DOCUMENT Strategy Hot Companies 2022-2023

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WEBSITE: It’s time to leave your PDFs in the archive where they belong Too many digital experiences today consist of downloading static PDFs from an email or Web portal. It’s time to break free from the document paradigm of the 90s and deliver the dynamic digital experiences that your customers expect. Personalize your digital experiences Our headless CCM capabilities make it easy to take advantage of the sophisticated content targeting and personalization capabilities in Messagepoint, such as variations and dynamic targeting, to deliver relevant, contextual customer experiences digitally. Choose the right delivery format for your digital endpoints Content housed in Messagepoint is abstracted from the presentation layer, meaning it is not tied to any specific communication type or delivery channel. Messagepoint’s RESTful APIs enable your content to be shared across digital endpoints using HTML or JSON formats, giving you flexibility to meet the requirements of your digital endpoints. Intelligent AI-Powered CCM with Messagepoint Today’s customers demand seamless experiences across all communication channels. Messagepoint empowers your teams to centralize control and efficiently manage the complex, personalized content that supports both composed communications and rich digital experiences, all from one intelligent content hub. Modularize to modernize While other CCM vendors focus on managing documents, Messagepoint focuses on managing your content. Our modular content management approach enables you to manage your content in re-usable components that are abstracted from the presentation layer. This means your content isn’t locked in a document, but rather easily shared across composed communication touchpoints and any modern digital endpoint including your mobile app, Web page, messaging apps, or chatbot, IVR/IVA. Centralize control over your content By leveraging a centralized, intelligent content hub, you eliminate the need to duplicate and redundantly manage content across the different systems to support customer experiences across multiple channels. When content needs to be edited, make the change once in Messagepoint, and the update appears instantly across all the relevant touchpoints and channels — ensuring both consistency and compliance.