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My dear Subic EnerZone Kaibigans, October 25, 2008. It has been five years since we started serving our great customers and since then we haven’t looked back on our vision to make SEZ the leading Power Distribution Utility in a Private or Public Export Processing Zone. As we look back, we are very grateful as it has been very gratifying, exciting and wonderful for SEZ. The improvements in your company have been tremendous since day one. From infrastructure, transportation, communications, team member training and overall technical equipment upgrades, to enhanced service delivery and customer care, all have improved by leaps and bounds when we compare it to what we started with. After raising the bar high, the challenge we face is to continuously raise the bar even higher as we continue on our sixth year. Our customers expect and demand nothing less from us. We owe it to them to make further improvements especially in service delivery. Let us continue to stay focused at what we do best --- that is, to deliver service excellence to our customers, one which they truly deserve. Let us pursue innovation with even more passion.

Let us continue to stay focused at what we do best — that is, to deliver service excellence to our customers, one which they truly deserve.

Let us constantly be on the lookout for areas of improvement. Any improvement, whether it is big or small, is important to us. Let us not allow ourselves to be content with the status quo. Let us continue to be driven… driven to lead, driven to excel, and driven to serve. I am proud and honored to be a part of your company. I’m privileged to be part of a company that continues to show that it has a PASSION FOR BETTER WAYS. With all these past years of improvements, one thing is certain, we’ve only just begun. I'd like to thank each and every one of our customers for allowing us the privilege to serve them and to each and every one of my team members for the opportunity to work with you. Mabuhay ang Subic EnerZone!

Jaime Jose Aboitiz

Let us continue to be driven… driven to lead, driven to excel, and driven to serve.

NEWS 4 Cover Story: 5 Years of Being Driven 8 SEED: Making Room for Innovation 9 SEZ completes Remy Motorized Gate 12 SEZ undergoes Professionalism and Customer Courtesy Seminar 13 SEZ attends First Aid, Safety, Fire and Disaster Training 13 SEZ gives Free Flu Vaccination for all Team Members 17 Pollescas receives Commendation from SBMA 17 SEZ, SBMA sign MOA on Guard House Construction GROUP NEWS 18 BEZ, MEZ Recharges 18 BEZ, MEZ joins ACO Sportsfest 19 AESI donates Computer Units to selected Olongapo Public Schools 20 SEZ participates in Annual LCF Conference CENTERFOLD 14 Subic EnerZone Through The Years: Milestones FEATURES 10 5-Year Service Awardees: the Firestarters 21 How to Manage Your Emails 22 Kaibigan Aug ‘08: SEZ in the City 24 Team Members page 25 The Word: Working Alone 25 All in a day’s work SPORTS 26 Tabradillo wins Cycling Gold anew 26 Board Games News 27 Batingal leads Warriors to take Fourth Basketball Title SPECIAL NEWS 28 SEZ secures P285M loan from DBP


This issue’s cover celebrates SEZ’s 5th Anniversary. The photos depict outstanding leadership and management (President Jim Aboitiz, extreme left; VP/ GM Dante Pollescas, middle photo; and EVP/COO Benjie Cariaso, extreme right), infrastructure and transportation improvements (2nd & 3rd from L), employee enhancement (3rd from R), and power system progress (2nd from R). This special issue features the accomplishments and improvements done by the company in the Subic Freeport after Five Years of being driven.


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Driven. SEZ linemen attending an emergency call.



Honor the past, live the present, look up to the future.


Subic EnerZone is a company that has prepared for the future. Since day one, it has surpassed itself year by year, day by day. Now, after five years, with immense improvements as tangible proof, the unstoppable drive continues, more focused and ready than ever before. Subic EnerZone knows that great visions come with challenges, and comes with challenges are great opportunities. Opportunities to innovate and to do better every time. This is the thrust, this is the promise. Beyond the horizon, the company is certain that it has nowhere else to go but up.


n October 25, 2008, it will exactly be a half a decade since Subic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) started its operations to manage the power distribution system of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ). SEZ has been managing the freeport’s PDS under a Distribution Management Services Agreement (DMSA) with the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). The DMSA covers a period of 25 years, and in its first five years the company focused on the rehabilitation, restructuring, and expansion of the freeport zone’s electric distribution system. So much has improved since the very

first day the company set foot in this place, and here in this issue, Subic Flame will give an account of this steady progress as Subic EnerZone celebrates its five years of service to the freeport community. Five years of service. Five years of progress. Five years of being driven.



n just its first year of operations, SEZ lowered the systems loss to 8.4% from 14.1% upon turn over,



showing signs of the company’s commitment to make the freeport’s distribution system more efficient. This allowed the company to lower its power rates. The distribution charge was reduced from P1.00/kwhr to P0.59/kwhr upon turn over; the reduction resulted to further savings to customers amounting to approximately P0.41/kwhr. In the Philippines, the systems loss government-mandated cap is tagged at 9.5%. For 2004, the company allocated P156 million for capital expenditures to improve the reliability and efficiency of the zone’s PDS. SEZ has also budgeted P300 million for the first five years in upgrading and expanding the services in the freeport.

purposed to cater anticipated load growth caused by the seaport project then. The Subic-Cubi Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL) project was also completed that October. The installation of a 1-way GOABS at the 69kV Maritan line and tapping of the incoming 69kV line to the Cubi substation was also done.

more than half the number since 2003. This year also marks a very significant improvement for the company as it moved into its brand new office building at the corner of Canal Road and Labitan Street in the freeport’s Central Business District in October 2005. The inauguration was held simultaneously with the

2005 n April 2005, SEZ completed the installation of a 3-way Gang-Operated AirBreak Switch (GOABS) for the 69kV lateral line tapping at the Subic Bay Industrial Park (SBIP). This will greatly help distribution efficiency in the SBIP area where 80% of the big industrial loads are located that time. The submarine power cable from Camayan Wharf to Grande Island was energized on July 2005. This P16 million joint project of Mirant Philippines and SEZ was initiated to restore reliable 13.8 kV power to Grande Island. 1.8 kilometers of a 15kV submarine cable was laid out in the ocean floor from the Camayan point to the island itself using a barge with divers. In September 2005, SEZ bought a 100 MVA National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) substation near the Enron plant to strengthen the reliability of the zone’s power supply. It was the first sale of a government-owned substation in Luzon. SEZ also acquired from TransCo the Olongapo-SBMA 69kV lines 1, 2, & 3, Subic-SBMA line 4, and the disconnect switches at TransCo’s Kalaklan Metering point in April that year. The substation was pegged at P101 million and the electrical lines worth P29 million. SEZ’s 25 MVA Cubi Substation was energized on October 2005. This substation is intended to supply reliable power in Cubi and its neighboring areas, and is


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Then and now. (upper left photo) The “old” Bldg. 502, the former workplace of the SBMA Utilities Department which was used by SEZ in its first two years of operation. (upper right photo) The “new” Subic EnerZone administration building inaugurated in October 2005. (middle left photo) The inside of the “old” Bldg. 708 Remy Field substation. (middle right photo) The interior of the “new” Remy Field Central Control Station, now equipped with SCADA, and a 69kV panel we can see in the background. (lower left photo) An “old” Altec bucket truck used since the time of the Americans. (lower right photo) SEZ purchased a “new” Aichi bucket truck. These are only some of the improvements in technical, infrastructure, communications, and transportation equipment accomplished by SEZ in five years.

Systems loss further dropped to 6.3% in 2005. Emergency response times are also looking better with 80% of calls responded to within 30 minutes and 100 % in 2 hours. Outages have been reduced by

celebration of the company’s second anniversary. The inauguration of the new B708 Remy Field Substation Central Control Station was also done at the same time.

After its second year, SEZ continues to aim for world-class standards in technical equipment and structures as well as in service delivery.

2006 006 has been a record year of sorts for SEZ. With its systems loss dropping to 4.26% (probably the lowest or one of the lowest in the country that time), power rates in the freeport zone have also reduced by an additional P0.22/kwhr of electric consumption. It brought the total power rate reduction to P0.67/kwhr (P0.40 decrease in distribution charge and P0.27 from the reduction in systems loss). Subic EnerZone has passed on over 100 million pesos of savings to all consumers of SBFZ that year due to systems loss reduction. Emergency response times have also improved with 82% of emergency calls responded to within 30 minutes and 100% in 2 hours. With new and improved radio communication equipment, SEZ dispatchers are sending emergency units almost 100% within 10 minutes after the trouble call, making sure that on time service is delivered to the customers. From an average of 85 emergency calls per month in 2005, SEZ has reduced it to 55.3 calls per month. During the pre-


ber 2006. The company was acknowledged country-wide for this selfless endeavor. In October 2006, SEZ completed its Cubi Substation at a total cost of P41 million. It also completed the fiber optic installation connecting various substations for the company’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and wide area network. SCADA is a stateof-the-art computerized control system installed in substations that automatically reads and monitors loading, energy, voltage registration, power factor, and allows full control of the system from a single control point. As of 2006, SEZ has spent a total of P214 million on improvement and rehabilitation projects.

2007 n March 2007, SEZ completed the improvement of its Maritan Substation, which improved system reliability and flexibility in the freeport’s housing and golf course areas, as well as some parts of the SBIP. In May 2007, SEZ, SBMA, and Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation (HHIC) Philippines, Inc. signed back-to-back Memorandum of Agreements for SEZ to provide electricity to HHIC’s shipyard located at the Redondo Peninsula in


While we look back to a fabulous five years for Subic EnerZone Corporation, we can look forward with confidence to an even stronger performance in the future. EnerZone years of 2001 to mid-2003, the freeport had an average power outage of 40 outages per year. Since SEZ came, it went down to 19 per year. In February 2006, the new Aboitiz brand was cascaded to the Subic EnerZone team in a seminar held at the Legenda Hotel in the freeport. Since then, brand awareness was manifested in the company’s operations, both in its technical and customer-service facets. Subic EnerZone was also among the utility companies that volunteered to help the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) restore electricity service in its franchise area in the aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo that hit Luzon in Septem-

Subic. In turn, HHIC will pay SEZ a corresponding wheeling fee for such provision and other related services shall be collected by SEZ. In August 2007, preventive maintenance of the 250 MVA power transformer of SEZ’s Cubi Substation and three units of its 667 kVA Automatic Voltage Regulators were completed. This enhanced power provision in the airport, Grande Island, and the Subic Bay Techno Park. Subic EnerZone purchased a P1 million KIA K2700 4 x 4 Emergency Service Vehicle and three brand new Honda XR 200 motorcycles to add to its fleet of vehicles. This reinforced SEZ’s emergency response even more as it answered to 94%

of emergency calls within 30 minutes and 100% in 2 hours. SEZ also acquired a P1.5 million VisIR Ti 200 Infrared Vision Thermal Camera to better monitor hot spots and thermal heat build ups in the system. With this new equipment, SEZ conducted free thermal scanning for the company’s top 10 customers mostly in industrial areas of the freeport. In December 2007, Aboitiz Power Corporation (AP) bought the 20% equity of Team Philippines Industrial Power II Corporation (formerly Mirant Philippines) in SEZ for P92 million. Together with the 35% equity in SEZ of AP’s subsidiary Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC), this acquisition brought AP’s total equity in SEZ to 100%. Later that same month, SEZ completed the corrective maintenance of its 20 MVA Power Transformer 2 at the Remy Field Central Control Station. The old 69kV Oil Circuit Breaker was replaced with a brand new SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker. New Happam Double Side Break disconnect switches were also installed in the substation which further boosted its efficiency. With such developments, systems loss further went down to 3.6% in 2007, the lowest the freeport’s power distribution system has had. The company also went into Corporate Social Responsibility in 2007 as it signed a MOA to adopt one of the ambulances of the SBMA Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Under the agreement, SEZ will adopt one ambulance of the SBMA-EMS and shoulder the expenses for its necessary annual repair and maintenance services costing up to P100,000.00. In September 2007, SEZ conducted a gift-giving activity at the Pastolan Village in the freeport. SEZ gave free gifts to 150 indigenous children of the Aeta community. The “shoe box” gift contained toys, school supplies, assorted candies, and other presents.

2008 ubic EnerZone is set to invest P210 million more this year for the further improvement and rehabilitation of the freeport’s power distribution system. Following the listing of the P19.32 billion 300-megawatt coal-fired Subic power




plant project with the Board of Investments, SEZ is expanding its investment in the area in anticipation of higher demand to be brought by the development. In January 2008, the company completed the Re-Conductoring Project. This project was done to prevent electrical faults within the transmission lines. Bare copper conductors were replaced with insulated ones in selected parts of the freeport zone. To reduce the presence of reactive energy in SBFZ’s power distribution system, SEZ initiated the Power Factor Correction project this January. The company already installed and energized 4.05 MVAR of fixed capacitors as of May 2008, and will install more as the load grows more. As of August 2008, SEZ’s power factor is at 99.44%. In May 2008, the rehabilitation of Remy Field Substation’s 20 MVA Power Transformer 1 was finished. The transformer was improved of its overall insulation level after performing different electrical tests and refilling it with brand new

mineral oil. The machine’s On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) was also serviced and refilled with brand new insulating oil. SEZ recently purchased brand new Japan-made Aichi SH17A Basket and D70A Digger Derrick Trucks worth P6 million each. These trucks will further reinforce the company’s operations and emergency response capacities. Also, SEZ bought four more brand new Honda XR 200 motorcycles in June this year to provide extra assistance in meter reading and site surveys. In CSR, Subic EnerZone adopted five more ambulances of the SBMA-EMS to bring up its adopted ambulances to six. Same terms in the agreement, except that more ambulances are now in the care of SEZ. The company also provided assistance to the Zambales I Electric Cooperative (ZAMECO I) in restoring electricity service in its franchise area in Sta. Cruz, Zambales after the devastation of typhoon Cosme last June 2008. SEZ provided technical knowledge, equipment and man-

power assistance to ZAMECO I, using one of SEZ’s Digger Derrick trucks. In just five years, the company has dropped the systems loss from 14.1% in October 2003 to a record low of 3.0% as of August this year. This shows how much the efficiency of the freeport’s power distribution system has improved. ower demand in the freeport zone is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years with the operations of its new container terminal and the Hanjin Heavy Industries’ multi-billion shipyard, as well as the opening of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. While we look back to a fabulous five years for Subic EnerZone, we can look forward with confidence to an even stronger performance in the future. What lies ahead is the opportunity to do better every time, a flaming discontent to the status quo. Indeed, the future looks brighter than ever for SEZ. Because for its management and team members… they’ve only just begun. ♦



SEED: Making Room for Innovation A time-based capacitor control and a developed RS232 converter. BY JAMES BINOYA


very idea starts in the mind. An idea remains just that, an idea, if it stays in the mind. Ideas that get out in the world is innovation. For Subic EnerZone’s Substation and Electrical Equipment Department (SEED), there is always room for innovation. Just recently, two separate innovative projects were being implemented by SEED. Spearheaded by substation engineer Richard Bulaon, the first project is the fabrication of a Time-based capacitor control. In the market today, a typical branded Capacitor Time Control costs at around P37,000 pesos. With the ingenuity of SEED, they have fabricated a unit that will do the same functions as that of a branded one for a much lower cost of P12,000 pesos. ●Page 8/ Page 9■


Richard Bulaon


John Khristoffer Vergara


Substation Engineer


SCADA Engineer


Time-based capacitor control


Developed RS232 converter

As of today, prototypes of this capacitor control are installed in the freeport’s power distribution system. The company had never experienced any defect or malfunction of the controller since it was first installed 7 months ago. The other project is the fabrication of a developed RS232 converter used for the company’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This is

headed by John Khristoffer Vergara, SCADA engineer. The cost of a commercial RS232 converter is around P27,000 pesos, while the prototype developed by SEED costs about P3,500 pesos. With innovative minds like these of Bulaon and Vergara, SEZ-SEED will continue to find better ways and make things happen now and in the future. ♦

September 2008

Subic Flame

Front view (main photo) The newly constructed motorized gate of the Subic EnerZone Remy Field Substation. (inset) View of the gate from inside the Central Control Station.

SEZ completes Remy Motorized Gate


he task was finished with the assistance of Boboy Mangaron and Ditdit Pedrigal of Davao Light & Power Company (DLPC), SEZ’s sister company, and was spearheaded by SEZ’s project manager Danny Caro and substation supervisor James Binoya. The project started July 28 and was initially planned to be completed in a week, but ran to two weeks because of the rainy weather. It was raining every single working day since day 1 up to the completion date, including the arrival of Typhoon Julian a week into the project. But


The installation of the new motorized gate at the Subic EnerZone (SEZ) Remy Field Substation was completed last August 11. with the resourcefulness of the Substation and Electrical Equipment Department (SEED) team, the work was done soon. With the construction of the motorized gate, the Remy Field Central Control Station will have more safety and security both for the personnel and equipment inside its grounds, and a more presentable entrance and perimeter area since the sub-

station is always a showcase every time there are visitors from other utility companies or in school field trips. An additional feature of the substation’s motorized gate is the alarm system, wherein an alarm will be triggered if the gate is left open. The motorized gate is controlled by push buttons inside the Central Control Station. ♦

F I V E - Y E A R



We call them “the Firestarters”… for they started a burning flame of passion that will never be extinguished.


ixteen team members will take center stage come October 24 as Subic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) recognizes its first batch of 5-Year Service Awardees simultaneous with the company’s fifth anniversary celebration. These men — and woman — will be recognized for their invaluable contributions that formed part of the company’s character and culture. They are the people who were there when it all started. They are the remaining 16 pioneering team members and team leaders hired by the company from the former SBMA Utilities Department in 2003. Now, we are given a chance to get to know these people — the people who have first shown the younger ones what “Passion for Better Ways” is all about. Meet Subic EnerZone’s five-year service awardees. We call them “the Firestarters”… for they started a burning flame of passion that will never be extinguished. ♦ RICKY (Enrique Aranas) - Ricky is a shy, silent-type guy who seems to be always out of words. But when you get to know him, you’ll discover a person who’s love for cycling and animals are remarkable.

EDU (Edgar Caluza) Edu is the embodiment of a great family man. He loves sports and gadgets. A very wellrounded fellow, he can easily get along with any kind of person.

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UGEN (Eugene Candaliza) - Ang “kilabot ng mga dalaga” ng Subic EnerZone, Ugen is a friendly dude, very sports-minded, and a technology freak, alaMacGyver.

ERIC (Eric Caseja) SEZ’s big brother, Eric loves food and eating. He also loves to tell perfectly-timed jokes to ease worries away, which makes the office a lot easier place to be.

YOLLY (Yolanda Cawagas) - “Ate Yolly,” as she is fondly known, is a mom for us all. Very kind-hearted, she is always there to lend a helping hand. A family-oriented person. RIC KY ( Fr e deri c k Coronel) - A generous and humble person, Ricky often puts others before himself. Also a sports fanatic, he is adored by the younger ones because of it.

EGAY (Edgar Magalang) - the 2nd Egay of SEZ, he can work with humor and grace under pressure. He is also a sports aficionado who keeps his body fit even with age.

TSOG (Roy Anthony Mojal) - Tsog has this distinct but interesting personality. Though the quiet type, he can go to extremes when asked for. He loves basketball, table tennis and cycling.

PAUL (Paulino Morales) - Paul is an observer, listener, and spontaneous character. He prefers to listen rather than talk about himself. Very spirited and reliable, he thrives in challenges.

AME (Amelito Razal) Ame is a simple guy who lights up a room with his equally simple jokes. A warm-hearted, open-minded, positive person who is very easy to talk to.

KEN (Kennedy Ebilane) - Ken is someone who always looks pensive. He has a deep ocean of thoughts. He can advise a lot about life and living especially on the younger ones. MARS (Mars Escobar) Mars is a person who is very hard to miss. A movie addict and board games master, he has an infinite personality. An encourager, motivator, and comforter.

EGAY (Edgardo Geronimo) - Egay looks serious at first, but has a quick sense of humor once you get to know him more. He’s a willing teacher, one who shares his knowledge. ROCKY (Manuel Lacanin) - Funny and witty, Rocky never runs out of stories to tell. A basketball-lover, he is considered as SEZ’s Pete Maravich with his fancy playmaking skills.

TIKBOY (Aniceto Rodriguez) SEZ’s “biggest” brother is a music lover. A down-toearth person whose love for life itself manifests in his passion in anything he does.

ANDY (Fernando Solis) - A “loud” guy who always speaks an octave above normal. Seriously, Andy is an initiator, a highly-motivated person. He also loves food and cooking.

Vol. 4, Issue 3 N E W S B R I E F S

SEZ undergoes Professionalism and Customer Courtesy Seminar Types of Customer Service: The Freezer, The Factory, The Friendly Zoo and Quality. A workshop was also conducted at the end of the second day, titled “The Difference is You,” wherein the participants were divided into four groups. Each group performed a short skit with two alternative endings; the first ending showing poor customer service while the second Working as a team. Ryan Griva (2nd from right) facilitates in one of the activities during the seminar. With him were (from L to R) Elmer ending illustrating how Donato, Ruben Santiago Jr. (with back to the camera), and Kristine to do quality customer Pulido. service based on the lectures and discussions completed. ubic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) First batch of participants were: Enriteam members underwent a Proque Aranas, Richard Bulaon, Fritzi Ryan fessionalism and Customer Courde Leon, John Khristoffer Vergara, Fertesy Seminar Workshop last June 25-26 nando Solis, Severino Junior Miras, Paul for Batch 1 and June 27-28, Batch 2, at the Golden Dragon Restaurant, Subic Bay Morales, D’ Christopher Celiz, Kyle Credo, Christopher Florence Sunico, Freeport Zone. Aimed to further enhance the team Anielou Gelacio, Claire Emelie Rebutoc, members’ confidence and skills in han- Mark Silos, Raymund Tamayo, Mardonio dling possible customer service situations, Bustria Jr., Kennedy Ebilane, Eric Caseja, the seminars were facilitated by Mr. Gil- Jeremy Picones, Karen Matawaran, Achilbert Morales from GCMorales Manage- les Phill Balbuena, Jayson Bondad, and John Louis Ducos. ment Training. Second batch were: Amelito Razal, The two-day seminar covered topics Aniceto Rodriguez, Justin Jay Navarro, such as the Three Qualities of the ProfesRoy Anthony Mojal, Edgar Magalang, sional, Principles of Professional Performance, Symptoms of the Unprofes- Manuel Lacanin, Michael Pamintuan, sional Worker, Hard Realities of Cus- Edgar Geronimo, Ryan Griva, Lilibeth tomer Service, Principles of Quality Cus- Bandingan, Lynrei Larios, Jerry Mark tomer Service, Golden Tips to Quality Famanila, Jennifer Figuerrez, Robin Customer Relations, Ten Commandments Geronimo, Jerry Paul Mendez, Antonio of Customer Service, and Four Different Casimero, Kristine Pulido, Ruben Santiago Jr., Elmer Donato Jr., Isagani Madrid, and Ethel Valerio. ♦ EValerio


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Select SEZ TM’s attend Events Management seminar Selected Subic EnerZone (SEZ) team members attended a Professional Events Management seminar at the AEV Makati boardroom, July 8. SEZ’s Raymund Tamayo, Branding/ CorpCom/CSR staff and Subic Flame editor; Ethel Valerio, HR staff and executive assistant to the VP-GM; and Lilibeth Bandingan, accounting staff and SEZ Kaibigan Steering Committee chairman, attended the seminar together with participants from other Aboitiz companies. Facilitated by Theresa Gonzales-Sederiosa of AEV CorpCom, the seminar was about Steps to Event Management, Event Management Essentials, Event Marketing, Contingency Planning: Potential Problem Analysis, and Event Evaluation. ♦ RTamayo

Caluza, Navarro, Bulaon, Ducos participates in Intro to Corfin Seminar Subic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) participated in the Introduction to Corporate Finance Seminar at the AEV Boardroom in Makati City, June 19-20. The company’s representatives were engineers Edgar Caluza, administration manager; Justin Jay Navarro, substation supervisor; Richard Bulaon, substation engineer; and John Louis Ducos, project engineer. Handled by the Aboitiz and Company, Inc. (ACO), the seminar was intended for participants to gain knowledge of and/or review of the integral role of corporate finance and its essential in any business organization. In addition, the discussion group was aimed to establish needed mindset on Value Based Management. Aside from the lectures and discussions, group exercises and quizzes were administered to determine the participants’ understanding of the concepts and tools taught. At the end of the seminar, overall ratings were posted by Ms. Katrina Baccay-Aliman, Finance officer of ACO. As 70% being the passing score, Navarro got 97%; Bulaon, 93%; Ducos, 90%; and Caluza, 87%. The seminar proved to be a very good venue for a healthy exchange of ideas from everyone involved. “We would like to commend Justin, Richard, John and Edgar for being very responsive and participative in the discussions and activities throughout the seminar workshop,” said Ms. Aliman in an e-mail. ♦ LLarios

September 2008

N E W S B R I E F S New SEZ engineers participates in Medium Voltage System and Applications in Industries seminar New Subic EnerZone (SEZ) engineers Ruben Santiago Jr. and Jeremy Picones of the Power Metering Department (PMD) participated in the Medium Voltage System and Applications in Industries Seminar last August 6 to 8 at Oftana Suites, Mandaue, Cebu City. The seminar discussed the development of single line diagrams, system dimensioning, medium voltage fuses and power circuit breakers, overview of system fault duties, power distribution system, and a glimpse of an entire system configuration of an industrial plant. These enhanced their minds in real life applications of theories they have learned in college. Also, it gave them ideas on how to make long design practices into shorter technical planning and prompt equipment procurement, which will result in a cost effective, safe, and reliable power system. ♦ EValerio

Figuerrez, Balbuena attend separate seminars Jeff Figuerrez, stockroom staff, and Achilles Phill Balbuena, purchasing staff, have undergone separate trainings at the Philippine Institute of Supply Management (PISM), Unit 1706-A, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas, Pasig City. Figuerrez attended the “Fundamentals of Warehousing Operations,” while Balbuena participated in “Meeting of the Minds: A Negotiation Workshop.” ♦ EValerio

SEZ attends First Aid, Safety, Fire & Disaster Training


elected Subic EnerZone (SEZ) seminar. The training also included team members went through a hands-on application on how to perform First Aid, Safety, Fire and Disaster CPR, the different types of bandages and training and seminar at the Subic Bay how to apply them, and the different types Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Dispen- of body carries on injured persons. Participants were the following: sary, August 26 to 27, and at the SEZ administration building conference room, Richard Bulaon, Fernando Solis, Roy Anthony Mojal, Justin Jay Navarro, EnriAugust 28. The first two days of training was que Aranas, Lilibeth Bandingan, Corinne facilitated by Teddy de los Santos, RN, Grace Manalo, Ethel Valerio, Raymund EMT-1, and Marites Sasis, RN, EMT-1, Tamayo, John Louis Ducos, Kristine of the SBMA Dispensary. The last day of Pulido, Robin Geronimo, Ruben Santiago the seminar was conducted by SBMA Fire Jr., Achilles Phill Balbuena, Ryan Griva, Department Chief Ranny Magno and As- Edgardo Geronimo, Paulino Morales, Michael Pamintuan, D’ Christopher Celiz, sistant Fire Chief Gerardo Johnson. The training is aimed to give knowl- Christopher Florence Sonico, and Manuel edge to the team members in giving Basic Lacanin. ♦ EValerio Life Support (BLS) and rescue to be used in case of emergency situations. The seminar tackled How to perform BLS, Types of emergencies, 3 C’s of emergency action steps, How to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), How to give First Aid, The Do’s and Don’ts in Fire Exit drills, and The Different Types of Rescue Practices. Hey, are you okay?. Corinne Manalo gets ready to perform CPR The participants were on a simulation mannequin. She is assisted by nurse Marites given a quiz after the Sasis of the SBMA Dispensary.

SEZ gives free flue vaccination for all team members

Griva visits AICHI Japan Ryan Griva, Subic EnerZone (SEZ) transmission and distribution engineer, went for a factory tour at the AICHI Corporation in Saitama, Japan, July 24 to 26. With him were engineers from SEZ’s sister companies namely: Daniel Cabigon, Davao Light & Power (DLPC), Edilberto Ferrater, Visayan Electric (VECO), and Genciano Ticzon Jr., Cotabato Light & Power. Accompanying them was Rolando Balansag of BJ Marthel International, AICHI’s representative here in the Philippines. Some of the group’s itinerary were inspection of the D70A and SH17A trucks, witness the electrical insulation testing of the SH17A and the preliminary shipment testing of the D70A. ♦ EValerio

Subic Flame


n line with the company’s objective of maintaining a healthy workforce, Subic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) conducted an influenza vaccination program at the conference of the SEZ administration building, June 13. The company gave free flu shots to all of its 53 employees, including those in the probationary status. First batch of flu shots was given from 10:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon, while the second batch was from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. ♦ RTamayo

One shot. New Lineman Severino “Eboy” Miras Jr. receives a “shot” of influenza vaccine from a medical attendant of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone Dispensary.


BY RAYMUND TAMAYO 1 NOTES June 3, 2003 SEZ was incorporated with Erramon I. Aboitiz, Jaime Jose Aboitiz, Benjamin Cariaso Jr., Luis Miguel Aboitiz, and Eugeniano E. Perez III as incorporators. 2 NOTES

Subic EnerZone (SEZ) won the bid for the privatization of the SBMA’s power distribution system. Shown in this photo were (from left to right) SEZ EVP/COO Benjamin Cariaso, Jr., then SBMA Chairman & Administrator Felicito Payumo, and SEZ President/CEO Jaime Jose Aboitiz.



May 15, 2003

SBMA, AEV, DLPC enter into a DMSA for the privatization of SBMA’s PDS On May 15, 2003, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV), and Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC), entered into a Distribution Management Services Agreement (DMSA) for the privatization of the SBMA’s power distribution system. Initially a joint venture between AEV and DLPC, Subic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) won the bid for the privatization on a rehabilitateoperate-transfer (ROT) scheme in 2003. AEV had a 60% stake in the partnership while DLPC held the rest.


August 5, 2003 SEZ registered with the SBMA as a Subic Freeport Enterprise in accordance with Republic Act No. 7227, otherwise known as the Bases Conversion and Development Act.


October 25, 2003

The Big Bang SEZ started commercial operations on October 25, 2003. (ABOVE PHOTO) At the Bldg. 502, AEV President and CEO Jon Ramon Aboitiz (standing, 8th from right) visited SEZ in January 14, 2004 to take a look at the existing power distribution facilities turned over by the SBMA. Bldg. 502 was the former SBMA Utilities Department office used by SEZ in its first two years of existence.

3 NOTES October 4, 2003 SEZ shareholders signed equity agreement. AEV and Mirant Philippines each had 20% equity, DLPC with 40%, San Fernando Electric Light & Power Co. (SFELAPCO) with 10%, and Pampanga Sugar Development Company and Okeelanta Corporation each had 5%.


November, 2003

First P40 million In above photo, then SBMA Chairman Payumo holds the token check representing SEZ’s advance payment amounting to P40 million representing annual revenues generated from the privatization contract. Looking on at right are SEZ president Jimmy Aboitiz, SEZ general manager Dante Pollescas, and SEZ EVP/COO Benjie Cariaso.

From 183 employees, the workforce was cut down to 34 upon turn over. This includes 26 SBMA seconded, 7 DLPC seconded, and 1 Aboitiz Power employees.

During the pre-EnerZone years of 2001 to mid 2003, the freeport has an average power outage of 40 per year. When Subic EnerZone came, it went down to 19 per year.




25, 2004 1st Anniversary

SEZ’s new building groundbreaking ceremonies. Chairman Payumo congratulated SEZ for being a full-pledged member of the Subic business community.

4 March, 2004 Groundbreaking The groundbreaking ceremonies for SEZ’s new admin building was held in March 2004 and was graced by then SBMA Chairman Felicito Payumo, SEZ president Jim Aboitiz, SEZ EVP/COO Benjie Cariaso Jr., and SEZ general manager Dante Pollescas.

“We are a utility. It is a public service. And a lot is expected from it,” said SEZ president Jim Aboitiz in an inspirational message during the company’s first anniversary dinner celebration held at the Bldg. 502 grounds. The occasion opened with an early morning jog, a big breakfast, then a treeplanting activity. Lunch was also served in the office, while pika-pika was served all-day for customers and employees in the lobby. The dinner affair closed the day-long celebration.

6 November, 2004 P40 million turn over In November 2004, SEZ handed its second check of P40 million to the SBMA as part of its privatization contract for power distribution in the freeport. (ABOVE PHOTO) SEZ’s EVP/COO Benjamin Cariaso Jr. (extreme left), director Luis Miguel Aboitiz (2nd from right), and general manager Dante Pollescas (extreme right) turned over the payment to then SBMA administrator Alfredo Antonio.


April 28,

8 October 25, 2005


2nd Anniversary

Purchase from TransCo

(ABOVE PHOTO) Inside the Bldg. 502 lobby, a SEZ employee takes a bite from a “pika-pika” tray. The free food was part of SEZ’s 1st Anniversary celebration.

The total amount Subic EnerZone has invested so far in projects and improvements in the freeport zone.

SEZ purchased 7.24 circuit-km of TransCo’s subtransmission lines and disconnection switches at the Kalaklan Metering Point. This is after buying TransCo’s P101.6 million 100 MVA substation, which is said to be the first-ever sale of a substation in Luzon.

“Two Years, Twice Stronger” was the theme of SEZ’s second anniversary celebration. This also marks the inauguration of the company’s new administration building and rehabilitated Remy Field Central Control Station. During the cocktail party, SEZ chairman Erramon Aboitiz thanked the team for doing “such a great job in such a short period of time” and for “bringing us all closer to achieving our vision of making Subic truly world class.”

In just five years, SEZ has dropped the systems loss from 14.1% to 3.0% allowing it to lower its power rates. The distribution charge was reduced from P1.00/kwhr to P0.59/kwhr upon turn over.


10 February 17, 2006 Aboitiz Brand Cascade

Subic Flame. The official publication of Subic EnerZone Corporation.

9 January, 2006 A “new” newsletter In January 2006, Subic EnerZone released a “new look” Subic Flame, the official publication of the company. With it’s design and layout patterned after the Aboitiz colors of red, white, and black, the newsletter became a source not only of information, but also of inspiration for the company’s team members.

In February 2006, the new Aboitiz brand was cascaded to the Subic EnerZone team in a seminar at the Legenda Hotel in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Since then, brand awareness is being manifested in the company’s operations, both in its technical and customer service facets. No less than Jon Ramon Aboitiz was the guest speaker for the event.

11 October 25, 2006 3rd Anniversary (ABOVE PHOTO) (from L to R) SEZ EVP/COO Benjie Cariaso, SEZ GM Dante Pollescas, and SEZ Chairman Erramon Aboitiz presents the ceremonial P54 million check to SBMA chairman Commodore Feliciano Salonga (extreme right) during the company’s 3rd Anniversary held at the Seorabeol Grand Leisure Hotel. SEZ pays the SBMA P40 million annually for the lease of the its power facilities and other properties in the freeport. Also stipulated in the agreement is the yearly payment of P14 million in the first five years for properties and services provided by the SBMA.

12 May 16, 2007 Power for Hanjin (BELOW PHOTO) (seated from L to R) Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation (HHIC) president Jeong Sup Shim, SBMA administrator Armand Arreza, and SEZ president Jaime Jose Aboitiz during the signing of back-toback Memorandum of Agreements which states that SEZ will provide electric power to HHIC’s shipyard located at the Redondo Peninsula in Subic. In turn, HHIC will pay the SBMA a corresponding “wheeling fee” for such provision and other related services that shall be collected by SEZ.

14 December 17, 2007 100% SEZ Ownership

13 November, 2007 P54 million hand over (BELOW PHOTO) SEZ vice president and general manager Dante Pollescas (left) hands over to SBMA administrator Armand Arreza a check for the company’s annual P54 million payment. Arreza said the upgrading of power systems in Subic would generate more investments in the freeport.

In December 17, 2007, Aboitiz Power Corporation (AP) acquired the 20% equity of Team Philippines Industrial Power II Corporation (formerly Mirant Philippines) in SEZ for P92 million. Together with the 35% equity in SEZ of AP’s subsidiary Davao Light & Power Company (DLPC), the acquisition brought AP’s total equity in SEZ to 100%.

September 2008

Subic Flame

Pollescas receives commendation from SBMA


ubic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) VP and General Manager Dante Pollescas recently received a certificate of commendation from the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) for providing technical assistance in restoring the communication, navigation and surveillance function of the Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) last July 16. Early that morning, the SBIA aviation tower’s communication cables were reportedly inoperative and if not restored immediately could paralyze airport operation. Upon receiving a request from SBMA’s Telecom department, Pollescas formed a crew to assist in the restoration of the aviation tower’s operation. The team was headed by SEZ Transmission &

Distribution (T&D) engineer Ryan Griva with five contractors from SEZ’s accredited contractor, Power System Electric Cooperative (PSECO), namely: William Emperoso, Gerardo Veloso, Roger Manalang, Roland Hebron, and Donald Guibao. In the certificate signed by SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza and Chairman Feliciano Salonga, the government agency stated that “the high degree of professionalism you have demonstrated for the duration of the three days roundthe-clock restoration effort have earned respect and admiration not only from the personnel of this agency but also the members of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and the SBMA and SBIA management.”

The team coordinated with engineer Elmer Libo of the SBMA’s telecom department in the hauling and layouting of communication cables at the airport. SEZ is an Aboitiz-owned electric distribution utility managing the power distribution system (PDS) of the SBMA. In the past years since the SBMA’s PDS was privatized, the company has initiated several projects for the freeport’s improvement and has lowered its electrical systems loss to 3.6% from 15.1% before turn over. Earlier that same day, SEZ’s Substation and Electrical Equipment (SEED) and T&D departments conducted a preventive maintenance of the switchgears supplying power to the aviation tower of the SBIA. ♦ RTamayo


ubic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to build two guard houses for the SBMA Law Enforcement Department (LED), September 15. Under the MOA, SEZ will construct the guard houses at the Binictican Drive entrances (Junction Maritan and Acacia St.) of the Binictican Housing area in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone as donation. SBMA Done deal. SEZ VP/GM Dante Pollescas (right) and SBMA administrator Armand Arreza (center) shake hands after the MOA signing, while SEZ administration manager Edgar Caluza (left) looks on. will provide the lots where these guard houses will be built. The project was initiated by SEZ as the existing guard houses of the SBMA-LED in the said post when nature calls. BY RAYMUND TAMAYO SBMA administrator Armand Arreza areas are small and cannot shelter the police on duty during heavy rain. The exist- and SEZ vice president and general man- Caluza as witness. This project is part of the company’s ing posts does not have comfort rooms, ager Dante Pollescas lead the signing, with SEZ administration manager Edgar Corporate Social Responsibility. ♦ thus guard on duty is forced to leave his

SEZ, SBMA sign MOA on Guard House Construction

Vol. 4, Issue 3

BEZ, MEZ Recharges BEZ/MEZ NEWSBRIEFS CPPC Provides Power to Balamban Balamban EnerZone Corporation (BEZ) entered into a power contract with Cebu Private Power Corporation (CPPC) last July 31. Under the agreement, CPPC will provide power to BEZ and the locators of the existing load. With the increasing load of West Cebu Industrial Park, its existing power supplier, Toledo Power Corporation, can no longer handle the growth. This triggered BEZ to negotiate with various power suppliers within the area. ♦ BEZ installs AVR’s Balamban EnerZone Corporation (BEZ) recently purchased three units of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) for the West Cebu Industrial Park power distribution system. This development addressed customer concerns regarding problems in voltage regulation which has been an issue in the area for quiet some time already. ♦ BEZ, MEZ acquires Additional Transportation Equipment In line with the passion to deliver better service, Balamban EnerZone Corporation (BEZ) and Mactan EnerZone Corporation (MEZ) recently acquired new additional crew Mitsubishi L300 vans and Isuzu and Canter bucket trucks each. BEZ is a Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registered utility enterprise of West Cebu Industrial Park in Balamban, Cebu, while MEZ is also a PEZA registered utility enterprise operating at the Mactan Economic Zone II in Basak, Lapu Lapu City. ♦


fter hard working days, people need performers. Boundless energy and zest to do something to pamper them continued during the night. But nothing from time to time. A wise man saves for a could compare how everyone laughed rainy day but a wiser man knows how to their hearts out when Sir Gabs and Sir save and pamper himself as well. Ramny exhibited their witticism. Sir Gabs On June 7 to 8, team members of would cast a comic story while Sir Balamban EnerZone Corporation (BEZ) Ramny would threw back another. It was and Mactan EnerZone Corporation like a debate of gag stories between them. (MEZ) pampered themselves in Casa del Sounds of laughter filled the air and they Mar, San Remegio, Cebu. It was not only didn’t even notice that midnight had alfar from the workplace but far different ready elapsed. from the daily work routine. Members It also showed that team EnerZone from different workstations gathered to doesn’t run out of energy when members take a break from the everyday monotony woke up very early and continued to enand to promote corporate team building. joy even if they only had a few hours of Novices had the chance to get to know the sleep. They made the most of their time other members and were heartily wel- before they departed. But leisure time had comed to be part of the team. ended and it’s time to head off. EnerZone The event was graced by the presence is now fully recharged and ready to face of Finance and Administration manager another milestone. ♦ MIbona Ramny Guatelara and Technical Operations head Mario Gabunilas. The three-hour journey did not make the team feel exhausted but made them very eager to do some activities and to have fun. The sore heat of the sun did not stop them to enjoy the pleasures of playing volleyball, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. Some members showed off talents in singing and Relax. Some of the BEZ & MEZ team members take time in danced all the way like total leisure and recreation.

BEZ, MEZ joins ACO Sportsfest


alamban EnerZone Corporation (BEZ) and Mactan EnerZone Corporation (MEZ) joined the Aboitiz Group of Companies (ACO) 2008 Sportsfest called “Wacylympics.” The opening ceremony was held at the San Carlos Montessori last March 8. The whole-day affair marks the start of the long-awaited group wide tournaments of different sports events such as basketball, volleyball, bowling and badminton. Being newly organized companies of the Aboitiz group did not hinder BEZ and

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MEZ to be part of this activity. Many of the top players in volleyball came from the two companies. In bowling, one of the top 5 competitors in the early stages of the tournament was from BEZ and MEZ. BEZ/MEZ general manager Irwin Pagdalian was always in the games to support his team. His teammates were amazed with the way he plays in spite of sore knees. Finance and administration manager Ramny Guatelara serves as team captain, and never fails to give encouragement to his team to try their best to win as many games as possible.

The games, which were played every Saturdays, were duly attended by team members, and according to them “distance doesn’t matter as long as we enjoy the game and we are delighted to make the team proud by carrying the EnerZone name.” ♦ GDingding

September 2008

Subic Flame

AESI donates computer units to selected Olongapo public schools

Give and you shall receive. Aboitiz Energy Solutions, Inc., together with the Aboitiz Foundation Inc., donated 16 computer units to Sta. Rita Elementary School and Gordon Heights I Elementary School last August 15. In this photo during the ceremonial turn over were Olongapo City vice mayor Cynthia Cajudo, Zambales Vice Governor Anne Marie Gordon (2nd and 3rd from left), AESI EVP/COO Benjie Cariaso Jr., and AESI general manager Aaron Berin (2nd from right and extreme right) together with some school and DepEd officials.

boitiz Energy Solutions, Inc. (AESI) donated 16 brand new computer units to two public elementary schools in Olongapo City, August 15. AESI gave eight units each to Sta. Rita Elementary School in the morning and Gordon Heights I Elementary School in the afternoon. Both schools were evaluated and chosen from among public schools in Olongapo City. The basis of evaluation and selection were the results of the 2007 National Achievement Test (NAT) wherein the schools ranked 1st and 2nd in the city respectively. Also, both have existing secured and well-maintained computer


rooms. In cooperation with the Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., these donations are aligned with the Foundation’s adopt-a-school program which commits to improve the quality of education of our youth. Present in the event were AESI’s EVP/COO Benjamin Cariaso Jr., General Manager Aaron Berin, Aboitiz Foundation’s EVP and Managing Trustee Sonny Carpio, Subic EnerZone’s VP and General Manager Dante Pollescas, and other AESI and Subic EnerZone team members. Also gracing the event were local city officials including Mayor James “Bong” Gordon Jr. at Sta. Rita; Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo and Zambales Vice Governor

Anne Marie Gordon at Gordon Heights. ♦ RTamayo

For the children. AESI GM Aaron Berin assists some of the student beneficiaries in using the desktop computers.

Vol. 4, Issue 3

SEZ participates in annual LCF Conference

Passion to Serve. Aboitiz Foundation’s EVP and Managing Trustee Sonny Carpio (2nd from left) with SEZ CSR representative Raymund Tamayo (4th from right) and other Aboitiz group community relations officers pose for a photo during the first day of the conference.

ubic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) participated in the 7th League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conference last July 16-18 at the Makati Shangri-La. The company was represented by Branding/CorpCom/CSR staff and Subic Flame editor Raymund Tamayo. CSR representatives from other Aboitiz companies such as Aboitizland, Aboitiz Construction Group, Davao Light, Luzon Hydro, STEAG State Power, FilAm Foods, Pilmico Foods, Visayan Electric Company, Subic EnerZone, and Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. also attended the conference. With the theme “CSR is Everyone’s Business,” the seminar is the LCF’s seventh annual gathering. For the past six years the LCF has been at the forefront of promoting CSR to a broad range of audiences – from the business sector to media, civil society, students, the academe, and government – through the holding of CSR


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Expos in celebration of National CSR Week. Aimed to raise the level of discussion on CSR by engaging the business community in integrating CSR into the business process, the LCF shifted to a conference format this year – providing both societal and business benefits – and proving that CSR is Everyone’s Business. The first two days of the conference featured plenary and breakout sessions, while the third day was a whole-day workshop on crafting winning CSR strategies and programs that are relevant and responsive in today’s society. The workshop is organized by the LCF CSR Institute. Notable speakers for the conference were: Asian Institute of Management (AIM) executive director Felipe Alfonso; tv personality and MicroVentures, Inc. president Bam Aquino; Ayala Land president Jimmy Ayala; Golden Arches Development Corporation VP for marketing Margarita Balderas-Torres; DSWD secretary Esperanza Cabral; Petron Corpora-

tion marketing communications officer Charmaine Canillas. ABS-CBN anchorwoman Karen Davila; Miriam College Environmental Science Institute executive director Dr. Angelina Galang; Boston College executive director and published author Dr. Bradley Googins; former DENR secretary Elisea Gozun; Chevron Philippines country chairman and general manager Randy Johnson; tv host Cheche Lazaro; Foundation for Worldwide People Power president Dr. Maria Lim-Ayuyao; Dela Salle Professional Schools professor Dr. Tristan Macapanpan. Tv personality and broadcaster Winnie Monsod; Goodyear Philippines president and managing director David Joseph Morin; Isabela governor Grace Padaca; Department of Energy secretary Angelo Reyes; actress, tv personality and ABSCBN president Charo Santos-Concio; ASEAN Foundation executive director Dr. Jun Uriarte; and Philex Mining Corporation president, COO and director Jose Ernesto Villaluna. ♦ RTamayo

September 2008

Subic Flame

Cohesive Knowledge Solutions and co-author of "The Hamster Revolution: How to Manage Your Email Before it Manages You." The key is to identify and eliminate the remaining 20 percent. "A lot of people will just hit 'Reply to All' to say thank you to somebody. And sometimes that person will hit 'Reply to All' and say you're welcome. It really gets in the way of getting things done." 2. Set a schedule. Turn off the "ding" sound that alerts you to incoming mail. Figure out how frequently you need to answer your email: once a day? Three times a day? Then set aside time to read and reply to messages. "It's easier to manage your email in chunks of time rather than continuously throughout the day," Domeyer said. For example, you can read and reply to email first thing in the morning, once in the middle of the day, and once at the end of the day.

How to Manage your E-mails Two-thirds of executives list email as their preferred method of communicating at work.



mail is one of the means of communication in the workplace. It makes communication faster and more efficient -but it can also be overwhelming. Almost two-thirds of executives list email as their preferred method of communicating at work, according to an OfficeTeam survey -- a number that has almost doubled in the past decade.

Keep yourself organized. Make folders for your emails so you can move messages out of your inbox once you’ve read them.

"Email is front and center today," said Diane Domeyer, executive director of OfficeTeam, a division of staffing company Robert Half International. "Still, there can be too much of a good thing." Experts offer the following tips for making email work for you. 1. Send less. This doesn't mean you should forego important memos or leave people out of the loop. But you should think twice before you hit Send, especially if you're replying to everyone in a large group. "Eighty percent of email is totally necessary," said Mike Song, CEO of

3. Use the technology. Use a good spam filter to remove the truly unnecessary mail. Also, set up folders for low-priority messages, such as notes from your professional association. You can check these folders as often as necessary -once every few days, for example. 4. Organize it. Make folders for your email so you can move messages out of your inbox once you've read them. This will make the messages in your inbox seem less overwhelming. It will also help you find messages later when you need to refer to them. 5. Don't be too brief. It's good to make your emails as short as possible -- and especially tempting when you're typing on a PDA. But if you're replying to an email that mentions several ways to handle a problem, for example, and you reply with "sounds good," you may soon receive yet another email, asking which solution you think sounds good. 6. Know when not to email. There are times when talking to someone, either in person or on the phone, is the better option. "If you have a difficult or challenging situation to resolve, better to do that in person," Domeyer said. "You'll find it to be more efficient and much more likely to be resolved in a satisfactory manner." ♌ Source:



August ‘08 Kaibigan Program:

SEZ in the City Funny. Witty. Artistic. Unforgettable. All these and more as Subic EnerZone wrapped up another slam-bang Kaibigan activity for the ages. BY LYNREI LARIOS


ne of the most anticipated teambuilding activities in Subic EnerZone (SEZ) is the “Kaibigan” Night, where company team members gather together to share their talents and have a good time together. In another memorable shot at a fun and treasured bonding experience, the company did an adaptation of the infamous American TV series called “SEZ in the City” which was held at the SEZ administration building’s motorpool area, August 29. As the show started after work, everyone was ready and at high expectancy for this kind of recreation that the company allows for its employees --- to relax and get wellacquainted with each other. Hosts for the program were Kaibigan Steering Committee head Lilibeth Bandingan and Jerry Paul Mendez. The “Newts”, or the

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new team members, started off with a comic dance remix which drew laughter from everyone. After that, selected male team members dressed as “Miss Universe” contestants spoofed in a question-and-answer portion and a dance number. It was hilarity accompanied with dinner and what else? The evening was serenaded by an acoustic live band preformed by talented Kaibigans, warm chitchats, a “Truth and Consequence” game for the Newts, and witty horoscopes from “Madam Marsha” portrayed by HR supervisor Mars Escobar. Vice president and general manager Dante Pollescas gave words of encouragement and appreciation for those who made the event possible, and reiterated the value of teambuilding and professionalism. Indeed, “SEZ in the City” was another successful Kaibigan activity and an unforgettable experience for the new Kaibigans. ♦

Vol. 4, Issue 3

September 2008

Subic Flame


Vol. 4, Issue 3


NEWTS (left photo, from L to R): Richard Camat, GIS staff; Lynrei Larios, accounting staff; Jerome Tuazon, stockroom staff; and Kevin Ligsay, PBR engineer.


Pang Close-up smile ko ‘to...

New Regular team members (from L to R): Jeremy Picones and Jerry Paul Mendez, cadet engineers, Power Metering Group.

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Dyaraaan…! <bading>

Proud to be!

September 2008

Subic Flame


WORKING ALONE So when Moses’ father-in-law saw all that he did for the people, he said, “What is this thing that you are doing for the people? Why do you alone sit, and all the people stand before you from morning until evening?” - EXODUS 18:14 IN our zeal to please God and advance His kingdom, we Christians often take on responsibilities that God never intended us to have. One of the great challenges of the Christian life is determining what God does not want us to do! Our intentions are admirable: We love God, we love His people, and we see many needs around us. But sometimes our good intentions cause more harm than good. Moses was aware of the need for someone to settle disputes among the Israelites. Someone had to help those former slaves learn how to live together

as the people of God, so Moses took it upon himself to meet this need. Long lines of unhappy people, hoping to have their cases heard, stood before Moses each day. Moses spent day after day carrying the weight of his nation’s problems on his shoulders. Finally his fatherin-law, an outsider, witnessed what Moses was doing and challenged the wisdom of his actions. Moses was taking on more than he could handle. He was wearing himself out trying to do what was impossible for one person. In doing this service alone, Moses was robbing others of an opportunity to serve the

Lord. He was also doing a disservice to his people, who otherwise could have had their issues resolved much sooner. When you become aware of a need, do not automatically assume God wants you to meet it. The only reason to perform ministry is that God clearly tells you it is His will. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all that you are doing, you are probably doing more than God has asked. Pray carefully about the assignments you take on, so that you don’t rob yourself and others of God’s best. ♦ (taken from “Experiencing God Day-By-Day” by Henry and Richard Blackaby)

available for work. Since you spend 16 hours each day away from work, you have used up 170 days, leaving only 91 days available. You spend 30 minutes each day on coffee break which counts for 23 days each year, leaving only 68 days available. With a 1 hour lunch each day, you used up another 46 days, leaving only 22 days available for work. You normally spend 2 days per year on sick leave. This leaves you only 20 days per year available for work. We are off 5 holidays per year, so your available working time is down to 15 days. We generously give 14 days vacation per year which leaves only 1 day available for work and I’ll be damned if you are going to take that day off! WHY BOSSES ARE DIFFERENT When you take a long time, you’re slow. When your boss takes a long time, he’s thorough. When you don’t do it, you’re lazy. When your boss doesn’t do it, he’s too busy. When you make a mistake, you’re an idiot. When your boss makes a mistake, he’s only human. When doing something without being told, you’re overstepping your authority. When your boss does the same thing, that’s initiative. When you take a stand, you’re being bull-headed. When your boss does it, he’s being firm. When you overlooked a rule, you’re rebellious. When your boss skips a few rules, he’s just original. When you’re on a day off sick, you’re always sick. When your boss is on it, he must be very ill. When you apply for leave, you’re escaping work. When your boss applies for leave, he’s overworked.



Reaching the end of an interview, the Human Resource supervisor asked a young engineer who was fresh out of MIT, “What starting salary were you thinking about?”

Smith goes to see his supervisor in the front office. “Boss,” he says, “we’re doing some heavy housecleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife needs me to help with the attic and the garage, moving and hauling stuff.”

The engineer said, “In the neighborhood of about P15,000 to P20,000 a month, depending on the benefits package.”

“We’re short-handed, Smith,” the boss replies. “I can’t give you the day off.”

The interviewer said, “Well, what do you say to a package of 5 weeks vacation, 11 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 130% of salary, and a company car for you — say, a brand new Toyota Innova?” The engineer sat up straight and said, “Wow! Are you kidding?” The interviewer replied, “Yeah, but you started it.” WANT A DAY OFF WORK? So you want a day off. Let’s take a look at what you are asking for. There are 365 days per year available for work. There are 52 weeks per year in which you already have 2 days off per week, leaving 261 days

“Thanks, boss,” says Smith “I knew I could count on you!” OLD LOCAL BLACKSMITH An old blacksmith realized he was soon going to quit working so hard. He picked out a strong young man to become his apprentice. The old fellow was crabby and exacting. “Don’t ask me a lot of questions,” he told the boy. “Just do whatever I tell you to do.” One day the old blacksmith took an iron out of the forge and laid it on the anvil. “Get the hammer over there,” he said. “When I nod my head, hit it real good and hard.” Now the town is looking for a new blacksmith. ♦ (lifted from and

Vol. 4, Issue 3

Tabradillo wins Cycling gold anew


efending champion Manny Tabradillo of the Blue Eagles captured his second straight gold medal in the recently concluded 2008 SEZ Sportsfest Cycling competition - Road Bike category. Tabradillo, who seems to be on a class of his own when it comes to cycling, timed 31 Top Three. Cycling medalists pose for a photo after the 14-kilometer road minutes and 49 bike race (from L to R): Blue Eagles’ Ricky Aranas, silver; Blue Eagles’ seconds to finish Manny Tabradillo, gold; and Yellow Tiger’s Kyle Credo, bronze. BOARD GAMES NEWS

Pangilinan pulls through in Dama Green Arresters’ Cris Pangilinan outclassed his competition to win the gold medal in the final round of SEZ’s Dama tournament. Pangilinan scored 6 points, winning matches against last year’s finalists Yellow Tigers’ Mars Escobar and Blue Eagles’ Danny Caro, and then settling for a draw with compatriot Jayson Bondad in the finals. Escobar scored 5 points to grab the silver, while Bondad tallied 4.5 points in securing the bronze. The top 4 finishers of the 13-man elimination round advanced in the finals. ♦ Escobar makes it 3 straight in Scrabble, GG Mars Escobar of the Yellow Tigers continued his domination of Scrabble and Games of the Generals (GG) as he captured his third straight gold medals in both events. Escobar once again outflanked his opponents in the final round of GG scoring 6 points. Raymund Tamayo of the Blue Eagles captured silver with 5 points, then John Ducos, also of the Blue Eagles, winning the bronze with 2 points. Meanwhile in Scrabble, Escobar totaled 164

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points in the final round against Tamayo (156), fellow Yellow teammate Anielou Gelacio (112), and Blue Eagles’ Corinne Manalo (89). Tamayo finished again with the silver, with Gelacio winning the bronze medal. GG started with a 16-man playing field consisting of four groups of four players in the elimination round, with the top two finishers from each group advancing in the semifinals. The top four after the single-round robin semis advanced in the finals. Scrabble had two boards of four players each in the eliminations, with the top two from each board advancing in the final round. ♦

first, with no one among the other competitors giving him a challenge. This year’s 14-kilometer race started at the Subic EnerZone Maritan Substation along Argonaut highway, with the finish line located at the Subic Botanical Garden in the West Ilanin Forest Naval Magazine area, trekking the hilliest terrains of the Freeport. Blue Eagle compatriot Ricky Aranas captured the silver medal with a time of 39 minutes and 5 seconds, while Kyle Credo of the Yellow Tigers grabbed the bronze with 46 minutes and 9 seconds. Credo overtook Ryan Griva, also of the Blue Eagles, in the final stretch of the race that prevented a 1-2-3 finish for the Blue team. Griva clocked 47 minutes and 29 seconds. ♦ title after dominating the final round of the 2008 SEZ Darts tournament. Bulaon lost only once to record a 6-1 winloss card and capture the gold medal. After being tied in second place with 5-2 win-loss records, Eboy Miras, Ryan Griva, and Robin Geronimo competed in a playoff for the remaining medals. Miras topped the playoffs with a 2-0 card to gain the silver while Griva toted a 1-1 slate to snatch the bronze. ♦

Escobar reclaims Chess title Board games phenom Mars Escobar of the Yellow Tigers captured his third gold medal of the 2008 SEZ Sportsfest by scoring 2.5 points in the final round of the Chess tournament, reclaiming his former title. Escobar turned back compatriot and defending champion Chris Celiz (2.0 points, silver) and Green Archers’ Chris Pangilinan (1.5 points, bronze) in the final round of competition. ♦ 4th straight for Bulaon in Darts Defending champion Richard Bulaon of the Blue Eagles holds on for his fourth straight

Board games master. Triple gold medalist (Scrabble, GG, Chess) Mars Escobar of the Yellow Tigers shown here in action against Green Archers’ Ricky Coronel during the elimination round of the SEZ ‘08 Chess tournament.

September 2008

Subic Flame

Batingal leads Warriors to take fourth basketball title


or Noel Batingal, it has been a yearly tradition. Raising a basketball championship trophy, that is. The 5-7 shooting guard, who has never won a regular season MVP award, was again named Finals MVP for the second straight year in leading the Red Warriors to a close 43-39 victory against an undermanned Blue Eagles five. This was Batingal’s fourth basketball championship in 5 years of the league’s existence, by anyone’s standards a record worth mentioning. The Warriors began the season at the bottom of the pack, starting with a 0-3 win-loss record after the first round of eliminations. They finished the elimination round touting a 3-6 record, enough for a tie in the fourth and last place with the Green Archers. They battled the Yellow Tigers in the playoffs, the team that beaten them twice in the elims, and survived in the final game of their best-ofthree series with a slim two-point win that was not decided until the last 3 seconds of the match. Nobody expected for this team to give the mighty Blue Eagles a challenge in the Finals, and even worse nobody expected them to be in it. But look where they are now. They

fly even higher than the Eagles. “Siyempre, masarap! (Of course, it feels so good!),” said Warriors starting center Ronald del Rosario about the championship. “Hindi naging madali para sa amin ang panalo kasi ang Blue Eagles matindi. Tapos lima lang kami na regular na naglalaro (The win did not come easy because the Blue Eagles are great. And only five of us were regularly playing),” he added. Del Rosario also said “hindi namin akalain na makapasok sa Finals kasi first round robin wala kaming panalo (we didn’t expect to be in the Finals because in the first round robin (of the eliminations), we didn’t win (a game).” Incidentally, Del Rosario was sidelined in the first round because he got a tooth removed and wasn’t allowed by doctors to play for two weeks. When the young center came back, the Warriors had a fresh new look, with Del Rosario and veteran post player Boy Veloso forming a formidable twin towers tandem that gave opposing teams headaches all throughout the season. Batingal scored 19 points, starting point guard Rene Eldian scored 10 points, and Del Rosario and Veloso added 5 a piece to wrap up the title.

The Eagles were badly undermanned, playing without four of its five starters. The only starter on the floor was 2008 regular season MVP Raymund Tamayo. Former two-time MVP Emmanuel Tabradillo played in the entire first half of the game, but left in the second half to attend an emergency call at work. “There were no excuses (about our loss). The Red Warriors are a great team, complete in every aspect of the game,” said Tamayo. “Their defense is stifling. They were definitely the best defense I’ve seen this season.” Tamayo finished with 18 points in leading the hapless Blue Eagles. John Ducos and rookie of the year candidate Richard Camat gave 7 points each. The game started with Tabradillo and Tamayo giving the Eagles an early 70 lead. The first quarter ended with the Blue Team on top 15-8. The Warriors went on a 16-5 run in the second quarter to grab the lead, 24-20, behind the efforts of Batingal who scored 12 points in that stretch. The second half started without Tabradillo and the Red team took advantage, ballooning the lead to eleven, 36-25. The Blue Eagles made a last stand in the final quarter, with Ducos scoring 7 straight points to trim the gap to four, 4036. A three-pointer by Tamayo in the left corner cut the deficit to one, 40-39, time down to 18 seconds. The Warriors then scored on a free throw in the next possession to make it 41-39 and give the Eagles a chance to tie or to get the lead with a 3-point play. With time down to 9 seconds, Ducos fed Tamayo for a final shot but was tripleteamed and Eldian stole away the ball. Eldian passed it to a streaking Del Rosario for an “and 1” play to make it 4339. Del Rosario missed the free throw then the buzzer sounded. ♦ Here are the scores: WARRIORS (43) – Batingal 19, Eldian 10, Del Rosario 5, Veloso 5, Abarquez 4.

Champions. The Red Warriors (from L to R standing): Ronald del Rosario, Noel Batingal, Rene Eldian, Boy Veloso, and Loy Abarquez, with SEZ HR supervisor Mars Escobar. Seated from left to right were coach Wilson Gayagaya, Ronnie Solmayor, and Dexter Villanueva.

EAGLES (39) – Tamayo 18, Ducos 7, Camat 7, Tabradillo 5, Bustria 2, Griva 0. Quarterscores: 8-15, 24-20, 36-25, 43-39


Canal Road corner Labitan St., CBD, SBFZ Tel. No.: (047) 252-7392 Fax No.: (047) 252– 7397 OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF SUBIC ENERZONE

At the loan signing. Subic EnerZone EVP & COO Benjamin Cariaso Jr. (2nd from right) and DBP EVP Armando Samia (2nd from left) sign the loan agreement, with Aboitiz Power FVP & Treasurer Gabriel Maňalac and DBP VP Estrella Icasiano as witnesses.

Subic EnerZone secures P285-M loan from DBP


Press Release from Aboitiz Eyes

ubic EnerZone Corporation (SEZ) has obtained a P285million, 12-year-term loan from the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) to fund its capital expenditures for this year and refinance existing debts. SEZ is contracted to provide power distribution services to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) until 2028.

Under its distribution management services agreement (DMSA) with SBMA, SEZ shall invest some P368 million within the first five years of the service period to rehabilitate the existing power distribution system at the Subic Freeport Zone. This will cover the acquisition of machines and equipment, installation of distribution meters as well as upgrade of its facilities and system lines.

In 2007, the Energy Regulatory Commission approved 27 projects amounting to P210.27 million. As of today, SEZ has completed 21 projects, with remaining projects ongoing. The company has initiated projects not listed on the DMSA to further increase the reliability and efficiency of its power distribution system. ♦


Subic Flame newsletter, September 2008 issue.