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4th Annual

R avenna Invitational JULY 2 3 -24, 2 017

WELCOME WELCOME to The Club at Ravenna. We are honored to partner with The Infinite Hero Foundation to host the Fourth Annual Ravenna Invitational. The Invitational weekend is both inspirational and entertaining for all of us. Each year we look forward to hosting this event and try to offer something new and unique to the program. This year we are fortunate to have the Sunday evening BBQ hosted by radio host and voice of the Broncos, Dave Logan, with entertainment from New North, a duo who are major label recording artists from Nashville. We will have many special retired military guests that will provide us with their own inspirational stories and details of their involvement with helping others to heal and overcome their personal circumstances. The special guests include Morgan Luttrell, Jason Redman, Alex Oliver, Gary Linfoot, Daniel Casara, Daniel Crenshaw, Brandon Young and Michael Wilson. Our goal for the Invitational and BBQ is to raise awareness and to provide funding to help make a tangible impact on the lives of our military veterans and their families. We have added a number of new sponsors this year (listed on pages 4-6) and together with the golf sponsors and individuals, we anticipate that donations will significantly exceed previous years. Every single donation has a significant impact on the Foundation. We thank every one of you for your contributions. We are grateful to Oakley and their inspiration to establish Infinite Hero, to The Club at Ravenna and their staff and the many volunteers who make this event possible. We hope that the golf, the course, food and the entertainment met your expectations for this year’s event. More importantly, we hope that you have increased your awareness of the issues – mental and physical – facing our military heroes and their families and also the innovative rehabilitation programs that are being used to treat their unique needs. Special thanks to Laurie Baker, Executive Director of Infinite Hero Foundation, Michelle Totte and Michael Petrelli with the Club at Ravenna who have spent countless hours planning this year’s event. Sincerely,

Kevin R. Collins, Chairman


schedule of events SUNDAY EVENING, JULY 23rd 6:00 PM GUESTS ARRIVE & REGISTRATION 7:00 PM WELCOME & VETERAN INTRODUCTION DINNER, SILENT AUCTION, BLIND WINE GRAB Live Concert – New North MONDAY, JULY 24th 8:00 AM REGISTRATION & CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST RANGE OPEN 9:30 AM OPENING CEREMONY & WELCOME National Anthem – Anna Reisner 10:00 AM SHOTGUN START 3:00 PM RECEPTION IN EVENT TENT BUFFET AND CIGARS 3:45 PM FIRESIDE CHAT with Lieutenant (Ret.) Morgan Luttrell, U.S. Navy Senior Advisor for Veteran Relations at the Department of Energy and Alexander R. Oliver, SOCS (SEAL) Retired Co-Owner/Founder of Virginia Health Performance Moderator: Brandon Young, US Army Ranger (1997-2009)






TLC from the Heart, in loving memory of TERRY CHANDLER










In Loving Memory

Terry Chandler September 27, 1951 - July 4, 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our wonderful friend and NHRA Funny Car team sponsor Terry Chandler on July 4, 2017. Her commitment to helping others has left an indelible mark on the National Hot Rod Association and Don Schumacher Racing, and her memorable presence at racetracks with her Make-A-Wish families and the Infinite Hero Foundation will continue to live on in the hearts of thousands. More than $300,000 has been raised through the sale of Infinite Hero Challenge Coins that driver Fast Jack Beckman carries on each run. Fans who donate $100 or more take home signed and dated coins. More than $500,000 has been raised for the organization through Terry’s efforts.


About Infinite Hero

INFINITE HERO FOUNDATION funds programs that drive innovation and accessibility of effective treatments for military heroes and their families dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries. WHAT IS A HERO? The heroes of today do not wear capes, masks or mechanized suits. Our heroes silently serve, provide aid around the world and defend the freedom and quality of life that all of us enjoy. They are proud of their service and rarely ask for anything in return. They walk among us, often carrying the scars of their sacrifice. OUR PLEDGE Infinite Hero’s pledge to those who have risked their lives is to reward their sacrifice and bravery with support that articulates our gratitude. We partner with like-minded organizations to provide access to innovative rehabilitation programs that address the unique needs of veterans and their families The measure of our impact is positive outcomes, not merely gestures. Like the heroes we serve, we refuse to shy away from a challenge. Where boundaries exist, we will plow through them. Where strategies and solutions have not yet been found, we will create them. We will marshal the resources of technology, community, medical research and mental health care to foster collaborative innovation and affect positive change for our heroes in need.


How We Help

SINCE ITS INCEPTION in 2012, Infinite Hero Foundation has awarded more than $3 million in funding and support to qualified veteran service organizations offering innovative and effective programs or treatments for service-related mental and physical injuries. In 2016, Infinite Hero hosted its largest grant cycle to date, awarding more than $800,000.


featured guests

MORGAN LUTTRELL, Lieutenant (Ret.), U.S. Navy. Senior Advisor for Veteran Relations at the Department of Energy U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Ret.) Morgan Luttrell completed more than 14 years of military service, multiple tours to Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations, and now serves in a new role as Senior Advisor for Veterans Relations at the Department of Energy. Luttrell first joined the Navy after graduating from Sam Houston State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After eight years of enlisted service, Morgan became a commissioned officer and served nearly seven years with Naval Special Warfare and the SEAL teams, retiring as a Lieutenant in 2014. With multiple combat deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom under his belt, Morgan retired and joined the Brain Performance Institute and the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he has served as a research scientist while pursuing an advanced degree in applied cognition and neuroscience. His current focus is treating veterans and first responders in traumatic brain injury.

ALEXANDER R. OLIVER, SOCS (SEAL) Retired. Co-Owner/Founder of Virginia Health Performance Alex Oliver is currently the Co-Owner/ Founder of Virginia High Performance LLC and a retired former Navy SEAL with over 21 years of operational experience. He began his career in the Navy 1993, becoming a SEAL in 1995, and retiring honorably in 2015. The last 15 years of service he spent at Naval Special Warfare Development Group, the pinnacle of US Special Forces, and was named SEAL of the Year for 2006. He completed numerous combat deployments and trained hundreds of other SEAL’s along the way and spent two years as the head instructor for the commands selection program. Through character assessments, evaluation reporting and physical readiness tests he selected trained and mentored the next generation of America’s most elite warrior athletes. Just before retiring, Mr. Oliver opened Virginia High Performance LLC. The concept was to take what he learned as a SEAL and senior enlisted Department Head for the Human Performance Program and train and mentor youth athletics. Now for the last year a new program has evolved within VHP called the “No Fail Mission”


program helping mentally and physically injured veterans return to the point of health and capability they had prior to their injuries. Using science and holistic based research and modalities ranging from strength and conditioning, nutrition, speech pathology and sensory deprivation, VHP works on getting everyone off the prescription pain and sleep pills. Over 25 veterans have completed the program with a perfect success rate at the end of their 4 week program.

BRANDON YOUNG, US Army Ranger (1997-2009) Brandon Young served 11 years in the U.S. Army, nearly 10 of which as a Special Operator primarily with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He joined the Army in 1997 and attained the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7). Brandon has conducted 4 Combat rotations to Afghanistan, to include serving as a Jumpmaster for a Combat Parachute Assault into Afghanistan. He has been awarded 4 Meritorious Service Medals, The Order of St. Maurice for lifetime service to the Infantry, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Since 2014, he has served as National Director of Development for Team Red, White and Blue. Brandon and his family reside in Littleton, CO.

featured guests





SGT. MICHAEL WILSON, U.S.M.C. (2002-2010)

live music

NEW NORTH Krista Marie and Damien Horne


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2017 Ravenna Invitational benefiting Infinite Hero Fondation  

Official program from the 4th Annual Ravenna Invitational, July 23-24, 2017.

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