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Ready for anything Giving you the freedom to keep your child rearward facing for longer, with an easy access rotation function for everyday convenience. –

Best Rearward Facing Seat



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BIRTH – 18 kg (BIRTH – 4Y)

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What’s inside The best bits 20 Your Child at One Year Important milestones every baby should reach by their 1st birthday.

28 Autumn Fashion Oilily & Room Seven Showcase their adorable Autumn range.

46 Top 10 Private Prep Schools Giving your children the best start in life.




SCphro omk ist asy tales

55 - Toy Tow n 72 - Santa's

Grotto's 73 - It’s Pant o Time 74 - Get you r Skates on





More best bits 53 Complete A - Z to Parties that WOW Everything you need to know about throwing the perfect party for your little ones.

58 Hamleys Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2014 Get in early to avoid tears on Christmas morning.

62 Top 10 UK Weekend Getaways We pick our top spots for that perfect Autumn getaway.

68 A Day at Longleat Join the Rascals adventure.

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Hello H

ope you all had a lovely six week holiday with the little ones and managed to take some great snaps along the way, be sure to share them with us as we are always keen to find out what are readers are up to.

During our break we visited Longleat Safari Park which was utterly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I haven’t got enough space to describe how brilliant our stay was so make sure you read all about our adventure on page 68. We also have to mention the Azteca hotel at Chessington World of Adventures. If you’re planning a family weekend away then this is a fantastic option and with a nights stay you get a two day pass into the park so it’s great value. Read more on page 65. Now we turn our attention to making sure they are ready to go back to school. Shoes - check, uniform - check, stationary - check, manners - partially checked. If you are still struggling we have a great selection of back to school necessities on page 49. Your children’s education is so important and finding the right school for your child is a challenge in itself. Turn to page 46 where we have put together a small selection of top Prep schools to help push you in the right direction. Well it seems the sun has well and truly put its hat back on so our minds reluctantly turn to dressing for the colder seasons, however that doesn’t mean your little ones wardrobes need to be full of dull colours. Room Seven and Oilily have a vibrant collection for Autumn 2014 to keep the littlest people in our lives the most stylish on page 28. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. I always know when the summer is over because my inbox starts filling with messages with that dreaded word ‘Christmas’ in the subject line. I couldn’t quite believe it when Hamleys released their must have top Christmas toys back in June. Check them out on page 58 and be sure to get in early to avoid tears on Christmas morning. Make sure you pick up our Christmas Gift Guide out on the 1st November where our own Toyologists might have some fresh ideas for you. Enough of me waffling on, I hope you enjoy this edition, as always its lovely to hear your thoughts on our articles and features. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weekly competitions and to sign up for our weekly newsletters just visit our website. Happy Reading,


Many thanks to Oilily for supplying us with a range of great shots from their Autumn lookbook.

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Pre-eclampsia Know the signs.


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Co-Sleeping Sharing a bed with your baby, good or bad?..


Combining Function & Fashion Icandy introduce their new contemporary, luxury bags.


Bibee Dresses A selection of maternity and post pregnancy wear for the stylish mum.


Boys and Girls go Back to School with Startright Giving your little ones a spring in their step with the shoes that shine.


Spooky Tales A selection of spooky books that go bump in the night.


You and your Rights Maternity, Paternity & Adoption rights for working parents - Legally‌



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Azteca Hotel Opens Chessington World of Adventures open their new hotel.


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a i s p m a l c Pre-e Know the Signs Pre-eclampsia, meaning ‘before eclampsia’ is common and affects 2-8 percent of pregnancies. In most of these cases it will be a mild case and may have no effect on the pregnancy. However, if left untreated, pre-eclampsia can be very dangerous for both the mother and baby. Pre-eclampsia only occurs during pregnancy, typically after 20 weeks. It is a combination of hypertension (raised blood pressure) and proteinuria (the presence of protein in your urine). Sometimes other organs, such as the liver or kidneys, can become affected, and there can be problems with blood clotting.

Pre-eclampsia can potentially progress to a more dangerous condition known as eclampsia, which occurs in 1-2 percent of pregnancies. Eclampsia can cause fits or convulsions. In severe cases, eclampsia can sometimes cause the death of the mother or the baby. Therefore, it is important to manage the condition safely.

8 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia Women with mild pre-eclampsia may not show any symptoms, and it is usually only discovered during routine antenatal appointments (through standard blood pressure checks and urine samples). The main signs are raised blood pressure combined with the presence of protein in the urine. If pre-eclampsia gets more severe, more serious symptoms can develop, including: Severe headache that doesn’t go away with simple painkillers, problems with vision such as blurring or flashing before the eyes, severe pain just below the ribs, heartburn that doesn’t go away with antacids, rapidly increasing swelling of the face, hands or feet and feeling very unwell.




Causes of pre-eclampsia

Mild pre-eclampsia

The exact cause of pre-eclampsia remains unknown. Research indicates that genetic predisposition and placental involvement are responsible for the development of pre-eclampsia.

If your regular appointments and checks pick up any symptoms of mild pre-eclampsia, you will be closely monitored for the rest of your pregnancy. You will have more frequent blood tests and scans. You may also be given medicine to control your blood pressure.

Genetics Women are more likely to suffer from pre-eclampsia if their mothers and sisters have a history of it. Women who have already had pre-eclampsia in one pregnancy have a 16 percent greater chance of developing it again in a next pregnancy. However, women with a previous pregnancy or pregnancies without pre-eclampsia have less chance of developing it in later pregnancies. Therefore it appears that there is something in the make-up of some women that makes them more vulnerable to the condition than others.

The placenta It is believed that the placenta is involved in the development of pre-eclampsia. The placenta connects a mother to her unborn baby and the baby receives oxygen and nutrients through it. It is thought that the development of the blood vessels of the placenta is incomplete in women who develop pre-eclampsia.

Who is at risk of developing preeclampsia? As we do not know the exact causes of pre-eclampsia, it is hard to predict who will develop it during pregnancy and who won’t. However, you are considered at greater risk if: •    This is your first pregnancy or your first pregnancy with a new partner, •    You are aged 40 or over, •    You, your mother or sister had pre-eclampsia during     pregnancy, •    You have a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or more/you     weigh 90 kg or more, •    You are having a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or     more),

It is not recommended that you go over your due date, even with mild pre-eclampsia, so if your baby isn’t born by that date, your labour will be induced. When you deliver your baby will depend on how high your blood pressure is. Some hospitals may look to induce from 34-37 weeks. It is recommended that women with mild or moderate pre-eclampsia should give birth soon after 37 weeks.

Severe pre-eclampsia If mild pre-eclampsia progresses to more severe pre-eclampisia you will need to be admitted to hospital in case you need treatment and/or the baby needs to be delivered. If necessary you will be given medication to control your blood pressure. You will be cared for by an experienced midwife, senior obstetrician and anaesthetist. You may have the following tests: •    Regular blood pressure checks: If you are stable and are showing no     symptoms, this will most likely be every four hours. However, if the     pre-eclampsia is severe, this may be as often as every 15 minutes,     and after you have stabilised, every half hour. •    Daily urine tests to measure the level of protein present. •    Blood tests: These will be taken to check your blood count, clotting,     liver and kidney function. •    Ultrasound scans: These scans will help your medical team to     measure your baby’s growth and wellbeing. •    Fetal heart monitoring: If pre-eclampsia is severe you may have     twice weekly monitoring. While in labour, your baby’s heart rate will     need to be monitored continuously. The only way to cure pre-eclampsia completely is to deliver the baby and the placenta. This might need to be done by caesarean section, particularly if the pre-eclampsia is severe and develops early.

Pre-eclampsia is therefore the cause of around 15 percent of induced premature births.

•    You have a medical problem such as high blood pressure,     kidney problems and/or diabetes. There is also some evidence that women who become pregnant from egg donation are susceptible to pre-eclampsia.

Treatment of pre-eclampsia Pre-eclampsia can only be cured by delivering the baby so the focus of treatment is blood pressure management and monitoring the growth of the baby and the health of the mother. Women with a high risk or more than one risk factor for developing pre-eclampsia will be asked to take a daily dose of aspirin from the 12th week of their pregnancy until the baby is born.

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Women are usually delivered if the doctors can’t control your blood pressure, if the liver, kidney or clotting blood tests become very abnormal, or if the baby becomes distressed. Most women with severe pre-eclampsia will need to be delivered within two weeks of being diagnosed of it. If you develop pre-eclampsia in late pregnancy, it is common practice to induce the baby. The risk to your baby is small if he or she is born just a few weeks early. However, if you are less than 34 weeks, the decision between delivery or other treatment will depend on the severity of the pre-eclampsia (and its risks to you and the baby) versus the risk of being born prematurely to your baby. Every situation is different and your medical team will discuss all the options with you and let you know what the risks are.

What happens after the birth?

Mumsy Maternity Products Sanctuary Mum To Be Congratulations Collection

Pre-eclampsia will improve soon after the baby is born, however you and the baby will need close monitoring in the days following the birth. The most common result of having preeclampsia during your pregnancy is that your baby might be small for gestational age. If you have mild pre-eclampsia it is likely that the baby will be healthy but her or she and you will need to be monitored closely in the days following the birth to make sure no complications develop. If your blood pressure remains high following the birth you may to take medicine for a few weeks until it returns to normal.

Severe pre-eclampsia You will be monitored in a high dependency unit until the medical team is sure you are stable and not at risk of having eclampsia. You will need to take medicine to control your blood pressure, and you will have to rest and recover in hospital, but you are likely to make a full recovery.

Your baby Your baby’s health is also likely to be fine once he or she is born, but if he or she was born prematurely there may be complications associated with that, depending on how prematurely he or she is born.

Price: £25.00 www.boots.com

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee belly butter

If you have been told you are at risk of having a premature baby, you may like to read more about prematurity. You can order our comprehensive guide Having a premature baby free of charge from www.tommys.org/book. For more information on pre-eclampsia, download a copy of Tommy’s pre-eclampsia leaflet.

HELLP Syndrome HELLP syndrome is a severe form of pre-eclampsia, and is potentially as dangerous as eclampsia It is most likely to occur immediately after the baby is delivered, but can appear any time after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and in rare cases before 20 weeks. Signs include haemolysis (where the red blood cells disintegrate), raised levels of liver enzymes and a low count of platelets (white blood cells).

Price: £13.99 www.debenhams.com

Mother & Baby Gift Box

The main symptoms are: Nausea and vomiting, Upper abdominal pain, Headache and Vision problems

It can cause severe breathing difficulties for the mother and severe health problems for the baby. HELLP syndrome occurs in 0.05 to 0.7% of all pregnancies and in 8-24% of cases with severe pre-eclampsia. The only way to treat the condition is to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

10 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Price: £45.00 www.nealsyardremedies.com

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Recaro Easylife Stroller


Compact, light, stylish and safe. The new RECARO Easylife Stroller is perfect for going out and about with children from six months old up to approximately 3.5 years. The light weight, eight wheeled, full suspension stroller has a practical one hand folding mechanism which will then fit into the most compact areas.

Price: £189.00 www.kiddies-kingdom.com

Rockabilly Self Standing Toothbrush Rockabilly Toothbrushes stay upright protecting your kids from bathroom germs while making cleaning fun! Designed for children 3-7 years old. Soft multi-length bristles designed by dentists for effective cleaning and gum protection. The UK’s only toothbrush of its kind

Price: £6.99 www.therockabilly kids.com

BabyBay Original Bedside Cot The first few months with a new baby are amazing, however they can also leave you sleep deprived and exhausted. The BabyBay is a unique and innovative solution. Securely fixing to most heights or styles of bed, the BabyBay allows you to watch over, soothe, and sleep next to your new baby in the safest way possible. Price: £189.95

Britax Safe Sleeper A complete lay-flat system, whether travelling by car or with a BRITAX pushchair. Your baby can travel safely and comfortably, completely protected at all times. The energy absorbing interior offers the newborn baby 360° body protection. When installed in the car with the handle in the upright position the roll cage feature maintains a protective zone around the baby.

Price: £149.99 www.britax.co.uk

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FAMILY Joie I-anchor Car Seat



Box Upon a Time

What you love is what you get! Their stylists handpick the clothes within a selection of designer baby brands, according to your Fashion Profile information. Price: £29, £49, £69 per month www.boxuponatime.co.uk


Reviews OiOi Mini Geo Two Pocket Changing Bag

This is a great changing bag from Oi Oi. It comes with two external pockets and chocolate patent trim, a padded change mat, adjustable shoulder strap, buggy straps, wet purse and wipes case and insulated bottle holder.

Price: £99.00 www.oioibaby.co.uk

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine will accurately prepare your baby’s bottle at body temperature in under two minutes, ensuring you and your baby enjoy feeding. Price: £99.99 www.mothercare.com

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Armadillo City - Lemon Drop

A comfy second stroller with an ultra-compact frame, specially designed for city spaces. The Armadillo City lets mums and dads choose a smaller, lighter option, without sacrificing on wriggle room or ease. The City has one of the smallest footprints out there, so it’s even easier to squeeze in and out of all your favourite destinations. And then when you’re finished you can fold it away with one hand in no time - 3 seconds in fact. Price: £179.00 www.mamasandpapas.com

Ovusense Fertility Detector Ovusense provides real time information to the user regarding the onset of ovulation and the exact ovulation date just three days after ovulation occurs. The Ovusense device has a sensor (with an industrially calibrated thermistor) that

is placed in the vagina overnight to measure and record the internal temperature every 5 minutes. The data is then processed using, what company claims, a unique algorithm to accurately predict the fertile period in the following cycle. The device not only identifies the timing of ovulation, but can also detect its absence. The company states that this is the most accurate fertility detector on the market due to its 99% sensitivity and 99% accuracy.

Price: £295.00 www.ovusense.com

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor Snuza Hero is portable and easy-to-use movement monitor which clips onto baby’s diaper to ensure that normal movement is maintained. Hero detects even the slightest abdominal movement and will alert you if your baby’s movements are very weak or fall to less than 8 movements per minute. Price: £64.00 www.snuza.com

14 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




Tripp Trapp Highchair Designed to fit right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you. The intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth - and height adjustable seat - and foot plates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomic seating position at any age.

Price from: £159.99 Baby Set in grey: £47.00 Harness: £29.00 www.stokke.com

Graco Little Lounger Keep baby happy with this little lounger which can be a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. Calm baby with the gentle side to side motion of the rocking seat and then flip down the rock locks and the seat can be a vibrating lounger. With a 2 speed vibration it has multiple recline positions for baby’s comfort. Can be folded compactly to store or travel. Price: £79.99 www.toysrus.co.uk

Clothies Burb Cloths Clothies are 100% Cotton on the front with a 100% Polyester super soft and absorbent micro fleece backing, offering comfort on delicate faces and absorbency for all those milky dribbles. A great modern alternative to muslin’s. Compact enough to squeeze into your already full changing bag with eye catching designs to have draped over your shoulder. They can also be used underneath baby’s chin when feeding or sat on your lap being winded. Price: £14.99 www.clothies.co.uk

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Joie I-anchor Car Seat Introducing i-Anchor: the only i-Size standard combination car seat that’s suitable from birth. Offering extended rearward facing travel to 15 months, or beyond to 18kg or 4 years old, i-Anchor offers grow-with-me support from day one. About me •  Group 0+/1 car seat faces rearward from    birth-18kg, forward 9-18kg. •  i-Size standard side impact protection for    head, neck & all over. •  Meets i-Size required rearward facing travel    up to 15 months. •  Quick & instant install with i-AnchorFIX® base. •  7 on the go recline positions. •  One-hand headrest & harness height adjustment. •  Switches rearward to forward facing with a    quick, single-button activation.

Designed for ultimate peace of mind, i-Anchor is the new seating system that meets both current car seat standards as well as the incoming new legislation i-Size. Offering rearward facing travel to 18kg (or 4 years approx.) it installs with ISOFIX, vehicle seat belt or both. Just a single-button activation and i-Anchor switches from rearward to forward facing in an instant. For maximum protection in the event of an impact, a reinforced inner steel shell and energy-absorbing elements on the base combine with multi-layered foam technology.

STOKKE Xplory Pushchair The Stokke® Xplory® is the stroller that grows with you and your child. The adjustable seat means your baby can face you and away from you; This encourages eye contact and feelings of safety, security and unity. Later the seat can be switched to face forwards so your growing child can begin to explore the world. Adjust the footrest downwards as your baby's legs get longer and alter the seat depth with the padded seat insert to ensure your baby is always sitting comfortably.

Full review coming soon www.stokke.com

16 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

The grow-withme infant support offers additional side impact protection for the smallest riders and as baby grows, removable layers offer a custom fit. For little one’s comfort the back of the seat is ventilated and for ease of fitting, the padded 5-point harness easily adjusts with one pull motion. A rebound bar offers additional reward facing security. What we Love, Love the fact my little one can stay rear-facing for longer, less distracting for me. My son has plenty of room for his feet which was one of my concerns - how can a 2 year old still sit comfortably rear facing? It is also really lovely and padded and he looks so comfy. Very simple to install in the car, and didn’t even need my hubby. I used the carseat as well as the isofix just to give me a little more reassurance. I wish this had been around when he was a tiny tot, definitely keep the base in case I ever need an infant carrier again. A faultless car seat just love this highly recommend to all Mummy’s. Nit Picking, Wish it had been tested on a few older models, when I first read the instruction booklet I was concerned that it didn’t fit my model of car, however after a little investigation it turned out it just hadn’t been road tested in older model cars and is suitable as long as fitted correctly.

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FAMILY Reviews health & beauty Dental

* *

Baby Bay I

I wish I’d had it from the start! Fantastic way of co sleeping safe in the knowledge you aren’t going to squish your baby. We all slept so much better & I could soothe her easily, feed her whilst lying down & fall back to sleep quicker happily knowing that she was there & safe. I cannot recommend this highly enough and well worth every penny. There are lots of bits you can buy to add to this collection so you can easily adapt it to a high chair, bench or shelves for the wall, or even a desk for the kiddies. The only downfall is it doesn’t attach to my divan bed, however I have managed to secure myself. Still three months in and still plenty of growing room for little one. Nit Picking - Needs to secure to any bed. Score: 4/5

The Chicco Next to Me The Chicco Next to Me is the only cot that is easily transported. It comes with a travel bag keeping everything together and neat. When your baby is very young you can zip the side down and clip into the bottom frame and you can use it to co-sleep with your baby. It comes with straps to attach to any bed using the mattress instead of the frame. Has adjustable legs and can raise just one end for babies who suffer from Colic or Reflux. It’s nice and spacey and will last longer than a Moses basket. It isn’t as sturdy as some of the other co-sleeping cribs I have seen but I think this is due to its lightweight frame. The side opens with a simple zip so your baby can sleep independently from the bed as well. Another key selling point is the supportive memory foam waterproof mattress. Nit Picking - Needs to be more sturdy. I feel a little uneasy that its not as secure as I would personally like. Score: 3.5 /5

The Snuzpod The Snuzpod is the ideal solution to keep baby close without the worry of rolling on baby in the night or having to fit your arms through the bars of the cot to let baby know you are there. The Snuzpod comes flat packed but the instructions are clear and it took just under an hour to put together. The SnuzPod comes apart with ease making day time naps just as enjoyable. It can be gently rocked sending baby smoothly off to sleep. The base is adjustable making it perfect for any bed. The front panel unzips and straps are provided to help secure to your bedstead. Its more expensive than a Moses basket but it will last twice as long. It’s perfect for those night feeds and having to transport baby back into the cot or Moses basket. Nit Picking - Couldn’t find any crib sheets to fit this size mattress in my local Mother care or Babies R Us. Would be nice for these to be more easily assessable. Score: 4.5 / 5

18 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

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STER With the Autumn weather creeping in, it’s important to make sure your car is safe for the colder elements whether checking tyres, de-icing the car or ensuring the lights are working. But before you even think about setting off in the car this Autumn, it’s important to make sure that your precious cargo will be safe whilst travelling also.



impact cushion technology (SICT) for superior side impact protection. Also, to ensure the seat is perfectly in place every time, the XP range also uses ISOFIT technology to connect directly and rigidly to the ISOFIX fittings in the car. BRITAX products surpass legal safety requirements and set high safety standards in the international market - and are not alone in the belief that booster cushions are not the safest option for children. Recent research from consumer champions, Which?, reveals that 55% of 4-12 year olds are using a backless booster seat when travelling in a car and that 22% believe they offer the same protection as a high-backed booster seat. Like BRITAX, Which? experts recognise that this simply isn't the case and so have also urged parents to switch their booster cushions for a high-backed option in a bid to keep children as safe as they can be whilst on the road. So this Autumn, make sure your little ones are as safe as they can be - Bin your booster cushion and invest in a highback booster for your child to give you the ultimate piece of mind.

For more information on BRITAX’s high-back booster range of seats, visit www.britax.co.uk

Nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario, but in the event of a crash situation, it is imperative that children are properly secure to keep them as safe and secure as possible. Whilst car seat regulations are a hotly debated topic for babies and toddlers, there is far less awareness around safety in Group 2-3, which protects children from six through to around 12 years of age. The current law says that children must travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or approximately 12 years old, whichever comes first. With this in mind, many parents opt for a simple booster cushion to help lift their child and ensure the car seat belt sits across them at the right angle. However, BRITAX found that approximately half (49%) of seat belts used to secure child seats may be fitted incorrectly. They are often twisted, too high, or fitted around the seat and not the child. Booster cushions also do not offer children any side impact or head protection, which is why BRITAX now only sells high-back boosters, which offer deep protective side wings and head support. Despite this, booster cushions are still sold because it is not required by current EU safety standards to conduct tests for side collisions, even though around 1 in 4 (25%) car accidents are from a side impact crash. However, if the regulations change to include side impact testing, BRITAX experts do not believe that any new booster cushion would pass. BRITAX designs its products to provide protection during traffic collisions from every angle of impact. This protection includes deep side wings, head support and a v-shaped backrest which grows with the child to ensure comfort and security at all times. These are all safety features evident on the latest KIDFIX XP SICT car seat, which has set new safety standards within the industry with an energy absorbing seat belt pad, the XP PAD, and new adjustable side

The EVOLVA 1-2-3 plus is an innovative, ergonomically designed seat that adapts to the changing needs of a growing child – including all the benefits of the EVOLVA 1-2-3 with additional comfort and safety. Suitable from 9 months to 12 years

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Mile stones

Your Child at One Year How your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts offers important clues about your child’s development. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. Check the milestones your child has reached by his or her 1st birthday. Take this with you and talk with your child’s doctor at every visit about the milestones your child has reached and what to expect next.

What most children do at this age: Social and Emotional


•    Is

•    Responds

shy or nervous with strangers •    Cries when mum or dad leaves •    Has favourite things and people •    Shows fear in some situations •    Hands you a book when he wants      to hear a story •    Repeats sounds or actions to get      attention •    Offers an arm or leg to help with dressing •    Plays games such as “peek-a-boo”      and “pat-a-cake”

20 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

to simple spoken requests •    Uses simple gestures, like shaking head     “no” or waving “bye-bye” •    Makes sounds with changes in tone     (sounds more like speech) •    Says “mama” and “dada” and     exclamations like “uh-oh!” •    Tries to say words you say

Family Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving) •    Explores

things in different ways, like     shaking, banging, throwing •    Finds hidden things easily •    Looks at the right picture when it’s named •    Copies gestures •    Starts to use things correctly; for example,     drinks from a cup, brushes hair •    Bangs two things together •    Puts things in a container, takes things out     of a container •    Lets things go without help •    Pokes with index (pointer) finger •    Follows simple directions like “pick up the toy”



Top Presies at


Pound n Tap Bench with Xylophone Price: £24.95 www.wicked uncle.co.uk

Princess and Pony Pretend and Play

Movement/Physical Development •    Gets

to a sitting position without help •    Pulls up to stand, walks holding on to     furniture (“cruising”) •    May take a few steps without holding on •    May stand alone

Price: £19.95 www.wicked uncle.co.uk

Walkalong Wooden Puppy - Walks & Sits! Price: £19.95 www.wicked uncle.co.uk

Act early by talking to your child’s doctor if your child: •    Doesn’t

crawl •    Can’t stand when supported •    Doesn’t search for things that she sees      you hide •    Doesn’t say single words like “mama” or “dada” •    Doesn’t learn gestures like waving or     shaking head •    Doesn’t point to things •    Loses skills he once had

Baby Darcy Bear Price: £16.00 www.wickeduncle.co.uk

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g n i p e e Co-sl Good

or Bad?

Mum and baby in bed Cot? Moses basket? Pah. Why bother with either when your baby could just snuggle down in bed with you? If only it were so simple. In fact, you’ll find (if you haven’t already) that Mumsnetters (like most parents – and midwives) divide rather rigidly into two camps on the subject of co-sleeping.

22 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




In this case we’re talking specifically about sharing a bed with your baby, rather than sleeping in the same room which is sometimes also described as co-sleeping.

which means you’re doomed either to being three (or four or five) in a bed for years to come or you’re going to have some serious bedtime battles in the future.

The case against co-sleeping

The case for co-sleeping

What our readers say about co-sleeping If you teach them early on to sleep in your bed, then nothing else will do afterwards and it seems to me you’re consigning yourself to broken nights for a long time. Berta

Those who keep their babies at cot’s length point to the very real dangers in bedsharing.

But, counter the co-sleeping champions, bed-sharing not only makes your baby feel safer and sleep better, it also helps you feel more connected to your baby and less shattered by night-feeding.

It felt like the right thing from the start. When he needed feeding, he was right by my side, so I didn’t have get out of bed. And he seemed to sleep much better because he was lying next to me. Sam

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) advice says there is an increased risk of infant death while sharing a bed, particularly when a baby is less than 11 weeks, if either parent smokes, is very tired, has drunk alcohol recently or is on medication or drugs that make them sleep heavily.

And, according to recent studies, cosleeping can actually make breastfeeding easier and more successful for you and your baby, and breastfeeding is known to cut a baby’s risk of cot death.

My son’s slept with us from day one and I’m sure, when number two comes along, we’ll just buy a bigger bed for all four of us. I love the closeness. Kora

Complicated, huh?

Both my children slept with me for the first 10 months of their life and then transferred to a cot with no problems at all. Racheal

This is because, in your bed as opposed to a cot or crib, your baby could: •  Get trapped between the bed and the    headboard. •  Fall out. •  Get dangerously overheated under a    duvet next to two hot adult bodies. •  Get accidentally suffocated if you’re too    tired or drunk or high that you    unknowingly roll on him or her. You should also be careful not to fall asleep on the sofa or in a chair with your baby. For the first six months, it’s recommended that the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot or Moses basket in your room.

What to do if you decide co-sleeping is for you. If you like the idea of snuggling up with your baby of a night (and do bear in mind that the snuggly newborn stage does morph into the akimbo-arms, thrashing-legs stage surprisingly quickly), you do need to: Make sure your partner agrees with you. There’s no getting round the fact that a family bed does reduce your opportunities for intimacy as a couple – you’ll have to get used to anywhere-but-bed sex if your love life isn’t to disappear altogether. Be honest with each other about how that makes you feel. There’s no point co-sleeping to bring you both closer to your children if it actually drives the two of you further apart. Know the ‘no-way’ facts.

Related Subjects •   • •   •

How do I get my baby to sleep? Daytime naps Sleep training and controlled crying Baby sling safety advice

What’s more, say the bed sharing bashers, as your child gets older, he’ll find he’s unable to sleep without you,

You should never bedshare if either you or your partner smoke (even if neither of you smoke in the bedroom). You shouldn’t cosleep if you’ve drunk alcohol, taken drugs or are on medication that makes you drowsy. You should also be cautious about bedsharing if your baby is at increased risk of cot death: born prematurely; born with a low birthweight; nursing a fever. You can read the official advice on this at the Lullaby Trust. Take safety precautions.

My lot slept with us until they were toddlers – then the lure of having a bed of their own bed was actually far more exciting. It’s nice to be able to stretch out a bit now but we kind of miss them, actually. JuliaB My mother-in-law was horrified - she thought it would ‘ruin the baby’. She even sent me a letter about it! Sally I hide the fact that we co-sleep. That’s because I’m always made to feel like there’s something wrong with it. I’d get comments such as, ‘You’ll regret it’ or ‘I know someone who rolled over and squashed their baby’. It does seem like a cultural thing: I was talking to an Indian lady and she said that they always co-sleep with their babies and think it is wrong to put a baby in a cot in another room. Laura My daughter is 21 months now and only sleeps with us when she is poorly now or unusually clingy. But I love waking up in the morning to a little girl looking me in the eyes with all the love in the world, and giving me big kisses to convince me I am awake and want to play. Polly

Make sure your mattress is firm, that your bedcovers are light (ditch the duvet) and can’t fall over your baby’s head.

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Function & Fashion iCandy combines function and fashion to create contemporary luxury bags

Ex-Mulberry designer, Janet Collin, designs inaugural bag collection for iCandy pushchairs.

and iCandy, understand the importance for today’s modern women to express their individual style whilst adhering to the practicalities of being a mother.

The leading luxury pushchair brand are thrilled to present their inaugural bag collection from ex-Mulberry designer, Janet Collin. With a great gap in the market for practicality and style, Collin, part of the team who created the famous ‘Alexa’, now turns her hand to ensuring fashion savvy, stylish parents can be sophisticated on the go whilst carrying all a child’s necessities.

The collection will also consist of a special edition ‘The Emilia,’ exclusively designed for a charity close to iCandy’s heart, ‘The Lullaby Trust.’ £10 from every ‘Emilia’ sold will go towards specialist support for bereaved families and help to promote expert advice on safer baby sleep. Beautifully designed, the special edition features rose gold detail on the zips,

Available nationwide, this exciting collection will consist of 14 functional versions of fashion favourites from leather totes, satchels and travel bags in a range of fresh colours in rich fabrics including burgundy, black, cream, biscuit, to name but a few. Silver details, from the zips to the buttons and hooks, provide an elegant contrast to the relaxed leather or patent look. External zipped compartments and pouches allow on the go parents easy access to small items. The interior presents deep compartments with generous space to fill with a child’s everyday needs and essential zipped and open pockets for quick ‘go-to’ grabs. Understanding the needs of the modern day mother, the launch of iCandy’s bag collection marks the brands first major move into the fashion arena. Combining 80 years of experience within the nursery sector with impressive design and fashion credentials, both Janet, as a working mother in the fashion world,

buttons and hooks, adding to the finishing touch to whichever material chosen; patentPU or leather. Janet Collin, iCandy’s Accessories Designer, speaks about how her own experiences gave her inspiration: “When I became a mother I remember how very frustrating it was to find a beautiful bag that looked fabulous yet didn’t work on a practical level when carrying nursery products around as well as my own belongings. As a designer you are always trying to improve your life by improving the products you use, and with our new collection of bags I feel we have really achieved that”.

•  The launch for iCandy’s    first bag collection will be    available from summer 2014.   •  The collection will be    available directly at all    iCandy retailers nationwide    including John Lewis and    Mothercare. •  The bags will retail from    between £80 and £275. •  5 styles included; o  The lifestyle bag   ‘The Charlie Bag’ o  The zip tote   ‘The Verity bag’ o  The round satchel   ‘The Charlotte’ o  East West bag   ‘The Emilia bag’ o  The Pocket tote   ‘The Nicola bag’

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Bibee Dresses

in teal and black limited edition Geo-Print Price: £75.00 uk www.bibeedresses.co.

Limited Edition piece Price: £45.00 uk www.bibeedresses.co.

ss Navy Knee-Length Dre 0 0.5 £8 e Pric W WO uk www.bibeedresses.co.

Bibee Honeycomb Print V-Neck .50 Sale Price: £22 uk www.bibeedresses.co.

26 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Not just ordinary maternity jeans.. Not just ordinary maternity jeans.. Not just ordinary maternity jeans.. The Beautifully The BeautifullyBritish BritishCollection Collection The Beautifully British Collection “rascals” for 15% “rascals” 15%off off “rascals” for 15% off www.mamajeanius.co.uk www.mamajeanius.co.uk


Rascals of London l September 2014 - 27



28 - September 2014 l Rascals of London


Rascals of London l September 2014 - 29

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1. Kien Roundneck Cardigan - £100.00 2. Kano Hooded Sweater - £126.00 3. Kayak Pullover - £100.00 4. Tamtam Jersey Dress - £49.00 5. Aaiaai Hat - £50.00 6. Harlee Sweat Dress - £59.00 7. Corazon Compact Winter Coat - £177.00 8. Phoeby Paisley Pants - £67.00 9. Kosja Dress - £118.00 10. Turtle Jersey Dress - £49.00 11. Pop Pants - £76.00 12. Mark Jacquard Socks - £6.30

www.oililyworld.com Rascals of London l September 2014 - 31

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Room Seven


Rascals of London l September 2014 - 33



34 - September 2014 l Rascals of London





Room Seven



5. 4.




8. 9.


12. 1. Beth Blouse - £29.00 2. Blue Kiss Skirt - £38.00 3. Klasina Cardigan - £54.00 4. Klara Bow Cardigan - £63.00 5. Happy Flowers Nightdress - £38.00 6. Tweet Cardigan - £49.00 7. Toby Red Stripe Dress - £49.00 8. Neon Rose Pyjamas - £46.00 9. Melissa Heart Tights - £15.00 10. Bleep Bleep Pyjamas - £46.00 11. Red Check Bathrobe - £46.00 12. Taxi Scarf - £23.00

www.roomseven.com Rascals of London l September 2014 - 35







3. 4.

5. 6.


1. Arachnid - £47.00 2. Burford - £46.00 3. Hudson - £49.00 4. Will - £40.00 5. Hover - £42.00 6. Digby - £40.00 7. Rotate - £42.00 8. Isaac - £49.00 9. Aqua Splash - £52.00 10. Skip - £12.00





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Editors Pick

Advertising - Rascals of London

What makes us different is the difference we make... Our outstanding education goes way beyond the curriculum, developing learners for life Find out more at our open events: Saturday 27 September 10am-1pm Wednesday 8 October 9.30-11am Tuesday 4 November 9.30-11am Reception Taster Morning (booking essential) Wednesday 15 October 9.30-10.45am

See our website for further details 020 8557 7004 admissions@syd.gdst.net www.sydenhamhighschool.gdst.net 15 Westwood Hill, London, SE26 6BL

Meet the Head Claire Boyd arrives as Head of Sydenham High Junior School in September. Here’s an opportunity to find out more about her and her views on educating girls.

Qualifications: BA Hons in Politics from Royal Holloway, University of London; PGCE from Roehampton University Teaching experience: From early years to KS2 and preparing children for transition to senior school

Last role: Head of Lower School, Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School, West London (2008-2014)

How would you sum up your approach to education? I am passionate about ensuring that every child is offered the opportunity to develop their personal confidence and sense of self - alongside attaining skills, knowledge and understanding - so they can be successful and fulfill their potential. They should feel happy and secure as well as intellectually challenged. There are so many pressures on girls today that I believe we need to help them develop resilience so they are ready for each and every challenge that will come their way. Sydenham High has a strong and proud tradition of enabling each pupil to be the best she can be – and that’s what I want to deliver for all the girls in my care.

What will you be aiming to build on? The pioneering spirit of the school’s founders who started the school back in 1887. From the very beginning the school has aimed to offer a first-class education to its girls and fill them with the sense that anything is within their reach. With a commitment to delivering a contemporary approach to education, a broad, challenging curriculum and

excellent teaching I hope to continue making Sydenham High Junior School the first choice educational setting for parents to choose for their daughters. I am also looking forward to consolidating and strengthening the links between the Junior and Senior schools; there is so much to be gained from working together and expanding the girls’ horizons.

Do you have a personal saying you try to work to? The saying I use is: ‘Better Never Stops’. Celebrating success is important but we should always be looking for ways to improve and meet new challenges. The world around us doesn’t stand still so neither can we.

Parents can meet Claire Boyd at the school’s forthcoming Open Days. Please see website for details: www.sydenhamhigh school.gdst.net Rascals of London l September 2014 - 37





Editors Pick


3. 4.




1. Fleur - £40.00 2. Fable - £45.00 3. Viola - £40.00 4. Fran - £46.00 5. Allium - £38.00 6. Louisa - £38.00 7. Penny - £60.00 8. Bubble - £32.00 9. Dawn - £45.00 10. Cotswold - £46.00



9. 10.

38 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




3 years


Harry and the Monster By Sue Mongredien


One night, a monster stomps into Harry’s dreams. The next day, Harry is scared to go to sleep. If he comes back, just imagine him with pink pants on his head, suggests Mum. He won’t be scary then! Can Mum’s clever plan possibly work?.


Shake dem Halloween Bones By W. Nikola-Lisa

It’s Halloween night. The city is quiet. The city is still. But as the lights go down, the music comes up - and the guests start to arrive at the hip-hop Halloween ball! And oh, what a party it is. Told in hip-hop rhyming text, L’il Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Tom Thumb, and all of their fairy-tale friends come together for a rapping, stomping, shaking Halloween romp. Scoo-bee-doo-bee-doo-wah. Yeah!

5 years




Peppa’s Halloween Sticker Activity Book

2 years

By Ladybird


Peppa and her friends get ready for Halloween with pumpkins, costumes and spooky stories! With puzzles and games and two pages of stickers. Rascals of London l September 2014 - 39





By Wendy Bartlet

This board book features all sorts of Halloween treats and creatures sticking out from a pumpkin. As you turn the pages, each item is revealed.

Room on the Broom By Julia Donaldson

Some are scary and others are plain silly. This book is perfect for infants and toddlers.

Up to 5 years

The Worst Witch

3 years

By Jill Murphy


The Worst Witch is the original story of life at a magical boarding school, perfect for readers aged 5 - 9 years. Mildred Hubble is a trainee at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, but she’s making an awful mess of it. She keeps getting her spells wrong and crashing her broomstick. And when she turns Ethel, the teacher’s pet into her worst enemy, chaos ensues...

3 years


5 years


The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch’s hat, then her bow, and then her wand! Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom. But is there room on the broom for so many friends? And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?

40 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




Funnybones By Janet & Allan Ahlberg In this, the first ever Funnybones book of all, we are introduced to the wonderful humour and fun of the much-loved series. The Funnybones books are a must for children just starting to learn to read - these funny skeletons are definitely not the scary sort!

3 years


Mr. Tickle

and the Scary Halloween By Wendy Bartlet Ever since Little Miss Scary moved to town, Halloween had become really scary. Scare your pants off scary! But Mr. Tickle has a plan to make this year different – a ticklishly, tricky plan!

3 years


Watch out little Miss Scary, there’s someone behind you!

Demon Dentist By Pip Jones, Illustrated by Ella Okstad

Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night.

Editors Pick Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they would wake up to find… a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow. Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it…?

5 years


Rascals of London l September 2014 - 41



Up to 5 years


What’s in the Witches kitchen? By Nick Sharratt The witch has hidden a trick and a treat in her magical kitchen cupboards! Which one you find depends on how you open the doors. Whether it’s frogspawn or popcorn, lollipops or rabbit plops, there are hilarious rhymes to discover inside in this innovative new novelty book from Nick Sharratt.

Monster and Chips By David O’Connell

7 years


Fans of The Wimpy Kid will love this delightfully disgusting and dangerous story about what happens when Joe sets out to buy some chips from McGreasy’s takeaway. Instead of finding the takeaway, Joe meets a monster looking for someone to help him in his café and from then on food becomes something completely different. With a menu featuring Vomitburger and Chips, Flattened Frog Fritterers and Chips and more, Joe soon realises that he needs to keep his wits about him if he is going to stay safe – and off the table!

Where’s my Mummy? By Carolyn Crimi Little baby mummy is stalling at bedtime and wants just one more game of Hideand-Shriek.

4-8 years 42 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

As the game gets underway, little baby mummy runs into Drac, Glob, Bones and other wacky creatures. Baby mummy isn’t scared until a tiny creature pops out of a tree.




You & Your Rights Maternity, Paternity & Adoption rights for working parents - Legally… So, Mum or Dad-to-be…you’re having a baby or adopting a child? Congratulations! But are you so sure that that’s how your employer will react when you tell them? Take a look at our Question and Answer interview with employment law barrister, Isabelle Parasram, Head of Greycoat Chambers in Tower Hill, London… Isabelle, you had 4 children yourself whilst managing a busy career as a Senior Prosecutor for the Department for Business, how did your employers handle it? Brilliantly! I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. My line managers were genuinely happy for me each and every time I had a baby. They supported me, even when I was signed off sick for most of my pregnancy with my last baby and also during a fifth pregnancy when I lost my daughter, Cassia. It was during my childbearing years that I was promoted, chosen to run management projects and was one of only 30

staff out of a workforce of thousands to be put on a 3-year leadership training programme. The Department for Business is a model employer, but I know, from my experience as a barrister acting for both employers and employees, that the reality for many women and men when they are about to become parents is a far cry from what I have experienced… Your husband worked for a much smaller organization - how did they react to his impending fatherhood? When we had our first baby, my husband, Clyde, worked in Islington as a Quantity

Surveyor. He worked for a small firm and the idea of paternity leave was quite a new concept at the time. Though giving paid time off to a relatively junior member of staff must have been difficult for them as a business, they handled the situation quite well. I think the hard part for them was probably the weeks after Jemima’s birth when Clyde woke several times each night tending to her (they were and still are ‘stuck at the hip’!). Clyde found it hard to function properly at work, though no one ever told us that sleepless nights would be our lot for the next decade! For my other pregnancies, Clyde was the boss (he started his own business when Jemima was 5 months old). As his own line manager, he was very unreasonable - he refused to give himself paid paternity leave! So, let’s say one of our readers is pregnant, adopting a baby or is the partner of someone who is pregnant what would you advise them to do? Let me preface what I am saying by adding that the rights and responsibilities I refer to here apply to same sex couples and single people as well as heterosexual couples. First of all, read up on your rights and responsibilities (maternity, paternity and adoption rights).

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 43

Family Secondly, think about what you might want in terms of your career, both during the pregnancy and after your baby is born or you adopt (this applies to men too!) and third, gauge how your employer might react and choose a suitable time to tell them - face to face, if possible. Why do you think these 3 things are important? I am a trained antenatal teacher as well as a barrister, so I know, from my experience of preparing men and women for birth and parenting, that what we are thinking when we’re expecting a baby or adopting a child can sometimes be unrealistic - we need to prepare for the sometimes harsh reality of pregnancy and parenting whilst still enjoying the anticipation and excitement of the ‘unknown’ life that is to come. I’ll give you some examples…

In relation to maternity rights, some women are not aware that they are entitled to paid time off for antenatal appointments, yet, in the real world, what might end up happening is that the pregnant woman takes time off during the working day for her antenatal yoga class but feels she has to take work home to compensate for the ‘lost’ working time. In terms of what a father-to-be might want from his career, he might think that he will take 2 weeks’ paternity leave and then happily go straight back to work. However, in my experience, when we had our first child, I realized that my lovely, neat baby bump had transformed into a real, live miniature human being and I just didn’t know how to look after her! I had read every book and attended every antenatal class I could book us onto, I even had a private midwife and a Doula, but, could I look after a real life baby on my own – NO!!! I virtually barricaded the front door and refused to allow Clyde to go back to work after the 2-week paternity leave period. The moral of the story is, if you are a father-to-be, you might want to think about taking annual leave as well as paternity leave…



and might not understand your rights as a new parent. If you can prepare a ‘business case’ which demonstrates that, giving you the chance to work part time for a year gives your employer benefits for their ‘investment’ in you (for example, your long term commitment or the company becoming a more attractive place to work for new recruits), they are more likely to say ‘Yes’ to your request. Why do you say that a mum or dadto-be should gauge how their employer might react? Of course, an employer has to treat a pregnant woman fairly and shouldn’t jump up and down in anger that she’s about to disappear for a few months, but, unfortunately, some employers do. They might not react the same way with the father-to-be (or a same sex partner) as the impact - in the employer’s eyes - is unlikely to be a significant one for their business. Just remember, an employer is a person and is (hopefully) in a long term relationship with you. In any relationship, both sides need to think about things from the other person’s perspective. Think about it - if your employer is losing clients and experiencing financial difficulties, they might not welcome your news. How would you handle a negative reaction from your employer, in the context of knowing that you will still have to work there for a few more months and might well want to return?

On a human level, you might feel hurt. On a professional level, you might immediately think, ‘Where’s my lawyer?’ Just be prepared. Why on earth would an employer react negatively to such good news? Many employers think that a pregnant employee will ‘cost’ them in terms of time off, maternity pay, having to train a replacement and the fear that they will have to treat the employee with ‘kid gloves’ in case they are sued. If you are a father-to-be or a same sex partner and you will be the one at home with the baby, you may be entitled to paid paternity leave for up to 26 weeks. Most employers haven’t even heard of these rights. If you have read up on maternity and paternity rights, you may well be in a position to separate the myths from the reality and to address any concerns that your employer might have. At the very least, if you are well prepared, nothing your employer can say or do will shock you and you may generate considerable respect from your employer if you can ‘fight your corner’ respectfully and rationally. Having said all of that, there are some really good employers out there so let’s hope that the reaction of most is to give the pregnant woman, her same sex partner or the father-to-be a hug (or a handshake if you are not in a ‘touchy feely’ workplace!), to share their delight and promise support and encouragement all the way. I am an employer myself and that’s always my reaction.

You talk about myths – what’s the biggest myth you’ve come across? That a pregnant employee cannot be made redundant – not true at all!

If you are the lesbian partner of a pregnant woman, you might decide to apply for flexible working so that you can work part time or from home in, say, the first year after your baby is born. It would be worth giving some thought about how you might handle that discussion. Your employer might not even know that you are in a homosexual relationship

44 - September 2014 l Rascals of London



Legal The adoption process can be both full of hope and soul destroying - my husband’s family adopted no less than 5 children from the same family and, as Clyde and I were courting at the time of the adoptions, I witnessed both the joys and the challenges that adoption can bring. The emotional highs and lows can affect your work, so it is worthwhile sharing what you are going through with your employer - they might be more understanding if you sometimes have ‘off’ days for no apparent reason.

When you finally reach that wonderful day when you have been matched with a child (congratulations!), the first adoptive parent (whether male or female) may be entitled to 52 weeks adoption leave with 39 weeks of adoption pay and the second adoptive parent (whether male or female) may be entitled to paternity leave and pay. Both may be entitled to 10 paid Keeping in Touch days. What do you mean, ‘off’ days doesn’t everyone have them?

With the rise of infertility in the UK and, simply because some people decide not to bear their own children, there are now more and more people who are choosing to adopt. What about if a pregnant employee works in a hazardous environment? The employer should carry out a risk assessment of the workplace and work tasks and make accommodations for the pregnant woman wherever necessary. The risk assessment should be a continual one as the pregnancy develops and the workplace changes. Examples of what an employer might do include ensuring that a shop floor worker has a chair to sit down on in between serving customers, getting a colleague to assist a grocery store packer if she has to lift heavy objects or giving a medic alternative duties instead of doing X-rays. What about new mothers? Breastfeeding mothers who return to work but still want to continue breastfeeding should also be given a private space in

which to express milk and a fridge in which to store it. I breastfed all of my children up to the age of 1 and remember having to go on a ‘team bonding’ event overnight when my second baby was about 8 months old – we were supposed to be linking the Shakespearean play of Henry V to leadership in the workplace. It was a very interesting exercise attempting to express milk in between gathering ‘weapons’ so that I could ‘murder’ my boss… Is your advice sought about any other parenting dilemmas? Yes, one situation in particular that I’d like to mention is the situation of adoptive parents. With the rise of infertility in the UK and, simply because some people decide not to bear their own children, there are now more and more people who are choosing to adopt.

Yes, but some more than most. I’ll give you another example – IVF. If you are going through the heart wrenching process of IVF, one telephone call to say that the treatment was not successful can throw you into the depths of despair - you can have entire months at a time when you simply cannot function. We shouldn’t write off the emotional aspects of the journey to parenthood, which can be devastating. I had a member of staff who was undergoing IVF and it was sometimes really difficult for her to work with the children at our Pre School (I’m also a Director of a children’s day Nursery and Pre School). She absolutely loved the children in her care, but she sometimes needed a moment or two to shed a tear and then go back to teaching phonics or rolling around in sand and shaving foam! She ended up having twins in the end, I was so pleased for her - but the point is, because she shared her heartache with me, I could accommodate her feelings at work, which were sometimes a struggle for her.

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 45

Top 10



Best of London





Westminster Cathedral Choir School

Westminster Cathedral Choir School is an academicallyselective, Roman Catholic preparatory school for 165 boys aged seven to thirteen (Years 3 to 8). Thirty boys are boarding choristers; the other one hundred and thirty five are day boys. Choristers join us from all over the country, day boys from South, West and central London.

St Martin’s Preparatory School Our family community is the basis on which St Martin’s educates and nurtures. Our governors, teachers, pupils and parents work together to recognise skills, develop potential, support and care for each boy throughout his time with us. As a multi-cultural family we encourage our boys to understand and value the best in every contribution.

Westminster Cathedral Choir School is an academicallyselective school. Work is challenging and demanding, and lessons fast. Boys are meticulously prepared for the top day schools in London and the top boarding schools at 13+. Our modern ‘liberal arts’ education is based upon the ‘three C’s’: curriculum, canon, and character. www.choirschool.com

46 - September 2014 l Rascals of London


Education Dulwich Preparatory School



Eaton House The Manor Preparatory School

The Eaton House Group of Schools aim to develop and nurture each pupil and encourage them to achieve their best in the academic, artistic and sporting fields. Pupils at all the schools are offered a broad, balanced curriculum and are helped to grow their independence within this framework.

Dulwich Prep London is essentially a boys’ school, with about 820 pupils aged between 3 and 13, however, we start with the Early Years which caters for girls as well. We enjoy all the benefits of being close to one of the most vibrant cities in the world but despite our Inner London postcode have some 25 acres of playing fields.

We take great pride in the fact that children are not tested prior to entry at 4 years old yet still achieve excellent academic results. We operate a non selective entry system, using a first come first served process.

Our facilities and the teachers who work within them are of the highest calibre. Dulwich Prep’s national reputation for academic, artistic and sporting excellence, around thirty-five scholarships are won each year, is something in which every teacher takes great pride. www.dulwichpreplondon.org

St Benedict’s Preparatory School


Wetherby Preparatory School

St Benedict’s is one of London’s leading independent Catholic co-educational schools. Our Mission of ‘Teaching a way of living’ is at the core of the holistic Catholic education that is provided to boys and girls throughout the School from Nursery through to Sixth Form. We nurture their growth and prepare them for future challenges in an increasingly secular world. We respect the dignity of all and welcome students of other Christian denominations and other faiths. The School supports all children to develop their full potential and has a proud academic record. We equip them to deal with the challenges that life in the 21st century presents, teaching them the joys of learning whilst enabling them to retain a moral and spiritual sensibility.

Wetherby School provides an environment that promotes educational excellence and tradition through a forward-thinking, holistic curriculum within which the needs of individual pupils are fostered.

The School, occupying 5 floors, is housed in a freehold, doublefronted listed building of the Italian Ornate style, dating back to 1849. It overlooks the beautiful Pembridge Square Gardens, where the boys enjoy play time each day. www.wetherbyschool.co.uk


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St. John’s Preparatory School

Blackheath Preparatory School

St. John’s is an IAPS boys’ day preparatory school with approximately 350 boys aged three to thirteen years old. Facing south on a thirty five acre site we have outstanding views over London. St John’s was founded in 1920. www.st-johns.org.uk

Bute House Preparatory School

Blackheath Preparatory School is a quite remarkable school. It is an independent junior school for both boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11. It is located in an attractive area close to Blackheath Village. The beautiful five acre site boasts two large playgrounds and extensive playing fields, tennis courts and cricket nets. www.blackheathprepschool.com

The school aims to identify and foster every child’s abilities and talents, encouraging her to become a self-motivated learner and a confident communicator, to help each child to do her best to reach her potential and to inspire her to achieve her personal best in every subject, by providing a broad and enriched curriculum which encourages a love of learning that goes beyond what is taught, as well as to maintain a happy atmosphere by encouraging selfdiscipline, respect and consideration for others as well as a strong sense of community. www.butehouse.co.uk

Newton Preparatory School

Newton Prep children are bright and inquisitive individuals, each with unique abilities, interests and aspirations. They have exceptional opportunities at this school – for personal development, adventure and achievement in many directions. We encourage their curiosity and imagination at every stage of school life, and provide important foundations for a love of life and learning in this formative period.


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2. 1. 1.

Back to School


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News from St Benedict’s Nursery Children at St Benedict’s Nursery finished the summer term with a picnic in Pitshanger Park and a dressing up day in school. In the park, with the sun shining, children, staff and parents tucked into a hearty lunch before joining in with a variety of fun and games. The children enjoyed using the challenging playground equipment and the freedom of the lovely open space available. Imagination knew no bounds. Some of the children waited patiently for Mr Fox to come out of hiding in a tree trunk while others were busy building a camp fire.

Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box and Skin - £20.00

‘Under the Sea’, the Nursery creative curriculum topic for the term, was the theme for the dressing up day. It was a sight to see Swash Buckling Pirates and beautiful Mermaids arriving at Nursery in full costume. A wonderful day was had by all with a variety of games and a few party treats along the way.

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Mrs Anna Mullaly, Head of St Benedict’s Nursery, said: “The children have made remarkable progress, gaining in confidence and selfesteem, which is now very apparent and reflected throughout the group as a whole. Many of the children will be moving on to Reception in September and we wish them well.”

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St Benedict’s, Ealing Independent Catholic Day School

Teaching a way of living Co-education from 3 years through to 18

Independent Pre-Prep Bilingual School Ealing Broadway



uette sch cho



epre cho p bilingual s

Combined French National and Early Years Curriculums


Bilingual Education through Immersion (50% taught in French)

‘The Nursery and Reception classes offer children an exceptionally rich, exciting and stimulating curriculum.’

An Education that focuses on developing each child's well-being

ISI Inspection Report November 2012

OPEN MORNINGS 30 Sept, 14 Oct, 20 Nov (Nursery) 18 Sept, 7 & 11 Oct, 6 Nov (Reception)

Environmental Awareness Children aged 2 to 6 years old - Small class sizes - Extra Curricular Activities - Before&After School Care Facilities - School Meals


T: 020 8862 2254 E: enquiries@stbenedicts.org.uk W: www.stbenedicts.org.uk

Tel: (+44) (0) 7557 029255

We respect the dignity of all and welcome children of other faiths.


17 The Mall, London W5 2PJ

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to parties that



If you´re worried about organising a cool children´s party, help is on its way! We have compiled this guide for you. Our A - Z check list gives you lots of hints and tips as well as everything you need to know about the cities best party venues, services and suppliers. Planning parties for your children can often seem like a nightmare, especially if they´re at the tweenie stage when bouncy castles and party games just won´t cut it anymore. And with younger children, there´s always the risk of ear-splitting screams and hyperactive freakouts and that´s just from you! So How Do You Start Planning? Firstly, don´t panic! Find a suitably convenient time to sit down quietly with your child to discuss what

type of party it´s going to be. Chances are their little imaginations will run riot, listing a huge variety of possibilities to create the best party ever; but be realistic. Can you afford your child´s birthday dream? Will you have time to complete all the arrangements? Once you have decided on a theme or particular type of party, spend some time drawing up a count-down list to establish how much work will be involved and use our A-Z party guide to help ensure nothing is forgotten.

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Fun Fun Adventure Parties





Food and Drink


A good party always starts If your party venue doesn´t with a good game plan and supply food, write up your the earlier you make menu 2-4 weeks in advance arrangements the better. The most popular and fill up your freezer. Buying party food in venues and entertainers get booked well in advance will give you the opportunity to take advance, so any early reservation will avoid advantage of three for two and buy one get disappointment. one free offers. The birthday feast is pretty crucial, get it right and you will have a room full of happy, contentedly-full children, get it wrong and you will be faced with a group of hungry, disgruntled youngsters.



Balloons make a wonderful, colourful addition to brighten any venue, will make a statement and will always attract attention.


Send out the invitations in plenty of time, especially if your child´s birthday falls within a school holiday. Add an RSVP as there´s nothing worse for your preparations than not knowing how many children will attend. Remember to clearly describe or supply a map of the location of the party venue (tie a couple of balloons to the door or gate to help them find you), and always include a mobile phone number so people can contact you at the party in case of an emergency.

Simple non-fussy food is always best, serve up as kids generally just graze at parties and excited younger children will often only sit for the presentation cake. Do check if any of your guests have allergies or are vegetarians.


An essential addition to any child´s party is the celebratory cake. Remember to bring a Knife, candles and matches.


Guest List

  To avoid an exhaustive guest list,   limit the numbers and let your   child decide who they want to invite.



This seems like an obvious decision but sometimes complications arise, such as other commitments or family occasions or other children having parties at around the same time.





If the thought of entertaning a room full of lively, over excited children brings you out in a cold sweat it may be best to call in a professional! Choose from facepainters, magicians, jesters, imaginary play entertainers, fairy party entertainers, karaoke, DJs, clowns, story tellers, animal encounter experts, puppet shows, yes, the list is never ending.

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Help!! Arm yourself with a list of numbers of people you can call should you need any help.



Joint Birthday Parties

To save on cost and time, a favourable option for many is to hold a joint party. This works well if both children are in the same class at school and are likely to invite the same people, On the same date.



Keep an eye on the time

Be very clear on your invitation to stipulate a set start and finish time for the party. If a child is left waiting to be collected at the end of the party they may get upset (and you certainly will).





Party Bags

Multiplying the cost of one simple party bag by 30 will certainly push the overall price up so if you are working to a budget, it will help to keep this in mind as you stock up on miniature treats. Many entertainers can supply the bags for you.


There will be plenty of them, lists of guests, to-dos, last minute arrangements, phone numbers.... Keep it in your bag everyday leading up to and including the party.



Makeovers and pamper parties. Big girls and little girls just love to be pampered and a makeover session or nail party with like-minded friends will be a luxurious and much welcomed treat.


Quizzes and Games

Even if an entertainer has been booked for the duration it´s always best to have a back up quiz or traditional party game prepared to fill those potentially quiet or fractious moments. Pass the parcel always goes down well.



Make sure that the venue is safe, away from roads and make sure that you have a bottle of sun cream for those who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy their birthday in the great outdoors.


It´s easy to add a special theme to a party if your child has a particular passion about something. Many party shops sell themed items such as tableware, balloons and small token gifts.


Matches for the birthday cake! And the camera, washing up liquid, tea towels, bin bags, mobile phone, parents phone numbers, table cloths, napkins, cellotape, string, scissors, sun cream, spare knickers/pants for younger children, tissues, and a first aid kit. Also Numbers make sure you have a pen and paper to hand to As the big day approaches, jot down who gave your child what gift too make guest numbers will fluctuate. thank you notes easier. Dont let this worry you, but always cater more, just in case.

Outside Safety




Upset Children

Prepare yourself for the eventuality of having an upset child at the party so give a little thought to what you would do if this happens. Usually a big hug will sort it out!

Sports and Activities

Sports and adventure parties are a big hit with the older children. The difficulty will be in whittling down the list of activities available as there are simply hundreds to choose from such as multi-sport activities at local sport centres, outdoor pursuits and dance parties. Bouncy Castles are always a firm favourite and craft based activities.

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Thankfully there are plenty of venues and attractions    where birthday parties can be held. Pools, parks and    beaches are great for DIY affairs, whilst zoos, theme parks, play centres, tennis venues, dance centres and pony centres often supply the catering too. And getting to a venue can be an experience in itself if your child chooses a luxurious limousine to arrive in true celebrity style. Some restaurants also supply special Birthday Party Packages with everything included.



3 to look out for Million Dollar Arm Release date: 29th August


Wise Spending

It´s easy to get carried away and blow the budget on the spur of the moment, so to help keep a tighter control of the cash flow - use cash. When it´s gone, it´s gone and you will not have overspent.


Extra Party Bags Remember to make up some extra party bags for young siblings of party guests.

The Boxtrolls Release date: 7th September


Yours Truly

    It´s a near impossible task to take on a birthday party     on your own, so look after yours truly and call on friends     to help with the added extras. Obviously you want to look your best as you greet your guests, but be practical - those 6 inch heels are really not a good idea when you´re running around after 30 kids!



  The children have returned home, the presents       opened and the party went swimmingly. It´s time for       one last thing. Remember to give your little one an extra hug before putting them to bed and remember that you and your partner are also celebrating - this is the day that he/she was born and your lives changed forever! Enjoy a glass of wine together whilst you reminisce then - zzzzzzzzzzzz - Sleep well!

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The Maze Runner Release date: 10th October

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Fun learning games and jigsaws



un !

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ing Made F

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Toy Town


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Toy Town


Top Gifts





Editors Pick




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Things that make you go oooooh: Skeleton Crew

Clockwise from left: Garland 3M - £8.50, Napkins - £3.50, Drink Labels - £3.50, Plates - £3.50, Canape Sticks - £4.00, Cups - £3.00, Lanterns - £7.00, Skull Centerpiece - £14.00, Photo Booth - £8.50, Skull Centerpiece - £14.00, Skeleton Hanging Decoration - £8.50.


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this christmas

advanced booking essential

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fatherchristmas@therainforestcafe.co.uk 20 shaftesbury avenue, london w1d 7eu www.therainforestcafe.co.uk www.facebook.com/rainforestcafelondon @rainforestcafe

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Packages start from just £119 for a family of four, which includes two days infor thea Park plus an overnight stay Escape weekend at a nearby hotel –with delicious breakfast. break from Friday Sunday Orthe why not Towers stay in the heart of the to Alton Resort action at the Chessington and enjoy an overnight stayResort with Hotel frombreakfast just £154infor a family full cooked one of their of four and themed you’ll get loads of fantastically hotels. exclusive resort hotel benefits! Where: Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB Where: Tel: 0871Chessington, 222 3330 Surrey KT9 2NE Tel: 0871 663 4477 www.altontowers.com Web: www.chessingtonholidays.co.uk

2. 4.

Something a little closer to home. Bringing LEGO to life, an inspirational and family fun attraction perfect for children between 3 - 12 years old. Let your child be the hero as they become a pirate, viking or a diver in one of over 55 rides, attractions and shows set in over 150 acres of LEGO themed parkland.

this Autumn


In the new Legoland Hotel they have many child friendly features, including: Piratethemed indoor water play area, Swimming pool, Secret whoopee cushions and Tight-rope walking marching guards. All bedrooms are themed – Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure – with interactive challenges to inspire little imaginations. Where: Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY. Tel: 0845 373 2640 www.legolandholidays.co.uk

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Great Glen Water Park

Great Glen Water Park is part of the Go Active Breaks collection. Having undergone over half a million pounds worth of extensive refurbishment over the last few years. Surrounded by magnificent scenery on the shores of Loch Oich and Loch Lochy, with the wooded hills of the Great Glen behind, this park offers an excellent variety of watersports and land based activities. Where: Kinlochlochy, Spean Bridge, Inverness–shire. Tel: 0844 847 1356 www.hoseasons.co.uk/holiday-parks

This family attraction is based on a mystical tale written by AJ Kecojevic. Hobbledown is situated on Horton Park Children’s Farm, a fifty-acre site which is home to more than 200 animals as well as indoor and outdoor play equipment. Visitors can explore Hobbledown Village, where the Hobblers’ houses and towers are found, test their skills on the Low Ropes Adventure, the aerial walkways and Play Village mazes, and search for magical stones in the Mining Village, where the Hobblers work. Where: Horton Lane, Surrey, Epsom, KT19 8PT. Tel: 0843 289 4979 www.hobbledown.com


5. At Butlins you can experience your perfect Christmas without the usual expense so get in early and book your space. Put your feet up, let them do all the hard work, and experience an unforgettable trip. At Christmas you can



pay a visit to the magical grotto and meet the big man himself, see a festive panto, or stroke Bjorn the friendly Polar Bear. Plus this year they have an exciting Enchanted Forest for children to explore.

Where: Bognor Regis, Minehead, Skegness Tel: 0845 070 4740 www.butlins.com


The Park has been one of the UK’s best-loved attractions for over 60 years. It features an extensive Safari Park, is home to BBC Animal Park and CBBC Roar and also has over 15 fabulous attractions, including the new multi million pound Jungle Kingdom and Longleat House, one of the most stunning stately homes in Britain. Why not combine your trip with a weekend stay at Center Parcs beautiful Longleat Forest, situated just along the road from the Park. Where: Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW. Tel: 0198 584 4400 www.longleat.co.uk


There are 4 stunning village locations across the UK, each set in 400 acres of beautiful forest with lakes and streams. Each village has a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops. Plus, there’s over 200 indoor and outdoor activities including the subtropical swimming paradise to keep your whole family entertained. Where: Whinfell Forest, Cumbria Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire Elveden Forest, Suffolk Longleat Forest, Wiltshire. Tel: 0844 826 7723 www.centerparcs.co.uk

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Uncover a world of chocolate delights and enjoy a fascinating fun-packed day out at Cadbury World! Learn how your favourite confectionery is made, play in chocolate rain and create your own delicious taste sensation covered in warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk. With fourteen amazing zones, there’s something for everyone!


Where: Bournville, Birmingham, B30 2LU. Tel: 0844 880 7667 www.cadburyworld.co.uk

Set amongst the woodland of Dorset lays 65 acres of this internationally-acclaimed ape rescue centre, home to over 230 rescued and endangered monkeys and apes. Combining fun with conservation, half-hourly talks explain all about man’s closest living relative. See the stars of TV’s ‘‘Monkey Life’, then ‘monkey around’ in the south’s largest play area. Where: Longthorns, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6HH. Tel: 01929 462 537 www.monkeyworld.org

Meet dragons, brave rollercoasters and have the time of your life at Chessington, World of Adventure. This theme park has rides for everyone, a children’s zoo and shark sealife centre. You’ll scream on the Black Buccaneer and come face to face with vampire bats as you hurtle through the air! Why not stay in the new Azteca Hotel and xplore the mysteries of the ancient Aztec temple ruins. The hotel overlooks mischievous monkeys and colourful birds and you will encounter some of the jungle’s most exotic creatures in this wild and wonderfully themed hotel. .


Where: Leatherhead Road,KT9 2NE Tel: 0871 663 4477 www.chessington.com

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Experience a

wild family getaway

at Chessington World of

Adventures Resort’s new Azteca Hotel!

Chessington World of Adventures Resort proves its credentials as Britain’s Wildest Adventure, with the launch of brand new Aztec themed wild hotel on 11th August 2014. Chessington World of Adventures Resort is getting bigger and better than ever as it expands its offering once again this time with the launch of the brand new fully themed Resort hotel – the Chessington Azteca Hotel - located on park with 69 amazing new themed bedrooms, a new Savannah Splash water play zone within the leisure club, and an amazing new Temple themed restaurant, all in addition to the existing Chessington Safari Hotel! Whether you choose to stay in a room full of Discovery, go on a quest to find some Temple Treasure or embark on an expedition to the Temple Summit rooms you are sure to have a stay like no other at the new Azteca Hotel! Set across three amazing themed floors with spectacular views every aspect of the hotel is waiting to transport you into a world full of mystery and discovery.


The Hotel’s brand new Temple Restaurant & Bar will provide a mouthwatering selection of dishes in a completely unique setting where you can watch Piranha fish swimming by as you eat in front of a mysterious and eye catching temple centrepiece, whilst the splash water play zone, Savannah Splash, lies within the leisure club - which also boasts a gym, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna and steam rooms- offering an exciting oasis to entertain children and parents alike.

Available for stays from 11th August 2014 onwards, prices start from as little as £199. As with all Chessington short breaks, Azteca Hotel packages include two day entry to Chessington World of Adventures Resort including access to theZoo and SEALIFE centre, an overnight stay at the brand new Chessington Azteca Hotel and a delicious breakfast the next day. Plus if that wasn’t enough, there’s an entertainment programme exclusively for hotel guests including Character Breakfasts, live animal meet and greets and family evening entertainment. For a truly wild adventure in 2014 and beyond, bookings can be made at www.chessington.com.

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The Chessington Azteca Hotel The Chessington Azteca Hotel is an amazing fully themed experience for the whole family to enjoy. The new hotel connects to the existing Chessington Safari Hotel via a link bridge with an impressive outlook, where guests can still enjoy a wild safari adventure.

With views across the Wanyama Reserve where Grey Zebras, Rothschild Giraffes, Ostriches, Scimitar Horned Oryx and a whole host of other astounding African animals roam you’ll soon feel like you have been transported out of Surrey and right into Africa!

66 - September 2014 l Rascals of London


Family Facilities at the Chessington Resort Hotels Both the new Chessington Azteca Hotel and the Chessington Safari Hotel have access to a brand new water splash play zone located within the Savannah Splash and Leisure Club, and each hotel has its own themed restaurant. For a la carte dining, the Chessington Safari Hotel’s Zafari Bar & Grill restaurant offers a vast range of delicious dishes with an African twist. For an exotic feast served premium buffet style, the brand new Temple Restaurant & Bar provides a mouth-watering selection of dishes in a completely unique setting where diners can watch fish swimming by as they eat in front of a mysterious temple centrepiece. With live animal exhibits dotted around the hotel and Base Camp reception, both hotels provide a unique and wild environment like no other.




Evening Entertainment for all the family at the Chessington Resort Hotels Each hotel has exclusive evening access to the Wanyama Village & Reserve and the brand new AMAZU Treetop Adventure where guests can play amongst real life monkeys and other wonderful animals as they follow the adventure trail through the heights of AMAZU until dusk! There’s also fantastic evening entertainment including the chance to get up close and personal with some of Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s favourite animal residents with exclusive meet & greets, movie time, and the Rangers Kids Club! On top of this, the next morning guests get to enjoy character breakfasts before heading onto park for Early Ride Time, meaning they are able to enjoy some of the park’s key rides before anyone else!

When can I stay for a wild adventure at the Chessington Resort Hotels? The Azteca Hotel will open on the 11th August with guests lining up to be the first to stay in the exciting new Resort Hotel. The Safari Hotel is also open now and all year round and both hotels offer a great base camp for adventures at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Book your stay now and be amongst the first to experience the incredible new Azteca Hotel! Whether you’re looking to experience the wonder of a Safari without leaving leafy Surrey, or looking at delving into the mystical world of Azteca, head online to www.chessington.com to book your next adventure!

Our Verdict The new Azteca Hotel really is stunning and we enjoyed our stay very much. We loved cracking the secret code when we first entered our room to find gifts in the safe and being able to walk around the zoo and play in the Amazu Adventure Jungle in the evening when the park had closed to the public.. We all thought the food was delicious and the one night stay which includes breakfast plus two days entry into the park is fantastic value. Rascals of London l September 2014 - 67




A day at

Longleat Longleat Safari and Adventure Park is aimed squarely at family’s, with attractions geared to entertain both children and adults. Myself, Gavin and our 9-year-old Henry embarked on the adventure.


The Maze Was Cool

We arrived at Longleat at 10am and only had to wait about 10 minutes before we were parked up next to Longleat house which is right at the heart of all the action.

Longleat’s Hedge Maze is terrific. It is huge and confusing and, according to park staff, most people spend more than an hour finding their way in and out of it. Even when you make your way to the middle, where there is a tower for looking out over the whole Maze, it is still impossible to plot a way out.

We decided not to go straight into the Safari park as we felt it may be quite busy first thing. Instead we entered the Adventure Park where there is an array of things to do including walking around Jungle Kingdom, visiting Penguin Island, Stingray Bay, Postman Pat Village, The Bat Cave, Deadly Challenge and getting totally lost in Longleat’s famous Hedge Maze. We also set sail on the Jungle Cruise voyage which takes you around the lake and past Nico the Silverback Gorilla who lives on his very own island and the Gorilla Colony which is home to three more Gorillas. The cruise also gives you a chance to see Sea Lions and Hippopoami living in relatively natural environments.

We lost Henry for about half an hour. Now and then we would catch a glimpse of him on one of the bridges or platforms that rise above the hedges, but we couldn’t figure out how to get to him. Eventually, he became bored with evading us and stayed put long enough for us to catch up with him. Gavin’s advice about the Hedge Maze - “Stay together in the Maze. Stay together!”

68 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




We Loved the Safari Park! We waited until about 2pm before we decided to go into the Safari Park and we think we made a good choice. The first thing we did on entering the park was get out of the car to feed the Giraffes and walk around the lemur enclosure which were both amazing. It was great to see the Giraffes walking freely amongst Zebras in such a large area. We then got back in the car and proceeded through the Safari park, going through Flamingo Valley, past the Vulture Venue, through the famous Monkey Mayhem park, the Big Game Park where impressive white Rhinoceros roam alongside Ankole and Ostriches, and through the Deer park where you can buy Deer food and feed them from the open window of your car. We then passed an Elephant having a shower before entering the big cat enclosures which includes, Tiger Territory, Cheetah Kingdom and of course Lion Country where we actually pulled up alongside a pride of Lions and I managed to out stare a male Lion from about 5 foot away. We then passed through Wolf Wood, which houses the famous Canadian timber wolves but to our disappointment, they were all sleeping. The animals are kept as naturally as possible and you see what they happen to be doing when you happen to be passing. Henry’s favourite (and mine) was Monkey Mayhem. Longleat’s troupe of Rhesus monkeys are like brazen hooligans, looking for trouble. They hitch rides on cars passing through and pick away anything loose (rubber, windscreen wipers, roof racks, hub caps). While mothers and babies were grooming in the trees and on the hills, the boys systematically marauded, going from car to car. They struggled to pull anything off of our car so quickly moved on to a more vulnerable proposition. We watched a small car get ripped to shreds by a very well drilled team of the little blighters. We thought they were hysterical but the playful monkeys can be so destructive that drivers who are a bit precious about their cars are invited to take a route that bypasses the Monkey Drive-thru all together.

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 69




The Catering

The Bottom Line

Most of Longleat’s catering is clustered around a large central area with simple, child proof furnishings, where hot meals, sandwiches, burgers and pizza are offered. Visiting Longleat is an all day affair and once you are inside, unless you have packed a cooler and use the picnic areas, eating in one of Longleat’s restaurants or snackbars is not a matter of choice.

We visited Longleat on a lovely hot day, during the summer holidays. We waited in small queues but nothing was too crowded and we managed to see almost everything the grounds had to offer.

We ate in the Tropical Storm Café and although we found the inside arrangements a little confusing, our food was quite acceptable. We also found it to be a little bit pricey. There is also a Costa right at the main entrance so being able to fuel my Costa coffee addiction made me very happy.

Other Attractions When we returned to the Adventure park after completing the Safari we found there was still allot to do, including Hunters of the Sky where we watched some of the world’s top predators take to the skies in a dramatic show and the chance to let Henry run about in the Adventure Castle playground before heading into Longleat House where we learnt about the history of the house and its residents.

Entrance fees appear to be expensive but when you consider all the park has to offer we felt they were actually great value. Make sure you purchase your tickets online to receive a discount. We loved feeding the Giraffes, driving through the Monkeys, watching the big cats skulking around our car and how close we were able to get to them, the commentary throughout the jungle cruise as well as the cruise itself, and of course getting lost in the maze. If you can, stay the night and pay a small extra fee and spend two days at Longleat. It can all be done in one day but if you want to take your time looking at and interacting with the animals and to make sure you see everything in the adventure park, including the shows, in a stress free way we strongly recommend a two day pass. For ideas on accommodation close to Longleat see page 72.

All in all we consider Longleat Safari and Adventure Park to be one of the very best day trips or short break destinations in the UK and whole heartedly recommend it to our readers. We can’t wait to go back. www.longleat.co.uk

70 - September 2014 l Rascals of London




Travel Accessories 1. The Konfidence Floatsuit - £21.24 - www.konfidence.co.uk 2. Full Length Tiger Wetsuit - £52.00 - www.saltskin.net 3. Shuffle Travel Games - £6.99 - www.shufflecardgames.com 4. Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot £120.00 - www.johnlewis.com 5. The Papoozle - £49.99 - www.papoozle.com

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 71

Longleat Safari Park

Advertising - Rascals of London

Where to stay Bath Arms

From Toddlers to Teens, Safari to Surfing,

We design bespoke family adventures to destinations Around our World Create your shared memories to last a lifetime

Where: Longleat, Warminster, BA12 7LY. www.batharms.co.uk

Africa | Indian Ocean & Caribbean | Middle East | Asia Australia | USA & Canada | Latin America | Europe

The Lighthouse

Contact us for a copy of our brochure and a personal, in-depth service at a competitive price

Contact us for a copy of our brochure and a personal, in-depth service at a competitive price

Tel: 0845 124 4455 Email: info@bushbaby.travel


Rascals_adNov13.pdf 1 11/18/2013 1:48:04 PM

BushBaby Travel_A5 Generic.indd 1

31/05/2012 09:06

Where: The Lighthouse, Tytherington, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5BW www.lighthouse-uk.com

Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa

Knowing how fussy little ones can be, Annabel’s range is developed

Where: Bishopstrow House Hotel and Spa, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 9HH. www.bishopstro.co.uk

72 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

tastes good and will, most importantly, be eaten! Available in supermarkets nationwide


Food FASHION & Drink Mini Rodini Recipes LEARNING Development

** *

Meringue Bones Serve these with a blood red raspberry or strawberry coulis for maximum impact.

SPOOKY Recipes

Annabel’s Family Cook book is filled with cooking ins piration for the whole family and availa ble to buy now. Visit www.annabelkarm el.com

Ingredients 2 egg whites 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar 100g caster sugar


Makes 12 Bones P reparation time: 20 Minute s Cooking time:

1 -1 1/2

In a small bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tartar on medium speed until soft peaks form. Gradually add sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating on high until stiff peaks form. Place mixture in a piping bag with plain nozzle or heavy-duty re-sealable plastic bag with a small hole cut in the corner. On parchment-lined baking sheets, pipe meringue into a 3-in. log. Pipe two 1-in. balls on opposite sides of each end of the log. Repeat with remaining meringue. Bake at 225° F for 1-1/2 hours or until firm. Remove to wire racks. Store in an airtight container.

hours Rascals of London l September 2014 - 73

Food & drink


Monster Muffins

Recipes Decoration


1 tub vanilla frosting Green food colouring White fondant icing Black fondant icing (or colour white fondant icing black with black food colouring)

110g (4 oz) butter, softened 110g (4 oz) caster sugar 110g (40z) self-raising flour 2 medium eggs Âź tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla essence

Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 180C Fan. Line a 12 hole cupcake tin with cupcake cases. 2. Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl or food processor and beat together until smooth. Spoon into the cases. Bake for about 18 – 20 minutes until well risen and lightly golden on top. 3. Place the muffins on a wire rack to cool. Colour about half the frosting green using some of the food colouring.

Makes 12 Cupcakes

74 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

4. When the muffins are completely cool, swirl the green icing on top of the muffins using a piping bag with a plain nozzle. Make small balls of white fondant icing and flatten them to make the whites of the eyes. Make smaller balls of black icing and flatten them to make the pupils of the eyes. Roll out some black icing and use to make eyebrows and moustaches.

Food & Drink



Meatloaf Mummy Serves


Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4/ Fan 160. Lightly grease a baking sheet. Heat the oil in a medium saucepan and sautÊ the onion for 6-8 minutes, until soft. Add the garlic and cook 1 minute then transfer half of the onion to a bowl and leave to cool. Add the ketchup, sugar, honey, Worcestershire sauce and orange juice to the saucepan. 2. Add the breadcrumbs to the remaining onion and stir, then add the rest of the ingredients and 3 tbsp of the sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Spoon into an 8� / 20 cm shallow round ovenproof dish. Level the top and bake for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, pour over the sauce and bake for another 10 minutes. 3. While the meatloaf is cooking, boil the pasta in boiling water according to the packet instructions. Drain and toss in a little olive oil.

Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for greasing 2 red onions, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed 200ml (7fl oz) tomato ketchup 2 tbsp soft light brown sugar 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 4 tbsp orange juice 85g (3oz, 4 slices, crusts removed) white breadcrumbs 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves or 1/4 tsp dried 1 small carrot, grated (45g) 1/2 apple, peeled, cored and grated (75g) 450g (1lb) lean minced beef Salt and pepper to season 150g papardelle 1 ball mozzarella 1 black olive

4. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions. Arrange the pasta over the meatloaf in lines to make a mummy effect. Slice two round slices of mozzarella and place two halved black olives for eyes on top and place within the pasta. 5. Bake the meatloaf for 30 minutes then brush with some of the sauce. Bake for a further 10 minutes then brush again and bake for 5 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes. 6. Meanwhile heat the remaining sauce until boiling and bubble for 1 minute. Serve the meatloaf in slices with the BBQ sauce.

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 75

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bluebirds ballet school • Pre-school ballet (18 months+) and musical theatre (2.5 years+) • RAD Ballet Syllabus and Examinations • BDTA Tap and Modern Examinations • School Holiday Workshops • Ballet Birthday Parties

Softplay • Playframe Padded Baby & Toddler Areas Video Games • Disco • Café Baby & Toddler Classes

Book your tickets for our Halloween Parties! Birthday Parties Laser Tag Parties Make a Bear Parties


Maida Vale • Fernhead Road W9 3EA Queens Park • Salusbury Road NW6 6PA (new venue) For our class timetable visit our website www.bluebirdsballetschool.com call 07515522792 or email bluebirdsballetschool@gmail.com

Wimbledon Putney

42 Station Rd 68–70 Putney High St Merton, SW19 2LP London, SW15 1SF

Olé Kids

Tel. 0203 4755 268


Bo o you k Tri r al

Spanish classes for children and parents Ages from 8 months to 18 years. Bilingual and beginners.

✩Group classes across London ✩Spanish in Nurseries

✩Private classes at home ✩After School Clubs

✩ Birthday parties with a latin ßavour ✩ Weekend workshops at Iberica while you eat Let us know what your Spanish language needs are and we can create that space. Our teachers are qualiÞed native Spanish speaking teachers. CRB checked and great with children. Also Adult private classes available. Contact us for more information

Telephone : 020 7386 0376 Mobile: 07734900221 Email : info@olekids.com www.olekids.com

76 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Advertising - Rascals of London

CHELSEA, BELGRAVIA, GLOUCESTER ROAD T: 020 8767 9827 E: chelsea.westminster@monkeymusic.co.uk PUTNEY, BARNES, FULHAM T: 020 8480 6064 E: putneybarnesfulham@monkeymusic.co.uk PRIMROSE HILL, HAMPSTEAD, KENSINGTON, NOTTING HILL T: 020 8438 0189 E: hampstead.nottinghill@monkeymusic.co.uk

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 77

Clubs & Classes Maggie & Rose

The members club for families classes for your mini Mozart, juvenile Jamie Oliver or pint-sized Picasso. From 6 months to 9 years, Maggie & Rose classes are lovingly designed by brilliant teachers to recognise talent and cultivate creativity. Vibrant entertainers, exciting activities and yummy, fresh organic food: all the ingredients your child could wish for but without the mess or bother of doing it yourself. Where: 58 Pembroke Road, Kensington. Tel: 0207 371 2200 www.maggieandrose.com


Totstars have developed a unique and innovative method of enhancing children’s cognitive, social and physical development through sport. They use fun and action packed games to challenge and keep children enthused as they learn. They focus on awareness, numeracy, teamwork & sharing. Providing young children an opportunity through the use of fun, action packed games and drills to engage in football and to teach them basic early learning. Where: Saturday Sessions - Streatham, Wallington/Hackbridge, Croydon. Tel: 07540 932 356 www.totstarsuk.com

78 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

The Creation Station

Creation Station aims to inspire creative thinking at an early age in a safe and nurturing environment; to stimulate children’s development in thinking and problem solving using art, craft, music and movement. Where: Harrow, Finchley, Dulwich and Wimbledon. Tel: 08448 549 096 www.thecreationstation.co.uk


An award-winning baby ballet Song and Dance Academy with an exciting educational movement to music programme.

Apples & Pears

Get going with Apples & Pears! Apples & Pears, operated by Mytime Active, is Camden’s free service for all the family to get you on your way to a healthier weight. We’ve got loads of classes to suit your lifestyle and interests, to help get you active and eating right. Apples & Pears is all about making exercise and good eating a fun part of your everyday routine, with like-minded people and friendly staff. There’s something to suit everyone at Apples & Pears. Whatever your age or shape, we’ll get you fitter – for free! Email: applesandpears@nhs.net Tel: 020 3688 1710 www.applesandpearscamden.co.uk www.mytimeactive.co.uk

Theatrebugs Theatrebugs carefully designs each adventure to ignite your child’s imagination and allow their confidence to bloom! They offer exciting new extracurricular activities in nurseries, schools, parties or shows. Helping your child with improved concentration, enriched vocabulary, increased selfconfidence and much, much more! But most of all, they will have so much fun!

Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the joys of song and dance, baby ballet has built up a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment. Where: Wimbledon, Putney, Hamstead, Highgate, Greenwich, Bromley, Dartford and Bexley. Tel: 01422 329 471 www.babyballet.co.uk

Where: All areas across London. Tel: 0800 975 5290 www.theatrebugs.co.uk

To appear in our Clubs & Classes section contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Pineapple Performing Arts School

Pineapple offers a warm and friendly environment for students to learn a variety of professional, disciplined performing arts subjects such as singing (musical theatre) dancing (street dance) and drama, and is a great place to meet new people and build confidence, whilst developing performing arts skills.

Baby Sensory Sensory Play, Baby and Child Development. Baby Sensory classes offer a musical world full of exciting sensory experiences for parents and babies from light shows to bubbles, bells, rainbows, puppets, signing, games, baby whispering & bonding activities.

Art at Kite Studio

Mozo Island After School

Sing pop songs and jam in a band! Big Kid’s Band Intermediate/ Advanced Group. Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard and Recorder with Singing. Age 8 - 10, Every Monday 4.45 - 5.35 Beginner’s Club Introduction to - Recorder, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing, Drumming and Art (inc. free recorder) Age 5-10, Every Monday 3.45 - 4.35 Both Clubs £9. Per session. Book Now for Jan 2014, Quote: Rascals, to get first session FREE!!

All of their tutors are widely recognised industry professionals, and have lots of teaching experience. Where: 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden Tel: 020 8351 8839 www.pineapplearts.com

Clubs & Classes

Where: All London areas Tel: 07545 247 963 www.babysensory.com

Diddi Dance

Where: Ritz Music Shop, Sheen Rd, Richmond. Email: mozoisland@gmail.com mozoislandmusicschool.blogspot.co.uk Tel: 01582 766 464 www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Twisters Gym and Dance Twisters welcome children of all abilities and offer stimulating and fun classes for 6 months to young teens. Classes include: Twisters 1 & 2, Gymkids, Gymnastics, Ballet, Street Jazz, Tap, Dance, Drama and Art.

A creative oasis in Shepherds Bush. Founded more than six years ago to provide quality art education for children. Their aim is to make art accessible to everyone, irrespective of income, ability or age, including the early years and children with additional needs, and to involve parents in the creative learning process. They also offer bespoke workshops at beautiful premises in Kemerton, Gloucestershire, where you can book self-catering cottages or come for a day trip. Where: 2b Bassein Park, Road, Shepherds Bush. Tel: 020 8576 6278 www.kitestudios.org

At Diddi Dance they realise and encourage endless enthusiasm and energy in an action packed, full of fun 45 minute dance class. Using various dancing games and exercises, bells, hoops and dance ribbons to their own funky pop songs so your little one not only improves their rhythm and co-ordination but also their social and gross motor skills. Classes are ideally suited for both boys and girls between 2-4 years old, however they have had children as young as 16 months. Where: All areas across London. Tel: 07973 982 790 www.diddidance.com

Where: Ealing: St.John’s Church, Mattock Lane, Elthorne Sports Centre, Westlea Road, St.Thomas’s Church Hall, Boston Road. Chiswick: St Peter’s Church, Southfield Road. Tel: 020 8933 9997 www.twisters.org.uk

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 79

Clubs & Classes Water Babies

Play Yoga Baby Yoga Classes, Baby Massage & Baby Weaning Classes in North London. Eat Play Grow aims to inspire positive development in the early years that will build the foundations which last a lifetime.

Water Babies is the UK’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to hundreds of babies & children every week. The courses are very different to traditional swimming lessons. For a start, because they only use warm water pools, babies can join them from birth. And while the emphasis is on having fun, their course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week.

Where: North London. Tel: 07831 941 419 www.eatplay grow.co.uk

Providing a variety of different activities with the essential stimulation that babies to five year olds need. It is well structured in a nursery-like setting where the children can explore, dress up, build, and create with art and craft materials. They finish the class with ‘music time’ where they use the puppet theatre to help with letter, number, shape and colour recognition. Where: Harrow & Pinner, Ruislip & Chiswick. Tel: 0845 519 7882 www.creativefunfactory.co.uk

80 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Join Pippa Panda and get musical with these action-packed 40 minute classes! With songs and teaching curriculum written by award-winning composer Pippa Cleary, this unique programme brings parents, carers and children together through fun and interactive learning. Where: St Columba’s Church vestry, 30 Warwick Square, Pimlico. Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road, Chelsea. St Columba’s Church, Pont Street, Knightsbridge. Tel: 020 7193 3920 www.pippaspoppets.co.uk

Where: All London areas. Tel: 01404 548 348 www.waterbabies.co.uk

Creative Fun Factory

Pippa’s Poppets Music & Movement Classes

The Spanish Machine

TinyTalk Half an hour of lively, interactive singing with signing. They teach about six core signs each week, with lots more signs being used in the songs. Every third week is a revision week, with a signed story book too! The second half hour is playtime for the babies and social time for the adults.

Spanish tuition for children of all ages throughout London from those as young as 3 years old right through to GCSE and AS/A level. We can arrange for a qualified tutor to teach your children at your home either individually or in a group with friends which makes the lesson even more fun and interactive. Tutors will use a range of materials including games and music to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. Where: Various locations. Tel: 0845 094 1866 www.thespanishmachine.co.uk

Where: St Augustine’s Avenue, South Croydon & Woodside, Baptist Church, Spring Lane, South Norwood. Tel: 07594 557 846 www.tinytalk.co.uk

To appear in our Clubs & Classes section contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Central London Fencing Club

Monkey Music

Clubs & Classes Technokids At our computer clubs children improve their skills, develop confidence and engage in interactive learning - all in a social context.

Children learn how to hold a weapon, footwork, bladework, how to attack, how to defend, fencing tactics and international rules. All children take part in ‘electric’ fencing as soon as possible.

We bring a suite of the latest laptops or iPads into school and teach a variety of courses using the best educational software and Apps available. We aim to expand upon the ICT units that children learn in school - but it’s got to be fun!

All of our coaches working with children have DBS clearance, and the children are supervised at all times. We have dedicated coaches who supervise the children and offer individual advice on how to improve their performance.

Monkey Music has an award winning reputation for innovative, beautifully presented music classes for each stage of your little one’s development, from 3 months to 4 years. Amazing puppets, hand crafted props, specialist percussion instruments, movement, bubbles and lots more. Guaranteed giggles and learning, great for making friends too!

Where: Flat 2, 7 Hide Place, London SW1P 4HD. Tel: 0776 662 3507 www.centrallondonfencingclub.com

Where: Chelsea, Belgravia, Gloucester Rd, Fulham, Putney, Barnes, Primrose Hill, Hampstead, Kensington, Notting Hill.. www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Where: Various locations. Tel: 020 8977 6768 www.technokids.co.uk

Club Petit Pierrot

London Academy of Gymnastics & Dance

Richard Weekes Chess Academy

Fun French For Children. Established in 1993, Club Petit Pierrot is London’s Premier French club and offers many fun and stimulating classes across London. There are Parent & Toddler groups from 8 months old (learning together) and drop-off classes for older children. These lessons will give your child a wonderful headstart in French. They also offer private tuition at your home, whether for a single child or a mini-group, and they teach their innovative programme in many prestigious schools across London. Small groups, excellent results, dynamic native French teachers (all CRB checked), all levels. Highly recommended by BBC, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express & Time Out. FREE trial lesson for all new children.

Whilst working on strength, flexibility and endurance. Our little ones have a lot of fun and our approach is imaginative, playful and has clear developmental goals.

Where: Many venues across London. Tel: 020 7385 5565 Email: admincpp@btconnect.com www.clubpetitpierrot.co.uk

Where: Muswell Hill Centre, Hillfield Park, London N10 3QJ. Tel: 07881 848 884 www.lagad.co.uk

The Richard Weekes Chess Academy provides chess lessons in schools and junior clubs for children and young people who are interested in learning how to play chess. Evidence shows how children who learn chess perform better in school, have improved calculating ability, are more imaginative, creative, and self-motivated. Chess challenges the minds of both girls & boys and it’s a fun game that all children can play. Where: Various locations in South East London. Tel: 07538 035896 www.chessforchildren.influencer.biz

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 81


ON Keeping the whole family entertained this Autumn


Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

Big Scream Club at The Regal Picturehouse

Every Friday Until 31st December

At Big Scream Club films are screened exclusively for parents and guardians with babies under one year old. You can enjoy the latest releases from their regular programme accompanied by baby in a safe and comfortable environment. Where: The Regal Picturehouse. www.picturehouses.co.uk

Explore Zoology Back to School Activity Festival

13th September 1pm- 4pm We have rifled through our drawers and searched through our cabinets to bring out some of our most amazing animals for our family hands-on specimen based activities. Ever wondered what the skin of a python feels like or how sharp a shark’s tooth is or how many spots a leopard has? Well, bring along your budding zoologists and be inspired to ask these questions and many more with our enthusiastic museum educators.

Dino Snores for Grown-ups

25th October

Come along and be amazed at the natural world. Drop in between 1pm and 4.30pm, this event is free and there is no need to book.

Come along to our sleepover event for a fun night of music, science, art and cinema, with dinner in London’s celebrated home of the dinosaurs. Receive a warm welcome at 20.30, when the night kicks off with a delicious three-course dinner, followed by a host of activities throughout the Museum. For night owls we’ll be screening an all-night monster movie marathon, showing the best cinematic examples of nature gone wild.

Where: Grant Museum of Zoology, WC1E 6DE. www.ucl.ac.uk

Where: Natural History Museum. www.nhm.ac.uk

82 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

What´s ON


Muggles Tour

On going


Follow in Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical footsteps and explore film locations, places that inspired J.K. Rowling, and learn a little about the weird and wonderful goings-on during the filming of the beloved Harry Potter movies! Where: Walking tour of London www.muggletours.co.uk

Back to School Activity Festival

Saturday 6th September

Eddie Catz Annual Family Halloween Party - FIRST NIGHT

30th October

Their annual Halloween party is one of the highlights of the year at Eddie Catz! We dim the lights and transform our venue into something spookishly spectacular (but not too scary!). Come enjoy our Halloween adventure with magic and entertainment, balloon modelling, a dance in the Halloween disco and join in our fancy dress catwalk competition! There will be prizes for the best costumes so you must dress up! Where: Eddie Catz Wimbledon. www.eddiecatz.com.com

You & your little ones are invited to sample dozens of FREE trial classes for children from 6 months – 12 years.There will be a whole host of classes to experience from music to sports, arts, dance and even science workshops for children. Where: Piccolo Play Centre, Duke Road, Chiswick, W4 2JR. www.kidsorted.com

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 83

What´s ON




Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

24th September - 12th October

Meet the beasts from London’s past

30th October

We’re going on a bear hunt., We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We’re not scared. A family go on an expedition of a lifetime – running down the grassy bank, wading through the cold river, squelching over the oozy mud, stumbling into the dark forest, then peering into a cave… what will they find? Where: Polka Theatre. www.polkatheatre.com

Roller Disco Family Jam

Until 31st December

Hippos and lions in Trafalgar Square, mammoths in East London. Find out about the prehistoric animals that once lived in London. These handling sessions allow families to look close-up, and investigate objects from the Museum of London’s diverse collection, and learn more from the experts.

This is a free event and Suitable for all ages. Where: Museum of London www.museumoflondon.org.uk

84 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Children aged 5 - 14 can join in the fun and get their skates on at Roller Disco Family Jam, at the weekly event hosted by the Renaissance Rooms. Great music and a brilliant atmosphere makes for a perfect day out at Roller Disco. Family Jam is aimed at kids and teens aged 5 - 14, but parents can have a go as well, so even if you are a bit wobbly on your wheels head out onto the dance floor with the young’uns and get moving to all the disco music. Where: Renaissance Rooms, Miles Street, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1RZ. www.rollerdisco.com

What´s ON



Horrible Histories: Spies

Ends 4th January Find out which sneaky spies told the biggest lies, how exploding rats were used to sabotage German factories, and what secret agents carried in their suitcases (apart from their socks!). From exploding camel poo to irritating itching powder, this exhibition reveals the terrible tricks, traps and techniques used by spies to make secret war on the enemy – all the gore and more!

The Baby Show

24th - 26th October The Baby Show, the UK’s biggest and best pregnancy and parenting event is back. As well as providing a superb family-friendly shopping experience, where you can compare 1000s of products from 100s of trusted brands and benefit from exclusive show-only offers, the event offers visitors a unique opportunity to hear from a selection of leading baby and childcare experts. It’s the perfect environment for a great day out, with entertainment for both baby and you.

Where: IWM London, Lambeth Road. www.iiwm.org.uk

Where: Olympia House, Olympia. www.thebabyshow.co.uk

South London Book Festival

Saturday 8th November STREAM is an exciting new literary event for children from nursery-school age through to young adults, packed with fun activities, visiting authors, book readings and signings, creative workshops, competitions, prizes and much more. Malorie Blackman, Children’s Laureate, is opening STREAM. Where: Streatham High School, SW16 1AW. www.schs.gdst.net

October 26th - November 3rd BIG Hairy Bug draw!

The Big Hairy Bug Draw is back at ZSL London Zoo for Halloween half term! Big hairy bug draw 2011. The Big Draw at ZSL London Zoo is a drawing competition for children of all ages and is run in collaboration with Cool it Schools and Great Art. The competition itself is free to enter and takes place in our BUGS! House. Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. Tel: 020 7722 3333 www.zsl.org

October 26th - November 3rd Boo at the Zoo

SwanThere Lake will be some very spooky goings on at London Zoo this 2014 Halloween. During January half term the 2015 zoo will 8th October - 18th

come creeping to life with Halloween themed events, English National Ballet’s acclaimed production of Swan Lake provides animal demonstrations and hands on activities led byan unforgettable experience of romance and drama. Exquisite dancing, their Grim Keepers. beautiful sets and Tchaikovsky’s glorious music, played by English National Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. Ballet’s full Orchestra, make this the perfect version of the much loved Tel: 020 7722 3333 ballet whether for the first-time ballet-goer or the dedicated fan. www.zsl.org Where: London Coliseum. www.ballet.org.uk

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 85

Rascals Emporium

Create a stunning piece of art from your finger or handprints. Choose from canvas, perspex or glass as your finished artwork. Ideal gifts for Christmas.

www.fingerprintart.me.uk fingerprintjac@yahoo.co.uk Facebook - Fingerprint Art

Private Private Caesarean Caesarean Sections at University University College College London Hospitals We Weknow knowthat thathaving havingaababy babyisisone oneof ofthe themost most exciting excitingmoments momentsofofanyone’s anyone’slife lifeand andthat’s that’swhy why we weare aredelighted delightedyou youare areconsidering consideringhaving havingyour your baby babywith withus. us.IfIfyou youwould wouldlike liketotogive givebirth birthvia viaaa private Caesarean Section we will do everything private Caesarean Section we will do everything we wecan cantotooffer offerthe thebest bestprivate privatecare careexperience experience possible. possible. The TheFitzrovia FitzroviaSuite Suitebrings bringstogether togetherluxurious luxuriousand and peaceful peacefulsurroundings, surroundings,world worldclass classdoctors doctorsand and midwives midwivesand andall allthe thereassurance reassuranceofofthe theextensive extensive facilities facilitiesofofthe thebest bestNHS NHSTrust TrustininLondon. London.

aesarean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at College London University Hospitals College You London Hospitals You can can reach reach us us via via email email at at aesarean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk call: 8353 call: 020 020 3447 3447 8353 College London University Hospitals College ororLondon Hospitals

IfIfyou youwould wouldlike liketotodiscuss discussyour yourparticular particularneeds needs with withus usdirectly directlyprior priortotobooking, booking,arrange arrangeaatour tourof of the theSuite, Suite,or orbook bookyour yourprivate privateCaesarean CaesareanSection, Section, s one of the most We know that having a baby is one of the most please pleasedon’t don’thesitate hesitatetotocontact contactus. us.We Wewould wouldbe be life and that’s why exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why delighted delightedtotohear hearfrom fromyou. you. idering having your we are delighted you are considering having your to give birth via a baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a s will onedo of everything the most We know that having a babywe is will onedo of everything the most private Caesarean Section and that’s why exciting moments anyone’s andexperience that’s why elife care experience we can to offer theofbest privatelife care idering having your we are delighted you are considering having your possible. to give birth via a baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a ether luxurious and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and will do everything private Caesarean Section we will do everything class doctors and peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and e care experience we can to offer the best private care experience nce of the extensive midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive possible. in London. facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. ether luxurious and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and ur particular needs If you would like to discuss your particular needs class doctors andMaternity peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and Maternityposter posterA4.indd A4.indd 11 g, arrange a tour of with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of nce of the extensive midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive Caesarean Sections atSection, Caesarean Section, Private the Suite, or book your private Caesarean in London. facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. ct us. We would be University please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be College London Hospitals ur particular needs If you would like to discuss your particular needs delighted to hear from you. s one of the most We know that having a baby is one of the most We We know know that that having having aa baby baby is is one one of of the the most most g, arrange a tour of exciting withofofus directly prior booking, a tour of exciting moments moments anyone’s anyone’s life life and and that’s that’s why why and that’s why exciting moments of to anyone’s lifearrange and that’s why slife one of the most Weyou know that having we we are are delighted delighted you are are considering considering having having your your a baby is one of the most Caesarean Section, the Suite, book private Caesarean Section, baby with with us. us. IfIf you you would woulddelighted like likeor to to give give birth birth via viayour idering your baby we are you are considering your life andhaving that’s why exciting moments ofaa anyone’s life andhaving that’s why private private Caesarean Caesarean Section Section we we will will do do everything everything cttous. Webirth would be please don’t hesitate to contact us. Webirth would be give via a baby with us. If you would like to give via a we we can can to to offer offer the the best best private private care care experience experience idering having your we are delighted you are considering having your possible. possible. delighted to hear from you. we will do everything willgive do everything private Caesarean Section to birth via a baby with us.luxurious If youand The The Fitzrovia Fitzrovia Suite Suite brings brings together together luxurious andwould like to give birth via a peaceful peaceful surroundings, surroundings, world class doctors doctors andbest private care experience ewill care we canworld to class offer theand doexperience everything private Caesarean Section we will do everything midwives midwives and and all all the the reassurance reassurance of of the the extensive extensive possible. facilities facilities of of the the best best NHS NHS Trust Trust in in London. London. e care experience we can to offer the best private care experience IfIf you you would would like like to to discuss discuss your your particular particular needs needs possible. with us us directly directly prior priorFitzrovia to to booking, booking, arrange arrange aa tour tour brings of of You can reach us via and email at ether luxurious and with The Suite together luxurious

aesarean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at aesarean Sections Private Sections You can reachCaesarean usat via email at You can reach usat via email at College Private London University Hospitals College London Hospitals Caesarean Sections at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk College University London University Hospitals College College London HospitalsLondon Hospitals or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

09/10/2012 15:56 15:56 09/10/2012

We know that having a baby is one of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why we are delighted you are considering having your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a private Caesarean Section we will do everything we can to offer the best private care experience possible.

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353

class luxurious doctors and ether and nce ofdoctors the extensive class and in London. nce of the extensive London. needs urinparticular

world class doctors and midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust in London.

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk If you would like to or call: 020 3447 8353 discuss your particular

needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 09/10/2012 15:56

Private Caesarean Sections at University College London Hospitals

FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk YouThe can reach usbrings viaworld email atluxurious peaceful surroundings, class doctors and Fitzrovia Suite together and or call: 020 3447 8353 midwivessurroundings, and all the reassurance the extensive FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk peaceful world classofdoctors and facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. or call: 020 3447 8353 midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive

the the Suite, Suite, or or book book your your private private Caesarean Caesarean Section, Section, please please don’t don’t hesitate hesitate to to contact contact us. us. We We would would be be delighted delighted to to hear hear from from you. you. Maternity poster A4.indd 1

facilities of the best NHS Trust London. needs If you discuss yourinparticular Wewould knowlike thattohaving a baby is one of the most g, tour of with uswould directly toofbooking, tour ofwhy ur arrange particulara needs If you likeprior to discuss your arrange particular needs exciting moments anyone’s life andathat’s the we Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, g,Caesarean arrange a Section, tour of us are directly prior to booking, arrange ahaving tour09/10/2012 ofyour15:56 you are considering Maternity with poster A4.indd 1 delighted ctCaesarean us. We would be please don’t to private contactlike us.toWe would be Section, the baby Suite, or hesitate book Caesarean Section, with us. Ifyour you would give birth via a delighted toCaesarean hear fromtoyou. ct us. We would be please don’t hesitate contactwe us.will Wedo would be private Section everything delighted we cantotohear offerfrom the you. best private care experience possible.

You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

Maternity Maternity poster poster A4.indd A4.indd 11

The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings,

09/10/2012 15:56

If you would like to discuss your particular needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean 09/10/2012 Section, Maternity poster A4.indd 1 15:56 please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be Maternity poster A4.indd 1 09/10/2012 15:56 delighted to hear from you.

Take a peek and shop with confidence on our secure website

www.roobubandcustard.co.uk To keep up to date with our latest news and offers, why not become a friend on Facebook /RoobubandCustard and Twitter @RoobubCustard

You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

09/10/2012 15:56

09/10/2012 09/10/2012 15:56 15:56

The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust in London.

We sell original, beautifully crafted toys and amazing prints for babies and children from ethical and sustainable sources, that you will not typically find on the high street.

The NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical You can reach via email at Excellence) andusRCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk & Gyaenecologists) recommend: Any change to regular or call: 020 3447 8353 foetal movements should be reported to your healthcare provider immediately for further assessment. Awareness Saves Lives! 09/10/2012 15:56 09/10/2012 15:56

for your FREE Antenatal Note sticker please visit: Maternity poster A4.indd 1


86 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

09/10/2012 15:56


To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk



Fun French Lessons for Children Est 1993

A wonderful headstart in French


020 7385 5565 - admincpp@btconnect.com

Matching shirts for father and son Also available custom-made and with a hand-embroidered message From Zurich with Love

www. asimplehug.com

Chemises assorties pour père et fils ®

for families in the know

Wednesdays commencing July 6th 10:30 - 11:30 Mother and Baby class 11:45 - 12:45 Pregnancy class £10 adv £12 drop-in West London Tots @ The Alice House, Queens Park, NW6 6NJ info@yoga-babies.co.uk


photography by Ness Sherry

...tired of the high street?

...discover cool, chic & unique brands for your little rascals, all under one virtual roof.


Rascals of London l September 2014 - 87

Rascals Emporium We are Warm Worms we live in the earth, we love our planet what’s it worth? Protect our forests, save our seas by turning down a few degrees. Warm Worms are the world’s first long hotties. The perfect stocking filler. Available from 6th December, £44.

er: Reader Off

livery FREE deth Dec. until 20 e: Promo cod cals* yuyuras our *Use on website

Finally you can have something that wraps around your neck and tummy. Fill YUYU up with just one kettle and own the hottest best friend in town TODAY. View our other luxury collections on: www.yuyubottle.com

A 1stFone for your child. The 1stFone is the little phone that let’s your child talk to the people they need and that’s it! Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child. Go online to order your 1stFone at www.myownfone.com

Plant a seed... Watch it grow... At dramabuds they specialise in early years drama exclusively for children aged 2 – 7 years. Their carefully crafted story adventures are planned to excite, engage and enthral your child.

your child to bloom as a creative thinker, to problem solve and write creatively at school.

Their classes create a positive fun environment for your child to naturally grow and blossom in confidence. Whilst their stories ignite young imaginations helping

Clare Breheny Photography www.clarebrehenyphotography.com clare@clarebrehenyphotography.com +44 (0)7973 753626

88 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk


Fun and inspirational toys and games

Rascals Emporium Indoor Activity Playground & Family CafĂŠ

for newborns and up...

020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk Email: enquiries@bramleysbig.co.uk

136 Bramley Road, London W10 6TJ

106 Grove Vale, East Dulwich SE22 18 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill SE24 8b Balham Hill, Clapham South SW12

Fingerprint Art takes a finger or handprint and creates a truly unique piece of art, from a wide palette of designs and colours that can suit your dĂŠcor and taste. For little ones under two a handprint is used, combine fingerprints with handprints using siblings, parents and even grandparents. A truly thoughtful gift for a loved one at Christmas. Please email fingerprintjac@ yahoo.co.uk, visit the website www.fingerprintart.me.uk or Facebook Fingerprint Art to see a range of ideas.

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 89

Directory & Services Camps   Active Sport            

Kids Summer camps, sports camps, activity camps & adventure camps for children aged 5-12 Tel: 0115 973 1676 www.activesport.co.uk

Allsorts Drama

Photography Jonathan Markson Tennis

Time 4 Mums

Beez Kneez

Tel: 020 7603 2422 www.marksontennis.com

Tel: 07753 533 577 www.timeformums.com

Tel: 020 8354 1583 www.beez-kneez.co.uk

Kids Theatre Week

Bravo Post

Tel: 020 7557 6799 www.solt.co.uk

Tel: 020 7287 7811 www.bravopost.co.uk

  Little Actors Summer   School

  Clare Breheny

Tel: 01263 823 000 www.campbeaumont.co.uk


  Crazee Kids

Little Kickers

Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

Camp Beaumont


Crazee Kids runs regular termtime courses and themed summer workshops for children aged from 3 to 10, in London. Tel: 020 8444 5333 www.crazeekids.co.uk

Creative Wiz Kids Tel: 020 7794 6797 www.creativewizkids.com

Cross Keys Tel: 020 8371 9686 www.xkeys.co.uk

  Fit For Sport Ltd                  

We pride ourselves on our 20 year reputation for ENGAGING and EDUCATING children through activity! Your child’s experience at camp will be one they will always remember!! Tel: 0845 456 3233 www.fitforsport.co.uk

FZY Tel: 020 8201 6661 www.fzy.org.uk

Let Me Play Tel: 020 8735 5379 www.letmeplay.co.uk

Jewellery Summer School Tel: 020 3176 0546 www.londonjewellery school.co.uk

Mill on the Brue Tel: 01749 812 307 www.millonthebrue.co.uk


Little Actors Theatre Company specialises in performing arts activities for children and young people. Tel: 0800 389 6184 www.littleactorstheatre.com

Tel: 01932 429 602 www.littlekickers.co.uk

London Childrens Ballet Tel: 020 8969 1555 www.londonchildrens ballet.com

Music Makers Tel: 01425 654 819 www.musicmakers.co.uk

  Stage Coach                

At Stagecoach we teach children and teenagers how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but more importantly to perform better in life. Tel: 01932 254 333 www.stagecoach.co.uk


London photographer of maternity photography, baby photography, child photography, family photography, wedding photography and boudoir photography. Tel: 07973 753 636 www.clarebreheny photography.com

Garnham Photography Tel: 07711 941 208 www.garnham photography.co.uk


Little Lookers Photography is a relaxed and contemporary company specialising in bumps, baby, children and family photography. Our mobile studio can easily be brought to you, so you can enjoy your photo shoot in the comfort of your own home. We also do nursery and pre-school photography, taking a range of natural poses of your children. Tel: 07793 953 610


Tel: 01235 832 222 www.supercamps.co.uk

Tel: 020 7434 1466


Providing after School Clubs and Holiday Clubs for 3- 13 years old children. Our customers are predominantly working parents. Tel: 020 8201 7072 www.daysmadeeasier.com

Allsorts Drama Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

All4kids Tel: 07876 254 691 www.all4kidslondon.co.uk

90 - September 2014 l Rascals of London


Egoist Body Studios is a boutique fitness studio offering a wide range of small group yoga & pilates classes. Tel: 07850 927 523 www.egoistbody.com

Good Vibes Tel: 020 7240 6111 www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk

  Light Centre Belgravia        

The Light Centre is London’s leading natural health centre, offering everything you need to create excellent health.   Tel: 020 7881 0728   www.lightcentre   belgravia.co.uk

  Little Lookers

Super Camps

  Days Made Easier

  Egoist Body Studios

     Magic Rainbow              

Beautiful Newborn , Baby and Family Photography in London. Personalised boutique photography experience. Tel: 07946 380 581 www.magicrainbow photography.com

Murphy James Tel: 020 7278 4770 www.jamesmurphyphoto.com

Silverprint Tel: 020 7620 0844 www.silverprint.co.uk

Mama Sambo Tel: 020 354 1583

Me and My Baby Clinic Tel: 020 7751 4170 www.lisabarnwell.co.uk

The Life Centre Tel: 020 7221 4602 www.thelifecentre.com

Triyoga Tel: 020 483 3344 www.triyoga.co.uk

Yoga & Pilates London Tel: 020 7735 2177 www.nordicbalance.co.uk

Baby Massage and Yoga Tel: 07582 069 378 www.babymassageandyoga.co.uk


Welcome to Yoga4Birth, the one-stop place for classes, workshops and therapies to support pregnancy, birth & beyond in a conscious and inspiring way! Tel: 020 8923 6452 yoga4birth.co.uk

Mum-me-time Tel: 07981 456 470 www.mum-me-time.co.uk

Directory & Services Health Centres



Waterloo Health Center

Birth Hypnosis

Blooming Bump

Tel: 020 7928 4049 www.waterloohealthcentre. gpsurgery.net

Tel: 07747 075 340 www.birthhypnosis.net

Email: info@bloomingbump.com Tel: 020 7731 4706 www.bloomingbump.com www.mimmo.co.uk

Birdhurst Medical Practice

Tel: 020 8875 1065 www.new.cupcakemum.com

Tel: 020 8686 2070 www.birdhurstmedicalpractice.co.uk


Bloomsbury Street Surgery

   Gas & Air

Tel: 020 7837 8559 www.bloomsburysurgery.nhs.uk


  Victoria Medical Center                  

It is the largest and oldest General Practice Surgery in the area and offers a wide range of services from a purpose built, state-of-the art premises conveniently situated in the heart of Pimlico. Tel: 020 7834 2298 www.victoriamedicalcentre.com

St James Medical Center Tel: 020 8684 5353 www.stjamesmedicalcentre.co.uk

Killick Street Health Centre Tel: 020 7833 9939 www.killickstreet.co.uk

Mitchison Road Surgery Tel: 020 7226 6016 www.mitchisonroadsurgery.nhs.uk

    The London General   Practice                  

Based in the Harley Street area of London providing patients with a comprehensive range of excellent private health care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tel: 020 7935 1000 www.thelondongeneral practice.com

Our aim is to host sessions that do not feel like traditional antenatal classes but are women-led, enabling them to learn about their pregnancies, allay their fears, grow in confidence towards the birth and enjoy the magical journey to parenthood. Tel: 07974 253 461 www.gasandair.net

  Gilly Keith Antenatal   Classes                  

The classes are unashamedly different. They are held in my home, sitting on comfy sofas with refreshments to hand – and there’s no bias or jargon or role play. Tel: 07968 566 396 www.antenatalclassl ondon.co.uk

Inspiring Births Tel: 07775 425 301 www.inspiringbirths.com

Mybabyclass Tel: 07812 604 405 www.mybabyclass.com

Portland Hospital Tel: 020 7580 4400 www.theportlandhospital.com

  Babyconfidence CityDoc Tel: 020 7256 8668 www.moorgatemd.co.uk

Dover House Surgery Tel: 020 8807 1888 www.nhs.uk

The James Wigg Practice Tel: 020 3317 2000 www.jameswigg.co.uk

Clein Dr Lewis Tel: 020 7580 8356 www.thomsonlocal.com


New Baby Company is run by midwife Vicki Scott and offers comprehensive antenatal courses to help prepare mothers to be and their partners for the exciting weeks and months ahead. Tel: 020 8785 3528 www.newbabycompany.com

Birth & Baby - Sofie Jacobs Tel: 07960 606 863 www.sofiejacobs.com


Mother Care


Biff is a family run business established in 1993. We aim to dress children from head to toe, offering an incredible variety. You name it, we might well stock it. Tel: 020 82 99 0911 www.biffkids.com

Blue Daisy Tel: 020 7681 4144 www.blue-daisy.com


Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.mothercare.com

   Mummy & Little Me                  

A gorgeous collection of maternity wear, maternity lingerie & nursing underwear, baby changing bags, baby clothes, maternity nightwear and Bugaboo Prams as well as beautiful gifts for mum and baby. Tel: 01522 548 811 www.mummyandlittleme.co.uk

Oh Baby London

Tel: 020 7409 2982 www.boots.com

Tel: 020 7247 4949 www.ohbabylondon.com

Bonpoint Tel: 020 7792 2515 www.bonpoint.com

Pom D Api


Please Mum


Tel: 020 7486 1380 www.please-mum.co.uk

Shop caramel’s unique looks styled by designers, complete with fine knits, exclusive print dresses and playful toys and accessories. Tel: 020 7589 7001 www.caramel-shop.co.uk

  Early Learning Centre Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.elc.co.uk

Ralph Lauren Tel: 020 7590 7990 www.ralphlauren.co.uk

Roobub & Custard Tel: 07796 451 513 www.roobubandcustard.co.uk

  Pares Footwear

Hamleys Tel: 0871 704 1977 www.hamleys.com

Easy 2 Name Tel: 01635 298 326 www.easy2name.com

Just Williams Toys Tel: 020 3538 6798 www.justwilliamstoys.com


Tel: 020 7243 0535 www.pomdapi.fr

Offering fun, fresh and modern designer clothing for babies and children up to age 12. Tel: 020 7838 1111 www.mariechantal.co.uk

Mush Kids Tel: 020 8653 6635 www.mushkids.co.uk


Parés Footwear is an independent footwear retailer in the UK. We have been established for 25 years and currently operate four stores in Blackheath Village in London, Sidcup in Kent and newly opened Cockfosters in Barnet. Tel: 020 8297 0785 www.paresfootwear.co.uk

  Small Print                

The original fingerprint jewellery keepsake company captures your child’s fingerprints, hand and footprints, writing and drawings in unique silver keepsakes. Tel: 020 8567 7871 www.smallprint.com

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 91

Directory & Services Private schools


Bassett House Club Petit Pierrot

  Culture Kids

Where: Various locations Tel: 020 7385 5565 www.clubpetitpierrot.uk.com


SYC Yoga Tel: 020 8968 1900 www.specialyoga.org.uk

Baby Sensory Tel: 07834 170 485

     Boogie Babies                  

Boogie Babies is a weekly interactive music group where mothers, grandparents and nannies enjoy listening and participating in familiar nursery rhymes and songs with their little ones. Tel: 07960 498 208 www.boogiebabies.co.uk

Bright Sparks Tel: 020 3194 3178

Buzy Beez Tel: 07903 813 618 www.buzybeez.co.uk

  Catch a Ball              

Catch-a-balls provides the framework to learn a fundamental life skill; ball skills, oh and we have lots of fun doing it! Tel: 020 8398 3034 www.catch-a-balls.co.uk

Lucy Sparkles Tel: 07903 913 429 www.lucysparkles.com

Chatterbabies Tel: 07801 151 968

Messy play, Sensory play, music, cooking and art classes with a difference, throughout London, for babies, toddlers and children. From 4 weeks to 6 years. Tel: 07818 440 771 www.culture-kids.com

Dance Stars Tel: 07753 748 819 www.dance-stars.com

   Discover - Story   Making Centre                

Discover Children’s Story Centre, London’s only children’s museum is a place where children and their families can enjoy playing, learning and making up stories together. Tel: 020 8536 5555 www.discover.org.uk

Jo Jingles Tel: 01494 778 989 www.jojingles.com


Tel: 020 8969 0313 www.bassetths.org.uk

Channing Junior School Tel: 020 8342 9862 www.channing.co.uk


In a happy and purposeful family environment, where every member of the school community is important and all are valued as individuals, Chepstow House aims to discover the best in every child and challenge them to go beyond their expectations. Tel: 020 7243 0243 www.chepstowhouse school.co.uk

Devonshire House Prep School Tel: 020 7435 1916 www.devonshirehouse school.co.uk

Dallington School Tel: 020 7251 2284 www.dallingtonschool.co.uk

Eaton House School

  Latino Bambino

Eaton Square School


Tel: 020 7931 9469 www.eatonsquareschool.com

Childrens play room

Tel: 020 7924 6000 www.eatonhouseschools.com

Falkner House Tel: 020 7373 4501 www.falknerhouse.co.uk

Francis Holland School Tel: 020 7730 2971 www.fhs-sw1.org.uk

Garden House School Tel: 020 7730 1652 www.gardenhouseschool.co.uk

Tel: 020 7639 1812

Crafty Tales Tel: 07810 596 342 www.craftytales.co.uk

Toy Library Tel: 020 7231 3755 www.lewisham.gov.uk

Footprints Playgroup Tel: 020 8305 0520

West London Tots Tel: 07939 070 773

  Monkey Music            

At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child’s development. Tel: 020 8438 0189 www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Tumble Tots Tel: 01215 857 003 www.tumbletots.co.uk

92 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Tel: 020 8868 2346 www.heathfield.gdst.net

Highgate Pre-Preparatory Tel: 020 8340 9196 www.highgateschool.org.uk

Knightsbridge School   Chepstow House

Tel: 020 8445 8889 www.gokidsn20.com

Exercise, Keep fit, have fun and bond with your baby whilst dancing to Latin rhythms. Your baby stays right there with you, snuggled in a baby carrier, whilst you get some healthy exercise that has been devised to be safe and gentle for both you and your little one. Tel: 07961 838 349 www.latinobambino.co.uk

Heathfield School GDST, Pinner

  Ashton House School              

Ashton House is a small and caring school using its specialist skills to encourage children to develop, at their own pace, to their full potential. Tel: 020 8560 3902 www.ashtonhouse.com

Tel: 020 7590 9000 www.knightsbridgeschool.com

La Chouette School Tel: 07557 029 255 www.lachouetteschool.co.uk

L’Ecole Des Petits Tel: 020 7371 8350 www.lecoledespetits.co.uk

London Christian School Tel: 020 3130 6430 www.londonchristianschool.com

  Lloyd Williamson   Schools - Telford Road                      

Providing independent and progressive education in the vibrant, urban setting that is Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate. We offer a stimulating, supportive learning environment for a diverse community of happy, confident children who are eager to learn. Tel: 020 8962 0345 www.lws.org.uk

Notting Hill Prep Tel: 020 7221 0727 www.nottinghillprep.com

The King Alfred Lower School Tel: 020 8457 5200 www.kingalfred.org.uk

  Hall School              

The Hall is one of London’s leading independent IAPS day prep schools for boys aged 4 to 13. Established in 1889 in the Belsize Park area. Tel: 020 7722 1700 www.hallschool.co.uk

Wetherby School Tel: 020 7727 9581 www.wetherbyschool.co.uk

Yesodey Hatorah School Tel: 020 8800 8612 www.learningtrust.co.uk

Directory & Services Day Nurseries

Indoor Play



Dicky Birds - Surbiton

Adventure Playzone

Rockstar Parties

Tel: 020 8642 8866 www.tinies.com

Tel: 020 8942 5779 www.dickybirds.co.uk

Tel: 020 8539 8343

Tel: 020 8767 1125 www.rockstarparties.co.uk

St Mary Magdalen Montessori Nursery School

  Dreammaker Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8878 0756

St Mary’s Summerstown Montessori Nursery School Tel: 020 8947 7359 www.stmaryssummerstown montessori.co.uk

Matilda Day Nursery Tel: 020 7480 6396 www.matildanursery.com

  Asquith Battersea Day   Nursery                  

Bright and stimulating, Battersea Day Nursery is situated in the heart of London, with the added benefits of being within walking distance of both Battersea Park and Clapham Junction Station. Tel: 01753 201 122 www.asquithnurseries.co.uk

Blooming Kidz Tel: 020 8695 9959 www.daynurseries.co.uk

  Blossoms Day Nursery              

A caring place for your child to learn and develop, grow their confidence and take part in age appropriate activities. Tel: 020 8760 0540 www.blossoms-day-nurserycroydon.co.uk

Blue House Day Nursery and Preschool


Over 20 years of outstanding childcare services in London. A family run children’s day Nursery, Pre School and Out of School Club that’s based just 5 minutes’ walk from Tower Hill and Fenchurch Street stations and 15 minutes from Liverpool Street. Tel: 020 7480 7166 www.mydreammaker.co.uk

Giggles & Wiggles Tel: 020 8566 4774 www.giggleswiggles.co.uk

  Goldstar Montessori   Nursery                        

At Goldstar we provide a carefully prepared program of education, in a happy, relaxed and caring environment, where your child can grow and gain knowledge in every area of their development, there fore, ensuring we are laying the foundations for your child’s future learning, Tel: 020 8364 6876 www.goldstarnursery.co.uk

Green Gables Tel: 020 7488 2374 www.greengablesschool.com

Hillyfields Day Nursery Tel: 020 8694 1069 www.hillyfieldsday nursery.co.uk


Tel: 020 8681 7579 www.bluehousedaynursery.com

Tel: 07849 171 524 www.jackanorynurseries.com

Carlton Hill Community Nursery

Keiki Day Care Nursery

Tel: 020 7624 3814 www.leyf.org.uk

Tel: 020 8340 3841 www.keikidaycare.co.uk

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Little Elves Montessori Nursery School

Tel: 020 8679 4009 www.kiddicaru.com

Tel: 07921 761 835 www.littleelvesmontessori.com

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

Mary Poppins Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8538 3999 www.monkeypuzzleday nurseries.com

Tel: 01708 722 800 www.marypoppinsday nursery.org.uk

Eddie Catz Tel: 0845 201 1268 www.eddiecatz.com

Gambado Tel: 020 7384 1635 www.gambado.com


Bramley’s Big Adventure is an indoor adventure playground for children up to 11 years old. A large building under the Westway flyover. Tel: 020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk

It’s a Kid’s Thing Tel: 020 8739 0909 www.itsakidsthing.co.uk

  Little Dinosaurs                

Little Dinosaurs indoor play centre, along with the our outdoor parkland enclosure and activities makes us a great place to bring the kids all year round. Tel: 020 8444 1338 www.littledinosaurs.co.uk

Tumble in the Jungle Tel: 0870 626 0710 www.tumbleinthejungle.co.uk

Party Magic Box Tel: 07913 168 323 www.partymagicbox.co.uk

  The Creation Station   Wimbledon                

Our art parties include painting, modelling, making, sculpting, crafting and of course, music, dancing and games are provided too! Tel: 0844 854 9096 www.thecreation station.co.uk

Nutty Tel: 0788 405 0954 www.nuttyschildrens parties.co.uk

The Action Station Tel: 0870 770 2705 www.theactionstation.co.uk

Boo! Tel: 020 7287 9090

  Creative Biscuit              

Creative Biscuit is a paint your own ceramics café where you can customise your own pottery to make your home an even prettier place. Tel: 020 8532 2824 www.creativebiscuit.co.uk

  Snakes and Ladders                        

Jam packed with fun, there’s something for the whole family at Snakes and Ladders. Added to the huge threetiered climbing frame, there’s slides, ball ponds, tunnels and rope climbs. Plus discover soft play areas for little ones, dedicated zones for under 5s and more. Tel: 020 8847 0946 www.snakes-and-ladders.co.uk

  Creation Station                      

Inspiring imaginations is at the heart of everything we do. So whether you are looking for an award winning children’s creative classes or an original Arty Birthday Party Entertainer, or Event entertainment you have come to the right place. Tel: 0844 854 9085 www.thecreation station.co.uk

Kidspace Tel: 020 8686 0040 www.kidspaceadventures.com

Beanies Tel: 020 8680 2088 www.beaniescafe.co.uk Pretend to Bee Tel: 01159 847 838

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 93

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94 - September 2014 l Rascals of London

Advertising - Rascals of London

Rascals of London l September 2014 - 95

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Rascals Of London Autumn 2014  

#Autumn #Kids #Camps #Health #Childcare #Competition #Children #Parentalmagazine #Family #Maternity #Babies #Education #Toys #Outdoors #What...

Rascals Of London Autumn 2014  

#Autumn #Kids #Camps #Health #Childcare #Competition #Children #Parentalmagazine #Family #Maternity #Babies #Education #Toys #Outdoors #What...