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should be at peace, fully satisfied with the fluffy, romantic stories that usually comprise this issue. Should be. But for some reason I am just not feeling it. Maybe Ray Love’s daily doses of brutal honesty are finally getting under my skin. Maybe the pressure of pulling off the biggest edition of the year is starting to stress me out. However, something tells me my mood comes from a more selfish place. Honestly, it is hard as hell to work on an issue called “Love and Relationship” while spending my third straight Valentine’s Day without someone to share it with. Too many times this month have I muttered “Ugh! I need to be a Super Single (pg. 16),” only half-kidding. Do not get me wrong. I am not bitter. It is just that “love” stories are tired and the emotions associated with them are overrated. That is why in place of our typical tales of late night trysts and affairs of the heart you will discover different facets of this complex, troublesome emotion called love. We start with a quarrelsome couple’s timeless argument (pg.6), share a story of loss and redemption (pg.8), and reevaluate the phrase “till death do us part” (pg.10) For those of you out there reveling in your successful relationships (rubbing them in our faces), don’t worry. There’s some lovey-dovey foolery in here for you too (pg.13). So enjoy that mid-February day that shall not be named, cherish your significant other(s) year round, and delve into this issue knowing no matter how lonely you get, you have your latest copy of Journey to keep you company. Love (I guess),

Kristen Swilley


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“ -

Westin Giles Raymond Love II

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et’s keep this between you and me. Ah yes, every man’s “Golden Rule” of relationships. The thing is, if you had it all figured out we would not be fighting in the first place. That is why it never hurts to speak with someone about what may be going on. It does not make sense to keep things bottled up because in the end you are going to hurt your significant other and yourself. There is always a need for some form of release when it comes to dealing with the frustrations of a relationship. Now, I know some may be a little touchy when it comes to speaking to someone other than their special someone about their relationship woes, but what is the harm in doing so? Confiding in someone you trust does not equal a lack of trust in your partner. Having a good venting session with your close friend or a trusted individual may not only help you clear your heart and mind but could also knock some sense into the situation that you may be dealing with.

Think about Melanie from “The Game.” Whenever she has an issue with Derwin vents to Tasha. We see throughout the seasons that her girlfriends tell her the same thing time and time again, but hearing something you already know from someone else can foster a sense of clarity. Once you have had that sense of clarity-or in my Nicki Minaj voice, “I just had an epiphany”you can finally regain your sanity and move forward in your relationship. Now let’s say you’re not losing your mind quite yet, but you sense the tension building rapidly between the two of you. Simply going to that trusted someone for advice about the issue is always a plus. No advice is bad advice. It is the actions that follow that make the advice given worthwhile. Who knows? The advice given could also save you from a horrible mistake. Just because some advice may hurt doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful. For instance, the line from John Legend’s song “Save Room“ says “love hurts sometimes when you do it right.” If you are

ever in situation and things are going sour you should step back and reevaluate your situation. Go and talk to someone who you know will be an unbiased ear and will give you well-warranted advice, so neither you nor your significant other will act irrationally on temporary emotions. It takes two to make a relationship work but having a third, trusted person to guide, assist, or put everything into perspective for you is never a bad thing. If you live day in and day out with someone whom you know is not right for you, you are only causing more destruction. Letting a trusted neutral party in on your relationship woes that are can save you from petty arguments, tearful faces, and ultimately wasted time on someone who may not be the one for you.

“IT AIN’T NONE OF YOUR FRIEND’S BUSINESS...” - Christopher Williams


t ain’t none of your friend’s business. Aint none of your friend’s business. It’s a Ginuwine tune most know, but few take to heart. In reality, the line would hit home if it sounded more like “here you go talking sh*t, so your friends hate me again.” People often find themselves at odds on whether or not to share information about their relationships. And, more often than not people spill those beans without realizing what a mess they are making. A relationship is a contract between two individuals. This understanding coaxes them to act as one and is motivated by sex, emotion, and communication. Pay close attention to the “two individuals” part. How can one conduct a successful, monogamous relationship, if it involves more than two people? To invite someone else in, even by use of conversation, would be tantamount to cheating and considered an extramarital occurrence.

Besides the blatant irrationality of inviting others into your relationship, this practice should be shunned for several reasons. Public scrutiny, the malicious motives of outsiders, envy, danger, misinterpretation, and “the crack in the dam” theory (a crack in a dam could lead to catastrophe if left unattended) are all reasons to keep our business in house. Say I illustrated to the world how you constantly “talk at” me. You would then be labeled a b*tch. In contrast, if I took the initiative to talk to your friends about your behavior they could attempt to convince me you are not the right woman for me. We eventually decide to reconcile and move forward. Then an unknown outsider catches wind of the news and seeks me out in a local nightclub with ill intentions. Though we previously sought to reconcile due to a breakdown of communication between us you understood my absence that evening as me misbehaving “in these

streets.” My point? Had I not allowed others into our relationship there would be no previous “crack” to wreck our union. Relationships are built on trust and communication. They form the foundation on which we possibly build our lives together. Would you sell a piece of your foundation to make a quick buck? To spread the business of our relationship would be just that. I understand that you may need to vent, or wrap your mind around things, but the key is communication. If there is an issue, if you have something to say, or have a question then just say it. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the quickest way to the truth is through me.


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Former Mr. FAMU Theodore R. Goyins III gives an in-depth glance on love and life in his book of poetry “Expressions of a Man.”

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Wilken Tisdale

admit it. I am not exactly the kind of guy to pick up a novel and dive into it at any given moment. So after briefly flipping through the book my friend recommended, I realized it was a collection of poetry. I returned to the cover and scanned the title, “Expressions of a Man” by Theodore R. Goyins III. Released in August 2011, “Expressions of a Man” is a collection of poetry divided into four areas: Faith, Family, Love, and Life. Each poem is based on real-life encounters and experiences that have played an important role in his personal growth. After scouring search engines and social networks, I found Goyins and discovered he had an inspiring story of his own.

Photos courteously provided by Theodore R. Goyins III


Jeremy Davis


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/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Yo u

c a n

P u r c h a s e

t h e

B o o k

Expressions of a Man

Photos courteously provided by Theodore R. Goyins III

By Theodore R. Goyins III at After serving as Mr. FAMU 2003-2004 and graduating with his master’s degree in business the following year, he experienced much success in corporate America. However, he soon became ill. At 23, Goyins was diagnosed with kidney failure. While struggling with his health he said he found the perfect channel for his emotions—writing. “In writing a book, it’s the process of becoming 100 percent comfortable with expressing your most vulnerable and intimate parts,” Goyins said. While not the type of book that necessarily has to be read in sequence, a high level of openness is revealed from reading through each chapter. He takes the reader on a voyage where they’re asked to connect with their emotions. In “Faith,” Goyins gives the reader a glimpse of his relationship with and love for God. “We all practice some form of faith. It may not be a higher being, but we believe in something,” Goyins said. The second area of “Expressions of a Man” is dedicated to family. “It’s 100 percent real life. 95 percent of the poems are about me. The other 5 percent is me living vicariously through some of my family members,” Goyins said. Goyin’s poem “Single Mom” is an ode to both his sister and divorced mother and highlights the struggles they both face as African-American single mothers. The third section called Love includes a poem called “What Else Matters?” where Goyins encourages the reader to “Keep love at the foundation of everything you do.” The idea is that love extends beyond just a significant other. It should travel throughout an individual’s life journey. Life summarizes all the other chapters. He said “Through it all, it was my faith, love for family, and experiences of love that have allowed me to make it to this great point in life. Enjoy this life to the fullest, you only get one.” “Expressions of a Man” is relatable. He’s not only telling his own story, but the story of so many others proving that one can truly find a love for God, self, friends, family, and every aspect of life. Today Goyins works as an academic advisor at Camden

County College in Camden, N.J. His health has also fully recovered. In July 2011, his mother donated her kidney to save his life. He said the trials he faced throughout the past six years have greater prepared him to help others and taught him an important lesson. “Love at times is a risk, but it’s a great risk,” Goyins said. “I think love is very important in that we all experience the type of love we’ve dreamed of.”


Visit for an audio excerpt from Expressions of a Man with Goyins. /////////////////////////////


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t is a humid, overcast day in Tallahassee as visitors make their way into the Leon County Courthouse. After a brief security check and elevator ride a group of about 30 people arrive at courtroom 3A. Tension mounts as they prepare to enter the room where Starquineshia Palmer’s hearing is being held. The doors open. Standing by her lawyers in a blue oversized jump suit, Palmer’s hands and feet are shackled, her gaze fixated on the marble floor. She looks like an exhausted fighter, one who is weary after life in the ring since September. Despite the violent nature of her alleged crime, Palmer does not fit the typical description of “murderer.” She is petite and quiet, only speaking when spoken to. Her lawyers whisper to her as they prepare for the hearing. Palmer turns around and scans the entire courtroom for the familiar faces of her family, who have not arrived yet.

The model, Sharell Williams, used in this photo has no relation to this story.




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It’s Jan. 18, what would have been Shannon Washington’s 21st birthday.After a short deliberation between the state prosecutor and Palmer’s lead lawyer, Alex Copeck, the trial date is pushed back until March. Defense team members are still working on depositions and need more time with this case. Palmer is being charged with first-degree murder for the death of her ex-girlfriend Shannon Washington, a former Florida A&M University women’s basketball player. Authorities arrested Palmer in September after she confessed to repeatedly stabbing Washington in the neck with a five inch butcher knife and killing her. Palmer’s reported last words before allegedly committing the crime? “Sorry, take care of my kids,” a brief cellphone conversation with her mother. If convicted, Palmer could face the death penalty.

at Refuge House in Tallahassee, says Refuge House services about 6000 participants a year and 10 percent of them are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning). “Domestic violence tremendously affects LGBTQ communities in Tallahassee and Leon County. The dynamics of the violence between same sex couples and opposite sex couples are the same,” said Pinto. “But often the domestic violence between same sex couples is minimized and brushed off as being a conflict between two friends.” Pinto continued to say that she believes it is harder for law enforcement to identify the signs as domestic violence when it is a same sex couple. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Domestic Violence Resource Center, more than three women are murdered by their intimate partners every day. The health-related

The types of domestic violence range from domestic abuse to rape, to acid burnings, to dowry deaths In the U.S., domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. The types of domestic violence range from domestic abuse to rape, to acid burnings, to dowry deaths, and honor killings. What many do not realize is that domestic violence affects both heterosexual and homosexual couples, and according to statistics it is harder for a lesbian women to seek out help than it is for a heterosexual women. Jessica Pinto, domestic violence counselor

costs of intimate partner violence exceed $5.8 billion each year and of that amount, nearly $4.1 billion are for direct medical and mental health care services. Recent studies also suggest that between 3.3 and 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.Pinto explains that most of the men victims of abuse are typically men in same sex relationships. There are very few that are victims in heterosexual households but they do help men seeking an escape from domestic violence. “Roughly 50 percent of all relationships have some element of abuse or violence whether it FEATURES • 11

Journey_Spring_2012.indd 11

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be a heterosexual or homosexual relationship” Pinto said. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina, about 17245 percent of lesbians have reported being the victim of at least one act of physical violence at the hands of a lesbian partner. Sexual abuse by a female partner has been reported by as many as 50 percent of lesbians and psychological abuse has been reported as occurring at least one time by 24 percent to 90 percent of lesbians. Domestic violence has no racial boundaries, economic, or sexual preferences; it can affect anyone. Washington’s death came as a surprise for the FAMU student body but these situations are happening every day. Victims of domestic abuse can contact the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-7997233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

DOMESTIC S T C A F E C N E L O VI - Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

- There are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the United States. There are 3,800 animal shelters. - Domestic abuse occurs in approximately 30 to 40 percent of lgbTq relationships, which is the same percentage of violence that occurs in straight relationships. It is a myth that same-sex couples don’t batter each other, or if they do; they are just fighting” or it is ”mutual abuse. - Domestic abuse is usually about power and control. One partner intentionally gains more and more power over his/ her partner. Tactics can include physical, emotional or verbal abuse, isolation, threats, intimidation, minimizing, denying, blaming, coercion, financial abuse, or using children or pets to control your behavior. SOURCES:


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Raymond Love II Westin Giles

e v o L Photos Courtesy of Kindall Johnson & Tina Maddox


ewlyweds Tina and Nick Maddox are proof that best friends really can make the perfect power couple. Tina is the founder of Florida A&M University's Essence Dance Theatre and recently created a lyrical dance group called Addiction Dance Experience. Nicholas is one of Leon County's two atlarge commissioners and is completing his masters in business administration. One half of this dream team shares how she met her match at FAMU. Where did you and Nick first meet and was it love at first sight? Tina: We initially met after one of my performances with Essence Dance Theater in Lee Hall. I can't say that it was love at first sight because I'm not into all of that girly, mushy stuff. Describe the first conversation you ever had. Tina: [Laughs] It's actually a funny story. He had milk & cookies in his hand, Famous Amos cookies, and I asked if I could have some and he said,“No. If there is one thing that I don't do it is share my cookies and my milk,” which is still, to this day, the same. He does not share with me. He does not share with his daughters. So ever since then we've been together. [Says in shock] Oh my gosh we're still together! [Laughs] That's good! There may be hope for the rest of us. What was your first impression of him? Tina: Honestly, my first impression was that he was an attractive, nice young man, but I still wasn't too sure about him because he was a jock. He played football and on


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Photos Courtesy of Kindall Johnson & Tina Maddox

top of that he was an Omega. Not that I have anything against Omegas, but a jock and an Omega?! I wasn't sure about that combination, but he wasn't the stereotypical jock or frat guy. He was very chill. Did you think that you would find your soul mate in college? Tina: They usually say if you don't [find a man] in college then 9 out of 10 times you're going to stay single. [laughs] That is just what I heard. Even though I never went out looking, for some reason I have always had a boyfriend, so I was never worried about being alone, especially once I met Nick. We do everything together. We even go to the club together. People pick at us but that's my clubbing partner. If he has an Omega function I go with him. We just like hanging out with each other. He is like my best friend. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Tina: We are true moviegoers [giggles]. We have the AMC movie card and with that you get incentives for frequenting the movies, like frequent flyer miles but for the movies. We have gotten tons of free passes and snacks because of how often we go. What is your favorite film as a couple? Tina: Hold on let me ask Nick because there are so many. [Nick yells from the living room] “It's complicated!” [Tina laughs]. Why is it complicated? Do you guys have that many favorites? Tina: Noooo! [laughs]The name of the movie is

“It's Complicated” with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. So you guys are into the romantic comedies? Tina: Yes! We don't do the sci-fis and vampires or Harry Potters. We do the real movies. How do you find private time with such busy lifestyles? Tina: Well lately we haven't had much private time because our life has been so busy for the last three years. This is funny. We actually said that we are going to start dating again Feb. 15 because we've been so busy that we haven't had much time for each other. About three years ago when I finished my certification, we got engaged and then started planning the wedding. Also around that time he started his campaign for commissioner while also working for the Bowden Foundation as the fundraiser for the FSU Boosters. Then I got pregnant. So it has seemed like something was always happening, We were running nonstop. With so much going on, how did you find time to plan your wedding? Tina: Actually, Nick did most of the wedding planning along with our wedding planners, Studio Heart. He pretty much did all of the decision-making. He even picked out my wedding dress. Really!? Wow, that is very odd. Usually a woman doesn't want her husband to see her in the dress until she is walking down the aisle. Did it take any thrill away from the wedding day experience?

Tina: Our wedding was actually very fun! There wasn't a lot of crying because we were both excited and it was more of a celebration type of vibe. Everyone was more on the “Its about time!” state of mind. All of my guests left exhausted at the end of the night from having such a good time. I just remember having so much fun and that same night we said that we are going to have the same type of party again in five years to celebrate our anniversary. Well it's good that you are projecting being together longer than Kim Kardashian's infamous 72-day marriage. Is there any advice you can offer to those Rattlers on The Hill who still hope to find a love like you have found with Nick? Tina: Don't lose yourself through someone else. If you lose yourself you can't love somebody because you don't even know who you are. Date people who have potential to grow with you to where you want to go in life. It doesn't make sense to date people who barely go to class if you have dreams of living a cumbersome lifestyle. It is likely that they are not serious about their ambitions. I tell my dancers all the time that dating people who can't walk with you on your path towards success is a waste of time, and I don't believe in wasting time.


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“I wanted the proposal to be the very best I had to offer her.”- Calvin Hayes


e called it first. This time last year, Journey watched mesmerized as our pick for “Cutest Couple of 2011” danced around a Hotel Duval suite, their magnetic energy filling the room. Fast forward twelve months. former Student Body Vice President Calvin Hayes and 2010-2011 Miss FAMU Kindall “Sunshine” Johnson share the story behind their elaborate proposal and new lives together. After nearly four years of dating, Calvin pondered the perfect way to pop the question, “I knew the time frame that I wanted to propose to Kindall,” Calvin says. “I wanted the proposal to be the very best I had to offer her.” Calvin said he decided to incorporate their alma mater into the special moment because of the positive influence the university has had on both of their lives.

“FAMU has truly been great to us,” Calvin says. “It was FAMU that allowed us to meet each other. I wanted to do it in a place where our family, our friends and the FAMU community could be involved.” With the help of the Marching 100 and Kindall's older sister, Tamina Johnson, Calvin proposed on the 50-yard line during the 2011 Florida Classic Halftime show. Kindall, who thought she was coming to the field to receive an award, says she was blindsided when Calvin got down on one knee. “I couldn't believe it was happening,” Kindall says. “I had no idea all the way up to the moment when he got down on one knee.” The twosome will start new jobs with the U.S. Department of State in Northeast Africa next year, and plan to tie the knot before taking their love international. Visit for Calvin and Kindall’s proposal video!


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Journey_Spring_2012.indd 16

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t h et h e FAMU MATTERS • 17

Journey_Spring_2012.indd 17

2/17/2012 6:29:09 PM

EVAN BAILEY, 19 ClassificatiON: Freshman SPECIALTIES: Business Administration TALENTS: I can juggle and I am good at the “daddy stroke.” WEAKNESSes: I can have a problem with knowing the difference

between what I like and what is good for me.

“I’m a whatever happens, happens kind of guy,” Evan Bailey says. “When I say we’re going to have some fun, it means that whatever we do we’re gonna go ham.” This 19-year-old freshman is full of surprises. This business administration student from Kansas City, Mo. and aspiring lawyer loves to have fun but demands substance. “I like a girl who is intelligent, can hold a conversation and has goals. A perfect date to me would be at the top of the city where we could see the view of everything and maybe a nice dinner at a restaurant,” Evan says. Although he could be a girl’s dream, the student senator says his busy schedule is the reason why he is still single. “It is demanding and I know that,” explains the honor student with the 4.0 GPA. “I’m the type of person that puts my heart into what I’m involved in and who I am involved with, so I am just bouncing around right now.” It takes a woman who can really appreciate this nice guy’s company to win his heart. Do not try and take advantage though, because this heartthrob can be a heartbreaker as well.

DOMINIQUE SMITH, 20 ClassificatiON: Sophomore SPECIALTIES: Agronomy

TALENTS: I can sketch well and build a bike form the ground up. WEAKNESSes: I tend to give my all too soon. At first encounter, you would probably assume there was something special about this curly-haired agronomy student. But when it comes to 20-year-old Dominique Smith, you probably couldn’t guess half of it. The Nicaugran bombshell has a free-spirited aura that cannot be ignored. Her infatuation with all things “green” makes her a great catch. “I want to go abroad and open a garden in Fiji, and teach children about the environment and the importance of land and water,” the SGA correspondent says. This free spirit is looking for a combination of spontaneity and charm. “ My perfect date would be a night in multiple locations and maybe ending with him drawing me while I stand naked,” The avid bike rider exclaims. So fellas, if you were contemplating a bland movie date over stale popcorn, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

BLAKE BELL, 20 ClassificatiON: Sophomore SPECIALTIES: Business Accounting TALENTS: It’s a surprise. WEAKNESSes: A woman with a beautiful smile This blue-eyed dreamboat is a captivating combination of ambition and charm. Blake Bell, 20, is a business accounting student, a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and a newly inducted member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. Now ladies, although this lover boy carries a smile that can leave you speechless, he does enjoy someone who can hold a good conversation. “I like a girl that is tall and has a really nice smile,” he explains. “She has to have a killer personality and can engage in a nice conversation.” No, he doesn’t like quiet girls, but don’t be confused, he isn’t into the loud, ghetto type either and appreciates good hygeine. In other words, no “showing out!” This future accounting firm owner is a bit of a romantic. “My ideal date would be a restaurant on the beach because I love the water,” he continues. “But I would say I am single now because of my trust issues. I just got out of a long relationship, and I am just trying to enjoy college.” Oh, and just a little tip ladies, he is currently recovering from a leg injury and may need someone to nurse him back to health (wink, wink). 18 • SPRING 2012 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

Journey_Spring_2012.indd 18

2/17/2012 6:29:15 PM

d e u

COURTNEY HUTCHINSON, 21 ClassificatiON: Junior SPECIALTIES: Broadcast Journalism

TALENTS: I have an eye for fashion and I can cook well. WEAKNESSes: I love nice calves, good facial bone structure and big hands. Courtney Hutchinson, 21, is finally seeking love in the right places. After a few duds, this FACES model and PRodigy associate is looking for the gentleman type. “I pay attention to the small things like when a guy opens the car door for me or pulls back a chair for me to sit down,” Courtney says. As an active member of New Mt. Zion Church, she finds faith to be very important when comes to scouting potential boyfriend material. “I need someone who I can be able to share that bond with God with,” she says. She no longer has a specific physical type when it comes to finding love. Noticing that it can make you miss out on someone special, she now worries about the more important characteristics. This headstrong beauty understands that her single status comes from her newfound independence. “I didn’t require anything from guys,” she says. “I was so comfortable with worrying about me that I didn’t know how to be with someone else.” This is a sweet lady is on a new path, and nothing is turning her back.

GARRETH HUBBARD, 22 ClassificatiON: Senior SPECIALTIES: Animal Science TALENTS: I can play the piano and compose music. WEAKNESSes: I am sucker for beautiful eyes. Garreth Hubbard, 22, is a tall, dark animal lover with an infectious personality and head-turning smile. With graduation less than two months away, he is preparing to get a fresh start in St. Louis. “I’m excited about new opportunities in a new city where I don’t know anybody,” he says. Before he takes off, this huge baseball fan wants to dust off his batting skills every once in a while. “I like it when a girl can take the time to really see what you like and who you are and act off of that,” the senior says. Ladies, this man maintains high standards too. Women who are well-groomed, smart, and witty have a good chance at catching his attention. He really enjoys a woman who “is not scared to get sarcastic” with him. This Georgia boy knows what he is looking for in a woman, and although he hasn’t found “the one” yet, when she comes, he says he will feel it and know.

LANISE HARRIS, 21 ClassificatiON: Senior SPECIALTIES: Public Relations

TALENTS: I am a good photographer and an amazing shoe shopper. WEAKNESSes: I’m a sucker for a guy who has a good memory. “I am an equal-opportunity lover,” Lanise Harris says. “If you really want to get to know me, it doesn’t cost money.” Although the 21 year old is very goal-oriented, this bubbly vixen enjoys a good time with someone special. A member of SISTUHS and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, she has had her fair share of on-campus activities. An aspiring creative designer for an ad agency, she still manages to have room for a potential, ideal guy. “I want a date that is heartfelt and where you can really get to know somebody,” Lanise says. Ideal qualities include intelligence and a sense of humor. “I feel like I’m funny and, sometimes I feel like when people don’t laugh I am blown away,” she says. Why's she still single? “I refuse to settle just because I have the rest of my life to meet somebody amazing,” she says. “I want to meet somebody who can contribute to all of my needs and wants.” This beautiful, genuine lady is going to take the world by storm. Think you can ride along? FAMU MATTERS • 19

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ORTON COLEMAN, 18 ClassificatiON: Freshman SPECIALTIES: Biology/Pre-Med TALENTS: Gospel rapping and poetry WEAKNESSES: My trust in women. This fine member of the Collegiate 100 Black Men of Tallahassee will have women of all ages bracing themselves. The smooth, chiseled features and long brown locs on this future doctor are enough to make anyone swoon. When he is not working with the P.R.I.D.E. team or serving as Mr. University Housing, this funny guy is being social and enjoying his first year at FAMU. He hasn’t really pursued a serious relationship because he still has “trust issues” from the past. None-the-less, he loves to meet new people, so women you may still have a chance to put yourself out there.

SHATERRIA WATSON, 19 ClassificatiON: Freshman SPECIALTIES: Pre-Pharmacy TALENTS: Physically flexible WEAKNESSES: When I fall for a guy, I fall hard. “Nothing too fancy for my perfect date,” Shaterria, 19, says. “I always dreamed about a walk on the beach and talking while looking at the stars.” Men, if you feel like this is too much, move onto the next female player because this vibrant freshman isn’t lowering her standards for anyone. This pre-pharmacy student has high goals: straight As, completing the pharmacy program and eventually creating her own pharmaceutical company. Her standards for her ideal guy are just as high. “Qualities I look for in a guy is that he has to be well put together, family-oriented and have steady goals for the future,” the TOMS club member explains. “I want someone who is very spiritual and is growing with God. We have to be on the same page,” she says. Although only a newbie to The Hill, the petite sweetheart is full of ambition and already knows her standing when it comes to the opposite sex. “ I just haven’t met someone on the same level that I am on,” she says. “I can make the time for a relationship, but I haven’t cause I haven’t found someone who proved they were worth it.”

NICHOLAS LAMAR HENDRIX ClassificatiON: Senior SPECIALTIES: Broadcast Journalism TALENTS: I am really good singer and technology savvy. WEAKNESSES: I love a cute girl who smells good. What better package than a cute guy, with an awesome smile and a sultry voice that can make your knees go weak? This choirboy and former American Idol contestant can make your heart melt with just one song. Orlando resident Nick Hendrix, 21, is a handsome smooth broadcast journalism student waiting for that special lady to steal his heart. A woman who is “cool, down-to-Earth, and different” can catch Nick’s eye. “I even connected with the girl who wanted to build her own herb garden,” the Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated member said about a fellow single. Nick is looking for a great time with a girl who can peak his creative interests 20 • SPRING 2012 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

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MOLLY TYSON, 21 ClassificatiON: Senior SPECIALTIES: Civil Engineering TALENTS: What you see is what you get. WEAKNESSes: A cute smile and a man who smells good. If her smooth, down-to-earth persona doesn’t get you, her sultry voice will. “I don’t ask for much. My perfect date could be a night at the Waffle House and he can order me the All Star dinner, “ Molly Tyson says with a laugh. Don’t be fooled though, this Orlando native is no pushover. Her casual banter can bite at times and this civil engineer in the making does not condone scrubs. She enjoys sweet, subtle acts of kindness like doors being held open for her, and compliments here and there. “I like somebody who is well-balanced. I don’t like anyone without a plan.” Drinking heavily, answering the phone and asking her to play for her meal are three “no nos” you should never commit if you’re serious about Ms. Tyson. Fellas, you have been warned.

HARVEY McALLISTER, 21 ClassificatiON: Junior SPECIALTIES: Business Administration TALENTS: I am good at persuasion. It comes natural to me. WEAKNESSES: A girl with a beautiful slim figure and flat stomach. Allow me to introduce you to Mack-daddy McAllister! This proud member of Rampage Step Team and the NAACP hails from Hampton, Va., and is ready to get back into the dating game. This 21-year-old business administration student may seem quiet, but he has a fire that is can be unleashed at any second. “ I like a girl who you can laugh with and someone who carries themselves nice and doesn’t really curse that much,” he explains. Fresh out of a relationship, he is looking for someone special willing to put in a little effort. “I would send her a good morning text and I was doing all the calling,” he says. “I don’t like relationships where I feel like I am the one trying.” Harvey does not approach relationships like the typical student would. Instead of cutting someone off at first appearance, he likes to give every girl a chance and keep an open-mind. “The best things come in weird packages,” explains the performer. He’s interested in a girl as friendly and passsionate as he is, and who knows, he may even let a lucky lady braid his hair from time to time.

ARIEL LARMOND, 20 ClassificatiON: Junior

SPECIALTIES: Political Science with a minor in International Relations TALENTS: I can draw and I am really good at lacrosse. WEAKNESSES: I can come off too strong. Ariel Larmond, 20, is a headstrong political science student whose participation on campus could give potential mates a run for their money. It is hard to believe that this friendly former athlete isn’t taken yet! The tall, toned member of College Democrats describes her perfect date as “a time for really good conversation over really good food.” She doesn’t go for the attention seekers or the over-confidence boasters, but someone who will take her thoughts into consideration. “I’m looking for a man with quality and someone who is very ambitious and respectable.” If you are a little on the rough side, that is a plus too. “I want a man,” Ariel says. This leading lady isn’t settling for just anyone. “I am too picky,” she says. “I will take anything and make it into a big issue.” She says that she doesn’t necessarily need a boyfriend, just someone who she can talk to and be with. Ambition is also high on her list of standards. Guys taking 12 credit hours or less need not apply. FAMU MATTERS • 21

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Vanity Duran



“Over the years, Troy and I have met a lot of talented people: rappers, singers, musicians, spoken word artists…” Iman says. “We thought ‘What if we used their love of music, shared it with our love of music, and made a subculture?”

Iman and Troy, started last semester. Troy raps on one track, but the rest of the mix tape comprises aspiring musicians. Though neither of the group’s founders regularly perform around campus or consider themselves musicians, both say they created the group because of their mutual passion for music and its influence on people. “If you’re going to make music your life, you got to make it apply to your life or make it build you up,” Troy says. Iman says the project, which borrows from Muhammad Ali’s image and name, is also a way to combat the recent controversy surrounding the music program. “With the ‘100’ gone, it’s kind of our way of standing up and ‘fighting’ for music,” Iman says. The group plans to release a mix tape sometime in late March featuring singers, rappers, instrumentalists, and poets.

CASUCS (pronounced cash-us) stands for Cultural Awareness Society Unity and Community Service and is a project composed entirely of Florida A&M University students. CASUCS Clay EP, a subset of the larger group and a collaborative effort between

However, Clay is not the only music group to make its mark on campus this year. The Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) also began last semester as a means of bringing FAMU students together. Isaac Carter, the President of

lose your eyes for a moment and envision a typical student/rapper. Do images of “tall Tees,” dreadlocks, and gold teeth come to mind? Clean-shaven and dressed in a collared shirt and jeans, Troy Harris, who serves as student body vice president, does not fit the rapper prototype. Neither does his business partner and best friend Iman Sandifer. Together the two students have collaborated to create CASUCS Clay EP.


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We live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together. But we sure make it feel like we're together.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MEISA, who goes by the performance name Stix, says students interested in entering the music industry needed a way to connect with each other. “This is a venue for like-minded students to come together around a common purpose and Kawachi Clemons is an assistant professor of music and director of the Institute for Research in FAMU’s Music and Entertainment Industry Studies. He says groups like these only help build the university’s longheld tradition of musical talent and influence. “Music has had a long and rich tradition at FAMU. If you go back and look at our graduates, you have the Adderleys, you have Samuel Floyd, who created the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia University and the list goes on and on in terms of the impact,” Clemons says. “I think that it’s important that we realize that the band is an organization, but that is not the entire music department. We have faculty that teach in multiple areas, so we are still very much alive and vibrant.” Clemons says MEISA was chartered at FAMU in part because of this history and the university’s latest success stories. “MEISA was developed specifically designed to have forums and learn about the music and entertainment industry. Then we have the national organization. It gives them the opportunity to network with nationals, FSU and UF have MEISA organizations and it allows students to collaborate with their peers and media professionals,” Clemons says. According to Tricia Rose, author of Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America, hip-hop is an alternative conscience for many fans around the world, “From its beginnings in hip hop culture, the dense rhythms and aggressive lyrics of rap music have made it a provocative fixture on the American cultural landscape.”

to anyone. Many listeners take what the artists of these songs have to say into consideration and compare their love life to the lyrics. Harris says, “I’m not surprised that hip-hop has such a strong influence on our youth because music affects many parts of the human experience. However, the music today generally makes the listeners heartless because of the context. Music’s potential is so much more than what it’s living up to right now.” To many individuals, hip-hop is like a guide for their love lives. People use what their favorite artists are singing and/or rapping about and use it in their own relationships. Although, hip-hop becomes many admirers ‘first love’, a lot of today’s lyrics have developed a negative guidance for listeners. Young teens from all over the country who listen to this song utilize this quote as their anthem. These lines inspire them convincing them that having multiple sex partners is acceptable. Music has had a lot of destructive and degrading messages towards love. Because hip-hop is so greatly respected, fans treat the lyrics as if they are absolutely valid and live by what the artist has to say on the song.

Visit ///////////////////// for CASUCS Clay Videos and More!

In other words, it comes as second nature for those who truly adore and appreciate the art. Hip-hop is admired and respected for the beat and lyrics that intrigue the listeners as they jam, nodding their head to the flow. Studies show this connection to music actually has a scientific explanation. It has been found that thirty minutes of listening to music has released endorphins that have an effect equal to that of the muscle relaxer pill Valium. In addition to music’s positive effects, hip-hop music’s lyrics can also negatively influence listener’s love life. Today, several aspects of this genre have become influential in many ways to listeners such as their style, their spending habits, and especially their love life. It is especially admired within the more recent generations. Hip-hop relates mainly to the young culture and can strongly influence the youths thought process. With a dope beat and smooth voice just about any song can become relatable ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT • 23

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w/ $2 Pool Per Person, $2 Bowling, Karaoke & $2 Drink Specials

Wednesday College NightS w/ w/ Free Free Mini Mini Bowling Bowling from from 88 P.M. P.M. -10 -10 P.M. P.M. Live Live DJ, DJ, & & Drink Drink Specials Specials


2810 Sharer Road Suite 7 Tallahassee, Florida 32312

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 3pm to 2am, Friday - Sunday: Noon to 2am Email: Phone: (850) 385-7665

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African chain - $7 Beaded Necklace - $8 Circle wood chain - $12 Kufi - $18 Jeans - Avant-Garb - $19.99

Shell necklace - $12

African print scarf/top - $9.99

Ayana Bradford & Rattler’s Edge

William Tucker Michael Thomas Jr. Donald Smith Nick Franks Nicole Saddler NaKena Cromartie McQuisha Smith Whitney Carlyle

Ayana Bradford & Angelica Rembert

LaGretta Johnson

Robyn Mowatt & Kenya Strickland


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Black beret - Vintage - $15

Adam Hardy & LaNorris Blutcher

African chain - $7

Beaded Necklace - $8

Circle wood chain - $12

Kufi - $18

Jeans - Avant-Garb - $19.99

Shell necklace - $12

African print scarf/top - $9.99

Black beret - Vintage - $15


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Pattern Jacket - Avant-Garb - $39.20 (shoes) "Jessica Simpson" - Macy’s - $100 Rings - Forever 21 & Janelle’s Jewelry - $18.50

Floral jacket - Goodwill - $4.99 Khaki pants - Old Navy - $20 Vintage belt - Goodwill - $10 Orange shirt - Cuba Vera - $48 Boots - Spring - $100 Chain - Forever 21 - $5 28 • SPRING 2012 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

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Plaid Shirt - Avant-Garb - $19.99 Jeans - Avant-Garb - $19.99 Shoes - Van's - $45 Shades - Avant-Garb - $9.99

$3.99 Goodwill: Velvet Skirt - $4.99 Forever 21: Earrings - $7.50Aldo: Shoes - $49.99

Alexandra Collins Last Chance: Print Sheer Shirt -

Fur coat - Avant-Garb - $40 Pumps - Steve Madden $140 Necklace - Aldo - $20 Rings - Janelle’s Jewelry - $4.99


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Bangles - Leo print- polka dot - Goodwill - $1

Tie - Nicole Miller - $29.95 White shirt - Murano - $39.99

Purple skirt - Goodwill - $2.99

2/17/2012 6:30:45 PM

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Suit - Calvin Klein - $349.99 Black tank - Goodwill - $4.99


Bangles - Leo print- polka dot - Goodwill - $1

Tie - Nicole Miller - $29.95 White shirt - Murano - $39.99 Purple skirt - Goodwill - $2.99

Suit - Calvin Klein - $349.99 Black tank - Goodwill - $4.99


2/17/2012 6:30:47 PM

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Journey Magazine Love & Relationship Issue 2012  

This was the first issue I worked on as managing editor after my being promoted in December of 2011. I wrote the feature article titled "We...

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