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Ray White is a household name, backed by more than 100 years of history as a familyowned business. Ray White have been providing a range of real estate and property related services for many years. Ray White manages over 200,000 investment properties across Australia and New Zealand, with a professional property management system that brings benefits to landlords. Ray White South Morang principals are Steve Chesterton and John Kalpakis. Steve and John both have a wealth of experience since starting their respective real estate careers in the late 70s and early 80s. Steve specialises in residential real estate while John forged a name for himself in the commercial sector. They have now combined to bring their individual expertise to Ray White South Morang and are both actively involved in the day to day operation of their respective rental departments. Steve and John will ensure your rental investment is managed to the highest of standards.

Steve Chesterton 0418 108 741 Residential Specialist Sales & Leasing Director

John Kalpakis 0412 500 250 Commercial Specialist Sales & Leasing Director



DID YOU KNOW? Ray White helped 25,000 tenants move last year.

Our Property Management Team


Marketing Your Investment


Internet and e-marketing 6 The Ray White name


Our client database 6 Open for inspections 6 Sign boards 6 Rental lists 6 Presenting your property 6

Managing Your Investment


Tenant selection 8 Lease agreements 8 Payment of rental


Rent reviews 9 Lease renewals 9 Inspections 10 Repairs and maintenance




Payment of invoices


Statements and payments


Explanation of the terms used in your statement 13 Paper or electronic 13 Information security 13


Tax Tips


Frequently Asked Questions


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DID YOU KNOW? Ray White has invested in the best technology, systems and procedures to take care of collecting rent, coordinating repairs and maintenance as well as finding the right tenant.


OUR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TEAM Our team of experienced and friendly property managers and administration staff are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. Our team will find the right tenant for your property and are focused on providing landlords and tenants with fast lease approvals and professional advice.

Angelique Morello Property Manager

Tamara Saligari Property Manager

Jodi Davis Property Manager

Sarah Sumarac Leasing Consultant & Property Manager

Harry Nihill Commercial Property Manager

Brayden Schmidt Business Development Manager

Kate Steneker Business Development Manager

Cara Chesterton Residential Administration & Marketing

Samantha Mizzi Commercial Administration & Marketing

Heather Cumberland Administration

When your investment property is managed by Ray White South Morang, you get; Quality tenants that are screened prior to approval Mid-week and weekend open for inspections as well as by appointment Detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance Zero tolerance policy towards rent arrears Detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance Highly skilled property managers Consistently low vacancy rates Competitive loan and insurance opportunities Priority access to market intelligence Industry-best training, education and resources


MARKETING YOUR INVESTMENT We understand how important it is for your investment property to have effective marketing to generate quality enquiry. Our team of administration and marketing professionals will expertly handle all aspects of your property’s advertising campaign, including; Internet To maximise your property’s level of online exposure, we will list it on Australia's leading real estate websites as well as our own website, and which is the largest independent internet site in Australasia, exceeding 1 million visitors each month.

On average, Australians spend more than a complete day each week online* and 85% of potential tenants use the internet as their main tool to search for property^. *Nielsen Australian Connected Consumer Report, March 2015. ^Residential Consumer Property Seeker Report, January 2015.


The Ray White Name Ray White is the most Googled real estate brand in Australia. Strong Ray White branding provides optimum exposure to people searching for properties for rent. Our marketing continues to reinforce Ray White's position as an industry leader.

Presenting Your Property First impressions count - that means a tidy and presentable interior and exterior. The more desirable your property appears, the higher your rental price and the quality of tenants are likely to be. We believe that tenants are more likely to take care of your property if it is clean and well presented at the commencement of the lease.

Our Client Database We maintain an extensive database of qualified tenants who receive emails of rental properties that meet their search criteria.

It is recommended that your property is professionally cleaned including steam cleaning carpets and window furnishings (if applicable) before the tenants move in. If you provide your property manager with a copy of the receipt, this will assist as evidence in any possible disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Open for Inspections We conduct private inspections, midweek and Saturday ‘open for inspections’, ensuring convenient property viewing times for prospective tenants.

Clean Everything Clean walls, floors, windows, bench tops, inside cupboards, ovens and appliances, and steam clean the carpets. Outside, remove cobwebs, clean gutters, garages and garden sheds.

Sign Boards A sign board will be erected at the front of your property acting as a 24/7 high impact advertising tool to generate interest.

Street Appeal Ensure a great first impression by mowing the lawns, tidying the garden and removing weeds.

Rental Lists Your property will be displayed in our rental list, updated daily, and displayed at our office and at open for inspections.

Freshen up Get rid of any odours by opening windows when possible. A lick of paint may also be an option for rooms with scuffs and scrapes to create a fresh feel.


Fix it Fix small repairs such as leaking taps, broken bulbs, peeling paint or broken blinds.

Ray White is the most googled real estate brand in Australia

Keep it bright If possible, keep the electricity connected for inspections.



Payment of Rental

At Ray White South Morang our mission is to find the right tenant for your property to ensure minimal tenancy defaults.

Ray White South Morang has a zero tolerance policy towards rent arrears. Rental payments are due to be paid by your tenant on a nominated date each month as specified in the lease agreement.

Applicants must provide 100 points of ID with their tenancy application form complete with references. Your Property Manager will complete an identity check, employment check and call all references including current and past landlords or managing agents and employers.

Tenants can pay their rent via direct deposit or at our office via EFTPOS, cash or bank cheque. In accordance the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, tenants have a 14 day grace period in which to pay rent before legal action can be taken by the landlord. Taking legal action against a tenant for non-payment is a very rare occurrence, however occasionally circumstances arise that require legal intervention.

On completion of the relevant checks, your property manager will provide you with a detailed report for your approval and instructions.

Lease Agreements

If the rent remains unpaid after 14 days, the matter will be brought before VCAT. Ray White South Morang will attempt to obtain an order entitling the landlord to possession of the property. If the tenant does not comply and vacate the property, a warrant may then be purchased. The tenant will then be evicted by a member of the Victorian Police Force.

Once the tenant has been approved, your Property Manager will prepare a lease agreement in keeping with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. Your property manager will meet with the tenant to sign the lease agreement on your behalf, collect bond payment and first months rent.

Once the landlord has possession, a further application is made to VCAT to retrieve the bond and cover any outstanding rental.

A copy of the lease agreement will be sent to you for your records.


Rent Reviews

Lease Renewals

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997;

Ray White South Morang will endeavor to secure a further ‘fixed term tenancy’ with the existing tenant 60 days prior to expiry of the original fixed term agreement. At this time Ray White South Morang will review the rental amount and provide a recommendation in accordance with current market value.

• Rent cannot be increased during a fixed term agreement unless it is specifically stated. • For rent to be increased during a periodic agreement, it must be at least 6 months since the last increase.

With your permission and upon the acceptance by the tenant, your Property Manager will prepare a new fixed term tenancy agreement for signing and provide all parties with a copy of the new lease agreement.

• For rent to be increased in a periodic tenancy, tenants must be notified in writing via a 60 day notice. At Ray White South Morang, properties undergo a rental review annually on the anniversary of the lease commencement.

If your tenant does not accept the offer of a further fixed term tenancy agreement, they may remain in the property on a periodic or monthly tenancy. All terms and conditions of the original agreement continue to be in full effect until either party submits a notice to vacate. Should this occur, your Property Manager will notify you and take immediate steps to re-let your property.

Rent increases are driven by market forces, which in turn are influenced by the supply and demand of particular types of properties and areas. The current rental amount is compared to the current market value and adjusted accordingly.




The landlord (or their agent) has the right to enter a property to carry out certain inspections, and the tenant has a duty to permit them to do so.

Vacating inspections When the tenant vacates your property, your Property Manager will complete a vacating inspection. The tenant will be expected to clean the property and leave it in the same condition as detailed in the original condition report.

Ingoing condition report Before the tenant moves into your property, your Property Manager will thoroughly complete a condition report which details the general condition of the property including fittings and fixtures. Photos will also be taken at this time.

Any variances other than normal 'wear and tear’ will be the responsibility of the tenant to clean or repair. if the tenant does not comply, you can apply to recover the bond at the end of a tenancy if:

The condition report is to be signed by all parties and each will recieve a copy for their records.

• The tenant or their visitors have damaged the property • There are cleaning or repair expenses that exceed normal ‘wear and tear’ • The tenant has abandoned the premises • Items that were part of the tenancy agreement are missing

The condition report is an important tool that can be used as evidence if there is a dispute about who should pay for cleaning or damage, particularly at the end of a tenancy. Routine inspections

Additional inspections Additional inspections may be required during a tenancy. The landlord, or their agent have the right to enter the property between 8:00am and 6:00pm on any day except public holidays, for one of the following reasons, if they give the tenant 24 hours’ written notice:

Routine inspections are carried out during a tenancy to ensure the property is being well cared for and that there are no maintenance or health and safety issues Ray White South Morang conducts routine inspections of your property every six months in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.

• Carry out duties listed in the tenancy agreement or relevant laws • Value the property • Show prospective buyers or financial lenders through the premises • Show prospective tenants through the premises, if a notice to vacate is in place or a notice of intention to vacate has been given. Prospective tenants can only be shown through in the 14 days before the termination date specified in the notice • Verify a reasonable belief that the tenant has not met their duties as a tenant, for example, damage to the premises, or using the premises in a way that caused a nuisance

Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report which includes; • Overall presentation of the property • Details of any maintenance required • Recommendations regarding future maintenance works that may be required such as painting, tiling and carpeting


Repairs and Maintenance


Repairs and maintenance may be identified via the tenant contacting your Property Manager in writing or via property inspections. It is important to respond to all repair requests promptly to ensure a positive relationship is maintained with the tenant.

Non-urgent repairs Non-urgent repairs are repairs that do not cause safety issues. Some examples of non-urgent repairs can include;

Maintaining your investment property is essential to retain the value of the property and reduce costs over time. Your Property Manager is experienced in liaising with tenants, landlords and contractors to ensure repairs are completed efficiently, cost effectively and to a high standard. Urgent repairs The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 distinguishes between urgent and non-urgent repairs. If a tenant requests urgent repairs, the landlord, or their agent, must respond immediately. Urgent repairs are; • • • • • • • • • • • •

Burst water service Blocked or broken toilet system Serious roof leak Gas leak Dangerous electrical fault Flooding or serious flood damage Serious storm or fire damage Failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundering Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply Any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted A serious fault in a lift or staircase

At Ray White South Morang, your Property Manager will arrange for urgent repairs as soon as possible.


• A broken blind • A damaged cupboard • A damaged clothesline At Ray White South Morang, your Property Manager will arrange all non-urgent maintenance as soon as possible. If it is determined that the maintenance is due to the tenant’s unreasonable conduct or use of the item, your Property Manager will inform the tenant of the required repairs and instruct them to reinstate the item without delay. A formal ‘breach of duty’ may also be required. If it is determined that the maintenance is due to general wear and tear and repair costs do not exceed the maintenance figure nominated on your management authority, we will request a Ray White South Morang approved contractor to attend the premises to conduct the necessary repairs. In the event that the item requiring repair exceeds the maintenance figure that you have nominated, we will arrange for a quote and contact you to discuss the maintenance required and seek approval to commence the work. Landlords, or their agent, have 14 days to carry out the repairs. Quality tradespeople All contractors appointed by Ray White South Morang must meet our strict selection criteria and hold necessary qualifications, licenses and insurance, in addition to being experts in their relevant field.

DID YOU KNOW? Ray White manages over 200,000 properties across Australia and New Zealand


COMMUNICATION Payment of Invoices

Explanation of Terms used in your Statement

With your authority, Ray White South Morang can pay all or selected incurred property related expenses on your behalf.

Income Funds received from the tenant, plus any additional payments made by the tenant for services such as cleaning as outlined in the tenant’s lease agreement.

We will also provide you with an end of financial year statement for taxation purposes. The following is a list of expenses a landlord can expect to pay each year. • • • • • •

Agent Fees Fees charged for the management of your property.

Council Rates Water Rates Owners Corporation Fees Landlord Insurance Maintenance and Repairs Management Fees

Deductions Payments made on your behalf and deductions from rental income. Distribution of funds Amounts banked into your nominated bank account.

Statements & Payments

Charge Amount due to be paid by tenants on a monthly basis.

We provide you with an easy to understand monthly statement detailing rental funds received and any outgoings or expenses Ray White South Morang has paid on your behalf.

Paid From/Paid To Shows the period for which payment is made.

Once rental is received into our trust account we will transfer into your nominated bank account during one of our bi-weekly payment runs.

On Account Outlines amounts paid in arrears or in advance of the monthly charge.

You will also receive an end of financial year statement details all rental payments and outgoings or expenses incurred during the financial year.

Information Security Ray White South Morang has the very best technology and privacy procedures in place to keep your property and personal information safe.

Paper or Electronic At Ray White South Morang you can choose to receive your statements, invoices, routine inspection reports, rent review advice, lease agreements, end of financial year statement and any other correspondence via mail or email.


TAX TIPS Here are some tips for you to maximise your tax refund from your rental property.

Claiming Depreciation You can claim a deduction for the decline in value of certain items, known as depreciating assets, that you acquired as part of the purchase of your property or that you subsequently purchased for your property.

What can you claim? You can claim expenses relating to your rental property but only for the period your property was rented or available for rent; for example, advertised for rent.

What is a depreciating asset?

Expenses could include; • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Advertising for tenants Bank charges Body corporate fees and charges Borrowing expenses Capital works Cleaning Council rates Decline in value of depreciating assets Gardening and lawn mowing Insurance - building, contents and public liability Interest expenses Land tax Legal expenses Pest control Phone Property agent fees and commissions Repairs and maintenance Stationery and postage Travel to inspect or maintain the property Water charges


A depreciating asset is an asset that has a limited effective life and can reasonably be expected to decline in value over the time it is used. Examples of depreciating assets are; • • • • • • • •

Floor coverings Heating Freestanding furniture Cooking equipment Washing machines Hot water systems Lights Plus many more

Visit for more information or contact your accountant. This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. You must seek professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances before acting. Source:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I know what my property will rent for? You will get the best idea of your property’s value in the current market by comparing it to other properties similar to yours. The market plays a large role in determining what amount of rent you will achieve, your agent can assist in advising what the demand for a property such as yours is in a particular area.

How can I guarantee that my property will be well looked after? Every tenant’s application is screened very carefully and clear expectations are set right from the start. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough ingoing, outgoing and regular routine inspection reports, all with photographs to minimise any problems that may arise during the tenancy. All repairs and maintenance are communicated to you and addressed in a timely manner.

How long will it take to find a tenant? In our experience properties that are well presented, professionally marketed, priced according to market conditions and represented by a professional agent, will stand out from the crowd and therefore will attract a quality tenant faster.

Do I need landlord’s insurance? We highly recommend that every owner has an insurance policy in place for their property. It will protect you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, possible damage to the property (over and above the bond), public liability & limited cover for contents.

How will you find me a tenant? We will canvas our extensive tenant database, install on site for lease signage, deploy our internet and social media strategies and display your property in our rental lists.

What costs do I need to pay? We are able to offer a simple all inclusive package to cover the leasing fees, management rates, renewal fees, advertising costs and statement charges, or alternatively we can tailor a fee structure to suit you.

How do you qualify tenants? There are two main criteria to consider when selecting a suitable tenant for your property; their ability to pay the rent and their ability to maintain your property in its current condition. We also check their details against a variety National Tenancy Databases to ensure they have not defaulted on rent or damaged a property in the past.

What if I want to sell my property? You are still entitled to sell your property even with a tenancy in place. Our strong relationships between the sales team and the tenants enable us to seamlessly market and gain access in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

What is the average length of tenancy? Most tenancies are initially twelve months. We always stay in contact with the tenant to be ready to renegotiate a lease renewal upon expiry of the fixed term.

Can you send me rental statements via email? Yes, we can send all correspondence via email rather than standard post. Do you provide a service guarantee? Yes, Steve Chesterton, one of Ray White South Morang's Directors, personally guarantees that you can call him on 0418 108 741 at any time, any day of the week should you feel that you are not receiving quality service from your appointed property manager.

What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent? Rent arrears can become a major issue if not addressed promptly. We monitor tenant arrears on a daily basis and make immediate contact if they are in arrears.


Ray White South Morang 27 Gorge Road, South Morang VIC 3752 T 03 9404 1222 F 03 9404 1896



A Guide to our Property Management Services