama jahaaniaan meekasham az baraay to Urdu: Dushman o dost say gharaz ab na rahi mujhay koie Jour e zamaana sab ka sab jhailta koun baraay to English:=== My friends and foes me all they mock Your love has made me their laughing stock Persian: Khirqa e zohd o jaam e mai gar cheh na darkhur e mun ast Een hama naqsh meezanam dar talab e wafa e to Urdu: Khirqa e zohd o jaam e mai taeray baghaer kuchh naheen Rindi o zohd aek haen dar talab e wafa e to English:=== This love has turned me upside down And even in my gown I look like a clown Persian: Shoor e sharaab o sooz e ishq aan nafasam rawad zay yaad Keen sar e purhawas shawad khaak e dar e sara e to Urdu: Shoar e sharaab o soaz e ishq maeray rahaen gay saath saath Ho ga na jab talak yeh ser khaak e dar e sara e to English:=== From the woes of love I want a retreat I would like to come and die at your feet Persian: Mun keh malool gashtamay az nafas e farishtagaan Qaal o maqaal e aalamay meekashan az baraay to Urdu: Hay nafas e farishtagaan kerta malool dil magar Qaal o maqaal e do jahaan jhailta houn baraay to English:=== Oh, once I was a highly respected man But now they mock me whenever they can Persian: Mehr e rukhat sarisht e mun, khaak e darat bahisht e mun Ishq e to sarnawisht e mun, raahat e mun reza e to Urdu: Chehra tera meri sarisht, khaak e dar e haseen bahisht Ishq hay maeri sarnawisht, raahat e mun raza e to English:=== But still for you I yearn and crave And remain your lover and a humble slave Persian: Dilq e gada e ishq ra gunj bawad dar aasteen Zood ba saltanat rasad har keh bawad gada e to Urdu: Dilq e gada e ishq ka ganj hay aasteen maen Milti hay saltanat usay banta hay jo gada e to English:=== For me in my love there is everything And though I'm a tramp, I feel like a king -


Persian: Doolat e ishq been keh chun az sar e fakhr o ahtashaam Goosha e taaj e saltanat meeshikanad gada e to Urdu: Doulat e ishq daekh toe kaisay hazaar naaz say Goasha e taaj e saltanat kerta hay kham gada e to English:=== The treasure of love has made me rich For you a kingdom I can easily ditch Persian: Shahnasheen e chashm e mun takiagah e khayaal e tust Ja e duaast shah e mun bai to mabaad ja e to Urdu: Gosha e chashm hi mera takiageh e khayaal hay Hay yeh duaa mera Khuda rakhay tujhay ba ja e to English:=== So wherever you go and how much you roam You'll always find in my heart a home Persian: Khush chamanayst aarizat khaasa keh dar bahaar e husn HAFIZ e khushkalaam shud murgh e chamansara e to Urdu: Rukh tera ban gaya chaman, jab say bahaar e husn maen HAFIZ e khushkalaam hay murgh e chamansara e to English:=== And he may sing or he may wail Your HAFIZ will always be your nightingale ====

Q Ghazal 244 Persian: Gulbun e aish meedamad saaqi e gulizaar koo Baad e bahaar meewazad baada e khushgawaar koo Urdu: Ghuncha e aish khil gaya, saaqi e gulizaar la Baad e bahaar aa gaie, baada e khushgawaar la English:=== The spring has come and the flowers are here O maid of the bar, some wine, my dear Persian: Har gul e noo zay gulrukhay yaad hameekunad walay Goosh e sukhanshunoo kuja, deeda e aitabaar koo Urdu: Sota hay gulizaar ik her gul e nau ki khaak maen Goash e sukhanshanaas la, deeda e aitabaar la English:=== Oh, how many beauties have gone into earth To carry these flowers and give them birth? Persian: Majlis e bazm e aish ra ghaalia e muraad neest Aey dam e subh e khushnafas, naafa e zulf e yaar koo Urdu: Majlis e bazm e aish ko boo e muraad chahiay Aey dam e subh e khushnafas, naafa e zulf e yaar la English:=== Without her, the lovers are in great despair O breeze, do bring the scent of her hair Persian: Husnfarooshi e gulam neest tahammul, aey saba Dast zadam ba khoon e dil, behr e Khuda nigaar koo Urdu: Husnfaroashi phool ki mujh say na daekhi jaay hay Hota hay khoon e dil mera, behr e Khuda nigaar la English:=== Without her also, the flowers look proud Tell her to come and shame this crowd


Persian: Sham e sahar ba bazmgeh laaf ba aariz e to zad Khasm zabaandaraaz shud, khanjar e aabdaar koo Urdu: Kerti hay sham e subhadam rukh say teray muqaabla Us ki zabaan daraaz hay, khajar e aabdaar la English:=== The candle is also showing off its light Let her show her face and make it contrite Persian: Guft magar zay laal e mun boosa nadaari aarzoo Murdam az een hawas walay qudrat o ikhtiaar koo Urdu: Kehta hay koan laab e lab ki naheen mujh ko aarzoo Merta houn is hawas maen, qudrat o ikhtiaar la English:=== Her ruby lips oh, how I miss I would give my life for just a kiss Persian: HAFIZ agar cheh dar sukhan khaazin e gunj e hikmat ast Az gham e roozgaar e doon tab e sukhanguzaar koo Urdu: Khaazin e ganj e aql hay HAFIZA shairi maen too Chup karay gham hay kuin tujhay, tab e sukhanguzaar la English:=== And, HAFIZ, though I'm a master of verse My luck is bad and my fate even worse ====

Q Ghazal 245

Persian: Mara chashmayst khoonafshaan zay chashm e aan kamaanabroo Jahaan bar fitna meebeenam az aaz chashm o az aan abroo Urdu: Mujhay di chashm e khoonafshaan, usay chashm e kamaanabroo Zamaanay bhar kay dar pay haen wo aankhaen, wo jawaan abroo English:=== Her eyes have given me the tears of blood And my tears have caused in the world a flood Persian: Ghulaam e chashm e aan Turkam keh dar khaab e khush e masti Nigaareen gulshanash rooyst o mushkeen saibaan abroo Urdu: Ghulaam e chashm houn us ka keh ander khaab e khushmasti Chaman hay jis ka chehra, jis ki mushkeen saibaan abroo English:===Oh, I'm a slave of her dreamy eyes And her brow and face I so idolize Persian: Hilaaly shud tanam zeen gham keh baa taghra e mushkeenash Keh baashad meh keh banmayad zay taaq e aasmaan abroo Urdu: Hilaal e abroo e mushkeen e jaanaan ko ager daekhay Dikhaay phir kabhee apni na maah e aasmaan abroo English:=== I'm also a prey of her bow-like brow Even the crescent moon to it does bow Persian: Hameesha chashm e mastash ra kamaan e husn dar zeh ast Keh az pushti e teer e o kashad bar meh kamaan abroo Urdu: Day ya Rab us ki chashm e mast ko husn e kamaan aisa Lagay dar chaand ko khainchay jo chashm apni kamaanabroo


English:=== When her crescent brow does shoot the dart It rends the moon and breaks its heart Persian: Rawaan e gooshgeeraan ra zay husnash turfa gulzaareest Keh bar tarf e samanzaarash hameen geerad chamaan abroo Urdu: Dikhaay wo agar andaaz apna khaanqahoun maen Banaay rooh o jaan e goshageeran bostaan abroo English:=== A look from her does for me suffice And I feel as if I'm in paradise Persian: Raqeebaan ghaafil and az ma kaz aan chashm e siyaah har dam Hazaaraan goona paighaam ast o haajib darmian abroo Urdu: Mujhay bhaijaen haen chashm e naaz nay paighaam sad goona Raqeeb un say haen ghaafil, per bani hay raazdaan abroo English:=== And though with my rival she likes to be She makes my day when she winks at me Persian: Digar hoor o pari ra kas nagooyad baa chuneen husnay Keh een ra een chuneen chashm ast o aan ra aan chunaan abroo Urdu: Karay hergiz na wo hoor o pari kay husn ki baataen Jo daekhay us ki chashm e qaatil aur afza e jaan abroo English:=== Her brows and eyes have given her fame The hooris and fairies she can easily shame Persian: To kaafirdil nameebandi naqaab e zulf, meetarsam Keh mehraabam bagardaanad kham e aan dilsitaan abroo Urdu: Naqaab e zulf say chehra chupaata hay wo masjid maen Magar mehraab hay maeray liay wo dilsitaan abroo English:=== When the preacher sees the arch of ber brow His arch of prayer he forgets somehow Persian: Agarcheh murgh e zeerak bood HAFIZ dar wafadaari Ba teer e ghamza saydaah kard chashm e aan kamaanabroo Urdu: Agercheh mugh e daana hay bohat HAFIZ mohabbat maen Ba teer e ghamza kerti sayd hay us ko kamaanabroo English:=== And even though HAFIZ is very, very smart He's also a prey of her deadly dart ====

Q Ghazal 246 Persian: Mutrib e khushnawa bagoo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Baada e dilkusha bajoo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Mutrib e khushnawa kaho, taaza ba taaza, nau ba nau Baada e dilkusha pio, taaza ba taaza, nau ba nau English:=== O minstrel, sing your song anew O maid of the bar, I need your brew Persian: Baa sanamay chu laabatay khush banasheen ba khilwatay Boosa sitaan ba kaam az oo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Baitho butoun kay saath maen, hath lo un kay haath maen Un kay laboun ko bosa do, taaza ba taaza, nau ba nau


English:=== Please go and find me a beautiful girl Someone who'll love me and kiss me too Persian: Saaqi e seemsaaq e mun, neest maiam, biyaar peesh Zood keh pur kunam saboo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Saaqi e seemsaaq e mun, mujh ko hay gham ,mujhay thakan Jaam sharaab say bharo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo English:=== I badly need something to drink So fill my glass with a shot or two Persian: Bar zay hayaat kay khoori, gar na mudaam mai khoori Baada bakhoor ba yaad e oo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Zindagi zindagi naheen, baada agar milay naheen Mai say usay sanwaar lo, taaza ba taaza, nau ba nau English:=== My life is sad and my love is mad Make me forget it; I'm feeling blue Persian: Shaahid e dilruba e mun, meekunad az baray mun Naqsh o nigaar o rang o boo,taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Yaar mera meray liay aaya hay naaz say liay Naqsh o nigaar o rang o boo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo English:=== My gal is adorable, and when adorned She becones a siren through and through Persian: Baad e saba chun bagzari bar sar e koo e aan pari Qissa a HAFIZash bagoo, taaza ba taaza, noo ba noo Urdu: Baad e saba tumhaara ger ho koo e yaar say guzar Qissa e HAFIZay kaho, taaza ba taaza, nau ba nau English:=== So when, O breeze, you go to my gal Tell her what her HAFIZ has gotten into ====

Q Ghazal 247 Persian: Charagh e roo e tura shamay gasht parwaana Mara zay ishq e to az haal e kheesh parwa na Urdu: Charagh e rukh ki bani taeray shamay parwaana Huwa jo ishq rahi aur koie parwa na English:=== When sees the flame your shining face Like me, it's charmed by your beauty and grace Persian: Khirad keh qayd e majaaneen e ishq meefarmood Ba boo e halqa e zulf e to gasht deewaana Urdu: Janoon e ishq ko daalay thi qayd maen jo khirad Kya hay us ko bhee gaisoo kay kham nay deewaana English:=== Though the wise think that a lover is mad When they fall in love, they don't feel so bad Persian: Ba muzhda jaan ba saba daad shamay dar nafasay Zay sham e roo e to ash chun raseed parwaana Urdu: Nisaar shamay ni ki jaan jab saba aaie Charagh e rukh ka teray lay kay aek parwaana


English:=== The candle light which brightens the night When it hears you coming, it takes the flight Persian: Ba boo e zulf e to gar jaan ba baad raft cheh shud Hazaar jaan e garaami fida e jaanaana Urdu: Di ham nay jaan ager boo e zulf per toe kya Hazaar jaan e garaami fida e jaanaana English:=== I'll die for you; it's certainly true But there're millions and millions who'll die too Persian: Bar aatish e rukh e zaiba e to ba ja e sapand Baghair e khaal e siyaahat keh deed behdaana Urdu: Jalaaen aatish e rukh per sapand kuin jab keh Naheen hay khaal say behter koie siyaah daana English:=== On your fiery cheek your beauty spot It looks like coal that is burning hot Persian: Cheh naqshha keh barangeekhteem o sood na daasht Fasoon e ma bar e o gashta ast afsaana Urdu: Hamaari jaadoogari ka hua asar na koie Fasoon hamaara hay us kay liay ik afsaana English:=== Oh, when I tell you how I feel I love it when you say - it's no big deal Persian: Mara ba dour e lab e doost hast paimaanay Keh bar zabaan nabaram juz hadees e paimaana Urdu: Faqat ba dour e lab e dost hay mera paimaan Keh is zabaan pay naheen kuchh siwaay paimaana English:=== And whenever I see your lips divine I can think of nothing but the ruby wine Persian: Mun e ghreeb zay ghairat fitaadam az pa doosh Nigaar e kheesh chun deedam ba dast e baigaana Urdu: Zameen maen garh gaya ghairat say maikaday maen kal Kinaar e yaar maen daekha jo maen nay baigaana English:=== And you with my rival whenever I see I feel as if you are killing me Persian: Hazdees e madrasa o khaanqa magooie keh baaz Fitaada dar sar e HAFIZ hawa e maikhaana Urdu: To zikr e madrasa o khanqa na sun HAFIZ Rakh apnay sar maen na kuchh juz khayaal e maikhaana English:=== And HAFIZ knows that I love the wine And that I've left for good the shrine ====


Q Ghazal 248

Persian: Aey keh baa silsila e zulf e daraaz aamdaie Fursatat baad keh deewaana nawaaz aamdaie Urdu: Lay kay ik silsila e zulf e daraaz aaya hay Baandhnay dil ko wo deewaananawaaz aaya hay English:=== A crazier lover you'll find nowhere So tie me with the chain of your braided hair Persian: Aab o aatish baham aameekhtaie az lab e laal Chashm e bad dour keh khush shoobadabaaz aamdaie Urdu: Aab o aatish ki milawat hay laboun per jis kay Chashm e bad dour wo khush shoabadabaaz aaya hay English:=== O you can mix water on your lips with fire You're surely a charmer and a great mystifier Persian: Chashm e to gercheh ba har ghamza dilam barbaayad Laik sad haif keh baigaananawaaz aamdie Urdu: Ghamza e chashm say barbaad mujhay kernay ko Aashna bun kay wo baigaananawaaz aaya hay English:=== With a look you can take the heart of a man Only to break it as soon as you can Persian: Saatay naaz mafarma o bagardaan aadat Chun ba purseedan e arbaab e niaaz aamdaie Urdu: Aek saat kay liay chorh day naazish, aey jaan Kernay ger pursish e arbaab e niaaz aaya hay English:=== And you can be so proud when you speak Even though your lover is humble and meek Persian: Aafreen bar dil e narm e to keh az behr e sawaab Kushta e ghamza e khud ra ba namaaz aamdaie Urdu: Daekhiay narmdili, baad meray mernay kay Khud hi parhnay ko janaazay ki namaaz aaya hay English:=== But you can be also gentle and nice After you have killed him once or twice Persian: Zohd e mun baa to keh sanjad keh ba yaghma e dilam Mast o aashufta ba khilwatgeh e raaz aamdaie Urdu: Zohd kya maera karay, lootnay wo jab dil ko Mast o aashufta ba khilwatgeh e raaz aaya hay English:=== His belief and piety cannot save a guy When you come to tempt him and to crucify Persian: Peesh e baala e to maaram, cheh suleh o cheh ba jang Keh ba har haal bar andaaza e naaz aamdaie Urdu: Amn ho, jang ho, merta houn maen us kay qadd per Jab bhee wo sarv mera chal kat ba naaz aaya hay


English:=== But I love you madly the way you are Although I know it sounds rather bizarre Persian: Guft, HAFIZ, digarat khirqa sharaabaaloodast Magar az mazhab e een taifa baaz aamdaie Urdu: Saaf HAFIZ ka kya khirqa e aalooda bohat Baadakhaari say kabhee per na wo baaz aaya hay English:=== And even if you ask me never to drink HAFIZ is my witness, I will not blink ====

Q Ghazal 249

Persian: Khunak naseem e moanbar shamaama e dikhaah Keh dar hawa e to barkhast baamdaad e pagaah Urdu: Khunak naseem e moanbar shamaama e dilkhaah Khilaay ghuncha e ulfat mera ba waqt e pagaah English:=== Carrying her fragrance, the morning breeze Came to the flowers in the garden to tease Persian: Daleel e raah sho aey tair e khajista liqa Keh deeda aab shud az shooq e khaak e een dargaah Urdu: Too bun kay raahnuma tair e khajista liqa Ghareeb e ishq ko dikhla dayaar e yaar ki raah English:=== O beautiful bird, you be my guide And lead me to where she does reside Persian: Munam keh bay to nafas meezanam, zahay khijlat Magar to ufv kuni warna cheest uzr e gunaah Urdu: Houn sharmsaar keh zinda houn hijr maen ab tak Aur is liay bhee keh hay pas kuchh na uzr e gunaah English:=== That I'm still alive I cannot believe For living without her is hard to conceive Persian: Babeen ba shakhs e nazaaram keh gharq e khoon e dil ast Hilaal ra zay kinaar e shafaq kunand nigaah Urdu: Hua mera tan e laaghir ghareeq e khoon e jigar Hilaal dooba shafaq maen hay us pay daal nigaah English:=== I'm weak and old with a bleeding heart All bent and twisted and falling apart Persian: Zay doostaan e to aamookht dar tareeqat e mehr Sapeedadam keh saba chaak zad shaar e siyaah Urdu: Saba nay seekha tareeq o riwaaj e aashiq say Dareeda kerna sahar raat ka shaar e siyaah English:=== The morning breeze, when it saw my plight It came to me tearing the fabric of night -


Persian: Ba ishq e roo e to roozay keh az jahaan burdam Zay turbatam badamad surkh gul ba ja e giyaah Urdu: Maroun agar maen tera daekh kay rukh e roshan Meri lahad pay ugaen surkh gul ba ja e giyaah English:=== My love of her face with the way I crave Has come out as flowers from my barren grave Persian: Madeh ba khaatir e naazuk malaalat az mun raah Keh HAFIZ e to hameen lehza guft bismallah Urdu: Na ho ga khaatir e naazuk pay baar HAFIZ ab Keh hay wo chalnay ko tayyaar keh kay bismallah English:=== I know I upset her when I cry and cry So, HAFIZ, I've decided to say good-bye ====

Q Ghazal 250 Persian: Dar e sara e mughaan rufta bood o aab zada Nashista peer o salaay ba shaikh o shaab zada Urdu: Kuchh aisa paak o safa khaana e sharaab hua Keh is ka peer e mughaan peer e shaikh o shaab hua English:=== With the bar all swept, and nice, and clean The keeper of the bar was doing the routine Persian: Sabukashaan hama dar bandaagiesh basta kamar Walay zay tarf e kulah kheema bar sahaab zada Urdu: Haen bandagi maen teri maikashaan kamar basta Wo jin ka tarf e kulah khaima bar sahaab hua English:=== The topers were kneeling to show their respect Although they're always so proud and erect Persian: Faroogh e jaam o qadeh noor e maah poosheeda Izaar e mughbachagaan raah e aftaab zada Urdu: Faroagh e jaam karay noor e maahtaab khijal Izaar e mughbachagaan rashk e aaftaab hua English:=== The shine of the wine was shaming the moon And the maids were gracing the happy saloon Persian: Garifta saaghar e ishrat farisha e rehmat Zay juraa bar rukh e hoor o pari gulaab zada Urdu; Uthhaay saaghar e ishrat farishta e rehmat Wo jis say chehra e hoor o pari gulaab hua English:=== The angels from heaven were also there And the lovely houris were dancing everywhere Persian: Zay shoor e arbada e shaahidaan e shireenkaar Shakar shakista, saman reekhta, rabaab zada Urdu: Fisaad o arbada e shaahdaan a shireen say Shakar shakista hui, munqataa rabaab hua English:=== The beauties, while drinking, couldn't stay quiet They were tempting and flirting and causing a riot -


Persian: Uroos e bakht dar aan hujla baa hazaaraan naaz Kasheeda wasma o bar barg e gul gulaab zada Urdu: Uroos e bakht shabistaan maen maeray yuin aaie Keh zard chehra usay daekh kay gulaab hua English:=== Then the lady luck also came down there With all her glory, and pomp, and flair Persian: Salaam kardam o baa mun ba roo e khandaan guft Keh aey khumaarkash e muflis e sharaabzada Urdu: Jo must o khush mujhay daekha toe yeh kaha us nay Too khush naseeb hay jo muflis e sharaab hua English:=== I also went down just to say hello To the keeper who said, "My good fellow Persian: Keh kard een keh to kardi ba zoaf e himmat o raay Zay kunj e khaana shuda, kheema bar kharaab zada Urdu: Yeh hay dilaawari babaad ker kay ghar apna Makeen e maikada o khaana kharaab hua English: "You're coming from the shrine, a fine place Looking in the tavern for the Divine grace Persian: Wisaal e doolat e baidaar tarsamat nadahand Keh khuftaie to dar aaghoosh e bakht e khaabzada Urdu: Wisaal e doulat e baidaar ho saka na usay Jo bakht e khufta kay pehloo maen mehv e khaab kua English:=== "But never will you reach your worthy goal Unless you've awakened your sleeping soul Persian: Hilaal ta keh magar naal e markabash gardad Zay baam e ursh sadash boosa bar turaab zada Urdu: Hilaal ko hui khaahish ho naal e asp tera Wo choomnay ko khameeda teri turaab hua English:=== "But if you can perform this daring feat The moon will bow and kiss your feet Persian: Khirad keh mulhim e ghaib ast, behr e kasb e sharaf Zay roo e sidq sadash boosa bar janaab zada Urdu: Yaqeen, jo rakhta hay ilhaam o ilm e poosheeda Usay hay fakhr tera banda e janaab hua English:=== "And your reason with all its pomp and pride To be your slave it'll surely decide Persian: Bia ba maikada HAFIZ keh bar to arza kunam Hazaar saff zay duaha e mustajaabzada Urdu: Yeh maikada wo jagaah hay keh rind nay HAFIZ Dua jo ki toe karam us pay baihisaab hua English:=== "And our HAFIZ says if you stay in the pub You will become a member of a blessed club" ====


Q Ghazal 255

Persian: Aey baikhabar bakoosh keh sahibkhabar shawi Ta rahroo nabaashi, to kay rahbar shawai Urdu: Aey baikhabar bakoash keh sahibkhabar ho too Rehro agar banay too kabhee, rahbar ho too English:=== Your ignorance, O friend, don't try to hide First know the way if you want to be a guide Persian: Dar maktab e wajood ba peesh e adeeb e ishq Han aey pisar bakoosh keh roozay pidar shawi Urdu: Is maktab e wajood maen paesh e adeeb e ishq Laiway agar sabaq toe pisar say pidar ho too English:=== The manners of loving you should try to learn If the lover's title you would like to earn Persian: Dast az mus e wajood chu mardaan e reh bashoo Ta kimia e ishq bayaabi o zar shawi Urdu: Ulfat kay raastay maen mitaay khudi agar Mil jaay kimia tujhay, tanbay say zar ho too English:=== This self is an illusion, get out of its hold And you'll change yourself from lead to gold Persian: Khaab o khurat zay mertaba e ishq dour kard Aan dam rasi ba doost keh baikhaab o khur shawi Urdu: Kerta hay dour mertaba e ishq khaab o khur Ger qurb e yaar chahiay baikhaab o khur ho too English:=== The pleasures of life you must forsake Yourself a lover if you want to make Persian: Gar noor e ishq e Haq ba dil o jaanat ooftad Ballah kaz aaftaab e falak khoobtar shawi Urdu: Pur noor ishq e Haq say houn ger jaan o dil teray Khursheed e aasmaan say bhee khoobter ho too English:=== With God if your love does make you one Your slaves will become the moon and the sun Persian: Az paay ta sarat hama noor e Khuda shawad Dar raah e zooljalaal chun baipa o sar shawi Urdu: Roshan Khuda kay noor say ho ser say paoun tak Ger raah e zooljalaal maen baipa o ser ho too English:=== If your heart and soul you give Him outright He will surely fill them with the Divine light Persian: Bunyaad e hasti e to chun zeer o zabar shawad Dar dil madaar heetch keh zeer o zabar shawi Urdu: Bunyaad e hasti zair o zabar ho ager teri Gardish maen aasmaan ki na zair o zabar ho too


English:=== And if your pain and sorrow are hard to bear He will certainly help you; do not despair Persian: Wajh e Haqeqat ar shawadat manzar e nazar Zeen pus shakay namaand keh sahibnazar shawi Urdu: Chehra banaay Haq ka agar manzar e nazar Maqbool chashm e Haq maen ho, sahibnazar ho too English:=== So pray to God that He shows you the light And you will develop a great insight Persian: Gar dar sarat hawa e wisaal ast HAFIZA Bayad keh khaak e dargeh e ahl e basar shawi Urdu: HAFIZ wisaal e yaar ki rakhta hay ger hawas Laazim hay khaak e dargeh e ahl e basar ho too English:=== And, HAFIZ, if your Maker you want to meet You go to the mystics and find a retreat ====

Q Ghazal 256

Persian: Aey paadsheh e khoobaan daad az gham e tanhaaie Dil bai to ba jaan aamad, waqt ast kah baaz aaie Urdu: Aey paadsheh e khoobaan, aey malka e raanaaie Daekh aa kay Khuda ra too maera gham e tanhaaie English:=== O beauty queen, I am going insane It's time you came and eased my pain Persian: Aey dard e to am darmaan dar bistar e nakaami Aey yaad e to am moonis dar goosha e tanhaaie Urdu: Is bistar e nakaani maen dard tera darmaan Hay yaad teri moonis dar gosha e tanhaaie English:=== My love, your absence I cannot endure My pang of love only you can cure Persian: Mushtaaqi o mehjoori dour az to chunaanam kard Kaz dast bakhahad shud daamaan e skakeebaaie Urdu: Mushtaaqi o mehjoori nay zoaf diya aisa Chhoota meray haathoun say daamaan e shakaibaaie English:=== Without you, darling, I brood and brood Your absence is taxing my fortitude Persian: Daim gul e een bustaan shaadaab namimaanad Daryaab zaeefaan ra dar waqt e tawaanaaie Urdu: Aey gul naheen rehway gi daim teri shadaabi Dil joie zaeefoun ki ker waqt e tawaanaaie English:=== Your youth and beauty will not remain So an old man like me you shouldn't disdain -


Persian: Sad baad e saba een ja bai silsila meerakhsad Een ast hareef aey dil ta baadiya paimaaie Urdu: Sad baad e saba rakhsaan haen gaisoo e mushkeen maen Ker too bhee dil e khasta kuchh baadiyapaimaaie English:=== And tell the breeze when it plays with your hair To please look me up; I'm a captive there Persian: Dar daaira e qismat ma niqta e parkaareem Lutf aan cheh to andeeshi, hukm aan cheh to farmaaie Urdu: Taqdeer kay chakkar maen baibus houn mager jaanam Majboori e ulfat sat hoati hay dilafzaaie English:=== Your every command I'll gladly obey You are my queen; I'll do what you say Persian: Fikr e khud o raa e khud dar aalam e rindi neest Kufr ast dar een mazhab khudbeeni o khudraaie Urdu: Fikr e khud o raa e khud rindi maen naheen jaaiz Baideeni hay is deen maen khudbeeni o khudraaie English:=== And everything I have, to you I owe I am a toper: I have shunned my ego Persian: Ya Rab ba keh batwaan guft enn nukta keh dar aalam Rukhsaara ba kas nanmood aan shaahid e harjaaie Urdu: Rukhsaar dikhaata hay aarif ko na soofi ko Mastoor kuchh aisa hay wo shaahid e harjaaie English:=== I also love God and seek His grace And one day I hope to see His face Persian: Deeshab gila e zulfat baa baad e saba kardam Gufta ghalati, bagzar zeen fikrat e soodaaie Urdu: Baikaar gila kerna hay zulf kay qaydi ko Yeh khaamkhayaali hay, yeh fikr hay soadaaie English:=== The snare of your hair I can't complain about For the breeze will say I'm not very devout Persian: Saaqi chaman e gul ra bairoo e to rangay neest Shamshaad kharaamaan kun ta baagh biyaaraaie Urdu: Saaqi chaman e gul maen bin taeray naheen ronaq Shamshaad e kharaamaan bun, ker gulsitaanaaraaie English:=== So come, my dear, it will do you no harm If you adorn the garden with your beauty and charm Persian: Zeen daira e meena khoonijigaram, mai deh Ta hull kunam een mushkil zeen saaghar e meenaaie Urdu: Yeh daira e meena kerta hay jigar khooni Mushkil meri aasaan ker, day saaghar e meenaaie English:=== And come and give me a little bit of wine And in a crystal glass to make it shine -


Persian: HAFIZ shab e hijraan shud, boo e khush e subh aamad Shadiet mubaarakbaad, aey aashiq e shaidaaie Urdu: Jaati hay shab e hijraan, hoati hay sahar HAFIZ Khilti hay kali dil ki, aey aashiq e shaidaaie English:=== And HAFIZ tells me he can essily forecast That my pain of parting is not going to last ====

Q Ghazal 257 Persian: Aey dar rukh e to paida anwaar e paadshaahi Dar fikrat e pinhaan sad hikmat e Ilaahi Urdu: Rukh maen teray numayaan anwaar e baadshaahi Daanish maen taeri pinhaan sad hikmat e Ilaahi English:=== O king, your face has the royal glow What is wise and right you always know Persian: Kalk e to baarak Allah dar mulk o deen kushaada Sad chashma aab e haiwaan az qatra e siyaahi Urdu: Khamay nay taeray khoalay sab raaz e kishwar o deen Sad chashma aab e haiwaan yak qatra e siyaahi English:=== And may God bless your prudent pen There's nothing in the world that's beyond its ken Persian: Bar Ahraman na taabad anwaar e ism e aazam Mulk aan e tust o khaatam, farma har aan cheh khaahi Urdu: Chamkaen na Ahraman maen anwaar e ism e aazam Khatam karay hay taeray farmaan o hukm shaahi English:=== From Solomon, the wise, you take your cue So the evil spirits are scared of you Persian: Dar hashmat e Suleimaan har kas keh shak numaayad Bar aql o daanish e o khandand murgh o maahi Urdu; Ger hashmat e Suleimaan per shak karay hay koie Us ki khirad pay khandaan hoatay haen murgh o maahi English:=== His grandeur and glory you also possess And no one denies your skill and finesse Persian: Taeghay keh aasmaanash az faiz e khud dahad aab Tanha jahaan bageerad bai minnat e sipaahi Urdu: Wo taegh jis ko daeway hay aab faiz e gardoon Hay hukmraan jahaan maen bai minnat e sipaahi English:=== To do without soldiers you can easily afford The world you can conquer with only a sword Persian: Gar partooay zay taeghat bar kaan o maadan ooftad Yaaqoot e surkhroo ra bakhshand rang e kaahi Urdu: Shamsheer taeri aisi khoaf o khatar say jis kay Yaaqoot e surkh ka bhee hoeta hay rang kaahi English:=== And when with your mighty sword you appear Your foes in the battle all shake with fear -


Persian: Daanam dilat babakhshad bar ashk e shabnasheenaan Gar haal e ma bapursi az baad e subhegaahi Urdu: Haalat pay shabnasheenoun ki us ko rehm aaay Ja kay too ger khabar day aey baad e subhegaahi English:=== The poor are never away from your mind To them you're always so generous and kind Persian: Saaqi biyaar aabay az chashma e kharaabaat Ta khirqaha bashooeem az ujb e khaanqaahi Urdu: Chashmay say maikaday kay thorha sa aab saaqi Khirqay say ta keh dhoaen ham naaz e khaanqaahi English:=== Allow me, O king, to have a little wine I'm tired of the showy sheiks of the shrine Persian: Baaz archeh gaah gaahay bar sar nihad kulaahay Muirghaan e qaaf daanand aaien e paadshaahi Urdu: Shaaheen jo gaahay gaahay rakhta hay taaj sar per Daeta hay kargasoun ko aaien e baadshaahi English:=== When your eagle puts on his head the crown The birds take notice; they all calm down Persian: Dar doodmaan e Aadam ta waz e saltanat hast Misl e to kas nadeedast een ilm ra kamaahi Urdu: Her toar ibn e Aadam nay daekhi hukmraani Tujh si mager na daekhi ik shaan e baadshaahi English:=== In the long, long history of the humankind A king like you is difficult to find Persian: Kalk e to khush naweesad dar shaan e yaar o aghyaar Taaweez e jaanfizaaie, afsoon e umrkaahi Urdu: Daeta tera qalam hay yaaroun ko, dushmanoun ko Taaweez e dilfizaaie, afsoon e jaankaahi English:=== Your friends and rivals you thoroughly know And you reward your friend and smite your foe Persian: Umreest paadshaaha kaz mai tahieest jaamam Eenak zay banda daawa waz mohtasib gawaahi Urdu: Aey shaah muddatoun say hay jaam maera khaali Daeta hay mohtasib bhee is baat ki gawaahi English:=== But please, O king, allow us the wine And ask the censor to instantly resign Persian: Aey unsar e to makhlooq az keemia e izzat Way doolat e to aeman az sadmat e tabaahi Urdu: Paida ho taera unsar izzat ki keemia say Howay na taeri doulat ko sadma e tabaahi English:=== And we will all pray for your vigor and health Your power and glory; your riches and wealth -


Persian: Jaay keh barq e asyaan bar Aadam e safi zad Ma ra cheh goona zeebad daawa e baigunaahi Urdu: Barq e gunaah nay jab Aadam ko bhee na chhorha Kaisay karoun maen aasi daawa e baigunaahi English:=== As always, be kind and generous to us Even though our faults are too obvious Persian: Joor az falak nayaabad ta to malaksifaati Zulm az jahaan baroon shud ta to jahaanpanaahi Urdu: Taeri farishtakhaslat jour e falak ko roakay Amn o amaan bakhshay taeri jahanpanaahi English:=== We know you're brave, and fair, and just And a king and a ruler we can completely trust Persian: HAFIZ chun doost az to gehgaah meeburad naam Ranjish zay bakht manmaa, baaz aa ba uzrkhaahi Urdu: Kya kum hay yeh keh gaahay poochhay wo tujh ko HAFIZ Ranjeeda mat ho sun ker too us ki uzrkhaahi English:=== And don't forget HAFIZ; he's one of your slaves And about you always he raves and raves ====

Q Ghazal 258 Persian: Aey dil aan beh keh kharaab az mai e gulgoon baashi Bai zar o gunj ba sad hashmat e Qaroon baashi Urdu: Ger teri wajh e kharaabi mai e gulgoon howay Bai zar o ganj tujhay hashmat e Qaroon howay English:=== Oh heart, don't fear and indulge in wine And soon you'll be like a diamond mine Persian: Dar muqaamay keh sadaarat ba faqeeraan bakhshand Chashm daaram keh ba jaah az hama afzoon baashi Urdu: Daeway hay jaah o sadaarat ba gada peer e mughaan Banda ban us ka keh izzat teri afzoon howay English:=== And you will be clean and pure inside And wherever you go, you'll there preside Persian: Taaj e shaahi talabi, gohar e zaati banma War khud az gohar e Jamsheed o Fareedoun baashi Urdu: Taaj e shaahi na milay gohar e zaati kay badoon Khushnasab kitna bhee Jamsheed o Faereedoon howay English:=== But to get the crown you must have worth For it is not a matter of genes or birth Persian: Dar reh e manzil e Laila keh khatarhaast ba jaan Shart e awwal qadam aan ast keh Majnoon baashi Urdu: Yuin toe khatray haen reh e manzil e Laila maen bohat Khouf hota naheen us dil maen jo Majnoon howay


English:=== And you can't be a lover without devotion For love is a very sublime emotion Persian: Caarwaan raft o to dar khaab o bayaabaan dar peesh Keh rawi reh, zay keh pursi, cheh kuni, chun baashi Urdu: Caarawaan chut gaya, sehra hay barha, too hi bata Ham say yeh faasla tay kis terheh aur kuin howay English:=== If your caravan left while you were sleeping You can't get to it by wailing and weeping Persian: Nuqta e ishq namoodam ba to, haan sehv makun Warna chun nangaari, az daaira bairoon baashi Urdu: Nuqta e ishq banaaya hay dil apna jab keh Halqa e zulf say yeh kis terheh bairoon howay English:=== And if you're caught in the snare of her hair You won't get out; you won't have a prayer Persian: Saagharay noosh kun o jurra bar aflaak fishaan Ta ba chand az gham e ayyaam jigarkhoon baashi Urdu: Pee kay mai mast ho aur thorhi si gardoon pay chirhak Gham e ayyam say ta yuin na jigar khoon howay English:=== So go to the bar and have a drink And about your sorrow you do not think Persian: HAFIZ az fuqr makun naala keh gar shair eenast Heetch khushdil na pasandad keh to mehzoon baashi Urdu: HAFIZ ashaar teray khalq ko maqbool haen jab Shikwa kerta hay too kuin, kaahay ko mehzoon howay English:=== And look at HAFIZ; he is the master of verse And he drinks and lives on a meager purse ====

Q Ghazal 259 Persian: Aey dil agar az chaah e zanikhdaan badar aaie Har ja keh rawi zood pasheemaan badar aaie Urdu: Dil chorh kay ger chaah e zanikhdaan nikal aaay Ho kay wo bohat khaar o pasheemaan nikal aaay English:=== O heart, you're caught in the dimple of her chin Don't try to get out; you're not going to win Persian: Hushdaar keh ger waswasa e aql kuni goosh Adam sifat az rooza e rizwaan badar aaie Urdu: Jo baat sunay waswasa e aql o khirad ki Adam sifat az rosa e rizwaan nikal aaay English:=== And do not try to be too smart Or like Adam from Eden you'll have to depart Persian: Ta kay chu saba bar to gumaaram dam e himmat Kaz ghuncha chu gul khurram o khandaan badar aaie Urdu: Yuin chhairh usay baad e saba ja kay chaman maen Ghunchay say wo gul khurram o khandaan nikal aaay English:=== From my tearful eyes she needs a shower In order to blossom as a smiling flower


Persian: Dar teera shab e hijr e to jaanam ba lab aamad Waqt ast keh hamchu meh e taabaan badar aaie Urdu: Taarteek shab e hijr hay aur jaan laboun per Hay waqt keh us ka meh e taabaan nikal aaay English:=== But in her absence when I'm about to die May be she'll come just to say good-bye Persian: Jaan meedaham az hasrat e aan laal e rawaanbakhsh Baashad keh chu khursheed e darakhshaan badar aaie Urdu: Ham jis kay lab e laal pay daetaey haen dil o jaan Wo aaay to khursheed e darakhshaan nikal aaay English:=== And one day her lips, when I'm dying to kiss May be my plea she will not dismiss Persian: Shaayad keh ba aabay falakat dast bageerad Gar tishnalab az chashma e haiwaan badar aaie Urdu: Milta hay usay aab e falak faiz e Khuda say Jo tishnalab az chashma e haiwaaan nikal aaay English:=== And the spring of life when I'm trying to find My kissing her mouth may be she won't mind Persian: Dar khaana e gham chand nasheeni ba malaamat Waqt ast keh az doolat e sultaan badar aaie Urdu: Muddat say hay dil maera makeen khaana e gham maen Day hukm usay, aey meray sultaan, nikal aaay English:=== And may be at night when I'm crying and crying I'll get what I want without even trying Persian: Bar khaak e darat basta am az deeda do sad joo Baashad keh to chun sarv e kharaamaan badar aaie Urdu: Hay aas mujhay daekhay joo e ashk jo dar per Ghar say wo mera sarv e kharaamaan nikial aaay English:=== But when I'm shedding my tears of blood May be she will come to stem the flood Persian: HAFIZ makun andeesha keh aan Yusuf e Misri Baaz aayad o az khalba e ahzaan badar aaaie Urdu: Aaay jo nazar apna usay Yusuf e Misri HAFIZ zay gham e kalba e ahzan nikal aaay English:=== And HAFIZ tells me not to despair For long this pain I won't have to bear ====

Q Ghazal 260 Persian: Aey keh bar maah az khutt e mushkeen naqaab andaakhti Lutf kardi saayaay bar aaftaab andaakhti Urdu: Daekh rukh per zulf ho jaay hay meh ander naqaab Aur ho jaay hay taeray saay saay aaftaab English:=== Your face with your curls looks like the moon All covered with the clouds as in monsoon


Persian: Ta cheh khaahad kard bar ma taab e zulf e aarizat Haalia nairang e rang e khush bar aab andaakhti Urdu: Jaan ko daeta rang hay nairang us rukhsaar ka Jis ka perto daekh ker ho jaay hay khushrang aab English:=== On your glowing cheeks your flying hair Present a sight that is very, very rare Persian: Goo e khoobi burdi az khoobaan e aalam, shaad baad Jaam e Kaikhusro talab kAfraasiyaab andaakhti Urdu: Saamnay taeray jhukaen khoobaan e aalam, jis terheh Paesh e Kaykhusro nagoon ho jaay hay Afraasiyaab English:=== And among the beauties you are the queen For when they see you, they all turn green Persian: Gar cheh az masti kharaabam ta'at e mun rad makun Kaandareen shaghlam ba ummeed e sawaab andaakhti Urdu: Maen kharaab e mast houn, too ker khatapoashi maeri Keh jo bakhshay hay guneh mil jaay hay us ko sawaab English:=== For you, my love, I crave and crave And though I'm a toper, I remain your slave Persian: Gunj e ishq e khud nihaadi dar dil e veeraan e mun Saaya e doolat bar een kunj kharaab andaakhti Urdu: Ganj e ulfat jab too daway hay dil e veeraan ko Saaya e doulat maen yeh ho jaay hay kunj e kharaab English:=== Your love to me is precious and dear A prize and a treasure that I so revere Persian: Khaab e baidaaraan babasti aan geh az naqsh e khayaal Tuhmatay bar shabrawaan e khail e khaab andaakhti Urdu: Taeray naqsh e fikr say ushshaaq ki urhti hay neend Paesh e baidaari nagoon ho jaay hay ik khail e khaab English:=== When I think of you, I cannot sleep Without you, darling, I weep and weep Persian: Parda az rukh barfigandi yak nazar dar jalwagaah Waz haya hoor o pari ra dar hijaab andaakhti Urdu: Parda jab rukh say uthhaay hay too jalwagaah maen Chehra e hoor o pari ho jaay hay ander hijaab English:=== From your rosy face when you lift your veil The houris in Heaven look dull and pale Persian: Az baraay sayd e dil dar gardanam zangeer e zulf Chu kamand e khusrav e maalik raqaab andaakhti Urdu: Daalay hay zangeer e gaisoo jab meri gerdan maen too Taeri sayyaadi bohat ho jaay hay kaar e sawaab English:=== When catching a lover, you take good care To chain him tightly with your braided hair -


Persian: Nusrat ud Deen shaah Yahya aey keh taaj aaftaab Az sar e taazeem o qudrat dar turaab andaakhti Urdu: Nusrat ud Deen shaah Yahya, taeri azmat daekh ker Aaftaab e taaza bhee ho jaay hay ander turaab English:=== But we are also lucky to have a king He is Yahya, the great; he commands everything Persian: Daawar e Daarashikoh aey aan keh taaj e aaftaab Az sar e taazeem bar khaak e janaab andaakhti Urdu: Daawar e Daarashikoh kay saamnay sooraj ka taaj Arz e tasleemaat say ho jaay hay khaak e janaab English:=== His grandeur and glory are so complete That the sun comes down to kiss his feet Persian: Zeenhaar az aab e shamsheerat keh shaeraan ra az aan Tishna meekardi o gurdaan ra dar aab andaakhti Urdu: Taab e taegh o aab e shamsheer e shahinshah daekh ker Khouf say ho jaay hay dil shaer ka bhee gharq e aab English:=== The lions and tigers are afraid of his sword To challange his power no king can afford Persian: Bada noosh az jaam e aalambeen keh bar aurang e Jum Shaahid e maqsood ra az rukh naqaab andaakhti Urdu: Ger pilaay mai too apnay jaam e aalambeen say Shaahid e maqsood ka ho jaay hay rukh bainaqaab English:=== Like our noble Jum, he is in full control For he sees the future in his magic bowl Persian: Har kasay baa shum e rukhsaarat ba nooay ishq dasht Zeen mian purwaana ra dar iztaraab andaakhti Urdu: Daekhta jo bhee hay shum e aariz e roshan teri Us ko ho jaay hay parwaanay ki soorat iztaraab English:=== And he's like a torch with a flame so bright That even to the blind he can show the light Persian: Az fareeb e nargis e makhmoor o chashm e maiparast HAFIZ e khilwatnasheen ra dar sharaab andaakhti Urdu: Az faraeb e nargis e makhmoor o chashm e maiparast HAFIZ e khilwatnasheen ho jaay hay mast e sharaab English:=== And since HAFIZ now can drink the wine He sings his praise and thinks he's divine ====

Q Ghazal 261 Persian: Aey keh dar kushtan e ma heetch madaawa nakuni Sood o sarmaaya ba soozi o mahaaba nakuni Urdu: Zulm din raat karay, rehm zara sa na karay Qatl baibaak karay, khouf o mahaaba na karay English:=== In killing a lover she does not demur For in preying and slaying she's no amateur


Persian: Dardmandaan e ghamat zehr e halaahal nooshand Qasd e een qoom khata baashad, haen ta nakuni Urdu: Ghamzada taeray piaen zahr e halaahal kuin ker Zehr e qaatil hay magar qatl wo tujh sa na karay English:=== There is not a poison she hasn't tried Oh, how many lovers in her hands have died? Persian: Ranj e ma ra keh tawaan burd ba yak goosha e chashm Shart e Insaaf nabaashad keh madaawa nakuni Urdu: Ghamza e chashm mita sakta hay jab ranj o alam Naheen insaaf agar maera madaawa na karay English:=== And though she can always relieve their pain In curing her lovers she sees no gain Persian: Deeda e ma keh ba ummeed a to daryaast, chira Ba tafarruj guzaray bar lab e darya nakuni Urdu: Taeri ummeed pay ashkoun kay bahaay darya Saer aey yaar to kuin bar lab e darya na karay English:=== And when her lovers shed blood in tears She feels no pity; oh, she only cheers Persian: Naql e har joor keh az khulq e kareemat gooyand Qool e saahibgharazaanast, to eenha nakuni Urdu: Jour barh charh kay bayaan kertay haen ushshaaq bohat Wo sitamgar sahi, per zulm bhee itna na karay English:=== But whatever she does, they do not mind Since she can be also generous and kind Persian: Bar to gar jalwa kunad shaahid e ma aey zaahid Az khuda juz mai o maashooq tamanna nakuni Urdu: Jalwa shaahid ka meray daekhay agar too zaahid Koie phir juz mai o maashooq tamanna na karay English:=== And I bet if our preacher only sees her once He'll never again sound so very dunce Persian: HAFIZA sajda ba mehraab e doabrooash kun Keh duaay zay sar e sidq juz aan ja nakuni Urdu: Sajda HAFIZ karay mehraab e doabroo maen jo Phir parastish kabhee wo aur kisi ja na karay English:=== And if like HAFIZ he sees her brow His arch of prayer he'll surely disavow ====

Q Ghazal 262 Persian: Aey keh dar koo e kharaabaat muqaamay daari Jam e ahd e khudi ar dast ba jaamay daari Urdu: Koo e maikhana maen ger too ba muqaam aa jaay Banay Jumsheed, teray haath maen jaam aa jaay English:=== Anyone who makes the tavern his hub With the noble Jum his shoulder he'll rub


Persian: Aey keh baa zulf o rukh e yaar guzaari shab o rooz Fursatat baad keh khush subhay o shaamay daari Urdu; Too guzaaray jo shab o roz ba zulf e jaanaan Naachti subh e tarab, jhoomti shaam aa jaay English:=== And his nights and days if he spends with her On him His blessings God will confer Persian: Aey saba sookhtagaan bar sar e reh muntazarand Agar az yaar e safarkarda payaamay daari Urdu: Muntazar baethhay bohat raah maen haen soakhtagaan Kaash aisay maen saba lay kay payaam aa jaay English:=== Without her, O breeze, I have the blues Of her please go and get some news Persian: Boo e jaan az lab e khandaan e qadeh meeshunawam Bahnoo aey khaja to gar zaan keh mushaamay daari Urdu: Boo e jaan hay lab e khandaan e qadeh maen khaja Kaho saaqi say keh baa itr e mushaam aa jaay English:=== O preacher, come and have some wine If on your pulpit you would like to shine Persian: Kaamay ar meetalabad az to ghareebay, cheh shawad Toie imrooz dar een shehr keh naamay daari Urdu: Mehrbaan ho jo too deewaanoun pay apnay aey jaan Her zabaan per tera is shehr maen naam aajaay English:=== No, her my affection cannot demean For everyone knows that she is the queen Persian: Goo ba hangaam e wafa garcheh sabaatat na bawad Meekunam shukr keh bar joor dawaamay daari Urdu: Baisabaati e wafa ka na ker aey dil shikwa Kaheen aisa hi na ho jour e dawaam aa jaay English:=== If fidelity is something she does not know And if she likes to stay cruel, let it be so Persian: Mehrbaan shud falak o tark e jafakaari kard Toie ae jaan keh dar een sheewa qawaamay daari Urdu: Mehrbaan charkh hua, jour o jafa tark kiay Kerna ya Rab usay bhee meh e qawaam aa jaay English:=== But tell her to go and take some advice From the cruel fate that can also be nice Persian: Khaal e sarsabz e to khushdaana e aishayst walay Bar kinaar e chamanash weh keh cheh daamay daari Urdu: Khaal e sarsabz tera daana e ishrat aisa Zulf rukh pay ho toe her sayd ba daam aa jaay English:=== Oh, how I adore her beauty spot As a bait for her snare it's so very hot -


Persian: Bas dua e saharat hafiz e jaan khahad shud To keh chu HAFIZ e shabkheez ghulaamay daari Urdu: Mehrbaan ho too ager HAFIZ e shabkhaiz pay wo Day dua e sahari, ban kay ghulaam aa jaay English:=== And like HAFIZ for her I pray and pray And I'll alway be her slave, come what may ====

Q Ghazal 263 Persian: Aey keh mehjoori e ushshaaq rawa meedaari Bandagaan ra zay bar e kheesh juda meedaari Urdu: Too jo mehjoori e ushshaaq rawa rakhta hay Kaisay apnay ko too apnoun say juda rakhta hay English:=== O why to you lover do you say adieu And why do you keep him away from you? Persian: Tishna e baadia ra ham ba zulaalay daryaab Ba umeeday keh dar een reh ba Khuda meedaari Urdu: Tishnagi sahranawardoun ki bujha aey saaqi Jo ghareeboun ko rakhay us ko Khuda rakhta hay English:=== So if I am thirsty, quench my thirst And if I'm sick, I ought to be nursed Persian: Di raboodi o bahil kardamat aey jaan laikin Beh az een daar nigaahash keh mara meedaari Urdu: Dil mera aey meri jaan lay to lia hay too nay Ker negehdaari, khazaana too barha rakhta hay English:=== And don't please treat it as you see fit You've taken my heart, now take care of it Persian: Saaghar e ma keh hareefaan e digar meenooshand Ma tahammul nakuneem ar to rawa meedaari Urdu: Jaam bharta hay hamaara jo hareefoun kay liay Wo naheen ham ko rawa too jo rawa rakhta hay English:=== And with my rival when you wine and dine Please don't give him my share of the wine Persian: Aey magas arsa e seemurgh na joolaangeh e tust Irz e khud meebari o zehmat e ma meedaari Urdu: Aashiqi khail samajhta hay jo bachchoun ka koie Haarta baazi hay, anjaam bura rakhta hay English:=== But my rival, you know, is a honey-bee From flower to flower he jumps with glee Persian: To ba takhseer e khud uftaadi az een dar mehroom Az keh meenaali o faryaad chira meedaari Urdu: Apni kotaahi say mehroom e dar e yaar hay jo Asar e naala na taaseer e dua rakhta hay English:=== But I cannot blame you for my sorry state I know I completely deserve my fate


Persian: Aey dil e khaamtamay sharmay az een qissa badaar Kaar na karda cheh ummeed e ata meedaari Urdu: Aey dil e khaamtamay sharm ki hay baat keh too Kaam kerta naheen, ummeed e ata rakhta hay English:=== And if my poor heart has a lot of pain It's all my fault; I cannot complain Persian: HAFIZA aadat e khoobaan hama joor ast o jafa To keh zeen taaefa ummeed e wafa meedaari Urdu: HAFIZA aadat e khoobaan naheen juz jour o jafa Kaahay phir un say too ummeed e wafa rakhta hay English:=== And HAFIZ says also, I shouldn't mind The beauties by nature are not very kind ====

Q Ghazal 264 Persian: Een khirqa keh mun daaram dar rehn e sharaab aoula Ween daftar e baimaani gharq e mai e naab aula Urdu: Yeh khirqa e aalooda hay rehn e sharaab aula Yeh daftar e baimaani ghraq e mai naab aula English:=== To the keeper of the bar I should sell my gown And my books of wisdom in the wine drown Persian: Chun umr tabeh kardam chandaan keh nigeh kardam Dar kunj e kharaabaatay uftaadeh kharaab aula Urdu: In goshanasheenoun ko kaisay yeh bataaen hum Maikhaanay kay goshay maen hona hay kharaab aula English:=== In the endless struggle I have ruined my life I should go to the bar and leave the strife Persian: Mun haal e dil e shaida baa khalq nakhaaham guft Keen qissa agar gooyam baa chung o rabaab aula Urdu: Yuin haal e dil e shaida ro ro kay na batlaao Qissa hay bataana yeh baa chung o rabaab aula English:=== To no one can I tell the problems of mine I should enjoy the music, and drink some wine Persian: Ta bai sar o pa baashad auzaa e falak zeensaan Dar sar hawas e saaqi, dar dast sharaab aula Urdu: Hay bai sar o pa tarz e aklaak toe hum ko bhee Aula hawas e saaqi, shouq e mai naab aula English:=== I should go and join the topers' club And flirt with the lovely maids of the pub Persian: Az hamchu to dildaaray dil bar nakunam aaray Gar taab kasham baaray zaan zulf e bataab aula Urdu: Gham ki dil e khasta ko hay taab naheen laikin Aey zulf e pareeshaan hay her taera itaab aula


English:=== For girls like these you can find nowhere I should drink with them, and play with their hair Persian: Chun maslahatandeeshi dour ast zay durwaishi Hum seena puraatish beh, hum deeda puraab aula Urdu: Moazoon naheen durwaishi maen maslahatandaeshi Hay soakhta dil behtar, hay deeda puraab aula English:=== This worldly wisdom is not for me In love I have found my harmony Persian: Chun peer shudi HAFIZ az maikada bairoon shoo Rindi o hawasnaaki dar ahd e shabaab aula Urdu: Rindi o hawasnaaki zaeba naheen peeri maen Maana keh bohat HAFIZ taera tha shabaab aula English:=== And HAFIZ says, when you aren't young You should be calm and not high-strung ====

Q Ghazal 265 Persian: Ahmadullah e ala maadalat us sultaani Ahmad e Shaikh Avees e Hasan e Ilkhaani Urdu: Shukr Allah ka hay adl tera sultaani Ahmad e Shaikh Avees e Hasan e Ilkhaani English:=== May Providence bless King Ahmad, the just Who is also very brave and much august Persian: Khan bin khan, shahinshaah e shahinshaah nizhad Aan keh meezaibad agar jaan e jahaanash khaani Urdu: Khaan e khanaan hay, shahinsheh hay shahinshaahoun ka Jaan e jaanaan e jahaan hay Hasan e Khaaqaani English:=== He is a mighty king and a king of kings From him all pomp and grandeur springs Persian: Barshikan turra e turkaana keh dar kaakul e tust Bakhshish o koshish e Qa'ani o Changizkhaani Urdu: Shikan e turra e turkaana maen taeray haen bohat Bakhshish o koshish e Qa'ani o Changizkhaani English:=== In the twists and turns of his every lock One sees the beauty of his royal stock Persian: Maah agar bai to baraayad badoneemash nazanand Doolat e Ahmadi o moejaza e subhaani Urdu: Niklay baihukm agar chaand, karaen do tukrhay Doulat e Ahmadi o moejaza e subhaani English:=== If the moon comes out when he is there The glow of his face it cannot bear Persian: Jalwa e husn e to dil meeburad az shaah o gada Chashm e bad dour keh hum jaani o hum jaanaani Urdu: Jalwa e husn tera lootay dil e shaah o gada Rukh tera jaan e jahaan, chehra tera jaanaani


English:=== And whoever sees his radiant face Does fall in love with its beauty and grace Persian: Az gil e Farsiam ghuncha e aishay nashaguft Habbaza Dajla e Baghdaad o mai roohaani Urdu: Kya hua ger na khila ghuncha e dil Faris maen Daeway hay Dajla e Baghdaad mai roohaani English:=== The kingdom of Iraq is so divine That flows in Tigris the spiritual wine Persian: Sar e aashiq keh na khaak e dar e maashooq bawad Kay khalaasay bawad az mehnat e sargardaani Urdu: Ser e aashiq jo na khaak e der e mashooq banay Naheen kuchh us ko bajuz mehnat e sergardaani English:=== So anyone who goes and kisses his feet He finds in there a perfect retreat Persian: Hama atraaf garift o hama aafaaq kushaad Sait e masoodi e daadaar e sheh e sultaani Urdu: Hui atraaf e jahaan maen, hui aafaaq maen bhee Shohrat e rehmat o insaaf e sheh e sultaani English:=== Whether north, or south, or east, or west To his fairness and justice all people attest Persian: Deeda naadeeda ba iqbaal e to eimaan aawurd Merhaba aey ba hama lutf e Khuda arzaani Urdu: Laaen eimaan teray iqbaal pay baidaekhay sab Tujh pay kuchh aisay haen lutf o karam e Yazdaani English:=== In him they put their faith and trust And find his honor and glory robust Persian: Garcheh doureem, ba yaad e to qadeh meenoosheem Bo'ed e manzil nabawad dar safar e roohaani Urdu: Gercheh houn dour, teri yaad maen peeta houn sharaab Bo'ed e manzil naheen rakhta safar e roohaani English:=== And though in his service I cannot enroll He remains the master of my heart and soul Persian: Aey naseem e sahari khaak e dar e yaar biyaar Ta kunad HAFIZ az aan deeda e jaan nooraani Urdu: Lay kay aa khaak e reh e yaar kuchh aey baad e saba Ta wo HAFIZ ka karay deeda e jaan nooraani English:=== O breeze, his fragrance do go and bring For his HAFIZ so misses his master and king ====


Q Ghazal 266

Persian: Ba chashm e mehr agar baa mun meham ra yak nazar booday Az aan seemeenbadan kaamam bakhoobi humchu zar baaday Urdu: Ba chashm e mehr mujh per mulafit wo ik nazar hota Toe us seemeenbadan ki keemia say qalb zar hota English:=== With loving kindness if she looks at me You don't know how happy I'm going to be Persian: Zay shouq afshaandamay har dam saray dar pa e jaanaanam Dareegha gar mata e mun na az een mukhtasar booday Urdu: Fida kerta houn her dam apnay sar ko pa e jaanaan per Dareegha maera sarmaaya na itna mukhtasar hota English:=== When laying my life at her dainty feet It's something I want to repeat and repeat Persian: Agar burqa barafganday az aan rooay chu meh roozay Madaam az nargis e mastash jahaan pur shour o shar booday Urdu: Ager parda hata daeta wo mehrukh apnay chehray say Nigaah e mast say us ki jahaan pur shour o shar hota English:=== In the pageant of beauty if she drops her veil There'll be no contest; she'll simply prevail Persian: Humash mehr aamaday bar mun zay mehr aan shaah e khoobaan ra Gar az dard e dil e zaaram yakay roozash khabar booday Urdu: Sheh e khooban kay dil maen rehm aata mujh pay kuchh shaayad Wo ger dard e dil e khasta say maeray baakhabar hota English:=== On me her kindness she might bestow Of my pain and sorrow if she comes to know Persian: Ba waslash gar mara roozay zay hijraan fursatay booday Mubaarak sa'atay booday, cheh khush boodat agar booday Urdu: Jo wasl e yaar daeta aek din fursat mujhay gham say Mubaarak waqt hota, aesh hota, yuin ager hota English:=== This pain of parting oh, how I hate And how I dislike when I've to wait Persian: Shabay naageh gar uftaaday miaanash dar kinaar e mun Nisaar e khaak e raah e o mara een jaan o sar booday Urdu: Kamar aa jaati us ki aek shab ger haath maen maeray Fida hoti meri jaan, us pay qurbaan mera sar hota English:=== But if one day she comes to me I'll be so happy; I'll die of glee Persian: Naguftay kas ba sheereeni chu HAFIZ shaer dar aalam Na gar tooti e tabash ra zay laal e o shakar booday Urdu: Teray ashaar maen sheereeni hoti baishtar HAFIZ Agar tujh ko mayassar us ka laal e purshakar hota English:=== And, HAFIZ, your verses wouldn't be so neat If kissing her lips didn't make you so sweet ====


Q Ghazal 267

Persian: Baa muddaie magooied israar e ishq o masti Ta baikhabar bameerad dar ranj e khudparasti Urdu: Kholo na muddaie per israar e ishq o masti Ghafil hay, baikhabar hay, hay mehv e khudparasti English:=== Love and devotion knows not the sheik For he is so arrogant, conceited, and fake Persian: Baa zoaf o naatawaani humchu naseem khush baash Beemaari andereen gham khushtar zay tandrusti Urdu: Baa zoaf o naatawaani misl e naseem reh khush Beemaar e aashiqi ko behtar na tandrusti English:=== The lovers are poor and don't want wealth In love the ailment is better than health Persian: Ta fazl o ilm beeni, baimaarfat nasheeni Yak nuktaat bagooyam, khud ra mabeen keh rusti Urdu: Yeh ilm o fazl taera baimaarfat hay zaahid Khudbeeni, khudparasti maen hay naheen darusti English:=== Your worldly knowledge in never complete And you can't reach God through self-conceit Persian: Dar aastaan e jaanaan az aasmaan meyadeesh Kaz auj e sarbulandi ufti ba khaak e pasti Urdu: Hay aastaan e jaanaan auj e falak sat ooncha Us ki bulandioun maen koie naheen hay pasti English:=== So the one you love, go kiss her feet And there you'll find a perfect retreat Persian: Aashiq shoo ar na roozay kaar e jahaan sar aayad Naakhanda naqsh e maqsood az kaargaah e hasti Urdu: Hay ishq hi haqiqat aalam maen aek warna Daam e saraab saara hay kaargaah e hasti English:=== The worldly things do all perish fast Only love is real; it is meant to last Persian: Khaar ar cheh jaan bakaahad, gul uzr e aan bakhaahad Sehl ast talkhi e mai dar junb e zoaq o masti Urdu: Khandaan e gul say hoti hay khaar ki khalish kum Kerta hay talkhi e mai aasaan zoaq e masti English:=== But the love is not without its woes Without the thorn you can't get a rose Persian: Soofi piyaala paima, saaqi qaraabeh pur kun Aey kohtehasteenaan ta kay daraazdasti Urdu: Soofi uthhaao saaghar, saaqi bharo suraahi Haen kohtehaasteenaan kertay daraazdasti


English:=== So my mystic friend, come have some wine And leave these sheiks in the holy shrine Persian: Dar halqa e mughaanam doosh aan pisar cheh khush guft Baa kaafiraan cheh kaarat gar but namiparasti Urdu: Bazm e mughaan maen un ka kya kaam kaafiroun say Kertay agar naheen haen yeh loag butparasti English:=== The preachers and sheiks are all asinine But the maids of the bar are simply divine Persian: Dar mazhab e tareeqat khaami nishaan e fufr ast Aaray tareeq e rindaan chaalaaki ast o chusti Urdu: Hay mazbab e tareeqat maen kufr khaamkaari Toar o tareeq e rindaan chaalaaki aur chusti English:=== And drinking in the bar is quite an art The topers may be drunk, but they are smart Persian: Sultaan e ma khuda ra zultat shakist ma ra Ta kay kunad siyaahay chandeen daraazdasti Urdu: Maani shakist hum nay zulf e siyaah say jab Kerta daraaz gaisoo hay kuin daraazdasti English:=== And the bar has also a lot of girls Who'll make you a captive of their raven curls Persian: Gar khirqaay babeeni, mashghool e kaar e khud bash Har qiblaay keh baashad mashghhool e khudparasti Urdu: Hay shaan kya aba maen, shaukat hay kya qaba maen Kaisay haen shaikh o zaahid mashghool e khudparasti English:=== But don't go there in your mystic's gown For the topers will think that you are a clown Persian: Dar goosha e salaamat mastoor chun tawaan bood Ta nargis e to gooyad baa ma ramooz e masti Urdu: Goshay maen aafiat kay kis terheh chhup kay baethhaen Aankhaen agar bataaen hum ko ramooz e masti English:=== And you can't shy away from the beautiful eyes They charm, they enchant, they mesmerize Persian: Ishqat ba dast e toofaan khaahad supurd aey jaan Chu barq az een kashaakash pindaashti keh rusti Urdu: Hay ishq men talaatum, kaisay bachaen hum is say Toofaan hay bala ka, gardaab maen hay kashti English:=== So love is not simple; it's never so easy And it can be stormy as well as breezy Persian: Az raah e deeda HAFIZ ta deeda zulf e pastat Baa jumla sarbulandi shud paimaal e pasti Urdu: Gaisoo giray jo daekhay shaanoun pay taeray us nay Sar ho gaya hay HAFIZ ka paimaal e pasti English:=== And HAFIZ says, "Beware of the beautiful girls Because they have snares in their raven curls"


Q Ghazal 268

Persian: Ba jaan e o keh garam dastras ba jaan booday Kameena paishkash e bandagaansh aan booday Urdu: Qasam hay jaan ki rawa ger halaak e jaan hota Bura na itna kabhee haal e aashiqaan hota English:=== Oh, if I could've only died at her feet I would've considered my mission complete Persian: Agar dilam nashuday paayband e turra e o Kayam qaraar dar een teera khaahdaan booday Urdu: Ager na hota yeh dil qayd us kay kaakul ka Qaraar us ko na hota, na itminaan hota English:=== And if I weren't caught in the snare of her hair I would now be sitting in the Heaven somewhere Persian: Baguftamay keh baha cheest khaak e pa e tura Agar hayaat e garaanmaaya javedaan booday Urdu: Baha e khaak e cuff e pa e yaar ho jaata Ager hayaat ka sermaaya javedaan hota English:=== And if many, many lives I could obtain For her I would be dying again and again Persian: Ba khaab neez namibeenamash, cheh ja e wisaal Chun een na bood o nadeedeem baaray aan booday Urdu: Wisaal kya, wo ager khaab maen hi aa jaata Sakoon qalb ko milta, kuchh itminaan hota English:=== Without her, so much I would not scream If only I could see her in my dream Persian: Ba bandagi e qaddash sarv moatarif gushtay Agar chu sosan e aazaadeh dehzabaan booday Urdu: Chaman maen sarv qadd e yaar ki madeh kerta Misaal e sosan ager wo bhee dehzabeen hota English:=== So if something like her I want to see I look at a beautiful cypress tree Persian: Zay parda naala e HAFIZ baroon cheh uftaaday Agar na hamdam e murghaan e subhehkhaan booday Urdu: Na sunta naala e HAFIZ koie gulistaan maen Wo ger na humdam e murghaan e subhakhaan hota English:=== But then, O HAFIZ, I begin to wail Like a wretched and lonely nightingale ====


Q Ghazal 269

Persian: Ba chashm karda am abroo e maahseemaay Khayaal e sarvqaday naqsh basta am jaay Urdu: Nigaah maen meri abroo e maahseema hay Khayaal maen meray her waqt sarv e baala hay English:=== The beauty of moon in her face I see She is slim and trim like a cypress tree Persian: Zamaam e dil ba kasay daada am mun e miskeen Keh neestash ba kas az taaj o takht parwaay Urdu: Lagaam di hay usay taeri aey dil e miskeen Na takht o taaj ki kerta koie jo parwa hay English:=== She is also a queen who has control On my heart, and body, and mind, and soul Persian: Saram zay dast shud o chashm zantazaar basookht Dar aarzoo e sar o chashm e majlisaaraay Urdu: Hawaas sar say gaiay, chashm e intazaar jali Hua jo shoaq o sar e chahm e majlisaara hay English:=== My yearning and craving oh, how I hate But I have no choice; I wait and wait Persian: Zahay kamaal keh manshoor e ishqbaazi e mun Az aan kamaanchah e abroo rasad ba taghraay Urdu: Zahay kamaal keh manshoor ishqbaazi ka Kamaan e abroo say bhaija mujhay ba taghra hay English:=== And though the chances are very remote I can't help hoping she'll write me a note Persian: Mara keh az rukh e to maah dar shabistaanast Kuja bawad ba faroogh e sitareh parwaay Urdu: Hay maahrukh tera jab say meray shabistaan maen Faroagh e najm say koie rahi na patwa hay English:=== Oh, how I wish she would come to my place And brighten my life with her glowing face Persian: Mukaddar ast dil, aatish ba khirqa khaaham sookht Bia babeen to agar meekuni tamaashaay Urdu: Charaaghaan khirqa jala ker kya hay mehfil ko Too aa kay daekh ager daekhna tamaasha hay English:=== My heart is aflame with a burning desire I wish she would come to enjoy the fire Persian: Ba rooz e waaqa'a taaboot e ma zay sarv kuneed Keh murdaeem ba daagh e bulandbaalaay Urdu: Maroun toe maeray liay howay sarv ka taaboot Keh qalb maen meray daagh e bulandbaala hay


English:=== From the prison of life when I'm free Please make my coffin from a cypress tree Persian: Dar aan muqaam keh khoobaan ba ghamza teegh zanand Ajab makun zay saray koo fitaadeh dar paay Urdu: Karay hay qatl ager taegh e ghamza e khoobaan Ajab na jaan jo maqtool bai sar o pa hay English:=== Because my girl is tall and slim And I'm a victim of her vagary and whim Persian: Firaaq o wasl cheh baashad, riza e doost talab Keh haif baashad az o ghair e o tamannaay Urdu: Firaaq o wasl haen kya, ker raza e dost talab Keh kufr kerna alaawa az een tamanna hay English:=== And though she gives me a lot of pain I'm so much in love, I cannot complain Persian: Zay shooq sar badar aarand maahiaan az aab Agar safeena e HAFIZ rasad ba daryaay Urdu: Hazaar machliaan uchhli haen daekhnay kay liay Hua safeena e HAFIZ jo zaib e darya hay English:=== And though my sorrow does never cease In the verses of HAFIZ I find my peace ====

Q Ghazal 270 Persian: Baroo zaahid ba ummeeday keh daari Keh daaram humchunaan ummeedwaari Urdu: Mubaarak ho tujhay perhaizgaari Mujhay achhi hay zaahid baada khaari English:=== O preacher, you do what you have to do And I'll go to the bar and have my brew Persian: Ba juz saaghar keh daarad laala dar dast Bia saaqi, biyaawar aan cheh daari Urdu: Her ik laala bana hay aaj saaghar Lay aa mai saaqia ba tarhehdaari English:=== The tulip in the garden is holding the cup Let's bring some wine and fill it up Persian: Mara dar rishta e deewaangaan kash Keh masti khushtar ast az hooshiaari Urdu: Na ker chaara meri deewaangi ka Naheen masti say behter hoashiaari English:=== I know you people think that I'm mad But to me being mad is not so bad Persian: Baperheez az man aey soofi baperheez Keh hardam tobah az parheezgaari Urdu: Ker aey soofi too ker perhaiz mujh say Keh kerta maen naheen parhaizgaari


English:=== From all your taboos I'm totally free So stay, my dear preacher, away from me Persian: Bia dil dar kham e gaisoo e o band Agar khaahi khalaas o rustgaari Urdu: Haen qayd o bandish e gaisoo e jaanaan Tujhay aey dil nijaat o rustgaari English:=== I'll go and play with the beautiful girls For I'm a captive of their golden curls Persian: Ba waqt e gul Khuda ra tobah bashkan Keh ahd e gul nadaarad ustawaari Urdu: Ba waqt e gul Khuda ra toar tobah Naheen hay ahd e gul maen ustawaari English:=== Only once in a year we get the spring And before we're aware, it's on the wing Persian: Azeeza noobahaar e umr bagzisht Chu bar tarf e chaman baad e bahaari Urdu; Bahaar e umr guzri yuin azeezo Chaman maen jis terheh baad e bahaari English:=== For nothing is eternal and everyone dies The life is short and the time flies Persian: Bia HAFIZ ba pand e talkh kun goosh Chira umray ba ghaflat meeguzaari Urdu: Naseehat talkh ger sunta too HAFIZ Na yuin ghaflat maen kat'tie umr saari English:=== But if what I say doesn't sound very nice Let's go to HAFIZ and seek his advice ====

Q Ghazal 271

Persian: Bashno een nukta keh khud ra zay gham aazaadeh kuni Khoon khori gar talab e roozi e nanhaadeh kuni Urdu: Jo meri baat sunay gham say wo aazaada ho Khoon piay jis ko talab rozi e naadaada ho English:=== From your pain and sorrow you'll be freed Just kill your desire and destroy your greed Persian: Aakhir ul amr gil e koozagaraan khahad shud Haalia fikr e saboo kun keh pur az baadeh kuni Urdu: Baad mernay kay banay kooza teri matti say Zindagi maen na ager fikr e khum o baada ho English:=== They'll turn your dust into a vat of wine So enjoy your life and drink and dine -


Persian: Jehd banma keh dar ayyam e gul o ahd e shabaab Aish baa aadami e chand parizaadeh kuni Urdu: Chaahiay tujh ko keh dar fasl e gul o ahd e shabaab Ahd insaan ka baa yaar e parizaada ho English:=== And while you're young and the flowers are here Go play with the girls and do not fear Persian: Takia bar ja e bururgaan natawaan zad ba gazaf Magar asbaab e buzurgi hama aamaadeh kuni Urdu: Na milay us ko buzurgi jo na khushkhulqi say Baat peeroun ki sunay, pand pay aamaada ho Engish:=== But you should also honor the mystics old Because they're worth their weight in gold Persian: Ajrha baashadat aey khusrov e sheereenharakaat Gar nigaahay soo e Farhaad e diluftaadeh kuni Urdu: Haq negehbaan ho aey Khusrov e Sheereen taera Too ager mayil e Farhaad e diluftaada ho English:=== And if you're a young and a beautiful gal Be kind and boost your lover's morale Persian: Khaatirat kay raqam e faiz pazeerad, haihaat Magar az naqsh e paragandeh waraq saadeh kuni Urdu: Raqam e faiz naheen milti kisi insaan ko Naqsh e baihooda say jis ka na waraq saada ho English:=== And if the grace of Heaven you want to secure First clean your heart and make it pure Persian: Aey saba bandagi e Khaaja Jalaaluddeen kun Keh chaman pur saman o soosan e aadaazeh ho Urdu: Aey saba bandagi e Khaaja Jalaaluddeen ker Keh chaman pur saman o soesan e aazaada ho English:=== And thank the Lord for the Grand Vizier Whom we all so adore, and love, and revere Persian: Kaar e khud gar ba Khuda baaz guzaari HAFIZ Aey basa aish keh baa bakht e Khudadaadeh kuni Urdu: Ger bharoesa too keray rehmat e Haq per HAFIZ Aish o ishrat tujhay baa bakht e Khudadaada ho English:=== And our dear HAFIZ you should also applaud For he puts his faith and trust in God ====

Q Ghazal 272 Persian: Bulbul zay shaakh e sarv ba gulbaang e Pehlavi Meekhaand doosh dars e muqaamaat e ma'anawi Urdu: Bulbul ba shaakh e sarv, ba gulbaag e Pehlavi Perhhta hay baithha dars e muqaamaat e ma'anwi English:=== A nightingale sitting on a cypress tree Was asking the folks to come and see


Persian: Yaani bia keh aatish e Moosa namood gul Ta az darakht nukta e tehqeeq bashnawi Urdu: Aa aur daekh aatish e gul ta darakht say Mil jaat tujh ko nukta e tehqeeq e Moosawi English:=== With the aid of breeze, with its pull and push How the fire of spring was burning the bush Persian: Murghaan e baagh qaafia sanjand o bazla goo Ta khaaja mai khurad ba ghazalha e Pehlavi Urdu: Murgh e chaman hay qaafiasanj o latifago Ta khaaja mai piay ba ghazalha e Pehlavi English:=== The birds were singing and flying in the air And the topers were sitting and drinking everywhere Persian: Jumsheed juz hikaayat e jaam az jahaan naburd Zinhaar dil maband bar asbaab e dunyawi Urdu: Jum ko ba juz hikaayat e saaghar mila na kuchh zinhaar dil laga na ba asbaab e dunyawi English:=== But the worldly splendor you cannot trust Even the glorious Jum is lying in the dust Persian: Khush farsh e boorya o gadaaie o khaab e amn Keen aish neest darkhur e aurang e khusravi Urdu: Khush farsh e borya o faqeeri o itminan Yeh aish kis ko daeta hay aurang e khusravi English:=== When there's peace of mind, even a seat of stone Is better than the thorny royal throne Persian: Durweesham o gada o baraabar namikunam Pashmeen kulaah e khessh ba sad taaj e khusravi Urdu: Durwaishi o faqeeri maen fursat mujhay bohat Behtar naheen kuleh say meri taaj e khusravi English:=== You would rather be happy and be a clown Than have the woes of a kingly crown Persian: Enn qissa e ajab shuno, az bakht e waazhgoon Ma ra ba kusht yaar ba anfaas e Eesawi Urdu: Hay kis qadar ajeeb maseehaaie yaar ki Kerta hat qatl hum ko ba anfaas e Eesawi English:=== Your gal, like Jesus, does give you life But then she kills you without a knife Persian: Chashmat ba ghamza khaana e mardum kharab kard Makhmooriyat mabaad keh khushmast meerawi Urdu: Afsoon e chashm say hua khaanakharaab maen Mujh ko khumaar daeti hay mustoun ki paerawi English:=== When drinking with you, she's an immense joy But when she is coy, she can also destroy Persian: Mai khur ba shaer e banda keh diltangeeyat mabaad Ba'ad az to khaak bar ar e asbaab e dunyawi Urdu: Pee aur shaer sun keh rahay ta na gham koie Sub daal khaak maen too yeh asbaab e dunyawi English:=== And when she drinks and sings the verse She becomes the queen of the universe -


Persian: Saaqi magar wazeefa e HAFIZ ziyaadeh daad Kaashufta gasht turra e dastaar e moolawi Urdu: Saaqi nay kuchh ziyaada hi mai di hay HAFIZA Aashufta daekh kaisi hay dastaar e maulawi English:=== And looking in your eyes when she serves the wine HAFIZ, you should see her, she looks so divine ====

Q Ghazal 273 Persian: Buta baa ma guzaar een keenadaari Keh Haqq e sohbat e daireena daari Urdu: Sanam too us say kuin hay keena rakhhay Jo haqq e sohbat e daireena rakhhay English:=== O please, my love, be nice to me I'm your lover, not an enemy Persian: Naseehat goosh kun keen dur basay beh Az aan gohar keh dar gunjeena daari Urdu: Naseehat maen meri gohar hay aisa Na dur us sa koie ganjeena rakhhay English:=== Listen to me and take my advice Everyone would love you if you were nice Persian: Ba faryaad e khumaar e muflisaan ras Khuda ra gar mai doosheena daari Urdu: Too faryaad e khumaar e muflisaan sun Agar thorhi mai dosheena rakhhay English:=== So give me a drink for goodness' sake This morning I have a terrible headache Persian: Wa laikin kay numaie rukh ba rindaan Too kaz khursheed o meh aaina daari Urdu: Ho taab e jalwa kis ko jab tera rukh Meh o khursheed ka aaina rakhhay English:=== And remove the veil from your glowing face And shame the moon with your beauty and grace Persian: Bad e rindaan magoo aey shaikh e hushdaar Keh baa hukm e Khudaay keena daari Urdu: Bura itna na keh rindoun ko zaahid Too kuin hukm e Khuda say keena rakhhay English:=== And we, the topers, no one should malign For God has made us to drink the wine Persian: Nami tarsi zay aah e aatisheenam To daani khirqa e pashmeena daari Urdu: Dar aey durwaish aah e aatisheen say Too jab keh khirqa e pashmeena rakhhay English:=== And please beware of our awesome ire Because our sighs have a lot of fire -


Persian: Nadeedam khushtar az shaer e to HAFIZ Ba Quraanay ker andar seena daari Urdu: Na kuin taeray houn paak ashaar HAFIZ Hay Quraan jab keh taera seena rakhhay English:=== And look at HAFIZ who's a master of verse He is always very nice and never adverse ====

Q Ghazal 274

Persian: Biyaar baada o baazam rehan zay ranjoori Keh hum ba baada tawaan kard dafay makhmoori Urdu: Pila sharaab keh kam ho hujoom e ranjoori Wo aab e naab keh jis say ho dafay makhmoori English:=== Bring some wine and ease my pain This jag is driving me insane Persian: Ba heetch wajeh na baashad faroogh e majlis e uns Magar ba roo e nigaar o sharaab e angoori Urdu: Naheen hay shay koie wajeh faroagh e bazm e tarab Siwaay roo e nigaar o sharaab e angoori English:=== And if you want my place to shine Give me my gal and a flask of wine Persian: Zay sehr e ghamza e fattaan e kheesh ghurray mabaash Keh aazmoodeem o sooday nadaasht maghroori Urdu: Go fitnakhaiz bohat naaz haen teray aey jaan Agar hay khouf e Khuda, ker na itni maghroori English:=== If my gal is proud, she is justly so Her look is an arrow and brow a bow Persian: Ba yak fareeb badaadam salaah e kheesh az dast Dareegh aan hama zohd o salaah e mastoori Urdu: Teray faraib e nazar per nisaar haen saaray Jalaal o paaki o zohd o salah o mastoori English:=== Her charming smile is a great device Even the holiest preacher she can entice Persian: Adeeb chand naseehat kuni keh ishq mabaaz Agarcheh neest adab een sukhan, cheh datoori Urdu: Adeeb kerta hay kuin manay ishq say hum ko Na baat hay yeh adab ki, na hay yeh dastoori English:=== Us lovers the learned who criticize With just one look she can mesmerize Persian: Ba ishq zindeh bawad jaan e mard e saahibdil Agar to ishq nadaari, baroo keh maazoori Urdu: Hay uns jaan o dil e marduman e saahibdil Baghair e ishq dil o jaan ko hay maazoori


English:=== Needless to say that love is divine And those who deny it are asinine Persian: Raseed doolat e wasl o guzisht mehnat e hijr Nihaadeh kishwar e dil baaz reh ba maamoori Urdu: Mili wisaal ki doulat, gaya gham e hijraan Phir aaj kishwar e dil ki hoie hay maamoori English:=== And love, though it may be a grind The gal you seek you're going to find Persian: Ba har kasay natawaan guft raaz e dil HAFIZ Magar badaan keh kashedast mehnat e doori Urdu: Bata kisi ko na apna too raaz e dil HAFIZ Siwaay un kay mili jin ko mehnat e doori English:=== And love, says HAFIZ, you must choose And blessed are those who love and lose ====

Q Ghazal 275 Persian: Padeed aamad rasoom e baiwafaaie Namaand az kas nishaan e aashnaaie Urdu: Hoie hay aam rasm e baiwafaaie Naheen milta nishaan e aashnaaie English:=== Fidelity you cannot find anywhere Love and compassion are also not there Persian: Barand az faaqa peesh e har khaseesay Kunun ahl e hunar dast e gadaaie Urdu: Huay ahl e hunar itnay tahidast Keh phailaatay haen wo dast e gadaaie English:=== For talent the people just don't care The able and the worthy are poor everywhere Persian: Kasay koo faazil ast, imrooz dar dahr Namibeenad zay gham yakdam rihaaie Urdu: Parha hay waqt aisa aalimoun per Unhaen milti naheen gham say rihaaie English:=== Of leaning and teaching no one is aware And the life for the learned is a long nightmare Persian: Kasay koo jaahil ast, andar tana'am Mata e o bawad hardam bahaaie Urdu: Mila hay aish e daaim baihunar ko Hay jaahil ko mata e baibahaaie English:=== A man who is wise does go nowhere But the one who's foolish is a millionaire Persian: Agar shaair bakhaanad shair chu aab Keh dil ra zo fazaayad rooshanaaie Urdu: Ager shaair kahay ashaar aisay Milay jin say diloun ko rooshnaaie


English:=== If a poet writes a verse so fair That it is unique and beyond compare Persian: Babakhshanash jaway az bukhl o imsaak Agar khud filmasal baashad Sanaaie Urdu: Hay badzouqi zamaanay maen kuch aisie Naheen hotie kaheen us ki sunaaie English:=== And when he reads it, people don't care For him there's nothing left but despair Persian: Khirad dar goosh e hoosham doosh meeguft Baroo sabray bakun dar bainawaaie Urdu: Khirad kehti hay ab yeh faaziloun say Rahi tum ko na ger koie rasaaie English:=== He has no choice but to grin and bear The world to him is patently unfair Persian: Qana'at ra baza'at saaz o meesooz Dar een dard o ina dar bainawaaie Urdu: Jolo tum shamay soorat teergi maen Karo mat shikwaha e bainawaaie English:=== To remonstrate he does not dare He can't complain; he must forbear Persian: Bia HAFIZ ba jaan een pand banyoosh Keh gar az pa bayafti, bar sar aaie Urdu: Karay jo sabr HAFIZ muflisi maen Usay pasti maen milti hay barhaaie English:=== But HAFIZ of ours, who's wise and fair He tell me always not to despair ====

Q Ghazal 276

Persian: Tura keh har cheh muraadast dar jahaan, daari Cheh gham zay haal e mun e zaar o naatawaan daari Urdu: Jo naaz o naazaki e husn e do jahaan rakhay Na fikr e aashiq e naachaar o naatawaan rakhay English:=== She who's so rich and debonair For her poor lover why should she care? Persian: Ba khaah jaan o dil az banda o rawaan bastaan Keh hukm bar sar aazaadgaan rawaan daari Urdu: Na farq kerta hay aazaadi o ghulaami maen Wo, apnay hukm maen jo sab kay qalb o jaan rakhay English:=== She takes my heart and simply departs For she's a queen; she rules the hearts -


Persian: Banoosh mai chun subukroohi, aey hareef, mudaam Alalkhasoos dar een dam keh sargaraan dari Urdu: Sharaab pi keh subukroohi tujh maen ho jaanaan Alalkhusoos bohat too jo sargaraan rakhay English:=== With my need of wine she doesn't agree And she doesn't care for my drunken spree Persian: Biaaz e roo e tura neest naqsh darkhur azaank Sawaaday az khat e mushkeen dar arghawaan daari Urdu: Nigaar o naqsh ki haajit naheen tujhay koie Salona rang tera roo e arghawaan rakhay English:=== Her raven locks on her white face Oh, how they enhance her beauty and grace Persian: Ba ikhtiaar garat sad hazaar teer e jafast Ba qasd e jaan e mun e khasta dar kamaan daari Urdu: Yeh kya sitam hay keh ik jaan e khasta lainay ko Hazaar teer jafa kay teri kamaan rakhay English:=== To stab and wound her lovers' hearts In her brow she keeps a million darts Persian: Bakash jafa e raqeebaan mudaam o dil khush daar Keh sehl baashad agar yaar e mehrbaan daari Urdu: Hazaar jour o sitam jo raqeeb kertay haen Haen sehl us pay jo ik yaar e mehrbaan rakhay English:=== My rival's jabs I would not mind If only she'll become a little more kind Persian: Wisaal e doost agar dast meedahad roozay Baroo keh har cheh muraadast dar jahaan daari Urdu: Wisaal mujh ko mayassar ho taera ger ik din Mudaam dil ki muraadaen meri jawaan rakhay English:=== Oh, how I wish she would come to me And from my sorrow she set me free Persian: Chun zikr e laal e labat meekunan khirad gooyad Hadees ya shakarast een keh dar dahaan daari Urdu: Yeh kaisi laal e lab e yaar ki hay sheereeni Keh is ka zikr hi sheereen mera dahaan rakhay English:=== And whenever I talk of her luscious lip Sugar from my mouth begins to drip Persian: Mian na daari o daaram ajab keh har saa'at Mian e mujma e khoobaan kuni miandaari Urdu: Ajeeb baat keh wo darmian haseenoun kay Miandaar bana hay bina mian rakhay English:=== Her lovely curves and her narrow waist Whoever made her had a terrific taste -


Persian: Makun itaab az een beesh o joor bar dil e mun Bakun har aan cheh tawaani keh ja e aan daari Urdu: Na ker itaab o sitam is qadar meray dil per Keh taab e ranj na ab kuchh yeh naatawaan rakhay English:=== Of her terrible temper but when I think With dread my heart begins to sink Persian: Chun gul ba daaman az een baagh meebari HAFIZ Cheh gham zay naala o faryaad e baaghbaan daari Urdu: Khuda nay bhar dya daaman guloun say jab HAFIZ Too dil maen kis liay phir fikr e baaghbaan rakhay English:=== So me my grief when it overpowers I go with HAFIZ and look at the flowers ====

Q Ghazal 277

Persian: Jaan fidaay e to keh hum jaani o hum jaanaani Har keh shud khaak e darat roost zay sargardaani Urdu: Jaan fida tujh pay keh too jaan e jahaan, too jaani Sar teray dar pay keh kam is say sargardaani English:=== Oh, you're my life, my heart, my soul In you I've found my end, my goal Persian: Sarsary az sar e koo e to niyaaram barkhaast Kaar e dushwaar nageerand badeen aasaani Urdu: Uthh kay koochay say teray kaisay maen jaaoun jaanaan Kaam dushwaar hay, hota naheen baa aasaani English:=== And in your street I've found my retreat So me O please you do not tell mistreat Persian: Khaam ra taaqat e purwaana e parsookhta neest Naazkaan ra narasad sheewa e jaanafshaani Urdu: Taab e purwaana e persoakhta laghir maen naheen Kaam naazuk ka naheen shaiwa e jaanafshaani English:=== Giving one's life is not so easy And my rival, you know, is weak and sleazy Persian: Bai to aaraam gariftan bawad az naakaami Baa to gustaakh nashistan bawad az hairaani Urdu: Tujh bin aaraam say rehna hay bohat naakaami Saamnay bai adabi taeray bohat naadaani English:=== Without you life is full of pain But I'm in love; I cannot complain Persian: Faash kardand raqeebaan e to sirr e dil e mun Chand poosheeda bamaanad khabar e pinhaani Urdu: Raaz e ulfat ko kya faash raqeeboun nay meray Keh chhupaay naheen chhupti khabar e pinhaani


English:=== To keep it a secret I've certainly tried But love is something difficult to hide Persian: Ta bamanad tar o shaadaab nihaal e qad e to Wajib aanast keh bar deeda e ma banshaani Urdu: Aankh maen maeri laga apnay nihaal e qad ko Ta keh shadaab rahay sarv e qad e laasani English:=== I've cried and cried for years and years For to stay in bloom you need my tears Persian: Dar kham e zulf e to deedam dil e khud ra roozay Guftamash chuni o chun meerahi, aey zindaani Urdu: Aek din daekha jo dil apna kham e gaisoo maen Poocha kis haal qafas maen hay too aey zindaani English:=== In the twists and turns of your raven hair My heart is trapped in a deadly snare Persian: Guft aaray cheh kuni gar nabari rashk ba mun Har gada ra nabawad martaba e sultaani Urdu: Bola ab rashk bohat loag karaen haen mujh per Hay faqeeri maen mujhay martaba e sultaani English:=== But my heart is happy as it can be It seems to like the captivity Persian: Raasti, hadd e to HAFIZ nabawad sohbat e ma Bus agar bar sar e een kooay kuni sagbaani Urdu: Sohbat e yaar mayassar naheen ger aey HAFIZ Ja dar e yaar pay aur ker too wahaan sagbaani English:=== So HAFIZ says I should stay in your street Even if with your dog I have to eat ====

Q Ghazal 278 Persian: Chun dar jahaan e khoobi imrooz kaamgaari Shayad keh aashiqaan ra kaamay zay lab bar aarie Urdu: Hay jab jahaan e khoobi maen tujh ko naamdaari Ker aashiqoun ki apnay hountoun say kaamgaari English:=== No one in the world is lovelier than you But you're most cruel; it's also true Persian: Baa aashiqaan e baidil ta chand naaz o ishwa Bar baidilaan e miskeen ta kay jafa o khaari Urdu: Baa aashiqaan e baidil kaisay yeh naaz o isway Bar baidilaan e miskeen kab tak jafa o khaari English:=== In hurting your lovers you take such pride Your scorn for them you cannot hide Persian: Ta chand humchu chashmat dar ain e naatawaani Ta chand humchu zulfat dar taab o baiqaraari Urdu: Khaabeeda aankh kab tak daiway gi naatawaani Zulf e siyaah kab tak rakhhay gi baiqaraari


English:=== Your cruel malice does never cease And your restive lovers can have no peace Persian: Jooray keh az to deedam, darday keh az to burdam Gar shammaay badaani, shaayad keh rehm aari Urdu: Jour o sitam maen taeray dard o alam bohat haen Aa ker kabhee toe zaalim ker maeri ghamgusaari English:=== But your hapless lovers you couldn't disdain If only you could feel their grief and pain Persian: Az baada e wisaalat gar jurraay banoosham Ta zinda am nawarzam aain e hooshiaari Urdu: Ger baada e labaan ka mil jaay aek jurraa Mit jaay jaan o dil say aain e houshiaari English:=== Oh, how I wish you would come to me And from my sorrow you would set me free Persian: Dar hijr maanda boodam, baad e saba rasaaneed Az boostaan e waslat boo e umeedwaari Urdu: Furqat ki naaumeedi maen baagh e wasl say ik Laaie saba sahardam boo e umeedwaari English:=== For without you, darling, I cannot cope I've lost my courage; I have no hope Persian: Dukkan e aashiqi ra bisyaar maaya baayad Dilha e humchu aatish, chashmaan e roodbaari Urdu: Bazaar e aashiqi maen sarmaaya aashiqoun ka Dilha e aatisheen o chashmaan e ashkbaari English:=== My eyes have tears; my heart has fire And as you can see, my condition is dire Persian: Garcheh ba boo e waslat dar hashr zinda gardam Sar bar niyaaran az khaak az roo e sharmsaari Urdu: Gercheh karay gi mehshar maen boo e wasl zinda Uthnay mujhay na day ga yeh baar e sharmsaari English: I sometimes think it would be neat Per chance in Heaven if we did meet Persian: Ma bandaeem o aajiz, to khaajaay o qaadir Gar meekashi ba zooram, gar meekushi ba zaari Urdu: Banda maen taera aajiz, too khaaja aur qaadir Jaan bakhshay baa tabassum, jaan laway yaa ba zaari English:=== But now I feel very humble and weak And I'm unhappy and my outlook bleak Persian: Aakhir tarehhamay kun bar haal e zaar e HAFIZ Ta chand naaumeedi, ta chand khaaksaari Urdu: Ker haal e zaar e HAFIZ pay rehm too Khuda ra Kab tak yeh naaumeedi, kab tak yeh khaaksaari English:=== But HAFIZ says this too shall pass And I'll get out of this morass ====


Q Ghazal 279

Persian: Cheh booday ar dil e aan maah mehrbaan booday Keh kaar e ma na chuneen booday ar chunaan booday Urdu: Ager wo maah zara sa bhee mehrbaan hota Bura na itna kabhee haal e aashiqaan hota English:=== If only my gal were kind to me From my sorrow I would've been free Persian: Baguftamay keh cheh arzad naseem e turra e doost Garam ba har sar mooay hazaar jaan booday Urdu: Hazaar jaanaen her ik roongtay maen ger hoateen Fida e gaisoo e jaanaan ba laak jaan hota English:=== If an eternal life I could attain I would die for my gal again and again Persian: Baraat e khushdili e ma cheh kam shuday ya Rab Garash nishaan e amaan az yad e zamaan booday Urdu: Kami zamaanay ki ishrat maen kuchh na ho jaati Ager zara sa amaan hum ko yak zamaan hota English: And if fate were also nice to me I wouldn't have been in this agony Persian: Garam zamaana sarafraaz dashtay o azeez Sareer e izzatam aan khaak e aastaan booday Urdu: Ager zamaanay maen hota maen sarfaraaz kabhee Wiqaar o izzat e ser us ka aastaan hota English:=== And if I could live in her neighborhood It would have done me a lot of good Persian: Khayaal gar nashuday sidd e aab e deeda e mun Hazaay chashma ba har gooshay rawaan booday Urdu: Na hilm o zabt ager roaktay meray aansoo Her aek simt maen darya e khoon rawaan hota English:=== And if I did have a little more blood My tears of blood would have caused a flood Persian: Kasay ba koo e wayam kaashkay nishaan daaday Keh ta faraaghay az baagh o boostaan booday Urdu: Jo andaleeb ko milta nishaan e koo e butaan Na us ko fikr e gul o shaakh o bostaan hota English:=== And the garden in spring if you could compare With her busy street, it would look so bare Persian: Ba rukh chu mehr e falak bainazeer e aafaaq ast Ba dil dareegh keh yak zarra mehrbaan booday Urdu: Hay gercheh mehr e falak yaar ka rukh e roshan Aey kaash dil bhee zara us ka mehrbaan hota


English:=== And though she is lovely and debonair To me I wish she weren't so unfair Persian: Zay parda kaash baroon aamaday chu qatra e ashk Keh bar do deeda e ma hukm e o rawaan booday Urdu: Nikalta ashk ki maanind ger wo perday say Sitaara aankh ka, dil ka wo hukmraan hota English:=== And if I could see her without her veil I would be so happy I would never wail Persian: Agar na daaira e ishq raah barbastay Chu nuqta HAFIZ e baidil dar aan miaan booday Urdu: Ger itni raah maen hoateen na bandishaen HAFIZ Toe too bhee halqa e ulfat kay darmiaan hota English:=== And if it were, HAFIZ, not for my age In love I would've been at the center-stage ====

Q Ghazal 280 Persian: Khush kard yaawari falakat rooz e daawari Ta shukr chun kuni o cheh shukraana aawari Urdu: Haq nay kya hay kitna karam roz e daawari Kaisay karoun maen us ka ada shukr e yaawari English:=== We all have a lot to be grateful to God So count your blessings and don't be a clod Persian: Dar koo e ishq shookat e shaahi namikharand Iqraar e bandagi kun o daawa e chaakari Urdu: Hay heetch koo e ishq maen shaan e shehanshahi Iqraar e bandagi karo, daawa e chaakari English:=== In the realm of love only those who serve The royal honor they come to deserve Persian: Aan kas keh ooftaad Khudayash garift dast Pus bar to baad ta gham e ooftaadgaan khuri Urdu: Uftaadgi pay aata hay Allah ko bhee raham Uftaadgaan ki tum pay bhee laazim hay yaawari English:=== With the poor and the meek you should align For raising the fallen is truly divine Persian: Saaqi ba muzhdagaani aish az daram dar aa Ta yakdam az dilam gham e dunya badar bari Urdu: Laa muzhda e nijaat, mita dil say gham meray Saaqi ho taaheh baesh teri shaan e dilbari English:=== But the pangs of love are not benign So if you are sad, go drink some wine Persian: Dar shaahraah e jaah o buzurgi khatar basayst Aan beh kaz een gareeva subuksaar bagzari Urdu: Hay shaahraah e jaah o buzurgi khatar say pur Aashiq guzertay raah say haen baa subuksari English:=== This game of power you should ignore For the kingly ways have troubles galore


Persian: Sultaan o fikr e lashkar o sooda e taaj o ganj Durwish o amn e khaatir o kunj e qalandari Urdu: Sultaan ko fikr e lashker o soada e afrasi Soofi ko amn e khaatir o kunj e qalandari English:=== And don't be dazzled by fame and renown And become a mystic and reject the crown Persian: Neel e muraad bar hasab e fikr o himmat ast Az shaah nazr e khair o zay toofeeq yaawari Urdu: Milti hay hasb e jura'at o himmat muraad yaan Shaahoun say nazr e khair. naseebay say yaawari English:=== In the spiritual life you'll find reward When you're a servant and you serve the Lord Persian: Gar bar hisaab e rooz e jaza muttala shawi Durweeshi ikhtiaar kuni bar tawangari Urdu: Ho ga hisaab hashr maen daena raees ko Ker fuqr o ijz, ker na hawa e tawandari English:=== And in this life if you have a lot On the Day of Judgment you'll be on the spot Persian: Yak harf e soofiaana bagooyam, ijaazat ast Aey noor e deeeda, sulheh beh az jang o daawar Urdu: Sun harf e soofiaana keh is maen nijaat hay Sulh o safa say achhi naheen jang o daawari English:=== So from a mystic take this advice To the friends and foes do try to be nice Persian: HAFIZ ghubaar e fuqr o qana'at zay rukh mashoo Keen khaak behtar az amal e keemiagari Urdu: HAFIZ na khaak e fuqr o qana'at jabeen say dhoe Daekh is ghubaar maen hay bohat keemiagari English:=== And like our HAFIZ if you are content A lot of sorrow you're going to prevent ====

Q Ghazal 281 Persian: Dar hama dair e mughaan neest chu mun shaidaay Khirqa jaay garo e baada o daftar jaay Urdu: Hay naheen dair e mughaan maen koie mujh sa shaida Khirqa ik ja garo e baada o dafter ik ja English:=== O look at me, for a cupful of wine I've pawned the books and the gown of mine Persian: Dil keh aaina e shaahiest ghubaaraay daarad Az Khuda meetalabam sohbat e rooshanraay Urdu: Hua aalood jo aaina e shaahi dil ka Us ko phir jazba e ulfat say dobaara chamka English:=== My head is clouded; my heart is sad Oh, my girl's sunshine I need so bad


Persian: Karda am tobah ba dast e sanam e baadafaroosh Keh digar mai nakhuram bai rukh e bazmaaraay Urdu: Waada kerta houn pioun ga na kabhee, aey saaqi Daekh bin taera rukh e roshan e mehfilaara English:=== And I've decided that never I shall Drink the wine without my gal Persian: Jooayha basta am az deeda ba daamaan keh magar Dar kinaaram ba nishaanand sahi baalaay Urdu: Ki joo e ashk rawaan chashm ba daamaan maen nay Keh lagay is kay kinaaray tera sarv w baala English:=== And without my gal oh, how I've cried I wish she would come and be at my side Persian: Sirr e een nukta magar shamay bar aarad ba zabaan Warna parwaana nadaarad zay sukhan parwaay Urdu: Raaz aa jaay kabhee shamay kay lab per shaayad Warna perwaanay ko bilkul bhee naheen hay perwa English:=== And her for my burns I cannot blame For I am the moth, and she's the flame Persian: Kashti e baada biawar keh mara bai rukh e doost Gashta har goosha e chashm az gham e dil daryaay Urdu: Laao ik kashti e baada keh badoon yaar kiya Dil e ghamgeen nay her gosha e deeda darya English:=== And when I shed my tears of blood I feel I'm going to cause a flood Persian: Sukhan e ghaer magoo baa mun e maashooqaparast Kaz way o jaam e maiam neest ba kas parwaay Urdu: Rakhta houn gosha e dil maen keh houn maashooqaparast Jaam o jaanaan kay siwa aur na koie purwa English:=== A girl like her is just not there And living without her I cannot bear Persian: Nargis ar laaf zad az sheewa e chashm e to, maranj Narawad ahl e nazar az paay naabeenaay Urdu: Chasm e nargis ko na ho sakta takabbur itna Daekh sakti wo teri aankh ager naabeena English:=== With a cursory look she can hypnotize For nobody has her enchanting eyes Persian: Ahd kardam keh digar khoon e dil e khud nakhooram Magar az dast e hareefay sanamay raanaay Urdu: Ahd maera hay pioun ga na kabhee khoon e jigar Kya karou daeway ager but wo ba dast e raana English:=== In the bow of her brow she keeps her darts Which jab, and stab, and wound the hearts -


Persian: Hama shab giryakunaan bar dar e maikhaana dar aa Ta dahad baad e saba muzhda ba khaak e paay Urdu: Raat ko roata hua aa dar e maikhaana per Takeh day la kay tujhay khaak e dar e yaar saba English:=== O breeze, next time when you go to her street Do bring for me the dirt of her feet Persian: Een hadeesam cheh khush aamad keh sahargeh meeguft Bar dar e maikadaay baa duff o nay tarsaay Urdu: Sukhan achha tha sunata tha hamen ga ker jo Baa duff o nay dar e maikhaana pay tifl e tarsa English:=== And tell her the gossip that I heard last night That truly gave me a terrible fright Persian: Gar musalmaani az eenast keh HAFIZ daarad Aah agar az paay imrooz bawad fardaay Urdu: Baat zaahid ki samajh maen naheen aati HAFIZ Keh hay us kay liay imroz say pehlay farda English:=== Said the barman to me the rumors are rife That HAFIZ doesn't believe in the afterlife ====

Q Ghazal 282

Persian: Deedam ba khaab doosh keh maahay bar aamday Kaz aks e roo e o shab e hijraan sar aamadaday Urdu: Ik maah raat khaab maen yuin jalwagar hua Afrooz taar e hijr maen noor e sahar hua English:=== Last night I saw her face in my dream Like moon it made my house gleam Persian: Taabeer raft yaar e safarkarda meerasad Aey kaash har cheh zood tar az dar dar aamadaday Urdu: Aaya hay maera yaar e safarkarda loet ker Aabaad us kay dam say diger maera ghar hua English:=== I was suddenly filled with mirth and glee And thought she finally came back to me Persian: Faiz e azal ba zoor o zar ar aamaday ba dast Aab e Khizar naseeba e Iskandar aamaday Urdu: Zoer o zer e Sikandari sab heetch haen magar Daryaab Rab kay faiz say aab e Khizar hua English:=== And having found at last the life spring For a moment I thought that I was a king Persian: Aan ahd yaad baad keh az baam o dar mara Har dam payaam e yaar o khat e dilbar aamaday Urdu: Wo din bhee thay keh laay tha paighaam raat din Naayaab ab wo der pay meray naamaber hua


English:=== And like old days it was going to be When note after note she wrote to me Persian: Aan koo tura ba sangdili gasht rehnamoun Aey kaashkay keh paash ba sangay bar aamaday Urdu: Sikhlaaie tujh ko sangdili jo raqeeb nay Pathhar say paash, paash na kuin us ka ser hua English:=== And then in the picture came my rival And put in danger my very survival Persian: Kay yaaftay raqeeb e to chandaan majaal e zulm Mazloomay ar shabay ba dar e daawar aamaday Urdu: Hoti majaal e zulm na itni raqeeb ko Hota khula tera der e daawar ager hua English:=== It was a nightmare, to say the least For he turned out to be a cruel beast Persian: Khaamaan e rehnarafta cheh daanand zooq e ishq Daryadilay bajoo o dilairay sar aamaday Urdu: Khaamaan e rehnarafta ko kya kaam ishq say Daryadil o dilair say yeh qilaa sar hua English:=== Oh, love is a burden not easy to carry And it's not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry Persian: Jaanha nisaar kardamay aan dilnawaaz ra Gar humchu rooh jalwakunaan dar bar aamaday Urdu: Jaanaen nisaar ki haen ada per hazaarha Wo dilnawaaz jab bhee kabhee jalwager hua English:=== On me if her favors she would confer I'll gladly give my life for her Persian: Zikash ba khair saaqi e farkhandafaal e mun Kaz dar mudaam baa qadeh o saaghar aamaday Urdu: Zikrash ba khair saaqi e farkhandafaal e mun Jis kay karam say jaam mera mainigar hua English:=== I'll also give her the soul of mine If only she would give me a glass of wine Persian: Khush booday ar ba khaab badeeday dayaar e kheesh Ta yaad e sohbatash soo e ma rehbar aamaday Urdu: Daekhay haen jab say yaar e watan apnay khaab maen Her raastay maen khaab mera raahbar hua English:=== And I'll also consider it a favor supreme If once in a while she would come in my dream Persian: Gar deegaray ba sheewa e HAFIZ zaday raqam Maqbool e tab e shaah e sukhanparwar aamaday Urdu: Maqbool e tab e shaah e sukhansanj ho gaya Shair e digar ba shaiwa e HAFIZ ager hua English:=== If not, in poetry I would like to immerse And like great HAFIZ write the verse ====


Q Ghazal 283

Persian: Roozgaareest keh ma ra nigaraan meedaari Mukhlisaan ra na ba waz e digaraan meedaari Urdu: Kintni muddat say too hum ko nigaraan rakhta hay Mukhlisoun ko bhee ba waz e digaraan rakhta hay English:=== How long, how long do I have to wait? Do please come back; it's getting too late Persian: Goosha e chashm e rizaay ba munat baaz nashud Een chuneen izzat e sahibnazaraan meedaari Urdu: Gosha e chashm e razamand say daekhay na hamaen Kya ajab izzat e sahibnazaraan rakhta hay English:=== O please, my love, be nice to me Or at least do show me some courtsey Persian: Na gul az daagh e ghamat rust na bulbul dar baagh Hama ra na'arazanaan, jaamadaraan meedaari Urdu: Gul o bulbul ko hoie ranj say fursat na kabhee Un ko too na'arazanaan, jaamadaraan rakhta hay English:=== In the garden the flowers are looking for you With the nightingale wailing, and missing you too Persian: Pidar e tajraba aakhir toie aey dil, zay cheh roo Tama e mehr o wafa zeen pisaraan meedaari Urdu: Tajrabakaar too itna hay meray dil laikin Khahish e dosti baa dushman e jaan rakhta hay English:=== And though it's old and should be wise My heart is a fool; it cries and cries Persian: Garcheh rindi o kharaabi guneh e maast walay Aashiqaay guft keh ma ra to bar aan meedaari Urdu: Hum haen rindi o kharaabi kay gunehgaar mager Too bhee bai chaen hamaaray dil o jaan rakhta hay English:=== And though I know, it may not be proper It's you, my love, who have made me a toper Persian: Johar e jaam e Jum az kaan e jahaan e digarast To tamanna zay gil e koozagaraan meedaari Urdu: Johar e saaghar e Jum dunya maen naapaid hay aur Too twaqqay ba gil e koozagaraan rakhta hay English:=== But being a toper I've Jum in my soul And my cup is like his magic bowl Persian: Keesa e seem o zarat neek babaayad pardaakht Zeen tamanna keh to az seembaraan meedaari Urdu: Haajit seem o zar o naqd naheen hay dil ko Wo to bus ik hawas e seemtannan rakhta hay


English:=== But unlike him I don't have money And without the money I can't get my honey Persian: Aey keh dar dilq e mulamma talabi zooq e huzoor Chashm e saeray ajab az baibasaraan meedaari Urdu: Chahta dilq e mulamma say hay jo ishq e Khuda Wo umeed e basr az baibasaraan rakhta hay English:=== For so many things though I'm not fit Thank God that I'm not a hypocrite Persian: Chun toie nargis e baagh e nazar aey chashm o charaagh Sar chira bar mun e dilkhasta garaan meeedaari Urdu: Nargis e baagh e nazar, chashm o charaagh e jaan, too Sar dil e khasta say kuin maeray garaan rakhta hay English:=== I need your kindness and your sympathy So please, my love, don't be cross with me Persian: Deen o dil raft walay raast namiaaram guft Keh mun e sookhtadil ra to bar aan meedaari Urdu: Hum haen baideen mager kaisay kahaen yeh, too bhee Deen say dour dil e soakhtagaan rakhta hay English:=== I've given you my life, my heart, my soul On my faith and reason you have full control Persian: Ta saba bar gul o bulbul waraq e husn e to khaand Hama ra shaifta o dilnigaraan meedaari Urdu: Qissa e husn tera jab say saba laaie hay Sub ko yeh shaifta o dilnigaraan rakhta hay English:=== And so, my darling, for better or worse Your beauty has conquered the universe Persian: Sayid aan beh keh napooshi chun to az behr e nigaar Dast dar khoon e dil e purhunaraan meedaari Urdu: Na chhupa khalq say, jo apni kalaaie per too Naqsh e khoon e jigar e purhunaraan rakhta hay English:=== Your hands are covered with your lover's blood And his tears of blood are causing a flood Persian: Magzaraan rooz e salaamat ba malaamat HAFIZ Cheh twaqqay zay jahaan e guzaraan meedaari Urdu: Tujh ko jo kuchh bhee milay jaan ghaneemat HAFIZ Kuchh haqeeqat na jahaan e guzaraan rakhta hay English:=== But HAFIZ says this too shall pass And I'll surely get out of this morass ====

Q Ghazal 284 Persian: Zeen khush raqam keh bar gul e rukhsaar meekashi Khat bar saheefa e gul o gulzaar meekashi Urdu: Naqsh o nigaar ber gul e rukhsaar kheench ker Dil ko meray bana dia gulzaar kheench ker English:=== O when you powder and rouge your cheek You make these roses look all so bleak -


Persian: Ashk e haranmasheen e nihaankhaana e mara Zaan soo e haft parda ba bazaar meekashi Urdu: Ashk e haramnasheen jo pus e perda haen meray Laata hay wo unhaen sar e bazaar kheench ker English:=== Oh, when I'm crying, I want to hide I can't go out; I do have some pride Persian: Har dam ba yaad e aan lab e maigoon o chashm e mast Az khilwatam ba khaana e khummar meekashi Urdu: Ik yaad e chashm e mast o lab e laal e mehwashaan Laaie mujhay ba khaana e khummaar kheench ker English:=== But when I remember your dreamy eyes I am in the tavern before I realize Persian: Gufti sar e to basta ba fitraak e ma sazad Sehl ast agar to zehmat e een baar meekashi Urdu: Qaabil naheen hay sar mera fitraak kay mager Sayyaad lay kay jaay hay yeh baar kheench ker English:=== And when you're hunting and looking for a prey I want to be your victim without delay Persian: Baa chashm e abroo e to cheh tadbeer meekunam Weh zeen kamaan keh bar sar e beemaar meekashi Urdu: Kya hifz e dil karoun teray abroo e chashm say Rakhay kamaan hay bar sar beemaar kheench ker English:=== And when I think of the bow of your brow I want your arrow in my heart and how! Persian: Baaz aa keh chashm e bad zay rukhat dour meekunam Aeu taazagul keh daaman az een khaar meekashi Urdu: Aey taazagul, bachaoun tukhay chashm e bad say maen Daaman ager na pakrhay mera khaar kheench ker English:=== So O my darling, my butterfly May God protect you from the evil eye Persain: HAFIZ digar cheh meetalabi az naeem e dehr Mai meechashi o turra e dildaar maakhashi Urdu: Daekho hay mast HAFIZ e Shiraaz kis terheh Peeta hay mai wo gaisoo e dildaar kheench ker English:=== Do come to your HAFIZ flying in the air And let him drink and play with your hair ====

Q Ghazal 285 Persian: Sahar baa baad meeguftam hadees e aarzoomandi Khitaab aamad keh waasiq shoo baa altaaf e Khudaawandi Urdu: Saba say subhey kerta tha maen zikr e aarzoomandi Sada aaie bharosa ker ber altaaf e Khudaawandi English:=== To the breeze when I told my sorry tale It said, "Have faith and you'll prevail


Persian: Qalam ra aan zabaan nabwad keh sirr e ishq gooyad baaz Wara e hadd e taqreer ast sherh e aarzoomandi Urdu: Zabaan e kalk say kaisay bayaan e raaz e dil howay Had e taqreer say bairoon hay sherh e aarzoomandi English:=== "I'm fully aware of your terrible plight It is too painful to tell or write Persian: Dil ander zulf e Laila band o kaar e ishq e Majno kun Keh aashiq ra ziyaan daarad maqaalaat e khiradmandi Urdu: Ulajh gaisoo e Laila maen keh kaar o baar e ulfat maen Ziyaan daitay haen Majno ko khayaalaat e khiradmandi English:=== "There's nothing in the world more sacred than love But love and pain are like hand and glove Persian: Ila aey Yusuf e Misri keh kardat saltanat maghroor Pider ra baazpurse aakhir kuja shud mehr e farzndi Urdu: Gharoor itna hukumat per na ker aey Yusuf e Misri Too bhoola baap ko apnay, hoie kya mehr e farzandi English:=== "And though your girl is proud and vain One day her beauty is going to wane Persian: Ba sahr e ghamza e fattaan dawabakhshi o dard angeez Ba cheen e zulf e mushkafshaan dilaaweezi o dilbandi Urdu: Ba sahr e ghamza e jaanaan hay dard e dil bhee, darmaan bhee Ba cheen e zulf e mushkeen haen dilaawaizi o dilbandi English:=== "The pain she gives is hard to endure But it's for her not difficult to cure Persian: Huma e chu to aaliqadr o mehr e istakhaan ta kay Dareegh een saaya e doolat keh bar naa ahl afgandi Urdu: Huma e aalishaan taera yeh zauq e istakhaan kaisa Jo ki hay saaya e doulat ki naa ahloun say paiwandi English:=== "And although she's very gorgeous and grand The men she likes are stupid and bland Persian; Dar een baazaar agar soodast, baa durweesh e khursandast Khuda ya munimam gardaan ba durweeshi o khursandi Urdu: Ager baazaar e dil maen hay nafa durwaish e khurram ko Khuda ya day mujhay bhee toar e durwaishi o khursandi English:=== "Your poverty and need you shouldn't abhor For God loves those who're needy and poor Persian: Jahaan e peer e raana ra murawwat dar jaballat neest Zay mehr e o cheh meekhaahi, dar o himmat cheh meebadi Urdu: Naheen kerna murawwat is jahaan e peer ka shaiwa Mohabbat maen chhupay haen is ki sad baidaad o baidardi English:=== "Of the pleasures of life reject the lure And of wealth and power you can't be sure Persian: Dua e subh o shaam e to kaleed e gunj e maqsoodast Ba een raah o rawish meeroo keh baa dildaar paiwandi Urdu: Dua shaam o saher ker, hay yahi kunji khazaanay ki Keh is raah o rawish maen yaar ki milti hay paiwandi English:=== "And if you seek, you're going to find And pray to God, for He's very kind -


Persian: Ba khoobaan dil madeh deegar, babeen aan baiwafaieha Keh baa taegh e zabaan kardand makkaraan e Alwandi Urdu: Na day dil in haseenoun ko kabhee aur daekh yeh kaisay Ba taigh e bairukhi kaatay haen rishtaha e dilbandi English:=== "But when you're in love, you should be clear That the beauties by nature are not sincere Persian: Zay shair e HAFIZ e Shiraaz meegooyand o meeraqsand Siyaahchashmaan e Kashmiri o Turkaan e Samarqandi Urdu: Kalaam e HAFIZ e Shiraaz sun ker raqs kertay haen Siyaahchasmaan e Kashmiri o Turkaan e Samarqandi English:=== "And listen to HAFIZ; he has the pearls And his verses are loved by the beautiful girls"

Q Ghazal 286

Persian: Sahergeh rehraway dar sarzameenay Hamiguft een moamma baa qareenay Urdu: Baham soofi thay do ik sarzameen maen Kaha ik nay ba gosh e humqareen maen English:=== One day a mystic said to his friend That it's hard for him to comprehend Persian: Keh aey soofi sharaab aan geh bawad saaf Keh dar sheesheh bamaanad arbaeenay Urdu: Keh aey soofi, rahay sheeshay kay ander Toe mai hoti hay saaf ik arbaeen maen English:=== Why the best-made wine only rarely clears Without being in the bottle for forty years? Persian: Gar angust e Suleimaani nabaashad Cheh khaasiat dehad naqsh e nageenay Urdu: Na angusht e Suleimaani rahi jab Rahay kya khaasiat naqsh e nageen maen English:=== Even the Wisdom of Solomon is of no use If something good it doesn't produce Persian: Khuda zaan khirqa baizaar ast sad baar Keh sad but baashadash dar aasteenay Urdu: Hay us khirqay say baizaari Khuda ko Hazaaroun but houn jis ki asteen maen English:=== And our pious sheik, it's hard to believe Has so many idols up his sleeve Persian: Daroonha teera shud, baashad keh az ghaib Charaaghay barkunad khilwatnasheenay Urdu: Charaagh e ishq roshan ker Khuda ya Andhaira hay dil e khilwatnasheen maen


English:=== It seems our souls are turning black Only God can put us on the right track Persian: Murawwat garcheh naam e bainishaanast Niaazay arzeh kun bar naaznaanay Urdu: Murawwat yuin zamaanay maen hay unqa Ho jaisay aajizie ik naazneen maen English:=== Somehow our people are not very kind Our pride has made us deaf and blind Persian: Sawaabat baashad aey daara e kharman Agar rehmay kuni bar khoshacheenay Urdu: Bhar us ka daaman aey dara e kharman Bohat hay bainawaie khoshacheen maen English:=== But even the people who're wealthy and rich Instead of giving, they like to snitch Persian: Namibeenam nishaat o aish dar kas Nay darmaan e dilay, nay dard e deenay Urdu: Na dil maen amn, nay taskeen jaan maen Na hay deen qalb maen, nay qalb deen maen English:=== And there's no mercy, love, or compassion And the faith and trust are out of fashion Persian: Agarcheh rasm e khoobaan tundkhooiest Cheh baashad gar basaazi baa ghameenay Urdu: Hay gercheh rasm e khoobaan tundkhooie Na taab ab kuchh rahi qalb e hazeen maen English:=== The beautiful girls are harsh and tart In the bosom soft there's a stony heart Persian: Dar e maikhaana baksha ta bapursam Ma'al e haal e khud az peeshbeenay Urdu: Dar e maikhaana khul jaay toe daekhoun Ma'al e haal jaam e paishbeen maen English:=== But let's not worry; we should go to the pub And all this talk we should simply scrub Persian: Na himmat ra umeed e sarbulandiest Na daawat ra kaleed e aahaneenay Urdu: Naheen dil ko umeed e sarbulandi Dua baibus hay qayd e aahineen maen English:=== The cause of friendship we cannot advance For even our prayers don't have a chance Persian: Na HAFIZ ra huzoor e dars e Quraan Na daanishmand ra ilm ul yaqeenay Urdu: Na HAFIZ ko shaoor e dars e Quraan Na aalim ko yaqeen ilm ul yaqeen maen English:=== And although he's a very learned man Even our HAFIZ doesn't know his Quran ====


Q Ghazal 287

Persian: Saharam haatif e maikhana ba doolatkhaahi Guft baaz aaie keh daireena e een dargaahi Urdu: Bola yuin haatif e maikhaana ba doulatkhaahi Aa keh hay taeray liay baaz dar e dargaahi English:=== One night an angel came to the bar And said, "As a toper you are the star Persian: Humchu Jum jurra e mai kash keh zay sirr e malakoot Partu e jaam e jahaanbeen dahadat aagaahi Urdu: Baada Jumshaid kay maanind piay jo us ko Pertu e jaam e jahaanbeen say ho aagaahi English:=== "You should find the cup of the noble Jum And a prophet and a seer you'll become Persian: Baa gadaayaan e dar e maikada, aey saalik e raah Baa adab baash agar surr e Khuda aagaahi Urdu: Baa adab aao dar e maikada per aey saalik Raaz e Haq ki tumhaen maqsood ho ger aagaahi English:=== "The secrets of Heaven you'll have in view And the mystics will come and bow to you Persian: Bar dar e maikada rindaan e qalandar baashand Keh sitaanand o dahand afsar e shaahinshaahi Urdu: Aisay rindaan e qalander bhee haen maikhaanay maen Kabhee laitay, kabhee daitay haen wo shaahinshaahi English:=== "A toper does have the mystical power Above kings and rulers which makes him tower Persian: Khisht zaer e sar o bar taarik e haft akhtar paa Dast e qudrat nigar o mansab e saahibjaahi Urdu: Ser hay pathhar pay mager paaon kay neechay akhtar Aisa ik rind ka hay mansab e saahibjaahi English:=== "He's more imposing than the kings and czars For he sits on dirt and rules the stars Persian: Agarat saltanat e fuqr babakhshand, aey dil Kamtareen mulk e to az maah bawaad ta maahi Urdu: Bakhshish e saltanat e fuqr milay ger aey dil Berter is say na jahaan maen koie mulk e shaahi English:=== "In poverty and need he finds the worth And becomes the ruler of heaven and earth Persian: Qatay een marhala bai hamrahi e Khizr makun Zulamaat ast , batars az khatar e gumraahi Urdu: Ho ga yeh merhala bai hamrahi e Khizr na tay Raah andhairi hay, bohat hay khater e gumraahi


English:=== "When he sees a mystic going astray He becomes his guide and shows him the way Persian: Sar e ma o dar e maikhaana keh tarf e baamash Ba falak bar shuda deewaar ba een kotaahi Urdu: Der e maikhaana pay ser rakhha keh lagti hay bohat Baam e gardoon say buland us ki mujhay kotaahi English:=== "And the lowly bar in which he abides With the heavenly stars it often colides Persian: To dar e fuqr nadaani zadan, az dast madeh Masnad e khaajagi o majlis tooraanshaahi Urdu: Daiway dastak jo der e fuqr pay toe us ko milay Masnad e khaajagi o majlis e tooraanshaahi English:=== "And though he's poor and sits on a stone It's much more august than a kingly throne Persian: Aey Sikander banasheen o gham e baihooda makhur Keh na bakhshand tura aab e hayaat az shaahi Urdu: Aab e haiwaan ki jooyaaie maen aey Iskander Kaam aatay naheen kuchh shoukat o shaan e shaahi English:=== "To the fountain of life he is the guide An honor, to the kings that has been denied Persian: Aey gadaayaan e tura aar zay shaahinshaahi Hama kas ra to dahi mansab e saahibjaahi Urdu: Hay faqeeroun ko bohat aar shahinshaahi say Mila un ko hay mager mansab e saahibjaahi English:=== "As a lover of God he's above the glare For the worldly pleasures he does not care Persian: HAFIZ e khaamtamay, sharmay az een qissa badaar Amalast cheest keh muzdash do jahaan meekhaahi Urdu: HAFIZ e khaamtamay nay na kya thheek koie Kaam dunya maen mager muzd e do aalam chaahi English:=== "And unlike HAFIZ, he does expect No undue honor, regard, or respect" ====

Q Ghazal 288 Persian: Salaamay chu boo e khush e aashnaaie Badaan mardum e deeda e rooshnaaie Urdu: Salaam aek misl e boo e aashnaaie Tujhay mardum e deeda e rooshnaaie English:=== Oh, how I salute and idolize Those charming, enchanting, bewitching eyes Persian: Namibeenam az humdamaan heetch bar ja Dilam khoon shud az ghussa, saaqi kujaaie Urdu: Hua khoon dil ka, pila saaqia mai Rahi humdamoun maen na ab aashnaaie


English:=== I also miss old friends of mine My heart is bleeding; O give me some wine Persian: Zay koo e mughaan roo magardaan keh aan ja Farooshand muftaah e mushkilkushaaie Urdu: Ba koo e mughaan ja kay daekho keh kaisay Wo baichay haen muftaah e mushkilkushaaie English:=== I think I should go to the keeper of the bar And ask for his help, for he's a star Persian: Uroos e jahaan garcheh dar hadd e husn ast Zay had meeburad sheewa e baiwafaaie Urdu: Uroos e jahaan gercheh baihad haseen hay Hay baihad bhee us ki mager baiwafaaie English:=== The worldly pleasures are full of traps In which are caught the best of our chaps Persian: Mai e sofiafgan kuja meefarooshand Keh dar taabam az dast e zohd e riyaaie Urdu: Mai e soofiafgan haheen say khareedo Naheen hum maen ab taab e zohd e riyaaie English:=== And though he says he's a man of God In fact our sheik is a pious fraud Persian: Rafeeqaan chunaan ahd e sohbat shakistand Keh gooie naboodast khud aashnaaie Urdu: Rafeeqoun nay torha hay yuin ahd e sohbat Kabhee jaisay hum say na thi aashnaaie English:=== And a man who calls himself a friend We find on him we cannot depend Persian: Mara gar to bagzaari aey nafs e tamay Basay baadshaahi kunam dar gadaaie Urdu: Nikal jaay laalach agar dil say maeray Karoun maen shahinshaahi andar gadaaie English:=== But the biggest problem we have is greed It's one thing in the world that we do not need Persian: Biaamoozadat keemia e sa'adat Zay humsohbat e bad judaaie, judaaie Urdu: Milay mujh ko ik keemya e sa'adat Jo ho sohbat e bad say maeri judaaie English:=== So the evil in us we should try to nix And with those who're bad we shouldn't mix Persian: Darooday chu noor e dil e paarsaayaan Badaan sham e khilwatgeh e paarsaaie Urdu: Dua misl e noor e dil e paasaayaan Tujhay sham e khilwatgeh e paarsaaie English:=== We should try to help the poor and the meek And the company of the mystics we ought to seek


Persian: Dil e khasta e mun garash himmatay neest Nakhaahad zay sangeendilaan moomyaaie Urdu: Hay majrooh o khasta agercheh meray dil Too sangeendiloun say na lay momyaaie English:=== And let's avoid the proud and the rude And have nothing to do with the cruel and the crude Persian: Makun HAFIZ az joor e gardoun shikaayat Cheh daani to aey banda kaar e Khudaaie Urdu: Shikaayat na ker jour e gardoun ki HAFIZ Too banda hay, jaanay na kaar e Khudaaie English:=== And HAFIZ says we shouldn't complain And thank our Lord again and again ====

Q Ghazal 289

Persian: Seena maalamaal e dard ast, aey dareegha marhamay Dil zay tanhaaie ba jaan aamad, Khuda ra humdamay Urdu: Seena maalamaal e gham hay aur naheen marham koie Baish hay tanhaaie ya Rab, day mujhay humdan koie English:=== O please do something about my pain I need a girl who's a little humane Persian: Kheez ta khaatir badaan Turk e Samarqandi daheem Kaz naseemash boo e zulf e hourian aayad hamay Urdu: Boo e zulf e Turk e Shiraazi hay laaie yuin saba Laaya jannat say ho jaisay hourioun ka dam koie English:=== Oh, how I love those Turko girls Those dark-eyed houris with raven curls Persian: Chashm e aasaaish keh daarad zeen sapehr e garmroo Saaqia jaamay biawar ta biaasaayem damay Urdu: Aasmaan e garmro daita hay aasaaish kisay Saaqia la jaam e mai, aaraam day yakdam koie English:=== But what do I do with my cruel fate And how do I make it cooperate? Persian: Zeerakay ra guftam een ahwaal, khud khandeed o guft Saah kaaray, bulajab darday, pareeshaan aalamay Urdu: Sun kay haal e ishq maera aql hairaan ho gaie Thi suni us nay na aisie daastaan e gham koie English:=== And when I talk to the wise men They can't understand, it's beyond their ken Persian: Sookhtam dar chaah e sabr az behr e aan sham e Chagal Shaah e Turkaan ghaafilast az haal e ma, koo Rustamay Urdu: Aashiq e Sham e Chagal jalta hay chaah e sabr maen Kaash us ki qayd ki sun lay khabar Rustam koie


English:=== I feel I'm caught in a deadly snare I wish I possessed the Herculean flair -

Persian: Dar tareeq e ishbaazi amn o aasaaish khataast Reesh baad aan dil keh baa dard e to jooyad marhamay Urdu: Amn o aasaaish tareeq e ishqbaazi maen naheen Zakhm e dil kay waastay mat maangiay marham koie English:=== But when you're in love, you can't have peace Your pain and sorrow do never cease Persian: Ahl e kaam o naaz ra dar koo e rindaan raah neest Rehraway baayad jahaansoozay, na khaamay baighamay Urdu: Khaam o khudbeen ko naheen kuchh raah koo e ishq maen Ker saka juz raahroe tay yeh na raah e gham koie English:=== And if you're proud, you can't be a toper For arrogance in the pub is highly improper Persian: Aadam e khaaki badeen aalam namiaayad ba dast Aalamay deegar babaayad saakht az noo aadamay Urdu: Khaaksaar aadam koie milta hi aalam maen naheen Aalam e deegar banaay ik naya aadam koie English:=== A man should be humble and dignified But our world is full of arrogance and pride Persian: Girya e HAFIZ cheh saazad peesh e istaghnaay doost Kaan dar een toofaan numaayad haft darya shabnamay Urdu: Darya qatra hay, yeh maana, paish e ishtaghna mager Girya e HAFIZ hay toofaan, yeh naheen shabnam koie English:=== But look at HAFIZ, he's humble and wise And you feel so sorry whenever he cries ====

Q Ghazal 290 Persian: Saba to nikhat e aan zulf e mushkboo daari Ba yaadgaar bamaani keh boo e o daari Urdu: Saba jo nikhat e gaisoo e mushkboo rakhhay Jawaan her dil e aashiq maen aarzoo rakhhay English:=== The smell in the air is beyond compare For it has the scent of your golden hair Persian: Dilam keh gohar e israar e husn o ishq dar oost Tawaan ba dast e to daadan garash nikoo daari Urdu: Yeh dil jo hay mera israar e husn o ishq say pur Ba shoaq doun maen jo mehfooz is ko too rakhhay English:=== A treasure of love in my heart I bear So please, if you take it, take good care Persian: Dar aan shamaail e matboo heetch natwaan guft Juz een qadar keh raqeebaan e tundkhoo daari Urdu: Hay khud toe itna khushakhlaaq dost maera mager Ma'amila ba raqeebaan e tundkhoo rakhhay English:=== And though, my love, you're so very nice The men you like are the masters of vice -


Persian: Qaba e husnfarooshi tura bazeebad o bus Keh humchu gul hama aaien e rang o boo daari Urdu: Qaba e husnfaroashi tujh hi pay sajti hay Too misl e gul bohat aaien e rang o boo rakhhay English:=== You're justly proud of your beauty and grace For you're like a flower with a gorgeous face Persian: Zamaana ger hama mushk e Khutan dahad bar baad Fida e to keh khat o khaal e mushkboo daari Urdu: Naheen hay mujh ko koie justjoo e mushk e Khutan Fida maen tujh pay keh too khaal e mushkboo rakhay English:=== And as long as your fragrance is in the air For the musk and perfume no one does care Persian: Dam az mimaalik e khoobi chu aaftaab zadan Tura sazad keh ghulaamaan e maahroo daari Urdu: Chamak sitaaroun maen hay aaftaab ki zoo say Baja hay too jo ghulaamaan e maahroo rakhhay English;=== And not only is your beauty beyond compare Even the slave girls of yours are lovely and fair Persian: Ba sarkashi e khud aey sarv e joo e baar manaaz Keh gar ba o rasi, az sharm sar faroo daari Urdu: Wo naaz daekhay qad e yaar ka chaman maen ager Guroor aisa na sarv e kinaar e joo rakhhay English:=== And because you're tall, and slim, and trim You make the cypress in the park look grim Persian: Duaash guftam o khandaan ba zeer e lab meeguft Keh keesti to o baa ma cheh guftagoo daari Urdu: Dua bhee doun toe wo kehta hay koan too, kya too Bhala yeh kaisa wo andaaz e guftagoo rakhhay English:=== But when something I tell you not to do You promptly ask me, "But who are you?"


Persian: Nawa e bulbulat aey gul kuja pasand uftad Keh goosh e hoosh ba murghaan e harzagoo daari Urdu: Pasand kuin ho tujhay baang e andaleeb aey gul Too goash e hoash ba murghaan e badguloo rakhay English:=== You don't ever listen to what I say But look at my rival; he gets his way Persian: Zay jurraay to saram mast gasht o nooshat baash Khud az kidaam khum ast een keh dar saboo daari Urdu: Hua houn mast bus ik jurra lay kay aey saaqi Sharaab tund yeh kaisi tera saboo rakhhay English:=== O give me some wine and make me drunk And why should I worry, for it's all bunk Persian: Zay kunj e madrissa HAFIZ majoo gohar e ishq Qadam baroon neh agar mail e justojoo daari Urdu: Ba kunj e madrissa HAFIZ na dhoondh gohar e ishq Ho gharq e ashk too ger zouq e justajoo rakhhay English:=== And to love, says HAFIZ, you cannot learn It is a privilege great that you must earn ====


Q Ghazal 291 Persian: Tufail e hasti e ishq and aadmi o pari Iraadatay banuma ta sa'adatay babari Urdu: Tufail e hasti e ulfat haen aadmi o pari Hay arz e husn e iraadat sa'adatoun say bhari English:=== The girls are made to love and cherish For without these beauties the love will perish Persian: Chu mustaaid e nazar neesti wisaal majoo Keh jaam e Jum nadahad sood waqt e baibasari Urdu: Na maang wasl ager too naheen hay ahl e nazar Na jaam e Jum say milay kuchh ager ho baibasari English:=== If a maiden's beauty you can't appreciate You can't be considered a suitable mate Persian: Mai e subooh o shakarkhaab e subhey dam ta chand Ba uzr e neemshabi koosh o naala e sahari Urdu: Mai e subooh o shakarkhaab e subhey dam kab tak Ker aah e neemshabi, kheench naala e sahari English:=== And if it's your Maker you want to meet To him you should give your love complete Persian: Ba boo e zulf o rukhat meerawand o meeaayand Saba ba ghaalisaaie o gul ba jalwagari Urdu: Mahak hay baad e bahaari maen taeri zulfoun say Sikhaaie chehray nay taeray guloun ko jalwagari English:=== A beautiful girl is much like a flower On her your possessions you ought to shower Persian: Bakoosh khaaja o az ishq bainaseeb mabaash Keh banda ra nakharad kas ba aib e baihunari Urdu: Hay badnaseeb jisay ho na ishq aey khaaja Baghair e walwala kaarigari hay baihunari English:=== And if you want to get its real sense The feeling of love you must experience Persian: Bia o saltanat az ma bakhar ba maaya e husn Az een ma'amala ghafil ashoo keh haif khuri Urdu: Khreedi us nay hay ik aankh kay ishaaray say Biki hay sasti bohat maeray dil ki taajwari English:=== For love can set your soul on fire And beauty is worth the greatest empire Persian: Dua e gooshanasheenaan bala bagardaanad Chira ba goosha e chashmay ba ma nameenigari Urdu: Ba yak nigah karay dour sab balaaen too Aey kaash mujh pay bhee ho aek din karamnazari English:=== But love gives you also the peace and ease And your prayers can ward off woe and disease


Persian: Mara az een zulamaat aan keh rehnumaaie kard Dua e neemshabi bood o girya e sahari Urdu: Haen rehnuma meri taareek zindagaani maen Dua e neemshabi, aah o naala e sahari English: And you also experience a great delight When you weep and worship in the middle of night Persian: Zay hijr o wasl e to dar hairatam cheh chaara kunam Na dar baraabar e chashmi, na ghaaib az nazari Urdu: Wisaal o hijr ka qissa bohat hay paicheeda Na aankh kay wo muqaabil, na ghaaib e nazari English:=== Her presence or absence don't worry about For you have her in your heart without any doubt Persian: Tareeq e ishq tareeqay ajab khatarnaak ast Na'aooz e billah agar reh ba maananay nabari Urdu: Tareeq e ishq hay toar e ajeeb kuchh aisa Kabhee wo raahat e dil hay, kabhee wo dard e sari English:=== But when you're in love, you shouldn't ignore That the journey of yours has dangers galore Persian: Hazaar jaan e garaami basookht zeen ghairat Keh har sabaah o masa sham e majlis e digari Urdu: Jalaaya jaan e garaami ko rashk o ghairat nay Hay jab say yaar bana sham e majlis e digari English:=== For no matter what, you'll feel uptight When she's with your rival all day, all night Persian: Chun har khabar keh shuneedam reh e ba hairat daasht Az een sapas mun o saaqi o waz e baikhabari Urdu: Khabar jo milti hay saaqi buri hi milti hay Day mujh ko baada e gulfaam o waz e baikhabari English:=== But then you go to the nearest pub And with the maids of the bar your shoulders you rub Persian: Kulaah e sawariat kaj mabaad bar sar e husn Keh zaib e takht o sazaawaar e bakht o taaj e sari Urdu: Kulaah e sarwari ger kaj ho husn kay sar per Hay zaeb e takht o sazawaae e bakht o taaj e sari English:=== But even in there you should never forget That she's your queen, your own Juliet Persian: Ba yumn e himmat e HAFIZ umeed hast keh baaz Ara usaamir e Lailaay lailat ul qamari Urdu: Bayaan aisa hay HAFIZ tera keh Laila bhee Sunay hay qissa e Majno ba lailat ul qamari English:=== So like our HAFIZ when you sit in the saloon You should watch her beauty in the beauty of the moon ====


Q Ghazal 292 Persian: Guftand khalaaiq keh toie Yusuf e saani Chun neek badeedam ba haqiqat beh az aanie Urdu: Kehta hay zamaana keh hay too Yusuf e saani Hota hay magar daekh kay Yusuf tujhay paani English:=== You've beauty of Joseph, they always say But to me you're prettier far and away Persian: Dar ishq e to am shohra chu Farhaad ajab neest Aey khusav e khoobaan keh to Shireen e zamaani Urdu: Mashoor agar maen hua Farhaad ki maanind Wo khurav e khoobaan bhee hay Shireen e zamaani English:=== Your dazzling beauty has given you fame And I too, as your lover, have made my name Persian: Tashbeeh e dahaanat natawaan kard ba ghuncha Hargiz na bawad ghuncha ba een tangdahaani Urdu: Tamseel dahan ki teray kaisay ho kali say Tujh si na kisi ghunchay maen hay tangdahaani English:=== You have charming eyes and a precious nose And your mouth is like a buding rose Persian: Sad baar bagufti keh daham zaan dahanat kaam Chu sosan e aazaad chira jumla zabaani Urdu: Waada kya sad baar, diya bosa na laikin Sosan ki terheh tujh ko bhee hay jumla zabaani English:=== So if you promise to give me a kiss A chance like this I will never miss Persian: Gufti keh daham kaamat o jaanat basitaanam Tarsam nadahi kaamam o jaanam basitaani Urdu: Jaan maangay iwaz wasl kay laikin mujhay dar hay Jaan hijr maen lay ga too meri, jaan e jahaani English:=== For a kiss of yours I'm willing to die Although for me it's a pie in the sky Persian: Chashm e to khadang az sapar e jaan guzaraaneed Beemaar keh deedast ba een sakhtkamaani Urdu: Is dil kay hua paar sapar cheer kay naavak Kya deeda e beemaar ki hay sakhtkamaani English:=== And since your gaze is like a dart With the bow of your brow do strike my heart Persian: Dar raah e to aashiq chu qalam kard zay sar pa Chu naama chira yak damash az lutf nakhaani Urdu: Bal ser kay chala shakl e qalam raah e wafa maen Per qadr kabhee naama e aashiq ki na jaani English:=== O why don't you send me a letter or two? For head over heels I'm in love with you


Persian: Chu ashk bayandaaziash a deeda e mardum Aan ra keh damay az nazar e kheesh baraani Urdu: Jab too nay hataie hay nazar apni kisi say Bus deeda e mardum say gira ho kay wo paani English:=== Being ignored by you I cannot bear So please don't tell me you do not care Persian: Gar sarv bamaand az qad o raftaar e to bar pa Bakhraam keh az sarv guzishti ba rawaani Urdu: Her sarv e chaman sharm say garh jaay zameen maen Daekhay wo ager taeri kharaami o rawaani English:=== You are slim and trim like a cypress tree So please come to the park, and be with me Persian: HAFIZ ba jafa az to shikaayat nanumaayad Zaan roo keh ba har joor e to lutfeest nihaani Urdu: HAFIZ ko naheen taeri jafaaoun ki shikaayat Daekay hay wo her jour maen ik lutf e nihaani English:=== And like old HAFIZ, I'll never complain And suffer in silence my sorrow and pain ====

Q Ghazal 293 Persian: Guzishti bar mun e ghamdeeda az raah e jafakaari Balay to umri o bar umr kay baashad wafadaari Urdu: Naheen bai ja meri jaan, yeh teri rasm e jafakaari Keh kaisay koie rakhay jaan say ummeed e wafadaari English:=== I know she is callous and insincere But she is my life, and to me very dear Persian: Raqeebay dar pay e aazaar e jaan e maast, wawaila Sag e koo e to paida kard khoo e mardumaazaari Urdu: Raqeeb aur dar pay e aazaar e jaan o qalb, wawaila Teray koochay kat kuttay ko hay khoo e mardumaazaari English:=== She always keeps my rival around Although you know he's a murderous hound Persian: Khata baashad ba dour e aariz o zulfain e o guftan Sukhan az la'abataan e Cheeni o az mushk e Taataari Urdu: Khata kerna hay jab ho dour e gaisoo o rukh e jaanaan Bayaan e la'abataan e Cheen o zikr e mushk e Taataari English:=== But then she is also a beautiful doll Even though she drives me up the wall Persian: Badeh saaqi mai e naabam keh yak dam baikhabar gardam Keh jaanam bar lab aamad az takallufha e hushiaari Urdu: Pila itni mujhay, ho jaaoun maen madhoaush, aey saaqi Keh jaan laitay haen maeri yeh takallufha e hushiaari English:=== O maid of the bar, come give me drink For deep in trance I would like to sink


Persian: To khaahi khoon e ma raizi, o khaahi lutf o ahsaan kun Inaan e ikhtiaar e ma ba dast e tust o mukhtaari Urdu: Too chaahay khoon ker us ka, too chaahay lutf o ahsaan ker Inaan HAFIZ nay day ker haath maen di tujh ko mukhtaari English:=== I'm at your mercy, so please feel free And whatever you like, you do with me ====

Q Ghazal 294 Persian: Gashta az aatish e mai aariz e to gulwaaray Chun nanaalam mun e dilsookhta bulbulwaaray Urdu: Aatish e mai say bana jab tera rukh gul jaisa Phir na kuin naala karay dil mera bulbul jaisa English:=== The wine has given your face a flush Oh, how I love this beautiful blush Persian: Dilbara, bar rukh e zaiba e to aan zulf e siyaah Saayaay bar saman andaakhtah sunbulwaaray Urdu: Rukh e zaiba pay teray hoti hay jab zulf e siyaah Yaasmin pay yeh karay saaya hay sunbul jaisa English:=== And the raven curls on your cheek and nose When they look like hyacynth covering a rose Persian: Waay aan kas keh nanooshad mai o rindi na kunad Sheesha e mai chun sala barzadah at mulwaaray Urdu: Rindi mujh ko na ho kuin, mai na pioun maen kaisay Shoar sheeshay ka hay jab buzm maen qulqul jaisa English:=== When I see all this I go for a drink And feel sorry for those from wine who shrink Persian: Meekunad qumri e mehnatzadah dar goosha e baagh Az gham e laala o gul naala e bulbulwaaray Urdu: Baithh kay qumri e mehnatzada ik goshay maen Gham e laala maen karay zaar hay bulbul jaisa English:=== And I also understand why the birds so wail When I cry for you like a nightingale Persian: Zaahir aan ast keh az behr e pareeshaai e maast Halqa, halqa shuda aan zulf e tasalsulwaaray Urdu: Waastay qalb e pareeshaan ki gariftaari kay Halqa koie naheen us zulf e tasalsul jaisa English:=== Your curly locks when they fly in the air My desire for you I just cannot bear Persian: Kay shawad neemnafas chu to gadaay HAFIZ Baadshaahay keh bawad ahl e tajammulwaaray Urdu: Tujh sa HAFIZ naheen dunya maen gada koie jisay Fuqr maen fakhr ho ik ahl e tajammil jaisa English:=== Then I go to HAFIZ and hear him sing And soon I begin to feel like a king ====


Q Ghazal 295

Persian: Makhmoor e jaam e ishqam, saaqi badeh sharaabay Pur kun qadeh keh bai mai majlis nadaarad aabay Urdu: Makmoor e aashiqi houn, laay sharaab koie Bai mai naheen hay majlis maen aab o taab koie English:=== O I'm in love, give me some wine And let me drown this sorrow of mine Persian: Ishq e rukh e chu maahash dar parda raast naayad Mutrib bazan nawaay, saaqi badeh sharaabay Urdu: Chaahay ager keh khoalay ulfat ka raaz maera Naghma sunaay koie, laay sharaab loie English:=== And although I've tried, and tried, and tried This love of mine there's no way to hide Persian: Chun aaftaab e rooyash dar deeda meenagunjad Aey dil cheh sood daari dar deeda iztaraabay Urdu: Jab aaftaab e rukh ki taab aankh maen na howay Rakhay phir apnay dil maen kuin iztaraab koie English:=== Her gorgeous face I crave to see But I'm totally dazzled when she looks at me Persian: Dar intazaar e rooyat ma o umeedwaari Waz ishwa e labaanat ma o khayaal o khaabay Urdu: Hay intazaar e rukh maen ik naaumeedwaari Ishwa hay us kay lab ka ho jaisay khaab koie English:=== This waiting and waiting oh, how I hate But to see her once I wait and wait Persian: Dast e gharaz meeaala bar kaasa e gadaaie Anjaamkaar nabwad az way umeed e aabay Urdu: Dast e gharaz na phaila, hay aisi khushksaali Ik qatra tak na daalay kaasay maen aab koie English:=== With a love like this it's hard to cope For I yearn and yearn, and hope and hope Persian: HAFIZ cheh meenahi to dil bar wisaal e jaanaan Kay tishna sair gardad az lama'ay saraabay Urdu: HAFIZ too rakh na koie umeed e wasl e jaanaan Tishna ko sair kerta hay kya saraab koie English:=== So HAFIZ my friend, I've come to a conclusion That love is a fancy; it's a pure illusion ====


Q Ghazal 296 Persian: Maaeem o gham e ishq e jawaanay o khayaalay Waz maah e rukhash gashtah tanam humchu hilaalay Urdu: Dil aek maahrukh nay kya purmalaal hay Khamdaar jism zoaf say shakl e hilaal hay English:=== With the pangs of love oh, how do I cope? I can see no light; I simply grope Persian: Baa mehnat e hijr e to shab o rooz qareenam Ta baa to kuja dast dahad rooz e wisaalay Urdu: Miltay haen roz o shab gham o mehnat firaaq maen Kab daekhiay Khuda mujhay daeta wisaal hay English:=== The pain of her absence is always with me With her I don't know when will I be? Persian: Ahwaal e mara arza kuni peesh e nigaaram Aey baad e saba, gar bawad aan jaat majaalay Urdu: Ja kay bayaan ker meray ahwaal yaar say Baad e saba tujhay ager itni majaal hay English:=== O breeze, when you go and see my gal Tell her what a shape I'm in, her pal Persian: War zaan keh zay haal e mun e baichaara bapursad Goo az gham e hijraan e to ghastast khilaalay Urdu: Keh us say haal e zaar wo ger tujh say poochh lay Laaghir badan hua mera misl e hilaal hay English:=== And if she asks you how have I been Tell her I've become very weak and thin Persian: Har kas zay jahaan mansab o maalay talabeedah Ma ra gham e ishq e to beh az mansab o maalay Urdu: Mansab ki, maal ki hay talab sab ko dahr maen Mansab mujhay hay ishq say, gham maera maal hay English:=== And though people crave for money and power I only yearn for my beautiful flower Persian: Haqqa keh nakhaaheem ba dunya o ba aqbaa Juz khaak e sar e koo e to maalay o manaalay Urdu: Dunya o aaqiibat say naheen mujh ko kuchh talab Bus khaak e koo e yaar hi maal o manaal hay English:=== I only want to go to her street And kiss and worship the dirt of her feet Persian: Guftam ba jahaan arzoo e wasl e to daaram Gufta cheh kuni HAFIZA sooda e muhaalay Urdu: HAFIZ tujhay hay aarzoo e wasl e yaar ger Soada e joo e sheer hay, kaar e muhaal hay English:=== But HAFIZ thinks that I'm a baffoon Because I'm always crying for the moon ====


Q Ghazal 297 Persian: Nobahaar ast dar aan koosh keh khushdil baashi Keh basay gul badamad baaz o to dar gil baashi Urdu: Phir bahaar aaay gi, phir bulbul e khushdil ho ga Phool jo baagh maen hay pardadar e gil ho ga English:=== O enjoy the flowers for they'll disappear And when they return, you may not be here Persian: Chang dar parda hameen meedahadat pand walay Waazat aan gahh dahad sood keh qaabil baashi Urdu: Chang kay parday say niklay gi naseehat laikin Dil e deewaana naseehat kay na qaabil ho ga English:=== The music is telling you to sing and dance So take its advice and go into a trance Persian: Mun nagooyam keh cheh kun, baa keh nasheen, o cheh banoosh Keh to khud daani agar zeerak o aaqil baashi Urdu: Kya karay, kya piay, aur saath too kis kay baithay Khud samajh ho gi ager zeerak o aaqil ho ga English:=== Well, I shouldn't be giving any advice to you For you are so wise, and you know what to do Persian: Dar chaman har waraqay dafter e haal e digar ast Haif baashad keh zay haal e hama ghafil baashi Urdu: Husn ho ga jo namoodaar guloun maen to chaman In teh e khaak haseenoun say na ghaafil ho ga English:=== But these lovely flowers not pluck you must For they've come from the girls who're lying in the dust Persian: Garcheh raaheest pur az beem zay ma ta bar e doost Raftan aasaan bawad ar waaqif e manzil baashi Urdu: Raah e kaashaana e dilber hay khatarnaak bohat Ho gi aasaan too ager waaqif e manzil ho ga English:=== And the world of the mystics before you explore Its perils and dangers you shouldn't ignore Persian: Naqd e umrat baburad khusssa e dunya ba gazaaf Gar shab o rooz dar een qissa e baatil baashi Urdu: Naqd e jaan taeri karay ga gham e dunya za'ay Ger shab o roz tujhay ghussa e baatil ho ga English:=== And a place of bliss if you want to secure Of the pleasures of life you should avoid the lure Persian: HAFIZA gar madad az bakht e bulandat baashad Sayd e aan shaahid e matboo e shamaail baashi Urdu: Bakht e baidaar ager saath rahay ga HAFIZ Qurb maen shaahid e matboo e shamaail ho ga English:=== And HAFIZ says you should shun your conceit If the one you love you want to meet ====


Q Ghazal 298 Persian: Waqt ra ghaneemat daan aan qadar keh batwaani Haasil az hayaat aey jaan yak dam ast ta daani Urdu: Ghaneemat jaan milta hay jo waqt e aish o aasaani Keh jaan e yaknafas daeti hay her lamhay pareeshaani English:=== Go, have some fun and don't apologize For the life is short and the time flies Persian: Peesh e zaahid az rindi dam mazan keh natwaan guft Baa tabeeb e naamehram haal e dard e pinhaani Urdu: Na keh zaahid say qissa apni rindi ka, naheen kertay Ba naamehram tabeebaan kuchh bayaan e dard e pinhaani English:=== And tell not the preacher what you want to do For the man is shallow, and doesn't have a clue Persian: Baa dua e shabkheezaan aey shakerdahaan masteez Dar panaah e yak ism ast khaatam e Suleimaani Urdu: Dua o naala e shabkhaiz say jhagrha na ker aey jaan Panaah e ism e aazam say haen sab hukm e Suleimaani English:=== And do not argue, nor get into a fight Just thank the Lord and pray all night Persian: Yusuf e azeezam raft, aey braadaraan rehmay Kaz ghamash ajab deedam haal e Peer e Kinaani Urdu: Na phaiko chaah maen Yusuf ko, aey bhaie zara soecho Keh us ki yaad maen tarhpay ga kaisa Peer e Kinaani English:=== And if your darling girl you somehow lose Do not complain, and don't have the blues Persian: Meerawi keh mizhgaanat khoon e khalq meereezad Tund meerawi jaanaan, tarsamat faromaani Urdu: Baha itni na taizi say too khoon e aashiqaan jaanaan Mujhay dar hay keh thak jaay gi taeri taigh e mizhgaani English:=== The gorgeous girls with their long eyelashes Oh, how they wound with jabs and slashes Persian: Pand e aashiqay bashnoo waz reh e tarab baaz aa Keen hama namiarzad shaghl e aalam e faani Urdu: Suno pand o naseehat aashiqoun ki, hirs ko chhorho Naheen daeta nishaat o aish e daayam aalam e faani English:=== But listen to the mystics and take their advice Your worldly woes aren't worth the price Persian: Zaahid e pasheemaan ra shooq e baada dar jaanast Aaqila makun kaaray kaawurad pasheemaani Urdu: Hay dil maen shouq e baada aur zabaan pay aeb e maikhaari Yeh do rooie teri zaahid tujhay day gi pasheemaani English:=== Our pious sheik does love the wine But offer it not, for he'll surely decline


Persian: Khumshikan namidaanad een qadar keh soofi ra Jins a khaangi baashad humchu laal e rammaani Urdu: Na tourh aey mohtasib khum maikaday kay, daekh soofi bhee Yeh kaisay mast haen pee ker sharaab e ishq e Rabbaani English:=== And though in private he'll wine and dine In public he'll break your vats of wine Persian: Gar to farighie az mun, aey nigaar e sangeen dil Haal e khud bakhaaham guft peesh e Aasif e saani Urdu: Na ker too aey but e sangeendil khoon e jigar itna Naheen hay kya tujhay kuchh khoaf e adl e Aasif e saani English:=== These beautiful girls have the hearts of stone And even to the Premier their cruelty is known Persian: Az daram daraamad must, meezanam ba shaadi dast Rooshni ba ma paiwast, raasti beh ar maani Urdu: Bajaaoun shaadiaana aur karoun maen raqs e mastaana Ager mastaana aa jaay kabhee tashreef e jaanaani English:=== But when these girls in the bar get drunk No one can resist them, not even a monk Persian: Baghbaan chun mun zeen ja bagzaram, haraamat baad Gar ba ja e mun sarvay ghiar e doost banshaani Urdu: Lahad per ger lagaay baaghbaan too sarv us jaisa Toe goeristaan mera bun jaay rashk e baagh e rizwaani English:=== And when they walk, they sway in the breeze For they are slim and trim like the cypress trees Persian: Dil zay naawak e chashmat goosha daashtam laikin Abroo e kamaandaarat meeburad ba aasaani Urdu: Ba mushkil dil ager bach jaay teer e chashm say taeray Kamaan e abroo kerti hay usay bismil ba aasaani English:=== And if you survive their charming eyes The bows of their brows will cause your demise Persian: Jammay kun ba ahsaanay HAFIZ e pareeshaan ra Aey shakunj gaisooyat majma e pareeshaani Urdu: Karay hae HAFIZ e shoareedsar ki jamaay khaatir wo Shakunj e zulf hay jis shoakh ki jam e pareeshaani English:=== And our HAFIZ says beware, beware! Their every lock is a deadly snare ====

Q Ghazal 299 Persian: Hazaar jehd bakardam keh yaar e mun baashi Qaraarbakhsh e dil e baiqaraar e mun baashi Urdu: Kiay hazaar jatan ta wo yaar ho maera Qaraarbukhsh e dil e baiqaraar ho maera English:=== I've tried and tried to make you a friend But to such an honor I could not ascend


Persian: Damay ba kalba e ahzaan e aashiqaan aaie Shabay anis e dil e sogwaar e mun baashi Urdu: Kabhee toe kalba e ahzaan e aashiqaan maen aa Gahay anis e dil e sogwaar ho maera English:==== I wish you would decide to come to my house And see me howl, and grunt, and grouse Persian: Charaagh e deeda e shabzindadaar e mun gardi Amir e rooz e mun o roozgaar e mun baashi Urdu: Charaagh e deeda e baikhaab shab maen aur din maen Too ghamgusaar e gham e rozgaar ho maera English:=== I promise to you I won't make a scene And make you instead my cherished queen Persian: Rafeeq o moonis o aaraam e jaan e mun gardi Anis e khaatir e ummeedwaar e mun baashi Urdu: Rafeeq o moonis o aaraam e jaan o dil bun ja Anis e khaatir e ummeedwaar ho maera English:=== With sorrow and pain I'll know how to cope If only you'll give me a little bit of hope Persian: Az aan aqeeq keh khoonidilam zay ishwa e o Agar kunam gilaay raazdaar e mun baashi Urdu: Wo jis aqeeq nay khoneen kya meray dil ko Gila jo us say karoun raazdaar ho maera English:=== Those crimson lips which I love so much Someday with my mouth I would like to touch Persian: Shawad ghizaala e khurshid sayd e laaghar mun Gar aahooay chu to yak dam shikaar e mun baashi Urdu: Ghizaal e shams bhee ho sayd e naatawaan ager Hiran koie tera jaisa shikaar ho maera English:=== Oh, you have no worry, no trouble, no woe For you are a happy and a cheerful doe Persian: Seh boosa kaz do labat kardaie wazeefa e mun Agar ada nakuni waamdaar e mun baashi Urdu: Jo teen bosay do lab kay wazeefa maera haen Too ger ada na karay qarzdaar ho maera English:=== So if you promise to give me a kiss A chance like this I'll never miss Persian: Mun een muraad nabeenam ba umr e khud keh shabay Ba ja e ashk e rawaan dar kinaar e mun baashi Urdu: Ba ja e ashk e rawaan aankh maen ho noor hi noor Agar wo noor e jahaan humkinaar ho maera English:=== And though I'm old and not very bold You in my arms I would love to hold -


Persian: Dar aan chaman keh butaan dast e aashiqaan geerand Garat zay dast baraayad nigaar e mun baashi Urdu: Karaen chaman maen haen but dastgeeri e aashiq Lay haath haath maen maera, nigaar ho maera English:=== And when in the park we walk or stand I wish you would let me hold your hand Persian: Chun khusrawaan e malaahat ba bandagoon naazand Dar aan miaana khudawandagaar e mun baashi Urdu: Hay khusrawaan e malaahat ko naaz bandoun per Khuda ra too bhee khudawandagaar ho maera English:=== For you I pine, I yearn, I crave For you are my queen and I am your slave Persian: Mun archeh HAFIZ e shehram, jaway namiarzam Magar to az karam e kheesh yaar e mun baashi Urdu: Houn gercheh shehr ka HAFIZ maen kya houn, kuchh bhee naheen Na jab talak karam aamaada yaar ho maera English:=== And though as HAFIZ I'm loved in the city I want your love; I need your pity ====


300 Ghazals of Hafiz Shirazi with Translations  

300 Ghazals of Hafiz Shirazi (Romanized Persian) Translations in Urdu and English

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