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8180 McCormick Boulevard Skokie, Illinois 60076 P: (847) 745-1668 F: (847) 745-1710 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity EIN #26-3948613


Nesanel Siegal


Zev Jacobs




Yitzi Weiss


are the community’s DNA. Just as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) guides the development of a human body, so, too, do our schools shape the future of our kehillah. Our community is a living, breathing, evolving entity. It can flourish or it can falter, depending on the successful transmission of our “genetic code” – which is not a matter of biology. Jews have always been the People of the Book, and we perpetuate our society through education.

Supporting the Chicago area’s Jewish day schools is as vital as physically nourishing young lives. As our children – the children of every Jewish household in the metropolitan area – grow and mature, they become the cells of the organism we call “community.” It is they who will determine the course of our future. It is they who will be responsible for bringing forth the next generations and for nurturing them both spiritually and intellectually. If you could ensure the healthy development of a human being, would you? Please join me in safeguarding our community’s future by making Jewish day school education viable, increasingly valuable, and the inviolable birthright of every Jewish child.



Aryeh Leib Benjamin Tomer Bitton Jonah Bruck Mark Campbell Bill Coleman Eli Davis Moishe Davis Nesanel Davis David Hartman Ami Robinson Micha Rose EDITOR

how we’re helping OUR SCHOOLS

The Kehillah Fund’s mission is to encourage and enable all Jewish families to provide their children with an outstanding Jewish and secular education, which will make them knowledgeable and proud of their Judaism. With this educational background, they will be able to contribute to the community that helped them, and to interface with society at large with confidence. The Kehillah Fund works to inspire and unite the community in support of this mission, thereby building a Jewish community that will live on in perpetuity.

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A NOTE of appreciation Zev Jacobs OUR SCHOOLS’

administrators collaborate closely with the Kehillah Fund in establishing communal funding for Chicago’s Jewish day schools. These unique individuals personify the admirable characteristic of leadership, and they have

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earned the trust of our kehillah. They most certainly deserve the great blessing of our sages, of blessed memory: “All who are involved faithfully in the needs of the community – may the Holy One, blessed be He, reward them and remove from them every affliction, and send blessing and success to all of their work, along with all Israel, their brethren.” To these administrators, allow me to say: It is a privilege to work in your company, and I wish to thank you publicly for becoming my friends and partners in making our communal dream a reality.

Whether or not you are a current day school parent, you can make a difference. Most schools will accept your old car as a donation, giving you a tax write-off for its value.

what can we do to guarantee JEWISH CONTINUITY &VIBRANCY? Nesanel Siegal

It’s providing a quality Jewish education to the community’s children. And just who is responsible for doing this? THE ANSWER IS CLEAR.

I am. And you are. Jewish Law dictates that both parents themselves and all other members of the community are. Today, Jewish education is the most costly expense our community faces. And this is exactly how the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund can help. Painlessly. And with a great fringe benefit: unity.

through our communal responsibility of funding Jewish education (which Jewish communities have done for centuries). To achieve this, we’ve created the systems to help pay for Jewish education. We’ve set up a unique, monthly giving system that funds our community’s Jewish days schools by automatically charging your credit or debit card. (You choose the dollar amount that’s most appropriate for you.) This saves you the inconvenience of writing and mailing a check. This also funds our schools reliably every month, so they know how much they can expect, and can budget for it. And you’re not constantly hassled with phone calls. When you see the charge on your bank or credit card statement, you’re reminded to be proud that you are doing your part as a responsible Kehillah member to ensure that our system is working for your schools and for the community, and to help guarantee Jewish continuity. And for that, we thank you. And your community’s children and schools thank you.

The Kehillah Fund’s task is to unite the entire community

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Average Monthly  Alloca&ons  

did you KNOW? $60,000    



has allocated

$40,000      $30,000    


$20,000      $10,000    

SINCE 2004






Our Jewish day schools have come to depend on monthly support from the Kehillah Fund. Allocations have been equitable and reliable every month since 20014.

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Some companies will match their employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations. Please check with your human resources department to find out if your donation dollars can go farther!


we continue to fund Jewish day school education for more and more children!


Alloca&ons per  Student   Akiba-Schechter Hebrew Day School Hyde Park (Chicago) 170  $320.00     Arie Crown Hebrew Day School Skokie 635   Cheder Lubavitch Day  $300.00   Schools Skokie, Chicago 235  $280.00     Gesher HaTorah Day School Skokie 30  $260.00     Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School Skokie 365  $240.00     JCFS Therapeutic Yeshiva Program Chicago 5  $220.00     Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov Yeshiva Tiferes Tzvi Chicago 820  $200.00     2009   2010   2011   2012   Keshet Northbrook 18   Ptach Chicago 38 The  Kehillah’s  support  increasingly  underwrites   the  cost  of  educating each student at eleven Chicagoarea day schools.  In 2011, per-student allocations decreased due to a positive development: increased Torah Academy of Buffalo Grove Buffalo Grove 16 enrollment. The increase in per-student allocations in 2012 evinces a growth in Kehillah Fund Yeshiva Ohr Boruch membership that now underwrites greater per-student Chicago 150 support even with this increase in enrollment. May




The Kehillah Jewish Education Fund distributes the community’s donation dollars to eleven Jewish day schools every month. The allocation is determined by relative enrollment, dividing the total donations proportionately to each school according to its number of students. Since the Kehillah Fund began in 2004, this system has been equitable and reliable. Current monthly allocations are $58,000 each month, for a total of $5.7 million to date.



leaders unite FOR OUR COMMUNITY

you’re not only interested in your own school and your kids,” said Yitzi Weiss. “You care about your friends’ kids, your neighbors’ kids, and the entire kehillah. Isn’t this the chinuch we want for ourselves and to teach our children?”

is multifaceted. More than fifty of Chicago’s rabbinic leaders have endorsed the work of the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund. Additionally, each of the Kehillah Fund’s board members approaches our shared mission with a different perspective, contributes his own set of experiences and talents, and adds to our dynamic dialogue.

The schools that benefit from the Kehillah Fund’s efforts occupy different niches in our community and meet different needs. Besides spanning a spectrum of philosophies, our schools also address a variety of academic, social, and emotional circumstances.



Tomer Bitton, an Arie Crown board member and parent, said he appreciates the opportunity to think more broadly about day school education. “The Kehillah Fund helps us focus on community issues beyond the schools we’re affiliated with directly.”

The current Kehillah Fund board members are: Aryeh Leib (Lawrence) Benjamin, Tomer Bitton, Jonah Bruck, Mark Campbell, Bill Coleman, Eli Davis, Moishe Davis, Nesanel Davis, David Hartman, Ami Robinson, Micha Rose, Nesanel Siegal, Dr. Yosef Walder, and board president Yitzi Weiss. These individuals, who represent many schools and shuls, come together regularly to discuss how their combined investments of time, energy, and financial support can be used most effectively to strengthen Jewish day school support throughout our Kehillah.

“The Kehillah Fund is vital to our community because Jewish education is everyone’s responsibility,” JDBY-YTT parent Micha Rose emphasized. “We are working to develop a system of universal support for Jewish education. It is a common thread that connects us all.” Jonah Bruck sharpened his fellow board members’ statements with concrete terms: “Without the Kehillah Fund, the community would need to find other ways to raise millions of dollars

“When you get involved with the Kehillah Fund, people understand that

– not an easy task. The Kehillah Fund is vital to keeping our Jewish education [tuition] from skyrocketing.” While their motives may have minor differences, each of the Kehillah Fund’s board members devotes tireless efforts, provides sage counsel, and lends direction to the Fund’s dedicated staff. To the board’s credit, the Kehillah Fund’s work continually becomes more efficient and effective as its leaders strive together toward the common goal of widespread communal funding for our schoolchildren and sustainability for the community’s future.

These individuals, who represent many schools and shuls, come together regularly to discuss how their combined investments of time, energy, and financial support can be used most effectively to strengthen Jewish day school support throughout our Kehillah.

Kehillah Fund is the very definition of the community support the Kehillah Fund because I don’t want Jewish “ The “ Ihistory working together for a better future. I feel that funding to end with me. My life has been centered day school education is the highest priority a community could have, and the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund is one of the ways to reach that goal.


Kehillah Fund not only supports an essential “ The service, it does so in a way that unites the entire

community. The Kehillah Fund challenges me to actualize my commitment to help put Jewish education on a lasting and sustainable basis.


around Jewish education for twenty-five years, so involvement with the Kehillah Fund is a natural outlet for me.


don’t always donate to eleven schools at once, but “ Iwhen I do, I prefer to do it through the Kehillah Fund! Seriously, if everyone gets onboard with the Kehillah Fund, we will do something really revolutionary.


Kehillah Fund is integral to the Chicago Jewish community, as we are constantly looking for ways to provide children “ The with high-level Jewish education at the lowest cost possible. It is a very pure form of charity and enables us to fulfill the important mitzvah of kol Yisrael areyvim zeh lahzeh [all of Israel are responsible for one another]! ”


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Target donates tens of thousands of dollars to schools, and will donate more if you sign up. Visit any time of year, and in August/September, to have Target donate a portion of your purchases to your designated school.

the relative cost of JEWISH EDUCATION Zev Jacobs

“Why is day school education so expensive?” There are two answers. PARENTS OFTEN ASK,

financial difficulties due to job loss, illness, or other factors. Their unpaid tuition causes hardship for the schools, which

impact FACT

country. Historically, Jewish communities have been funding children’s

education even longer.

Following in the footsteps of our Jewish ancestors and of the founding fathers of this country, it is clear that much of the solution to funding day school education is in the hands of the community. It is a matter of our collective and individual

Supporting our day schools is therefore a core obligation of the entire community, regardless of specific interests we have as individuals. The more successful our schools are, the stronger our community will be, and the better able we will be to support all of our charitable institutions – including our schools themselves. Solving our day school tuition problem is a matter of adjusting our thinking: Our private schools are community institutions, funded by the entire community and benefiting the entire community. The cost, when borne by all and seen as a building block of our collective future, is not so burdensome after all.

need a minimal number of dollars per student in order to keep their doors open. The Kehillah Fund has established the Achdus Scholarship Fund in response to such situations. Funding for this initiative comes from donations that are completely separate from the Kehillah Fund’s regular allocations to our schools. The Achdus

Scholarship Fund distributed $240,000 directly to the schools in 2013 to ensure that our community’s most financially vulnerable children continue to receive a quality education. More information is available at the Kehillah Fund office or by contacting (847) 745-1668 or

You can link your Hungarian card to Kehillah Fund, and Hungarian Kosher Foods will donate 0.5% of your purchases to our schools.



became an independent


for extreme hardship

before the United States



responsibility for the future financial and spiritual health of our community. Day schools are the foundation upon which are built all of our values, hopes, and dreams for not only our own children and future progeny, but for our community today and in the centuries to come. All Jewish children, whether rich or poor, not only equally deserve a quality Jewish education, but have the potential to give back to the community.

American life since


So why are parents paying so much for their children’s day school education? The difference is that public schools are funded by everyone, not just parents. Funding comes from the government, which means that the cost is spread among everyone who pays taxes, whether or not they have children in the schools.

The second answer is that we have to consider how much the community asks of its day schools. Currently, community expectations are that schools provide academic excellence in both Jewish and general studies, small classes, and pedagogy that addresses each child’s needs, including appropriate services for the growing number of students with special needs. Beyond academics, parents and community leaders have come to recognize that schools must inspire passionate Jewish living. These requirements mean hiring a large and talented staff as well as giving teachers appropriate support and supervision. In most Orthodox day schools, high tuition does not lead to a decline in enrollment, but it does place a great strain on middle-income families and often prevents one parent from staying home to raise the children.



Yossi Prager, the Avi Chai Foundation’s executive director for North America, confirmed that this is typical across the country. In his words, “the average cost per student in the same geographic area is almost certainly comparable or lower [than local public schools].”

Publicly funded schools “ have been part of

$ 5 . 7

The first answer is, surprisingly, “It’s not.” Compared to public schools, Jewish day schools are well within the state norm as far as cost per student. According to the Illinois State Board of Education, the average cost per kindergarten through eighth-grade student in the public schools in 20122013 was $11,457 – slightly higher than the average Jewish day school cost per student at $10,527. This is even more surprising in light of the longer school day and increased staff needed for general and Jewish studies. In addition, some of our schools are more complex in terms of social curricula and a variety of culturally unique activities.

In fact, publicly funded schools have been part of American life since before the United States became an independent country. Historically, Jewish communities have been funding children’s education even longer. Embracing this tradition again within our modern, capitalist society is a challenge. Ultimately, it will lead to a self-generating method of funding Jewish day school education. Well-educated children who love Yiddishkeit will become adult members of the community who in turn will help educate the next generation.



lead in communal funding innovation

as its launch, February 2014 is Jewish Day School Month across the Chicago area. The elements are evident everywhere: in the schools, in the shuls, and in the shops. From the Kehillah Matters Essay Competition to the signs on the walls of our community partners’ stores, the concept of communal funding for Jewish day school education has caught on.



Kehillah Shabbos 5774 is the second time the Chicago-area community has dedicated Parashas Terumah to promoting broad-based local support of our very own day schools. The connection is clear: As we read each year, Bnei Yisrael contributed what they could – according to each individual’s ability – to the Mishkan, a community institution. No one was forced to pay more than was possible, and everyone found a way to participate. Similarly, our Jewish day schools are central to our community, and the Kehillah Fund underscores the

importance of this shared responsibility by bringing together leaders across the community on this particular Shabbos each year. The rabbonim of 35 shuls spoke to their congregations about the mitzvah of providing an education for all of the Jewish children of our community. With the schooling that meets their myriad needs, all of these children will become full-fledged members of our community, proud and knowledgeable of their mesorah, our beloved heritage, and confidently equipped to contribute to society at large and our community specifically. This year, Kehillah Captains were the Fund’s community ambassadors, encouraging their peers to unite in support of Jewish day school education. Some of the captains already were board members, while others were more newly invested in the Kehillah Fund’s decadelong campaign. All gave of their time and their shem tov, their good name, for the benefit of our kehillah. The Kehillah Captains were: Barry Bass, Aryeh Leib Benjamin, Jonah Bruck, Mark Campbell, Benji Cohen, Bill Coleman, Nesanel Davis, Dr. David Dobkin, Pesach Glaser, Rabbi Moshe Shimon Gluck, Dr. Justin Gordon, Rabbi Eliezer Grunberg, David Hartman, Binyomin Hurwitz, Zev

NEW KEHILLAH FUND INITIATIVE: for the children, by the children AS OUR SCHOOLS work to educate the

community’s children, what could be more natural than teaching them about communal responsibility? The Kehillah Fund has initiated the first annual Kehillah Matters Essay Competition, part of Jewish Day School Month, as a way of engaging the children themselves. Sixth- through eighth-grade students are exploring the meaning of “kehillah” as they write about the nature of a kehillah, the obligations of an individual to his or her community, and what they enjoy most about our kehillah.

impact FACT

Entry requirements, which have been distributed at all Kehillah Fund schools, include a reference to at least one Torah teaching. Finalists will receive $50 gift certificates, and the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate. All children are encouraged to participate, and parents who need more information may call (847) 745-1668 or email with the word “Question” in the subject line. The submission deadline has been extended to February 28.

Jacobs, Eli Klein, David Merzel, Rabbi Yitzchok Miller, Rabbi Yochanan Posner, Ami Robinson, Micha Rose, Nate Rubenstein, Zvi Schayer, Max Stesel, Rabbi Aaron Topper, Dr. Yosef Walder, Avrum Weinfeld, Yitzi Weiss, and Dr. Zev Zlotapolsky. In recognition of our Chicagoland community’s groundbreaking program, Hamodia newspaper, with a vast readership across North America, published an article on March 6, 2013 about the first Kehillah Shabbos. The article featured the Kehillah Fund’s innovative system of automatic monthly donations and reliable monthly allocations as a model for other communities to emulate. The newspaper also pointed out that about half of Kehillah members currently have children in the day schools, while the other half do not. The Kehillah Matters Essay Competition is sponsored through the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Campbell in loving memory of Eitan Hillel ben Mishael, z”l; Mr. Sherwin Feldstein in loving memory of Sender Leib ben Moshe, z”l; and Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Leib Benjamin in loving memory Pearl bas Ene, z”l. Rosenblum’s World of Judaica in Skokie has donated some of the prizes.

KEHILLAH MATTERS Essay Competition

You can have between half a percent and 6% of your purchases on donated to the school of your choice through or


TORAH THANKS HILLEL KEHILLAH FUNDBERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT:Rothstein M/M Robert COMMUNITY MEM D/M Joshua Lennon M/M Matthew Saltzman Craig Frank Lerer M/M D/M Scott Fretzin R/M Avraham Friedman D/D Benjamin Friedman M/M David Geifman M/M Michael Glass D/D Yosie Goldberger M/M Jeremy Goltz M/M Yechiel Gordon M/M Jordan Grey M/M Pavel Gurevich M/M Alan Halpert M/M Daniel Harris D/M Eli Jacobs M/M Alan Kagan Dr. Jeremy Kahan M/M Guy Kaissar M/M Greg Kalutsky M/M Howard Karesh R/M Phil Karesh M/M Lev Katz M/M Sean Katz M/M Dorron Katzin D/M Daniel Katzman M/M Ari Kellman M/M Uriel Kluk M/M Matthew Koenig M/M Louis Kolom M/M Jacob Kupietzky M/M Daniel Kutliroff D/M Oren Lakser R/M Aaron Leibtag

M/M Avi M/M Ted Levine R/M Mel Lifsics Linzer R/M Menachem M/M Michael London M/D Aaron Marcus D/D David Marmor M/M Robert Matanky M/M David Meiselman g M/M Jeffrey Mendelsber M/M David Miller M/M Glenn Miller M/M Lev Miller Miller R/M Moshe Leib M/M Albert Milstein M/M Erik Moscovitch M/M Isaac Mulla M/M Avi Needle M/M Larry Nudelman D/D Ira Oliff R/M Joseph Ozarowski M/M Harris Perlman M/M Dov Pinchot M/M Edwin Plotkin M/M Jeffrey Pogonitz M/M Paul Quintas M/M Ami Robinson M/M Dov Robinson R/M Seth Rosenberg M/M Elisha Rosenblum M/M Avi Rothner

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M/M Yaakov Samberg M/M Francis Schneider D/M David Schreiber M/M Allen Schwartz M/M Daniel Schwartz M/M Aaron Segal M/M Dov Shandalov D/M Jeffrey Shanes M/M David Shiner M/M Michael Silverstein M/M Thomas Silverstein M/M Sid Singer D/M Steven Singer M/M Daniel Soleymani M/M Alan Sorscher M/M David Strahlberg M/M Raphael Tolub M/M Randy Trubnick R/M Avraham Varnai M/M Daniel Weiss M/M Jonathan Weiss M/M Zev Weissberg M/M David Well M/M Mark Zagorin M/M Michael Zahtz M/M Martin Zimmerman


Ami & Aviva Robinson

Samber’s 10th year as Principal

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households that are already members. The grant sponsors will contribute a 100% matching gift to Arie Crown for the first year of all new monthly gifts or increases, up to $6,000 total. Arie Crown intends to use some of its new funding to help cover the cost of additional security improvements to the school, the majority of which are covered at present by a security grant from the JUF. The generous benefactors at these two schools, Hillel Torah and Arie Crown, have set off a momentum that enhances our community’s sense of unity and tzedakah. Thanks to the participation of families and supporters of the two schools, and to the outstanding executive staff that orchestrates these programs, these matching grant initiatives will have everincreasing benefits for the individual schools, for all of Chicagoland’s Jewish day schools, and for our kehillah as a whole.






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You can get a tax credit for tuition! Visit and search Education Expense Credit. If you are an eligible educator, you can deduct up to $250 from your federal income tax for any unreimbursed expenses. Visit and search for Educator Expense Deduction.

I N ?



Who cares about community support for Jewish day schools? We all do! You and I and almost 1500 of our friends… and the owners of the following stores. When you shop during Jewish Day School Month, you will see that our community partners have displayed the Kehillah Fund’s banner. This is a reminder of what we know in our hearts: we are all in this together. For the children and for the future.


As this newsletter goes to press, Arie Crown families are rising to the challenge and joining the two hundred affiliated

arie crown

in honor of Rabbi

M E M B E R S .

M/M Michael Aberman M/M David Allswang M/M Brad Alter M/M Seth Appel M/M Alberto Attar M/M Ari Bajtner M/M Kenneth Baker D/M Dean Bell M/M Yoni Bellows M/M Hanina Ben-Simon D/M Jeffrey Bernstein M/M Jonathan Blumberg M/M Eitan Borochov R/D Reuven Brand M/M Howard Braun D/M Simeon Chavel D/D Allen Chernoff M/M Kenny Cooper M/D Craig Darlow M/M Doron David M/M Zevi David R/M Dfov Dubovick D/M Daniel Eisenstein R/M Zvi Engel M/M Ari Engelhart M/M Andrew Faibishenko R/M Yitzchak Falk M/M Michael Felix

Now, while the Robinsons are planning the second annual Robinson Matching Grant, generous anonymous donors arose at Arie Crown Hebrew Day School to offer their school community a similar challenge. In cooperation with Arie Crown Executive Director Sam Medow, they have established a matching grant in honor of Rabbi Eli Samber’s tenth year as principal.

matching gran t at


ns to the SED monthly donatio of NEW and INCREA Torah parents, staff, and The first six months on Fund by Hillel Torah. Kehillah Jewish Educati d with an equal donation to Hillel matche supporters will be

L - R: Zev Jacobs, Rabbi Eli Samber, Sam Medow


ant Robinson Matching Gr on of Mr. Sheldon Robins the In loving memory on have introduced Aviva & Ami Robins

The Kehillah Fund welcomed 24 households affiliated with Hillel Torah who joined as new monthly members through this challenge grant, as well as 18 more that took the opportunity to increase their gifts.


1 4 5 0 +

Kehillah Jewish Education Fund and Hillel Torah, Aviva and Ami established the Robinson Matching Grant, a recurring and inspiring initiative in memory of their grandfather, Mr. Sheldon Robinson, z”l. Through this program, designed in cooperation with

Hillel Torah School Administrator Dov Shandalov and Director of Development Ed Plotkin, they offered to match the first six months of new and increased monthly donations to the Kehillah Fund with an equal gift directly to Hillel Torah. Friends, parents, and staff members of Hillel Torah had one month in which to make their commitments. They did so with great enthusiasm, raising the Kehillah Fund’s total annual support for the schools by over $14,000 and increasing the Fund’s recurring allocations – to Hillel Torah and all of the other schools – by $1,200 each month. The Robinsons also have donated over $7,000 to Hillel Torah as part of this program.


Our community unites in support of Jewish Education. We salute our 1,452 member households who have committed to contributing regularly in support of our schools. Every donation has a lasting impact.


THE KEHILLAH FUND IS PROUD TO BE ENDORSED AND SUPPORTED BY THESE ESTEEMED RABBINIC SHUL AND YESHIVA LEADERS. R/M Alan Abramson R/M Meir Benhiyoun R/M Yishaya Benjaminson R/M Samuel Biber R/M Yossi Brackman R/D Reuven Brand R/M Zev Cohen R/M Shlomo Crandall R/M Eliezer Dimarsky R/M Pinchus Eichenstein R/M Yehoshua H. Eichenstein R/M Yehoshua H. Eichenstein

Anonymous M/M David Abell M/M Michael Aberman M/M Sheldon Aberman M/M Zev Aberman M/D Yaakov Abrahamson M/M Joseph Abramchik R/M Schaje Abramovitz D/M Harvey Abramowitz M/M Sidney Abramowitz D/M Ross Abrams M/M Schuyler Abrams R/M Alan Abramson R/M Aron Adler R/M Ezra Adler R/M Shmuel Adler R/M Yehudah Albin R/M Shlomo Alexander M/M Daniel Alkhovsky D/M Michael Allen M/M David Allswang Mr. Elliot Allswang Mrs. Rachel Allswang M/M Brad Alter M/M Brian Altgold Mrs. Esther Altman M/M Danny Altschul M/M Elliot Alvayor M/M Sidney Amdur M/M Jeremy Amster M/M Moshe Amster M/M Boruch Aplebaum M/M Moshe Appel M/M Seth Appel M/M Steven Appel M/M Joseph Applebaum D/D Robert Appleson R/M Eliezer Appleton D/M Shlomo Argamon M/M Ilan Arlin R/M Eliezer Aron M/M David Aronin R/M Dovid J. Aronin M/M Shmuel Aronin D/M Boruch Aronson M/M Moshe David Aryeh M/M Zev Ashkanazy Mrs. Leah Ashman M/M Elisha Atkin M/M Yoel Atkins M/M Akiva Atlas R/M Eli Atlas R/M Shimon Atlas R/M Yosef Atlas M/M Alberto Attar M/M Kenneth Avner Mrs. Shoshana Axler M/M Yossi Azaraf

R/M Zvi Engel R/M Baruch Epstein R/M Menachem Fine R/M Moshe Francis R/M Avraham Friedman R/M Ephraim Friedman R/M Shmuel Fuerst R/M Chaim Goldzweig R/M Reuven Gross R/M Eliezer Grunberg R/M Joel Gutstein R/M Shaoul Hamaoui

R/M Michael Azose M/M Yaakov Azose M/M Binyamin Babendir M/M Elly Bachrach R/M Gavriel Bachrach Dr. Yitzchok Shkop Mrs. Carol Bailenson M/M Abe Bajtner M/M Ari Bajtner R/M Eliezer Bakaleynik M/M Kenneth Baker R/M Michael Balinsky Mrs. Suzanne Ballew M/M Chaim Banker Mrs. Sara Barach M/M Noah Baron D/M Sanford Barr M/M Gary Barron M/M Heshe Basch M/M Barry Bass M/M Vahid Bassala R/M Aryeh Bassman M/M Doug Bassman M/M Yaakov Bassman R/M Nochum Bauman M/M Barak Baver M/M Erez Baver M/M Wayne Bayever M/M David Bechhofer M/M Benjamin Becker M/M Yerachmiel Beiles D/M Gary Bekritsky D/M Dean Bell M/M Shael Bellows M/M Yoni Bellows R/M Ezra Belsky M/M Zechariah Belsky M/M Avi Belson R/M Shimon Ben-Abu M/M Howard Benditzson R/M Meir Benhiyoun M/M Aryeh Benjamin R/M Yishaya Benjaminson M/M Hanina Ben-Simon M/M Yosef Ben-Zev Mr. Shai Berdugo Professor and Mrs. Allan Berele M/M Avraham Bereliani M/M Kenny Berger M/M Mendy Berger M/M Sidney Berger M/M Yehoshua M Berger R/M Chaim Bergman M/M Yaakov Bergman R/M Yitzchok Bergstein D/M Allan Berk M/M Eli Berkovich M/M Fred Berkovits

R/M Boruch Hertz R/M Yehoshua Karsh R/M Shmuel Katz R/M Shmuel Yeshaya Keller R/M Yaakov Kreisman R/M Stanley Kroll R/M Aaron Leibtag R/M Avrohom Chaim Levin R/M Leonard Matanky R/M Eliyahu Millen R/M Daniel Moscowitz R/M Binyomin Neuman

R/M Levi Notik R/M Shmuel Notik R/M David Perkel R/M Moshe Perlstein R/M Henoch Plotnik R/M Yosef Posner R/M Elisha Prero R/M Daniel Raccah R/M Mordechai Raizman R/M Yosef Rajchenbach R/M Yaakov Robinson R/M Aron Rosenberg

M/M Yudi Berkovitz M/M Fred Brody M/M David Berkowitz M/M Michoail Brody Mrs. Rena Berkowitz R/M Yaakov Brody R/M Yehuda Berkowitz R/M Yoseph Bromberg M/M Shmuel Bernhaut M/M Yishai Broner D/M Jeffrey Bernstein M/M Marc P. Brown Mr. Melech Bernstein R/M Avrohom Brownstein M/M Paul Bernstein M/M Yisroel Brownstein M/M Roy Bernstein R/M Yitzchok Broyde Mrs. Shlomit Bernstein M/M Jonah Bruck M/M Shalom Bersson D/M Jeffrey Buckman M/M Yechiel Besser Ms. Vivian Burak Mrs. Michael Best M/M Leonard Bu rd R/M Samuel Biber R/M Ari Burian R/M Tzvi Bider R/M Yisroel Meir Butrimovitz M/M Yehuda Bider Mr. J. Campbell & Mrs. B. Cohen R/M Yitzchok Bider M/M Mark Campbell M/M Yisroel Binn D/M Paul Cantz M/M David Binter R/M Aaron Cardash M/M Ilya Birman R/M Berish Cardash M/M Arthur Birn Mrs. Esther Cardash M/M Philip Birn M/M Dov Carron Mrs. Esther Birnbaum R/M Mordechai Chaimovitz D/M Irving Birnbaum M/M Mayer Chase D/M Kenneth Biss D/M Simeon Chavel M/M Tomer Bitton M/M David Cheplowitz M/M Avrohom Blaustein D/D Allen Chernoff M/M Matis Blisko D/M Eugene Cherny M/M Yitzchok Blisko R/M Shlomo Cherrick D/M Mitchell Blivaiss M/M Myron M Cherry M/M Nathan Bloch M/M Igor Chertok Lee and Lisa Bloom R/M Avrohom Chesny M/M Jess Bloomenkranz M/M Shalom Chinn M/M Jonathan Blumberg M/M Yehuda Chumak Dr. Amy Blumofe M/M Ira Clair D/D Neil Bockian R/M Ari Cohen M/M Mordy Bogen R/M Arthur Cohen M/M Sanford Bokor M/M Benji Cohen D/M Yossi Borenstein M/M Bernard Cohen M/M George Bornstein Mr. David L. Cohen M/M Eitan Borochov M/M Eli Cohen R/M Yossi Brackman M/M Elliot Cohen R/M David Brand M/M Frank Cohen R/D Reuven Brand M/M Jeff Cohen D/M Avraham Brandes M/M Leonard Cohen M/M Dovid Brandes M/M Mark Cohen M/M Yitzchak Brandes M/M Marvin Cohen M/M Shmuel Brandman R/M Mendel Cohen M/M Yossi Brandman M/M Randall Cohen M/M Andrew Bransky R/M Shlomo Cohen M/M Howard Braun Mrs. Tziyona Cohen Mr. Shimmy Braun & Mrs. Shani Braun R/M Yisroel Y. Cohen M/M Brian Brenner R/M Yosef Cohen R/M Neil Brill R/M Yossef Yitzchok Cohen M/M Robert Brimm R/M Zev Cohen M/M David Brochin Mr. B. Coleman & Ms. C. Groover M/M Eliezer Broder Ms. Elisheva Coleman M/M Earl Brody Cong. Adas Bnei Israel

R/M Gershon Schaffel R/M Moshe Schecter R/M Moshe Scheinberg R/M Moshe Schmelczer R/M Chaim E Twerski R/M Ephraim Twerski R/M Moshe Yosef Unger R/M Burton Wax R/M Hertzel Yitzhak R/M Shimon Zehnwirth R/M Doug Zelden Rabbi Dovid Zucker

Cong. Ezras Israel Cong. K.I.N.S. of WRP Cong. Shearith Yisroel M/M Kenny Cooper M/M Jake Counne R/M Shlomo Crandall M/M Mitchell Cutler R/M Ezriel Cziment D/M Avy Dachman Mr. Ephraim Dachman R/M Simcha Dachs M/M David Daitchman M/M Eytan Dallal Danial Family Foundation M/M Michael Daniels M/D Craig Darlow D/M Martin Dauber M/M Doron David M/M Eli Davis M/M Moshe Davis M/M Nesanel Davis M/M Yehoshua Davis M/M Yisroel Mordechai Davis M/M Yosef Davis M/M Mitch Dayan Mrs. Marilyn Dekoven Mrs. Shirley Derdiger R/M Doni Deutsch M/M Ned Diamond R/M Eliezer Dimarsky M/M Jonathan Dimbert M/M Dvir Dimri D/M David Dobkin D/M Irving Domsky M/M Oron Domsky M/M Zave Domsky M/M Arthur Dordek M/M Gershon Draiman D/M Shlomo Drapkin M/M David Dreyster M/M Meir Dubinsky R/M Dov Dubovick R/M Noson Dubovick R/M Mayer Dudovitz M/M Shlomo Dugan Mr. Albert Dukelsky R/M Yaakov Dvorin M/M Claude Edelson Mrs. Dena Ehrlich M/M Joel Ehrlich M/M Mitchell Ehrlich R/M Chaim Ehrman R/M Yissochor Ehrman R/M Pinchus Eichenstein R/M Yehoshua H. Eichenstein R/M Yehoshua H. Eichenstein R/M Yaakov Eisenbach R/M Eliezer Eisenberg



R/M Jeffrey Holman R/M Yisroel Homnick M/M Avigdor Horowitz Hungarian Kosher Foods M/M Ted Hunter D/M Jordan Hupert M/M Benyamin Hurwitz M/M Yoel Hyton Polina Imas Immigration Law Assoc. PC Integrated DNA Technologies R/M Eliezer Irons Mr. Bradley Irwin M/M Dean Isaacs M/M Jeremy Isaacs R/M Reuven Isaacs M/M Stephen Isaacs M/M Ben Isaacson R/M Jerold Isenberg R/M Yehuda Isenberg M/M Benjy Israel M/M Yehoshua Israel M/M Gilad Itzhaki R/M Eli Itzkowitz D/M Eli Jacobs M/M Nolan Jacobs R/M Zev Jacobs Mr. Yoseph Jacoby M/M Steven Jakubowski R/M Raphael Jaworowski M/M Shraga Jeremias M/M Barukh Joshua D/M Alan Kadish M/M Alan Kagan M/M Jordan Kagan Mrs. Claire Kaganoff Mrs. Rivkie Kaganoff Ms. Sara Aviva Kaganoff Dr. Jeremy Kahan Mr. Stephane Kahloun M/M Aaron Kahn M/M Lothar Kahn M/M Moshe Kahn R/M Zev Kahn M/M Guy Kaissar M/M Eli Kalman R/M Schneur Kalmanson M/M Greg Kalutsky M/M Benjamin Kandelman Mr. Mark Kandelman M/M Craig Kanter M/M Matthew Kanter M/M Simcha Kanter R/M William Kanter D/D Edward Kaplan M/M Robert Kaplan R/M Avrohom Karbal M/M Howard Karesh R/M Phil Karesh D/M Stephen Karesh R/M Aaron Karman M/M Asher Karoll M/M Asher Karp M/M Avraham Karsh R/M Yehoshua Karsh R/M Aaron Katz M/M Dov Katz D/M Jerrold Katz M/M Lev Katz R/M Moshe Katz R/M Moshe Katz M/M Sean Katz R/M Shmuel Katz M/M Steve Katz Mr. Tzvi Katz M/M Avromy Katzenstein M/M Meir Katzenstein M/M Dorron Katzin D/M Daniel Katzman R/M Shraga Kaufman M/M Aharon Kaye M/M Jonathan Kaye D/M Ari Kaz Ms. Chana Martel Keefe M/M Jonathan Keefe


Mrs. Elaine Gordon D/M Justin Gordon M/M Lee Gordon M/M Ross Gordon M/M Selwyn Gordon M/M Yechiel Gordon M/M Joel Gorenstein M/M Joseph Gottesman R/M Michael Gottesman R/M Pesach Gottesman R/M Reuven Gottesman Mrs. Sara Gottlieb M/M David Goykhman M/M Moshe Goykhman D/M Ronen Gradwohl R/M Dovid Greenberg D/M Ronald Greenberg M/M Yankie Greenberger Mrs. Eudice Greenfield M/M Jonathan Greenfield R/M Micha Greenland D/M Phil Greenland R/M Shlomo Greenspan D/D Steven Greenspan M/M Joseph Greer M/M Jordan Grey M/M Michael Groner R/M Reuven Gross D/M Aaron Grossman R/M Dovid Grossman R/M Micha Gruber R/M Eliezer Grunberg R/M Chaim M. Grunwald R/M Shmuel Gulevsky M/M Pavel Gurevich M/M Yakov Gutkin M/M Jeffrey Gutman Mr. Leon Gutman Mrs. Lydia Gutman R/M Mark Gutman M/M Abie Gutnicki R/M Aharon Gutstein D/M Daniel Gutstein R/M Joel Gutstein M/D Ari Haas R/M Sholom Halberstam Mr. Allen Halperin M/M Alan Halpert M/M Marc Halpert R/M Shaoul Hamaoui M/D Tomer Hammel M/M Ezra Hamui M/M Sam Handelman R/M Reuven Handler M/M George Hanus M/M Dan Harris M/M Daniel Harris Mr. Leon Harris Mrs. Miriam Harris M/M David Hartman M/M Mark Hartman M/M Robert Hartman R/M Jeremy Hartstein M/M Michael Hartz Ms. Rivka Haskell R/M Tzvi Haskell R/M Yisroel Hass M/M Bernard Hasten M/M Meier Heching D/M Chaim Hecht R/M Meir Hecht R/M Ilan Heifetz D/M Kalman Hellman M/M Jacob Herbach R/M Boruch Hertz M/M Rafi Herzfeld M/M Robert Herzfeld M/M Eliezer Hildeshaim D/M Michael Hobaugh D/M Gary Hoberman R/M Ephraim Hochberg R/M Yehoshua Hoffman Hollander Family Mrs. Rosa Hollander M/M Volvie Hollander


R/M Yochanan Friedman R/M Shmuel Fuerst Ms. Rena Funk M/M Aharon Gaffen M/M Edward Galster M/M Ezra Galston M/M Tzvi Garden D/M Yudi Garden R/M Jordan Garelick M/M Chaim Garfinkel M/M Hal Garfinkel R/M Shalom Garfinkel R/M Edward Garsek R/M Zev Garsek M/M Arnold Gassel M/M Aaron Gavant M/M David Geifman M/M Dennis Gelbart M/M Howard Geller D/M Steve Geller R/M Shimon Gendelman M/M Harry Gendler M/M Alan Gershman M/M Avrohom Gershon D/M Richard Gershon D/M Jeffrey Gersten M/M Seymour Gertz M/M Stanford Gertz M/M Srulie Getter M/M Hillel Getz R/M Eliezer Gifter D/M Michael Gillman R/M Colman Ginsparg R/M Elie Ginsparg R/M Morty Ginsparg M/M David Given M/M Pesach Glaser M/M Michael Glass R/M Michael Glassenberg M/M Andrew Glatz M/M Daniel Glenner M/M Eliyahu Glenner R/M Sidney Glenner R/M Yonatan Glenner Douglas Glick & Jennifer Uson D/M Gerald Glick M/M Adam Glickman M/M Chaim Gluck M/M Eli Gluck D/M Joseph Gluck Rabbi Moshe Shimon Gluck R/M Reuven Gluck R/M Shmuel Gluck M/M Michael Goizman D/M Serge Golber Dr. Rachelle Gold R/M Yonatan Gold M/M David Goldberg Mr. David Goldberg M/M Henry Goldberg M/D Joel Goldberg M/M Mitchell Goldberg R/M Norman T Goldberg D/M Steven Goldberg M/M Yoel Goldberg D/D Yosie Goldberger Mrs. Lori Goldenberg M/M Fred Goldman M/M Lawrence Goldman M/M Noah Goldman D/M Stuart Goldman M/M Akiva Goldstein M/M Berton I. Goldstein M/M Larry Goldstein M/M Mort Goldstein D/M Shmuel Goldstein R/M Yehoshua Goldstein R/M Yisroel Goldstein R/M Yitzchok Dovid Goldstein R/M Chaim Goldzweig M/M Jeremy Goltz M/M Ariel Goodman R/M Mordechai Goodman M/M Shmuel Goodman M/M Arthur Gordon

$ 5 8 , 0 0 0

D/M Daniel Eisenstein R/M Mordechai Elbaum D/M Morton Eleff R/M Avigdor Elinberg Dr. Yves Eljas M/M Gary Elkins M/M Yechezkal Elkins M/M Menachem Emanuel M/M Refoel Emert R/M Zvi Engel M/M Ari Engelhart M/M William Engelhart M/M Shlomo Epshteyn R/M Baruch Epstein M/D Steven Erenberg S. Erlebacher & M. Horowitz M/M Moshe Erlich M/M David Etzman R/M Nosson Factor M/M Steven Fagan M/M Andrew Faibishenko Mr. J. Faier & Mrs. D. Schwartz R/M Yehoshua Falik R/M Yitzchak Falk Rabbi Ernest Farkas R/M Larry Feder M/M Mandel Feferman R/M Azriel Feifel Mr. A. Feigelson & Mrs. L. Landman M/M Marvin Feiger M/M Yankey Feiler M/M Yisrael Feiler M/M Roger Feinberg R/M Zvi Feiner M/M Peretz Feit M/M Michael Felix Mr. Frederick Fenig R/M Menachem Fine M/M Elchanan Finestone M/M Shimon Fink D/M Cal Finkel D/M Phillip Finkel M/M Louis Finkelstein R/M Sholem Fishbane R/M Zvi Fishbane M/M Chaim Fisher M/M Ted Fishman M/D Jeremy Fogel M/M Howard Fox Mr. Jonathan Fox M/M Jordan Fox R/M Yakov Fox R/M Moshe Francis R/M Shlomo Francis R/M Sholom Francis M/M Craig Frank R/M Jack Frank M/M Paul Frankel Mrs. Sharon Frankel M/M Tzvi Frankenthal M/M Eliezer Freid D/M Scott Fretzin M/M Arthur Fridberg R/M Ari Friedman D/M Arthur J. Friedman R/M Avraham Friedman D/D Benjamin Friedman Mr. Benjamin T. Friedman M/M Benzion Friedman M/M Colin Friedman M/M Dovid Friedman Mr. Edward Friedman R/M Elimelech Friedman R/M Ephraim Friedman Mrs. Esther Friedman M/M Gershon Friedman Mr. Ian Friedman M/M Jeffrey Friedman M/M Larry Friedman M/M Mark Friedman R/M Moishe Friedman M/M Morton Friedman M/M Moshe Friedman M/M Robert Friedman R/M Yaakov Friedman



D/M Jacob Keller R/M Shmuel Yeshaya Keller M/M Ari Kellman R/M Menashe Kestenbaum R/M Chaim Kirsch R/M Menachem Kirshner M/M Michael Kirshner M/M Sheldon Kirshner M/M Isaac Kirstein R/M Baruch Klagsbrun R/M Elisha Klausner M/M Doug Klein Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein M/M Eli Klein M/M Joel Klein M/M Jordan Klein M/M Kenneth Klein M/M Michael Klein M/M Michael D Klein M/M Frank Kleinerman D/M Marlon Kleinman R/M Yitzchok Klor M/M Uriel Kluk M/M Chaim Knobloch R/M Meier Knopf M/M Norman Knopf M/M Yitzchok Knopf R/M Yosef Knopf M/M Matthew Koenig M/M Rahim Kohanpour M/M Asher Kohn M/M Asher Kohn M/M Boaz Kohn R/M Shloime Kohn M/M Louis Kolom R/M Yitzchok Kolsky M/M Jon Koplow R/M Asher Korenberg M/M Avi Korn M/M Israel Krakowski M/M Moshe Krakowski D/M Shimi Krauss D/M Howard Kravitz R/M Yaakov Kreisman M/M Steven Krinsky D/M Zvi Krinsky M/M Semion Krishtal R/M Asher Zelig Krohn Dr. Jonathan Krohn R/M Yehuda Krohn R/M Daniel Kroll R/M Stanley Kroll M/M Eddie Krule R/M Pinchus Krystal M/M Gershon Kulek Ms. Marcia Kulinsky M/M Jacob Kupietzky R/M Shmuel Kurtz M/M Daniel Kutliroff R/M Sender Kutner D/M Oren Lakser R/M Yosef Landa Mrs. Chava Landau M/M Joseph Landsman M/M Kenny Landsman Honorable Lou Lang M/M Yisroel Langer R/M Dovid Langsner M/M Nachum Langsner M/M Alexander Lapson D/M Dovid Lapson M/M Elly Latinik M/M Jerry Latinik R/M Aaron Shlomo Lauer Mrs. Harriet Lavenda M/M Steven Lavenda Mrs. Judy Lebitsky M/M Mordechai Lebovics M/M Marnin Lebovits R/M Nosson Lederer M/M Simcha Lefton Mrs. Arleen Leib R/M Dov Leibenstein R/M Aaron Leibtag M/M George Lennon D/M Joshua Lennon M/M Bruce Leon

M/M Seymour Lepp M/M Avi Lerer M/M Jim Lerman D/M David Lerner M/M Moshe Lesser M/M Avishai Lev M/M Stanley Levee M/M Daniel Levi M/M Avrohom Levin R/M Avrohom Chaim Levin Mrs. Cynthia A. Levin M/M Jonathan Levin R/M Shmuel Levin M/M Ydidya M Levin R/M Yitzchok Zev Levin M/M Koppel Levine M/M Ted Levine M/M Yehuda Levine M/M Brian Levinson M/M Marc Levinson R/M Reuven Levinson M/M Arnold Levitan R/M Michel Levitansky M/M Yudi Levitansky R/M Reuven Levitin M/M Moshe Leib Levovitz R/M Moshe Liberman Mrs. Timna Liberman R/M Yoseph Liberman M/M Zvie Liberman M/M Howard Lichtenstein M/M Nathan Lichtenstein R/M Mayer Lichtman M/M Shalom Lichtman R/M Joseph Lichtshein Mr. Michael Lieberman Mrs. Raisa Lieberman M/M Shlomo Lieberman R/M Zev Lieberson M/M Azriel Lifsics R/M Mel Lifsics R/M Menachem Linzer M/M Charles Lipshitz R/M Leon Lipshitz D/M Sam Lipshitz R/M Michoel Lipskier M/M Allan Litwack R/M Shlomo Litwack M/M Norman Litz R/M Jerry Lob M/M Avraham Lobl M/M Arnold Loeb M/M Harlan Loeb M/M Harvey Loeb M/M Alan Loebman Mrs. Sandra Loebmann D/M Edward Loew M/M Eliyahu Lome M/M Michael London Rabbi Paul Lopin M/M Yisroel Lopin M/M Michael Loskove M/M Morris Loterstein R/M Dovid Lubowsky M/M David Maeir D/M Dovid Mael M/M Elan Magence M/M Meyer Magence M/M Dovid Maler M/M Joel Malkin R/M Hillel Mandel R/M Meir Mandelbaum M/M Simi Mandelbaum M/M Steve Mandrea M/M Robert Manewith Mrs. Leah Mann M/M Shimon Marcucci M/D Aaron Marcus M/M Joel Margolies M/M Jonathan Margolin Mr. Marvin Margolis D/M David Margulis Ms. Ilana Marks D/M Jules Marks Mrs. Orit Marmel D/D David Marmor R/M Ari Maryles

M/M Herschel Maryles M/M Jack Maryles M/M Shmuel Mashiach M/M Yaacov Mashiach M/M Ronnie Masliansky R/M Leonard Matanky M/M Robert Matanky Mrs. Trude Matanky M/M Alan Matten R/M Yisroel Matzliach M/M Aaron Mauer M/M Dovie Mauer Mrs. Freda Mauer M/M Joseph Mauer M/M Marshall Mauer M/M Sam Medow M/M Chaim Meer M/M David Meiselman R/M Zev Meisels M/M Asher Mendelsberg M/M Barry Mendelsberg M/M Jeffrey Mendelsberg M/M Sheldon Mendelsberg R/M Yissochor Dov Merling Ms. Chava Merzel M/M David Merzel M/M Larry Merzel Mrs. Sharon Merzel M/M Edward Meyer Rabbi Gavriel Meyerowitz M/M David Meyers R/M Hillel Meyers M/M Joel Meyers M/M Eliezer Meystel M/M Jay Meystel M/M Meir Meystel M/M Shimon Meystel M/M Yosef Meystel R/M Eliyahu Millen M/M Aaron Miller D/D Alan Miller M/M David Miller D/M Dov Miller M/M Eliyahu Miller M/M Glenn Miller M/M Jay Miller D/D Jeremy Miller Ms. Jody Miller M/M Lev Miller Mrs. Millie Miller R/M Moshe Leib Miller R/M Yitzchok Miller M/M Albert Milstein M/M Marty Miretzky M/M Steven Miretzky M/M Joel Mirkin M/M Josh Mishkin M/M Noah Mishkin R/M Aryeh Leib Moldaver M/M Richard Moldwin R/M Avrohom Moller M/M Alan Molotsky R/M David Montrose M/M Tzvi Montrose M/M Yechezkel Montrose R/M Aron Moore M/M Mitchell Morgenstern M/M Erik Moscovitch M/M Myron Moscovitch R/M Daniel Moscowitz M/M Ephraim Moscowitz R/M Meir Moscowitz R/M Menachem Moscowitz R/M Moshe Moscowitz R/M Yosef Moscowitz R/M Zelik Moscowitz M/M Harold Moskowitz R/M Laibel Moskowitz M/M Shomshon Moskowitz M/M Stuart Muller M/M Aaron Musat R/M Michael Myers Mrs. Paula Myers R/M Yosef Nadler M/M David Nadoff R/M Yehuda Nadoff M/M Yochanan Nathan

M/M Yosef Nathan M/M William Near M/M Avi Needle Mrs. Phyllis Needle M/M Dovid Neiman M/M Ira Neiman D/M Steven Neren R/M Shlomo Neuberger Miss Tzippora Neuhaus R/M Bernard Neuman R/M Binyomin Neuman R/M Yirmiyohu Neuman R/M Shlomo Newmark M/M Moti Ninio D/M Moshe Nitekman D/M Jerry Noble Rabbi Moshe Noble R/M Levi Notik R/M Shmuel Notik M/M Daniel Novick M/M Michael M. Nudell M/M Yehoshua Nudell M/M Larry Nudelman M/M Michael Nussbaum Dr. Mark I Oberlander M/M Yaakov Obodyanik D/D Ira Oliff R/M Binyomin Olstein M/M Brad Olswang M/D Marc Olswang R/M Dovid Oppenheimer D/M Charles Ovitsky R/M Joseph Ozarowski M/M Yehuda Papoff M/M Dov Peikes R/M David Perkel M/M Michael Perl Ms. Bella Perlman M/M Harris Perlman M/M Tzvi Perlman M/M Ezra Perlmuter R/M Moshe Perlstein M/M Tzvi Yaakov Pike M/M Ira Piltz M/M Dov Pinchot R/M Binyomin Pinkus M/M Paul Pinkus R/M Yehoshua Pinkus R/M Avraham Aharon Pirutinsky M/M Yechiel Pisem M/M Ami Pissetzky M/M Edwin Plotkin R/M Henoch Plotnik M/M Moshe Plotnik M/M Abe Polatsek M/M Ephraim Polatsek R/M Yaakov Pole D/M Kenneth Polin Ms. Lori S. Polin-Silva M/M Label Polsky M/M Simcha Polsky M/M Mordy Polstein M/M Moshe Polstein R/M Yehuda Polstein R/M Yosef Polstein M/M Ben Pomerantz M/M Benjamin Porush M/M David Porush R/M Israel Porush R/M Yochanan Posner R/M Yosef Posner Precision Heating and A/C R/M Elisha Prero M/M Gavriel Prero Mrs. Millie Prero M/M Moshe Prero M/M Arn Pressner M/M Peter Price Mrs. Marlene Putterman M/M Paul Quintas Rabbi Louis & Lillian Chaimovitz Charity Fund M/M Ira Rabin R/M Daniel Raccah R/M Sholom Raices R/M Aryeh Raitzik R/M Chaim Tzvi Raitzik

R/M Mordechai Raizman R/M Chaim Rajchenbach R/M Yaakov Rajchenbach R/M Yosef Rajchenbach R/M Ben-Zion Rand R/M Yitzchok Rand M/M Andrew Rashkow M/M Allen Ray M/M Barry Ray M/M Dovid Ray M/M Shimon Ray M/M Tzvi Ray R/M Yale Ray M/M Yehoshua Ray Mr. Igor Rebel R/M Avrum Reifer M/M Tzvi Reifer R/M Yankel Reifer M/M Jacob Reiss R/M Moshe Revah M/M Yehudah Richmond M/M Joseph Richter M/M Walter Richtman R/M Dovid Rifkind M/M Ephraim Rimel M/M Yudi Rine M/M Kenneth Ripstein R/M Moshe Roberts M/M Noson Robeson M/M Ami Robinson M/M Barry Robinson M/M Dov Robinson M/M Elliot Robinson Mrs. Freda Robinson R/M Yaakov Robinson Mr. Mark Rogowin M/M Mitchell Roitman M/M Aaron Rokach R/M David Rokach R/M Moshe Rokach Romanian Kosher Sausage Co. M/M Chaim Romanoff M/M Shmuel Romirowsky M/M Mitchell Rose D/D David Rosen Mr. Eliyahu Rosen M/M Joseph Rosen R/M Michael Rosen M/M Noah Rosen R/M Shlomo Rosen M/M Sy Rosen R/M Aron Rosenberg R/M David Rosenberg Mrs. Doris Rosenberg M/M Ira Rosenberg M/M Marvin Rosenberg R/M Seth Rosenberg R/M Yoel Rosenberg M/M Micha Rosenbloom M/M Elisha Rosenblum Mr. Sender Rosenfeld M/M Ben Rosenthal M/M Scott Rosenzweig M/M Josh Ross Mrs. Sharyl Ross Ms. Vicki Ross M/M Dan Roth D/M Shmuel Roth M/M Avi Rothner Mrs. Elaine Rothner Ricky and Gail Rothner M/M Robert Rothstein M/M Aron Routman Mr. Al Ruben M/M Josh Ruben M/M Nathan Rubenstein R/M Aaron Rubin D/M Dan Rubin M/M Yale Rubinson R/M Sholom Rupp R/M Chaim Russell M/M Sruli Russell M/M William Russman M/M Yisroel Saacks M/M Avram Sacks Ms. Simcha Safran R/M Yonah Saks



M/M Daniel Weiss M/M Daniel Weiss M/M Daniel Weiss M/M Howard Weiss M/M Jonathan Weiss M/M Joseph Weiss M/M Leonard Weiss M/M Marty Weiss M/M Natan Weiss D/M Reuven Weiss M/M Selwyn Weiss R/M Shmuel Weiss M/M Yitzi Weiss M/M Zoltan Weiss M/M Zev Weissberg M/M Stanley Weissbrot M/M Avi Weissman R/M Binyomin Weisswasser M/M Shmuel Yosef Weldler M/M Zvi Calev Weldler M/M David Well R/M Harvey Well M/M Heshy Wengrow M/M Yitzy Wengrow M/M Yoni Wengrow M/M Lyle Wexler Mr. Larry E. White Mr. Rafael Wiesenberg Mrs. Paul T. Wigoda M/M Robert Wigoda M/M Michael Wilens M/M Sherwin Willner R/M Shmuel Wineberg M/M David Winner M/M Geoffrey Winner Mr. Jeff Winter M/M Ira Wiznitzer R/M Aron Wolf M/M Eli Wolf M/M Gershon Wolf R/M Moshe Wolf R/M Moshe Wolf M/M Stanley Wolf R/M Yitzchok Wolf Rev. and Mrs. Noah Wolff M/M David Wolper M/M Yehuda Wolper R/M Kalman Worch Worthy Insurance Group M/M Aaron Wortman M/M Lawrence Yablong D/M Yigal Yahav M/M Yakov Yarmove M/M Ilya Yeverovich R/M Hertzel Yitzhak M/M Binyomin Yovits M/M Mark Zagorin M/M Alan Zahtz D/M Merrill Zahtz M/M Michael Zahtz D/M Phillip Zaret R/M Shimon Zehnwirth Mr. Shimon Zeisel R/M Doug Zelden M/M Joe Zimmerman M/M Martin Zimmerman M/M Rafi Zimmerman R/M Zvi Zimmerman R/M Dovid Zirkin M/M Josh Zisook M/M David Zissman Rabbi David Zitter M/M Fishel Zlatopolsky M/M Zeev Zlatopolsky D/M Boruch Zucker Rabbi Dovid Zucker Mrs. Renee Zucker M/M Shimon Zuckerbraun M/M Avichai Zuckerman M/M Lavie Zuckerman R/M Tzvi Yaakov Zuckerman M/M Yair Zuckerman M/M Sholom Zupnik


M/M Edward Stopek Mrs. Helen Stopek M/M David Strahlberg R/M Herschel Strauss M/M Michael Strick M/M David Strulowitz Mr. Martin Stub M/M Makhlouf Suissa R/M Dovid Sukenik M/M David Superstein M/M Chaim Suss R/M Shimon Susskind M/M Brian Sweer M/M Jeff Sweet Mr. Max Tannenbaum R/M Yochanon Tannenbaum R/M Avraham Tarshish D/D Gershom Taub M/M Lance Taxer R/M Berish Teichman R/M Michael Teitcher R/M Shmuel Tenenbaum R/M Sholom Tenenbaum M/M Doved Tessler M/D Motty Tessler M/M Raphael Tolub R/M Aaron Topper R/M Tuvia Torem M/M Allan Towb M/M Yakov Trilisky M/M Randy Trubnick R/M Yakov Trump M/M Brandon Tuman M/M Avrohom Turetsky R/M Chaim Mordechai Turin M/M Ari Turk R/M Pinchus Turk M/M Reuven Turk R/M Mordechai Turoff R/M Chaim E Twerski R/M Ephraim Twerski R/M Schneur Twersky M/M Yehuda Tzur
R/M Moshe Ullman R/M Moshe Yosef Unger Ms. Lydia Usha M/M Ruben Vadnai R/M Avraham Varnai M/M Ephraim Vilenski M/M Avraham Vladimirskiy M/D Gershon Vladimirskiy M/M Aleksandr Volkov M/M Tovia Volkowitz M/M Nochum Wachs Mrs. Zella Wahnon Mrs. Ahuva Wainhaus R/M Yosef Wainkrantz R/M Milton Wakschlag D/M Yosef Walder M/M Eli Waldman D/D Joseph Wallach R/M Binyomin Walters M/M David Warso Mrs. Shoshana Wasser M/M Shmuel Wasserman M/M William Watts R/M Burton Wax M/M Chaim Wax M/M Eli Webster M/M Shimon Webster R/M Shiya Wechsler M/M Shlomo Weil D/M Yakov Weil R/M Boruch Weinberg M/M Aaron Dovid Weinberger Mrs. Miriam Weine Rabbi Tzvi Weine R/M Heschel Weiner R/M Mark Weiner M/M Avrom Weinfeld R/M Hershie Weingarten M/M Yakov Weingrow R/M David Weinschneider Mrs. Adina Weintraub Mr. David Weintraub D/M Sidney Weiser M/M Craig Weiss


M/M David Shiner M/M Archie Shkop M/M Binyomin Shkop R/D Yitzchak Shkop M/M Daniel Shmikler Mr. Shmuel Shottan M/M Josh Shpayher R/M Shabsai Shuchatowitz Mr. Kalman Shurin M/M Ira Shyman M/M David Shyovitz R/M Avrohom Siegal D/M Dovid Siegal Ms. Esther Siegal M/M Irving Siegal M/M Joseph Siegal D/M Michael Siegal M/M Mordy Siegal M/M Nesanel Siegal Ms. Shayna Siegal M/M Charles Siegel M/M Mark Siegel R/M Mayer Silber M/M Wilhelm Silber R/M Yechiel Silber R/M Eli Silberberg R/M Dovid Silverberg M/M Gershon Silverman M/M Richard Silverman M/M Jonathan Silverstein M/M Michael Silverstein M/M Thomas Silverstein R/M Yitzchok Simcha M/M David Simkin D/M Jeremy Simon R/M Shlomo Simon R/M Dov Singer M/M Sid Singer D/M Steven Singer M/M Ronald Sirt M/M Oren Skidelsky Dr. D. Sklar & Ms. C. Reinglass D/D Irving Skolnick Mrs. Melissa Sleeter Mr. Norman Smagley M/M Barry Smith R/M Simcha Smolensky M/M Richard Sobelman R/M Ezzy Sochaczewsky M/M David Sokoloff M/M Daniel Soleymani Mr. Barry Solomon M/M Alan Sorscher Mr. Shimon Sosnow Special Assets Inc. M/M Tuviyah Spector R/M Yirmiyahu Spector Mrs. Chani Spero M/M Josh Spielman M/M Yaacov Spil M/M Levi Staal M/M Israel Starck M/M Shlomo Starck R/M Yehoshua Starr M/M Igor Stavnitser M/M Eli Stefansky D/M Avi Stein M/D Richard Stein Ms. Aliza Steinberg M/M Dov Steinberg M/M Jeffrey Steinberg R/M Moshe Steinberg Ms. Sari Steinberg M/M Shmuel Steinberg M/M Yossi Steinberg M/M Eli Steinhardt M/M Nathan Stelzer R/M Moshe Sterman Mr. Aryeh Stern M/M Joey Stern R/M Levi Stern R/M Meir Stern M/M Sheldon Stern M/M Shlomo Stern M/M Yitzchok Stern M/M Gershon Sternberg M/M Maxim Stesel

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M/M Adam Saltzman M/M Ira Saltzman M/M Matthew Saltzman R/M Eli Samber M/M Martin Samber Mrs. Naomi Samber M/M Yaakov Samberg M/M Leonard Saphire-Bernstein Mrs. Cyrla Sauerhaft R/M Nachman Savin M/M Moshe Schabes R/M Gershon Schaffel M/M Sheldon Schaffel R/M Mayer Schanowitz M/M Scott Schayer M/M Steven Schayer M/M Zvi Schayer M/M David Schechter R/M Menachem Schechter R/M Moshe Schecter Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman R/M Schneur Z. Scheiman R/M Moshe Scheinberg D/M Harvey Schiller R/M Avrohom Schlesinger R/M Moshe Schmelczer M/M Ben Schneider M/M Mendel Schneider M/M Moishe Schneider R/M Dovid Schnell D/M David Schreiber M/M Elie Schreiber M/M Shmuel Schreiber Mrs. Chaya Mushka Schtroks M/M Michael Schultz M/M Michael Schwabacher M/M Allen Schwartz R/M Chaim Shlomo Schwartz M/M Daniel Schwartz R/M Daniel E. Schwartz Mrs. Debbie Schwartz Rabbi Elyakim Schwartz Rabbi Gedaliah Schwartz M/M Jeffrey Schwartz R/M Shlomo Schwartz D/M Velvel Schwartz M/M Joseph Schwimmer R/M Yitzy Schwimmer M/M Aaron Segal R/M Binyomin Segal R/M David Segal M/M Dov Segal M/M David Segall Mr. Robert M Seidenberg R/M Gershon Seif R/M Samuel Seleski R/M Yitzchak Sender M/M Nathan Serlin Ms. Tani Seruya Ms. Yael Seruya M/M Richard Sexner M/M Ari Shabat Mrs. Margie Shabat M/M Nachy Shabat M/M Ronald Shabat Mr. Mark Shainwald R/M Benjamin Shandalov M/M Dov Shandalov D/M Jeffrey Shanes Mrs. Beatrice Shapiro D/M Dov Shapiro M/M Howard Shapiro R/M Meir Shapiro Mrs. Rachel Shapiro M/M Robert Shapiro R/M Shmuel Shapiro M/M Stanley Shapiro M/M Abe Sharp Ms. Justine Shaw M/M Meyer Sheinfeld M/M Stewart Sheinfeld R/M Benzion Shemtov M/M Aryeh Shender M/M Yossi Shenker R/M Chaim Sherman M/M Mayer Sherman D/M Lazer Shicker

KEHILLAH JEWISH EDUCATION FUND 8180 McCormick Blvd Skokie, Illinois 60076


One day

Hundreds of classrooms

All dedicated in honor of

Parnas/pahr NAHS/:

n. pillar of a community, provider

Only through the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund can an individual dedicate a day of learning across the entire city of Chicago and its suburbs to commemorate a yahrzeit, merit a zechus for a loved one’s refuah, or celebrate a special occasion. Your sponsorship will help support Torah and general studies throughout all of our day schools.

Honor a loved one today and have an impact forever. For questions or to dedicate a day of learning, call Zev Jacobs at (847) 745-1668 or email, subject line: Parnas Hayom


Be a Parnas of Our Kehillah!


your loved one


Infinite potential


Thousands of children

$ 5 8 , 0 0 0

1 100 1000 1

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