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CAPITAL CITY CIRCUS Presented by Raye Kimberlin

Event Logo Logo includes a silhouette of the Columbus city skyline and a traditional red and white big top circus tent. •very effective without color •works as a thumbnail or an enlargement •relevant to the industry as it shows a symbolic icon of the circus which is the big top tent •depicts the location of the event with the skyline.

Event Poster Traditional circus poster background with familiar clown icon. •clear and consistent. •image has a personality. • the logo, design, and images work together to create one voice with establishes visual hierarchy. •spark an emotional connection with the target market.

Direct Mail Piece Designed with the same background with the patriotic colors – target military families. •the image to spark an emotional connection. •one message with a call to action, clear and simple details, engaging and intriguing.

Alternative Marketing Concept Street marketing – creating a mini circus or side show around town to attract families and children •Stilt Walkers, Jugglers and Magicians - totally unexpected •Street team will distribute flyers and conduct register to win •Will create buzz and go viral, spreading the marketing message online by the target market through photos, videos, tweets

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Event portfolio - Raye Kimberlin  

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