DOCUMENT Strategy Hot Companies 2022-2023

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1. Integration With Your Business Applications — We provide an open integration to your customer data (relational, transactional, XML) stored in your business applications such as underwriting/claims, CRM, ERP, EMR, billing, and/or other systems. 2. Template Authoring — We provide an authoring tool, built on Microsoft Word with our custom-built components that enables your template authoring process to be easy, efficient and secure. To make changes to document templates, you simply check the template out from our secure content library, make changes and simply check it back into the content library. 3. Document Generation — We provide you with a choice of methods you employ to create personalized customer documents: high-volume production runs (Batch), one-toone customer service (Interactive) and/or customer self-service (OnDemand). We have built in easy-to-use automated business processes so you can apply business rules to the template design in order to dynamically include customer data, reusable images, paragraphs and prompts into your personalized customer documents such as letters, correspondence, policies, agreements, statements and EOBs. 4. Document Archival — We provide an out-of-box full-function document archive for the automatic storage and management of all of your distributed customer documents, making it easy to also search, view and redistribute customer documents for one to one customer service and/or customer self-service 24/7. 5. Multi-Channel Document Distribution — Our multi-channel distribution engine enables you to distribute documents based on your customer’s individual preferences - print, e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile and/or the Web.