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Writing this was hard—not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I didn’t want to lie. After looking at back-issues and reading letter after letter from the past editor-in-chiefs, I finally decided to be honest. Afterall, I’ve never been one to care too much about stepping on toes or leaping over boundaries. This position, however, has forced me to lose a little of myself in trying to please the masses. Today, I reclaim that piece. With this letter I intend to please myself. When I was asked to take this position, I was elated. I wasn’t happy for long though. Matter-of-fact, the excitement withered away within a few hours. Why? Because I knew that being the editor-in-chief of Journey magazine would be far from easy. What I didn’t know and soon discovered was that very few of my journalism colleagues thought I could pull it off. I think that’s what bothered me most of all. The old regime wasn’t warm to a newbie being in power. To them, I didn’t earn my racing stripes. Most of them didn’t say much to me after the announcement was made. Those that did were hard to read. The pained congratulatory smiles on their faces showed that they were trying to figure me out in order to take sides. Evidently, a line had been drawn in the sand and I seemed to be on one side of it alone. It hurt. I admit that. I felt like a guy with no swag who was shooed away from a pretty girl for lack of game (pg. 8) Their resentment made me feel like I was inadequate and unworthy of their love or respect (pg. 10). Luckily, I was used to shining on my own (pg. 14) As time passed, I got over it. Those that doubted me became my encouragement and my drive—my tenacity. It made me want to make this issue bigger and better. Much like Another Cinderella Story (pg. 24), working on this issue showed me the strength in humbleness. Fighting every day to prove my capabilities—some that I didn’t even know I had, forced me to fall in love with me. Some may call me narcissistic but that’s all I need right now. It’s funny now but I’m grateful for the skepticism. Naysayers, haters and frenemies alike, I thank you. My appreciation for who I am and what I can produce against the odds runs deeper because you doubtez d me. I’ll take your respect over your adoration any day, and at this point, I think I deserve it.



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Contents • Famu Matters • 06 COLLEGIATE COUGARS 08 HOW 2 HOLLA • Mind, Body, Soul • 10 HOE MANY IS TOO MANY? • Dollars & Sense • 12 CHEAP GIFTS • Features • 14 SUPER SINGLES • Arts & Entertainment • 22 JOURNEY CROSSWORD • Life & Style • 24 ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY Copyright 2011 by Florida A&M University. All rights reserved. This issue of Journey magazine was produced by the student organization Journey with essential support from the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication. Journey is funded through student activity and service fees, as allocated by the Student Senate of Florida A&M University. For more information on Journey or the Magazine Program, contact the Division of Journalism, 510 Orr Drive Room 3078, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL 32307 or call (850) 599-3502 Cover Graphic & Design by: Ashleigh Beverly MAXWELL - PRETTY WINGS • 05

• Famu Matters •


fter a long, stressful day of protecting her young and evading the jungle’s numerous dangers, the cougar is on the prowl. She is not hunting deer or sheep, however. This cougar’s primary source of nourishment is the Homo sapien male. Meticulously, she stalks the area until she finds the perfect specimen. She is a patient creature and does not attack immediately, though; she waits, biding her time until she is ready to pounce. When she does, the unsuspecting male is blindsided. Stunned and barely able to process what is happening, he is ushered into the cougar’s lair where he must meet his fate. The cougar in question is not a wild jungle cat and the male she has managed to ensnare is not dinner. This “cougar” is a woman, one who prefers to have intimate relationships with significantly younger men. Over the past few years, the concept of cougars has become a popular topic, and while the practice is not new, lately it seems to be occurring more and more often. Inside the collegiate realm, many have seen her. She is not always easy to pinpoint and may not be quick to claim her man, but at the same time, she will not pass up an opportunity to flaunt him: taking him out to clubs he normally would not be able to attend; introducing him to the campus socialites; using his meal plan when she sees fit. 06 SPRING 2011 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

The days of fifth-year seniors dating first-semester freshman are upon us. Caleb Ross, an 18-year-old freshman at Florida A&M University, is currently in a relationship with a 23-year-old woman he met at 20/20 Nightclub.“I’m a deejay and part of a party promotion group,” Caleb says, describing how they first met. “She heard me scratching at the clubs.” It is sometimes thought that the status of being a performer attracts a certain type of woman, and while Caleb agrees, he refused to speak generally of all women. “There are women out there that are attracted to men of status,” he says, “but the women I was involved with were just that — women.” Caleb’s current flame is not the first older woman he has been involved with. At age 17, he dated a 26-year-old woman whom he’d also met at a nightclub. Uncannily, he says he has never intentionally searched for “cougars,” though he admits that older women do seem to like him. “Status is nothing without a personality,” he says, “and I believe the women that I’ve been involved with are attracted to character before anything else.” American women are not alone in these ‘alternative’ preferences. According to the BBC America documentary “Sugar Mummies,” 30 percent of all women in England fit the bill of being a cougar,

35 percent prefer a younger man, and 25 percent of British women are married to a younger man. Roslyn Bazemore, 27, is an elementary school teacher who is currently dating South Carolina State University student Sharod Hasty. Bazemore and the 20-year-old engineering student from Newport News, Va., saw each other for the first time on SC State’s campus from opposite sides of a camera. She was visiting her alma mater for a basketball game and needed someone to take a picture of her and her friends. She spotted Bazemore and asked him to capture the moment. In this case, it was Hasty, then 18, who made the move on Bazemore who was 25 at the time. “While taking the picture I noticed her smile,” he says. “I had to pursue. I asked the basics, assuming she was my age.” Bazemore knew right away that Hasty was younger and was hesitant to head down that road. A friend persuaded her to continue the conversation and eventually she came around to the idea. She decided to give him a chance to see where the road would lead. Bazemore never intended to become a cougar but claims, “the label fell in my lap once it became official with Sharod.” She has never dated a younger man before and had no intention of doing so. “At times, I consider myself a cougar when Sharod is acting

immature, but he doesn’t mull over my age, and he says, ‘You’re not a cougar; you’re a young black woman. You are the prototype of what every young black woman should want to be.’” There is nothing wrong with dating a younger man; it is all about the relationship and chemistry between two people. According to, men hit their sexual peak as teenagers while women peak in their early-to-mid-30s. It makes a certain amount of sense, then, if elder women end up with younger men. This phenomenon isn’t restricted to any one social group, either; there are celebrity cougars as well. Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent are 11 years apart in age, and while they did fine at first, 50 now had a restraining order against her. On the other side of the spectrum, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are also 11 years apart and have been happily married for almost three years. They are expecting twins in March. In the end, regardless of success stories and failures and society’s blessing or condemnation, the cougar is a fiercely independent creature and will handle her business her way. She knows exactly what she wants, and when she’s hungry, she’ll hunt.

Visit for exclusive cougar stories from the Journey staff. OUTKAST - PINK & BLUE • 07


o gentlemen, you spot a “10.” Cute face, slim waist, and long hair… Then what? Your eyes meet for a split second and you sasasaSSS

prepare to make your move. As you contemplate the perfect pickup line, she is already prepared to turn you down. You see, she’s heard them all before. The phrases “Hey, red!” and “Where you goin’ sweetheart?” have become as played out as DJ Kd’s records on ‘Set Friday.’ Cool at first, but eventually too routine to impress. Whether it’s a smooth line on the way to class or a quick ‘ay, gurl’ from a passing car, it appears that many college students have yet to master the art of introduction. Let’s be real. Approaching a member of the opposite sex can be tough, scary and downright humiliating if done wrong. So, how do you come correct and catch that special person’s eye? Dating coach David Coleman calls himself “America’s real-life Hitch,” and says many collegiate men are still struggling to master the rules of the game. According to Coleman’s website,, approaching a woman can be intimidating. “Men are confused,” Coleman says on his website. “Should they sincerely compliment women at work, at lunch, at the gym or bookstore or will their advances be perceived as harassment?” While many men are trying not to scare off their potential mates, some are still mustering the courage to approach women in the first place. Coleman says the fear of rejection is keeping some men in hiding. “Certain men may be intimidated by the fact that you are attractive and are anticipating that they will be rejected as not good enough to approach you. Others may be hesitant because you have established such a successful career or may live by the motto, “I can’t get rejected if I don’t ask!” If they refrain from asking you out on a date, they can’t get “dissed.” 08 SPRING 2011 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

Willie Harris, 19, spends most of his afternoons posted on campus somewhere near Soul Train’s makeshift snack shop with his “boys” waiting for a young lady to catch his eye. He knows this is the easy part. Now he just needs to strike up a conversation and get her number. “It’s all about delivery,” Willie says. “I just say excuse me and go from there. I approach (women) in a cool type of way, not in a ‘I’m tryna’ holla, I’m tryna smash tonight’ type-of-way.” Though the second-year business administration student from Jacksonville is still single, he says approaching women is simple. Willie said some behavior is a dead giveaway for who’s new on the yard. “I see freshman tryna holla from a distance, but all that ‘Hey baby, hey baby’ doesn’t work anymore. Maybe that worked in high school or their hometown, but this is college. If that doesn’t work they’ll try to grab a girl’s hand but nobody wants to be touched. (Freshmen) just don’t show respect.” However, freshmen aren’t the only ones who use non-traditional methods to pursue women. Second-year engineering student Richard Washington says he respects women, but that his approach depends entirely on what type of girl crosses his path. “You can tell what type of chick you’re about to talk to. When girls have too much showing they get no respect. That’s when you get the ‘hey ass’ or ‘hey legs.’ If a girl got a track missing, I’ll tell her to pick her track up,” says the 20-year-old Cincinnati, Ohio native who claims his approach isn’t disrespectful because the women who receive this treatment invite it with their attire. “It’s all about how a woman presents herself is how she gets treated basically. If you dress like a hoe, what do you expect?’ Dressed in a cardigan and jeans, Necie Burgess makes her way out of Coleman Library after a long night of studying. A man who appears to be much older than her is sitting on the steps. Clad in all black with a mouth full of gold teeth and wild facial hair, the stranger calls her name. When

Necie, 19, ignores his advances, he runs up to her and grabs her arm. “You see me tryna holla at you,” he says in a demanding tone. “You see me tryna get at you. I’m trying to hit tonight, wassup?” The first-year architecture student recalls her Christian upbringing and keeps herself from cursing at him just long enough to gather her thoughts and walk away. She says this happens on a regular basis and that her peers haven’t evolved since high school. “Campus is no different than back home. Dudes have no respect. They’ll just grab a female by their arm. You ignore them and they just end up talking mad stuff about you like ‘Oh you’re a hoe. You’re this your that.’ There’s no ‘Hi, can I get to know you’ its just ‘Hey I wanna grab you ‘cause you got a nice body.’ It’s worse here because you would think they would be more mature because they’re in college, but that’s not the case.” Necie credits this behavior to many college students sense of newfound freedom. “They feel like being up here they can do whatever they want. Like I’m a grown man let me get at these chicks in any type of way. Let me try to hit. If they don’t get one girl, they can get the next one, but it won’t be me. They feel like the majority of the freshman females are promiscuous, but its really the boys. They think they can do whatever they want.” Deanna Harris-McKoy works with Florida State’s Project RELATE, an initiative by the Department of Family and Child Sciences designed to help improve student relationships. “A lot of college students on both sides simply haven’t had a real example of how to approach someone their interested in. There aren’t a lot of role models for that type of thing besides their peers,” McKoy said. “If their friends or older brothers talk to girls like that and find any type of success then they are likely to emulate that behavior when they go out and approach women.” While there’s no perfect manual on how to approach women in college,

Necie says she isn’t afraid to approach guys. “If I think they’re cute, I’m not afraid to do it. If I don’t get their number it really doesn’t matter. I think the real key is being yourself.” While many young women are comfortable striking up casual conversations with prospective ‘boos,’ some girls are simply too reserved to take the first step. And frankly traditional gender rules give them homecourt advantage. Guys might have to go the extra mile to catch the eye of students like Victorya Thomas, 18. The first-year criminal justice student says she isn’t comfortable approaching guys. “I’m too shy,” the Tampa native says with a grin. Like Necie, she says the guys she sees on campus have “horrible game” because their approach isn’t genuine and gives her male counterparts some advice. “Just talk normal, like you’re talking to one of your friends not like you’re tryna spit game. Just walk up, strike up a conversation and talk about school, find out common interests and go from there. No one likes lines.”

For more tips on “How 2 Holla” visit

Top 5 Bad Pickup Lines • If I flip a coin, what are the chances of me getting head? • Nice legs, what time do they open? • I’m like a Rubik’s Cube, the more you play with me the harder I get. • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? • If I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me? DESTINY’S CHILD - BUG A BOO • 09

• Mind, Body, Soul •

We often hear the word in rhymes and reason, but what really constitutes a hoe? Journey uncovers the truth about promiscuity.

AFTER a laid-back evening filled with flirtatious pillow

talk, Charleston Williamson, 21, was tired. The chemistry that flowed freely between him and his new girlfriend hours before had gone flat. Bored, he decided to make the most of a quiet evening and catch up on some sleep. He rolled over on his side and closed his eyes. It wasn’t long before he felt a light tickle on his nose. Reluctantly, his eyes crept open and revealed that his girl had removed her lace underwear and placed them in his face. Charleston’s hormones rushed through his veins like fire ants. They consumed him. The rest is history. Weeks later, he was regretting his decision to overlook her laundry list of previous bedmates and take their relationship seriously. Whenever she wanted something, she would use the moments of intimacy they’d shared as a means of obtaining it. Before long, he felt like another notch on a belt that resembled a strip of Swiss cheese. All he wanted to do was give the girl a chance to be in a relationship without pre-judgment. Evidently, it backfired. Charleston is one of many men who have had sexual relations with a woman others have deemed a “hoe.” But what exactly is a hoe, and what criteria does one meet to gain hoe-status? “A hoe is someone without self-respect,” says Krystal Hope, 20. The technology student from South Florida believes this is why they engage in frivolous sexual activity.


Dorlande Charles, 21, has a different interpretation. She says, “[A] hoe has the ability to remove all feelings and emotions that are tied to sex in order to sleep with many people and uses their body for personal gain.” The political science student from Orange County may be on the right track. Merriam-Webster defines a whore as a person who engages in sexual acts for money. It also states that a whore is a promiscuous or immoral woman. While morals are relative from person to person, promiscuity is easier to identify without bias. Yolanda Bogan, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who considers promiscuity to be indiscriminant sexual behavior. Using this reasoning, she’s deduced that a woman who has sex frequently is not necessarily promiscuous. But how frequently is too frequently? Bogan doesn’t believe that there is a set cap. She does, however, advise others to use good judgment when accumulating sex partners. Regardless of one’s sexual appetite, the number of people a person has sex with puts them at a greater risk of contracting some type of sexually transmitted disease. Bogan also urges students to keep in mind the reality about condom usage. “Even though you may use a condom…it doesn’t protect you from everything, such as herpes,” she says. In regard to Krystal’s views about promiscuity being linked to selfesteem, Bogan doesn’t completely agree. “People who are

Words by: Janeen Talbott • Design by: Keith Woods

promiscuous don’t necessarily feel bad about themselves. They may feel really wonderful…it depends on who you’re talking about and how you define self-esteem,” says Bogan. Take Emmylee Rosseau for example. The 21-year-old psychology student from Miami believes that she’d be considered a hoe by society’s standards solely because she can separate sex from emotion. “From what I’ve been told, a woman who has sex with people she isn’t in love with or cares deeply about, is a hoe,” says Emmylee. She admits that she enjoys sex but doesn’t make careless decisions about who she is intimate with. While ladies like Emmylee are being frowned upon because they are sexually liberated, men with the same views as her seem to fly through the hoe radar undetected. “That’s because there’s a double-standard in the term ‘hoe,’” Crystal Guest, 23, says. The social work student from Washington, D.C., believes that is why the term is exclusively used to refer to females. “For women to be seen as sexual creatures is taboo, but men can be hoes too,” Crystal says. That may have something to do with why the word has such a one-sided and misconstrued connotation. For it to be so negative, it is used pretty frequently. Ironically, many of the same women unjustly labeled as hoes can be found gyrating in clubs to songs with the word in the lyrics. Some women even refer to their female friends using it. “It’s a horrible word to be referred to. I think that for someone to use that word with you [is] an insult,” Bogan says.

*shone - [ SHOW-n ]

1. (v.) a simple past tense and past participle of shine. 2. (n.) Miami slang term for the word ‘hoe’. [see whore] For Dr. Bogan’s full interview and more views on promiscuity visit

When all is said and done, she feels that it’s most important for students – female, male, hoe and prude alike – to spend some time reflecting on what kind of legacy they want to leave behind. What kind of stories do they want to tell? Charleston’s is one with a lesson. At the end of the day, his exgirlfriend wasn’t a hoe because she had more than 28 sexual partners and loved a great romp in the sack. She wasn’t lewd because she only waited two weeks before giving up the goodies and was brazen enough to take pride in how she could perform between the sheets. It wasn’t until she used those facts as justification for material compensation that she crossed the line between sexual liberation and promiscuity. “Now that, my beloved friend,” Charleston says, “is a hoe fa’sho.” RAHEEM DEVAUGHN - CUSTOMER • 11

• Dollars & Sense •





2. Room Service Boy meets girl. Boy takes girl to restaurant. Girl dies of boredom. Fellas, switch it up and stay in. Cook dinner and don’t have your significant other lift a finger. If they’re more hands-on, hire a chef, so you can cook something new together. The affordable ‘chef ’ service, My Secret Chef, can pitch in and help you wow your Valentine.

3. Shooting Stars Tell your boo to take a hike – literally. For those who love the outdoors, go camping. We suggest sleeping under a blanket of stars at Tom Brown Park. This unique date getaway puts a twist to cuddling in bed. Just imagine the two of you lying there surrounded by grassy fields and trees. It is a little rustic but definitely romantic. Pack a nighttime picnic basket – with chocolate strawberries, Moët, and some protection (you know, from the bugs). This could be quite a night!

4. Exclusive Pieces Yeah, it’s cliché but for a good reason. Women. Love. Jewelry. However, picking out a necklace or bracelet can be a challenge, especially on a college student’s budget. We suggest going another route. Vintage jewelry may be the solution. It’s affordable and oneof-a-kind. Simply Chic Lily Jewelry located 208 Waynard Way is a good place to start. Jewelry in the image is not from Simply Chic Lily Jewelry.

1. Snail Mail This may seem old-fashioned, but that’s exactly the point. When was the last time you opened a hand-written love note (or any piece of mail for that matter)? It’s much more personal than a text. According to relationship expert and advice columnist, April Masini, it’s a great way to seduce your partner. You can say a lot more than a standard Hallmark card. Whether it’s mushy and poetic or intimate and provocative, your special signature will make this gift a keepsake.


5. Special Giveaways Make that someone special feel like they’ve hit the numbers. Instead of a scratch-off ticket, borrow a collection of coupons from The trick is it only has a one-time usage. So tell them to use it wisely. The coupons can be as innocent or sexual as you want them to be: a free massage anywhere aside from your boo’s back or a free date to a restaurant of their choice. Flip to page 23 for free coupons. You can thank us later!


6. Relationship Remix It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Create a personal soundtrack with songs that remind you of your special someone. Here’s a tip: add “insider” captions to your pictures that only you and your other half will get. It’ll be funny when you watch it together and read them.



1. “All my Life”: K-Ci and JoJo 2. “Love”: Musiq Soulchild 3. “Incomplete”: Sisqo 4. “Panty Dropper”: Trey Songz For more song titles vcheck out the bottom of each page.

7. Hidden Message Tell your loved one what you have in store for their future–or just the night, through a simple note. Make your own fortune cookie and slip one to them after dinner. For the step-by-step recipe, check out

8. Survival Kit Come up with 10 things your valentine will need for the night. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just items that he/she likes or will set the mood for the night. For example: a pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint, a mixed CD full of slow jams, “Love and Basketball”, and a Hungry Howie’s menu. Place the basket full of goodies in their room or car for them to find. Let ‘em decide what to do with all the stuff or you can figure it out together!

9. Hide and Seek Send your partner on a love hunt that leads them straight to you. You can keep it simple with rose petal trails and clues scattered throughout the room or you can go all out with small gifts like candy. At each stop there will be directions to the next place. They’ll wind up right back at square one, where they will receive the grand prize *drum roll* you! Cute, right?

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10. Happy Endings Recreate a massage parlor at your own place and become your mate’s personal masseuse. Gather some lotion, oil, towels, scented candles and relaxing music. Surprise them with a text or note stating they have an appointment with you. It’s great one-on-one time. Just be sure to work out all their little kinks *wink, wink.* Visit for links to websites that help make each of these choices a reality!


• Features •


Every year, like clockwork, Journey interviews some of Florida A&M’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. After their brains are picked in a round of interviews, the lucky finalists are sent on a speed-dating event where they get to schmooze with the other singles. As the thick tension of chemistry fills the air, Journey soaks in the magic. Later, it is packaged for you to learn a little more about the individuals who made the cut. Take a look at 2011’s Super Singles. This year we tried to mix it up and introduce a lineup of guys and gals who tend to fly a little beneath the Rattler radar.


Maria Aisagbonhi: The Bestie Zodiac: Leo Classification: Senior Major: Industrial Engineering Hometown: Worcester, Mass. “I like the lamest guy in the room—the one who doesn’t think he’s the coolest.” Favorite Slow Jam: Luther Vandross – “If This World Were Mine” At first glance you’d probably never guess that Maria Aisagbonhi, 21, grew up with three brothers and has a tomboy streak that runs as deep as her Nigerian ancestry. The first-generation American may have an infatuation with all that is Nike but her poise and grace are telltale signs of class and sophistication. Maria exudes intelligence. As a member of SISTUHS, Inc., The National Society of Black Engineers, and Engineers Without Borders, it’s kind of hard not to. Although the slender Gumby’s pizza lover enjoys getting dolled up, she’s looking for a guy who doesn’t mind when she dresses down. “There has to be a level of comfortability,” Maria says. That’s why she believes that friendships are the best foundation for any relationship.

Janetha Barnett: The Sweetheart Zodiac: Capricorn Classification: Sophomore Major: Nursing Hometown: Miami, Fla. “If you are smart, I’ll put your looks on the back burner.” Favorite Slow Jam: Monica – “With You” With skin made of cocoa powder and a personality just as sweet, Janetha Barnett, 20, is sure to break a couple of hearts. It won’t be intentional though. This island girl is far from cutthroat. Janetha is the epitome of a nurturer. “I need to see you, feel you, touch you,” says the curvaceous member of the National Council of Negro Women member with Bahamian roots. “I need affection.” It’s no wonder that she strives to one day be a nurse. Her guilty pleasures include “Tom and Jerry” cartoons and HGTV. She dreams of visiting the South of France to spend a night in a house decorated by her favorite interior designer, Candice Olson. If you want to accompany her you have to be articulate and witty. For Janetha, those qualities far supersede a man’s appearance.

Ariana Williams: The Boss Zodiac: Scorpio Classification: Freshman Major: Business Administration Hometown: Prince George’s County, Md. “He definitely has to be very trustworthy. Just keep it 100.” Favorite Slow Jam: Wiz Khalifa – “Mesmerized” If a lady with her head screwed on straight intimidates you, then Ariana Williams, 18, may be what your nightmares are made of. That’s fine with her because this pint-sized ball of ambition has no time for men who play games. “I know what I want,” the freshman senator says. “If you want to sway me, then you’ve got the wrong girl.” The mocha colored member of FAMU’s Green Coalition is a petite gogetter with a smile bright enough to replace the sun. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s wise beyond her years. “I’m not gonna be your little puppet,” Ariana says. Although, she’s no nonsense, the shoe-fanatic has a soft and playful side. She reserves it for those that deserve it. Up for a challenge? Here are a few tips: Respect her, be honest and above all, carry yourself with dignity. 16 SPRING 2011 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

Sade Hooks: The Silent Killa Zodiac: Scorpio Classification: Senior Major: Architecture Hometown: Tampa, Fla. “I love someone that can carry a conversation, especially if I learn something new.” Favorite Slow Jam: Drake – “Shut it Down” Much like the singer, Sadé Hooks, 24, has an aura that is utterly ambrosial. It’s almost impossible to believe that she’s been single for four years. The caramel complected member of Alpha Rho Chi National Fraternity, Inc. is a former gymnast and FAMU cheerleader with a shapely physique to prove it. The ebony curls that border her face and adorn her tendrils, are the perfect frame for the dainty masterpiece that is her face. Sadé’s light colored eyes may have you searching for the right words to say. That’s OK, she’s just as coy. A man can keep her interested by lending a listening ear. Have no fear, she’s far from needy and believes in space. “They need to have their own life,” Sadé says. “They can’t live through me.”

Monique Mussio: The Diva Zodiac: Libra Classification: Junior Major: Business Administration Hometown: Tampa, Fla. “I’m looking for that man of substance.” Favorite Slow Jam: Outkast – “Prototype” “I need a man who can stimulate my mind,” says Monique Mussio, 20. The army brat with the sass and confidence of a woman twice her age isn’t solely concerned with what a guy can do to please her physically. While many may not be able to ignore her gorgeous stature, she’s more concerned with those who can appreciate her intellect. “Nothing is more invigorating than having a good conversation,” says the Wheatley Hall resident assistant. As a member of SISTUHS, Inc. and the Junior Cabinet, Monique has a full plate. However, she admits that she wouldn’t hesitate to fork some things aside for a chivalrous man. The diva with the no-nonsense attitude is pretty simple. A man in Sperry loafers, a white tee and jeans suit her just fine.

ToneIsha Pitt: The Model Zodiac: Aquarius Classification: Freshman Major: Biology Hometown: Orlando, Fla. “I haven’t met my Prince Charming...the one that will sweep me off my feet.” Favorite Slow Jam: Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together” The new kid on the block is often the most envied. They’re always the center of attention. ToneIsha “Tookie” Pitt, 18, a first-semester freshman, is no exception. The only difference between this sky-scraping beauty and other run-of-the-mill newbies is that the initial intrigue won’t wear off after a couple months. Her presence commands attention 365 days a year. Not only is she signed to BMG Models (Nationally), but behind the long lashes that silhouette her magnetic gaze is a jokester who loves to laugh. Don’t get it twisted though, the girl with legs for days and the swag to match is far from superficial. Tookie aspires to be an anesthesiologist. As irony would have it, she has a strong distaste for men who put her to sleep, “I want someone that I can vibe with,” Tookie says. “I like someone who’s sexy and smart—not a thug.” Men who sag need not apply. DONELL JONES - KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET • 17

Gregory Flowers: The Southern Gentleman Zodiac: Scorpio Classification: Junior Major: Computer Electrical Engineering Hometown: Perry, Fla. “If you don’t cook, we can’t talk. I’m from the South, I apologize.” Favorite Slow Jam: R. Kelly - “Sex Planet” “I’m too nice,” says Gregory Flowers. “Sometimes that comes back to haunt me.” While the 21-year-old jazz aficionado may be on to something, goblins and ghouls probably won’t be the ones trying to besiege him in the middle of the night. Awe-struck ladies would likely beat them to it. Unfortunately for some, the momma’s boy with dreams of owning his own engineering firm has standards. Intelligence, impeccable hygiene and natural beauty are a must when vying for his attention. Don’t be discouraged, though, ladies. As Gregory says, “You can’t win if you don’t try.”

Cameron Anderson: The Charmer Zodiac: Gemini Classification: Sophomore Major: Theater Hometown: Miami, Fla. “I need that fire—I need that spark.” Favorite Slow Jam: R. Kelly - “The Greatest Sex” Cameron Anderson, 19, has dreams of becoming an actor. The member of Boyz of Poison Dance Troupe and FACES Modeling Troupe, Inc. is polishing off his entertainment skills whenever he performs. On a stage as large as FAMU’s campus, he’s destined to gain a slew of female fans. He knows that his charisma attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex, but he refuses to settle for anything less than what he wants. Among the things that make him drool are dark-skinned divas and positivity. The woman vying for his heart would have to be able to match him socially and scholastically. “I need someone to keep me on my toes,” Cam says. “I like to be excited all the time.” Samuel Floyd: The Cool Kid Zodiac: Virgo Classification: Junior Major: Professional MBA Hometown: Stone Mountain, Ga. “I need the one that’s independent—the one that doesn’t need me. I want to chase her.” Favorite Slow Jam: The Dream - “Falsetto” Brace yourself, ladies. One gaze into Samuel Floyd’s hazel eyes may leave you praying for something soft enough to break your fall. Don’t worry. If your knees do happen to buckle, he’ll help you to your feet. Be sure to laugh the mishap off after rearranging your ‘fit. The recently inducted Alpha Phi Alpha neophyte believes that optimistic women exude sex appeal. Mix in a little ambition and a pinch of spontaneity, and you’ll probably have him hooked. “I need someone with a bright future who’s going places like me,” Sam says. As a driven member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Sam also finds the time to participate in community service while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. He has a thirst for knowledge and he’s interested in a woman who can quench it. 18 SPRING 2011 JOURNEYMAGONLINE.COM

Chauncey McKinney: The Skater Zodiac: Capricorn Classification: Junior Major: Graphic Design Hometown: Miami, Fla. “She has to like me for me.” Favorite Slow Jam: Al Green - “Sexual Healing” “Skateboarding gives me a rush,” says Chauncey McKinney, 21. “There’s no other feeling like it.” He hopes to one day find a woman who makes him feel the same way. The avid ping-pong player and member of the Anime Club believes that it’s easier to juggle one thing at a time. That includes females. If he’s in a relationship, he prefers to have adequate time to devote to his significant other. “I have a large affinity for love,” Chauncey says. “I hurt when other people hurt.” Think you might be interested in snagging this daredevil’s attention? Laugh at his jokes, and be honest and open-minded. He may be able to teach you a trick or two.

Anthony Dowling: The Church Boy Zodiac: Leo Classification: Senior Major: Political Science Hometown: Roswell, N.M. “I like a woman with traditional values.” Favorite Slow Jam: John Legend - “Stay With You” If you’re a sucker for pearly whites, Anthony Dowling, 23, may be your guy. His smile complements coffee-colored skin blanketed over a frame only the military could craft. With a body like his, it’s no surprise that the even-tempered Army ROTC member is a FACES model. Although he is involved on the Hill, he is most proud of his offcampus commitments. He’s an associate minister at the Liberty CenterFaith Apostolic Christian Tabernacle, which he attends faithfully two to three times per week. “I like a church girl with good work ethic,” Anthony says. Due to a busy schedule, the self-proclaimed handyman hasn’t found the right one. Lord willing, it won’t take too long.

Jason Shockness: The Shy Guy Zodiac: Scorpio Classification: Freshman Major: Architecture Hometown: Uniondale, N.Y. “My friends and family have to be able to accept you just as much as I do.” Favorite Slow Jam: Genuwine - “Differences” Like his last name implies, Jason Shockness, 18, commands attention when he enters a room. A woman would have to be blind to miss the statuesque tri-athlete’s 6-foot-2-inch frame and chocolate eyes. Yes ladies, he played football, baseball and basketball in high school. The New Yorker’s physique may be intimidating. However, his personality is a little more low-key. To some, he may even seem mysterious at first. “Sometimes I’m shy,” says the gym-goer and model, “and sometimes I’m outgoing.” It takes a girl with a sense of humor to bring him out of his shell. If he does emerge, the lucky lady will meet the funny charmer within. A woman who is loud and has bad table manners will make him clam up again.



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It’s a tale as old as time. In the quintessential rags to riches story, Cindy’s life changes forever with the flick of a wand. The same goes for these looks. Armed with safety pins and determination, the Journey staff saved these clothes from the depths of Goodwill, threw on some fly accessories, and they went on to live happily ever after. The End.

Fashion Coordinator: Brittany Barriner. Models: Rashad Benton, Kendall Broughton as Prince Charming, Shelby Dell as Cinderella, LaShae Dent, Jalori McKay, Chartzi Spell. Male Stylists: Anthony Mundle, Roderick Smith. Female Stylists: Paige Moore, Janeen Talbott. Photography Assistant: Whitney Kyles. Scene Assistant: Kenya Strickland. Makeup Artists: Ashley Harris, Angelica Rembert. Special Thanks: Goodwill – 2309 Apalachee Pkwy.: (850) 216-2347, The Other Side Vintage – 607 McDonnell Drive: (850) 224-6666.

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Female Attire: Grey Striped House Dress: $69 [The Other Side Vintage], Pink ‘80s Prom Queen Dress: $12 [The Other Side Vintage], Teal Lace Dress: $9 [Goodwill], Black Sequin Top: $5 [Goodwill], Black Slip Dress: $5 [Goodwill], Silver Zum Zum ‘80s Dress: $42 [The Other Side Vintage], White Gloves: $3 [The Other Side Vintage], Wedding Dress (Tablecloth): $9 [Goodwill], “Glass” Slipper: $69 [Baker’s]. Male Attire: Black Military Jacket: $69.50 [H&M], Military Captain Hat: $12.50 [Army Surplus], Brown Combat Boots: $34.90 [21 Men], Navy Blue Coattail Blazer: $10 [Goodwill], Camel Pants: $20 [Army Surplus], Baseball Pants: $19 [Goodwill], Purple Band Jacket: $16 [Rail Road Warehouse], Polo Boots: $149 [Finish Line], Black Vintage Combat Boots: $19.99 [Goodwill]







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